Will There Ever Be A “Come To The (White) Light” Moment In America?

Reader Mel Gibson (big fan, brah) digs through the sewage of SJW “journalism” to ruin your day.

Lol at this story – http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/10/19/racists-urge-boycott-of-star-wars-episode-vii-over-black-lead-and-most-of-them-love-trump.html – full of the typical “wow, just wow” “journalism” we expect these days, including tying The Donald into it.

The development to watch out for is any indication that the leftoid echo chamber, exemplified by cisterns like daily beast and buzzfeed, is getting smaller, more rhetorically outlandish, and more constricted in their allowable worldview. This will mean their marginal soft-liberal allies are leaving the echo chamber because they are starting to see the (White) light. (Or, more likely, they start to feel uncomfortable supporting shitlib media conglomerates that so blatantly lie and propagandize, even if they don’t fully embrace Shitlordism.)

While political ideology is party under genetic control, I believe a mischievous, sustained, and UNAPOLOGETIC alt-right/dissident campaign to speak power to truth will win over converts, especially from the politically disengaged and conflict-avoiding “independents”. If enough soft liberals can be peeled away from the DailyBuzzedFacebookedVoxedHivemind goodthought injection protocol, these megapoz delivery systems may well eventually fail into irrelevance. Here’s to hoping.


  1. do you really want to see more Affirmative Action on the big screen? Nobody wants a fuckin black lead, certainly not the dominant demographic who actually invented space flight.

    Star Wars was a white institution. Get your own goddamned mythology, niggers

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    • @trav777
      JJ Abrams (pssh) is so blatantly over the top in his anti-White, cultmarx BS, it’s sickening. His statements a couple years ago about awards ceremonies being too White, should have White SW fans boycotting this movie. International numbers, though, would still leave plenty of room for profit. I admit that I will watch it. I’ll just try to imagine the real race/gender roles. And, yes, I agree, just invent specific black entertainment, don’t glom on to our stuff.


      • They DO invent black entertainment. It’s BET. It’s most TBS sitcoms invented by Tyler Perry with that jacked Old Spice commercial guy or Ice Cube.

        The problem is they hijack white institutions, such as cinema.

        Star Wars now has black stormtroopers and female leads, not alpha white male Hans Solo.

        That Annie remake that came out recently was played by a black girl. Annie was a pale ginger in the original movie from the 80s.

        A Christmas Carol is being remade, yet again, but this time…ICE CUBE WILL PLAY SCROOGE. ICE CUBE.

        Blonde-haired, blue-eyed WW2 vet Captain America is now black in the comics, and the Marvel movie franchise is setting it up where he’ll be black in the movies, although that’s a few years away.

        Your next James Bond will probably be Idris Elba.

        UFC manjaw Ronda Rousey will play Patrick Swayze’s character in Road House.

        Ghostbusters remake is about to be released with an all-female ghost fighting team, not the men we saw from 80s.

        We are fucked.


      • on October 21, 2015 at 1:34 pm Sean Fielding

        Torrent as available. Starve the (((Abrams))).


      • on October 21, 2015 at 1:50 pm mendozatorres

        Ice Cube as Scrooge? Not cool man, not cool.


      • I may see it, but only after it’s out on DVD, and only through borrowing it from my local library for free (setting aside the issue of the taxpayer funding of the library, which I cannot control).

        I will not willingly spend one dime in support the explicitly anti-White cultural war being waged against me and my kind. Fuck that.


      • on October 21, 2015 at 2:12 pm The Straw That Stirs the Drink

        Mel –

        They can call Up down, they can call Evil good, Abnormal normal – they can continue to rewrite everything but the Laws of Nature are immutable. It will all work out in the end because of this. This is the thrust of the Poolside philosophy.



      • Just a note about Annie – it is derived from the Depression-era or before, Lil’ Orphan Annie newspaper comics by Harold Gray. Brilliantly and unabashedly pro-American.I recommend (and it is cheap on Amazon) Lil’ Orphan Annie in the Great Depression, for starters.


    • It is not the fault of the Jew’s pet dindu. It is the Jew’s fault. We cannot blame any dindu or dog for taking whatever it is given. My dog has never turned down a piece of meat.


    • stop the cultural appropriation!


    • on October 21, 2015 at 2:28 pm elmer t. jones

      Oh relax. We gonna get Genius T. Coate’s new comic hero “The Black Genius”.

      “You betta watch out sucka! I’m The Black Genius and I got somfin fo you ass!!!”


    • on October 21, 2015 at 2:31 pm elmer t. jones

      ” Ronda Rousey will play Patrick Swayze’s character in Road House.”

      Now that offends me. Point Break must be next on the hit list.


      • on October 21, 2015 at 3:16 pm mendozatorres

        They already did a remake of Point Break that’s coming out next year. No dames in the starring roles, but when it comes out, it shall feel the feminist wrath of the black manta<–old school NES game.

        Long live 8-bit!


      • The name ronda rousey just sounds like a man. I bet her cunt has teeth.


      • Heh, heh… her march-to-the-ring song is Vagina Dentata, sung to the tune of Hakuma Matata.


    • on October 21, 2015 at 6:46 pm FuriousFerret

      ‘Mel –

      They can call Up down, they can call Evil good, Abnormal normal – they can continue to rewrite everything but the Laws of Nature are immutable. It will all work out in the end because of this. This is the thrust of the Poolside philosophy. ‘

      The x factor is science (genetic engineering, automation, communications).

      Aldous Huxley was visionary and genius. ‘A Brave New World’ is almost here. If you can fuck with the very DNA itself, then you absolutely can change human beings to their core.

      The liberals of the present are full of non sense because they believe they change the human animal through wishful thinking however what if science progresses to allow through ideology to actually be carried out. If they can they will.


      • Sorry guys. But had to share. I’m so glad I cancelled cable 5 years ago.

        This is beyond obvious. It’s almost as if they’re (the elite) are laughing at us?


      • Damn, was that Campbells Soup commercial real? Did they show it on the airwaves?

        And did you notice the oh-so-superior cunt voice pontificating at the end?

        Man, the Cathedral is evincing an arrogance beyond even the street queers of Sodom, who demanded Lot hand over the angel visitors so they could “know” them. 😡


      • Stuff like the soup commercial is why I buy generic stuff at the grocery. These big food conglomerates pouring money into this stuff? To hell with ’em.


    • Well not really….we tend to see the past in rose colored glasses.

      Harrison Ford is an Eskimo…Carrie Fischer half Eskimo…Lando, etc

      This has been going on since the late 70s at least, boiling the frog slowly.

      Remember Karate Kid? Proto mudsharking flick. Daniel is not 100% white, that’s for sure.

      Then go back and watch Red Dawn…is Charlie Sheen white? A couple of the other kids are suspect as well.

      Look closer at his face…many other examples abound.


    • Sorry I left out Steven Schpielberg.

      Nothing white about him.


  2. CH
    I believe you meant to say ‘truth to power’, unless I’m missing your point. Cheers

    [CH: i meant power to truth.]


    • Jeez some people have to lead by the nose to enlightenment.

      BTW CH – I have always loved your turning classic statements on their head. It’s like Waiting for GoDindu … never gets old.


      • I’m seeking clarity. I’m not pretending that I understand the point CH made. Ever ask a question in class? Cheers


    • CH
      An example, if you please, of ‘speaking power to truth’. Thanks in advance.

      [CH: it’s an expression that means power derives from realtalking your foes into a defensive fetal position.]


      • ‘Blacks are as smart as Whites. In fact, all races are equally capable..’
        ‘Well, all studies [stating specific studies] show that the whole of western civilization exists only because Whites went out and explored and built civilizations and technology and landed men on the moon and continue to explore space. No African nation is capable of building or maintaining societies, etc., etc.’
        Stuff like that?
        Then they’ll say that it’s because Whites continually keep other races down. Then I ask, ‘ Then why do they continue to try to get into White countries?’
        And on.
        And on.
        I hate cultmarx whoreshit.


      • the penis mightier than the lunar module


      • Regarding:

        Stuff like that?
        Then they’ll say that it’s because Whites continually keep other races down. Then I ask, ‘ Then why do they continue to try to get into White countries?’
        And on.

        This Shit DOES NOT work. Period. Logic and reason does not work. Cut directly to ridicule at this point, poke fun at the blacks, jews, whatever savage you are referring to, not too mean spirited, but get the point across. IF they recoil in horror then fuck them. IF they laugh a little then you have an opening.

        You need to treat this “racial real talk” like “game” that’s how you influence people

        [CH: 100% distilled truth. game… it’s not just for getting laid!]


      • @Peak Finance
        Exactly my point. That’s why I can’t be bothered to have that conversation with people. It’s pointless. If the subject comes up outside of my work environment, I have no problem with RealTalk©. I find it easier to avoid engaging in pseudopolitical discussions at work than trying to make my point in PC language. Especially if it’s not going to help me get laid or increase my income/power. Starting own business soon. Counting the days. No HR department, etc. America still exists, just have to know where to look. Trump2016. So far, anyway.


  3. “The development to watch out for is any indication that the leftoid echo chamber, exemplified by cisterns like daily beast and buzzfeed, is getting smaller, more rhetorically outlandish, and more constricted in their allowable worldview”

    This does seem to be happening, but like many weird developments on outlandish far frontiers, its taking awhile for the light from the implosion to reach us. It will happen, but the problem is, the longer it takes, the more confused and potentially bloody the sortout will be.

    As the Neocons used to say “Faster, please…”


  4. […] Will There Ever Be A “Come To The (White) Light” Moment In America? […]


  5. I’ve been following comments on multiple outlets for several years now. I can assure everyone of a dramatic change over that time. Not alone is there an awakening to the war being waged on Whites and to the machinations of the NWO, but the destructive role of the Eskimos is being increasingly identified. There’s also been an explosive growth in the appearance of previously verboten ‘ethnic slurs’ and this in turn suggests the weakening of PC thought control. Finally and revealingly MSM outlets block comments entirely for stories likely to elicit a torrent of ‘racist’ outrage.

    Now it’s possible that this is due to an outbreak of tolerance among the moderators, but I very much doubt it.


    • I can attest to this, been following comments for 15 years now.

      I now go full “1488 H1tler did nothing wrong. n1gerdeth” on YouTube.

      The muds are becoming more brazen as well, bragging about how they’re going to take everything over. They say we are weak, we’ll never fight back…

      I just tell them we’ve done this many times before and to read a history book to see how that turns out. haha

      I also remind them plenty of white people are watching their comments so please keep talking. lol


    • Completely agree. I’m also seeing and hearing personal stories of race realism epiphanies. The leaks have started, brothers.


  6. Ah, you guys are funny. So easily frightened! It’s just so hard being members of the dominant culture.

    You pathetic white supremacist douchecanoes

    [CH: did you just use the word douchecanoes unironically?]

    aren’t bothered by blue aliens, green aliens, etc etc in a space fantasy film- but you lose their minds over non-white humanoid characters.

    [no shit, sherlock, that’s because it’s obvious to anyone with half a brain that green aliens are fantastical movie elements, while human star fags characters are closer to reality on earth.]

    Jeez you assholes are dumber than a flaming bag of dog shit.

    [stop talking about your bedroom play. it’s disgusting.]

    So stupid.

    So scared.

    So cowardly.

    [so much projection.]

    No wonder you “men” don’t have many kids.

    [how much do you weigh? what color is your hair? is your nose pierced like a farm bull?]

    No wonder white girls crave Men of Colour and are increasingly bearing Children of Colour.

    [you misspelled obese white girls. hth.]


    • “So easily frightened!”

      Slice lengthwise.

      “It’s just so hard being members of the dominant culture.”

      If they were truly dominant, they’d have exterminated your kind a while ago.

      “You pathetic white supremacist douchecanoes”

      ‘douchecanoes’ 😆

      You keep using those two words. I don’t think they mean what you think they mean.

      “aren’t bothered by blue aliens, green aliens, etc etc in a space fantasy film- but you lose their minds over non-white humanoid characters.”

      Note to those at home: notice the blatant, sloppy attempt at rhetoric by seeking to frame the opponent as “losing his mind”.

      Nobody is losing his mind here, yeastie, we just reject feces because it doesn’t smell good.

      Overdose on some prozac.


      Someone who wouldn’t ever fuck you with a stolen dick.


      • So ho… you are a white Muslim?


      • Of course I am. Well, I got jet-black hair, demon-like black eyes with slight almond shape, but I am pretty light skinned. I suppose it’s the Timurid influence, heh. Not the purest specimen, but nowhere near shitskin.

        I’ve been guessed to be anything, from Italian, to Jap, to German. Most of my family members look more white than I do, though.


    • The bait is real


    • N1gger say whut?


  7. Gamergate brohaha helped a lot in this. The media arrogance is driving softcore shitlibs out of their sphere of influence.


  8. Slightly OT…


    What do you think of a Trump/Carson ticket?

    I’m not a huge fan of Carson, but I could see him adding competence in a few key areas, and more importantly, increasing the electability of Lord Trump. Trump is the alpha anyways, and Carson will be happy to go along with what The Don has on the agenda is they make it to office.


  9. Since I no longer pay to watch movies in the movie theater, this will be easy for me to avoid this film. And after all, I wouldn’t want to give JJ Abrams any of my filthy white money.


    • Same here. I couldn’t care less.

      I’ll let my inner geek out for a moment and say that if they’d made the next trilogy from the Tim Zahn novels, I’d be more upset about this.


    • +1 well said


    • They have me because I want to see it on a gigantic screen. Most cinema dreck can just be watched, if it MUST be watched, at home. I realize that using a gimmick like SW, or any visually (and/or audibly) stunning movie is part of the bait. I’m more concerned that children are incapable of watching propaganda and not being able to see through it. I doubt most parents who will take their kids to the movies even care. Avatar was a POS piece of propaganda… -Actually, this stuff needs to be laid out in a new post or on another site. I can’t complain enough here and I’m just wasting precious CH bandwidth.


  10. on October 21, 2015 at 12:59 pm Mandy been here a while

    Isn’t a black version of Star Wars cultural appropriation? I though that was something one isn’t supposed to do?


  11. Thanks to Mel also for ‘Apocalypto’ a friggin great movie. Nothing illustrates better “to be weak is miserable”


  12. I often visit the yahoo comment sections and it has become an almost entire revolution for the right-wing mindset. People are waking up en masse to the propaganda and indoctrination.

    It shows in comment threads and in the death of viewership for the MSM news sites. Keep pushing and lose your fear of posting real facts. They can’t compete with anything other than “you’re racist, homophobic, misogynistic, etc,….”.

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    • YahJew pushes a lot of bullshit out in that newsfeed. A lot. I love going to those comment sections, like you Danger. It’s refreshing.

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    • on October 21, 2015 at 1:28 pm mendozatorres

      Danger, I’ve noticed that on other comments section I’ll visit for various sites.


    • Yes, comments sections — for years — have shown that we are “awake” and enslaved. Until they are shut down and facebook or some other kind of log-in account is required.

      A good place to spread realtalk is on youtube. Lots of impressionable brainwashed young people there who can still be enlightened.

      Simply go there to shitlib comments and reply with link to CH. They get notice of all direct replies to their comments and they will end up on this fine blog.

      Some might pay attention.


  13. Give these jews & blacks credit, they never give up trying despite their massive failures;

    Wizard of Oz- Great
    The Wiz- Horrible failure

    Annie- Great
    Annie (Black Version)- Huge Flop


    • Reboot of F4, failure. Black Johnny Torch…supposed brother of a white woman…fail. NOBODY wants to see fucking black characters. The PAYING moviegoing demographic is WHITE PEOPLE. Can’t these mfing jooz figure out from the utter collapse of the NBA’s revenues that this thug shit doesn’t PLAY WELL?

      I know people think it is everywhere, but people are voting with their wallets. The NFL has gone back to some nearly all-white teams, such as the Patriots, who merely win and win and win without the thuggery and negro antics.

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      • This movie’s going to get Trumped by white flight. We may not be able to convince Washington to bill a wall, but we can build walls around our wallets.


      • Those Eskimo NBA Owners like “Sterling” Tokowitz are too busy letting their women cuck them to be bothered to think that Whites don’t want the same.


      • AR10 – .308 – lozlzozlzoz great handle.


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      • lzozzzlozlzo

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      • I just showed you 22% of the United States Supreme Court, which decides what our LAW is, interpreting (allegedly) the United States Constitution, which was written by white male property owners with the chief aim of protecting private property rights.

        zlozlzozllozozo, no wonder we’re in trouble. We’ve been under attack for at least 70 years.

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      • on October 21, 2015 at 1:52 pm mendozatorres

        @trav777, interesting take on the Pats. I like.


      • I have pointed out that the Pats win with smart whites for 7 years. Pay attention. Always an all-white offensive line.


      • Playing well isn’t the point. The agenda is the point. Eskimos have proven they’ll forego profits in order to stick with The Narrative.

        Case in point, speaking of Mel Gibson, is how no major studio would touch The Passion of the Christ. Regardless of the merits of the movie, you had a built-in audience pretty much guaranteeing massive profits, yet Mel had to release and distribute it himself.

        Now why was that?

        I can imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth that went on in studio board rooms when they had to pass on getting that sweet, sweet, geld (probably on the order of the old saw about there being “free pork” available) but in end, they did.


      • Still jewish owners Trav…


      • “Mommy, take me to de Supreme Zoo! I wanna see deh lezbopotamuses!!”


      • @John YaYa

        The Passion of the Christ is an excellent cinematic piece. I’m not a jesus jock at all but I can appreciate quality production.

        The story of how Mel Gibson put this movie together is an excellent factual case study of just how much the Jews control Hollywood and how deep-seated their hate is for white Christians.

        Mel could not get production or distribution funding by any of the major studios in Hollywood even with his huge success history with Braveheart, lethal weapon series among others.

        Also it torched Jim Caveizels career. After 2004 the jews haven’t let him, a solid actor into anything worthy but 2nd rate movies and TV.

        Other facts:
        The Passion of the Christ is the highest grossing R-rated film in United States history, the highest grossing religious film,[15] and the highest grossing non-English-language film of all time.[16]

        Also jews protested the movie heavily and were angry about Its depiction of the pharisees. Again, another indicator about the nature of Jewish control in hollywood. Jew groups cried about the “anti semitism” in the movie. Yet did everything they could to not fund and distribute it. And it was a huge success.

        Fucking Eskimos. Every. Fucking. Time.


      • don’t forget “The Patriot”, another good movie by Mel Gibson, who is a white patriot in real life. He has put his money and efforts where his mouth is, obviously, actually fighting the Jew in real life like few have.


      • Just remember:

        If you go about saying such ridiculous things as “The Jews control Hollywood”, you’ll never work in that town again.

        /Irony, thy name is Scholmo


      • Gents: If I could add, I am a real life constitutional lawyer and serious constitutional scholar in real life. For realz, even though I can’t prove it here in this anonymous comment. I’ve been seriously studying the Constitution for about 20 years.

        Practicing “constitutional law” is a big fat joke since the Jewish takeover in 1954, what with “substantive due process” and other bullshit designed to force the leftist agenda onto our nation, but reading the actual constitution and studying it, really studying it, it is amazing just how *prescient* the Framers were, some 235 years ago. Each day I realize more and more just how great a job the Framers did with that document!

        They did their very best to protect us from what has actually (unfortunately) happened, and they did a fine job. It is not the document’s fault. We don’t live under the Constitution anymore and have not for about 60 years.

        Not only the obvious things like “right of privacy”/substantive due process to force abortion and tranny marriage on the rest of us, but the overlooked technical things like WHO IS SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO VOTE. Just like how CH says the things your grandfather said were right (about race, women, etc — only the last 40 years of madness have made that obvious fact not widely known), the Framers were right about not creating a pure democracy.

        The chief aim of the United States Constitution was to protect private property. To protect against a democracy’s (or a dictatorship’s) natural slide towards communist, total government ownership of the means of production, of all capital, of people’s ability to eat and be housed. And that’s what we have today, folks.

        The words of the original United States Constitution could not have done a better job of protecting private property and the white minority (property owners and those with the ability to own property due to IQ above 115) (who created the country) from the tyranny of the majority (welfare single moms — the gimmedats). The original text and the Bill of Rights did the job. They did the best they could.

        What has happened is that we have lived under an ARMED OCCUPATION since 1954. I put the date at 1954, with Brown v. Board of Education. When whites were bused and blacks put in white schools at gunpoint, that was the start of a martial law. The power given to the United States Supreme Court since then, the Warren Court, on to abortion, gay rights, etc, is nothing even close to resembling what the Constitution demands. The Constitution is simply not followed.

        In law school, students (60% sorority girls who are airheads) take a constitutional law class in which they never read the text of the Constitution. I kid you not. That’s not part of con law class. They study nothing but Roe v. Wade and the commerce clause cases (laughably giving the federal government power to control any subject, contrary to its limited powers as stated in the actual constitution). They study the Warren Court’s Jew opinions, not the Constitution itself.

        They certainly learn NOTHING about the “boring” technical aspects like white male property owners voting. Of course it’s racisss that negros were 3/5 of a person.

        Guess what — the Framers go it right.

        It is not fair that 350 pound negro Sheniqua Jackson who has 8 kids by 7 different fathers and who is on welfare, the father in prison for a violent crime, supported by US, her thug sons might home invade and rape our daughters one day — she gets a vote the same as a white male married father who had done nothing but work hard his entire life (while being made to feel “dirty” because he has a natural reaction when he sees a pretty 19 year old woman dressed half naked in the street).

        Since 1954, we have had forced integration at gunpoint.

        Browns and Blacks fight from all over the world to come be “minorities” and “be oppressed” by our white civilization that we created. Google “there’s something about teutonics”.

        Never forget, and never fail to point out to a shitlib: whites are the true minority in this world, worldwide, by a large margin. 85% of the world is brown, yellow, or black. Think about it.

        And they fight to come be reverse-colonized and live in our world where they can complain how bad white men are all day long on twitter while we work.


    • on October 21, 2015 at 1:29 pm mendozatorres

      Hell, there was an all black Honeymooners remake in the early aughts and that shit bombed with the swiftness.

      Glad FF bombed too, aside from it looking asinine.


    • Even when the Cathedral touts them to the skies, didn’t movies like Red Tails and even the Oscar-winning Twelve Years A Slave do squat at the box office?


      • Speaking of Red Tails, old Georgie-boy Lucas was complaining about racism because Hollywood wouldn’t finance the film. Typical horseshit that keeps getting slung. And yeah, that film bombed and Twelve Beers A Grave was in the public consciousness since it won big.

        They even re-appropriated Steve McQueen, the fucks!


      • Hollywood wouldn’t finance Red Tails?

        Scant appreciation, seeing as how them coloured boys single-handedly won the war for ’em! lzozlzolzozlozlozlozlozlozlozlolzol


    • Lest we forget Mel’s participation in the vilification of white South Africans in Lethal Weapon 2.

      It was extremely politically correct white knight crapola.

      Don’t forget that creep Danny Glover.

      Like I said elsewhere, this isn’t new and the “good guys” aren’t so good.


  14. re: What We Have Lost

    Some feels coming…

    This morning while driving to work the local radio guys were talking about service stations with a caller. They explained what service stations were, as one of the hosts said “for you younger folks out there.” As he explained service stations, I couldn’t help but remember my great-grandfather’s business – a service station. He pumped gas, checked oil and air pressure, wiped the windows, and tipped his cap to the customer as they drove off. He made a lot of great community and business connections and friends, and was an important part of that community.

    I was too young to know how it all worked, but I remember visiting a few times when I was very young and he was semi-retired (son running the biz at that point). I’ve seen old pictures and for some reason I can still remember one of them even though it’s been over 10 years since I’ve seen it. It’s him standing there in front of his business, donned in overalls and a dark jacket, his hands dirty and rough, his lips barely pursed into a smile as if to say “I did this, but I’m not too proud to boast because this is what feeds my family.” There are just two pumps, a two-stall garage to service vehicles, a small building where customers were served, and a few parking spots on his property. It’s next to his house, so he can tend to the business all-day, every-day and ensure his customers always have a great experience.

    It really made me think of the words and pictures from the “What We Have Lost” post, which seems to have struck a chord with a lot of readers. I got to thinking that service stations are never coming back, and there are generations living now and yet-to-be-born who will never know what a service station was. All they know and will know are the pump-n-go gas stations of today, owned by Indians or Arabs who can only say “thank you” or “swipe card” in broken English. It’s like a lot of great things of the past – they’ll never return, and the people of this country will never even know they existed.


    • CH, will you please take this comment out of moderation? Thanks.


    • @Mel.

      Well said. Fortunately there still are white communities out there that have these types of elements in them. They’re not necessarily has service stations but modern businesses.

      The thing is, when it’s white, it works. A white community can evlove with the tech and keep those elements you describe. In my community there is very strong civic minded cohesion within people and the local chamber of commerce with businesses.

      The issue is the brownING of it. Asians and Indians and turdIstan derkIstan and mexicans and negroes….different cultures, different values. Diversity + proximity = war. Less social trust. Lower economic utility. Lower quality businesses. And onward down.

      preaching to the choir here I know, but I’m just happy to have stretched and own/live in upper crust white suburbia…

      …I get to service all of the super sluts…heh (tips cap)


    • My dad worked pumping gas in a small town. Here’s how the economy works when it’s all white: he was able to buy Corvettes and Camaros with the money he made from that. Since every man contributed to the economy with hard work, unhindered by women and affirmative action, there was real money and a man could buy things with money from a blue collar job. My dad had a ’69 Corvette, a ’65 Studebaker, a 66 this a 69 that….. had about 20 cars. Not a rich family, either. Dad was the first to go to college.


  15. Since the full-length trailer is out, that means the movie is complete and “in the can,” ready to show. Studio execs have already watched it.

    I wonder if the current manufactured hysteria about “racist racists hating on diversity in Star Wars because racism!” is an ass-covering move by some people at Disney/Lucasfilm who have seen the finished film and are afraid it’s going to be a titanic flop? After all, they can’t not release the movie and it’s far too late to rewrite or reshoot any of it. If it’s a failure, Disney’s CEO is going to indulge in some Darth Vader style reshuffling of the executive suite. So now would be a good time to get the seeds of the narrative planted: “it’s not my fault the audience is racist!”


    • Following myself up: the reason I wonder is the timing. We’ve known since the first teaser trailers came out that this movie stars Heroic Bland Black Guy. If there really was any kind of racist backlash, it would have happened months ago. But we’re only hearing about it now, when the movie’s ready to roll out.


      • One reason usually given by the cognoscenti for the endless comic book filler from Hollywood is because it’s really for the international audience (I’m under the vague impression India is a big slice of this, but I guess I should research that).

        I can’t seriously believe non-Libtard White audiences want to look at this baboon-face in outer space. So perhaps this is like ‘blame it on the Mormons’ when blacks vote down homogamy. A preemptive smokescreen for when nobody wants to watch this shit, least of all the world at large.

        Steve Sailer’s made George Lucas’ punitive attempts to SectionH8 his neighbors in revenge for denying him permits to build whatever studio compound he wanted erected one of his major blog-fodder items. That, along with Lucas’ black wife, may have kicked George into Shitlib overdrive (yeah, I know this isn’t “his” film, but I’m sure when he sneezes they still have to ask ‘how high’?

        And Idris Elba or whatever the fuck his name is– nobody in Asia wants to pay to be black James Bond. Fucking nonsense.

        God speed the day the Brits kick the Pakis and everything off their island. No non-White has ever, or ever can be, British.


    • on October 21, 2015 at 1:50 pm Experienced Father

      This —

      “I wonder if the current manufactured hysteria about “racist racists hating on diversity in Star Wars because racism!” is an ass-covering move by some people at Disney/Lucasfilm who have seen the finished film and are afraid it’s going to be a titanic flop?”

      Sounds spot on.


      • Makes one wonder, why would they anticipate it being a flop in the first place.


      • on October 21, 2015 at 2:19 pm Bobby Cuddlefuck aka The Hamster Whisperer

        If you think Star Wars will flip, you are living in a delusional state. It will break all the records, regardless of casting.

        [CH: i won’t be seeing it. (the franchise has pretty much sucked since empire strikes back.)]


      • on October 21, 2015 at 3:39 pm elmer t. jones

        Off-topic but back in the 70s I went into a strip joint and the chicks were dancing awkwardly to the Star Wars theme. The did it with all the enthusiasm of assembly line workers.


      • Bobby, you mean break all records like the prequel trilogy did?

        Shit, Attack of the Clones was outgrossed the same year by Shrek 2


    • on October 21, 2015 at 6:55 pm FuriousFerret

      This movie is probably going to break records. People by and large don’t give a fuck about who are the leads in these big spectacle CGI sci fi/fantasy flicks which is why they try to ram so much diversity down our throats in them. They know they can get away with it. People will watch regardless.

      Look at the new Mad Max. Iconic badass Max Rockatansky is a side kick in his own movie so to some post wall hag.

      [CH: yes it may break records. but i predict it will also underperform industry expectations. this anti-white agitprop is beginning to have consequences. the dissident force will only grow stronger with its hate…]


  16. on October 21, 2015 at 1:35 pm mendozatorres

    O/T: jamming to some ELO, Evil Woman to be specific. Got me thinking it’d be perfect for Hillary.

    Then I wondered want other songs would be great for all the candidates.


    • Stone Cold Steve Austin’s theme for The Donald.

      The glass shatters and The Donald struts aggressively toward the stage, his shoulders swaying and his stare directed at his trembling opponents. He looks toward the crowd, tosses his head up and shouts something (probably “Fuck you cuckservatives out there”) then smirks. He slowly turns his head back toward his opponents, this time he’s locked in on jeb!, who’s beta instincts cause him to look downward and cover his genitals. Rand Paul tries to look tough, but he can’t be taken seriously with that pumpkin pie haircut, and The Donald mockingly frowns at him as he’s now sauntering around stage with his arms triumphantly in the air. Chris Christie rolls his eyes, but no one notices. Ted Cruz can’t help but clap. Marco Rubio tries to drink from his bottle of water, but his trembling hands cause it to dribble down his chin like his old lady’s crotch juice after a cunnilingus session. Ben Carson stands at attention like the weird robot he is, just staring off somewhere into the audience. He doesn’t blink. At home watching on TV from her mansion in a gated community, Hillary puts down her laptop and leaves open her government email account in favor of diddling herself while Bill is taking a shit and looking at pornhub on his phone. Bernie Sanders is asleep because this debate starts at 8 pm.

      And that’s the bottom line because THE DONALD SAID SO.


  17. Racism is only patriotism.


  18. the more I reflect on these demographic trends the more I think the framers were genius for including the second amendment in the bill of rights.

    they mistrusted large institutions so much that they wrote a guarantee in there that the people will always have access to deadly force. fkn brilliant

    im not an NRA nut, but I do think that this one simple fact is what makes America unique in the world. ordinary folks across America, esp whyte folks, are sitting on billions of rounds of ammo and millions of weapons.

    how far can the media cpush the castration regime before the bullets start flying?

    like to hear some thoughts of this (CH esp)

    [CH: more than ever i’m of the opinion the 2nd amendment is as valuable as the 1st, and that it applies to all american citizens, not just officially sanctioned militias. when a government breaks bad, as the US’s is currently doing, it is imperative that the people have the means to strike fear into the hearts of the traitorous, malevolent ruling elite.]


    • when voting with ballots becomes a joke you can vote w/bullets. wow.

      IMO that’s about as close to a real democracy as it can get


      • Once enough white people realize that no matter what they vote for, the government keeps replacing them with third world invaders, something will happen.

        Once people become aware voting is useless they turn to something else.


      • None of us fathers can risk going to jail. We need the military to be on our side.

        Any white generals read here, like we know Trump, Rush, et al. do?

        Are there any white generals or colonels left?

        I don’t want to shoot my white brothers who happen to work for the state, and I don’t want them to shoot me or my family.

        I want them to realize that what we talk about here is the Truth and be on the right side of history.

        Military men: can you help save our nation?

        We’ve been under a leftist military-enforced dictatorship since 1954. It’s not y’all’s fault, but now that the internet has let us connect, you should know that the military has been on the wrong side, working for the bad guys.


      • Anonymous, those generals and colonels will order their men to shoot us in the streets and then go home and sleep like babies.

        If memory serves, Patton and MacArthur themselves had a hand in putting down the veterans who were protesting outside the White House during the 1930s… something about benefits that were never received, I forget what the whole affair was called.


      • Sorry pal, you may just have to sacrifice something.

        The military is pozzed.

        If they continue to stand on the wrong side they can get what’s coming.


    • ” im not an NRA nut ”

      A year membership is only 25 bucks and currently comes with a free range bag or pocket knife, a magazine subscription, offers for classes ( like gunsmithing and CCP ) and special deals on some great tac gear.

      There’s also the quiet satisfaction of receiving the incensed finger gestures of libbies triggered by your NRA bumper sticker.

      Just puttin’ that out there.


    • how far can the media cpush the castration regime before the bullets start flying?

      In Harold Covington’s novel The Brigade, one of the main “propaganda of the deed” activities of the Northwest Republican Army was to attack the Academy Award ceremonies while they were being televised, taking special aim at the studio bigwigs… as well as any actor or actress who went out of their way to portray Cathedral-approved characters.

      It proved to be extremely effective.

      They also made special examples of any reporters who couldn’t seem to uphold the proverbial “fair and balanced” portion of journalistic ethics.

      This, too, bore exemplary results. 😉


      • I gotta read that.

        Strangely I had a similar shower thought not too long ago: “what if a special ops team was assembled to hit the Hollywood power execs?” Not for money, not for ransom or a message, but simply a decapitation of the snake. A calculated strike that says all it needs to.

        What would the fallout be like?

        Shit. Now the JIDF, mossad, aipac, ADL, SPLC, nsa and walmart recon will be tracking me….


  19. To answer the titular question, the “come to the light” moment will come, if it does, when they finally realize their gun rights being openly stripped of them through the voting process thanks to our current multiculturalism nightmare.

    The Establishment is not even trying to hide it anymore that bringing in immigrants and turning whites into a minority is essential to get leftist policies like gun control implemented.


    “Polls show that whites tend to favor gun rights over gun control by a significant margin (57 percent to 40 percent). Yet whites, who comprise 63 percent of the population today, won’t be in the majority for long. Racial minorities are soon to be a majority, and they are the nation’s strongest supporters of strict gun laws.

    The fastest-growing minority group in America is Latinos. Between 2000 and 2010, the nation’s Latino population grew by 43 percent. Hispanics, which make up 17 percent of the population today, are expected to grow to 30 percent of the population in the coming decades. Gun control is extremely popular among Hispanics, with 75 percent favoring gun safety over gun rights.”

    I’m a libertarian, but this religious devotion to open borders at all costs among libertarians like Jeffrey Tucker is borderline delusion. They refuse to take into consideration any of the external factors that come into play when an immigrant enters a country where not only is there an existing welfare state, but they also can vote to take away other people’s rights.

    The immigrant who assimilates into their adopted country and votes to make it as free or more free than it is, is either a neutral addition or a liberator, but the one who comes to live off of the welfare state or actually votes to make it less free and takes away the rights of those already living there, they are just as much of an invader as a foreign soldier.

    The stats bear out which of the two many of them are.

    White Americans have more or less kept a line in the sand over their gun rights in recent years and made it clear they won’t budge. If the tipping point comes as demographic change, that’s what the “come to the light” moment will occur.


    • on October 21, 2015 at 5:48 pm Concerned Citizen

      Agreed. When the new “Americans” gain enough power they’ll come for the Anglo’s guns. I’m betting on some sort of political separation of the States before it comes to that.


      • I say we all converge on a white western state and turn it into an autonomous redoubt.

        3 million white (mostly Christians) moving en masse to Wyoming would dramatically change the political landscape. The statehouse and governor’s mansion would be ours. No shots fired.

        Then we’d assert ourselves and push out the federal government. Build up the national guard. Build factories. Create prosperity. Give minorities free passages to San Franciso or other “sanctuary cities.” Recruit white farming families from South Africa and Ukraine. Outlaw queer, trans, and multiculturalist propaganda.

        In a generation, it would be the most powerful state, economically, militarily, and culturally.

        I call it the Wyoming Project.


  20. on October 21, 2015 at 1:58 pm Wrong Side of History

    I’ve been saying that the best thing for the Realtalk Right is the neo-puritan insanity of SJWs.


  21. the more they call everyone racist, the less power the word has. i cant wait until the rest of the population catches up and the word no longer has any meaning.


  22. i’m sure they can digitally correct the skin color in post



  23. What’s really funny about you cowards is that you would never say the stuff you say here to a Man of Colour’s face.

    You know you would get your wig split.

    I’ll bet you wusses have never thrown the hands before.

    [CH: hi neecy!]


    • Are you saying that colored people are violent?


    • on October 21, 2015 at 2:38 pm Wrong Side of History

      Sounds like confict-avoidant libfag projection.


    • “Color” with a “u.” He’s Canadian and riding the high of his new overlord Trudeau, who will certainly allow in lots of Syrian “refugees” to “diversify” the country.


    • I would not provoke a gorilla or tiger that I was not allowed to shoot either.


    • Dindus are cowardly, as are all r-selected creatures. Honor is a K-selected qualiry. Dindus attack when six surround a solitary weak prey or when he outweighs the victim by 100 pounds.

      Evenly matched one on one, they all, always drop their gaze upon eye contact.


    • “thrown the hands”

      Let me guess, newly approved nomenclature for chimpout?


    • When the consummation of the Negro Question arrives, everything that needs to be said will be said to the departing Negro.

      “Deserving’s got everything to do with it.”


      • When the consummation of the Negro Question arrives, everything that needs to be said will be said to the departing Negro.


    • Sounds like t-h-w-a-c-k, but I guess it could be neecy… the mods get to see the IP’s, I don’t.

      In either case, my stock reply drive-by mockery from now on remains:

      N1gger say whut?


    • Wrong PD nigger. Beat the first nigger’s ass when I was 12. Few more since. Nothing like having a nigger back down to you. Don’t take out your bad day on me. Still remember that one. Without da backup niggas is beyotchas. Trust me.


    • Ya, okay. I’ve slapped the black off a few asses in my day. Pussies. Unless they’re in a group, they just flap their fuckin lips. FACT.


  24. I’m biased because I want so desperately to like this movie.

    I am prepared not to judge how “anti-white” Episode VII is until I’ve seen it.

    Star Wars has had black characters since Episode V. Not a problem. And the lore allows for non-clone human storm troopers by the time of the Battle of Yavin. Ergo, a black storm trooper 30 years after Endor is not far-fetched.

    Sad thing is, instead of just enjoying the movie, I’ll have my radar up for anti-White themes the whole time I watch it.

    But a couple of rumors are not enough for me to draw conclusions yet.


    • Though I might sound like a 1980’s Baptist, I think we should boycott all the j-product that they try to stuff down our throats. That includes movies, television, commercial music, and sports. Why pay money for products that defame us (or promote non-white alpha-ness, as in pro-sports) and whose profits go to those who hate and want to displace us?

      Just say no to j-product.


      • Actually your “muh jooz” crapspiracy theories make you look silly to Christians who built the West and yet worship a Jewish man, and to Whites in general who are starting to realize the need to stand up for their interests without being tin foil hatters about it.


      • Yeah, I’m sure you’re right, I’m sure that the owners of ABC, NBC, Time-Warner, Universal (in whatever combination they are currently in) have nothing but the best interests of whites in mind when they make their entertainment, from “Will and Grace” to “Girls” to “Sex and City.” But don’t just take my word for it: http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2013/05/biden-praises-jews-goes-too-far.html

        Meanwhile, what did Christianity ever do for white people (Other than defeat Islam, conquer nearly the entire world, and build the most economically and technically advanced civilization ever known)?

        I think you’ll need to be a bit more sophisticated with your hasbara trolling if you’re going to sway the readers of this site.


      • You fucking faggot, nobody gives a fuck about the “muh tinfoil hatter” insult here.

        Try PJ Media.


      • Actually your “muh jooz” crapspiracy theories make you look silly to Christians who built the West and yet worship a Jewish man,

        Actually, it’s YOUR tribe who touts “muh jooz” at every opportunity.

        If you’re speaking about a few of us off-the-reservation Whites noticing the deleterious influence your folk seem to bring with them, like so many matzo balls, wheree’er they go, well… that ain’t conspiracy theory, Schlomo… them’s hard facts.

        Finally, for the record: when God sent His only begotten son to be delivered into the hands of Man, in order to balance the scales for Adam’s rebellion, He may indeed have manifested that task as your “Jewish man”.

        But what we Christians worship is not a man, you disingenuous schlemiel. It’s God the Father and His Son, Christ… the latter being the Father’s approved mediator between Mankind and Himself, hence we have been given permission by the Most High to consider the Son worthy and deserving of veneration.


      • This movement is worthless without Christians, who believe that Jesus is just as much human as he is God.

        We can throw the rhetorical book at Jewish shitlibs as much as we throw it at White ones. But to implicate the whole Jewish people without qualification is to reject our Christian heritage and doom ourselves.


      • Again, you’re being disingenuous… nobody is “implicating the whole Jewish people”… no moreso than the Bible itself, and Jesus when He walked the earth (“Beware ye scribes and Pharisees”).

        Indeed, many of us here have often said it’s the Sanhedrin, the puppet-masters… aka “Big Jew”… who are the target of our wrath… as well as God’s, by the way.

        The local kosher butcher or rag man is just a regular mensch, like most of us.


        Let each man choose upon which side he will stand and be counted… sooner better than later…

        If Jews, like negroes, are going to “stick together” and shield their own miscreants, merely because of ethnic ties rather than loving true justice, then they will bear the brunt of whatever retribution is in store, by either Man or God.


      • Greg Eliot – you phrase your argument such that I can’t disagree.

        But there is a lot of real Jew-hatred in the world. Most of it comes from Muslim savages and their self-hating white shitlib lackeys. But some of it shows up on the Right, and it alienates Christians who should be the natural foundation of a movement set on preserving Western tradition.

        The Bible (written almost entirely by Jews) has very tough words for the godless Jewish elite. But it has equally tough words for gentiles who set themselves up as enemies to the Jews in general.


      • Blind hatred of entire peoples is obviously a one-way ticket to Nowheresville, no man of good will ever said otherwise.

        Conversely, carrying water for a particular folk, as such in a generic “Jews” or “Blacks” fashion, allows a safety net for the miscreants who are disproportionally-represented within said folk.

        The Bible in numerous passages, as well as ancient Aryan mythology (e.g., Trojan Horse), warns us of coddling strangers or taking false baubles into our midst.

        Little tells on your part, such as “mostly written by Jews” is the sort of water-carrying of which I speak.

        A vaccine and a few neat Broadway musicals aren’t enough recompense for the damages done, and mentioning the former before owning the latter is why the entire folk takes the heat.


      • Everything you say about Jewish elite leftism is true. Yet

        “Whoever blesses Israel will be blessed,
        And whoever curses Israel will be cursed.”
        Numbers 24:9

        It’s not water-carrying. It’s faith in God.


      • “But there is a lot of real Jew-hatred in the world. Most of it comes from Muslim savages and their self-hating white shitlib lackeys. But some of it shows up on the Right, and it alienates Christians who should be the natural foundation of a movement set on preserving Western tradition.”

        There should be a particular form of execution for whiny Jews/Jewsuckers that criticize Muslims for rightfully wanting to toss a bunch of invading usurpers into the sea.

        Hey imbecile: if white westerners were as “savage” as the Muslims you slander, 90% of the wests problems would’ve disappeared a long time ago, including unwanted Muzz migration.

        Jews are far more hostile to Christians than Muslims are to Jews, because at least jews have spilled Muslims blood to earn that hatred. Jews hate Christians for preventing the Nazis from exterminating them. A simple look into the Talmud and the way Jews generally relate to Christians is sufficient to prove this.

        PS: What part of OLD Testament do you not get? The Israel that was mentioned in it doesn’t exist anymore anyway. Believe it or not, you can shit on Jews in general, as a Christian and still not be in trouble with God. Ask St. Paul.

        You despicable pismire.


      • “There is neither Greek, nor Jew, there is only Christ.” Guess what group of people considers Christ a despicable fraud.


      • Muslims are the usurpers. The Middle East was Christian and Jewish and Zoroastrian and pagan 1500 years ago. Then it was conquered by the Muslims. Islam has been the enemy of Western civilization since its inception.

        “Jews hate Christians for preventing the Nazis from exterminating them” wait nevermind, looks like I’m arguing with a dumbass


      • Everything you say about Jewish elite leftism is true. Yet

        “Whoever blesses Israel will be blessed,
        And whoever curses Israel will be cursed.”
        Numbers 24:9

        It’s not water-carrying. It’s faith in God.

        Nice try, Hymie… but the Israel of that passage ain’t the Israel you think it is… otherwise Christ Himself would be cursed.

        “Ye are of your father, the Devil, and the lusts of your father will you do”.
        John 8:44

        “Look at those who belong to the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews but are liars instead.”
        Revelation 3:9

        Don’t try to snow the snowman, kid.


    • They aren’t rumors. The producers of this film are openly and explicitly celebrating the fact that there are no White-male heroes in the film AND the fact that the White-males in the film are the villains.

      They aren’t even PRETENDING that is it just a coincidence; they aren’t even PRETENDING that we should ignore the race of the actors. Again, they are purposely portraying White-males as the evil-doers and everyone else as the heroes, and bragging about it.

      Fuck that gay galaxy far, far away.


      • Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) is a white male hero.

        Let’s wait until we’ve seen the movie before we tear it apart


      • “Let’s wait until we’ve seen the movie before we tear it apart”

        No. Waiting until AFTER you’ve paid your hard-earned money to the fucking anti-White propaganda machine to then start bitching about the film is the worst fucking thing to do.

        Read the article, read the open and explicit anti-White comments from the producers of this film. (Oscar Isaac is Guatemalan, by the way, and is celebrated explicitly as a non-White actor.)

        Why would you actually contemplate paying for and subsidizing this openly anti-White garbage? For some sci-fi tingles?


      • Huh. Guess he is.

        Think of it this way. White Male Luke Skywalker and White Male Han Solo will be the elder mentors of our vibrant heroes. Thus perpetuating the White Man’s Burden theme, which the Left hates.

        Reframe and enjoy!


      • No. Waiting until AFTER you’ve paid your hard-earned money to the fucking anti-White propaganda machine to then start bitching about the film is the worst fucking thing to do.

        Read the article, read the open and explicit anti-White comments from the producers of this film. (Oscar Isaac is Guatemalan, by the way, and is celebrated explicitly as a non-White actor.)

        khorne is a subtler, cleverer form of the usual suspect shill the JIDF sends around these parts.

        But the chateau being as savvy as it is, even his distractions and disinformation are easily parried.

        C’mon, Cathedral… send us some worthy opponents. (((shakin’ mah haid))


      • Hey, give me some credit! Even Anders Breivik is a Zionist.


      • Touche’

        I’m a Zionist myself, when it comes to saluting those who want a homeland for their folk and are willing to fight for it…

        … as long as they actually GO there.

        So, mensch… what time does your plane leave? 😉


    • Anything is possible with Abrams directing. Could be subtle anti white or blatant. As much as I want to see this movie, I just don’t know if I can. Also, blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne!


    • yeah you fuckin nerd fa ggot, go see that negroid fantasy.


  25. I think African Americans (aka Bill Gates Scholarship recipients) already have a film in the sci-fi genre more to their tastes.


  26. Ah, but don’t forget! Kylo Ren the new villian is white. A perfect nemesis for Jedi Master Dindu Nuffins to strike down in his noble vengence. Master Sam Jackson would be proud.

    Sorry for any spelling errors, i’m deployed to Estonia and a bit drunk at the moment. Speaking of which…..while the Estonian men (ethnic scandinavian) are complete femenized fags, the men of their 40% russian minority are defending the white homeland. Quick to start bar fights and refuse resturant service to my more vibrantly colored comrades based on the belief that Mexicans are Syrian refugees and American Dindu’s are Somali.

    Meanwhile, i’m here to deter Russian “aggression” in eastern Europe while Momma Merkel (whose troops are also here) campaigns for millions of these animals to be let into Europe. Sometimes I can’t help but think that i’m fighting for the wrong side.


  27. on October 21, 2015 at 3:28 pm Relampago_2013

    I am in my second decade of working in the belly of the beast of the MSM. I am being forced out the door for the crime of being a white male, and replaced with a Diversity™ hire.

    I have thought a lot about doing the nuclear option and using my experience in television to fight back against the machine, starting off with exposing this policy for what it is, institutionalized racism against me.

    I’d like to bitch slap the femcunt that forced me out of my position, but honestly I’ve seen this coming for a long, long time.

    Any thoughts on how to inflict as much PR damage as I can as I give these self-righteous SOBs the finger on my way out the door?

    [CH: not that it’ll do much (for now), but you could write a guest post about your experience and i’ll see to it that it gets front page treatment here.]


    • Honestly, the best thing would be for us to develop our own media to promote our own narrative (not to mention the truth). If “Vice” could start from scratch, then surely it could be done by some people who know the score.

      Remember, if you go “nuclear” they will personalize the issue and attack you. You will become the story, not what you say. Snowden took every effort to avoid this but was only partially successful.


    • Anonymously spread any info you can.


  28. Guys, must read:

    “Submission” Michel Houellebecq

    This guys understands female sexual nature and the consequences of multiracialism.

    [CH: way ahead of ya. houellebecq is a patron saint of the chateau. elementary particles was my gateway drug.]


    • It’ll be my next read.


    • “The arrival in Paris, as grim as ever. The leprous façades of the Pont Cardinet flats, behind which one invariably imagines retired folk agonizing alongside their cat Poucette which is eating up half their pension with its Friskies. Those weird metal structures that indecently mount each other to form a grid of overhead wires. And the inevitable advertising hoardings flashing by, gaudy and repellent. ‘A gay and changing spectacle on the walls.’ Bullshit. Pure fucking bullshit.”
      ― Michel Houellebecq


    • It’s comments like this that enrich this blog. My reading list keeps growing. Gonna quite my job and be an Uber chauffeur so I can read all day.


  29. “Luke, bitches be like, I’m yo baby daddy, know wut um sayin?”



  30. This is gonna crash and burn bad overseas. Chinese and Asians don’t want any dindu jedis man. Maybe they can make three cents in Afreaka when General Butt Naked pays 777 Trillion wazubis to see it?


  31. I totally agree. Most “independents” that I know are Bad Goy Conservatives deep down, but don’t know it. If only they had eyes to see what’s happening to their country, they would go from being bourgeois, craft-beer drinking, cosmopolitan, self-congratulating Good Goys to fully red-pilled, masculine men. Unfortunately, the barbarian takeover of Western Civilization, enabled by contempt for White men from fags, Eskimos, and women will have to continue and increase in intensity before it’s obvious to them. How much longer will it take? I mean, for fuck’s sake- if you are White guy and you aren’t an angry right wing gun owner, then you aren’t paying attention.


    • Well said.

      I don’t trust any man who doesn’t own guns and know how to use them. Period.

      Gun control pols are traitors. Period.

      The 2d Amendment is THE litmus test for any public servant from county sheriff to POTUS. Period.


  32. on October 21, 2015 at 8:43 pm gunslingergregi

    yea thats the moment im hopefully gone dont want to see another war


  33. JJ Abrams is notorious for making bad movies, I imagine that the preliminary “the audience be rayciss yo!” stuff is cover for a bad film. Raging Lefty Nicholas Meyer (“The Seven Percent Solution”) wrote the best Star Trek film made, admittedly a low bar, the entertaining “Wrath of Khan.” No politics, no moral lecture about US policy, just a space adventure film with Kirk the active and winning hero. Abrams remade the movie, and to make his political point that George W. Bush was a knuckle-dragging neanderthal and the only thing to do when terrorists attack is to surrender and apologize for not hugging them enough because its all our fault, Kirk was a wimpy bystander in his own movie. Khan was not the bad guy, Peter Weller as some old space admiral was, and Spock was the main bad ass hero.

    People despise weakness, and PC diversity junk makes for bad movies featuring weak, weepy White male leads. The “solution” to replace White male leads with Black ones is even worse. Not only will White America NOT buy tickets (which are a minor element of movie profitability) but they won’t buy games, toys, books, etc. Nor will Asian or European markets.

    Sidenote: As Whites become third class discriminated against minorities in Europe particularly White men there in just a few years, thanks Angela Merkel! White Identity Politics are rapidly coalescing into what I imagine will be the dominant form of expression among non-elite Whites. With Paul “Open Borders and everyone into America” Ryan becoming Speaker of the House I expect the same here – a flood, a tidal wave, of non-Whites to drown us.

    White toleration for what amounts to “Michael Cera IS Shaft in Shaft: The Bad Assery Explosion!” in reverse is I think nil. JJ Abrams can make his movie, but he can’t get Whites to buy Star Wars toys. I’m sure the movie will do well in domestic ticket sales, and what isn’t pirated in Asia. But merchandise sales?

    Ever wonder why there has been no Avatar follow up? The toys didn’t sell. Magical Negroes in Space (with White girlfriend) are not going to be a winning sales pitch to young White kids.


    • You seem to be forgetting that, in the original Wrath Of Khan, aside from a most-interesting-man-in-the-world Hispanic accent, all of Khan’s folk were made to look like stereotypical Aryan supermen and women, and he a prototypical fascist Fuhrer… if memory serves, there was even mention of them being ‘genetically-engineered’, and the reason they were banished was they attempted to take over whatever society from which they had sprung.

      In short, the ol’ semi-sub rosa NAH-ZEE meme.


  34. I noticed that none of my usual suspect libtard Facebook ‘friends’ linked to any shit lib articles ridiculing this boycott hashtag. It was unexpected and somehow feels significant…


  35. Is it possible to added to the SPLC hate group registry by request? What if they were flooded with thousands of requests, to the point where their listdescended into utter meaninglessness? Sort of like in the movie Rudy where all the star players turn in their jerseys because Rudy didn’t make the game-day roster for the final game of his senior year. This would help with advancing the view that the SPLC and all they they hold dear is a complete joke running a shit test on us that we have collectively failed.


    • Idea refined: let’s all just report made up fantastical hate groups to the point where they are completely overwhelmed.


    • Have you noticed that the SPLC has nothing to do with ‘poverty’ or ‘law’? They only named it that because the acronym sounds like SCLC– MLK’s organization– so they can trick confused old leftists into donating to them. Call it the Faggot Jewish Lie Center.


    • I’d prefer to see their operation shut down in a more dramatic fashion.

      The fact that their doors (and website) are still open speaks poorly of any so-called White Supremacy or other RAY-CIS threat to this wonderful democracy we all know and luv.

      Guess I’ve been reading too many Harold Covington novels.



      • True. Now that their racist and white supremacist insults have worn thin due to overuse and misapplication; they are switching to the “oh, poor oppressed straight white man, how will you ever survive” slam. I don’t exactly know how to overcome that one.


      • Just say, “Same way you Jews have survived… we’ll start playing dirty.”


      • I still think donating your time and energy to relief agencies can help you overcome your evil racist ways.

        Maybe you just need to see the good in people. I’ll leave this here.


  36. I’ve given up on seeing Star Wars at the theater anyway. I saw the last three hoping they would get better, but they were equally craptastic. Putting Abrams and Disney in charge sealed it for me. His Star Trek movies had ridiculous plotting and a beer brewery set for the Enterprise engine room. I’ll wait for the next SW movie when it is free on cable; my video and sound system are as good as the theaters, and I won’t be giving money to Abrams and Disney.
    I’ll be curious to see if Abrams will ever make another Star Trek. Rumor in the biz is that Universal audited the production budget for the second one and it appears that someone may have beamed a very large chunk of the production money to an unknown remote planet.


    • Correction: Paramount not Universal


    • on October 23, 2015 at 9:53 am mendozatorres

      There is going to be another Star Trek and if memory serves, the Fast & Furious guy’s gonna direct. The writers, obviously JJ’s guys, ruined that franchise, again, along with JJ’s help.

      JJ’s a wanna-be Speilberg back. Stupid 8 was an ET try-hard that bombed beautifully. They’re only good at hyping shit up to get that big BO chunk in the first week. As usual…all style, negative substance.


  37. Interesting how they don’t allow you to leave comments on the posted article… its almost like they know everyone who reads it will disagree with them


  38. on October 22, 2015 at 1:07 pm mendozatorres

    Reading the first five words of this post keeps me thinking of this:

    Back when the show rocked.


  39. New look at an 80’s classic

    Daniel LaRusso as the creepy, swarthy antagonist after the white guy’s girlfriend, he does show some chimp like behavior…

    Somehow I never noticed all the “bad guys” in this film were blond, Scandinavian looking guys.