Reader Mailbag: Toddler Game Vs EatPraySlut

A proud Chateau acolyte writes,

After reading the Toddler game article I decided to try some little kid game.

One of my plates [ed: “plates” = concurrent lovers or would-be lovers] was going to Africa for a month doing non-ebola humanitarian work so I decided to give her a gift before she left. Using crayons I drew two crude stick figures and wrote “u R cool hAV fuN iN AfriKA” accompanied by “I stayed up past my bed time making this for you.

She started beaming and even teared up a little. She told me that she would nail it to the door of her hut so that she could always see it when she was home.

Total cost to me was less than $1.

If you must mate guard, this is the cool alpha male way to do it. Low investment, high humor, and a physical anchor that will remind her of you every day she’s in that grass hut. If Toddler Game can defeat mandingo-hunting EatPraySlut “””humanitarian work”””, it is powerful game indeed. Its power rests in the attitude it conveys to women: Charming aloofness and happy recklessness. However, reader, I would caution you to consider the worst possibility, and to have an escape route ready should you sense on her return that your woman did what comes naturally to women who spend months overseas with noble savages.

NB: Alpha males rarely spend more than a few bucks on gifts for their girls. If you spend $$$ on jewelry, etc for a girl, you are beta and you fail.


Update: A comment from Count Rockula who applied a dollop of CH game to his text convo with a coy girl.

Here’s a classic Heartiste reply that saved me… little background here. I had been banging this 23 year old who I met one night at a party. She took me to another party one night, where I met one of her friends, a hot blonde 8, who I shared eyes with on several occasions. Chatted her up, found out she was moving in a month to another state, but never got her number. Few weeks later, I see her out at a bar. Got her number (“Oh man, I was hoping you would ask me for it!”) and texted her a few days later…
She knew I was banging her friend, and I knew I would at some point in the interaction have to deal with a shit test regarding that. Thanks to the words from an older blog posted here, I passed with flying colors…

After some prelim banter…

Me: So What night we meeting for a drink? Wednesday or Thursday?

Her: Is that allowed ? Aren’t you like dating Sara?

Me: Yeah, Sara and I hang out sometimes, but no, I’m not dating anyone

Me: But hey, if you have a hang up about that it’s cool, I get it

Her: Haha no, I don’t wanna hang out

Me: lol

…..15 minutes later…

Her: I’m out of work at 8 Wednesday. Planned on seeing Kayla

Her: Time is getting slim because my flights Saturday

Her: Meet at (X Venue) Friday night?

This blog and its community are life changers…keep it up everyone.

That was beautiful, man. A master class of text game from beginning to end. There is a time for “lol”, and that was it. Poetry.


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    • I would dump any chick stupid enough to want to go to Apefrica and help out. As in GONE. No questions. If I see at any point that a girl has done that or has that kind of tendency, history. No negotiation on it.

      We have our OWN people who need helping, our OWN society. Those who feed 10 million starving Africans create 100 million starving Africans. ANY girl who is so compassionate as to be suicidal has defective DNA.

      This is Crystal Methodism. You shouldn’t be trying to mate guard or playing game, you should be GTFOing.


      • This is a good comment. If she is the type of girl who is going to do charity work in any 3rd world country let alone an African one, she is a raging left-liberal (or possibly a Christian Leftist). That type are usually the worst of Leftist women. I would say there is no relationship potential there especially with a red-pill (and thus non-leftist) guy.

        However, the guy did say this was a plate, so I doubt he had ltr ambitions with this girl anyway. But chances are she will either sleep with one of the Westernized African guys she meets or some other Leftist “humanitarian” dude she has contact with. But she is sleeping with some one. Bet on that.


      • If she is the type of girl who is going to do charity work in any 3rd world country let alone an African one, she is a raging left-liberal (or possibly a Christian Leftist). That type are usually the worst of Leftist women.

        Not quite. The worst type adopts and brings back an African baby.


      • Agreed. I’m sure she’ll be looking at that crayon drawing fondly while 5 African dudes run a train on her. “Humanitarian work” lol.

        Also, if this dude has any intention of maintaining this plate after she returns from Africa, I’d require her to get a thorough STD check.


  2. This particular stunt pushes her baby buttons too.

    It gets her thinking of making bambinos. Care is advised!

    I have one like that – a credible imitation of a head-rolling, slobbering infant. Works great, especially when performed in a sharp business suit.


  3. non-ebola humanitarian work

    That must be the new euphemism for mudsharking.


  4. I wish to dispel for the newbies the tone of the 2nd reader. Shit test? Shit test? Hardly. That was all preselection with but don’t complicate my life for fucking you. If a female wants to seduce a male, she should be sweet and not fuck his friends. How-the-fuck-eva, being callous about loving yourself and fucking her friends is how to actually get a liberated woman. I’ve had opportunities from this (not saying they were pretty) without actually even fucking the friend. It is enough if she knows a woman she ‘respects’ (wants to keep up with) wants to fuck you.

    Her: Is that allowed ? Aren’t you like dating Sara?
    Me: My crotch is the boss. We like to have fun.

    He musta phuked her friend good to overcome the taint of beta qualification in the texting. ‘lol’ saved the day from beta frame and verbosity.


    • Her: >no shit test/no beta bait/no problem<


    • You want game? Use loss-leader strategy. Take the one you don’t like home and utterly destroy that sht. She will brag to her friends about how good you were and then they will get with you too.

      The grocery stores do this too, they sell stuff at a loss hoping to get you into the store to buy other stuff so that they can recoup. The lesser chick in the circle of friends is your loss-leader. It’s enough as you said that a chick she wants to compete with has you. Guys wear fake wedding rings for the same reason. Women are drawn like flies.


  5. ‘lol’? I was expecting “it’s complicated”.

    But hey, if it works…


  6. Let’s hope that crayon picture will be the only thing getting nailed in that hut.


  7. I would warn lw2 to have a contingency plan if Kayla isn’t actually out of the picture when you guys meet up.


  8. Good text game/frame I’m working on getting better with that stuff thanks for an example. I kinda see that text exchange/response as neutral really though. My guess is that he met the girl (or will) at the venue Friday night with a group of people (or she was with girlfriends or something). This seemed more of “oh ok well I’m leaving soon so it would be cool to see you again before I leave”. So my guess is you gotta sexually escalate fast brotha


  9. One of the most important things about Cont Rockula’s text game is the “wait power” after the lol and letting her text to the point that she asked him out. Not saying that it’s usually best to wait till she asks you out but it worked well in this situation.

    If he texted her right after

    “Her: I’m out of work at 8 Wednesday. Planned on seeing Kayla”

    or even

    “Her: Time is getting slim because my flights Saturday”

    It might not have happened


  10. I would have gone for Thursday. She killed the Wednesday idea but said nothing about Thursday. Going for her on a Friday night when she leaves the next day is going to be tough.


    • She’s leaving town and he’s seeing one of her friends. She knows that this is only about sex. She proposed Friday because she wants to get laid one last time before she skips town. I bet they were back at her place within two hours of “getting drinks.”


  11. Can we get some elaboration on the parameters of Toddler Game? I employ similarly child-like tactics a lot (but verbally, not visually) and it seems to get women really addicted/obsessed when combined with your basic Alpha 101 stuff. Something is really pressing those maternal/caretaker buttons when I combine seemingly beta puppy talk with an otherwise strong alpha frame. They get VERY attached over time (several months into a relationship, wouldn’t try this shit too early). Any thoughts?


  12. One thing I do all the time, which would classify as toddler game, is when you’re in a relaxing setting (ie, she’s resting her head on you on the couch/bed), you say “keep still for a second, I want to try something,” then you gently cover her nostrils with the tips of two of your fingers, then say “keep still, I want to try something else,” and then you gently pinch her lips shut with your other hand.

    She won’t be able to contain herself from giggling like a schoolgirl. Guaranteed.


  13. Africa? I would stay away from that after she returns. She will bang a local and AIDS is a big possibility.


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