How Much Of A Jerk Can You Be And Still Be Loved By Women?

Short answer: A lot.

The girlfriend of a jailed alpha male helped organize a helicopter prison break for him.

Yes, folks, she was part of a team that commandeered a helicopter and landed it on the roof of a prison complex, so that the man who drives his dick into her can do it in more romantic settings than a conjugal visit cell. Twue wuv!

Lest you think this Allie Capone is some ugly ghetto skank who resembles the abused crack ho spouses on COPS, here’s her pic with her thug life lover. I’d tap that.

As beta males buy disillusioned 35-year-olds drinks and get thanks but no thanks cold shoulders in return, some inmate with a professional smirk waits for his hot fucktoy to land a fucking helicopter on the prison roof to fly him to freedom. And disingenuous hand-wringers wonder why men aren’t “manning up”.

What is the point of CH posting an endless procession of these chicks dig jerks stories? Is it to gloat? Well, yes. But it’s also to remind everyone how utterly different female sexual psychology is from male sexual psychology. Most people lose sight of that difference, or they try hard to ignore it. And with good reason; it’s unpleasant to ponder. But game as it’s understood wouldn’t work if men and women responded to the same mate value cues. If that were the case, whatever women did to maximize their appeal to men would work equally as well for men seeking to maximize their appeal to women.

It doesn’t, because men and women are radically alien to each other in some very important respects. There aren’t any men landing choppers in prison yards to free the thug babees they luv.


  1. Hey YaReally, posted my FR on Rational Male if that’s okay with you. I can post my Saturday one there after I rewrite it.


    • > “As beta males buy disillusioned 35-year-olds drinks and get thanks but no thanks cold shoulders in return, some inmate with a professional smirk waits for his hot fucktoy to land a fucking helicopter on the prison roof to fly him to freedom. And disingenuous hand-wringers wonder why men aren’t “manning up”.”

      I guess it all depends on the definition of “manning up”.

      Begging a 35-year-old bar whore for a little “show a brother some mercy” poontang doesn’t strike me as being particularly manly.

      Conversely, it sounds like a little bit of Mr Jailbird’s awesome high-T uber-manliness must have rubbed off on his womynz.

      BTW, a bitch who will hijack a helicopter for your jailbreak sounds like a bitch whom you might want to settle down with & put some buns in her oven.


    • All good. Will comment after I read the Saturday one too. I look for patterns in your approaches/interactions/results that help me narrow down what advice to give, so the more data to look at, the better.

      To the dude running Mystery Method on a chick this upcoming Sunday, I left you a bigass reply but it’s still in mod I think. Mind approving that one, CH? It goes into transitioning from Attraction through Comfort into vagina-land.


      • Sweet! I’ll have that written up after work today.

        Also actually looking forward to the MM reply lol cuz for all the times I’ve tried using MM, I always ended up sounding scripted and awkward/in my head…


      • > “but it’s still in mod I think”

        These days, everything seems to be “still in mod”.

        It’s as though WordPress Corporate decided that they wanted to reposition the WordPress business model so as to appeal to the LIVs [the Low Information Voters], and so they ordered the Spergs to re-write the WordPress reply stack so that it would reject any replies which came in at over 100 words.


      • I would agree except that I have a very short comment questioning whether field reports are intentionally being blocked that is “still in mod”. I’m relatively new here so maybe I’m doing something wrong, but as a mid-40s guy I was just hoping to share my success stories with older dudes who are questioning whether they can game younger women. We’ll see if this one gets through.


      • It just seems like in the last week or so, the WordPress reply stack has gone all to hell.

        You get that a lot at Blogger/BlogSpot – over there, they definitely have a “LIFO” [Last In First Out] stack for their comments, which will drive you absolutely nutty [as you read the comments being thrown back at you in other-than-chronological order].

        But WordPress’s reply stack used to seem a lot better than that.


      • Yes, a few of my replies have ended up no where. I thought it was my computer. Is this a thing? I’m wondering what to do about my gf who disrespected me by going out to a birthday dinner date with a “friend”–whom I know–in clear response/retaliation for me going to a party my ex gf was djing at. Does that warrant a response? A Next?


      • So it’s time to give CH some more cash so he can get his shit up somewhere else. I don’t have a lot of spare to bare right now, but I may send a little some-some his way this month. Passing around the offering plate, care to join it bitches?


      • on October 3, 2013 at 8:41 am Hugh G. Rection

        Somehow the spam and the lengthy jew discussions always make it through without a hitch. It’s strange.


      • Going to try one more time:

        The HB9 I bagged this weekend was admittedly not my first–I was, after all, a greater beta/sensitive musician in my prior life with occasional access to nubile young things. But it was the first HB9 I ever bagged without having to spend a dime, make promises of commitment, wait weeks or months while building comfort, write love songs for…or even having to be nice to.

        I am in my mid-40s and have been actively running Game since the end of 2012, and it has brought me a steady and consistent supply of HB6s, HB7s and the occasional pre-wall HB8 looking to trade in her slut card for a wedding ring, all ranging in age from mid-20s to late 30s. But after missing a morning workout session several weeks ago to sleep in with a post-wall divorced mom, I realized that I still wasn’t living up to my potential and I was a little bit disgusted with myself. So I dumped my harem, stopped texting with hot/cold flakes, and resolved to do more cold approaches and settle for nothing less than HB8s in their 20s.

        Anyway, I was having a beer after work with a friend on Friday afternoon when friends of friends arrived and sat at our table–the aforementioned HB9 (a 22 year old former swimsuit model and reality TV “star”) and her friend, your typical “sassy” mid-20s professional HB6. I quickly came to understand that the HB9 was the mistress of a very wealthy and socially dominant married man in my same professional field (I am a relative nobody in said field). You could even call this man semi-famous in our medium-sized city.

        So I proceeded to run what my Blue Pill friends would call “Sixth Grade Game,” but which some of you may recognize as simply “Game”. To wit: ignoring the HB9 to openly flirt and banter with the HB6, then once the HB9 attempted to interject herself, alternating between ignoring and teasing her, then doing something juvenile like taking the sunglasses off of her head while walking back from the bathroom and pretending that I didn’t have them. Of course this all worked like a charm and the HB9 maneuvered over to my side of the table so that she could attempt to monopolize my attentions. After bantering back and forth for about 10 minutes, the HB9 ended one of her sentences in a voice just loud enough so that only I could hear it: “Do you want to fuck me?” Slutty? You bet. But HB9s don’t proposition betas for sex at 6:30 on a Friday night no matter how slutty they are. Go try to have sex with a slutty HB9 without a substantial amount of looks, money or fame–or a small amount of Game–and let me know how that plays out for you.

        Anyway, I played it off like I get propositioned all the time, and was appropriately coy in my responses. We of course did end up fucking that night (and the rest of the weekend before I called her a cab and told her to GTFO on Sunday morning), but not before I made out with and felt up the HB6 in front of the HB9. The weekend was one shit test after another, but I passed them all with flying colors–most with an alpha smirk, but a few of the more egregious ones with cruelty or mild physical violence as circumstances dictated. She of course visibly tingled with each response and fucked me even harder.

        Two notes: (1) She and I shared some solid laughs over the desperate beta-ish texts sent by the wealthy businessman once he realized that she was hooking up with me; and (2) I met the boyfriend of the HB6 later in the weekend and to my great surprise, he was taller, younger and better looking than me, yet a lower beta at best–I mourned briefly for the pussification of the western male and then returned to my own awesome existence.


        Game beats looks.

        Game beats money.

        Game beats power.

        Game even beats fame, up to a certain level–after that, fame essentially is its own Game.

        If you deny the efficacy of Game, you’re simply not doing it right.

        Anyway, cue GBFM talking about butt tingles and Zombie Shane telling me to man up and impregnate some white bitches. Peace.


      • @YaReally


      • Oh sorry man. I just busted on you for no reason. Don’t worry about it playa. I’ll let you know after what happens and here is my email. I’ll just contact you directly anyway. [email protected] . I. Don.t Give . A . Fuck.


    • is this the yareally blog or the heartiste blog?


    • Didn’t read the entire report, you may want to condense these and get to the crux of the matter, but some guys like to be gay and read a lot so whatever and emote and waste us men’s valuable valuable time.

      Anyway saw two things, 1st one is try to talk to the target’s friend while showing value first, then neg the target when she trys to troll into the conversation such as “calm down little girl, you’ll get your turn” or “is she always this way.” Are you using false time constaints and disinterested body language/not leaning in when you go into the set?

      Also, the point of a good wingman is to be value to you. So if he isn’t DHVing you and is hitting on your set at all and not disabling the cockblockers, you have to set him straight or turn him lose. He was being a chump, so you should have took the lead and left him for a while if you had to.Then we have to sets to play off of each other. I like to go out solo much of the time for this very reason.

      One of the best wingmen I have likes to get the obstacle all hot and bothered then leaves the set to a younger/better looking set if possible and let me go for the threesome. Mystery had some things to say on the set theory approach.

      Also remember, you can steal a girl off another guy at any point almost, if she is getting sexually turned on by him. This is considered more “advanced” or whatever the gay-ass wanna-be PUA classification going is right now, but really it just takes balls and practice just like any other of life’s myriad endeavors. Just being a man, in other words. Much of game comes from natural manhood.

      Also your friends, as in the men you know especially, are just as important as the game you run. Only go out with the highest value males you can or just go solo or with a female friend looks at 6+.


  2. on October 2, 2013 at 9:44 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


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  3. on October 2, 2013 at 9:51 am Reservoir Tip

    How does this break down in every day interactions, though? For example, suppose a girl I sit next to in one of my classes (who I had tried to hit it off with) asks how I’m doing when she sits down or something. Obviously the typical guy would say, “Oh yeah I’m great how are you?” and all that crap. But suppose I were to just look her up and down then say nothing and look back at the board of something? Is this a good move?


    • Tease her, build the attraction before you build rapport, no “good how are you fine” until she hits you in the arm for being an asshole
      Ignoring her is a bad move, will probably come off as weirdo or uncalibrated


    • Same something unusual. Really, anything you say that is something that 99% of guys wouldn’t say is at worst a learning experience. You’ll get some blank stares, you’ll get some taking offense, you may even get slapped…but part of the time you’ll get a look–and you’ll come to recognize it…where their face lights up like a damn Christmas tree. Memorize this look, and memorize the type of thing you said that elicited the look, and use something along those lines for your next interaction. Eventually most things you say will create the look and it will get a lot easier from there.

      Of course, advanced Game is using the negative reactions as a springboard to establish your not-giving-a-fuck-about-shit-tests alpha credentials, but that’s further down the line. At this point: just be different, and make a note of what different is good and what different is bad. It’s a process that necessarily involves failure and recalibration based upon your past experience. I still fuck up all the time, but recovery now takes seconds–I’m not permanently shut down.


    • women don’t talk to strange dudes macaroni head and you clearly are strange. yours to fuck up.

      tell her that no matter how much she tries to manipulate you with her charms, you are NOT giving her any help, notes, or ANYTHING to help her succeed in this class.

      say it with a knowing smirk.

      then wait. maybe for days. that dumb cat will circle back for the attention your negative suggestion anchored in her head.

      clearly you are going to talk yourself out of it because you will beta-revert in the first 5 min., but hey, it’s five more min than you would have had otherwise.


      • on October 2, 2013 at 12:15 pm Reservoir Tip

        Nah, I haven’t put any “value” into her or anything and I’m not scared to try new things. So I’ll give it a shot, Macaroni Head. thanks.


      • Here’s something pretty simple you can try that I like to do in your situation. Essentially I like to create a fictional narrative in which she plays a role that is subservient to me. This works most of the time because it builds attraction and rapport simultaneously. It’s less complex than it sounds. In your case it would run something like this:

        Her: Hey, how are you doing?
        You: Man it’s fucking hot in here. You need to go get your janitor keys and sprocket wrench and go fix the AC. I’m dying here. Etc.

        If she bites, then you have a pre-established narrative you can build on every time you see her. It works really well because it presumes she is in the subservient role. If she shit tests and tries to reverse the roles, you can always be like, “Nah, I don’t know how to do that stuff, but you look like a girl who’s probably great with mechanical stuff” (classic neg)

        Of course, it must all be said with a knowing smirk, as indicated above–but that should be your default facial expression anyway. You should be walking around all the time like you know a secret that nobody else does.


    • “How are you doing?”

      “I accidentally killed three hookers last night and I ran out of space to hide the bodies. How big is the trunk of your car?”


      • > ““I accidentally killed three hookers last night and I ran out of space to hide the bodies. How big is the trunk of your car?””


        Anything to distance yourself from the herd of fawning beta dweebs who just want to get down on their hands and knees and kiss her feet [if she will even deign to allow them to kiss her feet].

        PS: I might argue with the word “accidentally”.

        I suppose you could argue that claiming to have killed them intentionally might get you branded as “creepy”.

        But these days, it seems like it would be more likely to get you branded as “cool”.


      • “PS: I might argue with the word “accidentally”.”

        lol I actually added that word in there afterward before posting it, just incase he tried using it. I wouldn’t use “accidentally” myself, but my style of game in newbie hands tends to set off the creepy alarms.


      • on October 2, 2013 at 2:28 pm Reservoir Tip

        I love it. I’ll definitely be trying it out. I’m not too worried about the creepy thing, anyway. It’s freshman year in college. Who really cares?

        Thanks everyone.


      • > “It’s freshman year in college”

        Get. The. Fuck. Outta. Here.

        Are you serious?


      • on October 2, 2013 at 5:00 pm Reservoir Tip

        Oh, and Heartiste. I’ll add that this blog has taught me more than college has so far. j'<3 le chateau.


      • Yes it does. I’ve creeped out everybody I’ve met so far, trying to run YaReally Sleaze Game ™.

        You’re still a giant among men, and one of my heroes.


      • congruence and calibration. the guy is gold. i’m half gay for him.


      • > “my style of game in newbie hands tends to set off the creepy alarms”



      • on October 2, 2013 at 4:32 pm Reservoir Tip

        > “Get. The. Fuck. Outta. Here.

        Are you serious?”

        Yeah I’m serious. What’s wrong with that?


      • Dude – you’re two years ahead of where I was at your age.

        It wasn’t until about the start of my junior year in college that the lightbulb went off in my head: “Oh my God – chicks dig jerks!”

        When I look back on how much more poontang I could have scored in middle school and high school and freshman & sophomore years in college, it’s like the Mater Dei herself is shedding a tear at the thought of it.


      • on October 2, 2013 at 5:08 pm Reservoir Tip

        Ha, I wish I had found it sooner, too. I think I found this blog like half-way through senior in high school or so. I realized it was okay to be masculine, assertive and the take-charge type. So I’ve been working on leadership, game and some other stuff. It’s weird, because it’s really only getting in touch with a side of myself that was always there, only I had been told it wasn’t okay to get in touch with that side before.

        u nommsayin’?


      • > “only I had been told it wasn’t okay to get in touch with that side before”

        Told by YKW.


  4. “There aren’t any men landing choppers in prison yards to free the thug babees they luv.”

    If she is pretty enough a lot of men would do stupid stuff.


    • Yeah, but that’s not the same. He’s a prison guard and she is a captive audience, so why not? It’s not like she can harm him physically. I can see why he did it.

      A woman will indeed go to the ends of the earth for the man she loves, even if he is in prison. Hell, what’s a little prison and a little law goina do when she ‘s alone every night going out of her mind thinking about him fucking her? Never mind he’s a criminal. That doesn’t influence a woman’s attraction.

      In contrast, a man isn’t going to do this for a woman, cuz any woman who ends up in jail isn’t a woman he wants. He wants his pure and innocent that makes him feel protective. That’s why men historically would save a woman from a “big bad wolf” who kidnapped her against her will (an evil nobleman or a king), but not when she is a criminal sitting in jail.

      Women would continue fucking an alpha criminal.
      Men wouldn’t fuck a criminal woman, save a situation like this. And BTW, most women in jail (unless they committed sexual crimes luring men) are ugly, fat, or both. They are too busy committing crimes than working on their looks.


      • In contrast, a man isn’t going to do this for a woman, cuz any woman who ends up in jail isn’t a woman he wants.

        It’s my impression that female jailbirds tend to be raging sluts… which would be another reason to stay away from them.


      • “It’s my impression that female jailbirds tend to be raging sluts… which would be another reason to stay away from them.”

        Definitely. However, most of them are not beautiful – just fat ugly slobs. They get involved in stealing money from unsuspecting elderly, embezzling from a boss, Medicare/social security/life insurance fraud, sometimes even committing murder to achieve their goal. Sometimes, they could be a black widow, which tend to be unattractive as well.

        Occasionally, you get one of those famme fatales that ends up in jail after she’s implicated in something horrific, as in the story above.

        Famme fatales are probably the only attractive women in jail, but then who wants to get involved with one in the wild? The best place, if you were her victim, is in jail. Enjoy some evil pussy, if that turns you on. Does it? I doubt most men enjoy evil pussy like women enjoy badboys. Normal men like their women on the kind side (trustworthy; the kind who loves him), even gangsters, while normal women like their man a bit on the dangerous side.

        From wiki:

        “A femme fatale is a mysterious and seductive woman whose charms ensnare her lovers in bonds of irresistible desire, often leading them into compromising, dangerous, and deadly situations.”

        French for fatal woman, “a femme fatale tries to achieve her hidden purpose by using feminine wiles such as beauty, charm, and sexual allure. In some situations, she uses lying or coercion rather than charm. She may also make use of some subduing weapon such as sleeping gas [mind altering/date rape drug/poison]. She may also tell him (or imply that she is) a victim, caught in a situation from which she cannot escape.”

        I think only this type of jailbird woman is actually attractive, physically speaking. The rest look like your average slob (and slut) from Jerry Springer.

        You want to laugh a little:


      • on October 2, 2013 at 10:47 pm gunslingergregi

        or they tried to get with the wrong dude and another bitch put them there
        the ones in jail or a while are actually the honest ones in a lot of casses


      • I once snuck a Starbucks strawberry banana smoothie into jail for my girlfriend. Then again, she is very cute, and her career in crime (prostitution) is based on her looks.


      • Was she one of those call girls you were seeing?


      • Haha! I figured as much. I’m sure you had a good time 😉


    • I remember that story. They (young French Muslim gang) tortured the poor guy for weeks before they killed him. Half the neighbourhood must have known but said nothing. Not nice.


      • He was YKW, which was why everyone in the quartier thought it was a good thing, or to be hushed up. The French Jihad.


  5. There is a difference between being a criminal and being a jerk to the woman. I’d tolerate certain crimes, but not him being a jerk.


  6. Sad, but true. Many women waste years on a man who does not care about them. Women get crazy for “jerks”. And you know I was always thinking that not ALL women are like that, but from my observations it seems to be the case. I noticed my self feel the same, I have felt attraction to a man that hurt me. Rejection seems to make the attraction spiral out of control, it is very odd. However…. I can not say I have felt attraction to a man who initially appeared as a jerk from the first moment, but if he was lovely and kind at first then suddenly turns uncharacteristically mean, this is what really creates attraction in my opinion. Because a woman has already had a glimpse of the gentle loving side of him, and then he acts like a jerk, – she will remind herself of his goodness and try desperately to rationalize his sudden behavior change. I’m happy that I have understood this behavior, it is all the more reason to be extra vigilant in choosing a man, and to try to balance the feelings of the heart with common sense.(very difficult but possible). In a marriage, it is not such a big thing of course, it’s a way(maybe cruel) to keep the wife close and loyal, but in dating it’s potentially disastrous for women to follow such powerful whims..


  7. on October 2, 2013 at 9:58 am Hugh G. Rection

    Aaaaw. So sweet.


  8. Eventually heartiste becomes over-corrective. There’s such a thing as red pill overdose.

    A feminist meme would be, “This only works on certain types of women.” Yet it’s true that, as the timeline of one’s pathological jerk behavior gets longer, a profile emerges of the types of women likely to stay on board.

    Some eager, naive, too-clever-by-a-half heartiste reader is going to get (or has already gotten) stabbed by a psychobitch, stomped by a jealous boyfriend, or something along those lines.

    A call for a touch more nuance.


  9. Anyone else think that dude kinda looks like K-Fed?


  10. WTF I’ve been in prison for months and I’m still waiting for a hot girl in a helicopter


  11. on October 2, 2013 at 10:16 am MAX can see you YKW

    “WE MUST TURN THEIR MEN AND WOMEN AGAINST EACH OTHER” willy lynch – the making of a slave


  12. This recent story (see link below) tells its own story.These 2 slappers were basically trafficking drugs for their jerk bar owner boyfriends/pimps. They would have known their “lovers” for all of a few summer months, then poof, see you when you get out in 15 years.

    Speaking of which, to me they already look 35. God help them when they are finally released.


  13. “Michel Barbeau, 57, a father of 12, was arrested…”

    He’s the alpha of the story. All the Barbeau brothers are half-brothers. Zombie Shane we found your Messiah.


    • I already knew that French Canadians were some of the most libtarded people in North America, but I didn’t realize that they were trashy too.


    • A little off-topic, but AoSHQ has some pretty good “psychology” stuff going on in a recent post, concerning all those libtards for whom the Obama phenomenon is a downright religious experience.

      It almost sounds as though Ace is getting ready to swallow the Red Pill:

      > “Over the last century, brands have grown at a breakneck speed. We are living in a world with over 100 brands of bottled water. The U.S. is home to over 45,000 shopping malls, and there are over 19,000,000 permutations of beverage selections you can order at your local Starbucks…

      Well… that’s kind of obvious and not terribly interesting. But it does raise the question (for me, anyway): Are leftists’ so excitable and lunatic about their Personal Political Brand precisely because society and culture are so fragmented? That is, without being told by an authoritarian or at least paternalistic power structure what they must be and how they must derive meaning in their lives, do they reach out to claw at any possible means of self-identificiation and validation?

      I think people break down like this. Obviously, these are not hard and firm rules.

      People who derive a sense of meaning from the vastness of God. These people, having found meaning in God, do not need to find it in a large corporate entity, such as Government, and tend to be more conservative, or at least are not drawn into progressivism by its strongest pitch (meaning).

      People who thirst for a greater meaning but do not believe in God. Disbelieving in God, and yet needing the sense of transcendence that a belief in God offers, these people turn to the next-biggest entity beneath god, which is a national government. These people are not liberals per se, but progressives, and what they’re “progressing” towards is sanctification and transcendence via the United Church of State.

      People who do not particularly thirst for any kind of meaning. Such people, the All Dead Inside Contingent, I guess could go several different ways. Some will be Libertarians, some will be hedonists, some nihilists…”


  14. Bring the helicopter.


  15. I think we are all ignoring the elephant in the room here-

    She can fly a helicopter??


  16. Get to the choppa!


  17. More like point a gun and steal a helicopter


  18. how utterly different female sexual psychology is from male sexual psychology

    Yup- I remember a line from the early days of the blog, “the soul of a woman is created below.” Individual exceptions and variations exist, but by and large, a woman needs to submit to a worthy man. And as the brain evolved during the Pleistocene, and in some basic repects is still ill-adapted to civilzation, “worthy” can mean a violent thug who might be expected to protect a mate, or at least fight off rivals, in the mean savannahs of east Africa.

    Helicopter chick is hot- I guess she found a life of crime sexy and exciting, in addition to being hopelessly besotted to her criminal boyfriend.


  19. p.s. RIP Tom Clancy


  20. Here’s the big difference, fellas.

    The man that is in jail…is alive. The guys who are in prison to beta servitude…are dead. Women know this…and men should know this.

    Let me ask you this…which guy would you take to have your back in a fight…jailbird there or your typical soy drinking, black rimmed wearing, lisp sounding lightweight.

    Even guys know that they would rather have a criminal go rounds with them than a beta who will cower and run away. Criminals will fight.


    • But obviously don’t commit crimes to get chicks…be ambitious in life and get better at something that is legal. Get so good at it you make it look easy. Make sure it gets the heart racing, the blood pumping, and unleashes live out of you.


      • That’s very good advice. There are many legal ways that make men look alpha – mostly attitude and competency.


      • on October 2, 2013 at 9:19 pm gunslingergregi

        they mostly commit the crimes for their chicks


      • on October 4, 2013 at 10:21 am Toffee Hammer

        Yeah, I wish more of the “criminals are so alpha!” crowd would understand this. There are few things I can think of as less alpha than taking considerable personal risk to commit a crime of violence or larceny in order to impress a girl, or obtain gifts for her.


    • “Criminals will fight.”

      Yep, especially when he was involved running drugs or burglarizing. Those activities imply aggressiveness. They attract certain females who need that danger. All women need to feel some danger. It varies with the woman’s toleration level.

      “soy drinking”


    • on October 2, 2013 at 11:53 am North Vinlander

      Except that a criminal is no less likely to be a “lisp sounding lightweight.”


      • I’m talking about guys that earn their crimes the hard way…not bankers sitting in their comfy resorts stealing money.


      • I was just thinking about that. Most of my friends can arguably be called criminals, and there are some pretty rough guys in that bunch.

        Yet they’re all betas. Most surprisingly of all, even the pimp is a beta. He literally ran a whorehouse and told Mexican whores to quit whining and go work. On the rag? Suck dicks! He conned sweet innocent young girls into coming to work in his bordello as indentured servants, and made them fuck off their debt.

        He’s an impressively sinister bastard, and yet a beta in every way in his personal life here at home in the US. He lost his ass and half again more in a divorce when his wife found out about his hobby business, and he ended up buying a new wife. He borrows his own money back from his foreign born peasant wife, and pays her back with interest. He got her a job and let her start going outside the house, where America will corrupt her by throwing things at her left and right because she’s hot.

        He’s making her into the image of his former wife, strapping a cock on her, and backing his own ass up to it. No, not all criminals are alphas at all.


      • Most surprisingly of all, even the pimp is a beta. He literally ran a whorehouse and told Mexican whores to quit whining and go work.

        I’ll bet his whores were fat, ugly, nasty, American Indian-looking ones. It’s easy to treat ugly women poorly.


      • I bet you’re right, Corvinus. It makes sense. I’ve been trying to reconcile that particular set of facts for months. Any advice from this cat is not to be trusted, and yet with a past like that you’d think he was some kind of player.


      • And furthermore, you remind me of why my marriage is a success. My wife is not pretty, and she would kill for me, because I don’t give a shit if she stays or goes.

        It’s easy to treat ugly women poorly, and treating women poorly is where the gina tingles come from. Never forget that, men.


      • on October 4, 2013 at 10:23 am Toffee Hammer

        It’s easy to treat a woman you haven’t put up on a pedestal poorly.

        One of the Great Books For Men[tm], Proverbs, reminds young men of this: the mouth of a harlot is a deep pit, and he who is cursed of the Lord will fall into it.


      • on October 2, 2013 at 6:37 pm North Vinlander

        Your average “beta male nerd” could take any of those skinny-fat gang bangers. How much do you wanna bet they drill each other up the ass too?


      • Betas look at appearances too much…I bet the tats would scare them off.


      • on October 3, 2013 at 8:35 am North Vinlander

        The appearances of these guys are downright funny. And seriously, I highly doubt that in a million years you’d ever see one of those guys with a really attractive woman (not even one of the top mexican women).


      • > “”

        Individually, almost all of them would be cowards.

        In a group, they’d “fearlessly” rape and ax-murder your entire family. Maybe even eat them afterwards.

        > “Your average “beta male nerd” could take any of those skinny-fat gang bangers.”

        The Frankfurt School has spent most of the last 75 or 100 years trying to squeeze every last historical reference and cultural vestige of Valley Forge and Antietam and Belleau Wood and Iwo Jima and Chosin Reservoir right out of the white race.

        And yet Valley Forge and Antietam and Belleau Wood and Iwo Jima and Chosin Reservoir are still there, resting patiently in a long Darwinian slumber…


  21. on October 2, 2013 at 11:23 am Greatest Beta

    Went out with two ethic girls last night. Had their hamsters spinning fast. Dropped the “wouldn’t want to get you pregnant” bomb plus some others like “nice hair it’s yours? ”

    My date was 30 and was spilling immense amount of emotional baggage within 90 mins of meeting me. I could tell she wanted me was qualifying the hell out of herself but was putting up a strong Shield. I could see that she found me mysteriously attractive yet was angry at herself as she couldn’t control her attraction.

    I told her “we couldn’t never date. No compatibility but amazing sex” she was stunned


    • on October 2, 2013 at 11:37 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

      30 years old = (30-15)*10 gina cockeingz + (30-15)*4 gina cockeingz = 210 cockingz partnersz zlzzozlzizlzoz


      • on October 2, 2013 at 11:37 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        ooopz i meants:

        30 years old = (30-15)*10 gina cockeingz partnertsz + (30-15)*4 buttcockeingz partnersz = 210 cockingz partnersz zlzzozlzizlzoz


    • “we couldn’t never date. No compatibility but amazing sex” FAIL

      you already had her because her value was low, so you needed to back down and establish comfort so she doesn’t self eject.

      what you said, that’s a negative suggestion for a 9+ to get her thinking and to qualify herself to YOU.

      what you did was engage some heavy fake and in-congruent arrogance that probably made her think you are gay and trying to cover it up.

      Maybe your name is right after all.

      learn and adapt…. or die motherfucker.


      • on October 2, 2013 at 12:16 pm Greatest Beta

        Hey man you need to lighten up a bit. I was going for the bang it was a double date first time I met her. Besides, I don’t bang girls I don’t know well.


      • nice guy on/
        i actually care about you and want you to succeed. and i don’t even know you. this shit is hard and i can tell that you are smart but you are laying up.

        let that spin your noodle.

        nice guy off/



      • on October 2, 2013 at 12:23 pm Greatest Beta

        I like the nice guy better.

        We’re all different here but learning and experimenting with this shit.

        I’m averse to banging randoms too many STDs condoms break, etc. I limit my bangs to better quality women


      • i never bang randoms. and like i said you are a smart guy. remind me of me 4 years ago. probably an immature sigma if my gut is right.

        but all you have right now is a narrow range of behaviors and accordingly, you cannot rule the systems in which you interact. by getting you to broaden your behavioral range, im encouraging your ability to grow exponentially.

        i’m a different kinda coach. you can benefit from my knowledge and time/mistakes gaining it or ignore it.


      • stds bahhh 🙂 i destroyed my regard for women in the underbelly of pattaya around the turn on the millenium. third world 7-11 clerks? why not. and up in chiang mai they can be whiter, and white hot.

        i’m only partly kidding when i say you live but once, and condom sex is not really sex. and no offense to anyone out there. but it’s been pretty easy to avoid stds. i know a few people with herp and they all knew the partner had it going in.

        live it viking style and if your genes merit it, blow some kids out before you check out


      • on October 2, 2013 at 12:16 pm Greatest Beta

        Hey man you need to lighten up a bit. I was not going for the bang it was a double date first time I met her. Besides, I don’t bang girls I don’t know well.


      • @Tilikum…..yes… The “We could never date….” is over-qualifying yourself.

        It’s unnecessary at that point and she was stunned because it only re-enforced the negative not the positive.


    • Good job, bro. Sounds like you’ve got the attraction down.
      When she couldn’t control her attraction she was asking you to comfort her and make her feel ok with it. She probably hasn’t felt that in a while and it freaked her out. Next time isolate and transition to comfort.
      If you were with two chicks then isolation was probably not gonna happen but that’s the next step.
      Keep it up.


      • he’s hopeless man. needs the tough love. unless you are looking to coach him. in which case he still needs the tough love.

        maybe a trip to Bragg thru SERE school will beat the pussy out of him and awake his inner man, but platitudes and feminizing encouragement aint gonna work with this one.

        just sayin’


      • on October 2, 2013 at 12:17 pm Greatest Beta

        You sound angry as fuck dude.


      • perception.

        you need to be angrier i think.


      • on October 2, 2013 at 12:37 pm Greatest Beta

        Why! I was angry my whole life man. Life is too short to be angry. Get busy living or get busy dying.

        Women are imperfect creatures but we do need them otherwise the species goes extinct.

        Being angry attracted the wrong people in my life. Since letting it go things are so much better 🙂


      • I understand with the superficial mind, but noit with the whole of the mind mind.

        Keep grinding, one said.


      • on October 2, 2013 at 12:41 pm Greatest Beta

        Email me at [email protected]


      • We were all hopeless at one point. The thing he’s got going for him that you’re overlooking is his personal drive. I’ve seen many guys in field crash and burn and never get back in. Most wings fail to accept certain flaws in their game. Tough love is appropriate when someone is lying to themself, but not when that person is actually trying to improve. That’s just rude.


      • @tilikum

        To your point on platitudes/feminizing encouragement:
        It’s a fine line between female validation (where a woman will say something she doesn’t believe just to make another woman feel good) and constructive criticism (when done properly it bypasses the ego’s self preservation mechanism to allow the information to be assimilated). Get out of your basement and hang out with some real men and it will be more clear.


      • yeah, glanced at your blog and yeah im good.

        you are still at the stage where you are seeking approval for your understanding of baseline concepts and using labels to allow persona or ego identification for your personal validation. in effect, hitting your target, albeit with a very basic understanding of the functional mechanics at play in social and inter-gender dynamics.

        here is a protip from Uncle Art:

        “Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see.”

        you got talent, but i fear you don’t know why. quit worrying about the what and focus on the why. the what will not matter when you understand the why. then its a matter of reproduction and replication. then all the ego blog bullshit goes out the window because its inside you.

        I suggest the YaReally archive. And read GunslingerGregi. more than mere talent, two masters of frame and mechanics.


      • @tilikum
        “then its a matter of reproduction and replication”

        In the end the number and quality of your offspring is what matters most.
        As long as you use condoms, no more than a shallow bonding to the female you are banging is possible. (read that twice)

        As long as you use contraceptives, the true profit of bedding multiple women (=more babies in x amount of years) is basicly lost. A short moment of glory for all the effort invested.

        The ancient kings knew better. They had a very well guarded harem and a very tigh game with good mental skills to go with it (self control). Read about the ancient kings (and queens) of china and you will understand much better. Taoists are not half bad – thats true mastery.

        …not that I expect many men of the west to even give a shit.


      • on October 2, 2013 at 9:50 pm gunslingergregi

        this doesn’t mean we are gonna be swapping spit in the showers
        he he he


      • @Tilikum

        I appreciate constructive criticism. What you are doing is not constructively criticizing. Without examples it comes off as simple cold read AMOGing and name calling.
        I also recommend YaReally. You can learn a lot from his teaching style.


      • on October 2, 2013 at 12:19 pm Greatest Beta

        I was with my bro it was a double. Her family runs a business which can be very beneficial to my business so I backed off after I saw her wheels spinning.

        But definitely saw her fighting to contain her attraction for me. She was a low 7 and was nervous when I’d look straight at her had her hand on her face


      • you are always qualifying yourself in your stories and come off as a guy who deep down cares what other people think.. it’s weak inner…most every comment reeks with wanting to be accepted.. just a thought


      • on October 2, 2013 at 3:17 pm Greatest Beta

        If I wanted to qualify myself I’d brag about shit. Just because I put details in my posts doesn’t make me qualify myself.

        I’m simply more open than most people


      • on October 2, 2013 at 5:31 pm Hammer Of Love

        In all fairness, he does call himself the ” Greatest Beta “.


    • Went out with two ethic girls last night.

      No girls have ethics.


  22. OT, but needs to be pointed out: Latest tweet from Lena Dunham:

    I like my birth control like I like my supermarket samples: #nocost #obamacare


  23. Tits too big. Wouldn’t bang.


  24. I’ve embraced my inner jerk. Turns out it was natural. Daily life is much better now. The trick is learning to calibrate the jerk.


  25. I would break him out of jail too, he is women is going through all that unless he is smoking and hung well…:)


  26. I’ll do you one better CH.

    Chicks don’t dig jerks…they dig guys with ambition…the ladies want to become involved in that ambition.

    And the way I see it ladies…jerks have more ambition than good men.


    • or the ambition of “good men” become their women”.

      thats a tingle killer in 2013 USA, and no vagina for you!


    • You nailed it! An unambitious man better be good looking because he is only good for one thing..😉


    • It sounds plausible, but when a woman (fiestyone) agrees with you you know you’re wrong.
      Plenty of guys pick up chicks all the time just by being assholes. I’ve seen ambitious college guys get trounced by puas who claim to be independently wealthy and living on their parents couch. The key is playing with emotions.
      The ambitious guy you speak of may attract a woman but it’s the demonstration of passion and sucking her into his reality that does it.


  27. Women hate a man that gives and love a man that takes. Always have always will


  28. One could learn a lot from a bee. The worker bees, being asexual, must by definition be the least selfish , and by human measure, the most benevolent. The only benevolent social creatures among us are beta males who commit to the survival of the human race with the least direct reproductive contribution.

    Women are not good. They are not bad either. But ethics is sex linked on the Y chromosome. At best they are narrowly tribalistic when socially aware at all.

    Speaking of bees African ones are more violent, and Europeans ones store more honey for a longer winter….Go figure.


    • on October 4, 2013 at 10:30 am Toffee Hammer

      Indeed. Sometimes, I feel like I should spare a $20 so the beta males who make my life so much better (whilst getting nothing in return) could get a blowjob, or something.

      Life will be hard when I actually have to be a self-made man, taking caring of everything himself, vs. just appearing to be so to a woman’s pea-brain.


  29. Neither have tattoos. Odd for prison thug types.


  30. OT, but re the “unsalvageable beta male” tweet.

    Did you see how she commented on the photo? “LMFAO”

    Why? Why is she laughing her fucking ass off?


    • i saw that too, as if it weren’t already painful enough to read. she and the universe and evolution are laughing their fucking asses off at him and his dorky friend’s hope she was his girlfriend. bet her boyfriend’s not on fb


    • Gak. Nauseating. Try going to his main page and reading his status updates.


      • Good evidence it’s all in the mind. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with the guy.


      • On the contrary, sociobiologically speaking, the dude is a male specimen in decent physical shape entering the peak of this sociobiological years, while the disgusting skank he’s with is about to hit the wall.

        Why “LMFAO”? Because of dumbasses like that dude entertaining the deluded sluts for reasons close to self-abuse.


      • on October 2, 2013 at 3:57 pm ain't nuttin but a gansta partayyy

        just went there….bruuuuuuuuutal


    • He’s sucked into failure by his potatohead beta friend in the first comment. Here’s how to reply: “No way lol”.


    • That guy has embraced his feminine side way too much.


    • on October 3, 2013 at 7:01 am fmr_Elkaholic

      The chick in question dresses sexy, but oink oink on the face.


  31. Recent text exchange. Anybody want to give me feedback?

    Me: you gonna be ready for a date tomorrow? texting only goes so far 12:55 PM
    Her: Lol. I will be ready by Sunday… Would that work for you? 1:04 PM
    Me: you’re drawing this out aren’t you. building the tension 1:08 PM
    Her: Sure 1:09 PM
    Her: Lol 1:09 PM
    Her: I truly still have this lingering cold and a ton going on this week 1:10 PM
    Me: you’re cute 1:10 PM
    Me: alright i’m going to give you a pass for now 1:11 PM
    Her: Thank you 😉 1:12 PM
    Me: i’ll let you earn it back. i’m generous that way 1:14 PM
    Her: Oh wow… You sure are generous that way 😉 1:15 PM
    Her: You’re making me smile today, thanks 🙂 1:15 PM
    Me: get to know me 😉 1:16 PM
    Her: I will… Don’t you worry about that 😉 1:17 PM


    • B-


    • Me: bring the movies
      Her: lol, Sunday
      Me: gay
      Her: sure
      Her: lol
      Her: I have a cold I’m busy
      Me: does this work on most guys
      Her: lol you’re making me smile today lol lol
      Me: don’t get pregnant
      Her: lolzolz
      Her: what time


    • Honestly? This is a fail. She gave you the opening to pin down a day and time TO ACTUALLY MEET, and then you had to go and run “text game” for some reason. This rest is just banter without moving anything forward.

      This is all it should’ve been:

      Me: you gonna be ready for a date tomorrow? texting only goes so far 12:55 PM
      Her: Lol. I will be ready by Sunday… Would that work for you?
      Me: Cool. Meet me Sunday at Bar X, 7:00pm.



    • ” Me: you gonna be ready for a date tomorrow? texting only goes so far 12:55 PM ”

      Two mistakes in your 1st line.
      1. Never ask for a date. Tell her you’re picking her up at 8, or tell her you’re meeting her there at 9. Practice making statements instead of asking questions.
      2. Your “texting only goes so far” line implies neediness and hunger with a hint of desperation .

      ” Her: Lol. I will be ready by Sunday… Would that work for you? 1:04 PM ”

      You should’ve waited at least 30 minutes to respond to this with something like ” nah , I already have a date for sunday , maybe reschej later ” or, if that’s too bold for you ” Can’t, booked on Sunday. ”

      ” Me: you’re drawing this out aren’t you. building the tension 1:08 PM”
      Translation: I’m a starving beta who neeeeeds your attention.

      Her: Sure 1:09 PM
      Her: Lol 1:09 PM
      Translation : Wow I’ve already got him pussywhipped without even giving him a date yet.

      ” Her: I truly still have this lingering cold and a ton going on this week 1:10 PM”
      Translation : I truly still have this assh*le badboy who treats me like a f*cktoy and hasn’t returned my calls or texts for days. I save my Fridays and Saturdays for him in case he drunk dials me at 3 am.

      ” Me: you’re cute 1:10 PM”
      Translation : I’m beta , go ahead and string me along.
      Better response to above : Don’t get snotty with me .
      Never ever compliment her looks.

      ” Me: alright i’m going to give you a pass for now 1:11 PM”
      Translation: It’s not like there’s anything going on in my sex life.

      ” Her: Thank you 😉 1:12 PM”
      Translation : Hook set , new orbiter acheived, may be helpful moving furniture, free meals and/or as an emotional tampon/ego boost when babdboy stops calling altogether.

      ” Me: i’ll let you earn it back. i’m generous that way 1:14 PM ”
      Translation : I expect something in return for my patience and polite but bland disposition.

      ” Her: Oh wow… You sure are generous that way 😉 1:15 PM”
      Translation : I could probably con this sucker into buying jewelry.

      ” Her: You’re making me smile today, thanks 🙂 1:15 PM ”
      Translation : Diamonds Rawk !

      Me: get to know me 😉 1:16 PM
      Translation : I’m horny and codependent and I’ll validate you no matter what you do.

      ” Her: I will… Don’t you worry about that 😉 1:17 PM ”
      Translation: Ima fleece your bitch ass for resources till you catch me fucking the bad boy.

      Exchanges like this and the relationships resulting from them are the reason why 6’s and 7’s walk around thinking they’re the Goddess of the fucking universe. This is an example of what NOT to do. The sad part is you might get a pity fuck out of it and go on repeating this behavior because it worked that one time.

      Understand that women are susceptible to perceived value and you’re showing you don’t think much of yourself here. You’re giving your approval and desire away too easily. If you want to ignite tingles pull back, wait longer between texts, don’t sound needy , and stop with the f*cking compliments. Text her on Saturday eve and tell her something came up for Sunday (cancel). Whatever she says don’t respond until Tuesday. Then just nonchalantly be like “wassup “


      • @ Simon

        This text exchange is why you need to have more than one girl on the go at any given time.


      • Exactly , but if he doesn’t start faking it he’ll never make it.


      • Yes…text game now allows guys to amp up the attraction but when they meet they still have to keep up that confidence.

        I’ve just recently done it very successfully.

        One exchange with girl I’m gaming online…

        Her: “I just cut my hair….”

        Me: Photo. What if I end up meeting the wrong girl?

        Her: Fate.

        Me: True.

        You can see that this back and forth is her gaming me and me gaming her.


      • on October 2, 2013 at 6:15 pm thelatentsadist

        brutal but a necessary and accurate appraisal. This is like the shit i did when i first dipped my toe in game, and i thought i was doing the right mechanics, while not really understanding female nature and the main game principles.

        Of the course the OP shouldnt feel embarassed, most guys go through this and many dont still recognize their futile flirting attempts. One of the biggest realizations for me was really understanding how much attention women truly get, and how common beta instincts are. Once you really realize that, and have had enough of women turning you down…you start down the asshole path. Then you have a whole new set of problems with being too abrasive and angry. Or too aloof and unattainable.

        Yeah i mean you think you’re flirting with her, but she is completely in the drivers seat and knows exactly what youre doing. All girls do. When you verbalize it like this, she just rolls her eyes. At best she’ll let it slide if shes super into you. At worse, she’ll string you along, like the above commentor said. No need to give her the choice.

        DO you work in person, and be terse through text to get her out. If she doesn’t comply…find another girl. If you never get girls out, its something in your in-person game to sort out. But there are many reasons girls flake as the community is well aware. If you care whether she flakes, you need more numbers. Advice that im telling myself as well.


    • She sounds really into you.

      Only thing I would say is what the fuck is that thing at the end of your last message?


    • on October 3, 2013 at 4:48 am Cad and Bounder

      Sad Clown gives you the best practical advice in his reply.

      Text game is rapidly evolving thanks to increasing smart-phone penetration rate. As soon as they get them it opens up a world of 24/7 messaging via Skype, whatsapp, viber, google+, facebook or whatever.

      And guess what? You ain’t the only one in touch with her. She has plenty of beta orbiters validating her with exactly the same text ‘game’ that you think you are running. Therefore you unlikely to add any value with ‘cocky funny alpha game’ with texts, unless you aren’t banging her yet.

      The solution is to bang her first. And you bang her by, arranging a date. DHV. Hamster. Isolation. Physical escalation. Your place. Texting is just a means to get the date. Unfortunately guys get wrapped up in it because it appeals to them as a systematic and replicable way to add value. It’s not. It’s just about funnelling them down into a date. The good news is that girls aren’t dumb. They know you want to fuck them on a date. So do that.


    • Thanks for the feedback guys!


    • on October 4, 2013 at 10:32 am Toffee Hammer

      How many times do we have to repeat “stop asking questions?”


  32. It’s obvious this chick didn’t fly the helicopter. The question I have is: ” What did this chick do ( as if we didn’t know.) to get the pilot to become stupid enough to forfeit his freedom to fly a helicopter into a max prison?


  33. To be disappointed in women is like being disappointed in your dog. Or your cordless drill.

    Dominate them completely and they will stand by while you molest babies. No woman is a person.


  34. re: unsalvageable beta male:

    I don’t know what else a 5’1″ dude could do, ya know?


    • If you think about it, short dudes need game 100x more than tall dudes. I’ve seen plenty of 6’+ dudes get hot girls despite sickening beta behavior. So that short dude being a beta has no chance whatsoever.


      • on October 2, 2013 at 6:51 pm Reservoir Tip

        I’ve seen stuff like this, too. Back in high school there was one guy in particular who matched this observation. He was so beta. Totally shy, skinny, blushed whenever talking to girls. But he was tall and on the basketball team. It’s possible that he had game and I just wasn’t seeing it… But I doubt it.

        On the other hand, a short guy (like me) with solid game (working on it) can pull some hotties. I think height catches a girl’s eye, but when it comes down to it, it really doesn’t matter that much. You just have to develop that initial spark.

        Also interesting is that I seem to have the least success with girls my age. Older women love me, and so do younger girls. Maybe I just have that weird “in-between” look to me at the moment.


      • on October 2, 2013 at 7:41 pm PimpinBlueStar

        “If you think about it, short dudes need game 100x more than tall dudes.”

        lol this is such a lame qualifier that gets repeated ad nauseum on here. It’s incorrect and never reflects the reality of someone like me who goes out often and sees how this actually plays out.

        A lot of the “6′+ dudes” flirting at the bar with the hotties end up blowing it because lots of these guys bank on looks (or height or whatever external attribute) to carry them to the finish line. Not all, but the large majority. The flash game these guys run looks cool to most people because she’s flirting back with him at first. He’s physically hot and looks like the kind of guy who knows what’s up. But unless she’s totally sold on the looks (many times the hottest ones are not) there will be a “Well, so what else ya got?” type moment that the typical 6’+ guy won’t know how to lead. He’ll get ego’y, get cocky and it will end up being a turnoff for her. The guy who at first looked like a good lead turns out to be a dud because he can’t manage her emotions in the conversation and, because she has a fuck ton of options, just sorta plays the field until someone can hook her in. No big deal to her. She can give him her number and go see what else is waiting.

        The “hot girls” you seem to be referring to are the 7 range that, yes, they want really good looking guys. That’s their thing. I’ve noticed that these guys you are referring to usually only hit in this range because they look at the real hotties and think “mehhh…too much work. This one here is sold hook line and sinker.”

        Then 5’4″ me with titanium balls go in where these guys beg off, get the interest of the dime pieces, then a “blood in the water” scenario happens where all of the betas think “Oh shit that little guy is getting those bitches?” and then they’ll come in, get flustered because I’m dropping bombs on these guys getting them to qualify, the girls are cracking up because we’re all 10 steps ahead of these guys and their game, he can’t get too mad at me because it would kill the vibe and eventually is like “man fuck this” and slumps off or pulls something overly cocky and talks shit to the girls because “there must be something wrong with them if they want this loser i”m too good for this shit blah blah blah” ….

        …and it’s hilarious.


      • The “hot girls” you seem to be referring to are the 7 range that, yes, they want really good looking guys. That’s their thing. I’ve noticed that these guys you are referring to usually only hit in this range because they look at the real hotties and think “mehhh…too much work. This one here is sold hook line and sinker.”

        Hmm… bullseye right there, brah. Yeah, it does seem to be the 7s who go for tall betas, whereas the 8s and 9s seem to pay more attention to me.

        I had to LOL at your last paragraph. Good work.


      • on October 4, 2013 at 10:36 am Toffee Hammer

        “Yeah, it does seem to be the 7s who go for tall betas, whereas the 8s and 9s seem to pay more attention to me.” <– YEP. One of the downsides of being tall is that 9s and 9s see you as a mark.


    • What’s worked for me is just never letting shit slide. People will try to fuck with you a lot….so just never let it slide. If a chick tries to talk some sort of shit about me — for any reason (when chicks slight you — and to a lesser extent other men, contingent on the strength/depth of friendship — they are letting you know that they think you are low value. Remember that. I don’t care if they’re your ‘friend’ or if they’re ‘just kidding.’ The bottom line is that they are disrespecting you and think you are low value, and you need to set them straight immediately) — I just toss it back in their face. The key is to toss it back with a ‘I don’t give a fuck what you think’ smile.

      Her: That suit would look good on you if you were a little taller
      Me: Your face would look better if you were five years younger…but hey, we live where we live. (grin)

      And ya, people will say ‘no Scray that seems butthurt, that seems X, or Y.’ But I’m just telling you what has worked for me. What has gotten me consistently more respect is being unafraid to put people in their places when they get out of line vis a vis me. What’s difficult is doing it from a ‘I’m confident in myself and I do not accept disrespect’ place versus a ‘omg you can’t view me in that light noooooo’ place.


      • Also, it’s a little advanced…..bc in some situs, you’ll make the verbal remark and some AMOG WILL try and needle you on your height, and then you’ll have to default to the classic ‘ignore x 3 until group realizes you could give a fuck’ tactic.

        I’ve kind of melded that into the nonchalant interrupt when I sense an AMOG about to do this shit.

        Like, after the piece of dialogue above —

        AMOG: Ya, wow dude you seem really – –
        Me: Ya, where are the pool tables here….I see some over there, does anyone want to play? (said loudly as I look around)

        AMOG: Ya, wow dude we’re just k – – –
        Me: OMG did you guys just see that girl over there….talk about a muffin top. Gross lol.

        hahahaha, man….I haven’t even realized how much little bullshit things I do to pricks who try to box me out of sets.


      • Should I take it off then? Hey, wait a minute; nice attempt at a ruse lady, but you aren’t going to get me out of these clothes.


      • ya nah, not everything is a ‘shoot the breeze’ shit test to pass. Sometimes it IS better to just set the boundary strong = ‘I’m not going to take any of your shit.’


      • And the underlying reason is that charisma/wit = value. Why am I going to give someone value who is already disrespecting me? People need to earn my value.


  35. Wow, this brings back memories. It almost reads like a copycat of this case:

    Gun-toting librarian Lucy Dudko hijacked a helicopter in 1999 to spring her lover, John Killick, from a maximum-security prison.

    Before meeting Killick, Dudko had it all. She was married to scientist Alex Dudko, with whom she emigrated to Australia in 1993. In Marsha, she had a doting daughter blessed with her own good looks. And she was studying for a doctorate in history at Macquarie University.

    Yet she traded it all for an ageing womaniser who was permanently broke because of a chronic gambling problem.

    In 1999, three years after his affair with Dudko began, Killick found himself in custody after robbing a bank and shooting at an off-duty police officer.

    Very highly educated woman abandons her loving husband and daughter to get one last desperate chance for the dangerous sexy alpha tingles.

    I knew Alex too, he and his daughter were good people. It’s funny that back then I didn’t connect all the pieces together, but it’s clear as day now.


  36. Advice here sought.

    My gf of 9 months has been amping up the shit-testing to the point where following one round of frame control battles, I blew her off and went to a party hosted by my ex gf. A few days later she went out to a birthday dinner with a “friend” whom I know but doesn’t know we’re together.

    She claimed it was only as “Friends” and when I asked if she told him we were together she said “He didn’t ask”.

    I was pissed off.

    But did I over-react? Is this a thing, a shit-test or just acting out for more attention?


  37. CHIlD sUppoRT
    State law requires a Social Security
    number to buy a license. It is not
    displayed on the license but is provided,
    if requested, to Child Support
    Enforcement authorities. Hunting
    and fishing licenses are not issued to
    those suspended for noncompliance
    with child support.
    Any current licenses become
    invalid if held by an individual who
    is non-compliant with child support.

    ….unless she can hijack a chopper….think about it boyz


  38. on October 2, 2013 at 6:31 pm Hammer Of Love

    I guess this had to happen someday, I just didn’t think it would be so soon. I think this story beautifully summarizes the eventual conclusion, to the liberal inspired decline of western civilization; The liberal morons turn on themselves. Try not to laugh when reading the following.

    Trouble in Transgenderland

    Feminists and lesbians have been shocked and dismayed by the intrusion into their “space” by transgendered males.

    Those promoting protection for transgenders would have us believe that, if only those who reject their natural sex were legally recognized, they would lead fully satisfying and fulfilling lives.

    That is, once churches, hospitals, schools and clinics plus all public locker rooms and restrooms were required to protect those trying to change their gender, with fines for anyone who dares to be so foolhardy as to make even a negative comment about them or create a “distinction” regarding cross-dressers, etc., transgenders would then be content.

    But maybe not. There appears to be some trouble in transgender land. The trouble is that lesbians don’t regard transgendered males as truly women and refuse to have sex with them.

    Lesbians take offense, claiming that transgendered males are trying to force themselves on them.They regard transgendered males as female impersonators. The horror of it!

    Transgenders, in turn, view lesbians as downright discriminatory just because they may still, in some case, have retained their male genitals.

    Planned Parenthood of Toronto, ever willing to encourage sexual activity wherever and with whomever, held a seminar in Toronto on March 12, 2012, open only to transgendered males.

    The purpose of the seminar was to help these transgendering individuals deal with the problem of lesbians refusing to have sex with them.The seminar was called,”The Cotton Ceiling”, the cotton referring to lesbians’ customary wearing of cotton underwear.


    Feminists have been shocked and dismayed by the intrusion into their “space” by transgendered males, whether in lesbian bars, record companies, spas, festivals and book stores. They regard this as the ultimate in male power-tripping.

    Consequently, in Toronto, July 5 to 7, 2013, a feminist group, Radfem Rise Up! organized a three day conference for “womyn-born womyn” at which, according to the transgendered males, there was prominently featured, a number of transphobic speakers.

    In response, the transgenders inundated the feminist group’s twitter account with adverse comments and planned a physical protest as well. The protest was thwarted by the conference moving to a secret location only hours before it was scheduled to start.

    Cheri_DiNovo_VickyP1070143.jpgThe transgenders then complained to Toronto MPP Cheri DiNovo, left, whose bill, “Toby’s Act”, became law in 2012. It added protection of “gender identity” and “gender expression” to the Ontario Human Rights Code.

    Ms. DiNovo declared that same-sex gatherings i.e. women only, men only were illegal under Toby’s Act and she appealed to the Ontario Human Rights Commission to back up her position legally.

    If successful, her interpretation of the Act means that any assembly of females, on whatever subject, such as reproductive rights meetings, Islamic faith gatherings, or lesbian support groups, etc. will be prohibited under her bill. This would also apply to any assembly of males, as well.

    Somehow one can believe that this was an unintended consequence of the Act!

    The Ontario Human Rights Commission’s response to Ms. DiNovo’s complaint was that it was currently “monitoring” the situation, but that the Commission didn’t have a definitive legal position at present since it was still in the process of defining its policy on “gender identity”.

    Will the Commission untie this “Gordian Knot” by the application of common sense?

    Naw! As specialists in “hurt feelings”, “distress”, “alarm”, “insults” and “toxic environments”, they wouldn’t know how to do it.

    h ttp://


  39. As a guy who specializes in asshole game, I can see how this story all goes down with the prison break.


  40. “But game as it’s understood wouldn’t work if men and women responded to the same mate value cues. If that were the case, whatever women did to maximize their appeal to men would work equally as well for men seeking to maximize their appeal to women.”

    Which is why guys need to start getting over the whole looks issue when it comes to getting with women. The Chateau has touched on the issue before.

    Emphasizing looks make a man soft. Softness is more attractive to man-jaws and 6’s and below who are obsessed with highly visible status symbols to pump up their status. Yes, you are no different than that expensive handbag she makes you hold for her from time to time (big shit test).

    Now, for those of you who want to point out that the jailed alpha also had looks because of his buff physique, that has more to do with dominance than looks.

    As Heartiste said in the article linked above, “Lifting weights is great, but the biggest benefit comes not from bulking up to the size of a house (which chicks don’t really care about), but from reaping the reward of that wonderful elevated testosterone, the hormone elixir that nourishes the desire to approach and close.”

    If you are criminal, you need sufficient upper body strength to climb obstacles in order to escape either your enemies or the police. The average beta can’t do even one pull up.


  41. Define “loved”. You don’t appear to be the type who seeks to be loved, anyway.


  42. on October 2, 2013 at 8:55 pm gunslingergregi

    yea exchick had me out jail in one hour with lesser charges
    kind of makes me feel bad that she came running up to house when she heard bout wreck and I told her she was ugly
    and never proved her love he he he


  43. on October 2, 2013 at 9:02 pm gunslingergregi

    but yea just cause guys in prison doesn’t mean he is a jerk to that chick
    he prob was in prison for something that he was trying to get money to help the both of them
    understand it now?
    the bitch is someone who actually appreciates what the dude sacrificed for her
    the chick knows he in jail cause of her and that is why waiting when he gets out for him cause it is her fault he there in a way
    dude prob called her 800 times a day while in prison for real


    • on October 2, 2013 at 9:05 pm gunslingergregi

      don’t look at that shit like they got it easy seriously these dudes that go to jail put mad fucking work into their bitches and the bitches fuck em over and they forgive them untold times
      it ain’t the fairy tale ya think it is


      • on October 2, 2013 at 9:07 pm gunslingergregi

        plus they got to beat the bitch up every once in a while
        and what do ya do when that doesn’t work


  44. on October 2, 2013 at 9:08 pm gunslingergregi

    and what ya talkin bout dudes don’t do it
    I did it for my wife
    she called me I came and rescued her ass
    prob did make us pretty close after that
    I was willing to kill or die


  45. on October 2, 2013 at 9:19 pm thelatentsadist

    in a post from 2009 you said that the best IHAB response was “i dont care”. Fucking post is hilarious.

    Still think this holds true in 2013?


  46. on October 2, 2013 at 11:06 pm gunslingergregi

    oh yea when I finally bought battery for phone had to drive to get it no stores apparently carry batteries anymore cept specialty stores
    had missed calls from wife on there so does she know I got in wreck or just callin on weekend wild shit


  47. Ask Joe
    What would help a really short dude to impress the females?
    Here is a thing.
    Use your tongue to smooth your eye-lashes.

    This is not a great post, by any standard, but I think it deserves better than the 50% chance of surviving the WordPress comment-firing-squad that seems to have been put on duty.
    My daughter did go to HS with the Bill Gates of WordPress. She would not let him near her.Which is neither here nor there since she had to spend most of every day not encouraging guys.
    There is a fine, honorable, and strongly felt innocent satisfaction that a father takes when he can rate his daughter, by the unsentimental standards applied by people who did not pay for her first car, horse, college, research-job, – as smoking hot. I kinda get where Fred Reed comes from when he shows off his nubile woman-child in his blog. Because you know, as only a man can know, just how valuable in hard terms that can be.


  48. The key to this is balance. I think the hardest thing for guys unplugging is finding that balance between jerk and nice guy.

    The problem is that by nature by coming here we are all on some level “nice guys”. We’re accommodating, we’re eager to make nice.

    It takes work to develop those boundaries. The instinct is to go 180 degrees from nice guy to complete jerk.

    It gets results but then it also results in many shit tests which then require a special kind of skill to parry.

    Also, in my experience being a jerk actually attracts a certain kind of girl, the kind of low self-esteem girl looking for a leader. The dynamic constantly shifts from complete adoration to resentment to shit testing back to adoration.

    I’m now finding this dynamic difficult to manage with my current gf who constantly battles for frame control now.

    It’s gone from completely accommodating to “I find it uncomfortable to stay at your place now because blah blah blah…”

    The latest is that after a series of this nonsense I nexted her and went to a party my ex gf was djing at.

    My current gf then countered by going on a birthday dinner date with a “Friend”–a nice guy I know–who is clearly trying to get into her pants. She insisted he was just a “Friend”.

    But that did not sit right with me. The nice guy in me is all about reconciliation.

    The jerk is now about banging other chicks.


  49. “As beta males buy disillusioned 35-year-olds drinks and get thanks but no thanks cold shoulders in return, some inmate with a professional smirk waits for his hot fucktoy to land a fucking helicopter on the prison roof to fly him to freedom.”

    …that hot fucktoy of whom you speak is 33, according to the article you linked.


  50. on October 3, 2013 at 1:11 am The Spirit Within

    I know how much Heartiste hates this guy, so here’s a link:

    Hugo Schwyzer asked to leave his community college, tries to commit suicide:

    The guy’s got more issues than a math class…


  51. […] Short answer: A lot. The girlfriend of a jailed alpha male helped organize a helicopter prison break for him.  […]


  52. They manage her well ,but where the fuck do men like these meet women like her..?


  53. Just had this shit test with girl I’m gaming in text:

    Her: Do you think I’m sexy?

    Me: Wear heels, that’s sexy. What colours do you think are sexy?



    • “Yes”

      (assuming you do find her sexy that is – if not, why would you talk to her?)

      You should never shy away from expressing your sexual desire for a woman, that’s what gets you friend zoned. Also they love being desired. I think it’s a big mistake of would-be gamers to be aloof about what they want.

      Now if she had asked “Do you think I’m beautiful” – that’s an entirely different matter.


      • Giving direct answers to women’s shit tests especially when you haven’t banged them yet is epic fail.

        A jerk answer would smack of over-gaming. A dominant answer of telling her what I find sexy is game and Alpha.

        Alpha is not always cocky/funny or jerk. It’s knowing your own position.

        “Yes” is falling into her frame.


      • “Do you think I’m sexy?” Is not a shit test though. Just because a girl asks you a question doesn’t mean it’s a shit test. In this case, she’s asking for your approval, she craves your approval, which is good.

        Shit tests are when a woman tests a man for weakness/insecurity, normally by challenging his authority – often by attempting to exert authority herself over said man.

        Now, if she had said “You know you want me” – that’s a fucking shit test, because she’s trying to exercise authority over you. “Yes, I do” would be a terrible answer to that question.


      • That’s not a shit test though. Not even close.


      • “You should never shy away from expressing your sexual desire for a woman, that’s what gets you friend zoned”

        Unless you work with her!!!!!


      • “Yes…I do think I’m sexy.”


      • Then when she does the predictable return…you mention heels. You know so that she can get closer to your level of sexiness.

        This stuff is easy…make them work for it.


      • That text got this girl sending me a variety of interesting information. She finds pink sexy. She loves wearing pink etc etc.

        Through my reframe, I was able to get her talking.

        Through your suggestion of “yes”…conversation is over.



      • I understand I could find out she likes pink by watching what she wears.

        Then again I’ve never really been a fan of texting. I prefer to see them in person.


  54. That’s almost like asking how beautiful a woman can be before a men would want to stop loving her.


    • on October 3, 2013 at 6:53 am Hammer Of Love

      I guess this disproves the notion that only white guys can be betas.


      • on October 3, 2013 at 7:19 am Carlos Danger

        No, betas come in all races. Some races have more than others though. The level of betadom in a race seems to correlate with that race’s average intelligence.


      • on October 3, 2013 at 8:16 am Hammer Of Love

        So do Asians have the most betas, or is it the Europeans ?


      • Carlos Danger

        The level of betadom in a race seems to correlate with that race’s average intelligence.

        You think so?

        Who are the betas in this scenario?

        The Imperialists or the Boxers?


      • on October 3, 2013 at 9:06 am Hammer Of Love

        Come on thwack, we both know that an enraged, sex starved beta is one of the most murderous and vicious killing machines on the planet. Race isn’t important in that instance.


      • on October 4, 2013 at 10:40 am Toffee Hammer

        People who think black men aren’t as likely to be betas as white men are morons who don’t know any black people, other than the occasional thug yelling at them at the gas station.

        If you want to see horrific supplication in action, befriend a black man and observe the living hell he goes through dealing with his ex-wife or his baby momma.


      • Or his mother.


    • on October 4, 2013 at 10:42 am Toffee Hammer

      I saw this earlier, and I’m actually not so sure. The only “beta” activity here is being willing to get married with a state-issued marriage licence.

      He got engaged and married on the same day. He controlled every single aspect of the wedding; he simply used her pinboard to find things that she’d like (no doubt screening out things he didn’t like).


  55. on October 3, 2013 at 6:45 am gunslingergregi

    dam exception making me wait and shit lol
    thought we’d be past all that


  56. on October 3, 2013 at 7:04 am gunslingergregi

    its hard to be a jerk sometimes

    little cheerful music for the day




  58. the account of that attempted prison break reads like an episode of trailer park boys


  59. on October 3, 2013 at 11:19 pm Third Beta from the Sun

    Does that man get a key to the Chateau?


  60. on October 4, 2013 at 6:21 am The Burninator

    That girl sounds about my speed right there (and looks it as well). As somebody else said, there gentlemen, there is a keeper. But she’s only that way because of who he is, and I strongly suspect she’s left a long angry line of frustrated men gnashing their teeth because they tried to “nice her” as a courting ritual and were instantly “just like a big brother to me” aka “friend zone”.

    How much of a jerk can you be? My experience is that the more I blow off an interested chick without actually telling her to hit the road, the more she tries to get my attention. If other chicks are drawing your interest around her, even better, as it gets her riled up and the adrenaline starts flowing and she really goes bonkers trying to prover herself worthy at that point. Really pretty girls (hot strippers, or the girl that routinely uses men as doormats with impunity because she has 200 other men in line for her) are the easiest to get into a dander over being semi-ignored. Poor frail egos can’t take not being acknowledged as God’s gift to men.


  61. Anyone else considering a career change to professional criminal right now?

    Half joking.


  62. As much of a jerk as you want. As long as you get what you want.


  63. A story to share. Have been gaming and banging a hot girl, 8, tall, long legs. It goes well, then every 2 months she has a melt-down of some kind. I pull back, she comes back.

    Things got weird. She went away on a vacation to a place where it happened my ex gf was on a trip and they sort of ended up at the same bar by chance.

    My gf brought this up saying “You’re friend was at xxx”. I just laughed and said: “I have a lot of friends”. GF seemed a bit pissed off.

    She started acting weird after that. Backing away. Then after she blew me off I went to party my ex gf that “Friend” was djing at.

    My current gf retaliates by getting asked out by one of my common guy “friends” who clearly doesn’t know we’re together—we keep it low key in our social circle to avoid gossip.

    I was put off by this. Clearly it’s a shit test. I called her out on it, not a brilliant way to handle it. She was all “He said it was just as friends”.

    Anyway, since then, I’ve frozen her out. Part of this is because I feel beta backsliding and don’t want to be seen doing anything else stupid.

    But she sent me 13 texts in the last week. I responded 7 times with one word or nonsensical answers: ” yah” “oh”. I sent a photo of my dinner as a reply to some rant she sent about her work colleague.

    Am I over-reacting to this? The idea she would try to use a beta orbiter to get under my skin took me by surprise. I haven’t had anything to say.

    Meantime, I banged another girl–revenge fuck to make sure I could still pull.