AMOG Tit Grab

A reader passes along a quickie anecdote that you don’t hear everyday:

I would like your take on this situation that arose with my GF. Been together about a month.

Went to a pub, I brought a friend, its kind of her turf so she runs into coworkers and friends there a lot. Two dudes she used to work with come in, she hugs them. She is pretty bad for introducing me to people…often she says hello to a group, I wait a minute then introduce myself. She follows up by saying I’m her BF, etc, but she leaves it to me to break the ice.

Once again no intro, this time I didn’t care much to say hi, so me and my friend went for a drink. At last call, her and I are chatting, I see another friend and go say hi, she sees these two coworkers again. I come up to do the introduction, and one of the dudes grabs her tit when she moves in for a hug. She shoves his hand away but laughs and hugs him. I’m literally over this dudes shoulder, she knows I saw it.

What’s the alpha play here? (I walked away, she chased after me asking why i was running away…fully aware of the reason)

1. One month is not long enough to call any girl your “girlfriend”. Not even if you’re banging her six ways to Sunday. Already I sense your mentality is beta, for only a beta male would count his chicks before they’ve latched.

2. It’s a very bad tell when your “GF” doesn’t introduce you to people she knows. She either doesn’t want them to know the full extent of your relationship with her, or she’s not sufficiently attached to you and easily forgets you exist. Third option: She’s a sperg with naturally bad social skills. But that’s a low probability option.

3. The AMOG dude obviously felt comfortable enough to grab her tit without fearing retribution, from either her or you. Therefore, he either knows, through her, that she’s not that into you, or he’s actually fucking her on the downlow. Her reaction — or rather, her barely concealed joy — strongly hints at the latter.

4. The alpha play is to never talk to her again. Seriously. She’s a lost cause, even if she didn’t technically “cheat”. Yet.

5. But if you just want to keep the sex going for as long as possible, give it two weeks, then re-engage. Treat her like absolute dirt. I figure this strategy will net you three more months of hungry blowjobs.


  1. “One month is not long enough to call any girl your “girlfriend”.”

    40 years is not long enough to call any girl your girlfriend.


    • on August 2, 2013 at 8:46 pm English Dude

      Obviously for knowing this girl only a month, it is a straight “Next!”. However yes, what if this was a number of years, in a “committed” relationship and something like that happens? Grab, excessive hugging, sitting on lap, whatever. Obviously one of the mandatory things to do is improve oneself as the level of respect (to self as well) has dropped to utterly low levels. However what is the correct way to deal with the situation (and the woman) at the time? Dump the lass after years? Bit harder to have a “Next!” mentality then too, and a “You’d dump me after years just over that one mistake?” defense. Unfortunately a lot of the bars here have burly doormen / security (who are usually itching for a fight), causing the slightest scuffle would get one thrown out, taken around the corner and pummelled / barred from entering again so however justified, lamping the dude one isn’t always an option.


      • Shame her through mockery. Do it in a way that shows you don’t really care, but that its clear that her value has dropped in your book. In this story, if I had been with the girl a long time and wanted her to stick around, I would ask her point blank if that guy just grabbed her. She will try to minimize or rationalize, and I’d just laugh it off and make a brief comment about her obvious low self worth. The nice thing about this put down is that it is always true (thank you hamster!) and you can always fall back on the position that you think she’s better than she evaluates herself, and can build her back up.


      • on August 3, 2013 at 1:44 pm English Dude

        Good reply, confronts (one of) the problem, not the symptom (the dude taking his chance, if it was just a one-off).


      • on August 3, 2013 at 2:11 pm English Dude

        Obviously the above was for if the woman herself didn’t give the correct response. If she HAD have said “no” herself and the guy did it / carried on, then it’s fight time. If the woman goes along with it, she (and of course yourself) is the problem.


      • Isn’t it obvious when she laughed and went for the hug?

        Isn’t it also obvious how highly she thinks of our fellow CH reader?


      • “Obviously one of the mandatory things to do is improve oneself as the level of respect (to self as well) has dropped to utterly low levels.”

        But is improving yourself really going to improve the woman’s character? Women who were raised right wouldn’t allow a random male acquaintance to grab their tit in a bar even if they were single, let alone in front of their boyfriends. I don’t even see the point of fighting the other man over this, unless he’s clearly doing it to provoke you. She’s already proven her sluttiness and low worth. Next.


      • It’d be hard to dump a woman (who’s the mother of “your” child) when she openly lets dudes fondle her in public?

        Hmmm… Let me think. How about… NO?

        Then again, to get to that stage would require utter beta behaviour for years in a continuum.


    • That makes no sense.


  2. Do you like sex, Mr. Lebowski? The physical act of love? coitus? I like it too. It is a male myth about feminists that we hate sex. It can be a natural, zesty enterprise, however, there are some, it is called satyriasis in men, nymphomania in women, who engage in it compusively and without joy.

    Oh, no!

    Oh, yes, Mr. Lebowski. Our mutual acquaintance Bunny is one of them.


    • Feminists do indeed hate sex. At least when white males are enjoying themselves.


      • I disagree. I think a whole lot of them do enjoy it, and crave it. They can try and deny their joy, they can cover it with white guilt or claim they had all the power. But deep down, they’re still human women with the same urges as normal women…

        Now, admitting it? Never. They’d get thrown out of the club.

        “All every woman wants, be it mother, senator, or nun, is some serious deep dicking.”


    • on August 2, 2013 at 6:15 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

      Dear Sir,

      Da GBFM is on vaactionz but I would like 2 help u by teaching u how to see da world through da GBFM’s eyes.

      Take of your beta glasses and see what REALLY happened and enter the MATRIX and see da benernenkiifed univernerse as NEO and da GBFM seees itz zlzlzozo:

      “I would like your take on this situation that arose with my GF. Been together about a month.

      Went to a pub, I brought a friend, its kind of her buttfucking turf so she runs into cobuttfuckerzs and friends with benefits (some just benefitz lzlzoz) there a lot. Two dudes she used to buttock with come in, she pre-butcokez them. She is pretty bad for introducing me to people…often she will fuck an entire group, I wait a minute then introduce myself. She follows up by saying I’m her BF as she wipes the group cum off her face, etc, but she leaves it to me to break the ice by picking up the used condomz.

      Once again no intro, this time I didn’t care much to say hi, so me and my friend went for a drink. At last call, her and I are chatting, I see another friend and go say hi, she sees these two cobuttockerzworkers again. I come up to do the introduction, and one of the dudes fucks her in the ass when she moves in for a hug. She shoves his hand away but laughs and blows him. I’m literally over this dudes shoulder and got splooged on when he came, she knows I saw it.

      What’s the alpha play here? (I walked away with cum in my eyes, she chased after me asking why i was running away choking on the rest of the cum…fully aware of the reason)”


      der now if you relly see da world
      intsead of just da green stereming datan iof da matrzi xzlzlzo


    • The word disturbs some men…vagina.


  3. “this guy friend of hers grabbed her breast, in front of you, her so-called boyfriend?”
    That is grounds for a fist fight. You must leap forward and stake your claim.
    No matter what the outcome is, the men will respect you even that “girlfriend” doesn’t.


    • Don’t be ridiculous.Leave the stag fights for white knights and betas/


      • One day I am going to walk up to Heartiste’s girlfriend and grab her tit. Wonder if she’ll fight me or hug me.


      • on August 2, 2013 at 9:28 pm Customer Service

        F off. Stop posting here. Your life is a joke. You waste everyone’s time with your comments.


      • femmy’s posts are always welcome. She really does think like a man (as does Nicole). What gets me is all the guys who lambast them in the most emotional (read feminine) of ways.


      • No, they do not think like men. Femx’s lesbian tendencies aside.


      • derpa-derp. Dey probly are dudes. Fat sweaty dudes.


      • on August 3, 2013 at 4:01 pm AnonymousBosch

        Bullshit. Absolute bullshit. Their posts are a combination of NAWALT, standard-issue female solipsism, emotional-manipulation and attention-whoring. They degrade the level of discourse by often making 3/4 of the comments on each post about them, and are here simply because men are here, which makes me assume they can’t win male attention in the real world.

        Beware Women who want to be ‘one of the guys’ – it’s simply an infiltration angle and will destroy true male cameraderie – hell, even other women can’t stand them.

        Emotional? Fuck that. The inability to politely-tolerate simple-minded fools and show them the fucking door is as Alpha Male as it gets.


      • Bosch, I came here initially for the truth.

        Now I only pop in occasionally to join in the voices against the manosphere becoming a haven for wannabe WN’s and other weaklings going backwards.

        If this is a problem for you, use the scroll bar.


      • Now I only pop in occasionally to join in the voices against the manosphere becoming a haven for wannabe WN’s and other weaklings going backwards.


        “Occasional” pop-ins? Your bloviations haven’t tapered an iota… and continue to be case studies in all things inane which the previous poster was complaining about.

        “Join in the voices against…?” Yeah, that’s quite a clique you got going there… strange bedfellows: Queen of Babble-On, Silly Lily (herself no mean racist when it comes to you brown clowns), Metro Onan, and whatever sock puppy other monickers the Cathedral cogdig usual suspects can come up with.

        How’s that campaign going for ya? CH been layin’ off the inconvenient politics? More chateau’ers singing kumbaya in solidarity with diversity lately?

        Wake up to yourself, girl. (((shakes mah haid)))


      • Translation of Greg: I am so desperate for any chance to jump on any bandwagon against Nicole that I will lie and hope that everyone else in the blog is too stupid to notice.


      • You’ve done your share of bandwagon jumping, Queenie… don’t cry “oppression” on us now.


      • Now I only pop in occasionally to join in the voices against the manosphere becoming a haven for wannabe WN’s and other weaklings going backwards.

        How’s that campaign going for ya? CH been layin’ off the inconvenient politics? More chateau’ers singing kumbaya in solidarity with diversity lately?

        Translation of Greg: I am so desperate for any chance to jump on any bandwagon against Nicole that I will lie and hope that everyone else in the blog is too stupid to notice.

        Translation of Babble-ese: I gots nuthin’.

        Keep shooting off your snarky black mouth about WN, keep getting spanked… it’s not rocket science.


      • Why does CH tolerate these posters who stink up the blog with their incessant BS?

        Is it mere laziness or does the Heartiste have his reasons of which reason knows not?


      • I accidentally copied and pasted something identifying (work related). I think I may have accidentally posted it. CH, please do not post that if you see this comment.


      • AnanymousBosch,

        As for why I am here, it is not to try and think like men.

        I came here first from some HBD blogs, which was posting on for perhaps a year before I came across this blog. I continue to have interest in this blog because it also discusses some research related to evo psych.

        I have no interest in PUA blogs in general. I basically don’t even know who else writes such blogs (although I read the Mark Minter Kate post on Roosh- the first and last post I will ever read on that blog).

        I don’t comment on this blog to get generic male attention or try to be NAWALT. Honestly, the reason I comment on this blog is because I am attracted to Heartiste. I am attracted to Heartiste because of all the nerds in the HBD nerdosphere, he is obviously the most attractive.

        The rest of the commenters here could disappear and I would still comment on this blog because the reason I like to comment here would still remain.

        The point of this blog is to give advice on how to be attractive to women. Then you get angry that there are women around here. I mean, surprise! I am here because the author has attracted me as his personality is palpable through his writing.


      • Translation for Greg: I have relinquished control of my behavior to Nicole.

        We knew this already Greg. I should inform you that just because you are thinking about me all the time does not mean that I am posting all the time.

        As I told you before, I’m a strong believer in HBD, and I understand that you can’t help but constantly make excuses for your behavior. Today the excuse is my posting frequency. Tomorrow it’ll be because I am Satan’s minion or somesuch.

        Here’s a nice trigger for you: I really like the idea of Satan. He represents rebellion, rationality, and will. Even at the worst, he gives us what to do with the day.

        Best thing about Satan is that he’s often depicted as a handsome, muscular Black man with a big dick. I figure some artists like to draw him this way just to piss people like you off…give you a representative of the “uncivilized” man to rail against like sheep.


      • You’re obsessed aren’t you?


      • Nah, white knights wont actually fight. He either needed to lay out the violence, or dump the girl, only options.


      • White knights are well capable of it.
        An alpha would never fight for a girl, it’s not worth it (especially after just one month).

        Either next or freeze out.


      • Fighting over this broad would be unbelievably stupid.


      • It’s called “Cop and Blow” in Pimpology.


      • OR, He’s gay. The wife works at a salon with many gay men. They like to grab chicks tits, specially if they are 36Cish.


      • hmmm….i’m gonna try this new opener

        go up to hot chick, squeeze her tit

        girl: wtf??
        me: it’s ok, i’m a fag



      • You are a joke. It is not ‘white knight’ to defend your property. You are excusing your own cowardice.


      • Confrontation material. If you ain’t territorial, you don’t care. Dude makin’ the tit squeeze is being territorial then. Guess who’ll she’ll want to be tubed by. Get angry, bro, don’t be a coward and wuss-out. At this point, be annoyed with and treat her like crap. Simon Cowell didn’t get his friend’s wife pregnant by being a pussy.


      • Exactly, anger turns girls on so fast.


      • Overly simplistic, so many of these comments are. I won’t address the serious problems with using the word “property” is this case. Instead, for the sake of discussion I would assume the word applies and direct the readers to peruse this article here:


      • If we wins, it might win tingles. Wasn’t there a guy who cut the penis off the guy who fucked his wife, and she went back to him?
        But it’s not worth the potential jail time and injuries, it’s not even his wife.


    • Ah, the old – ‘let’s you and him fight’, lots of validation for a slut, but nothing for a man. Dump her.


    • Classic over-reaction.


    • No, he shouldn’t. He’s just finding out who she is. Treat her like a whore is the move. He’s just the only one that doesn’t know it yet.


    • I must respectfully disagree in this situation:

      “I come up to do the introduction, and one of the dudes grabs her tit when she moves in for a hug. She shoves his hand away but laughs and hugs him. I’m literally over this dudes shoulder, she knows I saw it.”

      She is playing the BF for a fool. She wasn’t offended by the tittie-grab and might’ve been trying to make the BF jealous to get attention. She isn’t worth a fist-fight.


    • on August 2, 2013 at 6:04 pm Zombie Shane

      > “That is grounds for a fist fight.”


      MAYBE, if she were the mother of your children, and if you wanted to make a last ditch effort to save the marriage by sending the dude to the ICU.

      And certainly if his advance were unwelcome.

      But by anecdote, his advance WAS welcomed.

      And there are no children involved.

      So I’m with Heartiste – never again speak so much as a single grunt to the whore.

      Which was kinda my point about “mindgame” chicks, a while back – some bitches simply are NOT worth the effort.

      Remember, the fundamental maxim of all sexual romance: YOU ARE THE PRIZE.

      Not her.

      She’s just another filthy whore.

      Who blew the one and only chance she’ll ever have at snagging THE PRIZE.


      • Except you are contributing to the cycle rather than arresting it.

        Women become useless and interchangeable because men use them interchangeably. The moment you claim her as a possession, expect her to behave a certain way, and take her under your aegis, is the first step to building up her dignity, a dignity dependent on her man.

        Of course, like anything “some bitches simply are NOT worth the effort.” But we make them all unworthy of the effort by leaving them to the ravages of their hypergamous impulses. Further agreed: in many cases, given the learned slutitude of the typical good-looking American girl, they are not worth the trouble or the drama.

        But — the big but — if your detachment derives from cowardice, that is an entirely different problem altogether. And the “alpha cool” aloofness is too often used as a fig leaf for pusillanimity. At any rate, cowardice is the very last thing a man will admit as a motivation, to himself or others.

        Slut : Woman :: Coward : Man



      • Well said, Mr. King. Well said.


      • Matt – I’ve got a lot of replies to this sort of thing downthread.

        Bottom line: There are some very rare situations when it would be worth going to war over her [especially if there are children involved].

        But, on the other hand, if you allow yourself to be duped into shedding so much as a single drop of blood for the Whore of Babylon, then who’s the fool?

        You can’t save every lost soul on the face of the earth:

        Even The Man warned us that, before it’s all said and done, there will be much gnashing of teeth.

        In the meantime, choose your battles wisely.


      • Bottom line: There are some very rare situations when it would be worth going to war over her [especially if there are children involved].

        Couldn’t agree more. Except

        1) We are contributing to their debasement by presuming them all whores unworthy of providing a refuge. Where else does a woman abandoned to hypergamy have to turn?

        2) There are a hundred gradations between tucking-tail/post-facto whining and “going to war over her.”

        Preparing for war prevents war. The big misconception is how we employ our capacity for conflict. It seems a lot of big-talkers here confuse the capability of fighting with a preference for fighting. The preference is to be prepared to fight, not to make it a first resort.

        Every interaction with another man is a potential for a fight. But most non-antisocial men are reliably cooperative and looking to join a great cause more than to battle against one.

        I have zero trouble being the diplomat. I bring people together, I look past male shit tests, I don’t let resentment stew in me for being called out. You should expect to be called out by other men. You should enjoy the challenge.

        In other words, the ultimate problem is the default adversarial mode (read: insecurity) presumed by these avoid-fights-at-all-costs types. When you have other tools besides the blunt club of confrontation — or even better, when you have the wherewithal to manipulate confrontation into cooperation — you don’t approach other men’s challenges with paranoia. They are rather opportunities.

        Iron fist, velvet glove. Eye contact, firm handshake, and you’re more than halfway to a stranger’s respect. Remarkably simple instructions for manhood, remarkably absent in today’s manboy.



      • on August 3, 2013 at 1:22 pm Zombie Shane

        Sorry, but I can’t shake hands with the very same hand that just squeezed my woman’s titty.

        For me, it’s either walk away altogether [“turn the other cheek”], or else put the sonuvabitch in his grave.

        That’s life as a Southern Boy.


      • on August 3, 2013 at 5:14 pm Zombie Shane

        A couple of other possibilities which need to be explored here:

        1) If she drove herself to the bar, then she’s responsible for getting herself home.

        But if you drove her, then you still have a responsiblity for getting her home.

        So if you really wanna “confront” Mr AMOG, then you can walk up to him, and say, “Listen, the whore is your responsibility now. But here’s $60 for her taxi-ride home; make sure that she gets in the cab at the end of the night, and that she doesn’t try walking home like an idiot and somehow ends up getting herself ax-murdered. I’m counting on ya, bro, mmmkay? Adios.”

        2) There’s also the possibility that these folks are simply “kinky”.

        A while back here at the Chateau, I was talking about a crazy party I attended wherein the dudes would just sit there on the couch and their wives would get in front of them and have exhibitionist lesbian sex in front of all the party-goers.

        So it was kinda “couple-swapping”, only the husbands were just voyeurs.

        I talked to my brother about it, and he said that out where he lives, on the Left Coast, it’s so bad that he’s got co-workers – married AND WITH CHILDREN – who brag about the sex club scene and all the wife swapping that they’re up to [and I got the impression that they might even bring the liaisons home with them WHILE THE CHILDREN ARE THERE SLEEPING IN HOUSE].

        Anyway, it’s possible that Filthy Whore Girlfriend and Mr AMOG are part of some weird, creepy, “kinky” sexclub scene, wherein that sort of behavior is perfectly “normal”.

        And if that’s true, then it’s all the more reason to turn around, get on your horse, ride the hell outta Dodge, and never but NEVER look back.


      • I don’t understand what’s the uproar now. It’s obvious what has happened here.

        1) They probably slept together before (not in the distant past), if this guy feels comfy grabbing her tit in front of another man she is with (whether he knows or doesn’t know the man is her BF). At the very least, they were/are intimate on some level and have touched before. Basically, since he had her already, he doesn’t give a shit about her reputation, and he likes advertising it around.

        2) She lets various men fondle her because she has low self-worth and acts and behaves like a ho. Thus, she’s probably also a rape victim waiting to happen.

        That said, some guys like grabbing tit and think it’s an acceptable form of saying hello to a girl, and girls let them do it as they like the attention, even though it’s the wrong type of attention to get from guys. The tit grab today is tantamount to the butt slap of yesteryear, the kind you saw Sean Connery inflict on Pussy Galore. Except, the tit grab is classless, and the butt slap is frolicsome and fun.

        I wouldn’t stand for a tit grab, whether I had my BF with me or not. It’s inappropriate to allow a man you’re not sleeping with to grab your tit in public. Hell, even a man you’re sleeping with shouldn’t do this to you in public. It’s so classless for a girl to take this behavior. I rather my man slap my butt, instead of garbing my tit. Slapping on the butt implies experienced playful dominance; tit grabbing implies a classless immaturity that hardly knows how to handle a woman.

        Lastly, and that’s the most salient point (which I know is going to get me many a man angry), is any woman who acts like this in front of you, is ultimately your fault. Why? Because she has no respect for you and she’s not that much into you, and why? Because you aren’t gaming her enough, sexing her enough, and dominating her enough. That’s the painful truth, guys. And, these are the only mind games that a man should play with a woman, as opposed to arguing with her on who’s right in one of your disputes. And, if you can’t be bothered to play these games, expect hypergamy to move in and occupy your woman’s psyche. So, stop crying like useless betas; try remedying such problems before they even occur. Either become dominate from the get go, or accept your just deserts. All’s fair in love and war.

        Anyway, in this situation ITAWY; she’s not worth fighting over or wasting one moment for, UNLESS, she was “the mother of your children, and if you wanted to make a last ditch effort to save the marriage by sending the dude to the ICU,” then maybe. Except, in such a scenario, I also think you should just try to get custody of the kids and send her to hell. Let alone, a girl you know for only one month that doesn’t respect herself, or isn’t that much into you anyway, shouldn’t warrant your manly force working for her.

        On the other hand, if she showed signs of anger and dislike over his tit grab, and she also had a habit of treating you like her real BF, then you should absolutely fight for her, because she needs and expects you to, and if you don’t, you’re not a man worthy to be worshipped. That’s another thing; women love to see men get angry, specifically in the defense of them.


      • on August 4, 2013 at 7:23 pm Zombie Shane

        > “That said, some guys like grabbing tit and think it’s an acceptable form of saying hello to a girl, and girls let them do it as they like the attention, even though it’s the wrong type of attention to get from guys.”

        Okay, Gertrude Stein, we’ll have to take your word for it.

        PS: Are your cats on a kosher diet?

        PPS: Deuteronomy don’t think too highly of them cat litter boxes:

        Mazel tov.


      • You don’t call yourself Zombie for nothing, eh? That was one of your most incoherent comments yet. Them Frankfurters must be killing your brain cells.

        p.s. I don’t have cats 🙂


      • on August 5, 2013 at 8:35 am Zombie Shane

        > “I don’t have cats”


        Miss Lily just moved from an “11” on the Jewess-o-meter-DNFW-stab-knitting-needles-in-my-eyes-FML, all the way down to a “10”.

        It must be a cold day in Hell.


      • Sorry to disappoint you SweetTalkingZombie, not a Jewess either. But keep fishin’, you might end up with somethin’ 😉


      • on August 5, 2013 at 3:17 pm Zombie Shane

        That’s okay, no one expects a j*w to be honest.

        Or a j*wess.


      • Do you tell Glen Beck the same thing? Last time I checked, he wasn’t Juish.


    • He isn’t the only beta here. She demoted herself to down the rung to slut. Where is her anti-slut game? If she wanted him she should have slapped him but played footsie under the table later on. Now if she really wanted him to back off and he wouldn’t, then its on.

      Time to use her like an old shirt for spring painting and oil changes. The best revenge is to brand her a slut by using it accordingly.


      • Yeah, shit like that degrades a woman’s SMV. Pulic knowledge of allowance of easy public fondling will reduce her options as much as 30 extra lbs. Shit, even strippers get paid for that.


      • *Public. I’ve known chicks like they and none of them even the decent lookers could get a quality guy.


    • You don’t fight over a worthless fucking whore you’ve been dating a month.

      99.9% of the women you meet in the Western World are complete garbage and not worth fighting for.

      This guy is a loser simply for wanting to be this pig’s boyfriend. Women who like hanging out at bars are fucking pigs and deserve to be treated as such.

      If she isn’t Mother and Wife material in the Traditional sense, then she’s trash to be pumped and dumped.


      • Guys should throw fists in these situations just on general principle, when the opportunity arises.

        Otherwise their backsides turn into cookie dough.

        A month at Fight Club and they’d be carved of wood.


      • If you want to fight and are just looking for a reason (some people are like that), then go on. Otherwise it’s just plain stupid.


      • Slide.


      • on August 3, 2013 at 7:24 am Zombie Shane

        Yeah, I’m more in the “keep your powder dry” camp.

        Unless I were to lose my temper [which is always the unknown variable].

        But the bitch is a total whore – she ain’t worth losing a single calorie in anger.

        And Mr AMOG – yeah, it’s tempting just to pick up a chair and crack his fucking skull wide open and send his sorry ass to the morgue – but then you’ve got, what? 20? 30? witnesses to deal with?

        Are you gonna kill all of them, too?

        And then be clear-headed enough to remember to go in the back room and yank all of the security camera tapes?

        And on your way out, grab 30-some-odd cell phone cameras off of the 30-some-odd dead witnesses on the floor?

        There’s a time for going nuclear, and there’s a time for backing out, playing it smart, and keeping your powder dry.


      • I’d fight, well I’d drill the dude in the temple and if he was still moving I’d proceed to fisticuffs. It has nothing to do with the hoe in question, it has to do with his attempt to claim something that is mine. As far as the skank is concerned, I’d drop a load on her chin and then put her feet back on the street.


      • This. This has nothing to do with the dumb slut she proved herself to be. This is about some guy blatantly disrespecting you. You kick his ass, make a video of fucking the whore in the ass, THEN next the bitch. Would you tolerate some douche walking up to you and spitting in your face? That’s what this guy just did. Of course the slut isn’t worth it, but your self-respect as a man is.


      • Yup I agree there. If someone did that to me – I’d be like “ey! that’s my gf” – or I’d tap him on the shoulder and say it real polite (but rightfully angry) “scuse me – you do know she’s my girlfriend – right?”. Now if he didn’t shrivel up and apologize or if he said something smart, than would come the shove (or if I was angry or drunk enough a smack upside the head) – if he reacted to that than I’d hurt him bad.

        If I had backup (a nice pack of guys) – humiliating him publicly would be another option – like bitch slapping his ass 2-3 times. If the bitch said anything (like tried to defend the little scumbag) I’d consider slapping her to the floor and urinating on her publicly. (though I’d probably just tell her to get the f. away from me).

        I realize there’s a psychological barrier to violence if you don’t practice it regularly – but if people step on you…

        On the other hand if I had a bad opinion of the girl and wanted to play it super cool I’d just stick my hand in my pocket and look at both of them like “interesting”.. after all you’re getting the girl – and he’s probably not.. (and she’s apparently scum) But it would definitely define what kind of girl she is – and there would be consequences for her.

        If she flirts with other men (hugging, giggling etc.) – she’s probably not a “one man woman” – and is probably cheating on you aplenty. If she does it in front of you and acts like you’re not there – than she has a low opinion of you, and you’re basically a handbag/trailer/butler/bag porter.

        As for all the “alphas don’t fight” isn’t willingness to fight the mark of an alpha? and damn straight it’s done to get the respect of men, and impress it cool


      • Really? All but 1 out of 1000 women are complete garbage?


      • Yeah, to me that sounds about right. But that doesnt mean the 1 chick is wife/gf material. LOL


      • on August 4, 2013 at 8:24 pm Customer Service

        Harshly written, but all true.


    • “That is grounds for a fist fight. You must leap forward and stake your claim.”

      Hospital or jail…because some dude’s hand touched her mammy. No thanks.


      • on August 3, 2013 at 4:43 pm AnonymousBosch

        If you can’t intimidate a man into submission with your gaze and presence – where they instantly avert their eyes when they see you’re the man with the women they’ve looked at; or are suddenly every interested in something in a direction that’s not yours; and can’t recognise that sinking ‘I’m fucked’ feeling behind their face when you step up to challenge them – then you need to spend less time commenting and more time in the gym.

        It’s not about jail or hospital. It’s about showing you’re willing to *risk* jail or hospital because you’re not afraid of pain or consequences. Which means, yes, sometimes you’ll have to fight. Let them initiate it – it’s self-defense, and know exactly what you can do back to them before it crosses the line from self-defense to assault.

        This, of course, is Blue Collar advice. I’m simply an over-intelligent prole. I’m realising the Manosphere / PUA thing is coming from a very Middle Class worldview / position.


      • I can’t believe some of the armchair warriors on here. Never start a fight unless you absolutely have to


      • Well never start a physical fight unless you have to.

        I do however enjoy starting mental and spiritual fights.


  4. Chances are your girl used to fuck with that dude, or she has wanted to be fucked by him and he never took it. Is her fucking her right now? Maybe, but give her a little grace and say not currently.

    OP, chances are you’re a beta, giving a girl relationship status after a month, you walking away after some dude grabbed your girls tit, etc. etc.

    To never talk to her again is over-reaction. One bad move and she’s out on the street? Nobody got time for that. Stop crying. Use this as a learning lesson. Grab your girls ass in public, tease her in front of dudes, fuck her hard and pull her hair. This is your training wheels to pick your game up to where it needs to be. Get to work.


  5. Why are you such a bitch bro? And yes you did run away, tuck tailed. You got owned by some bitch and some guy who can smell your sweet smelling vagina. Better yet, your a lost cause. The fact you have to ask CH what to do… Nvm, were here to school you. At one point I was inspired when you didn’t introduce yourself. (Always leave that to your bitch). How come at no point in the story did you intoduce yourself to some hot sluts in front of your “GF”? <—- [ 8=👊==D – – – , btw ]

    Fire her, go to the gym, get some attitude. Even if your smaller than another guy, never stand for disrespect. Stop being concerned about your status with her or any other woman for that matter. Leave that for a woman to guess. That is part of the objective.


  6. on August 2, 2013 at 4:01 pm hamster of the gods

    There are only two options here, fist fight or never talk to the bitch again. Since you didn’t clock the dude, you have one option. Did any of you fuckers have dads? Seriously, your brain should already have come to these conclusions on your own. What other options could there possibly be? Go with god, my son.


    • on August 2, 2013 at 4:03 pm hamster of the gods

      Actually, I realized I didn’t spell that out quite right. Since she didn’t slap the dude or get upset, dropping her is mandatory. Dropping him was optional. You still could, you know.


      • on August 3, 2013 at 7:38 am Zombie Shane

        Apropos of my concern about 20 or 30 witnesses above, you could follow Mr AMOG for a few days, or a few weeks, until you had him alone in a dark alley, and then beat his ass to a pulp with a baseball bat.

        But going full-on “Class A Felony” in front of 20 or 30 witnesses is really dumb.

        Especially if you’re in a profession like Medicine/Surgery or Law, where the Gubmint can [and will] revoke your license to practice if you become a felon.


    • Dads stopped teaching their sons for a while, no wonder why 99% of teens are betas.


      • on August 4, 2013 at 8:30 pm Customer Service

        Dads didn’t teach their sons because our dads were beta, and when they were growing up being beta is what they were taught… It was after two world wars, women rewarded beta and thus we have a generation of dads for whom beta was the rule of law. Who knows, a generation from now the pendulum might swing the other way where there are so many CADS that our sons will be complaining that we never taught them how to be beta.


  7. It sounds like you’re dating the office whore.


  8. Wooow, the disrespect is through the roof!


  9. The major disrespect to you aside, no quality girl is ever going to let anyone grab her in a bar like that and giggle about it. I don’t care what their relationship was or is. She isn’t GF material.


    • Realistically, even her hugging other guys (whether the guy had a feel or not) is bad enough. I can understand wanting to keep a girl around, so you don’t want to overreact to things like hugs, but it should be a huge warning light. I


      • It might depend on the girl. I tend to greet everyone I know with a light hug, male or female, although I probably would have skipped it in this scenario. But to be hugging other guys without introducing them to the guy she’s with and making it crystal clear what his status is… that’s very bad. I wouldn’t even speak to another guy in a bar without introducing him to my bf. It’s just basic respect.


  10. Fuck her in the ass then dump her. She will never forget you


  11. or, next time you go out with her… leave with a different woman.


  12. Next. Not worth the effort, I’ve dealt with these types before. String her a long for sex maybe, but not an ounce of effort more. Cut any and all dates. Maybe in a month or two she’ll get the message, but don’t count on it.


  13. practice archie slaps on this one


  14. Look on the bright side. If you ever had any hankering for two on one activity, this may be your chance.


  15. One week of no communication followed by rough, degrading sex will likely milk the relationship’s sexual offerings bone dry. That said, however, there’s little question in my mind that she doesn’t view herself as a “one-man girl” at this time. Her vaginal fluids have no doubt spread far and wide (pun intended).


  16. on August 2, 2013 at 4:53 pm stevie tellatruth

    Had to have been another girl in the pub for him to flirt with.


  17. I had this happen to a friend of mine once, only it was his girlfriend’s ass and she wasn’t near him but in his line of site. She just looked back and laughed at the guy that did it. My buddy had this look on his face that was a mixture of confusion and anger, with narrowed eyes. He played it cool and after a little while I could tell he had mentally resigned from their relationship. Then he enjoyed the rest of the evening with this relieved look on his face of “Well, I’m glad I found out what kind of girl she was.”

    He was smart and knew he was better than the girl. She wasn’t worth fighting over, fighting for or really even getting upset.


    • on August 2, 2013 at 5:00 pm Dan Fletcher

      Correct reaction here.


      • My initial thought was to react with anger, but that’s what’s left of the white knight in me. Unless a girl is your wife or fiancee, I don’t see how any other reaction but “next” is appropriate. If a girl is fine with being grabbed by other dudes in front of her “bf” then thats all you need to know about her respect for him.


      • Doesn’t matter. Girl is irrelevant. It is about you being disrespected by another man through her. Even if she was only your girlfriend for a minute, much less a month. Even if the omega bitterness tells you she was asking for it.

        You are rationalizing like a cuckold. This stuff is not hard. Are you a child of divorce/a faggy father? Surrounded by SWPL? Where does this stuff even come from?

        This is absolutely the most destructive part about the spreading idea of a “white knight,” worthy though an idea it is. It is licensing cowardice, but worse, the assumption of superiority through cowardice. Any kind of outward, direct, and purposeful display of manliness becomes suspect, as though the only reason why men stand their ground is to impress some princess. Best I can figure is that it bespeaks a childhood unfamiliarity with manliness, and a too-quick filling of the gaps with remedial fairy theory.

        “I don’t see how any other reaction but ‘next’ is appropriate.” Of course you don’t see it, blinded by the feminist default your entire life. Try this “reaction” on for size next time: whip her fucking ass purple. They really hate that.



      • Agreed. If he knows of the relationship he needs his ass beat. Her reaction is a separate issue.


      • Matt King fights over whores.


      • At least he fights.


      • I’m telling you guys, going nuclear is not always the right answer.

        Especially not if it lands your ass in prison for 18-24 months as a felon.

        I’m not real familiar with any martial arts techniques which teach you how to beat his ass hard enough to send him to the hospital for a week but not quite so hard that there isn’t a filthy sleazy shyster lawyer out there somewhere who can plead it down from a felony to a misdemeanor for you.

        As I was saying above, felony convictions tend to come with penalties like losing medical licenses, losing law licenses, and losing 2nd Amendment privileges.

        And there ain’t a whore on the face of the earth worth giving up my 12-Gauges for.

        I don’t care if the bitch is Megan Fox or Jessica Alba or Kate Upton.

        Fuck her.


      • Matt King fights over whores.

        The “whores” are irrelevant to the calculation. You rationalizing wuss.


      • “And there ain’t a whore on the face of the earth worth giving up my 12-Gauges for.
        I don’t care if the bitch is Megan Fox or Jessica Alba or Kate Upton.
        Fuck her.”

        Sadly, you’re right. And if there were, she wouldn’t allow this creep to touch her, let alone in front of you.


      • I see no reason to be mad at the guy, he did it because he could, because she allowed it. Starting from there, she’s the one who need to be punished, and fighting the man over her isn’t punishing her, it’s rewarding her.

        To say something like “Glad to see what kind of girl you are” before leaving is a far better option, it will make her self-esteem drop while your own value raises.


      • > “To say something like “Glad to see what kind of girl you are” before leaving is a far better option, it will make her self-esteem drop while your own value raises.”

        And if she comes around doing the hysterical routine, bawling like a little baby, and demanding to know why you won’t talk to her anymore, you can say something like:

        “Baby, it ain’t your fault. It’s my fault – I made the horrible, horrible mistake of assuming that you were a nice girl from a good family, not just another filthy stinking whore from the wrong side of the tracks. I’m so so so sorry baby, but it’s all on me. It’s all my fault. I was so stupid. I hope you’ll find it in your heart to forgive me. Thanks so much. Now sayonara.”

        And then shut the door in her face.


      • “she’s the one who need to be punished, and fighting the man over her isn’t punishing her, it’s rewarding her.” A plus plus plus plus


      • Another ignorant of traditions. The traditional action of ALL TIME in the Christian west was not only to fight the man, but to NEXT/DIVORCE the girl, depending on your mood/laws/customs/status of said girl.

        Being that said, in modern times is utterly ridiculous since almost NO GIRL has honour to defend, whether you like it or not, when was the last time you witnessed a virgin being married to the first guy he would make love with…hence to fight over a whore is extremely ridiculous and yes I will use the term White knight since White knights like you were the venom that destroyed Christian civilization after the best of us (Western Christians) died in the great wars of the last century. I thought a so called Christian would know it but it seems heresy has reached everyone….


      • I’m sad that I have to agree with you. Women have become nothing but whores, unworthy of men fighting and saving them from other men.


      • The situation is not that simple. This is not a matter of ‘ignore and next her’ or ‘get into massive all out brawl that gets you arrested’. There are many gradients that can be explored, and the best option is *gasp* the properly calibrated one.

        This calls for an outright display of masculine posturing, without actual fighting. If you are mentally and physically stronger than him, you can immediately step closer to him, gesture directly at him and ask in your man voice “The fuck’s your problem?”. If he is like most guys, and he hasn’t met you before, he is not going to want his evening ruined by getting into a fight, and he has no reason to believe you can’t kick his ass (appearances matter here, as does you seeming a naturally hostile person).

        Most likely response from him is something along the lines of ‘I didn’t mean nothing by it’ and you can tell him if it happens again you two are going to have a problem (if he does escalate, either re-escalate to where he backs down, or you might have to fight him, which sucks).

        This situation is the animal kingdom incarnate. Remember, posturing is everything in maintaining dominance be it a pack of wolves, lions, or even primates such as ourselves.

        However, this is definitely a matter of him touching something that was yours, and is a clear demonstration that the so-called girlfriend is worthless and has no character.


      • @nick42938 — you are exactly right, and Matt King, as usual, gets it exactly wrong.

        I’d like to hear about the last time our dimwitted Jesuit actually practiced what he preached.

        Newsflash, Matt: no woman is worth going to jail for, or having a felony assault charge follow you around for the rest of your life. For you to preach otherwise illustrates one thing: you’ve never been in a fight in your life.


      • This is how I win and you lose without my lifting a finger, you fatherless faggot.

        I am not negotiating with legal phantoms and anally leaking into my underoos about prison virginity when a cringing flower like you gets a little mouthy without being able to back it up. It’s the easiest thing in the world to identify you for what you are and to call your bluff.

        I’ve never been in a fight? Dude, you’re the one who thinks it can only end in “jail” and “felony assault charges.”

        Fuck. You corrupt my air. I can’t stand sharing the same space with disturbed online vagrants like you.



      • But….do you love Jessica Valenti like you love Feministx…….?


      • Move along folks. Just another troll seeking reaction and validation.


      • Matt’s no troll… even the lamest cogdissers around here know that much.

        You fairy.


      • I’ve been in LOTS of fights and the only time there were any charges and jail was when it was fighting with cops.


      • on August 3, 2013 at 2:30 pm Hugh G. Rection

        What do you expect? Dude is a pedestalizing white knight, and possibly incel.


      • Who peed in your corn flakes, Amazing Internet Kreskin? Do you even realize you are engaged in an exchange with an obsessive commenter who can’t help but weep and bleed all over the screen about his weird hate-crush on me with every single item he posts? DYEL?

        Nah, it’s the religion thing. It always is with you twerps. I actually like your one-liners, but you just can’t get over the God thing, it spoils your entire ability to converse with men, convinced that we all must be like the Pastor Who Touched You.

        Compartmentalize. It’s good for you. I can get over your bitter, irrational hatred of an idea you are sure does not even exist, why can’t you get over my faith and focus on the topic at hand? What does that say about how well you have your own shit together? I don’t think everyone who disagrees with me is a loser. Why do you? And doesn’t that tendency make you a loser?

        I know who you are. What a waste.



      • on August 3, 2013 at 4:40 pm Hugh G. Rection

        Sorry man, that was in bad taste. You do whatever you wanna do, but you gotta admit it’s kinda strange what you wrote on her blog. Especially given the kind of person she is.


      • “no woman is worth going to jail for, or having a felony assault charge follow you around for the rest of your life.”
        —under the current regime. Network effects. Incentives.


      • > Unless a girl is your wife or fiancee, I don’t see how any other reaction but “next” is appropriate.

        “Next” is the appropriate reaction especially if the girl is your wife or fiancee. The bigger the commitment, the bigger the betrayal and disrespect. Yes, you might have dropped the ball somewhere in the relationship and maybe share the responsibility, but that doesn’t make it ok. Learn the lesson and move on, there’s nothing to be salvaged from someone who spends that much time with you, makes lifelong plans with you, gets to know you better than most people ever will, and then just decides to take a shit allover that.


      • ““Next” is the appropriate reaction especially if the girl is your wife or fiancee. The bigger the commitment, the bigger the betrayal and disrespect.”
        I think you have it exactly backwards. In that case, man has the greatest investment in woman. The surprise, the betrayal, the commitment are greatest BECAUSE the investment is greatest. But investment like this is the hardest to walk away from, one cannot merely “move on,” and she merits the most strenuous defense.
        To your credit, “[he] might have dropped the ball.”
        What had this guy invested in a woman of about a month? What is there for him to defend?


      • What? The greater the investment, the greater the shit she took on all that. She merits no defense at all. Why the fuck would fight for a woman who gave you one of the biggest possible “fuck you”s?


      • on August 3, 2013 at 12:08 pm Carlos Danger

        Unless your girl is a loyal wife or fiancee and the act is uncalled for and unwelcome. Although I agree with beating a guy’s ass for disrespecting you, it’s not a good move in today’s legal environment. In general, no woman is worth fighting over in this day and age.


      • How about you bring her and him into a bro shoulder hug, start smooching her, keep one hand clenched on the guy’s shirt while you send your hand up her shirt, and while kissing you give him a bro face slap. “You guys will have a great life together.”


        Is this beta?


      • Heh, heh… not bad.

        Not bad at all.


    • There are non-violent means of confrontation…
      You have to stand up for yourself. That’s just a requirement. But, again, it’s all a matter of calibration. Make the return force proportionate. Fights happen when a slight begets a worse slight begetting an even worse slight and so on.

      That said, a few months ago I was hanging out with the naturals and one of them just inexplicably slapped me. He does shit like that sometimes. Now, my AFC friend always shrugs it off and laughs. The other naturals, however, frequently will wrestle/fight one another. I responded in kind by pushing him straight into a pile of chairs; he then rushed at me and we got into a wrestling match in the middle of the living room. (I lost, by the way — dude wrestled all the way through high school and college)

      Point being, moves like that earn you respect. Seems counter-intuitive, but the mere act of putting up a fight makes people less likely to fight you. Now, would I have responded in kind like this with a stranger or something? Probably not.

      The context made the response appropriate — they like to wrestle/fight/whatever. That’s what guys do.

      I mean, avoid it when you can…but definitely always stand up for yourself in one way or another.


  18. The “… but laughs and hugs him” is the real issue. She just announced her body is publicly violable and got away with it, save for some post-game sniffling on the ride home from the “man.” Whatever hints led up to the coworker’s presumption is the larger problem, indicating a ho running wild, which indicates an inadequate pimp hand.

    Boys just aren’t used to the necessity of being prepared to fight today. (So much so, that some pencil-neck above even rationalized it by saying physical domination is “for white knights and betas.” Down is up.) So they sublimate this unnatural law of peace into a war against themselves: “I walked away, she chased after me asking why i was running away.” Walking away, running away. Men stand their ground, women whimper and wait to be asked “What’s wrong?” — like the chick had to do to him in this instance. There are a million pansy excuses at the ready for the modern metrosexual. “Don’t want the police involved.” “Discretion is the better part of valor.” “Fisticuffs are for the rabble. Sniff.” “She’s not really my woman, she’s a slut.” Etc.

    There is a way to handle confrontation verbally — but only if you are ready for escalation. If you have pre-determined that you cannot ever enter into a fight, you begin at a lower rank than those who have not been sissified, for whatever reason, whether it’s stupidity or savagery or mastery. Without some willingness to go the distance, your words will not be indemnified by action, and you will consign yourself to backing down.

    “Did you just grab my girl’s tit in front of me?” should suffice to elicit an apology (with white people/dudes with a ounce of class). If it doesn’t, then you can spell it out for him: “Apologize.” If he still doesn’t, step into his space. And so on. It’s not an automatic insecure reflex, it is a duel with levels of calling out and calling bluff.

    As for the girl, you just fuck her until she cries when you get home.

    CH notes that there are ways to prevent this situation from ever occurring, and the correspondent’s obliviousness (or worse, tolerance) of his girl’s disrespect with the greetings (oh, she’s just “pretty bad [at] introducing”!) digs him an already large hole out of which few can emerge with their dignity.

    But when a man disrespects you — forget the bitch — when you are disrespected, you have to stand up to it, no exceptions. Emo brooding doesn’t pack quite the same punch. This is why she felt she could associate so freely in the first place.

    Are you all fatherless urchins? Where did you learn your trade?



    • I agree with you completely on this one.


    • But do you love Jessica Valenti like you love Feministx?

      That’s the real question….


      • One celebirty couple wasn’t enough for the manosphere. Not even Mark M and Kate. So, rumors are flying about a Matt K and feministx love affair.

        I suggested that Matt K and I announce that we are having a child. I hope Roosh won’t sh!t a cat over that one too.


      • Love you, pookiebear. XOXOXO

        (Praying that our kid will pass for white.)


      • White skin is a dominant trait. People who are half white will be significantly closer to their white parent’s skin color than the non white parent’s skin color.

        But fyi, the ability to walk about in daylight without the outer layer of your flesh being seared off freaking PWNS your lily white…


      • Just kidding, snugglepoo. I will love himorher no matter what colour heorshe is!!! XOXOXO (But I will fucking drown it in the tub if it doesn’t have my blue eyes.)

        You complete me.


      • XOXO pookiepie.

        In addition to your usual online dabbling with fornication, I see you’ve added infanticide to the mix.

        I hope our baby gets your purest and sincere Catholic spirit.


      • I am the golden mean between pagan and puritan. If my savage side disturbs you, look away, and pretend those chicken cutlets you like all died of old age.

        No pacifiers for our sprog. He’s chewing on liver or leather. (Not cowhide, though, my little curry samosa. XOXOXO )


      • my little curry samosa? not bad. Though still not at the level of thicky thicky hindu.

        You really make me wait a while between receiving these gems.


      • Matt, I reeeally hope you’re just trolling FemX.


      • Well, he did tell you he loved you, didn’t he?

        Excerpt from Matt’s recent comment at your site:


        YES. This most essential advice is not emphasized enough in girl game. It’s what I told Kate of l’affaire Minter long ago, by the way. It’s what I told Petite Olive, what I told Maya, what I told … It is what I tell the girls and women I know. It is universally applicable, no matter how old you are.

        A woman on her own simply cannot navigate her own hypergamy. It is nearly certain she will steer herself into tragedy, left to her own devices. It’s why FemX yearns for daddy, replaces him with old men, mixes her sexuality into her striving for manliness. She needs a man who loves her but not sexually, whom she can trust, whom she is devoted to, whose advice she will follow implicitly.

        FemX has a brother, but is he patriarchal enough to rise to the occasion? Younger brothers can play this role as adults, but obviously it is harder to overcome the age hierarchy. I am big brother to many women, young and old, married and unmarried. (One risks a residual “incestuous” attraction playing this role, which must be handled, but that is a topic for another day.)

        My love has a clarity and a purpose, and it is all in a single direction, giving, never taking. Which is how I can readily say I love FemX without confusing it the way she and the rest of our hypersexualized culture does. That kind of love does not have to be exclusive or jealous, and there is absolutely no end to the supply. It is eternal…


        An “endless supply of eternal love.”

        Well, good thing no one grabbed YOUR tit when you and Matt were at the bar….


      • Geez, bro, this gambit isn’t really working.

        Nobody cares if Matt gets a bit on the side.


      • It’s not even his fault. Some mocking rumor about Matt K and feministx being an item was posted on multiple blogs and tweeted all because of that comment.

        So apparently someone cares if Matt gets a bit on the side. Even if the bit is virtual and non sexual.


      • on August 3, 2013 at 2:31 pm Hugh G. Rection

        But the point is that he doesn’t.


      • It’s the difference in understanding between those of us who shift the paradigm and those victims who are crushed beneath the paradigm shift. They think a declaration of caritas is confined to their obsolescing, mid-management understanding of “beta” “love.”

        “Teacher, which is the great commandment in the law?”

        And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment.

        “And a second is like it, You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

        Now what kind of one-dimensional thinker would confuse agape with unrequited eros? It’s precisely the dupe who is a slave to the feminist age, the age into which he was born; the era whose tyranny he cannot detect any more than a fish can detect water; and the paradigm in which he would be condemned to die if it were up to pusillanimous pipsqueaks like themselves; where love has been redefined from “willing the good of the other” to “self-centered romantic feminine emoting.”

        I am not speaking to them. Can that possibly be more obvious?

        This explanation will serenely pass through their kind, like a neutrino through the earth, because most “men” today have no ability to find, identify, eradicate, transcend, and become independent from the feminist presumptions in them. So the lies are sublimated into resentment and projection, while they pretend their superiors are confined to the same linguistic cul-de-sacs as they.

        Avaunt, all impious fools from my sight, you ankle-biters and rumor-jéws, you peen-tucked transsexual followers of followers of sophists. There is work to do.



      • But the point is that he doesn’t.

        You can’t know that.

        I heard tell he was (ahem) holding court one time and wound up taking home three nurses… two of whom couldn’t report into work the next day, for lack of ambulatory balance.


      • So apparently someone cares if Matt gets a bit on the side. Even if the bit is virtual and non sexual.

        Heh, heh… you broads always have to throw up the slut shields. Relax, dearie… everyone already knows Cyberia is make-believe.


      • I took Matt’s declaration of love to me as an expression of Christian love for all members of humanity. I do not understand why people believe anything else was intended by his statement.

        Look, I like Matt. If he would get off the internet and get a real job, I would date him, sure, but as it stands, there is no budding romance here. We are two people that have made no attempt to meet each other in real life or date.

        no PIV is occurring here. Sorry.


      • “If he would get off the internet and get a real job, I would date him, sure,”

        Hahahah! I can see the barrage of hate cascading your way, feministx.

        How dare you expect a guy have a job? You should absolutely jump at the chance to date losers and drifters living out of their suitcases in their sister’s spare bedrooms (not that I think Matt is a one).

        Sigh…..must be a new trend in manliness these days.


      • Dude Matt is a tool. Stop rewarding him.


      • Reward this… you out-of-the-woodwork fairy.


      • This comments thread was getting interesting, and MK making some excellent points. Then you degrade it with this hen-house in-group garbage that ruins the momentum of the thread and makes anyone outside of your little clique press page down a few times while wincing with disgust. It happens in every comments thread on this site and is the reason this place gets shown a lot less respect than it used to.


    • But then you look like an idiot when the slut defends the tit grabber.


      • That shit happens. It’s no reason to forego punching the guy in the nose. It is a reason to forego verbal escalation. A hard push is minimally the first response. A chair upside the head wouldn’t be out of bounds.

        (Assuming she was really your girl and not some slut you barely knew.)


      • “(Assuming she was really your girl and not some slut you barely knew.)”

        That’s the key. If she really is your girl then a good hard shove, I agree, would be the minimum. But that’s the reactionary in me talking. A more mature approach would be right up in his face, tell him she’s your girlfriend, and demand an apology, being ready to strike if the apology isn’t immediately forthcoming. Of course, you may well get your ass kicked, but if your that serious about a girl it will usually be worth it. One month together and she has guy friends that she hugs doesn’t sound like it’s very serious.


      • If you get physical the woman is effectively sidelined. She might protest, but she won’t interfere. Most women, most of the time.

        I agree though that the relationship isn’t that serious–at least it shouldn’t be. Better to learn your new girlfriend’s a slut than to find out after you’ve shacked up or married her.


    • I am glad you sympathize man. I hate people automatically assuming anything other than ‘not giving a fuck’ is White Knight. Thus they justify cowardly action because ‘A white knight would have defended the girl’.

      There is nothing wrong with defending what is yours.


      • Defending what you value is great. But who but a beta could value a whore who’s first reaction is to laugh and hug the guy who just grabbed her tits.


      • Oh, she certainly is a whore, but she is your property at that time, and the male disrespected it, you demand apology for your property, then dump the whore right after.

        [CH: Better yet, you dump the shitty property first, and then thank the other guy for taking the bad investment off your hands.]


      • on August 4, 2013 at 8:34 pm Customer Service

        Pick your battles.


      • I read the shove-and-laugh as a girl’s best response when challenged to act like a man (in lieu of her sissy date). She could have slapped him, made a scene, but that would require courage, which it is not in a woman’s social repertoire. Women are made to comply, succumb, submit.

        She was filling in, reacting to an unexpected sneak attack, acting reflexively. Her actions are not a deep indicator of her femininity, not in this culture where femininity is debased or outright foreign. She, like the pussified date, was more afraid of making an embarrassing scene than she was improvising to protect her dignity — which is ultimately the man’s responsibility anyway.

        Leave the balance up to women and everything goes chaotic, i.e., the modern SMP.



      • 100% correct and a viewpoint most here have not considered. I wish more women were classier and resolute, but think about what these girls are raised in now. Is it now conceivable at all that she was shocked by the grab, but thought what can I possibly do? I can’t possibly rock the boat or I’ll be embarrassed by the crowd or maybe even the douche bag himself. When given time to process it away from the crowd, she’ll probably feel quite violated or resentful of that dude. This is why women cannot be expected to take proper action in most instances and hence the feminizing of society is so disastrous.

        It’s your job to take care of your business.


      • It wasn’t a sneak attack. No guy is going to greet a girl this way unless he KNOWS he can get away with it. And this wasn’t some hammered guy in a club… they knew each other. It’s a safe bet that he’s grabbed her before in public and she liked it, or at least was ok with it.

        No girl with any class whatsoever is going to allow something like that, regardless of her relationship with the guy. Actually, her reaction isn’t even relevant… because if she were quality girlfriend material, it never would have happened at all.


    • You forgot the most important response…NEXT HER.


    • on August 3, 2013 at 7:41 am Poolside Forever

      Agree 100%

      The decline in “honour culture” goes hand-in-hand with the pussification of Western men.


      • Exactly.

        The WN author par excellance Harold Covington wrote several novels about a future homeland for whites where dueling would be allowed by law.

        One of his more amusing observations about today’s Cathedral society:

        “There’s no accountability for being an asshole.”


    • “As for the girl, you just fuck her until she cries when you get home.”

      So, first reward the slut with a validating ‘let’s you and him fight’ and then reward her again with a fuck?

      The antipathy towards ‘white knights’ isn’t so much a dislike of whooping ass as it is a dislike of whooping the wrong ass. If anyone deserves to get beaten up under this scenario, it’s the whore.


      • Not a fuck-reward but a fuck-punishment. A territory marking. She will dread it as much as she will be primally satisfied by it; but most importantly, you will thump the lesson into her physically and tattoo it in the depths of her womanhood.

        She wasn’t whoring herself. She is not a slut. She is a typical girl drifting in the absence of manly leadership. You don’t provide it, she will look elsewhere to get it.

        And to the extent she teases men on purpose — leading other guys on, offering them something they can’t have — that’s okay too. It’s a game designed to bring out the man in you. Her flirting is no different than her dressing sexy, it is no reason to overreact. As long as you are not blatantly disrespected in the process.

        Note the title of this post. It has “AMOG” in it. In other words, it has nothing to do with the girl. It has everything to do with one man signaling to another man his dominance. The correspondent is just reaping what little he sowed.



      • Coming from a man who is a “big brother to many women” (whatever the hell that means), this comment is only to be expected.

        OK, Dimwit: here’s one for you.

        Let’s suppose the guy getting AMOG’d was Scray — who, if memory serves, is around 5’6 or so.

        And let’s suppose the guy doing the AMOG’ing is Rum — who, if memory serves, is an ex-athlete wrestler with experience in martial arts and self defense, who is around 6’0 tall.

        For purposes of my question, it makes no difference if I’ve gotten these gents’ stats wrong.

        Here’s the question.

        Assuming the above, how exactly would you have Scray respond to Rum’s AMOG’ing him?

        And what would you have Scray do if Rum just laughed and pushed him back and said “Dude, get the hell outta here before I pile-drive your little ass?”

        No offense to Rum or Scray; I respect both you gents, which is probably why your names came to mind first.


      • I got AMOG’d just last night lol. I started talking to this one chick, who was all super happy nice, and her friend/orbiter. Then this other girl, like a 6 or so, came into the group with her boyfriend. I just started talking to her, shooting the shit. She’s casual, she says something about the hot tub and her boobs and I’m like ‘oh man, I hate it when my boobs get out in the hot tub.’ She laughs, and her boyfriend instantly picks up on what’s going on.

        BF: You what the fuck? YOU DON’T TALK TO GIRLS LIKE THAT, BRO.
        Me: (he gets mad, I get calm, putting up my hands) Whoa, hey, are you upset man?
        Me: Hey, no need to yell, she brought it up — sorry to offend you. (she tells him that she brought it up, the girls in the group are defending me…the other beta male chode tries to get at me like ‘ya just go man, don’t worry about it’ — no fault style — but I just stand my ground and remain calm as fuck even as he gets in my face)
        Me: We’re not going to fight, man. Nothing’s wrong here (ya I said that shit lol) Sorry to have offended you.
        BF: (he walks back his voice a few notches) You don’t know me bro, I’m not offended.
        Me: Well, you’re raising your voice and yelling at me. It’s just a misunderstanding, man. It happens sometimes. I can tell that you’re a cool guy, and I know how sometimes situations can spin out of control.

        Up until this point, this is probably the best way I’ve ever handled an upset dude in a set. The group was on my side, etc. etc. But then, he finally figures out how to come back without reacting to me….

        BF: Yeah, well apology accepted.
        Me: (wish I could have figured out something else to say) Whoa, whoa, I didn’t apologize for anything I said, just for offending you. (Hahaha Scray….the group kind of chides me for that one a little; I hold my hands up and laugh) ALL RIGHT, ALL RIGHT…I’m just a person.

        From there it was pretty good. The original girl and guy wanted my number and shit lol.


        Otherwise it was a terrible night. Completely shut out of like every set lol. I barely even said anything to this group of 5-7’s. Literally, the opener was ‘oh I’m gonna get in here for a drink from the bar…’ and like 30 seconds later, they’re like ‘ya well whatever, you should leave…it was a good try.’ I’m like ‘lol wtf presumptuous much?’

        I notice this is happening sometimes, where I’ll start chatting up a group and I’ll think it’s going well…but then they’re like ‘ya nice try’ or something like that. I don’t feel tryhard or anything, but I guess that feedback is a cue to dial it down.

        Other girls, there with their boyfriends or friends. Hard to get into mixed sets going, mang.

        It’s unfortunate…it’s like I regressed back to the beginning for a night, save for the handling of the first set.

        To answer your question —>
        ‘And what would you have Scray do if Rum just laughed and pushed him back and said “Dude, get the hell outta here before I pile-drive your little ass?”’

        Remain calm. Always apologize for ‘offending him.’ Do it with your hands up and a light smile, as if you were the Buddha himself.

        If he did something I didn’t like and I called him on it, I’d do the same thing. I’d actually assert ‘I’m not mad at you, we’re not going to fight. I just expect you to be your best self.’ Then if he still continues with faggotry, just disarm with wit ‘listen, neither of us wants to look like this when Jesus comes back.’


      • That guy at the bar sounds like a horse’s ass. It’s probably better not even to talk to girls who have boyfriends like that. Let her get all her conversation from that white knighting idiot.


      • Lol, well ya if I knew beforehand that he was an oversensitive phaggot…..


      • It’s all about him, and his insecurity. She wasn’t harmed in any way. She knows this, and was likely turned off by his behavior. He should have just teased her, about you liking her, after you walked away.


      • Sure, but at the same time my goal is to gain allies — it’s really the only way to handle mixed sets. So, the group was against him….and I let it linger for a bit. But then, I swung back around a bit. Even joked a little with him about the meaning of his name — in a good way (which piqued his gf’s interest again lol, I didn’t even mean to).


      • “Went to a pub, I brought a friend, its kind of her turf so she runs into coworkers and friends there a lot.”

        >”her turf”
        >”she[‘s] .. there a lot”

        She’s a certified, licensed and practicing whore.

        The AMOG is the one person I can sympathize with in this story. He was probably using her as a cum dumpster, but now all he gets is a tit grab because some poor sap deluded himself into thinking she’s GF material. The AMOG is the real wronged party in this story.


    • “The ‘… but laughs and hugs him’ is the real issue. She just announced her body is publicly violable and got away with it”
      A plus plus plus


    • There is a way to handle confrontation verbally — but only if you are ready for escalation. If you have pre-determined that you cannot ever enter into a fight, you begin at a lower rank than those who have not been sissified, for whatever reason, whether it’s stupidity or savagery or mastery. Without some willingness to go the distance, your words will not be indemnified by action, and you will consign yourself to backing down.

      –>Agreed. Hit the gym and eat better to elevate testosterone levels and you’d be more willing to stand tall than crawl up in a corner and fuck yourself emotionally.


  19. 2. It’s a very bad tell when your “GF” doesn’t introduce you to people she knows. She either doesn’t want them to know the full extent of your relationship with her, or she’s not sufficiently attached to you and easily forgets you exist. Third option: She’s a sperg with naturally bad social skills. But that’s a low probability option.

    Ha. I run into many women who are super friendly to me, but whenever their significant other is there, they suddenly pretend I don’t exist. A rather obvious case of CYA if you ask me.


  20. oh yeah that’s where chivalry went

    “laughs and hugs him”

    her reaction was the reaction of a hooker on the docks to the return of paying sailors. you don’t exactly slap a guy with a white glove over that kind of girl


  21. Thank you Matt King,
    in the story the bitch is wrong.
    True, the guy is not really her boyfriend based on the way she acted but for another man to disrespect the ostensible BF was a blatant act.
    Violent male acts are ghetto but that doesn’t mean they are wrong. And here we non-Black men can learn from that community. (I understand I am making an “azumption” about them but indulge me)
    Would a black man allow another man to grab the tit of his quote girlfriend endquote?
    Of course not and why is that?
    One of the greatest problems the USA suffers is that we have become too damn civilized.


    • all the problems are prior to that interaction, i agree with the confrontation i guess if it was obvious they were bf/gf, but i don’t think that seems to be true.

      one of my college roommates had a girlfriend that slept with his friend, he got physical over it– he beat the shit out of her. he stayed friends with the guy, i saw him around. and of course she was back around all the time too after that, even though she was openly treated like a worthless slut. i didn’t catch on to the lessons for about two decades of course


    • “Would a black man allow another man to grab the tit of his quote girlfriend endquote?”

      He may do. Blacks seem more open to sexual sharing.

      A little known phenomenon in parts of Africa is 15 or 20 young men chipping in to pay the parents of an unmarried girl a sum a money in exchange for which they get the girl’s sexual services for a couple of months. This is not a shameful practice restricted to prostitutes and doesn’t hurt a girl’s chances of getting married. Moreover, a man in Africa will often offer the sexual services of his wife to a friend, often in exchange for money, but at other times for free as a gesture of goodwill or “sexual hospitality”. Both these practices were described by a left-leaning professor and doctor with a Congolese wife, so it is unlikely they are fabrications or smears. Furthermore, look at the difference in white and black rapists: whites rapists treat rape as a solitary persuit; blacks are much more likely to gang-rape.


  22. Matt K. seems to be overlooking the fact that any demand for an apology because the dude tit-grabbed “his girlfriend” would be met with – “Your girlfriend!?! Then why did she do me this afternoon?”
    On some level, I suspect you already know that.


  23. apropos of nothing in this post…

    Back in university in my 30s, this time with red pill understanding, more muscle and more stylish dress.

    So far I am catching a lot of 6s and below shooting me looks, telling me I am well dressed, acting shy, generally making themselves easy to open.

    The 7s and up seem less intrigued by a well dressed man standing out amongst the hordes of sweatshirted undergraduates. If I open they are generally receptive but I don’t catch them stealing glances.



    • You have to do more than look spiffy to arouse the interest of 7-10s. Besides, you are probably not good looking enough for your looks to matter to high-quality co-eds, so stop worrying and start approaching.


    • I’ve been jumped twice in my life. Both times by white knighting faggots trying to impress a chick/defend a whore’s honor. Once I was sucker punched, once jumped by a group. Guess what? One of the times it was a week after fucking said whore, second time I got bj from other whore later that night to “make it up” to me. Guess who got nothing but jail time for their trouble? Faggot white knights be faggots bro.


      • Well, once can happen to anyone…

        Twice might just be bad luck…

        But if it happens a third time, a change of venue… as well as attitude… might be in order. 😉


      • I’m sure it was a bit of both. I was young, arrogant, and made no apologies for my attitude. Would stir shit up just out of principle and/or boredom. Got me lots of trim, made me a target too. Big risks, big rewards. Also, I’m from the very opposite of SWPL land so these things happened there. Guys were very beta, very traditional. World had changed around them and they didn’t know it yet so it made them angry. A guy would think he was working on a girl, spend a year working his way up to from friend to boyfriend, and a guy like me would walk in, tease and insult her, and fuck her right out from under his watchful, grasping gaze. Understandably they would sometimes lose it.


  24. Keep in mind that these people are the future mothers and fathers of whatever crap generation comes next. Ridiculous. Seems only two options for this dude if he actually has a penis.

    1) He immediately without whinning or warning punches that guy dead in his face and then walks away.
    2)He does the same thing but then glares at the chick he’s with before leaving without her.

    This isn’t even alpha or beta. Screw the girl, if she and/or he knows that you are together, protect your sphere or get run over.


  25. Here’s Don Draper when he sees other men make sexual advances to his woman:

    Agree and amplify?


    • This scene illustrates true game. Draper doesn’t get mad, he out AMOGs these guys. Had Betty been truly flirting with them he would have just left.

      Violence, hitting them would have been uncool.


      • There’s a glaring difference bro. Don knows his wife is hot and that those guys don’t know she is married. She’s alone and in Rome so it’s only natural for her to get hit on. Well played to play it cool knowing the only outcome was victory and those two dudes took it well in 60s Italian style.

        The issue in the post is not the flirting or orbiting etc. It’s the sexual touch committed on one’s date or gf. For that you must act. If you’re whole world revolves around just trying to play at being cool to the point you can protect basics, you suck and will smell beta. A doofus fighting someone for flirting looks beta, a doofus not doing anything when another guys fondles your girl looks like a fag and is even worse.


      • No. Why would you fight for a girl who allowed him to do this? The point here is that to fight this tit-grabber would put YOU in possible danger…and for what?

        The advice to leave or walk away is much better.

        Considering this again, the poster says his “Gf” doesn’t introduce him to people.

        His gf gets her tit grabbed by some dude and she knows he saw.

        It’s a shit test.

        The reactive thing would be to smack the guy.

        Then what? The girl gets attention from 2 guys basically fighting over her.

        The hardest thing in this scenario is to accept your “gf” is a whore.

        Years ago—when I was in my 20’s I took a girl I kind of knew as a “date” to my high-school reunion. A guy AMOG’d me by asking if we were together, then asking her out in front of me.

        Not knowing anything about anything, I just stood there awkwardly smiling…but inside realizing I’d been LJBF’d.

        After that she would contact me frequently and I just ignored her.

        But in reading this post, it reminded me of that incident and how beta I must have looked.


      • SO again you didn’t protect your own sphere and felt like a fag later. By your own admission. And this was not even an actual gf that made you feel this way. Nor was she sexually touched in front of you. You were perfectly fine to walk away and try to hit on the TON of old high school girls that you knew, but you dwelled on it instead. Now what would you have done (or feel like now) if the girl was someone you were dating for a month and talked her into going to your reunion only to have one of your old classmates feel her up?? I suppose you feel like walking away is the best approach in life. So be it.


      • I can understand the urge to walk away these days. I’ve put it into practice on numerous occasions (not to do with girls though) in recent years. Years ago I would have flown into a violent rage over these incidents and I’ve reflected that I’m glad I have avoided that sort of thing. But recently I’ve begun to wonder whether I’m overdoing it.

        A couple of weeks ago I went out by myself (as I usually do nowadays) and I was wearing this rather nice jacket. Some big drunk guy in the club spotted me and complemented me on it as I walked past him the first time. The next time I walked past him he said “I want that jacket,” again in a complementary tone, but he put his hands on me and stopped me and offered me money for it (in jest) and began to undo the zipper. “Oookay dude, that’s enough” I said patiently and and moved to take his hands off me but to my surprise he persisted. I thought to myself, great one of these fuckheads. “You wanna buy my jacket huh?” I said,my patience wearing thin. At that point he took his hands off me and continued the joke well past the point it stopped being funny by turning to his friend and ordering him to pay me for the jacket. That was my chance to walk away but I didn’t want to seem like I’m “running away.” On the other hand I didn’t want to escalate the issue since he wasn’t really being what I’d regard as “rude” – just annoying. It was a real dilemma. Then a girl I’d been speaking to earlier approached the pair of them (turned out she was their friend) and when she saw me she began talking to me again and then I lost track of what the other two guys were doing, but they didn’t bother me anymore.

        I thought about it later and felt that I didn’t react strongly enough when he persisted with the dumb “joke.” For the first time in a long time it bugged me that I “wussed out” of a potential incident. What do you think?


      • Silver, why is there no button on yours for reply? You are correct, at least from what I wrote and its length. I don’t really go into advice as I don’t know everything about your personal situation. Many times I just comment to vent or spill out stuff I have experienced or perceived over the years.


      • Come on castricv, you won’t look like a boss because you took a punch from a bigger guy for your girl. Pretty much the opposite actually. But go ahead, get dental surgery for a slut you know for one month.


      • Walawala, you seem genuine so let me try to relay my point further with a personal example. Either I’ve been extremely lucky, unknowingly alpha in my earlier days, or people hesitate around a 6’1 250 lb. man who lifts heavy thing for a living, but I can honestly say outside of a “just met you 5 minutes ago at a frat party” I’ve never had another guy blatantly approach a girl I was with knowing I was with her. I’ve had several encounters seeing it from afar, but then the girl either blows him off or he drops it when I walk up.

        The point being is that if you are sufficiently masculine, (perhaps equivalent to alpha, but not exact) then you will not ever have to experience what this poster went through except in the most unusual of cases. Being masculine implies a code of sorts to others. This scares away the vast majority of the shit in the post from happening, not just on the other guy’s part, but also the girl’s part as she knows that shit won’t fly with you. Bonus points if there is something in her head telling her that you might stomp her as well.

        Example. My wife (yes I’m now married and 33) and I a few years back went to a restaurant and one of the big black cooks was staring at her for a good long while as we were in line. (It was a Piccadilly type place). Sometimes this happens, I’m a guy and I know how hard it is not to look at sexy women. Well while I was eating my wife went up to get a dessert and came back flustered. The dude had been cracking jokes about her in a sexual way that sometimes the brothers do so that they know you hear but looks like they are just yapping with their friends. Sometimes it’s just a lack of brains and yapping fills the void. Regardless, it was insulting in a restaurant. I immediately went up to the line in front of everyone and chewed him out. Told him to step outside so I could beat his ass. Trashy? Perhaps. The guys was a good 50 pounds bigger than me and I’m already a big guy. He literally went limp and mute. The manager came out and comped our meal and apologized, saying there had been trouble before. Of course corporate blew it all off later when my wife wrote them a letter, but I did get nothing but booty love and crazy bjs for the rest of the week.

        Point is if your girl knows you will take a stand you will less likely have to. She’ll select better situations for herself instead of the usual naïve places women put themselves. Guys will not lightly tread on your turf. And if all else fails don’t be afraid to get your face busted up. This does not mean start fights over flaky girls you just met, but it also means do not hesitate to demand correction if someone gets way out of line. Protect your sphere even if you will lose. Losing a fight hurts physically, but you’ll still have your pride and can tell yourself you’ll be better next time. Flaking on your on self, gives you nothing but self-loathing forever.


      • Silver, I’m not one for advice especially since I wasn’t there, but at first glance your only even slight error was not thinking the basic “I’m a grown man, why are you touching me?” Those guys probably were a bit drunk and one of them liked the girl you were chatting up. His persistant appeals for your jacket were a very passive aggressive (feminine) attempt to knock you down a peg or two in both his eyes and hopefully in the eyes of the girl you were talking to. Who knows maybe he though he was there on a “date” with her like the above poster.

        I’m willing to bet the guy was under 25, bigger than you, and probably stupid. Hence his silly posturing. For this, you can easily walk away. What people nowadays need to learn in the walk away with grown up purpose earlier in a situation than later when you look like a slub for trying to “reason” with someone first.

        A good example are panhandlers or black people that try to start a conversation with you in public for the sole purpose of getting something from you. Be civil like a good person, but don’t make any pleasantries to continue the conversation. Never be afraid to say, “I don’t know you” and walk away. Keep your head high but look to where you are going. If they persist you know something is up and you can escalate.

        As for your jacket issue. Take the compliment at first with complete sincerity and say ” thanks man” and go about what you are doing. If he persists and says I want to buy it and you don’t shut it down curtly, call his bluff and add 200 on top of whatever you paid for it.

        Finally this is not a big issue at all and has always happened when stupid guys try to posture badly. What you shouldn’t be afraid to address with force if need be are egregious attacks upon yourself but especially on those you are “responsible for”. The modern social construct is for white guys to just walk away and talk their way out of things. Fighting never solves anything. Blah blah. If you are not afraid to fight for something honorable, you will find you rarely have to actually do it.


      • “Silver, I’m not one for advice ”

        Friend, I beg to differ. Thank you for providing that perspective. I’ve only recently begun to aggressively go clubbing again (in the sense of actively trying to PU rather than just “hang out”) and I find I have to relearn the old rules. It’s more complicated than it sounds because I’ve matured so much and my views of life have changed so drastically. I’m 36 now, but am so baby-faced that virtually everyone assumes I’m in my mid-20s (which is what I say to girls, since 36 sounds waaay too old; I’ll keep doing it as long as no one questions it, and so far no one even gives a whiff of doubt). Age also complicates things in the sense that I do not expect anybody to “fuck with me.” I know these things can happen, but I just assume there are far “easier” targets than me. And it’s not just age either. I don’t look physically intimidating, but I tend to “move with confidence and purpose” (go on, groan) and just don’t seem like someone a stranger would screw with. (Don’t read too much into that. I don’t think I’m James Bond or something, but compared to the average dweeb I see out there, please, there’s no question I seem more serious.) And truth be told, in general these things don’t happen to me. I guess that’s why I’m surprised and reflect more than is really necessary when these things do happen. I suppose I should just tell myself everyone’s number comes up sometimes.


      • One of the most rational responses I have read, thank you for putting things in perspective…I’ve bothered by a somewhat similar situation, but your comment was good.


      • Well done, castricv. Your replies are best of thread.


      • Thanks fellas. There’s a clear chasm between the folks here. A disconnect if you will. Half of them honestly think we just want to go caveman at a moment’s notice and that the decision is a very binary fight or leave one. None of this is true and I firmly believe they are using justifications as cover for their own inner shame at what they know they would do.

        Even a small man can confront someone with strength and dignity, especially when in the right. If you are small you are already at a disadvantage with most women, so if you do the right thing and take a punch, guess what? He goes to jail and you look like a boss that got sucker punched by a tard but stood up FOR HER. Now, it shouldn’t even come to this, but if that is your main concern, then that’s a likely result. What should have happened is a “Hey what the hell are you doing touching her?” If she doesn’t care what he did, then walk out. Who cares what a few status whores think? If however, she gives you the look like he overstepped his bounds with her, then tell him in no uncertain terms he is not to touch her again. If you are like me, yes, I admit I would just have decked him and asked questions later, but this is for the guy worried about their size. If he threatens you with school yard bravado, simply restate that he is not to touch her and tell her let’s go. If she goes with you or not, you have all the info you need. So I dismiss those arguments. I’m a big guy. There is ALWAYS someone out there who is bigger and could destroy me. This does not change the principle of the response required as a man.

        The other component of these guys seems to be “she’s just your usual modern whore. Who cares? Walk away.”

        Gee, you seemed to like her before.

        [CH: That was before she allowed her tit to be grabbed and rewarded the groper with a laugh and a hug. What about this aren’t you getting?]

        And you went to the trouble to take her out and get a few drinks. The poster even said they’ve been seeing each other for a month. I’ve had pretty strong relationships form in a month. Even if by strong I could mean simply hot and sweaty. Now you don’t even want to know why she’s acting the way she is? And you don’t care that another doofus literally molested her in front of you? Fine. Walk away. Be the better man as you like to comfort yourself with. But next time you go out, let me know so I can move in on your girl without any resistance. I’ll even get a free feel apparently. Oh and thanks for putting those first two drinks in her as well and improving my status with her in relation to your no show. Idiots.

        There is a wise saying most of you guys have heard that says that the men and women of every era DESERVE one another. Women act the way they do nowadays because we have enabled them to do so. You need to keep your women in line and game is a great way to do this if you are lacking good upbringing or masculinity. Always take a newer girl to your type of places. Feel her out on things and slowly turn her by exuding strength, confidence, and yes a I can manage without you if I have to attitude. Once you do this, you would be amazed at how perfect she can become. She will convert religions for you, she will start to see things politically like you, if you’re good enough her old feminazi friends will magically become unappealing to her without you having to even mention it. Women, like children must be kept until they are groomed properly. This is the essence of game for me. Pick up lines and texting are fine for others, but until you learn how to manage you and have the fortitude to form a woman into a good woman, you are going to wonder around mad at the world and hating all women as whores.


      • Grabbing your jacket is assault and justifies a beer bottle in the face.


      • Ya, just goes back to stand up for yourself. Doesn’t take violence to stand up for yourself 99.9% of the time.


    • I will keep this simple.

      What’s the shortest book in the world? The Italian list of War Heroes.

      Italians are only capable of showing any courage when they have strength in numbers or have the opportunity to sneak up and knife one in the back.

      There .. I said it.


      • They took their defeat gracefully, I thought. If they’d assaulted Draper in that scene you would have been whining about how uncivilized these fucking dagoes are.


      • on August 4, 2013 at 8:45 pm Imperial Leather

        You think too much


      • “What’s the shortest book in the world? The Italian list of War Heroes.”

        Romans had more than a few, you know.


    • Those guys seemed like “warriors” to me. They gave their best shots, even trying to cancel each other out. And, when they saw they had been out-gunned they didn’t show rancor, but just acknowledged defeat and left (to no doubt try again elsewhere).


  26. Running away is not the move here.

    Look at the guy and girl with a shit-eating grin on your face and say somethinkg along the lines of, “Wow I didn’t know you were such a slut! Bro, you should probably take her,” or

    “The only way you’re getting away with that shit, bro, is if you are gonna go back and Eiffel Tower this bitch with me right now.”

    Walk away. Ignore. Done.

    Def is a no-brainer that they should never date again.


  27. I am often less than completely serious when I comment in this place. Always Truthful am I, in my own way. But there are a few things I have trouble kidding about and real life violence and self defense issues just happen to qualify.
    I was a competitive wrestler back in the day and I loved it. Good times, indeed. But forget the idea that that has anything to do with a bar fight with a stranger. I know far too much about closed head injuries and self-defense matters to just want to watch the stupidity go by.
    I have a son. He has run with the bulls in Pamplona and gotten into a bar fight in Rome and crashed some cars and known some Columbian girls. Some things cannot be helped.
    I taught him to shoot as well as my daughter. I taught both of them that violence with a stranger is either-or. Avoid it utterly; but If you cannot and they are trying to hit you in the head give them 3 shots center-mass. It is not a game. It is so not a game.


    • Couldn’t agree more. And dipshit Matt King, in his never-ending quest to lead everyone to follow his misguided, antiquated, and completely fantastical code of social mores, encourages just the opposite.

      “He talks about this stuff like he read it in a book.”


    • Word. Tit grabbers buddy would have sucker punched you and yOu might be out of a job sitting at home w your mom masturbating to the View and brain damaged just enough to know that something is wrong but no longer able to understand why. I see it often in my practice.


      • I love the rich fantasy life of those who seem (by their own confessions) to have never gotten into a physical confrontation.

        This is not so simple as Grab Tit Punch Face. The circumstances in the original post alone put the lie to such a binary Choose Your Own Adventure option.

        Everything proceeds in discrete steps of escalation or de-escalation. Most sober white men will not want to let things fly so far out of control that suddenly you’re dueling with pistols at dawn (or the modern version, stepping outside). Most rational men will realize they fucked up in disrespecting you and offer amends; it is smart to always leave open this diplomatic out for them.

        But if you begin with this comic book fantasy (seriously, the shitty adolescent superhero movies of late have a lot to do with this degeneration) that you can outwit or outfight any circumstance, you are indirectly encouraging that circumstance to visit you. (And when it actually occurs, you find yourself frozen or fleeing.) If, on the other hand, you begin with the realistic understanding that there may come a time when you have to physically represent yourself, then such instantly escalating events become rare.

        It’s like concealed carry. Do you carry so that you can pull out your gun whenever someone winks at your wife? Or do you have it for the one-in-one-thousand times you have to brandish it and the one-in-ten-thousand times you have to use it?

        Or do you “carry” it “concealed” for the confidence that you will be useful and prepared no matter what circumstance you find yourself in? Contrary to metrosexual paranoias, that confidence enables a man to behave more rationally up and down the escalation scale.

        So, no one is advocating immediate resort to violence. We are simply advocating some ultimate resort to violence, which, among soft feminized men, remains controversial. Hence all the many rationalizations for avoiding something which, in their heart of hearts, they know men take care of directly.



      • Or do you “carry” it “concealed” for the confidence that you will be useful and prepared no matter what circumstance you find yourself in? Contrary to metrosexual paranoias, that confidence enables a man to behave more rationally up and down the escalation scale.

        This, a hundred times over… the gravity of the situations in which one might have to use said weapon, and the fallout, even when you’re in the right, makes a man much more circumspect… polite, even… with the underlying confidence and steel reserve that can’t help but subliminally show itself to the rest of the world… and thereby, deescalates many otherwise out-of-hand situations.


  28. That there is any debate at all about this puzzles me.

    The girl is a valueless whore. She wasn’t his, doesn’t want to be his, enjoys other men placing hands on her body in his presence. From the story is seems like she invited it too.

    I fail to see why anyone would fight over (or do anything at all) for a whore. The only correct reaction is ghosting immediately.


    • on August 3, 2013 at 8:33 am Customer Service


      No need to fight over scraps unless you’re a starving dog. But you should never be starving in today’s age of porn, sluts and strippers.


  29. I like how the wannbe tough guys here are tripping over themselves


  30. About 700 people (nearly all men) are killed in the US every year from fists and boots to the head. Ten times that are left impaired for life.
    When I quit wresting I had my ears re-done by a Cosmetic Surgeon to return to perfection. Did not always wear a helmet.
    Ever try to have a conversation with an old boxer? Not quite the same kind of issue.


    • I’m afraid Matt King would either disagree with your statistics, or consider them irrelevant.


      • That’s not a very high number of permanent injuries though. If there were only one bar per 100,000 people that had one fight per week that’s 150,000 fights in a country of 300 million people. So your odds of walking away without a permanent injury are better than 1 in 20 – and since my estimate of the number of fights is probably on the low side, your odds are much better than that again.

        Of course, someone whose life has been ruined as a result of fighting is going to see things in a different light.


      • Though Rum seems sincere, at what point does something cross the line with him? When the odds are slightly better? When it’s your sister? Sometimes in life bad things are going to happen. Used to be most people simply followed a code (honor, pride, etc.) and let the chips fall where they may. Not a tough guy on the internet either.

        If you can’t be bothered to protect your sense of self in at least some manner because you just want to be cool or you are afraid of slim chance consequences, then you are a child or an old liberal. Guys can flirt with my date or gf and I will play it cool. Heck if they are doing it she’s got to be hot. If they do it in front of me for long enough I expect my girl to say buzz off. If not I handle it — with words. Rum is right, fights between adults in any context are extremely dangerous. However, if a man touches her in a sexual way, force will be applied, even if I lose physically. I still win either way.


      • “If you can’t be bothered to protect your sense of self ”
        is there an analogy to insurers encouraging their insured clients to settle out of court to minimize risk? Drives up the premiums for everyone but increases certainty of outcome.


      • Just got an artificial left hand middle knuckle put in last Wednesday. The other guy wasn’t so lucky. I like my steel-toed Doc Marten’s.


      • Oi!


    • You want to live forever?

      You fairy.


  31. on August 2, 2013 at 8:38 pm Prof. Woland

    This is one good reason to be exogamic. I would rather hunt for a women from somewhere else and bring her back to my territory vs. hang around her old friends; in bars. This is particularly a problem in small towns where you quickly exhaust the talent pool. Ditto for meeting dates through friends or work.


    • And exactly HOW is that supposed to tell you about the character of girl you picked up?

      This situation makes it pretty clear that the whore is worth no more than a dime, and should be treated as such for as long as BJs and coitus can be extracted from her… and then dumped without a notice.


  32. He needed to react in a better way. Asking the tit-grabber “wtf are you doing”, laughing at the pathetic display, calling the girl out on being a slut, whatever. Walking away without saying anything made him look incredibly weak. If there were other women looking on, his silent passivity would have confirmed him as a simple beta.


    • Right, there’s a middle way between throwing punches and doing nothing. He could have just said “Dude, that’s not cool. She’s with me.”


  33. Swift retribution is the right move for the sandbox, however in a mixed sex setting I agree instant ghosting is the right move.


  34. Proper response after the boob grab:

    “Is that how you guys say hi in your homeland?”

    *grab guy’s manboob* Hi, I’m so-n-so.


    • Not bad.


      • Yeah, and what if you’re ripped at 5’9″ and 145 lbs, whereas he’s ripped at 6’4″ and 240 lbs, and he hauls off and breaks your fucking jaw and the Maxillofacial Surgery team has to wire your mouth shut for 90 days and everyone at work laughs at your ass for the duration because you’re sitting off by yourself in the corner of the company cafeteria, sipping on your milkshakes through a straw, in quiet desperate suicidal isolation & humiliation?

        Or what if you can match him one-on-one, lb for lb and mg of Androstenediol for mg of Androstenediol, but he’s got a pack of four or five bar-coward-bullies backing him up, and they all jump you and beat you to a pulp?

        As Douglas MacArthur was fond of saying, “IN WAR, THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR VICTORY.”

        Never start something that you can’t finish.

        And before you lose your cool and go nuclear, ask yourself:

        If I’m going to do what it takes to win, then is this worth losing my medical license for?

        Is this worth losing my law license for?

        Is this worth losing my CCW/Handgun permit for?

        And it could well be that it’s one of those very rare instances in life when the answer really is, “Yes. Oh hell yes. Here it comes.”

        But 99.999999% of the time, the answer is gonna be, “Fuck this shit. I’m outta here.”


      • Ach, the drama!

        If the guy is THAT much bigger, then obviously grabbing his boob is ill-advised.

        But you can still let a big ape know he’s out of line in no uncertain terms.

        And if he’s THAT much bigger and wants to go the felon route… or has a posse ready to stomp you… well… what was that concealed weapons permit for, about which you spoke?


      • on August 3, 2013 at 5:57 pm Zombie Shane

        In most states, you automatically become a felon just for “carrying” into an establishment with a liquor license.

        So the moment you reach into your holster and draw your piece and reveal to the world that you’ve been “carrying”, you can kiss your medical license or your law license the hell goodbye.

        Probably also your “Engineer’s” license, in states which certify for engineering.

        Or your “Social Worker’s” license.

        Maybe even your commercial truck driver’s license.

        Etc etc etc.

        Again, there are situations where going nuclear is the correct response.

        But those situations are very few, and very far between.


      • Dude! Who the hell is talking about drawing a gun in a bar?

        And if you live in a state where self-defense is illegal, well… then the options of manhood are curtailed to the point where you don’t go to clubs where your (ahem) girlfriend is a known commodity.


      • on August 3, 2013 at 6:28 pm Zombie Shane

        So you’re gonna invite Mr AMOG & his posse of four or five bar-coward-bullies out into the parking lot, where it’s safe to draw your piece?

        PS: Other licenses you lose when you become a felon – Registered Nurse [RN], Licensed Practical Nurse [LPN], Nurse’s Aid [NA].

        And Daycare licenses.

        Probably also Massage Therapist licenses.

        Maybe even “Cosmetology” licenses.

        Man, I’m telling you – you gotta think long and hard before you decide to go nukular.


      • on August 3, 2013 at 7:11 pm Zombie Shane

        If you’re any kind of a teacher [Gubmint school, Christian school, whatever], then you can kiss your teaching career the hell goodbye once you get the felony conviction on your record.

        Or if you’re an NCAA Div I athlete, then you can say goodbye to your sports career and to that all-expense-paid edumakashun which you had been enjoying.


      • Guy, we all know that a felony conviction can mess up your career, you can turn that record off now.

        Stop worrying about the mule going blind.


      • “Maybe even “Cosmetology” licenses.”

        LOL! What can you not lose in today’s feminist culture! Feminism frowns on men honor fighting/dueling. This isn’t Alexander Hamilton’s America any longer.

        Men today are not brought up with the same sense of honor their processors had. So it’s an unfair expectation of guys to see any value in going to war over this cheap slut, where in the days of old even a cheap ho would have warranted someone fighting for her honor, just because it’s another opportunity for men to show virility.

        Our culture steps over manly behavior and substitutes feminine expectations instead, masked as civilized behavior. This is why you risk going to jail if you throw punches around – it’s a feminized culture. Not that I’m promoting non-civilized behavior, fighting over cheap sluts, or anything like that, just saying it’s so.


      • “what was that concealed weapons permit for, about which you spoke?”
        Abso-fucking-lutely no good to you in a bar. That alone is an express ticket to the stripey-hole.
        Stencil this on the forehead: Do not CCW in a bar in a State that prohibits it. Most States do. Do not drink while CCW in a bar in a State that allows CCW in bars. Some do. Do not CCW while any alcohol is detectable in your blood.


      • You guys keep preaching what the choir already knows full well.

        This is why I live in a state with few such restrictive laws… and even then, why I seldom go to establishments where the need to unconceal is even a remote possibility.


      • Meant to add, whether you’re in a bar or not, the scenario laid out by the nervous nellies, namely, getting jumped by a gang of the AMOG’s friends, well… this would normally occur outside said bar… but even within, if your life is threatened to such a degree, the laws in re where and when possession is allowed will not be foremost in mind.

        What’s that old saying? Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6?


  35. Jeez… I’m getting sleeeeeeeepy. Ya, could you please whisper some lol lullaby’s into my ear, to make me feel less secure about myself so that I can fall asleep dreaming of RSD videos. Thanks in advance, you big masculine would-never-in-a-million-years-dance-like-a-monkey hunka love.
    PS – Blowing kisses to your little boy followers… sweet dreams fellas…


  36. Hahahaha!!!!!!!!!! Just remembered! We were vegging the other night before bed, flipping channels, and for a few minutes came across some show where ‘Papa’ of RSD fame was on some sailboat with a girl he was going to marry. She said, “what a skank.” I said, “No shit, I wouldn’t even fuck her, much less marry her.” Didn’t go into details with her, but recognized Papa as THE Papa of Strauss fame!!! Holy shit! This is the Papa who went on to “make porn videos.” Per the show, he’s supposedly some millionaire from the book he published about “picking up chicks.” Hahahaha!!!!!! Fucking hilarious!!!!!!!!!!! (picking up chicks is real, bitchez, not disputing)

    Gentlemen, search engine this stupid show and get a look at this girl. This is what passes for a “10” in the RSD lineage. Dude supposedly: studied under Tyler, started a porn company, made a million with an ebook…………. and this is the best he can do… for marriage…… are you fucking kidding me……………?

    Shows exactly how transparent the comment boards are in the MS. Devastating.


    Ok, ready now for my lol lullaby, sweetcheeks.


  37. Mr Beta’s move was to stay cool, and realize now who he was tapping, basically a bar whore. Don’t smile don’t frown, don’t react to what the three of them were doing, punking him out. To react with anger, or a comment, is to giveaway personal power to a situation that he should have seen coming.

    Don’t tap it, don’t yell, let your vibe change to one of indifference, now one knows what happened over the last month. Traded power for ass and she leveraged the situation to return him to the Beta pack.

    Alpha move would have been to know who and what she was, women are not all that clever, a Sigma move would have been to have had a 3 day fling, then return her to the pool, the Beta move is to be at “her” bar and eat shit and accept the situation.


    • Boring, clichéd, hoped to be crowd pleasing, but in the end you don’t know much and are gibbering…..


  38. Here’s some evolutionary truth, bitchez: This is all the more reason to NOT make AMOGing a way of life. We ALL have different assets and liabilities. If you are a cool dude with a valuable talent, guys like me will want to ally ourselves with you. If you are a questionable dude, who has “game,” who can go “out” and be a “boss” while AMOGing everyone around you, while only pulling on the level of Papa (on his TV debut yacht, on fucking national TV, NO LESS!!!!!), guys like me will see no use for you. We will NEVER value you, excusively for your pulling ability. By all means, be able to pull, a solid secondary consideration. Better that you build your value for yourself, value that might just also happen to be valuable to other men, than to try to go around acting like an “alpha boss” while disrespecting the men around you, but only be able to come up with sub-par goods. Then, no one will respect you, other than omegas beneath you… but do you really want them? Do any of us?

    Be the very best self you can be, but do NOT disrespect the men in your life, unless you are completely willing to need NO men in your life, which I might say is an admirable goal. However, VERY few males are able to rise to that level. Unless you are willing to burn all male bridges in your life futiliy attempting to be the “alpha male boss” of the group, you are better off to truthfully assess your situation and play your assets to your utmost advantage–WE ALL ARE, lest anyone think I’m being elitist.

    Blindly following Ya’s AMOG attitude toward other males can quite easily deliver you unto oblivion. For one second, I’m not suggesting that you submit to “alphas.” What I’m suggesting is that you asses your resources, and act accordingly in your own best interest. Ya would have you push for being the “alpha boss” of any and all social situations. Do you really belive that absolute admonition to be advisable? Really? Why not advance your strengths, and demure your weaknesses? That, friends, beginners and advanced, is the way of the primordial lifeforce… for ALL of us, “alphas” included. Conversely, guys like me have our assets, but fuck all if we don’t need loyal partners to make our visions reality, via code. You think we like it? No, we don’t. We don’t like depending on you. Count on that.

    However, from an MS perspective, there is a sweet certain balance of justice in the arrangement… this is the bond of men that has been acid drenched by feminism. Not good for any of us. (Fuck you bitchez–I’m teaching myself code, as we speak!)

    Ok, ready for my lol pat on the ass, now. Thanks in advance, little short sighted boy AMOG.


  39. I’ve been around orbiters who appear like they could be legit AMOG’s and fuck the girl you’re hollering at, but sometimes they can seriously be about as close to her gay boyfriend as they can get while still harboring a hard on for the chick. (BTW this chick seems like a 7.5 or so, because a rocket hot chick doesn’t usually have to come to this to get a validation fix IME.) I always assume in situs like this that they’ve at least hooked up once in the past (probably towards the beginning of when they met), maybe it stayed friends and partying, now dude wants to get back up in it. Sees you and wants to force the issue a bit with a tit grab.

    I can tell you from experience how freaking out on a girl trying to play head games with you is a bad idea. Because it feeds in to her borderline need to not feel left alone. Plus now she can take the upper hand by calling you obsessive, threatened, etc (even though you have legit reason to do so). In her mind yelling at her is better than ignoring her. this chick is not quality, ignoring her and playing her game right back is what will keep you with the upper hand. Understanding the game she’s playing is half the battle. You didn’t lose it when dickboy amog tried to challenge.

    What I would have done:

    Put dude on the spot NOT by even talking to him (you pulled an alpha move by not trying to build rapport with him right off the bat), but instead eye coding the girl that “this dude is awkward.” If he tries slick shit with you after like “Oh hey what’s up man having fun?” type patronizing shit then you can a) keep eye coding or b) match his shit and find it funny. DO NOT let him get under your skin or this won’t work.

    I like the idea of her qualifying in this situation after something like that by fishing for some info: “Good friend, huh?” said with the thought of “motherfuckers weak.” I’m not necessarily looking for specific info “OH yea we’re just blah blah blah”…I’m smart enough to connect the dots and be more than 95% right at this point. I just want to see if she’ll take the bait and qualify — if she does then she and I both ackowledge I’m the one with the upper hand. If she tries to tell me I need to chill out or something along these lines, it’s back to the used car lot you go, bitch.

    But honestly, that’s where she was going anyway.



    She wants to be dominated, possessed, in public. The tit grab is rocket fuel to trigger BF frame control, which is completely lacking. The dude has to show confidence in social situations as her equal at the very least. He has to dominate, not her, but social her world as much as she does. ‘her turf’ is the whole problem, very blue pill. A baby shower would be ‘her’ responsibility and ‘her’ thing, but belong anywhere you go like one of the creators of civilization, damn it! This was a fucking pub! Guys fight there for a reason. I’m not saying the BF guy should have fought the tit grabber, because he had already capitulated socially. If she were snugly in the BF frame, she would have never allowed and never accepted the tit grab. Got more blue pill to root out BF reader. Typically, we all do, which is the the Mark Minter news broke so many dependent hearts. You AFCs were on MM’s turf, under his wing. Pussies.


  41. The advice you’ll always get is to treat the girl like dirt. And that’s because that is generally always the best thing to do. Get out of the “she’s my girlfriend” mentality and go find some new girls to keep your options open. When she’s no longer the only girl in your life, she’ll fall into line. You need to maintain your authority as a man


  42. IMO, Mr.Reader-Being-Described, I typically agree with about 90% of CH’s game advice and about 0% (i.e. none) of CH’s racism/classism agitation.

    However, in regards to this advice by CH (#1 thru #5), CH has nailed it 100%.


  43. The girlfriend doesn’t think highly of her new relationship as she hasn’t drawn the line in the sand for the male friends/male suitors in her life.
    She has the power to direct where their relationship goes, so if she’s accept and positively responded to their actions they’ve gotten the go ahead to continue doing it.


  44. If I actually cared at all for the girl I would have knocked out (or at least attempted to ) the titty grabber. Next I would take her somewhere private for a bf and facial before telling her I thought she was a worthless cum dumpster. It’s fun to build whores like that up only to break them later. It feeds my sadistic soul.


  45. on August 3, 2013 at 3:46 am Cad and Bounder

    I have a different take on this.

    What if YOU are the guy hitting on someone else’s girlfriend? In my case it’s inadvertent, because I’m am old-style cad and bounder. Discretion is a key part of our game.

    I daygame approached a girl from behind. Unbeknown to me the fucker walking a few yards behind on the mobile was her bf. I stopped her. She reacted sheepishly. Barely spoke to me, and then I could see her eyes flashing over my shoulder. I realised something was up, and then he went past me, interlocked his arm with hers by the elbow and brusquely walked off with her.

    Actually I was quite impressed, and left feeling that he had done the ‘alpha thing’.

    The key, in both cases, is the girl’s behaviour. In my case, it was clear she was with another guy. She didn’t laugh, flirt or even enjoy the approach. She didn’t use it to make him jealous or ‘show her value’. I respected her. I respected him. He behaved in a civilised manner, and it would have been easy for him to hit me without me knowing it in a Trayvon Martin fashion. He did not need to fight because he knew she was his girl.

    As for the piece of crap in the leader article, she is not worth bothering over. The ‘alpha play’ is to keep fucking her (and only fucking her, nothing else, no dates, nothing, just bring da movies etc), meanwhile meet someone else, and then stop returning her calls when you are with a woman of value.


  46. In discarding all of their lady-like qualities (modesty, etiquette, femininity, good manners, decorum) while refusing to cultivate any desirable traits (loyalty, a pleasant demeanor, interesting conversation or barring that, silence), and relying solely on sex as a means to attract a man, most modern western women might be viewed as having been, perhaps unconsciously, conducting an experiment that might be titled – Can I make myself so undesirable that men won’t want to be around me even for easy access to sex?

    And the answer is Yes.

    It should have been obvious that you cannot keep dropping positive qualities and taking on negatives ones for decades and not eventually drop well below the threshold of acceptability (for marriage, but in some cases, as in the article above, even for dating).

    I guess that women were more afraid of putting in more than the absolute minimum of effort than of becoming valueless partners. Why they think any man would want to invest much time or effort in their sub-par product is beyond me.

    While waiting in a line once, I overheard one women describing to another woman her recent romance: She met some guy, they had a great time for while, then the guy suddenly stops contacting her. Her friend didn’t offer any explanation, but it seemed clear that the guy had gotten tired of her, or more precisely, had probably never liked her in the first place, but stuck around as long as he could stand her for the easy sex. I wondered if either of the two women knew that, and if they did, would make any efforts at self-improvement. It must be pretty damning to a woman to realize that she offered her guy her greatest, and likely only contribution – readily-available sex – and he still couldn’t stand to be around her for very long.

    Or maybe that woman is still baffled to this day why the same outcome just keeps happening to her.


  47. He needs to pull the alpha and break it off completely. Three months of blow jobs with this guy and he’ll forget what happened and give her a ring. RUN Man, RUN!


  48. I’d ignore the whole AMOG thing. The not-introducing tells of her real estimation of you. You are placeholder until she can get a better cock.

    And the whole I’d protect my woman thing is so fucking gay. A random ass-grab on the street while you’re with her is fight-or-flight mode. I agree with the LYAHF analysis above. Transactional Analysis FTW.


  49. Nothing more uncomfortable than grown people hugging. If we could just abolish that SWPL shit and bring back the handshake.
    Other men grab her tit at the bar? A sign stapled to her forehead saying “I’m a whore” would be more subtle in telling you that that girl is a superwhore.


  50. CH was right the first time. No fist-fighting, no getting angry: this girl simply isn’t worth it. It’s either dump or pump-and-dump; your choice.


    • In that case…I choose dump.

      After acting like that…I’m keeping my pumps for those that are worth it.


  51. on August 3, 2013 at 6:56 am gunslingergregi

    exciting couple days
    so the chick comes back she calls me asks if I can pick her up I tell her go head and get ride to my house She says she was in car talking bout im going to my gregi gregs going to my gregi gregs I face fuck her and am prob almost pulling hair out and shit then fucking her head into the cement wall of shower then pounding that pussy then fist that shit till it tears banging her head off stove fucking her from behind while she cooking
    I tell her I love her she is my bitch and gonna be with me forever and shit and not gonna have no other dudes or ill fuckin kill her
    she cries and shit for 5 hours talking bout sorry for last time leaving
    she fucks up a bit and I tell her get your shit gathered up time to go
    she starts crying then hyperventilating and shit asks for paper bag
    then she fucking stops breathing making universal sign choking and shit fucking crazy so I grab her ass and fucking breath into her mouth and her lungs pop
    open and she starts breathing somewhat then again it happens
    im driving this bitch to the hospital and giving her cpr in the truck
    then we in hospital happens again im popping this chicks lungs back open in the waiting room telling some dude to go get the staff and shit
    never had a almost die telling her to leave he he he
    another adventure I guess


  52. on August 3, 2013 at 7:04 am gunslingergregi

    5. But if you just want to keep the sex going for as long as possible, give it two weeks, then re-engage. Treat her like absolute dirt. I figure this strategy will net you three more months of hungry blowjobs.”””””””””’

    two weeks good and she should be contacting you then have her back and uhh then tell her to leave right when she thinks she is gonna be staying could potentially kill the hamster he he he


  53. on August 3, 2013 at 8:34 am HeManMasterOfThePooniverse

    As soon as I read “she’s pretty bad at introducing me to people” I knew this relationship is over


  54. In a situation like this the best response though in a situation like this is:

    Wink at her after you see this and wiggle your eyebrows a couple of times. Then go over and whisper “Did you like that?” or “Dirty slut. Me likey!” while fondling her aggressively. Hi five the dude who did the tit grab while your ass grabbing your girl and looking her in the eyes with a wry smile.

    Always always be an upbeat, overconfident, ridiculously charismatic, rapier witted, unfazeable winner.

    It’s hard to win a chest thumping AMOG-Off with a big burly half drunk guy in a bar. Plus it shows she/he can get under your skin and that you are insecure

    Never ever let them see you sweat it. It’s a giant shit test.



    • So now men are playing the insecure card on each other? Hi-five the dude? The supplication in this thread is beyond the pale.


      • Need, don’t try to make half of this site understand your correct logic. These people would try to be friends with a guy that murdered their mom so as to not look uncool by raising their voice or possibly taking a beating by some bigger guy. The triumph of fagging out of our young men. You’re a nerd or a little guy? Become a hipster where it’s cool to be a weak, limp, herb who can pretend it’s cool not to stand up for anything.

        For the last time, this is NOT WHITE KNIGHTING!!! She isn’t in danger or even phased by the other guy. YOU are the one disrespected, so you have every right to act out. I’m not even talking about honor or code here. It’s just basic are you a man or not.


      • Notice how, in their world, a lousy few shoves or even punches automatically means prison or hospital. Meh.

        In my experience, just showing you’re willing to stand up and throw down if you have to deescalates the vast majority of incidents.

        And the occasional black eye or bloody nose burns a lot less than the shame of “being cool”… because as you see from some the anecdotes here which admit the annoyance felt, the inaction never comes from a true sense of “being cool”.


      • What you are missing is trouncing that dude is not going to change the fact that his “GF” of one month led him there like a lamb. He’ll wind up fighting both dudes, even if he wins, he’s won nothing at all b/c he’ll still be with the bar whore. His manly pride was tossed out as soon as he set foot in that bar with her, and the slut knew it.

        From top to bottom, the whole thing was her production and up until the 1 second after she had her tit grabbed it went according to plan. That is slut logic at work. They don’t give half a damn about outcomes, they just want the manipulation of men as their end goal.

        Good to see one would play right into it.


      • If you’re trying to say she orchestrated the situation and knew the guy was going to grab her tit, I believe you’re mistaken.

        And, as has been pointed out, ad nauseum, at that stage, it isn’t about her anymore… it’s about the guy attempting to make himself big at your expense.


      • on August 3, 2013 at 11:27 am haunted trilobite

        Pride (in the name, of love) by U2


      • You’ve got it ass backwards. It’s not supplicating. It’s showing you are totally unphased by it. REACTING by getting in a low brow AMOG-Off only signals to the guy and the girl that they succeded in getting a rise out of you.

        The hi five is ironic in nature.

        It’s saying “Way to go bro! You got 2 seconds of boob! I’m going to cum on her face twice later she’s not going to shit right for a week but seriously, good job!”

        You can immediately deduce this woman is only good as a cum receptacle fuck toy. Getting upset about it or seeing it as a “matter of manly honour” is absurd. Winding up in jail or brain damaged isn’t +EV life outcome.


      • You see how these pussies only see things in terms of 15 year old victims? Most important thing is for them to not show anyone that their goat has been had. It’s like a PA from junior high. Jeez. Here some adult advice. People don’t care about you or your feelings. The guy didn’t grab her tit or she responded laughingly because they are trying to upset you or get a rise out of you. They simply are oblivious to you.

        [CH: If your “girlfriend” is oblivious to you, then she’s not worth fighting for to clarify your honor.]

        As a man you have to decide what is over the line to your sense of self and not let anyone cross it unchecked. Who cares what others might think or if some proven slut leaves you. One of the great calamities of our time is that high school seems to never leave so many people.

        Also, you can tell the people here who have never not only ever been in a fight, but have a completely erroneous view on what goes on in the minds of people. Most fights do not end in jail, or a felony, or death. Sometimes they can, but mostly they blow up for a few seconds and then end. Most people do not want to fight for any reason. Standing up for yourself on principle shows for all that you are willing to escalate and this usually tends to de-escalate the whole situation. Sure, you can find yourself butting heads with a ram or even a psycho, but if you live your life afraid of slight possibilities you will always be second best.

        The original posters response to what happened clearly illustrates why it even happened in the first place.


      • I like your responses the best. I could see myself saying that.

        Same thing as when a guy comes into your set to hit on your girl. If he’s being very forward or pushy about it.

        “Hey dude, let’s hear your pick-up line. Go ahead, I won’t interrupt. EVERYBODY, listen to what this guy has to say!”


      • I always thought the gleeful satisfaction spoken of in “getting a rise” out of a person was somewhat disingenuous.

        It means one enjoys being an aggravating asshole… which savors of South Park chic a league off. And note, it’s usually only used as a neener-neener attempt at one-upmanship once one has been taken to task for one’s assholery.

        I’m not lawyer, but I believe there’s an understanding in that milieu about the concept of “fighting words” (and presumably “actions”).


      • Meh… John Wayne doesn’t high five Woody Allen.


      • Mike Damone: I mean don’t just walk in. You move across the room. And you don’t talk to her. You use your face. You use your body. You use everything. That’s what I do. I mean I just send out this vibe and I have personally found that women do respond. I mean, something happens.
        Mark Ratner: Well, naturally something happens. I mean, you put the vibe out to 30 million chicks, something is gonna happen.
        Mike Damone: That’s the idea, Rat. That’s the attitude.
        Mark Ratner: The attitude?
        Mike Damone: Yeah! The attitude dictates that you don’t care whether she comes, stays, lays, or prays. I mean whatever happens, your toes are still tappin’. Now when you got that, then you have the attitude.


      • Mutually self-reinforcing rationalization of cowardice.

        Demanding respect in the face of its opposite is not incompatible with a general disinterest or aloofness or “the attitude.” The problem occurs when manly aloofness becomes feminine passivity — and when people insist on still calling it manly.

        I don’t care what other people think is manly! is a self-defeating proposition. The very attitude of not caring defines manliness, but you cut against the definition if you allow the disinterest to include manliness itself. In other words, why else would you care so much to announce to other people how much you don’t care? You care a great deal about the doctrine of not caring.

        But these fine distinctions escape most men. Which, incidentally, is a reason we respect the right to communicate with fists.



      • The hi five is ironic in nature.

        Irony, sarcasm — two more high-ground refuges for this generation of eunuchs.

        Retreat to wherever makes you comfortable, that is fine, not all boys can be men. But stop this too-clever-by-half attempt to categorize fleeing as actually the superior man’s advance. “I’m above it all” is indistinguishable from “I’m beneath it all.” Please tell me you aren’t so denatured that you can’t still feel it in your gut when you chicken out.

        At very least, this rationalizing is the mark of the overeducated weakling SWPL spitballing snarkboy, and you are diminished by your association with them.



      • Not every guy can actually contend in a bar fight. I am 5’8″. I have no martial arts training. As if getting in a random AMOG-Off shoving match/bar fight is actual +EV life outcome for me. That’s simply retarded. Again, it simply demonstrates that one can easily be roused to jealousy. It reeks of mate guarding and insecurity. It’s a lose lose situation for a smaller guy. You either get your ass kicked or you get accused of “short man syndrome” even if you do lay the guy out.

        If you can’t see that there are other ways of reestablishing dominance/taking a guy down a peg of two other than mimicking chimpanzee behaviour then you are just obtuse.

        There is nowhere NEAR enough provocation for physical violence in this situation. Nor is there anywhere NEAR enough value in the woman for a violent reaction to be justified.


      • It’s not really about winning. It is about stepping up. Win or lose, you didn’t bend over for an insult.

        Yes, of course “there are other ways”! If those ways are available to you, avail yourself of them. But not only does possessing the physical card prevent the need to resort to it, it gives you the confidence to see the many more options between fighting and fleeing. If everything is a binary Fight or Flight, you will find the circumstances escalating to one or the other quickly.

        Think alpha, throw out “AMOG.” Amog presumes conflict as a default rather than the last option. Alpha presumes the many opportunities to rally other men to your side. Think of dudes in a bar as a roomful of potential wingmen rather than throngs of competitors, and most of these phantom fears will go away.

        You wear your presumption on your face. Unfortunately, most insecure boys think their “asshole-shield” expressions broadcast untouchability when they’re one joke away from being fast friends. The truth is, your ability to offer cooperation comes as a welcome relief to the adversarial types. They came out to relax and have fun (which is why they drink, to take the edge off), not to be on perpetual guard against AMOGging.

        There are plenty of bitches for everyone is the attitude that brings the look of calm that is attractive in alphas.



      • Spoken like a true rationalizing twit. You do not have to physically fight to stand up for yourself, but you must be prepared for it to come to that as a man of any size. As Matt said there are hundreds of ways of doing this.

        You already have a deafeatist attitude. In your case, the simple standing up to someone would prompt respect as a guy my size would have nothing to gain by mopping the floor with you. I’d either lose to you because you are a highly trained badass or I’d beat a much smaller guy and everyone would hate me. On the other hand, I’d respect you more as would everyone else there for not letting yourself get pushed around despite your size.

        As for not near enough provocation?? Your date just got felt up in front of you? How faggoty are you? Do you let other guys come over and bang your girl too. Do they get to eat your food and make you get their dry cleaning when they’re done?

        Also her value is irrelevant once YOU have agreed to take her out. She is now your responsibility until you get her home or preferably to your home. I have a lovely wife BECAUSE I keep her in line with example and deed and love. I do not have a lovely wife because she is one of the few precious flowers. Women are molded by their men. If you had stepped up you might have found out she didn’t appreciate the douchebag touching her and she would have immediately fallen head over heels for you. Later, if she isn’t ready to be molded you can move on. But not protecting one’s responsibilities is a sure sign of low class and cowardice.

        [CH: Do you think it’s ok to get tooled into a confrontation with another man by a drama-seeking cunt?]


      • I’m stumped as to why this bullshit false-dilemma stuff is infecting the comments. As if your only options were ‘do nothing/pretend its ok’ and ‘beat the shit out of him/get your ass kicked.’

        You can stand up for yourself without violence. It’s very easy.


      • [CH: Do you think it’s ok to get tooled into a confrontation with another man by a drama-seeking cunt?]

        Do you honestly think SHE orchestrated this?

        [CH: Guy grabs her tit in front of her “boyfriend”. She laughs and hugs him. Not every drama-seeking cunt’s drama has to be orchestrated before the fact.]

        Another guy in this thread hinted at the same thing… I don’t see it.

        [I ask again: Do you like being the tool of a drama-seeking cunt playing “let’s you and him fight”?]


      • I still don’t see it that way… I think Matt’s assessment of the girl just not wanting to cause a scene and (probably nervously) laughing and trying to slough it off as an “oh, you clown” sort of deal.

        You know how girls “don’t want to be mean”… as was sussed out in that thread about why they give phone numbers to strangers or agree to go out, but then flake.

        If there was any hint of her trying to set up a “let’s you and him fight” scene, well… all bets are off as far as defending anyone’s “honor”.

        A lot would depend upon what HER reaction was, after the tit-grabber was taken verbally to task by the date. I mean, even if you don’t want to fight, a “Dude! She’s with me.”, followed by a steely glance, at the very least, is called for. If she doesn’t chime in on YOUR side immediately, well… then the walk-away is warranted.


      • Holy fuck Matt. That’s basically what I am saying. You’re not getting it at all. I am stating exactly another way to deal with it other than sitting and stewing at the end of the bar or chest bumping. I am exactly saying that the charismatic arm around the shoulder tell a crazy joke style is by far the best. Agree and amplify with some sly irony. And I don’t give a fuck if you think irony is some refuge of the weak. At least I’m not looking for my honour to be victimized around every corner like a feminist looking to cry “rape!”.

        As I said, continue being the most overconfident, charismatic raconteur in the room. In fact forget the irony, just do it without guile.

        In NO WAY am I say have some kind of “asshole shield” on one’s face. That’s absurd. I am also not looking at everyman in the bar as a potential competitor.

        I am saying whatever happens, being next to me is the funnest most interesting place in room regardless of what is going on elsewhere.

        Most of you are taking this scenario WAY too seriously.

        Castricv –

        There is some serious irony in your statement,

        “The guy didn’t grab her tit or she responded laughingly because they are trying to upset you or get a rise out of you. They simply are oblivious to you” followed by instructions on how to restore your sullied manly honour.

        When I say “get a rise out of”, I mean that’s how a lot of guys are going to see it, WHETHER OR NOT THE BAIT WAS SET INTENTIONALLY. It’s not about superficially showing that your above it. It’s ACTUALLY being above it.

        Here’s some adult advice – I know two guys personally who have served serious jail time over bar fights so you might want to reconsider the expected value outcome of fighting over a dime a dozen cum dumpster.

        Anyways- this conversation is WAY too serious. You guys need to get out more.


      • ” It’s not about superficially showing that your above it. It’s ACTUALLY being above it. ”

        That’s a good point Ivan. When you actually are above it all some of the things that provoke indignation in other people barely register with you. I think this is the state I’ve attained, because even when I notice certain sorts of things they don’t have any serious effect on me and I can easily look past them towards the bigger picture (ie focus on more important things).

        For example, a week or two ago I was having a cigarette out on the street with a friend and this guy came up to us asking “Hey, either you motherfuckers got a light?” He was white but apart from “motherfucker” didn’t sound like a whigger nor did he look like one. I didn’t even notice his use of “motherfuckers” until, as I was giving him a lighter, my friend said to him, “I’m not a ‘motherfucker.’ If you want a light you ask nicely. You’re lucky my friend’s giving you one because I wouldn’t have.” That made me think that maybe I’ve become too easygoing, to above it all.

        On the other hand, my friend doesn’t look at all intimidating but this guy began apologizing real quick, so he was probably one of those “high energy” type dudes who are having such a great time that they accidentally take things “too far.” My friend kept hammering at him for his use of “motherfucker” well after the point he’d apologized three or four times, and I thought that was rather excessive. You know, you’ve made your point, now forget about it for chrissakes. Then when the guy left my friend kept on about “can you believe that guy calling us ‘motherfuckers’?” and telling me I’m too nice to people – which is kinda funny since I would in all likelihood demolish my friend in any actual fight, and if this situation had come to blows it would likely have been me who had to do the fighting, as so often happened in the past.

        The way I see it life feels like a lot more fun letting some of them sillier stuff just slide. If I felt I was getting walked all over it’d be different, but I don’t feel that way until people make me think about it. The problem I have with the honor codes business is that the more we egg each other on the more likely we’ll end up dueling at dawn again, and for what? Really, for what?


      • ” Hi-five the dude? The supplication in this thread is beyond the pale.”

        The hi-five is supplication to the n-th power and no amount of “irony” can change that. But the rest of his response really wasn’t too bad.

        Let’s face it, at that point he should have known the jig was up, that she’s just a worthless slut. But if he felt like getting a bit more out of her the whispering in her ear “Did you enjoy that, slut?” (but in a sly sort of tone, not vicious tone) would probably be quite effective. Not the “me likey” though – I can’t imagine saying that with any male dignity in this situation (or any situation, come to think of it).

        If you feel confident of your ability to handle yourself physically it’s not necessary to have to “prove yourself” every time. It really depends on context – the scene, the qualities of the people involved and so on. If he felt he take the tit-grabber, or even if he felt that he couldm’t but that his social value was way higher than the tit-grabber’s (neither of which sound likely in the original story, mind you), it wouldn’t necessarily be an act of cowardice to give confrontation a pass.


    • That’s just trying too hard. Too reactionary. More of a dancing monkey frame than a cool frame.


    • Heh…I like that.

      After one guy does it and she allowed it…then by all means do the same thing.

      Guys stick together…bros before hoes.


  55. When are people going to discern the difference of disrespect between men and disrespect a woman gives?

    Of course if a recently dated woman shows behaviors that are not to your liking, you ignore(or next her). If she’s your wife, then you are a Beta in the first place for not shaping her correctly since the beginning; men are responsible for this in LTRs.

    Yet, discourtesy between men is a completely dissimilar situation and needs a reaction that represents it. A man must have a code. He must live in congruence with this ordinance and stand up for his beliefs, or he is just another meandering sheeple like most of the castrated, feminized men on this planet.

    It’s not about the female at all. It’s about the male who showed blatant disrespect to your manhood. At the end of the day, you walk away from him and you lose. It will fester within and eat away at your soul. You can call it white night all you want or try to spin it to make you spineless sacks of meat feel better about yourselves.

    Beta is gonna beta.

    You fairies.


  56. Since an once of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I think the takeaway here is: Don’t girlfriend a hoar.

    Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that hoars exist , I’m glad I don’t have to marry to get a piece. But you don’t go out in public with hoars, you don’t get attached to them. You don’t worm your way into their social circle. You don’t think about where they are or who they’re with when they’re not in your presence. That’s not what hoars are for.

    Their place or yours, preferably theirs, because you don’t want a hoar showing up at your place unannounced when you’ve brought home a chick with class or LTR potential.

    Silly beta, hoars are for P&D.


  57. Question SHOULD be, what’s the end game here for the guy?

    Aside from the flagrant tit grab, the woman has shown a huge lack of respect for this guy. In a way, she’s done him a favor by broadcasting loudly that disrespect so he is unable to miss it. I am betting there were more subtle tells leading up to this, but he did not want to see them, so he should be thankful she threw something in his face he could not ignore.

    But, that has also disqualified herself as being worth much of anything to him. He should proceed according to what is best for him, and worse for her.

    I agree that so far, he has put himself into a very Beta position, and he needs to break out of it.

    Getting into a fistfight with a guy over low value woman like that, validating her sense of worth that two guys will fight over her seems like a lot of effort for little gain. Women love drama, and having two dudes wail on each other for her benefit will probably feed her ego and moisten her drawers. Seems like it serves her more than him.

    I would say the best course would be to challenge the guy about grabbing his girl’s tit in front of him, but do it with some amused mastery:

    “Hey! I didn’t know it was molestation night here tonight! Is your girlfriend around? I’d like to grind her ass a bit.”

    You are calling him on his shit, and illustrating the foul he committed, and hopefully getting under his skin. He disrespected you, and you are giving him back some of the same.

    If he backs down, nod, say “we’re cool”, then turn to the woman and say, “We’re done.” And then walk. If she follows in any way, make her jump through hoops to get back into your good graces, and then treat as she apparently likes to be treated; a sex toy.

    If the guy doesn’t back down, DO NOT THROW THE FIRST PUNCH. Press him about why he thinks he can grab your girl’s tits in front of you. Don’t yell but interrogate. He will either back down or swing, putting the onus on him if the cops do get called.

    In this way, you are not only challenging him, but you are broadcasting in front of everyone how this girl allowed herself to be manhandled, i.e., is a slut.

    When the girl tries to intercede by grabbing him, which she will, he should turn to her and say, “Here’s a phrase you might want to practice…Get your goddamn hands off me!”

    When she calls him an asshole, or otherwise challenges him about acting “this way”, which she will, give her a dead eye stare. Then turn to Chester the molester, and tell him.

    “On second thought…she’s all yours.”

    Give her a final look of disgust and walk.

    The point is to assert your dominance, humiliate her, and avoid facing a felony charge over a slut.


    • This is excellent, although I don’t have the skill to be that good on the spot (then again, I also am not beta enough for this whole scenario to go down in the first place).

      The entire original story reeks of beta, that this guy was calling a woman like that his ‘girlfriend’ is astonishing. He acts as if she had no tells to her true character before this incident, which I refuse to believe. Only the uninitiated can fail so hard.

      If you give off the right vibe, and it’s all congruent, this sort of stuff just doesn’t happen to a respectable man (or at least it is incredibly rare).


      • “although I don’t have the skill to be that good on the spot ”

        I wonder if anyone does.

        I hate advice that builds in so many assumptions about other people’s behavior. It reminds me of old sales training materials I had to read: “You say [xyz], at which point the prospect/client will say [pqr]…” But what if they don’t say [pqr], what if they say [lmn], eh? In real life people very often zig when you were expecting them to zag. The goddamn routine-mongers leave this out. Gah.


  58. OT: 22yr old female teacher sleeps with 15yr old student. A few white-knighter friends create a facebook group trying to defend her saying that they won’t accept the truth. Talk about being completely oblivious to women’s sexuality.


  59. I don’t want to be cocky, but this is probably one of the best and most important comments I’ve ever written lol. Covering some external shit but mainly a lot of internal shit in this. This one is an important read for the newbie/intermediate guys hitting the field regularly and getting into relationships (Scray, Hunter, Immoralgables, etc.):

    To the OP:

    She’s fucked him, thought about fucking him, wants to fuck him, or IS fucking him.

    Ultimately the entire thing is your fault, which I’ll explain. But the next in line for fault is her, for not introducing you. That told him exactly where you stand with her, which is “he’s okay for now but I’m looking for better and don’t want you to be deterred by him, keep seducing me plz”. This is one of the signals my buddies and I specifically look for when we hit on girls who are taken: ie – what’s the dynamic of her relationship with her guy…does she introduce him immediately? Does he lurk around in the background or take over the conversation? Does she touch him or does he touch her? Does she basically forget he exists for a few minutes? Does she talk about him? Does she introduce him as a friend? Does she not mention him until she HAS to? Does she say “that’s my boyfriend…” with a sad tone in her voice that says “:( I wish he wasn’t here because I really want to fuck you…” When the girl leaves, with her lame borefriend chasing after her looking like a sad puppy dog, we turn to eachother and say “poor guy, she wants to fuck the shit out of you lol” and laugh. The dynamics are blatantly obvious when you know what to look for.

    It’s NOT the other guys’ fault at all, because SHE gave him permission to do that, by not preventing it and not bitching him out for it. Ergo, fighting him is stupid, because he’s not the one in the wrong…he’s just reacting to her signals. Focusing on “well he should stay away because she’s my girlfriend” and working yourself up into a fist-swinging rage is stupid, because if you date a smokin hot 8+ girl, you will be throwing punches EVERY NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE until you end up in jail or dead lol

    I don’t have to worry about AMOGs with my GFs when I’m out with them because my girls will handle themselves and not let this happen or won’t excuse it if it does happen. The only time I would resort to fighting would be if a guy was constantly harrassing my girl and she had already made it very clear to him that he was bothering her, and even THEN I would go through other channels first like taking her to the dance floor and ignoring him, AMOGing him verbally, or calmly walking over to a bouncer and having him tossed out (that’s what they’re there for lol). Guys who have to resort to fighting are either 1) young enough to still get away with that nonsense and not care about the consequences, or 2) not socially savvy/powerful/commanding enough to handle the situation in the thousands of other ways available that don’t involve fighting.

    If she wants to get off on me being physical/aggressive/manly, I’ll toss her around in the bedroom. If she specifically wants to get off on seeing me fighting other men, she can go date an 18yo from the kiddie-bars who drunkenly scrap outside at last call every night. This is not negotiable.

    So the one in the wrong and who should be punished is ultimately HER, not him. Now there’s two things to look at here:

    1) WHY did she let that happen? Why is she not clinging to you when you’re out? Why does she feel this was acceptable? Why didn’t she chew him out?

    And 2) How do you punish her and stop/change this behavior for the future? And how do you prevent it in future girlfriends?

    So why did this situation occur? Here are a bunch of reasons:

    – maybe she’s just not that into you (your value isn’t high enough)
    – or maybe she likes you but he’s got higher value to her than you do right now and her Hypergamy kicked in
    – they clearly have a history (flirting or actual fucking)
    – you didn’t claim your territory (ie – hand around her waist, physically dominating her, basically making it very clear/obvious that she belongs to you)
    – she didn’t cling to you (ie – she wasn’t introducing you, she wasn’t touching you, she basically treated you like an Orbiter)
    – she has no fear of losing you (ie – she’s not at all worried that not making it clear she’s your GF would cause her to lose you)
    – she possibly doesn’t care if she DID lose you (again this is a value not high enough to care thing)
    – she may have no idea it bothers you
    – she may expect you to be able to handle yourself
    – she may love the attention and the jealousy drama of playing multiple guys off eachother
    – you took her to a place where her value is higher than yours because she worked there…never ever ever go to a place the girl invites you to, because she will always invite you to a place where she has Orbiters and high-value to see how you react and if you’re ultimately better than all her other options. You CAN still pull off owning the huge shit-test but it’s a massive uphill battle that’s silly to voluntarily take on. I flake on girls all the time when they try to arrange where we should hang out, and tell them to meet me on my turf instead…once you’re in a legit SERIOUS LTR, you can go into these things and not be tested as hardcore, but in the initial first 3 months? You’re taking a fucking gamble that you didn’t need to take.

    Anyway, so the common thread in all of these reasons is that there’s no fear of loss in her, so she treats you like an Orbiter, and there’s no fear of loss in her because you aren’t high enough value to her. Part of why my girls will interrupt the guy to introduce me to him when I come over, or will tell him to fuck off if he’s crossing the line is because they fear losing me. I’m high-value to them and they know I have a set of standards/expectations and that if they cross those, I will mercilessly drop them, because I have options and can get other girls. Because of their Hypergamy (ie – they want the highest-value male available to them), they legitimately aren’t into the other guys because they know they’re already with a higher-value man, so it’s easier for them to tell him to knock it off or to remember to introduce me because there’s no conflict of “I know I SHOULD do this, but I kind of want to fuck this other higher-value guy so maybe I’ll let this slide…..” like with your situation.

    So how do you punish her?

    IDEALLY, you should have Soft Nexted her immediately:

    ie – you should’ve simply walked out and left her to get herself home and ignored her calls for a few days. Then when you got in touch again, told her in no uncertain terms that her behavior was unacceptable and that if she wants to be your girlfriend, then when you’re out she introduces you immediately and she doesn’t allow guys to get away with that shit around you. If she isn’t willing to do this, then you simply shrug and Hard Next her (ie – completely ditch her) and find a better girl. Personally, I like to let them know why I left with a little hamster fuel like when she txts “where did you go??” I’ll throw something like “you and AMOG clearly have catch up to do. Goodnight babe.” and turn my phone off. It doesn’t have to be like “because you were acting like a fucking whore ahghghaghghghhghg” lol Just a one-off calm-but-this-is-the-end-of-the-conversation txt (it’s important that you don’t have a discussion right then and there, read Blackdragon’s post on Next’ing for details on that) that points her hamster in the general direction of “me and AMOG? We’re just friends…is he mad? Why is he mad? I mean, I guess I didn’t introduce him…and AMOG grabbed my tit but he didn’t see that, did he? omg maybe he’s mad at me for that…I guess I shouldn’t have done it, but…why won’t he answer my txts?? is he dumping me?? omg I’d better phone him!!!” and then a few days of stress and hamster-fuel. Incidentally this also helps keep her from fucking the guy because she’s too wrapped up in worrying about losing you to go home with him.

    Now keep in mind that this works when you have high-value to her. If you have LOW-value, she’ll go “wtf I can’t believe he’s mad about that…that’s stupid. Whatever then, maybe I WILL fuck AMOG, HE’S not judging me, he’s just giving me good emotions tonight.” lol

    Doing a Hard Next like a lot of guys are recommending, before attempting to train her with Soft Nexts is dumb and usually the reaction of butt-hurt guys. You don’t take your dog back to the pound because it shits on the carpet once, that’s an insane over-reaction. You train it, and ideally it learns where to shit and you have no problems and both live happily ever after. If it keeps shitting despite your training, you take it back to the pound. This is the same concept.

    Now I can give you some external steps like “Soft Next her and ignore her calls for a few days bla bla” and ya, that might help you out in this specific situation this one time. But let’s look at the much bigger overall picture, that encompasses your entire fucking life and all your future relationships:

    You know the punishment, but how do you prevent it from happening in the first place, with future girlfriends, from the very start?

    1) Be high-value. Always be working on this. Work on your social skills, learn to interact with other men, learn to flirt with women, have other options, and basically be the guy that she would worry about losing. I’ve said before that while most girls will cheat on their BFs/fiances/husbands with me, the only ones I absolutely CAN’T get are the ones who believe their man is the highest-value man available to them. Those girls will shut me down hard, even apologizing for it, because their Hypergamy is firing on all cylinders over their man and it’s literally not in their reality that they could cheat.

    This is why guys who think “oh if I get a virgin she’ll be faithful” are dumb…it has nothing to do with that. If you get a virgin, but become a low-value guy to her, she will cheat on you just like the 22-count bar-star slutty whore. If you get a 22-count bar-star slutty whore, but you are the highest value guy to her, she will be as faithful as the virgin would. A lot of guys are hoping to find a virgin/Madonna so they can just keep being pieces of shit in general and not improve themselves or constantly work on themselves and grow as men throughout their life…they just want a “guaranteed” faithful girl who won’t cheat so they can sit on the couch drinking beer and watching mindless TV and feel like they “beat the system” by finding a guarantee…then they get cheated on because someone like me comes along with way higher value and fucks their 1-count wife.

    Here’s an RSD Julien video on this:

    There’s nothing wrong with wanting a virgin wife, as long as the reason you want it ISN’T that you think it’ll guarantee you she’ll be faithful no matter what your value to her is, and that you don’t look at it like “great, this is my way of avoiding having to stay on top of my game”. It all comes down to Hypergamy.

    2) Have a set of personal standards of what behavior is acceptable/not-acceptable to you in various types of relationships. Like what can a casual fuckbuddy get away with that you’re cool with? Is a fuckbuddy allowed to fuck other guys? Can she only fuck certain types of guys (like her ex, or only randoms)? Or does she have to only be fucking you (girls will accept this frame if you’re adamant about it and high-value enough)? Can a fuckbuddy flirt with other guys in front of you? Can she flake on your plans at the last minute or does she need to provide a day’s notice? Does a fuckbuddy have to introduce you to her friends, or can she ignore you all night and do her thing, and just trust that you’ll hang out at last call?

    Then ask yourself what can a new girlfriend get away with that you’re cool with? What about a serious long-term girlfriend? Write this stuff down on a piece of paper even, it will help solidify things in your mind.

    Because you can’t enforce Soft/Hard Nexts to punish/change behavior (or reward her to encourage good behavior) if you don’t know what your personal standards and expectations are. The law is extremely complicated, there are a shitload of nuances to it…if you kill someone, was it in self-defense, did you HAVE to kill them, did you meet them with the intention of killing them, etc. The law has different charges and different punishments for all of these things, so when you cross a line, there’s a very black and white “you were caught speeding, so now you have to pay a fine.” system in place that’s enforcable because of how specific the law is. (granted you get some flex room depending on circumstances, but that’s beside the point)

    The law doesn’t say “I dunno, I guess sometimes if you kill a guy, it might be okay or not, maybe, and I guess you should like, go to jail for some amount of time, I guess…well, I don’t want you to be mad at me so I’ll let it slide this time and just go vent on an Internet forum…” lol

    So first and foremost you need to decide your personal standards. This is an important part of being a man and it spills into other parts of your life. What behaviors do you accept from your close friends? From casual acquaintances? From business partners or co-workers? From your children? From YOURSELF? And what degree of punishment (or rewards, if they meet/surpass your expectations) is deserved? You can’t “Soft Next” your 8yo daughter for throwing a tantrum over you not buying her a new doll from the toy store and just leave the house for a few days lol…You can’t “Soft Next” your co-worker for disrespecting you in front of your boss and just not come into work for a few days lol You have to decide on how you handle these violations of your personal expectations, but to do that you have to HAVE and KNOW your personal expectations first.

    We’re socially conditioned by society to not have any standards. Everyone is a special snowflake, everyone is beautiful, don’t be mean, don’t hurt anyone’s feelings, accept everyone no matter how shitty they are, “if you can’t handle me at my worst then you don’t deserve me at my best”, etc. etc. So at first you might feel guilty for consciously saying “I expect my GF to introduce me when we’re out, and I will cut her out of my life cold without looking back if she refuses to learn to do this”. But over time you’ll understand that ultimately this is better for everyone involved. Women need you to bring Order to their Chaos. They need you to be the solid oak tree, rooted and firm, while they scramble around on your branches like a squirrel.

    I recommend the Manhood 101 stuff if you want to learn more about this concept and solidify the mindset.

    Specifically these two short videos:

    And if you like reading, their free eBook (specifically the chapters on order/chaos, and punishment/reward) goes into this in a lot of depth:

    The most important part of all of this (which the 1st Manhood video above mentions at 1:40), is that these are YOUR personal standards, that are based on how YOU feel and what you want and what your goals in life are. I can’t give you the list of what your standards should be. No one else here can. There’s no “this standard is alpha, this standard is beta”, that’s all bullshit. “I don’t do it because it’s alpha, it’s alpha because I do it.”

    Part of why PUAs recommend going out a shit-ton and meeting a ton of girls and having a ton of relationships, is that when you start out you have NO standards. You don’t even know you SHOULD have standards, and you’re shamed by social conditioning if you DARE have standards (skim through Jezebel’s articles for examples of this lol). This is why guys who don’t have much experience with women often end up with shitty girls…not even WIVES necessarily, just GIRLFRIENDS, that they aren’t even legally attached or bound by having kids together…like CK Louis says “fuckin’ call her and say FUCK YOU, and hand up, and LEAVE her. You can end that shit with a PHONE CALL. I need a fuckin’ gun, and a plane ticket, and bleach and shit…” They have girlfriends who get fat, who disrespect them, who cheat on them, who eat unhealthy, who drink too much, who stop dressing up, who stop putting out, etc.

    But the guys dating/marrying those women don’t know what their standards are, and feel guilty enforcing their authority, so they end up in dead ends that they could have avoided.

    So by going out and meeting a lot of girls, interacting with a lot of people, having a lot of relationships, you slowly learn “okay, this girl did this to me, and it didn’t bother me, but this other girl did this OTHER thing to me and that made me feel like SHIT…I had no idea I wouldn’t care about that first thing, I always just assumed it would piss me off but it turns out it’s really not that big a deal, and I thought that 2nd thing wouldn’t bother me but holy SHIT does it ever bother me, so I will no longer accept that 2nd behavior from my serious long-term girlfriend, but I WILL allow her to do that 1st thing because I don’t care about it.”

    This is unique to every individual man. My personal standards are VERY different from most guys, but I’ve had a unique journey in life compared to the average guy, and my standards are personalized to me. On top of that, I will VERY adamantly enforce my standards. If someone DOES cross my lines, which are way more tolerant than most people’s because I’m a pretty chill guy in general, I will be cut-throat in enforcing punishment (and the reverse, if someone meets/surpasses my expectations I will reward them handsomely).

    Like when I say I don’t fight, it’s not that “I’m scared to fight” or “I dunno, maybe sometimes I might kind of fight” or that I’ve never thought about it. It’s that I have a personal line in my mind that says I will not get into bar fights (self-defense in dangerous situations or to protect loved ones is different) if it can be avoided in any way, even if it means apologizing or walking away like a pussy while someone calls me a chicken, like I would give a shit about that lol I don’t care if people make fun of that, or say it isn’t alpha, etc. That has no relevance to me because I am following MY personal standards, not theirs.

    3) Use Soft Nexts the way Blackdragon describes to enforce these personal standards with your girls. Don’t feel guilty for using them or hurting her feelings with them, anymore than you would feel guilty for training your dog not to shit on the carpet. See the 2nd Manhood video I linked above for the kinds of shit-tests you’ll run into enforcing your authority, and understand that it’s FINE and it’s all part of the process of bringing Order to someone’s life or your relationships with them.

    Combine those 3 things (be high-value, know your personal standards, and enforce them), and you won’t run into these problems again. This can be a lot of work and take a while to figure it all out (I’m STILL learning some of my personal standards, when I enter new situations), but this is a long-term fix that will affect your entire life and all of your relationships for the rest of your life. Learning, understanding, and training this could be the difference between ending up with a wife who’s fat, hasn’t touched your dick in 3 years, and talks smack about you to all her friends in front of you while you nod “yes dear :(“, or ending up with a wife who’s in shape, fucks you how you want her to, and brags about you to her friends even when you’re not around…and who introduces you to her friends when you’re out together, and who tells guys who grab her tits in front of you to back the fuck off and apologizes to you for his behavior and fucks your brains out that night.

    Good luck. 🙂

    Now cue all the eBadasses calling me a pussy for not telling you to just punch his lights out lol


    • Thanks for that write-up Ya.

      I think what will help people get to the head space of accepting good behavior and punishing bad, and to feel entitled to certain levels of consideration is to have a relationship with a girl who treats you really well.

      A personal anecdote from this Asian i was dating this past year.

      1) Was always very feminine towards me, very nice voice and would dress up for me in the bedroom.
      2) Would invite me over and cook for me. Would ask in advance my favorite dish and would also do a dessert
      3) Would always be down to see a gangster movie
      4) Was great in bed, I was never turned down and she would always try to please me.
      5) Would try to be interested in things I was interested in. Would even email articles on stuff she knew I’d like.
      6) Would always have some sexy lingerie outfits on if she had enough time to prepare
      7) Would bring my favorite snacks to the movies in her purse.
      8) Would get me little gifts like a new iPhone case or a nice water bottle for work.
      9) Would never give any attitude and would give me space. Mostly because I would do Blackdragon’s Soft Nexting when she did so over time she realized my treatment towards her was a result of her behavior.
      10) Would never ask me about my dating situ with other girls and would never try to impose.

      All in all a great girl and definitely raised my standards of what I think is acceptable both in terms of looks and how I like to be treated.

      I think Tyler Durden or someone mentioned that if you want to learn a lot, get into a relationship. Get some experience.

      Over time, it definitely had an effect on girls I’d meet while out gaming. I’d compare other girls to her and it’d help me screen them out. Even now, it’s made me pickier as I know that very few could treat me as good as this one did.

      That entitlement on my part communicates itself in a few ways and it’s like night and day comparing myself today to the desperate, take any/all attention, don’t have boundaries with girls type of person I was 18 months ago.

      To others reading this, I’m not suggesting get into a relationship in order to raise your sense of entitlement, but realize that a lot of what YR mentioned can manifest itself from experience of seeing someone that raises the bar.

      I strongly encourage those to take the time to read BlackDragon’s Soft Nexting post and to try to apply it where you can.

      Set yourself as such high value to the girl (via awesome sex, channeling awesome emotions, being an awesome guy) and surely she will feel a great pain of loss when you decide to pull-back and slip away from her life.

      And lastly, I remember reading one of YRs comments a few months back where he said he doesn’t worry about his girl cheating because he knows that he is the highest value man to her. Internalize that and strive to become that and a lot of it will take care of itself.

      Do no harm and treat yourself well. People treat you how YOU let them treat you.

      @Lumpy, would it be possible to add YaReally’s comment to the YR Archive Index underneath the umbrella of excellent “Theory” posts?


    • Awesome.

      (and not in that insult/left-handed-compliment Neil Strauss-type way)


    • Also:

      Too bad for the wannabe-fight-clubbers that it isn’t The 50’s anymore, and no amount of wishing will bring it back, otherwise you could just haul off like John Wayne, or this guy from Blazing Saddles:

      More fun links about fighting, from Cracked:

      6 Painful Things Nobody Tells You:

      Watch out for those Pencak-Silat guys!:

      Seanbaby’s take on alleged Rex Kwon Do badasses:

      And lastly, the final authority, Chuck Liddell on Bar Fights:;imode


    • on August 3, 2013 at 10:01 pm manofthetimes

      That post had value basically soaking the (virtual) page. Much (non-homo) love. The next 5 rounds are on me.


    • Don’t even really know what to say. Been reading blogs in the ‘sphere for about two years now, and this comment was one of the most insightful things I’ve read. YaReally, thank you.


    • Dead on. Major kudos. Bravo. 🙂

      The only thing to add to that is there isn’t a woman on the planet worth my 2nd amendment rights, which you WILL lose if you go caveman and punch this guy out and get arrested. And personally, I couldn’t care less what a bunch of bar flies think about me if I do just walk away, which I would do in this situation, cutting all contact with the said female.


    • This is all great, man. A lot of it is a little advanced for me at this point. Like, I’m still just constantly working on value. The other stuff I’m improving a bit, but for now, it’s mostly just about the value.


    • (comment system ate the last one, so here goes again:)


      Too bad for the wannabe-fight-clubbers that it isn’t The 50’s anymore, and no amount of wishing will bring it back, otherwise you could just haul off like John Wayne, or this guy from Blazing Saddles:


    • (argh, munched again!)

      Seanbaby’s take on alleged Rex Kwon Do badasses:


      • Amusing, but Seanbaby doesn’t know how to do probability. If one in five tough guys carries a knife, and they draw a knife every time they fight, the probability of never meeting up with a knife after 5 random fights is .32768, or about 1/3. That could easily happen. To be improbable one would need to have 14 or more fights without seeing a knife.

        And the assumption that a guy would necessarily draw his knife is completely bogus. I’ve had five altercations while carrying a knife without once ever drawing it.

        Deflating tough guys in a satirical magazine is one thing. Deflating tough guys by reasoned argument? That’s something else.


      • Did you even read the whole article? -DO YOU EVEN LIFT, BRO!!!?!?!? -rofl.

        Keep that sci-calc handy so you can compute more stats during your next street-fight, Mr. Internet Tough Guy

        Here’s an excerpt about Seanbaby from the 4.5 out of 5 entries in that story you didn’t read (ps: it was on Page 2):

        “Here are some karate chopping facts about me: I ended my childhood with two colored belts, I have a decade of Thai kickboxing and regular punch boxing training and I know enough wrestling and Brazilian jiujitsu that my cause of death probably won’t be a headlock. Through the course of my lifetime, I have easily watched over 2,500 amateur or pro fights and posted several articles about MMA here on Cracked, and I personally wrote almost every word anyone says in the UFC Undisputed video games. I’m telling you all this about myself to establish that I’m an actual, professional expert on fighting, and yet every single time someone tells me about a fight they were in, something I’ve never seen happened.”

        If that isn’t enough qualification for you Mr. Seagal, I’m sure you can join the comments threads or discuss the finer points of accounting with sean directly at his website:

        Knock yourself out.

        [no, literally; if you can avoid filing criminal charges against yourself, by all means, punch yourself in the temple until you lose consciousness;


      • Ronin. Cute name.

        The probability is what it is regardless of who calculates it or what tool they use to calculate it is. If you know how to do it, you don’t even need a calculator to know that Seanbaby was wildly off the mark.

        You’re pretty defensive about Seanbaby, Ronin. Don’t go changing, though. It’s part of what makes you cute.


    • Nothing to add to this great post but maybe to say that traveling and meeting people from different cultures had opened my mind to how certain things I believed in are absorbed from my local culture. This questioning made me realize that while many values I had were congruent to who I am, other values/principals were blindly consigned to me by my immediate surroundings.

      Echoing manofthetimes by saying “the next 5 rounds are on me”…. if you’re ever in Vancouver.


    • YaReally is the AMOG’s AMOG


    • YaReally,

      You either train with DJFuji or you ARE DJFuji. I’ve literally heard him say entire paragraphs of what you just wrote.


      • Really? lol no I haven’t even really seen his material (I don’t like his dependence on his crazy peacocked hair).

        But the reality is that everyone who goes out enough, especially doing pickup where you’re cold approaching strangers, comes to the same general conclusions, so it doesn’t surprise me if he advocates the same stuff.

        It’s sort of like how there are a ton of martial arts out there with crazy Kung Fu monkey moves…but the reality is that when you throw someone into a real live unexpected street fight, pretty much everyone ends up relying on what looks like basic MMA moves.


    • still in the middle of reading, but this caught my eye

      because if you date a smokin hot 8+ girl, you will be throwing punches EVERY NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE until you end up in jail or dead lol

      CH and co should consider the best ways to handle attention of dating high SMV women. Do you get upset, do you do this, do you do that? You know, you’re on a date and the girl is walking ahead of you and you can see guys visibly double take as she walks by.


    • Great stuff, YaReally. I’ve never been in a relationship before so this is really new/significant for my situation.

      p.s. been practicing online game and got some awesome pics from a hot chick. lets see if we can take things further lol brb


    • YaReally – on point!

      I’ve done this in the past with out even realizing it or knowing it was given a term “soft/hard next” Everything you said about it is perfectly right. Now I’m going back in my memory and trying to analyze those situations for the future. Right on, very insightful!!


      • “I’ve done this in the past with out even realizing it or knowing it was given a term “soft/hard next” Everything you said about it is perfectly right.”

        That’s the thing, is that this isn’t a magic PUA technique we invente out of thin air. This is simply backwards engineering what natural alphas with options do, distilled to it’s most effective/efficient form, and laid out as a very easily understandable set of conscious, learnable steps.

        A natural alpha with options would simply teach this as “whatever man, she was giving me shit so I was like “fuck this!” and walked out. lets go get hammered and find some bitches tonight!” and not answer his phone.

        The difference is simply that Blackdragon has broken things down into something explainable/teachable and into it’s most consistent logical form.

        A LOT of PUA is just about narrowing down what behaviors consistently get what results, and backwards engineering them into something a newbie can learn and train and eventually become unconsciously competent at.

        When I was a newbie, I would Soft Next because that was the technique to use. Now I Soft Next because my mindset is the same as the alpha…”fuck this, too much hassle, imma go find new girls and ignore her till she quits being retarded”. The only difference is that I’ve internalized the most efficient/consistent form of Soft Next’ing whereas an alpha might fuck it up because he’s just winging it based on his emotions.


    • It’s not cocky if you back it up. Great comment, YaReally.


    • That was a FUCKING EXCELLENT comment, YaReally! I very seriously like what you have to say about standards in this. That’s something I’ve been wrestling with a lot, and your words are inspirational. It’s not your place or anybody else’s place to tell me what my standards are, so if it genuinely just doesn’t bother me, even though people don’t know why I put up with it, well, fuck it. For instance, being with a woman who is a shitty cook doesn’t faze me, but being with one who farts while I’m making out with her is totally unacceptable.


    • This was a great post, and men need to learn the lesson on establishing personal standards outside the PUA arena because it applies to all aspects of life. A lot of the lack of respect many of us experience stems from not having said standards, and others’ recognition of that flaw.


  60. I bet the tit-grabber’s gay.


    • Well if he had stood up for himself to that guy he quickly would have found out…..

      Idiots here honestly think that standing your ground means full on to the death fighting. There were many way to correct the situation, but walking away is not one of them.


  61. Three options as I see it:

    1. laugh it off because she’s a slut and that’s all she’s worth to you. In fact, you might even let your friend fuck her later after you’re done.

    2. tell her it’s time to go, have her wait for you out front while you go get the car. drive away and never see or talk to her again.

    3. stand up for her because she’s your girlfriend and some guy just grabbed her tit right in front of you. what the fuck, man? you don’t have to fight him but at least get in his face and tell him to fuck off and stay in his face until he walks away.

    Option 3 is the only option that allows her to remain your girlfriend. Options 1 and 2 aren’t bad consolation prizes.


  62. Those advocating for a fight are missing a crucial element – the AMOG couldn’t be disrespecting the guy, b/c the guy had made no claim on the girl.

    Look at the timeline – he’s on his way to “do the intro” (wtf is that?) when the tit grabbing occurs – not afterwards. Until he makes a claim on her, she’s fair game.

    The proper response is “Dude – that’s my girl”. If the AMOG wants to make a deal out of it, then a fight is potentially on. If the AMOG backs down and says “whoa – didn’t realize she was with someone”, not needed.

    Either way, she’s trouble and not worth having in a bar at last call.


    • TJ I think that is fair, but still lacking. If you as a guy grab a girl’s tits in public and you aren’t her lover or gynecologist, be prepared that someone who cares about her might come up and destroy your face. Again, it’s a code that a lot of people are too stupid to remember until it HITS THEM IN THE FACE


      • @Castricv – yes and no.

        It depends on what sort of priors I might have with the girl.

        Let’s not forget, the AMOG and the girl are coworkers – and obviously have some history together. She’s not just some random chick on the street – she’s a somewhat known quantity and thus, very fair game for playful contact until some guy claims her/she aligns herself with a guy.

        Which was NOT done.

        That’s the big point here – the lack of claim. The AMOG can’t even dis the guy b/c the AMOG doesn’t know he’s with her in the first place. She didn’t tell him and the dude certainly didn’t make it obvious – he was on his way to “do the intro” whatever the hell that is.

        There are times and places for fights – this isn’t one of them.

        Had the tit grabbing occurred after introductions and a public display of claiming – then hell yes. Until then, he’s just a dude she was talking with at the bar at last call.


      • Sorry tj, the cause of debate between us boils to only one thing — your definition of playful contact. Flirting, hugging, shoulder rubs, etc are in this definition. Tit grabbing is a sexual indication, whether it is reciprocal or not. If you are still unclear on this try grabbing a boob of a stranger and see if you don’t go to jail or not. Touching their shoulder in a playful way will simply get you blown off or closer to your target.

        The point being, if you are not specifically her current lover (even if she is a ravenous whore) be prepared to have to defend against angry claims from other men who might currently perceive of themselves in that position or simply be her brother, dad, etc. You can grab in private an old flame or the like, but in public that is a blatant claim of ownership to any warm blooded male there.

        Ergo, if the original poster came their specifically with her and she with him and they by his own words were seeing each other for about a month. Nothing else matters. Not her true feelings, her whore status or not, nor what’s “cool”. Only thing that matters is the affront to your own personal dignity and those you are accountable for. And she clearly falls in this realm. Whether the other guy knew him or not is irrelevant unless she is currently banging him and how do you find out without an appropriate confrontation? It most certainly doesn’t have to be violent, but it absolutely can’t be fun loving and humorous with the douchebag like some of the clowns here have posted.


      • @C – no need to apologize – we’re essentially agreeing – just slightly different starting points.

        Pretty sure neither of us would grab an unknown girl’s boobs in public w/o expecting the possibility of flashback. Totally agree there. But she’s not a total stranger.

        I’m looking at this particular situation from the viewpoint of the existing acquaintanceship between the amog and the girl combined with the lack of any sort of claim by the boyfriend as well as her obvious physicality tossed in for good measure (her pre-emptive hug of the amog early on)

        IOW, the amog has no knowledge of her being in any form “taken” – and given the girl’s pre-emptive hugging and flirting, reasonable expectation of her not being so.

        All this being said – once the b/f does indicate a claim, if the amog doesn’t back down, then the course of action is very clear.

        Bigger picture – part of my “dignity” is claiming my space in the world. If I don’t claim something, how much “worth” am I giving it and/or myself?


  63. What I don’t understand is how he could be so disrespectful to do such a thing when she has a boyfriend and especially when he is there. AND why she laughed when he did it, she should have been upset. Even if they had a relationship in the past or has been with many men it shows that she has not reformed because it obviously didn’t faze her that he would touch her like that. But she shouldn’t have even hugged another man in the first place, she is in a relationship, why she should get so close as to embrace another man. The most you should do when greeting a man who is a friend is a handshake and kiss on both cheeks, never hug. A hug only if man is family. This guy should move on, because she already showed her blatant disrespect for him so early in the relationship.. if she does this now- what next?


    • It’s simpler than that – if she was “into him”, she’d be introducing him around to her friends – especially male friends.

      Instead HE had to do it.

      She’s not into him at all.


    • on August 3, 2013 at 2:55 pm supersystem3

      I have always been fine with hugging, and almost everyone I know is as well. It isn’t even a sexual thing at all for people to hug each other, and neither for my girlfriend so it doesn’t matter to me.

      Then again, I am more okay with hugging other men than most, having been raised by a single father that would hug me often (I was also the youngest of my siblings). Without giving away too much anonymity, I was also in the infantry for 4 years and hugging was just something you did with your buddies. It wasn’t considered effeminate or weird, especially knowing not all of your friends would be alive that much longer and you were living on what felt like ‘borrowed’ time.


    • As I would infer from the YaReally addendum post, the BF is not. Hindbrain trumps forebrain, and you would have done the same thing if your ‘BF’ was embarrassingly timid in your social watering hole. As Michael Byc said, and I paraphrase, if you don’t know your social rank, you’re at the bottom. Must read and write to the hindbrains. In short, he did not vibe and converse (mark his social terrain with virtual pee) like a man strong enough to keep up with her. Your hindbrain would have rejected him, as designed.


  64. lol…..

    Classic agree and amplify at 6:36….


    • We’ve all seen:

      Here’s the follow-up lol…there’s a lot of social dynamic shit going on in this apology, and why she gives it, and how she views what happened (her hamster rationalizations), how everyone else views what happened, etc:

      Chelsea is a super-bitch, but here’s a video of Craig Ferguson handling it…at first she comes out guns blazing relentlessly (note how she directs the conversation topics, sets him up for negs/burns, interrupts what he’s saying to make observations, etc.), but he starts turning things around with just his calm funny wit (using call-back humor to circle back to burn her, like the “their names are on this gay ring” bit, notice she just laughs like “ah shit, you got me and I don’t have a good comeback for that one” but is toning down the bitchy attitude). No butt-hurt comebacks/insults, just positive attitude and intelligent humor:

      Ultimately the super-bitchy girls aren’t hard to tame…you just have to not fall into their shit-test, not over-react, keep calm, congruent, and out-wit them. And once you do, they become the nicest girls in the universe because they’re so happy they’ve finally found someone able to pass all their shit-tests and handle them. The funny part with these ones is that because they shit-test everyone so much, when you ARE seeing them, you know they aren’t fucking anyone else because no other guy could make it through their shit-tests to be worth fucking lol

      Most guys would be like “ohh what a fuckin’ bitch, fuck her I’d tell her she’s a cunt and walk off” and it’s like ya, you can DO that, but if you get some solid social skills down you can eat these girls for breakfast (literally lol). Now whether you’d WANT that type of girl or not, or whether you’d want her for something short-term or long-term etc. is all up to you personally…but the point is that, thru understanding game and social dynamics and working on your verbal game, you can completely effortlessly dismantle bitch-shields/shit-testing/AMOGs/etc. that would obliterate most men.

      Craig Ferguson’s interviews with female guests are actually really good to watch for anyone who wants to work on their verbal game. He improvises really well, drops a ton of innuendo and sexual tension into them, crosses offensive lines but pulls back, references previous in-jokes in the conversation as call-back humor, self-depreciates, and directs the conversations in a smooth flowing way. A lot of his interviews have massive sexual tension.

      He’s a liiiiiittle bit supplicative, because as a talk show host he has to make it a fun interview and gush over the guests and everything, keep it all a nice positive vibe, so he has to supplicate…but for a mainstream talk-show guy, he’s got some really solid verbal game.

      And here’s a quick Russell one’s way of handling the “are you gay?” shit-test/AMOG:

      I used to use this bit when I’d run into girls shit-testing me calling me gay lol They always shit a brick at the “BANG! Pregnant!” part.

      He uses it again here at 1:25 with Britney Spears (I’ve used this version too lol):

      At 22 seconds in: “Right…can you remember my name? And can you remember my surname? It’s not Russell BROWN, Britney…” – so solid. Just calling her out on not knowing his name. I use this type of thing a lot, making fun of the girl if she doesn’t remember my name…when I remember hers, that is. lol.

      Russell and Craig are basically impossible to AMOG when they’re on their game. It’s not because they’re physically tougher or intimidating than anyone, it’s because they’re so fucking sharp that they can socially dismantle anything people throw at them, and either tool the person or make them love them.

      All a girl wants to know is that she can trust you to handle shit. Whether you do it through violence, or whether you do it through social savvy, the end result is the same: she knows that when life throws shit at you guys, you will be able to handle the fuck out of it like a boss.

      The catch is that it’s easier to lift some weights and get sucked into fighting than it is to improve your social skills, so most guys end up scrapping outside the bar at 2am blowing off their sexual frustrations lol


    • Wow. This is a good example of a celebrity with game. Seriously. He disarms every single attempt to shake his reality.


  65. Must say that the ghetto advice given by some of the posters on this issue are well illustrated in my home town most weekends, with predictable results. Read the papers. Losers banging on losers.

    Those people who say they would would potentially get into a lethal situation because some random guy disrespected them cannot have lives they need to protect. Try getting a job with a conviction for manslaughter. Hell, try keeping your job after being charged with manslaughter. Over a bar slut?

    I think the best advice would be to play it cool, keep tapping her for sex, but understand she has a long history already and you are just one more. So what? Value her for what you get, and don’t invest in her. This is essentially what the bar scene is all about. Only a beta would object to this.

    If you don’t like this sort of behavior in a woman, look for another type of woman. But, don’t criticize her. She is what she is.


    • What world do you guys live in where, if it comes to that, a shove or a sock in the jaw leads to manslaughter or a prison sentence?

      Sheesh, the drama!


    • As Gramps described, this thread is really bringing out the inner Trayvon in some guys.

      Despite all the attention seeking, and games… girls already know who they wanna be with; don’t get shot over some pussy like a common street niqqer.


  66. on August 3, 2013 at 3:47 pm Dan Fletcher

    Had a girl I was macking on last night tell me I have “good game”. Obviously wasn’t good enough since I only got a number when I probably could have sealed the deal. She was definitely into me but was just weird to hear a girl flat out say something like that.


  67. “I hate advice that builds in so many assumptions about other people’s behavior. It reminds me of old sales training materials I had to read: “You say [xyz], at which point the prospect/client will say [pqr]…” But what if they don’t say [pqr], what if they say [lmn], eh? In real life people very often zig when you were expecting them to zag. The goddamn routine-mongers leave this out. Gah.”

    It’s a template, nothing more, as is most Game advice, although I stand by the woman’s likely reactions.

    If you want a more generic take…

    *Challenge the transgression with amused anger
    *Humiliate her for encouraging said transgression in public
    *Make sure the one who pays for them are she and Mr. Grabby hands, not you

    I am not saying many people can manage this kind of grace under pressure, but from my general experience in tense situations, the person who loses their shit first, loses. Merely hauling and hitting the guy is not the way to go. You look completely reactionary and weak and the chick gets to swoon over how awesome she is, and the guy gets to play victim.

    Even if you are intent on fighting the guy, then taunt him into swinging first by embarrassing him.

    If he is a guy you can take down, he’ll press charges and possibly sue you.

    You lose.

    If he is a guy who can kick your ass, he can do so with near impunity since you assaulted him.

    You lose.

    Remember this guy is not fighting over the love of his life, his wife, or he sister, but a woman that openly disrespected him. All of his actions and decisions must bear that in mind.


    • I think you are making the same mistake many here are.

      Nobody, I think, is advocating taking a first swing at the lout… a stern look and verbal line-in-the-sand is the preliminary action.

      Then if HE decides to escalate, and she is obviously on YOUR side, show that you’re ready to fight, if need be. 99 out of 100 times, this is where it ends.

      For that other time:

      Remember the legal concept of “fighting words”… and the guy who hits first isn’t always the aggressor.


  68. on August 3, 2013 at 4:44 pm Hugh G. Rection

    Parreira also related that Schwyzer – a bisexual who reportedly told Parreira he was in a monogamous yet sexless relationship with his wife – claimed he “missed sucking cock”.

    It’s getting better and better. Just read some shit over at his blog, he’s feeling sorry for himself and hopes that others do to. What a pansy.


    • on August 3, 2013 at 7:04 pm Libertardian

      Except for his contributions to the war on men, I actually would feel sorry for him, as I can’t see how one gets to the state he’s in without a trainwreck of genes or upbringing or both.


    • Self hating faggot. I called it 7 months ago.


  69. Start flirting with her hotter coworkers and see how she reacts, women (especially hot ones) are constantly hit on, they might not react in a menacing way if done by coworkers or people they know, it reinforces their ego. It all depends on the level of respect she has for you. Find yourself another girl, keep the current gf around, if she continues to disrespect you, keep her as a fb, nothing more. There’s no point in fighting over a chick who doesn’t respect you in the first place.


  70. I agree with most of the posters here. Tuck your cock back between your legs and slink away. That’s the ALPHA move. On a seperate note, my new go to move is to walk up to a dudes girlfriend or wife and grab her titty. What’s the worst that could happen? Judging by these responses 99% of white guys are just gonna slink off and tell themselves theyre better off without the whore anyway.

    [CH: If the girl welcomes your tit grab, she’ll laugh and hug you, just like the skank in this post. Does it make sense for the other dude to jump to the honor of that?]

    I get pussy, she gets to spend the night with a guy who ISNT one, and I’ve freed the beta from falling in love with a slut. Win-win-win.

    [Odds are she’ll cheat on you too.]


  71. #1 how can any guy who claims to be dating a girl let a guy grab her tit and not do shit about it?
    #2 he is her co worker, he knows you’re her boyfriend so he is basically calling you a pussy or he doesn’t know youre dating her which means your “gf” makes people think she is single which means she is just using you until she finds something better.
    #3 if her coworker grabs her tit in public he probably fucks her in private, unless of course she got mad at him (which she didnt).

    So what do you do? You obviously lose the relationship title. Make it really obvious you are hanging out with other woman. If she is hot keep banging her when you don’t have a new or worth while catch that night.

    Back when I was still blue pill I caught a girl friend sitting in another guys lap. Broke up with her for a while and had her begging me back. She was never bad again while I dated her.


  72. Done. Walk away from this chick. Can’t be mad at dude, but she’s 100% accountable.

    And one month, brah, I can’t even consider a girl my gf until at least 4-5 months.


  73. Hmm, perhaps the tit grab was the dude’s way of telling Mr Beta what sort of women he was dealing with that night? It makes a sort of guy sense.


  74. a girl who lets other guys grab her tit when her bf is around…

    what does she let them do when he’s not?


  75. Big hamster wheel, keep on turning
    Proud Mary, keep on burning
    Rolling, rolling, rolling on the solipsistic river …..


  76. i once patted a girl’s ass when she hugged me goodbye….in full view of her husband. he didn’t acknowledge it, but i knew that he saw.

    but seriously though, it was accidental, as that’s the way i normally respond when girls try to hug me, i ass pat instead of hugging back. i just lost a bit of situational awareness that time.

    so sometimes ass and boob touching just happens and isn’t intentional and doesn’t mean anything.

    oh wait…


    • Did you pat the top of the ass, middle of the ass or the bottom of the ass?
      There is a big difference.


  77. on August 3, 2013 at 9:50 pm Corporal Hicks

    Wow. WAYYYY too many armchair warriors here. It’s like nobody remembers that we all live in the United GYNE States of America. Legally, you throw a punch at ANYONE in a bar, and your life as you know it is OVER. Assault charges, police reports, lawyers, bail, civil suits, on and on and on. All over a liberated loose Western woman with the morals of a succubus and a brain of a 15 year old? You gotta be friggin’ kidding me.

    Give me a break. Spare me the blue-collar machismo. Spare me the defending my turf “as a man.” What nonsense.

    Look, the strongest animal in the jungle (a lion, a tiger, pick one) walks AWAY from a fight 9 TIMES OUT OF 10. That’s right. Look at nature. Kick-ass animals that could chew off your balls in 2 seconds almost ALWAYS walk away from a fight.

    Why? Because they know fights are stupid. They know fights waste energy and are loaded with risk of injury (yes, even if you win.)

    If someone threatens your wife or attacks her, you don’t fight him. You take out your revolver and you shoot him in the head. Next.

    Anything else is just stupid, stupid, stupid.

    Bottom line: Fights can be prevented 99% of the time. Position yourself. Eye contact. Strong handshake. Body language. Alpha training of the girl you’re with. The girl in question, if she’s going out with an Alpha, WILL ALREADY know she can’t pull that shit. Why? Because Alphas call out women on their shit at every moment.

    Game is learned charisma. It is = I am the prize and if you’re a cute girl, let’s see what you’ve got that might be worth my time.

    Stupid betas get into fights about girls. Alphas have the mastery of the girl that prevent fights in the first place.


    • Well said sir and I do salute your sentiment.

      In reality though “shooting someone in the head” isn’t an option unless there are extreme circumstances.

      No matter how Alpha you are, no matter how much you have your shit and state together; much also depends on the quality of the personality, character of the woman you are with and all this was shaped well before you had anything to do with her.

      All the Alpha physicality, attitude and application in the world is at best wasted on a girl if she is garbage and at worst, is folly to think that you can “change her”.

      Many a solid Alpha has been worn down like a coastal rock being pounded day after day by the crashing waves of a defective woman’s bullshit.


    • I don’t think there’s anybody here who has seriously suggested starting a bar fight over the broad. The non-ghetto methods talked about here generally involve calmly telling the tit-grabber that she’s with him and soft-nexting or cutting off the girl.


    • Why not just nuke ’em from space? It’s the only way to be sure.


    • on August 4, 2013 at 5:55 am Zombie Shane

      > “If someone threatens your wife or attacks her, you don’t fight him. You take out your revolver and you shoot him in the head. Next.”

      Thank you.

      There’s a time to fight.

      And then there’s a time to Exit Stage Left with grace and dignity and FORESIGHT.

      Keep your powder dry.

      Live to fight another day.


    • on August 5, 2013 at 12:19 am Imperial Leather

      I would just sick my pet kaiju onto them


  78. on August 4, 2013 at 8:36 am Greatest Beta

    Reading this the first thing I thought was he shouldn’t be introducing himself to those people. Also, she sounds like trouble frequenting a bar so much (I call these types BARGIRLS). One month dating is too soon to be calling her his girlfriend so openly. I’d wait at least 3 full months of dating, and even then throw out the title sparingly.

    The tit grab is a bad sign as most girls I know don’t get treated like that except the sluts. Unless this guy is a real creep douchebag but her reaction was terrible to still hug him. Her age would tell us more. If she’s 21 she can get more leeway. At 25 WTF is she doing letting that behavior take place?

    Anyways she sounds like a handful. Anal, then dump.


  79. That’s an easy one.

    Two options

    1. Treat her like shit the rest of the night
    2. Disappear without explanation

    Or treat her like shit then disappear without explanation


  80. on August 4, 2013 at 1:24 pm Full-Fledged Fiasco

    O.T., Dostoevsky on feminism:

    “So, listen to me. My speech will be much shorter than yours. I want to tell you this: all that you told me now was very stupid and banal. Do you understand me? It was stupid. It would be better to dispense with you, in this matter, but your family, your children and your kitchen cannot survive without a woman … a woman has only one main purpose in life: to be a wife and a mother … there is no, there was no, and there will not be any other ‘social purpose’ of a woman. This is all stupidity, senseless talk, and gibberish. All that you have told me here is nonsense, do you hear me? It was nonsense, and I am not going to say anything else to you.”

    Russians don’t mess around.


  81. argh, wordrpess didn’t like the link, so here’s the text:

    Chuck Liddell on Bar Fights

    1. Don’t Do It (But…)

    Asylum: What are your tips for bar fighting?

    Chuck Liddell: My number one tip is, “Don’t do it.”

    I worked as a bartender for a lot of years, and there’s no reason to.

    Ninety-nine percent of the fights that happen in bars, there’s no reason for them. It’s a waste of time.

    But if you’re going to do it, watch your surroundings. Watch for people. Be careful. Watch for bottles. Watch for the friends of the person you’re fighting.

    The biggest thing you have to worry about is other things coming at you other than the guy you’re fighting. And watch for the door guys, too — the door guys are coming soon. Trust me. Or maybe even the bartender. He might be jumping over.

    2. Talk Yourself Out

    How do you talk yourself out of a fight?

    It’s always been pretty easy for me to talk myself out of a fight.

    There’s a right thing and a wrong thing to say when people are trying to get in your face.

    You know, threatening you by saying, “I’m going to kick your ass!”

    You respond: “OK, whatever bro.”

    A lot of it has to do with being confident in yourself and not really feeling the need to prove yourself all the time.

    I have friends who still say, “Hey, that guy’s looking at me funny.” So? I got a Mohawk and a tattoo on the side of my head. Yeah, they’re looking at me funny. It’s OK. That’s alright. There’s no reason to fight them over it.

    What if you’re a smaller guy and someone is picking on you?
    Is it going to do you any good to beat him up? Is that going to help you any? If you really feel that way, go ahead.


    • Sound advice… let’s hope the AMOG tit-grabber follows it.

      After all, HE was the offending party.


  82. There seems to be large gap in the way this question is handled between one of two groups – one that lives around firearms and/or works in Trauma Medicine/Criminal Law – and those who do not.
    The first obvious difference is that the first group takes this whole subject Seriously enough to have trouble even joking about it. The second group has, as far as I can tell, felt little need to study even the actual gun laws in their state.
    I recently bought myself a new Tactical Gunsight. There were people all around the area when I was checking it out.. I could only look through it (just the scope, mind you) by looking up at points on the ceiling( a very big ceiling). If I need to explain that to you, nevermind…


  83. This episode portends future hassles. Dump hard and immediately. Do not accept phone calls nor return belongings. Reconsider only when girl “gets it” enough to humiliate herself and apologize for being an inconsiderate twat.


  84. I’ve never met a woman yet I thought was worth fighting over!


  85. on August 4, 2013 at 8:43 pm Full-Fledged Fiasco

    Just for the lulz.


  86. Wait. WHat about the AMOG? If I know the guy, I won’t tell him there, but some time later, I will let him know that kind of move isn’t cool. If he makes an excuse, I will put him through the wall.

    But, most of my friends are cool that they can get any woman they want, so they do not need to feel up mine.


  87. Some responses show a sad state of manhood. I’s no longer about the skank. Hell, puss-ass weak dude are probably the reason she thinks it’s all ok.

    Dude punks you, so what do you do? Grow some sack for God’s sake.

    Introduce yourself, grab a big bunch of his tit twisting that mf off while looking him dead in the eye. Grab his drink, ignore her and go chat with your friends like nothing happened hoping he makes something of it.

    That little voice causing you indecision? That’s your inner Vag talking.


  88. on August 4, 2013 at 10:56 pm Imperial Leather

    How old was this bitch

    Over 25 and pulls this shit = coke whore

    Under 25 and pulls this shit = whore

    CH is right. 4 or 5 are the only appropriate responses in this age


  89. ***Personal anecdote warning! If you don’t want to read my posts, please use the scroll bar conveniently located to the far right of your browser window.***

    I have a few male friends of varying orientations who would grab, poke, or pat a boob upon greeting, especially if there was some running gag. They’re all made aware when I am in a relationship, and refrain from doing that type of thing, unless they don’t respect the guy.

    If they don’t respect him, one will basically start treating me like his bitch as a way of telling the guy to fuck off. He’s a big, scary Russian, so he sells it very well.

    If you’ve been seeing a girl for a month, and she has indicators of being in a protective circle of friends and family, and they treat you like you’re not there, the best response is to walk away. She might not yet know that you’re up to no good and have no intentions of keeping her, but they do, and they’re telling you to get lost.


    • on August 5, 2013 at 12:26 am Imperial Leather

      No one cares what you and your enablers do in fattie land


      • In the case of future indifference, please make use of the scroll bar conveniently located to the right of your browser window. Thank you. 🙂


    • Why not just not go out with this guy in the first place if he is bothering you or you don’t respect him? Also, its creepy that your protective “circle of family” grabs boob. Your post is not productive and your worldview needs some refocusing.


      • Ah…creepy…Why do I hate that word?

        Oh yes, it’s because it is overused by silly girls who want to feel victimized by male attention.

        In any case, sometimes I will chance upon a prospect away from my circle of protection, but eventually, if he wants to be a part of my life, he will have to meet the bros, and one particularly sharp GBFF who fancies himself my “alte”. They may see things that I don’t, and warn me of potential problems or outright reject the unworthy.

        They have never been wrong.

        See, when you’re fat or have any other very visible and socially inconvenient defect or difference, you have to be careful who you allow to get close to you. There is no default value one can lean on for assurance that the person you’re with will at least recognize your value to others and therefore handle you gently on penalty of easy replacement.

        Then there is also the “false alpha” situation where a guy picks a woman he perceives as low value, and is therefore better able to keep his cool and be charming rather than bumbling.

        So my bros basically give me signals whether a guy has long term potential, is best kept at a safe emotional distance, or needs to be sent away as soon as possible. If they start with the playful pokes, they’re saying the guy is invisible to them. If they get territorial, it means the guy is dangerous.


      • Interesting Nicole, I was unaware of your disability. However, I’m not sure how fruitful this approach will be to finding a husband. Perhaps you need to visit Eastern Europe as well if they are more your speed and your family’s temperament.


      • I’m old (43) and have arthritis in my knees, and am fat, and already have who to grow old with, my second husband. So I’m not looking for another husband, just some hopefully loving, respectful companions to provide a service until I don’t want anymore. I’ve learned to separate needs and wants and the stickier sort of romance is in the want section.

        A woman can’t really have two Masters, and at this point in my life it is very doubtful I’d find someone willing or even remotely qualified to take the reins of my inner night-mare.

        Miracles happen every day, but as it is often said here, I am not banking on the exceptions.

        Unlike some others, I have no interest in pretending to be perfect or impervious to the trials of life. If anything, I’d like to serve as an example of what good can be done under non ideal circumstances. I’m doing pretty well for an African American living in a foreign country (Israel) who is not Jewish and definitely not a young hot chick.

        I would definitely consider the Ukraine if I were 20 years younger.

        If I can manage at my age with my looks, just from ceasing to be a bitch, then a young, hot chick can rule the world…Well, marry the guy who rules the world just from not getting used up or falling into the feminist traps. She can at least have a chance of securing the guy she really wants.


    • “I have a few male friends of varying orientations who would grab, poke, or pat a boob upon greeting, especially if there was some running gag. They’re all made aware when I am in a relationship, and refrain from doing that type of thing, unless they don’t respect the guy.”

      And, you think this classless shit is respectable behavior? Do you think it’s acceptable for your male friends to grab your tit in order to show the new man you with that they don’t respect him? What garbage is that? Got to be jungle behavior.

      I swear, lowbrow people substitute tit grabbing for a hello these days.

      Seriously, Nicole, I wouldn’t admit I had friends like these.


      • on August 5, 2013 at 3:47 pm Imperial Leather

        this is how it is in fattie land…the great hidden underbelly

        it really shouldn’t be seen


      • What you call “fattie land”, princess, is most of the world. Wake up.


      • on August 6, 2013 at 1:21 am Imperial Leather

        Wong. It is NOT the most of the world, it is what you want to see to justify your limited world views.

        Your talk about men as prospects and yet you want protection and have your enablers evaluate these said prospects….you fancy yourself quite the little queen in fattie land


      • Yes, I am kind of a queen out here in reality, as opposed to your imaginary world with mostly hot chicks and rich guys. I suppose you, anonymous as you are, are selling yourself as Mr. Perfect.

        Back of the line with the rest of the over “civilized” pussy entirely missing the point of this blog while hating on me for getting it, living accordingly, and winning.

        I used to be a lonely, confused bitch. Now my tears are dried the moment they’re shed and the sound of ass being kicked and doors closing in the faces of my enemies soothes my once battered and breaded soul.

        Perhaps if you spent more time paying attention to the posts and less time trying to dick size with females, you’d have the sounds of satisfied women soothing your soul and would actually not give two shits what I had to say instead of ironically wasting a post to say you don’t.


      • on August 6, 2013 at 4:17 pm Imperial Leather

        This is the kind of stream of consciousness nonsense your enablers have to put up with in fattie land in order to get pussy huh

        They must be pretty hard up considering how long you rant on for


      • You still seem to be having trouble mastering the art of not giving a fuck. Let me help you.

        It seems that you believe that anyone who doesn’t look or live close enough to what you consider ideal, does not deserve to have friends or lovers. You know what?

        You are welcome to this opinion.

        You are welcome to this opinion whether or not others share it.

        You are welcome to this opinion whether or not it matches the reality in Nature at all.

        It is yours, and if you choose to keep it, no one can take it away.

        What isn’t going to happen is your changing my opinion, or the opinion of those who love me despite my flaws. That is something you don’t control, and therefore, if you wish to be happy, should let go.

        It will be easier for you to let go if you grow in gratitude for your own blessings. If you have been fortunate in this life in ways that others, myself included, have not then you should focus on that because, as I have seen many times, those blessings can disappear any second.

        Perhaps if you haven’t completely alienated your family, you should spend some time with your elders. You will note that even if they lived in a way that was or was near ideal, they all still get old, and they all still die eventually. None of them rolls like they did when they were 20.

        Neither do I.

        I have made some mistakes with my health along the way, due to ignorance. I corrected them, but in some areas, the damage was already done. Now I am “strengthening the things that remain” and doing the best I can with what I have, because I am grateful for it.

        …and I am grateful for those who have been there with me through it all.

        They are mostly Eastern European, and I assure you there isn’t a fat enabler among them. What there are though, are realistic individuals who know how life works, and that it is not magical land of unicorns frolicking through the meadow where every woman must be a fairy and every man a centaur in order to be loved.

        If you ever find yourself giving too much of a fuck about the fact that I am not utterly rejected and alone, just take a deep breath and think of all the people who care about you.

        I am sure that you must be very loved and have many adoring fans waiting to ride your cock. 🙂 Be grateful, because one day something may happen to threaten this situation, and you will need to be able to cope. Cursing my good fortune will not increase your own.


      • on August 7, 2013 at 4:13 am Imperial Leather


        ohhh the irony…..please tell me again that thing about not giving a fuck


      • I’m not the one in this who was feigning indifference, dear. You were.

        I just thought I’d help you to achieve your goal.

        See, no one knows exactly what I don’t care about because I’m not discussing it. I have no interest in it, so I don’t feel motivated to post about it out of what is my personal “the blue”.

        Not caring is best expressed by actually not caring, and therefore not posting about it.


      • In all honesty, I think you care a little too much. You have this scratch on the brain that people you consider inferior shouldn’t have things you don’t have, like people’s care and loyalty.

        I earned these things by caring for and being loyal to others. No amount of fitness is going to replace that.


      • on August 7, 2013 at 4:40 pm Imperial Leather


        Please tell us all how your husband feels and what he thinks when he sees his wifes protectors and enablers titty grab his little queenie in fattie land again


      • on August 7, 2013 at 4:46 pm Imperial Leather


        Please tell us all what your husband thinks and how he feels when he watches your protectors and enablers titty grab you in fattie land again


      • Why are you still typing instead of not caring what goes on in fattie land?


      • …though I should probably ask myself why I am at all concerned about the wellbeing or interweb credibility of someone who is obviously either a child, a sockpuppet for another deranged poster, or my ex boyfriend finally showing his true colors at a blog I once referred him to so he could stop bottomfeeding with old fat women because of his lack of self confidence.

        If the latter, it wouldn’t be surprising as he seems to have a heck of a time understanding what not caring really is.


      • on August 7, 2013 at 6:39 pm Imperial Leather


        Please tell us all what your husband thinks and how he feels when he watches your protectors and enablers titty grab you in fattie land again… again


      • Fine, princess. If you must know, my second husband and I have been platonic for about 8 years.

        He has no problem with my friends, and my friends have no problem with him. They all have my best interests in mind. They’re just not stuck up American princesses. I also don’t feel victimized by male attention.

        We believe that it is in my best interest to stay under the legal protection of a competent man unless or until it is prudent to do otherwise. That would only be if some other man wished to claim me and assured the man whose protection I am currently under, that he would do a good job of taking care of me.

        I am sure it would be more convenient to a greater number of men if I were more “free range” and pretending to be a modern woman pretending to be a virgin by basically pretending that I am owed the same treatment as younger, hotter women who are saving themselves for serious commitments.

        As it is, that time has long past, and I an my circle have no interest in such games which are really traps that limit a woman my age and level’s true options rather than expanding them.

        I am not going to be left to my own devices to screw up what is left of my life.

        We’re not overly moralistic, but we’re not stupid either.


      • If you were in my situation and didn’t have friends like this, you’d be in the morgue.

        We all need male protection. Not all of us can afford to turn our nose up at a guy because he didn’t have certain advantages in life.

        One Gunslinger is worth a hundred Gregs. Even you understand that.


  90. “What’s the alpha play here”

    Angry fuck her hard.


  91. femx said:

    Look, I like Matt. If he would get off the internet and get a real job, I would date him, sure, but as it stands, there is no budding romance here. We are two people that have made no attempt to meet each other in real life or date.

    neither did mark minter and kate.

    oh snap, i went there.


  92. I hate the post-modern era. But my first two thoughts would be to leave the bitch there. . .but also sneak in a quick throat punch.

    A throat punch, done quickly and well, is so satisfying. Hardly a noise, just some Darth Vader choking, and no big drama as you walk away.


  93. This is easy….
    Play the fool. Simple. If I see a guy tit grab my girlfriend, and she is not offended by it, why throw a fit or walk away? Say loudly “Wow, he just grabbed your breasts! You actually allowed him to grab your breasts?! You must be easier than I thought!” make sure the whole group can hear you, laugh it off and introduce yourself as the boyfriend. Say something along the lines…”with all the tit grabbing she must have forgotten to introduce me”. If there are women in the group, jokingly ask your GF if you could tit grab them since this seems to be a right of passage with her friends.

    This throws everybody off, including the guy, because he’d be expecting a totally different reaction. He’d be hesitant to even try and pull that move again, and your girl would be hesitant to allow it, now that you’ve exposed the slut for who she is. You’ve effectively said that your girlfriend is a slut, that you know it, and that you are not threatened by the guy. Pull up a stool and engage the whole group in conversation. Flirt with the hottest girls you can get close to. Just show that you are there to have a good time and even this slut of a girlfriends behavior won’t stop your stride. Believe me, the whole group will respect your boldness. There is no way you lose, and no punch was thrown, no aggressive words said.

    The secret to all this game stuff, is for your woman to never figure you out, and to never take you for a fool. The example above is basically playing the fool, while not….at the same time. If you enjoy keeping her around, do unto her what she does to you. Take her to your turf, make sure a former fuck buddy is around, someone you can tit grab with no consequence and do it jokingly in front of her. The GF can’t complain and she’ll understand what you are trying to say, way more than words ever could.

    Otherwise, if you don’t want her around, let the countdown begin! Fuck her for a few weeks, anal fuck especially. Then dump her.

    This is chess not checkers.


  94. I can see this happening with entitled doorknobs who feel they can just prance around while everyone gets a turn and you just sit there and watch with your hands folded because she has you in her frame following her around like a little puppy dog. Don’t be the puppy dog.

    From a psychological standpoint, hindsight is 20/20, you lost this interaction and ultimately allowed it to happen before even setting foot in the bar. Her blatant disrespect didn’t just pop out of blue while inside the bar, it happened outside. Meaning? You have to work on your inner game. Strong, dominant, unapologetic, dismissive, even physical behavior (tossing her around while giving her womb quivering orgasms), would have essentially had this slut eating out of your hand making her the puppy dog. But instead you allowed HER to lead, you allowed her to take you to HER turf, you entered HER world, HER frame. Who does that? Betas. Not only that, she led all the interactions and you just followed around silently not caring or even adding value to the group. Remember, your job as a man is to add value to any interaction, not be dead weight. Don’t be the dead weight. I know this, I used to be the dead weight and it’s not fun.

    Inner game aside, what could you have done? Some say, fight, but this is what the drama seeking cunt wants. She WANTS to trigger an emotional based reaction from you, and guess what? So does the AMOG and if I’ve learned anything from coming upon this site two days ago is that you NEVER, ever, ever want to give into a girls expectations. She expects you to get mad and overreact, come in all protective like the white knight and defend her honor. This sort of stuff wets her panties, it’s obvious, but don’t play those games. So ignore and disappear maybe? No, just no. This screams passive aggressive non confrontational beta. Drama seeking cunt and AMOG: 1 You: 0

    Instead, be amused by the whole situation. Laugh and hi-five the dude, or make fun of them within earshot of everyone. Call them out but in a hilarious back spasm inducing way. The key here is humiliation and amusement. Do something that is not expected so they know you can’t be manipulated by the feels. Carried out successfully, this will allow you to do as you please with her. I agree with Philomathic: Do as she does. Let her know through your actions that that she can’t mindfuck you and that you can pull any girl you want anytime.


  95. […] as the “got volunteered” method — typically relies on “harmlessly” flirting with a man to encourage his boldness, and then complaining about his reciprocated flirtations to another man, usually a dopey boyfriend, […]