How Women Avoid Consequences

Commenter Wrecked ‘Em writes,

OT, but good comment over at iSteve about “Karpman Drama Triangle”… [ed: i can’t be bothered to find the link] and how women transmogrify from “strong woman – hear me roar” to “damsel in distress – rescue me” very quickly to wiggle out of consequences and to keep the blame on “not me”. Might be a good topic to investigate.

This all gets back to the Fundamental Premise. Women are the biologically and reproductively more valuable sex, (men are the culturally and civilizationally more valuable sex), and this instinctive reality influences every social and political aspect of our lives. It’s the reason why women are eager to recuse themselves from any blame, no matter how deserving, and the reason why men are eager to enable women to do this.

Since this sex difference in blame apportioning and accountability is biological in nature, there will never be a program or seminar or rehabilitation camp capable of overturning it. The most you can do is point it out so the worst excesses of it aren’t codified into law by raving feminist lunatics and nancyboy beta suckups.

Women are indeed verbal magicians in the art of redirecting blame and avoiding consequences for their actions. They likely evolved this talent as an answer (antidote?) to male physical and martial superiority. Some other ways women avoid consequences:

– blaming “the system” or “the patriarchy” (this covers a wide swath of feminist philosophy, such as it is)
– pathologizing male behavior
– exploiting white knights (most of whom are beta males secretly yearning for romantic attention)
– making “for the children” pleas
– demanding female sexual empowerment, then demanding desexualized men (a fine demonstration of cruelty)
– gossip and alliance-building
– tears
– sex withdrawal (the male analogue of sex withdrawal is resource withdrawal. ask a wife how she’d feel about that!)
– its opposite: promises of sex
– poisoning children against their fathers
– making, or threatening, abuse and rape allegations (more common than most think, because a tyrannical state permits this vile behavior to metastasize)
– being unaware of or ill-disposed toward examining their own sexual machinations (it’s easier to defy blame for crappy behavior when you can’t perceive the importance of your agency, or the motivation for your desires)

It’s good to know these unsavory characteristics of women, but unfortunately the inertia toward idealizing the imagined purity of women is strong in tradcons like Steve Sailer and Ross Douthat. No offense to these gentlemen (ok, a little offense), they mean well and their Galileic work in these neoPuritan times is invaluable, but their #Realtalk stops at the bedroom door, like it does for most men with limited experience in the mating trenches.


  1. on December 4, 2014 at 8:48 pm Lurking_Gorilla

    > being unaware of or ill-disposed toward examining their own sexual machinations (it’s easier to defy blame for crappy behavior when you can’t perceive the importance of your agency, or the motivation for your desires)

    That is staggeringly perceptive. I never thought of it quite that way. It explains a lot.

    Women: “think of a man and take away reason and accountability”

    Interesting too is observing how women react when these truths are pointed out to them: meltdown,


    • Self-deception is actually an essential and evolved component of deceiving others…

      von Hippel, W., & Trivers, R. (2011). The evolution and psychology of self-deception. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 34, 1-16.

      From the Abstract:

      “In this article we argue that self-deception evolved to facilitate interpersonal deception by allowing people to avoid the cues to conscious deception that might reveal deceptive intent. Self-deception has two additional advantages: It eliminates the costly cognitive load that is typically associated with deceiving, and it can minimize retribution if the deception is discovered. Beyond its role in specific acts of deception, self-deceptive self-enhancement also allows people to display more confidence than is warranted, which has a host of social advantages. The question then arises of how the self can be both deceiver and deceived. We propose that this is achieved through dissociations of mental processes, including conscious versus unconscious memories, conscious versus unconscious attitudes, and automatic versus controlled processes.”


    • The Hamster does not simply rationalize moves in the SMP; it functions as the highly versatile Special Forces A Team of female mental tools. It can make war on reason directly, through guerilla tactics, using indegenous rhetorical troops from other people and arguments, or take out logic in a simple bare-knuckle barroom brawl type of attack. Prior to serving in the brain, each Hamster is required to pass a demanding SERE Course – Sugar, Evade Rationality Eternally. The Hamster is tough. If it is temporarily beaten it just gets back on the wheel and starts spinning. It is not a bug, it’s a feature.

      You can’t beat a woman’s Hamster in an argument. You can only hope to contain it.


      • this imputes far more calculation to women than there is…guys, c’mon.

        women just don’t think like you do. There’s no strategy here or in anything they do for the most part. It’s just emotion. If she fuckin hates you she will try to kill you and you may fuck her in the next minute when she feels she loves you.

        Ever been stupid drunk where you start uncontrollably crying? That’s a woman’s common emotional state. The feelings are overwhelming and they lead to action.

        None of them are scheming on how to evade an argument, it’s that logic and fact simply have no persuasive effect against “BUT I FEEL…”

        You cannot “analyze” women into a logic function. This is why gaming is necessary, to fool them into emotional states that are favorable. It’s why sometimes the shit you say works and sometimes it doesn’t…why sometimes doing the OPPOSITE of the book works and gets you laid and sometimes it doesn’t.

        This is how alphas get pussy, their basic interaction with women gets them into aroused emotional states. They FEEL attraction. They do not think, “oh wow, this guy is saying such interesting things, I should analyze this sentence for xyz.” No. It’s you make a note and either they resonate with it or they do not.

        Some of the more introspective know this about themselves; they have a rational hamster that can tell when the emotion hamster is getting played. And if you do this, sometimes you will hear them say “please don’t make me do this…” And they will blame YOU afterwards for their actions because they DO NOT HAVE CONTROL of their emotional hamster- YOU DO. FFS, you can make women have orgasms during real rape; how in control of themselves do you think they could possibly be?!!?

        YOU are in control, but if YOUR control and YOUR decisions lead to an unaroused emotional state, then you are to blame. Got it yet? Bitches are an instrument, you are the player….if the tune sucks, look in the mirror.


      • on December 6, 2014 at 12:33 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

        trav, there are a few logical women. I’ve met only two in my quarter of century on this planet though. True for 95%+ of women though and this bolsters the women like children comparison.

        “Ever been stupid drunk where you start uncontrollably crying?”
        That’s because alcohol gives you more estrogen, so you are right that this is a woman’s common emotional state. I quit getting this drunk because I hate wanting to curl into a corner and cuddle a cat while crying.

        “Some of the more introspective know this about themselves; they have a rational hamster that can tell when the emotion hamster is getting played. ”
        This is something I have in common with these women which is why I always fail to understand the behavior of some men that marry divorce risks, girlfriend up notorious sluts etc. I can grasp the getting your dick hard part, her fucking up your emotional state and so on, but I don’t understand not seeing it coming.


      • on December 7, 2014 at 1:19 pm Twelve Bloody Scalps On My Belt

        HA HA. Very nice.


      • @trav777

        great comment


    • “observing how women react when these truths are pointed out to them: meltdown”

      There’s no greater example of this than when a woman is being arrested. Seriously, go to youtube and search “woman arrested”. So many will cry, “I didn’t do anything” even when the crime was already being reported while in progress.


  2. This is true ha. It’s also what ends up biting you in the ass if you get oneitis.


  3. As for dodging responsibility, check this shit out:

    “In their unanimous ruling the judges said: “The central reason is that we have held that a mother who is pregnant and who drinks to excess, despite knowledge of the potential harmful consequence to the child of doing so, is not guilty of a criminal offence under our law if her child is subsequently born damaged as a result.”

    “The UK’s highest courts have recognised that women must be able to make their own decisions about their pregnancies.””


    • I don’t think she got off solely because she’s a woman. The court was in a predicament, had found her guilty, the court would be admitting that a fetus is a person, deserving protection and compensation. That would fuck up the whole abortion narrative of a fetus being a non person.


      • on December 6, 2014 at 12:37 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

        Then explain why will I get a criminal record for homicide if I ram my car into a pregnant woman and she loses the child. I can’t say feminism is relevant in my country as an ideology, although abortion is legal. Or if I slipped abortion inducing chemicals into a pregnant woman’s drink.


  4. Last paragraph hits home.

    I wonder how much of that same disease hits some of our more…..rigidly invested commenters here as much as it seems to.

    Lotta angst when realtalk hits that bedroom door as you aptly put it. I suppose its easier to get passionate about the Joos and Nogs if your experience with ladybits is limited.


    • Fuck this gay moderation


    • Seems most race baiters be black ‘n shit.


    • Aw, the Tilikum troll CAN’T LET GO of his bitter hatred. Notice how he is ALWAYS attacking me and other posters whenever he shows up here. What a little loser. And note how he doesn’t dare write Jew, because like a good neocon lover he has learned that is forbidden. He is laughable. Nothing to contribute to the site whatsoever, only nurturing his bitterness. He is a classic sign of the old loner with no social life – in that failed creature bitterness festers since he has nothing else to think of all day long.


    • bro you on a board trying to chat bout game, that you have trubble with wommenz is a given so don’t try and act above that shit….like you some playa. How have you found time between slaying pussies to even be here??

      Besides believe it or not, being chaste is not the worst thing a man could be….after all….you could be a jew or a negro


      • utter lack of imagination “homie”. i


      • Actually it was a pretty astute and droll observation… and your weak-sister attempt at cavalier dismissal only proved the efficacy of the barb that hit you square in the butt.


    • Tilikum, You have much to learn young one.


      • Read your blog for a minute. More Omega brainsmoke.

        It’s lost, deal with it. Physician, heal thyself.



    • You shouldn’t go after men who are upset about absurd academics and minorities. Your comment suggests you don’t pay much tax. The manosphere is for men, and tax policy is anti-men. When a large percentage of your income is taken away, and mostly put in to welfare programs you didn’t want, and then given to groups of people who hate you, I think it is perfectly reasonable to look for a place to share your disgust.


      • What you describe are the wages of a Beta.

        Now, how can you stop feeling so shit upon that doesn’t involve a pointless and endless gnashing of teeth? I agree with both the issue and the fix and the strategy fully…..but what are your TACTICS. What will you DO.

        Are you in a position to not hire the next immigrant/non-white/female knowing its a PC abortion and they can’t cut it? Will you? I sure as hell am in a position to do so.



      • Says the fuckwit who just whined about realtalk in re YKW and the Muh-Dik menagerie.


    • Lotta angst when realtalk hits that bedroom door as you aptly put it. I suppose its easier to get passionate about the Joos and Nogs if your experience with ladybits is limited.

      Not here at the chateau, as you well know… but much angst about RealTalk in re race… to the point where you yourself immediately summon the ol’ Cathedral shaming “can’t get laid” canard.

      It’s like some of us have been saying here for a long time… you self-styled PUA Lochinvars who fancy yourselves “red pill” are anything BUT that when it comes to realpolitik and matters outside of goofy gaming of today’s slatterns.


    • Bitch wrote the fake rape story for RS,ain’t she a joo? Fags running RS,ain’t they jooze?


  5. on December 4, 2014 at 9:18 pm Themanofmystery2

    Re: How women avoid consequences

    In our society? Let me break it down for you.

    Step 1: Be female
    Step 2: Be held accountable zero percent of the fucking time by society

    Voice of Taco from The League: Don’t apologize, SUMMARIZE!


    • I think that women are held accountable for their actions LESS often then men are, but they are still held accountable for their actions SOMETIMES. If it really were zero percent of the time, no woman would have ever lost custody of her kids, and no woman would have ever been convicted of any crimes. There would be no womens prisons either.


  6. Upon reading Sailer’s advice for frat houses (implementing a “Gentleman Behavior Code) I almost commented “Steve, haven’t you watched Grease yet?”

    Red Pill lessons have always been available. If the TradCons haven’t picked up on it yet, no amount of CH wisdom will change their minds. Until their wives drop the D-bomb on them and they slink shamefully into the Chateaux, tails between legs, the Sailer’s of this world will continue to use their eyes for only what they want to see.


    • I think Sailer longs for a time when there were behavior codes for fraternity AND sorority houses. What’s wrong with that?


  7. Either women have agency, or they don’t. I posit that this is entirely a function of the woman’s whim.

    Example. Woman fucks up royally and drowns her kid in the bathtub in a fit of rage. “My hormones were out of whack / I am bipolar and had an attack / insert bullshit excuse here.” Pussy pass accepted, 3 years probation. The woman is claiming she couldn’t help it because of forces beyond her control and acknowledges lack of personal agency to avoid fallout.

    Second example. Woman claims “I can do anything a man can do,” even to laughable extremes like war or strength training. This is why Title IX bullshit exists. Even when evidence to the contrary is produced (physical evidence of strength training), the woman wants full agency to determine what she is and is not despite this.

    Either women are grown-up children that can’t be held responsible for their actions and thus should not be allowed to vote, or women are adults that should be held responsible for their actions by society. You can’t have it both ways. This is one of the most bullshit double standards out there, and is only a biological imperative insomuch as beta male pussies and broads enforced it. Alphas are wired not to take women’s shit, and society’s infrastructure was created by the beta, but alphas STILL have to live in that reality and so it’s time to stand the fuck up and grow a pair. If we want society to stop taking women’s shit WE have to call them out and make it social and legal suicide to be a dodgy cunt.


    • Either women have agency, or they don’t.

      All people are both independent thinkers and instinctive creatures. And it varies from individual to individual, though most end up much more toward the instinctive side.


      • That was a Jew-Nigger rationalization, since you dare us all to condemn the sacrosanct moocher archetypes. Check. Furthermore, as for logic not emotion…

        Hint: He meant rational agency, per the Reality Principle, also meaning a locus of control in the reasoning part of the brain.

        You wouldn’t know because you can’t (as a Pleasure Principle drone of the establishment employing cultural warfare) or because you pretend to not know (as the wilful enemy employing cultural warfare). The agency of locus of control is in one place or the other. That’s what locus of control means. Your handle betrays your propagandic purpose. Let’s all come together. Let’s take the mob average and call that the objective center. Hell no!


      • “You think we all worship at the altar of beauty? Seriously…”

        Lol. YES. How many times are we told that our looks matter most? It’s totally true that hotter girls get away with pulling more shit.

        And K’s story rings so true. My guy friends give me different explanations for this, but the two most common are “we like crazy chicks because they’re usually better in bed” and “we like the challenge”. Bla bla. The point is, if you reward something, you’ll get more of it. So don’t reward bad behavior, even from a hot girl.


      • A.M.Y.

        Beauty matters for sexual attraction, but not as an excuse for bad behavior. If a man fails to assert dominance, he will begin to fail to generate tingles and get more 5h1t tests.

        Beauty doesn’t matter to me when it comes to calling out bad behavior. Mrs. Gamer was an HB10 and I called her out plenty. I can think of one other 10 I’ve known, but I don’t recall her behaving badly. I hardly interacted with her except to dance and chat a little.

        I confronted a 9 about dancing barefoot, but it turned out to be a non-issue. She could dance fine in bare feet. She is quite the fun gal. Affectionate and curvy. 38-25-37

        I’ve called out plenty online who claimed they were lovelies. Even if a woman is a beauty, the Gamer maxim applies: “Pussy is just pussy.” You don’t take them too seriously or let them get away with bad behavior towards you. No pedestalization of women simply because of their beauty.

        Could be that my calling women out is an autism thing and that non-autists are more susceptible to giving beautiful women a pussy pass. Autists are famous for breaking rapport. It may be the thing that keeps our genes in circulation.

        Could be a future CH post is here somewhere….

        [CH: there may be something to your theory. otoh, autists have a harder time emotionally connecting. do they excel in attraction phase but fall behind in comfort stage?]


    • “If we want society to stop taking women’s shit WE have to call them out and make it social and legal suicide to be a dodgy cunt.”

      Agreed. And you’re all very good at it when the dodgy cunt is an ugly feminist. When she’s an HB10, on the other hand….


      • Amy: to finish your statement… “Then we’re too busy thinking about fucking her to focus on anything else.” Nailed it. Self high five.


      • “Agreed. And you’re all very good at it when the dodgy cunt is an ugly feminist. When she’s an HB10, on the other hand….”

        that’s the truth. most of the guys on here tolerate more than they should by gaming and trying to gain the upper hand over endless shit tests and cunty behavior. i’m always amazed when i read on here how many guys are rewarding these girls with their attention instead of instantly nexting them and giving their time and attention to the feminine, kind girls who really deserve it.

        how can anyone think giving positive reinforcement (ie: attention…any kind of attention) for bad behavior is going to do anything but encourage more bad behavior?

        some guys seem to get off on the challenge of it and i think others do it because they feel like they have no choice. maybe they aren’t meeting sweet, feminine girls or maybe they are already in LTRs with nasty shrews. who knows. maybe they even have kids in the picture so they feel like learning game to manage these nasty creatures is their only option. i get all that.

        but in reality, giving these girls ANY kind of attention is just teaching them that the bitchy nasty girls are the ones who get and keep the guys so why wouldn’t they continue being that way and teaching the next generation to do the same?

        guys who give these girls their attention, time, emotional investment, resources, etc. are just perpetuating the problem and helping to create a future that includes more and more of this kind of relationship dynamic. they are feeding these girls’ egos and reinforcing their behavior instead of giving all of those things EXCLUSIVELY to sweet feminine girls and building a better future for themselves and generations to come.

        it’s disgusting that guys on here can see how damaging fat acceptance is but they can’t see that they are participating in and perpetuating bitch acceptance.

        i don’t get it. the thought of having a nasty bitch think she is worthy and deserving of ANY of my attention, resources, etc. is something that is beyond me. i would be disgusted with myself if i stooped to such a low level just to get a piece of tail or to keep the peace. but most guys on here think that dealing with shit tests and nasty attitudes from girls is normal and just the price of admission. what a sad state of affairs.


      • “i’m always amazed when i read on here how many guys are rewarding these girls with their attention instead of instantly nexting them and giving their time and attention to the feminine, kind girls who really deserve it.”

        i have to admit that i have been guilty of this. years ago i was involved with a girl off and on who was a high maintenance bitch like you’re talking about. during one of our off phases, i got involved with a very sweet, sexy, feminine girl. she didn’t require or demand much other than a little bit of my attention and some great sex once in awhile. the other girl was a full time job.

        the thing is, i never rewarded the sweet, feminine girl like i should have. she didn’t get my attention because she wasn’t the squeaky wheel that the other girl was and that’s what i was used to. that girl demanded all of my attention and had a lot of problems so she’s the one who got the majority of my time and investment. i didn’t know how to handle a girl who wasn’t like that.

        i blew it with a great girl because in her words…i only gave her attention when i thought she was upset with me. she was right.

        when she was sweet and compliant and not complaining about anything (which was most of the time) i assumed everything was great and figured i didn’t need to check in with her or give her positive feedback or attention. moronic. i should have been giving her positive attention when she was being great instead of forcing her to get upset or needy just to get my attention.

        she wasn’t the type to be naggy and complaining and she didn’t ask for a thing other than a little bit of my time and attention. she didn’t ask for gifts, expensive dates, nothing. i’m sure she wanted those things but she was too sweet to ask for anything and she was probably more deserving of those things than any girl i’ve ever known but i gave her very little attention. i basically neglected her because she wasn’t complaining and bitchy and eventually lost her over it. so messed up.

        i suppose it’s the same way with kids. the good kid gets ignored while the bad egg gets all the attention.

        now i try to make an effort to be more proactive than reactive. i try to give more positive feedback, show gratitude, etc. when my girl is being great instead of only responding to her when there are problems. it’s tough because it’s not natural for me but it’s made a big difference with the girl i’m seeing now.


      • on December 6, 2014 at 12:48 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

        blart, that’s because good feminine girls won’t push your dick down their throat and cry of joy, not just out of reflex. Borderline sluts will.

        I like how he gets more and more inebriated as his show progresses. I wish I had a job that involved drinking like a sailor. lol


      • @Pijama Wearing Ninja

        “blart, that’s because good feminine girls won’t push your dick down their throat and cry of joy, not just out of reflex. Borderline sluts will.”

        yeah, i’m sure that’s the motivation for most guys.

        unfortunately i have standards so as i said before, “i would be disgusted with myself if i stooped to such a low level just to get a piece of tail or to keep the peace.”

        surely some guys will think i’m a pussy because i think the stress of dealing with girls like that isn’t worth it but i just will not waste my time or energy on them. i’ve done that enough in my past and i will never do it again. they do not deserve my attention and they are never worth it. no matter how great the sex might be.


      • Amy, somebody needs to spank you. I call out beautiful women all the time for their crap. You think we all worship at the altar of beauty? Seriously…


    • Yeah this pissed me off all the time when I was first waking up: either girls (and you can put minorities in here as well) are EQUAL to men -as they claim – so should get no bonus or advantage….or they are inferior and NEED the bonuses they get to compete with white men.

      But…its just so much better for them when they get both the advantage and the ‘feels’ of being equal.


    • again; we have logic sticking its nose where it has no business.

      Let me rephrase you- women have agency AND they don’t.

      They can simultaneously occupy these two quantum states in superposition.

      I’m surprised all you spergs haven’t noticed women are more like a probability wavefunction than anything else….


      • Quantum superposition is the PERFECT way to describe women’s agency in society. You just woke up my inner nerd. Just kidding, I don’t have one. I fuck like a champion and eat nails for breakfast.


      • you spergs” lol Women are macroscopic manipulators not microscopic mysteries shrouded by the Uncertainty Principle. Women have hardwired logic that is pathological in a man’s world. They follow a predicable logic that is not rational. No need to sperg it up, son. lol


    • For clarification, I meant “personal responsibility to society and adult rights” when I said ‘agency.’


  8. I see why you do the race stuff so often, when you post “wide appeal truths” about women no one comments. Good article, even if your regulars don’t comment with their usual vigor.


    • Or could it be the post went up after 10 pm Central time, and most readers are 1) asleep, 2) “busy”


    • Fuck this gay comment


    • “no one comments”? Okay, find one single CH article where that is true.

      Funny how you “anti-racists” always have to find distorted ways to attack, in place of racial facts. Because all the facts about race prove race realists right.


      • dude, you don’t get it.

        you can be as conservative and invested/protective of white culture as you want to but fuck man we get it. then you flubber about trying to lashout towards me for pointing it out.

        it’s ALL you and like 3 others talk about. fuck, do something about it besides complain. then again maybe my expectations are too high and this is the best you can do. i dunno.


      • on December 5, 2014 at 4:56 pm The Spirit Within

        I’ve noticed that Heartiste often posts race-war crap on Fridays, then takes the weekend off. It’s a drop-the-mic type of exit. Cue three days of endless Hitler-Joo-race war blathering in the comments.


      • Don’t worry, Yid… the chateau has a goodly supply of vapors for ye fairies of delicate sensibilities.


      • Hell, forgot to fill in the email and name portion on my previous post.


      • Anti-racist is a code word for cocksucker.


    • mcniglet returns


      • @Tilikum He is trolling. Like Mike from D&P sayz, play to the middle (of the crowd). Don’t reason with his arguments: argue with his social standing. This is a Game blog, right? Calibrate to each individual moment as a separate consideration except for you getting and maintaining control. Trolls are like women.


      • Don’t reason with his arguments: argue with his social standing.

        The latter tactic has no merit until a man has dealt with the former… THEN, and only then, let the drive-by mockery commence.

        Otherwise, one merely appears as a snarky little twerp, hamstering like some inane cooze… unable to address the argument, ergo backpedalling into a South Parkian “Whatevah” playground.


      • @Greg Eliot Do you use logic with bugs? with dogs? with small children? with women? with savage men? with civilized men? There is a threshold of adequacy and appropriateness for sharing our higher riches. The Dark Enlightenment is that all men are NOT created equal, especially the women.

        Verily, verily, I say unto you, it is the fool that casts pearls before swine. “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet and turn again and rend you.” —Matthew 7:6

        And now you pick the scripture to justify your mental prison on the most popular red pill Game blog. I just don’t get you people. smh


      • Doug, I was speaking about discourse with men

        … and yes, as we’re all-too-well aware, here at the chateau, some are retards of their own making who deserve nothing but derision and mockery.

        But until that’s been established, gainsaying their nonsense (even if only for the benefit of the silent peanut gallery, who could use the ammunition in the future when they decide to get off the fence) is the first duty.

        And since you’re such a God-fearing, Scripture-loving man… note that Jesus didn’t merely dismiss the Pharisees… He first beat them at their own debating tactics… and THEN gave them the sharp rebukes.


      • First reply got et, sigh.

        Point taken, and yes, thank you very much, we’re all aware that there are retards of their own making, here at the chateau, that deserve naught but derision and mockery.

        But until that’s been established, discourse among men demands that first their statements be put to the test and, if necessary, gainsaid.

        And since you appear to be such a God-fearing quoter of Scripture, note that Jesus first deconstructed and beat the Pharisees at their own debating tactics… and THEN gave them the sharp rebukes.


  9. Women have no problem with the gynocentric aspect of what they call patriarchy and objectifying themselves in the process.


  10. I don’t really see women avoiding consequences. I see a lot of women getting exactly what’s coming to them though.
    You have your young harlots jumping from bed to bed and then marrying a pillow biter at last call, which is a fate worse than death if this blog is to be believed. You have the shrill and ugly feminists who do their best to cause a scene before aging unceremoniously into irrelevance. You have the frivorcees who find themselves in a dating scene not quite the Hollywood spectacle they were promised.
    Sure, life isn’t fair. A lot of men will never know what its like to bed many beautiful women. But it has always been that way. And the women who think they can coast through life breaking hearts and exploiting male weakness normally end up very unhappy, in my experience.
    The political discussion doesn’t gain much from bedroom wars. Crying out against female deception reeks too much of playing the victim, and that is never a solid podium for a man to be speaking from.

    [CH: “crying out” is the wrong term. “bringing balance to the force” is closer to the thrust of my heavenly works.]


    • Recall that we live in a society where there is a loud, relentless drumbeat of the opposite BS. Sometimes you just have to point out the basic situation, even if unpalatable and unjust. We call it the red pill.


    • Or, there is the knowledge of the truth about the Feminine Imperative that is spine strengthening and allows you to confidently smirk and hold firm during conversations that run contrary to political correctness. Which is alpha and induces V tingles.

      Always fun to watch the eyes light up when they woman realizes that you aren’t a pussy liberal nor a “hey, just because I’m not a liberal doesn’t make me a racist” Repukiecan.

      When they realize the only way they can manipulate you is by using old school feminine wiles – subservience, charm, and chastity (except with you).


      • on December 5, 2014 at 5:00 pm The Spirit Within

        A woman with subservience and charm is my kryptonite. I literally cannot stop thinking about the last girl who showed me those qualities.

        If only more women understood this.


  11. How is Steve Sailer a tradcon? When has he ever pedestalised women?


  12. the Honor System does not work in our house. My 38yo sister weasels out of paying for anything and everything. She manipulates my parents into speaking to me on her behalf, and even lying for her. we share the house now, but after my parents die, the utilities will get turned off. And she’ll do nothing but bitch and scream about it, because she never pays money ever.

    Poisoning the well is the only way to win this war.


    • Don’t be surprised if she inherits the house.


    • on December 5, 2014 at 8:16 am Joachim Peiper

      In fact, bet on it. Mom and Dad will leave it to her out of concern for her future welfare while you will be seen as being able to take care of yourself. This is not uncommon.


      • +1

        I’d definitely be giving short odds on that bet, and long odds on an even split.

        For the trifecta, I’d add that she sells the house, if out of money within a year, and looking to move in again with the sibling.


      • on December 6, 2014 at 12:57 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

        I never got that. If I’ll have kids, they’ll get what I won’t spend on midget hookers in my doting old age if they’ll merit my inheritance.


      • I don’t understand it either, but it appears part and parcel of the mom dynamic… women don’t understand the concept of “enabling”, especially when it comes to bad behavior.


    • on December 5, 2014 at 11:57 am Hammer of Love

      Does she have a boyfriend ??


    • I wonder what you’re doing living in your parents’ house.


    • on December 5, 2014 at 11:05 pm chifforobe caresser

      There’s a relatively inexpensive solution to your problem.


  13. I tell my young female relatives that I see what they’re doing and that they should continue to do it to the fullest extent. Presented like this, they are happy to agree. Women are, be in no doubt, fully aware of the double-standard, and like feminism, are happy to argue for a hegemony under the guise of egalitarianism.
    I tell my young male relatives that it is the way it is and it is up to them to either compete or step out of the arena. Presented like this, they too are happy to agree. But then I suspect they all optimistically think they’re going to snag someone like my LTR. Whatever the motivation, I drill into them the importance of not letting women away with anything. This, I find, is an enormous tingler of the pussy when executed with male authority (and not with butthurt or whining.)


  14. What is really amazing is how many anti-feminists still dont get it. If you tell them equality cannot exist, they jump back in awe. If you say women should have zero political power and limited economic and social power, they shriek in terror. I remember when I posted that RoK article about repealing the right to vote for women and lost two ‘friends’ and got all sorts of hell. Now, thanks to the wisdom provided at the Chateau, its much easier to explain why it should be that way. Instead of being reactionary “women suck and screw up the world”, explain the biological differences.


    • Those “I’m not a femenist, I’m an egalitarian!” idiots are just as diseased as the feminists they supposedly oppose. They are just trying to claim some kind of moral high ground or to dissociate themselves from the, by now, perceivable stigma of being a feminist while keeping true to the liberal delusion of equality. And that’s where the real problem is: the obsession with the idea of equality and taking it to the extreme and applying it to places where it is OBSERVABLY not true (CH, Rollo and others explain the intricacies and the biology behind things but if you needed them JUST to notice women are and act very differently from men then you were either extremely brainwashed, completely blind to your surroundings, dumb or all of them. More or less the same for races).


    • I’ve never seen or met a feminist or other liberal who cared about biological reality or indeed any facts. Hence blacks rape a hundred white women per day and nobody squawks at it.


      • Quite a few articles have been posted here detailing how (attractive) white women are at the top of the sexual hierarchy so to speak, so it follows that more men are seeking to have sex with them. With more men seeking them for sex comes more opportunities for them to be raped. (rape rape or regret rape)

        Black women are towards the bottom of the sexual hierarchy and usually only desired by black men if they are desired at all (since a large portion of black women are ghetto, loud, and obnoxious) so it stands to reason that they will not have as many men seeking them for sex, and thus fewer opportunities for them to be raped. (Rape rape or regret rape)


      • CM- blacks rape black women more than white women. Blacks just rape a lot and whites don’t. Black robbery of white >>>>>> white robbery of black, just the same.


      • “With more men seeking them for sex comes more opportunities for them to be raped.”

        Ugh. No. It has nothing to do with this. For a jump-out-of-the-bushes rapist? It’s a crime of opportunity. They’re not wandering around polite society until they see an attractive white woman and are suddenly overcome by lust. That’s why the focus on what women are wearing (to prevent stranger-rape) is so stupid. These are not regular guys suddenly driven wild by a hot girl in a miniskirt. They’re sick in the head, violent animals.


      • @Amy

        They may not be normal people but they still need to get turned on in order to proceed to rape and that’s where the slutty clothes come in. And rapists do wonder around society, they don’t start raping right after coming out of their mom’s womb or on the day they hit puberty.


    • A loft of people here basically say that “Group X” should lose the vote simply because they vote Democratic most of the time. That is the most pathetic excuse I have ever heard for barring someone from voting. I don’t want the United States to be a one-party state.


      • Big problem though. The Franchise was limited during most of the United States history! We got history on our side!

        Although I don’t think it is really going to matter. America will probably fall apart by 2025, as Pat Buchanan predicted in one of his books.


  15. Bitches…They really were not meant to live long if they played the harlot…Never feel sorry for a bitch…


  16. In Sailers defense as an older guy the women he knows acted differently than women just ten years younger. Cutoff seems to be age 45 for women.


  17. Women are indeed verbal magicians in the art of redirecting blame and avoiding consequences for their actions.

    making, or threatening, abuse and rape allegations

    This reminds me of the man-hating Lena Dunham Jewess (a female mirror version of the Tilikum troll) claiming in her book that she was raped in college by “a Republican named Barry”. There was only one Barry at her college at that time, and it was easy for people to find his full name online. However, he never had “a flamboyant mustache” as the man-hater claimed, he never hosted a campus radio show like she claimed, the radio show she named never even existed, and he didn’t graduate at the time she claimed.

    Faced with these facts she was asked by Breitbart and others if this was the Barry she was talking about or if she had made up the name. She refused to say that this man was innocent. Instead she wrote a series of Twitter messages presenting herself as a victim, saying that “we will never be silent” etc.

    Sick. Funny thing is, when I read about her book I thought “she must be a Jew”, and sure enough, she was. Obsessed with perverted sex, feminism, accusations, went to therapy, gets a TV show at HBO, etc.

    Other fun facts from her book:

    –Pried open her little sister’s vagina several times

    –Tried to bribe her sister with candy to get to kiss her and look at her vagina – “everything a sexual predator would do I did”

    –Falsely claims that her sister had put “six or seven marbles” in her vagina for Lena Dunham to find, which would be pretty much impossible for a 1.5-year-old child, and impossible to get out again without help (plus they wouldn’t have been playing outside with marbles at that New York address)

    –Says her father stuck a fork in her vagina when she misbehaved

    –As a child, ran to sleep in her parents’ bed every night at 1 am “To make sure my father never had sex with my mother again”. Finally he made a deal with her, that she would stay in her own bed until 3 am when he would come to carry her to theirs. This went on for twelve years. In other words, well into her teens.

    –Her mother, a photographer, put up nude pictures of herself all over the house with her legs “defiantly” spread before the camera

    –Her father painted paintings of women with swollen, enlarged genitals (These two New Yorkers must have been selling their work to the degenerate in-crowd Jews in that city, who else would buy it?)

    –Went to therapy three times a week throughout her childhood and more

    –Got a “homework therapist” when she refused to do her homework (her parents had money)

    …And so on. And then this disturbed individual gets a show at HBO, “Girls”, with Jewish actors as Whites, acting out her own beliefs and behaviors through her alter ego in the show. Belonging to the Tribe means she can be a disturbed creature that hates men and she will still get a media position.


  18. Some gold in the comments as well!

    “MAN (to woman seated next to him at an elegant dinner party): Would you sleep with me for ten million dollars?

    WOMAN (giggles and responds): Oh, of course I would.

    MAN: How about doing it for fifteen dollars?

    WOMAN (indignant): Why, what do you think I am?

    MAN: That’s already been established. Now we’re just haggling about the price.”



    How about this piece of news regarding female irresponsibility and the associated “rights” of women to do whatever the fuck they please regardless of consequence to anyone, including themselves?


  20. on December 5, 2014 at 6:12 am Carlos Danger

    The entire welfare state is nothing but a massive dodging of responsibility for women’s actions. Single motherhood is the cornerstone of big government.


    • “Single motherhood is the cornerstone of big government.”

      fear, ignorance, laziness, apathy and superstition are the cornerstones of big government. single mothers are a societal aberration on the verge of extinction.

      “making “for the children” pleas”

      while simultaneously brutalizing them in utero by smoking, boozing, eating garbage and aborting them.

      the evidence has been presented and the verdict is in. women are base animals. they should be used for sex and discarded.

      “You have the frivorcees who find themselves in a dating scene not quite the Hollywood spectacle they were promised.”

      schadenfreude at its finest. i know several late 50s early 60s twats suffering through this right now. the stories mostly regarding online dating are almost too good to be true. their lives as single old ladies are horrible and talk of suicide is not unusual.

      one of these women even encouraged her early 40s daughter to leave her husband of 20 years and two teenaged children because “she just wasn’t happy” with their beautiful home, vacations, luxuries and all around great life.

      sabotaging each other to the bitter end.


  21. There is no end to female solipsism. Women are trained their whole lives to manipulate men with their emotions, particularly in the USA. They do not view this as manipulation. If you accuse a woman of being any less capable than a man due to her inherent emotional impetus to protect the self above the greater good (i.e. if you point out that crying every day at work for 30 minutes makes her less productive), you will be charged with the grand title of Misogynist, and you will be summarily exiled from polite society.


    • on December 6, 2014 at 1:04 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

      The positive is that polite society is filled with boring, boring people. Who cares if they shun you?


  22. @heartiste: have you ever thought about writing a book? e.g. a 200 page long destillate of heartiste’s key insights?


  23. Grouping Sailer with Douthat is a bit unfair to the former. Sailer is no pussy smashing player but he does his fair share of questioning the feminine imperative, most recently questioning the veracity of the UVA rape accuser’s claims. He was also right in step with the CH worldview on the Sterling/V Stiviano debacle.

    Douthat is a smart dude but just hopeless when it comes to analyzing female nature.


    Go out there and do exactly what the women say they want you to do!


  25. Bloomberg News recently has provided a red pill perspective on so called date rape drugs, Gamer Gate, lack of legal protection for men on campuses, and today reports a pattern of false rape accusations (link provided below).

    Bloomberg’s target audience is financial types….people who take action, move money around and take calculated risks….the sort of people who need factual reporting.


    • on December 5, 2014 at 12:22 pm Hammer of Love

      ” financial types ”

      You mean the “too big to fail ” crowd a.k.a. the off shore accounts, tax dodging, bribe, insider trading, payola, loophole, politician buying, back stabbing crew. Not much of a calculated risk being exhibited by these kinds. They’re only interested in practically guaranteed out-comes. Dont worship the money changers.


      • yes, them along with southern white boys who started their own business and fund their own retirements by investing in the stock market and have learned to minimize risks by doing homework and who bought and sold gold before it was gleam in Glenn Beck’s eye


    • I think Bloomberg is trying to warn the Zionist-types.


  26. True. A girl I know is a complete bitch. Daddy’s princess, she slept through college, and could not identify Russia on a mapamundi. Yet, however, her limbic instincts are ultra-sharp, and masterfully manipulates her girlfriends, boyfriend and beta orbiters for her needs: amusement, drama, consequence evasion, and so on. A natural cunt.


  27. A few points: I agree somewhat with the Fundamental Premise but I would put it differently. Women are more valuable for reproduction but to me it is because they must carry a fetus for 9 months and then a completely dependent child for several years. Men are only required for a short time, useful for sperm itself. I think this explains why men die younger and more often(yes more often), it is like the black widow eating its mate. So gender roles are defined by nature and women are less expendable after sex than men are. Before it though, I don’t think men are as expendable. Also, I am not so certain feminism is about removing accountability so much as it is about demanding things for free. Feminism looks just like every other movement of the left whether it was the gays or the minorities or whichever group white men were oppressing, it always came down to demanding more stuff. Lastly, I think it is funny that tradcons defend women’s purity when traditionally, no one did that. Certainly not in the Victorian Era which seems like the era traditionalists admire the most. Defending women’s purity seems like a feminist idea from the past 50 years.


  28. There is so much talk about horrible women getting what’s coming to them and ending up as lonely spinsters. I wish that were the case, but it just doesn’t seem to be, at least in my social circle. Looking at women I went to school with: many career girl types who put their jobs first through their 20s into their 30s. They all managed to get married. They all managed to squeeze out one or possibly two kids in the nick of time (late 30s.) Are they happy? Don’t know and don’t care. Are their husbands happy? In many cases probably not. I can only think of one girl who has ended up as a cat lady, but she was obese and dabbled in lesbianism. All the rest seem to have their cake and it too, even the plain looking ones. Almost all of them have continued with their careers after kids, who I guess got stuck in daycare or with a nanny. I hate to say it, but their strategy seemed to work.


  29. It’s nice when they fuck up big time then feign surprise when you call them out on their flub. As if they should never expect to be scolded for doing something wrong.


  30. Steve Sailer has a relevant post today on the UVa Rape Hoax:

    “Think Progress Defends Rolling Stone by Noting 3 Current Campus Gang Rape Cases”

    In the post he links to an article written by “TARA CULP-RESSLER” (of course it would be by someone hyphenated) with the title ” What UVA Gang Rape Truthers Are Missing About The Reality Of Campus Sexual Assaults” (notice the use of “truthers” to denigrate the people that was dare doubt the veracity of an adventuress with severe holes in her story, one that went to multiple universities hunting for a story to serve either her propaganda goals or her mercenary goals, or her attention seeking needs, before she found this particular turkey).

    In the linked article by Ms TARA CULP-RESSLER (pretty the poor fool that is responsible for that hypen), she makes this statement:

    “It’s not hard to find additional evidence. Right after Rolling Stone published its UVA investigation, the Washington Post reported that Jackie’s story “bears a striking similarity to other stories of fraternity gang rape,” based on the academic research in the field. There are plenty of headlines along these lines, too — gang rapes reported at a Johns Hopkins frat party, in a William Paterson University dorm, in a Vanderbilt University dorm.”

    In Sailer’s piece he has the links to the stories and photos of the three different groups of the accussed.

    In all three cases, they are the thuggiest, “blackest” black motherfuckers.

    In the John Hopkins case: “Haggins and Turner (the accused) are not members of the fraternity, nor are they students at Johns Hopkins, university spokesman Dennis O’Shea said.”

    In the William Patterson case: “Each (Ed: of the 5 accused students) took part in a state program for recipients of Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) aid, which distributes money to low-income college students. The program enabled them to take college preparatory classes and bond with other students in the program.”

    In the Vanderbilt case, all of the accused are football players, black men who are in no way, in any fucking way, representative of the male students of Vanderbilt University. I guess when girlfriend comes to party with the D Backs, thoze boys intend to display how they execute the “cover 3” and how to utilize the “deep safety”. The LBs show her all about “Zone Blitzes”, and I could go on, but you get the point.

    While I can be accused of “Blaming the Victim here, the reader can go the fuck ahead and blame me, because I am blaming the victim. I had three sisters and my father (who was born in Mississippi in 1920) was adamant in telling them over and over, “Do not get into a room alone with a black man.” And here are three good pieces of evidence as to why he was so adamant. The sheer fact that she is in that situation is a “signal” to that black man that she knows what he wants and her presence in that situation is a tacit agreement to that fact.

    And I also hold that, given the revelations about women, about their sexual preferences, that penchant towards violent sex and of being dominated, with the slutty tendencies that they unabashedly display once sexual and social constraints have been removed, then what black man would not assume that either consciously or subconsciously, this “bitch” (their word) wants him to fuck the bejesus out of her if she puts herself into that situation. And how many times has the assumption worked out for him, that “little white girl” puts up an Anti-Slut defense, that she “isn’t like that”, until he puts that dick in her and the she goes all “freak”? And how many times has that been intention all along? I can’t say, but if life imitates art, there are ample examples of that very story flooding the internet, of housewives who the black repairman cleaned her pipes and then once she went black, then she never went back, of rich coeds who wanted to show the black football star her own backfield, of shy timid virgins that once they “got da taste of the BBC (and I don’t mean the British TV Network)” they turned into raging Black Cock Sluts.

    We are awash in a media and cultural hurricane of Feminist propaganda about Domestic Violence, of Street Harassment, and of this bullshit epidemic of Campus Rape, and make no mistake it is a propaganda campaign.

    Yet, when opposition bloggers rip the cover off the stories, over and over, the recurring themes are black men or poor choices of women. And then all men are painted with the same brush and suffer the sexual and social consequences of these incessant campaigns.

    For 40 years, the culprit in “Wife Battering”, the cliche offender, was the white husband. Yet, guess what, statistics show that a married woman has some small fraction of ever having her husband initiate violence against her. The single woman, and especially the Single Mother, has much more, and in the case of the latter, a woman whose very circumstances displays poor choices, impulsiveness, low cognizance of the future, low conscientiousness, it about 600-700% higher. And close your eyes and think of our heroic Single Mother. What do you see? What does that child look like? Who is her “abuser”? And in our community, did we not flesh out that women choose these men over other men exactly because the other men not chosen lacked the displays of dominance, that these were “nice guys”, good husband/good father types, but they failed to generate the necessary attraction(tingles) that the bad boy dominant type displayed?

    Look at the now famous “Street Harassment Video”, who was the harasser? Who generally is the harasser? Who, on the other hand, never harasses?

    The media is derelict in its responsibility to not inform white women that when they enter mostly black areas of a town they stand to be harassed because black men assume that “little white girl” is there as a signal to them of her availability, that if they get alone with black men in rooms they signal her openness and desire for sexual relations, even rape, that if they enter into a relationships with black men that they stand a far greater chance of being beaten, that if that black man impregnates them, then he is more prone to abandon her and leave her as a single mother.

    If it is racist to do so, then the accuser is denying the readily available data.

    And the girl that ignores this is refusing to consider the consequences of her actions.

    And white men should view this, any of this, even one date with a black man, as a signal from her that she is unfit for him to risk any sort of relationship with her, given her impulsiveness, her lack of judgement, and her displayed lack of concern about the future of her children, that when the duty of a relationship as a wife and mother becomes hard, becomes boring, becomes, well, a duty, that he can not depend on her to make the hard moral choice.

    If this sounds hard, sorry, the risks men undergo with women, insists he disqualify on behavior that is irresponsible, immature, compulsive, and this behavior is extremely symptomatic of these traits and cannot be ignore.

    Once you go black, don’t bother coming back.


    • “What UVA Gang Rape Truthers Are Missing About The Reality Of Campus Sexual Assaults”

      In other words, who cares about the truth, because Rape Culture. The accused may or may not have committed the crimes in question, but they’re probably guilty of something else anyway.

      ‘”It’s not hard to find additional evidence. Right after Rolling Stone published its UVA investigation, the Washington Post reported that Jackie’s story “bears a striking similarity to other stories of fraternity gang rape,” based on the academic research in the field. There are plenty of headlines along these lines, too — gang rapes reported at a Johns Hopkins frat party, in a William Paterson University dorm, in a Vanderbilt University dorm.”‘

      Translation: I couldn’t find any police reports, or didn’t want to mention them for some reason, so I’ll just throw up clouds of imposing words like “evidence”, “academic research”, and “headlines”, and hope my readers don’t think too hard about it.

      ‘In all three cases, they are the thuggiest, “blackest” black motherfuckers.’

      And, of course, that’s where the dog is buried. Looks like Tara Whosis is a raciss!


  31. from hear-me-roar to damsel-in-distress, case in point last night:

    a girl cooked me dinner and wanted me to help do the dishes because “that’s fair and equal.” i playfully obliged while mentally striking her from a potential ltr candidate. washed the dishes then tossed them through toward her to load in the machine. later that night we finish banging and are going to sleep, her cat starts going crazy chasing something. she’s terrified now and asks me if i’ll please, please go get rid of whatever it is. my response?

    “it’s probably a rat or giant spider. i’ll go calm your cat while you take care of it babe.”

    fair and equal? cook and clean, lady…


  32. English D, that was a bit of a narrow squeak for the taxmugs (us).
    The judiciary IMO did the intelligent thing when assessing this diseased woman and her spawn’s ransom note. And used the abortion fatwas to do it, “not a person at the time” etc.

    “Mr Foy was representing a council in the North West of England which now has responsibility for CP and was seeking an award on her behalf under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme.”
    “The appeal judges heard that a large number of similar claims for compensation by children allegedly harmed by alcohol in the womb were awaiting the outcome of CP’s appeal, with solicitors already instructed in around 80 cases.”
    A veritable tsunami of compo lurking offstage. Multi-millions.

    Remember, this creature is a career benefit-breeder, already cost us a packet, and proper bang-up is expensive (if women ever did serious stir, that is), so it’s a bit of a Zugzwang all round, lesser of two evils and all that.

    Imagine the Gadarene rush of unattached underclass porkers to the nearest same-species (for a change) scrotum, and then to Majestic and ‘Spoons, if being arseholed 24/7 results in a huge guaranteed lottery win, easily into six figures, cash, and no conditions attached.

    As it is we’re lumbered with the thing she created for the rest of its “life”, and that alone I imagine will tot up to a similar heap of the Queen’s Fine Old English Banknotes regardless, including free MPV every few years, ‘carers’ (i.e. Mum’s state-funded flunkies), housing, special educational privileges within mainstream education (bow, bow, ye lower-middle-classes), doctors etc.
    Deliberate mercenary terroristic extortion. A caring society would shoot the cunt, for all our sakes (including children).

    As it is, the judges have slyly stuck her with the consequences, instead of dossing about on downy pillows and getting footrubs in the ladies’ nick, since we’re already on the hook for the cost of keeping her, the berbeh and its sib alive anyway. Maybe they hope she’ll do the traditional scum thing, and deepfry chips while shitfaced, or fall asleep on the couch smoking some night. Save us all a deal of trouble and expense.


  33. the first black man i ever seen been accused of racism…obviously because his comments were about you know who


    • Back in the day, Jesse Jackson had to do a bit of back-pedal tap-dancing after referring to NYC as “Heimietown”.

      But it’s not like he lost his livelihood over it.


      • on December 5, 2014 at 11:38 am Joachim Peiper

        The same month, National Lampoon made a poster they included in the issue at the last minute that is a satire of the famous “The World as Seen from New York but as Hymie Town. It’s a scream with lots of subtle jokes in it. I still have it as it was too priceless to throw away. National Lampoon used to be so great.


      • He didn’t lose his livelihood, but he also did not get to move into the White Mans House like Barrack!!


    • on December 5, 2014 at 12:26 pm Hammer of Love

      ” not all Jewish people love money. ”

      They left them selves wide open with that comment. Let the games begin …..


  34. Yeah, but look at her shirt… Gross.

    (#fightlikeagirl) (#shirtgate)


  35. on December 5, 2014 at 11:22 am Eliezer Ben Yehuda

    OT. If Obama admits that Native Americans have the right to complain about immigration… then he’s implying that the still-residing indigenii of Europe, do as well.

    Who’s gonna grab that ball and run with it?


  36. on December 5, 2014 at 11:49 am The Straw That Stirs the Drink

    Gentlemen… Do do your due diligence on any prospective bride. 61 YO Pierce with his 51 YO bride.

    and before…


  37. Breaking News: Rolling Stone mag “regrets” gang rape story. Should be interesting.


    • Ridiculous. @Col Nicholson: No, unfortunately, it won’t be interesting. There will be no consequences for the libtard YKW writer or the publication, or libtardery in general, this story will be a forgotten blip, and nondeviant, normal white men will continue to be under heavy attack.

      I mean, fucking MSNBC et al won’t even cover #hammerhate or the other weekly hate crime black-on-white murders. They will not cover this story either.

      CH, I’m not saying you and others on twitter are doing this, but in my opinion, this RS rape hoax retraction is not something to gloat about; rather, it’s yet one more reason for conservatives (non-insane people) to be depressed. Even the “apology” is the type of holding-back non-apology that a conservative politician, for example, apologizing for having an affair would be skewered for. It does not really even admit that “mistakes were made.” It finds a way to re-emphasize that actually “white men really are bad.”

      Second, yes, the feminist-controlled Jewish media has created a mainstream media that is SO far away from reality that people are ready to believe this and all the other bullcrap (the rape-culture-culture)–and that is highly disheartening.

      In other words, Rolling Stone is complete, utter communist, evil garbage, yet it is widely read and considered a legitimate source of information by the vast majority of Americans. That alone is sad.

      The amount of twitter followers and the reach and power that these libtard idiots have compared to you–and that’s not an insult; I thank you for keeping up the fight–is depressing.

      I mean, fucking damn it. If one were to hear about this story, one just knows that OF COURSE the lying incompetent (or worse–with an agenda) writer will be YKW. Rubin. You just KNOW it.

      Every fucking single fucking god damn time. Libtard story after story.

      I don’t know if beta is in their nature or if there is an evil agenda, but when you know that YKW votes overwhelmingly with libtardery and the African position, when YKW does, we must admit, possess high intelligence and work ethics and future-time orientation, it makes one really start to wonder what in the everliving fuck is going on in this world since 1913.


    • on December 5, 2014 at 1:36 pm Eliezer Ben Yehuda

      Well, let’s see. What’s beyond any question, is that this woman, Sabrina Rubin Erdely, MADE MONEY by libelling the young men of the fraternity.

      What’s almost certainly true, is that she does now live at

      1021 Lombard Street
      Philadelphia PA 19147

      Note: There are also three other family members living there, who do not deserve to carry any consequences of Ms Erdely’s evil act.


      • Ask her why she has not even updated her twitter:

        There, she still brags about her story.


      • on December 5, 2014 at 2:59 pm Hammer of Love

        ” Sabrina Rubin Erdely ”

        RUBIN ??? you can’t make this stuff up. I’d make a comment about a certain ethnic group, but that would be too easy.


      • on December 5, 2014 at 5:05 pm The Spirit Within

        That’s below the belt, man.


      • on December 5, 2014 at 5:45 pm Bobby Cuddlefuck

        The public lambasting and inevitable court room proceedings will destroy this liar in a more complete manner than a momentary act of violence upon her. Do not make martyrs or these people. Shame is the game.


      • Fuck dude…I mean, she’s not even HOT.


      • Heh, heh… Yid Within to the rescue… with one of his/her usual (ahem) sharp rebukes…

        … and this time to a fellow tribesman!

        Alert the media, man bites dog. lzozlzozlzozlzozlzozlzozlozlzolzolzol


      • on December 6, 2014 at 7:03 am The Spirit Within

        The doorman here at the château just let me know that the building can’t possibly hold any more of your snark, Greg Eliot. Splinter in mine, plank in thine.


      • I told you before, learn to differentiate between inane snark and droll barbs, well-placed.

        Besides, I outrank the doorman… I’m the RAY-CISS bouncer, here at the chateau.


  38. the system is broken in many ways. the best thing that you can do, in my estimation, is to fight aggressively against the system. case in point: i am a litigator. i largely do only business litigation, but i also handle family law cases from time to time, mostly for my business clients. today, i represented a man who had been accused by his ex-wife of rape. ex-wife obtained emergency custody of the children on this basis and subjected my client to visits from local authorities, including police and DSS. had we lost, this would likely be proof positive for a criminal court that he was guilty of the crime alleged. now, by all accounts, the allegations were totally baseless, but it wasn’t until we went into court and i aggressively dismantled her many lies and inconsistencies that my client was able to get out from all this. while it certainly is in my best interest to advocate for the use of attorneys, i really can confirm that you don’t have a chance in hell if you don’t use someone like me (and not just some dude; you need to actually pay good money to hire a good lawyer), you will get fucked. you may get fucked anyway, but at least you’ll have a chance.


  39. Oh shite!!! This is too funny not to share. You’ll love the first pic:



    Hey playas… can you catch the most beautiful girl in the world lying in this video? Yes, she’s lying. I know from experience. See if you can catch it.

    answer: she did online dating years before in NYC. She advertised herself in a manner she’s not terribly proud of, which is why she’s lying and grabs her glasses and her voice is so painfully strained with strained attempts at humor. And, LOL.. not kissing on first date (lie two). Mostly entire video is BS. BS alert when she grabs her glasses.


  41. “– tears”

    The most-quoted book at Sailer’s has to be Bonfire Of The Vanities. There’s a great scene where The Tears persuade the hard-case criminal lawyer to go the extra mile for his nubile client (who hasn’t paid him).


  42. UVA is Peak Feminism. No wait, that was Duke lacrosse. No, it was Lena Dunham. Lesson: Feminists benefit from power elite shielding. 5 minutes ago

    Ok…. I was too soon. My last comment is basically saying this. It will never end. Rolling Stone will face no repercussions. Attack on white men continues….


  43. lol Lots of kind finesse in the crescendo conclusion of truth. I would like to offer a tweak to the list of things ‘women do’. Most of that is stock talk provided by gubbermint. There is a coordinated war on white and on men with white men as the bull’s eye. Women are clueless about upper masculinity, where philosophy and abstraction lives. They only parrot what works. They are weaponized useful idiots. They know not what they say except for the establishment message of that is should work (to both sexes) and the experience of having it work on stupid men. In short, I would move the divider bar to attribute more to nurture (propaganda) and less to nature. Do you think that shit would work in sub-Saharan Africa among the tribal men? among the barbarians of ole like the Mongol Horde? “You’re a sexist!” “That’s not fair!” “I have a vagina!” lmfao Men have instincts to take sex: we have simply been conditioned since childhood to think we don’t deserve it, and what we collectively think is culture and is the deserving. We deserve out of control bitches. Needless to say, ‘we’ is not something I apply generously or universally. Yah, those Xians are part of the problem because they spread pretty lies that work like chains. Am I supposed to prefer an alternative prison for my mind? FTW


    • on December 5, 2014 at 4:11 pm Bobby Cuddlefuck

      “Weaponized useful idiots” Spot on mate. This is why a fem-centric society is so powerful as form of control. As a whole, women are far more prone to hivemind think, and are easily swayed into ridiculous beliefs. Also, their deficit of rational thought prevents them from seeing the long term consequences of the policies that purport to support their self interests. Democracy is an easy hack. Rage on Weimar sluts!!!


      • on December 5, 2014 at 7:45 pm Col Nicholson

        Or, as Orwell put it in 1984:

        “It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers-out of unorthodoxy.”


    • Some of us “Xians” are realists with eyes wide open. That would be the Catholics like myself…you know, those of us that recognize the earth is round…evolution is real, the earth isn’t 6,000 years old…sex is fun…. Etc


  44. oioi check out this link denouncing the whole of Rolling Stones magazine rape article hahaha
    “Rolling stone no longer trust the woman… There are ‘fabrications’ in the story”


    • Yet another hoax passed off as fact? I’m shocked, shocked!

      Hoax after hoax after hoax, and all have a common theme – they are anti-white in general, and directed against white males in particular. Meanwhile, real crime committed at massive scale by non-whites is glossed over, covered up, or denied entirely. That’s the system as it stands today.

      It can’t be said enough: anti-whites lie about virtually everything, because they HAVE to. For the true believers, it is a malevolent, hate-filled, anti-reality cult. But for the jewish manipulators, it’s just business as usual.


      • Feel that. The era of the great white is beginning to end. It’s never been a better time to be a mixed race gay woman in modern society because jobs are no longer based on talent, but on who can fill the colour wheel most broadly


  45. Notice how male crimes against women are codified by law (rape is illegal) but female crimes against men are perfectly legal (cuckholdry, false rape allegations).

    Some “patriarchy” we live in.


    • They’re not perfectly legal, they’re imperfectly enforced. Adultery is still a crime in many states. Perjury and filing a false report are crimes.


  46. on December 5, 2014 at 3:03 pm henry himbeere

    You’re awesome. Ha, I checked out skepchick website. I guess there’s this thing someone cooked up called the “BelieveHer” campaign, or movement or whatever.

    That’s hilarious! I mean, I take that back. Don’t you know that she’s the innocent victim and she’s scared and needs our support right now. She can do everything and have everything, because she’s so awesome, but she needs our care, and we have to believe her! She was abused, and traumatized, and victimized. And if you don’t believe her, your a coward, or maybe even a naziwhowantstokill6million, scum!



  47. If you read Steve Sailer on the U. of Virginia “Rapegate” story, you would not say that he idealizes the imagined purity of women.


  48. OT, file under Non-sequitur Game. How to game a chick with quotes from a celebrity. Hilarity.


  49. Swedes are finally getting fed up.

    “Immigration has been a polarizing issue in Sweden, once ethnically homogeneous, peaceful, and prosperous, but now hosting a substantial Muslim minority that accounts for a disproportionate share of crime. The southern city of Malmö is estimated to have a 25% Muslim population and has seen such horrendous anti-Semitic crime that Jews have been fleeing, and police stay out of certain neighborhoods considered no-go Sharia zones.”


    • on December 6, 2014 at 1:09 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

      I’d say at least a third of young Swedish men are anti-immigration judging by the ones I interacted with outside of political sites.


    • Turn off the heating and power for a month. Problem solved.
      An old Svensk pal assured me once “A Swede is never cold!” as though it was the most ridiculous suggestion I’d ever made. They almost instinctively know how to function in -40 (50, 60, going down …)

      Somalis? Not so much ..
      Oops, world domination plan may need some tweaking, o great Emir.


    • Well, when the target is on the Jew’s back, THEN (and only then) something MUST be said!


  50. on December 5, 2014 at 9:43 pm any other name will do

    From “The Prize” (1963) with Paul Newman and Elke Sommer: Girl won’t stay in hero’s hotel room for the night, gets kidnapped by bad guys outside. When freed:
    – It’s all your fault. You shouldn’t have left last night.
    – It’s all your fault. You shouldn’t have let me go.


  51. I like the veiled challenge to sailer and douthat. but they cannot diverge from their doubleplusgoodduckspeak.


  52. I idealize the imaginary purity of women for two reasons. A. Because it’s the ultimate expression of old-school alphadom (“the weaker sex”) and B. Because nothing simultaneously flatters and annoys women more.


  53. So Rolling Stone just had to update it’s “apology” to avoid “blaming the victim”–the “victim” who lied.

    This is how bad it’s getting…

    À bientôt,



  54. on December 9, 2014 at 12:27 pm The Calculator

    Cops get killed in a Karpman Drama Triangle situation.

    Classic example:

    Husband yells/hits wife. Wife calls cops.

    H is Persecutor, W is Victim, C is Rescuer.

    Cop shows up and Rescues the Victim (wife) , by grabbing the Persecutor (husband).

    At that instant the roles switch. Each person rotates to the left.

    Husband is now the Victim, Cop is now the Persecutor and Wife is now the Rescuer.

    When she sees the cop grab her husband, wife switches roles and Rescues her husband by jumping on the cops’s back.

    In some variations, this role switching happens one more time as they all shift left again!

    The Husband becomes the Rescuer and tells his wife (the now-Persecutor) to stop hammering on the cop (the now-Victim).

    If this Persecutor-Rescuer-Victim game is “third degree”, the cop can wind up dead.

    It is for this reason that domestic violence calls are commonly answered by TWO cops, not just one. When the wife does her initial role-switch (Victim to Rescuer), the second cop can be there to hold her off and prevent her from climbing on the first cop’s back … or stabbing him.

    Karpman’s Drama Triangle is a bitch. It’s also a good reason why you should never physically intervene in family disputes.