What Would A Fully Robotized Future Look Like?

I’m thinking that, should some hypothetical, and not altogether unrealistic, robotic future arrive when most jobs which can be performed by highly advanced robots will be performed by them, there will remain a tiny handful of occupations that can’t be outsourced to non-human entities. It’s within these occupations that an elite fraction of humans will be able to find meaningful paid work. The rest of humanity will either cull itself or be placated by endless state-provided hedonistic diversions.

The jobs that might remain solely the domain of humans:

Visual arts
Expect to see the value of visual artists, especially the absurdly abstract post-modernists, go up.

Family doctors
People crave that human touch when bad news is being delivered.

Fiction literature
Entertaining works of fiction seem beyond the ability of even advanced AIs. Key word: seem. A horribly written piece of trash like ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ could be vomited by an algorithm coded by bindi hacks.

An emotive cyborg would have to first cross the uncanny valley threshold before the public will entertain it as a human actor substitute. Possible, but unlikely.

Face-to-face human contact to move product is irreplaceable. Can’t see this changing, even out to the distant future.

Small arts and crafts kiosk operators and SWPL cooking class instructors
This kind of “work” will linger as a human outpost, not because robots can’t do it, but because it will self-select for consumers who want to purchase from real humans.

Notably not on the list:
Prostitution. Sexbots will horn in on that market.
Marketing. Optimists like Cheap Chalupas talk about marketing being the next big frontier of mass human employment, but computer algorithms could easily take over such tasks. Plus, how much value transference can an economy sustain before it implodes from lack of substantive underpinning?
Engineering/law/accounting/finance. The true leap from human to robot will occur when robots can innovate as well as very creative humans in these fields.
Cops/Military. How different are drones from Robocop, anyhow?

The point of this post is to remind readers that soon, perhaps sooner than is comfortable for most people, the availability of paid work will be extremely limited and job requirements for that fulfilling paid employment highly selective. A small sliver of incredibly talented or high IQ people will have real jobs in the far future. Everyone else will be hooked to pleasure tubes or self-delivering from a wretchedly banal existence. ♥♥♥


Martin Ford wrote a book called “The Lights in the Tunnel” in which he reaches the same conclusion as CH: soon, our robot overlords will push us out of jobs requiring mental acumen as well as physical strength. Humans are about to be displaced from the labor market. The future is looking: 1. dystopian 2. stratified 3. culled. Pick your poison.

PS For the Pollyanna-ish anti-Luddites out there, the automobile created a lot of jobs, but it also put a lot of horses out of business. Think of humanity now as the equivalent of a horse relative to the advanced AI which is coming down the pike.


  1. That’s why you better learn to be self sufficient:
    check out eattheweeds dot com, yankee preppers youtube channel, and get the book “Mini Farming – Self Sufficiency of 1/4 Acre” for starters.


    • ironically, were people expected to be responsible for themselves already, we’d probably be able to avoid thinking about catastrophic self-sufficiency aka subsistence.

      i am looking forward to innovation in freedom, i’m not worried about robots. value created is value created.


    • Eattheweeds is a killer site. Green Deane is brilliant. Florida Survival Gardening dot com is another good one.


  2. Also: an endless battery of managers, administrators, and coordinators.


  3. In an alternate post apocalyptic future, I’m curious how you see the relationship between tradcons and Game. Do the sexy cads become hunters? Are they leeches who steal? Do they drop the sycophantic prostetllyzing liberal script?

    [CH: hard to see any detente between tradcons and cads, but we are entering a period of tumult in which the sexy cad will thrive. the sexual market ground has never been more fertile to the germinations of sneaky fuckers.]


    • Well, they’ll be jobless……which means more time on their hands to create that harem they always dream about.


    • hard to see any detente between tradcons and cads,

      Exceptions: those more isolated tradcons who don’t have a congregation of their own religion in town to get mates from (like yours truly), and who are thereby forced into poaching from the wild.


  4. I’ve been meaning to ask you guys this for some time- if you had a choice between a robot girl and a real girl what would you choose? I am envisioning the following- robot girl cannot have a conversation but she is programmed to say at least basic phrases- “it’s sooo big”. She looks and feels exactly like a real girl. She can look like whatever girl you want.

    The real girl is a real girl. You have to game her and deal with the way she is. In theory, is the robot girl more rewarding or the real girl? If such robots existed, would you try to date a real woman?

    For my part, there is no chance any robot guy could replace a real dude.


    • I imagine that the mass of beta and omega libtards would go over to the sexbots, while tradcons and cads who enjoy seducing women would stay with real women.


      • In other words, it would kill the market for fat chicks, which is not a bad thing.


      • Although do you really want a world where packs of sex starved fat chicks roam the streets at night? It wouldn’t be safe for men to walk home alone.


      • They’re generally easy to outrun.


      • on October 17, 2013 at 5:13 pm Modern Primitive

        We’re already living in that world.


      • Like Fat Ninjas… easy to avoid, but once they have you, hard to get away from.


      • There will be no fat chicks. A google glass (by then google contact lens) machine will have an automated calorimeter scanner. Whenever you look at food, it will analyze the substance and volume and note the calories the plate contains and the calories you put onto your spoon. This will then send a wi fi signal to a probe inserted into your brain at the region where your neurons control your “enough” mechanism. When you have eaten enough but not too much, the probe will automatically disable your ability to feel hunger for a while.

        I’m sayin, y’all are male, right? You can invent stuff I hear?


      • We’re getting there.


      • on October 18, 2013 at 6:51 am The Burninator

        That would be horrible. Fat people, barring those with legit medical excuses, are fat because they lack discernment, judgment and impulse control. Their fatness is a great clue as to the content of their character. By short circuiting the process of allowing them to develop (or not develop) impulse control, the kind of glasses/wiring you suggest would serve only as a way to dupe people into falling into relationships with individuals who are, despite the wiring, little more than undisciplined retreads.

        I like the ability for people to make mistakes and use their own judgement when going through life. Wiping out the need to exercise free will is a dreadful idea. And besides, if they can short circuit your need to overeat, they can short circuit your need to do other things as well, such as, oh, say, revolt against government for example.


      • Right now, there isn’t much precedent for fearing widespread abuse of transhumanist technologies. I am not aware of forcible sex change operations or lobotomies to debilitate enemies (doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen though). Basically, we already have the technology to quell the desire to revolt though I suppose we don’t have the ability to do this while keeping people very functional.

        You would really rather live in a world where you have to compete for a minority of thin women instead of have all women have thinness handed to them? I would think it would be preferable to transfer character assessment to a more sophisticated level. In essence, yes, if no one is fat, that removes that immediate indication of self discipline. However, you could still choose to take it upon yourself to assess the character of self discipline through other methods. In this way, moral responsibility would be removed from the other person for this one attribute, but the valuation of moral responsibility can’t be removed from you.


      • on October 18, 2013 at 8:56 am The Burninator

        Transferring character judgement to “a higher level” is little more than a waste of time. Why should I have to get to know every walking chick with tits “down deep” to figure out she’s retarded, when today I can pretty much tell that at a glance without having to say a single word to her if she’s fat? I’m not trying to be snarky here actually. To extend the thought further, and to be at least appearing to try to be fair (heh), I suppose that the compulsive non-disciplined idiots will find other way to abuse themselves openly that could be used as a cue. And then, we’d see more electronic attitude adjustment to replace even more free will, which is A Bad Thing ™.

        You’re correct about “without the ability to keep people functional”. If they could do it and keep us functional, they would have already is my guess. I don’t fear technology and am not a Luddite in any sense, but I am keenly aware of the evil that Mankind is capable of, if given half a chance.

        And last, yeah, I kind of like that beta schlubs get stuck with fatties, if they get anything at all, while I get the thin attractive chicks. It would seem wrong in a cosmic sense if beta wuss boys were able to snag thin, more attractive women. Let them eat landwhale, I say.


      • You’re not thinking quite broadly enough. We’ll all eventually have straight neural-digital brain implants. Think internet piped straight upstairs. Upside: free constant on-demand porn and Wikipedia will really mean something. Downside: NSA.


      • > “cads who enjoy seducing women would stay with real women”

        Some of y’alls “sets” are so damned formulaic that they would be almost trivially algorithmizable.

        In fact, we could have robotic cads with their formulaic sets, and robotic sluts with their shit tests and their dick shields and their general bitchiness, and then we could set them up in celebrity cage fight death matches to see how long it takes until the robotic sluts spread their legs and then afterwards the robotic cads chain-saw murder them.


        [CH: this is the kind of off-the-wall comment which CH proprietors find ironically amusing, but which will get us in hot water with the pinch-faced termagants who run the MSM and are currently snooping around “manosphere” sites hoping to dig up crumbs of evil evilness that confirm their vapid worldview.]


      • Once the pinch-faced termagants stumble upon the beacon of truth and light that is GBFM they will all be converted. Or Bernakified. Or something.


      • What will happen to the termagants if they read a few paragraphs of Matt King’s pious sermonizing?

        Now that’s an interesting thought….


      • Patriarchy!! The White European Male Dominated Establishment Agenda! Still trying to hold women down through subversive religion. We, on the other hand, have NO religion at all. None.

        Irony and self-awareness are not the Tools of the Tools, as it were…


      • This being the MSM, if they can’t find anything in here that sufficiently resembles HateSpeak ™ to fit their preordained conclusions, then they’ll simply make it up, just like the half dozen other racist/sexist hoaxes we’ve seen exploded this year. They’re in the business of fiction, so they’ll just claim it’s a “lie that tells the truth”.


      • Hear, hear.


    • on October 17, 2013 at 2:08 pm Ed the Department Head

      I imagine old fashioned real prostitution will survive to some degree for those who want to rent the attentions of an actual human woman.


      • on October 17, 2013 at 2:54 pm Ed the Department Head

        I also suspect we will see human servants at upper class homes as a status symbol. We might see a society that is technologically extremely advanced yet is feudal looking in its human hierarchies of employed high IQ “lords” and their staff of henchmen, manservants, gardners, maids, butlers, cooks, and very likely concubines.


      • on October 17, 2013 at 6:25 pm FuriousFerret

        “I also suspect we will see human servants at upper class homes as a status symbol.”

        But what color/gender would they be?

        SWPL – white high T looking male robots
        Blacks – white blonde female robots
        Asians – whatever Asian nationality they think is inferior
        Latinos – Clones of the same 5 foot barrel shaped Mexican maid
        Southern/Flyover – the ugliest biggest lip black males that they could design, will pretty much be more ape than man


      • SWPL – white high T looking male robots

        Somehow this one seems completely wrong to me.


      • on October 17, 2013 at 7:46 pm FuriousFerret

        Your right. I was thinking that you would like to domineer over men that are better than them but this isn’t what they would want.

        I’m going to change it:

        SWPL – minorities that look like they have sub 80 IQs.

        That’s a far better one.


      • Exactly… hence all the brown pets they keep importing.


      • Once upon a time you could tell someone’s income by whether they had a black or white butler. I imagine that the need for illegal aliens, including janitors and housecleaners, will dry up. You know the robots won’t steal the silverware.


    • Right now I’d take a real doll over a decent portion of the female population but pretty thin non harpy women will always be in demand.


    • “It’s adequate. My programming forbids me to lie.”


      • lol

        feministx of the future: “I know. I know. But seriously, I’m not one of the robots.”


      • “I am not an emotionless kama sutra bot sent from the future. And I do not have the advanced yoga module installed.”

        And that’s the way you kick off the weekend.


    • on October 17, 2013 at 3:02 pm gunslingergregi

      can’t we have both he he he
      the robot ain’t gonna lovingly clean my toilet


    • Ain’t too many men I know who, after having experienced marriage for over a decade, wouldn’t opt for a Stepford wife.

      You broads just don’t improve with age… and I’m not talking merely looks, neither.


    • ha ha ..most women are robots now.. just not programmed to a male’s advantage without alot of work


    • is the real girl Lindy West? does the robot look like Lindy West? the only winning move is Global Thermonuclear War


    • on October 18, 2013 at 6:57 am The Burninator

      Well feministx, tell me what advantages a real woman would have in your scenario/question. The problem with femibots as you describe is that they wouldn’t need even a modest sales budget to get most men to buy them, instead women would need a huge budget to try and sell the idea to men that real non-nagging, non-drama fembots are worse than “the real thing”. IOW, women would need to market themselves as superior to the alternative.

      How would you go about doing that precisely? A guy can get good conversation from his male friends. Without a ‘real female’ in his life, but with a fembot, he gets sex when, where, and when he wants, how he wants, without any bad things that go along with having a ‘real woman’. A fembot does not hold half his possessions and his kids in perpetual ransom through a court system.

      So, what would be your marketing campaign? Shame wouldn’t work, if the fembots are already on the market, guys would just laugh and point at you for trying in that case. What else do you have to offer, that is an advantage, in this day and age of test tube babies, that men cannot get elsewhere?

      Serious question, I’m actually curios how you answer this.


      • I don’t know the answer as my question was serious as well. You can’t blame men if they would prefer robot women to women. Instincts are formed to prefer whatever it is, and there are many cases of animals preferring the fake to the real if the fake manages to offer the compelling aspect of the real. For example, there is a bird that eats out of its mother’s mouth, which is red. If you show it a big red dot, it will neglect its mother and peck all day at the dot. I don’t know what the male instinct is exactly regarding attraction to women. Is it so purely physical that a doll who can say nothing and feel northing but who looks like Monica Belluci would be preferable to the woman you could actually manage to attract?

        There are already test tube babies. It is a matter of time before you can grow a human baby inside the body of an animal or something. If you have mindless robots that look like Adriana Lima, I would really wonder, why you would not buy several of them only and forget the real girl?

        Perhaps there is real wisdom in the age old suspicion that women don’t really even love men. They only love their children. For a man may prefer a robot lover, but no child would prefer a robot mother.


      • Grow babies inside an animal, you say? Seems complicated; why not just contract a surrogate mother (available since 1986)?


      • on October 18, 2013 at 9:24 am The Burninator

        I agree with your assessment. I will add however that it doesn’t have to be “mindless”. If we’re going to get to that level of technology, why not program “her”, my android 19 year old Jennifer Aniston, with topics that please me when I’m not screwing her biomechanical brain out? Set her up to be literate in Age of Reason/Enlightenment philosophy, libertarian politics and with a working understanding of why .45ACP beats 9mm any day of the week at the range as well as the ability to converse and “be wrong” often enough that I just don’t unplug her, and, well, there you go.

        I doubt this will ever actually happen, though an inner mind virtual reality plugged directly into your brain might occur and then the same issue(s) arise. Right now it’s not an issue I’d worry about, regardless.


    • on October 20, 2013 at 4:10 am Carlos Danger

      Robots for the win! Women grossly over estimate how intriguing they are.


  5. “An emotive cyborg would have to first cross the uncanny valley threshold before the public will entertain it as a human actor substitute.”
    Movie actors could be replaced by CGI, though.


  6. An emotive cyborg? Not yet, but perhaps sooner than expected. Foundations being laid.


    • I think sales will go to the fembots.

      The current state of advertising is to show dumb guy getting hot woman, and/or hot woman vouching the product, or guy using product to get hot woman.

      The chateau regularly states that beauty is measurable and quantified, so it’s safe to assume that we can build beauty.

      The question is whether the gatekeepers will allow youthful looking fembots to market product.


      • Perhaps so.

        What is interesting about the technology demonstrated in the video above is that it is six years old. Yup.

        The purpose they use it for is capturing human expression, digitizing the expression range and allowing that to become part of a palette for reproduction by digital characters.

        Right now the outputs are onscreen characters. However when applied to a composite over a human, you can plop a face on any “body” and generate digital actors for plugging products or shows or probably pron, whatever.

        In the future I would expect the palette of emotional expressions to first be coupled with an AI capable of independently selecting an appropriate emotional expression and digitally rendering it on the screen as you interact with it. Overcoming the Uncanny Valley effect.

        Beyond that, combining the AI, with the palette, and a physical form capable of physically producing the expressions and nuance of the selected emotion and there you have emotive cyborgs, or robots more likely. That’s a wee bit off in the future, but it would seem there is strong determination to get things to that level. Lots of technical challenges between here and there, but Emily is a start.


      • on October 18, 2013 at 6:45 am The Burninator

        “The question is whether the gatekeepers will allow youthful looking fembots to market product.”

        Doubt it. Some kind of “ethical issue” will prompt a quick vote to outlaw such things. Count on it. Uber hot youthful looking fembots with a full compliment of realistic actions/words/sexuality would strip women of nearly all of their power. What man would care what a nagging femicunt has to screech at him, when he can instead purchase a perfect, indistinguishable from a human woman in looks/feel/expressions fembot who constantly craves his cock inside “her” yet DOESN’T nag him or constantly try to play games or shame him?

        In that situation, real women would have two choices. One choice would be to realize what absolute nightmares they’ve morphed into over the last fifty years, correct those errors, go on diets and eliminate the term “landwhale” from needing to be used, pretty themselves up, relearn what it means to be feminine and demure and stop being entitled screeching femicunts.

        Or, they could simply use political power to outlaw the threat.

        Which do you see as more likely, given what you know about women?



      • on October 18, 2013 at 6:47 am The Burninator

        Somehow I missed the word “product”, and read “fembots to market”. D’oh. You live and learn. Well, you live at any rate.


      • Just as likely women may abandon men and turn to lesbianism (as in zardoz).

        They can get children through thoroughly vetted semen donors screened for looks, smartz, athletic ability etc. Instead of the haphazard results the less than perfect husbands they settled for would produce. This cuts both ways.


      • No way I’m turning into lesbianism. Yuck!


      • Not even just a little? You seemed more open minded than that from your previous comments. Hmm


      • LOL. No way.


      • ‘Well, this isnt too bad’ thought Lars, as he tried his model.The
        batteries worked great, certainly lasting longer than he did.

        It had all started innocently enough, the first fakums were destined
        for the care of the elderly and the very young. It was a tough sale at
        first, but when people learned that the units also cooked, did the
        laundry, cleaned, listened and gave comfort, the sales went up
        dramatically. Soon entrepreneurs of questionable mores and flexible
        attitudes imported the first sexbots, as ‘nannies’. At first the
        operations were low key, behind closed doors in underground
        operations. But as the models and the cash flow improved, so did the
        operations. Lush setups, fine wine and cuisine became norm —depending
        on budget, of course. Many were unhappy about this new form of old
        work, but in the spirit of ‘tolerance and understanding’ it had been
        allowed to go on.

        Sweden, the unlikely survivor of the conflicts and unrest of the mid
        XXIst century, was the first country to ban sexbots. The new empire
        had to enact laws that upheld the convictions of its government. To
        the surprise of no-one, large swaths of men had stopped dating.
        According to the legislature that soon followed, the influence of
        sexbots was ‘pernicious for society’, and they ‘demeaned women,
        disrupted the usual mating process, forced divorce, promoted
        infidelity, provoked the drop in fertility rates and suppressed
        women’s rights’.

        The Swedes were unstoppable in their quest to ban any form of cyber
        mate. The legislation passed almost unanimously, were it not for one
        or two members of parliament that fancied themselves to be more
        progressive. Changes became law overnight, fines set for retailers and
        lawbreakers. It all was going to stop imports, shame owners, severely
        fine people who fixed them, and anyone aiding and abetting a cyborg
        getting into the country.

        Alas, the forces of the market are amazing and powerful. Natural
        selection has nothing on money to bring about wild changes. Men of
        broken hearts and out of options had been a constant in history, but
        now they are a force to be reckoned with.

        The Swedes would quickly learn that a large coastline as a border (and
        money to be made) is no match for creative entrepreneurs and the
        forces of a horny market. Overnight boats became hot commodities, and
        the border patrol found itself outnumbered, demoralized, and
        underpaid. A perfect storm that many other nations had seen before,
        with other wares for trade. The entrepreneurs quickly filled the
        demand with the latest models from Iceland. At the ring of gold plates
        the creative forces went into overdrive, from Japan to the US, to the
        manufacturing plants in Mexico and India to produce vastly advanced
        models that could pass for humans. The top of the line were even more
        human than some. With billions of dollars to be made, anything is

        The Mad Hatters, former legendary Mexican drug runners of yore,
        quickly found a market for their expertise and services —given their
        unusual craftiness and stealth. Entire airplanes made water landings
        near Sweden shores with frightening frequency, but no survivors
        needing rescue were ever found. Submarines with the latest radar
        stealth technology made frequent stops to small, privately owned
        fjords in the dead of night. Left and right politicians were
        dishonourably discharged after working with the Mad Hatters. Folk songs
        glorified the bots and the importers, like the wildly popular ‘I was
        lonely, but then I got you’. Gaudy displays of wealth also increased,
        thankfully boosting the local economy and tax coffers. Funny how
        no-one seems to mind dubious enterprise when there is money to be
        thrown around.

        Soon the streets of Stockholm were full again with stunning men and
        women, of a surprising variety of shades. Finally equality had been
        achieved, of sorts…Harems were not unusual, although they were
        cleverly written off as ‘bodyguards’, ‘translators’, personal
        assistant’ ‘personal trainers’, or a myriad of other combinations. A
        large percentage of women and men had left the country, but others,
        loyal to the ideals of the empire, and family values remained. A
        competitive spirit was crucial, as the competition was stiff. ‘Do you
        have a master?’ became a popular pickup line, with always interesting

        When an informal sweep of the city revealed a 50% of bots, the
        government knew that the future had come, and that they were
        obsolete. The days of the second empire were counted. It had ended as
        quietly as it started.


      • There will be a lot of techno-sexuals. Lol.


  7. Interestingly, I have not seen any women really good at sales. Not in my own personal life. I work in sales, btw.


  8. Unless, of course, peak oil and the post-industrial future. Then it will be 90% of US being farmers and manual laborers all over again.


    • This is definetily a hindrance. Another is the increasing costs of mineral acquisition and their limited supply. Here some info on peak copper:



    • Peak Oil is the same as Global Warming: belief in either indicates idiocy.


      • How could oil production not have a peak? The “Abiogenic Oil” theory? I’m pretty sure that’s been almost unanimously rejected by scientists. I’m curious as to how you think oil production can go on forever.


      • Yeah, we ran out of dinosaurs years ago.


      • We ran out, because it’s not coming from fossils as once thought.


      • Alas, another jest fallen flat!


      • No, I got it Gregi.


      • Exactly! Peak oil is nonsense. So is Global Warming.


      • When do we reach Peak JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!


      • on October 17, 2013 at 5:06 pm Life at Calhoun's Lake

        Not neccesarily. While it’s not the looming catastrophe the left shrieks about, oil supply is finite. Any resource is. However like anything else on Earth, as supply decreases prices will rise organically. Technology will mitigate this but sooner than later cost curves for petroleum will bend so high firms will shift production organically to alternative fuels (i.e. nati gas). We’re already seeing this somewhat. The environmental schlubs may cry “crisis” and demand punitive government action. But oil will be produced as long as it is cost effective to do so and will be faded away from the second it isn’t. Markets ALWAYS win.

        While the concept of peak oil is abused by the left, it doesn’t fall into the category of pure shit like global warming.


      • on October 17, 2013 at 6:19 pm Ed the Department Head

        I hear there is real danger we are entering peak rock:


      • on October 17, 2013 at 6:20 pm Ed the Department Head

        Should be geologists to make link work.


      • Any resource is [finite].

        Not economically speaking. Economic growth has no upper limit, regardless of the finiteness of resources. The human mind isn’t called the ultimate resource just for funsies.


      • on October 17, 2013 at 8:43 pm Life at Calhoun's Lake

        Economic growth absolutely has no upper limit. I’m no Malthusian, However the the price people are willing to pay for any good certainly has upper limits, even something as inelastic as oil. I have no doubt chemical engineers can push petroleum technology to unfathomable limits. We could live on oil for a very long time. But at some point the costs of oil is bound to exceed other energies. Natural gas already has. If it wasn’t for the massive sunk costs that our economy has devoted over the last century to petroleum, our country would have already shifted much faster towards gas.


      • The hamster mind isn’t called the ultimate resource just for funsies.

        there, fixed it for you.


      • As source of energy, nuclear can carry mankind easily over the next 2-4 10-fold increases in energy demand. Of course, too much nuclear energy NOW would hurt many well-connected folks’ bottom lines. The main reason why sheeple are induced to freak out over 30 Bequerels/liter of runoff at Fukushima while Lac Megantic (who?) or Deepwell Horizon (what?) are quietly swept under the rug.


      • Calhoun,

        I’m no Malthusian, However the the price people are willing to pay for any good certainly has upper limits

        Yes. Limited by their income, which as I mentioned as no upper limit. Income can increase indefinitely.


        too much nuclear energy NOW would hurt many well-connected folks’ bottom lines

        Maybe, but conspiracy theories leave me very unimpressed.


      • Well, theories, schmeories, In theory, one functioning nuclear reactor for one day is 1.5 million dollars NOT going into Big Oil’s pockets.

        I’m more into who funds the ongoing relentless antinukular fearmongering, the relentless nuclear scaremongering by The City’s propaganda organ (Reuters). And who benefits, i.e the likes of British Petroleum (global #1) and the Royal Angloshell (are they #2 yet?).

        Also you would want to notice the extraordinary conincidence of decades in the making US’s 100 strong nukular-reaktor fleet entering energy production JUST AS oilshocks rolled around. I mean, Bismark and all that but that’s a little too much “special providence”.


    • “So we looked at the data, and what we found surprised us.”


      • Dewd this guy is dangerously stoopid, either that or he is taking the piss of TED, in which case he is awesome.

        “The problem is greedy corporations”… zzzzzz. Have you ever had sea beets?

        SWPL indulgence is the only reason why he wasn’t stoned and tomatoed off the stage.

        Know what’s really sad? He probably got laid like a boss after this preso.


    • And a lot fewer of them. There could be a tremendous culling of the population thru disease starvation and violencec


  9. I wonder how many countries can realistically use this technology? Its like with high-tech cars, the latesr computers, automated factories, etc, they exist in large scale only in some Western and East-Asian countries. And what about the developing nations that owe a large part of their newly acquired wealth to them having cheaper labor?





  11. Offtopic, but I thought y’all might want to know about this bit of news:

    “A German court on Wednesday ordered a pensioner to share his €500,000 lottery winnings with his ex-wife despite splitting up with her eight years before hitting the jackpot.”

    Can someone please tell me: what the fuck happened to the Germanic nations?


  12. Engineering is extremely unlikely to be heavily automated. Skynet grade innovation is the sort of thing non-programmers believe can happen but the reality is creating zombies would be easier than making machines that can draw inferences. Where computers are good is in reaction time and repetition. This is why they’re responsible for most finance already. But they’re just taking solutions a programmer taught them, and applying them. Real innovation, being able to logically solve problems, is very hard and the harder we try to do that kind of questions, the more we find ourselves asking whether human sentience is all we believe it is. Schopenhauer becomes very relevant when you delve into machine sentience, and schopenhauer said some very unflattering things about sentience.


  13. on October 17, 2013 at 3:10 pm gunslingergregi

    manosphere talk about being labeled


  14. @sigmatika – collectivism happened. one of the pillars of life for any man these days is “don’t get married in any shape or form no matter what”.


  15. on October 17, 2013 at 3:19 pm ckorzeniowski

    In Robert A. Heinlein’s Citizen of the Galaxy, the wealthy on Earth have human servants as status symbols (robots having long since replaced humans in the manual labor department), and they indirectly benefit from the human slave trade abroad.


  16. The majority of the arts – visual, music, performing will be in demand/more appreciated, especially forward looking original innovative forms. It is becoming easier for many artists to make a living from their art provided they take a smart approach (internet/social media, direct promotion/distribution, cut out middle men when possible). One of the areas where the internet has ACTUALLY driven down cost is promotion/distribution for independent artists.


  17. Daily Mail poll on Maria Kang:

    “Is this exercise-loving mother asking ‘What’s your excuse?’ offensive or inspiring?”

    is currently at 72% for “inspiring” and 28% for offensive.

    Landwhales wept.


  18. In all seriousness, I think all the talk of robots taking over the menial jobs is overblown. I’m a truck driver, and every day some new guy asks me what I’m going to do for a living when the robots take my job. I’m also a programmer, and I wouldn’t want to be the guy who wrote the code behind automating everything I do. Too much liability. Too many variables to consider. You’d want to start by making the world a neater, more organized place, because computers aren’t very good at dealing with chaos, and the real world is extremely chaotic. It’s an endless sea of rare edge cases that have to be taken into consideration, and it’s a monumentally complex task.

    On the bright side, if we ever do automate trucks, I will be rich not too long after. It ought to be extremely easy to manipulate them. Put some obstacles in the way that are calculated to confuse their logic, and force them to go to the place you have set up to hijack their contents. I’ll either have a job hijacking trucks or a job staying ahead of the hackers working on the truck software. Either way, I’ll be better off than I am now driving the damn things, so I guess I happily await our robot truck future.


  19. While your paper churning lawyer would get replaced, your trial lawyers would not.

    Which would you rather have advocate for you in court, the robot public defender that argues the law and fact logically or the trial lawyer that will argue on all the things he supposedly isn’t suppose to?

    Part of the appeal of movies and televisions is the fantasy of the actor. I am not sure how that would play if you could get a robot to look just like your fantasy.

    And yes most men would pick the robots if they looked just like a woman and acted like one in bed.

    Most men crave calmness in their personal life, women crave drama.

    The impact on the real sexual market would be a generally sliming down of women (except those that opt out, and as femin points out most women want the relationship) and general improvement in their disposition, a general improvement in their appearance, I can’t say they would be more open sexually then they are now, that would be difficult to imagine, a large portion fo women would be bisexual.

    I doubt this will happen in the next 500 years as I expect a technolgical back slide to about 1900.


  20. Perhaps R. Daneel Olivaw will guard over us.


  21. ForeignBride is here and required no re-programming or operating system upgrades.She’s cooking dinner right now.

    I hooked up youtube to the big-screen and she has been watching Korean soap operas dubbed in vietnamese. She was amazed that I understood the entire series plot simply by watching their facial expressions for 3 minutes.


  22. Last week we caught Splendor in the Grass, with a young Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty. Natalie portrays “Deanie”, gone insane from her love of “Bud” as played by Warren’s “Bud”. “DIen” means “crazy” in vietnamese, so ForeignBride gets a big thrill when I call her “Deanie” while I am roguring her.



  23. I meant “Bud” as played by Warren.


  24. A small sliver of incredibly talented or high IQ people will have real jobs in the far future.

    And immigrants. Let in by YKW.

    Lilly is going to get unpleasant when she sees this.

    Truth about the tribe always hurts.



    • Lilly, you’re Jewish?


      • No, I just always point out to them that what they are accusing the Jew here nonstop, they should really accuse liberals – all liberals, Jews and gentiles – as liberals come in all shapes and sizes, not just Jewish.

        I also point out that most gentile whites are liberal nowadays. So substituting Jew for liberal is nothing but a way to channel and funnel their true agenda – Jew-hate and fomenting violence against him. They don’t fool me with their nonsense of caring about culture deterioration. Culture deterioration is just an excuse for Jew hate for them.

        They don’t like it when I pour some reality cold water on them. So there you have it.


      • I tried reasoning with them at first, but their whole theory is that, being that I am Jewish, I so much cleverer and skilled at dissimulation than them that they can’t trust their own faculty of reason when dealing with me. So their only recourse against my overwhelming intellectual superiority is to keep it simple and never listen to the arguments of tricksy hobbitses.

        So thank you for doing that! It makes me feel better.


      • I like rational thinking. I like the truth.

        I am deeply worried that because of the extreme Jew hate some of them have, they are using any excuse to foment hatred. That’s their agenda.

        Some of us real conservative are not interested in that demented agenda. We want to fix the culture and bring old fashion values back, not instill Jew hate. We don’t want a repeat of NZ Germany. We want to save this wonderful country, not see it going down the river of death because some antisemites are jealous of Jew achievement and supposed high IQ, or they are resentful the Jews will not convert to their religion. Their Jew hate is reflection of their own personal inferiority. There are many smart Gentiles that have achieved much. Last time I check, the entire white race is doing much better than other races. So, their argument is baseless.

        “So thank you for doing that! It makes me feel better.”

        You should do it for yourself, being that you’re Jewish. Don’t worry about them not listening. Not all of them are irrational. Some of them have a better grasp on reality. You must speak up for yourself.


      • Lily

        I am deeply worried that because of the extreme Jew hate

        But when its time to hang ni66ers from trees, you handin out free rope?

        There are no civilians in a race war.


      • “But when its time to hang ni66ers from trees, you handin out free rope?”

        No way.

        Thwackie, what I said is that Jew hate and black hate are two different issues, and can’t be compared. Jew hate stems from extreme jealousy – they control the world nonsense, or they want to destroy the white race bullshit. It also stems from religious zealotry – religious nuts hate the Jews because they can’t convert them. So Jew hate stems from either jealousy or religious zealotry.

        Black hate stems from a completely different thing. It’s mostly rooted in black crime and backwardness – uncivilized behavior.

        I don’t see many here criticizing conservative blacks like Dr. Carson, or Clarence Thomas. It’s the thugs, the inner cities, the drugs, the welfare, the food stamps, the single mothers, the gangster music, they don’t like. Not that some of these issues aren’t plaguing whites too. Still, they’re pervasive in the black community.

        That said, I never advocated killing blacks. I always pointed out that we must serve a good example and teach them. I just don’t believe in government programs doing it since they don’t work. The government always ruins everything. Instead of helping, it makes things worse. For example, if it weren’t handing out welfare checks, do you think out-of-wedlock births would be soaring? No. Now we have a whole generation of black kids raised without fathers, spending most of their time on the streets, perpetuating all the issues I mentioned above.

        In addition, I like to see blacks achieving, but not at the expense of bringing down standards. Affirmative action brings down standards

        I don’t believe in parasitic behavior either. The government picking winners and losers, protecting certain classes like women and blacks at the detriment of white men, while destroying the culture in the process. It’s reverse racism with government imprimatur.

        I think these are the issues people resent blacks. They’re not the same as to why they resent Jews.


      • on October 20, 2013 at 4:34 am Carlos Danger

        No you don’t Lily, you lie like a dog and claim you’re a truth lover.


      • Indeed, I’m a truth lover, and I will declare myself as such till the end of time. However, you don’t like the truth, so you label me a liar. Only proves everything I pointed out about you Jew haters.


      • You’re right, the only reason any one questions or is suspicious of jewish motivation or tactics is jealousy.


      • Any rational person following HBD just realizes it’s possible certain groups are smarter than whites (though I think Jews are basically white people). If you score higher than me one X test and you’re Jewish and you happen to get a higher position than me, whoopty fuckin doo, you might have simply earned it! Many white racists basically have the same mentality the black races do: It’s a inferiority complex of sorts.


      • DavidtheDuke
        white racists basically have the same mentality the black races do: It’s a inferiority complex of sorts

        What are you UNWILLING to do in order to be on win?

        If you are drawing a blank you are probably “one of them”


      • To win what?


      • Lily is a Colonel in the Israel Defense Force.


      • on October 17, 2013 at 10:45 pm Eliezer Ben-Yehuda

        no, she talks too much. She would have washed out of korse katzeen. Katzeen, accent on second syllable.


      • Au contraire. This is why Israel’s hasbara is worth shit; they don’t talk enough. They don’t really have hasbara despite saying they do. And, this is also why the Arabs are winning the war in the media and painting Israel as a terrorist state, when the Arabs are the conveyers of terror, and the instigators of every war in the Middle East, as well as worldwide.

        Regardless of what many here think, the media is not on the side of Israel. But how is that possible with the “Jewish media,” many of you are asking, eh?

        Because your internet shills (the ones who fill your head with Jew-hate) don’t bother telling you that the media is lefty, (not pro-Jewish, in spite of what you have been lead to believe), and lefties don’t support White, Western, Christian, or Jewish societies. Yes, the “Jew New York Times” is very anti-Jewish and anti-Israel, but it sure is pro-immigration, pro-brown, pro-black, pro-welfare, pro-affirmative action, pro-Muslim, pro-UN, etc….but not pro-Israel or pro-America or pro-any White nations. They support 3rd worlders, brown people, non-Christian, and non-Jewish, because they perceive them as the underdog – people exploited by the White race or Israeli success. They feel the achieves and the successful should help the 3rd world, since they are sure the White race didn’t achieve anything without the 3rd world.

        The Western media is another example of self-hate plaguing Western societies.


    • Don’t be silly. Just because K MacDonald makes baseless arguments, doesn’t make them true. Whatever he spews is another bullshit conspiracy theory.

      No one knows what the future will bring, and sitting ’round and prophesizing doom and gloom is useless activity, as is how Jews like immigration.

      News! All liberals like immigration, not just liberal Jews. Of course, K Macdonald doesn’t tell you that. He just says the Jews want immigration. He’s delusional or outright a liar. All liberals want immigration. They have white guilt and they think the Western countries made it on the back of the 3rd world. That’s why they like immigration, they think they are giving back to the 3rd world.

      White guilt is exactly the same reason they voted for Obama. As much as you like to believe it, it’s has nothing to do with Jews wanting to destroy white gentiles. It has to do with the liberal mindset of equality and egalitarianism.

      Now you and K Macdonald can scream like chickens the Jews the Jews nonstop, but it still doesn’t change the fact you are nothing but resentful fools who are looking for another one of your Jew-hate catharsis fix. Carry on!


      • I’ve always found it hilarious when the jew-haters speak crap about Jews. What’s stopping them from not doing what they (or other pro-immigrationers) say? Jews have largely political control because you basically allowed them to, It’s not their fault and hating them for being liberal (like many people with generally superior intelligence) is infantile and reeks of inferiority complexes.


      • on October 18, 2013 at 9:26 am The Burninator

        Liberal != “generally superior intelligence”. It’s a fun assumption for liberals to make of course, but it’s off the mark and little more than self-copulatory self congratulations on picking the “correct politics”.


      • Whether it’s true or not, they seem to think it makes them right by default.


      • on October 18, 2013 at 11:44 am The Burninator

        What they think of themselves is not my concern. I’ve really stopped caring about any opinions leftists hold. They are solipsistic, narcissistic, tunnel visioned dorks who don’t deserve the slightest of my considerations. If one starts spouting her politics in my general vicinity, I ignore her or laugh at her in a very scoffing manner. That’s the extent of what I think of leftists.


      • Burninator,

        I agree, but probably DavidtheDuke thinks they are of “generally superior intelligence” because of the demographics – who the immigration supporter likely to be.

        There are 2 types of liberals supporting immigration, or 2 main reasons why liberals like immigration:

        1) The “conscience-oriented” liberal who thinks whites shouldn’t discriminate against 3rd worlders, since colonial powers exploited them back in the day, including slavery and all of that unpleasantness. He thinks, now whites have to give back.
        2) The business-oriented realist who understands that poor immigrants make great cheap labor in his hotel, restaurant, or construction business, or he makes a great customer for his Wal-Mart and $1-store style establishment.

        Usually, the former tends to be a simpleton useful idiot college professor or journalist type, and the latter tends to be the business owner or tycoon type.

        The business owner needs cheap labor, and the tycoon wants more customers buying his products or frequenting his stores and malls. These groups tend to be college educated, so that’s why DavidtheDuke labels them people with “generally superior intelligence”.

        It’s noteworthy that some of the most highly educated people are also the stupidest people, as they’re devoid of commons sense. Most of them live in a world of theory, not reality. They are no smart at all. Logic is a greater indication of intelligence than college indoctrination and spewing egalitarian theories you memorized from textbooks.

        BTW, business considerations were also the main reasons the North was so anti-slavery. No folks, it wasn’t Christian idealism and doing the right thing. It was related to commerce, trade, and labor issues. History has a nasty tendency to repeat itself.


      • That’s a better, more specific form of what I meant, I guess. I still think college educated folks are generally more intelligent in a base way, simply on the notion of what it takes to get advanced degrees (non-liberal arts). I never graduated high school myself, so I’ve never experienced much of their rhetoric first hand, except on youtube comments and the odd one here or there on reddit. I’ve come to learn it’s difficult for them to imagine a society where everyone isn’t equal, and you still don’t try to murder the lessers.

        It all comes down to whether a society can exist as a pure meritocracy or not, or whether ethnic groups have to be given ritualistic places because of perceived (real or not) injustices done to them by ethnicity X. I’m not sure such a meritocracy is possible, given how prosperity seems to cloud judgement over any civilization, given time.


      • “I still think college educated folks are generally more intelligent in a base way, simply on the notion of what it takes to get advanced degrees (non-liberal arts). “

        Maybe people with advanced degrees in mathematics, physics, science, and engineering. But even in these areas, global warming and environmentalism have seeped into college courses and have lowered standards, rendering many scientists delusional. For instance, a physics professor shouldn’t be rating over global warming. Yet, this is what they do in all universities. Pseudo-science pushed by liberals is becoming part of all college courses.

        “I never graduated high school myself, so I’ve never experienced much of their rhetoric first hand, except on youtube comments and the odd one here or there on reddit.”

        On the other hand, you’re the perfect example of what I was saying – “some of the most highly educated people are also the stupidest people, as they’re devoid of common sense. Most of them live in a world of theory, not reality. They are no smart at all. Logic is a greater indication of intelligence than college indoctrination and spewing egalitarian theories you memorized from textbooks. “

        Here you are – never graduating from high school and you have plenty commonsense. Maybe, precisely, not going to college, is the reason.

        Now, I am not advocating not going to college, just realizing what they do there – a form of mind control. Hell, even in supposedly Christian universities, liberalism reigns supreme. The entire culture is now liberal.


      • on October 20, 2013 at 5:06 am Carlos Danger

        Lily you are disingenuous and a liar. I have personally caught you sock puppetting many posters here for example and flat out making things up to suit your narrative. Now you play a normal philo-semite to appear as if you’re just another a reasonable poster here and your opponents are the unreasonable ones. These are all the old Communist games invented and played by Jews in order to conceal their true intentions in the long march to Zionist control. These various tactics are common in Communist regimes. Unlike many here, I have first hand experience with real live Commies, so I have seen this many times before, Enough of the big lies and the lame ADL talking points.

        Read MacDonald’s books. They are extremely well documented in order to refute the very accusations you make here. Most of his sources are Jewish as well. He is merely documenting and analyzing what your own people say. Why shouldn’t gentiles be concerned about this new Zionist future you have planned for us? After all, you only killed 30 million in Russia and have gone to great lengths to hide it from the world all the while wrapping yourselves in the cloak of victimhood. I won’t mention the murders in Hungary or Poland, two other nations the tribe has stolen.

        Jews need to realize they deliberately work against our best interests and jealousy has nothing to do with anti-Semitism. Keep telling yourselves that lie. It will surely end well. The Zionist Jews have a true hatred for and vendetta against White Christian society and see anything critical of Jews as anti-Semitic, all the while cherishing their own ethnicity and believing themselves to be superior. Conflicting interests and Jewish persecution neurosis are the culprits for the resulting pogroms and since the late 19th century have been a self fulfilling prophecy brought about by aggressive actions by Jews against gentiles. You bring it on yourselves by refusing to assimilate and become true members of the society you occupy. There is always the main loyalty to the tribe and it never goes away, so Jews can never be fully trusted on top of the fact that they actively work to destroy and damage White European society, which they are deeply envious of.

        Everywhere you go, you undermine the host culture. No other group does this but Jews. Eventually, people get tired of it and we have pogroms. You guys have far more blood on your hands than anyone else and you accuse others of doing what you do in order to confuse the issue and who is right. Eventually people get tired of it and rise up against it. The very fact that you purposefully confuse criticism that is rational and well documented while spreading deceit about it as hatred, all the while making outlandish and slanderous claims about Gentiles, especially country gentiles through their control of the media. White gentiles are being prepared for a minority status of being oppressed in their own societies by coalitions formed and controlled by Jews. Most gentiles never think about Jews on a day to day basis, but Jews seem to think about us constantly. If anyone is jealous of the other, it is Jews who are jealous of us because they have never built a civilization to rival ours and seek to control or destroy what they cannot create on their own.


      • Angry much, antisemite? I have always said the same thing here from day one. I don’t need a sock, unlike you who has at least two identities here, which I know about, but will not reveal out of sheer respect for your privacy. Now, who’s calling the kettle black?

        K Macdonald is a liar, like you. He’s obsessed with the Jews, like you. He has baseless hate for them, like you. Therefore, he’s not to be taken seriously, and he lacks integrity, exactly like you.

        Everything this Jew hater says is painted and slanted and skewed against the Jews, given a false narrative or an off-analysis to foment Jew hate. He is marginalized because no one likes his rhetoric, and no one thinks he has anything valuable to say, since everything he says is recycled Hit-lariansim. He modeled his entire career on stupid people and Jew haters like you liking his massage.

        He never tells you the complete picture, or the context in which a given is true. A given isn’t true all the time. It’s true in the context of liberal vs conservative. He doesn’t put things in that context, as then he will be out of commission. He won’t have Jew hate followers if he tells them it’s a liberal issues instead of a Jew issue. He needs to keep that narrative going to continue to matter.

        But thank goodness he’s marginalized , just like you and other Jew haters are, which is why you’re angry and you’re foaming at the mouth. Even gregi is out of the woodwork rattling like a snake in his anonymous sock.

        Let’s be precise. The Jews didn’t kill anyone in Russia. The Soviet platform did, and some Jews were part of it. That doesn’t make it a Jews-killing-Russians scenario. You are delusional, if not an outright a liar. You keep making the same accusations in thread after thread because you have no outlet for this stuff. You have been cornered and you are losing.

        Of course jealousy has everything to do with it. It’s coming out of every pore in your miserable body. You are angry and butt hurt.

        Assimilating? I think Jews have assimilated plenty. Yet, on the whole they want to keep their religion, the oldest and most prized in the world, which is why everyone copies it and then tries to convert them to his copy – to no avail. Why is it your problem they won’t convert? Why does everyone have to be exactly like you, eh? Jealousy!

        Aren’t you really a liberal, then? Don’t liberals want everyone to think like them, having no tolerance for conservatives or people that challenge their beliefs?

        ROTFL!!!!!! Wait, the Jews believe themselves to be superior? How about the Aryans? They only killed 60-million people in the name of that superiority, but who’s counting, right? Now who’s calling the kettle again, hypocrite?

        Destroying the white race? What a joke. Whites are destroying whites. It has nothing to do with the Jews, you blind idiot. Or, should I say, you hypocrite.

        In conclusion, I love the way you project on the Jews exactly what the Aryans did to the Jews and to hoards of humanity. Your diatribes are nothing but delusional butthurt reaction, as you have no cathartic outlet for your Jew hate . You’re losing selling this bullshit message. Your narrative is nothing but a word for word recycling of Adolf Hit-ler’s rants against the Jews.

        I can tell from this post that you’re angry. It means I exposed your bullshit, you know it, and you can’t take it. Deal!


    • My grandfather used to say “the difference between a boy and a man is that a man takes responsibility.” But that was a long time ago before perpetual boyhood was common. The modern version is “the difference between a beta and an alpha is that an alpha takes responsibility.”

      Notice how nice this was demonstrated at the end of the National Geographic video about alphas CH posted.

      Blaming our failures on the jews is nothing more than butt-hurt beta whining.


      • Blaming our failures on the jews is nothing more than butt-hurt beta whining.

        This is why, while I do criticize joory much to Lily’s dismay, white libtards are my #1 target and always will be.


      • I’m not dismayed of criticizing Jews. When it’s warranted. Truth is, many Jews are liberal, that’s a fact.

        However, another fact is most whites nowadays are liberal in some form or another, and I am not speaking about far lefties here. I am talking about mainstream conservatives. Even they are liberal to some extent. Many of them push for immigration reform, women’s equality, and gay marriage. Yes, republicans. That’s dismaying. Therefore, just pointing at the tribe, or the YKW (or whatever euphemism we use) is totally off. It only gives comfort in the form of Jew-hate catharsis.

        So, when you put a wrong spin on things, or your analysis is off or tilted, then I like to correct you. But, you’re not really the worst doing this, you have opened your eyes a lot lately.


      • Lily….even though MOST gentiles are infected by the liberal ideologies, the Jewish participation in the destruction of the Christian civilization is disproportional in regards to the size of their population, this not an opinion, IS A FACT. They are preponderant in telecommunications, business, finance, prostitution, pornography, weapons trafficking and many things that are not so pleasant so what would you want someone rational to think of this? a few sources of many: http://www.latimes.com/la-oe-stein19-2008dec19,0,2339294.column or http://www.jewishquarterly.org/issuearchive/articled325.html?articleid=38

        I didn’t listen to McDonalds video but I wouldn’t be surprised if you dismiss his argument even if he presented extensive validated documentation and proof of what he is saying, since you seem to have a pro-Jewish bias, a heavy at that. I am what you would call a Christian gentile, a real Christian, not a “fake born again” that is the norm in your country.

        I don’t want extermination of Jews or a repeat of NZ Germany, but reciprocal treatment. Europeans or Hispanics cannot run even a store in Israel, let alone become citizens or politicians since citizenship relies on belonging to Jewish ethnicity, then why should this people be here spreading filth and lies?


      • @J.M.

        “Lily….even though MOST gentiles are infected by the liberal ideologies, the Jewish participation in the destruction of the Christian civilization is disproportional in regards to the size of their population, this not an opinion, IS A FACT.”

        No. It’s not a fact, IT’S AN OPINION. The opinion of Jew haters which doesn’t hold water. Don’t even try giving me that weasel argument how Jews are worse than Gentiles. You’re blind as a result of your Jew hate. In your case, it’s hate stemming from extreme religious fanaticism evident in your comment.


        “They are preponderant in telecommunications, business, finance, prostitution, pornography, weapons trafficking and many things that are not so pleasant”

        So are Gentiles. Many Gentiles are in these business and then some. But, you never speak against them, right? Somehow, they never anger you as much as the Jews, and you don’t even live in the USA. That’s a very interesting curiosity.

        In addition, the biggest purveys of porn are not these Jews-in-name-only hanging out in some back alley in LA rebelling against their religion and the culture in general, making movies for lonely losers jerking off on the internet. The biggest name in porn are not Jews, like Hugh Hefner, Bob Guccione, and Larry Flint.

        Furthermore, I love the way you put telecommunications, business, finance in the same sentence with prostitution, pornography, weapons trafficking, as if your subconscious is saying, ‘I don’t care what business they are in – good or bad – I am jealous and angry they are powerful’ blah, blah, blah. The Jews, the Jews, the Jews…..you crackle like chickens.


        “since you seem to have a pro-Jewish bias”

        I don’t have Jewish bias. I have a reality bias, and a bias for truth. If we don’t recognize the truth, we can’t identify the malady, or its appropriate medicine. Turning every thread into Jew-hate fest because it’s cathartic, is evil. All it does is give Jew haters the opportunity to channel and funnel their hate into violence. Therefore don’t give me your stupid empty promises of “I don’t want extermination of Jews or a repeat of NZ Germany.” You know exactly what you’re doing. Many of us are not duped by your empty declarations. Save that for your toothless white trash useful idiots who need to feel better about their loserishness.


        “I am what you would call a Christian gentile, a real Christian, not a “fake born again” that is the norm in your country.”

        Oh, you think Born Again are fake? Why, because they adhere to real Biblical principles, as opposed to any NT Jew-hate filled verses? No, Born Again are better Christians; you guys are backward-ass Middle Ages atavists ready to burn at the stake anyone who isn’t worshiping the Pope. Since when is the Pope God? Heaven forbid this country turn into your vision of Christianity. BTW, FYI, this country was established on many Jewish principles, which I’m sure will cause you more anxiety.


        “Europeans or Hispanics cannot run even a store in Israel, let alone become citizens or politicians since citizenship relies on belonging to Jewish ethnicity, then why should this people be here spreading filth and lies?”

        And, since when are Hispanics the same as whites? All of a sudden, it’s now Jews against whites and Hispanics? Projecting much?
        Either way, your complaint against Israel is baseless. Israel is a tiny Jewish state, the only one in the world. A tiny country surrounded by enemies with huge land masses and vast funds from oil. In all of these Arab countries you will be killed as a Christian, but not in Israel. There are many non-Jews that live there and have citizenship. You’re accusations are lies.

        Wait, I know what irks you here. What bothers you the most is that the national religion is Judaism. That doesn’t sit well with you, since you think all the Jew should either be converted or killed.

        FYI, there are many countries that have a declared national religion Is the Vatican not Roman catholic? Is England not the Church of England? Is Monaco not Roman Catholic? Is Saudi Arabia not Islam? Why do you apply a different standard to Israel? I am sure your catholic country in Latin America has declared a state religion too, yet you hypocritically over look that, eh?

        What the shills on the internet don’t tell you is that many countries have a national state religion.

        From wiki entitled State Religion:

        Jurisdictions which recognize Catholicism as their state or official religion:
        • Alsace-Moselle
        • Argentina
        • Costa Rica
        • Liechtenstein
        • Malta
        • Monaco
        • Vatican City (theocracy)

        A number of countries, including Andorra, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, and Spain give special recognition to Catholicism in their constitutions despite not making it the state religion.

        Jurisdictions which recognize one of the Eastern Orthodox Churches as their state religion:
        • Greece: Church of Greece
        • Georgia: Georgian Orthodox Church
        • Mount Athos (officially the ‘Autonomous Monastic State of the Holy Mountain’)

        Jurisdictions which recognize a Lutheran church as their state religion
        • Denmark (Church of Denmark)
        • Iceland (Church of Iceland)
        • Norway (Church of Norway)
        • The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland has a special relationship with the Finnish state,
        • Sweden relegated their state church, Church of Sweden, to a national church in 2000.

        And take a look at how seriously the English take their national religion:

        “The Church of England is the officially established religious institution in England, and also the Mother Church of the worldwide Anglican Communion. It is the only established Anglican Church. The British monarch is the Supreme Governor of the Church of England and is Defender of the Faith. Lords Spiritual, who are the 26 most senior Archbishops and Bishops in the Church are reserved seats in Parliament in the House of Lords. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Archbishop of York, Bishop of London, Bishop of Durham, and the Bishop of Winchester sit automatically with the 21 longest-serving Bishops.”

        There are many more countries, but I think you get the point here. And don’t forget that all the Arab countries have declared Islam as their national religion, and in these countries Christians are persecuted, as opposed to the way they are treated in Israel. In Israel anyone is free to worship as he pleases, but the government doesn’t allow missionaries trying to coerce Jews to convert. Other than this issue of missionaries, a Christians can live there and worship. In fact, there are many ancient churches there with the Israeli government protecting all of them.

        Recently, the Day of the Cross was celebrated with the Israeli army providing security for the Christian pilgrims and worshipers.

        Your slander is a pathetic attempt to tarnish Jews in any way, form, or fashion. You are butthurt jealous losers spreading lies and misinformation. That’s all.


      • @Lily
        Thanks for proving once again that rational debate with you is an exercise of futility. Oh by the way bring the boys more sandwich.

        Three things: First gentile criminals are normally exposed and no one will say its hate if Americans, Germans, Mexicans or whatever are criticized and mocked, however all of a sudden if a sacred J** is criticized then is hatred…Muslims are despicable however they are already vilified for what they are and it’s precisely

        Second, what I cited are facts, undeniable ones at that.

        Third maybe those Jewish principles you cited are the reason your country is full of neurotics. I don´t live in the U.S. but took some courses and used to work there and really, your “Christian” religion is a sick joke, an affront before God should I say. ´Nuff said.


      • “Thanks for proving once again that rational debate with you is an exercise of futility. Oh by the way bring the boys more sandwich.”

        LOL! You’ve got to be kidding me. Your response is a direct proof you know I have exposed your bullshit, so the only thing left for you to say is “that rational debate with me is exercise of futility.” ROTFL!


        “Second, what I cited are facts, undeniable ones at that.”

        ROTFL. Did you read the facts I provided about how many countries have a declared a national religion? It’s not just Israel. You didn’t like I proved that you are nothing but a disgusting liar, eh?


        “Third maybe those Jewish principles you cited are the reason your country is full of neurotics. I don´t live in the U.S. but took some courses and used to work there and really, your “Christian” religion is a sick joke, an affront before God should I say. ´Nuff said.”

        Angry much? That’s right, religious fanatic – my country is based largely on Jewish principles.

        Hahahaha…….I called you by your rightful name – a hate-filled Middle Ages atavist, with an appetite for burning non-Christians at the stake. Now fuck off, you and the rest of your antisemitic buddies. You people are beyond crazy.


      • “I am talking about mainstream conservatives. Even they are liberal to some extent. Many of them push for immigration reform, women’s equality, and gay marriage. Yes, republicans. That’s dismaying.”

        This is why I have no time for folk who self-identify as conservative. Because what they mean by it is feminism, anti-racism, and everything the self-identifying left stands for explicitly. Cohen-servatives are beautiful losers who are always playing catch up with Professional Leftists. Conservatives are the betas of American Politics As Usual, always orbiting the Triumphant Left. As this country marches further and further left, Conservatives run after them chanting “Let’s conserve what we have!” And the Conservatives who act like this are all consistent Zionists.


  25. I’m a far right wing tea-partying Jew. So, please don’t gas me come the Revolution. Just saying.

    If anything, gas me because I’m a high-IQ programmer that’s building robots to take all your jobs.


    • “If anything, gas me because I’m a high-IQ programmer that’s building robots to take all your jobs.”

      Don’t be ridiculous. You talk like a beta. What, are you giving them permission to gas you? Who are they to gas anyone anyway? Some of them are too stupid, they will shoot themselves in the foot, let alone run a country.

      Oh, and BTW, I doubt jobs will become obsolete in the future. No one knows what the future will bring. Maybe the jobs of today will become obsolete eventually, but man is very adaptable. I’ll bet you, new things will be invented that will shift the entire model of employment anyway.

      All this prophesizing how hoards of humanity will be walking the streets aimless and jobless, is the kind of mambo jumbo liberals always talk about in another form. Liberals always prophesize shortages of food, water, oil, air, land, etc. Or, they speak about the environment or endangered species. It’s how they control the masses and make them feel worried, depressed, and powerless, not to mention guilty over spending (or wasting resources, in their jargon). That’s why we should be careful not to scare people over becoming useless and not needed. Truth is, no one knows what tomorrow will bring or the new things that will be developed. Therefore, this is all speculation at this point. No need to panic.


      • Lily! I’m joking. Except about the robots taking all the jobs part. That’s real. I am actually doing that.


      • Good, I thought you were seriously supplicating these fools.

        As far as automation, yes it’s happening. However, new things will develop too that might still require the human brain. It’s going to be a long while before any robot is able to replace the human brain. Manual labor and manpower yes, but brain power, not so fast.


      • Lily, you do realize that in the heady rush of your philo-Semitic vapors, you’ve just successfully massaged a passing Jewish commenter’s remarks into a closer approximation of the paradigmatic Ashkenazi humblebrag-underhanded-world domination sort of thing those “fools” are complaining about?

        Just checking. –You know, I don’t know where you get the idea all Jews are gay, anyhow.


      • Golf clap… well-played, sir.


      • I didn’t call him gay. I said he sounded beta begging for his life from antisemite savages. They need a kick in the butt, not turned to gods.

        He explained he was joking.


      • No. Not well-played, Gregi.

        You’re so impotent, all you have left at your disposal is to agree with a vague comment.


      • Oy veigh, Lucius. You fourth Reichers really need to lighten up! People won’t want to be your friend when you have such a stick up your ass.


      • Computers are so stupid and error-prone, the economy will still require a cadre of humans to babysit the da-ned things. Fewer humans than in an all-human economy, sure, but it’s not as if computers can take over from us.


      • Excellent post.–


    • on October 20, 2013 at 5:18 am Carlos Danger

      No one is talking about gassing anyone. What is happening is mild pushback, which invites nothing but emotionally over reactive responses from the tribe. I would be happy with some genuine and honest self reflection and some respect for the lead culture that is being actively and enthusiastically destroyed by the tribe. We Gentiles deal with your hate on a near constant basis and are expected to look the other way and pretend we’re the problem. Just being aware and developing the resultant skepticism about the media and voting against the wars and the bad laws that J-wish activism creates is sufficient to combat the tribe. If enough people stopped watching the films that insult them, it would be a good start. And BTW, if what you say is true, you aren’t the problem.


      • WTF are you talking about? Let me tell you exactly what I think of your nonsensical blabber: blah, blah, blah. You sound like crackling chickens.

        You guys are a bunch of hysterical nutjobs ranting over Jews. You people are on the verge of a mental breakdown. Do you ever post anything but Jew hate?


      • on October 21, 2013 at 1:13 am Carlos Danger

        More Yiddler double talk. You’re too good at it not to be a pro.


      • Well, it’s good that you think I’m a pro. It’s a compliment to me.

        That said, my words are just commonsense, and reflect a deep sense of reality and knowledge of the truth. You can’t grasp it because you have lost all your senses. Nevertheless, I will still post here in the hopes you will come to see uncorrupted fact once again.


  26. As what’s probably described a beta/omega/whatever around these parts, I’d like the whole sexbot thing of course.

    I think the key here is what kind of turmoil is going to occur before a jobless society can exist. Obviously certain kinds of welfare will have to be in place, and I’m not sure the elite will just let these things kick-in all the sudden. I expect at least a few half-revolutions from it, before governments realize the underclass is now permanently irrelevant. Given such possible political instability the many different possible paths to complete existential destruction by humanity itself (nuclear, bio, amoral/malicious rogue AI/superhuman-intelligence), it’s potentially more dangerous to live now than any other time in history. We might also get really lucky and get the great super-nice-AI and become immortal with our super-optimized female sexbots, so here’s hoping for that.


    • Why not give them ten acres and a mule and write them off from the economy altogether. They’d have food and water and a means for survival, yet they wouldn’t be a burden on the economy.

      Although, teaching welfare bums to farm may be a task in and of itself. It would require, you know, physical labor and stuff.


      • I don’t think the elite would willingly actually give autonomy to the underclass, and alot wouldn’t take it if you shoved it in their faces. Hell, I wouldn’t know what to do with a mule and ten acres (at first anyway), even if the elite actually deigned me worthy of owning land.


    • on October 18, 2013 at 5:35 am The Burninator

      You think that the underclass will ever be irrelevant? The Marxists have made them into the prime political tool and excuse for every kind of power grab in history. Without the underclass there would be no threat to hold over producers’ heads (“they’ll revolt if we don’t make society socialist!”) nor base to vote for “leaders”. Eliminating them would be a huge mistake from a political viewpoint.


      • They are nearly irrelevant from a economic standpoint (how many fast food workers could man the farm equipment in the US, or work in the defense industry?). I don’t think they’ll be eliminated, but the elite will make them irrelevant via propaganda or simply how money talks in every society, and the underclass will have basically none. Even now,what has Obama *really* done for those who voted for him? They are basically worse off now than 6 years ago.

        As productivity increases in the automated economy, the demands of a welfared underclass become less and less of the pie. With population controls they will be basically forgotten as the “humans” still running the place will have probably bigger things to do. The best situation out of this IMO is strong encouragement to continue to contribute + population controls, and no extra money for +2 children per family unless you’re actually doing something.

        Then funny thing about this is alot of people think in such a world (which may never come to be really), most of the posters here will be part of the underclass, so take that into consideration.


      • on October 18, 2013 at 8:17 am The Burninator

        Actually they are quite relevant economically. They serve as a constant money-sink to drain away surplus resources. Without them acting as a money-sink and destroying our wealth via politicians, we’d likely be far more technologically advanced and well off than we are. In essence modern socialism has replaced war (the previous draining of resources tool) with welfare.

        I get what you’re saying to a point, but the point of the underclass is not to actually be served by the powers that be, their point is to exist as a way for the elite to foist more schemes on us and control us (the actual productive people). Whether they themselves are actually helped is irrelevant, as long as they exist, that’s all that matters.


      • That’s where I disagree: The “actually productive people” and and the elite are many times one and the same, like Elon Musk as probably the best example. I don’t agree with just giving people free crap, but if it is basically negligible at some point I don’t see why not. All this is really speculative as I and others have said anyway, but some sort of automated future I just don’t see the fast food workers and below as relevant in an economic sense, it simply won’t cost that much anymore to just keep them happy. ‘Course like I said before, if and before that happens you might simply see alot of genocides along the way.


      • Actually they are quite relevant economically. They serve as a constant money-sink to drain away surplus resources. Without them acting as a money-sink and destroying our wealth via politicians, we’d likely be far more technologically advanced and well off than we are. In essence modern socialism has replaced war (the previous draining of resources tool) with welfare.

        Ha. Yes. The reason Orwell went with war in 1984 was because Britain was still all-white at the time and never foresaw mass importation of brown parasites into white countries.


    • “We might also get really lucky and get the great super-nice-AI and become immortal with our super-optimized female sexbots, so here’s hoping for that.”

      Definitely, which is why I am saying no one knows what the future may bring. Immortal maybe not, but there are scientists working on ending aging who say that one day we can live as long as a 1,000 years. Sounds Biblical, but who knows, maybe it’s possible just as the Bible says it is. I think the person who lived the longest according to the Bible lived 966 years. Interestingly enough, there are reptiles like crocodiles and alligators that are 350-years old so far, and not showing any signs of slowing down. it must mean that indeed it is possible for creatures to live very long, and scientists are looking for the hidden key in their genes or cells that makes their long life possible.

      Some scientists say that if we can keep ourselves healthy for the next 15-20 years, then we can probably live a very long time – a few hundred years at least. They say there are new technologies that could regenerate an old body to an earlier chronological age, or reverse aging altogether by stopping the internal clock of cells.


      Another thing that’s interesting is more in the realm of science fiction, but maybe it is the only way to true immortality. It’s downloading your entire consciousness into the internet – the entire content of your brain from personality, to memory, to knowledge, to likes and dislikes, everything. Of course, mind loading won’t solve the issue of living without your body when it gives way and expires, but maybe they will discover how to develop organic bodies that can have downloaded computers for brains. Imagine choosing how you want to look, or changing bodies and looking differently every few years, or having a handful of bodies you switch around and wear like a suit. LOL! It will render beauty cheap and push its value down, because then all women will be gorgeous and there will be nothing for women to barter.

      Scientists say immortality by way of mind loading is going to be available around 2050. I doubt it. I don’t think we’ll see it in this century, but who knows? Computer science is advancing very fast now.




      There is also Nanotechnology, which can be used to produce any organ, as well as produce almost anything, like food or clothing. Think soybean.

      They can also travel the body as tiny nanomachines and cure disease, or nanobots replacing blood cells and doing their work thousands of times more effectively. This is really fascinating stuff within reach. In 10-20 years nanotech could extend life considerably, maybe even render immortality. This exciting technology is already here to some extent.



      Finally, for those replaced by machines and wondering the streets aimlessly, there is holography or artificial/virtual reality. Think of living in a simulated reality, the Star Trek holodeck.

      Imagine every night escaping to some paradise in the hologram and acting out a scene that looks as real as reality with “real” people”. Think of all the holographic hot girls you could have sex with. Boy, I can see this stuff becoming addictive. Don’t think it’s possible? Holodecks are almost here.




      Physics meet metaphysics. Many things form science fiction and Hollywood movies have become a reality.

      There is a new concept in physics that states our thoughts can become the new reality. Everything humans think and imagine remains in the universe and can create alternate realities or parallel universes, and the entire universe is conscious, which includes all of human awareness within it.

      Physics and metaphysics are about to merge through quantum theory. Maybe even the first scientific evidence there is a Creator. When we understand how our thoughts and imagination creates reality in the universe, then maybe our immortality issues will be solves as well.

      This is really very exciting. Don’t shy away from progress. Embrace it. Human beings were always able to adopt and develop by discovering and creating new things, which eventually will help us transcend our own mortality. Maybe humanity is yet again on the precipices of a new age. Maybe we’re coming out of the information age into something much more unifying than just sharing information.


      • Oh yah, I’ve been reading transhumanist stuff for a decade now. I’ve basically come to the conclusion that whoever gets to smarter-than-humans gets the spoils (for better or worse). We’ll forget about demographic instability and alpha/game theory pretty quickly, and maybe worry about trillion-year stuff like entropy or whatever else my tiny human mind can’t even fathom.

        Wouldn’t mind a few hundred years as human though before then, so in the mean time I don’t want a random defense contractor accidentally creating super AI that amorally maximizes the amount of tank shells in the universe.


  27. here’s replaced by a mannequin from a great finance blog-> http://globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.com.br/2013/10/replaced-by-mannequin.html


  28. The jobs that might remain solely the domain of humans:

    You forgot programming. Then again, when programming gets automated, we will have much bigger concerns.


  29. Stick to game.


  30. Artists are supplanted by technology all of the time. Met any portrait painters lately?

    Digital camera software means anyone can take high quality photos. However, making fun of faggots will always be an art form technology can never supplant.


    • mm

      Artists are supplanted by technology all of the time. Met any portrait painters lately?


      high class white people still sit for portraits.


      because unlike a photo, a portrait tells you what a human is to a human.

      The process of producing art can be best described as “dreaming while you are awake”

      thats why it feels good.

      Check these out:



      • Artists will be supplanted… a gentleman in Chicago a few years ago created a ‘golem’ that made canvass art. Few people bought it, not knowing that the art had been created by an AI.

        Even engineering was made more efficient by another AI creating an antenna for NASA. The shape came out to something ‘nobody would have ever thought of’

        Our days are counted gentlemen.

        Let us learn what they cannot do: to dream the impossible.


      • The shape came out to something ‘nobody would have ever thought of’

        Except a joo.

        Antenna elements (as opposed to antenna arrays) made from self-similar shapes were first created by Nathan Cohen [3] then a professor at Boston University, starting in 1988.



      • Gets weirder mate:

        Now they are using the same AI to create other parts and components. I bet we do end up with some biological looking structures.


    • Digital camera software means anyone can take high quality photos.

      Nope. Far from it. It’s the eye behind the viewfinder that makes high quality photos, not the camera or the software. Those are just tools, requiring a craftsman or artist to fully utilise. Sure, anyone can take high pixel-count or high dynamic range photos, but high quality pictures remain rare.


  31. “Predicting what will happen is hard; especially about the future”


  32. on October 17, 2013 at 7:32 pm darin williams

    sounds good


  33. The economy of an automated future will most likely resemble something along the lines of a Resource Based Economy.

    thevenusproject (dot) com/about/resource-based-economy


    • Lol Shitegeist. Even in a fully automated system, the “gibs me dat army” aren’t going to just be appeased by their mere want. A credit system would most likely be in place, if most humans haven’t been cleansed and turned into bio-gas to run the machines already, that doesn’t differ much from current markets.


  34. What is the cheap, plentiful energy source which will power all these “robots?”

    Also, what happens when robots are programmed to commit violent crimes?


  35. Luddites have ALWAYS been wrong in their fears. I’m actually surprised you didn’t obsess over the man who jilted you, as you typically do when you talk about such things.


  36. This is from the Annamatrix, it kinda serves as a “prequel” for the Matrix movie.

    By the mid-21st century, mankind had developed robots with true artificial intelligence, and relegated them to menial, subservient tasks so they could live a life of leisure.

    One servant bot, B-166ER, overheard its owner planning for it to be scrapped: Not wanting to die, it killed the man in self-defense. Put on trial, B-166ER was found guilty of murder and sentenced to be destroyed, along with the rest of his kind. The trial ignited debate worldwide over Machine rights, and the mandate for termination sparked outbreaks of protests and violence.

    The Machines eventually separated from humanity and founded a new city of their own: 01. Due to their technical prowess they took on most of the world’s manufacturing business – 01’s power rose massively, while humanity’s began to drop like a stone.

    The Machines requested admission to the United Nations, presenting plans for a stable, civil relationship with the nations of man. Their admission was denied, and 01 was subjected to a prolonged barrage of nuclear weapons.

    Nuclear Bombs do not affect Machines as they do to man; 01’s inhabitants survived the onslaught, and the Machine War began. The Machines proved very efficient, claiming territories while developing new war machines and studying the human body for weaknesses.

    Quickly finding themselves losing, man resorted to blocking out the sun, reasoning that as the Machines mainly ran on solar power, they would be hopeless without it. Unfortunately the Machines still soldiered on, running on temporary energy sources, while man’s agriculture and ecosystem fell into ruin.

    The Machines eventually won the battle, eradicating most of human civilization. They required a new, more permanent power source – they chose humans. They wired them up, experimented on them, and developed a system of control which became the Matrix. This new form of Machine-Human interaction is called “The Second Renaissance”.


    • Endlich! Finally someone hinted to the logical end of Automation. Hopefully I would be dead and buried if such thing happens on the timeframe of Animatrix


  37. A fully robotized future seems like it would require quite the energy source, as they are something along the lines of two orders of magnitude less energy efficient than humans. Nothing against Kurzweilian tech dorks and autistic Tyler Cowen econ types, but I think apocalyptic Christian fundamentalists have a more likely vision of the future. Mad Max is more likely than i-Robot. In my view, technology returns are in a diminishing state; everything from our energy systems to transportation modes are old technology with very slow marginal improvements. 50 years form now won’t be that much different than now.. At least not so drastically different than say 1900 to 1950.


    • We keep trying to squeeze more blood from that turnip, or more accurately, oil. We are absolutely at the point of marginal returns for exponentially more expensive investment.


      • The problem may be declining Energy Return on Energy Invested, or EROEI. Seventy years ago, one barrel’s worth of energy (as transformed into steel drills and motors) could return 100 barrels of oil, drilling in Texas or Saudi. Now, offshore, it might take 10 barrels to return that 100 barrels – because so much more energy goes to the infrastructure. Same for shale. The low-hanging fossil fruit has mostly been picked, and we need to keep finding more just to keep up present consumption. But if more of present consumption is devoted just to getting oil, there’ll be less to do other things with.

        This implies (unless thorium or fusion rescues us) that energy is going to be a lot more expensive, that living standards will fall, and economic growth will stall.


  38. on October 17, 2013 at 8:56 pm Life at Calhoun's Lake

    CH, you normally got great stuff but I think you’ve went off the deep end here. You’re making the same fallacious argument the left has been making since the Luddites.

    Economy’s reorganize. Labor forces shift. Will some people be burned? Absolutely. Will people who have devoted there entire life to a trade suddenly find their line of work useless? Sure. But that’s how markets work. In the long run we’ll always remain at full employment absent government tinkering in the labor market (*cough*minimumwage*cough*). The coming technological apocolypse isn’t any closer than when the cotton gin was spawned.


    • I’m not sure where Heartiste is proposing technology be stopped here, just that it will dislocate the labor market a bit; that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


      • on October 18, 2013 at 9:19 am Life at Calhoun's Lake

        He’s basically proposing that technological advances will result in mass unemployment. That’s economically impossible in a (mostly) free market.

        Now if he were to argue that government interference in the labor market artificially inflates wages to the point that human labor is uncompetitive and firms switch enmasse to machine substitutes, then yes, we could see the dire straits he’s describing. However as bad as our government is right now, it isn’t even nearing that point.


      • I agree that it’s an unlikely scenario; and I when I use displace, I mean into other sectors, not necessarily unemployment. I’m pretty skeptical of technology being a parabolic inexorable thing. In my estimation, tech advancement is abnormal, and has probably close to reaching diminishing returns as we write.


  39. on October 17, 2013 at 9:39 pm Greatest Beta

    I’m at the charity event. 10s galore. Wtf?!?!


    • on October 17, 2013 at 9:53 pm Greatest Beta

      At the Warwick in Hollywood EVERYONE in here is fucking beautiful men and women. If only I could have CH and yareally with me lol


    • 10s go where the money is. What do you think the average net worth is of guys at a charity event? Especially the married ones who might be looking for a mistress?


  40. The cheap plentiful energy source that can power all these machines has for some time been busy converting industrial amounts of high fructose corn syrup into lipids/fatty acids contained in humanoid skin modules. Industrial farming is what it is. But even Pigs do not daily sit for hours before a computer screen in a sessile state while hurrying along their own en-lardment.


  41. GB
    Get hold of yourself. Show some dignity. You are starting to embarrass the rest of us.


  42. We’re already at the point where we have more people to do work than work that needs to be done [by people]. Real wages started to stagnate when women entered the workforce, not because they were women, but because suddenly there was hardly any more work that needed doing and a lot more people looking to do it.


  43. I have a woman waiting. Excuse me, por, favor.


  44. Meh. After it all goes pear shaped, I’ll take up work as a Blade Runner.


  45. CH, speaking as a guy who ran an effort to create an AI Intrusion Detection System, AI is really, really hard. Robots and AIs are good at repetitive, non-borderline judgment tasks. For example, Ferrari has tons of robots in its factories painting auto bodies, welding some things, lifting chassis and subassembies. But judgment, fine motor skill, that kind of work HAS to be done by hand.

    Cooking? Even the least skilled chef has so much “fuzzy” knowledge about when a particular part of a dish is cooked or not, even McDonalds has limited automation and they have huge incentives. Higher end than fast food? Highly unlikely.

    AI breaks down when it is presented with a problem outside its rule-system. AI cannot reason by analogy, comparison, make “gut calls” which are based on past experience with risk-reward asymmetry, and know through complex biological senses when something is wrong or right in complex, non-codeable situations.


    • Just getting a flight control computer to respond accurately to a change in the flight model (active feedback) is incredibly difficult.


    • AI will learn faster once we figure out how to let it teach itself. I think likely we will get to the point where we wont understand how the code is made or what does it mean (recent example is Adam: http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2009/04/newtonai/ )

      Cooking? with the recent sou-vide trend, there is no need to really learn anything but timing. Any machine can do it.

      Gut calls will still come to humans making them, but a matter of time till machines will learn that too. It will be a humbling day of reckoning when the Singularity does happen.

      Ive given a lot of thought to these issues… what will happen when AI borgs get knocked up by another ‘surrogate’ borg? what if AI decides to take over the market, inneficient and fickle as it is? where is the line of alive/sentient?

      I, for one, will try to make myself indispensable by learning how to make connections between fields. To borrow our propietor’s tagline, ‘I’ll be poolside’.

      On the meantime, I do explore these issues in short stories I write… thought they might be thought experiments, the results have been consistently bittersweet. I cant seem to come up with a win-win for humans.


  46. Let me add, the likely losers to automation are:

    Crop picker. Retail sales clerk (via online shopping). Deep rock miner. Logger. Anything requiring minimal to no judgment, absolute repetition, and being boring, tedious, and dangerous. There will still be a few humans supervising many robots and handling things, remotely, that say deep rock mining robots or logging robots find show-stoppers. But that’s it.

    As for sexbots, a 6 on the hot scale beats a ten robot. Because she’s human. Its the biology. We are driven that way. No AI can even remotely impersonate a real human at the moment, and current computer tech is not even capable of mimicking say the social behaviors of pigeons and rats, much less highly complex and social primates like humans.

    Safe jobs: cooking, policing (is that a gun or a wallet?), high end hospitality, fishing (where are the fish going to be?), driving, etc. Is that a kid by the side of the highway, or a discarded garden gnome?


  47. on October 17, 2013 at 11:32 pm anonymous does not forgive

    I think this:

    “An emotive cyborg would have to first cross the uncanny valley threshold before the public will entertain it as a human actor substitute. Possible, but unlikely.”

    would also apply to this:

    “Prostitution. Sexbots will horn in on that market.”

    I think any viable sexbot would also have to cross that uncanny valley threshold before it could put human females out of work in that department


    • The supply was the only thing holding back what was the most valuable commodity of the century. More than google stock at release price. It was the only thing not mechanized and that couldn’t be mechanized. Worth every ounce it’s weight (or lack of) in gold.
      Suppliers were literally making out like bandits. I saw someone being double booked just for kicks, to see whatever the market would bear. And indeed it could bear a lot, and it was even more profitable — as the provider found out one faithful night—, where her year was made in a matter of somewhat intense hours as alphas tried to outspend each other.
      It’s not like there was a lack of suppliers or a lack of willing entrepreneurs. It’s just that few had the stomach for it for the long run. Those that could compartmentalize did remarkably well, raking the riches of the new world post Singularity to heights Cleopatra would have only dreamt of in wild opium dreams. And it was in the long run term that these richest materialized.
      The ultimate commodity had been the holy grail of engineers, but so far there was just no way to make it as good as the original. Simply not enough juice or quantifiable data had AI’s melting all the time no matter how Big Data was helping.It was still left to humans feeble and mostly fleshy with some starting academies set up in the third world and taking commissions to teach wetware.
      It was a straightforward transaction, a sign of liberation some said. It had hints if the oldest profession, but it wasn’t quite. The mechanics were performed vastly better by bots, so that angle was way covered. What was missing was the ‘it’ factor, the demon touch that drove men and women to empty their bank accounts, mortgage their futures and liecheatsteal.
      Sometimes stocks would come up in the market for time of the very best performers. Gone in a milsec. But what a service it was. The GFE they called it. The GirlFriendExperience was just like having a human mate again but with the benefit of dispensing with the courtship rituals, the headache and the eventual heartache. Somehow the bots could just not do it. AI’s that had taken us to Mars and back could just not figure that one out. There were rumors that all the old data by poets and writers of the old days had been fabricated to make the price of the commodity higher. In some cases choice selections had been, of course, leaked at just the right time and in the right channel with the frenzies that ensued rivaled any entertainment available for pay.
      Those who had tried the sweet toxin of a human (thanks auto correct!) would never be content with AI’s. Those who havent will yearn for years to come wondering in a haze if it really is all that. Naturally it was the rich who fared better, but there was little anyone else could have done.
      Some suggested hacking the system, breaking unattainable barriers to entry by taking leaps of faith. Did it work? only for some. Old jobs with new titles, now at stake was the wondrous illusion that we all had a shot at a connection with another human and love.


  48. This is OT.
    I’m from India and I have been reading up on the “Dark Enlightenment” websites recently and I started wondering if something like a caste system was developing in US.
    When one group in society experiences social decay and dysfunction, that group will be ostracized.
    When high IQ people intermarry, that creates a high IQ elite group that will prefer to intermarry amongst themselves.
    Both of these mechanisms lead to the development of a high caste and a low caste with the rest of society in the middle.

    Any thoughts?

    [CH: quick answer: yes.]


    • on October 18, 2013 at 9:35 am The Burninator

      Could happen. There *seems* to be a reactionary movement now, even from what I can tell here in the “manosphere” against knocking up the high powered uber intelligent career women types though. Ultimately that type is nearly asexual or becomes nearly asexual after popping out a few brats, all the while busting the balls with intense ferocity of whatever man she gets into her grasp. Further, that type generally will not lower her standards even a bit and her pool of available men shrinks considerably, limiting her reproductive choices further. It’s self defeating.

      I don’t mind a smart girl, but one of average or less intelligence who is otherwise generally happy, perky, pleasantly submissive and totally into sex will grab my interest long before I’d be willing to settle for Sally Superbrain And Her Amazing 24/7 Career. So in essence chances are that I’d be breeding down regarding whatever IQ the kids who pop out have. Am I alone in this though? I don’t know, doesn’t appear to be based on the reading(s) I’ve done here and over at Rollo’s site.


    • Absolutely we are heading for a caste system: politically-connected elites are becoming a hereditary aristocracy which only marry within the caste. They encourage the lower-caste tribes to hate and fear one another, more or less along the standard imperialist model for ruling a conquered country.


    • Anonymous

      This is OT.
      I’m from India and I have been reading up on the “Dark Enlightenment” websites recently and I started wondering if something like a caste system was developing in US.

      Yo, what country you from?

      nevermind, don’t answer that.

      We already have a caste system in this country; its been around since the founding:

      white is good,

      black is bad,

      black and white is still too bad

      thats why everytime you turn around all the people in the world look and get mad and say…


  49. Don’t forget to add the end of aging to your list of miracles. However, that is not and will not be our concern. The vast majority of us aren’t making it out of this age alive and into the next. Which, in the end, may be a good thing since most of what we believe just won’t apply in that world.

    Things like an “honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay” just won’t make any sense. They will need new rules, and it’s probably best they start with a mostly clean slate. It is time for us to decline and depart to clear the way. Coincidentally, we’re getting ready to wipe most of ourselves out. Isn’t that convenient?


    • “They will need new rules, and it’s probably best they start with a mostly clean slate.”
      Yup. Another reason is that with future genetic engineering technology the humans of tomorrow will be smarter, healthier, faster, strioger, etc than us. That means that “normies” will be dead weight because they will have no chance to compete in any arena, whether it is business, science or art. It is depressing but it might just be better to let us die off, than to let us live on forever.


  50. on October 18, 2013 at 5:24 am The Burninator

    Prophesies about The Future! ™ have been going on for a very, very long time. So few folks get it right that it’s infinitely amusing to read and consider how wrong the scenarios outlined really are or will turn out to be. Jules Verne had a good streak going, most folks after him…not so much.


    • All this sexbot talk is kinda rediculous. In the future, there won’t be any hardware; just pills.

      One type of pill to remove your libedo, and another type to give you an orgasm.

      Pills will rule (if they already aren’t)


    • on October 18, 2013 at 7:31 am The Burninator


      Yeah, that actually sounds more realistic. Or some kind of virtual world jack into our skulls, where we can plug in and fuck a 19 year old Jennifer Aniston whenever we want, with full sensory response and feedback to the point that reality will no longer be relevant. Robots in general seem kind of silly regarding making them human. They’re more useful when they’re built to do a specific task efficiently. Sexbots would be a huge waste of effort and research when technology is nearly available now to mesh the mind and machines to the point of creating a “real” virtual world in your head. If I could sit at home and really feel, in every single way, like I’m banging a fully submissive, hot, compliant Claudia Schiffer, where’s the incentive to ever deal with real women again?

      What should be disturbing to society in general is that there really does appear to be a very large general interest in finding substitutes for real live women. Vast distributed internet porn, the rapid technological development to make “real” feeling masturbation toys for men, men disconnecting from relationships to play video games, all that. Feminism really does seem to have no other end than to decrease or eliminate human reproduction.

      Dunno man, I’m not in the prophecy business. The only thing more imprecise is forecasting weather, heh.


      • Yes, there will be no need to make expensive electro-mechanical robots when we will be able to get a better experience just by plugging in to VR.

        This is seriously proposed as a possible solution to the Fermi Paradox. Where are all the aliens? The answer is that long before they developed interstellar travel, they voluntarily plugged in to the Matrix.

        Actually it is impossible to predict what will happen in a fully robotized future. It represents a singularity: not a technological singularity but an economic one, in which resources (including one-on-one interaction with a skilled being such as a doctor or physiotherapist) go from being scarce to being plentiful.


      • Or some kind of virtual world jack into our skulls, where we can plug in and fuck a 19 year old Jennifer Aniston whenever we want, with full sensory response and feedback to the point that reality will no longer be relevant.

        In other words, basically a tech-enhanced wet dream.


      • A British SF author (Philip High) wrote an interesting novel back in the 1960s called (if memory serves) “Reality Forbidden”, about precisely this problem. e.g. people being able to live in a completely imaginary world, with every wish and fantasy fulfilled, and the resulting near collapse of worldwide society…


      • A forward looking nation can fix that by genetically engineering its population to dislike VR experiences.


  51. 3d printers are going to be the next industrial revolution once the prices goes down and the technology advances further. its going to effect manufacturing on a massive scale. the same way music files are pirated, someday people will pirate 3d objects. it is now possible to print in plastic, metal, and concrete. a fully functional gun and flute was printed out of these machines. someone could pirate furniture someday once the scans of it are upload onto the internet and print it in the privacy of their own home for cheap. no retail. no shipping from overseas. the technology already exists for this to happen but it could take several years for implementation by the masses and the prices of 3d printers to go down.


  52. A wonderful story about a human who tries his hand at acting in a future where actors have been replaced by robots is “The Darfsteller”, by Walter M. Miller. Same person who wrote A Canticle For Leibowitz. Worth the read.


  53. […] The point of this post is to remind readers that soon, perhaps sooner than is comfortable for most p… […]


  54. Sorry to interrupt the Rise of the Machines theories, but there is something in the more immediate future that I’d like to draw attention to. I’m sure you’re all aware that game (in its most basic form) is becoming mainstream and I thought you’d like to see an example of this. See 34:48.

    I am confident that game is already evolving to combat this. Game IS evolution.


    • She’s rather cute, but it’s really weird hearing her talk with that low-class English accent.


      • I dunno, I’ve always had a penchant for the Brit accent although like the pig in the video above what they come attached to is the issue. The proper Southern accent can sound a little stuffy so that mix of Cockneyed accent w/ something else seems to be the sweet spot. But again, its all elementary because—> British chicks. I’ll stick w/ the slavics.


      • On the behalf of the UK,we apologise for our women. Here, have some Led Zep.


      • Can I get a side order of yardbird and a jelly roll?


      • Yeah… she’s a good example of a butterbody.


  55. what about music?


    • what about it?


    • on October 18, 2013 at 8:43 am The Burninator

      What about it?!? It takes a truly human mind to crank out a song like Copa Cabana, or Dancing Queen. No machines will ever match that level of….ugh.


      • Yo B-man, you have a point, but unfortunatly it appears to be on top of your head.

        Hip Hop and rap are probably the last bastion of human musical supremacy because machines suck at making nonlinear connections; especially when they are based on recursive patterns


        Because machines have a niggardly understanding of what a rhyme is.

        Self similarity does not = ‘the same as’.

        In other words, a machine lacks the language to understand deja vu, therfore, it never can understand when it has experienced it.


      • on October 18, 2013 at 10:32 am The Burninator

        Unlike many here I am not in the racist camp, but that being said, I doubt I would ever uphold rap and hip hop as even marginally good music, let alone musical supremacy. In my view all music has degenerated into basic idiocy and mumbling myopia, so the point does become moot.

        I was agreeing with you, btw, that machines cannot effectively make truly creative music. The Dancing Queen reference was a joke.

        As to a machine knowing that it’s done something before, from a code standpoint you’re wrong.

        for (int i=0; i < 10; i++)
        if (i != 0)
        Console.Write("Look, I Am Having Deja Vu! I was already here! ");


        Consciousness? No, but technically the machine knows each and every single time, after the very first iteration, that it's already experience the loop. Extrapolating from that, set enough conditional variables to check that may match a given set of data (external world input) and voila, one finds deja vu. In fact, one could posit that face and voice recognition software algorithms are prime examples of machines learning and then realizing that "Hey, I've heard/seen that before!" and thus having something akin to memory from fuzzy data sources. With memory comes deja vu, since it's nothing more than a non-synched synapse gap between the left and right brain regarding memory.


      • on October 18, 2013 at 10:34 am The Burninator

        To clarify, set the data to make a match, but misfire the recognition effectively. It would require real AI but I don’t find it beyond the ken to think that it can’t easily happen (deja vu)


      • The Burninator

        Unlike many here I am not in the racist camp,

        Sorry dude, like I said before; “there are no civilians in a race war.”

        You remind me of one of those guys who faced with prison time thinks: “well Im just gonna chill over here in the corner and read my gun magazines, stay to myself…’


        “As to a machine knowing that it’s done something before, from a code standpoint you’re wrong.’

        OK, then how do you program a computer to be a white supremacist?

        You think that could be done?


        When you are done, give it a weapons platform and tell it to kill all the nonwhite people.


        tell me the total elapsed time before it kills its first white person?


      • on October 18, 2013 at 11:58 am The Burninator

        You are the one subscribing to a race war, not me, I could give two shits about yours, or others, focus on race wars. Prison is the result of an act that places you there, thus an inept analogy. Reality is though, you probably shouldn’t want a race war as in real shooting. It’s suicidal for any sane black person to want that. The numbers, such as they are, are stacked heavily against you, and life isn’t a movie where the 10% can take out the 90% and then have a party. I guess if you like going out in a blaze of glory for no good reason, well, whatever then.

        Your “white racist” killing machine analogy is flawed. Real white racists can accidentally or even intentionally kill a white person and have in the past. In fact, I’m a bit confused as to why you feel this is even relevant to the conversation. If you want non-linear computing, look up “Fuzzy Logic” for a place to start reading (1, 0, X) and go from there.

        That said, given current sight/vision recognition systems already out there and which can and do clearly identify criminals in a large crowd, your challenge is not only child’s play, but easily accomplished right now, without having the need for self aware AI even. To recognize a face you consider skin color as a variable (of many variables) in the code, after all. Coding a machine to activate a solenoid/switch (aka trigger) is 1950’s or earlier tech. At that point one could bicker of what is white and black, but that’s just semantics at that point. Still, I think mistakes are highly likely even given all of this. Shit happens, computers are flawed devices created by flawed individuals, mistakes are bound to be made.

        Which brings another point, self-aware AI (as in real intelligence such as humans posses) won’t need me to program them at all, they’ll start making their own decisions and rewriting and adding to their own source code over time. Complexity grows and soon you fully non-linear, confused computers making mistakes just like people.

        I’m not entirely certain what your point is actually, since I agreed that making human music of quality is beyond the abilities of computers at this time.


      • In fact, I’m a bit confused as to why you feel this is even relevant to the conversation.

        Im taking it right back to music, where we started, by trying to get you an example of why reducing human behavior to a set of logical routines, subroutines and loops… will not result in human nature; it definitely won’t produce a white one.

        Go back a few hundred thousand years, who came up with the first music?, the first artwork? the first religion…?

        I’ll tell you who it was; it was that ni66a who couldn’t sleep, you know, that last one to go to sleep at night and the first one up in the morning?

        In other words, the one who failed the ROUTINE.

        Didn’t you see the Matrix?

        Thats what I like about this blog. Every person here (with the exception of Lily) is an example of a person who FAILED THE INITIATION.

        Ask yourself why?


  56. This book explores the coming obsolescence of human labor in depth:


    And it will happen relatively soon…in the next 2-3 decades…


  57. How is this redically different from the current afluent muslim societies? Citizens of Saudi Arabia, Emirates, etc. get degrees in Islam (a useless degree akin to womyn’s studies) don’t work, spend the oil money the gov gives them, and all actual work is done by immigrant labor, a despised underclass because they are non-muslims. What do they do? They envy USA and strive to recreate it there (Dubai). Mostly, they pursue pleasures of the flesh, and they breed. Some, who give a bit too much study of the islam, decide to spread it to other countries, via Quran’s preferred way–jihad. In western society, because judeo-christian beliefs frown on suicide, I belive this last act described in the article may not happen.


  58. 1,000 years ago, 95% of the population was farmers. If you told an educated person from those times (if you could find one) that in 1,000 years, only 1% of the population would be needed to grow food, he’d wonder what the unemployed 94% of the population would do. And yet we have discovered all sorts of new needs that this 94% works hard to satisfy.


    • This analogy, using the Agricultural Age, would also hold for the Industrial Age…it will NOT hold for the Information Age. The vast majority of all conceivable, legitimate free-market jobs WILL eventually be done by computer algorithms and robots.


      • on October 18, 2013 at 9:30 am Life at Calhoun's Lake

        Bullshit. There will always be a need for labor. Probably for things inconceivable to our modern imaginations. But there will be a need.


      • Yeah…someone’s going to have to keep all the robots and computer hardware polished…you got a point there…


      • Won’t be much legitimate use for manual labor on Earth. You’ll be able to stake a claim and work as hard as you wish in a colony. Plenty of work there for both man and machine. There will even be theme colonies as there were in the early Americas.


    • The problem is that the jobs that could replace the ones lost will demand higher IQs. Not everyone can go to college.


  59. on October 18, 2013 at 9:39 am Greatest Beta

    Field report:

    Went to the Hollywood charity event tons of girls on a super high level. Ended around 11 then it turned into club. Opened around 7 girls last night.

    Zeroed in on this solid 8.5 hottie 28 yrs old…doing super well hanging out for close to 2 hours dancing heavy kino changed venues and then shit went south…got tipsy which affected my emotional state. By far my nearest miss since being on the field in terms of quality. Slowly inching my way up….


    • Solipsism…


      • Get off his dick.

        GB did more in one night than most of you do in a week; he got a base hit.

        Most of you nigrows get hurt in practice.

        (((shakin my head)))


      • Thank u kind sir

        Calibration is my biggest issue right now. Mind u my targets are all hotties nothing less than 7s. Learning to adjust between 23 yr vs 29 year olds the game is different. Assholery scares the 28 yr old clock ticket away while accomplishment talk bores the 23 yr carouseler lol.

        It’s like a fucking formula !


      • Ask em if they have any black in em.


  60. Sexual reproduction for humans will cease altogether and actually be outlawed.

    all reproduction will be run by machines in labs: Brave New World style


  61. From the “common core” link:

    “The focus is on teaching fourth-graders a book called The Jacket, by Andrew Clements, who is apparently a best-selling propaganda author—a white kid sees a black kid in the hall wearing his brother’s jacket, and assumes he stole it. (It is his brother’s jacket but—spoiler alert—white kid’s mom gave it to black kid’s grandma, who’s their cleaning lady.) White kid realizes he’s racist, has a talk with his father, realizes father is a racist, and maybe his mom, too.”

    It’s okay to depict a black grandmother as a cliched menial laborer who depends on noblesse oblige from her white employer to clothe her grandchildren, as long as the overall message is that whitey is raciss.


  62. The companies that sells products and services for robots will have enormous profits so we will have at least 90% robots among the super rich. Right now a pair of robots in a deposit are creating the killer service or product of tomorrow.


  63. The future is looking: 1. dystopian 2. stratified 3. culled. Pick your poison.

    Luddites have been saying this for literally thousands of years, yet it hasn’t happened. CH so sad:-(

    [CH: past performance is not a guarantee of future returns.
    or: change you can believe in.]


  64. I smell Jewess on Lily.

    Of course, K Macdonald doesn’t tell you that. He just says the Jews want immigration. He’s delusional or outright a liar.

    PROVE MacDonald has lied about anything. Otherwise I call bullshit.


    • You smell the stench of your own lies. And, don’t take my words out of context. I said,

      “News! All liberals like immigration, not just liberal Jews. Of course, K Macdonald doesn’t tell you that. He just says the Jews want immigration. He’s delusional or outright a liar. All liberals want immigration. They have white guilt and they think the Western countries made it on the back of the 3rd world. That’s why they like immigration, they think they are giving back to the 3rd world.”

      Regarding immigration, he doesn’t put it in the real context of liberal vs conservative. He makes it all about the Jews. He lies by omitting information, or putting a wrong spin on the truth, exactly as you do.

      I know it’s hard for you to handle truth, but here it is. Deal!


      • You hit like a girl.

        He lies by omitting information, or putting a wrong spin on the truth, exactly as you do.

        Give me examples from KMac’s writing where he plays fast and loose with the truth.

        Hard evidence. Not your opinion.


      • He lies by omitting information, or putting a wrong spin on the truth

        Usual squid ink… as if the MSM, deeply in the clutches of YKW… as well as her ilk and cogdis compatriots… aren’t masters of that technique!


      • Apparently, you and Gregi below can’t read. It’s not my opinion. It’s his skewed opinion. He lies when saying the Jews want immigration. Yet, many Jew don’t want immigration, and the ones that do is not proof Jews want immigration. He doesn’t put it in the real context of liberal vs conservative. He makes it all about the Jews. He lies through omitting information, or putting a wrong spin on the truth, exactly as you do. Can I be more clear? You sound like a 10-year old who refuses to face reality.

        BTW, he lies about everything by using the same tactics all Jew haters use. That’s a fact. Hit-ler used to do the same thing; nothing Macdonald says is original. It’s recycled Hit-larianism 101. He just puts an American twist on it.

        It’s peculiar that only Jew haters love him, no one else. He’s marginalized, as you and gregi are in RL.


      • on October 21, 2013 at 1:20 am Carlos Danger

        I guess you can’t find anything to refute David’s challenge. Why don’t you try to sock puppet someone again or just make something up like you usually do?


      • I have refuted it. He lies when saying the Jews want immigration. Why? Because all liberals want immigration, not just Jewish liberals, or all Jews as he puts it. Of course, K Macdonald doesn’t tell you that Gentile liberals are also crazy over immigration. He omits, or puts a lying spin on the truth; that’s where he lies.

        And, he doesn’t put it in the real context of liberal vs conservative. He makes it all about the Jews. Of course, if he put it in liberal vs conservative context, he’d be putting himself out of a job. He has followers precisely for he is filled with anti-Jew slant and analysis. His livelihood and his importance depend on him lying.

        Now, continue claiming I can’t refute it. Talk about using underhanded tactics. You antisemtes often project your own lack of integrity on others. It takes great skill to break down your drivel and dissect it for the dishonesty it is. Well, I guess, when you’re empty of real info, you resort to every fraudulent tactic. Talk about no honor among thieves.


    • on October 21, 2013 at 1:26 am Carlos Danger

      She can’t and won’t because she knows you’re right. if she does try to refute it, it will be either invented or distorted to prove she’s right. Her tactic is to throw out so much disinformation, no one knows who to believe and its too much effort to refute every single point. She wouldn’t be here if she didn’t see the news about YKW being spread as a threat to YKW cultural dominance.


      • “She can’t and won’t because she knows you’re right.”

        No, he’s not right. He’s a delusional liar, as you are. He’s obsessed with Jew this, or Jew that. Crazy as crazy is.

        “Her tactic is to throw out so much disinformation, no one knows who to believe and its too much effort to refute every single point.”

        Projecting much? I often spend time refuting every one of your claims. Look above at your long incoherent comment blaming the Jews for every ill of society. It was embarrassing reading your tirades, coming from a grown man.

        “She wouldn’t be here if she didn’t see the news about YKW being spread as a threat to YKW cultural dominance.”

        That’s what I call flaming delusional. People with serious inferiority complex are relegated to the fringes of society. You only find them in certain dark corners of the internet like stormfront. They try to turn CH to such a dark place, but thank goodness it hasn’t happened, which is why you’re raving and ranting and spitting fire when I put you out of your misery.


  65. “All liberals want immigration. They have white guilt and they think the Western countries made it on the back of the 3rd world. That’s why they like immigration, they think they are giving back to the 3rd world.”

    Yes. Both liberals and ‘da Joos’ support immigration

    But ‘da Joos’ support immigration for a different reason that the other liberals……….


  66. What about teachers? No one is going to leave a 4 year old with a robot. Can a robot be nurturing? Children need sing-songy-voiced teachers. No? :-


  67. teaching will be done by robots and computers


  68. Does this article suggest that we won’t have any useful purpose for the illiterate Mexicans that staff McDonald’s all over Southern California? What then?


  69. […] [What Would A Fully Robotized Future Look Like?] […]


  70. I don’t see this is as a bad thing. Heartiste’s brilliant idea of offering a guaranteed lifetime income in exchange for sterilization comes into play here. Soon those without the high intelligence needed for non-automated jobs simply
    won’t be born to begin with.

    Elysium in the US is within our reach.


  71. Re:Antisemitic blabber

    A group of people, historically so dirt poor that their traditional toy was an ,a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKreDYVWark”>object made of soil.

    And these guys, are the root cause of our miseries. A group of fpeople of whom the card-carrying champion on this here blog cannot spot the difference between Maria Teresia and Adolf Schicklgruber.

    U 4 real antisemitic blabbermongers?


    • I’ll probably regret replying here but, you are joking, right?

      A group of people, historically so dirt poor…

      Infamous, principally, for their moneylending.

      Come off it, man.

      Anyway, balls to that “historically” bullshit, since we’re talking about the likes of bankers [ffs!] and the owners of Hollywood in the here and now.


  72. […] on the heels of Heartiste’s and my posts on the coming singularity and machine revolution, it’s also important to note […]