How To Get A Girl To Send Nudes Of Herself

A reader (warning: mid-level troll alert) asks:

best way to get a girl to send nudes?
It seems difficult to do it without being cheesy/sounding desperate.

The main problem with trying to get girls to text or message you delicious nudies of themselves is that it subjects you to the risk that you’ll be perceived a creepy perv desperate for sexual handouts. This risk is high, but not insurmountable, as the evidence of the deluge of girls sexting their privates to the four corners of alphadom attests. Personally, I don’t go in for the proactive “sext me” strategy, preferring instead to let it arise organically with girls who are already into me and have decided on their own to expose their plush wares to my viewership, but I can see why some guys would be champing at the bit to get the sext ball rolling. Once a girl has sexted you, she’s psychologically invested, and her perception will shift to her chasing you, which makes closing the deal a lot easier.

Another problem with attempting to extract nudies from girls is that it exposes (heh) you to potential legal ramifications down the road. Yeah, I know, sounds crazy. You’re thinking, “Why would I be legally culpable for a girl’s voluntary actions?” Well, folks, this is the feministed world we’re all barreling toward, and the day is not far off when women will be classed as victims even of their own freely made choices, and all consequences thereof rendered moot by state edict, to be placed upon the shoulders of men beta males.

Anyhow, my take on this issue is that there are many ways to skin this kitty, among them:

1. Reverse psychology.

“No, don’t send erotic pics of yourself. It won’t get you anywhere with me.”

2. Encouragement neg.

“I’m not sure you’re right for sex pics. Only certain girls can pull it off. You don’t seem the type.” (The vaguer your implied reason, the better.)

3. Unreconstructed asshole game.

“tits or gtfo” (note alluring lack of punctuation)

4. Casually aloof asshole game.

“It’d be cool to see your tits.” (Be cognizant that she will likely reply with indignation, and that you should be prepared to expect it and brush it off.)

5. Let’s you and her fight game.

“Damn, Ella just sent me a pic of her boobs. So many girls doing this now. It’s crazy.” (bonus preselection game!)

6. Idea implantation game.

“You ever send someone nude pics of yourself? I did once to a girl, and it accidentally went to my Mom. I think she was proud.”

7. Reverse Psychology II.

“I’m glad you’re not one of those girls who sends nude pics of herself. You don’t need that excitement.”

8. Feeding the female narcissist game.

“You look like you have a figure for photos. Have you ever modeled in the nude?” (be careful with this tactic, as it can easily cross the line to transparency.)

9. Non-judgmentalism/No Big Deal game.

“If you sent a nude pic I wouldn’t even be surprised. Girls send them all the time now. It’s nothing.”

10. Massive DHV game.

This is where you demonstrate so much high value that the girl feels an overwhelming urge to show you her naked body at the slightest hamster-nudged provocation. An example of this I found at a pickup site.

Below is an example of how I got a random girl to send naked pics of everything (va jay jay included!!) on Facebook. If you can do this to a stranger, you can easily do it to girls you know.

Note: I had an advantage in that I was working on a movie at the time which DHV‘d and made me artsy.. But I have done it without that story. This is not real life game so the modular progression is different. It goes something like you see below mixing and matching however.


1. Homework – hey lazy ass, read this entire post and realize that this process may require more time and thought than you are willing to put forth. I am a sicko and love to see how far I can get girls to go over the net. Sometimes it takes longer than others. I enjoy the process either way.

2. DHV-Attraction/Comfort- DHV to the point were they want to impress and then create comfort before requesting photos.

3. Compliment – After DHV‘s tell them they are photogenic which builds their confidence makes them feel appreciated and indebted. Flatter the shit out of her by asking if she has ever done any modeling.

4. Qualify – Claim to be into photography (use photography terms: portfolio) or art and that you appreciate the feminine form.

5. Qualify – joke about not wanting to send pics of yourself (they will usually request this) for fear of them showing them off to all of their friends (indicates that you wouldn’t do this to them).

6. Neg – if they send you weak pics tell them that they are PG and you put them in your Lion King scrap book or some shit ; ) Create leverage.

7. DHV (attraction spike/non-reactive) – don’t be too pushy about it. Act like it is no big deal and subtly remind them if they forget (always at the end of the paragraph, see below).

8. Watch it! – be careful what you wish for. This one had a meaty vagina (YIKES!) Beef curtains! Run!

[ed: portions of actual messaging transcript follows. pay close attention to the punctuation and time stamp pattern. heheh.]

at 9:03am
Oh, and it’s your turn to send me some pics of yourself. (If there are any naked ones, I won’t mind. Don’t be shy.) LOL.

Wait a minute, you sent me your PG pictures and you are asking for the full monty? You send some sexy shots first so I know that you won’t misuse my photos should we exchange

and by sexy I mean naked of course



May 22 at 6:36am
Don’t mind, I came out of a relationship just little while back and yes I do find your interest in me most flattering.

The feminine form is a thing of beauty and what can I say, some forms are more beautiful than others. You for example are one of those more beautiful forms.

Oh, well that sucks, but not for me! LOL. And thank you, it makes me smile when you compliment me. I will send you some pics, but you have to send me some too. And please keep them to yourself, I will do the same.

You are most welcome, glad to dimple your cheeks. I would never disregard your privacy, you have my word and a deal my dear.

Where are my pics? I want to see you naked baby! 
Sent via Facebook Mobile

May 22 at 9:43pm
that wasn’t the deal sweetheart! You send me a topless first and then I send you one!

I did, I sent it to your regular email. LOL. Didn’t you check it?
Sent via Facebook Mobile

no darlin send again!

I got no bra pics, no topless pics no nothing just the ones that were on your facebook page


I sent them to you again. Did you get it?
Sent via Facebook Mobile

No I did not. You can always set up a private __ for us were we can post pictures. It is fast and apparently easier than the old fashioned way. Figure it out girl!

K, I tried to e-mail it one more time. Did you get anything? They were pics I scanned, so I can’t upload them into a __ account.

But I set one up anyway. The login is __ and the password is midnight82 and I set it to private already. So you can put stuff on there if you want to and I want you to!! LOL.

okay, those pictures are not the ones that we talked about make it happen princess

I emailed them to u again. Did u still not get them?
Sent via Facebook Mobile

K, look at our account now.  You better post some on there too. I will put some more up tomorrow. It’s your turn baby!!! Tell me what you think. I hope you don’t think it’s too much. LOL. Oh, and gimme your address, I wanna send you copies of the pics I tried to e-mail you before. They’re really cute naked pics of me. LOL. MWAH!!
Sent via Facebook Mobile

May 26 at 4:08pm
You disappeared again.


Haha.. the pics weren’t that great. I never chatted with her again. Sometimes I just like to see how well I can persuade people. Maybe I should post the pics?

Maybe we should call this guy Disappeared Again Man, and include him in the pantheon of other infamous alpha male greats like Skittles Man, Bring The Movies Man, and Nah Man?

I can’t vouch for his specific method above for getting girls to send nekkid pics as a generalized tactic, but I can say with confidence that acting like this guy does will significantly boost the odds that you’ll persuade a girl to deliver the goods.

PS On a related note, homemade sex vids and pics of current and old flames (including you, not other men) are a hundred times more limbically stimulating than those of strangers. Try it sometime. You’ll see. Or maybe it’s just the outrageous narcissist in me.


  1. “Well, folks, this is the feministed world we’re all barreling toward”

    In the year 2025:

    Beta: (avoids women entirely)

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  2. Damnit! I just had this convo 3 hours ago with a girl i have been fucking. Background: She asked to come over yesterday, but i turned her down cause i didn’t have time. Translated from another language, so sorry if it turns out odd:

    Me: Just got home. Come over
    Her: Would be nice but i have a huge fever and i’m really sick i can’t 😦
    Me: Oh 😦 maybe on the weekend then. Get well(i don’t usually use smilies and she actually mention this earlier: “you never use smilies when you text…i never have any idea if you are happy or mad”)
    Her: I would love to come over but i can’t skip school either cause i’ll fail otherwise. Bugger…but we’ll see then
    Me: You’ve been skipping school? I’ll have to discipline you next time we see 😉
    Her: You think it’s nice to sit here when you talk like that? 😦 😦 don’t bully the sick…(she had previously told me to “make her submit” during sex)
    Me: You’re creative and you have fingers 😉
    Her: But i would rather use you 😀
    Me: Ofc, but you should use the opportunity now that you have my permission. I’m going to require a report with pictures though…
    Her: If i could just get rid of my pants but it’s so cold 😦 but maybe ill have nice dreams about what you would do to me…
    Me: No report eh? You’re quite a masochist… We’ll see if you survive next time we meet
    Her: I won’t survive even here if you tease me like that…

    So no nudes for me. Logistics could’ve been an issue since she doesn’t have a smartphone.

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  3. I find it works to start the nudez ball rolling with a sarcastic playful teaser pic or two of some non-erotic body part, e.g. a picture of my leg in my dirty fatigue shorts with the caption “white trash camo calf porn.” They usually then up the ante. The current girl didn’t send any back, but on our next date she gave me a cutesy homemade scrapbooked card filled with nudez inviting me to a “face down ass up party” in her bed. Keeper.

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  4. There are two basic hurdles to jump when getting a girl to send naked pictures.

    The first is that she’s going to ask “why” you want to see pictures of her. This is an anti-slut defense and she’s just looking for you to give her an excuse. The best is to say “men are very visual [creatures]” which has the added benefit of offering her some hand, which is hamster crack.

    The second is the logistics of her taking the picture and getting it to you… whether that’s in a text message or to your email account, requiring stopping the voice call to do it, or not… but when she’s worked through the procedure once the second, third, etc. photos are just a repeat of something she’s already done. If the first picture picture is something mundane, you’ve split the barrier into two pieces: ANY picture of her, then a racy picture of her.


  5. Nude pics are for 13-year old geeks. I prefer real life 3-D.


  6. on November 1, 2012 at 4:27 pm Latent Sadist

    I have had mad success with this actually. What i do is pretty simple. This only seems to work well if its a new girl, not someone in your orbit who youve talked to many times. All i do is start chatting on fb, build some attraction, slow responses, get her engaging. Then slowly ramp up the sex talk. There will come a point where you will have to bite the bullet and say something that could potentially blow you out. You have to take the dive. You’d be suprised how turned on a girl can get with a guy who boldly and comfortably starts talking about sex stuff. Think about the retards that ask her about her day, or her fav ice cream. Thats 95%.

    The questions game is what i do. Probably not the first to do this, but i have found it to be like crack for girls. After building rapport, and flirting a bit, say “ok ask me three questions, anything. and I have to answer.” This seriously excites chicks because theyre nosy as fuck anyway. Theyll usually ask you retarded stuff at first. Then its your turn to ask, and just start amping up the sex vibe. I usually start with asking if shes seeing a guy, somethin bout a bf…etc.

    By the second round, i just flat out ask when she last had sex, or what her fav position is or something. From there it escalates. Then when and if it starts getting heavy, just offer to send a pic of yourself. Really this just guages her reaction….and if she is down, then you can throw in the whole “but you gotta send one back”. Im not ashamed to send a pic first i dont care, but i am growing more hesitant due to what heartiste said…i fear it coming back to bite me in the ass. Never show your face, so it cant be used as blackmail (mental note ive made)

    It really just requires that you act like sex talk is totally natural, you sexualize early on so it isnt totally out of character, and that you persist. Its not 100% but nothing is, and youll screen out girls who just want to play games.

    You should think of it as, this girl is only going to get my attention (your value) if she gives me something in return (her Youre basically doing the gender equivalent of her trying to ljbf you, and make you her orbiting bitch. Sexualizing sends a clear signal that you wont be. Many chicks respond to that.

    To be real honest though, i havent done this with ultra hot women yet in the 9/10 range, so its a work in progress. Couldnt hurt, youll learn alot about what women can handle…its more than youd think.


  7. Chicks are such sluts.Becoming a priest was the right idea.

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  8. on November 1, 2012 at 4:51 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

    “There are two basic hurdles to jump when getting a girl to send naked pictures.”


    hurdle #1: finding your phone
    hurdle #2: texting “send some n00dz nbnc lzozzzozloo”

    for all u beta neophytez zlozozlzlz NBNC = “no butthole no care”



  9. 3 things:

    1) don’t send her pics of your cock. Most of the time they just laugh about it. A sexy description/story of what you want to do to her will get her 1000x wetter than a pic of your wang. Plus you’re the man, she’s the woman, she’s the one that’s supposed to be enticing you with visuals. That’s why they have skirts heels corsets nail polish makeup etc etc. if you can’t get nudes without sending her pics of more than your face first, work on your game.

    2) don’t focus on pics if you can get the meetup/lay. I just set up a fuck with a new chick for next week a few min ago, and she wants sex but she’s fairly “good girl” and doesn’t give off the “I feel sexy about my body and have a bunch of pics on my phone”. I could push for naked pics but it would probably make her uncomfortable and fuck up the vibe/trust/comfort I have going on for getting her to meet up (after we fuck I can get them easy), but she’s up for the actual fuck. So to hell with pics, it’s not worth bombing a a solid lay for a titty pic.

    3) if you get TOO sexual via txts/online with a girl before you actually meet up and fuck, you can trigger her ASD because when you push for the meet-up she KNOWS you just want to fuck her so for a lot of girls that hits the “if I agree to meet up that’s like admitting I want sex which makes me a slut so I have to flake on this”. So pull back a bit before you push for the meet-up once you have a sexual vibe established. Joke around be light and casual and push for an innocent meetup. Once the meetup is established ill actually NOT be sexual at all between the point she agrees to meet up and the point she’s in front of me in the same room. The sexual vibe is established, we both know what’s going to happen, so I don’t have to dwell on it and risk triggering her ASD so she doesn’t flake and then I can just escalate in person.

    There’s an art to it, thus the term PUA.

    oh, also 4) don’t post her pics online. Don’t be “that” guy, that’s not cool. She trusts you not to do that shit. Show a buddy or hold your phone up for your buddy to see or whatever when you guys are drinking if you want some props, but don’t go throwing it up on the interwebs where it will live for eternity.

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    • 1) True. Woman aren’t turned on by dicks so much as what one is going to do with that thing. Effort is sexy unless one is repulsive and then it becomes creepy and uncomfortable. It’s sometimes good just for an up the sexual aspect of any flirting and picture sending.
      2) Solid however there’s no such thing as a good girl and you should try women.;)
      3) Sort of solid advice.
      4) Keep that shit to yourself if you know what’s good for you.

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      • ?


      • STFU bitch.


      • Let me guess, Anon. You are “that” guy.


      • There is some truth here, in the sense that women are mental not visual.

        Dick pics are just weird and superfluous. I always think of them as the man “playin’ your game baby” (apologies to Barry White). Women are not ostensibly wired as such.

        A whisper into the ear of your female of the ways in which you are going to use your kit on her is much, much more effective.


  10. True story. In 1973 a girl in my high school kept asking me to “come over”. Of course I was too beta and never showed up. A few years later she appeared in the centerfold of “Hustler” which at the time was published in the Dayton/Cincinnati area. Imagine my chagrin when one of my buddies whipped out the centerfold and asked if she looked familiar. Damn fine body too, like an Aryan ideal.


  11. Wait till you get a message saying something like, “brb going to have a shower”
    Then, I use “pics or don’t believe” and it has worked numerous times

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    • That’s a good one actually. I thought the only non creepy way to get sexting is when she initiates first but I do like your idea.


    • I use this one a lot too. It’s retarded (“I went to vic secret today!” “I’m going to need photographic evidence of this.”, as if she’d be lying about showering or shopping), and she knows it, but if the attraction is there she’ll lol and take/send a pic and you can escalate it from there because like someone else mentioned, her doing it the 2nd, 3rd, etc. time is just repeating an action she’s already done so she’s less hesitant about it.


      • This. It’s a simple escalation, you know, and they know. That they aren’t lying, but because of the attraction already established.. it puts out a “fun” reason to send photos of herself. Hence why it works almost, every single time.

        You can use it against her with other things
        – I’m sunbaking atm
        – Trying on new dresses at store (Girls love to send you photos of potential clothing they can buy to impress, and usually send a sexier photo in the change rooms)
        – Just got out of the shower

        Anything that involves the girls body, can be used against her basically.


  12. Or you could just be her student… BTW this chick (teacher) was sampling more than one student.


  13. It’s not difficult.

    1) Wait until she texts you that she’s been drinking.
    2) Escalate.


  14. Setting up nudes has been fairly easy for me. First you ask for a new photo of her. Tell her you want a new one for yourself because your friend wants to see your newest girl or doesnt believe you when you tell him how hot she is. Like original post, get her comfortable.

    Next step is that when you start telling her to wear a skirt or dress when you’re hanging out that she has to send a pic to get it okayed by you first. Sets up proper expectations of feminine wear and approval seeking.

    Hell, sometimes you’ll get bra pics or topless right here. Rare but it happens.

    From there just start doing the same with bras and underwear. Might go slow or fast depending on circumstances and her own shyness levels.

    Havent tried sex pics, but I bet once those get taken the nudes will flow like water

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  15. Here’s whats worked for me. It usually takes a bit, but feels natural. Best for if you’re setting up a FWB or a plate to spin for a bit.

    First ask her to take a current picture of her, just for you, on her phone. Tell her your friends want to see your new girl or don’t believe you pulled another hot girl or that they don’t believe how hot she is. Make it your own, but try to DHV through a friend while also making her just sure of herself and comfortable enough to take a picture. If you don’t do so, they’ll beg out of it EVERY TIME, saying they can’t get a good enough picture to send you. Basic idea is to get her used to it.

    Then when you start hanging out with her and planning any activities, you should already be setting expectations of her wearing feminine clothes. Just drop in that she needs to take take a picture of it to get your approval first. Make it a game and have fun. Tell her the skirt makes her look good, but you want to save it for another time. Or ask for a print, or a dress, or a skirt. If it doesn’t look good, don’t say so till you’ve got a few compliments worked in – then you can be honest. But get her to change if you can. The more fun you have, the more fun she’ll have, the better pics you’ll get. If you start getting a couple different outfits, chances are she’ll get lazy or in a good mood and you’ll start getting topless or bra pics at this step instead of the next. This step should set up an approval seeking chaser mode to her clothing options and pictures that I love – haven’t found a way to do it that I like as much as this one.

    Escalate the above step when it feels right by working in bras and underwear. Can be the same night, but usually is a different night or it’ll feel artificial to her. I’d say only work it in the same night if you see a bra strap and tell her to match the bra to the outfit or she starts sending pics without a shirt without prompting.

    At that point it’ll feel natural to both of you and she’ll be in the mood. I’ve also never had to send nudes back. So far my penis has never been a picture I have to send to a woman.

    Other option if you’re looking for something quicker…. just take a picture mid sex/BJ the first time you bang. Don’t ask, just do it. After that, there’s really no inhibitions on her side about the situation.

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  16. Girl sent me some a few weeks ago, followed by “Come on, don’t I get any?” Sent her a well-lit shot of my balls. Banged next day.

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  17. If you follow methods 1, 3, or 4, you have a 55.4% chance of getting naked pictures, but methods 2, 5, and 8 have only a 48.4% chance.


  18. Glad you made this post. Here’s a great way to gauge interest from a girl. Send her this text:

    ‘send me a pic’

    And see what she comes back with. If it’s nude or semi nude or something implied (like skimpy clothing with THO, etc), you can press on with:

    ‘that’s all you got’

    And so on. Incoming nudes before you know.

    Of course if they start sending you pics without you even asking, that’s even better.

    Bonus alpha points if you don’t respond. If she bugs you ‘you didn’t even comment on my pics’, reply with ‘nice’.


  19. He probably had Chris Hanson’s assistant on the other end lol

    Or even worse.Boob Futrelle using some chick’s pic.


  20. I want to punch the source poster. His lack of command of basic punctuation makes my eyes bleed.

    I’ve sent nude pictures once, to a boyfriend who was in the adult industry so I knew it wouldn’t be “a thing” even if we went up in flames– which we didn’t.

    The closest thing of those listed above (including the comments) that would possibly convince me is a request for nude photos to “prove to the guys” that he’s banging someone attractive. I like making my partners look good.

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  21. The first nudies I’ve ever sent anyone were to Chateau Heartiste. :$

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  22. So here is a question I have been wrestling with for a while:

    Are all women INHERENTLY immoral?

    (no, not inspired by the topic at hand)

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    • Inherently? You’re asking if immorality is an inseparable part of being a woman?

      I’m going to skip a few steps here, as I am jet-lagged as fuck.

      As the only “true” difference between men and women is biology, everything else being a social construct as shown by matriarchal societies and other cultures where sex (male, female, or hermaphroditic) takes on the social customs that one is raised in… you’re basically asking if there is a biological predisposition to immorality.

      When immorality itself is a social construct.

      It would be best for you to define what behaviors you are titling immoral before asking such a question, as each person has different views of what is immoral and to what level an act is immoral.

      Then work from there.


      • Oh, good grief.

        immorality itself is a social construct.

        Next you’ll assert that there’s no such thing as truth.


      • This.

        If you took a man who lived alone his entire life I doubt he would not be able to tell the difference between an immoral and a moral act.


      • Morality (from the Latin moralitas “manner, character, proper behavior”) is the differentiation of intentions, decisions, and actions between those that are good (or right) and those that are bad (or wrong). The philosophy of morality is ethics. A moral code is a system of morality (according to a particular philosophy, religion, culture, etc.) and a moral is any one practice or teaching within a moral code. Morality may also be specifically synonymous with “goodness” or “rightness.” Immorality is the active opposition to morality (i.e. opposition to that which is good or right), while amorality is variously defined as an unawareness of, indifference toward, or disbelief in any set of moral standards or principles.[1][2][3][4] An example of a moral code is the Golden Rule which states that, “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.”[5]


      • Your point?


      • Annnnnd so … what?


      • tits or gtfo

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      • How you feel about niggers?? All dat social construck shit…


    • There’s nothing inherently immoral about naked pictures.
      1) It harms nobody.
      2) It’s not always sexual.
      3) Context is everything.

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  23. This is easier than you think. Some of my experiences:

    It’s easier with girls I’ve met on OK Cupid who are 30 or younger, usually 26-23.

    Secondly, i usually adopt a sexual frame off the top.

    After we swap photos, I usually say

    Me: Interesting, you look too innocent.

    Her: Innocent?

    Me: Yah…

    then take it from there.

    Also in some cases if the girl asks for a “Ful body shot” and you send something from the waist down, they usually send a bikini pic.

    Or here’s another approach that worked with a 21 year old I met on OK Cupid whom I never did meet in person but who sent me a series of photos of her in tight dresses and finally neglige.

    Me: What are you wearing?

    Her: Pyjamas

    Me: Hello Kitty?

    Her: No, lingiere

    ME: Photo

    sends photo.

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  24. OT:

    What do the Jezebeller feminists think of violence against men? Have a look for yourself. I suggest spreading this link far and wide:


    • i’d like to see how many of these women actually have silhouettes that look like the ones in the banner at the top of the page.


    • is so bizarre to me that I have to wonder if it is an astroturf site aimed at fanning the flames at the “war between the sexes.” (Did I just date myself?) The current post is a phone number a woman can give out to a guy and when he calls it he will be “rejected by Siri.” The sidebar ad is for a “how to keep him from pulling away,” bs. Really sad state of affairs. I would hope that anyone, male or female, doing the rejecting, would want to be as kind as possible. Just bizarre.


  25. For all I know, every girl is dying for an audience. The trick is to give her good enough an excuse.


  26. Ask and you shall receive (a lot of time anyway). It’s not really that complicated. Basically flirt and ask. If she’s willing to send pictures she’d probably rather fuck you then be taking pictures.


  27. I’m look for a woman