Catalonia Singing Separate Ways

Cheap Chalupas notes that a prominent economist has come out in favor of Catalonian secession, and that he has done so for evil, vile, naughty, emotionally human tribal reasons. It’s an interesting post more for what it reveals about the dominant narrative of our time, and how it has infected the perspective of the pundit class to such an astonishing degree that any thought remotely transgressive of this narrative becomes the stuff of Hitlerian nightmare.

Commenter “lords of lies” left this over there:

i have yet to see or hear of a mainstream economic model that accounts for robert putnam’s findings that racial and ethnic diversity reduces intergroup and intragroup trust.

Is that true? There are no major economic models that incorporate this fundamental aspect of human nature? If so, that would be evidence for the growing irrelevance of economics as a field. Maybe that explains why no two economists can agree on anything, despite learning from the same textbooks and past greats.

I wonder what roguish, Spanish-speaking commenter gig thinks about all this.


  1. The Robert Putnam interview is interesting because he says his research shows diversity reduces everyone’s trust but then spends 99% of the interview talking about how diversity is great for America. WTF?!!

    The hamster is strong in him.


  2. Humans are pack animals at the core. We work best when we work with people with whom we share enough similarities that we can feel “this is my pack”. This means people with whom we share a language, a culture, an outlook. the more things you have in common with another person, the more you understand him. The more you understand him, the more feel you can trust him


    • John Ringo’s “The Last Centurion” (near-future apocalypse caused by global cooling and a really nasty flavor of flu) speaks at length of “high-trust” and “low-trust” societies, what makes them happen (or not happen), and how they fare during times of trouble.


    • When “Planet of the Apes” and various TV-shorts and sequels were filmed, the ape suits were too complicated to take off when the actors were having lunch, so they kept the suites on. And, what do you know, the different ape species self-segregated. Which self-respecting chimp would want to share a table with gorillas? And vice versa. Personally, I find this sad, but it is still just as true.



  3. When I was taking upper-level ECON classes in college, the professors’ favorite phrase was “all other things being equal”. Then he would go on to explain how things were supposed to work.

    Except in the real world, all other things are never equal.


    • on November 1, 2012 at 1:54 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

      what everyone is missing
      is the the federal reserve created feminism
      so as to leverage a woman’s baser instincts
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      feminism converts the modrn buttcocked ameircan cow
      into a cash cow for teh fed
      whether she is selling subrpime loans in short skirts
      or seizing her husbandz property and children
      kiddnapping them so she can deman child support
      while teh fed also forces the man to pay
      for da pats use of psusyysys lzozozzl
      so it is that the fiat elite
      conquered the west
      and like a vampire
      profit from teh delince delcine
      of tehir hst host zlzlzlzlzlzo


    • Marxism is the greatest economic/politcal system ever imagined….IN THEORY.


      • Marxism works.

        Exactly how it’s supposed to, that is. The return of feudalism, the coffee-colored masses toiling at the behest of the intellectuals toward the chimera of the worker’s paradise (complete with armed guards to keep you in!). Of course, armed guards become less necessary when there’s no other country to escape to.

        A good old-fashioned day of the rope could have put a stop to this 50 years ago.

        We didn’t love freedom enough.


  4. on November 1, 2012 at 1:39 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

    the problem with econcomicz textbooks is dat dey all ignore da greatest assets–a loyal wife’s ass.

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    trumps all da 401k stock investment risk

    and yet

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    • on November 2, 2012 at 4:45 am Mr Pointyface

      The idea that anal sex drained my 401k has such a bizarre logic to it I hesitate to dispute it. It’s more fun to believe it than not to, even if it’s not true.


  5. Jesus….more implied we should separate the races posts. Paging commentators to drop the N word and how alpha it is to say it. Lets get back to poontang please.


  6. This follows the discussion on libertarians at GLP. The ceteris parabis argument handicaps economists as they can only look at markets. People don’t matter, only transactions. Sounds great if you’re a nerd who doesn’t interact with humans ever and think they always make calm, rational decisions based solely on price/quality clues. It reminds me of “Communism/socialism has never *really* been tried” arguments. A world without borders is Cheap Chalupa’s religion. It’ll be great because he believes it’ll be great.


    • You’re talking about finance. Economics tries to describe reality, but due to imperfect mathematical models & computers it has to make assumptions.

      There are 40*40*40 dynamic stochastic general equilibrium models of international trade, which make sense and allow to draw general conclusions, but hardly any specifics. Describing human behaviour is a whole another story. How can you incorporate bursts of irrationality (like “ok, let’s have another round” at 5 am) or hypergamy in the economic model?

      Solve this problem, and you’ll receive Nobel prize the same year.


      • There was a raucous discussion of why libertarianism is predominately male at Gucci Little Piggy and one of the tangents was that libertarian economists really think trade will overcome human impulses.


    • on November 2, 2012 at 4:47 am Mr Pointyface

      Hey, if socialism is so bad, how come Sweden has a balanced budget, without the butthexers. It’s hard to argue with real-world success from your bunker in Idaho.


      • The nation budget is balanced, yes, but the people is the most indebted privately in Europe.


      • Yes. And Sweden is not technically socialist, as the means of production are largely privately owned. The epithet “socialism” is instead derived from Sweden being one of the most heavily taxed countries in the world.

        And Lynx is right about private debt in Sweden.



      • Socialism, Fascism, tomayto, tomahto .. it’s all Statism.

        Oh, and to the other poster, Sweden has a growing and serious issue with immigration (specifically muslims), which is directly contributing to the downfall of the Welfare State, because it is beginning to overload the system, “Cloward and Piven”-style.

        Sweden was a homogenous, cohesive population noted for their agency and community. Now? Nope. Ooops.

        All fall down.


      • Unfortunately, “Anonymous” is right. Malmö (just across the water – now spun by a bridge – from Copenhagen in Denmark ) is the largest city in Europe with about 30% Muslim population or more. And they get to vote in local elections even if not citizens.



      • That is so sad. Maybe leaving Europe was the right thing after all.


      • Yes, Thor, Malmö was exactly the example I was thinking of when I wrote this.

        And as for Catalonia, it is in my experience much the same story (at least in Barça… I didn’t see this elsewhere in the smaller towns). During the time I was in Barça, I diverged away from Las Ramblas to the East a few blocks, and could not believe it… I felt like I was in Tunisia. I think I and my family were the only kuffars (I don’t call myself a kuffar, calm down… just making a point) for several city blocks.

        When the muslimin achieve sufficient population density in España, will we call this “La Re-Reconquista”?

        Iberian man, wake up.


  7. Catalonia’s independence would not make sense: The newly created country would be born with unsustainable public debt, a reduced international rating which would only increase interest for necessary financing, would not be a part of the European Union, and its corporate landscape would be critically hit (as most of its exports currently are sold to the rest of Spain – a fact which would rapidly change).

    Really, it makes no economic sense. It’s just old political talk made real by discontent citizens due to the financial crisis. This would only make it worse.


    • The day that Catalonia secedes, their application for EU membership will be in the mail. The Catalonians really do not like the Madrileños much at all, but as Cream says, “the money” comes from Madrid. Except, there is no money left.

      So possibly this is Nation-State Hypergamy? Catalonia will run from its current Sugar Daddy (Madrid) to its new Sugar Daddy (the EU) now that its current Sugar Daddy shows weakness.


  8. Steve Keen is the only economist out there who understands economics. The alt-right needs to listen


    • To understand economics is to understand the complex perversities of human nature and pathologies therein. Period


  9. Economics is not finite social science. Incapacity to understand human nature and the perversities therein is akin to socio-sexual interaction. Few get it bc few can. Fewer apply it bc fewer fail fail fail *learn* and continue. Herd mentality n group behaviors control almost all; Catalonia is a fine exemplar here as Wanna-Ibitha is a sinkhole of me too over-leveraging devoid of foresight. History never repeats but it always rhymes. And human nature never changes, just technology and aesthetics.

    Giffen good mentality is the simplest microcosm to analogue w women. If a rolls was 100k it sells 100 but at 250k it’ll sell 250. Why. Some of you know.

    As an aside, the Austrian / Mises schools are the psycho/ socioeconomic trains of thought most closely resembling the teachings/ findings of CH. Socionomics string theory and CH’s holdings will never be main stream but … (much like financial markets where 99.99% of “pros” are clueless failures continuing to operate while a few of us systematically rape all) … This is excellent for we few.

    Socionomics, like CH in this arena, ZeroHedge in finance and Finem Respice in causality, is a tiny subsect that most could never comprehend let alone accept. The behavior of neutrinos at the subatomic level and managing the emotions/ expectations (read: trajectory) of a true 9 – 9.5 (10 is figment) are rather closely related … Future behavior alters present action within well defined decision loops bc everything is cyclical; from subatomic particles measured at a quadrillionth of a second up to Big Bang singularity bounce every c 100 trillion years.

    Socionomics (Sociology is Cosmo nonsense) addresses violent episodes, predictable bouts of xenophobia, female societal rising periods etc but to ask of Catalonia is one topic fraught with sociopolitical-cultural tapestry.


    • Huge props for Austrian school and Zerohedge lol.

      I like your way of thinking and logic, but Giffen good is the opposite of Rolls – it’s a good the demand for which increases as the incomes fall, such as potato in Ireland in 19th century (from where and when the term originates).


      • Rolls is literally The textbook example for giffen goods in Econ 101. Economics as practically espoused is as much a joke as being beta bitch.

        Odd as it may seem prima facia, cosmology n advanced physics provide one profound insight into how it all works. Including women’s innate shit testing when they wanna fuck u now but your value is Way too high to them to risk being seen as a hookup; especially the real top .1%. This is what coyness truly implies.


      • on November 2, 2012 at 9:45 am bitterclinger

        You are both partly right and partly wrong on the Giffen goods. The classic example is rice in a poor country where people can afford to purchase rice and a little bit of protein. If the price of rice increases then people will reduce their purchases of more expensive proteins (e.g. chicken) and purchase more rice to maintain their calorie intake.

        Dr. Lyghtman is correct that people purchase more of a Giffen good when the price rises, but damngringo is correct that a luxury product like a Rolls is a poor example.


      • You’re the man, forgot this term completely.

        Also, to anyone who dabbles in economics / management / finance, here’s the economics rap:

        Keynes vs Hayek


      • Exactly, I knew something was wrong about the first description of Giffen good, but damngringo nailed it.



  10. Independentism is Jews’ last century invention to destabilize my country. Over my dead body.


  11. How’s ethnically homogenous North Korea doing compared to foreigner-welcoming South Korea?

    Which areas of China are more wealthy, the ethnically homogenous interior or the giant cities where foreigners come to labor?

    NYC is doing pretty well despite having absolutely nothing resembling a racial majority.

    Maybe the CH proprietors would be happier in Belarus. White, slim, feminine women abound.


    • Pretty much anyone I know would be happier in Belarus lol. Awesome girls


      • You cannot be serious. Belarus is the USSR in 1954. And the girls chainsmoke. Well, everyone does……


      • Ah, the good old “everyone I know” fallacy. Like the NYBT journalist who exploded “How could Nixon win? I don’t know anybody who voted for Nixon.”
        In this case do you think a twenty year old American women of the “tatted whale” persuasion would be happier in Belarus???



      • The, erm, Young Goddess would first die of massive culture shock, then lose lots of weight before eventually succumbing to lung cancer. Happier? You be the judge….


    • on November 1, 2012 at 3:48 pm Sgt. Joe Friday

      John Derbyshire once compared immigration and diversity to seasoning one’s food. A little seasoning can improve a meal’s flavor, too much seasoning ruins it.

      [heartiste: perfect analogy.]


      • I doubt anyone with common sense would deny that.
        The problem is massive replacement immigration. And at the root of it, leftism, feminism, declining natality and the shift to r-selected culture and demography.
        Nations are meant to interact and coexist. Nationalism and ethnic awareness don’t mean isolationism.

        But still, complete and total isolationism is preferable to the current death sentence on whites.


      • It’s insane that whites in The United States think they have some privelege to exist without non-whites.

        Europeans came to a land filled with Indigenous people.

        The indigenous element was already here. And the Europeans stayed.

        They brought African slaves over to labour.

        The Spanish quickly took Indian gold over to Asia to trade with China, via the Philippines. 1500’s records from Mexico City show Spaniard barbers complaining about “How can you make a decent living with all these Chinese barbers undercutting you?”

        And now you’re acting surprised that America isn’t a white nation?

        This isn’t white people’s land. If you want to defend a white homeland go move to Europe, at least you’d have something of a point there.

        Since Europeans arrived, the Americas have been a clusterfuck of White, Black, Indigenous and Asian


      • If the Solutrean hypothesis proves correct, then 20 000 years ago America was originally settled by a West European (Solutrean) people who were then genocided out of existence by the incoming Mongoloid/Siberian/future Amerindian people.

        Thus making America originally a land of Europeans that was then violently and cruelly taken away from them by force.



        “What’s more, chemical analysis carried out last year on a European-style stone knife found in Virginia back in 1971 revealed that it was made of French-originating flint.”

        So one of the Clovis tools found in America dating to 20 000 odd years ago has been shown to be made of flint that comes from modern day France? Solutrean hypothesis seems more and more viable.


      • The frequent complaint of “group X stole the land from group y”, while sometimes true (but far from always, the Afrikaners came to what is now South Africa long before the Bantu), is in any case irrelevant and water under the bridge. The Celts subdued the Picts in Britain. The Germanic peoples subdued the Celts, at least in England. The Normans took over (but never replaced the population. Should the UK give Britain to the Picts?
        The only exception I am aware of that still has its original population
        is Iceland. And that’s mainly because it is both hard to get to and
        has a marginal climate.



      • oh great…. trot out the ol “ancient white people theories….”

        Ever notice that these theories never use the word “white?”

        Instead they use words like: “West European”, “Solutrean”, “Eureatic…”

        Sure, there could have been some earlier people in the Americas, but no one ever uses the word WHITE to describe them.

        They sound like some coffee colored people to me.


      • @Banks

        “Read the genetics, there is no evidence for Native Americans having European ancestry. They very clearly came from Asia:”

        Hence the term genocided.


      • @thwack

        oh great…. trot out the ol “ancient white people theories….”

        Ever notice that these theories never use the word “white?”

        Instead they use words like: “West European”, “Solutrean”, “Eureatic…”

        Sure, there could have been some earlier people in the Americas, but no one ever uses the word WHITE to describe them.

        They sound like some coffee colored people to me.

        The term “White people” generally refers to modern day native European descended peoples. The Solutreans were a people who lived in Western Europe 25000 to 20000 years ago. Given the amount of evolution that can occur in those thousands of years, (for instance the gene for red hair is only 13 000 yeas old, the gene for blue eyes emerged only 6000 to 10 000 years ago, and the major lightening if European skin tone occurred 11 000 to 19 000 years ago) it would be inaccurate to call them the same people. Instead the Solutreans should instead be characterised as the ancestors of modern Europeans, (specifically most likely West Europeans).


      • on November 2, 2012 at 12:26 am Mike Steinberg

        It seemed to be what people like Jefferson thought nonetheless.

        “Jefferson also believed that the United States was to be “the nest from which all America, North and South, is to be peopled”[iii] and that the population of the hemisphere was to be entirely European: “… nor can we contemplate with satisfaction either blot or mixture on that surface.”[iv] Jefferson was, of course, among the nine of the first 11 presidents who owned slaves, the only exceptions being the two Adamses.

        James Madison likewise believed that the only solution to the race problem was to free the slaves and send them away. He proposed that the federal government buy the entire slave population and transport it overseas. After two terms in office, Madison served as chief executive of the American Colonization Society, which was established to repatriate blacks.[v]

        The following prominent Americans were not just members, but served as officers of the society: Andrew Jackson, Daniel Webster, Stephen Douglas, William Seward, Francis Scott Key, Winfield Scott, John Marshall, and Roger Taney.[vi] James Monroe worked so tirelessly in the cause of “colonization” that the capital of Liberia is named Monrovia in recognition of his efforts. ”


      • on November 2, 2012 at 4:54 am Mr Kissyface. .e

        White people, you lose. You’re too scared/selfish/devitalized to have kids. Why blame it on all the Mexicans or whoever is still alive. I remember some story about a rich white guy who visited Mexico and mentioned no kids, and an Indian asked incredulously “You’d rather have money than children?”

        If you aren’t connected enough to the primal to want to have screaming brats around, well, you lose. Don’t like it, pump out a baby. Mother nature couldn’t care less about your extinction.


      • The middle class, regardless of ethnicity, might have more children if they were not heavily taxed to support the breeding classes on welfare.



      • +1


      • The problem is, every white guy tries to stretch the white classification far enough to fit his non white GF; while he runs around shouting “white power!”

        This happened on Stormfront for years. White men with chinese/mexican/spam… wives and nonwhite children running around claiming to be “white nationalists”. I think they still do it.


      • “let them eat nigger”


      • Says the race that still practices cannibalism in parts of the world… and which is two welfare checks away from doing the same on this side of the Atlantic.


      • See: NYC. Haha!

        I continue to be amazed that there is any surprise about the current goings-on in NYC right now. As a New Yorker, it saddens me to see bad things to happen to my alma mater. But as someone else has already posted (I think it was thwack, amazingly!), the locals in NYC had several days to adopt the new reality and GTFO or arm up and dig in, and instead they stayed soft and kept their hand out, waiting for the new/next handout.

        These weaklings need to be removed from the gene pool, for the betterment of mankind. We don’t need them.


      • This brings up the point that there is no need to cater to the poor. If they leave, we can manage without them. “We” here can be Americans or Westerners in general.



      • Greg Eliot
        Says the race that still practices cannibalism…..
        Speaking of cannibalism, white parents are the ones selling their own children into a lifetime of debt peonage while they loot the country for their own benefit.

        Your white children will be the first U.S citizens to have a lower standard of living than their parents; all because of greedy white people like your self.

        They will spit on your grave..


      • I partially agree. But greed goes across the political and economic – as well as ethnic – spectrum. But remember that Obama WANTS to run up the national debt to thus weaken the country.



    • “How’s ethnically homogenous North Korea doing compared to foreigner-welcoming South Korea?”

      Ask this question again in 200 years when the South Korean people have been replaced by immigrants and no longer exist, while the North Korean people are still happily plodding along.


      • Yes, evoandproud, the website that holds North Korea up as a shining example to follow.

        If you truly think North Korea is the right example to follow, go live in some white homeland that’s the closest you can find to that. Belarus seems like the closest proxy.

        Again, thin blonde hotties in heels, what’s not to like?


      • “Yes, evoandproud, the website that holds North Korea up as a shining example to follow.”

        The failure of North Korea stems from totalitarian communist rule, not from its refusal to demographically replace its own people.

        “If you truly think North Korea is the right example to follow, go live in some white homeland that’s the closest you can find to that. Belarus seems like the closest proxy.”

        No, I’d prefer to follow the Japanese example. Or better yet, the 1950’s example before cultural marxism was unleashed.

        “Again, thin blonde hotties in heels, what’s not to like?”

        My land, is MY land. I would rather die than see my people extinguished.


      • “My land, is MY land. I would rather die than see my people extinguished.” By that logic some Iroquois person should put a hatchet to your head.

        Where is your ancestral land? If you’re white in the United States, you’re an invader. This is not “your land”. Your ancestors left “your land” to come somewhere very mixed ethnically, somewhere that has been that way since the first Europeans started fucking Indians the moment they got here.


      • OK, so what’s the rationale for mass immigration to those European countries in which whites are the indigeneous peoples? If the colonization and marginalization of the North American Indians was a bad thing, what will the future colonization and marginalization of the native Europeans be, in your opinion? Or are we not supposed to ask these kinds of questions when it comes to the Divine Right of Immigration?


      • And the Iroquois stole much of their land from other Indians.

        In Reflections in Bullough’s Pond, historian Diana Muir argues that the pre-contact Iroquois were an imperialist, expansionist culture

        Funny how people forget about that in their mad dash towards the white-guilt trip.


      • But Dan, before Paleface came, the “Native Americans” lived in peace and harmony, no? They were Rousseau-ian Noble Savages, right?

        This was my best attempt at trolling.


      • It is fun to see Rousseau quoted even in jest or sarcastically. There are few famous people who were so consistently wrong about everything. Just think! Sitting in an office in Switzerland and describing noble savages! Keynes came close in wrongness. Margaret Mead was mostly wrong but at least she went out in the field and TRIED to get good info. It probably never occurred to her that people were telling her what they thought (correctly) that she wanted to hear.



      • My land, is MY land. I would rather die than see my people extinguished.” By that logic some Iroquois person should put a hatchet to your head.

        Newsflash for you, Chief Rain-In-Face… many redskins attempted to expel the white man… they failed.

        Where is your ancestral land? If you’re white in the United States, you’re an invader. This is not “your land”. Your ancestors left “your land” to come somewhere very mixed ethnically, somewhere that has been that way since the first Europeans started fucking Indians the moment they got here.

        Ancestral? Land belongs to whoever can hold it… this is the history of the world, Sackapoopoo.


      • It is my hope that this site continues to exist to make pretty lies perish.

        And Greg Eliot’s comment is on point here – life is struggle. Life is bloody. Our current existence is soft (VERY soft) compared with prior existences. And this is why we need to have this site, to whip the pussies of this generation into shape (me included, some days). There is no “I” in “shut the fvck up and do the work.”

        One can spend time denying the reality, or one can spend time adapting to the reality. The first is useless, the second is useful. Be reality based. Be useful. Otherwise, we simply do not need you. You are an evolutionary dead-end.

        To the victor goes the spoils, and twas ever thus, and anyone that seeks something else is an idiot, an arsehole, and otherwise attempting to pussify the human race. Get hard. All will follow.


    • on November 1, 2012 at 11:50 pm Mike Steinberg

      ***How’s ethnically homogenous North Korea doing compared to foreigner-welcoming South Korea?***

      North Korea is stunted by totalitarian communist rule. Also, a quick search of of South Korean demographics reveals 97.7 %, Japanese 2%, US white 0.1%, Han Chinese 0.1%, other 0.1% (2000).

      In terms of social science research I note some of the issues raised in this article:

      “Unrestricted migration would harm Australia’s national interests in ways documented by scholars in economics, sociology and related disciplines. Much of the harm is predictable from what is known about the dysfunctions of diversity. They include growing inequality in the especially invidious form of ethnic stratification. No one likes to be ruled over by a different ethnic group or to see his own people worse off than others. The result is resentment or contempt, depending on the perspective taken.

      Diversity has also been associated with reduced democracy, slowed economic growth, falling social cohesion and foreign aid, as well as rising corruption and risk of civil conflict.[iii]

      The loss of social cohesion bears emphasis. Disapproving of birds flocking together is beside the point; it is a biological fact that needs to be taken into account.[iv] Rising diversity within human societies tends to drive people apart, causing them to take sanctuary in individual pursuits and ethnic communities. The practical consequences are reduced public altruism or social capital, evident in falling volunteerism, government welfare for the aged and sick, public health care[v]and a general loss of trust.[vi] Ethnic diversity is second only to lack of democracy in predicting civil war.[vii] Globally it correlates negatively with governmental efficiency and prosperity.[viii]”


      • “Unrestricted migration would harm Australia’s national interests in ways documented by scholars in economics, sociology and related disciplines.

        Fine, but who is gonna wipes the asses and feed jello to all the toothless old ass white people in the nursing homes?

        You think Becky and Tyler will do it? especially after they realize what you did to their future?

        You better hope some niggers show up.


      • “North Korea is stunted by totalitarian communist rule.”

        Indeed, the only countries that CAN remain ethnically homogenous are those “stunted by totalitarian communist rule.”

        Free markets = free movement of capital and labor. If you support Capitalism, you believe that markets should be unimpeded. The labor market is one such market, as is the capital market.

        If you believe that capital should be unimpeded but labor should, well, that’s not Capitalism


      • “Indeed, the only countries that CAN remain ethnically homogenous are those “stunted by totalitarian communist rule.” Western European countries existed for over a thousand years without either mass immigration or communist totalitarianism.


  12. Catalonian independence is pure politics, nothing to do with economics. And yeah, AFAIK, no economic models account for diversity, but it’s more of a managerial issue.

    Sincerely, MSc Economics guy.

    PS: I wouldn’t say that diversity in the workplace creates lack of trust. It’s just people from different cultures have different working style and ethic. I am an expat myself, and I can feel my colleagues sometimes are pissed off when I do things my way because I think it’s more suitable.

    Also, I’m starting a company of my own with a friend of mine. We are similar at the core and values, but have different approaches – this (50th – couldn’t help) shade of diversity is really healthy and gives us better outlook and vision.


  13. The EU is on the precipice of a nightmare. Greece will most likely have another civil war over which no one can do anything – always have wondered what the underlying ethnic differences are between Greek “Communists” and “Fascists”.

    If Greece goes, one can expect another civil war in Spain and possibly Italy.


    • Greece have been corrupt to the bone since the days of the Byzantine Empire, probably longer. Can’t imagine anyone in the EU is too overly surprised by their current misere. The last time Spain (and Portugal) were solvent was when they had fleets of galleons laden with South American gold and other valuables coming in daily. No surprise there, either. The various small states comprising what we know today as Italy used to be Europe’s banker until they kinda ruined themselves by waging too much war on each other via bought mercenary armies. Again, no one in Germany, France, Britain, etc. is surprised that Italy’s a mess. I suppose the twin engines that drive the EU (D + F) figure that having to put up with the morass that is southern (and to some extent eastern) Europe is the price they have to pay for creating their pet project of a ‘second coming’ of the US. Take away CA, TX and NY, and the US likely wouldn’t be a super power, either.


      • Without California, Texas or New York… the United State would still criate a California, a Texas and a New York.

        About Portugal and Spain, yes, we fucked up ever since we lost our empires but it isn’t as you intend it to be. The problem was liberalism.

        We lost our empires because Napoleon invaded us and the Spaniards in the Americas did not recognise the king chosen by Napoleon to rule. So they became independent. The Portuguese court (the King and some or most of the nobility) fleed to Brazil, making Rio de Janeiro the capital of the Portuguese empire.

        After Napoleon, Portugal and Spain were completley in ruins. We drove Napoleon off but his ideas cameback and a series of Civil Wars broke out, devestating the entire Peninsula. In Portugal, the heir to the throne (Liberal) declared the independence of Brazil and gave Portugual to his daughter who were married to the King’s brother. The Absolutist King of Portugal revolted and try to install Tradition but the Emperor of Brazil and his supporters in Portugal invaded the country and installed the constitutional Monarchy (ruled by the parliament, the King would have few powers), dissolved the cleaning of blood laws, the inquistion and the religious orders, which were efectively the fabric that gave a direction to both Portugal and Spain after the Reconquista against the moors. Thus, without institutions, without empire and with a fake democracy rulled by an elite that didn’t respect the church, the king or the institutions that made our countries… we got fucked.

        Then came the XX century with a civil war in Spain, the authoritarian leaders Salazar and Franco and the communist insurgency always lurking around. Then, came the European Union, 10 years after the fascists, in the 80s. Then, in 2004 the Eastern European countries entered the Union and we stopped being the focus of “European support”.

        So, we’ve been pretty much fucked for after Napoleon invaded us, we lost all we had all of a sudden.

        Portugal and Spain are countries build by knights fighting muslis and enriched by discoverers and conquistadors who went to rule the world.
        When we betray our essence, we get nothing but shit. America could really take a lesson from our downfall and preserve the Republic, the white majority, and its notion of Manifest Destiny and American Exceptionalism instead of blind intervention to spread “democracy”.


      • “America could really take a lesson from our downfall and preserve the Republic, the white majority, and its notion of Manifest Destiny”
        But thats the paradox. White Americans produced a rich nation off the lives of nonwhite people; but now you expect them to stop?

        You insist on shitting where you eat.
        Live by the nigger, die by the nigger


      • “… White Americans produced a rich nation off the lives of nonwhite people; but now you expect them to stop?…”

        Two problems with that,

        it is a myth that whites only had success because they ” used” non whites. Most of the successes in western civilization came from the advances in technology that would have happened with or without colored people working as slaves or cheap labor.

        And why are you saying we can not stop? are you saying we whites still have slaves??????


      • Yes, Im saying white people cannot stop exploiting nonwhite people because it is the key to their wealth. All the “stuff” white people own and control would have much less value if non white people were not available to want and need it. Cars, houses, medicine, OIL, OIL, OIL… you get the point?


      • Thwack is obviously an expertly indoctrinated Useful Idiot.


      • White Americans produced a rich nation off the lives of nonwhite people…

        It all turned around for us, rags to riches, once we copped the traffic light and peanut butter.


      • welcome back Greg, I was starting to get worried because of the storm…

        Then I remembered that you people are excellent swimmers; Aqua man, PT 109…

        Keep top eye open for those looters!!


      • I remembered that you people are excellent swimmers… Keep top eye open for those looters!!

        You people are excellent looters… tell the folks here at the chateau about the time you stole that radio, but left the music behind… by turning up the volume gradually as you ran away.


      • Every American needs to read this post from Sr. Henriques … and then read it again.

        The analogy most appropriate for the USA at this time is not Rome (and it’s fall). It’s Spain.


      • Sorry about the extra apostrophe. Duh. Typing distracted…


      • I don’t know. I think what happened/is happening to America is unprecedent in many ways, and I myself still prefer to compare what’s happeneing to what I call European Civilisation (Europe, Russia, North America, the Southern cone is South America and Australia) to the fall of Rome.

        What happened in Portugal and Spain however is a especial case worth noticing, because it completley changed the purpose of our countries and people. And we are yet still to stand up again and indeed find a purpose.
        What happened was:

        1) A devestating war against a World Super power, Napoleonic France, which we won, showing an incredible character, although helped by the British, of course.

        2) The subsequent lost of the empire derived from an willingness of the rulling classes in the Americas to give up the power they had recently got. This loss of empire not only killed off a huge source of wealth and prestige as it (kind of) ended the purpose our Nations had:

        3) We build our Nations, our National purpose, and most our folklore which is not from Latin and pre Roman sources, in the struggle against the Moors. Then, our purpose was to “civilise” the world through empire and the empire became our great revenue and source of prestige.

        4) After we lose the empire, after the war we struggle so hard to win, there are revolts and civil wars.

        5) After the civil wars, without empire and devestated, what we did, AND WHAT KILLED US, is that we imported (mainly) French ideas that were not natural to us, and not natural to our way of living. It was imported by an elite who was more in touch with what was fashionable in the saloons of Paris than the people in the fields or the King, an elite which despised the church because it considered the influence the church had was too much and that was not “enlighted” enough.
        What killed the fabric of our societies in the XIX century was:

        – An attack against the power of the king and the rising of a parliament who was completeley controled by an elite who cared more about getting the power the church had to themselves rather than what was best for the country;

        – The completley destruction of the religious orders, many of Christian knights that derived from the Reconquista and that had originated dynasties of Kings. This orders were very strict and the people looked up to the knights, it was the embodiement of martial power mixed with religeous zeal, and often times economic self-imposed austerity. This men, the warrior monks who took votes of poverty, were the spiritual backbone of our countries, and usually they had real martial power as in the XIX century they were often times in high ranking military positions;

        – The prohibition of the Jesuits, who were very ahead of their time, and here controled most of the teaching (weather Universities for the elites, or religeous teaching for the common men). This was the most devestated brain drain ever. A recent documentary I saw claim that when the Jesuits were expelled, 80% of the teachers left the country and 75% of “institutions of learning” were abolished. Not only did the Jesuits teache the Nation, as they oriented it in a specific Catholic way;

        – The dissolution of the Inquisition, which by the XIX century was the main power to stop “undignified businesses”, like prostitution, for instance, and big money of National origin had, theoretically, to be used in a Christian way, otherwise they could face the Inquisition in court (although many times, the Inquistion would close its eyes, it stoped the bourgoisie elite to invest the money as they wanted). The Inquistion was an instrument that was feared by those who would not behave in a “Catholic” way, which stimulated good behaviour;

        – The destruction of the army, which was rather powerfull, but was now divided, because there were civil wars. There was no unity in the army or police forces and there were various factions in them, usually, centered around a man, who would became imensely powerfull in his region. That’s corruption.

        – The dissolution of the cleaning of blood laws, who prevented those of “Jewish” or “Muslim” blood – actually, non whites – to hold public office. This law prevented those who were not of the nobility, or were not viewd favoroubly by the church, for it was the church that kept genealogical records of the common populace, to hold any real power in the society. And, the nobility was so powerful that it didn’t need to whore itself out; the same cannot be said by the bourgoisie.

        – Finally, the attack on the church. The shear attack against the church, who was too powerful back then.

        Thus we got completeley fucked and purposeless after Napoleon invaded us. Then, we even displaced our kings, it was chaos.
        We only got better during the Fascist times, but it didn’t last long, as it was not a refundation of our purpose as a people.
        Holly war against muslim opression and taking back our land, and empire, richess and civilsation were way more strong purposes, which we lost.

        We did well for a little after the 80s with E.U. money, but it was only economical development. We still haven’t found ourselves yet. And now with the crisis, things could really be going to shit again.


      • This is probably King A’s cue to lean in and explain to you that you’ve just exactly described the American situation at this time.


      • “a ‘second coming’ of the US”.

        I had a good laugh at that one.

        I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the people running the EU are German, Flemish, and French.

        I call the EU “The Fourth Reich”.


      • EU is dead already.

        They have two options with this crisis thing: Or they stop its integration and allow the states to bemore egotistical, which will take its toll in the efficacy of the E.U. (as if it was already efficient), or they will go even more anti-democratic. And everybody will loath that.

        Also, if Merkel thinks the Catholic South-West of Europe will be played as if they are a bunch of Protestant Scandinavians, we can have a fucking revolution. We’re too different. And don’t forget that the ones who really rule the E.U. are the French. Which are the most disfunctional of all Europe.

        They fucking lost the war, and believe they were victorious.


      • I second the idea that you should be allowed to go your own way – and especially that you should be able to extricate yourself from French/Flemish/German control.

        So if you are going to have a revolution, you might want to get your guns back. Oops.


      • Also, a word on this: “or they will go even more anti-democratic. And everybody will loath that.”

        The Irish voted against EU membership. Twice. That didn’t make a lick of difference – the unelected troglodyte apparatchiks (Van Rompuy is my favorite… he looks like a cross between Golem and Wesley Mouch) in Brussels simply stated “No, you voted wrong. Do it again.” after the first time, and then ignored the second result.

        Portugal had the same thing happen to them.

        Papandreou, a duly elected Greek official, was deposed by Brussels.

        The recent Italian election results yielded similar effects.

        The recent French election results yielded similar effects.

        All MSs are now enslaved by debt, and the only entity with a printing press is the EU.

        At what point do you wake up to the fact that you are living in a dictatorship, enabled not by tanks but by “‘free’ government cheese”?


      • “free government cheese”?

        Do you think we are in the European Union for the money?
        We had to destroy what little industry we had to get in that boat.

        The people here wanted to be part of the E.U., not for money, but for the prestige. The socialist elites yes, wanted the money, because 10 years after gaining power it was already clear that they were clueless on how to rentabilise our countries (less so in Spain than in Portugal).

        Anyway, a substancial part of the population was euroskeptical from the beginning, albeit not the majoriry.

        “Portugal had the same thing happen to them.”


        Anyway, you giving too much props to the E.U. Yes they are powerfull… but

        The Irish were the ones stupid enough to vote yes, and they got special rights that made them vote yes for the second time (for the Lisbon treaty).

        When I say revolution, I meant with the support of the army. The army of the European member states doesn’t obbey to Brussels, they obbey to the political power (yet stil, sometime, if threath of US bombs raining on our heads Serbia style disappears, they might even start to get ideas on their own); Every single member state has a National Central Bank, which cannot print Euros, but is ready to print Drachmas, Escudos, Marks, Franks, Liras, Pesetas and what not. It’s way easy.

        The consequences would not be pleasent though.

        You can fool around a country like Greece, which is barely Western;
        You can fool around a country like Ireland, which is dumb and newly-rich-thanks-to-the-E.U.;
        You can fool around a country like Portugal, always so sensitive about what’s said over the saloons of Paris.
        (We here have a saying: “Para Inglês ver” meaning “for the English to see”, a country that has a saying for doing good figure only in the front of strangers, is a country with deep collective mentar problems)

        And by the way, this countries are miniscule, together they account for 6% of Europe’s economy.

        BUT YOU CANNOT FOOL AROUND WITH ITALY OR SPAIN, specially not the two at the same time. That’s a fucking Germany in economic poweress and as popolous as Russia.

        That’s when the shit hits the fan.

        When I talked about revolution, it was the elected officials in our countries doing what’s popular right now, which would be to stand up against the IMF and the E.U. And we have a Central Bank and an army. Don’t forget. And the population has lots of weapons, legal hunting rifles, and pistols, and many illegal weapons.
        25% of the people here have a fire weapon.

        Spain has done so more or less. But Spain has not been subjected to the abuse we have been.

        Also, you don’t fuck with Spain, really. Another local saying:

        Do you know what’s the difference between a Portuguese and a Castillan?
        You can make fun of a Portuguese all you want and he’ll only strike you when he can’t bare it anymore.
        You can make fun of a Castillan only if your feet are as fast as your mouth.


      • Alfonso:

        Good. Get mad. It’s the only way to get your country back.

        P.S. “Free government cheese” is a long-time US welfare-state appellation for a substandard product delivered by the government “for free” (but it’s never for free… it’s always very, very expensive). Give me some real Manchego any day. 🙂

        P.P.S. The Irish voted NO on EU membership… twice. And neither vote was “accepted”. My memory tells me that Portugal voted against the EU “Constitution” as well… I will need to do a search to verify what happened there, as I may be incorrect.

        Estamos contigo. ¡Díos dase fuerza!


      • You have to be creative, like Silvio.

        “Here’s my crazy idea; Let’s start printing euros ourselves,” Mr Berlusconi told an assembly of his center-right People of Liberty party’s parliamentary deputies.

        When you think about it, the presses are right there. Just push the button. How much do you need? Chuckle.


      • The Euro banknotes and coins are easily identifiable as to country of origin, there is a letter code on each banknote. If a Euro country started that, the ECB would declare banknotes from that country as invalid, and they would no longer be accepted – even in their country of origin.



      • Sortof true. But if you don’t do deficit spending, you are a LOT more independent of Brussels.



  14. on November 1, 2012 at 2:57 pm hamsterbaiter

    So what “economic model” did White countries survive on when they were still White? Seems to me they did pretty well back then.


    • slavery, war, rape, murder…


      • “slavery, war, rape, murder…”

        The current model of black Africa, yet it doesn’t seem to work for them. They are ethnically cleansing Boers from South Africa but the economic gains of raping and killing are never realized by the Zulus or Hottentots.


      • children learn what they live.


      • The standard of living in medieval Europe, before the age of imperialism, was still better than the standard of living in Africa today.


      • White countries without colonial empires did – and still do – pretty well with things like hard work , intelligence, talent and character.


      • no, because white people are like a European Union, the non colonial white people sell things to the empire running white people. The empire running white people pay for these items with wealth they steal from the nonwhite people.

        Look up the book “King Leopolds Ghost”. All the white people were connected by trade with the colonial powers.

        Russia is what you get when white people don’t go colonial.


      • Heh, heh… twack can’t get his Afrocentism straight… on the one hand, white people stole the wealth of nonwhites… but nonwhites, otherwise superior, are mere ‘children’ who learned slavery, war, rape, and murder from whites.

        Russia is what you get when white people don’t go colonial.

        Poor Ivan, having to eke by on some Stoli, the strains of Tchaikovsky, and Dostoevsky by candlelight.


      • Colonialism didn’t begin until the 15th century.

        Before then, the GDP per capita of Western Europe was already almost twice that of the next highest GDP per capita region, and it was as high as modern Africa is today.

        cf. the lower half of

        Furthermore, there was a study which showed that colonialism actually improved the economies of those countries that were colonised by Europeans.


        If you don’t want to read the study there is a summary of it here:

        “Russia is what you get when white people don’t go colonial.”

        Still better than the third world.


      • Obama Senior failed to appreciate everything the British did for Kenya. Not a sarcasm.

        Of course, a foreign administration a the very top was a roadblock to local bureaucrats wanting more power, thus the hatred those people had for the British.

        There was, however, another, deeper and more widespread hatred. You see, the British were trying to kerb female genital mutilation. This was seen as an outrage not to be borne by the locals.



      • Maybe thwack just doesn’t like the fact that Tchaikowsky didn’t ‘steal’ from Blues musicians (most of the early ones being Black) and was still, oddly, able to write music that will likely still be heard when Blues, Rock, Rap, Jazz, etc. are long forgotten oddities. Or the fact that there are women in Russia who can fit into height-appropriate dresses without creating a muffin top (or worse) above the beltline. Anyway, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Austria and Switzerland are also what you get when White people do not go colonial. They’re doing quite well.


      • @Wolfie
        “Anyway, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Austria and Switzerland are also what you get when White people do not go colonial. They’re doing quite well.”

        Well, yes and no. It depends on your definition. At least Denmark and Sweden are getting colonized -. this will end in disaster. And, depending on your defintintion of “colony” you have Iceland (ca 1300 to WWII), Greenland, Jan Mayen, Finland (as a Swedish colony by some measures, but in most ways considered part of the motherland, Östsverige etc.), Delaware and St Barts, not too far from where I am now – and I have lived in Delaware.

        And as to “doing quite well…”, time will tell….



      • Actually, Russia is the last European colonial Empire.
        They still have Siberia and the Far-East.

        The Russian empire was build fighting, controling, and ethnically cleansing non white people. It was also a main component the Russian struggle against the non white Turks, in South Eastern Europe and Ukraine.

        And, before Communism, in the XIX century, Russian culture was pretty much developed and dynamical. Russia is a great centre of “white culture”.

        On the top of my mind, I am thinking of Dostoyevsky, Thcaikovsky, Sukurov, the scientists who made it to space, Leo Tolstoy, Soljenitsin, and many more. Russia excells in Literature, Music, Theatre, it does pretty well in engineering also.

        I don’t have an idea why you think Russia can be compared against any non-European country without humiliating that country in every way (except perhaps countries like China, India or Japan, which are huge).

        I’d say that probabily, in Moscow there’s more human capital than in some continents. But I won’t because that may be offensive… all men are created equal. Created, only.


      • Well-said, Afonso Henriques. +1


      • Agreed with Greg Eliot. It’s a fairly good bet to assume that whatever Lefists accuse you of doing, they are doing themselves.

        The USSR was a very, very Imperialist/Colonialist nation – Kazakhstan, Ukraine… none of these countries have sh¡t to do with the White Russians, and their inclusion in the USSR was at the point of a gun.

        Indeed, the Soviets did much “adventuring” in Africa, SE Asia and Latin America as well, despite what the US’s Leftists would have you believe. They were playing to win.

        And perhaps the most recent, brazen example of their Colonialism was Afghanistan, which went just about as well for them as it did for the US – don’t try to fight a land war in Afghanistan, silly… Alexander’s experience should have been all the information/warning one needs.

        The Soviets were bad news, and I am glad to see them swept into the dustbin of history. I spit on their grave. But that is not to say that the other countries they tried to subsume into the USSR were somehow superior to the White Russians. Oh no.


      • By “White Russians” do you mean

        a) Inhabitants of Byelorussia (Byelyi = white )

        b) White as opposed to Red, ( i.e. anticommunist Russians)
        c) White-skinned Russians (somewhat depending on your definition, it could
        be just about all of them).

        Despite all their assertions of non-racism, Chornozhopi was a common term (maybe it still is) translating as “black-asses” i.e. residents of some of the Soviet Republics in Asia.



  15. Economics really only pertains to speak with authority about “the long term”, meaning the equilibrium everything is tending towards. In which competition will drive out inefficiencies. Hence, an organization that incorporates the most talented individuals, and allows them to cooperate optimally, will drive competitors shackled by superstitions “out of business.” And an organization that recruits the best from a superset, will logically be better staffed than one which limits itself to recruit from any of its’ subsets.


  16. on November 1, 2012 at 3:06 pm The Desert Gate

    There aren’t any economic models, but there are geographic ones. See: European Union, post-Yugoslavia Balkan states, Russia’s North Caucasus, the South Caucasus, and Central Asia.


  17. Commical how the leftist media now describes the economy as a “Men’s Issue.”


  18. “The Robert Putnam interview is interesting because he says his research shows diversity reduces everyone’s trust but then spends 99% of the interview talking about how diversity is great for America. WTF?!!

    The hamster is strong in him.”

    You don’t know the half of it. Putnam sat on his research for several years so he could figure out a way to put a positive spin on it. Too many careers and reputations hang on the diversity racket, so Putnam has to vigorously argue that his findings don’t actually say what they say.

    Look at that face. “Goody Proctor, I sentence you to be hanged as a witch!”


  19. I have family ties to Catalonia, so I know something about the issue. It has both an economic and tribal component. Part of it is that many Catalans simply don’t feel Spanish. They think they have a distinct indentity with their own culture and language. They have banned bull-fighting and it’s notable that the Spanish national soccer team ever plays in Barcelona, despite being Spain’s second-biggest city. On a related note, they think that the government in Madrid tries to repress their cultural expression and impose a Castilian/Spanish culture on them.

    As for economics, Catalonia is one of the richest-parts of Spain (if it joined the EU as its own country I think it would be the 6th richest member or so) and they get taxed out of the ass (top marginal rate of 56%). They send their money to the poorer parts of Spain and then have to pay extra tax for the stuff they would have built otherwise with that money. As an example, Catalonia has toll roads while the rest of Spain doesn’t. Adding insult to injury, Catalans perceive the rest of Spain to be lazy bastards (the whole “manyana” attitude) that are also corrupt and waste the money the take from Catalonia.

    So if you don’t feel Spanish, you think the Spanish dislike you and they just take your money to spend on bullshit, the movement towards independence is no surprise.

    Think about it like this: even if Mexico had the same GDP/capita as the US — or even slightly higher — would anyone want to merge the US and Mexico together? Of course not. Granted, the cultural gap between Catalonia and the rest of Spain is not as vast, but you get the point.


    • J-style, I read your entry several times, and nothing in the response is contrary to my understanding of Spanish/Catalanense politics/history. All of your comment is pretty much patently/obviously/logically true.

      But here I need to point out the insidious effect of “big government”. Ask yourself, do you feel more “simpáticio” with the Madrileños/Gallegos/Bascos, or with the apparatchiks from Brussels? Because, quite simply, you are being played by the Flems/French/Germans (assuming you are Catalán/”Spanish”). If you secede, you will then join the EU not as a strong, major nation like España, but as a smaller, weaker nation, née Catalonia. Nothing good will come of this – you will be a serf to your Flemish masters, as was the case during Napoleon (I say this intentionally to be painful, to make a point).

      You should (assuming you are Catalense… a big assumption) instead seek a more Federal approach to indigenous Spanish government, where Catalonia has the ability to set its own budget/decide its own fate/priorities, and an ability to demand responsible government from the other principalities, such as Galicia, etc.

      It may be too late. ¡Adivinise! Your future depends upon it.

      We who believe in freedom support you and are hoping for the best for you. Spain is a wonderful country and a fantastic people. I wish you the best. À Díos, señor.


  20. Commenter “lords of lies” is no other than the original R/H.

    Is that a joke or are there really many mysterious CH writers who don’t know what the others are writing.


  21. Economics is the study of incentive and how that creates minority rule. Supply greater than demand? The demand side sets the price. Demand greater than supply? The supply side sets the price.


  22. We ARE, at a deep level, very tribal creatures. The reason that interracial friendship is so prevalent in the Army is because, as stated in the interview, they’re all Army Green. They wear the same uniform, and that uniform creates a new tribe which transcends skin color because there is something similar about the man next to you that makes it possible for him to be your brother-in-arms. Or like Gunnery Sargent Hartman’s speech in USMC boot camp where he says “[…]here, you are all equally worthless.”

    In the rest of the world, we don’t have that. In promulgating diversity, people come to work dressed very differently. Or younger, at school, style of dress correlates strongly with your clique: preppy, gangsta, jock, nerd. The subdivision in one’s highschool halls is in lockstep with the crowd you join. There’s a circular causality: being a nerd has you dressing like a nerd which makes you more of a nerd, ad nauseum, and trying to dress differently will have consequences: the other nerds will frequently call the violator out for shaming, and the members of the tribe whose uniform the nerd is adopting will put him in a trash can.

    That’s an extreme example, but both tribes will take some action to discourage inter-tribal migration.

    Calling out NYC or PRC as examples serves to support the Prof. Putnam’s position that ethnic diversity takes time to accept, and the interim reaction is to “turtle up” and withdraw during the adjustment period. Coastal China has had millennia to adjust to diversity, and NYC has had centuries. This is not surprising, since coastal cities have historically been the most prosperous in trading due to access to the seas. In other words, coastal cultures have had much greater exposure to multiple cultures than those which are landlocked. Those which are remote or off the beaten path will have had even less exposure to other cultures, and are therefore a different culture from those who are located along the coast.

    It’s easy to be elitist and write them off as backward and call them names, but those who do that also provide evidence in support of the professor’s thesis: distrusting these unfamiliar non-coastal cultures.


  23. on November 1, 2012 at 5:13 pm Andrew Ralston

    “There was a raucous discussion of why libertarianism is predominately male at Gucci Little Piggy and one of the tangents was that libertarian economists really think trade will overcome human impulses.”

    Actually, libertarian thought seeks to accommodate the immeasurably wide range of human impulses and therefore refrains from prescribing or proscribing a set economic system, other than to espouse a simple starting point, which is the non-aggression principle. So long as you do not try to harm me, steal my property, or interfere with my ability to associate with whomever I want for whatever reason I want, then you and I can live and let live. You are free to produce things and trade them in whatever manner you want, using whatever medium of exchange mutually agreed upon.

    If you want to restrict, regulate, or otherwise govern someone else’s affairs politically or economically, then you are free to persuade your friends do submit to your authority. Or conversely, if you want someone else to govern some aspect of your life, then you are free to submit accordingly.

    But if you use coercion or fraud to impose your association on those of us who want to be left alone, then it is our right to use lethal force to defend ourselves from your aggression.

    Libertarianism is not a spiritual philosophy and it does not promise utopia. It is just a basic code of conduct – a common-sense ethical system – that seeks to maximize the freedom and self-responsibility of individuals, enabling them to experience the consequences of both their successes and their errors, thereby maximizing growth and evolution.

    Under the principle of freedom of association and its corollary right to disassociate without justification, racial and ethnic groups have a perfectly legitimate right to live and work with their own kind, if they so choose. Harmony would be best served if each such group had its own homeland for those who favor social homogeneity and cultural preservation. .

    “This follows the discussion on libertarians at GLP. The ceteris parabis argument handicaps economists as they can only look at markets. People don’t matter, only transactions.”

    Most libertarians IMO subscribe to Austrian economic theory because it recognizes the folly of trying to use mathematical models to describe, prescribe, or proscribe economic activity and therefore seeks to deduce its principles from careful observation of human nature as revealed in a marketplace in constant flux where innumerable individuals are constantly making choices based upon imperfect information, finite resources, and complex personal values which at the day’s end elude strictly rational analysis.


  24. on November 1, 2012 at 6:10 pm Charlesz Martel

    Wilmot Robertsons magazine, Instauration,, had an article about how economists never take race into account when they build economic models. This was sometime in 1976 and perhaps the very first issue. I have looked for more of this sort of thing for years, but it is very hard to find. The prevailing dogma is that all human activity is economically rational. Thorsten Veblen did some seminal work on irrationality and economic behavior, but he did not fully take status into account. He understood that people do things for status seeking reasons-but he did not understand that status is critical to the survival of the species. Salter’s book, on genetic interests, goes into much greater analysis and detail.


    • +1 on the Robertson reference… back in the day, his The Dispossessed Majority struck a power chord, awakening many from the torpor of PC education and MSM brainwashing.


  25. Hitler’s Third Reich insisted that Socialism can only work in a homogeneous country. In fact, there was nothing but suspicion for Jews because of a belief that they would try to dominate the German economy. I don’t know anything specific but I do know that the Third Reich started a pan-Axis change in Economics that Japan still uses. I believe I read about this partly in Apocalypse Cometh and partly in the now defunct Geographer.


  26. You gotta be careful when you talk about the UE. Always keep in mind that the “european people” (even though such a thing doesn’t exist) strongly rejects it. It is the work of some ideologists who impoverished the Old continent, especially because the Euro, a similar money for a heterogeneous economical zone, is the dumbest idea of all time. Different countries have different needs, and different strong points. Thus, Germany shines with a strong money, while Greece goes down. Simple economics.

    As a result of all this mess, the European parliament has to come up with ideas to weaken the nations in order to impose its ideas. Divide and conquer, plain and simple. To do so, they push regionalism. They finance groups who want to secede from their country. The weaker and smaller the regions, the easier it is to control them.

    They have their official map:

    So when you see a guy promoting regionalism, you can be sure he is fighting for the Lord of Lies. Nations are what will bring the UE down. If we loose our nations, we are done.


    • on November 1, 2012 at 9:47 pm hamsterbaiter

      Exactly. This “regionalism” BS is as fake as it comes – politicians or would-be politicians in central government who want to cut off a slice of their country and be bigger fish in the smaller pond of regional politics. And in most cases it just deposits an extra layer of tax-sucking bureaucracy on the citizens, as many of the functions of central government are duplicated at the regional level when the region in question stays partially dependent.


    • I agree with this – the EU constantly sponsors and promotes regional food, music and cultural festivals to weaken national feeling.

      Catalonia will be smaller, weaker and more subject to Brussels than Spain is.


    • I’m certainly no economist, but it always seemed kind of odd to me that they were so hell-bent on pushing this Euro currency (stupid name, btw) down everyone’s throats at warp speed. Was that really necessary? I had no problem converting Francs (French, Belgian or Swiss) to Schillings, Marks (German or Finnish), Kronor, etc. etc. etc. – and I suck at math. No idea why this would be a problem for banks, businesses and governments…….

      Regionalism does make sense to a certain extent, thanks to history. Germany, for example, is basically a patchwork of several dozen regions which are actually quite distinct from one another in many respects, including culture and language/dialect. The image of the arrogant, monocle-wearing drillsergeant who barks clipped orders many Americans associate with their idea of ‘Germany’ might fit a land-owning Prussian noble officer, but would be completely at odds with anyone you’d find in the Rhineland, Bavaria or Friesland, to name a few.
      Regionalism in the Balkans seems to depend primarily on how much a given region was Islamized during the Middle Ages/Renaissance.


      • I think the Serbs and the Croats have been at each others’ throats since well before Islam’s incursion, but “whatevs”. I am still waiting for the return of the Dacians.

        As I mentioned elsewhere in this thread, The Fourth Reich (The EU) exists to consolidate power for itself, not to facilitate commerce. “Facilitating commerce” in the way that they’ve done so (employing a single monetary and fiscal policy across all Member States) benefitted those MS that run the Fourth Reich, to the detriment of those MS who do not run it. The result was a new empire, without firing a single shot.

        Will be interesting to see what happens next. As the old saying goes, if I owe you €5, you have something on me. But if I owe you €5Bn, I have something on you.


      • Sure. Christians (Serbs approx. Greek Orthodox, Croats = Catholic) have been fighting each other at least since the 30-year war. And up to today in Northern Ireland. Muslims do the same, mainly Sunni vs. Shia.



  27. Diversity is also bad for your health.

    Diversity may be fatal, says new government health study


  28. I´m Spanish, so I hope my point of view will be of some value.

    Catalonia´s bid for independence is a purely ethnic phenomenon. That´s all you need to know.
    Economic arguments are only meant to buttress their ethnic aspirations.
    Let me explain: In Spain there is a kitty called “Fondo de compensación interterritorial”. All regions pay some money into it, but then poor regions get more than they have paid (this is the purpose of the whole thing: redistribution).
    People from Madrid pay significantly more than Catalonians on a per capita basis, but don´t bitch at all.
    Because they have the (correct) feeling that the money is going to their own people. The Catalonians, however, have a different language (racially, they seem utterly undistinguishable to me -unlike the Basques-, and I have a good eye for those things) and feel their are being bled dry by some “strangers”.
    Personally, I wish them good riddance. I am sick and tired of their psychotic whining (most of the economic arguments they use are either blatantly false or distorted – but since appeals to ethnicity are anathema in our time, I suppose that´s all they can do).


  29. Hmmm, in Italy, we use [i] italics [/i]


  30. Hey, if socialism is so bad, how come Sweden has a balanced budget, without the butthexers. It’s hard to argue with real-world success from your bunker in Idaho.

    For exactly the same fucking reason that East Germany was one the wealthiest countries on Earth, though not as much as West Germany : it was populated by Germans….

    Now ask yourself how long sweden’s wealth will last given the flood of low IQ savages there?


  31. There is a slow but accelerating trend of the producers, individually and collectively, getting tired of feeding the non-producers. Compare for example Lega Nord (“Northern League”), industrial productive Northern Italy (or more exactly, the inhabitants of this region – real estate has no desires) wants independence from the South, very much including Rome. Some people, like myself, go Galt, more or less, on an individual basiis. Others want to do it on a more wholesale basis – nothing wrong with that. But the share-the-wealthers are running scared and going apoplectic.



  32. There is a slow but accelerating trend of the producers, individually and collectively, getting tired of feeding the non-producers.

    Thor, did you see the movie “Fight Club?”

    The purpose of the non producers is to CONSUME!

    Specifically, consume the stuff the ownership class owns and controls. This is where the value is. For example, food stamps are a price support for the AG industry, i.e the large farms owned by white people.

    Who do you think bribes congress to expand food stamp programs?

    My point is, niggers don’t run any of this. Its the white ownership class that benefits most from the non producer class (niggers).

    This is why you white guys can not kill these programs; you are up against the powerful white people.

    This is also why you blame niggers.

    To get rid of non producers, you must get rid of the system that feeds them.

    Whae up white man.


    • For the first time, I at least partially agree. Without necessarily involving ethnicity, it seems to me that a small mandarin class (yes, mostly white, but that is not hot the point, ask Villaragosi, LA:s mayor) makes its living by taxing the productive middle class (all sorts of races, including Blacks and Asians) and giving the money to the non-productive class. This not only buys votes, but can be good business for those who sell whatever the non-producing, taxpayer-supported classes. buy (to the detriment of those who are not in those articular lines of businesses).

      I have quoted this before: “Il faut examiner si la Loi accomplit,
      au profit d’un citoyen et au détriment des autres,
      un acte que ce citoyen ne pourrait accomplir
      lui-même sans crime.”
      I could add
      “Mais la Loi n’est pas une mamelle qui se
      remplisse d’elle-même, ou dont les veines
      lactifères aillent puiser ailleurs que dans
      la société.”



  33. Before white people can discuss SEPARATION, they need to define the term.

    Too many white people SAY they want separation from nonwhites, but they still want to be able to exploit them (nonwhite resources, pussy…)

    Therefore, I will offer these crackers, my definition.

    Listen white man, separation means no more satellites flying over Africa, china… no more spying on nonwhite people, no more pictures, movies of nonwhite people…

    In other words, you gotta do what the apes did in Planet of the Apes; create a “Forbidden Zone”; you must make black people like a myth, something serious white people doubt ever existed.

    The forbidden zone must be so forbidden that people even forget the purpose of it being forbidden.

    Who here thinks white people can do that?


  34. Listen white man, separation means no more satellites flying over Africa, china… no more spying on nonwhite people, no more pictures, movies of nonwhite people…

    Eh, yes please… where do I sign?


    • I have a much simpler suggestion:

      Everybody get to buy, sell, hire, work for etc anybody they want, assuming mutual agreement. This includes economic activity based on ethnicity. Then blacks, whites or polka-dots can trade with each other according to preference. If some people want to create ethnic enclasves, they get to do so. Get rid of the assaults on the rights to contract (aka the “civil righes” laws), legally mandatet preverences etc. And let all find their own level and their own satisfaction.

      What could be simpler and fairer than that?



      • Alas, all were not satisfied with the level they were able to achieve on their own… and those who were satisfied took naive pity or were oblivious in their surfeits.

        Now, let me show you this windmill I have over here, friend Quixote.


      • I believe in the United States blacks can do very well on their own.

        If at least you allowed the disfunctional ones to pay for their disfunction, treated them, well, as blacks, and allowed the good ones (they exist) to get power over their communities, over the generations, when being black and disfunctional costs one’s own life, blacks would be normal people. Like they more or less were in South America until the 60s – I’m thinking of Brazil – when white rule was obvious and unquestioned.


  35. thwack— This one is just for you my friend. I have been observing you over a few months now. You are an outspoken and likely very educated ‘groid, of this I have no doubt. I don’t post here as much as I’d like primarily because fucking women has become a triviality to me in the face of a societal meltdown. I don’t fault him for switching gears to the “Real” issue as some other unnamed people do. In a way, he is an even more insidious agent provocatuer, which my more barbaric kin do not realize. He will give you JUST enough to have you squirming in your black skin, without just going Bubba WN entirely. This is a Good Thing(tm).

    You are referencing posts at STORMFRONT? Really? Really! This tells me two things 1) You are “Smarter Than Your Average Bear” as Yogi would say, i.e. you are a house nigger, that is great! We have been breeding generations upon generations of welfare dependent slaves who will ultimately, sink this ship the States. And you damn well know it. Clearly, you actively seek out places where WNs gather. You had the sad cosmic luck of being born with lots of melanin, but with a brain likely far beyond the vast majority of your phenotype. Shit happens brah…

    2) You “keep coming back”, as our good friends in 12 step programs say. (Thank you Alcoholics Anonymous for ruining our fun as we destroy ourselves and our families you fucks). So you clearly have a more than passing interest in the White Man. I also think you are well read enough to know you are full of shit. I.E. Live by the nigger, die by the nigger. Really? You even engage Greg Eliot in dialogue which says much. You DO know the -vast- majority of American Wealth had fuck all to do with the black in the south. Yes, some northerners got some fancy well stitched clothing, some royal blue and indigo dyes for their topcoats, and some of the rest. But the “heavy lifting” was done by Europeans as it has been since coming out of the Dark Ages. Circa 900AD to umm 2012?

    As I have said here before, primarily to feminists who have a similar agenda to yours as a victim class. Take that weak ass shit back to Jezebel. Keep it real yo’ !!


  36. Thdough!


  37. on November 3, 2012 at 4:48 pm Dan in Euroland

    Here is an econ model:

    Optimal Parochialism The Dynamics of Trust and Exclusion in Networks


  38. @thwack

    Blacks are the ugliest of all races and incredible at uglyfying other races, blacks more or less took away all notions of chivalry in sports, blacks are always the core of the parasitic class in any country they happen to live in.

    Sorry dude but there is simple no upside at all for any race to live near blacks. I could go on for a lot longer. But you get the point.

    You did serve a purpose. When my ancestors came from Portugal a couple centuries ago, only black labor could harvest sugarcane at competitive prices. Guess what, we have had machines doing all stages of the sugarcane crop for a generation. We should have shipped all of you to Angola .


    • Thank you Jay and Gig,

      to be named black and ugly is a great honor because that is exactly what the truth is

      *black and ugly*

      Thats why nobody want its.

      Thats why you gotta come here to get it.

      Free your mind bro; and get in touch with your inner negro grave site.