Ellipsis Game

We know girls love men whose flirting is laced with ambiguous intention. Ambiguity, especially when coupled with alluring male ambivalence, gives the female rationalization hamster room to run, generating a store of energized drama that all women need to imbue their romances with more expectation and more thrill than their mere earthly existence can afford.

What is the vanishing point of infinite ambiguity? A stone-faced expression? Radio silence? No, those are messages that, by their absence, hint of negative thoughts. True ambiguity must leave the recipient in a state of confusion, helplessly flailing as she sifts for hidden meaning in the paltry sum of white noise. One manifestation of event horizon ambiguity that can plausibly invoke that feeling of pure female joy when confronted by opaque romantic intention is something reader walawala writes about:

Very timely post and I would like to share 2 things. First a new game text I adapted and have used with interesting results. Let’s call this “The power of ‘…'”

this: … three periods. It’s now my go-to response for girls who I want to alert that their behavior is not on, that I’m expecting a response, or that I want to trial text them but have nothing to say. This … gets the hamster going.

Background, girl I’m gaming, and have maintained a clear sexual vibe with has her hamster in over-drive. We went out a few weeks ago, good time major make out, then a flake. But I didn’t get upset, just kept a positive vibe.

Here’s our text exchange from last night and “the power of …”

her: I wanna be up front. I am looking for someone ready to settle down..i u just want some fun.. we shud just be friends.

Me: …

Her: I am being ridiculous. Yesterday I met my friends for dinner..bf of one of them joined us. they just started…I think I am jealous. I also wanna bring someone special to join the dinner but no one to bring.

A few learnings:

one, note how I maintain my frame and while I don’t really know what to say I use “…” and get this huge hamster barf. I may set up drinks later. she’s up for something.

Secondly, if you’ve been following my other story, my ex gf who’s fairly hot has been chasing me since she broke up with me rather cruelly 2 weeks ago. I also maintained my frame. No beta butt-hurt crap, no lashing out, just “ok”…and ignore her.

She deleted my on FB yesterday. I considered ignoring it. Then I considered confronting her. Both are bad moves. But at the same time dead silence is kind of lame. She has tried to reach out in her angry girl butt-hurt way.

So I shot off a text late last night: …

This was my way of sending an ambiguous message to get hamster spinning knowing full well the deletion was aimed at pissing me off.

Ok, two things to consider there for you guys: girl who wants a guy to piss off her friends and ex gf crying out for attention and getting “…”

In both cases “…” is the common game tool that is more ambiguous than “gay”.

“gay” is a vitamin-enriched hamster pellet. It does the job by giving her hamster some get up and go. But there is room for it to be misconstrued by women in a way that is unfavorable to your goals.

“8===>” is a steroid injection for her hamster. It more than does the job; her hamster will hip-check Kia’s as it races toward the Golden Spinning Wheel.

But “…”, now that’s something else. A proprietary blend of genetically modified superfoods, ECA stack, endurance boosting EPO, bovine growth hormone, concentrated Red Bull (illegal in all countries except China), yak penis, distilled beet sugar, bioavailable uranium with a half life of 36,000 years, and 100% pure Colombian snow that will make her hamster spin so fast the earth’s orbit will slow and time will go backwards. A hamster eight balling on one of these “…”s is on record as spinning up the mental equivalent of a ferris wheel and racing through tubes ten miles long before sputtering out in exhaustion.

Better to disorient a woman with an intriguing ellipsis, than to blab like a beta and ruin her fun.


  1. Writing game letters all day. LOL

    [CH: ip addy sez you’re from mexico. do you dream of wide open borders and repetitive ranchero music? what’s it feel like to be stuffed in the bumper of a ’72 pinto?]


    • Gringas


    • > “Writing game letters all day.”

      Being a day-gamer by nature, I’ll have to take you guys’ word for it that these 140-character-limit SMS txts really are necessary for gaming the nightlife whores.

      [I’ve heard dudes here at the Chateau say that the nightlife crowd doesn’t even do email or traditional POTS phone calls anymore, and, again, I’ll take your word for it – I don’t run with the nightlife crowd anymore.]

      But there is a new post over at Steve Sailer’s place, which talks about how the bottom fell out of USA verbal scores on the SAT at just about the same time that television roared onto the scene and captured the imagination of the Baby Boom kids:


      Now I don’t know what precise effect that all of this monosyllabic 140-character grunting is going to have on the future of human civilization.

      But it’s hard to imagine that it’s going to make young people more inclined to have the patience to sit down for a few weeks [much less a few months] in order to struggle their way through a Tolstoy or a Melville or a Flaubert.


      • The proverbial writing is on the wall and it looks like shit. OMG r u srz! Sup w/ him, dafuq did he say tht 4?! When you spend the majority of your time talking like the above this becomes your language and the highest ability you have to transmit coherent thought. Be very afraid for your future, it will be ugly and stupid.


      • > “When you spend the majority of your time talking like the above this becomes your language and the highest ability you have to transmit coherent thought.”


        > “Be very afraid for your future, it will be ugly and stupid.”



    • Good evening everyone, happy Daylight Savings Time day! This is a game forum so I guess I’ll cut to the chase: I’m 24 and I’ve had exactly one GF back in college, for about two years. Haven’t been laid since then! So on with the show I guess:

      My FR:
      At a bar, and the girl was a 7, her friend a 6. They were chatting, and I wait just a beat for one of them to stop talking and kinda look around. Took about ten secs overall from when I noticed them to when I engaged. The bar was kinda crowded so I was just staring at them in a clearing for ten secs.

      JIMBO: Cheers! Happy Saturday
      6 and 7: happy Saturday!
      I should mention the 6 left us alone very early on of her own accord in this interaction, like 20 secs in. I kinda ignored her, something I don’t think I want to make a habit of, she was perfectly nice. She didn’t come back for the rest of the night. I don’t know what that means, but on the other hand it helped me isolate. Like a lot lol.

      ASIDE: I’ve been working on keeping eye contact when I’m talking and only occasionally keeping it when I’m listening. It’s been weird thinking about my eye contact in this way, especially since I’ve noticed I tend to do the exact opposite (look at the person when they’re talking, then looking away). I noticed I don’t like to look at people as I’m trying to say something, and that I might even have a slight stutter, lord help me!

      So we’re talking just about what’s going on around us – the DJ was playing randomly good 90s hip-hop
      7: I asked the DJ to play ASAP Rocky (pretty modern rapper).
      JIMBO: come on son you don’t do that, everyone knows DJs hate requests lol.
      7: I know, but I did it anyway.
      In my head I was thinking ‘say something about her being naughty’ but I didn’t say that.

      We sit down at another part of the bar, and we’re just talking, and I say a lot of teasing stuff to her. She’s really enjoying it, and she straight up says I’m fun. I’m touching her around her elbow/arm area, and she reciprocates many times. I try not to lean in.
      We end up talking for like a half hour, then I realize that I should have started to escalate about 25 mins ago lol. So I’m like ‘okay Jimbo either escalate or gtfo.’ So I said ‘welp I gotta go, but I’ll see you around, hey give me your number’. She did, and hugged me goodbye. Something friendly about that hug, TOO FRIENDLY. Anyway any feedback would be greatly appreciated, I’ve been a long time lurker, first time poster.


      • Couple quickies– I’m guessing the friend vanished because they were there to get picked up. In which case, that is a huge net plus for you because it means that on the psychic chick level the friend felt you were good enough of a catch to take the hint and exit.

        If she was giving you that much kino back you DEF. should have gone for a light kiss, she was practically begging for it dude.

        And you shot yourself in the foot on your close completely with that “welp gotta go…”. Terrible.

        “I have to meet some friends, but I want to see you again. What are you doing on (+1 or 2 days later) in the evening?” You wouldn’t even have to hard sell it because it is clear she was into you. Make the date on the spot AND get the digits.


      • Thank you for the constructive comments Jay. I agree I could have ended with a kiss, but I didn’t want to potentially scare her off. I’m just realizing how silly that is, because today I don’t have anything anyway except her number, might as well have gone for it!


      • I’m Anonymous up there! Thought I was already logged in


  2. Off-topic but using techniques as described in my Spearhead essays “Employment Game” I may have garnered employment in the headwaters of all Penthouse Letters : a small mid-western college. While some would claim that co-eds are not interested in men older than their fathers, perhaps if I learn about “texting”, a recurring theme on this blob, I may be able to overcome that bias.


  3. That reminds me…I haven’t had my Hot Pocket for lunch yet. Nothing better than that superfood.


  4. Is awesome to see you people from the US writing Colombia correctly. keep it up. DonMister from Columbia…LatinAmerica


  5. …seriously tho! ur pussy rocks…


  6. “Is Obama purging the military of non-emasculated men?


    Masculine soldiers refuse bullshit orders:






    They want females who will obey. Females being weaker is less of a problem now that they are going to robotize the military.

    Anyway they wont even need any soldier in 20 years or so, so it’s a good idea to fire as many of them as possible.


  7. What to text a super hot, recently broken up with ex after weeks of silence to wish you a happy birthday?

    Steely silence? Gay? The three dots? I basically just want her to feel terrible.

    [CH: what would you text her if you received her message while swaddled in the smooth flesh of three gorgeous nymphets going down on your knob? there’s your answer.]


    • [CH: what would you text her if you received her message while swaddled in the smooth flesh of three gorgeous nymphets going down on your knob? there’s your answer.]

      What Would Charlie Sheen Text?


      • The best revenge [and the best motivator for revving the ex’s hamster] is always for the ex to see him in public with a new girl [or with a harem of new girls].

        But if that can’t be arranged, then he could text a fake “oops”.

        Something like: “Charlene, I loved how you rimmed Veronica’s hole while she was going down on me last night.”

        And then when the ex is all “WTF?”, he could be like, “Oh, damn, my bad, I thought you were Charlene. So what’s going on, babe?”

        And then while the ex is txting all, “Blah blah blah blah blah,” he could fake an incoming phone call: “Charlene’s on the other line. Gotta run. TTYL.”


      • “thanks! but who is this”


      • If you wanna play with her head you could text a mere “thnx” and not respond if she tries to keep the conversation going.


      • A simple “thnx” could be useful if he’s just having a rough time with the girl and still wants to get together with her.

        But he said he wants to nuke this girl (“want her to feel terrible”).

        Girls hate it when they get a response text that shows you’ve already deleted her number (i.e., have moved on, are over her, are on to the next chick). Once the girl ‘knows’ you deleted her number, any more messages from her lower her value, because she then has to re-introduce herself / remind you.

        And, realistically, if he had deleted the girl’s number and had no clue who was wishing him happy birthday, he’d be grateful for the wish and curious who it was.

        Hence –

        “Thanks! [Just got a new phone] Who is this?”

        Bracketed part optional.


      • Thanks [name other than Ex’s. Drinks later?]


      • Hahaha


    • No words, just a picture of you with the next girl or the three nymphs CH suggests The lewder the better and a cocky smirk on your face to top it off, it works from personal experience. She will tell her friends, and she will show them the picture. All the better if you’re hung. If you go the lewd route no pics with your face, maintain plausible deniability. If your packing heat her friends will be curious at least when she shows the pic, and thats how you fuck her best friend in the back seat of her car at a mutual friends wedding. You want her to feel terrible, do it right.


      • > “…and thats how you fuck her best friend in the back seat of her car at a mutual friends wedding…”


        Y’all are starting to delve down into the depths of some pretty serious evil.

        Me – I’d just thank the Good Lord that I was able to get rid of the bitch before I made any more serious of a commitment to her.

        And then move on with my life.

        It’s waayyy better to learn that she’s a good-for-nothing worthless whore BEFORE you marry her than AFTER – when she gets 50% of your life forever.


  8. So had a decent time Halloween at a party, met a few people, and I saw some possible opportunities that never materialized (still kind of bummed). Anyway, after I decide to txt miscarry divorced mom — ya whatever, had a few beers.

    That girl….well….jesus….:

    Me: hey how’s it going
    Her: I’m fine. I asked you not to contact me anymore. Not interested in your selfish ways. I’m left with a big medical bill along with a heartbreak I don’t have room for your crazy behavior.
    Me: Let me help with the bill at least
    Her: I just want to forget about all this and move on
    Me: We can’t be friends?
    Her: No. I’m going to change my number
    Me: (thinking…..wttttttttttfffffffff….) Well we had to break up but it seems cruel to just X me out of your life. If you must you must but I thought we could be on good terms
    Her: Oh i’m cruel — when i had a miscarriage you were a fucking asshole and even worse just talking about yourself. go to hell you’re the asshole here not me. i’m blocking your number you have the capability of causing me unwanted stress
    Me: (in my mind I’m like waaaaaaaaat………) All I can do is ask for some understanding
    Her: You fucked up, you only think about yourself, now i’ll think about myself. I thank God I didn’t have a kid with you because you would have continued to treat me the way you do. Just don’t mess with women like this. I was fine before all this. I’m getting my tubes tied in two weeks
    Me: (……..mind is getting. blown) That hurts
    Her: Just leave me alone. Well you hurt me too. Guess we’re both hurt. I just want you to suffer like I did. You’re so fucking selfish
    Me: Well I hoped you could be kind
    Her: You didn’t think twice about being kind to me so fuck off. You’re the most selfish person I’ve ever met and you want me to be kind, wtf is wrong with you. Go to hell my body suffered it. I’m still fucking bleeding from that shit. I’m not eating. You’ve done enough leave me alone. You have turned me off from ever wanting any more kids or a relationship. I’ve never encountered a person so selfish and needy. Leave me alone
    Me: (….YIKES…)….ok. Hope to ttyl.

    So that’s just done. Shit’s painful to leave someone so bad off. Guess it’s just a lesson learned.

    But it gets worse unfortunately….

    The 7 was distant last night. I was figuring, ‘man, that party was cool but I’m just not into it….boy that text conversation sucked….at least I can go over to 7’s house and smash’ Instead it’s like….

    Her: I just don’t want to cuddle or anything tonight.
    Me: Why
    Her: Because I know what that leads to….and it’s starting to feel like you’re using me.
    Me: What….
    Her: You just come over here, I cook for you or we eat together, you watch my TV, and we have sex, and you leave, or you leave early in the morning.
    Me: I fart sometimes.
    Her: Ugh shutup, Scray. We don’t ever do anything else. I don’t know what you do when you’re not here.
    Me: What do you want from me?
    Her: Well……I care about you, and it just seems like it isn’t reciprocated….I give and give and give.

    Annnnnnyways….I had to spend like an hour smoothing that shit over. Fuck, man. Winter is coming.


    • I have no idea what you did to the first girl, but she sounds pissed. It’s not always a bad thing, but what exactly happened there? Could you summarise it in a para or two?


      • I have to say this man, you need to leave her alone. What’s with the blatantly obvious attempt to manipulate her? She’s hurting right now. I’d actually be a friend to her. Who cares about sex? You can get it anywhere.

        Be grateful that you avoided the hell trap of having to pay for a child. But also know that somewhere somehow you made a mistake that led to it. You knocked her up when you didn’t have any intention of having a child with her. It’s also her fault, but we all know all to well how poor a decision it is to let a woman take charge of things like these.

        Also be sensitive that she’s a woman who’s just lost a child in her womb.

        Leaver her alone if you can’t help her out as a friend. She needs a hug more than a fuck right now, you know?


    • The first one texts you 7 times, quadruple your word count, about how she doesn’t want to talk to you. The second one is whining that you’re not emotionally available enough no matter how often she spreads her legs for you. I’d say you’re doing something right.


    • Scray, I told you she’s off the wall, stop all contact. And if you’re feeling bad, don’t. She’s angry with herself and taking it out on you.


      • I sense hostility and bitterness for the woman here. Why do you feel that way, Amy?


      • No, RP, not at all. Earlier I had said that her hormones were off the wall (because of the miscarriage) and just from that she’ll be excessively emotional.

        But also I disagree that Scray contacted her only to get laid. I think he does like this girl and wanted to see how she was doing. I also think he feels pretty bad right now that she’s so upset. I’m just trying to tell him that her reaction isn’t all that abnormal, and it doesn’t mean he’s done anything wrong.

        But continuing to contact her would be very wrong, as everyone has said.


      • I think he was unsure about his intentions himself at the time.

        But I now see you’re saying the same thing as everyone else is. Thanks for clarifying.


      • > “and wanted to see how she was doing”

        His CHILD by her – his own flesh and blood – just died.

        But he doesn’t give a shit.

        The dude is a fucking sociopath.

        Fuck him.

        PS: Or maybe his conscience is awakening, and he’s starting to give a shit?

        Who knows?

        The Lord works in mysterious ways.


      • Yeah, that was the point I stopped reading Scray’s comments. Counterexample would be cryo. He knew he’d fucked up.


    • 1) delete the miscarriage girl, Jesus. Make it so you can’t contact her. You are doing serious damage to her because of your scarcity mindset. Your communicating with her at ALL is fucking her up more and more. If you ever gave a shit about her, let her go so that one day she might be able to have a normal life again.

      2) the super dark triad will point out that you actually could fuck her again. But I’m not going to tell you how to do it because it would get your dick wet but it would fuck her up BAD. Like you could end up with a suicide on your conscience.

      3) the 7 is calling you out because she’s right, you ARE just using her. This is why a lot of Naturals have a long list of girls who hate them and regret banging them and feel like they used them, because the Natural tends to focus only on his needs and doesn’t follow the “leave them better than you found them” rule.

      You’re basically a bull in a china shop. You learned a super-power and you’re running around shooting lasers at everything burning the world around you to the ground.

      Congrats, you’ve learned HOW to game. You’ve learned the tools and the skillset.

      But now you have to learn how to use that shit for good, to put good energy into the world and benevolently help the people around you to lead better lives as a result of being around you.

      Cause the path you’ll go down, if you don’t pull out of this nosedive, is a REALLY dark fucked up one that will cost you a lot. I know guys who’ve gone down it and it ain’t pretty.

      You need to start giving value instead of just taking it. Start by giving your miscarriage chick the peace of you never contacting her again.

      Don’t make me regret helping you learn game.


      • Ya but I didn’t even realize….it’s like now I feel so guilty. Like I figured it was something that’d blow over…’o ya we were only doing shit for a little while, I’m sure she’s over it because of how beta the drama was and she’s ready to be friends’

        Instead I get THAT

        Idk I guess I have inner issues I never knew about


      • Send her a card and tell her you’re thinking of her. Put a little cash in it. Other than that, I’d stop contacting her. She sounds unstable.


      • Don’t even do this. Just vanish.


      • You might be right. I do get the impression Scray doesn’t want to cut off contact for his own emotional reasons, as much out of concern for her. If she wants to present him with her medical bill, it would be the right thing to do for him to pay half. Otherwise, leave her alone.


      • She went thru some hard emotional shit and you tried to get your dick wet instead of helping her with it. These girls are still people, they’re still human beings. That chick will go on to live for another 20-40 years with whatever you brought to the table (good influences or bad baggage), she’s not just a blip that disappears when you’re done with her.

        Like I say, you COULD still fuck her. So the guys saying “well she says she hates you but then txts 50 txts” are right, it’s possible…but man, you would do some serious damage and be putting some pretty brutal karma out into the world and the fact that you’re feeling guilty means that you aren’t prepared or emotionally dead enough to handle the damage you would do by not letting this one go forever.

        There are PUAs with 10+ abortions on their conscience. There are PUAs with suicides on their conscience. There are PUAs who’ve destroyed homes and helped innocent children end up in broken homes strife with fighting or divorce. There are PUAs who’ve been so mindfucked when they realize the extent of the damage they’ve done that they’ve tried offing themselves.

        On the flip side, there are PUAs who’ve helped their girls become better overall people and weed out shitty behavior. There are PUAs who’ve helped complete strangers come off the ledge of suicide just by striking up a conversation with them and making them feel like someone cares. There are PUAs who’ve saved other guys from getting their head stomped in by using their psych understanding to talk down a chaotic situation. There are PUAs who’ve helped other men grow into better stronger men who are able to take control of their lives. There are PUAs who have a long string of women in their past who have nothing but good to say about them and chase them years later.

        You can make amends with the 7, but right now you should take a few days to just chill and think about what effect you want to have on the world around you. What do you want to do with your new super powers? What do you want people to remember about you and the impact you had on their lives, at your funeral?

        Download the movie Alfie this weekend (the Jude Law one) and give it a watch. It’s a good movie that looks at both the good and bad sides of this lifestyle. The scene when he realizes there are consequences for his actions should be pretty relevant to you right now.

        I’m only coming down on you hard cause I want you to take what I’m saying seriously. Don’t blow your current situation off without learning a lesson and growing from it.


      • Maybe I’m in denial that such a deep emotional hurt could be real. How can she not contact me if she’s so hurt? Idk I don’t understand. But maybe that’s just a way of easing my conscience. Never thought I’d have that effect on someone in a million years


      • She’s angry at herself too. Her hormones are going crazy. Talking to you just reminds her of the whole awful situation. Don’t kick yourself, but do the right thing and leave her alone.

        I don’t agree with the others that you are only interested in getting laid with this girl. I think you do feel bad about how she feels. But you have to realize that contacting her again would be for YOU (easing your guilt) vs. helping her.


      • Ya you’re in shock right now, that’s why I say to take a few days and just chill.

        A year ago you were insignificant. You didn’t have any real influence on others or the world around you.

        Now you’ve learned a skillset that gives you a lot of power. But like they say in Spider-Man: with great power comes great responsibility.

        You’re going to get more powerful the longer you do this…this is a skillset that won’t leave your life even if it gets dusty and cobwebbed if you stop actively training it for a while…the rewiring you’re doing will stay with you.

        That means that you’ve got another 20-40 years ahead of two. That’s like your entire life so far, lived out two more times. You’re not going to forget about this girl, especially once the shock wears off and you realize what an impact you’ve had on her and her future.

        You can’t erase this, but you CAN 1) stop making it worse by deleting her contact info and staying away from her forever, and 2) try not to create more memories like this by thinking deep on giving value VS taking it and what balance to strike…

        Cause you can fuck up a LOT of lives in 40 years. Or you can help a LOT of people. Use this as the wake-up call.


      • “But you have to realize that contacting her again would be for YOU (easing your guilt) vs. helping her.”



      • Wow, Scray..reading your story really woke me up man. Just wow. I don’t know how I would ever handle something like this. It just seems so far out of my reality. I have mad respect for you for putting this out there and being so open dude. Unreal. Best of luck to you, dude.


      • >Never thought I’d have that effect on someone in a million years

        You sound like a narcissist…. any reaction is good, even negative and you don´t give a shit about how she feels. You need help..


      • I am with YaReally on this one.

        It’s one thing to smash a bar sluts ego to smithereens, and it’s quite another one to fuck a girl who actually just had a miscarriage, and is traumatised.

        She won’t get an Alpha husband, but she deserves a fair chance to go out and find one for herself before it’s all over for her. She doesn’t have a lot of time.

        Scray, man, go out and get a 22 year old skank for your sexual needs. The world’s a slut factory these days, you know?


      • @YaReally yes, learning game is to trade up not down. The miscarriage girl is too vulnerable, gaming her and messing her up is like using a Driver when you’re already on the green and the ball is inches from the hole.

        I game a lot of girls but I do take them out, show them things, have great dates as well as bang them.

        The emotional state I try to leave them in is one where they’re pining away for me not ready to slice me to ribbons.

        Girls do get pissed off but when you create this mess it’s not cool anymore.

        The imbalance in that relationship was too massive and look what you’re left with.

        Scray, take a big step back and assess your reasons for getting into game: are they to be a better man? Are they to be a bigger jerk?

        I’ve been in situations where girls have left me or not called again but when they in at least 2 cases my ex’s are my biggest supporters and best friends who would do anything for me. They look up to me with genuine admiration.

        There are a lot of girls I just banged who I don’t hear from which is cool.

        If deep down a girl is hurt or has lost attraction for you or broken rapport but the relationship had normal ups and downs then you can figure out how to learn from that.

        If you’re scooping up wounded birds to pluck them it’s not “game”.


      • I agree with YaR here, Scray.

        Most guys have to learn not to get used, and I am a major proponent of that due to all the beta males who get used like tools out there.

        But here, in this case, it sounds like you’re going to the opposite extreme of not showing any generosity to them whatsoever.

        Game is a power. You have to use it responsibly. When you’re on top, you can afford to be generous, and should definitely be so once in a while. You don’t want to be a completely selfish asshole.

        The idea — even now, under the right conditions, even with all the hedonism — is to get a woman, marry her, and start a family.


      • ” The idea — even now, under the right conditions, even with all the hedonism — is to get a woman, marry her, and start a family. ”

        No, modern marriage is male slavery. You can maintain a LTR and have children. Any sane man should know NOT to marry until family law gets a major overhaul. Which isn’t likely to happen in our lifetimes.


      • between him, greatest beta, and a few more…..you all wonder why i treat em like shit?

        i might be psycho but they are vicious little bitches with, as you said, super powers.


      • So leave. No one will miss your useless posts.


      • no way. the only thing more fun is pulling tail like a slow kid at the petting zoo.


      • Tilikum

        You are the faggot reincarnation of Matt King.

        No one gleans value from your posts



      • matt is some funky mix of mgtow and opus dei. i dont have an ideology except tough love for wandering retard frog squirrels. im a giver.


      • on November 1, 2013 at 2:52 pm the latent sadist

        yareally i dig what youre saying. But i’ve read you talking about how a girl had to stifle her moans while you finger her while shes on the phone with her bf/husband. Cmon man. I dont really have a moral stance. Im getting to the point where ive pumped and dumped girls and its just a shitty feeling, and im just now starting to realize i dont want this on my conscious. So i dig it. and im not denying that scray should leave it alone. But i mean how do you rationalize banging married girls and taken girls with the leave em better than you found em?


      • “But i mean how do you rationalize banging married girls and taken girls with the leave em better than you found em?”

        Cause I know what I’m doing and understand the psychology of how to keep them from falling in love with me, keep them from getting Buyer’s Remorse and regretting it or feeling slutty or guilty, keep their husbands/boyfriends from catching her, and I know how to cut them loose on a high note…hell I even give them advice on how to fix their relationships sometimes. Also I use a condom lol

        Right now Scray is just running around knocking fine China off half the shelves cause he doesn’t realize he’s a lot bigger than he used to be and hasn’t learned (or had an interest in learning) to control it yet, because he’s not used to being able to even CAUSE consequences by accident like this.

        So ya, I so some sketchy stuff, but I’m very strategic about it and do as little damage as possible, and even help sometimes (I know from keeping in touch that I’ve helped a few girls fix their relationships and are raising a family etc now).

        The girls I’ve been with, if asked about me, either would shrug and not care because we just had a little fling, or would say good things about me and the time we had together…but very few, if any, would have anything bad to say about me (and the ones that do would be from when I was starting out and fucking up like Scray), because I know what I’m doing.


      • Mostly I just don’t understand. I don’t even BELIEVE it, almost. Like, how could someone hurt you so bad that you literally cut off all contact with them? I haven’t checked or followed up, but I’m fairly sure she did block me.

        And then it’s like….well, it seems very unlikely that she’s indifferent toward me based on the circumstances. So that just leaves hate. Feelsbadman.jpg. I guess if you’re a sociopath you feel good about being hated, but not me. Especially because I have no path to clear my conscience. Like I can’t be her friend, I can’t bring her back steady. What if she ACTUALLY gets her tubes tied and just consigns herself to a spinster life? Fck.

        And it’s just like a domino effect. Because what I should do with this 6 is just cut her loose like I did the 5.5. But I’m -afraid- to because I’m in such a needy, gay-fag place.

        For the guys who are saying to just ‘go out and bang some other girl’ it’s not that easy. The girls I’m with now I actually like and care about. It’s hard for me to even talk to or hit on other girls at that moment. Like, it’d have to be a girl that I actually can click with and is attractive, at this point.

        Anyway, I’m putting this up to try and put a human face on all of this. I guess if you don’t care about whoever it is you’re with, it doesn’t matter. But then what’s the point?


      • “But I’m -afraid- to because I’m in such a needy, gay-fag place.”

        This is the crux of it. This is what’s controlling your actions, and this is where you have to decide between being selfish or selfless. Between taking value or giving value. Between using others for your happiness or sacrificing yourself for THEIR happiness.

        It ain’t easy. This is why we have rules like don’t see them more than once every week or two…it’s not just so they don’t get too attached, it’s so we don’t get too attached and end up making decisions that hurt them because we let ourselves get too needy and selfish.

        That doesn’t mean you can’t ever settle down with a quality girl. But it means you have to screen them a lot harder for long-term potential before you jump in with both feet.

        You weren’t going to marry and start a family with the miscarriage girl. You knew that, but you got too invested in her despite that and then when you aren’t there for her in the way she needed, it crushed her. If you had kept things more casual with her since you knew you wouldn’t be long-term with her, and had used a condom like you should have, you could’ve avoided all of this.

        But you can’t go back and change the past and anything you do to try to help or stay in touch will just hurt her more and do more damage. She’s gone from your life. Remember this when you’re thinking “should I let this one go? Will being with her longer when I LIKE her but don’t see myself settling with her, start to do more damage than good? Am I keeping this going just because I’m afraid to be alone or try to find another girl?”

        You can go the sociopath route and just not give a fuck, which is what a lot of Naturals do, but that’s not a path that ends well and that’s clearly not a path you personally want to go down.

        This is where the tough decisions come in. You may have to actively choose to give up a girl you like to keep this kind of thing from happening, and willingly choose to let her go and suffer, for her sake. Because she won’t choose to go, you are the one with the skillset and the power and the knowledge of where leading her on can go so you have to be the one to make these difficult decisions and live with the outcomes.

        Life was a lot simpler a year ago when you didn’t know anything hey? No turning back tho, you can’t un-learn what you’ve learned. Gotta plow forward and make the tough choices.


      • Why you being such a fucking pussy head ya really? It’s her fault she gets into these situations. It’s not Scray’s fault. Yeah I agree, just leave her the fuck alone, because she’s a crazy bitch who can’t handle human contact. Telling Scray to give a fuck about these stupid broads will turn him into a pussy. They live for the drama, and they are all fucked in the head already. No use in crying over this stupid shit.


      • So do you subscribe to the Dark Triad or don’t you? All this stuff about leaving them better then you found them I’d like to validate. Leave #s and I’ll do some digging…


      • For the first time in my life I’m actually trying to figure out this game stuff. I’m trying online dating sites right now with no profile pic just to test things out. The rejection doesn’t bother me as much as I thought, and I’m trying to change my ways, but I still think women are retarded.

        There are PUAs with 10+ abortions on their conscience. There are PUAs with suicides on their conscience.

        And I’m supposed to care??? For every one chick that’s damaged there’s a hundred other guys driven to depression and even suicide because of chicks, and no one gives a shit about them, not one fucking person.

        Why is my suffering laughed at but a woman’s taken seriously? I’m not a bad person but I’m having a real fucking hard time feeling giving a shit.

        There are PUAs who’ve destroyed homes and helped innocent children end up in broken homes strife with fighting or divorce.

        And the blame goes entirely on these hypergamous whores for cheating on their husbands with every alpha male that walks in the door.

        Blame the bitch, not the alpha. Women need to get their shit together.


      • I have to say Patrice has a point. With agency comes responsibility, and unless we can say women are free of all agency & simply objects of the actions of others with no ability to control themselves, then they share responsibility for their situation.

        Flip it on it’s head – what would your attitude be to a guy who was married, got stuck into his smokin hot secretary for a few months, invested more than just his joystick in her only to be burned when she took up with another dude. You’d be shaking your head at him, telling him to suck it up tiger & pay attention to your wife, or end the marriage if you’re unhappy. Funny how this logic doesn’t seem to apply to women?

        YaReally makes a good point that hey, why destroy the store when you can just take what you like from the shelves, & if bad things can be avoided then do so. No healthy person wants a needless abortion nor a fatherless child. Let’s not forget though that women are also choosing to end their own marriages at much higher rates than men. Might sound a little Warren Farrel, but there are likely a shit ton of men that have been rejected before you by the women that claim painful suffering at your hands. Men are also committing suicide at 5 times the rate of women, & dying in exponentially greater numbers than women, both in war and on the domestic front. Men are also far greater victims of violence than women. In no time in history have women had access to privilege and social services attributed to them, simply for being women, as they do now. By the very nature of their social circles and propensity to ‘talk through their emotions’ with their BFFs, women inherently deal with and overcome grief much better than men. They are big girls with friends who will help them get through it.

        Not much point in needlessly being a twit, but her emotional investment is not your problem nor responsibility. What IS of importance is how this is affecting YOUR growth and development. If it’s going to hurt YOU in the long run, bail. If not, her mouth’s not painted on, nor are her legs. She can say no & walk.


      • ya i thought like this too before i had any real success.


    • on November 1, 2013 at 12:53 pm Hugh G. Rection

      Just by the way: Did you see the pregnancy test? I’ve heard about the fake pregnancy and fake miscarriage before…


      • Ya. I bought it and she went in my bathroom and took it


      • on November 1, 2013 at 2:05 pm Hugh G. Rection

        Good man. Like a pro. Now go bang an 8 today, it’ll make you feel better.


      • If she faked it, in any case he’d be stupid to spend another minute with her. Hence the advice to vanish from the scene is still valid here.


      • on November 1, 2013 at 1:06 pm Hugh G. Rection

        Sure, but it would absolve him of his guilt a bit. Even though he did nothing wrong and she lied about or mishandled her birth control.


      • You assume he does feel guilty. Glossing over some of his posts, I don’t conclude the same thing.


      • Even of she faked it, this is a very real scenario that can happen and he should take some lessons from it.

        Game is awesome, and it can lead to some amazing rewarding experiences…but it can also hurt people and do damage. I always liken teaching game to teaching marial arts…the art itself is neither good nor evil, it can be used to protect loved ones or to bully people around. A teacher simply tries his best to help his student develop a solid moral structure that encourages using it for good but at the end of the day every man has to make his own decisions about what he wants to use it for and what actions he can sleep with at night.


      • “I always liken teaching game to teaching marial arts” Or money. These are weapons. Or tools.

        If I find a student of mine using my teaching to inflict harm, I’d do my best to bring him back on the right path.


      • If the goal is getting a lay and she wants a relationship what kind of results are you really expecting? He should do what he wants regardless but trying to be all Steve Jobs/Master Splinter about it is hilarious.


      • A teacher simply tries his best to help his student develop a solid moral structure

        Since when are women moral? Is female hypergamy moral? Is cuckoldry moral? Is there anything even remotely moral about women’s sexuality????

        Why should I give a fuck?


      • Good questions. Doubt he’ll be able to answer. The Pua mindset is take what you want. When buzzwords like leave them better then you found them etc are used its funny. I care not either way but prefer honesty.

        If dudes so “alpha” he is creating alpha widows and making it that less likely she will be “haaaaaaappy” in her next relationships so now matter what gets you through the night it is what it is. But being honest about it is better..


      • “Since when are women moral? Is female hypergamy moral? Is cuckoldry moral? Is there anything even remotely moral about women’s sexuality????

        Why should I give a fuck?”

        You are free to do whatever you like. When a dog poops on your couch you can go poop in his dog-house. That’ll show him! Lets get revenge!!!!


    • This is where … would have come in handy. Right after the part she blew up.


    • What the fuck, man. I’ve read your field reports on Yareally’s archive and you used to be an unconfident newbie who didn’t have a fucking clue.
      The reason you get girls now is that you were supported and guided by others and I think they expect a hell of a lot more from you.
      Spread happiness and good vibes, don’t use girls like that. There are plenty girls out there who would LOVE to get fucked by you, go and get with them.


      • I do want to say, that even tho I’m being hard on Scray and we’re all giving him shit right now, it’s because we’re all rooting for him after watching him develop in front of us.

        Also props to you Scray for sharing this with everyone. You didn’t have to and we’d never have had a clue this happened and no one would be giving you shit, so it was ballsy to write it out honestly and risk judgement.

        By writing your story out, and us all being able to discuss some of the darker sides of this lifestyle and game, you may end up keeping a few other guys from making similar mistakes or correcting some of their bad habits and begin offering more value and spreading good vibes around them.

        This’ll end up being the example we link to in discussions about the pitfalls of game and the importance of trying to leave people better than you found them.

        Just a little kudos cause this has probably been a pretty rough day. You’ll get thru this fine in the end, and be wiser and better for it, and you’ll make up for this down the road as you grow into a man who gives value.


      • on November 1, 2013 at 4:25 pm Subarctic Hillbilly

        Love you, man, and mad props for what you do for Scray and all of us. (No homo … wait a sec … damn, I’m getting a broner!)


      • Just payin it forward. 😉


      • It won’t let me reply to your other post so I’m doing it here. In the future if I can’t respond I’ll just repost it in the bottom of the thread.

        You are free to do whatever you like. When a dog poops on your couch you can go poop in his dog-house. That’ll show him! Lets get revenge!!!!

        Do people who possess zero compassion and morality deserve to be treated morally and with compassion?

        Should men lose any sleep over “heartbroken chicks” knowing that those same fucking chicks would shamelessly cuckold them in an instant if they had the chance?

        Chicks are attracted to sociopaths and Dark Triad men anyway so if we end up treating them like shit we were just giving them what they wanted am I right? Who are we to deny them their desires???

        Why am I responsible and accountable for every one of their emotions, good or bad? If they feel grossed out it’s because *I’m* beta and *I* need to suck it up and take it like a man.

        If I learn game and give them what they need it’s because *I* did it, and if leave them heartbroken it’s *my* fault, not theirs, even though they’re only attracted to heart breakers in the first place!

        Why am responsible for everything? Why are they accountable for nothing? How can they be innocent victims and hypergamous sociopaths at the same fucking time???

        It’s a losing game. If we act beta they instinctively shit in our faces like we’re worthless scum. If act like sociopaths and go down to their level they suddenly find us attractive. And we’re supposed to act as if the scumbags we are dealing with aren’t fucking scumbags at all???


        How do you PUA guys have any shred of respect for women as human beings?? At least dogs are loyal.


      • I think this is the least whiny and most salient thing I’ve seen you post here. That alone means, just maybe… that you are making some progress. I am not “my sister’s keeper” by any means. My default position with women is that you are a sociopathic narcissist with no internal mechanism to feel you can do anything wrong and no moral compass. Until you SHOW me otherwise, I will not recalibrate my position at all.


      • Yeah, and I’m not totally tipping my hand here, either. Like….I kind of egged her on and abused the power I had — replaying the last month or two in my mind with her kinda depresses me because of how shitty of a person I found out I could be. Can’t actually repeat the whole, unedited version — too shameful.

        Tomorrow I’m gonna sarge, confirmed. So…..we’ll see how that goes. I mean, I’m starting to pick up a lot of interest in my social circle. Granted, the chicks are like 5-6 range (I mean, last year it was like…0….like maybe a 3-4, ycccccck), so…less hot than I can pull cold approach, which I’d say at this point is about 6-7.

        Question about social circle — is it better to bang 3 5’s, or is it better to wait and ‘break in’ to the social circle by tagging a 6+? Can you only fuck ‘down’ in a social circle….? This dynamic is emergent and new.


      • Keep the rest of the details for yourself, you’ve laid enough out there already.

        This is the pendulum swing of learning…first you’re too Nice Guy, then you swing into full Asshole, then you come back and settle somewhere in-between the two. Most guys learning game go through it.

        Getting a glimpse at how shitty you can be is pretty scary. A big part of why I’m such an advocate of using game for good and leaving girls (and guys) better than I found them etc is that I KNOW I could be an absolute nightmare if I decided to be selfish and just use everyone around me to get what I want. With the skillset and knowledge I have, I would be just unstoppable destruction.

        And that’s fucking scary to know, because like the Joker says, we’re all just one bad day away from crazy. So I actively try to stay positive and not let life get me down. A lot of people think I have no problems because I’m always in a good mood and brush setbacks off, but the reality is that I actively pursue that state because I don’t want to risk hitting a tipping point where I decide “fuck everyone!” and throw all my morals out the window. I already skirt that line in some areas, like banging taken chicks. The consequences if I stopped giving a shit about leaving them better than I found them would end up haunting me down the road.

        Look at this experience this way: you now know yourself better than most people will ever know themselves. You’ve seen yourself at your worst as well as your best (and you’ll be even better as you grow).

        Like a lot of why feminists and anti-gamers reject the red pill and game is that they don’t want to look at anything that makes them feel bad or is uncomfortable. They only want good feelings. So they won’t listen when we talk about Hypergamy because that would require admitting that women sometimes do bad things. So they will remain ignorant about reality because they refuse to look at the good AND bad.

        That’s why I say you could bang that miscarriage girl. I’m not on some ethical high horse moralizing here. I fully acknowledge the good and bad realities of the situation. But at the same time I can also say that it would have consequences that would haunt you cause overall you’re a good guy who just went a little power-mad.

        Down the road this will have been a good thing for you, in helping you focus yourself toward doing good…so don’t waste it!

        “is it better to bang 3 5′s, or is it better to wait and ‘break in’ to the social circle by tagging a 6+?”

        Go for the top shelf. No one respects the guy who bangs the bottom of the social circle. You bang a bunch of 5s and the 6+’s will think “this guy doesn’t deserve me. The kind of guy I want to bang is high-value enough to be banging the 9s in this circle”. Hypergamy in action, basically.

        If you’re already banging the 6+’s, you can dabble in a 5 and blame “we were drunk lol” because you’ve already established value cred with the group, but if you bang a few more of the 5s after that, your value goes down.

        Think of it like business. If you ran an entrepreneur group and one guy opted to never expand his business or make it efficient or make much money, you’d start thinking “man, this guy doesn’t expect much from himself and doesn’t respect himself” and you would have a hard time seeing him as high value.

        You can bang random 5s, esp without the social circle knowing, like just to get your rocks off, but once you introduce group dynamics and reputation etc shit changes a bit.

        The other prob with banging 5s in general is just devaluing yourself and ending up stuck banging 5-7s because you don’t have any reference experiences of deserving the 8+ girls. I believe we call this “intermediate purgatory” lol most guys get stuck on it cause they start banging from the bottom up.


      • “is it better to bang 3 5′s, or is it better to wait and ‘break in’ to the social circle by tagging a 6+?”

        Go for the top shelf. No one respects the guy who bangs the bottom of the social circle. You bang a bunch of 5s and the 6+’s will think “this guy doesn’t deserve me. The kind of guy I want to bang is high-value enough to be banging the 9s in this circle”. Hypergamy in action, basically.

        Yeah… I take this attitude as well since, being a tradcon, I have to go top shelf. And it seems to be working — I also get most interest from the top shelf.

        Being a manwhore and banging every fat easy fug out there, like one guy I knew, keeps the high-end girls far away. Or “just friends”.


      • hey, bro. i really think you might want to consider following yareally’s advice and straight chillin’ for a couple of days. your mental space is going to be fucked up. you know that is going to affect your approaches and will probably just get you on a negative feedback loop type deal. just stay at home and read or do something else constructive/productive. just my 2


    • Rejoice. You are clearing the clutter of PUA exaggeration early and encountering the limits of game. That means you are ahead of the game.

      The PUA.coms exaggerate for effect, to shock you into a new understanding of reality. But you are a fool to mistake it for a comprehensive way of living.

      Do not ignore the natural bonding that occurs with women you fuck (or especially, with those you create life with). This is nothing to simply get over.

      Recognize that game has allowed you to think intelligently about and better direct your response to a circumstance which, a couple years ago, might have bungled your life good and hard. At the same time, game is no answer to the great questions a man must answer as he grows: vocation, family, love, honor.

      On this least common denominator we can agree with PUA carnival barkers: game is a tool, like any other. When you worship it and expect it to provide easy answers, you misuse it, like using a screwdriver for a hammer. Game is useful for screws but not the sufficient instrument with which to build a life.



  9. That’s why a smirk used the right way can be very powerful and ambiguous.


  10. This is a general question, not particular to this post: Why do you keep using “bemused” when you clearly mean “amused”? Bemused isn’t something you want to be, and “bemused mastery” is a contradiction in terms. This usage comes off as prole-ish would-be pedantry, sort of like “whom” in place of “who.” Love your writing otherwise.


    • So the raging pedant calls out others for being pedantic. Classic. I’m presuming it was a typo as is often the case when just going stream of consciousness style in writing. I make a fuck load of typos and don’t care a whit because grammar nazism is for pussies…


    • on November 1, 2013 at 2:39 pm RappaccinisDaughter

      You might as well give up. Everyone has decided that, regardless of its actual meaning, “bemused” is a sexier version of “amused.” They’ve also decided that “decimated” means “completely destroyed,” and that “devolve” is evolution in reverse. Forget trying to explain to them that “frigging” is not, in fact, a euphemism for “fucking,” and is a filthy word in its own right.

      I’ve abandoned those trenches and done a tactical retreat to the who/whom and me/myself line. It’s a tactical retreat.


    • This usage comes off as prole-ish would-be pedantry


  11. I can’t say – or text – that ‘gay’ thing with a straight face. To my ears it sounds like something a kid would say, and not a word I should use – in that sense – at my age (36).

    But English is my second language – though currently my primary one here in Bulgaria where I’m living at the moment – so outside of American(ized) Internet forums and media I haven’t really been exposed much to the word gay, aside from its two main definitions (one of them rather outdated) of course.

    I like ‘…’ though. And otherwise I tend to stick to words like right and sure.


  12. “A proprietary blend of genetically modified superfoods, ECA stack, endurance boosting EPO, bovine growth hormone, concentrated Red Bull (illegal in all countries except China), yak penis, distilled beet sugar, bioavailable uranium with a half life of 36,000 years, and 100% pure Colombian snow that will make her hamster spin so fast the earth’s orbit will slow and time will go backwards. A hamster eight balling on one of these “…”s is on record as spinning up the mental equivalent of a ferris wheel and racing through tubes ten miles long before sputtering out in exhaustion.”

    Very Very Funny!!

    -I have Got to get you to guest-blog; -even one post. You can write nothing but the above style if you want; -actually, please do write in nothing but that. LOL!


  13. roughly equivalent are:


    “go on”


    Sort of like the therapist always asks open-ended questions like “How did that make you feel?” to get the patient talking and revealing new things.


  14. I’ve thoroughly field tested this. On new girl I’m gaming…she’s clearly a talker so “…” has allowed her to open up. She’s now talking about spending Christmas together etc.

    Ex gf came out to party I was at. She never did reply to my “…” but looked sad when I ignored her. At first she was putting up a brave front. But as the night wore on she looked like she was about to burst into tears.

    I used this on a few girls who didn’t reply: … all began replying.

    Template was me: xxx, xxx pause wait for response. No response? …

    In all three cases, they replied with something.

    So out of the 6 girls I used this on, 5 replied Angry ex didn’t reply but looked like her dog died when she came out to party: big saucer eyes….white face…fake smile removed from face.

    I also tested this on myself to see what I would think. I was genuinely puzzled:

    is this code for a 3 letter word?

    Is there something I’m missing?

    Why isn’t there more to this?

    Does he want me to reply? I’m not going, I hate him.


    And I must give credit for this to an ex gf who I am now very good friends with. She would just fire these off if I texted something ridiculous.

    Girls think of this shit all the time and often we ignore the deeper meaning in their bizarre ramblings and replies.


    • “And” is another. I hate this one but it somehow compels response.

      Him: (something I don’t want to respond to)

      Me: No response

      Him: And

      Me: Blah blah, not directly answering

      Him: And

      No question mark, nothing. Drives me nuts.


  15. I hate when people jack my fucking style… Don’t ya’ll niggas READ me. I am the O.G. of the ellipsis. I try to work one in every post. 😀


  16. i hope people are gathering this ellipsis is meant to be used in isolation, do NOT put it at the end of anything i guess other than a 3====D maybe

    three periods at the end of text always connotes a wistfulness that is anything but manly. with that caveat, the ellipsis is something i will definitely try


    • That is what the AMOG dude said when I let my sentence trail off… right before I punched him in the neck.


  17. on November 1, 2013 at 1:40 pm redpillreality (on troll alert)

    So, a quick question on how to respond when this leads to…

    Girl: blah blah blah
    Me: …
    Girl: WTF? What does “…” mean? Are you some sort of player? Why are all guys total jerks? Ugh, why do I even respond to this garbage? You’re an asshole.

    Because that’s the type of crap that usually happens to me.

    [CH: you mix with emotionally damaged girls. i hardly ever come across girls who respond like that. no normal girl is going to make a connection between “…” and the guy being a player. it doesn’t happen.

    but for the sake of hypotheticals, should you actually get a reply like that (and you aren’t just trolling this hallowed ground for shits and giggles) the best response would be “whoa. issues!” and leave it at that.]


    • You don’t just use the ellipses on its own; you put it at the end of a thought. That causes the other person to feel the need to continue the conversation. It is very hard to deny the lure of the ellipses.


  18. A while back a chick mentally imploded on me and accused me of a lot of things via text. “Gay” wasn’t gonna cut it so I went silent on her once she started that drama-fueled hamstershit. Now I know to use ellipses next time it happens.

    An aside, later I said something nice about “hoping that she finds the right man for her” to some others. Last night she sent a meek little text: “Thank you. You didn’t need to say that.”

    My style might be classed as “gentleman bad-boy”, if there is any such thing.


  19. Hey, CH and Yareally, I just want to suck your dicks and thank you guys for changing my life. You’re both doing much good in this world.


  20. Ugh… I truly hate to sound like a white knight, but looking at some of the comments here, and elsewhere–you guys realize than when you mindfuck a girl, you’ve kind of ruined her for dating? She doesn’t just go off into the phantom zone, girls stay in circulation. So with a fair amount of those girls, those issues get carried and screw up what might have been a decent relationship between her and some unlucky sap in the future who unwittingly tried to date the girl who got turned into an alpha widow/severely damaged goods.


    • Nobody here is advocating mindfucking girls.

      Step. Away. From. The. Straw, man.


      • No, but he does make a relevant point. Its better all around if single people date other single people, and people with children date other people with children. Trying to mix the two is a mismatch.


    • on November 1, 2013 at 3:24 pm Hook or Crook

      Ugh… I truly hate to sound like a white knight, but looking at some of the comments here, and elsewhere–you guys realize than when you mindfuck a girl, you’ve kind of ruined her for dating?

      Girls are not Fabergé eggs, and they are doubly as resilient to emotional trauma as men due to genetic necessity. Reference Rollo’s “War Brides” article: a girl’s resistance to emotional stress is nearly pathological. I don’t really understand what ‘mindfuck’ you’re referencing, however, but this aversion to something as simple as an ellipsis or a cocky comeback…

      She doesn’t just go off into the *phantom zone*

      Oh shi – nerd alert.

      (you) screw up what might have been a decent relationship between her and some unlucky sap in the future

      And we hit paydirt. You have a scarcity mentality and thus associate not with her lover but with the ‘unlucky sap’ – so much so that hearing of other men potentially ‘ruining’ a potential future girlfriend/wife instills you with a sense of loss. Somewhere out there is a perfect, God-fearing girl for you and – by golly – you’re going to find her. You see yourself on the losing side of the transaction when you read these posts, and that’s what’s triggering your revulsion to them.

      You’re not actually sympathizing with any of these hypothetical ‘ruined’ women; you’re projecting your own fear that a mythical ‘good girl’ is going to be destroyed by a player before you have a chance to meet her and niceguy the fuck out of her.

      A quick skim through your blog reveals that this is a systemic issue with you. You need to tighten up your inner confidence and self-image (and appreciate women for what they are and not what you wish they were) before worrying about subtleties like text game.


      • I’m not referring to the “…” thing. That’s a nice little gem, I’ve seen it done, and this has reminded me I should take note and remember to do it myself. This and the other text game posts are very interesting, and I doubt anyone will gripe that they’re wrong or doing damage to women.

        I’m referring to things like what’s higher up on the page, about the girl who had a miscarriage of his child (If I understood that right), and he’s still trying to hook up with her and keep his “game” tight instead of trying to show a little sympathy for the fact that he apparently knocked up a girl, and she miscarried his child (it *sounds* like both he and the woman agree that he severely messed her up and was an asshole). Or the other comments about how “some PUA’s have 10 abortions on their conscious, some have suicides on their conscious” or the comments about how PUA’s have broken up homes, etc. That’s wrong. That’s leaving damage behind you for no good reason.

        I’m not claiming that game is bad at all–I’ve been doing my best to learn a good amount, and I’ve been reading here and Rollo’s stuff for maybe eight, ten months? I’ve gone from “friendzone” to getting offers of FWB from classmates, so it’s done wonders for me, and my ego is plenty good. Learning process, though…

        I know the “scarcity mindset” and “take women as they are” (I’ve been getting good at the second part, judging by comments friends/family givew me) things are important, but at certain points, that hits parts of realism. When you’re still at the college level, and you want a girlfriend instead of a FWB, it’s harder. I swear, you could get a FWB within a day or two if you wanted, but girls that are relationship material are a lot rarer.

        Think of all the women in a college. Now, narrow it down to all the ones that are white, physically fit, cute, seem to be somewhat smart instead of fairly stupid (narrows out a ton there), don’t have psycho issues from some past boyfriend, and aren’t too trashy to stomach.

        Narrows it down quite a bit, lmao.

        Lastly, when you reference a movie that came out a few months ago and made like 600 mill or so, that’s called “pop culture.”


      • Alpha widows.



        In case you wanted to read on it, lol. Then combine that with how many girls are psychotic when it comes to dating, with serious issues from past boyfriends, etc. I would’ve thought maybe it was just bad luck, but if Rollo officially recognizes it as a problem–it’s a problem, lmao.

        Oh, and you lads might want to tamp down on the nerdisms and stop referencing the Matrix, lmao :p


      • This post above.
        Dark triad or not?
        Seriously… why do the girls sing song their voice as they complain about the asshole who fucked them over?
        Everyday the comments turn more and more to Oprah around here.


      • This man is talking some legit truth here.


    • @acherwfisher

      There’s always this stellar advice, I’ll summarize it in one sentence and you can read it for yourselves: Put the girl on a pedestal.



      • Hmm, I’m gonna take a guess that you’re a woman, since only pussies respond with random insults, since they lack the brains to make intelligent remarks. And given that my comment was about how game is too-often abused by guys that wanna be homewreckers/knock girls up and get them to have abortions… may I recommend you seek some professional help, someone with lots of letters after their name?


      • Random insult? I was agreeing with you.


  21. on November 1, 2013 at 4:47 pm Subarctic Hillbilly

    I’m curious if anyone else has ever quantified the percentage of bangable women in the general population. Hard and fast. Eight to 80 – blind crippled or crazy bang? Not just the 9s and 10s, but the 5.5s you’d fuck if no one would find out.

    Recently field tested this at a busy NYC sidewalk cafe near NYU on a glorious weekend evening with a friend of mine, comparing notes. He was quite a bit younger and slightly better looking than I. So the results probably aren’t surprising. Of the 112 suitably aged women walking past within about 90 minutes or so – 15 to 50 – I’d of banged 32. (28 percent) His count was 25. (22 percent).

    That was a target rich environment. Other assessments of female pussabilities come out between 10 and 20 percent.

    One interesting observation: my good-looking buddy got much less attention from women than did I. My bold and rankly assessing eyes, open body language, along with my rugged masculinity, really brought out the flirty smiles.


  22. on November 1, 2013 at 4:48 pm Subarctic Hillbilly

    (edit: frankly assessing)


  23. There’s a girl at my local which I’m friendly with. Very pretty. Has a boyfriend though. Anyway, the night before last night, I was drinking at another bar, and decided to text her. And the content of this text message was just this :


    She never replied.

    So last night, I went to my local and found her sitting there with her boyfriend, and some other friends. I greeted them all, and went looking for someone else. She got up from her friends, walked up to me, and asked me what I meant with that word.

    I kid you not.



  24. Using “…”, three periods, and not the lovely unicode character “…” ? It’s like you don’t even care!


    • And then it turns out that this site automatically converts three ellipses into a single character. Well, that’s unexpected.


  25. Here’s another major change from my beta days.

    Before, girls with boyfriends, or even married ones, were quick to be friends with me, while single girls stayed aloof.

    Now, it’s the exact opposite: girls with boyfriends that they’re happy with keep me somewhat at arm’s length (which would include even my own sister-in-law), while single girls (or those with mediocre boyfriends) are really open to me.

    I wonder if any other ex-betas have noticed this. I’m not complaining — this is exactly the way I want it. Again, it seems that being more alpha is always better.


  26. girls are crazy onetime i walked up to girl whilst very drunk and said ‘you are pretty good looking but have a horrible personality’ and then just walked away…the comment didnt really make sense because i had never even talked to the girl in my life, she was friends of friends though….

    nevertheless that ridiculous comment got the hamster spinning and she began chasing me and we hooked up

    gotta love women


    • This is “buckshot game”. It is the equivalent of putting a shotgun to her head and blasting away with 00. No opener, no frame, just ripping it full bore. This doesn’t work very often.

      This works, that I’ve seen only in a small subset. If you are of above average looks, you can ‘shoot your load’ like this, and she will still remain interested. Any dude that is average or less will normally go down in flames immediately.

      I use to run this when I was younger for hookups but my delivery was “you think you are hot because everyone tells you that but it doesn’t mean you aren’t still a bitch, right?” Same idea, but more abrasive. If the girl isn’t a HB8 or higher don’t bother, your ass will get shot down straight away.

      My man in Baltimore has this shit down to a science. He is not a tall guy, but he has good facial features and is very well groomed. I.E. Handsome. I’ve seen him open girls with straight up insults, not even negs, and he still gets at least a number or even a provocative selfie within 24 hours. The shit is insane, and it isn’t anything I have mastered.


  27. I’m using a similar one this evening: “um”
    It’s working like a charm.


  28. David Attenborough Narrates Miley Cyrus’s VMA Twerking


  29. what if a girl flips the script and throws ‘gay’ or ‘…’ at you (assuming you sent something beta). For the first one I am something along “never would have guessed”


    • Had a girl do that to me today.

      We were talking about Nic Cage. I had made some open-ended statement about him and in reply I get, “gay.”

      Maybe she’s reading this…


      • That depends. Was she saying “gay” in a playful way or is she disqualifying you?
        Personally I would assume it is a joke, give no reaction or response and change the subject; plow right through. If your frame control is hard enough you can move right along.
        You: blah blah nick cage blah blah
        Slut: gay
        You: theres a group of people who believe he’s actually a vampire blah blah blah
        Don’t address it unless she pushes the issue. Address it and you lend credibility to what she’s said, at the very least she would know it struck a cord with you.
        Her opinion doesn’t matter.


      • Haha. Nah, she was definitely joking, but it still caught me off guard a bit.

        Good advice regardless.


      • the 2/3 rule just supersedes this and saying less should do it in the first place.


    • “your moms gay”


  30. Good lord Jesus

    Went to this place in Hollywood…literally fucking 9s and 10s EVERYWHERE!!!
    Started the night out good, got tired around 11 (went out several times this week) and hit the wall thereafter.
    So many primers running around…bitch shields on nuclear level. Was thinking of a lot of you guys while in there. HYPERGAMY HYPERGAMY running through my mind.

    Whats a regular guy to do when practically all the girls in there 22-25 in the acting/modeling scene when you have no contacts in their world?

    Jokes, sexual vibe can only go so far. Did about 6 approaches…couldn’t get past the 5 minute mark due to the impenetrable shields.

    Definitely a night to think about.


    • The hotter they are the dirtier you’re going to have to play.


      • Yea…definitely a shock to the system. I’m out quite a bit but go to above average bars (in terms of class and style) haven’t been to a place like this quite some time. For those in LA that want more info email me at [email protected]


      • I’ve been watching your progress. I believe in your ability. Every hot girl that rejects you just brings you that much closer.


      • Thanks for that.

        Right now I’m in the testing phase, seeing what I can get away with. Calibration is the most difficult issue.

        Last night i open these two girls with “about time you girls showed up” with this snarky attitude. Girl says “where you waiting for us” I say “doesn’t every man like it when cute girls come in”

        This gets the chatting open, we move to the bar all is going well until this which is funny.
        I ask her “what do you do for fun” she says “I work too much to have fun”
        Me: that’s no fun. You have to have some fun in life.
        Her: there’s things I want to do
        Me: like what
        Her: I’d love to travel more
        Me: then go travel what are you waiting for (total rat race mentality)
        Her: I have responsibilities I can’t just leave
        Me: like what? Do you have a mortgage or a kid
        Her: no
        Me: then stop wasting your life and live it.
        Her: ice cold

        I was so condescending to her rate race mentality staring at her with “you are so boring” basically went nuclear on her hamster. But I didn’t give a flying fuck whether it blew out the set or not. I was having too much fun telling her how shitty her life was and how limited her thinking was. I’m sure she was expecting me to get into the rat race mentality about balling and all that. In her defense she was 29 and probably the last thing she wanted to hear from any guy was the shit I was telling her.

        This is what I love about learning game proper. Telling women what you want and setting the frame on your terms. If they like it then they are cool if not bleh


      • “I was having too much fun telling her how shitty her life was and how limited her thinking was.”

        Way to spread that value and good vibe around.

        You could’ve described to her how exciting escaping the rat race is and what amazing experiences she could have and relate a story about how you’ve escaped the rat race and taken her on a fun emotional journey that made her think “wow! The race race IS lame! That sounds amazing I want to do that!! With THIS guy!!”

        Instead you went in looking to pick a fight because your ego knows it would get shot down by these girls so you overcompensated by trying to purposely piss them off so you wouldn’t have to risk a legit rejection. You shit all over her life and her night instead of opening her mind up to new possibilities and experiences.

        Way to go, you ruined some chick’s night who did nothing wrong except be hot and not be aware of other experiences in life past the rat race.

        And you did it because you are insecure about being lower value than her and decided to take out your personal insecurities on her. Way to teach that bitch a lesson.

        You’re too concerned with people thinking you’re cool. That’s gonna hold you back down the road.

        “Whats a regular guy to do when practically all the girls in there 22-25 in the acting/modeling scene when you have no contacts in their world?”

        The things they value only have value because you value them too. If you stop putting value in what they value, it no longer has value. Strongest frame always wins.

        Think of it this way: if I told you I was the greatest Pokemon player in the world, you would laugh at me. I would have no extra value to you and you wouldn’t feel at all like you were low value compared to me. But at a Pokemon convention I would be a god because they put value on my achievent. Those people would feel insecure around me and elevate my status and I would embrace that god status.

        But I would only HAVE the god status because THEY put value in the thing I put value in.

        Think on how this applies to your situ/question, cause its related to the first part of this comment about your insecurities. Solve this and you’ll solve that and start offering value.


      • Bringing the Pokemon example full circle, if you saw no value in Pokemon and thus no value in my achievement…if I then opened your mind and taught you about Pokemon and showed you my world and how amazing and deep it is and showed you the beauty of this new experience you were missing out on, and you went “wow that DOES sound amazing! I now see the value in this thing I once thought had no value!”, then you would view me as high-value because I’ve opened your mind and you now put value in the thing I put value in.

        Understand? You are approaching this from the wrong mentality right now.


      • @yareally

        A little bit to clarify.
        She got bitchy first when I told her “why don’t you travel more and have fun”
        so it was a reaction to her hostile reaction.

        My post stated that she was 29 years old…and she wasn’t hot. I was being more friendly to her than hitting on as she wasn’t that cute. It was probably her ego defending herself as she probably noticed that I wasn’t interested in a sexual manner…simply making conversation.

        I know the guys that pull that shit the overcompensation. I don’t put people down to make me feel better about myself. Ive never been that type of person and it is demonstrated on this site as I don’t do it here either.
        SHE judged me FIRST when I showed little care for what she valued in life. I do have an ego and will throw out attitude when its dished out to me. Nowhere near as bad as it used to be this probably comes with age. Why get in petty fights? It makes us pissed off and a drain on energy.


      • I can’t comment on the issue of being mean to the girls as I lean more towards amoral on the spectrum, but from a game point of view the girls are gonna see you from Yareally’s perspective. Was there a reason you went completely Stalingrad on her? If you were just revelling in the sadism of It all them do what you do but I wouldn’t see a reason to nuke her unless her bitch shield was five feet of concrete surrounding a lead bunker and had looks that intimidate lowly south beach millionaires.
        The real savagery only arouses the hottest of the hottest. It’s lethal to mere mortal women.
        If you have a conscience I advise following in Yareallys footsteps, it’s gonna backfire on you unless you’re soulless.


      • @Mission

        “She got bitchy first when I told her “why don’t you travel more and have fun” so it was a reaction to her hostile reaction.”

        So you attacked her and then wonder why she reacted hostile. When you want a kid to share a toy with another kid do you say “don’t be stupid, quit hogging the toy you fuck-head.”? Or do you calibrate a little better and actually pace their reality and understand their headspace and lead them into your way of thinking like “i know you’re having fun, but wouldn’t you like to share so Jimmy can have fun too?”

        You were uncalibrated and she reacted to your hostile approach. At no point in that field report did you demonstrate any kind of understanding of her world/reality or attempt to lead her into yours. All you did was the equivalent of shouting “that’s stooopid just do it your life is gay”

        “My post stated that she was 29 years old…and she wasn’t hot. I was being more friendly to her than hitting on as she wasn’t that cute.”

        Oh, okay. Then the reason you were hostile was because an ugly chick wasn’t responding well to your bad calibration and that hurt your ego because that ugly chick should’ve been grateful you’d say anything to her, not react badly when you approach badly. So then you took your ego butthurt out on her.

        “It was probably her ego defending herself as she probably noticed that I wasn’t interested in a sexual manner…simply making conversation.”

        No. It was your ego defending yourself because you were surprised that an ugly chick didn’t let you get away with bad calibration and a hostile approach. All she did was react to what you put out there.

        That’s why I say show her the beauty of escaping the rat race. That means that even if she’s ugly, you have to relate to her and pace and lead. You don’t get to just say uncalibrated shit and she’s supposed to accept it because she’s ugly lol it doesn’t work that way

        This set/reaction was your failing, not hers. I’m being a dick about it because I don’t really think you’ll listen or work on this because you don’t believe you were in the wrong, so this breakdown is more for other guys reading this who are learning to build comfort/rapport. This was straight-up a lack of calibration.

        “SHE judged me FIRST when I showed little care for what she valued in life.”

        What I’m saying is that you showed little care for what she valued in life in an uncalibrated wrong way. You thought because she’s ugly she should just accept it but she defended herself against your hostile attacking.

        That means you either didn’t know that you should pace and lead, which is what my Pokemon shit you ignored was about, or you didn’t think she was worth gaming solid because she wasn’t hot so she was beneath you…the end result is ruining her night when she did nothing wrong except not let you get away with insulting her.

        And then you REVEL in being an asshole to her and telling her how shitty her life is. If you aren’t going to use game to try to spread good vibes instead of bad then I’m not going to put on kiddy gloves and explain your mistakes in a friendly way, cause your chip on your shoulder ego causes you to enjoy fighting and you don’t seem to care about working on fixing that so you can provide value, even to ugly girls…instead you embrace it.

        I honestly don’t think you have much interest in making other people feel good, I think you’re more interested in bragging rights and props. Maybe you’ll work on that down the road but so far you’ve been a pretty good example of the kind of guy who gets into game to “get revenge on bitches” and I don’t like that which is why my responses to you are generally blunt and dickish.

        “I do have an ego and will throw out attitude when its dished out to me.”

        This will hold you back. Quit embracing it and instead work on fixing it.


    • Whats a regular guy to do when practically all the girls in there 22-25 in the acting/modeling scene when you have no contacts in their world?

      Jokes, sexual vibe can only go so far. Did about 6 approaches…couldn’t get past the 5 minute mark due to the impenetrable shields.

      Become a semi-regular at that place. What I did on Halloween at the nearby frat bar was make remarks about their costumes, sometimes humorously. I opened up four hot chicks and since this is a smaller town it’s likely I’ll run into them again, especially at that pub. Hot chicks seem to remember dudes who open them and talk to them more than do mediocre girls, and if they do remember you later and are warm to you, you did a good job.


  31. on November 2, 2013 at 5:38 am captain shadow

    In regards to ellipsis it is an excellent response to foolish txts. I like to raise the ambiguity bar by sending a blank text no words no punctuation. If it’s a messenger app then ill go with the ellipsis but a straight blank texts sends hamster in to overdrive even used as a non sequitor. Scary stop bullying single moms and listen to ya really’s advice. Mission man just lie to the bitches and say your justin bieber’s managers cousin or whatever and you have coke should work wonders.


  32. I have a lot of success with the literate, educated hot chicks using Semi-Colon Game.


  33. so, we got vitalyzd and simple pickup making awesome pranks…

    check out a FEMINIST prank

    absolutely tasteless and useless


  34. speaking of ambiguity … do you read the cedo blog?

    most recently, him talking about purposely friend zoning girls (http://cedonulli.com/the-power-of-the-friendzone/). it’s genius, really. he calls it the “walk-in fridge of pussy”. and it makes sense. girls friend zone dudes, for options. why not do the same thing?

    it’s ueber ambiguous. read that shit. “i’m not ready for this” – it’s genius. you use the girl lines, verbatim, and spin out that hamster, with ambi-mega-guities.

    of course you’ve got the best in theories and all that. but you should make more friends with jake over at cedo, for he’s the practical application of your teachings … just don’t say “manosphere”, lest you really want to get some things flying your way.


  35. So I’ve been reading through Scray’s old field reports and Yareally’s responses. Despite being the more introverted type (have most of my fun meditating/practicing instrument), I’m considering adding solo night game practice to current solo day game. It seems like girls will be more openly rude to us aspiring Juans at night so might as well build that iron frame.

    Anyone of you know of good clubs/bars in DC to practice in that admit under 21? I’m doing some scouting and so far…. I’ve thought of Fur and Ibiza. Any reviews/suggestions from you all would be appreciated.


  36. Cheaters are in no way alpha. Fucking cowards is what they are, beta as fuck.

    One of my good friends just got cheated on by her bf of 4 years. Super good gf, kept in great shape, supportive, sweet and loving girl. The idiot was having career issues so he got insecure and started fucking some other girl. He got caught and my friend bounced on him.

    The whole time he is telling her he loves her and all this shit. She caught on and caught his lying ass. She told me “it hurts he really hurt me, why couldn’t he just leave why did he have to lie and cheat like that”

    I told her he’s a pussy and a narcissist and that’s what they do they don’t have the backbone to leave honorably they use people as assets. That she would be better off (very true)

    Pisses me off when toxic people bite good people. Now she will have emotional baggage because of this douche. But she’s a super strong girl with backbone I’m sure she will recover.

    Just my thoughts on this: cheaters are in no way alpha. Super beta


    • just one question, why aren’t you banging this “friend” ?


    • You must really suck at game to be attributing her ex with alpha traits such as narcissism and assholyshness , you should be portraying him as a sackless and needy beta and give subtle hints of his pussy pedestalization

      But you’re doing the contrary , white knighting, ,saying she’s good people,super strong girl bla bla bla,,well lad it seem that this lady has a knack for assholes… she can handle herself.

      You should make good use of this opportunity, you can finally get rid of competition with this “super good gf” you worship so much, stop from even mentally referring to a woman with these wee wee adjectives you used, to describe her, just follow this manual on boyfriend destroyer


      Read more son , the matrix is still strong in you


  37. I went out last night in Stockholm and tried the “confusing starting phrase” at some hot adopted North East Asian girl at a bar. I said: “Did you see the big horse outside?” She said: “No, I don’t like horses.”

    The tone in her answer was neutral or perhaps a bit ambiguous. I don’t think she was interested to begin with since she was surrounded by three other good looing guys and another hot NEA girl, and I couldn’t manage to get her particularly interested right along. But since I didn’t say anything in response to her response, she seemed, after a while, feeling a bit ambiguous and turned her head towards me. Like, “is that all”, doesn’t he think I am a super hot chich worth any more attention.

    Physical and mental distance plus ambiguity is definitely a good way to approach alpha females in general, although it’s not a super strategy that are going to give results at all times. It’s rather a part of a larger process.


  38. CH…question about pushing through ASD to complete ONS with 9s and 10s.

    Weekend party, pair of blonde runway models show up. Beautiful tall European models in heels. Supremely intimidating for 99% of men. I approach one, I flirt, we make out within 15 minutes.

    Friends leave. We are alone, making out, nothing too heavy. Drunkenly mention to her I had a ONS with a girl from a neighboring nation once. Thinking that was a key mistake, although her buying temperature wasn’t super high at that point.

    ASD pops up. “I’m not going to be the first (insert Northern European country here) girl you fuck in one night.” At that point, it’s game over for me. That particular ASD is a common psychological wall I see many high value girls deploy. We exchange parting pleasantries as that’s that.

    Thinking a nice rebut would have been, “I’m fine with that. But why don’t you go to the fridge and get me another beer so I have something to drink while you make me wait.”

    Post script: Buddies reach out to me the next day, congratulating me on the quality of the girl. From their perspective, I was clearly playing on a higher level. Funny thing is, while they really wanted to pull the girls, neither of them are my type. I’m more interested in process and how to handle the ASD.


  39. Interesting how posts like these make the rounds of social media with girls sharing this link.


    I read it. It’s clearly written by a woman positioning it as a man’s narrative. The give away is “This awful realization brought me to tears, and I promised my wife that I would try to be better.”

    What man would cry when told by his gf/wife/lover that he’s being too selfish?

    So back to my original post, the concept of ambiguity, of covert communication which is so natural to women is something that has to be beaten into men’s skulls in order to ensure they maintain hand and keep interest levels up.

    “…” is part of that tool-kit


  40. Went to a club this weekend. Normally I’m more chill, laconic, whatever you want to call it but for some reason (#drugs) I was fired up. High-energy game was working perfectly in the high-energy environment. Might have been other higher-value dudes there, but they were staying off to the side with the beta dorks. No matter how cool they were, they basically didn’t exist. If I walked over to the bar to get a drink, chumps would swarm me for hitting on “their” girls. But as soon as I went back to the dance floor it was like the lights were some kind of anti-beta force field lol.

    Started dancing with a friend-of-a-friend I ran into there. Kept grabbing her tits on the dance floor. When stopped dancing and went to get a drink she told me to stop it, so obviously I honked one more time. She starts yelling and trying to make a scene. White knights swarm again. I just say “ok” and make a shrugging Robert Deniro face then walk away. She wants me to come back apologizing and groveling but I’m a ghost. See paragraph above: chicks everywhere and they love me, complete abundance mentality.

    Next day she texts me to apologize. lolz


    • Well played… I also wanted to post a quick comment re: drugs. I’m a big fan of better living through applied biochemistry (read: good drugs). The one that is a 100% winner in all ways, not just for gaming chicks is modafinil. This is the shit all the Wall Street traders and big heavy lifters are using to maintain energy and focus and the shit works. Well.

      It falls somewhere between high-test coffee and Adderall. Unlike adderall it isn’t a true amphetamine so you don’t get all fucking wacky on it and/or have a chance to get addicted. You are just highly alert and you think faster. I call it “laser beam brain” because you are like that at a single task. If you have lots of small tasks to do, it is a net negative sometimes. But I’d say in most cases it is usually a positive.

      I’m sure they will be banning it completely soon because like all good drugs, we wouldn’t want to actually let anyone have it.


  41. Off topic, but picked up this book at an airport and thought of Le Chateau, lololzzlzolzz; how predictable and trite it all is


  42. Mass layoffs of tenured faculty will open the door to sane national policies like eugenics

    I wonder if this clown is aware that eugenics has always been a policy of the LEFT. It took a concerted effort of the catholic church and conservative right wingers to end this evil policy. It had and still has a lot of support my tenured professors. The killing of children, enshrined in the evil institution Planned Parenthood, is the remnants of this evil policy.

    Of course, this ignorance and blatant stupidity in aligning so called republicans with left wing causes celebre is precisely why the GOP is called the party of stupid.


  43. Ive been dling this stuff for a year. I mostly do daygame, and have no trpuble apprpaching. I can approach 40 girls in a day no problem. However, i get blown out alot with i have a boyfriend (fuck you bitch no you dont), get flakes and the few dates i do get i fuck up the first date and never hear drom the girl again. I have had 15 dates in the last 6 months (more than at any time in my life prviously) and only one day 3. Out of the 15 dates ive had only two makeouts. I have never been laid, i workout, do kickboxing and have a good lifestyle but have no clue as to what im doing wrong. Maybe somebody has been through this and cqn give me some tips? Help would be appreciated.also ive been to clubs a few times but i couldnt transition feom grinding.


    • better guys than me can probably get you sorted out faster, and guaranteed there is something you can get past. you are getting at least enough attraction to get the dates, and some makeouts, so you definitely can get laid.

      i had a friend who was blowing out on first dates for a long time, and i was always curious what was happening. are you doing the really simple stuff like get her thinking about stuff she loves, let her talk, sexualize the conversation, touch early and often, etc etc?

      your 40 girls a day maybe points in a direction, are you going at it like sales, like ‘each no is one step closer to the next yes’ robotic? because maybe that’s translating into the dates like you have to get through the date to get to the lay. you may just need some humanity and even (pretend maybe) joie de vivre.

      the guys that are more expert will chime in, i don’t do a lot of coaching. but if you’re willing to do what you’re doing, you can definitely get this working.


      • Thanks for the reply. I did kino escalation at one point, but i lost a girl (the only girl i had 2 dates with) because i over kinoed. I kissed her on the first date, but she wouldn’t let me kiss her on the second and I didn’t know what was going on so i just kept on trying to go for the kiss and physically escalate thinking that it would get her turned on enough. She told me I was too horny, not romantic enough.

        What do you mean by having “humanity”? I try to get her talking through conversational threading and dunno how to sexualize the convo beyond making sexual inneundo and double entendres.

        Some of my friends have told me I can be “too smooth” (why is that a bad thing?), “too gamey” and that I can be an “approach machine”.

        Help would be appreciated.


      • man, internally you have the makings of a master i think, it sort of sounds like you are willing to ignore discomfort and just plow. honestly– that’s the hardest part of any of this, it’s something most people never really overcome. so you should be stoked to have that going in.

        the girl does have to internally have some plausible deniability about what you’re after. she can’t feel like it’s a non-stop full-court press to sex, or she will feel like a slut.

        again, with the caveat that there are simply better people at coaching, i would try:
        1. mixing in some push with your pull. you’re getting some kino, so you should also try being the one to cut it off. the “that’s all you get” attitude, it flips the script where normally a guy will touch her hand, move to her back, then to her leg, and just a non-stop march to the goal. it should be more like playing with a cat.
        2. i am betting your friends’ input is spot-on. but you have friends, so you’re not socially inept. you should try treating the girl like you’d treat one of your buddies, like you’re completely unaware of her body and she’s got nothing you need. obviously again it’s a mix, but it can’t all be forward progress to the goal line.
        3. on sexualizing. for me, a comfortable way to turn things sexual is by being anti-sexy. it broaches the subject of sex, makes me look comfortable with myself, and girls will usually like to play along with dumb stuff. so this is going to sound idiotic, but any time duration under 5 minutes you can relate to premature ejaculation, any length of 5 inches or less that comes up in a convo, i go with ‘wow 5 inches i wish’ or some horse manure. i’m tall so they assume it’s a joke, so maybe it’s not universal. but the gist is, you can get sexual in a fun way as opposed to ‘i will rock your world’ style stuff.

        i wish someone else would chime in, but overall i think the ‘machine’ aspect will get you through this, and simultaneously be your obstacle once in-set. i think that once you’ve got even a minimum conversation going, you need to portray a looser, less caring, fun guy. don’t bail right after number closing, shoot the shit a minute, you weren’t there just for the number, you’re just out meeting nice people. in your mind you’re getting laid enough as it is, try treating her as if you were already, and you can barely fit her into your rotation.

        just out of curiosity how old are you? you’re probably impatient but you are going to tear it up eventually.


      • Great post, thanks for the help.

        I am 20 years old.

        I think I got rejected on a ton of dates because I escalated. The ones that I did escalate were my best so far. I will continue pushing until I learn the necessary calibration.

        I like you’re idea of viewing dates as getting laid in my mind. It certainly helps. And I don’t really feel desperate, though it would be nice to tear up some poon.

        Regarding sexualizing, I like doing what you said when I can think of something. Then I’ll say something like, “Wow, you get your mind out of the gutter ;)” with a shit eating grin, even to the most innocuous of comments.

        You’re pretty good at coaching, don’t be so hard on yourself. 🙂


      • nice man, i think pushing and then recalibrating will do you really well. and 20, that’s awesome. you are a decade ahead of when i even became aware. i’ll look for you in newer threads, plus other people will join in, cool? go go go!


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    As an aside, I found it very helpful to have a young lady who would teach me the ways of young ladies. She’s still a very good friend.


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