Facebook Is SMV Time Compression Info

Rollo Tomassi writes:

Thank you Mark Zuckerberg for creating the single greatest time-comparative engine men have ever known. I’m not a big fan of Face Book from a male standpoint, but if it has any redeeming aspect it’s that it provably shows men, in stark contrast, how women’s SMV declines. This is driven home all the better because the subject women are usually ones he’s known personally for a few years.

I entered my 20s in the early 90s, well before the internet went mainstream. I can vividly remember the women I was banging then and the ones who wouldn’t have a thing to do with me. Now I see them 20 years later thanks to social media and every single one is just ravaged by time and lifestyle. I’ve accepted friend requests from women whose memory from 20+ years ago are ones of flirtatious, beautiful lust-inspiring youth, all to be shattered when I see photos of them in their late 30s and early 40s. Then I pray to God and thank Him for sparing me from being yoked to cows like that in spite of my consuming desire at the time to get with them.

Take a minute to digest this: we are really the first generation of men to have such a convenient comparative tool. There was a time when a man could get with (or not) some girl he fancied and never see her again. Young men hear all the time how inconsequential the women they pine for really are in the grand scheme of things. Now the older men giving him advice have a tool to prove and emphasize that advice, and women have cause to lament the ugly, provable truth.

It used to be that you had to extrapolate the deterioration of a hot girl’s looks by seeing her mother, preferably side by side. (The mother-daughter couples I see at the mall are testament to the chasm of difference in attractiveness. In a mere twenty years, the majority of women go from deliciously fuckable to sexually worthless. Rampant obesity worsens the decline, as most American women don’t hit their fattest, blobbiest years until after their 30s.)

Even then, the extrapolation was never anything more than an academic exercise. After all, it is easy to compartmentalize the mother from the daughter. Men could logically tell themselves this is what their lovers would look like in short order, but it didn’t have the visceral impact that actually seeing *an older version* of their young lovers would have.

Looking at old photos of exes was always a dreamy nostalgia trip, because men have rarely had access to newer, updated photos of exes or high school and college crushes: you left a girl or she left you, and that was that. You never saw her again, unless you really went out of your way. So your memories remained untainted by fresher biosystem information.

But now Facebook gives us that instant-comparison tool, and holy shit on a breakfast platter, is it effective, and disheartening. As Rollo said, there is now, for the first time in human history, a whole generation (or two) of men who have millions of saved photos of their younger lovers, not to mention sweet memories of them, side by side with instantly accessed photos of those same lovers five, ten, even twenty years later, thanks to the proliferation of social media and female attention whoring. And as the Facebook culture becomes entrenched, this “time-comparative engine” will only become more widespread, and eye-opening to millions of men.

There could be no more powerful way to inculcate to a man new to the game the first principle that women are largely interchangeable in the dating market than by handing him the keys to Facebook and the dangerous secrets locked within. The female aging process of past lovers compressed into seconds will shatter the hardest pedestals and deflate the headiest romantic idealism. There is no poem in the world that can fully express that disenchanting feeling.


  1. And having witnessed such devaluation, leasing becomes a more viable option than purchasing to men who haven’t, ah, married themselves out of the market.


  2. Cue weekend of female weeping.


    • Cue weekend of female hilarity. Consider for a moment the investment you all inject into this……..whatever this thing is. And then reevaluate who is the prisoner and whom the gaoler.


  3. on December 9, 2011 at 5:15 pm flyfreshandyoung

    Shit, even the four years after high school a lot of shit changed. No need to wait til you’re 30+

    There were the few chicks who genuinely got hotter, the ones who stayed the same… and holy fuck the other 60% who ballooned, had babies, and did tons of drugs.

    They try to message you like “hey long time no see, how you been, we should hang out” and you’re just like, there is no way I really wanted to bang this chick in high school, what the hell

    I’d say college adds at least 3 years to a lot of girls


    • on December 9, 2011 at 8:03 pm someguyontheinternet

      I’d say college adds at least 3 years to a lot of girls

      Yeah, I’d say usually about 4.


      • You may joke, though he has a point. The combination of poor sleeping habits, processed diet, binging on booze and drugs and sleeping with a myriad men can really destroy a girl during university. Most get by OK due to their youth, but some really suffer. A particular girl stands out for me. She was fresh-faced, innocent looking and charming come the first year. Come the final year – after partaking in the bad habits above – wrinkles were visible around her eyes and lips, she had lost the glow of youth, her hair was noticable lacklustre and thinner, she was 30lbs heavier, her lips were now pursed like a cat’s arsehole, her mask was now affixed with the glue of negativity and nastiness and her cheeks were coated with a fine layer of hair.


      • 5 or 6 for some.


      • At graduation, anyway.


    • I drove by a college the other day, and it looks like the ol freshman fifteen has been upped to the freshman forty-five.


    • Hell, all you need to realize just how average, at best, most of the women are, just go get a membership to OkCupid and do an extended QuickMatch session. MEH…


    • I can also attest to the sad truth, I don’t have facebook but whenever a girl or some friends pop by and check their profile; the very same girls I lusted after in high school, who never gave me the time of day now are either fat, ugly, bedraggled or tied to a couple of kids.

      But the real sad part? I’m 27 years old. I think that the wall-age is gradually lowering to the point where instead of hitting it at 32-35, these girls, thanks to their poor diet, heavy drinking and cock-carousel riding, are starting to hit at 26-30.


  4. “The female aging process of past lovers compressed into seconds will shatter the hardest pedestals and deflate the headiest romantic idealism. There is no poem in the world that can fully express that disenchanting feeling.”

    Such a pleasure when you see us getting old and worthless, isn’t it?

    [Heartiste: No. But it is a pleasure seeing the deluded and the lying have aneurysms.]

    If this makes you feel better about yourself …

    [It doesn’t make me feel anything about myself beyond the tragedy of fewer fuckable women in the world.]


    • It’s not a matter of getting pleasure, but rather a way to realize how egotistical you were when at your hottest, and how stupid we were to cater to your ego. Some women wise up when they begin to lose their looks, the vast majority don’t until they slam face first into The Wall.


      • “how egotistical you were when at your hottest … ”

        This is how you see us. Sadly, most girls (even the pretty ones) are very insecure and have low self esteem. For an average girl it takes many years to start feeling beautiful in her own skin (only at the age of 31 we start to feel really beautiful!).

        “… and how stupid we were to cater to your ego …”

        Yes, I don’t like stupid guys. Those who are in touch with reality are much more attractive.


      • If how most American woman act is based on low self-esteem, I’m afraid to even imagine what they’d be like if they were full of themselves. Irma Grese, anyone?

        > only at the age of 31 we start to feel really beautiful!

        That’s when 90% of the women stop *being* really beautiful. Wonderful dissonance, isn’t it?


    • “But it is a pleasure seeing the deluded …”

      You’re saying that it makes you feel good when bad things happen to people who are deluded (=not as smart as you are)?

      [Heartiste: No. I enjoy the suffering of delusional liars when I rub the truth in their faces.]


      • Maya, look at it this way. You also get to take pleasure in the guys who passed you over in favor of whores and lost half their stuff or ended up raising who could well be other men’s offspring.

        Facebook is good for that too…watching the rise and fall of men who, in your youth, you thought were Titans.

        It’s just that this is a man zone so you’re going to see more of the laughing at women. Don’t take it so hard.


      • Maya: You probably rank amongst the deluded with the responses you throw up here (esp. with that “= not as smart as you are” remark).

        I value the truth and own up to it daily. I must admit that I experience a rush of pure schadenfreude when I see things like this and see people like you try to shame people like Heartsie and FAIL. Here’s a hint. It’s what is. You can paint it however you like, but unless that matches with what IS, it’s a damned lie- and I’ll call it for what it is every time.


      • No one is suffering. This is not some shocking truth you’ve brought to the world. It’s common knowledge that people who post pictures online aren’t always the best looking. But if this guy cares enough to look up pictures of old girlfriends, what does that say about him? As Obi-Wan Kenobi said, “Who is more foolish- the fool, or the fool who follows him?” (Get it? Follow- like on twitter)


      • “enjoy the suffering..” yeah because people who are secure and content with their lives need to resort to this. right. lolololol0l0l0l0l0lolololololol

        [Heartiste: Mocking the weak is good fun. Ask any schoolyard bully.]


    • “Such a pleasure when you see us getting old and worthless, isn’t it?”

      I’m going to have to disagree with Heartiste here. I find it fucking hysterical. I laugh, and I laugh, and I laugh while I see that look in your eyes right before you plunge into the abyss of your own irrelevancy…the one you carved under yourselves with your bare hands…the one you had started by your mothers and grandmothers before you trying to get rid of all those evil bicycles.

      Tell me, how does it feel? And be honest, this is for posterity. Was it worth it?

      “If this makes you feel better about yourself…”

      Not really, but then, your type never got that. Again I have to disagree with our host. Most western girls aren’t worth fucking to begin with, the disease ridden, overweight, bastard spawning, civilization burning, overused holes that they are. Watching this happen, does not make me feel better about myself. Laughing while watching you and yours reap what you’ve sown, does not make me feel better about myself.

      But I’m a sick enough fucker that I can still enjoy it.


    • on December 9, 2011 at 8:49 pm Murray F. Rottencrotch

      You must love getting owned by CH every single effing time you comment. Does the collar fit? Is there water in your bowl?


    • “Such a pleasure when you see us getting old and worthless, isn’t it?”

      It’s a fucking blast. Best show playing.


      • Heh… I’ve already busted out the popcorn and kicked back to enjoy the show, myself.


      • Considering that women, having had every single one of their demands acquiesced to, are unhappier than ever, and yet still insist that men are to blame and that if only they had more freedom then all society’s ills (read: their capricious whims) would be remedied, one can’t help but indulge in a bit of schadenfreude. What more can be given them? By the time women realize that their wishes are inherently untenable, society is in ruins. At which point society is rebuilt with the recognition to never, ever, give women significant power over society’s course ever again. Why must we carry out this dreadful experiment when we can all foresee the results?


    • It’s like watching funny youtube accidents, you can’t blame people for experiencing schadenfreude.

      It even feels bad sometimes, if the girl was kind and down to earth. Most of the time though, for the typical entitled american princesses, it’s a fucking blast.


    • No, it’s a pleasure seeing one of those pretty lies perish.

      Old and worthless? That depends on you ladies, it does, it does.

      Did you rely on the only thing you brought to the table? Your attractiveness?

      If so, yeah, you’ll get old and worthless real damn quick.

      The only way to avoid that is to work at being special (and I don’t mean being a piece of work…then you’re still just being the average as most women are actually that right now…) and making something more of yourself than just a pretty face. Most women never rise above the average…even the “educated” feminists; the only way to be useful and worth something in the long run is to not buy into the lies and to work at making yourself worth something to someone.


      • “Old and worthless? That depends on you ladies, it does, it does.”

        I thought we were talking about reproductive worth (SMV?) and this declines with time.


      • There’s aspects of it that are adjusted by how you conduct yourself, Maya.

        Be a bitch. Lose a couple of points on that scale- even when you’re pretty. If all you’ve got is your looks, you’re no better than anyone else. What might bring more to the table…can you answer that? If you can’t…perhaps you should figure it out.


      • I agree with this – that’s why I put question mark after SMV. However, when you’re approaching menopause being sweet, nice, smart or even beautiful doesn’t help you anymore.


      • Maya, if you find yourself getting “old and worthless” (i.e. *alone*), then it is a pretty sure bet that you were pretty damn worthless when you were young, too. You love to whine and moan about your circumstances like the pity-attention whore you are, but those circumstances are the direct result of your attitudes and choices, which make it an easy read and a clear warning to anyone who might consider getting involved with you.


    • As annoying as he is, Obsidian had an excellent post about how women are no longer taught by their elders, especially their mothers and older female relatives, that they need to choose their partners carefully to see if they are really committed. If women want to have lasting relationships that will result in happy families, they must sacrifice at least some gina tingles. This episode of CH is about the results when they willfully choose not to.

      It’s one thing not choose me. I can say live and let live and take it as a lesson that I need to up my game.

      It’s another to blatantly go for the alpha-biker-bad-boy, get knocked up by him, and then come screaming to me to pay for your bastard off spring either through marriage or the state. That, and most of the men on this site, I will not live and let live with.


    • Listen and learn, and adjust accordingly. Instead of biting back. There is something to learn here, about cultivating a personality, a femininity, and a submissiveness. And keeping your weight down.


    • Forgive me, but this makes me feel absolutely terrific about myself.
      Young men often feel inadequate- they generally don’t have much money, they generally know less then older men, and they often fall prey to oneitis.
      But there are two delightfully salient things of which they’re unaware.
      One, they can hit the gym, learn game, and screw pretty girls into their 40’s, 50’s, and beyond.
      Two, every year, a new crop of women turn eighteen, twenty one, and twenty seven.
      Twenty seven is fine when you’re forty. Thirty two year old girls are perfectly OK if you’re fifty.
      Thirty five year old girls are pushing it a bit, maybe, when you’re sixty, but who wants a woman that frickin’ old? Certainly not a rich, diesel, fully grown sixty year old guy. Maybe an exception could be made for Demi Moore, but how many old ladies look like her? On the show “Modern Family” the sixtyish dad has a 35 year old, smokin’ hot Columbian wife.


    • “Such a pleasure when you see us getting old and worthless, isn’t it?”

      I have to admit, it truly is! Especially seeing women who played me back in the day before I had game. Even better is being 40 and still banging girls in their late 20’s. Ha aha. Revenge: A dish best served cold…..



    • Schadenfreude: accept no substitute.


  5. The utility of Facebook in the context you describe is simply the realization that one dodged a bullet. However, if you have Game and decide to settle down (not necessarily marry), you’re more likely to have the capability of “training” your significant other. While you cannot hold back the march of time and its effect on her looks, you can use psychological manipulation to ensure that she stays as attractive as possible for as long as possible. Go to any high-end gym and you’ll see plenty of late-30s and early-40s women with reasonably tight bodies. Of course such women can’t compare to comparably in-shape early-20 somethings, but that comparison is only necessary if you plan on continuing to play the field. As a married guy, I’ve kept my wife interested in working out 5-6 days a week, even though we have kids and high-stress careers.

    It is possible to “have it all” as a man, but you must have Game to accomplish this.


  6. Compounding this with the rising expectations brought upon by an infinite amount of photoshopped pictures men see in stark contrast of the reality of physical beauty.

    On the upside betas at least have something to beat off to when their warpig ex’s show them pictures of them in high school when they were possibly fuckable.


  7. Indeed, every heartbroken guy should indeed be inculcated by “handing him the keys to Facebook and the dangerous secrets locked within. The female aging process of past lovers compressed into seconds will shatter the hardest pedestals and deflate the headiest romantic idealism.” Because we have grown up with the fb, it’s hard not to appreciate that we can indeed see, for every chick who broke your heart from 10 to 30, how they’ve aged on FB. Every formerly hot crush I’ve seen on FB has only reinforced the truth in what I thought was just a funny line from PJO’Rourke, “if it floats, fucks, or flies, rent it.” Back when I read that, I thought that that was nihilistic. curmudgeonly advice bought by what, 60 years of experience? Now that wisdom is basically available to anyone over the age of 20.
    Of course, us men only have until when until we start getting moldy? I doubt many of us, even with proper care, will have high SMV once we get past 45.


    • I doubt many of us, even with proper care, will have high SMV once we get past 45.

      I’m north of 45 and do fine. Forty five is still young.

      Did you mean to say 75?


    • This is entirely untrue. Most of the sexiest Hollywood actors are over 45. And lots of guys look like them who go to the gym.


    • Um, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Depp, Clooney, and most A-list actors are well into their 40’s. I’m pretty sure those guys have no problem landing tang.
      Regular workouts, a few dermatological or light surgical touchups, and a bit of money will keep you in the game well into your 50’s.
      Of course, being fat, bald, grey haired, poor, or gameless will knock you out whether your 20 or 60.
      Will some girls pick on you or reject you outright if there’s a big age difference? Sure. But many won’t. A lot of women love older guys, and a lot of them will bang their professors, bosses, coworkers, clients, mentors, or acquaintances pretty willingly, with proper applications of game.


      • Yup. I’ve been running for over 15 years and started lifting weights a few years ago at 43. I certainly don’t have the looks or lean muscularity of Brad Pitt, but compared to my contemporaries who do zero fitness, over-eat and drink their faces off, it’s like night and day when compared to them for strength, appearance, stamina and positive outlook.

        I’ve been married a long time so the side benefit for me is that Increasing my SMV keeps my wife’s hamster spin, spin, spinning away.


      • well, yeah. Then again, I thought my SMV was going to be over when I turned 25. oh my…not quite. So maybe 45 is too early to fret.

        Also, this post made me think of something along the lines of female longevity game. We’ve seen Angelina turn into a skeleton over the past decade along with many other hotties hitting the wall. The eye on the prize for a LTR is the promise a chick who can keep it together, and thus Jennifer Anniston has to be winner because she has kept it going on for far longer than any other starlette that comes to mind. Of course, poor Jen kept chasing apex alphas who will always have options, so even female longevity game has it’s limits.


      • “Of course, being fat, bald, grey haired, poor, or gameless will knock you out whether your 20 or 60.”

        Abysmally wrong on every count except gameless. Keep reading son.


      • If you want to date low quality women, sure.


      • lol bitter loser


      • Very true, lads. Don’t sell yourselves short by dismissing your future potential as an adult male. For example, I’ve got the old “salt & pepper” look going, and take my word when I say that it’s given me a certain authority and gravity I lacked in my younger years.


  8. Breaking News: Sinead O’Connor is getting married!

    The fact that she is not quite as fat as a whale anymore probably helped her to get her hands on a beta husband.



  9. Spent a delightful hour sitting next to the daughter age about 20, we all got up from the table, the devil got into me and I just wanted to keep the conversation going – so I caught up with the daughter and restarted talking to her. Realizing that the mother and daughter were discussing something or other, I blurted out, ‘Oh, I didn’t see you there’ to the mother.

    But the thing is, beside her daughter she was invisible.


  10. so does this trend make it easier for alphas to get laid?


    • No, but it makes it easier for betas and omegas to break their dry spells, and perhaps build up the confidence to approach the girls they really want. So there’s that.


  11. Fucking sad stuff, bro.


  12. on December 9, 2011 at 6:21 pm Juliaroberts lookalike withadick


    Thinner is better fat maya.


  13. That is why I am dating a Asian girl who is a lot younger than me. The age better than white women.


    • on December 10, 2011 at 10:38 am John Norman Howard

      Yeah, but they’re still chinks/gooks/whatever.

      Try as me might to rationalize, the true gold standard on this planet is a beautiful White woman… one who actually wants to be a woman.


    • on December 10, 2011 at 2:41 pm David Rockefeller

      Not my experience. Most older Asian women I’ve encountered haven’t aged well. As if they made zero effort to slow age-related deterioration.


    • I wouldn’t be so sure. I have seen Hmong teenagers-sure they are hot. Hmong mothers-not so much. Maybe living in America with all its cosmetics and spas as opposed to living in Laos for most of their life may help them age less fast but I have my doubts Same thing for women from the Philippines in my opinion But hey maybe Thai or Japanese women might be different


  14. Truer words were never spoken. I’m in my mid 50’s. Occasionally, on a whim, I’ll look up some hottie I had a crush on in high school on Facebook. It never fails. Without exception, every one of them looks like she was beaten with an ugly stick. Am I ever glad I never got married!

    Somehow, I doubt that information will have much effect on the young. All young people are already aware of the ravages of time. But when you’re 20, the eventuality of turning 40 seems so remote that it’s effectively a synonym for “never”.


    • The young have no concept of “long time”. They think that todays feelings can last forever. They don’t realize that their entire conception of self doesn’t even last forever.

      If you are like me, every five years you are basically a new person. Your attitudes will have shifted that much.

      This will happen to your mate, and to you. Love and circumstance are not steady.

      And so being with a mate for exactly as long as the two of you want to be together, is precisely how long relationships should last. Men get the better end of this deal, if they know how to quickly get new relationships.

      Every decade there is a new crop of under thirty single girls. The hottest of course being disco age – 18 to 24 or so. Ever decade they will still fuck you and even mate with you, as long as you can keep your game and finances and appearance tight.

      There is no need for a love insurance policy of one aging girl. All girls of all ethnicities age, and they all age badly. There is no substitute for youth and beauty.


  15. What do you do when the opposite happens?

    Specifically, 2-3 ex’s look better now than 5-7 years ago. Why? Boob jobs in all cases, and to a lesser extent better style/clothing. Physique, against all odds, remains the same for all. Granted, 2 are asians, who withstand the aging process much better (and typically are in more dire need of boob jobs).

    Sad that this is of course, the rare exception, not the rule. Time (and burgers) own all.


  16. on December 9, 2011 at 6:48 pm Order of The Hand

    There’s an app (for entertainment) that let’s you simulate aging effects in people’s pictures. I’m sure it’s not the most cutting edge software but in time you would think other more advanced programs would become widely available and easier to use. When that happens you really won’t have to wait 20-plus years to see how she’ll look. Simulate decades of smoking, drug use, child-birth, sun-exposure, overeating, etc. Have that ready to show to friends before they go shopping for engagement rings…


  17. I’d like to see a post of, say, 100 before and after facebook shots, for quick reference.


  18. Hey you should do a post on how to best use one’s own Facebook profile. Not that its not simple or anything, but it’d be nice.

    And hey A.B. Dada, I saw your Facebook and it sucks balls. For all your talk I would have thought you’d have more than 1 photo of you with a good looking girl.

    I have no photos on my Facebook right now, I’m in cocoon mode. When I go travelling I’m going to get photos of me with girls then plaster them all over my Facebook. Even if that means just walking up to girls in bars or on the beach and asking for a photo. Bitches who see these photos online wont have a clue and think I’m rolling in it.


  19. I noticed this myself, but didn’t summarize the phenomenon quite as elegantly.

    Truly shocking and illuminating how the hotties turn into old crones. The wrinkles around the eyes, and the pasty skin are bad enough.

    But the fatness…oh the horror…the horror…

    I knew this Pakistani girl as an undergraduate, and I never forgot her. She tracked me down on FB a year or so back, and after 3 marriages and popping out a kid, she went from a Midwestern 9 to a 4 in about 15 years.

    Still another I knew, who was a 5’10” 130 pound beauty at 21, became a 230 pound Jabba-the-hut with this bizarre creased neck, and a stomach that protruded like she was pregnant (she wasn’t).

    I still cringe with the shame and waste of it every time I think about how they look now.


    • Accelerated aging is by my guess caused by overweight, alcohol ( big cause of # 1) , brats , smoking, ands genetics in that order


  20. We’re all going to get old, die and rot in the ground soon. I’ve experienced the decline of SMV, but I’ve also experienced the contentment and joy of a happy marriage, a loving circle of friends, and a beautiful child. I wouldn’t trade any of that to have a hot young body again, as much as I cherished it when I had it. I never attached too much of my pride to my sexual attractiveness, because even as a young woman I knew it would be short-lived.

    Point being, I couldn’t give a toss what old ex-boyfriends think of my Facebook photos. And I genuinely hope they’re happy enough not to give a toss either. I’m fortunate enough to have a husband who still finds me desirable. Women who worry about such things have lived poor lives, and haven’t found any other sources of happiness to replace their lost sexual power.

    This is a great blog however, and food for thought. But many of the “tragedies” you describe here are just the logical conclusion of horrible life choices.


    • Unfortunately, spiralina, entirely too many make those horrible life choices because of the pretty lies that keep getting told to women (and men) for the last 3-4 DECADES. I congratulate you on finding some sort of path through- but for most, they bought into the lies and Heartsie’s just showing the lies for what they are.


    • Yep, the result of bad choices. My wife of 15+ years is aging gracefully, but she’s still aging. She’s kept her figure, which is the most important thing a woman can do to hold onto her looks. The wrinkles and other signs of aging are there, but… well, I hardly ever notice. For one thing, I’ve seen her nearly every day so the change has been gradual. For another, I still see her the way she was when we married. That’s the trick – I’ve called it mental photoshopping before – I look at her 40 year old body and still see the 25 year old I married.

      The only way for a woman to hold onto her looks as she ages is in the eyes of a man she marries and stays loyal to. In his eyes, she’ll always be young and beautiful, even as everyone else sees her age and decline.

      The real value of Facebook ought to be for young women to see the timelapse of older women, to hit home with the message that their looks won’t last.


    • hear, hear.


    • “I’m fortunate enough to have a husband who still finds me desirable.”

      Your word on that is meaningless. Put your husband on here and let’s see what he really thinks. Better yet, what does he say to his buddies in the locker room about it – or did you already eliminate all of his hobbies that would have him in a locker room?

      The much more likely scenario is that he has resigned himself to sticking it out “for the kids” and to prevent the loss of half his shit.


  21. How appropriate. Yesterday I was on Facebook checking up on women from my high school class. We are talking over 25 years ago and my, oh my. This post is so right on! The cutie that rejected me when I saw her 8 years after high school looks like Lurch from The Adams Family, not kidding.


  22. Yup, you only need to have a few girls added to Facebook in mid 20’s and give five years to see the difference, for an even more accelerated version of this. One girl I banged a bunch of times who was petite and cute, in 5 years of marriage to a beta ballooned and puffed and looked attrocious compared to her cute petite bangable younger self.
    Time is the cold balance in the sexual market.


  23. on December 9, 2011 at 8:02 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    One of the problems that I’m encountering is that even though the face and body of these women have gone to sh*t, the crappy personality has remained intact, oddly enough.

    No one, it seems, has bothered to tell these women they can’t behave the way they did when they were 24. Immaturity and self-centeredness doesn’t age well. A few wondered why I ran screaming when they got back in touch. But they’re like those crappy ’80s songs that became hits on the strength of their videos. Once you take away the visual element, it’s really a chore to have to sit and listen.


  24. This is goddamn right. Man, I’ve seen some of the most fuckable babes from my highschool 20 years later on Facebook, and I’d rather stick my dick in blender and hit frape then get my royal scepter anywhere near their hellholes. Fuck, there was this one friend of my sister’s who was maybe three years younger than me that was so goddamn hot, I’d have to fap one out within a few hours of talking with her.


    Years of child bearing and drug abusing have turned her into a goddamn trailer trash skank. Hair is thinning and face looks like someone burned the fuck off of it. I almost couldn’t believe it was the same girl, but holy fuck did she let herself go. Then there’s few dozen who just got fat and old who were so damn cute and cuddly back then.

    Like the guy in the article, I thank God every day I was as unattractive to them as I was. I laugh in the direction of all those dumbasses they fucked and got knocked up by who are now stuck with them and the divorce assraping they’ll get sooner or later (if it’s not already done so once or twice).


    • I bet these gals are just eating their hearts out knowing YOU are now beyond their reach. Or should I say their goddamn fucking reach…


    • Yep, there is a silver lining to being a beta in your twenties – you avoid getting trapped by knocking up and marrying some chick. Later on you can learn game and still have all your assets. The guys I know who were popular with women in high school are mostly complete losers these days, while my star just keeps on rising.


  25. So true….chick I banged 20 years ago in University was an 8.5, a roommate….fast forward 20 years, we hook up for drinks via FB…I’m a little weary…she’s had 3 kids, divorced etc, minimal pics on FB….she walks around the corner at the restaurant bar and she looked like she had swallowed an elephant.

    She was not even on the 1-10 scale anymore…disgusting. She the proceeds to tell me….”I know I’m fat, but I’m happy!”.

    Fucking deluded!!!!!!!!!!!! She was once thin, with big tits, tight ass, many guys would have loved to tap her…now?….wood killer with a gunt!

    I’m like WTF happened????

    R.O.T. = Ravages Of Time


  26. It used to be that you had to extrapolate the deterioration of a hot girl’s looks by seeing her mother, preferably side by side.

    From some of the mother-daughter combos I’ve seen, I’d rather do the mother.


  27. As I noted under the “ugly women” blog, some women age well,
    and if you age with them, all will be good, even if some of the
    sexual excitement drops off over time.

    At least in my book, there are a couple of things that
    help a woman maintaining if not full SMV, at least the
    status that you will feel fine being seen with her in public.

    For the wife

    Mainly, don’t get fat
    Dress reasonably fashionably, but conservatively. Stylish is a good term.
    Try to maintain a STRAIGHT BACK to the extent possible.
    (Very selfish of me, but it matters, at least to me. A woman
    at any age with a straight back looks like a woman to me,
    even if old. A bent over woman looks like she is done for,
    an old hag/witch. Think Maggie Smith again, ramrod straight.
    Highly subjective viewpoint, I know.)
    Keep intellectually alive and interesting.
    Maintain a certain dignity (hard to define, a certain
    je ne sais quoi).



    • Thanks Thor, totally know the straight back thing.


    • POSTURE! It’s all about the posture, ladies. Posture, posture, posture.

      Instead of prepping for SATs and writing college applications, girls should go to finishing school. Balance books on their heads. Learn how to smile pleasantly, speak properly, sit up straight. Bring back the corset. Our generation gets to see women in the raw, without the necessary refinement. And they’re not pretty.


  28. This is part of why if a man is going to marry and have kids he should marry a girl at least 10 years younger than he is. She’ll be attractive to him for quite a while and seem attractive into her middle thirties if she takes care of herself and avoids getting fat.

    Usually a guy has to be pretty successful and have good status and game generally to pull this off, and be fit etc. Tall helps too.


    • Emphasize the at least part.

      I wish all men could experience at least once:

      * the joys of a woman in love with him
      * the joys of a very hot woman in love with him
      * the joys of a very hot woman in love with him who is doting and agreeable
      * the joys of a very hot woman in love with him who is doting and agreeable and less than half his age.

      And I wish upon my friends to experience at least once:
      * the joys of two very hot women in love with him who are doting and agreeable and less than half his age.


    • Sadly, even 20-30 age differences don’t help when so many 19 year olds drop from 9s to 7s before they’re 21 with a downward prognosis. In fact, the youngest women, on average, change faster than those who’ve proven they have reasonably long telomeres. If a woman makes it to 30 looking good, she has a better prognosis than the average 20 year old of the same or better appearance. This is good news to women with long telomeres and the guys who know them.

      Remember that no man needs to say he’s more than 15 years older than the female he is working on. A modicum of game can make that age difference OK with most hot women, provided negs are properly used for the more entitled of the youngest women.


    • Studies have shown that the most successful marriages [by this I specifically mean the lowest rates of divorce at 10,20,30,40 years,] are the ones where the woman is between 5-10 years younger than the man.


  29. What can men do to stop the ravages of time? Women get 6-8 years in their prime, men get 12=16… Some very lucky men can enjoy maybe 20 years of prime.

    But it always ends. Making fun of women for aging faster than we do is no consolation for the fact that we’ll still end up at the same destination.

    Talking about mortality is depressing.


    • We don’t though, really. I mean ya, we all end up dead. But take a look at Hugh Hefner. Where is the female correlate?

      Your dick can work until the day you die. Ok, you might not score twenty one year olds when you are 85, but a 50 year old can be within reach. Maybe even a 38 year old single mom.

      Women can’t do that.


    • It’s nothing about what you talk to. It’s about popping that lie that they’re precious and special.


    • But even when men start hitting the appearance wall themselves, they benefit from the fact that looks aren’t as important to women as they are to men. And, even after age 70 when game itself is not enough, men can still buy 9s and 10s for a pittance.


    • “Making fun of women” is a great consolation. I was a baby faced beta as a youth who was LJBF’d to death. However, I married a girl who has aged remarkably well and weighs a mere 5 pounds heavier than at her lightest 20 yrs ago. Furthermore, my SMV has skyrocketed in my 50s, I look fitter than I did at 30, and younger chix (think late 20s, early 30s) often approach me.
      There is something sweet about seeing old harpies — now turned warpig — coming round to marvel at my current day pix on FB.
      Old age claims us all, but there is a much higher chance of a man having higher SMV at 50 (relative to his 20s) than for any woman. Men have to work at it, but for chix, the chance of that happening — even in the most extreme cases — is essentially zero.


    • uh somebody forgot to tell Hefner, and thousands of other old geezers, that they only get maybe 20 years of prime. How many women do you know that are banging 21-year-old male underwear models while they are in their 80s?


      • If a man does it, he only does it for the money [eg a sugar mama, ala Hulk Hogan’s ex wife getting a 21 year old boy toy at age 52 — and Hulk looked physically better, and is far wealthier.] I suspect there may be other reasons that men do this… perhaps they can get no play from the younger women for some reason.


  30. There was an insanely cute girl I flirted with a lot who was a freshman while I was a senior in undergrad. A mere 4 years later I checked out her Facebook pictures and holy fuck! She went from a size 0 to a size wtf. She had to have put on 50 lbs at least. Without Facebook I would have never witnessed such a travesty. It’s so sad…


  31. The ultimate pedestal destroyer. Social media is not only pictures, it enables you to see attention whoring at its highest degree.


  32. on December 9, 2011 at 9:36 pm the_alpha_male

    I’ve been saying this since i got Facebook. I often thought that if i had a son or stepson or whatever that i’d use Facebook as a guide to show how inconsequential women really are……that the only thing you are attracted to is their outer shell.

    I’d then do a compare and contrast.

    “See this beautiful young 17 year old i dated that turned out to be a slut from hell? Young, thin, feminine. Well………this is how she looks like today…..230 lbs and hideous. Now take that young girl who broke your heart or turned out to be a slut. If you knew in 15 years she would morph into a similar hideous creature. Would you really be so upset at what happened?”

    I’m 40, i have tons of examples. There is one chick who was an actual model. She was one of the best looking women I ever seen. She had an ass that would turn any heterosexual man into a temporary sodomite(I remember asking my friend in high school if he’d fuck her in the ass since he was so against anal sex and his reply “yes…..but only with a condom”).

    Her body along with fake tits still looks amazing but her face is fucked now. She still wears 80’s style makeup which makes her all the more dated.


    • What IS 80’s style makeup?? Can you link a pic?

      Weird for a girl to be so out of tune with what’s going on. I mean most of them read fashion mags — well unless they’re Walmart wildebeasts.


  33. Heh this is probably the real reason high school reunions were invented.

    Back in the good old days on FC there would be an occasional thread about guys being approached by women who had rejected them 10+ years earlier, now that the balance of power had shifted (guy had more money/confidence, girl had declining SMV and/or alpha male spawn in tow). The resident hens jeered these threads relentlessly, of course. And, of course, those of us who were in our 20s then are now seeing it come true.


  34. True, BUT, the guys who are seeing this are also older, and hence were probably smart enough not to marry these (or other) shrews in the first place.

    A 22 year old guy has not experienced this phenomenon yet because his cohorts are still youthful, so if some hot girl snares him while they’re both young, social media’s SMV enlightenment will come too late to help.


    • See is her mother’s on there somewhere. Make the expected “Now” and “Later” comparison. If you go “Holy Moo, Batman!” then bail!


  35. Facebook relies on photos, and photos can lie.

    I went to a high school reunion and was shocked. Twenty years after graduation, the men I went to school with looked great. Some of them were almost unchanged from the way they looked at the end of high school; most were a little heavier, maybe a touch of grey or a receding hairline, but in general a fine-looking set.

    The women — yikes! The BEST looking among them were the ones gone plump and “matronly” after having two or three kids. The scariest were the ones who’d been putting in the hours at the gym and the tennis court vainly trying to stay young-looking. They were craggy, bony, alligator-skinned horrors.


    • “At a certain age you have to choose between your ass and your face.”
      Catherine Deneuve


    • There’s nothing wrong with putting in time at the gym, provided you’re doing the right exercises. Excessive cardio will just catabolize what limited muscle you have, making you appear bony. Women do not understand that lifting heavy weights will give their muscles size and definition, which is then shaped by periodic cardio. Unfortunately, most women are afraid that lifting weights will make them look like bodybuilders. For the umpteenth time ladies, you will NEVER look like a bodybuilder without taking steriods. What you will look like is a more muscular, youthful woman who has control over her body and looks great in sleeveless shirts and short skirts.

      Looking that good will require sacrifice. No more late-night comfort foods. No more than one alcoholic drink a week. Minimal dairy products. I could go on and on, but you’ve probably tuned me out by now.


  36. Speaking of aging women, I’ve seen this making the rounds a lot on FB. It’s being reposted over and over by 40+ old women. It’s about how great 40+ women are and how bad the men are. Humorously pathetic.


    • on December 10, 2011 at 10:43 am John Norman Howard

      Andy Rooney… the patron saint of betatude smarm.


    • on December 10, 2011 at 11:02 am Holden Caulfield

      “Older women are generous with praise, often undeserved. They know what it’s like to be unappreciated.” To paraphrase GBFM, lolzzlolzzlolzz. They’re unappreciated because their SMV is in the shitter. lolzz

      [Heartiste: As a man, nobody will flatter you as much as a middle-aged single mom. They’re like the mirror image of sensitive teenage boys with crushes, minus the innocence.]


    • For all those men who say, ‘Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free,’ here’s an update for you. Now 80 percent of women are against marriage, why? Because women realize it’s not worth buying an entire pig, just to get a little sausage.”
      –Andy Rooney

      White Night much, Andy?

      [Heartiste: Ever notice how fast men with near zero sexual market value suck up to women? It’s like men with no hope of scoring quality poon go in one of two extreme directions: woman-hating omega or white knighting mangina.]


    • Andy Rooney was a confused supplicating white knight, apparently. None of that article even makes sense.


    • “Once you get past a wrinkle or two, a woman over forty is far sexier than her younger counterpart.”

      My god, the lies in that are so, so bold.


    • Funny how it focuses only on the women who hold their looks well for their age and disregards the legions of fat, ugly, old broads.


    • Well given Andy’s age at that time, a woman in her 40’s would be an awesome catch lol. But more to the point, he does have a point. His comments dealt mostly with the mental maturity of an older woman. Damn straight you are going to get less BS/drama from an older woman than some club hopping 21 year old bimbo. Of course you are also going to get saggier tits and a bigger ass lol You want a woman with a pretty decent body in her 40’s? Think Jennifer Aniston. And why is that? Money to take care of her body and perhaps more importantly, she has never given birth.


    • The times that buffoon was right in his eighty plus years of life can be counted on two hands. You may also note, this is him writing at 70+. Not being an Alpha, 40 year old hags looked pretty good to him.


  37. At my 20 year reunion I had a large number of the hot women comment on how good I looked. My SMV is somewhat higher now (added muscle, lost the braces, gained confidence and better style).

    I perhaps went to an unusual school, but many (20-30%) of my high school female classmates still look pretty good. In person, in daylight. But that is mainly the result of diet and exercise. The ones who gained weight lost all appeal.

    One of the hottest women had 4 or more children, and still looked like a older model (like Paulina or someone like that) who had aged well.

    But my fellow men had aged much better. Not all, there was baldness and weight gain there as well, but more than 50% had retained or even gained looks.


  38. It used to be the main examples of female aging that young men saw in a timely enough manner to make a difference in their dating/mating decisions were movie stars or other celebrities with a public photo record. The problem is that those women have a vested interest (and tons of help) in staying fit and good-looking for as long as possible. This skewed sample resulted in semi-delusional expectations, which facebook has now corrected.

    Thank god for the internet.


  39. Best example of an aging catastrophe is Anita Ekberg. She was a 10 in her prime, fucked half hollywood, cuckolded them all, didn’t have children and aged miserably.

    But it’s not like women are in a position to plan anything, they only act on their feelings. We can only understand and exploit them, or look away and be exploited.

    Beautiful women have a power so intoxicating in their prime that it is awfully difficult for them to make sound long-term decisions, especially in the absence of males strong enough to tame them before their entrapment in the cock carousel machinery.

    The optimal strategy for a male in his thirties willing to settle down is to catch an attractive virgin during her bonding years (before 20 yo), and play on every single attraction trigger she’s got. This strategy is compromised by a lot of parameters, including the fact that attractive girls are now deflowered long before the legal age.

    Fuck it… Game On.


  40. Sometimes you don’t even need to wait the entire 10-20 years. I recently saw pictures of my ballooned ex and I can’t imagine the regret I’d feel if I had gone through with proposing to her.


  41. What is exactly the point?

    Actually it makes me smile.

    If a girl is beautiful and available, who cares how will she appear in 20 years? Are you thinking to a marriage or LTR?

    Of course she will be uglier and older. It seems to me this is a case of a person, rejected, who enjoys the destruction of the girl who rejected him. Game taught this is a beta behavior.


  42. In the book The Name of the Rose, of Umberto Eco, an old monk says to a younger monk, who being young still feels attraction for women:

    “You like women only because of their skin, if you could see a woman without skin, you would not like her so much.”

    Facebook, Middle Age version.

    Next time a woman is unattainable, just picture her without skin – no mother needed, just a piece of meat in a supermarket.


  43. Interesting series. This part discusses how women with long-term boyfriends who go out to clubs while they are ovulating engage in more sexual signalling in the club. The women who were ovulating were the most flirtatious but the women who were ovulating and had a long-term boyfriend at home were the most flirtatious of all.


  44. haha.. the internet is awesome. i found an ex-girlfriend/oneitis’s recent mug shot the other night. she’s not my beautiful princess anymore. i remember how sad i was when that bitch cheated on me. she looks like a worn out whore and have a stupid lesbian haircut now. thank you bustedmugshot.com for helping me finally knock her off that pedestal.


  45. Amen. A high school sweetheart commented on one of my pics “you haven’t aged in a hundred years!” then by co-incidence my sister phones me this morning and tells me of all the tales of woe this particular chick’s been through since those days.

    Beware of flattering compliments from chicks on Facebook, there might just be a little catch somewhere. Me, I just shaddup. No chick gets compliments from me and if they are gonna get one it certainly won’t come from my side but rather from that rambunctious little tenant downstairs who lives in the hammock.


  46. If woman had brains, they would learn from this.

    It is not hard to keep healthy and looking younger, to wit:

    Keep out of the direct sun.
    Wear a hat (avoid going gray from sun damaged skin on your scalp)
    Don’t get fat.
    Don’t smoke.
    Don’t do drugs.
    Work out moderately.
    Don’t drink excessively.

    And, for the intellect? Try reading something besides People Magazine and romance novels.

    The fact that many, many women don’t observe these easily followed rules testifies to their limited concern for what their husbands think. This should send a strong message to men thinking of marriage.

    But, Facebook really hasn’t added anything to the advice I heard from an older man many years ago:

    Don’t marry the daughter if you wouldn’t marry the mother.


  47. Heatiste hits the mark when he labels the reality of the decline of attractiveness as deeply depressing.

    Many of us grow up with narrative of everlasting love as the greatest source of happiness in this world.

    But the reality is that we are biological machines deeply programmed to seek out attractiveness and its promise of genetic worthiness.

    And so when the woman who we pledged our undying love to, begins to wither away at a rate faster than ours, we feel this deep tension between our attachment to her and our desire for the beauty of youth.

    One solution is of course to have LTR’s with someone at least ten years younger, but the reality is that she too will decline and will fail to pull at our “heart strings” as she approaches 40. And at 50, a male with decent SMV can still pull late 20’s early 30’s.

    There is still a kernel of hope in me that believes that with the right woman, our love will mean immunity from the ravishes of decline, but I also used to believe in Santa Claus.


  48. nothing breaks one’s heart more than clicking by accident the photo of a dear friend who has passed away. the message box in facebook says “so-and-so is unavailable, but you can still leave a message.” when this happened to me the first time, tears shot out of my eyes. i left him a message saying that winter had been mild, and he was terribly missed. as time goes by, this turns out to be a wonderful feature. whenever i feel like it, i drop him a message. it is very nice.


  49. Take a look at their teenage or twenty-something equivalent’s friend count and theirs.

    Women live by their friend count. The hotter the women, the insanely large their friend count is (another tip: the exception to the rule is a real catch. An insanely hot women with a sane friend count are usually keepers).

    The over the hill women will have a low friend count consisting of family, friends and former school mates.


  50. What is also hilarious is to see the egotistical shit they write in their profiles. “I’m big, sexy and LOVING IT!”

    Oh really? Enjoy “loving it” while you weep alone on your couch eating a tub of ice cream.


  51. on December 10, 2011 at 11:03 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM)


    when u go down on ameircam woemz who are under 30, dis is what u need:

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    when u go down on emarican womnz over 30, dids is what u need (2 take to your high scholool reuniniioons):
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    safe cuning linugusing!!!!!! lzozozozoz


    • on December 13, 2011 at 5:44 pm Too Smart To Fail

      You forgotz da satellite phone, 8-pairs of surgical gloves, kevlar-reinforced vets, homing beacon for search and rescue within mountain-sized gential warts, and caribeaners for ready-to-eat meals in caze you get trapped and her tuna-salad declares state of emergency Defcon-3.


      • on December 13, 2011 at 7:37 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM)

        lozozlzzzol ya u are right

        and hip-length rubber boots fro wading through da smega from all da men dat have gone berofee lzozzolzolzo


  52. on December 10, 2011 at 11:05 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM)


    invest wisely boyz!!! lzozoz


  53. In my view this is one of the few enormous social changes social-media like Facebook but especially Whatsapp Messenger will have on society. Because it is so easy to stay in contact with former lovers and future potentials, it is very easy to skip from lover to lover as well.

    When you’re having a tough time in your relationship, and there are so much alternatives, why would you stay with your current partner if you could swich to a better or similar one so easy?

    The potential of cheating is always there, because your entire past is always in the palm of your hand. It takes a lot of mental strength not to fall for it..

    It will be interesting to see what effects these technological developments have on society. More single person households?


  54. Rollo Tomassi

    Young men hear all the time how inconsequential the women they pine for really are in the grand scheme of things. Now the older men giving him advice have a tool to prove and emphasize that advice

    I suppose, because Descartes, Nietzsche and Shakespeare didn’t come will illustrations, that is the predominant reason today’s rabble is so fucked. Pictures, or it didn’t happen.

    Brandon just can’t believe 2+2=4

    In the end, youth needing a coloring book to prove to themselves the veracity of their granddad’s hard-won wisdom-via-experience

    should prove to the old men,
    that instructing 2011 Junior
    on any subject matter
    is a waste of time


  55. For what it is worth,

    On one hand women have less muscle mass than men do, so it is harder for them to not become fat as their metabolism slows down with age.

    On the other hand, speaking from experience – and I am 52 years old – most women do not have as much will power as men do, and that is why most of them become fat.

    Apart from making the lines on your face less visible ( the only plus to being overweight ) extra weight makes you look old and worned out.

    PS; Sorry if I make a few mistakes/typos here and there, but in my defense English is not first language, French is ( I’m not from France but Canada )


  56. I read FB wants to adapt a timeline feature: http://www.facebook.com/about/timeline, which just got released for trial in NZL. I am wondering how many women will like it.

    This feature could turn out useful because most younger men see older women on FB but don’t know how they looked before unless you are a bit older yourself like rollo and know it from yearbooks or memories. So timeline could be quite useful.


  57. This coincides with something that I have been thinking about lately. Could a major culprit in a man’s expected decline in libido have more to do with unattractive women available to him vs. the hormonal changes usually credited? Especially for married men.


    • on December 13, 2011 at 3:22 pm Holden Caulfield

      That would not shock me at all. If eating out of the dumpster was the only option you had, would people say your appetite declined? Put the 5 star “food” in front of a guy and watch his appetite go crazy.


    • Yes it does. Think about that whale you saw at Walmart last week. Gives you a big woody doesn’t it?


    • Yes.

      The reverse is true as well.

      Men don’t get wood from their fat, ugly wives.
      Women don’t get tingles from their weak, beta husbands.


  58. Men have a long window of time to date women in their physical prime. The time has to be used to date a plurality of women, experience the good and the bad, and eventually snag one of those gems. Gems being a young woman who has not ridden the carousel, attractive, not deluded, feminine, and (for most men) interested in children. Even if they are only a small percentage of gems available each year, if you play your cards right one can be had. Or go look overseas.

    Solomon when he was still blogging had a great post on the aging of women. It was a story about an old man feeling sorry for him and his co-worker for having to deal with modern woman, and him explaining how a woman can age gracefully.

    He was speaking metaphorically, of course. An insignificant minority of women will stay attractive past 50. Still, a woman who you snagged while was she young and beautiful and raised your children will always be more beautiful to you than she will be to the rest of the world. That, right, there is the real shame in the destruction of our marriage system.

    Marriages allowed for a virtuous woman to be admired for her beauty all her life, even if it was only one man in her later years.

    I sure as hell don’t plan on getting married in this environment. When I tire of traveling the world chasing skirt, a LTR with a young girlfriend will be as far as I can manage commitment-wise. I don’t know if it will be the same.


  59. on December 10, 2011 at 2:21 pm Obstinance Works

    Love to me has become an inexplicable somatic and mental accumulation of erotic exercise and amour propre.


  60. I have a fake facebook account that I used once to look up my old classmates… and it’s just too depressing to think about the girls I used to have a crush on who are now balloons and the couple of single mother mudsharks.


  61. “”””
    What can men do to stop the ravages of time? Women get 6-8 years in their prime, men get 12=16… Some very lucky men can enjoy maybe 20 years of prime.

    But it always ends. Making fun of women for aging faster than we do is no consolation for the fact that we’ll still end up at the same destination.

    The downslope for men is a lot less steep… and I think men have much more control over their downslide than women do.


    • 2 things why men have it easier:

      1) higher levels of testosterone over a lifetime [as long as he lifts/eats healthy.]

      2) men’s smv depends less on physical looks.

      It can literally never end for men.


  62. I am 58 and just returned from my 4th high school reunion. The homecoming queen (who was beautiful) had way too much plastic surgery and looked like a zombie homecoming queen. A few of the women held up well…a combination of good genes, personalities and a modicum of class.

    French women do this best….they seem to grow into their faces and look their best around 40…fashionable and skinny (no doubt to the cigarettes).


    • You must have missed Brigitte Bardot. She went from hot to hag pretty fast. And cigarettes? A yellow tint to the skin and teeth and the awful smell just is not attractive. Whenever I see a hot young girl sucking on a cigarette I always shake my head and think of something else she’d be better of sucking on.


    • Its diet and walking that keeps them remotely attractive in older years, not cigarettes.


  63. Once upon a time, in the late school years school, high school years and the years immediately beyond those, I really wanted to get to know some girls I knew from there, but I was an untouchable; a social outcast: I because I didn’t understand the social dynamics, I wasn’t much into sports, and I had interests other than getting drunk and the latest music hits, and I behaved. IOW, the all too well-known “nice guy”. I had many disappointments and letdowns in therms of relations with the opposite sex.

    Fast forward two decades, and those I had the hots for then, are today wrecked and bloated, and I wouldn’t have anything to do with them.

    The wise author of this blog had it eternally right when he wrote that men should be thankful to be the sex we are. The women may have the advantage of using their sex as a weapon; to play with and humiliate men at will, but oh! how mother nature will bitch-slap (quite appropriately) them when that game has been afoot for about 10 years, and they are no longer turning heads, but rather having slightly pitied looks – if any.

    Men, take heart. Given time (and effort), the game is in your favor.


  64. how to make relationships work:


    • on December 13, 2011 at 5:12 pm John Norman Howard

      Nebbish Super Jew spews his outsider crap and merely because he makes movies chicks eat it up with a spoon.

      ALERT LADIES… Annie Hall is attractive to no one but neebish Super Jew who knows how to press the buttons on the eternal feminine hamster cage and get their collective little rodent spinning.

      It takes a rodent to know how to spin a rodent.


  65. I have been wondering if it’s not the American diet (high carbs, high soy and low animal fats) that make women age horrible.


    • I would definitely say it’s the diet as well. Low carb, high fat, high veggie fiber, high protein diets make everyone lean as fuck. Atkins, paleo and primal diets all churn out reasonably good results (unless you get gout on atkins in which case drink more goddamned water).

      Go to Mark’s daily apple, the website. Every friday he posts success stories. It’s fun to watch some downhill wifeys and cougars get reasonable looking just by eating right and getting sleep.


    • Yes it has a big impact. We eat way too much hidden sugars too.


    • It plays a large part, but you cannot forgive the number one thing…


      Even on a diet of fast food, as long as you stay at caloric maintenance, or in a slight caloric deficit, you can maintain a youthful visage well into your 40s. HDL and LDL might be out of whack, and the sodium is fucking awful, but you certainly aren’t fat by eating it… you are fat because you EAT TOO FUCKING MUCH.


  66. Women’s looks fade swiftly with age. If you’re a single man, you can shrug your shoulders and move on. If you’re married, then love and duty will help you muddle through. Or not.

    What is unforgivable though is when women speed up the destruction of their beauty by gorging on food, guzzling on booze and riding the cock carousel with the aid of the pill. In Britain and Ireland, a lot of married and ltr women abandon all attempts at exercise and beauty maintenance and require their wretched spouses to “love me as I am”. They’re encouraged in this by the media


  67. […] Look at her Facebook. Published: December 11, 2011 Leave a Comment Name: Required […]


  68. “I am afraid that women appreciate cruelty, downright cruelty, more than anything else. They have wonderfully primitive instincts. We have emancipated them, but they remain slaves looking for their masters, all the same. They love being dominated.”

    –Oscar Wilde


  69. on December 11, 2011 at 4:50 am Facebook making life hell

    Not sure if this has been covered on other previous posts (Im pretty new to this blog, sorry if it has) but how about the role of FB in fucking up relationships, giving attention-whore girlfriends easier/unlimited opportunities to flirt with random guys and vice versa– in front of their powerless beta BF’s who end up freaking out and killing the attraction by being too jealous, or just standing by and falling further into confused rage…

    how does one handle it? I guess FB might be causing a lot more damage than good for couples these days.


    • You handle it by not making these status whores your girlfriend.

      Bang them as long as you can stand them and move on.

      Anyone you seriously want to have a relationship with, especially a long term relationship, will not be a status whore.

      Don’t put the pussy on a pedestal because it looks hot at 19. That’s what this entire post says [and jesus christ, the entire blog… read the archives man.]


  70. Was at a gathering of high school friends last year. After a few drinks a girl I dated back in the day was hitting on me like gangbusters, groping and grabbing. She has two kids now, a hubby and a massive 10 year itch.

    She was a hottie 20 years ago. But now her former curves have morphed into a thick and lumpy potato shape. It’s a damn shame.

    We all crashed at one guys house. I figured she was just drunk, attempting to recapture her memories of youth. The real shocker was the next morning when she pulled me aside, stone cold sober, and tried to talk me into going to a hotel and sleeping with her. Wow.

    I begged off. I didn’t have the heart to tell her the real reason.


  71. can men and women be just friends?


  72. on December 11, 2011 at 1:42 pm Experienced Father


    Here is some more on-line confirmation for your Game theory from a professional level female Salsa instructor with two failed marriages to high level Male Salsa instructors.



    Aaaaahhhhhhh, those AWESOME male Salseros.

    Salseros “have, are, and always will” experience “new, younger, faster, better models” every week – especially the better these men get with their leads, the more women will be attracted to them. They will eventually have free access to the “pick of the crop” – no matter how unattractive (physically) they may be. I’ve known men who scare women with their looks during the day, but have trails of Salseras at their feet at the Salsa night clubs. This is why these guys stay permanently in the Salsa scene. This is one of the few places where they are “Alpha Male Chick Magnets” – because of their phenomenal, World Class leading skills.

    Men are basically “out of luck” as far as finding the “woman of their dreams” at a club as well. Even if they do, there are so many women chasing them, that being “true to only one” is ONE IN A MILLION. The temptation is just too great out there. Trust me, I’ve searched 63 different countries trying to find “The One” who would be true, and there is not a single man out there that can withstand the female pressure after they become great dancers. None. I’ve looked. These gals don’t even care if the men are MARRIED. They just want to be “with” that incredible dancer for one night – married or not.

    “The One” is not in the Salsa scene. Many people are beginning to realize this. There are just too many problems with relationships in the Salsa scene. They seem to work at first, then when you dance with better and better people, jealousy starts, possessiveness commences, and then after a while, deep in your mind, it will come to having to choose one or the other. “Salsa” or “him/her”.

    As a World Renowned Instructor, I intimidated EVERYONE I danced with. They would tell me that I was “too good” for most men to handle on the dance floor… or … that I “always” looked better with the next guy, and the next, and the next, etc. I could never keep a lasting relationship.

    It frustrated me, because I “knew” I was the committed type. I “knew” I could make a man happy. I cook, clean, do laundry, iron, keep the house spotless…. but that didn’t seem to matter to these guys that saw me dance. In the beginning a relationship would work, but after a while, the way I danced was just too much for men who were interested in me. There was too much pressure for THEM to match or watch me. It became a battle at times. “Who was better than Who” – that’s what triggered a massive breakup at one point. As an addicted Salsa dancer, much less as an Instructor, it was literally “IMPOSSIBLE’ to keep a man true to me.

    After two failed marriages, I’ve chosen only to teach Salsa during the day, and spend my evenings and weekends at home with my wonderful and loving husband, Nick. I no longer social dance anymore; because my husband doesn’t dance. Nick has ZERO interest in ANY FORM of dance. He never had ANY interest what so ever in all his life. He is “perfectly content” with that fact, and very confident with himself. I have asked him if he wanted to learn, but have never forced anything upon him – ever. I love and adore him just the way he is, dancer or not. (and yes, I cook, clean, iron, do laundry, and am the loving wife I ALWAYS wanted to be now!!)

    I’ve realized that keeping my personal life out of the social dance scene was the ONLY way I could have a committed, true, and permanent relationship. My husband Nick is NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST intimidated by me, and is TRULY the Alpha Male I used to find only in the Salsa scenes throughout the world. It used to seem like the Salsa scene was the only place I could find Alpha Males – because I wasn’t anywhere else BUT dancing all the time!

    Now, I get my aerobic workouts [Salsa dancing] with my students during the day, and I am completely and totally satisfied with that. Hence, I’ve come to realize that, my needing my Salsa FIX is the reason my students have become some of the best dancers around. I have now purposely “created” awesome dancers (students) that I work with and train during the day. I really work my students hard (they’ve told me this – and they STILL keep asking for more lessons!), and I train them to become the BEST- FOR COMPLETELY SELFISH REASONS.

    Seriously, I believe the reason why I REALLY and TRULY want my students to get good FAST… is so I can get my SALSA FIX SOONER!!! I “create” and hence surround myself with Alpha Male, World Class Leaders with my male students, and fast, balanced, tight, and light World Class Follows with my female students.

    Now I get my Salsa “Fix” during the day when I teach, and still get to have my loving committed relationship with my incredible husband at night and on weekends!

    Life could NOT get ANY better than this. .

    So my dear “Frustrated Salsera”, it took me twenty years to discover this FACT. Many will refuse to believe me. They haven’t been around as long as I have.

    Now she is even making money off her understanding of “Game” —
    Some of the Best-Kept
    “Alpha-Male” SECRETS on EARTH
    “Never before has something like this been attempted…”
    “What Women Want” – Men’s Workshop Volume 1
    – DVD #56



  73. I don’t do FB, so for me the reunions are how I watch the sand in the hour glass flow. This past summer was my HS 30th reunion…OMG!!!
    I did the 10th ( no changes), 20th (lots of flab) and now the 30th. I came from a pretty big HS, over 500 in the class of 81… when me and wifey arrived, at first thought we were in the wrong place…no shit. I looked again at the invitation and asked the bar tender for the street address. I thought I was at the senior center.
    I was about to leave, as I could not recognize anyone. Suddenly others started greeting me, but I had to ask them to refresh my memory as to who they were.

    I saw perhaps 10 guys who really didn’t change much from HS and I was one of the ten (no drugs, no smoking, low alcohol, fitness routine, careful about diet, low debt load, one marriage, happy).

    I saw ONE gal who still looked great…and she was smoking hot then too.

    I had a bunch of the “untouchables” (gals who were so hot they didn’t even know I existed then…now…oh boy, not so much) approach me and my very hot wife and chat me up, give me numbers etc. It was flattering but wifey was not thrilled, we left early.
    I broke out the old year books when we got home …holy crap… 30 years…
    Father time gently knocks at the door of most guys, but he kicks in the door of women and bitch slaps them….OUCH!


  74. The online dating sites are great for demonstrating the extreme violence that time inflicts on women’s looks. When i set my age search parameters from 35-40, i’d estimate that about 1-5% of the women are “dateable”…i.e. not buttfucking ugly. Truly attractive women in that age range are probably more like a 1-2% of the population. If i set the age parameters from 25-30, the dateable percentage goes up dramatically – probably anywhere from 15-25% of the girls are in someway attractive. From 20-25, the percentages are even higher.

    The sad part is that many of these older girls aren’t aware that they’ve hit the wall. I was emailed the other week by a 40 yr old chick – her profile was the typical self absobed, immature crap you see online – pouty face shots, look at my cleavage, dressed like a 21 yr old etc.. She looked old and not even remotely attractive. I promptly ignored her email. A day later there is another email from her….”you looked at my profile AND you didn’t reply! Loser! You should lose some weight if you want to meet girls” . I’m 6ft 185lbs with little body fat. It’s unbelievable how detached from reality the female mind is. It’s nice how mother nature turns the tables on them in their later years. They lash out just like the beta males they shit all over in their early years.


    • on December 14, 2011 at 5:03 pm the_alpha_male

      “They lash out just like the beta males they shit all over in their early years.”

      I’m noticing that even 19-23 yr old women ranked around 8-9 will lash out like beta males if you act like the prize and nonchalantly reject them.

      As an aside, check out Female to Male transsexuals other than Chaz Bubba. They rank somewhere around Omega or Zeta in the male hierarchy and they come off as creepy.

      Another thing i noticed is that they all admit that the posturing and machismo they displayed when they weren’t on T was a front, an act.

      I’m guessing once they look like a man, they won’t get a pussy pass if they act out of line and quickly get stomped down (although the reason they all gave is that they were all more comfortable with themselves and didn’t have to prove anything).

      One last thing. I’ve been thinking along these lines for a few years now:



  75. LMAO

    My first girlfriend was gorgeous, the hottest girl in the 10th grade. 30 lbs and 3 kids later, stick a fork in her.


  76. “Years of child bearing and drug abusing have turned her into a goddamn trailer trash skank. Hair is thinning and face looks like someone burned the fuck off of it. I almost couldn’t believe it was the same girl, but holy fuck did she let herself go. Then there’s few dozen who just got fat and old who were so damn cute and cuddly back then.”

    Damn. There is truth in what you say though. I’ve seen it plenty myself. Like has been pointed out though, it’s hard to believe this is gonna happen when you’re in your late teens and early 20’s and girls are cute and energetic and they just seem to have so much promise. It doesn’t make sense that they’ll turn into Jabba the Hut.

    This is why men shouldn’t marry young, if at all.


  77. Male looks don’t mean shit. Here’s another good-looking chump who needs to learn about game:



    • Oh god that’s so hilarious…

      He’s jacked and and whining about losing that aging pussy?


      Maybe he was just in it for the money?


  78. One of the problems that I’m encountering is that even though the face and body of these women have gone to sh*t, the crappy personality has remained intact, oddly enough.

    Dead on right!

    Middle aged females can not get away with the [expletive deleted] they could pull when they were perky of breast and firm of buttock. I think does much to drive them over the edge nuts.


  79. “Looking at old photos of exes was always a dreamy nostalgia trip, because men have rarely had access to newer, updated photos of exes or high school and college crushes: you left a girl or she left you, and that was that. You never saw her again, unless you really went out of your way. So your memories remained untainted by fresher biosystem information.”

    Well, for the late 20th century, perhaps. Most people throughout their lives stayed in the place where they wree born and grew up, particularly in rural societies before the 20th century. Men have always been able to see how their exes turned out, assuming they didn’t marry the first one who came along.


  80. Off-topic, but Merry Xmas, y’all… from the late, great Mad TV


  81. They have run the alpha gauntlet, and emerged shrivelled and old. A year ago that would have made me white knight but now? Now it makes me grin.


  82. http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/29WhoH/

    Most women fine with their man going to a strip club.


  83. on December 12, 2011 at 10:50 am Anonymous coward

    Mainly, don’t get fat
    Dress reasonably fashionably, but conservatively. Stylish is a good term.
    Try to maintain a STRAIGHT BACK to the extent possible.
    (Very selfish of me, but it matters, at least to me. A woman
    at any age with a straight back looks like a woman to me,
    even if old. A bent over woman looks like she is done for,
    an old hag/witch. Think Maggie Smith again, ramrod straight.
    Highly subjective viewpoint, I know.)
    Keep intellectually alive and interesting.
    Maintain a certain dignity (hard to define, a certain
    je ne sais quoi).

    The term that I use is “presentable.”

    Look girls,it’s simple. You don’t want to fuck something that resembles The Michelin Man. Why on earth do you think I would want to fuck the female equivalent?

    A little bit of consideration and reciprocation goes a long,long way. Most of us don’t expect a supermodel,but ye gods,is it too much to ask for a figure that doesn’t generate revulsion when you strip off the sun dress at the lake and go wading around in the shallow section?

    And it really isn’t all that difficult. Just get some exercise and eat decently. Cook a meal instead of phoning for that pizza,or stopping at the drive through. Go dig the holes for your flowers on your own,instead of paying some lawn service guy. If the corner store is a couple of blocks away,and you need a quart of milk,then walk down there and back.

    Oh,and do us one other favor. If you balloon and we don’t,quit trying to talk us into going off to fat girl parties with you,so you can show us off to your fat friends,and prove that you can too catch a man. We know what you’re doing,and we already know what fat looks like.

    Now go do something that burns off some of those pounds.


  84. I’m middle aged and I’m seeing that a lot of these older women aren’t quite aware that their looks have declined so much. They think they can divorce in their forties and it will be like the last time they were single in their twenties and they’ll get the same level of male attention that they got then. When they get ignored by men, it’s ego crushing. I think that’s why internet dating is popular among older women. Internet dating feeds that illusion at least a little bit that they are still attractive because of the dopey habit men on these sites have of sending out dozens of emails. Guys, when you do that thinking you’re going to send out a lot of emails and then take your pick of the most attractive women who reply, you’re just feeding their female egos. If one guy did that, it might work but if the average guy is sending out 20 emails a week then the average female on those sites is getting 20 emails a week and you’re just giving her a false sense that she is still in high demand.


    • on December 13, 2011 at 5:17 pm John Norman Howard

      There’s the rub… a divorcee in her forties, regardless of looks, will nevertheless have an army of betas and omegas pounding at her door, then holding it open and paying for her lunch, just on the chance of getting some worn-out cooze.

      I cringe when I see some of the land whales, with kids even, getting married a second and third time.


      • yes, the market value of cooter never drops to zero. The host makes this point by asserting that eggs are expensive and baby batter is cheap. So, you as a dude can find your SMV at zero while a woman’s value may only approach zero asymptotically.

        They think they can divorce in their forties and it will be like the last time they were single in their twenties and they’ll get the same level of male attention that they got then.

        Blame sex and the city


  85. Good points by Rollo and Heartiste here. I deleted my Facebook a couple of years ago, in part because of this. No, I didn’t want to delude myself about the aging process. But after so many “comparisons” I got kind of tired of checking in on old friends. I guess I just felt they were better left in the past. Besides, Facebook is nothing but a pulling-back-of-the-curtain if you’re a guy; there’s no mystery to maintain (unless you keep it data-free but then what’s the point).


  86. CDC report…1994 56% of adults overweight. 2000 it was 64%. Based on that pace it is now 70-75%. Awesome.


  87. […] it to CH to scoop me on my own posts: Rollo Tomassi […]


  88. Try to think about this FaceBook dynamic less in terms of a reason to gloat, and more about keeping things in global perspective.

    It’s very easy to be kids in the schoolyard pointing fingers at the girl finally getting her comeuppance at her own expense, but then you just feed the Maya’s of the world who think you’re just being juvenile and vindictive.

    Facebook and comparative SMV needs to be a tool to show young men just how insignificant their idealizations of women really are. You may be relieved in the revelation that you dodged a bullet, but it’s more important to viscerally instruct the next generation of Men that their future wellbeing is more important than their immediate fantasies.


  89. Divorced 55 year old doctor stalks killer Joran Van Der Sloot:

    “She told Newsweek: ‘I come every six months. I will come for the rest of my life. I have even told Joran I will move here.’
    She added: ‘I will tell them [Peruvian authorities] I will move into that prison and live with him, because I am committed.’



  90. I just love watching my ex on the cusp of spinsterhood at the age of 36. She was such a bitch to me over the years since she decided to end the relationship. (I work at the same company as she does, so I still see her) She always wanted children and marriage. She is a childless, single empowered 36 year old woman now! You go girl! Shake that axe-handle width arse of yours! I’m sure someone will come sniffing soon.


  91. Someone above said that Asian women age better than white women. They do age differently. They all look 15 years old up until about age 50. Then their voice changes and they sound like a crow, especially their laughter. Then they look like a skinny old crone from a B-grade witchcraft movie. And they have developed a real nasty attitude. No nationality of women is without issues.


    • The one huge advantage of Asian women is that feminism hasn’t really caught on there. American born ones, you run the same risk as white women of dealing with that extra level of self-delusion feminism adds. One of my wife’s friends is hot as hell in her late twenties (maybe early 30s). Married, doesn’t want kids, and is projected to spend another two years away from her husband (she just spent one as a new doctor). Raised in California as is her Asian husband, she can’t understand why her husband’s family thinks she is a domineering dragon lady. Oh, and she doesn’t enjoy sex because she thinks it is too much work (works out 5 days a week though which is how she keeps her body so tight). Husband seems like a nice guy from the two times I met him, but if there was ever an obvious need for someone to man up this is one.


  92. on December 12, 2011 at 9:39 pm DevastatinglyFemale

    the truth is – men get old, too. and most of them not in a good way.
    age might hit men in a later decade, but glancing at my high school male friends photos is frightening. pretty much all of them are bold, with big bellies, even man boobs and with some really sad way of dressing. at least women will forever try some maintenance: make up, new clothes, push up bras, hair salons, diets…

    i understand that mans looks might not be an issue for most women, yet it is for me, so same advise goes for them: never gain weight and be stylish 😉


  93. As another commenter has suggested, if you’re going to get married, marry a much younger Asian woman. They really do age much better and are far less likely to get obese.


  94. When I was in college, when I did date it was 5s at best. There was one girl, about an 8.5 that I ended up dating for two months. Because of an unlikely series of events, I was an alpha to her, and she went after me.

    Pretty face, tremendous body, strong sexual drive, it was a great time. We eventually broke up, but I always had good memories of her.

    Now, because of my job, I have the money and personality to get a much better range of women. I see a big difference in how women view me and interact with me now.

    I often wondered about her, and she recently contacted me through facebook (I briefly had an account). It was really depressing, the girl with the great body is now over 200 lbs. At one point we had talked about moving in together, and it was really sad to see her now. Two kids from two failed marriages, huge, shallow, really no redeeming qualities. I could have been stuck with her.


  95. the internet is not just unkind to women…the great thing about america is that you get just enough rope to eventually hang yourself


  96. I’ve noticed how women can go from hot to looking like an unrecognizeable train wreck in only a matter of months. I banged a pretty hot looking 9ish during the spring. Noticed I still had her number and thought about calling her to hook up sometime. Ran into her the other day at the store and she must have packed on 50 lbs and was crammed into the same size jeans as the spring. All this in 7 months!
    Someone above said the same for men. I don’t know, Sean Connery is 80ish and bald and grey and I’m sure could still pull in an 18 year old. You can say its his money, but I don’t think too many 18-20 year olds would be willing to tangle with Betty White. Seems like a man is okay as long as he can keep his swag.


  97. OT

    Joran van der Sloot – The Dutch sociopath accused of murder sits in a dirty Peruvian prison awaiting trial. Has he just charmed another victim?


    Dr. Mary Hamer, 55, dresses very carefully before she visits the prison. The young man she goes to see in the forbidding complex, where rats crawl out of the drains and the dust of the nearby desert settles on everything, is someone she’s come to think of as a possible spiritual leader, maybe a Gandhi, and she wants to make a good impression. If only he could spend a decade or so under her wing, she believes, he could realize his full potential. Already Hamer, a divorced radiologist from Lake City, Fla., is doling out her savings to pay his lawyers. She is buying him clothes. She is sending him care packages. If only he were released into her custody, she would cast out the violence like a gentle exorcist coaxing away the demons. And if he has murdered before, he would murder no more.


  98. Interchangeability –

    Based on looks, I get that women are interchangeable. I also concede the looks are the predominant and necessary criteria for a man’s interest. However, the points frequently made on this blog demonstrate the importance of one non-physical trait for LTR’s and especially marriage: whether the girl “gets it” or not, “it” being the natural truths of men and women and game.

    The lawyer C’s and equalist feminazis that are frequently ridiculed are not interchangeable, even if 8’s and 9’s, for a 7 that gets it. Some women are more enlightened and self-aware than others. Its not that girls are all of the sudden “waking up”. Its more a function of so many young women being alienated from their own true natures.


  99. This cuts to a fundamental truth that men need to understand about women. Their default state is laziness and self-centeredness. They couldn’t care less if their boyfriend or husband is not turned on by them any more. That’s what they want, actually, because sex is just a chore that they traded for security.

    Most people in general are able to stay slim and somewhat good looking into their mid twenties without even trying. I looked pretty good without ever lifting a weight or running a lap, and I ate and drank like shit.

    Once you hit your mid to late twenties and experience your first major metabolism decline, you need to start working out ever more strenuously just to maintain the same looks that came effortlessly before.

    The thing with women though, is that for 98% of them, the only extent they are willing to go to in improving their aging looks is to try the easy, quick, and expensive fixes. Spackling on the makeup. Plastic surgery. Hair dye. Fad diets that last for three days. Girdles and wonder bras.

    Working out consistently is tough, and most women are just too lazy for it. Since their default state is to put minimal effort into their physical fitness, their looks plummet as soon as the youthful metabolism is no longer doing all the work for them.

    This explains why women’s looks notoriously plummet after their mid-twenties, and why (smart) women are in such a rush to snare a husband by that age. They instinctively understand that once Poindexter signs that contract, they can relax, loosen their belt a few notches, and abandon the pretense of caring about their sex appeal.


    • on December 13, 2011 at 5:34 pm Too Smart To Fail

      Very accurate assessment DE.
      Reminds me of the all-star pitcher (everyone came to see) that coach forgot to relieve in the 3rd inning when they were down 5, yet it’s the 9th inning, and the reliever takes the mound. There is no turning back now…silly female mortals..

      Maybe that’s why there are so very few attractive woman at the gym these days. The fit one’s don’t think they need exercise, except cock-carousel riding, and the one’s that do workout, need it desperately. Alas, hard to turn back the clock on deteriorating female beauty. Soiled milk is irreversible and posionous to everyone!

      Any ideas what transpires in the female mind when she see’s a very desirable and attractive male (not sure if the tingle generator operates or intermittantly malfunctions at this stage in life) when she has a 0% chance whereby is completely invisible to him?
      What rationalizations erupt and manifest within her delusional brain, I’m mean hamster wheel?

      ‘There no good men left’, ‘he’s gay’, ‘I could do better’, ‘I prefer men who are confident and go after what they want’, ‘I’m so sexy, he can’t handle a woman like me’, ‘where are all the real men?’

      I got it, “How in the world would I keep such a man?” Let alone catch him if I could attract him!”

      Sounds more like it!


    • “That’s what they want, actually, because sex is just a chore that they traded for security”

      If you’re a beta, yes.
      I don’t know exactly about the very long-term, but I suppose that being alpha can lead women to initiate sex quite more often, and thus consider it less of a chore.

      That is, until a bigger alpha comes along.


  100. It’s funny, when I was younger this phenomenon was a complete mystery to me. In my early twenties, I would look around at the general milieu in my large urban environment, and become very flummoxed at something. It seemed that in the realm of older married couples, there was an extreme rarity of hot chicks! Even wealthy, powerful guys were running around with pigs in makeup.

    I was looking for older role models to see what I should do with my life. How does a guy marry a hot chick and keep her? What I saw is that even the best guys could not keep a hot chick in marriage.

    Something just didn’t add up. In my age cohort, there were tons of young beautiful chicks running around everywhere. So what the hell happened to them when they grew up? Were they whisked away to some hot chick harem somewhere in Saudi Arabia? Why didn’t I see attractive, wealthy older men married to their female counterparts?

    I falsely reasoned that hot chicks probably just don’t get married. They date athletes and celebrities all their lives, like female pickup artists.

    The real truth hit me much later – many of these women started out hot when they were engaged. It was the marriage itself that made them ugly. As soon as they got the commitment from the rich guy, they ballooned up and became a shopaholic bitch.


  101. but if it has any redeeming aspect it’s that it provably shows men, in stark contrast, how women’s SMV declines.

    I am right on the age in which girls start their non-stop decline towards sexual irrelevance and you just gave the best possible reason to leave Faacebook.

    There ain’t anything redeeming in female aging. Specially modern aging, when girls turn into cougars and then into mummies without having childre, families, or both


  102. Younger guys can experience the same. A 22 year-old was probably seeing p.orn when he was 12.

    Just google the pictures of girls who were into p.orn when he was 12 and he’ll be able to see how they look north of 30


  103. On the counterpoint I’d argue that as a guy in my late 20s, I’ve dated women both in early 20s and early 30s who are very sexy. The sexy ones in their 30s avoided putting on weight or being too sedentary, eating a poor diet, or doing activities such as too much alcohol or drugs that destroy their body. In other cultures such as Russia there are damn sexy women of all ages because they take care of their bodies. Now to me as women near 40 they will have a decrease of how sexy they are, but I could see that changing if I’m a decade older even if I have tight game and can be with 20 year olds still. Assuming they have taken care of their body…since it’s easier to have a genuine connection with people of relatively similar age. The visceral sexiness will be lower but other qualities will be higher. I feel the main culprit is the horrible American diet, lifestyle, and attitudes towards not taking care of the body. There are tons of obese men also who no woman would ever consider hotties, regardless of how much game they have.


    • I wonder if you have ever been to Russia? When I was seeing a woman there she had started the transformation to babushka. Their diet (lots of potatoes) often starts to catch up by the early 30s. By 40 very few look any more attractive than the American women.


  104. Most women fine with their man going to a strip club

    Which is as it should be.

    Try to maintain a STRAIGHT BACK to the extent possible

    That works even more for men, who actually accumulate fat in the belly, unlike women who do in their hips. The guy fattens throughout the 20s, his belly grows, he starts gaining lordosis which then exarcerbates his belly fat. Given the effects of belly fat on posture, it is no small surprise that women find that extremely unnattracttive


  105. One more comment — anyone who is male or female and who is balanced instead of merely superficial should be looking for some range of attractiveness as well as the ABILITY to maintain that attractiveness. A balanced lifestyle with fun exercise activities (e.g. I rock climb and dance) as well as good diet will allow people to be attractive for decades longer. There are a lot of women who are HB9s in their 30s because they’ve figured everything out, but on the flip side there are many unattractive women who’ve “gone to seed” so to say in their early 20s already! Looking solely at attractiveness is a mark is immaturity because it won’t let you find lasting happiness with someone. It’s about balance and healthy living…


  106. The real bummer is that, for a decent percentage of females, their sex appeal disappears well before the 30s.

    I went to the University of Tennessee for undergrad. There was nothing better than being on campus mid-day during those first couple weeks of class when girls were still going to their classes. It was obvious which girls were the freshmen. I’d be getting movement just walking to class. Hottest girls you’ve ever seen. Not that UT has the monopoly on hot girls, but they do have smoking hot girls.

    The first three weeks of even the subsequent semester wasn’t the same as those first three weeks in late August, early September. The difference between an 18 year old girl and an almost 19 year old girl is roughly the difference between a 30 year old dude and a 45 year old dude (and I say that because I’m 30 and look no different than I did in college…so I figure the aging part is forthcoming). In fact, it may be frowned up on to say this, but hotness wise, a girl is at her peak at age 17.


    • “In fact, it may be frowned up on to say this, but hotness wise, a girl is at her peak at age 17.”

      Most women, which by definition makes them average (5’s and 6’s), will never be more attractive than the fleeting window between senior year of high school and freshman year of college.

      Natural HB7’s and up stave off the loss of that ephemeral, youthful fresh-faced quality much longer, but for the the bulk of the bell curve it’s plain jane-hood and weight gain from here on out.


    • It’s not frowned upon here. Those who have taken the red pill know that 16 is still the age of consent in most US states and most countries. They know the very recent trend in raising the age of consent has been driven by older women trying to block the most sexy of their competitors. There are Chateau posts about that.

      In fact, I’d say that the best sex of all is with 16 year olds.


      • “In fact, I’d say that the best sex of all is with 16 year olds.”

        I believe you but this is scary … – most 16 year old girls are not ready to have sex.

        It’s also scary because it makes me worried again whether my husband will need viagra for our first night together …

        But when you love someone you can forget about her saggy breasts and tired face and enjoy sleeping with her just as you would enjoy with a 16 year old? Or not …?


      • Anonymous,

        if the best sex is with teenagers and most men do have sex with teenagers – is it even possible then to be happy with a 27 year old later in life? I mean, you always remember how amazing it was when you slept with a very young girl … I’m really afraid that anyone who ends up with me will feel like he had to settle … He will always have memories of making love to other, very hot girls … And he’ll be very disappointed when he’ll compare my body and face to them … I don’t think I even want anyone. I’m not good enough anymore. Am I too pessimistic?


      • you’re too optimistic.


      • Relax Maya – You’d still be wanted to cuddle and fix breakfast.


    • “The difference between an 18 year old girl and an almost 19 year old girl is roughly the difference between a 30 year old dude and a 45 year old dude.”

      Seriously? Is it that bad?! I don’t think so …

      “In fact, it may be frowned up on to say this, but hotness wise, a girl is at her peak at age 17.”

      I agree with this.


      • Maya

        the difference between a 30 year old dude and a 45 year old dude.”

        Seriously? Is it that bad?! I don’t think so …

        look, just take ALL the 30 year old guys you did and put thm in one column, then another colum for all the 45 year olds, add them all up with a caluclator and divide by n352 then tell us what you found


  107. There are only two types of women who retain their good looks beyond about 28 years old: women who make a living from their looks (news anchors, personal trainers, models, actresses, gold diggers, strippers, NFL wives who signed prenups) and women who are in constant fear of being replaced by competition.

    This is the beauty of game. Through careful application of game, a man can force a woman to retain her attractiveness for longer in a relationship by creating the illusion (real or not) that she is constantly under threat by competitors. This brings out the best in any woman, whereas comfort naturally breeds discontent and mischief in her mind.

    In this way, game benefits women as well as men who want to be in LTRs.


  108. Rollo is spot on.

    I belong to a facebook group composed of people who went to this high school, late 80s, early 90s.

    It’s quite sad to see the degradation some women have undergone. What’s even sadder is seeing some women in their 35s actually thinking they are in their prime – taking pics of themselves in all sort of poses as if they are 16 or 19.



  109. The politically incorrect truth is that natural female peak hotness is reached somewhere from 15 to 19, depending on the girl.


  110. i’ll take pimples over wrinkles any day.


  111. My girlfriend from 20 odd years ago, easily a solid 8/10

    Fast forward 18 years, and she is now, at 37 years old, a solid 0.01/10

    She is a disgusting fat pig who looks like hell. She seriously looks in her 50s.
    Apparently she rode lots of cocks, and then turned lesbian radical feminist. She recently has tried to switch back to men, I wonder how that’s going with her axe handle width arse.

    Fuck her, she was a bitch, and listening to her man-hating feminist rhetoric is enough to make me want to hit my balls with a hammer repeatedly.

    Same thing is starting to happen to my bitchy ex, who at 35 is losing her looks rapidly, is alone, can’t find a man, and is completely embittered at being childless and single. She treats me with utmost contempt because I have a child, the one thing she always wanted.

    Her fault, she walked away from a decent man. I don’t feel sorry for the bitch one bit, as she’s a complete bitch to myself and everyone else.

    I could go on and on about the multitude of bitches who fucked me over back in the day.


  112. Let’s trade Obama for the drone.

    And throw in an unnamed Democrat to be announced at a later date.


  113. Check out the Spice Girls:

    Remember how hot they were in the 90s? They’re reasonably attractive still, but it is no comparison with how they used to be…


  114. Coming from Italy to Great Britain, I was appalled at looking how fast over-25 women age here. I understand now how the expression “hitting the wall” came out. Women here look incredibly sweet around 22 and after that…


  115. Did Hillary Clinton really say “Women are the primary victims of war. They lose their husbands and sons and have to raise the kids alone”?

    Isn’t that a joke of some kind? The problem is that I have a nagging feeling that she really said it with a straight face.