Is America A Vector Of Evil?

Over at Mangan’s blog in a post about how the U.S. State Department (a den of transnationalist vipers) is betraying oppressed (yes, genuinely oppressed) Christians living in the Middle East, the commenter WLW writes (and links to Peter Frost, another good blog):

[Re:] how we are stabbing not only our own people but people of our own faith.

Peter Frost on his blog “Evo and Proud” writes this:
“South Korea has entered what may be called ‘late’ or ‘mature’ capitalism. The business community has emancipated itself from the nation state and is now willing to enrich itself at the expense of its host society, notably by outsourcing employment to lower-wage countries and by “insourcing” lower-wage labor. To this end, its political spokesmen borrow leftwing discourse to create an artificial Left-Right consensus.”

From South Korea abolishes itself

What he records about what is happening in South Korea, is what is happening in this country. Nationalism is evil. They have the Koreans abolishing themselves? What a wicked title but true. And he points out that it was America that did it. America is the seat of World Revolution. It is now the seat of Marxism.

South Korea needs to sever their “special relationship” with the U.S., before it’s too late. Unfortunately, it seems the mind virus — the most powerful mind virus ever created in human history — that has so wholly consumed the body politic of America is rapidly metastasizing in South Korea.

America, exporting:

wage gutting insourcing/outsourcing
parasitic oligarchism and
self-abnegating national suicide

since circa 1965 (date of the passage of the law which was the beginning of the end of the historic United States).

If karma exists (and no, it doesn’t, but let’s play hypothetical), then there will soon come a day when these traitorous puppetmasters will hang, twisting on the gallows under a bright midday sun. And the men will spit on their bodies, and the women will rejoice, and the children will squeal with glee.

Now, personally, I feel a great sadness having to declare the nation of my birth a messenger of evil. The last thing I want to do is give foreign enemies of the U.S. an excuse to kill fellow Americans who have no connection with the filthy in-house elites driving policy and discourse. If a real revolution is to come, I don’t want it to come at the hands of Hin Jao or Ibn Muhammed. I want it to come from within, by the people who are truly aggrieved and have a stake in seeing a return to greatness of the country they once loved, and the country which deserved their love.

If you thought WWII was the last time American mettle was tested, well, you might be surprised what the next decade or two offers. A wind rustles through the falling leaves, whispers of omen…


  1. Beautifully written.

    The knife was struck into historic America’s gut in 1954.


    • I vote for 1913, but hey, which iceberg sank the Titanic?

      “America is the seat of World Revolution. It is now the seat of Marxism.”

      Bingo. Khrushchev was right.

      As Hayek saw, the impacted fecal matter we call socialism has been irreversibly lodged in the human psyche since dirt. I suspect it’s what will finally kill us, as we relive the 1930s and 40s but this time with nukes at the beginning instead of the end.


      • The Soviet Union devoted 80% of the KGB’s budget to subversion of their adversaries’ cultures. It was seen as far more important than spying and it involved an extensive preparation of the inelligentsia to accomplish it and make them all communists without realizing it and later openly communist. We are suffering the delayed effects of this KGB disinformation campaign. They succeeded in corrupting our intelligentsia and the remaining dominos are falling right into place. .


      • Bingo!


  2. on October 15, 2011 at 2:01 pm greatbooksformen GBFM


    hey heartistse my heart goes out to you too

    the enoencss neocons desouled all the once great inisstututitoons and transformed them into a giant jonah goldbergian cockas to desoul and butthex the world as the cheerubic jonah golddbeerg stuffs his face with dc pizza while bil benneett writes books for men and bganmbles away millions in vegass zlzoozo

    see, the noeocnss are peeprpetual warfarres

    war war war war

    the only difference though is that in king leoenididias king leonidass time the kindgs went to war alongside their men

    today the neoeoncs goldbergs sit behind the beltway wagng war gaianst the world exporing feminsihmmss and butthehx lozoozzozlzl trickle-down buthex trickle-down bernakification of womenz lzozllzl

    see when the greeeks trojamns raided cities the men would have to physically win over the otehr men zlzolzlz and take their women and kill the ehcicldrnensns

    today the neocns have the women kill their own chcidren via abortion and they have the women destory the men little by little transferring t their welath and asseststs to the ifat banking matsser beenrnakes via the dirvoce fmeinisnssm regime zlzlozozozo

    so instead of lkilling the men outright the smark neoeocns puppet masters let the men live as alimony slaves wage slaves debt slaves as jonah goldeberg ehjacuyatleas “WOEMN TAME MEN!” and we need more WAR! WAR! WAR!!!!


    Chapter 9 of Orwell’s Animal Farm & Jonah Goldberg lzozll!

    “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.” –Chapter 9 of Orwell’s Animal Farm


    “The creatures outside looked from neocon to leftist, and from trotskyite to neocon, and from neocon to bolshevik again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.


    reaidng is soooo mcuh fun that it sux that the bnecons have dumbed down our schools and deconstructed all teh cool boox so taht they can try to pass jonah “i am hackman” goldberg off as a writer. lzozll!

    fat chance!

    rnecoconservatism: why do jonah goldberg and charlotte allen and teh weekly standard hate on/ignore true heroes and classical marriage and men’s rights and shed love on Tucker Max who films butthex with girls without the girl’s consent? butthexx!! lozlzlzlzlzlz lzlz!! goldberg says we need more feminism & family killing! lzozl!

    March 10, 2010 12:00 A.M.
    Where Feminists Get It Right
    Women civilize men. ’Nuff said.

    The reason strikes me as fairly simple. Women civilize men. As a general rule, men will only be as civilized as female expectations and demands force them to be. “Liberate” men from those expectations, and Lord of the Flies logic kicks in. Liberate women from this barbarism, and male decency will soon follow.


    hahahahah! what goldberg is saying that is if his wife didn’t lay down the line, he would be a beasty man alpha male, smacking women around, as that is in in true, deep, neocon nature. lozllz! he admits it! and then he projects it on teh entire world as neocons do to justify their pre-emptive, illegal wars! lzozll!

    What jonah goldberg forgets to mention is that women committed over 50,000,000 abortions/murders (by their choice alone) since the fiat class’s Roe vs. Wade, as well as the fact that women originate over 2/3 of all divorces. This si why the fiat necons love women, as women serve their destructive quest for power.

    This is because divorce and abortion are huge neocon profit centers, which also serve to dehumanize humanity, kill the family, grow the STATE, and make them all suck on the fiat teat that Jonah Goldberg et al dangle from The National Review. lozzllz!

    How come Jonah never talks about this:

    This one-page site has more links about the brutal tyranny that a man can be subjected to once he enters the legal contract of marriage, and even more so after he has children. What was once the bedrock of society, and a solemn tradition that benefited both men and women equally, has quietly mutated under the evil tinkering of feminists, divorce lawyers, and leftists, into a shockingly unequal arrangement, where the man is officially a second-class citizen who is subjected to a myriad of sadistic risks. As a result, the word ‘marriage’ should not even be used, given the totality of changes that have made the arrangement all but unrecognizable compared to its intended ideals. Suicide rates of men undergoing divorce run as high as 20%, and all of us know a man who either committed suicide, or admits seriously considering it during the dehumanization he faced even though he wanted to preserve the union. Needless to say, this is a violation of the US Constitution on many levels, and is incompatible with the values of any supposedly advanced democracy that prides itself on freedom and liberty. There is effectively a tyrannical leftist shadow state operating within US borders but entirely outside the US constitution, which can subject a man to horrors more worthy of North Korea than the US, even if he did not want out of the marriage, did not want to be separated from his children, and did not want to lose job. Any unsuspecting man can be sucked into this shadow state.

    And this:

    Before you take the plunge there are a few things about marriage that you need to be aware of. The institution of marriage as we know it is no more. It has undergone drastic changes in the last 50 years. What used to be a life long commitment, unbreakable barring the most severe circumstances, has been relegislated into something new entirely thanks to the lobbying efforts of radical feminists and the divorce industry. In trying to to make divorce “fail-safe” for homemaker / lower-earner spouses, the bad ones included, they have made marriage “unsafe” for virtually everyone else.

    Marriage today is a temporary union of two individuals where the exit costs are highly asymmetrical. What does that mean? It means that upon the dissolution of the marriage, one spouse generally makes off like a bandit, while the other is pushed into a life of unending poverty, abridged civil rights, and being two paychecks away from arrears, contempt, and prison.

    Why doesn’t this bother Jonah: “4. Decriminalization of Adultery – Adultery is no longer a crime. However the failure to pay alimony to an adulterous spouse is. Go figure.”

    How come Jonah & his neocon elites never stick up for the common man, who, btw, is dying on foreign shores for their unconstitutional, undeclared foreign wars?

    he fundamental thing that everyone is missing is that the neocons are exalting beta males such as tucker max as alpha males, while ignoring the true alphas they send to foreign shores to die in their wars.


    please allow me to draw your attention to usmc Corporal Jason L. Dunham.

    “On April 14, 2004, 3 days after Easter Sunday, Corporal Dunham was manning a checkpoint in Karabilah, Iraq, when an insurgent leapt from his car and began choking Corporal Dunham. A scuffle ensued as two Marines approached to help. Reportedly, the last words from Corporal Dunham were, “No, No. Watch his hand.” Suddenly, the insurgent dropped a grenade. Corporal Dunham took off his Kevlar helmet, dropped to the ground, and covered the explosive as best he could.

    The blast seriously wounded all 3 Marines. Eight days later, Corporal Jason L. Dunham died at Bethesda Naval Hospital from wounds he received in the incident. He was 22. ”

    now the funny thing is that to the neocons the greater hero is Tucker Max, even though true heroes such as jason et al. are dying in the neocons’ war.

    Now our foxy Ms. Allen could have used the precious space in the Weekly Standard to give a shout out to a true American hero–Corporal Jason L. Dunham.

    But instead, she regurgitates tucker’s lies and corporate PR, as douchebaggery makes aging neocon’s ginas tingle, while true american heroism leaves them dry:

    “Tucker Max, 33, six feet tall, extrovertedly good-looking, and usually photographed latched to a girl, a bottle of booze, or a cheeseburger, is an honors graduate (in three years) of the University of Chicago. He has a law degree from Duke University, whose admissions committee was so impressed with his academic record that it awarded him an academic scholarship. . . Max is famous as a blogger (, and his website is replete with stories like the ones above, all involving graphically rendered bedroom exploits (if your definition of bedroom includes vans, offices, and the great outdoors), massive quantities of alcohol, and copious vomiting. He is the author of several books, including The Definitive Book of Pickup Lines (2001, out of print but selling for close to $200 on Amazon), the 2006 blockbuster I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, which spent more than 100 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, and the forthcoming Assholes Finish First. Beer in Hell, a dramatization of some of his website yarns, became an indie movie hit in college towns last fall. ”

    Tucker lies about his height & success & films buttsex without the woman’s consent, and thus the weekly standard exalts him, while rejecting and ignoring all those true heroes jumping on grenades in their war.


    • Hey GBFM, your “i loves ye of little faith” poem is The Wasteland for our time. Like with Eliot’s footnotes, you can have Eumaios’s explanations of some of your unusual references accompany the poem.


      • on October 15, 2011 at 2:16 pm greatbooksformen GBFM


        GBFM 5
        The GBeatitudesFM
        1And seeing the multitudes, GBFM went up on a mountain, and when He was seated His disciples came to Him. 2Then GBFM opened His mouth and taught them, saying:
        3″Blessed are the butthexed in spirit,
        For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
        4Blessed are those who mourn for tehir sore anuthole,
        For they shall be comforted.
        5Blessed are the meek betas dying in the neoocns warz,
        For they shall inherit the earth.
        6Blessed are those Heartistses who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
        For they shall be filled.
        7Blessed are the merciful,
        For they shall obtain mercy.
        8Blessed are the pure in heart,
        For they shall see God.
        9Blessed are the peacemakers,
        For they shall be called sons of God.
        10Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake for calling out teh eneonc buttehxers,
        For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
        11″Blessed are you when they revile, butthex, and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil butthex lies against you falsely for GBFM’s sake. 12Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they butthexed the prophets who were before you, and taped it secrerrlt without the girlths conthent, and landed a big publishing deal with dodososom and shsucter simon and suchsster sodom and scheister who wiresd the anal capatain butthexers heroic butthexessrs hunders of thosuands of beernek bernake fiat fodllarz dolalrz while charlotte allen repeetatedht the butthexers lies about their heiaght in the weekly standadtdh lzolzozlzll.
        Believers Are


      • on October 15, 2011 at 8:49 pm mcturing mctester

        hi. are you a turing test?


    • on October 15, 2011 at 5:51 pm greatbooksformen GBFM

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  3. Why do you care if more southern and eastern europeans immigrated to america? They’re not a large majority right now either. Not a lot of africans have immigrated, and a constant flow of people lower class latinos will immigrate to america no matter what the law says. Upper class mexicans are very very different, they look scandinavian.


    • on October 15, 2011 at 2:08 pm greatbooksformen GBFM

      Why do you care if more southern and eastern europeans butthex you tin america? They’re not a large majority right now either. Not a lot of africans have butthexed, and a constant butthex of people lower class latinos will butthex to america no matter what the law says. Upper class mexicans are very very different, their buttholes look scandinavian, with blonde anal hairs.

      lzozoozo as ridicilulous as my version osunds, yours is stilll more reididickuolous zlzoozlzlz ocngrats u win!!!! zozll


  4. US “transnationalist vipers” are complicit in oppressing/murdering/exploiting nearly all citizens in the Arab world, not just Christians.


  5. Modern day patriotism that exhalts the State is good for the powerful elite, but it’s also good for anarcho-capitalists like myself: it makes people forget about individual leadership, which means more shitty W2 jobs for the masses (doing in 40 hours what I do in 4 hours, with pay commensurate to efficiency), and more avenues for income for myself.

    If you want to be a top alpha (I am not there, yet), you *must* stop getting a weekly paycheck. Make that a priority over women, it will reap you massive benefits for life.

    And…it’ll let you rub your hands in glee as government utterly destroys the beta class.


    • The problem with destroying what you call the beta class is that you’re also destroying the fount from which beautiful women spring forth. Is this really what you want?


    • Because you supposedly got yourself free,why would you “rub your hands in glee”,seeing the majority of your fellow citizems fucked by the ruling-psycho-elite? Maybe you should get ahold of your brothers bass and shove it up your ass? (Not that I aint taking your advice,but still,take MINE!)


      • They vote, and should have learned from nearly 100 of rampant theft, as GBFM says, by the fiat monetary system.

        I don’t vote, so you can’t put one bit of blame on me. I just go where the market says to go — something you can’t do if you’re stuck in a job that doesn’t offer real upward mobility opportunities. You need to also have plenty of liquid savings.

        On the other hand, if your W2 job does offer an opportunity to climb the ladder, stick with it and climb it.

        I’ll rub my hands and cackle because the voting class is getting what they asked for. They deserve it. I don’t want, nor need a leader to tell me what’s best for me.


      • i agree about the beta class reaping what they sow to a degree (obama & co = r kelly, his [non wall st] voters = 14 yr old girls); voters, who look down on ppl like you and i because we don’t vote based on the pretty platitudes which ppl in the know recognize to be the most ridiculous of lies. its kind of like me not feeling bad for the chick who gets humped & dumped, then finds out shes got the clap.

        and yet, A.B., while it might be easy for you to sit back and enjoy the show, young bucks like me are finding it harder to get to the upper levels w all the shystery that abounds. what used to be a relative meritocracy is now infested by crony capitalism in a hypertrophic plutocracy. that might work for GS types trying to make a quick buck or ppl already well established, but for long (or even medium!) term sustainability? as i see it right now, there’s an awful lot of parallels to the state of affairs in pre-revolution france and russia..


      • That’s a stupid and self defeating attitude. You won’t be “Alpha” very shortly as beta males collapse. Who do you think keeps sewers running, so raw sewage doesn’t spill on the streets? Beta males. Who do you think keeps the power running, so you have electricity to power your toys? Beta Males. Who do you think runs the water treatment plants, so you don’t die of cholera? Beta Males. Who do you think trucks in the food, trucks out the waste and trash, repairs the cars, keeps hospitals supplied with medicine, bandages, and such? Beta males.

        EVERYTHING is done by Beta Males. You can no more do without them, than you can fight a war with just Generals. In the final analysis, Alpha males are fairly useless for anything but exciting women. Modern society with plentiful food that is safe to eat, and water safe to drink, and crime not festering completely out of control, requires massive Beta Male buy-in. Lose it and your Alpha society becomes Idi Amin’s Uganda. Beta Males don’t need you, but you sure as hell need them.


      • Bullshit. An alpha never takes advantage of his beta orbiters — he pays them better, gives them more benefits and time off and celebrates their work with appreciation and compliments. Beta orbiters are *not* women.

        My personal assistant (attaché) is more alpha than me, smarter than me. I tell him once a month how much I appreciate him and how I’m excited to see him replace me. My previous assistant learned so much and now is high on his food chain.

        Betas won’t die or disappear, they’ll just bury themselves lower beneath the ground. Alphas attract younger or weaker or less experienced alphas to mentor. This is natural and needed. We “need” betas to clear the sewers rarely — my favorite waiters, cab drivers, laundromat clerks, chefs, landscapers, messengers and hotel night managers are *all* low alphas, building savings to work to be free of wage slavery. I don’t let beta males serve me if I can help it. I also don’t let women make me drinks.

        You’re a man, find yourself a protegé and pass on your experience. Or, find yourself a mentor and learn.


      • I’ve never disagreed with anything you’ve written and I’ve read thus far until today. I have one point of contention. You and the rest of society and civilization in particular need beta males more than you realize.


      • doclove:

        The guys working outside of my shop in Chicago tearing up the concrete? All alphas, some lower, some higher.

        The guy who just delivered via UPS today? Alpha, lower.

        My gas station attendant down the street? Alpha, lower.

        The bartender across the street who pours me a glass of tequila? Alpha, higher.

        The car wash manager who details my truck? Alpha, higher. His 2 employees who I request to wash my truck? Alphas, lower.

        The guy I spoke with on the phone at T-Mobile was a beta. I got sick of him, hung up and called back. Talked to an alpha, who handled what I needed quickly and even told me where I was wrong. I told him I appreciated him, and after he was done I asked for his manager and told the manager that the guy was solid.

        Last week, a new possible customer walked in, but he was spineless and manipulative. I told him to get the fuck out. A day later, another guy walked in fresh, he had a good attitude, understood frame control. I accepted the job he wanted my guys to handle.

        Yesterday I went to a restaurant, beta waiter. I requested another guy, that waiter was an alpha. Funny, cocky, excellent attention to detail.

        You may confuse lower alphas as stronger betas because they’re not earning bank or driving a Lexus, but I see alphas in all jobs roles, all positions. It’s not about your skill level, it’s about maintaining frame and knowing you’re top notch at what you do. It takes time to seek out alphas in my life, but I find them, and I’m much more satisfied with their service than the manipulative and whiny betas out there.


      • Civilization only exists because we have a society that is still run by legions of beta males. Take that and their incentives to buy into that civilization away and civilization weakens commensurately. Whiskey is right in this regard. You are arguing from a narrow perspective, your own, in order to contradict Whiskey. What you describe can’t work in the aggregate. That is ultimately the problem with matriarchy, it disenfranchises the very men needed to perpetuate an advanced civilization and this is in turn the very reason women need to be controlled. This is exactly why so many of us here feel society is decadent and collapsing. A civilization of alphas dominating would quickly devolve into warlordism- and once again, you need those betas to be the warlords’ soldiers. As long as people think they have more to gain than to lose by using violence, we will have war. It is naturally alpha to always think you can win if you just use the right method. Rock, paper, scissor.


      • You sound like a homo. Just sayin’.


      • Ok, I’ll let you go along that direction of debate, tyrone…

        Here’s a question, based on my theory that all relationships (business, family, sex, love, friendship, financial barter) are based on economic values of supply and demand for the goods or services rendered…

        If the betas start falling into poverty, dying out, what happens?

        Do services stop getting rendered, or do the next generation of alphas start providing them?

        Do goods stop being made, or do the next generation of alphas start making them?

        Do women all become spinsters, or do they cheat with married alphas and have kids?

        The beta male has become too high in supply in the populace. They have two choices:

        1. Die out
        2. Learn evo-psych and build their alpha behaviors and knowledge

        I will still disagree – I don’t see why betas need to exist at all. If men acted like men, even as weaker alphas, women would be happy, the economy would chug along stronger, and the dictators of the world would’ve fallen a long time ago.

        Instead, we have betas protesting banks, betas accepting shitty low wage W2 jobs, betas spewing their video game and comic book knowledge instead of manning up and filling in the demand for men in the world today.

        Betas CAN alpha up. In time, as the supply of betas increases and the demand for alphas increases, more betas will have to open their eyes and be men again.


      • After I wrote this, I see we define alpha versus beta differently. You are describing the American man as he used to exist and was expected to act prior to cultural Marxism. To me, these men you describe as lesser alphas are still betas, but tougher ones than what we see today. The Clint Eastwood character in Gran Torino was a man as you describe, but he still worked in a factory and had no real wealth to speak of, was married and remained faithful to his wife, hence he was technically a beta, but one who could and probably would kick pretty much everyone on this blog’s asses.

        [Heartiste: Remaining faithful does not automatically mean a man is beta. Faithful men who *could* get a lot of pussy but voluntarily choose not to are alpha.]


      • I tried to respond earlier but my computer connection wouldn’t let me. I agree with you that more men should man up whenever and whereever possible. If we define CH’s idea that an alpha is popular with the ladies then even a homeless man in theory could be Alpha while the President of the USA or a Billionaire owner of corporations aren’t. Other men can be alpha at their jobs or leaders of men, but not Alpha with the ladies and CH described him as a JAG Lawyer Army officer friend in one of his previous posts as an example. I’m for making men better. However, Alpha, Beta and Omega are situational and relative to a large degree. Black Soldiers can get pussy easily in Germany just for being Black even though they are dorks through and through while in South Korea, it’s extremely difficult for them even the alphas to do so. Oriental Soldiers have it the opposite where in South Korea it’s easy to get pussy, but hard even for the most Alpha of them even in Germany. We soldiers and veterans talk about where it’s easy and hard to get pussy. White Soldiers do ok but not great on average wherever they go be that Germany or South Korea.

        I thought you swatting away the beta who came into your shop as justified and even funny as he was the customer and could go to another business to attempt to do what he wanted. The T-Mobile customer service representititive and the waiter, I’m not as enthused about as they really have little to no choice to tell you to go pound salt unlike the beta who came into your shop. The consequences of them doing so are probably too dire. I personally take no pleasure in harming people who essentially are not truly allowed to defend themselves even when it is necessarry for me to do so. Someone has to do the grunt work and save money as a wage slave even if they would love to own their own business some day. Even Style admits that the reason there are beta men and omega men among women is usually because their parents and peers messed them up even if they meant well. Some of them didn’t. Most people are alphas, betas or omegas because their parents, peers and other adults made them that way or at least allowed them to be that way most of the time, and it’s not genetic nor an accident gone wrong as it is in some cases. Whether you believe in God or not, keep this expression in your mind: “But for the Grace of God, there go I.” Trust me when I say this. I can take any of your alphas and make them into an omega wishing he was dead if I no longer care about the law or know I can get away with it given the opportunity even though I have no desire to do so. There are other people in this world who would love to have the opportunity to do so. I heard this from an Army Cavalry Scout, which sees as much or more action as infantry, that 2% of the male population is truly looking for an excuse to kill, maim and mutilate people to satiate their desire, and I heard it again on the movie, Killer Elite. You can believe this is true and that there is a sliding scale of men who want to cause harm, although most never act on these desires for whatever reason.

        However, I warn you that no matter how well you plan for things and work for them to become the alpha of women, of men, of your job or business, the best layed and executed plans can go astray. You could find yourself betaized if relatively lucky or omegaized if not lucky at all. It can also happen suddenly and without warning. I say this as an U.S. Army veteran of both Iraq and Afghan veteran who is presently out of the military. Even an omega like George Sodini or Major Nidal Hassan or Anders Behring Breivik with the element of surprise and a knife can castrate you and leave your family dead before your eyes especially if they have a loaded gun too. I say this to warn you and not threaten you. .Don’t get me wrong, and continue to plan and execute well. I wish you well, but understand one thing, In order for you to win someone has to lose and usually a few or several people especially men really have to lose badly. The universe is harsh,merciless and unforgiving plus it can turn on you in a heartbeat without warning. At the rate the feminists and other ruling elite have destroyed and continue to destroy or civilization, we could be the next Iraq or worse the next Afghanistan. Eventually we will turn from smooth talking Alpha loverboys getting what they want into Killer Alphas taking what they want by force if we continue to crush the beta men and grind the omega men even further. In the end especially after civilization collapses, a male killer or a great leader male of great male killers get what they want over everyone else.


    • “If you want to be a top alpha (I am not there, yet), you *must* stop getting a weekly paycheck. Make that a priority over women, it will reap you massive benefits for life.”

      Yep. Eating the leftovers from someone else’s kills seems safer but will hollow out your soul.


  6. Until the people of America are ready to pick up guns and are willing to shed blood, no real change will happen in America… just a long, slow rot.

    True change will never happen because the people of America are too fat, lazy, and have bought into the idea that kumbaya, dressing like hippies & having sit-ins on Wall St. can change anything. Plus, everyone is drinking the estrogenized water that pill-popping bitches are pissing into the water supply.


  7. This is all exactly true.

    I’m in Korea right now. What shocks me (even compared to when 6 was living here 5-7 years ago) is the profound change.

    First, Koreans have almost no children. A couple might – might – have one child. The birth rate is so shockingly low that the population of ethnic Koreans is literally dive-bombing. Combined with emigration (a lot of smart Koreans want to get out – life is here brutal for most), ethnic Koreans are just not having children. At all.

    Hordes of women aren’t getting married or having babies. There are record numbers of unmarried 35-55 year-olds. Many of these have never married, I’m not sure how much, but scores of them. The women don’t want to breed. Why?

    – Suitable men are absent. The men are feminized, women have huge amounts of economic power on their own, and “dating up” is difficult: the working life for men is a savage grindstone that literally wears men out; they run like athletes just to stay in place, and most don’t quite make it. They have nothing to offer women who want a stable life. And the increasing power of women makes them often the equal or superiors of men.

    Large numbers of women are having affairs with married men with means and moxy. Single guys go virtually unsexed. Their options are almost nil.

    – Life is without recourse: One lost job can bankrupt a family. There’s no social safety net. No state pension scheme. Have kids – risk bankruptcy.

    This means a comfy welfare state that would at least allow the same-ethnicity lower classes to breed doesn’t exist. If you’re not wealthy, and you take on the expense of a child, you may utterly doom yourself.

    – Focus on success and education: The narrow focus on education and success means that kids are crushingly expensive. Men and women literally work themselves to death to pay for a series of classes, special exams and trips abroad to learn English.


    No babies.

    No woman wants to marry a farmer, so the farmers are required to go afield – to Vietnam, Cambodia, anywhere – to get a wife. Any wife. Just some girl willing to live in rural Korea. This means that the countryside is literally brimming with Phillipinas and Vietnamese and SE Asians.

    These men have no choice.

    The increasing power of women has made them unwilling to have anything to do with men who aren’t handsome, well-moneyed and with decent, stable jobs. And even then, having even one child can destroy the family.

    With increasing female power has come divorce – now rending families and devastating the social fabric.

    In this maelstrom, incidentally, it’s prime pickings for any Western guy who wants to date attractive women.

    So ponder this, people. The US started down this road decades ago.

    Either Korea allows immigration or it profoundly alters every social movement that has ripped it since 1975 or or forces people to breed at gunpoint.

    The lack of babies is literally mass national suicide over here. The stats don’t lie: Korea is literally vanishing.

    China’s not far behind, ironically, though with 1.7 billion more or less ethnically Chinese types in mainland China alone they’ll be able to absorb some demographic collapse.

    The last factor is the elite in Korea. Almost all of them are American-educated. They value all things American, especially knowledge, over everything else. Liberal and marxist bullshit has driven itself deep into the Korean psyche.

    What Kim Il Sung utterly failed to do, Harvard accomplished neatly.


    • Wow.

      Where do you recommend living as an American trying to pick up? I hear Seoul is Tokyo-London-Copenhagen expensive.


      • on October 15, 2011 at 4:17 pm driveallnight

        Manila or Jakarta, with MNL being superior in that women literally throw themselves at a westerner.


      • “This means that the countryside is literally brimming with Phillipinas and Vietnamese and SE Asians.”

        Let’s see some stats before you get carried away with the hyperbole.


    • you hinted at something that may stop the downward slide-a better social safety net. with some social security, not just old age, responsible folks would get enough breathing space to reproduce w/o worry.

      it’s starting to happen here. elizabeth warren’s book ‘the 2 income family’ states that the only way nowadays for the average working couple to be financially safe is to not have kids. what with the urge of rightwingers i.e. peter peterson to shred old age ss, and the general trend of dismantling the social safety net, we will be going the way of s korea, except worse, since we aren’t ethnically homogenous. the very folks you want to reproduce won’t be, but the worst will.


      • Blaming the lack of children on the absence of a “social safety net” is absolute nonsense. Western European countries have been throwing generous social support at their women and families for decades now, and what has it gotten them? Fertility rates in Germany, Spain, Italy, Denmark, and others are so low, demographers consider them to be past the point of no-return as far as being able to turn things around and maintain viable native populations in the long term. The only reason the United States maintains the fiction of a replacement fertility rate is because of the influx of legal and illegal immigrants, who still pop out babies in abundance. The blame for what’s going on in America, Korea, and Europe, regarding the collapse of the family has only one perpetrating group – women. The last 40 years has taught us that many women simply cannot be trusted to voluntarily make the sacrifices necessary to keep a family together. The “gina tingles” spoken about on this blog are simply too strong for most women to self-suppress, without the constant limiting influences of strong communities and institutions.


      • Sweetheart, carolyn, safety encourages ennui and self-regard. There has never been a greater “social safety net” (fairy phrase) than the one erected in the West over the last seventy years, and we are about to cede our civilization to the third-world barbarians who remember what fucking is for.

        Life is a trade-off. Safety, peace, justice, stability, stagnation, enervation, and death. Or freedom, risk, mercy, conflict, energy, creativity, and life. You cannot have both sets, you must pursue only one. For women, the latter choice is inexplicable. For men, the latter is hardly a choice. It is our instinct. It comes with the Y chromosome.

        And yet and yet and yet. Neither do women at bottom want the prison-death of beta stability. They want their men to be like men, full of vigor and life. (They also want protection and “freedom from want” simultaneously, but since when have women’s visions ever slowed down for paradox?)

        Do not use words like “shred” and “dismantle” when it comes to the devices that have so vitiated the souls of men. It tips us off to the choice you’ve ultimately made.

        And Elizabeth Warren? Fuck. Just stop.


      • well, there you go. being a woman, i opt for the first. not unreasonably either, since uncertainty about the life chances of one’s kids affect the willingness to bear them.

        the commenter before you brought up the example of the declining tfr of european women. given their history, there’s no reason to think that ww3 won’t be fought in their backyards. think about how low the rate would be w/o social programs?

        russia–up to recently the tfr was plummeting, no doubt because the powers that be complained the birth rate was too low to maintain a standing army. i had to laugh at that. as if my poor russian sisters would eagerly turn out cannon fodder with that lame rationale. they’re not stupid.


      • as for ceding our civilization to third-worlders, that’s a separate issue. no need to extend the privileges of american citizenship to invaders. that’s a question to defend our borders, a lapse that both parties are guilty of.

        my dream come true would be to get the troops out of the me and assigned to the border if that’s what it takes.


    • on October 19, 2011 at 6:49 am doesNotMatter

      You say they do not want to breed as kids will destroy their finances as also there is no social safety net. This raises more questions than it answers
      1. If there is no social safety net, isn’t it more logical to have kids? Who will take care of you in your old age? In societies with no social security net, kids are expected to take care of their parents or face social osctrcism from peers. Also in those societies, people are very careful what values they instill in their kids as they are their only support for old age. They also take care of their old parents as an example for their own kids. It is in fact social security that breaks this feedback loop and sets generations at war against each other. Your statement makes no sense
      2. How the hell to poor immigrants breed? Isn’t it even more crushing for them than for the koreans? Again, it makes no sense


    • How would the Chinese necessarily help in absorbing a demographic collapse? I didn’t understand that point sorry.


  8. on October 15, 2011 at 2:40 pm greatbooksformen GBFM

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  9. The white race lost at Stalingrad.

    If the “bad guys” (Germany, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, etc) had beaten the “good guys” (USSR et al), that would have been it for Bolshevism.

    It was the fault of the USA. The USA gave the USSR the weapons they needed to survive the assault of the “bad guys”.

    When the USA is eventually destroyed by Bolshevism (you ain’t see nothin’ yet), it will be the chickens coming home to roost.


    • Haha, don’t blame the USSR. If Stalin had been allowed to get all the way to the Atlantic coast, the “white race” probably would have been in better shape than it is today.


      • You’re Jewish, Israeli to be specific, so of course you say this.


      • Uncomfortably, you are both correct.

        Had the Bad Guys not overperceived Soviet intentions, they might have consolidated their holdings and lasted more than twelve years.

        Had the Soviets been truly enterprising, they might have finished off Europe for its own good, rendering it an economic wasteland from the Loire to the Lena that no sane congoid or Turk would ever willingly enter.

        Xontrarian, my heart is with you, but my head demurs, for you have caught the insidious Bolshevism-is-PC meme that white nationalists have adopted to avoid a more precise taxonomy of evil. It’s really very simple, though. It begins with a “J” … I am confident you will arrive at the solution. My point is that Bolshevism is immaterial to this equation; Hitler had already driven out the zhydokomunistas who dutifully brought their nation-wrecking instincts to American shores, namely New York, Los Angeles and the District of Congo. Do recall the social origins of the neoconservative movements, all reformed Red Diaper Babies, summer camp Israeli youth returned from the cramped kibbutzes utterly disillusioned with all things “communal”, as if Stalin’s Purge had not been enough.

        Bolshevism or no Bolshevism, the bacillus had been diverted hither before June 22, 1941.

        There is, as every sane man knows, no such thing as a specter of Bolshevism haunting the West. Bolshevism, as Mencius Moldbug would be apt to say, would be far better than what is now afflicting us, and as IHTG concurs.

        Know how many Africans and Mexicans there were in the DDR? Me neither, but very close to zero. People had families and work. Propaganda instilled values like solidarity, exercise, honesty, and loyalty. Yea, it was to a Communist client government, but in comparison to what — little Jersualem on the Potomac? I don’t see posters extolling large families anywhere. I don’t see suppression of homosexual nightclubs and religious kooks. Do you?

        Time to let your guard down, unless you’ve really come to believe that it’s “Bolshevism” bringing us down.


      • It would be different, though we would still have many gripes. The Nazi’s winning would have been a huge improvement to the living standards of white Westerners. Consider, for instance, what a difference we would have in the temprement of women today if they had.


    • To tell you the truth, it puts me in the awkward position of almost feeling bad for Jews that their immense work in national sabotage goes unrecognized as such …. like the WTC affair … here are 17 or 18 Arab guys, all burning with anti-Western zeal, who go to great trouble to arrange this amazing feat of carnivalesque terrorism … moving among us for however long … learning to pilot aircraft … silently plotting away until zero hour … pull it off … only to be greeted within weeks to a chorus of American and European SPWLs that it wasn’t them …. it was Bush & co! I should prefer to give credit where plainly due.

      And so with these half-step white nationalists and Republicans hung up on Communist spook-stories from the ’50s …. meanwhile the Ashkenazim edged out of Nazi Germany went patiently about their business selling women unbridled egotism, encouraging racial treachery among the naive Anglo Democrat elite, pushing reforms to laws, to speech, to the national geist, piping their heinous fantasies into our parents’ minds through television, movies, music, every conceivable front, filling our universities with feminist revanchism, perverting morals, throwing every possible gear in the works — and this doesn’t rate an honest recognition, this incredible feat of bringing the world’s most powerful nation to its knees in under a century, whereupon it will be lucky to one die suck the cock of the gook superman who finally takes over as CEO of the joint-stock Anglo-Jew multinational called the “United States”.

      All just “Bolshevism”! It’s an offense to the pure genius of these people for totalitarian nation-wrecking. One of them writes a book called The Jewish Century, a jubilant dance upon the prostrate corpse of our world, and we can’t even get the name of the dancers right.

      And that is why are dying out. When an enemy convinces you it is taboo to even breathe his name, you may be sure you are destined for oblivion.


    • Um…. so the Russians aren’t white?


    • i don’t really see how the nazis winning ww2 would have been better. but maybe i’m missing something.

      and are you saying the serbs were on the same side as germany and croatia? i know there’s a lot of serbs who would disagree with that.


  10. on October 15, 2011 at 2:46 pm greatbooksformen GBFM

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  12. on October 15, 2011 at 3:27 pm (r)Evoluzione

    Best non-game post of all time.

    AB’s strategy ties it all together. Gentlemen, you’ve been warned. Take action now, and position yourself to benefit from the fall. Or forever hold your piece.


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    C. Bradley Thompson and Yaron Brook delve deeply into the origin, arc, and current nature of the neoconservative movement in the United States. Brilliant, deep, and told with authority. –Thom Hartmann, Air America Radio Network host
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  14. Women on birth control date bedroom “duds,” study suggests

    The study found that women who took the pill were less sexually satisfied, found their partners less attractive, and were more likely to be the one to initiate an eventual separation.


  15. started reading, didn’t finish… pretty lame stuff.

    [Heartiste: Oh just admit, you finished reading it. And now your mood affiliation is butthurt.]


  16. petrodollar = a tax payed to america for any growth in the world.


  17. on October 15, 2011 at 3:50 pm greatbooksformen GBFM

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    LOEVELY new “Bernankified” t-shirt you can get your pre-law post-asscocked girlfriend zlozozlz


  18. Well, since traditional american values have been outlawed by the elites here and replaced with some sort of goopy nihilism merged with a klepocratic ruling class, things are going to keep getting worse. Think about it, any person that espouses this country’s founding virtues are denegrated as hicks. All these OWS types have been inculcated to hate this country.

    As for Korea, low birth rates are the thing once a country gets past working in the field and, I guess this isn’t the case with Korea and Japan, loses its religious fervor for marriage and lots of babies.

    So, what does the elite want? Power, money, status…the type bought with connections and group shaming, not merit.


    • on October 15, 2011 at 4:40 pm greatbooksformen GBFM



      “Well, since traditional american values have been outlawed by the elites here and replaced with some sort of goopy nihilism merged with a klepocratic ruling class, things are going to keep getting worse. Think about it, any person that espouses this country’s founding virtues are denegrated as hicks. All these OWS types have been inculcated to hate this country.”tits

      If you “Man Up,” Bill Bennet and Charlrloet Allene and Kay Hyomowitz Hymenwitch Mymenwitztists send form th their neoeocns compatairirostss to call you a hick lzozlzozozl and then they wonder why mensnsnzzn have lost tseir idick rpirickcks szlzlz


  19. on October 15, 2011 at 4:18 pm ptptptptptbitches

    fuck off with this shit


  20. …but really she is just a sting operation for ben bernanke and will pawn your ring on craigslsist and transensfer all teh alimonies to benrnke’s team of neocon goldman saxer t8ucker maxers

    * the federal resevre’s takeover of women as intruments of welath transfer has ruined them for men.

    GBFM – you are ***T*H*E M*A*N*** (and a fuckin hilarious one at that!!!)



  21. on October 15, 2011 at 4:37 pm The Real Vince

    This is mostly nonsense as it largely overlooks Marx’s greatest insight: contrary to Hegel, technology drives history, not ideas.

    It’s not a matter of a “mind virus.” You have business elites seeking the greatest profits, hence “outsourcing” and “insourcing,” made possible through transportation and communications technology. It’s nothing new. This great land of “freedom,” “equality,” and “justice” imported slave labor for hundreds of years (we were also a little late to abolish the evil institution).

    Reminds me of an earlier blog post here about how feminism and fatties are responsible for game. Well, maybe the host has recently seen the light on this point because he now seems to better appreciate the pill. THE pill.

    Obesity is the result of an unprecedented abundance of food for organisms who evolved under entirely different circumstances. It’s not a matter of “fat acceptance.” Maybe it seems like everyone talks about “fat acceptance,” but that’s an illusion.

    Nationalism will naturally erode when people are freer to move around the globe. The automobile transformed American living patterns in an incredibly short period of time. It wasn’t simply the idea of the suburbs that caught on like a rapacious meme. First you needed the possibility of it, and then people saw a way out of the city, away from crime. Again, similar to our maladaptive diet.

    Wages are going to be more competitive in a global economy, or as Thomas Friedman from the New York “Beta” Times puts it, “The World is Flat.” It’s much better than if/when robots become capable of displacing the vast majority of human labor. Then the rest of us will have to find work amusing our masters as court jesters.

    “parasitic oligarchianism” has been the default throughout history, which is why the continual right-wing boogeyman of the “tyranny of the majority” is so laughable. Throughout societies almost everywhere the minority has always had the power. But I guess there’s something charming about a tiny elite versus a giant mob. Ninety percent of people think they’re smarter than the average person.


    • This is mostly nonsense as it largely overlooks Marx’s greatest insight: contrary to Hegel, technology drives history, not ideas.

      Agreed. But the progression is not seamless; ideas intervene and direct.

      It’s not a matter of a “mind virus.”

      It’s part one thing, part another. There are people with very old and invincible ideas about how affairs ought to be managed who co-opt technology for their own maybe para-economic ends. It may even happen that these ends don’t make sense economically, in either the short or long term. None of the slave merchants for example could have guessed what would become of their merchandise in the New World; but a few smart men saw the drift of things and warned against it.

      As I always say, Marx not only stood Hegel on his head, but stood himself on his head by completely removing “mind” from the equation. The debility is noticeable in his On The Jewish Question, which made the understandable mistake of repeating the trope that all Jews really care about is money, are therefore the masters of capitalism, and the end of capitalism would mean the emancipation of Jews from Judaism. What he could not grasp is that this could not, and did not, liberate Jews from jewishness.

      You have business elites seeking the greatest profits, hence “outsourcing” and “insourcing,” made possible through transportation and communications technology. It’s nothing new.

      All true, capitalism has metastasized in the United States. I like to blame British limited liability law and American legal personhood law as the final struts in the erection of full-scale corporate overlordship of human affairs. And anyhow, as you go on to remark, Anglos had already imported a racial underclass to work its fields which after all had nowhere to go. When freed, and proving absolutely improvident, where was a capitalist to turn? Mexico. Yet had it not been for some vague “mind” moving over the surface of the land, notably in ’65 and ’84 with the goyish front provided by Teddy K, why, our capitalist would have faced greater native pressure to conform to the national interests as formerly spelled out in immigration law.

      Nationalism will naturally erode when people are freer to move around the globe.

      Translation: Nationalism (white people) will naturally erode when people (Hindus, Asians, Mexicans, Russians, et al.) are freer to move around the globe (to join the great feast upon the white nations).

      First you needed the possibility of it, and then people saw a way out of the city, away from crime.

      From blacks. Minor quibble, yet not.

      Then the rest of us will have to find work amusing our masters as court jesters.

      Down the street from me a young white man is dressed in a Statue of Liberty costume doing a dij on the corner while twirling a pawn shop sign. On another street a poor Ecuadorian sells roses in the middle a busy highway to drivers-by. Is that what you mean? Or perhaps the “goofy” white dudes on the television shows, in the commercials, the movies, in Portland and New York and Seattle ….

      “parasitic oligarchianism” has been the default throughout history,

      There is a danger in this sort of statement. It basically washes the record clean of any honest attempts to limit the evils of such relationship, which have been acccomplished here & there, and seems to exult in the fact.

      <i.Throughout societies almost everywhere the minority has always had the power.

      True. I wonder whom you suppose the minority to be? corporate bosses and the like, yes? No one with any “mind”, only the non-specific means to exploit wealth ….


      • on October 16, 2011 at 4:43 pm The Real Vince

        There is a danger in this sort of statement. It basically washes the record clean of any honest attempts to limit the evils of such relationship, which have been acccomplished here & there, and seems to exult in the fact.

        Fair enough.


  22. I’ve given this matter great thought; what causes what was once a great nation and great people to self distruct and turn on itself? What is the mechanism that causes people to turn on their own interests instead of defending them?

    The best answer I could deduce is the linking of discussing the nature of the poison pill with a decrease in social status. Far easier to accomplish then the 1984 goal of eliminating words and thoughts from the vocubulary, what the social marxists and neocons have done is to make discussion of certain topics verbotten- not by outright jail time- but by creating a mechanism via which advocation of the topic causes an immediate and automatic drop in social status.

    Immigrants are low iq and cause crime?
    Racist! Neo-nazi!

    911 was in inside job?
    Conspiracy nut!

    The weathly are colluding to steal outright from the rest of soceity?

    Via this method social discourse is entirely limited to choices, theories and options that are acceptable to the current guardians of the status quo.

    Censorship by an outside source breeds anger and resentment; far more effective to have soceity self-censor with drops in social status (and asubsequent access to poon) being the mechanism of control.



      The groundwork is in historically very high rates of out-breeding among Northern European peoples, which has resulted in highly abstract, “universal” codes that can be applied, with some equivocation, to any applicant for coverage in the ideological system (Roman citizenship; Christian salvation; modern citizenship; universal human rights / asylum). In come those from highly in-bred peoples, and the definitions are stretched ….

      … global trade remains heavily embedded in old networks of ethnic, religious, and national identities that encourage trust (e.g., Jewish, Asian Indian, Chinese, British, Sicilian or Russian mafias, or the conscientious Swedes).

      Most traders — optimistic, entrepreneurial, efficient, focused — feel “liberated” from the taboos of place, guardianship, and ecosystem processes. They are single-purposed and programmatic without any detailed knowledge of the complexity of causality experienced by place-confined natives “lost in the morass” of kinship and landscape obligations and obscure manners. Trade is the essence of the modern polycentric commons where the value of specific places has been depleted and the value of mutual interest narrowed.

      And here the evolutionary psychology of woman comes into play.

      Men lie most about themselves (to augment their status), women lie most about others (conspiring to protect the weak and keep others’ status at an unthreatening level).

      4:44 — 4:52:

      Give women politics, they will turn it over to the lower caste to spite the higher. Men order; women equalize.

      But there is a directing caste, which happens to believe that belonging in their club is by maternal descent, that is the real agent here. Women are just another dispersed phalanx of ground troops. They live in your homes, and they want you gone.


    • @nycbachelor

      great comment


  23. The west is a vector of both good and evil. A poor country could not possibly be as feminist as a rich one. America, as the epitome of that philosophy has more virulent strains of both.

    Right now, the good seems to have faded a bit, but things are still in flux.


    • on October 15, 2011 at 5:30 pm greatbooksformen GBFM

      dat is nice to inow that things are still in flux!!! things are still chnaging!!! boy are you the most insightful person ever to note that things change!! !! heraclituse the greek pholopshers said this millennia ago, but thank god we have geniusses like you to note that things change, as you witnesss the buttcock going in and out of your butthole in the butthole out flux fucks zlozlzlzzo

      “the good seems to have faded a bit.”

      50,000,000 abortions and murders and 80% of women eneding over 50% of mariages and vast and hige trillions of denbt and you say “the good seems to have faded a bit.”

      meathough you need to wipe the gallons of cum form your eyes and tilt your head so the cum flows out your ears and have a look around lzozllzlzozo


  24. >As Hayek saw, the impacted fecal matter we call socialism has been irreversibly lodged in the human psyche since dirt.
    Socialism would work if we’d be better stewards of humanity, rather than letting ourselves be overrun with opportunist non-contributing genes. Capitalism’s great strength is that it isolates the non-achievers, discourages them reproducing. That’s really, IMO, the only thing it offers over any other system.

    The idea that the history of human kind can be boiled down to the people that were allowed to reproduce is very much worth studying, IMO. But the possible conclusions are too horrible for the majority to bear. So we keep our collective mouths shut.


  25. I also hate how this site’s comments have a lot of conservative back-patting, as if the proprietor is one of them. There’s nothing less conservative than promoting a lifestyle of poon outside of marriage.

    CH is a realist. Which is refreshing. For the most part, he doesn’t rewrite reality the way he wants to see it unlike most idiots. The most complimentary thing it seems like he’d say about them is that by following their particular lies, society favors the white race, which, is one (In my own opinion, very ineffective) way to promote overall human intelligence and achievement.

    I think we need to develop a better understanding of ourselves, how our genes contribute to who we become. It’s the only way we’ll ever have, say, a multi-planetary human empire. But the ones who control us are too invested in their own status to allow such an unpredictable thing to happen.


  26. The “Mayflower Fallacy” is not only invalid but in my mind illustrates mostly the opposite of what it’s intended to: as a member of a group that overtook a previous generation of Americans, I would surely be all the more disinclined to have it happen to me. That, and the very fact that so much trouble arose from bringing in even people as similar and culturally compatible as the Germans bodes very poorly for the prospects of “assimilating” the third world tide.


  27. on October 15, 2011 at 6:35 pm greatbooksformen GBFM

    hey heartiststseee!!

    this video of gaminig a girl by dressing up in a white suyit nice white suit like mark twain and tom wolff may not be suitable for work, but then thaat would depend on where you work!! lzozllzloozozol



  28. lol

    i used bernankified in conversation the other day …. i couldn’t even begin to explain


  29. The underlying reasons behind the West’s inevitable decline, are the exact same ones behind nationalism. Give up your ability to defend yourself against being enslaved, and you’ll be enslaved. Duh! Exactly how naive one has to be, to fall for the ruse that those few who do not give up their guns (in order to defend you, out of all people), will not exploit this asymmetry to their advantage, is beyond me.

    Ditto for Prussian style publicly funded indoctrination. Yep, those rising to the position of being able to decide on curricula, will surely be very critical of the systems and institutions that got and keep them there……

    The silliness and naivete is mind boggling. But at least the back markers are generally reproducing at below replacement level. And universally at way below the levels seen in more civilized, weak-to-non nation state societies, like the Afghan and Somali ones.


  30. Here’s an article about the State Department’s strategy to increase diversity in France. It’s based on a State Dept. report leaked by wiki-leaks.


  31. on October 15, 2011 at 7:31 pm Rant Casey - BR

    Julius Evola on America:

    Well, Mr Heartist, someone seems to agree with, even though its not in the exact same terms.


    • Evola’s essay refers to the recent passing of John Dewey. Dewey died way back in 1952.

      Yockey (writing in 1949) sounds similar themes:

      The message of Hollywood is the total, significance of the isolated individual, stateless and rootless, outside of society and family, whose life is the pursuit of money and erotic pleasure. It is not the normal and healthy love of man and wife bound together by many children that Hollywood preaches, but a diseased erotic-for-its-own sake, the sexual love of two grains of human sand, superficial and impermanent. Before this highest of all Hollywood’s values everything else must stand aside: marriage, honor, duty, patriotism, sternness dedication to self to a higher aim. This ghastly distortion of sexual life has created the erotomaia that obsesses millions of victims in America, and which has now been brought to the Mother-soil of Europe by the American invasion.

      Hollywood-feminism has created a woman who is no longer a woman but cannot be a man, and a man who is devirilized into an indeterminate thing. The name given to this process is “the setting from” of woman and it is done in the name of “happiness,” the magic word of the liberal-communist-democratic doctrine.


  32. The only good Kissinger, is a dead Kissinger.


  33. I’m not sure why it’s the US government’s duty to support Christianity throughout the world…


  34. Leftism is synonymous with government spending. Inflated salaries for marxist professors propped up by government-backed student loans, generous pensions/salaries for useless government functionaries, government jobs in general, welfare money for our parasitic underclasses or single moms, etc.

    We can’t pay for leftism much longer. It’s unsustainable, and a decade from now it’ll be unsustained.

    I think most people forget how fragile leftism is.


    • @RVT,

      A sensible post. Things will always seem to be going straight downhill when people spend more than they have. Then the bill comes due and suddenly people and governments are forced into thrift. Which is a temporary virtue, or, better, a temporizing virtue. We need the times of bubbles and easy credit, because, of course, the period of living high on the hog brings immense invention and value. People forget creative destruction. They would rather moralize.


  35. Right. Because America is so popular in South Korea, and South Koreans just love us, and want to copy us, and imitate us in every way. And American mind-control rays reach out and make South Koreans abolish their nations.


    What is happening, is everywhere women have been raised, equal or near equal or superior to most men, they find them … icky betas (which they HATE HATE HATE) and so broadly support measures to abolish their society. In the hope of getting rid of said beta males and getting themselves some Alphas. Women would gladly be part of a dominant male’s group (even just a hanger on) than have all the attention of a beta male. And that goes to the heart of support for mass immigration, outsourcing, insourcing, multiculturalism, feminism. ALL the result of female liberation and power flexing.

    You don’t see women by and large (in the professional classes at least) getting hammered by outsourcing and insourcing. Mass immigration does not bring in an influx of smokin-hot Lithuanian and Russian supermodels, rather 4 foot 3 inch round brown little women shaped like a barrel. ONLY in places where men are still socially more higher than women does multi-culti and such like have problems.


    • “What is happening, is everywhere women have been raised, equal or near equal or superior to most men, they find them … icky betas (which they HATE HATE HATE) and so broadly support measures to abolish their society. In the hope of getting rid of said beta males and getting themselves some Alphas. Women would gladly be part of a dominant male’s group (even just a hanger on) than have all the attention of a beta male.”

      And this is the crux of the issue of which I have written. This seemingly benign female nature is the flap of the butterfly wing, which unleashes a hurricane so powerful it is capable of destroying the most advanced civilizations.

      The truth of female nature has been recorded and repeated in every great work of literature through history (e.g. Old Testament, New Testament, Qur’an, Shakespeare, etc.). Our ancestors felt it was most pertinent that we understand female nature, yet we have turned our back on their wisdom. Ironically, we now must turn away from science if we are to oppose them further.

      Great men of old understood female nature, and devised societies which channeled female tendencies to create massively successful empires. Why, in this day and age we cannot simply follow their example, is a far more disquieting question.


  36. This is some diabolical shit but it’s no surprise once America is involved.


  37. They won’t hang; the guys that should be hanging them are all out practicing Game.


  38. Jezzz…. By the picture South Korea is painted, it sounds like North Korea – despite its poverty, starvation, and oppression – would eventually outlast the south despite its wealth and technological might.

    Crazy to imagine the idea that South would decline in such a way that the North would move in and find a depopulated aging nation with fat, feminized people despite the much shinier, comfortable homes and whizzing technology.


  39. @nycbachelor

    “Censorship by an outside source breeds anger and resentment; far more effective to have soceity self-censor with drops in social status (and asubsequent access to poon) being the mechanism of control.”

    But what happens when men are illuminated to ‘game’ and realise that being the outsider, the rebel, the violent brutish alpha and not the compliant, conforming, deferential, enlightened beta, is what gets you access to poon?

    What happens when men realise their only choice is to be a cad or a cuckold?


    • I think most men are incapable of learning game and accepting the true nature of women at this point. Hope I am wrong.

      Change seems hopeful when surrounded by the the game-o-sphere but we are but a drop in the bucket.

      Trying to help most betas is like trying to plow the seas. Most would rather ignore a hard truth than face it.


      • I don’t know about that. While its probably true that alot of men will be incapable of successfully executing the tactics proposed by ‘game’ to pursue a short-term mating strategy, I do think most would be able to understand the evo-bio/evo-psych principles behind it, see with their own eyes how women are abiding by these principles, and realise they’re getting screwed.

        Also, it probably wouldn’t be that hard to spread this knowledge. Just have a bunch of people start websites detailing “how to get the girl you like”, “what do girl’s want?” or “how to get laid”, maybe even google bomb these websites, make them flashy and fun. and pretty soon you’ll have the younger generations of men wising up the the nature of the sexual market-place.

        Hell, I found game at the ripe old age of 17 (I’m now 24) looking for answers to exactly those questions. I’m sure there are plenty of other young men out there searching for the same answers, especially considering young men/teenage boys use the internet/computers more than any other demographic.


  40. Karma does exist. It doesn’t necessarily manifest within one lifetime. Reincarnation also exists, though it is widely misunderstood.

    Rest assured, everyone gets what they deserve. This includes the circumstances of one’s birth.


    • on October 16, 2011 at 4:36 pm The Real Vince

      A pretty lie.


    • Reincarnation doesn´t exist, when will the people understand that´s just hinduist B.S. to justify their racially and culturally organized caste system and prevent revolution on the part of the untouchables by telling them “if you are good in this life you will be born in the wealthy caste in the next one”.

      Many idiots complain about catholicism and Christendom in general but fail to see that Catholicism and its values released entire nations from their mental slavery and planted the seeds for the idea of human dignity (Saint Thomas, Saint Augustine et al.). This is true specially compared to barbaric religions like hinduism in India . Heck one just have to look at the beta boys that enroll in those New Age quasi-religions to see how dangerous and pernicious such a belief is.


      • “Heck one just have to look at the beta boys that enroll in those New Age quasi-religions to see how dangerous and pernicious such a belief is.”

        And a slam dunk for scoring New Age quasi-religious chicks … who bend like pretzels.


      • Buddhism also believes in reincarnation. It has little to do with Hindus justifying their caste system. That is at best a coincidental belief. Astrology also teaches that we live multiple lives. I’m not sure where Zoroastrianism stands on the issue. There is some evidence that Christ also believed in it. Atheists won’t care about this anyway.


  41. The Pope has been slamming America and the Culture of Death for more than a decade. A lot of people thought it was just an abortion speech back in the day, but when the whole society is going through demographic death, something deeper is at work.


    • Orthodox, shhh. Your words don’t sound right in the accent of political paranoia that marks the typical (vocal) reader of this site.

      The spiritual miasma has many manifestations. This comment section proves just how random those manifestations will be. Seriously, Chesterton’s dictum has never been more apparent: When you cease believing in God, you don’t believe in nothing, you believe in anything. Roissy’s relatively innocuous political posts really lifts the rock on the oozing subterranean creatures who fester under the swampmud. He obviously thinks there is something useful in liberating the abject ugliness of his least disciplined readers.

      My conclusion is, the pick up artists are picking up something bigger than they can handle when they try to channel the simmering tensions of the recently undomesticated man into something sophisticated. The result is barely contained chaos that always devolves into brownshirt mob-think.

      In the meantime, do as the Romans do. You and me, brother. We’ll discuss it back in the catacombs.

      Bernanke! Juden! Immigration act of 1965! Wake up, white man!


      • KA,

        You write for the New Criterion? Like theater?


      • Is that some Jew journal? Hell no. I wouldn’t read it, much less contribute to it, what with the Hebraic emanations wafting off and possibly genetically mutating my White Christian Heritage by osmotic corruption.


      • There can be no Christians without Jews. Jews obviously have a major role to play in God’s plan.


      • They’re gonna stamp you as a jewlover very soon, KA. Brown will always be a popular shirt color when the boys get all riled up.

        There’s even some dude pimping old Ez’s “economic theories” on here. No joke.


      • To be clear, Hebe-haters:

        Jews are the infamously unassimilating, implacably insular, King Assholes of the planet. The typical Arab or Persian is known for his accommodating desert hospitality, but the Jews are notoriously rude cusses … probably because we have been trying to eradicate them for several millennia. And failing. Spectacularly. I’d have a chip on my shoulder too. (Alpha behavior, anyone?)

        Israel has been surrounded by 100,000,000 Muslims who would love nothing so much as to pave that embarrassing little sliver of land into a parking lot for the Dome of the Rock. But for 60 years they’ve been impotent against a measly 800K – 7M Hebrews. Either Islam is a gutter religion full of losers or the Jews really have been chosen. Both are true, combining to create the greatest martial embarrassment of the last century and perhaps of all history. The pathetic swarming Mahometan herd has been reduced to killing themselves to destroy Israel. And they’re still failing.

        Really, dishtowels? You can’t take care of The Jewish Problem literally be”devil”ing you right there in your backyard? The “encroaching heathenism of the half-moon” can’t encroach those last few miles into the lonely desert bastion of the stubborn enemy of the prophet (pbuh)? Their toehold in your “holy land” is the ultimate taunt. And you’ve proved yourself utterly impotent. They’ve even conveniently rounded themselves up in one easy-to-find area!

        The God of Abraham or the god of natural selection: Jews win. Whether it’s Yahweh or Gaia or the deity of “biomechanics” doing the choosing, the Jews have been singularly chosen. Res ipsa loquitur.


      • n/a wrote: “They’re gonna stamp you as a jewlover very soon, KA.”

        I am okay with the strange bedfellows, even encouraged by them — which includes atheist nihilists like you. Whether they are comfortable with me occasionally hogging the blanket is another story.

        Yeah, my kind and their kind will eventually have it out, but not in our lifetime. For now, the crueler they are the better. The coming showdown will require an appalling capacity for cruelty.

        It is good to be allied, so long as the main enemy is front and center. If their anti-feminism is just an adjunct of their real War on the Hebes, then they are chiefly wasting their own time. For the most part I shrug at their pointless paranoid distractions. As long as they don’t get too lost in the weeds.

        Label away. I am a Jew lover. A philo-Semite. Just like their spiritual father, Nietzsche, was.

        The Jews are my big brothers. Something like two percent of the world’s population, but with 20% of the Nobel prizes, to cite one crude metric, Don’t mess with the Zoltan.

        Till our appointment at high noon on a day long from today, you crypto-Himmlers, let me just say, l’chaim.


  42. on October 16, 2011 at 11:23 am greatbooksformen GBFM lzozozozlzlz

    new shirt about getting buttoccked by debt and alphas and deosuled and beenraankifieid bernankified in college!!!! lzoozzozozzzlz

    check out the higher-ed butcocking bernankifying bubble!!! lzozozlzolozlz


  43. GBFM: When is the official GBFM occupy the Fed, Weekly Standard, etc. protest?


    • on October 16, 2011 at 2:25 pm greatbooksformen GBFM


      it will be hostsed just after the neoeocn cocnference called occupy da butthollloiolloo of da peoepls acorss the entire globe with lotsass cockcas neoocn cockas neocockas lzzlozozolzlz


  44. One thing that I’ve noticed is how feminists love massive spikes in the basic necessities of life once societies become prosperous – especially residential real estate. I’ve never been able to put my finger on how this relates to female sexual psychology and game, but I’ve always been pretty sure it is there.

    Everywhere feminism takes a foothold, residential real estate prices go through the roof – blue state America, Toronto, Scandinavia, the UK …. I’m wondering if this is what is going on in Korea, with feminist legislation making residential housing to comfortably raise children in (3-br houses) unaffordable to all but the most wealthy (caveat: this is speculation – I don’t know very much about Korea – maybe houses are dirt cheap there?).

    If you are going to have kids, having somewhere you can physically put them is a sine-qua-non, especially if urbanization prevents extended family/close community cooperation.


    • on October 16, 2011 at 1:16 pm Proud-to-be-an-Omega-Male

      Want to keep prices down? Get women back in the kitchen.


      • I like the sentiment, but I’m not sure that’s going to help figure out the why. I live in DC, and it’s impossible not to notice feminists passing laws that restrict the construction of housing and transportation to said housing, then complementing themselves on how intelligent they were to buy housing before they made it impossible for everyone else.


    • on October 16, 2011 at 4:43 pm The Real Vince

      Why do feminists love “massive spikes in the basic necessities of life”? That’s ridiculous. Real-estate becomes more expensive in those societies you mention because they’re educated and more likely to be affluent.

      As people have noted for a long time here, attractive women move to the city in hopes of snagging a high status male (and to have “amazing experiences”). Also, SWPLs more ruthlessly compete along lines of zip code than television size (which is for “proles”). Much better to live in close proximity to the trendiest hot spots than to lumber back n’ forth aboard an SUV.


      • Why do feminists love “massive spikes in the basic necessities of life”?

        Struck me as off, too. Better to say western females’ love of high-cost lifestyle is not appreciably damaged by spikes in cost. However absurd the price-tag on an ugly new home in the ‘burbs becomes, she’ll want it anyway, and still steal away to shag Manuel or Tyrone “up in dey crib” in Section-8landia.

        The SWPLs in the cities don’t philander that way, another famous case of “implicit whiteness”.


      • Most women can’t create greatness efficiently, so the main way they have to make $ is to invest in real estate.



  45. But you encourage interracial dating and the extinction of my men.

    [Heartiste: Cite.]

    The wind CH is whispering your name. Try to cover your ass all you want with these ‘faux conservative’ posts celebrating the demise of my country.

    By their fruits ye shall know them.

    [Encouragement’s got nothin’ to do with it. Try love for once.]


    • on October 16, 2011 at 6:11 pm greatbooksformen GBFM

      “Amor vincit omnia, et nos cedamus amori.
      Love conquers all things, so we too shall yield to love.”
      ― Virgil, Virgil: ECLOGUES lzlozllozll

      zlzlolozllzllo omg lzozlozlolozlozxlo

      i qyotresdd a great book da neoocn women z fggonna deconstruct me now!! lzoolz


    • It’s sad when I go onto Facebook and read posts about my 21 yr old male friends who got blowjobs from some fat slag at a club being openly discussed. [Getting a blowjob part isn’t what’s sad, it’s the fact that the discussion is not even kept ‘male only’ or behind closed doors of the locker room.]

      You are the Ayn Rand of sex and male relationships. That’s not a compliment. Ayn Rand’s hyper-individualistic “I can do what I wanna do as long as it doesn’t affect others” is a death knell for society.

      If a young man follows your advice the truth be told…
      – He will have a lot of out of marriage sex [not necessarily bad, but it makes it harder for him to commit to one woman in the end and have a family]
      – He will probably have a few interracial relationships, or at least be open to interracial sex [which weakens his bond to his own ethnic group]
      – He will openly discuss his sex life [which is classless, low and annoying]
      – Sex is a center focus of life instead of a fun side-show [which prevents him from learning more important things]
      – Depending on how serious he takes your advice he may not have children or at the very least look at children as a priority and natural progression of a relationship

      So you put this conservative bent in your posts to Attract The Male Version of Me To Your Site.

      But then you feed them poison mixed with tons of fun, slightly addictive well-written sugar. 🙂

      I think most of your readers don’t fall for it, but some of them do….So to them I say….Guys! It’s addictive but in the end if it doesn’t further your ethnic group/race with children….

      Then it ain’t no good, and is ultimately just a spin-trap for the sexually restless mind. A cul-de-sac detour to prevent men from reaching the next level of knowledge and societal anger.


      • Why don’t you tell that to the women? It seems you don´t recognize CH’s point view and philosophy are the only answer in the face of the female solipsism and terminal stupidity, like the one you seem to show, telling men to “look for something not there anymore. And hopefully the men will take your words for what they are…..gibberish from a woman.


      • Yes. That was a deadly bit of female writing.


        And you best believe that they’re being told, inanely, to look for that which is gone.



  46. Life is without recourse: One lost job can bankrupt a family. There’s no social safety net. No state pension scheme. Have kids – risk bankruptcy.

    Gorbachev, you know that those “safety nets” you love so much pretty much wipe out fertility rates through tax robbery of the young to pay for the old?

    And that Social Security is probably the strongest factor pushing for the expansion of the Welfare State?

    And just to leave politics and enter the domain of math, it is ahuge difference if you work 10 years and get fired if you had paid – or not – income taxes during those 10 years.

    Just to use a Brazilian example, the top income tax rate here stands at 27,5%. Zero that rate, and in 10 years you would accumulate three extra years of income, net of interest rates, which would actually compound your income.

    Unfortunately, that would mean that I would stop paying for any old person who was not my relative. And poor people, who in Latin America are pretty much unable to produce beautiful daughters, would be forced to live according to their means


  47. One thing that I’ve noticed is how feminists love massive spikes in the basic necessities of life once societies become prosperous – especially residential real estate.

    Exactly my thoughts


  48. wake up white mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


  49. wake up white mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    Yeah!!! It is already 4PM down here and those lazy white men still sleeping??? And those evil racists complain about black people!!!


  50. heartiste

    since circa 1965 (date of the passage of the law which was the beginning of the end of the historic United States).

    That date only marks the end like a signpost warns of danger.

    The true meaning of that date of 1965 is more than signifying the end of the USA, that date marks when the USA became traitorous and evil.

    Thus, of no use to men of value.


  51. Yes, it is. Woke up this morning to read about this latest traveshamockery:,0,7922829.story


    • If men are routinely NIFONGED by a DA
      and do/did nothing to fight back –

      You should expect a little DUI action.

      Wolves don’t attack healthy lions
      only sheep


  52. Capitalism = parasitism. The owners of a business venture externalize most of the costs onto other people, but keep most of the profits for themselves, and “our” gov fails to stop that attack, but protects the attackers. The solution is NOT more Capitalism.

    USA was so successful because
    1) majority white
    2) huge amount of natural resources that had not been developed before
    3) constitutionally limited gov (although weak national gov led directly to civil war, America became #1 country only with STRONG national gov)
    4) protected on both sides by 2 big fucking oceans (didja never notice?)

    NOT because of MAGICAL fucking Capitalism.

    on a related note, here is a good recent article by P. Buchanan

    the decline of America has been in lockstep with decline of percentage of U.S. citizens who are white.


  53. Shmiggen. Stop posting comments pretending to be me. Thanks


  54. Xontrarian is correct. And uh is even more correct. Jewish parasites have created this playground for playboys that is the graveyard of our race and our nations.


  55. you might want to add the general category “politics” to posts like this. I’d like to check up on them.


  56. attractionreaction, I believe Slavery would have also helped in the initial work of wealth and nation building?


  57. America = Evil?
    Capitalism = Bad?
    Late stage capitalism = Marxism?

    Can’t tell if this is a leftwing rag or what?