How To Greet Like An Alpha Male

Posts about alpha body language always elicit titters of snarky gayness from the haters. “Stand contrapposto like an alpha.” “Don’t lean in.” “Face out toward the room.” The closed-minded can’t, or won’t, comprehend that certain actions — even seeming trivialities like the location of one’s feet on the floor — can increase or decrease a man’s attractiveness to women. Their ignorance stems from their refusal to acknowledge the premise that alpha males and beta males not only exist in reality, but that each group shares behaviors and attitudes that define them. People who believe we are all special little snowflakes have a particularly difficult time accepting the fact of our biomechanistic origins and how this translates into universally shared traits and mating behaviors. Few people, especially the religious and the equalists (one and the same, really), like to think we are slave to ancient shadow forces making a mockery of our concept of free will.

Here’s another body adjustment that will boost your alpha appeal to women: When you nonverbally greet people, toss your head up and then down, instead of nodding down then up. Via Delenda est Carthago:

Back in the early 80s when I was a freshman in high school, I noticed that some male students, when they greeted people, would give a little toss of their head.  This “reverse nod” (up, then down) was remarkable because it ran counter to my own habit of nodding (down, then up) to people when I greeted them.  I don’t know how it got to be a habit, but it’s probably what I saw the adults around me do, and adults in movies and TV do, rather than something that somebody told me I was supposed to do.

Because the toss was new, and because the upperclassmen did it, I associated it with being “cool”, and tried to emulate it.  I may have had a dim sense of the biomechanics, but I lacked the analytical tools and vocabulary to appreciate what was at stake.  But as much as I practiced the toss in front of a mirror, I almost never remembered to deploy it in an actual social situation, and eventually I gave up.

As I have moved from youth to adulthood, I have observed others using the toss with diminishing frequency, although this could be me just not paying attention anymore.  But it’s easy to see how the study cited above maps onto the implications of the head toss.

The “reverse nod” does map onto the research posted at this blog recently about women preferring to look up at men. When you start your nod on an upward trajectory, instead of in the downward direction that most people nod, you are mimicking that masculine backwards facial tilt which brings women such delight.

Try the reverse nod now. Nod up then down. Now try the usual way. Nod down then up. You don’t have to be nodding at anyone. This little experiment will work even if you are alone. What did you feel deep down in the pit of your animal soul? I guarantee that most of you men reading this felt “more alpha” doing the reverse nod. It was a nebulous, ill-formed feeling, but a real feeling nonetheless.

When you feel the alpha in you, you know that girls are noticing the alpha in you. A small adjustment in a trivial thing like nodding can redound to your attractiveness in bigger ways. To be sure, a nod will not get you laid. But you start adding up all these little changes intended to emphasize alpha male characteristics, and suddenly you’re cooking with gas.


  1. The downward nod is likely an artifact of the submissive posture one frequently sees other primates give to their higher-ups.


  2. I tried to do the downward nod just now but it doesn’t make any sense. feels like throwing a ball lefthanded


  3. Good advice. One thing I’ve been focusing on is to be more aware of my body language and replace submissive and beta mannerisms with dominant and alpha ones. It DOES make a difference in how you feel about yourself, and it DOES make a difference in how others treat you. It’s a slow process that takes a lot of conscious thought at first, and you don’t often see day-to-day progress, but – like lifting weights – after a couple of months you’re a different person.

    Example: a few months ago when going to meetings (I’m a white-collar professional) I started to deliberately take the “power” seat directly across from the boss. A small thing, to be sure, but this, coupled with other changes in behavior, has made a difference in the way I’m treated by my co-workers – to the extent that whan I was a few minutes late to a meeting the other day, “my” seat was the only empty one at the table.


  4. People who believe we are all special little snowflakes have a particularly difficult time accepting the fact of our biomechanistic origins and how this translates into universally shared traits and mating behaviors.

    Not only do the religious cause damage to the natural state, but so do PC educators and Montessori types.

    Anthropology was one of the most valuable classes I took in college. A real distillation of truth, instead of the distillation of BS that has become modern literacy.


  5. I do this to show off the expensive silk symbolic cocka that’s tied around my neck.


  6. Ah, the hip hopsters’ “‘Sup?” nod.

    Even the Kia ad agency figured this one out in a commercial they ran a number of months ago (the one that featured what I think was a James Brown song.) In one shot, one of the hamsters (there’s a whole series of these Hamsters with Kias commercials) does the up nod. Because he’s alpha. ‘Cause he’s in a Kia.


  7. Funny that this is the topic today. I noticed this same phenomenon while downtown this weekend. I met a friend’s group of beta buddies, and every one of them had that sort of meek body language. There’s definitely a correlation between the downward nod and beta behavior/appearance, and this one simple action is VERY noticable, especally as an introduction.


  8. Well Riff the Kia ad was also recreating aspects of hip-hop culture. The “reverse nod” (lol of course roissy isn’t black so he calls it that instead of sup’) has been going on between black people for years. This really isn’t new at all.


  9. This is so true. My son has a friend whose father is pretty alpha in my opinion and now that I think about it he does the reverse nod.


  10. When you have your head cocked up, blow a snot rocket on them.

    Uber Alpha Move. Panties will drop.


  11. On the subject, I’d be interested in commenters tips and advice on what the ideal body language would be from the point of entering a bar, all the way through ordering your first drink, identifying a set you’d like to open, and approaching. This is the critical first 5 minutes that will determine whether or not you’ll be considered by any of the women present.

    Do you go in with the single-minded purpose of getting a beer with your buddy, and then let the attractive women in the room seem like an afterthought? Or, is the drink the secondary focus?

    How do you avoid the “Night at the Roxbury” stigma when leaning back against the bar, drink in hand, surveying the outward scene?

    When you see a set you want to open, do you walk directly over within the first couple minutes, or do you invent some other reason to walk near the vicinity, and then “accidentally” open her?

    The trickiest part of PUA to me has always been the nuanced art of expressing interest while also telegraphing aloof detachment. It is such a fine line it feels like a tightrope walk and I never get it just right.

    I know all of this is covered pretty extensively in the Mystery Method, but I’m seeking any alternative opinions or real-world anecdotes.


  12. The “reverse nod” is something I’ve done for years, accompanied with “sup”. Just something I never thought of since to me it’s just a simple informal abbreviated form of greeting.


  13. Great post…but I do have to disagree that absolute “alphas” and absolute “betas” exist…rather alpha attributes and beta attributes exist.

    You make that absolute statement and then talk about people being beta at one point in their life and alpha at another. This would seem to contradict.

    Some guys are more alpha, some guys are more beta, but like 99% of things in life it is all relative.


  14. Posts about alpha body language always elicit titters of snarky gayness from the haters.

    Just recently I saw two incidents that confirm these simple biomechanical wisdoms.

    In one case, a young, senior-enlisted military guy on the train was talking with two middle-aged women who seemed taken with him. Standing beside them, I noticed his leaning in each time one of the women spoke. It’s possibel he may have had trouble hearing. But it looked bad anyway. He made no other beta errors otherwise, and spoke well. But the lean-ins noticeably worked to extinguish the two broads’ bright-eyes.

    In another case, same thing: a tall, extraverted, good looking manager-type at a conference I attended was in our little convo-cluster, which included some women. He did the chicken-peck everytime someone spoke, which visibly drained the women’s interest.


  15. on December 13, 2010 at 2:09 pm Ascending Alpha

    …. and thousands of armchair alphas jerked their heads upward in unison…. like puppets on a string.


  16. Madras, I think all you’re saying is that there is a sliding scale of indicators. Of course, Roissy talks about “lesser Beta” and “greater betas” all the time. In fact, it’s likely something that is fairly normally distributed, even if the median has shifted towards Beta over the recent past.

    I still think that the most underrated alpha body language is standing up straight with chest out (like a proud bird). As a shorter guy (5’6), it makes you feel taller, so of course, you act taller. Along w/ the chin up, it makes a large difference for shorter men.


  17. I wish you had a blog, firepower.


  18. Nutz has it right. This was a common movement 10-20 years ago signifying the non-verbal equivalent of “What’s up?”. Not generally done for girls, or strangers, but only for your pals.


  19. I’m nowhere near alpha (yet) and I’ve always done the reverse nod. The ‘regular’ nod just feels unnatural.


  20. I was actually a bit dissapointed with the article because I am more interested to know how to Alpha greet potential fuck acquaintances when you see them in public and they approach you.

    The old me used to embrace them with a tight hug, now I am much more aloof/standoffish and I don’t hug them unless they make the first move and hug me first (and even then my tightness of hug ratio is much lower then their’s, I especially stand stiff and not even attempt to hug them if they attempt to insult me with the halfassed “friend hug” where their chest is leaning away from my body instead of being pressed into it and I get one arm around the shoulder thing).

    Although I do see very successful players do use the “kiss on the cheek” greeting much to the enthusiasm of the girls but it seems to me it is also a cultural thing (French, Italians, Hispanics ,Greeks and some Eastern European nations do use this method alot more then others).


  21. My usual tactic is to not be all Super Alpha: if you’re going for the hot babe in the bar, the prime male gets some attention, but over the course of an evening, it’s better to look like the Alpha who’s also a bit beta: not #1, but maybe #3.

    Unless the hot babe is a total slut and only wants the prime alpha, this sets you up as the one who actually gets to take a decent chick home with you.

    One of the reasons you want to master body language is to know when to play it and when to be deliberately off-side. You can then throw out some messages to the effect of “I’m not really a player, I’m a decent guy who just happens to be awesome” – and this will attract some women more than others.

    The super-hot ones may not take an alpha seriously, especially if they have experience. They may also have ASDs up the wazoo.

    On the other hand, if you use body language and subtle cues to give the woman the idea you’re a longer-term prospect and not a super Alpha, then she’s actually much, much more likely to go home with you the first night.


  22. Body language is one of the most important aspects of game a guy can learn. Even stupid little hints like this (which way to nod your head first) is useful. Every little bit helps.

    Haters talk shit, but CR has a point here: Add it all up and it makes a difference. Chicks who don’t admit this have no idea what makes them respond to men.


  23. I still haven’t heard your take on wearing red:

    After I first read that article a while back I immediately bought a few more red shirts and a red hat to mix up my wardrobe since I had next to no redness in my clothing arsenal.

    Not a valid scientific result, but it does seem like I have a much easier time when I wear the solid red shirts.


  24. The reverse head nod is classic. A great example of seeing it in action is by watching a few episodes of The Sopranos. Tony Sopranos always does it…


  25. @Southern Man:
    “Example: a few months ago when going to meetings (I’m a white-collar professional) I started to deliberately take the “power” seat directly across from the boss. A small thing, to be sure, but this, coupled with other changes in behavior, has made a difference in the way I’m treated by my co-workers – to the extent that whan I was a few minutes late to a meeting the other day, “my” seat was the only empty one at the table.”

    Yup. I discovered this years ago. Another, related, benefit:
    Sitting at the end (even the “back end”) of the table
    makes it MUCH easier to address everybody.

    Another issue: Many cultures, including my native Sweden
    when I was a kid (a long time ago) specfically TEACHES
    bowing, to one’s eleders, superiors, authorities etc.

    Note the (reasonable) uproar when Obama bowed to
    royalty, Saudi and Japanese.
    The US President should bow to no man.

    There are even subtleties (culture dependent, somewhat)
    as to how deep to bow and how long, depending on how
    large the difference in rank is.

    And the nod is a curtailed bow. Nodding “upwards” removes
    the implied subordination. Really simple.

    (There is a parallel situtation with women curtsying,



  26. 1) Long-time reader, first-time poster. I love your blog. It speaks the truth.

    2) Recently I told my husband that I thought a male friend of ours was gay because he is the only one of my husband’s friends who doesn’t use this type of reverse nod as a greeting. Any idea whether this is a strictly hetero behavior, or am I reading “gay” where I should be reading “beta?”


  27. Not a valid scientific result, but it does seem like I have a much easier time when I wear the solid red shirts.

    I second that.


  28. Man I’ve always given the reverse nod and I’m a 25 year old virgin


  29. The posts on body language are pure gold. Would be cool if there were a body language category in the blog for grouping all these posts.


  30. keep these types of posts coming.


  31. on December 13, 2010 at 3:20 pm Malcolm Tucker

    I unconsciously greet most people with that nod, but I never thought about it. Interesting. It exposes the throat too, which might be like the idea of (un)intentionally exposing sensitive parts of the body to display that you’re not afraid of being attacked because you’ll whip any sumbitch who tries.

    The first aspect of game that I began studying and actively implementing was body language. I read a couple of books on the subject, took notes, and started to be really conscious of how I moved in social situations.

    I’m a really big guy (former football player, wrestler, some boxing, etc.) so I tend to be the biggest guy in the room at any given time, which is usually an advantage socially although it means that I always draw attention regardless of how I act. My body language was already pretty strong as I realized after paying more attention and learning more about the subject.

    In fact, after a little while I realized that it could be too strong given my build as I can easily be unintentionally intimidating (especially regarding strong eye contact), which can get guys unnecessarily defensive and make women skittish (or hot depending on the setting). So I am now working on striking a balance given whatever a particular situations calls for in terms of how I present myself.

    Anyways, it amazed me that the seemingly smallest adjustment could totally affect both my state of mind and the way people reacted to me. For instance, just forcing myself to smile, relax my jaw, and soften my facial muscles totally changes my mood and vibe to reflect a light-hearted jocularity even if I was just feeling blasé a few minutes ago.

    Or how making sure to never affect a defensive pose by crossing my arms or holding a drink in front of me like a shield makes it easier to for me approach strangers (from an angle normally) and for them to approach me. This is especially important because it can soften my image and make me appear less threatening.

    It still astounds me how people, and especially women, can pick up on the most subtle non-verbal and verbal cues. But now that I am on the road to understanding how women, men, and social situations really work it makes total sense.


  32. As demonstrated correctly by the Kia Soul hamsters…


  33. The reverse nod also works when eating her out.


  34. If Up-down is alpha and Down-up is beta, does that make the Indian head nod, , gamma?


  35. Girl,
    Most of the world, male and female, use the downward nod. It’s beta, and the most common greeting in the West. I think your friend would be using more extravagant greeting signals if your theory was correct

    The upturned nod was an informal European aristocratic greeting, I think. Used when already introduced


  36. Malcolm Tucker,

    A great example of posture is your namesake character in “In the loop” and “The Thick of It” (great satirical show and film, by the way, whatever your political views)

    He uses gestures, as well as language, to dominate and terrorise folks with far more power and influence than himself.


  37. Anonymous – “As demonstrated correctly by the Kia Soul hamsters…”

    Yep, that’s the one!

    Brilliant overall ad campaign, by the way. Considering that they’re managing to make a cheap line of Korean-made cars seem cool is creative genius. That new one with the Black Sheep song is brilliant.


  38. on December 13, 2010 at 3:39 pm Malcolm Tucker

    That’s a good point. Tucker maximizes every tool he can to force people to do what he wants.

    I’m a total sucker for his swearing. I can watch highlight clips all day, and the scene where he gets offended at being called a bully is comedy gold.


  39. on December 13, 2010 at 3:47 pm Malcolm Tucker

    Totally NSW by the way.


  40. As a black man i’ve seen the reverse nod (up, down) alot but only started doing it in my late teens.

    I still do the original nod (down, up) to greet adults.
    I think doing the reverse nod to greet adults is disrespectful, but don’t know where this thought came from.

    In my late teens i started noticing the bad body language i had.

    – In mid walk i noticed i was looking down and wondered why, from then on i changed that.

    – My shoulders would hurt after a walk and my back would hurt while sitting because i’d have my body hunched forward.


  41. william,
    I agree with you that the reverse nod can come across as a little disrespectful and it definitely is cocky. You are probably correct in using it with people your own age and doing the regular nod to greet people much older than you. Good point.


  42. Cats do this.


  43. The reason this is so alpha is because it is a not so subtle command of attention. By nodding upwards you are literally commanding someone to acknowledge you. It can create an immediate submissive response from girls and beta males alike. Responding alpha’s will respond either with the same upwards nod, or no nod at all but a direct look, hand shake or smile.
    by nodding your head up, you are sublminally telling the recepient to focus their eyes up. If you don’t do this, start.


  44. It’s very important how you hold yourself, another tip, if you’re a guy who smokes is to exhale upwards while doing a slight head tilt. I even remember the first time I noticed a man with all this great body language you say, it was when I was about 14 in a coffee shop with my friend and this Italian man sat opposite me by himself and he just had one of the most fantastic body language I have ever seen. He leaned backwards on his chair with style, legs apart, smoking upwards, staring really intently. So confident even though he was alone. And it goes to show because I never forgot it…
    And I’m sure you guys will remember a time you saw a beautiful woman sashaying past, rolling her hips and batting her lashes.


  45. Understanding body language is extremely important to interpersonal communication as well as Game.


  46. Next up, we will be given advice to grab the other guy’s forearm when shaking hands, or to put a hand on his back when shaking hands. Latest entry in advising dumpy-looking office bitches to become even bigger douchebags.


  47. Another thing to bear in mind when greeting: alpha will dominantly give his hand from the top, while betas will give it from the bottom. If you want to appear as an equal, just give it horizontally.


  48. Now that you mentioned it. I use the reverse nod too, but only with guys I’m not interested in and only ones I want to be friends with. The ones I’m interested in, I think my head is a little turned down and my eyes will do alll the speaking. When I SMILE with me eyes, my guy can’t resists it! hehe!! lalala!!
    When a guy does the reverse nod to me… depends on his eye contact. The eyes I find say sooooo much more. The RN could come across as too cocky for me if his eyes are not friendly enough. Come to think about it, my guy always does the reverse nod to both males and females! ha!

    I don’t mind the regular nod, if he maintains eye contact and is sending sexy vibes. hehe!! It helps when he is not salivating when he is nodding! hehehhehe!!

    It’s alll in the EYES, after all it’s the window to the soul.


  49. on December 13, 2010 at 4:48 pm Good Luck Chuck

    Now, if we can just get American women to use some feminine body language.

    The sexiest woman I have ever met was far from the most attractive. But the way she looked about the room, the way she caressed the bar stool with her ass as she sat at my bar, the way she made love to her cigarette……

    I will never forget that woman.


  50. You can learn all the sexy, feminine body language, but it REALLY needs to come from within. Body language can be so unconscious. If the woman is self assured and confident and is comfortable with herself be it thoughts, feelings and body, she will exude it through her body naturally. it is also cultural I think. We model what we see.


  51. what a bunch of bullshit.

    roissy, you are overanalyzing everything… like an aspenger retard would.

    what will you write next? alpha way to get a hard on?
    penis is supposed to face up and 34 degrees west? othervise your cock is beta?

    [Editor: The alpha penis is 8 inches…. from the floor!]


  52. Save the regular head nod for greeting Japanese business types when you’re about to ask them for money.


  53. Pimp business plan (from the concrete streets, to the executive suites). Pimp or die, mack or cry.


  54. william,
    Now that I think about it I still prefer the reverse head nod from men much younger than I am.


  55. I remember being taught this during my high school days. I always used to do the down then up. Nowadays I do up then down though. I forgot what my friend said, but he said the nod up was more clear or something.


  56. Naturally I agree that the smallest of subtleties count for far more than what they are credited, but whilst I would agree that the downwards nod has a submissive feel to it, I would not say that the upwards nod is distinctly alpha, probably just un-beta at best. But this is coming from me and I’ve nearly always used the upwards nod in informal situations because it comes naturally. I’m not an aggregate alpha though so it’s clearly the rest of the whole that I need to work on. I think when it comes to working on one’s body language, I’ve found it helpful to observe the obvious alphas and their mannerisms as a whole and then try to ‘act’ like them, but not in an acting way, but in a way that works feasibly for you, perhaps making a bit of effort until it’s internalised. I guess it’s like method acting, but not quite.


  57. Few people, especially the religious and the equalists (one and the same, really), like to think we are slave to ancient shadow forces making a mockery of our concept of free will.

    Roissey, could you give us your straw man definition of free will. I’d really like to know about what it is that you envision free will to be and which you are telling us does not exist. I’d also like to know how it is that you know it does not exist and how you are certain.

    Easy pickens. Right?


  58. It occurs to me that Game, as a field of study, is largely about finding ways of creating confusion in other peoples mind in regard to the cause vs the effect of status markers. I mean, anyone confronting another person whom he or she despises as a total, hopeless under-ling is going to do a reverse nod. It is a natural instinctive move. It means exactly what it says. There is nothing fake about it. The cause of this effect is the pre-existing status differential. But what does that gain a person in status terms? It is just breaking even, in a way.
    But doing an up-nod towards a hot chick with stratospheric self regard and massive daily ego-pumping???
    Why the fuck not??? Make it fun. Make it a game.


  59. After renting an office, renovating and outfitting it, and staffing it, I noticed that I walked differently.

    After starting to date again, I again noticed changes in my walk. After establishing my regulars, the walk again adjusted.

    I doubt I could previously emulate how I walk now.


  60. times like this, i’m glad I grew up with predominantly black friends, almost all of my BL ticks inherit from a wu-tang clan video


  61. All these little details add up. Just a little phrase one day, an attitude adjustment another day, a little mannerism today, and now it’s like: Fuck, how come I’m cancelling on hot women, just because I can’t fit it in my schedule.

    Thanks, Roissy. This is like some Pygmalion type shit, except I’m not a chick.


  62. Agree, that this reverse nod should only be used with peers or those of a similar age and status or only in largely social and fun situations (at the bar, house party, etc).

    Try doing that reverse hip-hop nod in a job interview or when you are about to meet clients. They will think you are beyond crazy and will not be into it AT ALL. Perhaps that’s implied but for the asperger-y out there I thought it should be noted.


  63. “especially the religious and the equalists (one and the same, really)”

    There is no such thing as equality in the Bible. It doesn’t say anything about life being fair either.


  64. Julian

    It is very important to figure out which “clients” imho, should be butched to bone meal. And which of you should sztart sucking hardx on the, “I am a raving slut….! I will spread my sweet tights fopen dor tje very nexth.


  65. This can’t be right. That’s the way I acknowledge people and I’m not alpha. Or maybe it’s right since I spontaneously started doing it a few years ago after starting some other things to improve my self image, a long term project.


  66. on December 13, 2010 at 11:50 pm Good Luck Chuck

    It is important to note that this reverse nod can be performed in many ways. My first thought is that it’s a “ghetto” type posturing move, but a more subtle use if this type of greeting is perfectly acceptable in other situations, so long as it is only a small part of the greeting where you aren’t trying to come off as an intimidating asswipe.

    A perfect example would be when you greet guests at the front door of your home. You open the door and your head goes back, your arms lift from your sides to elbow height or above with your palms facing up and slightly in, as you simultaneously vocalize how pleased you are to see them with a big “HEEEEEEYYYY!!! Welcome! Come in!”

    This is nuclear when old friends bring new females over for the first time. Turn your arms out “welcome” gesture into a handshake for all of the dudes you know (throw in a bro pat if you know them) and an “ass in” hug for ALL of the females, whether you know them or not.

    This gives you automatic alpha cred while at the same time showing that you are fun and sociable.

    It helps to have a rockstar pad, but you can be the king of ANY castle if you own the role.


  67. Thats wild.

    My dad always does the up-down nod so I grew up doing it too. Never realized that wasn’t how you nod. Also realized a few days ago that I had an upward tilt in all my pictures. Not surprisingly, my dad has this too.

    He is pretty alpha (was even more so in his younger years….life took a lot out on him). Always interesting how you pick up on habits from your parents without ever thinking about it.


  68. on December 14, 2010 at 1:21 am betondo fuchatuch

    Yeah, as a black male in my 40s the quick reverse nod was (in my teens) and is still today the common greeting to males in close quarters that you didn’t know (brothers you see in the club, restroom) or those in passing that you did know, but you weren’t going to stop and chat. But you didn’t do it to male family and elders – too informal, almost disrespectful. You shook the older male’s hand when he offered.

    For those you don’t know, though, the “sup” reverse nod meant “be cool” and “no punk here, brother”.

    As a professional, I greet those my senior (in stature, rank, or mega wallet) too far away to shake their hand with a respectful down nod. After hours, I revert.

    Women get neither. If we’re meeting, at first encounter I bring my head up and hold it there while talking, as a teacher who is waiting for the right answer would. Once she says something that makes clear my headship, then I slowly lower my head and the conversation/courtship truly commences.


  69. There is no such thing as equality in the Bible. It doesn’t say anything about life being fair either.

    But it claims a blissful after life for non-sinners. It is the secularization of the pie-in-the-sky crap that the Bible preaches that results in the equalitarian Left. So, the Bible and the religions that orient around it share part of the blame.


  70. B Dalton

    “”But it claims a blissful after life for non-sinners. It is the secularization of the pie-in-the-sky crap that the Bible preaches that results in the equalitarian Left. So, the Bible and the religions that orient around it share part of the blame.””

    It is misunderstood, misexplained or lied about. Blisfulness even in other life comes from understang who you are and accepting your place among God’s creations, not trying to be someone else to achieve some abstract equility.


  71. Fellow penises, feast your eyes on mangina of 2010, full stop:

    A budding young white knighting religious groupie named Shawn, full stop:

    behold our messiah:


  72. The cause of this effect is the pre-existing status differential. But what does that gain a person in status terms?

    Could someone explain to me what “status” means to you HBD guys? Does it mean money? The Facebook *billionaire* can’t even get a decent looking girl. Does it mean educational / cultural attainment? A Phd in nuclear physics has high status in many parts of today’s society. But could he pull a 9 from a club? An 8? A 7 maybe?

    What exactly is this thing I keep hearing called “status”? Is it just a synonym for “popularity”? Well that I would believe. Chicks dig popular guys. Who woulda thunk? But isn’t there a massive cultural component to popularity? With today’s cultural destruction brought on by the Left and public education, is it such a surprise that women dig mindless idiots?


  73. Heh, I’ve been doing this my whole life without even realizing it. I do it all the time, especially whenever I want a complete stranger to stop and pay attention to me so I can ask them something.

    Not sure if this will help picking up chicks though….


  74. There was a recent study – a huge paper with detailed statistical analysis of male and female faces – and the results, in a nutsack, are this:

    Men look more attractive with their heads tilted backwards just a little.

    Women, just the opposite.

    Incidentally I was watching some UFC fighters being interviewed and noticed all of them had their heads tilted way back.


  75. Don’t know what to say but being a man I have two solutions for men to get away from women who do not care for men or their men, the first is do not give so much attention to women, the second is love your self. ..this may have been a reason that many men are turning gay for women are becoming unapproachable. No man wants to put ego on the stake. Numerous one night stands, single mothers, etc. are the outcome of 2.0 marriage!!


  76. Everyone in this video does the “head up” nod. Looks super douchy too.


  77. Bob Anderson, status is your position in society. Are you important, are you known? Or are you a little bitch at the bottom of the ladder?

    That is status.


  78. As I have witnessed it, I don’t like the ‘reverse nod’.
    Sometimes it looks like a soldier standing to attention, so it’s even more submissive than a regular nod.
    Sometimes it looks like an alertness reflex of a prey taken by surprise.

    Alphas don’t make unnecessary moves. A firm stare is more imposing than a ‘reverse nod’ or a juvenile ‘Sup’.


  79. …besides, chin forward is the stereotypical pose of the ‘machito’, the fake alpha bully, you’ll see it in every Mussolini type.

    Again, alphas don’t do that or respect it.


  80. Dear lord, if one has to analyse sh*t like this they are below beta. F*ck me.


  81. on December 14, 2010 at 10:18 am mewanthoneycomb

    I have noticed that a reverse nod tends to signify dominance and confidence more that the typical nod, however I will admit that for a while, I intentionally avoided doing such gestures. The reason being is because I associated it (among other social cues) as part of the modern-day overcompensating tryhard gangsta culture. Now before someone cries racist, note that :
    1) I’m black myself
    2) I grew up in an inner-suburb where many other blacks weren’t “OG Gangstas” who had no other options in life, but were poseur gangstas that considered BET as the standard of what’s cool. You know, the kind of punks who think outnumbering someone in a fight and being able to imitate Master P or Lil Wayne is “alpha.”

    This is what caused me to imitate everything OPPOSITE of what that subculture did including the looking down on game, another thing that I saw being hijacked by Glam Rap artists (ie music that takes place “up in da club). Unintentionally, I started doing things that would be considered beta, despite feeling awkward. Granted now I’m getting away from mocking beta forms of body language, and a lot of what I have read in regards to what YOU define as game, ie the social communication, body language tips, and proper interaction with females, tend to make logical sense. But Roissy, I need to ask you what you think about the current “gangsta subculture” and how one can really say using guns and multiple cronies to take out one dude and imitating some media-clone image of a rapper while flashing fake ass jewelry just to impress hoodrats and hos is really considered “alpha” Wouldn’t the tryhard attempts by definition be as beta as the Nice Guy giving undeserved attention to the self-absorbed princess?


  82. This is something I also do. I’ve noticed it’s pretty popular among black communities.


  83. this is breaking news….for 1998. who hasn’t already been doing this for over a decade? lazy post.


  84. On a scale of 1 to 10 how alpha would you rate the body language in this picture?


  85. Trying again:

    Nutz has it right. This was a common movement 10-20 years ago signifying the non-verbal equivalent of “What’s up?”. Not generally done for girls, or strangers, but only for your pals.


  86. head going up – what?
    head going down – yes.
    head going side to side – no.


  87. on December 14, 2010 at 12:37 pm AlphaWalksIntoABar

    What’s more Alpha, sitting at the bar or standing and approaching around the bar?

    I like to goto bars around 9 before it gets crowded. That way I can get a seat and chat up the staff.
    The problem is: if I’m sitting, I’m not approaching.

    Do you wave the girls over?

    If you are standing, then it’s just a matter of a few steps and opening the set, but then you lose the seat.
    Also when I’m standing, everyone seems to notice me more. ( I’m a muscular 6’2″ white dude, usually the biggest guy in the room.)

    It can be hard to hear girls if they’re sitting so there can be tendency to peck.
    I usually remember to turn my head and point to my ear to indicate speak louder, or I’ll tell them, but I still miss some of the details.

    Also, it can be difficult “to lock in” if there aren’t any seats available.

    How do you handle this situation?


  88. Ok, I’ll weigh in…

    It’s not JUST head up first. Alpha ‘reverse nod’ is head SLOWLY going up then down. Do it quick and you’ll look beta.

    The more beta/omega you are, the more natural it will feel to nod down first. Alphas do not naturally nod down first. A lesser beta I work with, who nods down first, once commented to me, “You don’t always have to be so manly.”
    (yeah, ok)

    I don’t care if you’ve been doing it since high school (good for you). Your other body language is probably not congruent with a dominant personality.

    “A nod won’t get you laid.” No shit, but add up all the details and you’ll get body language that will get you noticed. Giggity. Giggity. All right.

    Once women start commenting on your swagger and blush when you say, “‘sup”, and your guy ‘friends’ try to AMOG you for it, then you’re doing it right.


  89. Interesting thread. The “upwards head nod” is really just a proxy for confidence and interest. (If someone hits a ball over your head, everybody says “heads up!”)

    Head up means you’re engaged. You’re alert. You’re paying attention. You’re out and about in the world, engaging people, saying hello, finding out the score.

    This is what the alpha nod transmits. I tend to use “man” a lot as well. As in, “hey, man, let’s get this DONE.” To me, it transmits comaraderie and a sense of solidarity with other guys. As my dad says, “Guys are guys.” We’re less complicated. We focus on what needs to be done. So, hey, man, let’s bust a move.


  90. xsplat

    After renting an office, renovating and outfitting it, and staffing it, I noticed that I walked differently.

    creating a business just to hire fuck hot chicks. that’s a good one – i like that


  91. This is all fucking nonsense. Just wear a hoodie, don’t shower for a couple of days and put the girl in her place – you’ll still get the girl – the key is putting her in her place. Even a homeless guy could bag a hot girl if he knew how to put her in her place.


  92. nodding down is how a slave greets his master.


  93. Richap

    Even a homeless guy could bag a hot girl if he knew how to put her in her place.

    That is NOT fair: those doods can run shank/shiv game when Pity Game don’t work.

    It’s how innaciddy black guys get them hot white suburban beotches.


  94. @Firepower




  95. Wazzup, B? Watchin’ the game, havin’ a bud. …


  96. A certain type of “Alpha” is probably less likely to do any kind of acknowledging. I think the reverse nod is often done by alpha wannabes or younger insecure guys who are consciously or unconsciously trying to ward off a possible threat.

    Remember much pseudo alpha behavior is not done to attract women but to prevent male aggression or counter perceptions of homosexuality or sexual immaturity.

    Real alphas are beyond most of this stuff.


  97. Why would an Alpha male say “Wazzup”? What the fuck does an alpha male care about some other guy’s life?

    “Yo, wassup??”………..Why the fuck do I care what’s up with you? When did I become your mom? Who are you to me?


  98. The reason being is because I associated it (among other social cues) as part of the modern-day overcompensating tryhard gangsta culture…Wouldn’t the tryhard attempts by definition be as beta as the Nice Guy giving undeserved attention to the self-absorbed princess?

    What is being tryhard other than conspicuously peackocking? Are Mysteries painted nails and his furry magic hat try hard? Are buffed up spray tanned guidos with dyed blond hair being try hard?

    You’ve got to ask yourself one question. Does the trying hard work, or not.

    If it works, you’ve got to ask yourself where the resentment comes from. Sounds like a case of tall poppies syndrome to me. Cut down anyone who is conspicuous.

    Ya, in the mating game, trying hard helps. Women who try hard get laid more also. I think we appreciate attention to detail and a fine eye on what is popular on the mating market. I like fashion sense and a bit of peackocking from a girl, I like if she is flirty, I like if she tries to get attention. I like if she cooks and cleans, and tries hard. Other GIRLS will resent her for it. Because it works.

    Other girls will call her a slut, or whatever.


  99. Ok, I just tried it. I understand what it does but it’s a weird feeling. I don’t think I ever done body language exercises before.


  100. damn xsplat i think you just blew my mind =)
    good point
    resentment seems related to success.
    kind of reminds me of Nietzsche’s slave morality


  101. Guys, what do you think of this? I know I am off the topic, I need your input. You guys always have so much to say, I figure I will ask you all for your opinions. Here is a comment on a post I read recently on another site and I think is so pathetic. What do you think? Here it is:

    “Jackson’s Journal – I’m on Food Stamps! (And So Are You)
    Published by jackson on December 14, 2010 in food, superforest journal and zeitgeist. 8 Comments
    Tags: barack obama, ebt, food stamps, public assistance.

    Gooooood Morning !

    Wouldn’t it be cool if the government liked me and my activities so much that they decided to buy me all the food I wanted? Wouldn’t it be grand if the state of Hawaii subsidized me, because I was a humanitarian and an artist, and because they didn’t want me to have to get a job?

    That’s exactly what has happened. I’m on food stamps.

    Because I don’t have a job and am not making any money, the state of Hawaii gave me a credit card that gets refilled monthly. I get $280.00 a month to spend on food, simply because I asked for it. It won’t last forever, but it’s working now, and I can spend my $280 wherever I want.

    So basically, I don’t have to work, get supported by the government, and can buy local, organic food and put that governmental cash right into the local economy, instead of into the war machine.

    It’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to me.

    It started simply enough. Mea and Augustine are both on food stamps, and Augustine one day sat me down and hipped me to the benefits of the system. My initial reaction was varied. I observed some feelings running through my head that were mostly negative in nature.

    “My mother will kill me.”
    “Food stamps are for poor people and losers.”
    “Food stamps are low class.”

    I was able to recognize these thoughts as pure conditioning, and so I made an appointment with the human services office on the island. I went in, filled in some paperwork and made a second appointment to meet with my case worker. I went in a second time and met with a kind and wonderful woman. I told her the total truth. That I lived on a friend’s land, doing a work trade in exchange for rent. I have no full time job, nor steady source of income, nor am I planning on getting a job any time soon.

    She handed me a debit card. That was it. Done. I was on food stamps.

    The first time I used the card, I had so many butterflies in my stomach. Would it work? Would they laugh at me? Scorn me? Deride me? Kick me out? Would they smell my rich kid upbringing on me? Would my white, straight teeth give me away as a fake poor person? Fear. Judgments.

    Nope. I gathered up some lovely groceries. Local Kauai beef, veggies, kale, raw fudge, juice. I took them to the counter. A lady rang me up. I handed her my EBT (food stamps) card and she swiped it. I punched in my PIN number and we waited while the machine went bleep blorp boop. She then handed me my receipt.

    That was it. I had used my food stamps to buy groceries. Something I’ve done many times since then, as I’ve been on them for three months.

    Isn’t that amazing? I am sponsored by Obama! Barack buys me burritos. !!!

    Once I’d gotten over my negative conditioning about getting assistance from the state, I was free to… receive assistance from the state! In the form of money for food!

    I can buy groceries, but not vitamins. Junk food but not alcohol. Salad, but not hot prepared food. And I get to spend the governments money in local businesses, buying local, organic products that make me and my ecosystem a better, healthier place. Win/win/win.

    I’ve realized that WE ARE ALL ON FOOD STAMPS. In one form or another. We all have to work in order to buy food and support ourselves.

    Job = paycheck = food & shelter.
    Job = Food Stamps

    Someone signs Barack Obama’s paycheck, and the American people provide him and his family with shelter. Well, now my friend Jesse provides me shelter, and the state of Hawaii provides me food. My full time job is SuperForesting, and it’s the best job I can imagine.

    Try it for yourself. What if you quit your job and went on public assistance? What if you moved in with a relative and did a work trade in exchange for a room? What if you spent your days gardening, and your food situation was taken care of? How would that feel? What would you do with all your time?

    This is the system we must create for all humans. Free food and shelter and communication. Free education. Freedom from oppression and fascism. Free medical care.

    Free to do as you please.



    This is guy is in his 20’s and is totally able to work. So I guess we are alll working to pay for his welfare.


  102. I see a coupling the up-down nod with a tiny (*TINY*) twist, so one eyebrow ends up higher than the other, more often than just a straight up-down nod, and it seems to me to work slightly better. Anyone else see this?


  103. what

    This is guy is in his 20′s and is totally able to work. So I guess we are alll working to pay for his welfare.

    meh- he just gets foodstamps in Hawaii becuase thats the only state where being white is a minority


  104. Haven’t read through the post and comments yet (will do, will do), but can’t resist two pence.

    That previous post on the head tilt angle, keeping the chin up, is right on. I have been using it to advantage. You have to be able to back it up though, in the persona. As in, Yeah, I am an arrogant son of a bitch, what’s it to you?

    Something that is not so often considered in the posts, though is sometimes taken up in the comments, is, What is the primary motive for alpha-ness, and alpha posturing. My opinion is that it is more about relations among men. The women and the pussy train is secondary.


  105. Firepower,



  106. B Dalton

    “”There is no such thing as equality in the Bible. It doesn’t say anything about life being fair either.”

    But it claims a blissful after life for non-sinners. It is the secularization of the pie-in-the-sky crap that the Bible preaches that results in the equalitarian Left. So, the Bible and the religions that orient around it share part of the blame.”

    No, it does not. Everyone is a sinner, including Christians. It’s whether you accept the gift of Christ’s payment for that sin which leads to the “blissful afterlife.” Trying to do as God would want you to in this life is done out of gratitude for that gift, not as justification for that “blissful afterlife.”

    That’s the problem. Everyone *thinks* they know what Christianity is all about, but they really don’t.

    The left is about making the state god, BTW. They believe that man is somehow perfectible, if only we legislate enough. That is not a Christian position.


  107. I noticed a guy who I think was a motivational speaker/coach type doing the reverse nod.

    It was kind of creepy and seemed contrived because it was so unusual.

    I get the idea of the conveyance of a dominant trait, but if it draws attention to itself, I think it may look more try-hard.

    Is there any video example from film or tv that someone can post that illustrates this done well?


  108. The post is generally true – alpha males do usually do a backward head tilt when greeting. Depending, on his mood or the target of the greet, this can be accompanied by an eyebrow raise. This is generally done to women, beta males, and buddies of the alpha male.

    However I think there is an exception. When two surefire alpha males (who are not friends, and may or may not know of each other) are walking toward each other, they do a quick, simultaneous downward nod an instant after eye contact occurs. Im guessing it a signal conveying mutual acknowledgement of alpha status, respect and also saying “there’s no trouble, no need to fight”. Even if the two dont know each other – alphas can spot other alphas with ease and this may occur.

    When an alpha walks by a beta in the same context, the beta nods hoping for acknowledgement and the alpha barely registers.


  109. Good Luck Chuck –

    What is an “ass in” hug?


  110. on December 16, 2010 at 9:59 am Obstinance Works

    Do the reverse nod slow and haughty.


  111. This is totally not on topic, but…if everyone will permit the digression: I saw the article this morning, and was reminded of comments here made about how humanity could reasonably be expected to go extinct shortly after the mainstreaming of sexbots.

    To that end, here is a half-step toward that heady (ahem) future: “ThriXXX, a company that makes (you guessed it) sex games, has announced that it’s created a Kinect hack to utilize the sensor as a control input for its “sim” games.”

    Now you can use your Kinect to fondle virtual boobies. Support for (heh) full-body motion detection is, apparently, pending.


  112. All they need now,
    is to invent virtual Kleenex
    and you bitches are hystory.


  113. A classic Alpha move is the ” Rearing Unicorn ”

    Start in the classic doggy position.
    When you’re ready to spit seed, dismount and leap onto your girl’s head. Shoot for distance as she rears up.


  114. […] not “faking yourself”. Not leaning in is not “faking yourself”. Standing in contrapposto is not “faking yourself”. You can actually be yourself, if you get what I mean; you […]


  115. very small adjustment. But true.