Beta Males Settle For Fat Chicks

Beta males are more anxious, fidgety, alert and quicker to react to local disturbances than are alpha males. We know this from observing it in the field, and now from various scientific studies examining the phenomenon. The short of it is, if you’re an alpha male, you don’t need as wide a margin of safety as beta males do, for you are less likely than they are to get cold-cocked, challenged or to lose a fight or dominance contest should one erupt. This lower need for safety precautions allows the alpha male to relax in his environment and to assume open, welcoming postures that are alluring to women. It follows that beta males, by practicing and adopting the cool, aloof mannerisms of the alpha male, can attract more and better women. Body language improvement is a fundamental tenet of game, and it works so effectively at heating up interest from women that some men might be tempted to call it magic.

Beta males, then, are in a constant state of heightened anxiety; also known as being stressed out. The world is a dangerous place, especially for beta males. If you feel stressed out all the time, like you’re losing control of your life or your surroundings, odds are good you are a beta male.

Now science comes along, trotting in like a merry prankster, to prove, albeit for those with a keen eye for reading between the lines, that beta males — i.e., stressed males — are more likely than relaxed, confident, self-satisfied alpha males to settle for the losers of womanhood.

Increased stress in men is associated with a preference for heavier women, according to research published Aug. 8 in the open access journal PLOS ONE.

The researchers, led by Viren Swami of the University of Westminster in London, compared how stressed versus non-stressed men responded to pictures of female bodies varying from emaciated to obese.

They found that the stressed group gave significantly higher ratings to the normal weight and overweight figures than the non-stressed group did, and that the stressed group generally had a broader range of figures they found attractive than the non-stressed group did.

These results, the authors write, are consistent with the idea that people idealize mature morphological traits like heavier body size when they experience an environmental threat such as stress.

The researchers go on to speculate that stressed men gravitate (heh) to fat chicks because those women are perceived as being better able to survive periodic famines, and to have higher social status that allows them to afford more food.

Tidy speculation that toes the feminist line, but I’ll tell you the powerhouse knockout punch this study really delivers:

Stressed men are beta males with limited mating market options who learn to increase their chances of getting laid by widening their field of view (double-wide heh) to include fatter chicks who themselves have limited options and are thus easier to bed.

Why are stressed men gimped in the sexual market? Women don’t want to be around anxious, stressed men. Women prefer the company of relaxed, self-assured men; these men are signaling that they have the resources, and the ability to get more resources should the need arise, that women value in potential mates. Thin, beautiful women have the highest value, and the most options, of all women, so they are the ones most likely to adhere to very tough standards and to act on their preference for large and in-charge alpha males.

Are beta males *constitutionally* more attracted to fat chicks when they’re stressed? Probably not. What men find attractive in women — which doesn’t deviate much from the universal preference for a 17-23 BMI and a 0.7 waist-hip ratio — is pretty much set by conception, and then later by that first thermonuclear blast of hindbrain hormones that floods our systems at puberty. Recall back to that time you got a surprise “what the hell is this?” boner from staring at the teenage red-headed girl’s tight tush and narrow waist. Was that boner preprogrammed by cultural cues to rise on command? Or did it just happen on its own, intrinsic to your being, immune to external suasion, summoned from the depths of your primordial subconscious to lurch your body into spasms of delight?

Stressed out betas don’t prefer fat chicks to thinner chicks; (as the study showed but the researchers… ahem… chose to paper over in their conclusion, stressed betas actually gave the same high scores as relaxed alphas gave to the thin chicks. The difference is that alpha males did not over-inflate (triple bank shot heh) the attractiveness of the fatter chicks). What stressed beta males prefer is the inclusion of a larger (fourth heh?) pool of lower value women rightly perceived by these betas as being easier for them to get than hotter, thinner chicks.

Once you remove the stressor from the lives of these beta males, they go right back to preferring slender babes. You could say that a happy man is a man who hates the sight of fat chicks. I’m sure fat chicks will be pleased to learn that they can clean up with unhappy, neurotic men.

So that is the brutal truth this study confirms for those of us who have lived a day in our lives and witnessed happening over and over among real human beings instead of the opposite that is claimed to happen by internet shut-ins and cocooned, deluded feminists:

Maxim # 23: Limited options = looser standards.

When life is going well for a man, he demands the best for himself. The best will always be slim, pretty, young women. When life is shitting on a man, he reaches out to fellow losers with whom he can share his lonely love. The losers will always be fat, ugly, and/or older women. His ego then does the job of convincing his higher order brain functions that the fat chick he’s plowing kinda has a cute face in the right light: total darkness.


  1. But the question is, can we actually do anything about the fattening of America? I think not.


    • Yes we can, each of us contributes a drop to our culture in our own small way. You can help, like I do, by having high standards and insisting on them in your women. I’ve communicated to my girlfriends in ways that taking care of themselves physically was a necessary part of a relationship. Don’t let them get away with the ‘won’t you love me at any size’ BS. While this is meaningless to culture by itself, if performed en masse, everybody benefits in otherwise impossible ways.


      • I do my part to ignore fat chicks (not point in ridiculing them), but I don’t see the world getting any skinnier. Only drives up the price of the few remaining thin ones. I still get mine, but have to knock them down to earth more and more with each passing year.


      • on August 13, 2012 at 6:25 pm Ed the Department Head

        I have read there is work being done towards injections/drugs to repress the fat storing cells at the genetic level. A certain Ray Kurzweil has been writing about this for some time now. He thinks we will see such treatments by 2018. This would be a game changer with the fat ass problem.


      • Well where would the fat go? It has to go somewhere once the body makes it from food. If it doesn’t get absorbed by fat cells, then it just stops in it’s tracks in the blood.

        Fuck that…it could kill a fat person after the first meal…


      • With the arrival of sexbots, beta males wouldn’t need to inseminate fatties and have fat offspring. Only alpha-impregnated young slender babes will have babies. Oh the utopia.


      • 1. There will be brain implants that give full feelings long before we’ll have functioning sexbots that anyone can afford.
        2. Most of today’s alphas, the kind that impregnate most of the slender babes (remember single motherhood precentages), do you actually think that having that over a functioning society with a good quality of life is an “utopia”?


      • Don’t let them get away with the ‘won’t you love me at any size’ BS.

        She: “Won’t you love me at any size?”
        Me: “Maybe, but I’ll definitely have ED.”


      • One chick tried this on me once. My response was “Don’t know. Let’s not find out”.

        She never gained a pound.


      • on August 14, 2012 at 10:49 am thasswhatimtalkinbout

        Right answer is “Oh I’ll still love you, babe — but I’ll be spending my nights between the legs of another woman.”


    • Baby steps, mike – I’ve got a fatty with a huge (heh) crush (heh ^2) on me for several months now. I’m pleasant towards her (I see her at work regularly) but I wouldn’t touch that with YOUR dick. I’ve barely disguised my disgust with her and lately, she’s dropped some weight and is on a grand (heh ^3) exercise kick, which she chatters about to everyone.

      If she drops another 100 lbs, she might be a 4-5, still well below my target zone, but at least doable if the killer asteroids were close and I could ignore her paint-peeling personality (she’s a nominal Christian who claims she screws around and aborts a lot).

      Fatty NON-acceptance can go a long way to start addressing the problem, one blimp at a time. Ignore the fat acceptance folks – they will be dead soon, in any case.


    • I’m proud to say I have never shagged a Yank woman. They’re a serious turn-off.


      • on August 14, 2012 at 10:56 am thasswhatimtalkinbout

        yeah, lots of american women are total pigs.

        but you seen the average british woman lately?

        just as fat. incomprehensible accents. crappy personalities. ugly clothes and make-up.

        and don’t get me started on british dental hygiene.

        give me a french or italian woman any day.


  2. Please tell me you read this piece justifying single motherhood:

    A lot of hamster rationalizations in there.


    • 2 kids by 2 different days= loser. case closed


    • Sickens me to read that crap. There’s a lot of things I hate about feminism, but nothing as much as the pain it has caused to so many children.


    • “people often refer vaguely to “studies.” I am not a huge believer in studies because they tend to collapse the complexities and nuance of actual lived experience and because people lie to themselves and others.”

      Is that not one of the fastest spinning hamsters in existance?


      • Yes! This ^^.
        Marcus is 100% on the money. Studies may be useful tools, especially when one can frame the results from them through a strong prism of common sense, like Heartiste does, but they are in no way definitive, EVER. They are at best a simplistic abstraction of the unfathomable interconnectedness of all things that makes up the fabric of existence. Use them to gain insight, yes, but never believe they are the be and and end all of knowledge.


    • “I am not a huge believer in studies because they tend to collapse the complexities and nuance of actual lived experience and because people lie to themselves and others.”

      This is the kind of thinking that a Princeton Ph.D. in literature gets you? What hogshit.

      And her adverbs and adjectives are out of control; she’s like a first-year student drunk on thesaurus.


    • This one is the killer:

      Young men need jobs so they can pay child support



    • Dude, that’s f*-ing sad. The kids are suffering for want of an actual father (like one, who’s here husband).


  3. Thank you CH. Thank you.

    The timing of this post hits very close to home. I almost convinced myself to see a chubby on the opposite coast, because she confessed her love to me. *ehem* More like my dry spell is the size of the sahara desert. She even offered to pay for the flight. The fuck is wrong me.


    • Speaking of timing,as I read this post I am listening to the ablum,”HELP” by the Beatles. Song playing as I read? “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away”!! Ha ha ha Das funny!


    • July, don’t fuck yourself because of statistics. Quality isn’t a size (within reasonable limits). You will have to make sure she understands that you expect her to get off the sheeple diet and to exercise and otherwise care for herself, but love shouldn’t be denied. You might not get another woman willing to do as much for you. Social dominance is for men what beauty is for women, so you need to be realistic about your options, just as she is.

      The posts here are just about the truth that needs more air time. The way you should apply these things to your life is like a navigation helper, not as if you live in some kind of a social vacuum and the only factor is the other person’s quality.

      I’m a big woman…a whole lot less fat than I used to be, but still big and a bit masculine and muscular. When I was bigger, even actually just 5 kilos bigger, I attracted mostly highly aggressive guys across the spectrum from cops to thugs, and a nerdy guy here and there. My preference was for the nerdy, so that’s the way I went sometimes, and this was a huge mistake exactly because of what’s been posted today. It’s all good until their balls are drained and they’re feeling secure…and I’m not the bitch to try to break a dude’s ego down so he’ll stay with me.

      A few kilos later, it’s all about the butch, and my preferences shifted that way too for “pavlovian” reasons.

      So if she’s big, but she’s working on herself, she’ll only get hotter from here, and in the future, will attract more dominant guys than you and not look back. You’ll be a footnote from her past because a dude with a high enough sex drive and a realistic eye is going to shag the hell out of her and help her improve herself…like my current lover.

      You could be that guy instead…or you could be a tool who takes criticism of unrealistic idiots justifying their herdbeastliness too much to heart. None of us here rightly gives a care really who you are shagging in real life. The point is that you understand what motivates you so that love isn’t tainted with lies.


  4. Looser standards = Loser standards


  5. on August 13, 2012 at 2:53 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


    hey heartsistez as of late i have taken to giong t2 church every sunday where da mangina preacher absolves all da womenz of thier sinz and tells me i am going to helllzz for tryingto ask out cock-carosuleel riders who are all goingt o heavenz wher ethey shall sing with harps and engaeg in conctanst buutccicocking dat is secrtely taped as dat is da neoconcths hevaenz zlzlzozlzllzoz

    but i have oticced a few paardoxes about da “christian” blogssopeheerz zzlzozozlzo, namely this:

    Dalrock & Vox’s Christianity is not the Christianity of Jesus Christ

    Posted this at Dalrock’s blog, who placed my comments in limbo, as the words of Christ in the Sermon on the Mount are considered to be “too disruptive” on a Christian blog. lzozlzozozlzo. & dat is why like d da heartsites as heartises never cesors da words of jesus christ as heartsites does not fear them zlzolzoozzlzoz for his soul is pure

    Interesting that this post should be titled “losing the narrative.”

    Dalrock states that Christians need “Game,” and Vox writes, “I’m neither the first nor the only one to notice the intrinsic relationship between Biblical Christianity and the foundational concepts of Game: Women are fallen and women are inherently different than men. Being truth, Game is a subset of Christianity that happens to relate to an area of particular importance and interest to men.”

    Vox states that Game is Truth and that it is a subset of Christianity. The most-respected, most-read, and most-profound blogger on Game is Heartiste. His “Sixteen Commandments of Poon” summarize Game:

    Heartiste makes no claims of being a Christian, but he may well be, as there are those who say they are not going, who go, just as there are those who say they are going, who do not go.

    Dalrock and Vox are stating that the teachings of Heartiste are the same as those of Christ, who, by all accounts, defines Christianity. Dalrock and Vox are thus submitting that the Sermon on the Mount actually goes something like this:

    The Beginning of the Sermon on the Mount
    1 And seeing the multitudes, Dalrock went up into a mountain: and when he was set, his disciple Vox came unto him:
    2 and he opened his mouth, and taught them, saying,

    The Beatitudes
    Lk. 6.20-23
    3 ¶ Blessed are those who fuck her good: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
    4 ¶ Blessed are they that ignore her beauty: for they shall be comforted. Is. 61.2
    5 ¶ Blessed are the irrationally self-confident: for they shall inherit the earth. Ps. 37.11
    6 ¶ Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after two women in the kitty: for they shall be filled. Is. 55.1, 2
    7 ¶ Blessed are the ones who never say “i love you” first: for they shall obtain mercy.
    8 ¶ Blessed are they that keep her guessing and never marry her: for they shall see God. Ps. 24.4, 5
    9 ¶ Blessed are they that make her jealous: for they shall be called the children of God.
    10 ¶ Blessed are they which are persecuted for too much boldness: 1 Pet. 3.14 for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
    11 ¶ Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for Game’s sake. 1 Pet. 4.14
    12 Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets 2 Chr. 36.16 · Acts 7.52 which were before you.

    Folks–if we are to regain Christianity, will it come from men acting less Christain and perverting the teachings of Christ, or will it come from men following the true teachings of Christ over Game?

    I leave you with the true teachings of Christ, and I fully understand that I may be censored/banned/persecuted for doing so:

    The Beginning of the Sermon on the Mount
    1 And seeing the multitudes, he went up into a mountain: and when he was set, his disciples came unto him:
    2 and he opened his mouth, and taught them, saying,

    The Beatitudes
    Lk. 6.20-23
    3 ¶ Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
    4 ¶ Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted. Is. 61.2
    5 ¶ Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth. Ps. 37.11
    6 ¶ Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. Is. 55.1, 2
    7 ¶ Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.
    8 ¶ Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God. Ps. 24.4, 5
    9 ¶ Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.
    10 ¶ Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: 1 Pet. 3.14 for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
    11 ¶ Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. 1 Pet. 4.14
    12 Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets 2 Chr. 36.16 · Acts 7.52 which were before you.

    The Salt of the Earth
    13 ¶ Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savor, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men. Mk. 9.50 · Lk. 14.34, 35



    • You understand neither Christianity nor game. “The Sixteen Commandments of Poon” are casually premised on nihilism and Epicureanism. It is not a complete creed, despite its borrowed framework from theology. Your comparison is therefore facile, bordering on the incoherence of an autistic eighth grader who thinks he wrote a doctoral dissertation.

      If you want to say Epicureanism is not consistent with Christianity, well, no shit. Game is one kind of power, like, say, the martial arts. (Didn’t Prophet Fuzzy-Fez attempt to promulgate the term “Venusian Arts”?) You can deploy that power toward good ends or evil ends. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Game doesn’t fuck bitches, people with game fuck bitches.

      There is nothing intrinsic to a study of that power that dictates the exclusive application of that power. CH’s immature worship of “dark” ends (EVIL IS KEWL) doesn’t fool or impress those of us who didn’t discover his manhood at his knee. Your mistaking Poon Commandments for a religion is the consequence of fellating your superior and swallowing his seed whole.

      Further, feminist, your feminized Christianity is a non sequitur in the aftermath of the feminist-created sexual revolution. Delivering a woman from the cock carousel by means of force is a corporal work of mercy.

      Wedge The Protocols of the Elders of Zion between your ass, bone up on Zeitgeist three more times, and picket Bretton Woods. Do something more productive and congruent with your paranoid Jew-spiracy nonsense.



      • on August 13, 2012 at 3:44 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        matt r you anti-semetic?

        what “jew-spiarcy” r u talking about? dat sounds kinda demeaining!

        my mom is jewish, just like jesus’s mom was.

        hope dat is cool with u!


      • Is she hot? I’ll fuck her!


      • on August 13, 2012 at 4:54 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        lzoozlz she is skiiny

        so she is not 4 u beta boy!!

        go get one of yo fat bototm girls make the rockin world go round!

        GET ON YOUR BIKE & RIDE!! lzoooz


      • Ah habs dat bitch workin da shtreetz fo me! Ha ha ha


      • matts been taking a beating over at tomassi’s

        the abused now attempt to abuse– the cycle continues


      • on August 13, 2012 at 5:32 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        yeah who pissed in king a’s cheheheriosososo cheerios? cheeroririeoosososo cheeriross?

        king a eeds 2 learn dat saying big words and driopping names like epeictcururue epcictcus epicctusturs deosns’t mke eopel repsetz you zzlzozozlzozlzo

        while i ado admire king a;s sepllingz and grammarz, his logic and resonsz levase a lot to be desired zlool


      • Please explain the relationship with Epicurianism? Epictetus was a stoic of the highest order. I think he would not even approve of PUA or would consider it a trivial waste of time. He was a rather pious and modest man in his everyday life, as I recall.


      • on August 13, 2012 at 4:56 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


        What the lesser men dan heartiste always do is go,


        dids is because dey are less dan heartistes and envoy heartiste for being a man enough to define game, so all da “me too” fanboys jump on in behind him going “yah yah i am better dan heartsiets as epiccrus and jeuss are pua gamerz! lzozlzooz”

        hearteits trick is to be heartiste
        and thus always stay
        two steos stees stepz eahd ahead


      • You characterize Epictetus correctly, but Epictetus ≠ Epicurus. Epicurus died three centuries before Epictetus was born. That said, neither is Epicurus’ philosophy the basic hedonism espoused by the Chateau. Epicurus’ philosophy is materialistic, certainly, but in the scientific rather than the cupidinous sense. The telos is ataraxia, the absence of suffering, achieved by seclusion and moderation in all things. As for the Epicurean opinion of PUA praxis, I quote:

        They say that sex is never beneficial, and you are very lucky (or, “it is surprising,” or “it is marvellous”) if it does not do harm as well.


      • Thanks. That is why I was curious over the reference King A used as it was out of context for a philosophy that held moderation in high esteem. I knew Epicurianism was a form of Stoicism and I had forgotten about Epicurus and confused the two. Thanks for correcting me.


      • I appreciate your fine distinction-making, I’m not a student of Epicurus’s works. I use it as shorthand for dignified pleasure-seeking, or a materialist-/positivist-grounded hedonism, terms which if anything would cause more confusion than clarity. If Epicureanism fits within stoicism as you seem to be saying, all the better. That gives it the firmest possible ground on which to stand in its challenge to Christianity both in its ascetic and “abundant life” interpretations.

        More precisely I was writing against what might be called, after Plato (Gorgias 493a-d), the “leaky bucket brigade” of PUA hedonism — the need to constantly chase more and greater pleasures just as one must continually fill a bucket that leaks. If Epicurus rightly understood is stoic enough to advocate plugging the bucket, then welcome aboard. I understood him as the ancient father of materialism and, through Poggio Bracciolini’s medieval rediscovery of Lucretius, a chief driver of modern positivism.

        Again, I appreciate your level of criticism, I welcome your correction, and I encourage it, especially in contrast to the swarm of uppity ignorance that infests this place.



      • Epiktetus and Epicuros; two different guys with different legacies.


      • OK I’ll explain that. Epicurians are actually like hedonists but a hedonist may recklessly engage in things without thinking of the consequences. The Epicurian avoids certain things not out of some puritanism or because he doesn’t like pleasure but because he’s determined that ultimately the pain of engaging in certain things will outweigh any pleasure. He may not be against taking cocaine for example but knows that eventually he’ll just feel crappier than before he started.


      • Appreciate the clarification.


      • I think if you read Epictetus, you would find him to be on the level of St. Augustine in terms of spiritual development. Highly recommended.


      • on August 13, 2012 at 7:06 pm Holden Caulfield

        Sounds like someone settled for a fat chick and this post hit wayyyy too close to home. . .


      • Lawd, I despise outhouse psychology… especially after heartiste has gone through the trouble of blogging about how the it’s the last resort of the femcunts and libtards.

        Anyone who posts replies along the lines (or variations thereof) “You’re just jealous!”, “Hit a nerve?”, “What does it matter to you?”, “Must be you have a small dick”, etc. has to clean the chateau’s toilets.


      • on August 14, 2012 at 3:14 pm Mr. Pointyface

        Amazing debates about the precise interpretations of the angels on the head of the pin and your invisible friends…


      • Says the pin head with no friends.

        Your anti-Christian snark is played… soooooo played.

        Develop a new act… and then take it on the road, Zippy.


    • I think you misspelled darlockas cockas darlocockas dalrocka dalrock’ dalrocklostacockkass dalcockas.


      • on August 13, 2012 at 10:26 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        lzoozlzzl yah i had my spell checkz turned off so it idd not catch da missppelingz of darlocockas dalrocka dalrock’ dalrocklostacockkass dalcockas but dat is why i am gald to have all of ye good samartitznsnslzozozolzolzo


    • Masculine Christianity has been tried before:


  6. Probably OT:

    The humanities have a liberal bias in academia


  7. Totally true from my experience – observing and with myself. I mean, I never fucked a fat woman “U.S. standards” (I lived in Brazil and Argentina now), but time to time I would go for the semi-fat horny girl around. As my game, personality and appearance evolved I’m finding myself just laying slim women.


  8. Chicken or the egg? Fat woman or supplicating male? They are symbiotic.

    But the symbiosis is destroyed quickly once a man peeks behind the feminist curtain, and he remembers that he hates fat women like everyone hates bad breath. It simply must cease to be impolite to call a whale a whale.

    That’s why the revolution will be swift. The pedestal is groaning under the girth, closer to collapse with every bon-bon.



    • This morning I came very, very close to publicly shaming a five-seven, two-hundred-sixty-pound fatass. He was buying two extra large bear claws for breakfast.

      I know myself. It’s only a matter of time now, and when it comes, it’ll be from my very soul.


      • I’m seeing some ideological inconsistency here. What’s up with that?


      • Can’t walk on one claw.


      • Not sure of the purpose of your trolling. Fatties gotta stop fatting.


      • Niggas gotta stop nigging. Spics gotta stop spiccing. You tolerate them when they fall down and fail to act like civilized humans, why not fat people too? They cause less damage than the thugs do. Where is your secular human compassion and tolerance for diversity?


      • Practice trolling on someone else, Tyrone, and when you get better at it, send me the link so that I can give you a progress report.

        Self-determination is near and dear to my heart. So is taking responsibility for one’s own actions. All people need to do it. No excuses based on color. Not very 2012 “liberal” is it?

        I’d also point out that your definition of damage is limited to the physical kind. But white-collar financial crime is the most damaging of all. Exhibit A: Countrywide. Exhibit B: Enron. Etc, etc, etc. Those repercussions will be felt by millions of people over decades, in grindingly small ways that will only be able to be seen from above. And if we assume that white people largely control the financial community, then it was mostly white people committing that damage before slinking off into their gated communities.

        Similarly, fat people are damaging this nation in an untold number of ways that you and I are just beginning to figure out.

        Lastly, since you consider “diversity” such a bugaboo word, it’s hard to resist pointing out the simple fact that marrying someone who was raised in another nation, speaking another language — German, Russian, Ukranian, whatever she is — is one of the textbook definitions of cultural diversity.


        But thanks for the comment. This alpha loves to fight.


      • I don’t consider diversity a bugaboo, I just get tired of everyone demanding special privileges for it and demanding I pay for it by either giving up my place in line or otherwise disdvantaging myself so they can get me to give up my position of strength in order for them to gain it and then turn around and shit on me later. That’s what AA and diversity is really about in limousine liberal world.

        I consider new Europeans to be new blood and highly desireable to the US. An invasion of Muds less so. You identify with the Muds. I want to send them home unless they can provide a good justification for why we should keep. Since 36% of all immigrants and mostly the brown ones are on welfare, there is little justification for letting them stay, especially when they lower the wages for American workers already here.

        Enron and Countrywide are perfect examples of crony capitalism, made most possible by over regulation and bad social legislation brought to you by whom? The Democrat ongoing criminal conspiracy brought these to us.

        I was just trying to get a self righteous rise out of you because you take yourself so seriously. I enjoy yanking your chain.


      • I enjoy yanking your chain.

        Too easy a target, unworthy of your steel… aka “A gentleman doesn’t shoot ducks in a barrel.”


      • Consider my chain yanked. Self-righteousness is my Achilles’ heel. Well done.

        Some rebuttals, however:

        Crony capitalism crosses party lines. They’re ALL guilty of it, not just Dems. Repugnicans actually do it even moreso. Reform is needed overall. And Dems are generally infavor of MORE oversight, not less, so your argument holds no water.

        You’re standing in line for …. what exactly? Doughtnuts? Concert tickets? I’ve heard it before, but never understood that meme.

        Limousine libs are narcissists. I dislike them too.

        American wages have beeen lowered by the people who pay the wages. If business owners wanted to pay an appropriate hourly wage, there’s nothing stopping them … except that fifteen-year-old in Indonesia who’ll accept two dollars a day to build sneakers. Focus your anger on the ones writing the checks, not the ones accepting them. And they, for better or worse, are mostly white.

        Going offline now for the better part of a week. Thanks for the civil tone. Cheers.


      • No inconsistency at all. Michelle “Big Boned” Obama is helming an anti-obesity campaign, so this clears Jason’s fattist bigg-otry with the higher-ups. This alpha loves to bite.



      • Cute. Your word-to-pun ratio is sky high.


      • Er, make that pun-to-word. (Much better.)


      • While she’s fighting O-besity, weightier matters will have to wait.


      • Top cover only means the leaders are corrupt and engage in the mob behavior too. Did throwing stones at the adulteress make it right because there was a popular consensus to do so as well as traditional precedent?




    • Hmm. Dunno.

      How do the researchers define “stressed” men? What is their definition of “stress”?

      Sometimes they define stressed men as men as lower educated, low income, low socio-economic men. If so, that will pick up a lot of black males who have have a propensity for fat chicks.

      Also, from primate studies, alpha males are very competitive and often engage in conflicts to maintain their status and are thus actually more stressed than lower level (but not omega) males. Alpha males also have more testosterone and are more likely to be open to fucking everything that moves.

      These things are conflicting, and the study is not very clear.

      But however they define it, Bill Clinton must really have been stressed.


    • Sure they can. They can always choose to accept nothing.


    • So called “science” only tells us what we already knew and attempts to explain it. But I don’t see how any beta who has the traits that repel females is going to learn to be Alpha. He just can’t grow another 6″ or hide those nervous sweat stains under his armpits or his shaky beta voice that cracks at the slightest provocation. Whether you think so or not, females are very visual and have already rejected unsuitable men on sight. It’s virtually impossible to overcome this rejection and no amount of talk or “game” is going to do it.And besides, is it really even worth it.


  10. It’s interesting that the heightened or “lower need for safety precautions” is, in today’s society, largely imagined. The vestigial behaviors of our ancestors are no longer usually expressions of actual safety or strength. Take the twitchy but wealthy beta provider who may break men over his knee in the workplace yet still loses in the smp to the broke but calm indie rock coffee shop guitar player.

    Also, a connection that is screaming out to be made is that this post’s phenomenon underlies black men’s supposed preference for fat women.

    NOT trolling here but think about it: by and large, the average black man in america has less resources, is more likely to be hurt by violent crime, has been exposed to the prison system which is designed to quash any swaggering (alpha) behavior, etc. The average black man is, societally speaking, betacized. If you live in dangerous ghetto, in very practical ways you would be ‘stressed’ and fearful for your day to day safety.

    It makes sense that such a person would ‘prefer’ fat women.

    To take that even further, the black men that are so genetically, naturally alpha that even the horrible conditions they live in don’t dent their calm alpha swagger would be even more irresistible to women than normal. We all know the lengths that women will go to obtain an alpha seed even in materially comfortable societies. Cue the huge harems and women who can’t help but carry their alpha spawn. Hello Maury!

    Again, no trolling. This is one of the few places on the internet that such a topic can be discussed from an evolutionary biology perspective.


    • But, how can they be alpha and choose to settle like betas for fat woman?


      • MacCool, let me clarify. I suspect most poor black men settle for fat women. The few poor black men that don’t settle for fat women are the ones whose alpha swagger is, for whatever reason, so strong that the shitty conditions the average black man in america grows up in don’t affect them. Because of their scarcity, they go on to be even more attractive to the ‘highest quality’ women (only within that milieu, of course).


      • Thanks for explain. In Brazil we got a lot of blacks, but they generally are not fat at all, neither mestizos, indians or whites btw.


    • Most ghetto Black guys have outsized egos and constantly jockey to be top dog. That alone generates the hyper-violence that characterizes Black life. However Black women are MUCH MUCH fatter than women of any other race. By a LOT. This is a function of diet/exercise. Black men and women both eat fatty/terrible food, Black guys get a lot of exercise and work out a lot, jockeying for top dog position, Black women hardly move. Thus, a sexual dichotomy in fatness.

      Black guys are far different from White guys in the type of society they inhabit.


      • Do you have some information or theory on why? Why black females are so fat in the U.S.? Here in Brazil they picture the U.S. fat population as white ALWAYS, the american media give us this impression. In fact, if I wasn’t in the game community I would think the norm was lean with big booty!


      • Black women are fatter in the U.S. because they don’t eat like Africans. Even in African countries where they favor a bit more junk in the trunk, the fat distribution is different because the Africans are getting fat on natural food and the Americans are eating mostly junk/industrial food. They also eat more because their hunger mechanisms are broken from a lifetime of eating fake food and way too much sugar/carbs.

        One of the first changes that happened to my body when I went natural is that I grew an ass and started having an actual waist. When I injured my achilles tendon and couldn’t exercise as much, my waist still got smaller, and ass more pronounced even though the weight loss was stagnating.

        The typical western diet is death and ugliness for us. It’s kinda fucked up to think that a good bit of what you’re looking at isn’t just the fat but inflammation.


      • I see. I read sometime ago that Indians and blacks were more prone to get fat because they lived for thousand of years in a ambient poor in fats, hence for the evolutionary reason they have scarcity of fat they store it more furiously than whites that lived in ambient which provided frequently more fat – it’s a theory and I’m not saying white people didn’t starve many times as well hehe


      • They said that when less was known about epigenetics. Before, they could get away with it, but now it’s much more difficult. Yes, the genes do have something to do with it, but the environment screwed up how those are expressed. On an African diet, even the Americas version of it, we don’t start carrying much extra fat even if we’re rich, until we’re old, and that’s a maybe. We’re eating lots of vegetables, a substantial amount of meat and fat, almost no grains that haven’t been fermented or altered to make their proteins more accessible, and very little in the way of sweets. We are consuming a lot of calories when we can, but we burn them too.

        So yes, we do get fat more easily as in we suffer more from living on a diet of primarily carbohydrates and processed vegetable fats. So we should, like, not do that. Then we won’t be as fat.


      • Something that came across on my facebook newsfeed this past year was that hunger is abated NOT by the amount of food but by the nutritional value of the food, which makes absolute sense. Your body will continue to tell you to eat if it doesn’t have the kind of food it needs.


      • NB: I imagine this is the same idea behind some women’s cravings during pregnancy.


      • I definitely think you’re on to something here.


      • Fantastic fact-based observations, Nicole. More of this.


      • Thank you, King A. 🙂 I’ll pop in and out from time to time when I have a break.


      • Black women do not enjoy washing their hair, as it is nappy and very curly. This makes it a pain to wash. For black women, exercise and the associated negative consequence are to be avoided.


      • Black people who eat like Africans and wear their hair like Africans have no problems with hygiene or exercising. In fact, we’re too naturally hyper to not exercise. Don’t judge us all by the behavior of the lost.


  11. “The researchers go on to speculate that stressed men gravitate (heh) to fat chicks because those women are perceived as being better able to survive periodic famines, and to have higher social status that allows them to afford more food.”

    Even though we might still do it instinctively, I don’t know if we can equate weight with higher social status anymore. I tend to equate weight with lower status due to the poor quality food that can be obtained cheaply. However, the idea that men with high stress having one less thing to worry about (feeding) regarding women does make sense to me. In fact, it reminds me of an interesting debate I had over a year ago in which a male friend and I stated that due to the recession, men with a paunch were likely to become more attractive to women.


  12. on August 13, 2012 at 3:24 pm Holden Caulfield

    “kinda has a cute face in the right light: total darkness.” absolute fucking money line


  13. I’d be curious to see if the study tracked waste-to-hip ratio. There are girls who are on the large size but still have small wastes leading to often spectacular hour glass figures. They are very rare, but they do exist.


    • stopped reading at “waste”


    • on August 13, 2012 at 3:49 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

      i think dat da more waste dey expel outta der butthole da thinner da hips are

      but i am no rocket scietentszz zlzolzlzllz


    • That’s what I was going to say.
      (Except that I’d have phrased it more briefly:
      “Much depends on where the fat is located.”)

      However I think that women with slender waists hardly ever reach a BMI that can be considered fat, at least not by American standards.


    • I’d be interested too. Heartiste would consider me fat, since my BMI is 24. But my WHR is .72. My waist size generally doesn’t change when I gain or lose weight, so technically, if I lost weight, my WHR would go up.


      • At a BMI of 24 you are fat for a female. The BMI only applies to men who naturally have heavier bones.
        A 5’7″ female at 160 lbs would have a BMI of 23 and that would look pretty chunky to most normal men. The max. BMI for a female should be under 20.
        Of the younger females I know who are about 5’7″ they all weigh between 110 and 120 lbs. and all look perfectly healthy with good sized boobs. If a female is underweight it almost always shows on her boobs first.


      • You’ve got your math wrong. A 5’7 woman at 160 would have a BMI of 25.1. A 5’7 woman at 146 would just be approaching 23. If you consider that fat, fine, but a medical professional would view that weight as healthy for women with medium to large bone structures.

        At any rate, BMI really isn’t a good measurement of how fat someone is. Two different women can weigh the same but look completely different depending on body structure.


    • oh, beta_plus, the looser who doesn’t know Norway has lax gun control laws and Breivik bought his guns legally, just like Holmes


  14. Combine that with post hoc rationalization for the men, and feminists glorifying obesity as a “lifestyle choice”, and you’ve got fat pride and the illusion of a sea of men who “prefer” overweight women.

    Reading your posts is like finding the last few puzzle pieces under the couch. Keep it up.


  15. This business about why so many betas date portly women is not all true. I am a beta, probably more high than low, and prefer large, sturdy women to the emaciated figurines worshiped on this website . This is likely owing to two childhood experiences. One occurred after I had reached the tender age of five. A mother of a friend, in possession of two thick thighs, maliciously spread those thighs to reveal a dense bush tucked behind them. The fact that she was not wearing panties more than suggests that a crime against childhood was being perpetrated.
    A second incident occurred at the age of eleven years while visiting an older cousin in the country. She was a big broad shouldered girl who helped her father with the chores (milking cows, splitting fire wood, weeding the garden, etc) . On our return from a swim in the creek, from five feet away she shed her swimming suit, and proceeded to relieve herself. The event revealed a bottom of considerable proportions. I believe there were elements of titillation and malice in her act. At any rate, the measures she took prompted many erotic thoughts in the nights to come.
    These two incidents explain why as an adult I find broad shouldered, strapping woman with powerful legs the ideal in feminity. A Minnesota Milk Maid if you will. And why I find the skeletal, so called super models of today as appealing as twelve year old boys.
    In turn this is why at a social events my approach to the under fed is of laconic indifference. Unhappily it seems all the robust women are married up. Fortunately I am married to a woman who carries some of the ideal features noted above, most particular a set of powerful legs, that only now, along with her buttocks, shake slightly as she strides across the carpet toward bed.
    Profound child hood experiences such as these go a long way in explaining why so many men prefer the robust over the gaunt.


  16. Beta males, then, are in a constant state of heightened anxiety; also known as being stressed out.

    Or Hypervigilance –


  17. I like big butts… I cannot deny.

    (talking Anita Ekberg in her Trevi Fountain heyday, or Jane Russell in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes)


    • When I think of Anita Ekberg or Jane Russell, it’s not the butt that comes to mind.
      (Though I’d like them even more if it did.)


      • Agreed… the tremendous rack was the major turn-on, but I couldn’t work it into the lyric.


      • Funny how they would be considered too big by Hollywood standards nowadays, even as America “at large” becomes more and more so…


      • Depends on what you mean by “too big”. My guess is that breast size is no longer an asset in actresses because nowadays men can find titillation on the web; but there might be a PC factor in there too.
        Anita Ekberg said that when she was in her best shape, her waist size was no larger than her head size. You don’t see actresses like that anymore.


    • I don’t think they’re big, fat, or even plump. No one today would call them fat either. This (claiming that someone likes a fat chick, when she is actually perfectly normal or even thin) is a case like that of the husband in American Beauty quitting his job in order to live a simple life and still living in a magnificent mansion.


      • I feel the same way, but by today’s standards, well…

        Hell, even back in the seventies, if you remember that movie Carnal Knowledge, the thin athletic gal who played Garfunkle’s wife referred to :Nicholson’s wife (a lusciously zaftig Ann-Margret) as a “tub of lard”.


  18. Don’t forget the extra high end of the standards spectrum. The virgins, keyboard jockeys, and guys huddling in groups of chode-crystals in the club with a drink up at their chest judging girls walking by instead of talking to them…aka the guys who don’t get laid but spout “pointy elbow” judgements lol

    Those guys always make me laugh. “I wouldn’t fuck her.”. No, you COULDN’T fuck her.

    You can’t have “standards” until you can actually get women.


  19. 1 out of 2 things in this area have something to do with body language. Now if I told you nothing else about a girl, is it hip swinging or an ape walking girl you want on a blind date? Since girls don’t use looks as much they are always on a blind date. If its the best information they have, men will decline ape walk girl just like a girl will decline jittery beta boy because in their case its always good information.


  20. I think this is just a basis, and not quite the whole flavor. If you reverse peoples sexual preferences by looking at the deviation in searches in porn sites you can actually see the alpha to beta state in first world society today. Just troll a couple porn sites and you will find the distribution of videos about 80%beta/20%alpha in tag for tag.

    If you think about the term pawg, you can also intimate that people who come from “diverse” backgrounds prefer heavier women because they were stressed from the effects of scarcity. They pretty it up by liking “Dat Ass”.

    You even delve even deeper then this too.

    I think the more useful factor here is that the femicunt agenda could see this and know the ramification of the quart of ice cream they are shoving down their gullet.

    From a sexual standpoint my body definitely prefers chubby quirky women. For you betas out there this can springboard you into many aloof encounters with woman way out of your fuck zone. You wont feel anything towards them till the fucking begins, that could be a great experience. At least thats how I rool.

    I bet you there is a ratio in glial scarring of the hippocampus (it never gets old lolol fatjokes) and scarring in the areas responsible for determine mate selection.

    I would differentiate from your maxim. It’s not accurate.

    A more accurate one would be:

    Perceived Value = Less Options

    As you should know by now the perception of value is the honing of focus, and thus less options can be considered. You don’t need science or game to see that, you just need to pay attention.

    Your maxim does point to one of mine as well though:

    Scarcity is stimulation in a huxlian world.


  21. I would say beta males of today have a heightened SOCIAL anxiety of being the subject of a social faux pas. Black men (and women) are judged incapable of doing so in White society, same with other non-Whites, and Alpha Males. John Mayer can boast of his hood pass, Charlie Sheen undergo multiple interventions, it doesn’t matter — they’re Alpha Males. Joe Cube Dweller Average is one wrong word from disaster.

    However, his physical surroundings are peaceful. His risk of getting shot is minuscule compared to a Black ghetto dweller or barrio home-boy. He is not going to get beaten. And his female peers need rely on no single man for protection, because the State does that for them now.

    I don’t think that will hold. Even White beta males won’t put up with social anxiety forever. And physical safety is now rapidly regressing as the days of Whitopia in the exurbs comes to an end. Meaning safety is spelled M-A-N who sticks around and defends his woman, what good is an Alpha if he and his protection are not around when needed?


  22. Contrarian perspective here:

    Anyone else ever wish for a short, round-bottomed girl that you can casually pound into at full thrust from time to time. I had a friend like that once. Kind of pretty, not overweight but not slender either. I dumped a lot of loads into that girl. If I could ever manage a harem, I think one of my girls would have to be the short curvy power lay.


  23. You claim that alphas are relaxed, and the stressed beta can be identified as beta because the outward signs of his stress are noticeably different from the outward signs of relaxation displayed by the alpha. But being stressed is not the only state that’s noticeably different from being relaxed. For example, the state of being energized. I am thinking of Kramer, who is portrayed on Seinfeld as successful with women despite his constantly manic appearance. Actually, as viewers we are led to infer that his success *results from* his visible mania. How could mania be attractive to women? A ridiculous example from a previous post of yours sticks in my mind: locking eyes with a woman from across the room and then bending over and talking to her thru your ass cheeks, Ace Ventura-style, will signal to her that your smv is simply too high, that you are alpha to the point of hopeless unattainability. While I understand that your inclusion of this behavior in your list was hyperbolic with the intent of comic effect, it still seems to be based on a general principle at odds with the notion of a relaxed alpha. In fact, such behavior sounds characteristic of someone who is bipolar, off their meds, and going thru a manic phase. Mania, which is about as different from relaxed as you can get, is unpredictable, and unpredictability turns women on.


    • Kramer is a fictional character living in a fictional universe. Bad example; the writers can make women in that universe attracted to whoever they want.


      • Most of these keyboard omegas are living in their own basement dwelling world too 🙂


      • I dunno man… that kvorka is big mojo.


      • Just the fact that the show has writers should not prevent us from learning a lesson about social dynamics from their scripts. After all, what is Heartiste himself but a writer?


      • Hence, Twilight… and Kristen Stewart’s big crash-‘n-burn.


      • the writers can make women in that universe attracted to whoever they want

        that’s true, but nevertheless kramer has many alpha characteristics:

        – has been with and is desired by a lot of women
        – doesn’t give a shit what anybody else thinks
        – comes and goes as he pleases
        – has his own unique style
        – says what’s on his mind, no matter how ridiculous or offensive
        – has an air of mystery about him
        – never apologizes, but reframes instead
        – comes up with an idea or plan and just goes for it without second guessing or overthinking

        compare him to george or jerry, and it’s obvious who the hottest girls would be banging if they were in the real world.


  24. Who knew loneliness could be such an overwhelming emotion to a man that they would lower their standards and go after a health risk.

    Emotions controlling your actions are for women…stay logical and go after the healthy ladies.


  25. I wonder if the hungry hungry hippo who charged the stage in Iowa to get at Ryan has a beta boyfriend or a houseful of cats.


  26. Beta males and fat chicks settle for each other.


  27. I’m a fidgety Game-practicing spaz still getting AMOGed by my naturally Greater Beta buddy whose moves have only changed a little since 2004. (Heartiste gave me an Alpha Assessment rating of 3 a few years back)

    So ( Greater Omega + Game ) by way of Steve Sailer) I realized he was the classic Greater Beta. Great at rambling, peacocking, DHV spikes, social proof. Plenty of 7’s, a few 8’s, but he made “mistakes” that my Lesser Alpha buddies (9’s) don’t – smiling a lot, very slow with kino, giving little trinket gifts (not lock-in props) early on, addressing just the target.

    At any rate, he’s back in town and I figured by now I could match this guy in the field, but no. The guy is a frickin’ laser for approaching the hottest accessible-looking target immediately. If you’re following the three-second rule he’s following the “I approached her yesterday” rule.

    Lessons? 1) nature always looks for a way to trump nurture, 2) he who approaches first approaches best.


    • Your biggest problem is that you’re comparing yourself to him and give a shit if he’s better. Do you think he’s stressing if he’s better than you? Even if he talks shit and challenges you (“I bet I can get her before you can!”) do you think he’s really bothered by it either way?

      “Whoever is reacting to the other person more is the one with lower value.”


      • You do it constantly 🙂


      • Actually, Yareally makes those comparisons, but is confident in himself in a genuine way. You come across as whiney and insecure and trying too hard to impress. Can’t help but imagine that has a negative impact on your sex life.


  28. on August 13, 2012 at 7:20 pm Thasswhatimtalkinbout

    Reminds of the New Yorker last March running a humor piece by a “French” woman claiming that the French term for an obese woman is . .

    wait for it, . . . wait for it . . .

    “une americaine.”

    (For CH readers who don’t know French, “une americaine” means an American woman.)


  29. I tend to think that being stressed out actually leads to homosexual or sexually submissive behavior and not to liking or settling for fat chicks. You see this in packs of baboons I think. When there’s a stresseful situation the subordinate males will try to rub their behinds on the alpha male crotch or something like that.

    I don’t know if I’m one to give advice on this but for me this seems to be true. I guess you could call me bi, but it fits the patterns I mention, whenever I engage in homosexual behavior it’s almost always as a submissive and it’s always when I’m feeling stressed out. I don’t do anything with effeminate guys either, I try to seek out a muscular alpha male type to suck off, even if I have to pay for it (you always do, as few straight guys do this for free). Otherwise you wouldn’t know this about me. I’m OK with girls. I’ve never so much as touched a fat chick and I do OK with pretty girls (not because I have game, but because I’m good-looking). Never thought I had to settle for a fat chick or go for one, even during a panic attack.

    I think subordinate, stressed out males are more likely to be sexually submissive/homosexual (same thing) but because they don’t go as far as I do and actually seek out an alpha male, they maybe want to get dominated by fat chicks or something I don’t know. Or the study isn’t right.


  30. Beta males are more anxious, fidgety, alert and quicker to react to local disturbances than are alpha males. We know this from observing it in the field, and now from various scientific studies examining the phenomenon. The short of it is, if you’re an alpha male, you don’t need as wide a margin of safety as beta males do, for you are less likely than they are to get cold-cocked, challenged or to lose a fight or dominance contest should one erupt. This lower need for safety precautions allows the alpha male to relax in his environment and to assume open, welcoming postures that are alluring to women. It follows that beta males, by practicing and adopting the cool, aloof mannerisms of the alpha male, can attract more and better women. Body language improvement is a fundamental tenet of game, and it works so effectively at heating up interest from women that some men might be tempted to call it magic.

    I am now very aware of my own fidgeting, and am trying to weed it out of my behavior, which is rather difficult especially since I seem to do it more than most guys. IMO, this paragraph was by far the most important part of your post.

    I’ll add to it my own interpretation: beta males also include in their anxious, fidgeting behavior a compulsion to seek out and check out attractive women in the room. This is wrong, because an alpha should coolly mind his own business, because interested women will make themselves noticeable to him, and noticed by him, one way or another. They’ll make a point of waltzing into his steely gaze and give him an opening to pounce on them, like a gazelle wanting to commit suicide-by-lion.


  31. on August 13, 2012 at 8:41 pm Collapseofman

    You ought to link to your more instructional articles in the commentary-oriented ones like this. I know you’ve got some solid body language posts back in the archives somewhere.


  32. OK poofter


  33. Perhaps they want a sumo wrestler to protect them if they get harrassed (I make a joke).

    On a serious note, overweight ladies are problematic on multiple levels. Their obesity is often indicative of mental and emotional problems. Oprah says her over-eating is an attempt to fill a void in her soul that resulted from her being molested by an uncle. I would say a significant portion of the woman who have ballooned up to huge porportions have likewise suffered abuse. Their expanding may be a defense mechanism: it keeps men from wanting to sex them.

    This is just one example, but it demonstrates how guys who think they’ll be on easy street by dating an obese woman are wrong.


  34. Also, look at this blog circulating around facebook lamenting about clueless stalker betas and calling them rapists:

    One thing I had to laugh at in the comments:

    “First time reader/first time poster: When I was younger and a lot more naive, our social circle had a few “saddest pandas” and one of them relayed to me later (after I was married and he’d stopped hitting on me: he was one who drew that line) that he actually was sleeping with women, getting “pity sex” by whining about how long it had been since he’d gotten laid, which was in fact, exaggerated. Saying he hadn’t gotten laid in x number of years was basically a pick up line. I think we should consider that that could be the case here. Not necessarily: but it might be.”

    Beta game?


  35. The perfect car for the man of discernment is a Lotus Elise. It is the nearest thing to a no-excuses, ready to race in prime-time sports car that has ever been released on to the civilian market. For a strong taste of its-alpha-vibe check out Dean Evans slaughter-fest race tape on utube at BratHurst 2005. He is not me and I was not there – but I have been. and did not embarass myself. But nevermind the track-time-stories, ; the glory of little Ms. Elise is that she hates fat chicks so fiiercely that she likes to deliver near fatal levels of humiliation to all of them that might presume to take a ride in her. Fat chicks scream in pain trying to wedge/force their spread out asses into a seat made only for a hottie. THey weep tears of shame when they need to beg for help getting out of the fatty torturing seats
    Meanwhile, the lateral grip of my car is topping 1 g and my two passengers and their 9 foot snake are having the time of their lives.


  36. Verily I say unto youse guys… it ain’t what goes into a woman’s mouth that defiles her… it’s what comes out.


  37. Must the truth be a vicious, glaring searchlight piercing the darkness like a photonic scythe?

    Verily, thou art an uncompromising reporter.


  38. I dunno, and i just don’t get it.

    The study tries to say that guys who are stressed like fat chicks more. Ok.. in real life, they may be so much beta suck that yes, they can only torpedo the homely women that resemble the michellin man. But this study asked them to rate *pictures*!! Not interactions with real women but pictures!

    Christ, i used to see strip clubs packed with losers but they weren’t showing up for amateur hour to see the a beached whale on stage.. they came for the thin ones. I can’t imagine or understand what drove the guys in the study to choose the bigger ones. Does stress cause the same effect as intoxication and beer goggles for some?

    Where the study dives for me is with respect to culture and body types states that where food is scarce, a bigger body type is a sign of health (because most everyone else is wasting away).. but where there is an abundance of food heavy weight is a sign of poor health and low socio-economic status (and lack of self control)

    So again, why would fatter people look MOAR attractive to men, stressed or otherwise, in a country where food is abundant and plentiful and bigger weight is actually an indicator of crap? It’s not like they were asked who they wanted to date, or who they thought they had a realistic chance to have a shot with, they were simply asked who they thought was attractive, in pictures!

    This simply does not compute. At my most stressed moments in my life i wanted nothing more than to be enveloped between the legs of a hot woman with stripperesque and model proportions. Even when i was beta this was not the case.

    Maybe i just have standards.. i dunno.

    Someone commented to me that the difference in body weight in choices in the study was about 5 lbs.. which is so retardedly (can i say that?) miniscule, i had to conclude it was one of those studies that barely proves anything other than men become slightly drunk on stress and might go for the shyer girl with the bigger thighs rather than the bombshell. But the way it was reported, you’d think that a guy has just a twinge of stress and all of a sudden the guy is going googoo gaga for endless rolls of cellulite and bloated FUPA’s.

    Not buying.

    “His ego then does the job of convincing his higher order brain functions that the fat chick he’s plowing kinda has a cute face in the right light: total darkness.”
    Even at my lowest, this was never an option. Would rather have sucked car exhaust into deaths sweet embrace than succumb to animal need to fuck, even tho what im fucking would cause me to throw up.


    • Empathy. Maybe men who have more stress are more likely to be merciful when judging the pictures of strangers. It’s not like they’re being asked to date or fuck them.


  39. I actually read the study, and I looked at the pictures they used.

    The non-stressed guys found women up to 25 BMI attractive. The stressed guys found women up to 30 BMI attractive. 25 to 30 is “overweight, over 30 is “obese”, medically. The two “obese” women in the pictures (BMI about 32 and 37) are fat, but they’re not People of Wal-Mart blimps. They’re just chunky. I see worse on the street all the time. Even when stressed, most men don’t find obese attractive. Their standards will slip to about 30 BMI, but not beyond.

    When a man says he likes curvy women, at least some of those curves have to be concave.


    • A BMI of over 22 is chunky for a female. 30? Are you out of your mind?And what sort of red neck ‘hood do you live in where there are so many lardarses?


    • An average female of 5’5″ would weight 200 lbs. to have a BNI of 32!!! That’sobese not just fat.Fat would be 140 at 5’5″


    • I’ve read the study too now, although I didn’t see the pictures, but how can 30 be the border for obesity? Maybe in the sense of “if you go above BMI 30, you are almost guaranteed to die within a few years from blood pressure or heart failure”, but in the sense of attraction, I think the better words to use would be slightlly chubby (BMI 23-24) chubby (BMI 24-25), fat (BMI 26-30) and extremely fat (BMI 30+).

      I recently (don’t judge me, it was a drought) fucked a chick whose BMI was 27 and I didn’t like the experience at all other than dumping my load. I can’t imagine what 30 and above would be… monstrous!


  40. on August 14, 2012 at 2:15 am Johnycomelately

    I’d love to see the evo psych spiel on big buts, probably offers more protection if one sits on an ant mound…..

    Seems like the gay mafia has men desiring women that look like prepubescent boys. Curves rule.


  41. Did the man in the chateau consider stressed men settle for large women because its less stressful? Less work to convince/attract, less work to keep, less threats to worry about? I don’t think they’re gimped from a females POV, I think they gimp themselves for the peace of mind.


  42. Behold, women send men on a ride with Charon since eternity, no escape
    “Mitochondrial DNA is inherited through the mother only so any harmful mutations which affect only males will have no impact on females, who will continue to pass on mitochondrial DNA to their sons.”
    “mitochondrial DNA harbour mutations which interfere with male fertility, but have no harmful effects on female fertility.”
    Literally killing their male offsprings on purpose. Lets just hope its the testosterone or male-specific metabolites that slap the mitochondria and gladly sacrifices our body during that mission.


  43. What about if your at the club getting hit on by by attractive women and the fat one says she wants to take you home and give your undercarriage the most extensive tounge lashing its ever had followed by swallowing every last drop you ejaculate?

    One in the hand…


  44. This is dedicated to all of you omega pua’s out there.


    • I couldn’t understand the lyrics. Too much “soul” for me, I suppose. Sounds like a pack of baboons broke into an music shop, underwater.

      I clicked on it because of the girl’s face (on the embed photo and at 0:55). Who is she? Too heavily shopped for me to recognize her. All that airbrushing and they didn’t round out her snaggletooth?


  45. Dalrock & Vox’s Christianity is not the Christianity of Jesus Christ…. Dalrock states that Christians need “Game,” and Vox writes, “I’m neither the first nor the only one to notice the intrinsic relationship between Biblical Christianity and the foundational concepts of Game: Women are fallen and women are inherently different than men. Being truth, Game is a subset of Christianity that happens to relate to an area of particular importance and interest to men.”

    Vox states that Game is Truth and that it is a subset of Christianity. The most-respected, most-read, and most-profound blogger on Game is Heartiste.

    The truth is a subset of the Truth, and since Game is a true model of male-female relations, it is a subset of Christianity. This is why it is so compatible with Biblical teachings on said relations.

    As a site dedicated to smashing “pretty lies”, Chateau Heartiste is explicitly dedicated to truth, however ugly or unpleasant it might be. That many will misuse the truth no more renders Game incompatible with the Christian worldview than the fact some will worship demons renders the spiritual world incompatible with it.

    CH is a seeker after truth. As he seeks, he will find.

    And note that God does not like fat chicks either; is not gluttony one of the seven deadly sins?


    • Your thesis sounds like a tautology, but it is not. The same can be expressed through Christ’s subtle, pithy line to Pilate: “Every one who is of the truth hears my voice.”

      This is not an instance of the Almighty positing what is true because He says it’s true. That would be, “Every one who hears My voice knows the Truth.”

      No, truth precedes our recognition of its source — therefore, one doesn’t have to know the truth by his proper name in order to proclaim him. One merely must speak truthfully. The recognition comes later, if at all. Truth prevails in and is disseminated by even those who hate his name.

      Still, there is a better argument which recognizes the accident of appending game to hedonism. Game is manliness incidentally applied to pick-up. Game is not only applicable to pick-up. It is applicable to more than a certain narrow subset of behavior, and most of all, it is operative in many more circumstances than the boyish, self-defeating, and ipso-facto impossible pursuit of infinite gratification.

      You are reinforcing GBFM’s dull conception of the dynamic, and where does that leave you? In the position of evangelizing hedonists about their sinful ways, insisting they come 100% to Christ before they acknowledge the smallest fraction of our shared purpose. You put the cart way before the horse, which is why earnest bible thumpers are laughed off the screen here. You require them to seek the wellspring of truth and fully confess to its source before they have proof of truth’s operational capacity “in the field” or in practical application. As far as they know and continue to ignorantly emphasize, Christianity and game cannot possibly be related and may in fact be total opposites. Telling them Yes It Can and No It’s Not in capital-letters does nothing but marginalize your message and yourself. Show, don’t tell. Lead, don’t explain.

      This audience is peppered with dopey anti-Christians of the most aggressive kind. (Hello, internet.) Counter-aggression is occasionally called for, but that’s not what ultimately shuts them up (much less converts them). What exposes them for the untutored loudmouths they are is a consistent, fearless application of truth to practice, and faith that those presently prepared for the message will receive it. “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” It is only the rare person in a rare moment of rare insight who is equipped to understand, acknowledge, and proclaim the identity of the One Who says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” At all other moments they will be irrationally, rabidly defensive, Pazuzu reacting to holy water.

      The devil is not in pursuit of men, he is in pursuit of the Christ within men. For those who have made themselves spastically reactive against hearing the name of the source of true strength, they have become nullities by their own desire and practice. They have removed themselves from the board of the great chess match and are non-factors. But in my experience, just from planting a flag in dank precincts like these, silent throngs have already rallied in a magnitude haters cannot — and have ruined their own ability to — comprehend or imagine. The ones who speak are not the target audience. They do not suffice as interlocutors.



      • Keep preachin’ it, bro… I know you have your detractors here, but there are a few of us who can bear a good tale’s retelling… and what is more worthy of retelling than the greatest story ever told?


      • The greatest story ever told by the greatest storytellers ever.


      • Been there, done that… D. H. Lawrence makes a far more convincing case in Apocalypse.

        Thing is, all who say God is dead are either dead or dying. Yet Jehovah and His son Christ live on in the hearts and minds of those fighting our Lords underground war until He returns.

        Get right or head gently into the long good night, my friends.


      • This is a great point; a great essay. Whether we are Christians or athiests , most of us are seeking the Truth, whereever that leads.

        During my study of ancient religions, I quickly realized that early Christianity was the first religion based upon inclusiveness rather than secrecy… It was radical in that it destroyed the existing power structures of the Roman Empire , namely by recruiting murderers and prostitutes and telling them they had intrinsic value as human beings.

        Of course, it only took 200 years for the Roman Empire to graft Christianity and Paganism together, to reassert its control over the people, and create our first ‘organized religion’ , the harbringer of 2000 years of corruption and mass mind-control to follow — culminating in the modern-day Vatican.

        Somehow even this corrupted Christianity managed to hold Western civilization together , perhaps through Christianity’s traditional gender roles and knowledge of the actual ‘fallen’ state of women … that is, until we entered the cultural wasteland of the past 50 years. (Feminism, Totalitarianism, Fascism, Moral Relativism, Communism, Marxism, etc).

        For anyone interested in studying and applying ‘radical’ Christianity — that is, devoid of its connection to corrupt organized religion — I would suggest reading Soren Kierkegaard.


      • on August 14, 2012 at 6:23 pm Mr. Pointyface

        All who are whack jobs can hear the invisible voices. Cripes, get on anti-psychotics will you.


      • Who said anything about voices, you jackanapes?

        Avaunt, impious fool.


      • Deep down you know he’s right.


  46. Did you even read the study?

    “Men were randomly assigned to either an experimental group, in which they took part in a task that heightened stress (experimental group, n = 41) or in which they did not take part in such a task (control group, n = 40). Both groups rated the attractiveness of female bodies varying in size from emaciated to obese, completed a measure of appetite sensation, and had their body mass indices (BMIs) measured.”

    The men were randomly selected i.e. both groups should’ve had similar amount of betas/alphas and the other group was especially stressed out.

    [heartiste: your reading comprehension is poor. when men are put into stressful situations that cause them to feel stressed, they are, for practical purposes, beta males in such a context.]


  47. Helen Gurley Brown, the famous editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine, has died and her obituaries, all written by feminists, say she was great.

    Except they dig in to her because Cosmopolitan refused to condemn bosses for wanting to have sex with secretaries and because the magazine did not participate in the mass AIDS hysteria of the late eighties.

    The feminist obit writers are right that she, and not Candace Bushnell, the write of “Sex and the City” 30 years later, did more to convince young women that they “could have it all” and spend their twenties playing the field.


  48. Nothin says beta like my former tenant – 25 and he just moved in with his overweight 27 year old girlfriend. She has 3 children, none of them his.


    • I bet she tells everyone how great a dad he is to her kids. I also bet she doesn’t have much else to say about the guy. (e.g., “god, he gets me so hot…”)

      If you are thinking about supporting someone else’s kid, think about that. You want to be *that* guy? The guy getting no sex from a tired, bored fat woman?Or the guy who helped make the kids, back when the chick was slim and eager?

      I would think the answer is easy, but I am always surprised how many guys sign up for the “used goods” version of marriage, without even the benefit of real fatherhood.


      • At least you probably won’t get hooked for child support, since she’ll be fed up with kids (and you may even live off it!). And when that sweet step-daughter grows up a little…


      • I’d rather pay the child support. It’s bad enough having an old fat slut in your ear 24/7 without getting any actual sex, let alone helping her raise some other alphas spawn-of-satan offspring

        And when that sweet step-daughter grows up a little…
        That’s kind of sick, dude. You’d be surprised how often betas use that cop-out just to get some ass


      • I would think the answer is easy, but I am always surprised how many guys sign up for the “used goods” version of marriage, without even the benefit of real fatherhood.

        They’re desperate for a warm wet hole to stick their dick into, and fat single moms are easy. Think about it: what would be even easier than a younger fat chick? An older one with kids.

        And many guys seem to be cool with not reproducing. It may be biological to not care about having kids as much as women do (sperm cheap / eggs dear), but I’ve seen it repeatedly.


    • Lemme guess… she also had her tubes tied.


  49. The population of whites is 82.9%, of blacks it is 12.6%, and other is 4.5%. The homicide rates for each group are: 4.5 for whites, 34.4 for blacks, and 4.1 for other (1980-2008 DOJ stats). Now, (.829 * 4.5) + (.126 * 34.4) + (.044 * 4.1) = 3.7305 + 4.3344 + 0.1804 = 8.2453

    4.3344 of 8.2453 = 52.5%

    Blacks are responsible for 52.5% of an average US homicide rate of 8.2453.

    Is this correct?


  50. on August 14, 2012 at 1:01 pm Matt Strictland

    It seems to me that a preference for fat women under times of stress is also an evolved one. An overweight person in the distant past had a higher chance of surviving a famine and had proven successful enough to get a lot of food.

    In some paleolithic hand to mouth environment, this is a good thing.


  51. Nati
    The average black man is, societally speaking, betacized. If you live in dangerous ghetto, in very practical ways you would be ‘stressed’ and fearful for your day to day safety.


    are you or any of the other speaking about black males; black males?

    The reason I ask is because I think its the exact opposite. Being a beta male is a luxury that comes from having a certain income that gives you a certain standard of living.

    In my family, betas and alphas are divided by income. Thats the determining factor.

    Depending on how much money you make, you are either in the “Morgan Freeman/Obama” catagory (beta)

    Or the Samuel L Jackson (you wanna know why? cause I don’t give a fuck) alpha catagory.

    and its based on access to money. And for white males, being white is a “social currency” that DOES spend!

    Far from producing betas, the ghetto, or for that matter, any situation where males hafta fight to survive is gonna “alphasize” the majority. Most niggers just can’t afford to be beta because they would get chewed up.

    Racism is like a prison. In prison, no inmate is your friend, because inmates do not control the conditions of “friendship”; such as the ability to provide help, protection… thats all controled by the guards.

    Study black people and you will see they treat each other like inmates in prison. No honor, no integrity… because: “you do what you hafta do”:

    to survive.

    BTW, this is the source of many of the niggardly behaviors white people complain about; like the stupid shit niggers kill each other over?

    “ah, he dissed me so I stabbed him”

    ” thafuckyoulookinat nigga”

    Or my favorite, niggers who hog the entire sidewalk in order to make you step to the side when they pass…

    (((shakin my head)))

    I don’t know if anyone else here sees it, (or wants to see it) but the more you guys discuss how to be an alpha male, the more it sounds like you are describing a nigger male.

    and yes, I am a nigger male (game reckognize game)


  52. See?

    This is what I mean.

    Young males so amped up on That ANYTHING can set them off. Sure, this is a tragic situation, but Im not at all surprised.


  53. Robert Sapolsky found that alpha baboons and high-SES males are frequently under high stress (as measured by levels of corticosteroids) which is presumably triggered by fear of being challenged – after all, if you are the only who has access the best baboon ass in the whole troop, you will be a constant target for the aspiring younger guys, while nobody would waste their time challenging an omega nobody. So, the story is bit more complicated, although personally I would consider your interpretation much more likely than the feminist deliberations put forth by the article’s authors.

    [heartiste: i posted that study. however, i posted another more recent study which seems to debunk this study claiming that alpha males are under the most stress. the later study concluded the opposite.]


  54. […] Beta Males Settle For Fat Chicks; Let A Woman Yap A Little; “What Does It Matter To You?”; You Don’t Need To Be Witty To Have […]


  55. on August 15, 2012 at 9:53 pm Anti Blue pill

    Admittedly fucked a couple of fat chicks,don’ts care need to nut off somewhere.

    But relationship’s with them? FUCK NO!!!! I deserve a real heathy chick.


  56. There is no need for another “study”.

    The question each guy must ask himself is: “is it EASIER FOR ME to be an alpha or a beta?”

    In the hood this question is complicated by a consideration of a “time investment”.

    If you can survive “betadom” long enough to study to become a doctor or engineer… you can always learn to be alpha.

    But I have not seen many alphas who later learn how to become beta.

    They are usually stuck in it.



    Alphas who have lacked money all their lives who suddenly get money?

    They burn up very quickly. Pro sports are full of such examples.

    Skip to the 1:51 min mark to skip the intro.

    After a “domestic dispute”,

    this nigga Chad got fired by the Miami Dolphins (didn’t even make it to the start of the season)

    also, revenge of the successful black man


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  58. Nice post Heartiste, I read this same study and didn’t make the connections you made. Brilliant!


  59. The funny thing about betas settling for fat chicks is that the fat chicks won’t really settle for him – no girl, no matter how fat, ugly, disgusting or repulsive wants to be with a lesser man, they all want the alpha. So while she may “agree” to stick with the beta, she’ll more than likely cheat on him any time an alpha gives her the slightest sign of attention


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  61. […] main reason for the unease can be explained in a recent Chateau post that beta males settle for fat chicks.  Since Fester is infamous for being a jerk to women, by some standards, one could call him an […]


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