Is It Better To Insinuate You’ve Dated Strippers Or Lawyers?

Pickup artists practice something called “DHV (demonstrating higher value) spikes”, which means slyly inserting into a conversation with a girl a mention of your time sharing the company of a hot woman in the past (or present). The girl listening to this will subconsciously register you as having high value yourself, and her ‘female preselection’ algorithm will be triggered. (It is a well-known and commonly observed phenomenon that women are more attracted to men whom other women are attracted to. This is because male mate value is more complicated and difficult to assess than female mate value, so women use shortcuts to determine the worth of men; one of those shortcuts women use is to judge a man by how many other women have already found him worthy of love.)

DHVs of course can involve other kinds of status-enhancing subjects, but the reference to other women is typically the most common, and most effective.

Now obviously DHVing is best done through actions (e.g., walking into a club with two girls on your arms) rather than through words, but if you have nothing else readily available, telling a story imbued with DHV spikes is a legitimate game tactic, and one that will succeed if you do it right. But most men fuck it up, because it is so VERY EASY to tell a DHV story that sounds like try-hard bragging rather than incidental self-promotion. The key to successful DHV storytelling lies in the delivery — a story too grandiose or incongruent, or a DHV spike too clumsily invoked, will ping her BS meter, especially if she’s a smart urban yuppie chick. DHVs must sound almost like accidental blurts that get in the way of your story goals. The object of the game is like advertising; you want to subliminally embed your value in her brain, and you don’t do that by screaming how great your product is from the rooftop.

On that note, what is the best way to verbally demonstrate your prowess with women without sounding like an approval-seeking beta? Two commenters provide their experiences.

(r)evoluzione writes:

I’ve found that telling women that I date dancers is a big DHV. Often there’s some confusion around what being a ‘dancer’ is. And often a lot of overlap in dance styles.

Case in point: One girl I’ve been seeing recently is a modern dancer as well as a burlesque dancer. Burlesque dancers are about 2″ of fabric away from being strippers–they wear pasties over their nipples. They often have a lot more sultry sexuality built into their acts as well. Whereas strippers can be sexy, but are often just trashy.

Another girl, same deal–modern, burlesque, in addition to having a past history as a stripper. In general, I’ve noticed very positive reactions when casually mentioning this dating history when the subject comes up. Though those girls who see themselves as ‘good girls,’ will often get simultaneously aroused and fearful. Also, a quick mention is all it takes, mention it then change the subject, don’t belabor the point. Let that hamster run!

Matador writes:

Mystery was consistently referring to dating strippers when he wanted to display preselection and high value.
I never used the routine because I’m a little bit dubious. The current feminist propaganda made cases of chronic projection very widespread. As repeatedly said in this venerable chateau, women are attracted to confident, successful men, so they assume that men want (and should be attracted to) the same qualities in women.
So why then miss that opportunity and keep referring to trashy strippers instead of lawyers (i know, i know…), doctors or CEOs?

I tend to do just that and It works fine. The key of course (especially with low achieving chicks) is not to make it sound like a big deal. And feign during comfort building that you’re interested in something more meaningful and profound.

Maybe, I’m KJing here but making shit up about dating strippers would be a good strategy to game lawyers, doctors and CEOs.

Or maybe, just maybe, Mystery is indirectly assuming that women are projecting to strippers the alpha male qualities that they crave (desired by many, only one is chosen)… even though strippers are viewed by men as filthy cumdumpsters.

Gosh, there is some serious reeducation work that needs to be done. Keep preaching, brother.

It’s a good question: Is it better to advertise your preselection by referring to your time with strippers, dancers and models (the kinds of women who are the classic archetypes of the hot n’ sexy good-to-go chicks willing to please a man) or by referring to your time spent with educated, socially accomplished girls like lawyers, doctors and grad students?

To answer the question we need to recall what it is that women truly find arousing in men, and this requires a return to fundamentals in sex differences. I’ll focus on Matador’s objection to DHV stripper stories as evidence of male psychological projection. Does a DHV reference to a stripper indicate that a man is projecting his own desire for female looks and sexual receptivity onto the desires of the woman he is trying to impress?

Well, no, not very much at any rate. Projection is a real human cognitive bias, but it has limits in its applicability. A man projecting his sexual desire onto women would fuss over his OWN looks, because he assumes that women are as entranced by male looks as men are by women’s looks. There is NO projection in a man telling a story that references good-looking women because his sexual desire is not being projected back onto HIMSELF.

For example, women project their desire for high status men by sometimes assuming men are turned on by high status, educated women, when the truth couldn’t be more different, but when push comes to shove, women still BEHAVE as if they know, on some deep primitive level, that men are aroused by looks before all else. This is why we see even educated (aka brainwashed) women continuing the age-old practices of wearing makeup and dressing provocatively and desperately trying to reverse the tick of the clock. They can assert in Jizzabel columns all they want that “real men” prefer educated plain janes to hot bimbos, but their actions belie their words.

The reason stripper DHVs work on nearly all women to a greater or lesser degree is because, contrary to the erroneous belief that women wouldn’t be impressed by what men are impressed by, a stripper is REAL WORLD evidence that the man who dated her has preselection value, i.e. reproductive fitness. Strippers are perceived, (whether the perception is valid is irrelevant), as hot girls who are out of reach of the average man. A man who has fucked a stripper must therefore bring something very special to the table; namely, his irresistibility.

Would a lawyercunt be turned off by a man who admits to having dated strippers? Class issues do occasionally intrude. An upper class lawyerchick might think a man who dates strippers embodies class distinctions too great to bridge. The allure of a man who can get a bitchy hot stripper might be outweighed by her devaluing of the same man as someone who mingles with the wrong crowd.

I think this objection is overblown, but it is real.

One school of thought says that you want to DHV using the kinds of women and/or subject matter that presupposes familiarity with your target’s social milieu and personal life experiences. So if you are picking up a stripper, it helps to let her know (through allusion) that you have experience dating strippers. If you are hitting on a lawyer, the same theory applies. Let her know you have dated other lawyers. Women like to feel that the men they date are on or above (but not too far above) their level.

Another school of thought claims just the opposite: that you want to DHV a stripper with stories about dating lawyers, and vice versa. This thinking rests on Matador’s hypothesis that projecting what women like or respect back onto them is better game than hitting their preselection buttons for men who attract the attentions of hot women. A stripper will deem a lawyerchick to be well above her in social status (if not necessarily looks status) and will therefore be inclined to view a man who has dated lawyers more favorably than a man who has dated socially lower classes of women. Conversely, a lawyerchick will be more sexually attuned to a man who has claimed prowess with conventionally hot girls like strippers than with stick-in-the-mud lesbian-faced lawyers like the kind she probably sees every day at the firm.

So, do you DHV with strippers or lawyers? My glib answer: neither. Or both. You don’t need to choose. You can cover both bases. I’ll give an example of what I’m talking about with a DHV spike within stories I have told many times in my life to smart and sassy SWPL chicks.

TheStudULuv: [Preceding convo eliminated for brevity] Everyone in this town dates a degree. I swear, you talk to guys around here and they think the number of letters after their name makes them interesting people.

Girl: God I know. I can’t tell you how many boring MBAs I’ve met. Philosophy grads are kinda interesting though.

TheStudULuv: True. That’s because they’re crazy. Maybe it’s all relative. I broke my rule to not date lawyers with my last girlfriend, and I’m glad I did, because she was a welcome relief after the stripper.

Girl: [pauses to digest the news] That’s quite a contrast.

TheStudULuv: [Frowning and looking down at my drink] Sometimes the stereotypes are true. I shoulda listened to my mother.

I changed the subject quickly after that. The seed of intrigue had been planted. There is no need to hammer home a DHV. Just sit back and let it do its work.

But that’s not the best DHV spike at your disposal. No, I’ve discovered something even more powerful than devious insinuations involving strippers and lawyers — the YOUNGER WOMAN. If you seduce women in the mid-20s to mid-30s age range, a subtle implication of having enjoyed the company of younger women will send their hamsters into an epileptic seizure. Framing it similar to the convo above, like it’s something you are almost ashamed of, is all the plausible happenstance you need.

YOU: Dating younger women is not all it’s assumed to be. They get a little too possessive for my taste.

I’ve used this line verbatim on girls when the conversational direction allowed it, and it has never backfired in an obvious way. While it’s hard to judge the effectiveness of DHV spikes (because most of their power works on the girl’s subconscious thought processes, which remain hidden from you until they are revealed in her body language or IOIs), I have observed the nearly imperceptible widening of eyes that occurs when girls hear this from me. It is AWESOMELY powerful catnip to late 20s career women. Some girls will even ask just how young my ex was, because they are beginning to presume my unattainability and want reassurances that they aren’t too old for me.

As the commenters above mentioned, DHV spikes like these should be delivered as if they were afterthoughts. It helps to act a little bit embarrassed about your DHV as well. These are all master class techniques that neutralize the chance your target will interpret your DHV as a painfully value-lowering brag, and proficiency with them will only come from practice and continual feedback.


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      • GBFM:

        I see you’ve included Hayek! 🙂 I am going to assume you’ve read his “Counter-Revolution of Science.” If not, you should. It was actually my introduction to the man and I think it’s great.

        And don’t forget Tucker’s – not one – but TWO new books coming out in February! Double the fun and double the BS/lies!!!


    • Ron Paul should be at #9

      not sure the constitution counts as a book, but its amazing how many Americans haven’t read even the preamble.

      We the people… in order to form a more perfect union.

      Where did we go so wrong?

      The fractionalized banking system. Take in 100 dollars – and somehow loan it out as 900$


    • I see you skipped about 1,800 years between #8 and #10. Nothing much of note happened in those nearly two millennia? Or is there a gaping vaginic hole in your “Great Books” for men list?

      Oops. I accidentally took you seriously for a second. Carry on.


  3. The stripper DHV does possibly bring in some class issues, maybe. More likely if you’re convincingly SWPLclass yourself, you’ll figure you were slumming. But she or at least most of her SWPL friends will dipped a toe in the mudshark waters in college. Slumming’s no big deal these days.

    But if you just don’t want to go there, (r)evoluzione has a good idea with the SWPL-hip neo-burlesque dancer idea. With that you get most of the intimidating sexual competition, with 90% less chance you hung out in her trailer doing meth and picked up crabs.


    • “But she or at least most of her SWPL friends will dipped a toe in the mudshark waters in college. Slumming’s no big deal these days.”

      Interracial dating is not necessarily slumming.


  4. Well I am a lawyer, so I do not think my DHV would rise by suggesting I had dated a fellow lawyer. I also stick to the old advice that no good comes from mentioning ex-girlfriends. I leave that very vague (they can fill in the gaps – and it might look like bragging given some of the well known names I have been romantically linked with). Never met a stripper.


  5. Never thought about it myself…

    I get DHV through social proof more than braggadoccio. Plus, I deny, deny, deny what others say about me that’s positive — hamsters go nuts over a guy showing humility (which lets you springboard into showing dominance or ownership over they who do the bragging for you.)

    Something my father taught me at a young age — and reminds me of regularly, even last week, is to remind women that they “shouldn’t look at this as anything more than what it is.” This works especially well on strippers, lawyers, feminists, bartenders, etc.

    Buy a gal a drink? Say it.

    Take her out of town? Say it.

    Give her $20 for a cab? Say it.

    Give her a piece of gum? Say it.

    If she inquires what you mean, say “nevermind” and change topics. Hamsters do the opposite — which is why lawyers are jealous over strippers. “She danced, but she brought home the bacon to daddy.” Same as “don’t read anything by this action of mine.” The hotter she is, the more feminist she is, the more powerful she is, you’ve caused her to define her lower status than you, your ex, whatever.

    Very important.


  6. on October 27, 2011 at 2:14 pm greatbooksformen GBFM

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  7. on October 27, 2011 at 2:18 pm ditch ur bitch

    After bringing up a younger girl, how would you reply to a question about her age?

    Obviously play coy at first:

    ”How old was she?”
    ”Oh, a bit younger… anyway…”
    ”No but really, was she 21? 18?”

    Insert C.H. wisdom

    [Heartiste: In this situation, a straight answer works. “21”. Or, if you want to spice it up, “I dunno for sure, but she claimed to be a sophomore in college.”]


  8. on October 27, 2011 at 2:19 pm (r)Evoluzione

    Gold, H, and thanks for the hat-tip. I’m humbled truly. I’m definitely going to apply the ‘dated younger woman’ inference much more. In the past, having mentioned the younger woman thing, but without as much subtlety, it got me blown out (not that I cared) with late 30’s women who couldn’t take that much threat to their SMV in the face of younger, hotter, tighter competition.

    AB, I like your approach here too. Humility applied with sarcasm is essentially braggadocio, but it works much better. I know you’re a paleo/primal eater, as many of us manospherians are. Robb Wolf is one of the most scientific guys around, he was a research biochemist, but he’s constantly self-deprecating as a purveyor of “pseudoscience.” Which works massively as a DHV for himself.

    Very zen, this approach, the subtle display of almost-embarrassed about being such a badass. I love it.


    • The funny thing is, I am embarassed a tiny bit — I unfortunately come from a very long line of alphas with a bad streak of white knighting. Really bad.

      I’m sympathetically a white knight for males with more than me but no confidence. “You’re 6’2″, handsome, athletic, rich, and funny and you can’t get laid???” Breaks my heart — and frustrates me that people with more natural-born qualities have them co-opted by the State, feminists and social norms.

      Personally, I would love to be at the bottom 50% of men in the West. Oh, what a nation we’d be.


      • “I’m sympathetically a white knight for males with more than me but no confidence.”

        I can relate, though mine is a bit broader. I’m sympathetic to guys that shouldn’t have as much trouble getting laid as they do. Seeing guys that are leaders at work, but then turn into simpering betas when they date is especially painful.

        Knowing a combat veteran who can’t stop putting women on a pedestal is another one that’s hard to watch.


      • “Knowing a combat veteran who can’t stop putting women on a pedestal is another one that’s hard to watch.”

        army guys are trained betas. they put their lives on the line for MIC, serious bankers and political power plays (im speaking of volunteers here, not conscripts).

        they are alpha in their element (killing ppl in deserts and jungles), but they take orders from real alphas smart enough to sit within the confines of a command center, who in turn take orders from greater alphas who make men into pawns for casino cash.


      • for the jingoists who will be offended that i sacrilegiously slight those keeping y’all “free” from the impending caliphate, don’t take my word for it:

        “In Haig’s presence, Kissinger referred pointedly to military men as ‘dumb, stupid animals to be used’ as pawns for foreign policy.”


      • That’s just the beta Kissinger’s anxiety over real men. Squirrelly intellectuals all have that problem and always have. They over emphasize brains because they have no brawn. A big reason I don’t respect academics or lefties for the most part. Also a big reason I believe in the draft. Every one of you sorry assed snot lickers needs to experience the military for the character building experience alone.

        Bibi Netanyahu isn’t stupid and was a real soldier. Neither was Eisenhower. Nor is Petraeus. In reality, you have the gamut in the military. Some guys do really well with women others don’t. Its like college. I’ve known men who pegged the high levels on the IQ scale that never wanted to be a leader and remained in the ranks. Very few even pull a trigger in the first place, only about 10-15%.


      • on October 28, 2011 at 4:35 pm (r)Evoluzione

        Interesting that you mentioned Kissinger. He was tied, romantically and politically, to Gloria Steinem-the feminist whom we can almost singlehandedly praise and/or blame for the current conditions in the SMV that allow game to run rampant and negs to have such bite.


      • ty, if you read my OP, youd see that each of your 2nd para points are preempted. as for IQ, i know plenty of brilliant book nerds that wouldnt survive a night in the wrong neighborhood.

        and for the record, kissinger may have been a totally evil hobbit of a man, but ppl who knew him or his influence would surely not argue that he was anything other than high alpha.

        “A big reason I don’t respect academics or lefties for the most part. Also a big reason I believe in the draft. Every one of you sorry assed snot lickers needs to experience the military for the character building experience alone.”

        i doubt those you denigrate give a rats ass about what you think of them. as for military experience, there’s no doubt of the value such training can bring. but the second you willingly sign up for a warmongering country and risk your legs and balls (literally) for lockheed $ on the front lines of an enemy that has their back to the wall and nothing to lose (remember vietnam?), then you drop into de facto omega territory.


    • Music is a recurrent subject in conversations. And also a good way to introduce your past lolitas to the 26+ girl.

      “It’s so cool talking about 80’s music with a girl!!! Most girls I date are more prone to Justin Bieber and this kind of stuff.”

      Say the first sentence with exaggerated enthusiasm.


  9. Nuclear DHV:

    Alpha: Let’s play telling secrets? You first!
    Chick: bla bla bla
    Alpha: I was arrested once.
    Chick: what???
    Alpha: Police catch me in a motel room with two underage girls.


    • fail. (assuming ur serious)

      first, you transparently prompt that you have a secret to tell and can’t wait to get it off ur chest. you also sound creepily excited. your transition from her story to your arrest will probly not be natural as well.

      then you mention police. police are stupid. if you get caught by a pig doing low level shit like that then ur clearly not bright enough to stay one step ahead. next, motel. this screams cheap trick. finally, underage girls. you might think this is a bad ass roman polanski DHV, and u might mean 17 or w/e, but to the avg eye you just admitted you’re a “hey-lil-girl-i-got-some-halloween-candy-if-u-cum-in-my-van”-type perp.


    • @caRIOca

      Let me guess, you’re still a virgin, right?


  10. From personal experience I would say the reverse of that last point also holds true, i.e. suggesting that you’ve dated older women (late 20s and above) works on younger girls, but is probably only useful for guys up to the age of around 25.


  11. “Alpha: I was arrested once.”

    Getting arrested is easy. “I’ve done time” is a lot closer to nuclear DHV. It’s even easier to use effectively when it’s true.


    • Women often ask me why I go by A.B. and I tell them it’s easier to keep the past in the past (very straight faced serious), then change the subject and lighten things up quick.

      Of course, my email address is my first name, so they google the hell out of me, which I see when I get SEO reports weekly (“a.b. dada criminal record” always makes me laugh).

      Whether I have a criminal record or not doesn’t matter — the fact that I appear to have something to hide works well.


  12. First, haters can suck it up. I’m on top of the world and nothing can stop me (except that traitorous (r)evoluzione but i hold my friends close, and my enemies closer…)


    Seriously though, I’m humbled by our host’s insights. The thing about referring to both strippers and lawyers sounds devastating.

    And i can confirm the power of age. I already referred to a much younger ex, with a chick who had the same age as me (late 20s). I didn’t think of it as a DHV, but i remember her teasing me about it. I acted embarassed, not because it was calculated, but because i was barely recovering from betadom.

    I would bet that her teasing was only an attempt to rub away a gina tingle.

    Thanks for the hat-tip, H.


    • on October 27, 2011 at 5:44 pm (r)Evoluzione

      We may disagree on economic matters, but we are brothers in game, KJin’ing (which I don’t believe) or not.

      If you haven’t had a chance to date strippers/dancers, I highly recommend it, as you certainly have the means. All the better, you can combine your DHV’s: –as “the 21-year old stripper I dated–she was a handful. I’d rather not go through that again.”


      • I might try it. Where did you pick em up? Directly in their joints, or just stumbled upon them somewhere else?

        I mainly focus on daygame and chicks in my social circle. But i get dragged in the night scene more and more often. Not really my thing, especially that i’m used to getting decent pussy without all the noise. I’m still in the bar/night club stage, but my increasingly decadent lifestyle might lead me to strip clubs anytime soon.


      • Definately not Kj’ing. Real Recognize Real.

        The key to the DHV is being casual and moving on.

        The place guys go wrong is when they try to be Savoy from love systems. Read his DHV story its like yea so i got picked up from the airport by my girlfriend coming from her photoshoot and her girlfriend came too, oh yea they were in my M5 i let her drive cause i have 2 of them.

        Try hard/Being Fake = Your a tool bag, savoy.


      • on October 29, 2011 at 8:35 am The Chrome Microphone

        Gtfo, really?

        Savoy always seemed much more subtle in his interviews

        Is that a real example?


  13. Option 3 – models, singers, or dancers/professional cheerleaders.


  14. I think a lot of Men underestimate the perceptive capacity women have in terms of communication and internalizing what they receive. DHV spikes (of this sort) are a fine art and have more potential for disaster than benefit for the unskilled. This is analogous to women dropping a boyfriend disclaimer, when they casually mention a BF in an otherwise innocuous conversation, in order to preempt a sarge. A BF disclaimer sticks out like a turd in a punchbowl in an approach conversation for guys, so rest assured, your seemingly nonchalant DHV spike sticks out the same for her.

    What most guys think are casual, disposable, passing mentions of SMV, women will meticulously analyze with their peer clutch (i.e. her social media hen house) mere hours after they were mentioned.

    Implying you’ve dated a stripper telegraphs a woman two things: You expect her to believe you’re good looking enough to keep a stripper’s interest in spite of a constant flow of male attention as part of her vocation, or, you expect her to believe you’re affluent enough to keep a strippers interest. Naturally this gets wound up with the female physical comparison Hamster spinning, but it’s always preferable to demonstrate social proof than to manufacture it for yourself. When you attempt to create it via conversation, expect it to be surgically dissected and studied.


    • The neg and qualifications exist because the PUA community know women are perceptive. H shows regret at dating the stripper in his response, which is just one way to plant a seed.

      “All the young girls I know that became strippers ended up hating most men, my RN ex stripped to get through school and she was a tough nut to crack because of it.”

      “My first love went on to become a stripper after I left for College/Basic/Missionary Work, really took a lot out of her, she told me I’m the only guy she really trusts to this day because of it.”

      “Don’t feel bad about talking too much, usually girls are telling me about their stripper gigs or how they want to change careers and become massage therapists. Nice to meet a girl that isn’t so wild and flaky and has a real career… you aren’t flaky right?”

      Overload the hamster with information and ways to interpret the information and if she’s into you she’ll create competition in her own mind. If she’s not you’ll be able to tell by her reactions and move on.


      • Well articulated verbal strategy. Display a rich tapestry of information just so that you can interject a single thread of conversation. Do this so that the thread seems to be incidental, and not your main point.

        Good advice like that deserves to be claimed by someone other than anonymous.


  15. You think talking about an ex as an opener is too much?

    One I’ve been trying is “Is it wrong to break up with a girl by text?” As if I’m contemplating it right now phone in hand. (probably some things wrong with this that I don’t see)

    Or “What do you do if an Ex wont stop texting you?”

    For both of those, a girl is most likely going to ask why did, or why do you want to break up. At which point I can describe things about her stripping/ dancing /modeling that I don’t like. I’m not a good social improviser, so it’s easy access for a DHV I guess. Advice?

    Also, pulling a George Costanza and having a picture of a 8 or 9 as your dead fiance would be pretty hilarious.


  16. There some users who always seem to be among the first few comments (e.g. AB Dada, GBFM and Matador)

    Do you guys actually go out and practice game or are you at home constantly refreshing this blog?


    • Why do you give a fuck? Why have you wasted a single thought on it?


      • I’m just wondering whether these guys who seem to talk up a great deal ever actually practice it in the real world.

        I’m guessing they do not.


      • guys w experience can tell snakes from fakes. the esteemed gentlemen u cite are legit. but i take comfort that beta types like u do not recognize.


      • I take such motivation questions seriously. I’m of the school of thought that we as humans are often unconscious of our motivations, and very often rationalize what they are, rather than perceive what they are.

        I also think that men and women have pre-programmed sub-routines of cock-blocking and being the alpha male other guy against all competition.

        So it can often happen that we find ourselves dissing the competition, without really knowing or caring why. It’s a natural habit.

        Douches! Try hards! Fakes! Thugs! If only girls could see through your act like I can, then they’d be fucking me!


    • 1

      (Lol. Counting the haters.)


    • Earlier I was at O’Hare airport reading/posting. Then I was in Philly. Just landed in Brussels waiting for my connection to Strasbourg, France (2 days) and then off to Freiburg, Germany. I spend a ton of time in airports, why not do some light reading and commenting?

      When I’m not traveling (rare), I sometimes hop online after railing a dame, check my email and browse through my RSS feed. My dad used to watch the news or read the paper after he railed my mom or a dame. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


      • Yup. And there are laptops and gsm connections. A guy could be out in a restaurant, or in bed beside his naked girl. It’s not as if the internet requires you sitting in solitary by your PC.


      • on October 29, 2011 at 8:50 am The Chrome Microphone

        Beat me to it

        I’m on my phone on the way to London

        I’ve never checked this blog on a desktop


  17. heartiste

    Is It Better To Insinuate You’ve Dated Strippers Or Lawyers?

    Neither: insinuate you are dating a lawyer who’s also a stripper. duh


  18. Pardon the OT:

    I know some of you guys love Russell Brand (heh). Here’s another interesting short video of him gaming a female interviewer, with some analysis underneath. You can nitpick the looks of the female (manly looking), but it doesn’t matter, I’m sure he’d do the same with a perfect 10.

    – Has enough alpha capital to give her a straight-up compliment without DLVing himself. It’s delivered in a matter-of-fact, non-pandering, non-pussy begging way.

    – “Look at your big, wide mouth.” (is this even a compliment? Could be construed by her as a being bit insulting. Either way, I bet it gets her hamster spinning. It also implies she’d be good orally, not sure it that’s the intention though.

    – Brand quickly reels her back in: “It’s incredible how you’re put together.” She’s relieved and thanks him. Hamster rests.

    – He casts aside her gibberish: “I’d like to respond to you physically.” Boom, ballsy statement of sexual intention. Cut the crap lady, I’m a man, you’re a woman, and I might want to fuck you. He has a big smile and unwavering eye-contact, no apologies or just-kiddings.

    – “Stand up, let’s see what you look like.” (Translation: Stand-up, let me qualify you and see if you’re up to my high standards. Also, he doesn’t ask her, he orders her.)

    – strong body language by Brand throughout this entire short exchange. She likes to think she’s a confident woman as well and is attempting to show she’s not intimidated by him. She’s not particularly feminine, though. Oh well.

    – “It would be like a fight if we had sex.” (Keeping things sexual with another ballsy statement. Who says this to a female interviewer on camera?)

    – best words of the exchange: “Are you actually confident? You don’t get all nervous when it comes to the crunch, do ya?” (major challenge and qualifying statement, and an implication of how confident he is sexually, and that this alpha confidence he is displaying is not an act, girl.)

    – more qualifying as he checks her out like a piece of meat. put his hands on her hips like a boss. she’s a bit flustered.

    – she issues her first shit test! “Can I make you nervous, do you think?” (her voice sounds a bit weak though)

    – Brand brushes it off, unconcerned, but with a touch of vulnerability: “Nahh. I’ll be alright.”

    – shit test continues!: “you’d be able to handle it?”

    – calm, confident eye contact and: “I’ll throw you around.” (shit test swatted away. I’ll be in control woman.)

    – she throws what looks like a mock punch at him. he barely flinches.

    – Finally, it appears the tension is too much and she collapses toward him into a hug. She even gives him some boob. Game, set, match: Brand.

    – she says: “Thank you.” (translation: thank you Russell for tingling my vagina and making me submit to you. It’s a relief because most guys quiver in my presence. I’d let you fuck me.)


    • Every once in a while I’ll encounter someone I absolutely despise for no particular reason. I can not articulate why they piss me off. They just have a certain look to them, carry themselves in such a way or give off a certain vibe which makes me want to punch them in the face.

      Russell Brand is such a person. I’d like to watch the video to see his alpha demeanor but become infuriated after a few seconds of looking at his smug mug.


    • Brand is a master. After the tension created from the talk of them fighting, did you see the little spank on the ass he gives her? As if to say “quit your games and come closer”.


    • on October 30, 2011 at 12:26 am The Chrome Microphone

      “It would be like a fight if we had sex.”

      He won her over right here IMO

      She agrees but then says the opposite: “I think it’d be quite romantic”

      Maybe even a shit test that he passed by totally ignoring it

      Big fan of Brand. I underrated his game before I came here, even though he’s fucked everybody


  19. Dating strippers has made me more money than dating lawyers … lawyers tend to be cheap, strippers on the other hand are happy to throw it around. I’ve made lots of weekend cash off strippers.

    That is, when I’m not getting paid for just traveling:


  20. What if you are dating a girl who works at a fast food restaurant? Do you tell her that you’ve dated other fast food girls?

    “I like my women fast… fast food, that is.”


  21. on October 27, 2011 at 4:19 pm David Rockefeller

    Sounds like a variation of the old advice to treat a lady like a whore and a whore like a lady.


  22. In my youth I liked few things more than a good fist fight. Combined with my love of beer, this landed me overnight stays in local jails on several occasions. I used to try to hide this fact from potential cocksleeves until confronted w compelling evidence to do otherwise. At a high school reunion party of sorts some aging hipster faggot brought this fact up in group conversation as though it were a knock against me. I pointed out to him that I could show him around the local jail and even keep him from getting raped should the cops be called after I slapped the horn-rimmed glasses off his face. He moved along. Turns out someone’s hot younger sister was at the party and overheard. For the rest of the night she pestered me w endless questions about my experiences. Later I smashed her on the floor of my unfurnished apartment. End scene.


  23. My friends are impressed when guys they’re interested in have dated actresses, dancers (like ballet, not ‘exotic’), artists, models, etc. It’s assumed they were young, attractive, and bubbly, but not trashy.


  24. When you’ve dated much younger women, you shouldn’t be embarrassed to mention it to a girl you’re gaming who is older. When I was in my early-30s, I dated a girl for a while who was 19 (taking a break from school to do some modeling). When the subject of ex-gfs came up (as it often does), I mentioned both the fact that she had been 19 and a model. Several girls inquired further, asking what kind of modeling my ex did. I’d throw out “H&M, American Apparel, that sort of modeling.” Naturally, the inquiring minds knew what that meant (i.e., somewhat sexy/suggestive photospreads). Their hamsters often went into overdrive in an effort to compete with a girl who was no longer in my life and whom they had never seen/met.


    • Ok. This is good. It’s saying she’s sexy enough to be a model, young, intelligent enough to have started tertiary education and is respectable enough in a profession that doesn’t carry low social rank. AA model/ college student >>>>> stripper

      I would say, “my ex is a lawyer who actually stripped her way through college.” Someone could spin that into an opener too.


  25. on October 27, 2011 at 5:02 pm Hung One On You

    Mention younger women works like a charm. So funny that you mentioned that. I did it to an ex the other day when she asked me who or if i was dating anyone. My ex is a 34 year old blonde who is getting the “i’m getting old and not married sweats”

    Story went like this:

    “You seeing anyone..? dating etc?”

    “yeah, been hanging out with this one chick. She is pretty cool, a bit immature for 28, but still has a solid foundation. Works for Booze Allen though..which is a bit annoying because she is always traveling, but makes a sick ton of money which is nice. We will see how it goes, no pressure, im taking it easy.”

    Her response…

    “28 huh?”

    My response…

    “You worried about younger women?”

    then we fucked later in the night.


    • 28 is not young. Somehow it’s not even younger than 34.

      Do you know what I mean?

      White women age so badly; the loss of collagen is death. They then sport the wrinkling and runneled mask of age. Their corrugated foreheads are something to stare at.

      18 is young. Sometimes. And when it’s nice it’s nice. The white woman in America today is a flash in the pan. Tasty for a second, and even that’s increasingly rare: all the young girls *ruined* by “sports.”

      Their bodies ruined by 19-20. Nasty.

      So 28 is not young; not even “younger” than 34.


  26. This reminds me of that old saying

    “Treat a whore like a princess and a princess like a whore.”

    Tell the lawyer types about you dating a stripper and vice versa.


  27. Not all women think that strippers are hot or difficult to attain. Some have very little experinece with them and think stippers are the same as street walking crack whores. You can also expect some women to assume strippers have STDs which mean you do too. This stripper DHV can backfire.


    • Yeah, I wouldn’t be turned on by a guy dating a stripper. Even though strippers aren’t the same as prostitutes, it’ll still be a negative. And I’m not a lawyer or have any desire to be one.


      • on October 28, 2011 at 4:23 pm (r)Evoluzione

        Yeah, that’s what you say with your head. But your vagina might tell a different story. The only way to know is.. to check.

        Besides, the most important factor isn’t the presence or absence of a stripper in a particular man’s dating history, it’s how he tells the story. Confidence, congruence, and subtlety are all far more important than the content.


    • Agreed. I actually had an ex tell me he was with a stripper (this was after we broke up) and I honestly thought it was kinda icky and trashy. We still hung out at the time and it didn’t make me want him back in the slightest.


  28. both


  29. I did not read the above at all, just to say that I have dated/banged strippers and lawyers….


  30. It’s best to DHV using semi-famous chicks, not strippers of lawyers. OR even better is to imply that you might have had some thing with a famous chick you met through your famous social circle. That’s what most girls care about.. everyone wants to be famous with all this facebook and Paris Hilton, etc. shit.


    • Totally disagree here Ras, because this comes off as name dropping. What would be the best here is if she saw you posted on famous girl X’s wall and asked how you know her. Or you have her in your phone.

      Saying it straight out is borderline tryhard. But again, all in the delivery.

      But i dated paris hilton last year, no big deal; prolly won’t fly.


  31. well.. i don’t see an email address to send this to you but check out how this serial killer won “the dating game”.


  32. Tis strange but true how women respond to mentions of strippers.


  33. Von Mises: His real fucking family name was “Moses” His family fucking bought the “Von” in the 19th century. Everything has its price. That works for me on many levels.
    Yeshua Ben Yeshua = Jesus of the New Fucking Testament. Words create and they destroy.
    The main truth about “religion” is that to be human is to act As IF you are a believer.
    GBFM may be completely insane, but still be absolutely right.


  34. on October 27, 2011 at 9:17 pm The Real Vince

    If the topic presents itself… then you were SURPRISED to learn your last girl was a stripper! You thought she went to law school. Turns out law school is expensive. You don’t wish her any ill will though; she was a charming liar, and she’ll go far. But for you: never again.


  35. Feign that you “date” strippers all you like, but let’s just put one thing to rest : strippers are not dancers.

    Their stage and lap gyrations are a pathetic mockery of everything real dancers hold sacred. Any chipper lady on a real dance floor is 10X more appealing than these cold robotic coin slots on legs pretending to be erotic. Most strippers are meth-tweaked lesbians anyway.

    You wanna impress chicks, tell them you are an accomplished dancer. If you don’t know how then get out there and learn. Exceeds all other methods for meeting women by orders of magnitude. When they see you dancing with numerous hot chicks like it’s no big deal your work is practically done.


    • Very true. Good advice and it ages well too. Free style dancing looks stupid after about 25. Even women who have no experience with dancing respond well to it. I think the gliding motion has an intoxicating effect on them.


  36. Do you think its good to show a young girl (17) raunchy text messages from other girls?


    • If you live in a 16 AOC state — best check that shit 5 minutes ago — just show her your cock.

      They get wide-eyed and mesmerized. Most guys never move fast enough.

      If you’re alone with her — produce the goods. See how it goes.

      Remember this fact: girls are not scared of a dick.


  37. I had a summer fling with a smoking hot topless dancer that continues to pay dividends. I moved on because she chain smoked and had this damn dog that had to sleep with us, but my ex got her hamster stuck on ludicrous speed when someone told her I had been with a stripper. Of course, I had to correct she was a topless dancer, not a whore or anything lolz


  38. When lawyers or strippers (or anyone else) ask me about the kinds of girls I’ve dated, I reply (truthfully) that “I’ve dated everything from a Senator’s daughter to a porn star, and everything you can imagine in between. I’m pretty open to type.”

    They ALL ask who the porn star was, and never remember the part about the Senator’s daughter. That speaks volumes I think.


    • Gold. Seriously.


    • on October 28, 2011 at 5:09 pm (R)evoluzione

      The dichotomy here between stripper & lawyer follows the natural spread of their legs: Senator’s daughters are probably more likely to go into law than into any other profession; one can safely assume that even if a senator’s daughter isn’t a lawyer, she might as well be, having absorbed that essence of litigal logic by osmosis in her family environment. (You can say she’s a tort tart, so she’s not a sweettart.)

      We’re seeing the primordial chasm (heh) in women’s choice of profession as an illustrative measure of her natural femininity. The stripper/dancer represents the most polar, feminine extreme, and the lawyercunt represents the other, masculine extreme.

      Thus, it can be said that femininity is the absolute value for which DHVs of previous mating success are made of; the profession is just a proxy.


      • Interesting. The Senator’s daughter was a far bigger whore, into public sex, etc. I didn’t know the porn star was engaged in that when we started seeing each other. She was conned into it by a boyfriend she was essentially a slave to, and she only did porn scenes with him She was actually mortified when I found out.


      • No one cares about senators.

        Chrissy Moran??


      • Faye Reagan?


  39. It would be much more difficult to not come across as bragging when bringing celebrities up.

    What I am about to say is only semi-relevant to the topic – relevant at least a little bit since the question of whether men find education in women attractive was brought up in the OP. I sent CH an email, but… in case he doesn’t respond, which is very likely (since I’m sure he gets hundreds of emails every days), what’s you guys’ opinion on this study:


  40. Older women despise younger women for everything they aren’t… Hot and tight. Use this to your advantage.


  41. Seems like too much thought is going into the DHV that it could create the wrong frame for most guys especially if it isn’t true.
    I’d prefer to stick to talking about trips overseas and casually mention a rocking french girl I met near the Arc de Triomphe or the hot tour guide I met in Barcelona on the Gaudi tour.

    International traveler with good stories > man who might have dated strippers

    Maybe international european stripper insinuations are the ultimate dhv.


  42. This is a long entry, but it seems pretty obvious to me. Dating a stripper = dating an attractive woman by definition, that other men pay to fawn over. Lawyer? Who cares?

    Reminds me of Heartiste’s entry a while back about saying you were once engaged….to a French woman. The subtext being that French women are great, mysterious lovers and more fun than American women. Yankee chicks get rattled easily when foreign competition comes into play.


  43. “I had a summer fling with a smoking hot topless dancer that continues to pay dividends.”

    Goldern it, what I just tell you?

    She is a stripper, not a dancer. Get your nomenclature correct.

    Did you hold her in your arms and partner dance with her? No, you did not because she doesn’t have a clue how to dance without hammering your joints like an unbalanced cement-mixer.

    As for you “tough guys”, that shtick is useless as you get older.I have been in situations where I groped every woman in the building while MA badasses stood on the sidelines with their dicks in their hands because they were too tough to dance. And I laughed in their face as the glowered at me, because badasses never do a damn thing but posture themselves as badasses.

    Like the time I went to a local “biker” bar with a wingman to scope out chicks. I was dressed in my signature gabardines and clean matching shoes and belt. The harley dudes all sat around looking tough and grim. When I politely ordered a “Shirley Temple” the waitress lit up like “here’s a real man; a potential beta provider what in addition can throw down some hot sex”. I left without whupping every ass in the place.

    And that’s another weird thing. If you are dressed like a pro the badasses won’t touch you. Wear their characteristic macho garb and they may cross the threshold of their inertia and try to start something, usually preceded by a lot of nostril-flaring and chest thumping, but usually this amounts to nothing more than a face-off.

    The pros know how it works. Pass the bottle.


  44. One issue with strippers not addressed: I can guarantee that more than a few upper-middle to genuine upper class girls will consider the STD factor in you having dated a stripper and will turn them off. I actually have dated one of these “dancers” and would rather have had sex comando with a Labrador than with her.

    If you want to increase what you call DVH, nothing beats a European model, or just a French or Scandinavian girl. American girls are very insecure about them – and with good reason. Russians, on the other hand, are little too call girlish.


  45. A big DHV in Hong Kong is telling Chinese girls you dated or “hung out” with a Japanese or Korean girl.

    This is because those girls have a mysterious reputation, they’re rarer, dress hoter and have a reputation for being uninhibited.

    I slip that in when I get a chance.

    The reaction is the same as when a dog hear’s a dog whistle…

    The stop,head perks up, eyes widen and they slowly check you out.

    Then they can barely contain their curiousity: “What? When? How was it?”

    Plough on…


  46. Uncle Elmer

    Feign that you “date” strippers all you like, but let’s just put one thing to rest : strippers are not dancers.

    Uncle Elmer, you, are a delight – a treasure and a wonder. Your groundbreaking wisdom always astounds – but so much more than that – your observations give fresh new insight on the many facets of life.

    That one amassed such profound truths at your “age” and then, shares them FREE of charge, proves yet again the “thinking class” is paving a rosy future for America!

    All I can add is “live and learn – stay the course.”


  47. greatbooksformen GBFM

    zlzozoozz from firepower and exsplat xsplat

    Anything with an xplop name on it, I wouldn’t use to clean up a stripper’s menstrual flow after a good pounding.

    With my name on it, well – I’ll gladly pay you tomorrow, for a t-shirt today.


  48. I was just reading that one in twelve people in DC are lawyers. How much of that skewed sample drives the Chateau’s particular distaste for lawcunts? Smaller doses are easier to deal with than wave after relentless wave.


  49. Strippers are out of reach for most guys, models are more accessible.

    Dating flight attendants are another DHV depending on which airline they’re from.

    Women in Asia do aspire to these professions and there is a beauty culture evidenced by the proliferation of plastic surgery clinics first in Korea, now in China and growing in Hong Kong.


  50. Strippers. No question about it.


  51. It’s mutually exclusive to both “Tell stories to DHV” and “Cultivate an air of mystery.” If a guy’s mouth is moving, then he’s killing his image, no matter how cool of a brag he’s rolling out – no one cares. In all likelihood, the woman he’s talking to, like most people, would probably rather talk about herself. Cheers.


  52. […] Is It Better To Insinuate You’ve Dated Strippers Or Lawyers? ( […]


  53. Speaking as a girl, I think dating strippers is something that’s more likely to impress other men than most girls. Women don’t have as much experience around strippers and tend to think of them lower class, trashy, and basically a step up from a hooker: someone you’re paying for sexual attention. So saying that you dated a stripper is akin to announcing that you had to pay for a girlfriend, especially if it was more than one.

    A better alternative would be referring to an ex who was a model, actress, professional cheerleader, or pageant winner. Yoga or aerobics instructor, personal trainer, or dancer are good too because it conveys the message that your ex was in good shape and probably good in bed. Singer, writer, or artist works too because it gives the impression that you like creative women. Lawyer–eh, not so much.

    Also, facebook is one of the best ways to convey this. Any girl who’s interested is going to go through your facebook with a fine-tooth comb, and pictures of you with a hot ex go a lot farther than trying to casually mention your hot ex.


    • Indeed! Neither stripper nor lawyer is the correct answer.

      I’ve banged a few strippers. One I didn’t know was a stripper, and the other two were friends of a friend, but I could never see myself “dating” one nor mentioning it as game.

      Fitness instructor and pro cheerleader though work like a charm.

      As for facebook pictures… its for poseurs trying to hard. Hot ex pics need to be elsewhere.