The Right Game For Your Body Type: The Ectomorph

This is the final installment of the body type-game type series, and here we will focus on ectomorphs, those men who have structurally thin, lean skeletal frames. (If you want to know how purely ectomorphic you are, just grab your wrist. Is there space left over? You’re probably an ecto.) The mesomorph game post, the second installment, is here.

This post will likely generate lots of discussion, if only because, according to the poll in the first post of the series, a plurality of readers are self-identified ectomorphs. This shouldn’t surprise anyone; ectomorphs are the intellectual somatotype, and they would be drawn to logical discussions of very serious issues in venues that minimize social chaos.

According to Sheldon, ectomorphs:

[F]ocus on privacy, restraint and a highly developed self-awareness.

The associated temperament of the ectomorph is described by Sheldon:

The Extreme Ectotonic — Reflection

The outstanding characteristic of the ectotonic is his finely-tuned receptive system. His spread-out body acts like a giant antenna picking up all sorts of inputs. Sheldon calls the ectotonic a biologically extraverted organism, which is compensated for by psychological introversion. Since the whole organism is sensitive to stimulation, the ectotonic develops a series of characteristic strategies by which he tries to cut down on it. He is like a sonar operator who must constantly be wary of a sudden loud noise breaking in on the delicate sounds he is trying to trace. He likes to cross his legs and curl up as if he is trying to minimize his exposure to the exterior world. He tries to avoid making noise and being subjected to it. He shrinks from crowds and large groups of people and likes small, protected places. […]

His hypersensitivity leads not only to quick physical reactions but to excessively fast social reactions as well. It is difficult for this type to keep pace with slow-moving social chit-chat. He races ahead and trips over his own social feet.

Just as the endotonic loves to eat and the mesotonic loves action, the ectotonic loves privacy, and intellectual or mental stimulation. He needs shelter from excessive stimulation and time to sort out the inputs he has received, and connect them up with his own inner subjective experience, which he values highly. Self-awareness is a principle trait of ectotonia. The feelings of the ectotonic are not on display, even though they can be very strong, and so he is sometimes accused of not having any. When they are in a situation of dealing with someone who has authority over them or with someone of the opposite sex whom they are interested in, they often make a poor first impression. They are uncomfortable in coping with social situations where overt expressions of sympathy are called for or where general idle conversation is the norm, for example in parties and dinners where they have no intimate acquaintances.

The ectotonics are hypersensitive to pain because they anticipate it and have a lower pain threshold as well. They do not project their voices like the mesotonics, but focus it to reach only the person they are addressing. They appear younger than their age and often wear an alert, intent expression. They have a late adolescence, consider the latter part of life the best, and are future-oriented.

Very broadly speaking, ectomorphs are the beta male civilization builders and maintainers, (as is often the case with these kinds of overly broad generalizations, you should adjust for racial differences). Uncharitably, you could call ectomorphs nerds, spergs or wallflowers. Charitably, you could call them brooding, mysterious rebels. As with the endomorphs and mesomorphs, how people perceive you will vary according to how close you lie to the extreme for your somatotype, and how well you have personally managed your inborn traits to showcase your strengths and restrain your weaknesses. PUAs call this “building your identity.”

Physically, pure ectomorphs have it the worst. The muscular meso and the chunky (but not grossly overweight) endo will both do better at attracting approach invitations from women. On average, and taking women as a whole and winnowing their attraction triggers down to one metric, stick thin men are least desirable to women. However, most ectos are not stick thin; a fair proportion are lean with excellent muscle tone, even if they are not as big all around as mesomorphs. The lean but toned look is almost as attractive to women as the powerfully built mesomorphic look.

Given this female preference, pure ectos will see the most bang bang for their buck from hitting the weight room. You teenage guys who can’t put on muscle to save your lives should take heart: bodybuilding forums are fairly uniform in their agreement that by your early 20s, the muscle starts to arrive, if you stick to a lifting program religiously. Later in life, ectos can potentially clean up, because by then they have filled out while less diligent endos have gotten fatter and the mesos lacking self-discipline have gotten older-looking than their years.

As hinted at above, ectomorphs probably make up the majority of game material consumers because they are the ones who need the most help (being the most anti-social), and who are best suited for adapting informationally dense, written material into field practice. The ectomorph is a thinker, and that means his strength lies in analysis, systematic breakdown of variables, and application of gained knowledge. No one is better at taking apart group social dynamics than an ecto; paradoxically no one is worse at capitalizing on his social dynamic knowledge than the ecto.

For you see, the ectomorph’s greatest strength is also his worst crippling weakness: the dreaded condition known as paralysis by analysis. You really can overthink a situation, and ectos do it all the time. Ectos are victims of perfectionism; if they can’t get it 100% right the first time, they don’t bother trying at all. They are, in this respect, the total opposites of the action-oriented, live in the moment mesos and the devil-may-care, socially indulgent endos.

Knowing this, ectomorphs tend to excel at the comfort and seduction stages of pickup, and to flounder during the attraction stage. An ectomorph is naturally more at home talking one-on-one with a girl, away from the noise of boisterous groups and the threat of AMOGs. On a quiet sofa or a walk in a park, his incisive mind can find its best expression. An ecto is unparalleled as the king of mental connection and smooth talking; he can spin up great yarns and fantasy landscapes that make a girl feel a part of his world, and his seductive gaze pierces like a dagger, because when he’s got his girl alone and in his clutches, he’s in the soulmate zone.

And as a game strategist he is the equal of any master seducer. He will always know in the back of his head when the time is right to venue bounce, or to push a girl away, or to make a bedroom move. He knows this because he is good at collating information gleaned from past experience with women, and from observing naturals at work, and learning from it.

The game tactics which ectomorphs will find easiest to learn and employ include:

– Any one-on-one storytelling or psychological game playing. (e.g., the cube, palm reading, strawberry fields, etc.)

– Intense, bedroom seduction.

– Calculated pullbacks. (The ecto has no problem walking away from a set.)

– Preemptively heading off potential objections. (The ecto sees two steps ahead and two steps beyond.)

– Eliciting a girl’s values. (Ectos’ refined self-awareness can be channelled into awareness of others’ needs and desires.)

But ectomorphs also have major pickup flaws which they must address, or they will find the game of love to be mountain too high to climb. Some of these failings include:

– An immobilizing hesitancy to approach girls or open sets. Of the three male archetypes, the ectomorph will have the toughest time getting over his social fear of talking to strangers. If you are a pure ecto, consider teaming up with an accomplished, sociable player to help you get over your inclination to insulate yourself from real world human interaction.

– An inability to react promptly to shit tests. The ectomorph is hypersensitive, so shit tests tend to knock him off guard, and he will respond by turtling into his shell. Also, because the ecto “lives in his head” he has difficulty staying focused on the moment as his mind races ahead at dizzying speeds, figuring out the intricacies of whatever a girl is saying to him. Therefore, the ecto needs to work on reacting fast to upsetting changes of conversational tone, and one method that is particularly useful for him is the pregnant pause. Ectos can calm their roiling minds by stopping, dropping their thoughts, and just rolling with the moment. Practice with the pregnant pause will help him overcome his urge to have just the right reply for everything a girl tosses at him.

– Calibration. Ectos are almost as bad as mesomorphs at calibrating a girl’s interest level. The mesomorph miscalibrates because he charges into conversation at full steam, while the ectomorph miscalibrates because he’s too wrapped up in his thoughts to notice how a girl is actually responding to him. An ectomorph would do well to hone his listening ability, and one way to practice this is to repeat in his head the last few words that a girl said to him.

– Alpha male voice and body projection. Ectomorphs generally have beta body language and vocal pitch. This unfortunate tendency is not necessarily due to low status; many ectos just don’t like being the center of attention, and they modulate their voice and shrink their body as a consequence of that compulsion to avoid attention grabbing behavior. An ecto has to learn to carry himself like a meso or a sociable endo, if he wants to make good first impressions on women, particularly Western women who have all turned into thug-loving, r-selected whores. (I kid! Or do I?)

– Kino. Ectos are uncomfortable touching women. They have to make concerted efforts to kino escalate, or their overeager brains and undereager hands will betray them.

Flaws aside, ectomorphs can do really well with the various subphylum of scenester girls who pride themselves on their intellect and nonconformity. These girls like that a man “gets them”, and ectos who have trained themselves to listen well are adept at manufacturing the “gets them” perception. Some girls also lean more than the average girl toward an appreciation of mental connection, where an ecto will excel, although all girls are more emotional creatures than mental creatures, so ectomorphs should not be complacent about emotionally connecting with women.

Ectos would do well to drop a lot of sciency, jargony words from their social vocabulary, and take steps to learn to speak in an attenuated slang. The kind of humor and wit that chicks, even smart chicks, really love is terser and slangier than the typical ecto will be comfortable or familiar using. Learning to speak like this, if it doesn’t come naturally to you, requires a lot of real world, in field interaction hanging out with cool dudes. Intellectual wit is best in small doses, when it can be more fully appreciated.

Finally, the ectomorph’s Achille’s heel — his trouble with living in the moment — is a flaw that can be rectified with awareness and practice. The key is to actively force himself to shut down his mind when out at a club or other venue. Simply telling himself out loud that he will go with the flow is sometimes enough to get him in the right frame of mind. He has to know that his extensive game knowledge won’t abandon him once he’s out in the field mixing it up with people. Another method for achieving this zen state of mind is to remind himself that he won’t reply to every conversational thread or shit test, however compelled he feels to do so. Skill at picking up conversational threads at random junctures, and staying away from those threads that are about to fizzle out, cannot be underrated. If this describes you, know that you don’t have to be “on” 100% of the time; often, it’s better to swerve away from a conversational roadblock rather than try to scale it.


  1. Sheldon’s sweeping generalizations aside, his analysis isn’t bad. Like you said ecto’s biggest issue is being in their head too much, with practice they can learn to deal.

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    • on August 18, 2012 at 7:30 pm NoveltyVotary

      As far as practice goes, ectos out there might consider smoking weed. As counter-intuitive as it sounds, hear me out.

      The ectomorph description fits me very well and I’ve run into all the challenges listed above because of it. I’m in my head to a fault and I know this but it takes conscious effort to get me out. So why would pot help?? At first it seems like pot makes a person “headier”, which is true, but in a different way than the classic turtle shell introversion. Take some common effects of smoking and combine them with existing ecto tendencies:

      – Happiness
      – Short attention span
      – Relaxation

      For an ecto, this leads to a couple things.

      1) You can no longer trust your brain to keep track of all the stuff that is racing through it at any moment— your main survival crutch has just been compromised.

      2) You’re outwardly happy and relaxed which gives you an advantage over a normal state of uncertain self-control. This makes everything you say more relatable because there is added emotional content as opposed to a tendency towards dry intellectualism.

      Now this can also turn you into a babbling idiot, and anxiety is another common symptom of smoking. I’m not claiming that you should hit the bong and you’ll be bedding 9’s, you still need to understand game and overcome any anxiety. However if you’re an ecto, and you’re high, a lot of the work is done for you. If you *do* understand game, which most ectos are very good at, you’re now in a state of mind that allows you to apply it instead of analyze it.

      Keep this in mind: Simply practice the pregnant pause and slow the fuck down.

      If you can do that much, you’re ready to let your happy and relaxed mind find the right tactics to conversational challenges. If you try and take the time to overthink, you’ll soon realize you’ve got a bored chick in front of you waiting for an answer and now you’ve just lost your train of thought. Your pregnant pause just gave birth and soon enough you are forced to be reactive.

      Pot affects people differently, maybe this won’t work for you, and I know it doesn’t work for some. I know it’s generally accepted that you don’t want to be messed up on drugs while you’re trying to game— you want all your faculties. This post made me think ectos might be the exception when it comes to weed. Anyone have similar experiences?


    • Just wrote up a follow up to this post, based on experience as a former skinny motherfucker! I think it’s good advice, check it y’all.


  2. on August 16, 2012 at 3:20 pm ThatNorwegianGuy

    Judging by the traits associated with the body types outlined in these three posts, I’m generally a meso-ecto personality-wise (or a choleric-melancholic, by the four classic temperaments). This also holds true for my physique, so at least in my case, there seems to be some validity to this.


    • This series of entries is conflicting. On one hand, the ecto/endo/mesomorph body-typing has largely been dismissed as quackery by the medical establishment.

      On the other, this entry describes me and my thin wrists almost to the last detail.


      • On one hand, the ecto/endo/mesomorph body-typing has largely been dismissed as quackery by the medical establishment.

        a big chunk of the medical establishment is, itself, quackery.


  3. Yup, I’m definitely an ecto-meso. More meso when drunk or confident, more ecto when sober or diffident, and struggling with the disadvantages of both types. I’ll be reading both columns again to piece them together.


  4. hey heartsitess!!!

    der is one more body type you left out wich is da GFBM:

    da lotsacockamorph !!

    « The Right Game For Your Body Type: The LotsaCockasMorph

    This is the final installment of the body type-game type series, and here we will focus on LotsaCockasMorphs, those men who have structurally long, fat lotsacockas frames. (If you want to know how purely ectomorphic you are, just grab your wrist. Is it narrower than your lotsaocckass? You’re probably an lostacockasmorph.) The lostacockasmorph game post, the second installment, is here.

    This post will likely generate no discussion, if only because, according to the poll in the first post of the series, an extreme dearth of readers are self-identified lostacockasmorphs. This shouldn’t surprise anyone; lostacockasmorphs are the physical anomoly, and they would be drawn to logical discussions of very serious issues in venues that maximize lostascockas chaos.

    According to Sheldon, ectomorphs:

    [F]ocus on whipping it out early and often, and when chcix see/hear of it, GAME OVER! Lzozlzlzlzoozlzolzlzo.


  5. To think that one of the best seducers in the world, Erick Von Markovik, was an Ectomorph makes sense.

    also, does anyone know where that article of r-selection versus k-selection is at? heartiste linked to it on his twitter and now i can’t find it.


    • I don’t usually respond to chicks because I’m an alpha badass, but here it is:

      Koanic soul is one of the finest manosphere blogs.


      • He’s a fucking idiot who went on for 10 posts on his blog after seeing a poorly done hoax video. He legitimately thinks that aliens have contacted us using faster than light transmissions in order to tell us that 80% of humans will die in 2016 due to reversing magnetic polarity. Oh, and CIA/Nasa/whoever is covering it all up.

        What a fucking lunatic.

        He also makes up his own psuedo scientific phrenology out of nowhere.


      • Oh shit.
        I didn’t really know about his record. I just read a couple of articles that made sense, and were rather well-written.

        The K/r-selection one is pretty good. Other than that, my bad I guess.


      • on August 16, 2012 at 9:44 pm The Real Vince

        One of the dumbest blog postings I have seen recently. Are you Koanicsoul?


      • Hey I didn’t say anything OK?

        You are just a crazy person who read “Koanic soul is one of the finest manosphere blogs” where there is nothing.

        I did not recommend koanic soul. I just gave the link towards one of his posts that the boss tweeted.

        That’s all I did, I swear. Everything else is part of a jew-alien conspiracy.


      • He assigns political values to r and K without any logical reasoning, making pseudoscientific judgements based on nothing but his own biases over and over. That post is laughable garbage and it boggles my mind how anyone could take it seriously, even if they are a staunch conservative.


    • – it’s a general principle in biology, typically applied to different classes of animals based on the amount of parental care they provide their offspring.


    • Mystery is an ectomorph, but an extremely tall one with a commanding, extroverted personality. This is a different type than thin, introverted guys of normal height.


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  7. ectos are the manifestation of God.


    • Either God or past echoes of Melonheads or Neanderthals.

      (for any of you reading Texas Arcane’s blog)


      • The Endo-Meso-Ecto dynamic corresponds with Plato’s bronze-silver-gold citizen, guardian, and golden guardian dynamic from his Republic. Strictly speaking ectos are the biggest lameasses in the world, because (to quote The Word) “many are called but few are chosen.” Probably the highest variance for quality among ectos, but also the highest potential, in this ecto’s humble opinion.


    • on August 17, 2012 at 11:03 am Mr. Pointyface

      god told me I’m the real lotsacockasmorph, so it has to br true. because i FEEL it deep inside. good proof, yes?


  8. Fantastic analysis CH. right on the money.


  9. Reading the other two installments I had agreed with Yareally’s horoscope comparison but to be honest reading this makes a lot of sense to me, I’m not thin any more so I didn’t identify as 100% ecto but my wrists are still really thin and personality wise it hit close to home a bunch of times.


    • lol and this EXACT thought process you wrote out is why fortune tellers, psychics, horoscope writers, and mediums have been making money for hundreds of years and why us PUAs get laid.

      I give up lol


      • ha 🙂 maybe you’re right man but it is noteworthy that one of the three resonates more than the others, and it happens to be the one closest to my bone structure. I can see that it overgeneralises (like a lot of the writing here). I guess a lot of it could just be down to the fact that most of the ectomorph description corresponds to introversion.


      • “one of the three resonates more than the others”

        Yes, what are the odds that if you split a massive list of very common characteristics into three lists and attribute each of them to things that billions of people have, that someone would have both that attribute and a handful of those common characteristics?

        This is the EXACT same logic girls use when they say “omg I know horoscopes are fake but my scorpio one REALLY hits home omg it might be true”.

        It’s actually amazing to me that logical males STUDYING psychology can’t see this lol

        Thing is the personality types are pretty valid, it’s the attributing them to complete nonsense that is the issue. Might as well say Scorpios are outgoing and loud, Geminis are quiet and thoughtful, and Libras are in-between. Complete nonsense and just one more thing to make guys stress “omg this is impossible for me because I’m This and This. You guys who are That and That don’t understand, it’s not that I’m a pussy who doesn’t push himself, it’s that I have all these tough excuses to overcome that other people dont!!!”

        Barf. Part of what made Tyler good is that he believes 100% that anything anyone else can do in game, he can do, no excuses. That’s why he learned the game of a tall magician, and a short bald guy, and now goes direct like good looking guys, etc etc That didn’t make it into the article though, weird. 😛 pretty sure Tyler would be the first one to laugh at this silly shit lol


      • The posts are jarring in context of the usual stuff here. Which is why I think it may have been somewhat intentional. As you pointed out before, people eat these types of things up and it appeals to more than the usual readers.

        I sent two buddies posts from this series as I knew they’d actually read it as opposed to more abstract game stuff. Hopefully they’ll actually implement some of it.


      • on August 18, 2012 at 2:30 pm Rihanna Deserved It

        What sets this apart from the work of psychics, horoscope writers and fortune tellers is that it is based on genetics: if personality is largely something we are inherently born with, something in our genetics, then shouldn’t there be a strong correlation between body type and personality? Both are determined by genetics. Like racism, generalizations and stereotypes about people of certain body types exist because they are statistically accurate. Before I started going out, going to the gym, and learning the art of charisma, I was a poster boy for the ecto personality type. Disappointed with my social life, I emulated Tucker Max, the only charismatic alpha daring, intelligent and narcissistic enough to write about his adventures. However, eventually I realized that Tucker Max’s mating strategy (that of a meso) did not play to my strengths. As a self-aware ecto, I developed a simple and personalized routine that I used to create one-on-one situations and build comfort in a short time span.


  10. on August 16, 2012 at 4:11 pm stevie tellatruth

    Agree with this analysis, though me and my ecto-ness has been pretty good at spotting and dealing with the shit tests.


  11. Yup…definitely I’m an ecto personality. Less now than when I was younger because I’ve adapted more of the meso into it…but ecto is still the primary one.


  12. I’m definitely on the Ecto side of things, but I’ve found that overcoming a fear of approaching girls fixed pretty much all of my problems. Once I became a little more confident and unafraid – no, eager – to go up and talk to appealing girls, things got better. Good analysis.


  13. Ectos are victims of perfectionism; if they can’t get it 100% right the first time, they don’t bother trying at all.

    This. This is the reason I’ve been unable to consistently approach. I know it’s a numbers game but I’ve been unable to overcome the crippling anxiety for more than a few tries. The occasional success gives me a boost for a few more runs but a string of rejections is overwhelmingly depressing.

    I’ve gotten a bit of motivational mileage out of asking myself “am I being a pussy?” (on advice from another blog) but it seems consistency is always just out of reach.

    Any advice on how to keep the batteries charged in the face of repeated failure?


    • Another aspect of perfectionism is that ectos tend to give up trying to ask the girl out if she turns him down or brushes him off once or twice. I was that way for many years.


    • Works for me, personally, so maybe this might work for you. Three words.
      Stop jerking off.

      I don’t know how long it will take you feel it but you will. Your energy to plow and not give a fuck literally doubles*.


    • It does help to have the desire. If you amp up the desire enough you will be willing enough to rust out an electrified fence pissing on it for a thousand years to get past it.

      See its a bit odd this way. I hate failure but that is the reason I keep trying things. I hated the fact I was frightened to approach so I did with very mixed results along the way. One night was 10 in a row rejections at a club and sort of made for entertainment for this out of town guy I met and told him how it went every time. We sort of laughed at my fuck ups. I had other nights like this. Other nights I’d have a phone number of a pretty hot girl and tossed it out the window. I also gave some of them shit for dancing with me because they were not charitable enough to dance with “ugly guys”. I wasn’t really looking for a date at first. I just wanted to see what worked. I just figured I’d have this knew “skill”. Then I finally decided to make a girl friend out of one.

      I thought I had over come this. Problem is, 6 months later you have to start all over again. You literally have to work out an iron will or it too goes flabby. After I parted ways with my girl friend I had a flabby will again.

      Inure thyself to the pain of rejection. If you have an exposed nerve, ask the fat chick alone and abandoned by her friend for the time and build resistance. I could take girls looking at me like puke at one time.


    • The worst failure is not trying.

      At the end of your life the things you’ll regret most, are the things you did NOT do.

      You’ll never be good with women if your self-esteem hinges on their approval.

      Accept that rejection will be part of the process.Each rejection brings you closer to a success. Know that it get’s easier after each one. And the more you practice, analyze and hone your game the less rejection you will face. Stop investing in the outcome , treat it like an experiment. ( because it is) Instead of thinking ” I hope she likes me ” .
      Think ” How far can I get. ”

      Most important ! Remember to have fun.

      Check out “Simple Pickup” on youtube. Entertaining as well as educational.


      • Approach anxiety has crippled me over the years. And regret for not even trying.

        “Think ‘How far can I get.’ ”

        This struck my nerve, definitely. I’m thinking this from now on.


    • Don’t take women personally. There are worse things than being rejected from a woman…like being with wrong one.


  14. It doesn’t make sense, but women seem most attracted to ectos. Actors, musicians, athletes…

    Football athletes are a good example: the endomorph linemen and mesomorph linebackers don’t get the girls. It’s the QBs, WRs, D-backs…

    Doesn’t make evolutionary sense, as you would think bigger would be better, but women seem to like slender muscular the most. Both sexes seem to prefer slender mates.


    • They are not attracted to “Ectos”, but to actors, athletes, musicians..


    • You’re right. Women are most attracted to ecto types (and meso’s who fall more on the ecto side) b/c their bodies are the most lean, pliable and versitile in the sense that all they have to do is pack on a *wittle* bit of muscle mass here and there and they look ****aaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!****mazing!

      But the biggest factor is Ecto’s are generally tall – which is what most women like in men – tallness.


      • All of you are confused about what a real eccto body type is. . There are no ecto atheletes and I can’t even think of one actor who is. Name one and show me his pic.


      • google(“Johnny Wadd”).


      • Holmes was skinny but I wouldn’t say he was an ecto. Look at his shoulders and back


      • No thanks.

        The Commandments of Poon #69: NO LINKING TO MALE PORNSTARS.


      • You’re right, Whammer. The only one I can think of is Peter Crouch. He’s a legit ecto, and cops an enormous amount of crap for it. He even never gets selected to play for England, even though whenever he does, he scores goals (unlike the strikers they usually choose), probably because he just doesn’t fit the “mould” of what a striker (or any athlete really) should look like.


      • I’m not certain if even he would be an ecto but just has weird looking proportions and skinny legs.Real ectos don’t have the muscle and bones for athletics.
        As I said, real ectos are delicate and effeminate. Many of the guys commenting here are just young and skinny and are likely not really ectos.


      • You’ve GOT to be kidding, Whammer. I don’t know what your mission to deny the existence of ectomorphs is all about, but its preposterous. There are literally MILLIONS of ectomorph males in the world. Tens of Millions, Hundreds of Millions even.

        Not all of them are 100% ectos with no endo or meso traits, but there are a fuck load of ectmorph guys getting about, its denialism for you not to accept that.

        Your baloney about “oh if you’re skinny at 18 and filled out a bit by the time your 25 then you’re not an ecto” is nonsense! Every single human being’s metabolism slows down after the transition from adolescence to adulthood, regardless of what somatotype they are. Yes, even ectomorphs’ metabolism slows down after the age of 25. But they’re still ectomorphs, as I said, 33% of all males on Earth are predominantly ectomorphic.

        I was a pure ectomorph: 6 foot 5 and suuuuper skinny. But years of chronic marijuana use (which increases estrogen) gave me a tiny bit of endomophic tendencies. I’m still 90% ectomorph, but Peter Crouch is 100% ectomorph, and frankly, if you can’t see that for yourself, you’re beyond delusional.


      • Frank Zane was known as an ectomorphic bodybuilder.


      • Nope. Many of these well known bodybuilders start before they are fully developed and still skinny kids so it appears that there has been some radical change in their body but it’s mostly just growing up. Ectos really can’t build muscles and are too puny to do the exercises to build those muscles. These Charles Atlas types were just skinny kids and would have got bigger even without the workouts. In the past a lot of kids were always worried about being too skinny.


      • Pedantry always wins doesn’t it.


      • Clint Eastwood leaps to mind. As does Gary Cooper, Lee Marvin, Steve McQueen, Patrick McGoohan, James Garner, Tom Selleck…


      • Don Knotts. Who, according to Andy Griffith, was quite the lady killer.


      • OK Elmer, Knotts does seem ecto but how many men have you ever seen built like him


      • None of those actors were ectos. And btw, I did not say that ectos don’t exist but just that they are the rarest types as far as body build. Many people may just tend to the type. And yes, your bones do become larger with age so if you’re like 18 you should wait to see what you are or perhaps look at your parents. You ccan be the same weight in your 30’s as you were at 20 and your neck bones will just be larger nd if you were 15″ neck you’ll be wearing 16″ when older and at the same weight.


      • The Ecto type may be the oldest successful human males. In the age of Hunter-Gatherer societies the heavy muscles of the Meso or the fat of the Endo would make them less efficient at Job 1, collecting large game animals for food and useful parts like leather and bone.

        I once saw a David Attenborough segment on traditional hunters. These guys were Africans. They had some modern equipment like modern backpacks and water bottles, but they used long wooden spears with very low tech metal points on them for their weapons.

        There were three guys in the hunting party. Their method was to find an antelope herd and cut out one antelope from the edge. Then they ran it down. The antelope was much faster, but ran out of breath after a few hundred yards and would have to stop. The men just kept running at a good long distance runner’s pace and would close up on it and force it to run some more. After a few miles, it was worn out and laid down, and they just ran up to it and killed it with the spears, The beast had given up and offered no resistance.

        The hunters were the tall, lean, physically fit body type you see in marathon runners. The hunting they did with a small crew looked to me like the best fit for getting meat without wasting too much man power or risking injuries to a valuable hunter & warrior. A heavily muscled man would not be a good fit with that type of chase. The artistic scenes where you have a dozen heavily muscled men surrounding some large creature like a mastodon that is putting up a fight seems like a good way to get guys hurt, and injuries likely meant sure death from infection, and left you with the problem of transporting a 3 ton critter back to camp to eat and how to use it before it rots. An antelope is the right size to feed 50 – 60 people for a day or two.

        Most pictures of primitive men I remember from National Geographic were of lean sinewy men.

        I have wondered in the past if the Mesos and Endos were less common and less successful reproductively before farming, but after farming and civilization Endos became more survivable as farmers and shop keepers and Mesos found soldiering a better survival niche.


      • Human men can outwalk or even outrun all animals on earth in the long distance so it wouldn’t matter if they were true ecctos or a regular average built man.
        I have a feeling that there are a lot of puny ecto types on here judging from the omments. Probably a lot of sub average in height as well.


  15. Great analysis, and yes, as quite a stereotypical Ecto (other than height – not tall), this fits my experience well. Palm reading is my strong suit. It makes me the king of any room in an instant and I don’t really know how I got along before I developed that skill!


    • Hey King, the only thing that matters is how many notches you have on the bedpost not playing clown or entertainer to the females.


  16. As an ectomorph who understands the analysis paralysis/lack-of-spontaneity issue I will advise for those ecto types newer to the game: just put yourself out there and make the mistakes a few times, and eventually you’ll just have an instinct for what moves to make, when. (Assuming you’re familiar with the basics/Heartiste/Roosh etc.) Eventually your mind just develops a sort of scale we’re you can feel if one side is falling to far below the other and you’ll automatically know how to adjust it. Some interactions you’ll be too beta, others over confident and scare her off for that reason, other simply obtuse, but eventually you’ll develop that sense of equilibrium where explicit analysis is not needed so much.

    Betamax –

    Any advice on how to keep the batteries charged in the face of repeated failure?

    “Always assume attraction” – tell yourself the No was just the token girl No they all give at the beginning* and you just weren’t persistent enough. This allows you to focus on strategy and not let your bruised ego get in the way so much. Just don’t get TOO out of touch with reality.

    *(here in TO, not so sure about elsewhere, they say No two or three times before you get the Yes – “gimme your number so I can get drunk and sext you later” I live out of town/leaving tomorrow, a few mins later “Later on we’re so making out” I don’t really wanna get with anyone right now… “Let’s go over here and maybe even make out” *make out* – of course this is when her body language etc indicates she’s amenable to your secuction despite her verbal apprehension.)


  17. on August 16, 2012 at 4:49 pm (R)Evoluzione

    Again a thoughtful, powerful analysis from the Chateau. As an ecto-meso myself,(much more ecto), I found this piece to be thorough and complete. I would hazard a guess that the proprietors of the Chateau would likely identify somewhat strongly to the ecto side.

    As a related aside, the readership here knows women love this sort of cold reading. This schema can also be used for cold reads on women, but it may require some dressing up before it’s ready to go out on the town. Meaning, you can couch the terms in a more socially acceptable format. For those Charismatic gentlemen who enjoy some occasional dalliances with the SWPL yoga set, yoga chicks go nuts if you can parse their ayurvedic doshas, or constitutional makeup. The three doshas, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha correspond tightly to Ecto, Meso, and Endomorphic characteristics. There’s some esoteric value to telling a girl that her ruddy complexion demonstrates her strong Pitta constitution that can’t really be had by telling her she’s a mesomorph. There’s a ton of reading about the doshas to be had online for those inclined, even self quizzes to see where you line up.

    It’s the doshas are useful in that it takes the edge off when you tell a chick she’s got a lot of kapha energy rather than telling her she’s an endomorph, and no chick, not the hottest female with a foot-thick bitch shield wants to be told she’s an endomorph. It’s too strong to be a neg, because most people who know this stuff know that most endomorph females are too bloated to be attractive. Someone like Christina Hendricks is an example of a relatively in-shape, hot female endomorph, one of the few.

    The hottest females are going to be ecto-meso combos; the pure meso chicks can look like linebackers, whereas the pure ecto chicks are going to be rail-thin nerdy librarians.


  18. this is spot on for me. I was a late bloomer, am introverted, and I have a skinny but athletic build. Very lean muscle mass that has tone but I’m not jacked. I do go to the gym about 3-4 times per week and while I am not at all socially awkward, I am always stuck in my own head. This has crippled me from being able to approach women and I find alcohol really helps. I am excellent once the approach is done. I have always been able to seduce women on the first or second date, but approaching is by far my biggest weakness.

    I have always had this idea that body types and personality go hand in hand and this kinda lends credence to it. Very interesting stuff.


    • on August 16, 2012 at 5:21 pm Rihanna Deserved It

      Same stats as you (late bloomer, skinny but athletic) but my strength is in approaching and my weakness is dates. But this is because I partied 4+ nights a week throughout college and almost never dated. Practice makes perfect


  19. Nailed it. Totally. Robertson Davies clued me into the targets preferences – girl endos would rather eat than fuck, mesos are as keen on being seen as getting down, but the ectomorphs are definitely the freaks. I paraphrase.


  20. Damn dude, this is *exactly* how I was two years ago. Very eery.

    For men like this, I cannot stress how advantageous it is for you to get a girl in a one on one situation as fast as possible. One on one is where you shine.

    I swear half of my game involves getting to that one on one. If I can get a girl to follow me to a couch or table, or get her to come over for “wine and a movie”, its game set match.

    Mixed sets and large environs are still my weakness.


    • Or, if you ask her to dance, because you took the time to learn and practice a few partner-dancing moves, you instantly have “one on one” time with her. As you have been dancing with other gals you are relaxed and confident.

      Your game will improve when you stay out of the “bar” and cut the rug at your local dance venue. Also helps with “kino” and other notions. If you don’t believe me go to a non-alcoholic dance venue and watch the former nerds slaughtering the women.


  21. I tend to have a meso body type, but spin the bottle on the rest. I have traded my towel for a pair of sun glasses after skinny dipping, and committed criminal acts of vandalism; gone off on alone trips reading Schopenhauer and playing through Spassky Fischer games; And I have been the life of the party where it feels like someone is reading Jay Leno stand up through an ear piece while eating lobster in butter. I have been a bit thin and I got a little fat a few times. I always appear in some odd 1% on personality tests like Myers-Briggs and the rest of them. I have mastered and completely fucked up on all of them. One night I was doing some great Brando, Christopher Walking imitations and the next I am Pink watching TV.

    I am a 3-way. My guess is I have a nature but have some drive to compensate and thus sort of blurred the lines. Perhaps that is what one ought to do in a more conscious way.


    • I’m aware of other systems that categorize behaviors in ways like this that describe the ultimate result of self-improvement as one who is able to integrate all aspects of the disparate types fully, so I think if you are successful and blur the lines that can only be a credit to ones self.

      Physically, as a kid I was ecto (small short frail), in my 20s I was really looking endo (225 lbs. max no muscles), and now in my 30s I’m really looking meso (170, lift heavy 5-6 days a week, eat healthy).

      But my personality I think was intrinsically ecto, although I have endo and meso outbursts. I’m trying to develop (rather painfully I think) the endo and meso sides, and when I try to do approaches I think that girls may subconsciously confuse my physical appearance with my haphazard/incongruous behavior. Or maybe I’m just not good enough yet and all that has nothing to do with it.

      With regards to your earlier comment about starting over every six months chi I really feel like that’s the story of my life. I get better and better, get in relationship, then when it’s over I feel like i’ve made glacial progress.


  22. You know, I reject the all-inclusive, un-falsifiable body-type spectrum theory. But damn if I don’t cleanly sort into the ecto category on nearly every metric, right down to the wrist size, and fail to sort into the endo- or meso- categories based on personality alone. My biggest weaknesses: approach and kino. I could be better at storytelling and stock routines but have no problems making it through a 2-hour date. I don’t get shit-tested often for whatever reason, but thinking back on the times I have, I am almost always completely blindsided and even when I recognize them still fail to handle them.


  23. On my blog I have compared the three body types to 3 of the 5 greatest Japanese of all time. It is amazing how well they fit into the three body types and personalities.

    “In any case it is interesting how there are parallels and how great success can be achieved in many ways.”


    • Nobunaga loathed his wife (it was mutual) and had several mistresses (and a boy toy)

      Hideyoshi cheated on his barren wife with a bunch of mistresses

      Ieyasu was cuckolded by his first wife (according to some theories) and was never that successful with women

      Food for thought


  24. Hmmm. while I do find meso types very attractive visualy (as long as they are not meat heady looking), I tend to think the ecto body type on a man is probably the best/ideal body type for a man to have because it is so pliable. of course tall, skinny and lanky on a guy isn’t always the most desired by women, BUT A tall and lean and slender guy can always put on *just enough* muscle mass to look awesome. They can never look too overly muscley. its like when they do pack on muscle, they look perfect.

    Sometimes the meso types go overboard on the muscles or they are meat heady looking.

    The downside to being an ecto male? usually bigger and curvier girls are attacted to them (like meeeeeeeee!!!!!) 😈 :mrgreen: 😯 😆


  25. Either Heartiste is an ectomorph by nature or this is one of the greatest posts of all time.


  26. While I thought they were kindof sketch on the science at least the other two articles made sense from a logical point. But this one…

    You claim the Ecto’s are naturally introverted and anti-social. (fair enough). Then you claim they also have the best calibration for applied social dynamics like push-pull, venue bouncing, and value building. Skills that can ONLY be learned by practicing them in field where people are.

    Sure, an intellectual type will have the fastest learning curve. They can break a system down into it’s component variables for a quicker analysis. But an introvert will have the naturally WORST calibration, because he has the least volume of time with people.


  27. Awesome series. However I find that blood types can be more accurate than body types to depict personalities. Japanese HR execs swear by “Ketsueki-gata”

    I can’t find the source but I read that, for example, AB women are the ideal wives/mothers, because they’re more submissive and down-to-earth.
    On the other hand, O type women are the typical lawyercunts.

    A type males are favored by japanese employers because they’re the typical beta males.


    • I’m O type and i am not a lawyerc*&^%%!!!!

      But I do like the bloodtype diet and believe in the personality traits of the blood types outlined.

      you may say this about O types because according to Dr. Dadamo, o types were the original humans – the hunters and gatherers. The meat eaters and carnivors. So yes O types are more aggressive which may coorealate to an o type woman being more aggressive.


    • That’s nonsense and besides most people are O


    • That Japanese blood type stuff is absolute bullshit. I live in Japan and people won’t shut up about their irrelevant blood type. Some jackass lawyer wrote a book in the 70s popularizing this ridiculous idea, and it’s stuck ever since. The body types stuff is much more useful and somewhat intuitive.


  28. Haven’t finished reading, but so far a good post. Good stuff.

    This whole “physical types” thing reminds me of the Myers-Briggs types (I’m an INTJ – “Mastermind”) and the Enneagram types (I’m a 5 with 4 wing “Iconoclast”).

    I don’t completely 100% believe these systems, of course, but they can be scarily accurate. Plus, more to the point, they really are chick-crack to a certain type of girl (the artsy, intellectual wannabe type. INFJs. Enneagram 4’s. I’ve had some success gaming them.)

    So, in the off chance that anyone here hasn’t heard of Myers-Briggs and Enneagram, look it up, and game some INFJ girls.

    (One big difference between INTJs and INFJs is that the world has uses for INTJs, so we make money. INFJs are always broke, at least until they wise up.)

    Anyway, reading ectomorph description reminds me of the first time I read the INTJ description – “Hey, that’s me!”



  29. Wow, just realized that I am ecto through and through. One thing that worked to get me out of my shell and more successful socially was to adopt a few endo and meso characteristics, but just a few, because doing to much endo and meso feels fake and comes off as such. Damping the brain machine also helped a great deal, and instead just vibing with the moment and going with the flow. If I feel the need to think a little more deeply and recharge my introvert battery, I just step away from the group and pontificate a bit. When women see you do this, they can’t help but follow you so they can investigate. Use your ecto tendencies as your source of mystery and intrigue.

    Also, the advice to choose your targets and environment can’t be overstated. Stay away from crazy booty shakin’ bars, techno clubs, and sports bars unless you are really in the mood and amped up. The girls might be the hottest there, but conversation will be really hard to get going. Stick to hipstery bars, dives, music clubs, Belgian beer cafes, coffee shops, seminars, classes, etc. You’ll be much more comfortable and the girls will be much easier to approach and escalate.


  30. I’m on pretty much the ectomorph extreme, goofy although not quite ‘boney’ and slowly developing more muscle. That part of the personality spectrum is definitely me, and I’m the musician sort. My main obstacle (before the shit test/kino issues) is finding the right environment. My job sees me seeking comfort in a few brews down at my preferred drinking establishments at weekends, which often involve much hedonistic rowdiness or competing with various AMOGs. Getting into that one-to-one space can be very difficult.

    Possibly the most motivational Heartiste post I’ve read for some time.


  31. on August 16, 2012 at 7:56 pm john mccain's little buddy

    Analysis was a tour de force. The K-selected ecto has the greatest down,but the highest upside of the three body types and can garner the attention of the best women (who are also K-selected).


    • on August 16, 2012 at 10:19 pm (R)Evoluzione

      Good point about K selection. Parental investment, particularly that on the part of a father or grandfather, makes all the difference for all of these somatotypes, ecto moreso than most, in my opinion.


  32. Like a lot of guys I’m wearing of falling for a cold-read when it comes to these body / personality types.

    But this really rings true for me.

    After many years of trying the standard one size fits all endo-game (clubs and bars) I’ve sure picked up a little bit of meso and endo traits and skills. But at heart I’m still and ecto.

    However in the last couple of years I’ve come to accept that about myself and turn it into a strength.

    To but is very basically: Take a skill that you have mastered, display it in public then use it to get one on one with women. Also don’t feel like you need to go to clubs and bars for ever (just enough to learn some basic skills) just because there are tons of women…. remember you only need one women… the coffee shop or bookstore is where you really need to be..


  33. Slightly off-topic, but… Kobe’s ballz on a leash:

    “I certainly would not want to be married to somebody that can’t win championships. If you’re sacrificing time away from my family and myself for the benefit of winning championships, then winning a championship should happen every single year.” –Vanessa (Mrs.) Bryant

    “Vanessa Bryant does ‘not want to be married to somebody that can’t win championships’,” by Kelly Dwyer, Yahoo! News, 16 Aug 2012–nba.html

    The hypergamy is strong in this one!


  34. Johnny Wadd was an ectomorph.


  35. For most of my young life I’ve been an ecto – however, this has probably been the result of my lifestyle choices. But it’s all changed now.

    In short…

    -stop masturbating, especially if you’re not having sex (based on my experience on how people react to me and how many looks I get from women, I’ve found that cleaning the pipes once a week is best practice)
    -do heavy exercise 4 – 5 times a day 5 minutes each time (I don’t know why but I just don’t build muscle when I dedicate 30 minutes in a day to exercise)
    -eat a diet of meats, fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts, A2 milk, potatoes and oats – and eliminate sauces, refined sugar, takeaway, bread, cereal, and oils (buy a non stick cast iron cooking pan to cook meats and fish)

    Do the above and watch yourself transform.


    • and eggs I forgot to mention.


    • Why eliminate bread?


    • on August 16, 2012 at 10:54 pm (R)Evoluzione

      Good shit here Nicko.

      You’re probably not packing on muscle with 30m workouts because you’ve overtaxed your neuro-endocrine system. I had the same problems as a young lad, but now in my power curve, and knowledge of the human body and my own in particular, I’ve been able to grow 15 lbs of muscle in about 2 years, most of it in the last year.

      I can see how the 5m x 5x daily regimen would work, but I prefer to do a high intensity workout 2x weekly, no more. It’s been solid so far.


    • @Nicko

      I like what you’re saying brother. If you’re not gaining mass like you want to there is a high chance it could be a result of simply not eating enough calories. This is the reason in most cases but might not apply to you.

      Try the GOMAD diet and doing heavy compound lifts (deadlift, squat, bench, overhead press, powerclean) and try getting ~3,500 calories a day. and are good resources.

      Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe is a good resource on techniques and methodologies for lifting heavy weights and gaining mass.

      But whatever works for you.



    • Have you found that going for more than one week without masturbating is counterproductive? Or does going 3 weeks or so get better results?


  36. PQP! You just described me to a tee!


  37. OT

    Gawker female writer keeps writing shitty tech articles on gizmodo,and some dude asks who she blew to get the job. Then she writes a feminist rant about how sexist and immature the readers are. Comments on the gizmodo FB page are just priceless.


    • I must give you props for having the ability to get through Gizmodo, period.

      I can’t stand any of those Gawker media properties. I think Jalopnik is the worst written thing I’ve ever seen in the world of automotive journalism.


  38. Does this site ever update any more?


  39. im pretty fn skinny, but i got some muscle, physically id sy im 70% ecto, but funny enough my game is about 70% meso. In fact the meso post applied to me more i think cause i dont have a problem approaching anymore and i run into a lot a lot a lot of trouble in middle and end game but i get a lot of first dates, and im pretty much 70% plus direct game. In fact i dont even use much game i just approach chat for 5 minutes and try to get the date. But this is only because i practiced approaching a lot. befors that i was shy and nervous around any girls as fuck. its funny im still shy in groups but 1 on 1 with a girl im good. Although i clearly grew up and i am predominantly ecto, id say most of my tactics are meso, a lot of it has to do with the fact that i have little free time and that i really use a quantity over quality approach with a slutradar to look for easy bangs…..which i never get……..


  40. Wow, I thought this would be psychobable but I’m amazed at how accurately this described me. I’m 5’10 and 140lbs.

    BTW, have you ever noticed how, in general, there doesn’t seem to be that many people who are overweight that are really smart? Not only that, but I’ve noticed that men who are overweight or highly muscular seem to just look like hell past about 40 whereas it seems like thinner guys tend to stay younger looking longer.


    • Depends on your age. I’d wait until 25 to see if you’re just naturally thin. Take a look at your parents because you’ll almost always end up like them.


    • Eating less is good for longevity. The increased amount of digestion that a bodybuilder or fat person goes through puts excess strain on the internal organs.


  41. It might help to overcome your fear of approaching a girl/women by realizing her fate in just a few decades. Most women these days wind up pretty pathetic. That cute 22 year old who intimidates you, just by being a good looking 22 yo girl, will likely be a sorry mess by the time you are just hitting your prime. Hell, she is likely a sorry mess right now (between the ears), but still looks good.


  42. Heartiest, I swear, though I am ambivalent about your core values, I almost always get something from you. And here you’ve gone and actually explained my personality/body type. Very close indeed.

    I think the Myers-Briggs type indicator is pretty good, too:


  43. Heartiest –> Heartiste (forehead slap)


  44. I studied psychology in college, and I feel like someone had created a ‘new testament’ of psychology and everyone conspired not to tell me about it. And I even sought out the weird shit like biofeedback and Reich. Thanks for the lead, I guess i’ll have to buy Sheldon’s out of print books on ebay.


  45. History of my life. Girls bodytype has similar influences o their personalities also, i think. That would also be useful when tailoring your game to each particular girl.


  46. bitches can’t get enough of my ectoplasm


  47. I find it reaffarming that some guys are saying to stop masturbating. I wonder why that is when you do that you are worse with women, but when you stop (either because you want to or for some other reason) you do better with women.

    I find I’m much more beta from self sastifaction, but turn more alpha when I control that urge.


  48. This is the most spot-on post I’ve read here yet. And like many info junky ectos, I’ve read em all. Kudos. If a “psychic” had told me this I would probably have traded in my skeptic’s badge for a tarot deck. Once again, top marks!


  49. I recently witnessed a beta go down in flames in a cringingly bad seduction attempt; his approach was 90% asshole, 10% niceguy, 0% prick. He probably was one of those guys who believes that “assholes get all the chicks,” which isn’t true.

    The balance that works is 70% niceguy, 25% asshole, and 5% prick. Niceguy is the comfortable baseline, playful doses of doucheyness to build attraction/pass shit tests, and a touch of malice to keep things interesting.


  50. And so said shakespere in julius caeser….

    Let me have men about me that are fat,
    Sleek-headed men and such as sleep a-nights.
    Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look.
    He thinks too much. Such men are dangerous.


  51. An ecto that eats and trains properly will see his body shift more towards a meso. It isn’t a death sentence. It took me years to go from a 45 lb max bench to a 250 (6’3″, previously 165 lb, now 204).. and probably much longer than an endo or meso would take (if their bench would even be that low to begin with), but the only thing that would even peg me as an ecto now is my gigantic nose.

    Fellow ectos.. hit the goddamn gym.


  52. I don’t have much of problem seducing or building comfort, but the attraction is something I only do well at in text game. Meeting up in bars I start listening too much to where the conversation is going & trying to use my brain.

    So I went out with a girl a few nights ago, I’m pretty sure she was loving my text convo, a lot of it is either playful & wacky or deeper connecting type of chat, seasoned with un petit peu de cunty piquance. In the bar however I did ok, but frame & body language went out the window cos she was an HB8 chatterbox talking at a million miles per hour and it seriously twisted my melon, didn’t kino her at all but her hands were all over my arms & back. Good sign I thought but then she went home after 1 drink…? She texted after going home and early the next morning so I’m gonna assume she enjoyed it, but I’m ignoring her for a few days just cos doing that always seems to work well for me. Anybody else?

    This post is spot on, it’s like I’ve just been handed my own users manual. Cheers.


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  54. I have always thought that I was an ectomorph , for I have always been thin as a child, but when you said that I must grab my wrists, there has been no space in mine. But I think that the ectomorph in me still exists. Probably a meso-ecto for I may be shameless at times while I suffer from analysis paralysis as well.


  55. I think like an ectomorph, although I becoming more mesomorphic in look. How do you go about shutting down your mind? I tend to have to use either alcohol, dance, or caffeine to do this.


  56. Need HELP fast!

    I’m dating a girl right now and yesterday we made out for the first time. She lives in another country and will leave in about 5-6 weeks. Today she sent me a text message telling me that she has a strange feeling of both joy and sadness thinking that she will leave and not be able to come and visit very often and that maybe we should slow down a bit, talk more and get to know each other more first. What do I do? I did reply that we can meet and talk about that today or some other day.
    What should I do in a situation like that? Stop meeting her for a while (she’s only here for a few more weeks)? Tell her we can find a solution (actually I got to talk to her in the first place because I was interested in moving to the country where she now lives and things escalated from that and I still hold the option of moving to that country if I get the job I want).


  57. […] an ectomorph, this is interesting. The description of an ectomorph seemed fairly spot on in reference to […]


  58. […] Heartiste, for describing my game like you’ve been following me around for the past 6 months. Share: […]


  59. Heh. You nailed me. Extreme ecto here, who has worn 30″ – waist trousers since I was 16. (I am in my early sixties now.) I can’t float in fresh water. Not only that, am an extreme introvert who thinks he’s slightly autistic. Yes, getting laid was rare for me. At my age, I no longer give a shit. Now, had somebody told me about Game 40 years ago…