Great Zing

In the comments section to an article in The Daily Mail about the gilded weaponry of Mexican drug lords, Bill from Richmond, VA responded to an effete glove slap from an Englishman.

“Its so comforting to know that our American friends have so much time to concentrate on the finer things in life such as part and model numbers of guns… keeep it up chaps!”
– Peahead, Hebden Bridge

Well, Nancy, the next time the topic is part and model numbers of the latest purses, we’ll be sure to ask you.
– Bill, Richmond, VA

Ya gotta hit em where it hurts. And with the Euroweenies, that’s just about everywhere.


  1. First


  2. DAMN.


  3. It disappoints me that many of my fellow Brits can have such strong feelings of dislike towards Americans for no apparent reason. Understand however that most Britons, and Europeans in general with real sense have far more respect than that for Americans.


  4. Good show.

    When considering a new expat domicile for us yank men looking for more favorable surroundings, it’s wise to check out the gun laws. An unarmed man is not a free man.


  5. Having said that, comments about being saved from the Germans can kindly fuck off.


  6. I like this reply as well:

    “That’s right, Brits aren’t allowed to own firearms….sorry mate.”


  7. on August 20, 2010 at 6:51 pm Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

    Well done!


  8. on August 20, 2010 at 7:00 pm Robert Seymour

    Europe licks social democratic donkey balls.

    _Western_ Canada


  9. I love to think of the Brits as our less adventurous brother. A cool guy to hang out with, but a bit more uptight, untill you coax the cheeky side out. One of the best times of my youth was an international scout camp, where we and the British kids tried to score Spanish girls.



  10. on August 20, 2010 at 7:44 pm Soviet Canuckistan

    Robert: So does Western Canada, and I say that as a resident.


  11. I thought it was going to be clever, no improvisation there.

    The comment should have been.

    Well, Nancy, the next time the topic is part (legs) and model, we’ll be sure to ask you.

    Hint: Porn reference.


  12. B.C. sure, but Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba suck social democratic donkey balls?

    How so?


  13. Orwell was a prophet.


  14. Someone told me Saskatchewan was the most socialist place west of Sweden.

    Manitoba, I love your country, such dramatic, exotic-sounding names. Alberta.

    But I’ve been to Vancouver, and Vancouver is Granola-PC-Socialist heaven. Cute girls, but socialist heaven.

    Not any better than my own state – where it’s practically a Democratic People’s Republic.

    Britain is about as bad. Not all of the US is as free as Texas.


  15. What’s the states, 60% white?


  16. Point being all western countries are in deep deep trouble.


  17. on August 20, 2010 at 9:35 pm Robert Seymour

    BC and Alberta are good.


  18. Yeah, just bought a Mossberg and I’m in the market for an M4 or something similar.


    Can’t say I want a ‘thank you’ for our father’s and grandfather’s deeds. Personally, I think the human race would have reached new heights under such a drastic eugenic regime as opposed to our dysgenic hell the west has turned into.

    That said, I’d love to see a swastika banner hanging from Westminster and the White House.

    Cheers, mate!


  19. Roissy, here is your own truth, revealed years after you announced it: Men prefer young tail.,2933,599825,00.html

    Too bad its Fox News announcing it (although unsurprising); it means lefties will ignore it/pretend it doesn’t exist because they’re “biased.”


  20. When the war against terror started, the Brits were the only people to back the U.S. 100%. Remember, this is despite the fact that the U.S. has given sanctuary to many members of the IRA. The U.S. has also allowed Americans to send millions of dollars to the IRA for several decades, money that was used to blow up children on buses in London. Almost like stabbing your best friend in the back. Of course, with the Patriot Act this practice has come to an end, after the American people got a taste of what Brits have had to endure for years. So don’t go after an entire nation for the comments made by one idiot.


  21. Timitz

    I love to think of the Brits as our less adventurous brother.

    Ever heard of the British Empire?


  22. on August 20, 2010 at 11:45 pm gunslingergregi


    Can’t say I want a ‘thank you’ for our father’s and grandfather’s deeds. Personally, I think the human race would have reached new heights under such a drastic eugenic regime as opposed to our dysgenic hell the west has turned into.


    Seconded. Don’t worry it will happen again just probably won’t be white. Are time is probably passed.


  23. “It disappoints me that many of my fellow Brits can have such strong feelings of dislike towards Americans for no apparent reason.”

    The reason is quite obvious. Brits are basically an entire nation of SWPL progressive Lefties who love to look down on American proles just like our own native SWPL progressive Lefties do. The feelings of Brits towards “Americans” (meaning Tea Party types) are precisely the same as those of snooty American progressives towards Tea Party types – i.e., hatred and contempt – and for precisely the same reasons.

    If America had no proles, and no genuine conservatives, then the Brits – and all the rest of the Eurotrash – would like Americans just fine.


  24. America gathers global resentment because its an intensely powerful nation which is in charge — or seen to be in charge — of global economy, world peace and everything under sun. America like the beta male it can be in its foreign affairs, apologises for every action it makes and is cast in the role of white knight for the rest of the universe: everyone expects it to act as saviour without gratitude or even wanting their help.

    So the British give themselves a false sense of superiority by criticising them for everything from a perception that they’re somehow less classy (ignoring their own chav class) and more fat (ignoring their own disgusting rate).

    Believe me, Brits can own guns. I’ve seen the consequences of the injuries, as well as the famous case of Roaul Moat. And you can do wicked business with knives.


  25. As I’ve said on my own blog, any man who’s primary plan if their home is invaded and family is threatened is to call another man to solve the problem is not thinking like a healthy well adjusted adult male.


  26. lulz

    Mr British Wanker has not looked at the crime stats since the arms confiscation in his own country..and compared it with the American ones.


  27. on August 21, 2010 at 3:55 am Soviet Canuckistan

    I’m pretty sure that Saskatchewan gave us the NDP, and Manitoba is so full of Indians that it skews left as well. Alberta is the only really conservative province, and let’s be honest, it’s not exactly Texas.


  28. @Soviet Canuckistan,

    Your Alberta province seems liberal even compared to the East Coast, here. I mean, from what I read, if Alberta is conservative, even compared to NH or MA or NY, Alberta is Sweden. Texas – there’s nothing up there to compare to Texas.

    Do you people even have capital punishment? And Alberta has free medical care, too, I read.

    Basically, all of Canada is waaay left of MA.

    And Massachusetts is the epitome of the American People’s Republic, down here. Wait. Maybe Vermont, but they have no black people and no-one wants to live there.


  29. As a person that exercises their 2nd Amendment rights, I wish the stuff available in Mexico was sold here. All those weapons going into Mexico aren’t coming from the US. Especially the full auto assault rifles and weapons like RPG’s and heavy machine guns. They’re being bought from arms runners that have access to that kind of inventory from some third world shithole and not some lowly FFL dealer from across the border in the US.

    Drug cartels don’t buy the same semi-auto rifles we Americans do as the media wants people to believe. The media falsely spreads the idea that they buy full auto machine guns and then take them into Mexico which is totally a lie. Class 3 weapons are not sold or even available like that and for a civilian to obtain them, they must go through numerous background checks, submit fingerprints and pay a $200.00 tax stamp. These cartels have the money to spend on whatever they want with the connections to get them what they want. Maybe some real investigative reporting could uncover facts instead of spreading falsehoods and allegations in order to brainwash that masses that so called evil gun dealers (and associated availability of “machine guns”) in the US are the one’s responsible for arming the cartels and therefore must be legislated out of existence.


  30. Check out these paragons of British womanhood. File under “Civilization, End of”:

    I’m fat and I don’t give a damn:

    Nikki’s new TV show is called Huge and is about a young girl forced into fat camp, but unlike other shows about obese or overweight people, Blonsky’s character will not be trying to lose weight or treat her curves as a problem to be solved, but will celebrate them.

    Read more:

    Not too drunk to fsck… far from it!

    Binge drinking ‘ladettes’ are 40 per cent likelier to have an abortion.

    And the proportion of teenage girls who blame alcohol for losing their virginity has more than doubled compared with 60 years ago.

    The study, the most extensive of its kind, paints a disturbing picture of girls having casual, unprotected sex under the influence of alcohol which they often regret as soon as they sober up.

    It also shows that the number of people of both sexes drinking to excess has tripled in a decade.

    At the same time, official statistics show that the number of abortions has soared to make Britain the termination capital of Europe.

    Doctors, meanwhile, are seeing more and more girls wanting the morning-after pill after a night of drunken, unprotected sex.

    Read more:

    Stupid and shameless!

    Guard of dishonour: Woman who urinated on a war memorial is late for court, abuses veterans who tried to shame her…then flees

    A dozen ex-servicemen lined up outside a court yesterday to vent their anger at a woman caught urinating on a war memorial.

    But if they thought they might see any contrition from 32-year-old Wendy Lewis, they were mistaken.

    The scruffy single mother, hiding her face in a hooded jumper, arrived 40 minutes late and told the veterans to ‘f*** off’.

    Read more:

    “Fishwife” married a Paki, had his child, then blew him off and left the child alone on a beach while she drinks and trolls for men:

    Fury of father of girl, 11, abandoned on Spanish beach while her British mother went drinking

    The father of an 11-year-old girl abandoned on a busy Spanish beach while her mother went drinking has spoken of his fury after the incident.

    Shafaq Ahmed, the estranged husband of Alicia Jenkins and father of her children, said she had an alcohol problem.

    The 40-year-old taxi driver added that she did not tell him for two days that she had been arrested for abandoning their daughter.

    He said: ‘When Alicia phoned me, she told me that my daughter had just wandered off and was taken back to the hotel.

    ‘I asked her if she had been drinking but she promised me that she hadn’t.

    ‘I didn’t believe her because she has a drinking problem.

    ‘She told me that she had spent the night in a police station but didn’t mention court.’

    Mr Ahmed, who separated from Jenkins last year after 14 years of marriage, added: ‘I am furious that this has happened.

    ‘She has lied to me and I am really angry. She phoned me today saying she needed me to send her £500 so she could give it to the police but she never mentioned she had been to court.

    ‘I am really angry because I said to her, “How did you lose her? You must have been drunk?” But she said she hadn’t been drinking.

    ‘She didn’t tell me until Tuesday what had happened because she said she wanted to get it straight in her mind.’

    Mr Ahmed said that before the holiday, they had agreed to try to rekindle their relationship.

    Jenkins, described as a ‘fishwife’ who allowed her six children to ‘run wild’, has been given a six-month suspended prison sentence.

    The 42-year-old sat drinking in the hotel bar for two hours on Sunday, leaving the 11-year-old wandering around the resort of Salou on the Costa Dorada.

    The girl, who has not been named by police, was discovered by a concerned British couple.

    But when they took her to find Jenkins, she told them to ‘**** off and leave me alone’, refusing to take charge of the child.

    Read more:


  31. Is really sucks that the violent tendencies of certain ethnic groups in the USA give the entire country a reputation for violence. Just compare the crime stats of our nation’s capitol to a place with a different ethnic composition.

    They blame drugs, poor education, poverty, guns, etc. But, there is always a single common thread in our violent subcultures.

    I live in a place without those ethnic groups in close vicinity, (just a few miles separation seems to be enough) and haven’t locked my doors for 25 years. Only robbed once. Yes, you know which ethnic group did it.


  32. The comment by the American is both ignorant and stupid.
    The word “purse” has no effeminate overtones in English as he stupidly imagines, here is Iago

    “Who steals my purse steals trash; ’tis something, nothing;
    ‘Twas mine”

    A purse is no more than a wallet or some other container for cash though I appreciate that in America it means woman’s handbag. No wonder Americans are so universally reviled when they show such ignorance and arrogance. How the original commenter must have laughed at such incompetently expressed hostility. He’s probably still laughing.

    Incidently, Iago is a character in a play by a famous dramatist from England. He came from Stratford upon Avon. I’ll let you look him up on Wiki as I’m sure you have no idea who I’m talking about. Iago was not known for his effeninacy.


  33. “I live in a place without those ethnic groups in close vicinity, (just a few miles separation seems to be enough) and haven’t locked my doors for 25 years. Only robbed once. Yes, you know which ethnic group did it.”

    Sorry, but leaving your doors unlocked like that is just pure, raw stupidity. I have no idea why people continue to think this is a bright idea.


  34. on August 21, 2010 at 3:12 pm Chris from Dublin


    I’m Irish – not all euros are weenies.

    Good slapdown.

    A lot of euros don’t empathise with the real culture of the US. Guns are endemic so the notion of gun-control only gives criminals the upper hand. In my (Irish European) opinion anyone over the age of 18 should have thd unconditional right to own and use a gun BUT gun related crime should carry VERY severe sentencing. As in Ireland where just
    possessing a gun can get you fifteen inside.


  35. RE: omarion

    The one time I was robbed the door they came through was locked. They had to break the glass to get in. I had to fix the glass as well as replace the items they stole.

    If robbers want to get into your house, they will. Avoidance of these people is the way to go.

    You can also get attacked or robbed walking across the street or school yard, like my son and his friend did, in a completely random racial assault (aka, hate crime, which never made it into the FBI stats), for which, BTW, no one was ever arrested, since most of these “troubled youths” have no fixed address (They keep moving around. Might be living with their mother, grandmother, Aunt, other relative, has moved back to Georgia, etc) and the police can’t be bothered tracking them down. What for? There would be no penalty applied worth the effort. What’s a random beating worth, anyway?

    This is the kind of social context you live in when you have such people around.

    More on topic: Vermont has essentially no restrictions on gun ownership, I am told. Chicago has strict controls on guns. Case closed.


  36. Tarl,

    Nikki Blonsky is American you fucking idiot. It’s an American show. She was born in Great Neck, New York.


  37. Yeah, Grandpa. It’s a horrible idea to actually trust the people who live around you. How dare you, what are you thinking? Do you think this america?

    People mind their business where I live too. It’s a waste of time to have your property under lock and keep in such an environment. I can leave my car or house unlocked for a week and I know no one’s going to fool with it.

    It’s great to not have to worry that my neighbors are thieves, killers, or rapists. I can see how that much security and confidence is a threat to some people. They are free to live in more diverse, more tolerant communities like Detroit, Atlanta, or Philidelphia.

    To answer your question O’Marion, leaving one’s posessions unguarded is a statement of faith. It’s like when a parent leaves his kid alone instead of getting a babysitter. It says “I trust you.”


  38. ttp://

    Speaking about basic freedoms. They take away your means of self defense, then they lock you up on no evidence, just on the request of some foreign govt. Is this a joke or something? This is the Supernationalist dream. Individuals have no rights except what the State grants them at any particular moment.


  39. Speaking about leaving things unlocked. When I lived in Vermont, it was so cold in the winter people would leave their car running in the parking lot to keep them warmed up when they went food shopping. Try that in our nation’s capitol.

    People in Vermont have guns. Nobody shoots anybody, though.

    Go figure.


  40. @anonymous

    I didn’t know grade A idiots still existed. I’m sure the many gangs would appreciate, if they were able to kill each other with RPGs and machine guns on US soil. Did you ever think how much more collateral damage will result from increased weapon access?

    Not to mind that those weapons require training and skill to be used correctly. I rather leave those weapons in the hands of specialists. Or do you support new institution of IQ, background and mental tests?

    Are you going to argue next that civilians should be able to purchase their own A1 tank or drone kit for protection too?

    There is nothing wrong with arming yourself, there is however a line between weapons for self-defense and outright warfare.


  41. on August 21, 2010 at 11:23 pm Chris from Dublin

    I should explain: I support liberal gun policy in the US not in Ireland. Given that we’ve stopped guns from becoming endemic (so far) it’s worth keeping it that way. Given that guns ARE endemic in the US, every adult may as well be entitled to have one on their person at all times. In Columbine, if the teachers had been armed, then less death.

    Irish pinkos don’t respect that the US is a foreign country.

    The Chateau ROCKS!!!!


  42. “Having said that, comments about being saved from the Germans can kindly fuck off.”

    I have no problem with such comments myself, so long as the word saved is quotes.


  43. Grampa @ 3:56:

    People will break into your house if you let them as a rule. Like the old joke says, you don’t have to outrun the bear, just the other campers.

    Learn some basic carpentry and electronics if you’re feeling strong, and read The Secure Home. It convers everything, starting with site selection, home and landscaping design, hardening your home in terms of disguising your most visible assets, and avoiding the places where the demographics of people most likely to start trouble “work” are part of the book’s plan.

    Mainly it contains a phone book-sized amount of knowledge and instructions regarding making your place safer from everything from robbers to ICBMs. with some pretty simple ideas using cheap materials and simple techniques. Some crazy retired contractor wrote it and it’s very, very, very detailed.

    Then properly secure your home to your level of comfort. It’s not rocket science and depending on your efforts, the effects can range from giving you ample time to prepare for “social work” to making it nearly impossible to break into your house without a few platoons of Marines. It’s a good read.


  44. I have to apologise for the self righteous pricks that infest the internet ‘representing’ my country.

    There is nothing wrong with the US that isn’t also wrong with Britain – most of the stuff we take the piss out of the US comes from residual suspicion of big government that we seem to have kissed on the arse over here. More fool us.


  45. One thing I’ve noticed arguing with anti-gun people online is that they have an almost ubiquitous inclination to suggest that people who own guns do so to compensate for small penises. I think this is very interesting, because I’ve never encountered any evidence to make me think this might be true, but their propensity to equate weapons with masculinity does, I think, say something rather Freudian in its own right. To be *denied* weapons by a nanny government must be an emasculating experience, it seems to me.


  46. i am a woman and own a gun, so my penis is very very small, therefore it MUST be true!


  47. on August 22, 2010 at 10:56 am Gunslingergregi

    I love to think of the Brits as our less adventurous brother. A cool guy to hang out with, but a bit more uptight, untill you coax the cheeky side out. One of the best times of my youth was an international scout camp, where we and the British kids tried to score Spanish girls.

    lol you were a boyscout.
    Me too.
    But then we moved.
    Good times for sure.
    Learned I could make a waterproof leanto out of materials found in woods and a poncho he he he
    Learned living in woods really kind of fun.

    Some of best times of my life were running through the mountains of MA just me and the trails at full speed or running full speed down the side of diamond hill in RI.

    Maybe some guys would benefit from a little hike along the appelation trail. Get in touch with your inner man in a more primitive way. Maybe see a bear maybe not he he he


  48. on August 22, 2010 at 11:02 am Gunslingergregi

    Maybe that was the real “religious” reason we moved out of ma. Maybe my dad even smarter than I thought. he he he


  49. It is a great zing. And the Daily Mail gets lots of comments from politically correct arseholes who think they are innately superior to Americans. He deserved to get zinged.

    However there are many Alpha Englishmen. I make good money, am an ex martial arts instructor, have a beautiful wife, have no truck with the socialist crap that floods out of the English media. I know other men like me, and we greatly admire America and Americans.

    But we live in the same world as you. Where political correctness determines what can be said, where real men are actively discriminated against and where the media pretends our glorious history does not exist.

    It is pretty much a crime to be patriotic in England, and if one celebrates Britishness, some self-loathing socialist weenie will be happy to tell you that all English people are bad and need to be ruled by their betters (the socialists).

    I envy you your constitution and your guns. May you always be free.


  50. @gunslingergregi
    There’s a great book by the same person who wrote E,P,L believe it or not, called The Last American Man about a guy who lives along the trail and hiked the whole thing and owns 1000 acres of wilderness where he lives.


  51. @peter horne

    What the fuck is “effeninacy”? Why don’t you learn correct English?


  52. on August 24, 2010 at 7:19 pm Gunslingergregi

    ””””””’on August 23, 2010 at 11:02 am Schmoe
    There’s a great book by the same person who wrote E,P,L believe it or not, called The Last American Man about a guy who lives along the trail and hiked the whole thing and owns 1000 acres of wilderness where he lives.

    Interesting on the chain saws and all that. Where I am now they don’t have power tools that I have seen unless they are building a road.

    My womans mom uses firewood along with rice shells and a ceramic oven to cook. I think I am seeing harder living than the dude now. The mom goes out into the ricefield and collects fish out of the water by hand. She actually is good at it so gets more than I have seen people get with nets lol
    Wild woman for sure. She makes it look easy.
    And that is the mom. he he he

    Just like when dudes laid the sement and ceramic tiles they used hand tools and even mixed the cement in a pile of the dirt and bag of cement lol Still turned out good.

    Same with furniture dudes doing it by hand.

    Even me when I built the bench outside by hand. Just a saw, chisel, wood, nails, hammer. It is a favorite hangout spot now he he he


  53. on August 24, 2010 at 7:22 pm Gunslingergregi

    Got to say thousand acres is appealing. I saw 80000 acres in canada for 80k one time. Wish I could have bought it.


  54. on August 24, 2010 at 7:34 pm Gunslingergregi

    9451 Acres Jeff Davis County, Texas $11,341,200 Madera Canyon Ranch rests in the romantic Davis Mountains of…

    I guess there is land available in states.

    2298 Acres Scurry County, Texas
    Location: The Wendel Ranch is located north of Snyder, Texas in Scurry County. The ranch is adjacent to and on the east side of Ranch Hwy. 1142, and the north side of paved County Road 2148.Terrain: Terrain is diverse with scenic views and canyons on the ranch ranging from level to gently sloping lands to rolling to high hills. The 255 acres of cultivated fields on

    Dam I guess you can set up your own world kind of in states. I should quit rippin.


  55. It sounds like it could be from a future the Sarah Palin-Barack Obama debate.