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Have you learned from this castlemonium deluxe? Have you been treated with the requisite haughtiness? Has your psyche been vigorously penetrated? Most importantly, has this stone-front, gated internet retreat nestled deep in the misty meadows of medieval France gotten you laid with the women of your choice?

If so, show your appreciation!

If not, fuck you.

In the meantime, here is what the future holds for Le Chateau Sensuality:

1. A book (or two!). (Pending defeat of personal laziness demons.)

2. In-field stuff. (Might include guest spots.)

3. More reviews of game material. (There’s a pile of ebooks and manuals to read laying disconsolately on the sofa, currently being sniffed by an overfed dog.)

4. More movie scenes of game in action.

5. More real-life stories. (Expect calculated timeline distortion and detail restructuring to misdirect the haters.)

6. More science. (Sorry, it’s a CH favorite.)

7. Fewer adjectives. (Yeah, we’ve heard you.)

I'm donating to Chateau Heartiste because...


  1. I’ll buy the book, if it gets written.

    As for your laziness demons, maybe try reading another book:


    • on July 6, 2012 at 6:18 pm (R)Evoluzione

      Cosign on both. I’m reading War of Art now, stoked on it. The PDF link is legit, just don’t forget to donate to Pressfield.


    • on July 6, 2012 at 7:08 pm collapseofman

      More science


    • More scathing and brutal political commentary please, especially with the upcoming election getting into gear.

      I miss your political posts the most. I know most of the readers don’t like it but I love them.

      Btw, publish the damn book. I will buy.


    • on July 7, 2012 at 2:21 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

      HEARTISTSE compeletsse completesme.
      heartistse provides da light-hearted banter and funny hhahah momnets, while da GBFM prooivides the deep, profound GRAVITSTS GRAVITASSSSSS zlzzoooo

      i am da sidekick to da lead
      i am da leader of teh band paul shaeffer to da heartistse david letterman
      i am da ringo starr to da john lennon zlzozozo
      i am da boy wonder to batman
      i am da emineme to hearstiste’s 50 CENT lzozozozo

      hey heartsistess!!! in dids video you are da fitty cent batman gatman and i am da boy wonder



      • on July 7, 2012 at 6:41 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        when bill bennett & kay hymowitz say “man up,” what they reallys meanz is “lube up.” “Bend over–you and your future wife–and take it ike a man form our neoocn heroic tucker max rhymes with godmans sax assocking mahcinesz zzlooxozlzllz”


        Dear sirs of estimabel repute,

        I have erecenly been doing a lot of htinking and on behlaf of me and bmy bortherssz i was wondering if u could please hold back on the assocking of our future wives in secretey tapped sessions during college and stop wiring fiat dollarz to assockers for ther assocking feats, and laos please stop laoading epic unprecedednt asscocking debt on our future wifves wihile senidng forth neoconalphas to asscokc them in the buttocks and thsly deosul them zlzolzzlz. Mr. Bernanke and Mr. BEennett–dear sirs with all due repsects–you are really old like thomas jeffersons era s so your wives probably were no deosuled and assocked in college and taught in their feminist literature courses how to intinaiteate doivi divorce and transfeer a mans assetts to bernnake and his neoocn divorce regime zlzzlzllz. See, pardon my englisshsh but when a omwan is assockced in college, even if just th tipppy tip of a cock goes in da anuth, a piece of her soul is deousled and shaved off, and thus she is far more likeley to be loyal to fait dolalrs and work for the fed instad of honorainig her husband family schildren. and as broken homes are the leading cause of fucked up childrens, by assocking womenz in colle,e by da eonoens and even when it is not secretly taped teh womene ez is still deosuled, which adversley aeffects the future of our country, and as mr. bennets said with his moral compass, america is out last , best hope zlzolzzllz


        da GB4M
        p.s. pleasee support the heartistse gb4m presidential ticket in 2010, with heartiste being the predsidental candiidtae bring forth his humor, love, compaassion leader, insights, and me backing it up with my cheneyesque gravitas lzozlzlz ytahanks in advancnened!!!


      • Yes, as a Team, you’ve both changed so much – done Wonders…


    • on July 7, 2012 at 2:24 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

      dis is one of my favorite appeearances i (eminemz) did with da heartsistes (fitty cent) zlzolzozo


      • Picture me, pen in hand writin’ lines knowin the source’ll quote it
        When I die, they’ll read this and say a genius wrote it
        I grew up without my pops, should that make me bitter?
        I caught cases I copped out, does that make me a quitter?
        In this white man’s world, I’m similar to a squirrel
        Lookin’ for a slut wit a nice butt to get a nut
        If I get shot today my phone’ll stop ringin’ again
        These industry niggas ain’t friends, they know how to pretend

        zlozlzolzolzzlo how come blacks&whiggas can say this and you can’t say nada? zlozlozloz slut with zlozlzol another disco display and i’ll believe that blacks are the saviors of humanity; because they might be 😦

        Disclaimer – i love all peaoples and we love to discuss all kinds of memes so here’s that – heartistes book will not sell as many books as bang poland did, simply because bang poland was set in poland, where women are women, so here’s my advice to heartiste – come to poland, don’t be shy, like roosh was, and got his asskicked handed to him lzolozlozlzo in estonia or some other poland l0l


    • on July 7, 2012 at 6:52 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


      yes all the wall streeteetetet nitwit proetestors

      are forgetting to


      the right people

      the neoconc warmonhgering, debt-creating, honor-hating federal reserver private bankers who create moneyz
      out of thin air by placing everyone in debt
      privatievze protssics and socialize risk
      feminism and war (as feminism is war)
      who fund
      asscocking in spirit and in literal cockckass in assess zlzozolz
      who finance
      tucker max rhyme sitwh goldman sax secretive tapers of butthex (with your future wife who they need to desoul to make her loyal to the fita doallr and not god man family) to get the world used to being butthexed as once you are butthexed by the neoocn cockas you are more servile obedienet will die in tehir wars
      who fund
      the phahameecuatical companies who drug up all our boys
      who funed fund the fmeinsit movement
      to deconstruct the great books and classics on all our campuses
      hollow them out and get rid of homer and dante and shakespeare an dthe bible
      leave them with noting but femlit classes on entitlement and welath transfer lzozlzl

      the federal resvere private banksters

      implementing the ten planks of ths e communist manifesto

      who created
      the welath transferirng dot com bubble
      the welath transferirng dot com bubble real estate bubble marriage bubble college studnet loan bubble funding professors who agree with the fiat dolalrz and degreess until the fiat degreees only funcion is to put the studnet in debt while dumbing them down teahcing them to obery horrid ugly evil dsoulles harpy womenz zlzozl
      the welath transferirng dot com bubble

      detsorying the family


      how the fatassed in the beltway neocon jonah goldber william benenetes operate lzozllzlzlzlzlzozo:

      1. deconstruct the great books on univeristy campuses
      2. tell men they need to man up
      3. dumb down the entire schools system
      4. tell men they need to man up
      5. assrape men in divorce court
      6. tell men they need to man up
      7. send men to die on foreign shores in foreign neoocn wars
      8. tell men they need to man up
      9. drug boys with ritalin/adderoll for being boys
      10. tell men they need to man up
      11. encourage woem to giver thie aholes and ginaholes early and often to douchebags
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      13. destroy the classical, heroic character in their neocon movies, replacing them with asscocking gay cowboys
      14. tell men they need to man up
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      16. tell men they need to man up
      17. enocurage women to become fat, whiney bitches
      18. tell men they need to man up
      19. publish, promote, fund, and finance asscokers licke tucker max who film secrtive tap9ng of assockinhg session without the girl’s consent, tucker ma rhymes with goldam sax, repeating tucker’s lies that he is six fet tall inthe neocon weekly standadth .
      20. tell men they need to man up
      21. transofrm the church from an instititution where a man coul once go to meet a virginal, exalted wife, into a front for the divorce industry, where single mothers with three children from three asscockers go to rope in a betabmale to pay for the assocker’s spawn
      22. tell men they need to man up
      23. castigate, attack, and impugn men for acting like men
      24. tell men they need to man up
      25. transform the noble, exalted university into a nursery, ruled by neocon women exalting asscockers, asscokcing, and good grammar, exiling and deconstructing the great book and men, and rewading the servile future nannies of teh nanny state with fiat dollars delivered fresh from ben beranke’s helicopter
      26. tell men they need to man up
      27. remove all men from the publishing industry, so that priscialla painton of simon and schuster sodom and scheister can publish tucker max rhymes iwth godlman sax’s stories on how he asscoked a girl (somone’s future wife who will asscock her future huspband in divorce coutrt as revenge for having been assocked by a neocns) and taped it secrtly without her conthent lzozozlzoo. remove all men form the publishing industry and repalce deep, prodoufn real great books for men with twilight vampire asscocking female rape fanasty rape fanatsatsy “roamance” novels
      28. tell men they need to man up
      29. conceive of a hundred government programs to criminalzize men and force them o hand over their assetts to women
      30. tell men they need to man up
      31. financially incentivizee womem to file for divorce, promising them that their former husdband will have to pay for all their futrue assocking sessions, and that they get the kids/house/car/assetts
      32. tell men they need to ma up
      33. fill the law schools with fatm, embittered, burned-out, nasty (in looks an spirit) post-asscoked lawyeresses, an replace Moses’ and Zeus’s law with bernake’s banker laws whichexlats theft via the inflation tax
      34. tell men they need to man up.


      what aalalz am i mizssing here:???

      feel free to addodoon ti oit! lzozlzl


    • on July 7, 2012 at 9:55 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

      hey heartsistes! heartsistes!!! your book needz to have a spread of your MS PAINT CARTOONS which make me go zlzlozoozozozozozzoozozoz


      another idea for a ms paint cartoon for da new yorkerrr !!!!

      have a women in a bussiness suit
      all tiered and haggard
      tired and haggard in a business suit with a sore anuth
      with lotsa cocka cum all over her
      and fiat dollzrz stcking out of her pockets zlozlzolzlz and an mba and ivy league degrees lzozlzlz and student loan debt certiicate slzozlzlz
      and losta cats behind her

      and then have her looking at
      a owmen cradling a baby and with three small chicldren
      and a husband just coming home
      and a white picket fence lzozlzlz

      and have the women in the business suit saying, “boy am i glad i’m not just someone’s property.”



    • on July 8, 2012 at 9:40 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


      heartsistye!! today my five-year old ask em me “daddy what doe slozozlz in da lzozlzozlzlzo?”

      so i looked at him sternly and said, “dat is da lzozzolz of da lzozlzozoz” and i held him closely as he comepeletetee me lzlzlzollozolzo


      • on July 10, 2012 at 1:09 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        someday son zlzozozl i am going to teach you teach u how to play bach’s air on g: lzozozlzl AIR ON G is very melodic modleoicicd and i like it better as good more dan fi8ttty cent even!! BACH made a cool music video zlzozlz which i never saw on met v MTVV nut they proabally play fit on VH! lzolzlzoz


    • on July 8, 2012 at 9:42 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

      HETRTYRISTEIUES! i am thinking of chcnagingg my name form form “Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM): ” to “GBFM: DA ONE-MAN LOTSAS COCKAS CAROUSELZ(TM). WHY RIDE THE REST WHEN U CAN RIDEZ DA BEST?(TM) LOZZOZOZLZOZLZO(TMLZOZLO).


    • As far as book ideas go: how about an annotated Fifty Shades of Grey? I read that Alexander the Great carried with him a written copy of Homer’s Iliad that had Aristotle’s notations scribbled in and used it for inspiration and strategy. He kept the work underneath his pillow next to his dagger when he slept at night.


      • on July 10, 2012 at 10:30 am Mr. Pointyface

        Wow, his dagger at night. How romantic. Alexander “the great” murdered thousands upon thousands in a pointless gay quest for adventure. He was a spoiled rich kid who got adventurous, a la W, and just wandered around assaulting cities, and if they wouldn’t surrender KILLED EVERY PERSON IN THE CITY.

        What a guy. I don’t think even the xtian “Crusaders” were that bad. The well-dressed Nazis achieved this level of pointless cruelty only at cretin times. Or is that “certain” times.

        Stop worshiping monsters and things that aren’t there.


      • He was an European man doing what European men do best: killing subhuman races.

        What is wrong with that?


      • Are you aware of historical context? Are you concealing an inner pussy? I had a book idea for heartiste not a useless political discussion about your level of butthurt regarding the bisexual founding alpha of western civilization.


  2. Can’t wait to buy the book.

    Also, DONATE you cheap motherfuckers!


    • on July 7, 2012 at 6:18 pm Willis Davidge

      I did donate, this cat is cool!!Only I can’t figure when I tell my AFC friends they REFUSE to believe this works? After a few days reading I became one who can see.


  3. Book would be awesome. An instant samizdat classic. The game-in–the-movies clips were fun too. I guess Beta-of-the-Month and Alpha Assessment (including the spot-the-alpha analysis of body language from photos) are a think of the past, then. Times move on.


  4. You should start quoting & analysing game examples from literature. Example:

    “To the other side, some say that ladies who are used to hourly admiration cannot endure the passing of a man who seems to admire not quite wholeheartedly. He who does not admire at all is obviously a fool, and not worth bothering about. But to him who admits, “You are well enough,” and makes as though to pass on, there is a mystery attached: and the one way to solve it is to pursue this irritating fellow. Some (reasoning thus) assert that squinting Manuel was aware of this axiom, and that he respected it in all his dealings with Freydis and Alianora.” (Figures of Earth)


  5. Not to change the subject or anything but holy shit! that’s true:


    • I always like to check out the comments in an article like this, one that may be unflattering to women, to see all the male chumps pandering. Pander pander pander:

      If I am close enough to see the color, I am way past the point of caring about color. I have other thoughts in mind.

      Liar. Even if you’re desperate and thankful to be having any pussy, you still notice what it looks like and if it lines up to your preferences. Admit it.

      WTF! I 4 1 am glad they have what they have…..G.K.Chesterton said it right when he said that a man should be thankful to even have a woman at all and quit whining about what he thinks he wants… or red who cares.

      Speaks for itself. Embarrassing.

      pink means young and nubile… means old and stretched……simple as that.


      They had trouble finding pictures… Really? Have they heard of the Internet? And ladies, do not fear… I don’t not discriminate because of color! 🙂

      I’m sure the ladies are lining up, red vulvas at the ready.


    • Could not pink=healthy and red=herpetic infection? Or red=bacterial infection?


      • Just for the record, Chesterton wrote quite a lot about beauty and had an eye for it. One of his most famous quotes is about how we should give beautiful things to the beautiful, loved things to the love, etc. That is a world away from a beta trying to buy love with compliments and self-effacement.


  6. How much money do you typically make off this blog?


  7. 7. Fewer adjectives. (Yeah, we’ve heard you.)

    Not the funny cruel ones. Those are essential.


  8. yeah i like the adjectives, it sets you apart from the teeming masses of wannabes who can’t spell or use grammar either.


  9. on July 6, 2012 at 6:14 pm (R)Evoluzione

    Don’t apologize for the science. It’s the entire reason we’re able to communicate with scraps of electrical energy across time & space, and it needs no apology nor explanation for its explication.


    • The habits of mind that make good scientists and engineers also tend to make bad alphas. I think CH has said as much.

      One of the few arguments that makes me lean socially conservative is that a permissive sexual morality disadvantages beta males, who are responsible for much of the better parts of society. Where would you rather live: Japan or Africa?


      • on July 7, 2012 at 4:32 pm (R)Evoluzione

        True, but not always. Richard Feynman is an oft-quoted example of alpha scientist. Craig Venter certainly has a bellicose alpha swagger. It’s possible to achieve in science and also be an alpha. In fact, if we’re strictly adhering to the population biology definition of alpha, and we view any field of science as a discreet tribal unit, there will be natural alphas as a part of the hierarchy.

        Or use Jack Donovan’s model of the gang. Gangs naturally order themselves, leadership hierarchies emerge, even amongst science nerds.


      • on July 7, 2012 at 7:11 pm Dan Fletcher

        Don’t forget Einstein, who was a real horndog.


      • Oh yeah, there are definitely scientists who get poon. But by and large less than investment bankers, car salesmen, construction workers, or ghetto boys. That obsessive concentration on people-free zones does not a successful womanizer make.

        It’s all about the averages. Ceteris paribus, a scientist will pull less and lower-quality pussy than a car salesman because the salesman’s job requires him to develop qualities of aggressiveness and confidence which overlap with game. I know geeks who sped down Central Avenue in Phoenix with their girlfriend on a leash, but there aren’t a lot of them.


      • Kary Mullis, Nobel Laureate in chemistry, is a womaniser. Schrodinger got strange pussy (insert Schrodinger’s Cat joke here). Von Neumann used to check out the legs of office females, very obviously. Scientists are still men. What makes them unusual is that they are more interested in science than women. As the saying has it, “an intellectual is a man who has found something more interesting than sex.”

        Other manly scientists and engineers: Tycho Brahe, von Braun, most geologists, Jacques Cousteau, Gene Shoemaker, Tommy Gold (good-looking guy), EO Wilson and Francis Crick (womaniser). Scientists tend not to be homosexuals. The only one I can think of is Alan Turing.


      • on July 10, 2012 at 10:34 am Mr. Pointyface

        It’s “discrete”; if you mean separate. It’s “discreet” if you mean the secretly do their teaching assistants, which I advocate just ’cause it’s wronger.


    • It’s the entire reason we’re able to communicate with scraps of electrical energy across time & space…

      Entire reason? BZZZT. False.

      Even if it were true, what is the reason why “it’s the entire reason”? That’s the level of conversation occurring above your pay grade, son. Don’t break your brain.

      Just to demonstrate the qualitative difference between my discussion and yours, I will predict you respond (if at all) with obvious question begging, along the lines of, “Everything that constitutes our current felicitous circumstances owes itself to the hard sciences, therefore the hard sciences are responsible for our felicity.” This is a faith in science, not science per se. This is assertion, rather than observation based on a measurable control and experiment — a.k.a., the scientific method.

      It is one of the reasons the blog has limited itself. The wisdom of game is yearning to grow past those areas of knowledge that do not depend on falsification and reproducible experimentation. Some observations are better communicated poetically rather than numerically, as CH’s best ones are. After all, is this the seduction “arts” or the seduction “sciences”? If you cannot understand the utility of both with regard to a particular circumstance, you are using half your toolbox at best.

      Insofar as your religion of science allows you to believe more deeply in the phenomena you have otherwise confirmed through experience, it is a useful foundation that allows you to concentrate on the framing and decoration of game structure. It is not grounded in the manner you say, but it is indeed grounded. The problem only occurs when you start delving into that foundation and attempt to replace sturdy if hoary beams with shiny-veneered particleboard. Best to just steer clear of the basement. It’s dark and disorienting down there. Concentrate on building a better gargoyle.



      • on July 7, 2012 at 3:18 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        hey king a lzozlzoz

        do u have a firepoekerz up your ass?

        or do u just wirte like u do?



      • on July 7, 2012 at 4:40 pm (R)Evoluzione

        Gee, Matt, you’re right. Solid state circuitry truly belongs to the realm of angels and demons, it was a happy accident that humans discovered them. And the Earth is really only 5000 years old, and dinosaurs were put here by an angry god to confuse teh scientists and to test our faith.

        And it’s also not possible for anything to be both art and science. Science never informs the arts, never-ever. Nor can science inform religion. That would be like some sort of heresy. It says so in the bible, I’m sure, and you will quote the good book like a good little churchian to show us heathens the errors of our ways. The briliance of your words will cause tens, or hundreds, of would-be PUA gamesmen to put down their copies of The Game and instead flock to summer bible camp somewhere in the oppressive heat of the bible belt, preferably in Oklahoma.


      • Right, d-bag. Because I recognize the limits of the scientific method, I must immediately believe “[s]olid state circuitry truly belongs to the realm of angels and demons.” You didn’t even get to the level where you could make your tautological error.

        You have to put away this pathetic little straw man against which you bounce your borrowed, inane theories. I am right here, flesh and blood, mind and speech. I didn’t make a single citation to the bible. I didn’t call upon angels or demons. I said nothing of the church, and I told no “would-be PUA gamesmen to put down their copies of The Game.”

        My argument was epistemological, Socratic, and completely agnostic. I asked a simple question — how do you know you know? — and all you can do is sputter about superstitions in reply. You import your knowledge of my incidental traits to create a contention that wasn’t there, to engage a thesis you can handle.

        You are a repetitive mouth-advertisement for a creed you have never examined, beyond a stream of irrelevant ad hominem against other creeds who have the courage to posit directly what they take on faith. You have no idea where your “science” ends and your faith begins.

        Let me try to condescend to terms you understand: saying Almighty Science “entire[ly]” created the ability to communicate electronically is like saying Al Gore created the internet. The investigative qualities of the scientific method played an important role, but men would never have been around to employ that method had they not decided the universe is comprehensible and admits itself to be experimented upon. Now whyever would the West do that, and not, say the Sioux tribe or Black Africa? Why, for all the discoveries and inventions of Arabia and the Orient, did the exponential explosion of progressive technology exclusively occur in the West? (White people’s genes! say the dissident HBD sectarians.)

        Further, science does not magically transmogrify into technology. The elements of capital, foresight, and initiative must be present in a free environment for the dormant seed of knowledge to grow into a plant of utility. You unconsciously discount these elements, you are therefore not curious about them, and you have lost the ability to recognize their importance, as your Faith in Science operates like a magical incantation: We Owe Gratitude to Science for What Is Good in Our Lives. If it is not true it is not scientific; if it is not scientific it is not true. Science Himself created these technologies ex nihilo, and it is blasphemous to attribute other causes to their origin, such as the artistry and drive of their inventors.

        These are the matters that must engage your mind before you can belittle me or my faith. If you give some evidence that you can interact with me at that level, I will give your rote, regurgitated criticism a hearing.



      • on July 7, 2012 at 7:36 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        how dos ur butthole know u know
        is a buutthole an entity?
        or a nonenity?
        is t a thing?
        or an absence of thinginess?

        next time you stick your cockas inot a buttholoio, this is somehting epistemoligical quetsin 4 u to think about contemplate like soctreates and jesus togetehr king a zlzolzoz


      • on July 8, 2012 at 6:36 pm blackbirdyoung

        the noumena of neuroplastic docility being a synthetic manifestation of the absolute as a representation of the pluralistic cosmic naught’s schematics designed by an entity who is what that thing in itself was as not-being a non-being of praeterexistence through a facsimile of a vortices plane above the horizonal vision of the abyss below hovering as a spirit over the waters in a gematriac toilette


      • on July 9, 2012 at 5:24 pm (R)Evoluzione

        Matt, GBFM and YaReally really answered better than I could. GBFM in particular captured the nuance and subtlety of the argument so elegantly, I have no additional retort.

        If you’re sincere in your desire to explore the interface of spirit and science, truly the realm of metaphysics, I’d recommend “Tao of Physics” by Fritjoff Capra, if you haven’t already read it. It’s probably a bit more Eastern than you typically might venture, but there’s more than enough phenomenological brilliance in that work to keep your intellect challenged.


      • (R)Evoluzione

        Matt, GBFM and YaReally really answered better than I could. GBFM in particular captured the nuance and subtlety of the argument so elegantly,


        but there’s more than enough phenomenological brilliance in that work to keep your intellect challenged.

        Combining these two concepts into one post…

        You NEED to write a blog entitled “Dichotomy Illustrated’
        Anyone deluding themselves they’ll make Vikings our of Today’s Brandons is beneath contempt.


      • lol

        “is like saying Al Gore created the internet.”

        Look, I can’t argue with what you’re saying directly, so if I twist your shit around or snip out a tiny quote or en extremely vague “jist” then what you’re saying is LIKE this other thing that’s obviously ridiculous and easy to argue with and isn’t actually what you said at all. Now I’m going to argue with myself for 10 paragraphs!

        I didn’t even read what the debate is about, this pattern is just funny to me lol


      • No kidding. He does the exact same thing on other blogs. The endless inanity of it all.


      • Where does king A comment, except in here?
        I don’t recall seeing him anywhere else.


      • It will kept secret in order to protect the innocent from his writing.


      • “Look, I can’t argue with what you’re saying directly” so you’re going to respond based on an impression of what you imagine might be going on at the stunted level of your expression?

        You use “lol” a lot. It’s the sign of a bemused chucklehead without the first clue how to respond to advanced thinking. On the one hand, you admit you have no understanding of the conversation. On the other hand, you have to pretend your dull and quasi-literate existence is somehow superior to men with the capacity to discuss ideas.

        You can fool the fellow Special Ed classmates who share your deficiencies (such as the omnipresent Anonymouses and Revoluzione, who at least attempts a respectable pose at first), but you’re not fooling anyone else.

        I would admire the humility intrinsic to “Look, I can’t argue,” if it weren’t some flimsy maneuver to pretend you have insight into the mechanics of the conversation at-large. Humility is the first step to knowledge. But you’re not even near the first step. And yet I should pretend your retarded lol giggles deserve even condescension?

        Men should be marginally overconfident, so your jumping in the deep-end without knowing how to swim is admirable in its own way. But my ability to handle depth is not the cause of your accidental drowning. Instead of blaming me for your relative deficiencies, look at yourselves. Discretion is the better part of valor.


        P.S. “Bemused” doesn’t mean what you think it does.


      • King A, are you talking to yourself again? Come on now, it’s time to come out of the corner and play with the other children.


      • lol

        “I will predict you respond (if at all) with obvious question begging, along the lines of…”

        Here’s what I’ve decided you might say and now I’m going to argue against myself for 10 paragraphs.

        You’re still doing it. 🙂


      • Guys you’re too harsh on King A.
        I’m a diehard atheist myself but he taught me a lot about what it means to be a man. As far as I’m concerned, this blog would lose a good chunkl of its value without King A’s contribution.


      • A good chunk, as in endlessly long paragraphs. But the value is around scrap metal level. I often wonder if he types with three hands. Everytime I see King A, it’s time to scroll down again.


      • on July 10, 2012 at 10:44 am Mr. Pointyface

        “king”, grand, blowing hard, struggling to stay erect as he woozily surveys the chaos around him, dimly remembers someone told him Daddy will come and fix it ( and still believes this) and responds by iussuingh(sic) hilarious slurred pronouncements, gets extra points for the following unusual vocabulary:
        1) gargoyle
        2) qualitative
        3) felicity
        4) reproducible
        4) hoary. Heh heh. He said “hoary”

        But the winner is “religion of science” which is a real oxymoron. Like “Science of Faith.” Science FREED us from paleolithic and medieval explanations of things– i.e. religion– and therefore their definitions conflict. Religion is from when people were too dumb, gullible or ignorant to look at what is actually in front of them.


      • on July 11, 2012 at 4:34 pm (R)Evoluzione

        Mr. P,
        I give paleolithic peoples a bit more credit. They were simply attempting to fit their observations into a workable theory about how the world operates. They didn’t understand science or physics yet, but what they were doing was still observing and trying to understand what they were seeing on a very rudimentary level. People operate from the best map of reality that they have at the time, so when logical errors are made, it’s often better to look for more accurate map, rather than to blame the compass or user.

        Besides, there are still many, many unexplained and currently unexplainable phenomena in the world. We may yet discover some sort of unifying field principle, etc. There are some wild things in quantum physics–nonlocal interactions, superposition effects, stuff that makes the mind squirm. Who’s to say we wont’ find some evidence of some sort of divinity or some kind of universally acting force? The night is young. BTW, I’m not saying Higgs-Boson is “it,” but it is interesting that it’s in the news right now.

        One of the main principles of accurate science and intellectual inquiry is to keep in the forefront of one’s mind that “a lack of evidence for something does not constitute evidence against it.” One of the vast differences between King A/Matt/blowhard and myself is that I leave open the chance that science may yield deeper truths about the universe (and it has), whereas Matt stubbornly holds to the idea that only faith can apprehend the deepest mysteries of the universe. As I said… a lack of evidence does not constitute evidence against. In that, he’s stuck in the bogy of his own epistemology, and refuses to use the winch of the scientific method to extract himself to higher, and more open ground. He seems to do the same with game, only sometimes he likes it.

        For sure, this board is filled with enigmatic characters who come to read and discuss the writings of yet another enigmatic character.


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  13. I will not donate to this blog because AwolNation sucks and you should know it!


  14. Finally donated! This blog is well-written truth.


  15. words to live by
    “…if you don’t ask you don’t get”


  16. If you want money write a goddamn book already


  17. Ha ha ha. Jealous of Rooshy? Or maybe you’d like to hold some bootcamps for 3 grand a shot?

    Rattling the tin cup my ass. You just want your beta fanbois to give you some cash. Then like a facebook whore at the bar, you’ll laugh at their foolishness behind their back.

    Equals don’t give. I guarantee you wouldn’t ask for money from VK, Roosh, a younger brother or any of your real life buddies.

    Tell you what – I’ll give you some money. Boot all the blacks/mexicans/asians/indian/women off this site. Write only about WN. Then you’ll be under my employ.


    • Mate…… what?


    • Equals don’t give.

      Equals give freely and magnanimously. And in turn, magnanimity elevates the giver above his equals. It is why generosity is so provocative among peers — witness the spontaneous tradition of men “fighting” over the dinner check. To give is a DHV between men. Only those with largess can.

      Further, giving to CH is reciprocal. He already gave freely of himself with his cost-free wisdom. A true peer would seek to rectify the imbalance or else live slavishly under his debt. That he gives those men the opportunity to make payment for eternal wisdom the bourgeois way — with grubby lucre — is itself a generous act.

      Nobility used to be embarrassed of income from trade. They were conspicuous about their wealth, but the idea of putting a price on noblesse oblige was repulsive to them. Hence the difference between old money and nouveau riche. If you have a noble soul you avoid monetizing your venerable assets as the vulgar and grasping practice it is. Your host isn’t holding out a tin cup, nor is he charging a fee for his services; he is generating sustenance for a worthy non-profit. It is an honor that you were invited to the fundraiser.

      His book will make him the money he deserves, but if he does it simply for the cash, he is a petty merchant. I suspect he will do it for the same reason he does this site, out of largess. This has always separated CH from the shitty little PUAs and their videos and seminars, and it is why he stands out above the hucksters and charlatans. His wisdom is unsullied by the whorishness of capitalizers. It matters what motivates a man. You have the arrow of “jealous[y]” going in the wrong direction.



      • Winning.


      • You nuts?

        The nobles simply wanted to avoid competition. How do you think they got their wealth, by having a “noble soul”.

        That’s like fat chicks saying that really love their curves, when in reality they can’t compete with their fitter counterparts.


    • on July 7, 2012 at 7:14 pm Dan Fletcher

      Ryu is the worst commentor on the man-o-sphere.


    • How many pages of quality OC does this guy have to post for free, in his time off from what I can only assume is a taxing full time job, to make it just common decency to throw a buck his way? This guy is more prolific and a better read than a lot of jerkoff Manhattanites who get paid summer home money writing for magazines.

      God dammit, Ryu, just to show what a dick you are, I’m gonna go donate RIGHT NO–

      Oh, I see what you did there.

      Anyway, CH, take my money. Don’t kick out the Mexicans; they’ve imported a ton of sloppy young pussy into Southern California. The loss of my car stereo was worth it.


    • This is exactly why I said I wouldn’t donate. I know you deleted my comment.

      Typical trend i noticed the more hatred one has for another race, generally the worse they are with women of their own race. They see men of different colors with “their” women and hate on their race as a proxy for their inferiority.

      Men who score don’t need to hate other men. Theyre too busy living their life and banging away.

      Only the most omega out of my inner circle of friends still says the n-word. And we only stick around cause his parents are millionaires.

      Don’t even pretend to be an alpha for a second. I’ve read your comments before and they all reek of wannabe alpha.


      • Cyrus

        Typical trend i noticed the more hatred one has for another race, generally the worse they are with women of their own race.

        So, a Man’s political view is based purely …on his success with pussy.

        How old are you? You gots to have posters of Rhianna in your bedroom.


  18. Calling your current girlfriend a “sniffing overfed dog” as part of the asshole game is a nice detail.


  19. on July 6, 2012 at 7:50 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

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  20. Charity is not a business model.


    • on July 6, 2012 at 10:46 pm (R)Evoluzione

      You clearly have not seen the balance sheets of some of the larger 501c3’s. Their revenues are in Fortune 500 territory.


      • Sorry to seem ignorant but what would be the revenues of charitable foundations?
        And those eventual revenues are to be reinvested in the organization itself, the founders cannot use them at their discretion, so it’s still not business savvy, or am I wrong?


      • on July 7, 2012 at 4:42 pm (R)Evoluzione

        Donations. The United Way received over $4BN in donations last year, putting it squarely in the threshold of the F500 corps.


      • Hugely popular causes get huge donations, non-profits cannot earn money. They cannot profit.

        If he publishes a product to sell he will make far more than asking for money.

        Donation based revenue will never compare to commercial revenue.


      • LOL i guess some people aren’t jaded enough yet to see through to general tendencies behind “altruistic” motives.

        Real life example…. one of my uncles have an NGO in south Asia( Indian subcontinet ) and he has received large donations in the past multiple times, donations ranging in the millions from bleeding hearts in Europe mostly government institutions. Now he has a 3 story house in Florida apparently not to mention a great life over there. He has done good things with the money, but i suspect he has done enough good things to show around his involvement and accomplishments in order to receive more donations.

        I am going to involved in creating a non profit, mostly for real community non profit purpose but definitely am looking at it from a for profit angle for my own benefit esp. in the long run.


    • Charity is not a business model.

      We aren’t all sniveling diamond merchants. Caritas is the highest possible business model. An entrepreneurship that is motivated by something other than profit is the one that sustains itself past its founding and thrives in all markets. The largest company in the world is the best example of this: there is a reason why fealty to Apple is cultish while the purchase of other appliances is coldly utilitarian. What people will pay for a bleeding-edge iWhatever is separate from its competitors, as you cannot put a price on Revelation.

      That’s not to say the profit motive is not utterly essential to the regular health of a going concern — it’s the oil that lubricates the engine. But profit must reside within a greater moral context if simple bartering is to become a model for behavior. There are business models, and there are business models. Though no car can can function without oil, a high-performance automobile is much more than its engine lubricant.

      Too many of the uninitiated mistake merchants for entrepreneurs, and investors for proprietors. There is a nobility to creating wealth that exchangers of wealth have no conception of. CH (and many others, such as Steve Sailer) has created a great deal of wealth and so far has refused to monetize it. Whether that is out of laziness or out of principle, the attitude is noble. If he can find a way to monetize that wealth without corrupting the principle that generated it, that would be fine too. But none of this is “charity” in your pejorative sense.

      Start your remedial education here, especially if you are a secular Jew in the business sector:

      Yes, that’s Paulie Walnuts’ brother.



  21. All of you well-off motherfuckers should keep this blog afloat. I don’t wanna see it shut down because of your cheap asses.

    As far as I’m concerned, I’m broke. But thanks a lot for all the information.


  22. I wonder if the book is gonna be as blunt and cocky as this blog, or is it gonna be moderated by some politically correct business-oriented editor chump.

    In any case, it’s gonna be an interesting read. Just make it expensive, like 100$+.
    Elite stuff gotta stay elite.


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  24. Who the fuck complained about the adjectives? Are you guys that illiterate?


  25. I would like just to send a personal check. I don’t use paypal. Have you an address?


  26. more adjectives

    will buy the book


  27. You guys should check this out:

    Dudes tweeting pics of their one night stands. It should be mandatory here, so as yo push KJs to step up their game.


  28. I kinda like the dailymail stories about cheating whores and cuckolded hubbies. This is the “my whorewife cuckolded me shortly before I die, what am i gonna do?” edition:

    It seems like hypergamy never dies.
    Watch your back, never stop gaming and always have younger pussy on the side.


  29. You got a dog!!! How fantastic!!


  30. Thanks man. You changed my life.


  31. on July 7, 2012 at 3:22 am Big Game Hunter

    A book on game from the Chateau ? Hell yes, I’d buy two! Bring it on!


  32. Shall we get to finally know your true identity? You know, instead of relying on hearsay…


  33. I’ll donate in a few weeks, as soon as Kiva deposits some of my completed loans into my paypal. I suspect that your distaste for liberals extends to humanitarian NGOs like Kiva, but who knows. IMO, it is doing some very needed and helpful work.

    Btw, your programme looks great.#s 5 and 6 especially. I often wish there were less politics, but since your writing on game is so beautiful (you can quote me on that), I would never complain about those detours.


    • on July 7, 2012 at 7:21 pm Dan Fletcher

      Kiva seems a bit better than many other charities which mindlessly perputuate a malthusian trap. I have been told they have a reasonably well conducted vetting process for thier loanes as well.


  34. bring back beta-of-the-month. There are two ways to learn.. what to do, and what not to do. The latter is often more effective.


  35. sounds like most of us are no longer advocating laziness

    we can all make money off of each other

    thousands of digital dollars exchanging words for debt

    and at least getting some pussy at that


  36. lololol part of closing statement from Anders Behring Breivik where he calls out Sex and the City. Hilarity:

    When it comes to sexually transmitted diseases and the sexual revolution, it’s actually something that is underreported, and has created major problems in Europe. [This is a subtle and astute observation. Sex, reproduction, and the family together constitute the taproot of race and genetics.–Trans.] The ideal being upheld is to have sex with as many strangers as possible. Instead of focusing on the nuclear family, the focus is on dissolving it, and all the problems which that entails.

    For example, the Sex and the City ideal, where Samantha and Carrie through 100–200 episodes of the series have sex with hundreds of men. These are the ideals that are upheld today. This is a disease. It’s like sugar to the audience. These sick ideals should be censored and shielded from our community.

    So people neglect their duty to family and nation. They get education, travel, and are 35 before they start having children. Women should begin having children in their 20s. Our birth rate is below replacement level.


  37. Finish the damn book.

    Also, thanks, Inspirational, and all that emotional crap.


  38. on July 7, 2012 at 10:47 am Always Be Fucking

    I donated ( paid tuition ) to this blog today.


    • Thanks for the link.

      Just think, some years ago, before I became aware, I would have given this concept a hearing. Now, I see it just for what it is, a chance to press more $$ out of some guy. Amazing, once the blinkers come off, how corrupt society is. How relentless the forces of oppression are. And, how greedy women are.

      But, I do like the idea of DNA testing before birth. That way, the guy can be out and gone before the child arrives. Or, he can kick her out if the baby isn’t is.



  39. Advice needed fellow BUTHEXXERS! Exchanged messages with this chick

    Yeah I know she’s old but her body is a bang’n.

    We talked about a 3some she’s all in. She tried to get a dude to join, I said hell no and she’s like “ok.”

    Anyway she wanted me to come over at 5 am to fuck her and she meets me in front of her crammed apartment complex in her black panties. Wow. Anyway I was pretty drunk so I was acting like an ass and I said something about her being old and she got pissed and kicked me out and threated to shoot me with her “loaded gun.”

    Anyway I sent some sweet little texts back to her like 12 hours apart and she finally gave in and told me she’s gonna “get back to me.” I texted back to “Let me know little hottie.” So how should I play this, pissies? Just sit tight and wait or sext her shit like “i want to fuck you with my throbbing cock” or what? She’s a Hellcat from Hell’s Kitchen, if you know where that is.

    For sure I’m not really gonna make any small talk when I get with her for more than 30 seconds. Going straight to fuck’n this time like she wanted!


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  41. this blog changed my life….wait…is this a shit test?


  42. on July 7, 2012 at 2:56 pm Michael of Charlotte

    Got a P.O. Box man? Would be happy to send a money order but I’m not going with anything electronic.


    • on July 7, 2012 at 4:16 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


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    • on July 7, 2012 at 7:23 pm Dan Fletcher

      Why the fuck not?


  43. Uh oh.

    Wait. Maybe he brought the danger with his dark triad self.

    Or maybe it’s all the darkness, as the “Ten Most Liveable Cities” often are interchangeable with the ten whitest. Let’s all move to the palest city of them all, Portland OR, where the dream of the 90s is still alive.



  44. I would buy tthe book with the drawings collection


  45. on July 7, 2012 at 4:59 pm Cannon's Canon

    please review more videos of faggy niggers picking up broken race traitor white girls from broken families


  46. Why not set up an Amazon affiliate account? If people click through from your site you earn commission on their purchases.


  47. I clicked the donate button and it said “fatal failure.”

    The most important lesson one can learn from game is that fear is the biggest enemy to bedding down the women you want. When you’re not relaxed you can’t be yourself. You can’t have fun. You can’t think creatively. Ergo you can’t reframe and control the conversation.

    Women want to feel safe and a man who does not feel safe themselves cannot make a girl feel safe. Think about how scared people make you feel when they’re around you. Someone who is worried causes worry in others. You can feel their worrisome vibrations. Women probably have greater ability to feel these vibrations than men?

    This fear is obviously irrational fear. The woman you stumble over your words trying to talk to is not going to kill you. She might call the police if you freak her out too much (due to your fear) but you won’t die if you get rejected. This fear is cased from an illusion.

    Of course this fear/rejection causes a negative reinforcement loop. More fear => more rejection => more fear => more rejection…

    At the same time, increases in confidence (lack of fear) causes a positive reinforcement loop. More confidence => more success => more confidence => more success…

    Fear is not only the greatest obstacle to bedding down the hottest women, but probably the greatest obstacle in achieving anything else one wants in life.


  48. (Lol @ the bolded part.)
    Why faking it till you make it works.

    An Implicit Theory of Self-Esteem: The Consequences of Perceived Self-Esteem for Romantic Desirability

    Abstract: The provision of information appears to be an important property of self-esteem as evidenced by previous research concerning the status-tracking and status-signaling models of self-esteem. The present studies examine whether there is an implicit theory of self-esteem that leads individuals to assume targets with higher levels of self-esteem possess more desirable characteristics than those with lower levels of self-esteem. Across 6 studies, targets with ostensibly higher levels of self-esteem were generally rated as more attractive and as more desirable relationship partners than those with lower levels of self-esteem. It is important to note, however, that this general trend did not consistently emerge for female targets. Rather, female targets with high self-esteem were often evaluated less positively than those with more moderate levels of self-esteem. The present findings are discussed in the context of an extended informational model of self-esteem consisting of both the status-tracking and status-signaling properties of self-esteem.


  49. Popular teenagers are more aggressive and sexually active than their less popular peers

    (Link to the study is at the bottom of the press release.)


  50. on July 8, 2012 at 2:08 pm cuckooclock

    I have a friend, a very handsome 22-yr old athlete, who I’ve told about my fantasy and he’s agreed he’ll fuck any hot girl I’ll introduce him to and let me watch. Now I only have to find a hot girl who will agree. That’s the harder part. I’m going to go out tonight and try to pick up. I figure I’ll need about two weeks to build up “trust” with her, and then sort of hint at a “threesome.”

    I’m not a feminist and respect alpha males. I know I’m mentally ill but you shouldn’t think I’m that bad when I’m only trying to help you.


    • You’re not ill because that sounds like an interesting project and you’d have to use game to meet and convince a woman to do that. Anyone who would say that game would not be required to meet and lead a woman like that, should think again. You seem to want to practice gaming a woman where, if you get rejected, she’s really just rejecting the unusual request. You want to test how kinky women can really be. And there’s nothing wrong with that per se. Just do it with the idea in mind that the next time around, you will be the recipient of the pleasure.


  51. OT: Maybe someone here can explain to me why a beautiful girl playing metal on a guitar is really hot. Obviously that she’s pretty in the first place is most of it, it’s stimulating to watch a pretty girl do anything. It could be raking leaves, playing video games, eating, drinking, walking, sleeping, picking her nose, peeing, taking a sh… alright maybe not that.

    Check out this video, tell me this isn’t hot as hell, especially when you get to 3:00.

    It could be that the contrast between doing something masculine, which playing metal is, enhances her cute feminine nature.


    • Nah, I think she’s exactly as hot doing this as she would be raking leaves or playing video games.

      And somewhat less hot than she would be doing something feminine.

      Just my two cents.


    • Nope. It seems like you still have an attraction for strong independent women.
      Man up like the rest of us:
      Busy in the kitchen = HOT
      Doing something that a man is supposed to be doing = Gross


    • If she were ugly would you be impressed?



    • nope.

      playing the skin flute, maybe.


  52. i donated my .02 🙂


  53. Heartiste: You are the adjectives; the adjectives are you.. Don’t cut them. Four out of five English teachers agree. (The fifth one had an affair with Hemingway.)


  54. The chateau will get a solid donation from me when the racism gets cleared from the comments.

    Although the conditional should be “if”, not “when”.

    There’s a fine line between highlighting flaws in how we view race (heartiste), and implicit insecurities (you know who you are).


    • The chateau will get a solid donation from me when the racism gets cleared from the comments.

      It’s that important to you? How come?

      There’s a fine line between highlighting flaws in how we view race (heartiste), and implicit insecurities (you know who you are).

      Some of us do it because it’s a “fuck you” to the current system, which views “racism” as the worst possible sin — yes, even worse than pedophilia.


    • Tell him how much you’re willingly to give and maybe he’ll do it.


    • I think it’s a legitimate request, but you are asking CH to put more time into moderating comments. Maybe if enough people who donated feel the same way, CH would be willing to limit the race talk.
      Your comment came across a little demanding for someone who has not yet donated, btw.


      • Lara

        Maybe if enough people who donated feel the same way, CH would be willing to limit the race talk.

        Sounds like:
        You’re describing
        The Libertarian Party
        already got one of those



    Perhaps Social Dominance Orientation explains the peculiar intersection of ‘game’ and ‘sexism’ and ‘racism’.

    Women are attracted to socially dominant men; per ‘game’.
    But being oriented to achieving social dominance predisposes men to ‘racism’ and ‘sexism’; as defined by the left.

    So, here we are faced with a dilemma. Be socially dominant and get women, or be leftist-egalitarian and don’t.


    • I don’t see a necessary contradiction. This, in fact, is my life — often (not always) dominant in social interactions, and yet definitely anti-xenophobia.

      The two can coexist. We are complex creatures.


  56. Alright, maybe some of you should use the word “sponsor” when you contribute money to the site.

    90 % of the guys here have never produced anything of value for your fellow man. You have no idea what it takes, the work involved, dedication, INTEGRITY…

    Unlike most blogs, This ain’t no pep rally and it ain’t no theme park. He doesn’t block comments so you can feel good about yourself.

    That ain’t how you learn.

    Most blogs are “bitch factories”; telling guys what they want to hear and feeding them what they already know…

    Don’t punk out, for once in your life, be for real.

    Toss this man some coins.

    Don’t think of it as a “donation” (I know it sounds gay).

    Females “donate”

    Males SPONSOR.

    Theres a difference.



    “By 12th grade, male reading test scores are far below female test scores. The eminent psychologist Michael Thompson mentioned at the Aspen Ideas Festival a few days ago that 11th-grade boys are now writing at the same level as 8th-grade girls. Boys used to have an advantage in math and science, but that gap is nearly gone.”

    DAVID BROOKS is a boy so I can see why he missed it.

    Given male variance, lowering standards will continue to recruit more females into the lowering, “higher education”. Women are rich in average intelligence. The smart boys are already there, but the dumb boys are the one’s with all the trouble.

    So the solution is to lower the ceiling so that any idiot can be a PHD.


  58. Already mentioned this in the donation instructions, but can you please stop beating feminist-parrying and “the wall” to a pulp? There’s not much new to be said about either, and most of the manosphere knows about it already.

    You actually said it yourself in your last post – they simply won’t listen to save their ego – so why are you spending(wasting) so much time posting about it?

    Brimg back alpha of the week, chicks dig jerks, teach me how to maintain, and build upon the harem I’ve started under your mentorship. Hell, even analyze other dudes game more. Whenever I load up yet another pooping-on-feminism post a single tear streams down my face and I go to the archives.

    The only other writer at your caliber is Rollo, IMO. VK is entertaining, and I get a lot of “hear, hear, bro!” when I read him, but I don’t get much out his works.

    Roosh is all about “Bang X, Y, Z” sales, And really all it boils down to is flying to that country and learning yourself.


  59. definitely looking forward to the movie scenes of game in action, i have a few in mind you could cast your eye over CH.


  60. on July 9, 2012 at 9:32 pm My Cunt Is Wet With Fear

    Here’s my “More Science” donation for you, CH. Huge and fascinating site on biomechanics:


  61. Cyrus
    The chateau will get a solid donation from me when the racism gets cleared from the comments.

    Although the conditional should be “if”, not “when”.

    Cyrus, just give the man some money.

    You think racism will end because racist comments are blocked from this site?

    The best way to handle racists is head on (like I do)

    Once you support racists being censored; YOU ARE NEXT!

    Besides, the Chateau does a great service in support of justice by providing a platform to demonstrate effective COUNTER racist techniques (like the ones I use).

    I know they are effective because bitch made faggots like Steve Sailor, Ferdinand Bamboo or whatever the fuck his name is, blocks them on their sites.

    Plus, what is your strategy for dealing with racists in real life?

    Take a swing at them?

    Its not necessary. You can shut down a racist with words alone. I do it all the time.

    Even Quentin Tarrentino is pissed off at me:

    “Does this look like a dead white hampster storage area!”

    Someone already pointed it out, the racists and the feminists are both pussies. They both whine like littles bitches.

    Don’t be like them.

    Drop some coins on the site and grab a bag of popcorn. Sit back and watch the white hampsters hit the floor.

    This is one of the only sites that actually lives up to its mission statement:

    *where pretty lies perish*


  62. I’m just gonna leave this here.


  63. […] Come on, contribute. […]


  64. Heartiste,

    Have you considered using Bitcoin? You would only need to place your Bitcoin address on your page. Most transactions are delivered with no fees, so it is great for low to medium sized donations. No bank or any financial corporation involved.


  65. King A (Matthew King)

    Insofar as your religion of science allows you to believe more deeply in the phenomena you have otherwise confirmed through experience, it is a useful foundation that allows you to concentrate on the framing and decoration of game structure

    No one makes a religion of science, just scientific orthodoxy, “skeptics” for example.


  66. Cannon’s Canon

    please review more videos of faggy niggers picking up broken race traitor white girls from broken families

    Greg Eliot

    Whew, that was a close one!

    Thanks for the reminder, I almost donated.

    It’s not the “racism”(whatever that means this week) of a single poster that’s keeping you from donating, it’s the fact that your a Jew.