Microalphatudes, The Sequel

Remember Ice Cream Guy who jerked his ice cream cone away from his girlfriend when she reached over with a spoon to take a scoop? The good and the great were offended by this raw moment of microalphatude, but CH guests of honor knew better. This guy had his girlfriend wrapped around his finger. So wrong, he could do no wrong.

Well, Ice Cream Guy is back in the news. The couple was on TV recently as “Fans of the Week”, and the pre-game hosts were giving Jake — he of ice cream guardianship fame — a hard time. He was ribbed “when’s the wedding?”, and in true alpha style he responded, “Ohhh, shit.”

Another quickie microalphatude dropped like a daisy cutter on his Daisy, and naturally she reacted by… waaaiiit for it…

… can you guess?

…yeah that’s right, by gazing at him adoringly.

His “oh shit” reaction was spontaneous, but neophytes to game should know that alpha spontaneity comes with practicing the behaviors that distinguish alpha males. What was once canned will, over time, start to spill from your presence unbidden. Fake it till you create it.

There are other alpha male tells in this video, which the learned reader should be able to easily identify, so I won’t belabor them here. (Ok, here’s one: notice their body language. She is turned slightly toward him, leaning into his body, while his torso is pointed straight ahead, neither rejecting nor obsequiously receiving her feral affections. He is a rock, upon which she may lay her loving submission.)

The amoral tale of the tape is that you can get… and keep… a cute girl by acting like God’s gift to women, by doing the opposite of what conventional society advises, and by remaining unapologetic for your JERKBOY CHARISMA. You can even do all this while insouciantly announcing that you’re “too broke” to take your girlfriend to a basketball game. She won’t mind, because she’s in love.


  1. My go-to alpha move now with my girlfriend. We are laying on the couch and she goes in for the kiss and we are about to kiss and then i turn my head right before the kiss and act more interested in the latest play of the football game. Gets her panties wet everytime.


    • > “We are laying on the couch and she goes in for the kiss and we are about to kiss and then i turn my head right before the kiss and act more interested in the latest play of the football game. Gets her panties wet everytime.”

      That’s pretty fucking cruel, man.

      I assume you have no intention of marrying her?

      If I were a chick, then I wouldn’t want to spend the rest of my life with some dude who pulled that shit on me.

      But, then again, I’m not a chick, and Goodness only knows what’s going through their minds [if anything actually goes through their minds at all, or if instead it all just heads straight to their labia].

      I do like the idea, though, of being married to a girl whom I actually ENJOY kissing, and who ENJOYS kissing me, as well.


      • It’s not really cruel. From her perspective, he’s just making her work a little to get his attention. We like that.

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      • > “It’s not really cruel.”

        Filthy fucking mudshark masochist.

        It figures you’d say that.


      • Where is the post confirming her mudsharkery?


      • It doesn’t exist. I have no idea why he thinks I am into black guys. Maybe because I’m nice to thwack?


      • It’s true.

        I called her out months ago using the handle Sigma Male. I don’t have the patience to find it. But I shammed her and her weak father to great effect:

        She denies it and will continue to do so because she wants the respect of her own kind. I suppose the shamming was the first resistance she’s ever experienced to such behavior.

        Imagine society wide shaming mechanisms arrayed against female pathologies. We could near eliminate single motherism, mudsharkery and all manner of social ills associated with wanton cock hopping.


      • “It’s true.

        I called her out months ago using the handle Sigma Male. I don’t have the patience to find it. But I shammed her and her weak father to great effect”

        Oh please. Go find the post, big shot. Unlike you, I’ve used the same handle since Day 1 here. It shouldn’t be that hard to find; I’ve only been posting for a couple months. Go for it. You won’t search because you know it doesn’t exist.

        My ex-military father could crack your skull with his bare hands. But you’re the type of sniveling, weak, lazy loser my father just ends up laughing at.


      • > “My ex-military father could crack your skull with his bare hands. But you’re the type of sniveling, weak, lazy loser my father just ends up laughing at.”

        Sounds like Amy is actually a man trolling as an “Amy”.

        Trannie much?


      • So now I’m a transsexual because my father is tough? Lol.


      • My ex-military father could crack your skull with his bare hands. But you’re the type of sniveling, weak, lazy loser my father just ends up laughing at.



      • cute

        Lol, try-hard


      • Lol, try-hard

        Eu tu, groupie?


      • The commentary section went from a troll puppet show to a gossip girl shaming clique. What’s next? The Vagina Dialogues?


      • valid again


      • You don’t do that every time, only some times. I’m fortunate enough to have been doing that since my first relationship, and the one with my current (hottest) girl has been a roller coaster either because of me doing this a little too often or she being super quick to offend, or she thinking my status isn’t all that. Regardless she’s still with me.

        The most recent example is when I didn’t even mean to do it – I was feeding her a crepe (was this beta) and realized it was too hot, and took it away from her mouth at the last second to blow on it, at which she got pissed thinking that I was going to eat it like every other time I’ve done that. Then she wouldn’t eat that piece, and when I lay the fork down, she actually picked it up and fed it to me.

        Later on she apologized and said she didn’t realize I was blowing on it. She said that I could do it in private but not with other people around. I told her that the old ladies that were watching probably remembered their first loves when I did that.


      • Wow, this bitch sounds like she’s nuts.

        Not exactly what I’d call marital material.

        Well, enjoy the poontang while the enjoying’s good.

        Then set out in search of a bitch with a slightly more stable personality.


      • i think you should change your handle to “omegaman”.


      • This post sounds a bit beta. Get thee to a nunnery!


      • Huh? It’s a game. Unpredictability, chicks dig it. C’mon, don’t you like it when your gf will act annoyed over something minor (like the way you flirt with a waitress or some woman or whatever) and then later on when you go to get yours, she turns away with the light ‘noooo,’ which means ‘yessssss?’

        Reverse it. Nothing cruel about it


      • Maybe I’m reading it differently than you guys.

        It sounded to me like he was getting all puckered up for some quality French action but then at the last second he turned away to watch Sports Center.

        Me, I’ll taking the French action over watching n*i*g*g*e*r*s on Sports Center any day of the week.


      • It’s just messing with her. It’s the anacoluthon of foreplay.


      • Say word son


      • The Advice You Need Not Want

        Exactly because women are primitive throwbacks, you mother’s love selfish reproductive lust is infinite. We get that first canconical example of a woman’s love as boys, and it is completely unrepresentative of a woman’s love for anyone else eva precisely because women are unethical, compulsive vagina hucksters. If you had mercy on your love interest, you would exercise her need to max out her relative social status. I swear half the readers here are as clueless as any anywhere whether literate or not, like the commenter who presumes a women could never want to end a relationship on teh first call to police in a domestic violence situation. I guess HBD is e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.


    • Deny her sex, artfully. Reject her advances just enough so that she questions aloud her own quality.

      Don’t be clumsy though: if she begins to question your motive outside the backdrop of her solipsism, then calibrate or abandon the project.

      My girlfriend experiences just enough rejection to strip naked her only power over me. In past relationships I’ve been too aggressive with this maneuver. Consequently, one of two behaviors can manifest:

      1. She superficially questions your sexuality.
      2. The repeated blows to her ego are so punishing she removes herself from the noxious stimulant.

      In my experience, the first is salvageable, the second almost irrecoverable.


      • > “Deny her sex, artfully.”


        How often?

        Women NEED sex.

        Maybe even more than men need it.

        It puts that healthy rosy glow in their faces.

        Makes them feel complete.

        Withholding sex from your woman is a VERY DANGEROUS game to be playing.


      • How often?

        Every girl is different, gauge the psychological impact of the rejection and calibrate accordingly.

        Withholding sex from your woman is a VERY DANGEROUS game to be playing.

        High risk, high reward.


      • Nah. They love to beg for that too. It makes them feel even more complete.


      • But at some point you have to give them the sexing.

        You withhold the orgasms from your bitch for too long, and one day your ass is gonna come home from work a little early, and discover some sneaky-assed snake-in-the-grass motherfucker, like YaReally, or Scray, in bed with her, giving her all the orgasms she can summon, and then some.

        Bitches NEED to be fucked.


      • But at some point you have to give them the sexing.

        Of course.

        There’s a difference between voluntary celibacy to no effect and taking into custody a woman’s power of sex for your own through premeditated abstention.

        I’ve been doing this to girls almost my entire sexual career. CH has written about this strategy before.

        If you don’t want to come home and see YaReally shitting on your girlfriend’s chest, then don’t kill her attraction for you.


      • I’m starting to doubt this is the real Zombie Shane. Or else you’ve been drinking nearly as much as I do.


      • > “I’m starting to doubt this is the real Zombie Shane.”

        I dunno, man.

        Withholding the tongue action [in lieu of Sports Center?!?].

        And then withholding the cock itself?!?

        I mean, WTF do you want from the bitch in the first place?

        If you’re not gonna kiss her, and you’re not gonna fuck her, then why is she even there?

        Just to cook and do the dishes and the laundry?

        You could hire some short squat IQ-75 Nahuatl illegal to do all of that work for you.

        And the illegal wouldn’t even nag your ass.


      • Zombie Shane, you usually aren’t so vulgar. Brilliantly euphemistic is more your style.


      • But this is a pretty vulgar topic of conversation – how to keep YaReally from “shitting on your girlfriend’s chest”.

        Sometimes I feel like “Game” is about nothing more than how to teach the nice guys from good families how to be cold cruel psychopathic sadists so that they can appeal to the inner masochist of the HB8/HB9/HB10s from the broken families and thereby wreak sociopathic revenge on them for having laughed at [or ignored altogether] the nice guys in the Middle School cafeteria.

        Look, I’m here for the Total Fertility Rate.

        I want the nice guys from the good families scoring with the nice girls from the good families and pushing out the live births nine months later.

        HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: “Well, I shat on the bitch’s chest, and then I thought that I would never see her again, but about nine months later, when I got hit with the paternity suit, I came to discover that the bitch had wiped my seed off of her face and had put it in a turkey baster and had pollinated herself with it.”

        Sorry, but that just doesn’t sound like much of a recipe for preserving Western Civilization.

        I like the idea that men and women can ENJOY kissing one another.

        That they can ENJOY copulating with one another.

        Sorry, call me a hopeless romantic, but I feel like you can be a fully masculine Rock of Gibraltar for your woman without having to play the Abstinence Cruelty Game with her.

        Although YMMV – obviously.

        Maybe your bitch just won’t respect you unless you slap her around emotionally like that.

        But if she really is that much of a masochist, then you probably ought to be asking yourself whether you want her to be the mother of your children…


      • A bitch that NEEDS to be fucked, needs to be fucked by you because she is enamored of you, and she needs it often. She gets plenty of sex, even if she begs for it. What she needs is the NEED. It has nothing to do with frequency, but frequency is an effect of the cause.


      • so, does your name mean you like rain, or you like crying? like you get off watching girls cry?

        either way, 9/10 handle


      • I don’t enjoy watching girls cry, it still pains me to some degree when I think of the few girls I’ve made cry by terminating the relationship or being caught cheating in my younger days.

        Now, I like rain, always have. Rainy days receive more appreciation from me than sunny days. There’s nothing better than sex with a girl you connect with, early in the morning, whilst, behind the scrim, the melody of rain highlights the event.


      • Oh sh!t, I just looked up the etymology of ‘pleut’ (rains) and ‘pleure’ (cries) and they actually do come from different latin roots. I always assumed that since they’re such similar words, that they came from the same latin verb (seems kinda intuitive, y’know?) but they actually don’t. More fool me.


      • and yeah, rain is awesome; cloudy-drizzle is my favorite weather.


      • me i love the pleasure of watching girls cry, especially fond of banging their ass unlubricated and hard making them scream and cry in pain.

        the biggest problem for me then is to try stopping my mischievous smile from turning into uncontrollable laughter.
        afterwards i give them a glass of water and a dozen raisins.


    • Her: (In the passenger seat the other day) You gonna make me lean over there to kiss?
      Me: Yeah
      Her: That was a really good kiss.


  2. “other alpha male tells in this video…”

    1) His smirk.

    2) Aside from covering his mouth, his body language remains unflustered.

    3) He is non-reactive to the comments by the TV guys (who are acting like fools because it’s in their job descriptions) and thus doesn’t play other men’s frames (the two black guys are former NBA players who have likely been default alphas for 20-plus years by status).


  3. Not bad for being put on the spot, but he still qualifies himself when pressured what he has going for him at the start of the interview


  4. I like how he answered and also didn’t answer the question.


  5. on December 12, 2013 at 11:48 am Lucky White Male

    Amen brother

    How do you succeed with pussy, and with life generally?

    You do the exact OPPOSITE of whatever the Cathedral tells “normal men” to do


  6. I hope there is a new post coming soon. This one can’t hold down the fort for 36 hours.


  7. Is it just me, or are black guys who laugh and need to jump up and down absolutely terrifying?

    Also, blondey is looking a bit aged from last time. That’s what she gets for sticking with such a classless fat-ass beardo for so long. She deserves to get dumped post-fertility SMV high.


    • Is it just me, or are black guys who laugh and need to jump up and down absolutely terrifying?

      Annoying is a better word.


      • black culture is toxic to whites. when whites take it up as their own, and mimic it shamelessly, the end of white civilization is not far behind.


      • The whigger is the evidence.


      • on December 12, 2013 at 2:02 pm The Spirit Within

        Well then, “CH”, you’d better stop listening to any American music featuring a banjo as well as any music with a beat, period, including jazz. You’d better stop eating sweet potatoes and okra and peanut butter. You’d better not accept anything that comes your way from our newly reforming health care system. Don’t buy a GM car either, since a black man saved that company and its entire supply chain. Be sure also to resurrect Osama bin Laden, since a black man gave the order to kill him. And for God’s sakes, don’t you dare watch or participate in professional football or basketball, or purchase any product that is advertised during those programs.

        Ignorant keyboard jockey.


      • Damn… I’m gonna miss that okra.


      • LOL’ed.

        Greg Eliot must be a Southern boy.

        None of y’all yankees would know about okra.

        [CH: i like okra. even the sliminess doesn’t bother me.]


      • Well shit damn.

        So now he have two data points about Heartiste:

        1) He went to band camp, and

        2) He’s from The South [or maybe the near midwest].

        The plot thickens…


      • peanut butter is a recipe, not an invention, and jamaal washington carver was not the first to procure it:


        you guys sure are good at fast-twitch muscle fibers tho:


        also: “a black man” did not do any of that shit, a mulatto did at the behest of his fiat masters


      • Hasbara has opened an Obama division?


      • >any music with a beat

        oh my god, man, are you serious? You don’t know much about music. That’s fine, as long as you don’t go mouthing off as if you did.

        As for everything else, I sort of disagree; I think that, as the race that had formerly conquered almost all of the planet, cultural appropriation (and more importantly, assimilation) is our privilege. Obviously, tomatoes are now part of European cuisines. So what if they didn’t originate in Europe? They’re part of our culture now, too.


      • on December 13, 2013 at 12:56 am The Spirit Within

        According to your logic, dumbass, if I (as a white man) see your sister, and like the way she looks, she immediately becomes mine due to the supremacy of my cultural heritage.

        That makes ZERO sense. Plz see Locke, John, re: private property.


      • “Tomatoes are part of Italian cuisine” = “I can have anything I want because I’m white”

        that’s quite the false equivalency you got there, pardner


      • And for God’s sakes, don’t you dare watch or participate in professional football or basketball…

        It’s been a long time since I’ve bothered with the negro worship that is the NFL… and never had an interest for African Jump Ball.

        That said, though… I believe YT is to be thanked for both the invention of those two sports AND ESPECIALLY for giving your ilk the opportunity to showcase their fast-twitch talents.


      • White men invented snooker. I discovered snooker this week. I love snooker.


      • on December 12, 2013 at 8:16 pm stevie tellatruth

        Nooooooo, dumb-dumb.

        It’s the white quarterbacks – the Brady’s, Manning bros., Brees’, Rodgers’ and Luck’s – who get 97% of the worship in the mostly Negro Football League.


      • If you walk upright and/or engage in any form of bipedalism; you can thank a ni66er because we invented it,

        with no help from the white man.

        You’re welcome

        [CH: there’s a small difference between invention and accident of evolution.]


      • [CH: there’s a small difference between invention and accident of evolution.]

        Did you evolve from an accident?

        [CH: in the final analysis, we all evolved from a cosmic accident.]


      • Twack’s attempt to give negroes the “credit” for walking upright never ceases to amuse… especially since so many of them, to this day, continue to drag their knuckles.


      • No more peanut butter, no more wiggers? It’s a fair trade.


      • Shut up you ni66er lover.


      • on December 13, 2013 at 12:47 am The Spirit Within

        FWIW, I’m not black, haters — I just like to see a little credit where credit is due. That may be asking for too much from some of you Stormfront propagandists, though.


      • > “Stormfront propagandists”

        Take that Frankfurt School horseshit with you back to Salon or Slate or the HuffingAndPuffington Post.



      • Quick analogy.

        Stormfront / CH —–> Hyundai / Lamborghini

        Stormfront are VRW riding, Mein Kampf fapping, trailer trash fucking retards. Hence, why they are the lowest of low priorities for the DHS Stasi.

        Educated, integrated, intelligent, successful, motivated European males in mainstream society who are Eyes Wide Open. This is the thing that keeps your average “Social Justice Planner” up at night.

        Like ZS said, take that weak shit outta here because it doesn’t work. When the pendulum swings, all your lamentations will fit in quite nicely with those of the wimminz.


      • You wouldn’t happen to have been relieved of your foreskin by a certain Ben fellow, would you?


      • on December 13, 2013 at 4:50 am TheBestManEver

        no, the osama killing was a sham, but even if it was true, the seals and anyone else meaningfully involved in killing him were almost assuredly white….

        obama saved GM with taxpayer money on behalf of WASP and jewish corporate masters….

        NFL and NBA were created, funded and watched by whites, broadcast and enjoyed due to white technology and wealth created by whites. Fans don’t care what race of player they see in the superbowl, they don’t turn up to see black guys they just want to watch football. It’s the blacks that need the entertainment sports complex to have any hope of being successful or making it rich in this society. It’s black guys that turn up to get in on whitey’s money, some kind of fame and respect in society etc


  8. His chick is fairly plain. Tis easy to exude alpha charm when your lady looks ordinary — nothing wrong with that, either. If he had a real looker on his arm and acted this way —- yeah, that’s alpha.


    • I’ve seen dudes act beta with worse looking women.


    • Hey man, no big deal if you can’t but I posted another text exchange and would appreciate your feedback on.



      • on it!


      • Thank you for taking the time to do that my dude


      • i read all that and in the spirit of helping you…the following is legit.

        you need to abandon your text game almost completely, and focus on face to face for a few months. id suggest more time spent building comfort when you meet. find interesting stories that you can relate and learn to tell them well to add some depth.

        you need to start getting more of an investment in the face to face meet or you will have girls just being nice like this one was to you. this wasn’t plowing, but her just giving you the answer so you would quit bugging her and pulling her obligation strings.

        someone recently posted about persuasion vs. desire and i think you need to start sparking and tending legitimate desire instead of constant persuasion.

        and you should NEVER talk to a girl at one of your local bars until you get this shit squared up. newbie rule number one and it always falls to the altar of laziness and complacency.


  9. I think an important issue here is the quality of his GF. I’d rate her a low 7 on her best day, and it seems that she is past peak-SMV and on the slow decline to cat-ville.

    Compare and contrast with the “Poker Player Beard Incident” already discussed here.

    –There can be no doubt of the pure alpha displayed in the latter case, because the chick is a legit 8.5 or higher.

    –With this guy, I get the feeling his alpha cred would dissipate quickly under the relentless onslaught of a legitimate beauty rather than a cute girl next door.

    [CH: this comment is so try-hard it’s painful. every time… EVERY TIME… a girl’s face is posted on this blog, no matter how cute, there’s a pointy elbow syndrome suffering nerd who will claim she’s not all that. criminy i could post up a pic of fucking Ashwairyi Rai in her prime and there’d be some haughty dweeb saying she’s a 7.5 on a good day, and oh did you notice how the left side of her nose is bigger?]


    • Bro, neckbeard’s chick is a very high 7 at worst. Very pretty smile. Come on Mr. Sharp Elbows. I’d call her an 8, so call me beta.


    • Alpha is a state of mind…not based off what a chick looks like.


    • Compared to him, she’s a pretty girl. On looks alone he’s not much to write home about. A beta guy with his looks probably couldn’t get her.


    • So, you don’t think a chick’s looks affect how a guy acts around her?

      [CH: of course they do. but this chick is cute, in the top percentile of looks for american women (yes, really, have a look around some day). he’s doing well for himself.]

      I seem to recall a post by you summarizing effective game as ‘treating a 9 the same way you’d treat a 6’ (yes, I’m paraphrasing).

      Now, if you think she’s actually in the same league as Beard Bro’s girl, well…

      [she’s not, but neither is she so much less attractive than beard bro’s girl that ice cream guy’s attitude would be unduly influenced by your theorized looks disparity.]


      • Look, I get that the point of the post was to demonstrate alpha behavior in the real world and it definitely does that.

        re: Her being in the top percentile of American chicks these days, that’s why I moved away from the States 3 years ago…


      • bogged down in tactical measurements and minutia when discussing philosophy and strategic importance.

        it must be winter break for Gamma Omega Beta.


    • idk I kinda agree. No one’s saying she’s ugly or anything, but it wouldn’t be difficult to “not be phased by her beauty.”

      [CH: she’s not even close to ugly. she’s right in the middle of cute. most men would be phased by her looks, because most men are betas.

      let’s try to stick to the primary lesson of the post and not get derailed into internet nerd phonyfuck chest-beating. this is so fucking tiresome. in future, all comments reeking of pointy elbow syndrome will be deleted post-haste.]


      • This post and the situation just brought this post — https://heartiste.wordpress.com/2013/04/12/how-to-treat-a-beautiful-woman-like-a-plain-woman/ — to mind. The reason? Just humoring us for a second that she’s aight — is that everyone has a little alpha in them. Seems like a win/win. If she’s plain, we have a clear reason to believe that any beta can indeed act alpha. If she’s really cute, then we have an example of an alpha acting alpha.

        Plus it’s only chest-thumping if you say the ‘would not bang’ part. I’m pretty sure most every guy on the board would bang her.


    • I think there’s an ethnic aspect to the ratings. Ice cream girl just doesn’t do anything for me. Not that she’s unattractive. She’s just not from the right area of Europe. Personal 7, but no argument against others valuing her more highly.


  10. I like the “you’re still here, right, you’re still my guy, right?” look a 0:15.

    I suspect they are very happy and will remain so. I don’t fancy her, and wouldn’t call her a 7 or 8, but who cares. She, and he, are getting what each wants.


  11. Yes.


  12. Hell yeah, he is definitely Alpha. You have to be Alpha on SOME LEVEL to get any type of poon, especially BIG girls. BBWs expect to be gamed by tough men that can put up with their weight.


    • So is Nigel actually the n*i*g*g*e*r in that photograph?


    • I skimmed your blog.

      Gross. Just gross.


    • i think most people get that you’re a bbw troll operating a long-term strategy that brings you eyeballs. you’re marginally funny, so i give your comments a pass. however, the link to your blog will be deleted. let’s see how committed you are to your trollish craft without the immediate reward of click-throughs.


      • on December 12, 2013 at 1:05 pm Nigel Big Game

        Why would you delete the link to my blog? Is it because I exposed you all for the klansmens that you are?

        [CH: ah, so the truth comes out! you don’t deny you’re a troll. but one question: how do you think pretending to game fat chicks in any way intersects with frank talk about race differences?]

        Man oh man, look I can’t apologize for liking thick white girls.

        [black pride.]

        There is something wrong with all of you if you can’t tolerate a brother getting some.

        [dude, you can have all the fat white girls you can get knead your hands on. knock yourself out! (heh)]

        Go ahead and censor it. I still win.

        [you have a strange definition of win.]


      • on December 12, 2013 at 1:25 pm Nigel Big Game

        Race differences? There are no differences, just different skin tones and cultural differences. Big girls come in all colors.


      • There are no differences, just different skin tones and cultural differences.

        And so begins another episode of N166ers Be Funny!

        Me, I look beyond skin tones… and find that the nose, lip, and hair texture differences jump right to the fore… nature’s way of an early-warning system in re the behavioral differences.

        Them cultural differences will get ya every time.


      • on December 12, 2013 at 1:30 pm Nigel Big Game

        And I am no way shape or form a troll. I’m a guy that wants to promote fat acceptance. I just trying to show the world that big girls are beautiful too. If they can’t find a man, there’s always Nigel Davis.


      • on December 12, 2013 at 1:58 pm Nigel Big Game

        You got me.

        You do realize that Nigel has scared a few BBWs straight, and offended the herd as a whole. You can’t fight irrationality with rationality. While they push against #FatShamingWeek on twitter, they struggle to deal with the reality that the few men that would accept them are, in reality, disgusting.


      • Nigel is one of the best trolls out there. I tip my hat to him.


      • on December 12, 2013 at 1:57 pm Mindweapons of Mass Destruction

        Sorry, Nigel isn’t real.


  13. Nope. I cannot even begin to observe this “microalphatude”. The monkey-like behavior of that host is incredibly distracting.


  14. http://www.nationaljournal.com/magazine/how-adam-lanza-wrecked-obama-s-second-term-20131209

    “How Adam Lanza Wrecked Obama’s Second Term”

    Blaming a spergy weirdo for the recent failures of Obama. We’ve reached another low.


    • Typical lamestream media hamstering. The ivory tower crowd just doesn’t get that 0bamacare is a horrible idea for most people.


      • > “Typical lamestream media hamstering.”

        It’s just the Frankfurt School returning to Rule #1 in their playbook: BLAME IT ON WHITEY.


  15. Treat da bitchez like shit, make ’em come to you!


  16. Yes,she is #2 in this video.She is sitting slightly behind him and her shoulders are kind of…feminine.The dominant bitches carry their shoulders wide


  17. lol. now he cant ever slip though.

    he can’t slip for ever and ever, because the moment that he becomes a human being with a bit of a bad day, she will sniff it as weakness and whooosh…….

    see it happen all the time. its a blessing and a curse.


  18. Damn you are some ‘Herb”icidal ma’fuckas. I scrolled the comments earlier but hadn’t watched the video. So, 21 seconds then, innit? Enough time to declare that former NBA millionaires are jumping monkeys (probably true since jumping monkeys is what earned them the 7 figures). Enough time to declare that a woman portrayed for 20 seconds in utter shit 360P video is “hot or not”, and enough time to declare that a beta neck beard who probably aped enough alpha male attitude became a full beard and reaped the rewards. (We’ve seen lesser men than him (Scray) be able to get pussy beyond their means with attitude calibration.

    Said a different way— 21 seconds of 360P proves nothing to nobody. He looks like a beta herb to me that has maybe mastered some game concepts. She looks like a cute and fuckable blond girl, and overpaid NBA monkeys know that jumping makes them money. But to say you couldn’t watch the video because of it? It wasn’t a documentary is was not even the length of a TV commercial (~26 seconds)


    • bravo monsieur


    • Brave penetrator (you did penetrate, no?) of magyar kurva(s) … their mongoloid cheeks … their mongoloid teeth … but suit yourself, no matter.

      Gamed hamster sighting so blatant in MSM (…too blatant says my ex-police-state-denizen paranoia…) is bound to make an impression on many watching men. There are a lot of “nothing to nobody” snoflakes in one avalanche.


      • Brave penetrator (you did penetrate, no?) of magyar kurva(s) … their mongoloid cheeks … their mongoloid teeth … but suit yourself, no matter.

        Your first question strains credibility. She was the 2nd best sex I’ve ever had in my life.

        As for your mongol references, you really need to get out of the basement and/or States more. The magyar were NOT the Khans contrary to what ever claptrap mystic rumors you’ve heard. Go to Heroes Square in Budapest and take a long hard look at the statue of Arpad and his top 10 generals.

        Flat face? Mongol features? Hardly. The statues are exquisitely carved and their features are European through and through.

        On your way down to Heroes Square you will also run across about a half a dozen dimes and some 8s and 9s on the way.


  19. […] Remember Ice Cream Guy who jerked his ice cream cone away from his girlfriend when she reached over with a spoon to take a scoop? The good and the great were offended by this raw moment of microalphatude, but CH guests of honor knew better.  […]


  20. Meanwhile, in other news, 34-year-old single mama is having a hard time choking down beta D after getting knocked up by alpha.


    “I’m a 34-year-old single mother of a beautiful, sweet, and healthy three-year-old boy. I never imagined having kids, but accidentally became pregnant three months into a destructive relationship. I kept the child and eventually got rid of the man (with the help of a domestic violence counselor and a restraining order), which was a healthy decision.


    Five months ago, I met a man at my sister’s wedding (one of the groomsmen), and we connected. Talked all night, laughing like crazy, connected. We hugged briefly at the end of the evening and we both felt it was worth pursuing. He lives 1400 miles away from me, and we began an email correspondence, sharing our relationship history, likes and dislikes, and getting to know each other. We have a lot in common. We fell in love. We made plans for him to relocate to my city and move in together. We decided all this before spending a great deal of physical time with each other. He’s visited once a month for the past five months, and the trips have gone from elated, nervous excitedness to awkward arguing and annoyance. He is sensitive, kind, attentive, and doting. He is so very patient and loving with my child. Because of these traits, I find myself feeling less attracted to him physically. He seems meek. It is truly something sick. I have a hard time looking at him on occasion, because every little quiver, every timid step, every noise he makes while eating makes my skin crawl. He follows me around and paws at me. He is far less experienced than I am in the bedroom, and yet I do not know how to let him know what I like, because he is not keeping up with me in that department.”

    The advice columnist has a long and detailed explanation of how men in her past have warped her preferences and self image. It has nothing to do with her biology.


    • on December 13, 2013 at 8:36 am Holden Caulfield

      File under 5 minutes of alpha >>>>> 5 years of beta

      I’m pretty sure there is a CH post in the archives addressing this.


      • And even if she stays w/ him or moves on to the next beta chump every time the guy is giving her the bidness she will be madly flicking her bean and thinking of “Mr. Domestic Violence” until she orgasms into a quivering heap.

        It is God’s cosmic joke I think, this relationship between men and women.