Fat Chicks Flaunt It, Expose Themselves To Everlasting Torment

Fat chicks are getting uppity lately. You’ve got your NAAFA (National Association for the Advancement of Fat Assery). Your fatkinis. Your slut pride parades aka fat slut pride parades. Your proud fatties wearing clothes made for thin girls. And pretty much an entire media industrial complex allied, in word if not in deed, with the fat pride/acceptance/delusion movement.

I, for one, welcome our new fat flaunting underlords. Putting themselves out there in showy, ritualistic displays of unmerited pride, their bulbous folds cresting like wind-whipped seas and their triple chins held aloft like war banners, makes for a tempting array of overinflated egos. Proud and loud fat chicks are the morbidly obese equivalent of the Iraqi soldiers fleeing from Kuwait: plump targets for my GPS-guided jeering.

As long as I’m here to protect the earth from the assault against beauty by the horde army of gaping pieholes, the fattie who dares to stand tall and jiggle her blubber indignantly will face the point blank precision of my cruelest ridicule. Sweep the cankle.

Exhibit A: This monster formerly known as a human being, who happily informs the world of her “sexercise” program for shedding imaginary fractions of a pound off her 600 pound frame.

Why is this Jabba given media airtime? Why does it feel comfortable talking about its disgusting sex life with the general public? In a saner time, beasts like it had a sense of humility, and self-preservation, even an understanding that they were frightening to children and had a duty to keep out of the public eye. They sequestered themselves in steel reinforced bedrooms, blinds drawn, until they either died alone or dieted down to a reasonably presentable weight. Now we get this:

“I sweat off loads of calories,” 600-pound Pauline Potter revealed in an interview with UK magazine Closer this month. “I call it ‘sexercise.’”

Potter, 47, became the Guiness World Record holder for heaviest woman last year when she weighed in at 700 pounds, but she’s managed to lose nearly 100 pounds in the last year by rekindling her romance with her ex-husband Alex.

Fucking ugh. You read this stuff and try as you might, your brain can’t help meandering to visualizing what shoggoth sex must look like. Is the fupa lifted and propped with a cane before penetration? Does the stank from cheesy crevices cause temporary blindness and retching? Does a hobbit make its home in her vagina? Just HOW BIG must this guy’s dick be to plow through feet of blubber to reach the wet spot? Speaking of him, how does he get it up? At sufficient levels of grossness, a man’s penis will actually retract into a protective shell behind the pubic bone. A male porn star jacked on viagra and yohimbe and fluffed by a team of sugar-lipped supermodels would shrivel to the size of a speck at the first sight of this gelatinous cube.

“I hadn’t had sex in three years, but we did it six times!” she told the magazine, adding they now make love between two and seven times per day. “He took charge as I couldn’t move much, but he was so attentive.”

He took charge. “Honey, be a dear and roll to your right so I can dislodge this pot roast from your thighs.”

“My bed is strengthened and, although I can’t buy sexy lingerie, I drape a nice sheet over me.”


Though she already weighed 400 pounds by the time she gave birth to her son, Potter said she binge ate when she and her husband divorced and ended up packing on the pounds.

Her son:

But Alex still thought her size was sexy – despite the occasional logistical issue.

“It’s hard to position her and find her pleasure spots as she has a lot of fat in the pelvic area,” he told the magazine. “But it turns me on knowing she’s satisfied. Although once, when she got on top, I couldn’t breathe.”

😆 😆

What kind of “man” would find this sexy?

A middle-aged lesbian!

Exhibit B: A blog by two fat chicks who videotape themselves eating mass quantities of food to ostensibly piss off healthy thin people.

You’d be mad at the world too, if everyone vomited when they saw you naked.

Exhibit C: Fat chick wails about, get this, “thin privilege”. The yuks just keep on coming.

Thin privilege is turning down the air conditioning without ever thinking of the fatter people in the room who aren’t nearly as cold as you are.

Thin privilege is assuming yours is the default body: your comforts and discomforts are default; your width and weight are the defaults.

Dear fattie,

There’s a reason why thin, healthy people are privileged over disgusting fat fucks like yourself.

Yours in rendering soap from your lard,

Tyler Durden

ps would you like a wafer thin mint to go with your bison on a stick?

Fatties, like their loser feminist cousins, are stuck in a matrix of pure, distilled self-delusion. They know how people look at them with derision and disgust. They know how men ignore them and thin women pity them. They know how unhealthy they are and how gross they look, even to other fatties. But instead of doing what it takes to slim down and become normal, they choose to rail against normalcy, to elevate the ugly and denigrate the beautiful, and to try to retrofit reality and human nature to accommodate their weakness and repulsiveness.

You see, fatties, your pain is self-inflicted. Your sloth and gluttony, vices which are within your control to tame, are your ruin. You have no one else to blame for your miserable existences than yourselves. Concocting feelgood fantasies of overbearing patriarchies and thin privilege isn’t gonna save you from your real enemy — your own disfigured souls.

And, FYI, plastering your porcine carcasses with tattoos, piercings, and Sharpie ink isn’t going to distract people from your ugliness, an ugliness that is objective and real because it violates ancient evolutionary preferences for healthy, slender, fertile women. Fat is the physical embodiment of a flawed character, and your twisted, self-annihilating mentality is on display to be gawked at by the whole world. A gawking which I will assist with incalculable sadism, until you and your false pride skulk ignominiously back to the hovel from whence you erupted.

Think I’m exaggerating? Or that I’m a demon who doesn’t speak for the majority of humanity? Think again. Those polite commuters you see avoiding your gaze very day on the train are thinking this:

Strangers on a bus: Study reveals lengths commuters go to avoid each other

Kim found that race, class, gender and other background characteristics were not key concerns for commuters when they discovered someone had to sit next them. They all just wanted to avoid the ‘crazy person.’

“One rider told me the objective is just ‘getting through the ride’, and that I should avoid fat people who may sweat more and so may be more likely to smell,” said Kim. “Motivating this nonsocial behavior is the fact that one’s own comfort level is the rider’s key concern, rather than the backgrounds of fellow passengers.”

No one cares about your feelings, fatties. They just want to get away, far away, from your undulating rolls of blubber and your smell. Your campaigns and blogs and tumblrs and pride walks will never…


no, not even a tiny little bit…

alter this universal fact of human nature.

The only choice you have to win acceptance, real acceptance, is to put down the pride and push away from the table. That means living not by lies. But if lies are your stock in trade and your cultural weapon leading others down your benighted path of ugliness, then don’t be surprised when a stone cold bastard calls you out on them. The battlefield is total war and the frontline is everywhere. Whose side will you be on? Truth and beauty? Or lies and ugliness?

It’s funny, but I sometimes get neophytes ambling in this happy hunting ground wondering why I’m so relentlessly cruel to the losers in our midst. They never see the precipitating events. My sadism is not haphazard. The fattie who makes real efforts to lose weight, who doesn’t make excuses for her condition, and who doesn’t advocate for acceptance of her less than ideal shape, gets no shit from me. I gladly give words of encouragement to those who are making real efforts to slim down and better themselves.

It’s the liars and the deliberately delusional that I hate with a passion. The lords of lies. The traffickers of untruths. The propagandizers of poison. The ones who would take the beauty and truth that makes life worth living, and shit on it out of spite. If an equalist or a feminist or a fattie wants to come here and engage this proprietorship in good faith, with an open mind, she will earn my two minutes of mercy and polite indulgence. But if she comes in here, screeching and screaming and slandering in her first comment, like so many have done before, because she can’t believe what she is reading it so violates the PC norm she’s used to regurgitating, she should not be surprised when I unleash the wrath of a thousand hellhounds to tear at the tatters of her misshapen soul.

At the very least, she is made example of for the others. Plus, it amuses me.

Fat pride advocates would be wise to reflect on the sympathies that normal people give them when they know their place. The fattie who doesn’t flaunt her monstrousness and demand approval from her betters earns a measure of tolerance. People don’t hound fatties who keep their mouths shut and their bodies tastefully covered until dieting and exercise make them presentable again for public viewing. Humility, a virtue understood well by a much better people than our current crop of loser pride degenerates, is a lost art in the modern West. It’s high time it was rediscovered, and the waddles of the ululating tormented humbled as befits their decrepit station. A dose of humility might even motivate these sick freaks to improve their lives and rejoin the community of happy people.



  1. As I said on Matt Forney’s blog only just today …

    While I have never been fat, there was a time when I started gaining a bit of weight.

    So I put in the effort to eat less, to eat better, and to exercise regularly and vigorously.

    And you know what? The pounds melted off in a matter of months.

    This experience has left me with zero sympathy for fat whiners. If I can keep my weight under control, so can they. They just don’t want to put in the effort to sweat a bit or exercise portion control. It’s an issue of willpower. They have none, and I find that pathetic.

    In addition: fuck fat activists. I will never ‘accept’ fat.

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    • I am disgusted GISDUSTED IN THIS BLOG.


      Look. I am a SCIENTIST. I just used a SCIENTIFIC WORD so take it from me your totally in the wrong. Fat women are super attractive, that’s why there are so many men with them! They even like to go shop for bras together(or is it bros for the guys?).







    • I object to that last line: you shouldn’t want to fuck them.
      You should give them cacti for that.


  2. on August 2, 2012 at 6:03 pm Backdoor Man

    Every time I got worked up, bitching about how our culture is in decline, and then regretting the fact that I’m becoming a cranky, troglodyte conservative, an epic post like this comes along, and I remember I’m not alone in thinking my crusty thoughts.

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    • Even the best of us have moments of weakness when we consider how much easier it would be to just go along with everyone and be what they call “nice” and “a good person.” But a good person fights for his principles, such as for example, truth and beauty. You can’t tell me modern art is good; it sucks. I can’t help but observe that fat people are not as attractive as thin people, and I can’t help but feel revulsion and infinite scorn for a fatty who want to complain about the “privileges” thin people enjoy.

      Those aren’t privileges, that’s just normal life, fatty. You’re the aberration, and it’s not anybody else’s fault, so shut your mouth.

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  3. Got a self-delusional fattie that reminds me of a frog in an class I’m currently attending.

    Core beliefs created through a lifetime of fatness have created a situation where she’s been alienated from the class. This alienation stems from the belief that it’s everyone against her, when it’s her comments and actions that have created her exclusion. When called out, she even broke down in tears to create a sympathy action. Didn’t work…

    Fat = Delusional Attitude = Alienation


  4. Let’s try out the Liberal Idea Generator on this topic.

    Sane, rational adult position: “Being grossly overweight is unhealthy and unattractive. Extremely fat women should try to lose weight.”

    Now think of the most bizarre, dishonest inversion of that: “Being fat is beautiful and sexy and it’s OPPRESSION to say anyone should lose weight!”

    Yep. Works every time.

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  5. Now THAT’S whale sign, writ large!

    There ought to be a custom of surcharging such beasts at every public eatery.

    Anything to stop them from frightening the public — especially the children.


    • And I think airlines should charge extra by the pound after a certain weight.


      • They’re not allowed to, due to the kind of anti-discrimination nonsense that passes for law in the progtard age. Or, at least that is what supposedly competent legal counsel advice wannabe airline operators these days.

        Can’t even charge extra for someone so obscenely fat they “need” to haul a wheelchair/scooter with them, and takes up crew time just getting into and out off their seat.

        As in every other area, nothing simply getting rid of the government and replacing it with nothing wouldn’t fix quite nicely; but I guess such advance level of abstraction is beyond the well indoctrinated masses.


  6. One would think fatties would understand immovable objects and insulation like the lead shod stake of attractive female archetypes driven into our hind brain that sends messages though a buried cable. The fashions will not change, fatties.


  7. on August 2, 2012 at 6:21 pm Professor James F. Rustler

    On a related note, per glpiggy:


    Scroll down to comments and pile on.


  8. Fat pride walks? Hell yeah. Anything to get them a bit of exercise. Hell if we could just get all the fat people to do a “fat pride walk” for 60 minutes every day, we’d have a helluva lot less proud fat people.

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  9. on August 2, 2012 at 6:24 pm collapseofman

    Watched the Olympic women’s ultra heavyweight lifting competitions with a girl and she said it best. “Pay attention, This is their only time to shine”


    • Was she a great big fat person?


    • If you’re an Olympic level lifter, you weigh what you need to weigh to perform your best. While fat-acceptance idiocy is, like every facet of the progtard era, simply idiocy; it has nothing to do with Olympic lifters. But leave it to some also-ran whose sole achievement in life is NOT becoming a whale, to not figure that one out.


  10. Weren’t fat women considered beautiful in other cultures and time periods? I wonder if my boners are culturally influenced?


    • You tell us. Do you think it’s possible to pray your gay away?


      • I don’t buy that gayness is 100% genetic. I think there are cultural influences for gayness, and for beauty. Men apparently liked fatties in the 17th century. Girls can be big, yet still have a desirable 0.68 waist-to-hip ratio. I’ve been able to get chub for mild fatties before, if they have beautiful faces, good curves, and are feminine. I also enjoy boobs, which often means a not thin girl.


      • on August 3, 2012 at 5:13 am terminus est

        nah, if you got more food than most people back then, you would hold MORE fat, but you wouldn’t BE fat!
        In spain and portugal, women (i.e. middle class women) wore dresses that had puffed stomachs, to give the appearance of pregnancy, and in other places, wore stuff to accentuate breasts and butts, because that’s the only thing that was attractive in terms of fat. A genuinely bony woman will have minimal estrogen, and probably be a disappointment in bed, so a threshold of fat is healthy, but a threshold means hips, butt, boobs, softer features, slight overlay of fat to the muscles. likewise, being really thick in the waist is a sign that a woman is less than optimally fertile.

        Extremes of any kind-fatness, boniness, are only attractive to outliers.


      • “Men apparently liked fatties in the 17th century.”



      • Being declared in vogue by certain “connoisseurs of good taste” is not the same as being desired. There may have been a class factor going on too, since food was expensive and therefore only wealthy people could be fat. Such as the disgusting fat fuck Gastone de’ Medici, the last of the de’ Medici family, who was also a fag to boot. He took it to an extreme, by living and shitting in his bed.


      • “Men apparently liked fatties in the 17th century.”

        Don’t believe that shit. Greeks thousands of years ago spoke lustfully of the athletic, toned Spartan females, who were well-fed and trained to be in good shape. (Better to produce good warriors, they thought.) Look at your college team sports teams, and appreciate that men have found that sexy for thousands of years.

        Men will find a toned, athletic 5’8″ 160 pound woman more attractive than those emaciated models that gay editors at fashion mags try to push. But we don’t find–and never did–fat chicks hot.*

        (Granted, some black dudes I know really go for thick girls, but even most of them want an athletic Flo Jo-type with a few more pounds, not a fatty)


      • Sean-you’re in denial. Fat young females were never in vogue and the reason is very simple. A fat female reminds a man of a pregnant female and pregnant females are not sexually attractive. In our subconscious primitive brain (like 99.9% of it) we’re not attracted to knocked up females because we’re not able to impregnante them. You ever see any animal fuck a female animal that they know is pregnant? The reason that men go for slim young girls with flat stomachs is because they don’t look pregnant .
        And I wouldn’t make any judgements about the past from a few Rubens paintings out of the hundreds of paintings that he did because you don’t know if he was an omega chubby chaser, a fag (many artists are) or had some other reason why he painted a few fleshy females.
        Big boobs and a narrow waist were the ideal in the 1800’s and most females were likely thin because they’d wear these down arse enhancers to make their arse look bigger.
        Even the Boob used a pic on his site that if the lardarses over there think about it will get upset. Take a look at the old pic he used because that was the ideal over a 100 years ago.


    • Fat women were considered beautiful in other cultures, but these were cultures where, if you were not rich, you were not sure where your next meal was coming from. Would you date a woman you weren’t attracted to just because Daddy had enough money to buy her a BMW?


      • “Men” didn’t like fatties. They liked heftier women; not fat women. That’s like saying “Marilyn Monroe was bigger, so men do like fat women”: Marilyn Monroe was *curvy*. Not fat. Look at the average person who claims her as an example, and then look at Monroe.

        As far as actualyl preferring fatties for sex – get real. Maybe one – one – culture in Africa practiced this, but there are exigent reasons for it. Even black men like “curves” in women, and sheer fatness won’t pull it.

        Most fat acceptance arguments are baloney, with ham on the side.

        And the hamster wheel acquires a turbocharger.


      • @Gorbachev

        Some people foolishly think being curvy is measured by how much a woman weights, so curves and weight get put together.
        You then get some fat chick who thinks being fat means she has curves, and since men aren’t attracted to her then men must not like curvy woman.

        Few black men go for woman who are purely fat, the woman most go for are packing breast and a** for days.
        Those woman who are fat with large breast and a** would still be attracting men if they lost weight.


      • Being the daughter of Africans, I can say on good authority that African men don’t prefer fat or obese women. Many like women who are chubby but still have muscle tone, and most I know are far more ‘accepting’ of thin women than feminists would bother admitting. Most young African women with enough money to fatten up are still thin.

        The same thing with men from the Middle East. They like women who are a little chubby but don’t find thin women unattractive at all. I know a lot of Arabs and Afghans; I’ve never met a woman from either group who has fattened up to attract men. Like women in many other cultures, they usually gain weight after marriage.

        African and Arab men go after fat women in the US and Europe because they are easier to bed. Period.


      • Exigent reasons are exactly what I was getting at. In a culture where everyone is starving, a fattie obviously has access to more resources. It should be obvious that this isn’t a factor in America, where even the poor are fat.


    • I haven’t looked into it, but … it is what liberals teach you in school, so it’s probably bullshit.


    • Okay, let’s look at art from other cultures and time periods. Most of them depict beautiful women who fit our current standards of beauty — Playboy centerfolds, not “supermodels” who are chosen to appeal to gay men.

      There are two exceptions I can think of, which are constantly trotted out by the fat girl lobby: the “Venus of Willendorf” and the paintings of Rubens.

      The “Venus” is a crude stone carving from 20,000 BC depicting a fat, or possibly pregnant woman, or goddess, or something. We have no idea what the context of it is, or whether it had anything to do with Cro-Magnon standards of beauty.

      Rubens painted flattering portraits of fat aristocrat ladies who paid his salary, and used his mistress, who was kind of heavy, as a model for other paintings. It doesn’t say much about what other men of his era thought.

      Otherwise, a beautiful woman is a beautiful woman across all time and space. We’re hard-wired to find certain things attractive. The notion that standards of beauty are “culturally constructed” is leftover Marxist bullshit. It’s part of the whole Leftist project to deny human nature so they can mold people and society as they wish. Un-learn that nonsense.


      • I appreciate your response, and evidence. I believe that reproductive fitness indicators, such as youth, healthy skin an hair, 0.7 waist-to-hip ratio, symmetry, have always been considered attractive, and always will be. But fatties can still reproduce, whereas boneys and gymnasts have trouble.


      • >>>There are two exceptions I can think of, which are constantly trotted out by the fat girl lobby: the “Venus of Willendorf”

        I wonder if any archaeologist ever considered that the statute was made by a Cro-Magnon Man who was thinking “hey, let’s make a statute to ward off fat chicks!”


      • “The “Venus” is a crude stone carving from 20,000 BC depicting a fat, or possibly pregnant woman, or goddess, or something. We have no idea what the context of it is, or whether it had anything to do with Cro-Magnon standards of beauty.”

        … or the Cro-Magnon Satan.


      • Very few people could actually reach 400 lbs before the Industrial Revolution.


      • 399 is still on the high side to qualify as attractive for most women.


  11. This has to be the funniest shit I’ve read in a month. Comedy gold.


  12. *barf*

    Needs more eye-bleach.

    Oh, one question, failure to pay alimony, what are the consequences for that? And no, not as in I can’t get a job, but just not paying it because you don’t want to.


    • Jail. Check with your lawyer for specifics. However good your reasons may be, you don’t want that on your record.


      • Better a live mouse than a dead lion, right? Wouldn’t want to stain one’s permanent record.


    • If you don’t pay your child support you will be considered in contempt of court.


    • Fascinatingly enough, you can get thrown in jail indefinitely if the government and your ex-wife think you’re holding out. Justice will be served, you see.


  13. ahh yes, the beautiful writing of le chateau


  14. wtffffffffffffffffff
    damn…these fat hoes are insane…fyi i turned down sex from 2 in the last 2 weeks….now what man turns down sex?


  15. I, for one, welcome our new fat flaunting underlords.

    Or, as they say in Ireland, “underlards”.

    Does a hobbit make its home in her vagina?

    Not likely. Second sentence from The Hobbit: “Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell…”

    Just HOW BIG must this guy’s dick be to plow through feet of blubber to reach the wet spot? Speaking of him, how does he get it up? At sufficient levels of grossness, a man’s penis will actually retract into a protective shell behind the pubic bone.

    I guess she got lucky and wound up with a chubby chaser with a horse cock. Most hideously obese women would I imagine have problems with men’s dicks turtling up on them.


    • “An obese man… a disgusting man who could barely stand up; a man who if you saw him on the street, you’d point him out to your friends so that they could join you in mocking him; a man, who if you saw him while you were eating, you wouldn’t be able to finish your meal…”


      • I’d like to see fat, God fearing middle Americans rationalize their gluttony. What a sin it is.


  16. The smell. what’s up with that?


  17. Thin priveledge? No. The problem is weak priveledge – which afflicts both the thin and fat

    Swoleacceptance is the key: http://reddit.com/r/swoleacceptance/


    • Swoleacceptance. Nice.


    • That Reddit is epic. I’m assuming it’s satire (it’s hard to tell since even legit acceptance movements are ripe with unintentional self mockery, e.g. Feminism or fat acceptance), but either way, hilarious.


      • Part satire, part real. I’ve had gays and chicks grab my ass willy nilly – it’s flattering, but it’s a double standard.


    • I nearly peed when I read this slice of swole wisdom


      Chuang Tzu and Huizi were strolling in the market, when they happend by a blacksmith forging a sword.

      His muscles rippled and heaved with every fall of the hammer and so Chuang Tzu asked, “Why are you so swole, is it not the hammer that truly does the work?”

      To which the blacksmith replied, “What need does the emperor have of swords, is it not the soldiers who fight?”

      On hearing this, Chuang Tzu became enlightened.


      This is fucking incredible.


  18. on August 2, 2012 at 7:49 pm The Alchemist

    These ridiculously proportioned beasts, 400lb+ tubs of lard, are not the problem. They’ll never be taken seriously by anyone – never have, never will. They’re nothing more than a circus side show. No, the real battle is being waged by girls who are overweight, but not to the point of being an out an out gag reflex inducing spectacle. The 5’4” girl weighing in at a svelt 160lbs and wanting to call it “average”. The one built like a garbage can and pushing up her flap jack, lard filled breasts, wearing a low cut top exposing her “cleavage” because she “knows” she’s hot. These are the girls that are problem. These are the girls that get fucked at 2am by struggling betas who, under the hazy influence of 20 or so beers, say “what the fuck, it’s just a lay” – not realizing the consequences of their actions will reverberate through society like the undulating ripples of fat on Rosie Odonnell’s ass. These are the girls who are pissed off they can’t wear a single digit dress size anymore and demand that the metrics be changed to accommodate their ever increasing proportions. They look in the mirror and think “I’m still cute, and so what if my ass is big, and i’ve put on 40lbs…who has the right to judge me?”. These are the girls that push for change and get it – the initiators of that dangerous slope slicked with the grease of every fast food joint in the United States of Fatopia.


    • Agreed. But most overweighties that I know, are much nicer than hotties. I assume this is because they have to be nicer, to compensate for less attractiveness. Every fatty with fattitude that I know, deep-down, knows she’s less attractive. Most of them want to lose weight, I guess just not badly enough to push back from the table.


      • Oh, it’s not so simple. If you try to lose weight your body drops its metabolism and revs up your hunger–and there are cheeseburgers everywhere. We never evolved to deal with an environment where it was actually possible to eat 4000 calories a day.

        I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it requires more willpower than the average person has. And most people are average.

        And, yeah, fat girls suck dick ’cause they have to. Ever wonder why you never see a female nerd below a BMI of about 30 or so?


  19. “Sweep the cankle.” — pure awesome


  20. my sides. the unintentional comedy is too much.


  21. http://ca.news.yahoo.com/dextrous-robotic-hand-gets-thumbs-144114453.html

    Those of you who think sexbots won’t be here soon or be very satisfactory should read the above article about an artifical hand with near human dexterity.


  22. Between two and seven times per day? I cry foul.


    • Or fowl.


    • No wonder their marriage was having issues. Normal women don’t put out 7 times in a week … with the same fellow.


      • Something I have been noticing of late is that I can’t physically keep up with other people. I exercise, eat fairly well. Had bloodwork done and everything. I’m perfectly healthy. The particular people I’m thinking of are older by at least a few years, have larger frames and are much heavier than I am. So, in addition to them throwing their weight around attitude-wise, I’m wondering if having those extra calories(energy) is helping them in some way? They have more expendable energy? Between two and seven times a day and I wouldn’t even make it to day two. I’d be knocked out cold for a week. What is going on here?


      • Offer to race them in the mile, then have a push up contest.


      • If that guys is getting it up for a fatty 7 times a day, he’s a not only a genetic freak with no job, he’s a deviant.


      • She has a lot of extra pussies. He could get off and not have her notice a thing. I agree, he’s deviant.


      • on August 3, 2012 at 1:07 pm NoQuarterForCatLadies

        When you’re trapped in a bed and can’t waddle out of it, what else do you have to do all day? Plus, she has to keep her husband willing to truck in pizzas and ice cream.


  23. on August 2, 2012 at 8:45 pm William Byrd

    If feminism is making girls fat, by reducing the incentive to attractiveness, then girls should have been hotter before feminism. A cursory glance at old photos disconfirms this: before feminism, most girls were extremely plain-looking. Of course they were thinner, but not because they wanted to look better for men. Makeup, hair styling, revealing outfits, dieting and exercise are overwhelmingly modern popular phenomena motivated by alpha-chasing. The fatties themselves are often quite glamorous, for the same reason.

    Another thing you notice looking at old photos, or women from other countries, is that in every time and place, older women are generally overweight, and young girls are generally lean. In America, the age of weight gain (like the age of puberty) is creeping down, but girls under 18 are still relatively lean, and women over 40 look as bad as ever.

    One problem with the “gluttony and sloth” theory of obesity is that the numbers involved in a caloric-imbalance model are infinitesimal: overeating by one banana a day will produce morbid obesity within a decade. If we had to count calories to maintain a stable weight, we would all be bigger than elephants, or dead of emaciation. Instead, appetite and energy expenditure are tightly regulated by unconscious physiological processes. When these processes degenerate, as they often do with age, greater effort is required to prevent weight gain.

    Obviously diet and exercise can work for weight loss; no one questions that. But it doesn’t follow that obesity itself is caused by a psychological defect. Instead, it is like any other disease, arising from a physical defect, and altered by the patient’s willingness to treat it. I simply don’t think that feminism, liberalism, gluttony or sloth has made women less eager to treat their obesity than before, though the possibility remains that the fat-flaunting movement, if it goes mainstream, could eventually do that.


  24. Oh, now you’ve pissed off the fatties… Roseanne Barr will be along in a minute.


  25. Curvy? Lindsay Lohan at 5’4″-5″5″ and 115lbs with genetically big natural boobs is curvy. Liz Taylor was the same when young.
    And no fatties, she is not “anorexic” and looks perfectly healthy.


  26. That’s no moon, it’s a space station.


  27. She’s not overweight if she can touch her foot.


  28. Notice this particular subspecies of Homo fatteus has a mons pubis so cushioned she can withstand a rape blow from a VW bug. It’s adaptation.


  29. on August 2, 2012 at 9:51 pm Beautiful Truths Ignored

    Behold, an anti-fat tirade more passionate, and dating advice less PC, than Heartiste’s:

    David Mills: Wait, I thought all you did was kill innocent people.
    John Doe: Innocent? Is that supposed to be funny? An obese man… a disgusting man who could barely stand up; a man who if you saw him on the street, you’d point him out to your friends so that they could join you in mocking him; a man, who if you saw him while you were eating, you wouldn’t be able to finish your meal. . . . Only in a world this shitty could you even try to say these were innocent people and keep a straight face.



  30. Pink Jabba.

    What has been seen cannot be unseen. This meme is true. I tried to put hand sanitizer in my eyes.. didn’t work.

    It’s pictures like that which make me want to burn down the internet.


  31. The fattie who makes real efforts to lose weight, who doesn’t make excuses for her condition, and who doesn’t advocate for acceptance of her less than ideal shape, gets no shit from me.

    If an equalist or a feminist or a fattie wants to come here and engage this proprietorship in good faith, with an open mind, she will earn my two minutes of mercy and polite indulgence.

    I’d like to take you up on that two minutes. I’m not an equalist or a feminist. Far from it. So I guess that leaves the fattie category. And it’s not going to be easy for me to leave a comment here. I’m writing in good faith that I will not get shit although I know that I’m opening myself up to it anyway.

    What I have to say is not what you may be thinking. Over the past two years or so I’ve worked a hundred pounds off. I’m not proud of that. I would say I’m satisfied with my progress but it is mixed with shame that I carried that much weight to begin with. I might still be classified as a fattie by some who would meet me and not know what I’ve been through the past couple of years, but that’s ok, I know what I need to do. This is not a once and done thing, I will need to work it for life to enjoy it as much as I do now and will continue to.
    The people who frustrate me the most are those who will see me who may not have seen me for awhile. I usually get the once over with the gaping mouth and one of several reactions.

    The first reaction is from those who will ignore my size difference then ask me if I changed my hair. This is the reaction I most prefer as it is the most polite.
    The next reaction I get is the one that mentions my weight loss with the question of how did I do it. When I tell them I’m eating healthy and working out several times a week, the get the dejected look. What they really wanted was some magic formula for me to share with them on how they can lose the weight they need to overnight. It doesn’t work that way so they don’t want to hear it.
    The last reaction is the one that is meant to cause the most hurt. It’s from people who tell me all about how they have accepted themselves and their own size and insinuate that I must not have been able to accept who I am and that’s why I needed to lose the weight. The conversation usually takes a tone meant to make me feel inferior for the work I put in to get to where I am. I am looked down on.

    I ignore these comments and work my way to the gym because I was once where they are with all the excuses and trying to convince myself I was happy with who I was, but I know the truth and I’m enjoying life where I am now and where I am going.

    Fat acceptance is just another way for people with no self respect to have an excuse to look down on those who have self discipline.


    • on August 2, 2012 at 10:29 pm Days of Broken Arrows

      In all honesty, I have less of a problem with overweight women — or overweight people in general — if they don’t have “the attitude.”

      The attitude is described in the post above and day to day makes life tough for the rest of us. It’s the overweight girl behind the counter giving you a raft of sh*t when you’re buying something (this just happened to me). Or it’s the fat guy who is an incessant bully, walking his dog on your lawn when you asked him not to (ditto).

      What gives fat people a bad rap is their nastiness, which I assume comes from unhappiness. So, in turn, we learn to avoid fat people, since we don’t want to be the recipient of their vitriol.

      Beyond that, don’t expect miracles at the gym. Studies have shown diet is more important — the NYT did an article on this a few years ago.


    • Fuck those hating barnyard sows. Good on you for doing the hard work to better yourself. I lost 30 pounds a few years back and it was tough as fuck. The smell of a doughnut shop became like a whiff of 18 year old ovulating cuntmusk. Food became like porn. 100 pounds is a crazy act of willpower and I salute you for it.


    • You are doing God’s work.


    • Nah, I wouldn’t call you a “fattie” but rather a temporarily-frustrated normal-weight person. We could add the crabs-in-a-bucket mentality you talked about to the reasons for the obesity epidemic. To hell with accepting mediocrity and ugliness. And this mentality is rampant; not just per weight, but the arts and all of civilization for that matter. To give one example, it’s why classical composers don’t compose tuneful music like Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven anymore, but atonal garbage that nobody likes. Schoenberg, Pierre Boulez, and Elliott Carter are the fatties of classical music that we’re supposed to accept unquestioningly.


    • Congrats. Spread the word through your example.


    • That sort of “self acceptance” those other people take you to task about for not displaying is really just giving up out of laziness. It’s nothing for them to feel proud or superior about, indeed they should feel ashamed for their lack of drive and willpower. None of us are perfect, and even the thin ones amongst us have things about ourselves that we can and should work on improving. Deciding not to self improve because of bogus “self acceptance” is just an excuse made out of weakness.

      Good on you for putting in the effort to make changes in your life that will lead to better health, greater vitality and attractiveness and a longer lifespan. Keep it up!


    • 100 pounds is no small feat. good on you for that.

      as for those other people who tell you that they’ve ‘accepted themselves’….no, they haven’t. what they’ve done is given up on themselves. ‘i accept myself’ is how they frame it so they don’t feel as bad.

      i agree with days of broken arrows – you could probably trim off that last bit of excess weight by making changes to your diet.

      try going paleo/primal if you haven’t already. marksdailyapple.com is a good place to start.


  32. Females need to be shamed not only for being wanton gluttons but about all of their stupid crap like tattoos etc. Theonly good thing I can see about tatoos is that in a few years when the next generation of girls comes along and rejects this crap the the tattoed girls will be easily identified as low class tramps that no one will bother with. Sort of like a modern day version of the Scarlet Letter. 🙂


    • Some of our tattoos are tribal, and I don’t always mean ethnic, and talking too much shit can get you into trouble.

      Best you focus your attention on women you’re actually shagging and leave the fatties and the tattoo chicks to their own.

      Online, and when we’re talking about truly deluded people who don’t understand they’re victims, it’s all good…but taking this kind of thing offline when you don’t know everything about who you’re looking at is another story. Even if you can suss them, you don’t know who they know or know what they’re carrying.

      A few people have learned this the hard way with me. Don’t let life expectancy or breeding behavior statistics convince you that you are immortal or untouchable. I don’t personally give two shits if a skinny runner would statistically live longer than me. If he gets in my face, his life expectancy will rapidly decrease as an individual.


  33. @Jacky-you whine about what you have been through but what about the people who have had to look at you? What about the disgrace and embarrassment your family had to endure or the negative image that you gave your country.
    And btw, no one needs a gym or eercise to lose weight so I don’t know how this stupid nonsense even started. 30 years ago there were much fewer lardarses and no one went to some gym unless they were some pro athelete in training or gay Back then anyone who went to a gym sort of used it as a club and they even had bars in them.


    • Why do you keep posting?


      • Get tired of making up copycat names and annoying adults? You’ll notice that all of your childish crap has been deleted. 🙂


      • Get tired of making up copycat names and annoying adults? You’ll notice that all of your childish crap has been deleted.


      • Weren’t you banned for making up those fake whammer names? All of your posts are gone.
        And little boys should be seen and not heard. Listen and learn something from the older wiser men. All you have now is a head full of mush.


  34. years ago 24 hour fitness gym had the following slogan,
    “Remember, when the aliens land they will eat the fat people first!”

    The photo on the left, “men prefer women w/ curves,
    is evidence that God is a man!


  35. That has to be photoshopped. Can such a beast really exist?


  36. All I know is the fantastic results that are gained when I go to the gym regularly. That and eating healthy are the keys to becoming and staying fit.


    • David, first of all, no one has any idea what a healthy diet is so basically you should just eat a variety of foods and keep the calories at a normal level.
      And I don’t know how old you are but a doctor proved years ago that the difference between being unfit (like someone who laid on the sofa all day) to being fit only amounted to walking 1/2 a mile a day. Anything about that didn’t make you any fitter.
      Another thing, yoiung females have naturally firm skin and muscles and don’t need gyms and in fact building muscle in a gym will ruin their natural looks. You’ll end up looking like those US soccer team girls with legs as thick as treetrunks . Yuck!
      You know why Madonna and other old hags have to exercise all the time? At their age their skin and muscles are all flabby and loose. They have to work out all of the time to try to build muscle just to hold their bodies together.


      • Excellent points. New research continually changes what we think is a healthy diet, and often conflicts with previous ideas.


      • on August 3, 2012 at 12:52 am ImmoralGables

        Saw that it was Whammer commenting and I skipped past all of them


      • That’s because you’re either an inexperienced kid or a very stupid adult. But after hearing this pseudo scientific nonsense about different diets for 40-50 years you learn to just ignore it all. Humans, especially Euro humans have adapted to living on practically any food and the food that can’t normally be eaten they have developed cooking and processing to make them edible.Take away a koala’s particular leaves that it eats and it won’t survive. If the climate changes and those trees die so is the animal but humans can survive on almost anything which is why they are so successful. The human diet is diverse and so are humans which means that the diet that is best for one person isn’t always best for another. So how do you know what’s good for you? That’s simple, whatever tastes good.Your brain knows what is right for you and translates that into what tastes good to you. You also learn by eperience by eating what is not good for you.Someone who is lactose intolerant will soon discover that every time they eat milk products they get cramps and will avoid that. 95% of Chinese are which is why you find no cheese, milk, cream etc in Chinese foods. In Europe it’s more like 20% and it comes on later in life. Soeach person adjusts their diet accordingly to what they like or what make them ill or their particular age since what is good for them changes at different periods of life.People will adjust to what is good for their particular body. A kid under 5 who still has high levels of lactase can live on milk or ice cream since his body can digest the milk sugars and proteins while this diet may may an older person ill.High sodium will not harm most Europeans because it will just make them thirsty and they’ll wash it out but a west African may develope hypertension. In fact if a White sweats too much in hot weather they will need to take the sodium they lost or become ill while a black African’s body likely retains sodium living in a hot climate and being adapted to it.
        So there is no one diet that is good for everyone and no such thing as healthy foods.


      • Yes, you gay boys do tend to skip a lot 🙂


      • Hint: A moderate amount of exercise won’t make them become grossly muscular. And practicing sports is a good thing anyway, specially considering that the cheapest food is the most calorie-dense these days.


  37. okay here is one “plus size model” I’d roll with.

    says she is 6’2 tall? wow, them Australian women are big critters!


    • on August 4, 2012 at 6:48 pm Libertardian

      That’s plus size? Eh, she looks normal to me too, but then I don’t find stick figures attractive either. Plus if she’s 6’2″ I assume she needs bigger bones just to support her frame.

      Ironically, contrary to fat chicks, tall girls seem very self-conscious about it. I once made a passing reference to a girl’s (tall) height while I was dancing with her and she almost started bawling. It’s kinda cute.


  38. Few days ago in facebook i posted a photo of two women,one skini and the other one fat and next to the fat a woman a hamburger and french fries and a cola, and next to the skini vegetables,my mexican female friends were giving funny comentaries but my female anglo friends were ofended like if it was specially for them this my link to that photo in facebook http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/photo.php?fbid=10150951113072934&set=a.56124607933.69552.547487933&type=1&theater


    • “But seriously why did you tag me in this?!?! Are you trying to tell me something lol”

      That’s what a woman who wears her hamster on her sleeve looks like.


  39. Kent Brockman!


  40. “Fatties, like their loser feminist cousins, are stuck in a matrix of pure, distilled self-delusion. They know how people look at them with derision and disgust. They know how men ignore them and thin women pity them. They know how unhealthy they are and how gross they look, even to other fatties. But instead of doing what it takes to slim down and become normal, they choose to rail against normalcy, to elevate the ugly and denigrate the beautiful, and to try to retrofit reality and human nature to accommodate their weakness and repulsiveness.”

    Nietzsche already called it



  41. she already weighed 400 pounds by the time she gave birth to her son,

    How the hell did this beast even know she was pregnant?


  42. Fat women make poor mates for reasons other then the obvious. Fat women require a lot of time to lie down; this makes them undesirable mothers. Fat women also have one of the following traits: excessive extraversion, a victim complex (with possible hypochondria), nastiness, stupidity, or insecurity. The excessive extraversion and stupidity often go hand-in-hand with women, but not always. If she fits the insecure mold it’s usually not so bad (women are insecure, anyway) as long as it isn’t excessive; it may even be favourable because it keep her on a short leash out of dependance. Even when you do find a pleasant fat women, you still have to overlook the fatness or get her on a treadmill and keep her there. The former is impossible, and the latter is close to it.

    For reasons unbeknown to me, a fat man often has none of the above traits. Although I had a good friend who often told me “Never trust a fat person”, which indicates they may be untrustworthy.


    • on August 3, 2012 at 4:58 am blackbird.young

      So hilarious: “fat women require a lot of time to lie down,” it’s amazing. I’m laughing loudly enough to type about it.


  43. on August 3, 2012 at 2:25 am Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, D.R.G.

    “Sweep the cankle.” Fucking priceless!!



    Sounds like a perfect title for a death metal song…


  45. I wonder why there aren’t any fatty passion plays.


  46. on August 3, 2012 at 3:17 am blackbird.young

    Listen: all of it is bullshit.

    It’s all a series of Id-pleasing quips and money-making schemes. I condone it therefore.

    It’s all lies. Just as are the lies which led you to find it.

    There is no way a man or a woman even may’ function in today’s society without disregarding their own make-up. We all supplicate and we all fluctuate according to our emotional design.

    What the world needs is, I finally understand (however being against it prior to now) a large dose of LSD to wake every body the fuck up.

    What’s awareness if it doesn’t alter anything?


    • @blackbird-you don’t want to give a fat girl LSD. Eveyting they see is liable to look like food to them and who knows what damage they’ll cause.


  47. I once dressed up as a “pig in a blanket” for Halloween. It was literally blanket, pig nose, and sign — a cheap and easy costume.

    At the street carnival that night, I got approached by at least forty fat girls. All of them carried a feverish, excited light in their eyes. My costume had triggered their food fetish.

    Never again.


  48. on August 3, 2012 at 3:22 am blackbird.young

    I just realized I commented on an article about fatness.

    If you’re fat, stop it.


    • “If you’re fat, stop it.”



    • I wonder…I wonder what thoughts leap into the fat addled brain recesses of the average mustard/bacon grease stained muumuu wearer as her sausage fingers, slick from popcorn butter, accidentally hit the “channel” button instead of the “volume” button on the remote control and suddenly there is AlecTrebek cuddling a starving potbellied rickets suffering 2 year old with tsetse flies hover over his eyelids……
      Horror? Shame? Pass the KFC bucket? Did I just fart or shit myself??


  49. “One rider told me the objective is just ‘getting through the ride’, and that I should avoid fat people who may sweat more and so may be more likely to smell,” said Kim. “Motivating this nonsocial behavior is the fact that one’s own comfort level is the rider’s key concern, rather than the backgrounds of fellow passengers.”

    No one wants to sit on a bus for 30 or more minutes, so they’re gonna try and make the best of it.
    When i rode the bus i’d go to the five rows of seats at the very back of the bus and sit at the last seat to the right if it was available.

    I don’t care how nice that fat chick is, i don’t want to try and squeeze into the half-seat she’s made available.


  50. It is infuriating when women try to convince us being fat is OK. Of course, they can only lure more desperate men to date them.

    What pisses me off the most though is when I hear lazy, out-of-shape women say that our “culture” makes us attracted to skinny, in-shape women. But for our “culture,” those women that suck down all that pie on the holidays and have no figure would be as hot as a built 21-year-old.

    By the way, none of them would last in SoCal. East Coast women that come out here get the message fast. You NEVER get fat in SoCal whether you are 30 or 40 (or Mexican).

    Argh, how our teachers have polluted the minds of our women and feeble-minded men. They really believe all this B.S.


  51. on August 3, 2012 at 4:53 am terminus est

    This post reminds me of a fascinating book I recently read:
    Too long and interesting to fully list, but there was one entry that mentioned how citizens in Sparta would be whipped if they were too fat.


  52. “Though she already weighed 400 pounds by the time she gave birth to her son, Potter said she binge ate when she and her husband divorced and ended up packing on the pounds.”

    That was a happy happy hippo happy gynecologist.


  53. on August 3, 2012 at 6:36 am Rumpole Stiltskin

    Exhibit B is truly stupid. 


    But according to the site (bottom of the page):

    New rule: Every time you tell me I’m unhealthy or ask, I mean concern-troll about my health, you have to watch me eat something “unhealthy.”

    If we all commented we could effectively make our very own monster!


  54. Speaking of delusional chubbies who think they’re hot. Check this shit out. http://www.hulu.com/watch/58652#s-p4-so-i0 (Battle of the Bods season 2 Episode 2, in case the link doesn’t work for you).`


  55. Now that’s a blog writing! I love unfiltered non PC stuff.

    I will also admit I went through a time of weight gain but I recognized it…changed my ways and got my weight back down to my college playing days. I have never felt better.

    Humility was the big reason why.


    • on August 4, 2012 at 6:36 pm Libertardian

      This. As I march toward middle age, I don’t ever want to be one of those guys with a Tommy Bahama shirt and a gut hanging over his belt. Thankfully, as Lucy from Peanuts once said, it’s hard work being bitter.


  56. How do fat people wipe their asses? They don’t!!!


  57. Several items for the proprietor, mostly on topic:

    1) I have long wanted to write a piece about how “fat acceptance”, if it were a morally legitimate phenom, would begin with fatties. In other words – the odd thing about fat acceptance is that it seems to be directed at thin folks. It seems we the thin are supposed to be more accepting, and, ahem, even reindoctrinate ourselves to find they-the-fat attractive.

    On its face, the entire pheonomenon of fat acceptance is stating that thin people should accept and find fat people attractive – not that fat people should do the same. You have fat folks, in mass (otherwise how can this be a social movement?) demanding acceptance and elevation by thin people -you DO NOT see fat people actually behaving among one another as if they, themselves, find themselves attractive.

    In sum: let us be slovenly pigs, don’t be pigs yourselves though we still find you attractive when you are thin – oh, but we demand, DEMAND, that you treat us as attractive beings.

    2) Strongly related: please have a look at this article in the current issue of Psychology Today (http://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/201206/eternal-curves) – you can tell the authors are trying to tiptoe around the implications for fat folks, but key is: it seems men’s genes have evolved a definitive preference for a female body form, specifically because that form leads to smarter kids. Science – meet 12 inch strapon …

    3) Lastly – wondering if you saw this amazing (or is it really?) article vis-a-vis Kristen Stewart’s affair (http://www.foxnews.com/health/2012/08/02/inside-mind-kristen-stewart/) it seems that according to this wizzened shrink with profound insight into the workings of men and women’s relationships that not only is her affair “a soulful, spiritual, loving connection with another human being” but “if Pattinson were to insist on jettisoning Stewart from his life exclusively because she had expressed herself sexually with another man … he had never truly loved her”. You, know, that’s what they said about Elliott Spitzer, Arnold and John Edwards when they cheated on their spouses.


  58. I’ve often thought that what is needed is an application/program that could take a picture of an overweight person and morph them into what they would look like if they were thin. Perfect for a gym. Have a trainer show them what they could be and bring it up whenever they are flagging – instant motivation. There are certainly apps like it out there, but I haven’t ever seen one advertised specifically for this objective.


  59. Heartiste…now that’s just being mean…

    In all seriousness:

    Well done, sir, well done. Your writing in this particular posting rivals that of Hemingway, Joyce, and even Faulkner. I only wish they would have been wise enough to predict and thereby address the rising trend of the feminist-induced obesity in their respective eras. Few are as simultaneously witty, perceptive and mercilessly cruel as yourself. I wonder: did you happen to attend the same high school as Marshall Mathers?


  60. OT:

    ‘No Balls’ Now Illegal To Say To A Man In Italy, Court Rules



    • Apparently like most of the idiots on here you don’t know the difference between criminal and civil. Only criminal offences are unlawful. This was a civil case for defamation where the defendant slandered the plaintiff at his place of work where other people heard the insult which was likely to damage his reputation.Like calling someone a queer or saying that they had AIDS etc

      “Apart from the vulgarity of the term used, the expression definitely also has an injurious quality,” the male judge, Maurizio Fumo, said in his ruling as quoted by Italian news agency ANSA.


  61. Fatties will serve a use when civilization (or at the very least the electrical grid) collapes….we can use their fat to light our homes. Hell, there may be enough to make biodiesel for our cars.


  62. on August 3, 2012 at 10:12 am RappaccinisDaughter

    I have to wonder if maybe some of the problem is projection, as well as ego-defense. Many, if not most, women are completely untroubled by a man who is overweight. I personally don’t start getting grossed out until his tits are bigger than mine. So perhaps some of the problem is, “Hey, I tolerate your love handles, why won’t you tolerate my FUPA? It’s not fair!”

    And it’s true, it isn’t fair. But life isn’t fair. The fact of the matter is that men are visually driven in a way that women aren’t, and unless they’re genuine chubby chasers*, they’re going to be turned off by fat. This is a matter where education about the differences between men’s and women’s mechanisms of attraction could really help heal some of those rifts…and encourage overweight women to stop being resentful and start working on the things they can change.

    *I have met several men who self-defined as “chubby chasers.” And then I’d see their girlfriends or pictures of the chicks they thought were hot. The women in question were at most 20 lbs overweight, and were carrying the weight in such a way that they still had strongly defined waists and only one chin.


    • “Many, if not most, women are completely untroubled by a man who is overweight.”

      Pffft. If by “untroubled”, you mean those women will still shruggingly accept pudgy beta’s resource provision, I agree. But women still reserve their slitty-eyed lust and sideways come-hither glance for men with certain traits. In many cases, one of those lust-inducing traits is the hard body of a lean, healthy, physically-capable man, rather than the soft body of a dependable desk jockey.

      Look at your rom coms and romance novel covers. As GBFM might note, women dig Alpha fucks from alpha hard bodies, but are just willing to accept pudgy beta bucks when it comes time to pay rent and buy groceries.


      • I know an overweight man whose wife (an early 30s 8-9 with awesome titties, they’ve been together for almost a decade) always looks at him with “slitty-eyed lust”. I gotta say, he’s quite handsome (no homo), and a leader of men. He’s also not morbidly obese, he’s just far away from the ideal masculine body. But he’s loud-mouthed, funny and charming, and he apparently knows how to handle his wife. I doubt she could lust for him more if he had the physique of a sprinter.

        Having a hard lean body is a nice bonus, but women’s lust is more complicated, as you probably know.

        Shit, I also knew an overweight dude who fucked the girlfriend of a P90Xed dude. There goes female lust.
        Alpha wins, regardless of physique. Although I’m sure it would be cool to be an athletic, wealthy alpha with a big dick.


      • on August 6, 2012 at 5:36 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        I’m not saying that women don’t generally prefer a lean, healthy man. I’m saying that we’re just not as focused on physical perfection as men are. And yeah, yeah, I’ve got a low digit ratio, blah blah. But I’ve got lots of female friends and they all say the same thing: If he’s smart, funny, and exciting to be around, some love handles are just not a problem. (And by smart, funny, and exciting to be around, you can read “alpha” or “beta in progress.”)

        Caveat: He cannot be too fat to walk.


      • on August 6, 2012 at 5:37 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        I feel like a jerk replying to myself, but one additional point: The fact that we are not as focused on physical perfection as men are does NOT mean that we’re better or worse. We’re just different.


    • There’s a difference between chubby chasers and whale chasers.

      I prefer a bit over to a bit under or right on the mark, but the pictures on the bottom of the post point out the difference between curves in male eyes and what girls would like curves to mean.


      • on August 6, 2012 at 5:49 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        Bleh, I don’t want the pic on the right to become normalized. I’m already sick to death of hearing about how “real women” have “real bodies” with “real curves” and that women who look like me are “built like boys” and “bags of antlers.” Funny how I only ever hear those comments from women who weigh a lot more than I do. My doctor seems to think I’m just fine at my current BMI.


  63. @Heartiste,

    I remember that in a post of yours you claimed that not flinching=alpha and flinching/jittery behaviour equals beta as beta’s due to being inferior to alphas need to be more ready for attacks from others. (or something like that)

    Well here is scientific proof for that assertion.

    “However, a key component in the proposed evolutionary origins of the perceptual bias is the appropriate timing of anticipatory motor behaviors. Here we show that listeners with poorer physical fitness respond sooner to looming sounds and with a larger margin of safety than listeners with better physical fitness. The anticipatory perceptual bias for looming sounds is negatively correlated with physical strength and positively correlated with recovery heart rate (a measure of aerobic fitness). The results suggest that the auditory perception of looming sounds may be modulated by the response capacity of the motor system.”


  64. Men will find fat women sexy about the same time women find nice, unemployed, nervous 36 year old virgins still living with mom sexy.


  65. Let’s be honest — media and business celebrate fatness because they realize that land whales are their marketplace. Slim women don’t buy snacks, Lane Bryant, diet plans, rascal scooters, beauty products that promise to bring out one’s inner goddess.

    Hell, if I were in the delusion business, I’d be cunnilingating the “curvy” modern woman as well.


  66. […] The manosphere one of those places where CD is commonplace for the new reader.  Any neophyte of game blogs or the godfathers will likely be so entrenched in the fem matrix that he cannot stomach reading Rollo Tomassi rolling the shit out of a shaky feminist argument without having anti-misogyny instinct warning bells going off in his head. The voice speaks to you: who do these assholes think they are, posting misogynist stuff like this?  It truly makes you uncomfortable to read about fat shaming. […]


  67. on August 3, 2012 at 3:56 pm i hate fatties

    Fat women are the most vile, vomit-inducing scum located on Earth. The fact that some guys actually have sex with these subhuman animals is revolting. The men should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity for their actions.


  68. They make up what we know as “the femosphere”.


  69. Heartiste, next time, please put just the link of something so hideous and label it as NSFW or just foul. Looking at that fat bitch that has a watermelon in front of her is disgusting, it hurts my eyes and ruins my mood.


  70. Laughed my ass off at this post, so good….


  71. Agree…but even a family with a non feminist mother who cooks for her children every day will struggle with healthy weights and hearts if they eat meat and dairy 5 meals a day. That shit is toxic and will one day be regarded the same as booze and cigarettes. Use lightly if at all.

    Doesn’t mean putting the fork down isn’t a good option but fixing the problem will require sweeping changes in the food subsidization structure in America.


  72. on August 4, 2012 at 6:29 pm Libertardian

    It looks to me like the “Riots not diets” chick would be attractive minus the extra weight. So she’s taking one of the greatest gifts God gives anyone in this vale of tears, namely the trifecta of young, reasonably cute, and female, and pissing it away. Amazing.


  73. Let’s give the fatties a little credit. A thin body means willpower more than anything else these days. Human beings were never meant to eat 3000 calories a day, because it was impossible to get that much in the premodern era. Evolution just hasn’t had time to deal with the problem of caloric load.

    Of course, as people with the tendency to pack on fat get weeded out of the gene pool by becoming too fat to get laid, the problem will eventually correct itself…


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  75. Fattest country in the world and still kicks ass in the Olympics.

    There’s hope yet.


    • That doesn’t make sense. Just because the average weight is higher doesn’t mean that there are no genetically fit people in the population.


    • Actually, based on size of population, there are many nations kicking US ass.

      And then again, there are the winter games, where America’s showing is usually pathetic, not withstanding some of the recently insinuated half-witted X game type of sports, in the attempt to keep a semblance of N. American audiences and sponsor-bucks.

      The only reason America does as well as it does is because people have a tremendous amount of free time to pursue their passion… be it eating or sport.


  76. After as much study of the picture in this article as the human gag reflex allowed, I’ve come to this conclusion:

    That ain’t no woman… that’s a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade float… in the midst of being deflated for storage until next year.


  77. Are you expressing your attitudes in such a nasty way for the benefit of fat people, or for your own benefit?


  78. ‘Men will find fat women sexy about the same time women find nice, unemployed, nervous 36 year old virgins still living with mom sexy.’

    I’m not that nice.


  79. Of course, it does not help that two consecutive generations have been brainwashed into eating live stock feed (grainy parts of grass-like plants) instead of actual food (fleshy parts of animals and trees).


  80. Fat people need to either start eating less, start sh*ting more or get some much needed exercise in every day. Fat people can be VERY unfriendly to the physically fit, too! In a sauna one evening a man sitting behind me literally screamed, “Don’t you ever bathe?!”, at me. The man, who was approximately 60 – 80 lbs overweight, the majority of that being around his gut, was fixated on a small pimple on the back of my shoulder. Yes, you heard it right. And like a Christian, I had never considered how disgustingly fat the man was. That came with time. Another obese man in a sauna years later described me in contemptuous tone as “filthy”, this for walking into the room with sports shoes on. That was the pretext for the malice; sports shoes. The man was obese and ugly as a pig’s ass. A cute Filipina girl walked in two minutes later in tennis shoes. I looked at Butt Ugly as if I were waiting for him to holler how filthy she was. There have been fat ugly estrogen spewing men pushing baby carriages alongside their equally morbidly obese wives and damned if they don’t act as if they are going to mow me down with the baby carriage, to the delight of their pig faced missus. Oh, her man is such an alpha stud! Fat produces estrogen, idiots! These men are acting like they’re on the rag! Then there are the other fat fucks who will stare at me while seated next to their porkie princess while they chant in a tone laced with hate, “Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me!” These mutha’ fuckers are nuts! They are shit! If I’ve got a six pack it’s cause I worked for it. I don’t give a fuck about these piles of shit but they damn sure have got their eyes locked on me! It is good to know who your enemies are. Fat worthless fucks who lack the discipline and self control required to stop binge eating should be taxed on the amount of shit they produce. Honestly, I think a big part of it is the feeling they get from taking a long stiff shit, it must be kind of like taking a dick up the ass. Ironically, they must feel like they are getting their asses packed full of shit everytime they produce a steaming pile of excrement. They probably shed tears of loss everytime they flush the toilet.


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  82. http://shine.yahoo.com/photos/stars-look-better-heavier-slideshow/

    Hillary Duff, Nicole Ritchie and Kate Bosworth all look underweight in the before photos, and at the low end of the healthy BMI range in the after photos.

    Jennifer Garner and Blake Lively look fine in both pictures.

    Lyndsey Lohan and Nicki Minaj – no comment.

    The two they got wrong are Jennifer Hudson who is definitely better looking now than 2008, and Mariah Carey who is definitely better looking in 1998 than now.

    I don’t think Khloe Kardashian will ever be attractive, even if I cover her head she just has an unfortunate shape that won’t be hidden by clothes.

    Here are the he big ones though:

    Mila Kunis is five feet four inches tall. At 95 pounds her BMI is 16.3 and at 120 lbs BMI is 20.6 so yeah, she looks better heavier. In fact, almost every woman in the world looks her best with a BMI around 20.

    They’re really going to compare Demi Moore 15 years ago with how she looks today and say it was the weight that made the difference? Really?