Judging Sluts

The Man Who Was… comments:

It’s hard for men to hold two contradictory attitudes towards sluttiness at once, so PUA advice to just be non-judgmental is better if your only goal is getting laid.

Some readers are under the mistaken impression that my posts about slutty women and the deleterious effects they have on society and marital/LTR stability must mean that I conduct my dating life with a stern judgmental attitude toward women and with the goal of flushing out sluts from my pool of prospects.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I will conceal my true feelings when concealing them is personally advantageous. No way no how am I getting the play I do if I decide to accost every girl I date for a spreadsheet of her sexual history. Real life doesn’t work that way. I want to disable women’s anti-slut defenses, not power them up. I don’t know about you, but when I date, my idea of a successful close is the opposite of the girl clamping her legs shut.

Now, if I am in the market for a long-term girlfriend, I will, post haste, covertly judge my dates for their sexual modesty, and screen out those women who strike me as being world class cock consumers. This, too, is to my personal advantage, for the chronic slut is a potential cheating risk, not to mention a barrel of drama queen laughs that gets tiresome sooner rather than later.

Commenter YaReally is correct to say that adopting a pose of non-judgmentalism as regards women’s sexuality is practically a sine qua non for womanizers. I have yet to meet an experienced player who harshly condemned women (to their faces) for any perceived sluttery. And, let’s face it, when you’re an unmarried guy just looking for a piece of tail, you’re more apt to light up with happy anticipation than power down with clucking disapproval when you learn that the girl you are talking to is handicapped in the sexual self-control department.

“She’s good to go!” isn’t a male rallying cry for nothing.

All that said, I find it off-putting when players try to spin certain obviously self-serving game strategies into self-righteous moral crusades. Some famous PUAs are particularly susceptible to this (cough Neil Strauss cough). Encouraging women to be comfortable with expressing, and surrendering, their sexuality as part of a designed pickup strategy is not equivalent to some grandiose philosophy about the life-giving blessings that sluts bring to the cosmic symphony. Sluts are, in fact, anti-civilization; so if you like being surrounded by the good things in life, and living in a prosperous nation, you would not want too many women to embrace the cock-hopping credo.

Which brings me to the crux of this post. A campaign to relieve women of their sexual coyness and take up the slut banner would, given enough converts, actually work against the goals of players. You see, the sexual non-judgmentalism player pose only works when there is a dominant social current that encourages the opposite. The “secret society” and “you and me against the world, baby” subliminal connection that bonds a woman to the player and tempts her to unleash the loin needs an over-arching force to push against, or it withers from its own growing conventionality and dullness. There is no giddy feeling of taboo breaking when every other girl is happy to give it up for pennies to the dollar, and every other man is spouting the same tired non-judgmentalism schtick.

So, paradoxically, players ought to pray that the greater society keeps their lasses on a leash, else they might see their prey decide that laying down with lions is not as much fun as it used to be.


  1. “Some readers are under the mistaken impression that my posts about slutty women and the deleterious effects they have on society and marital/LTR stability must mean that I conduct my dating life with a stern judgmental attitude toward women and with the goal of flushing out sluts from my pool of prospects.”

    Lol. “Some readers are under the mistaken impression that I’m not a selfish hypocrite”


    • What’s hypocritical about wanting girls to put out to you, but not wanting them to put out to other men? That’s not selfish hypocrisy, that’s selfish consistency.


      • If you don’t intend to keep them, then it shouldn’t be your concern what they’re doing when you’re not in them.


      • Agreed. But I think he’s talking about that very thing – a guy judges a woman he’s going to pump and dump, and a woman he wants a LTR with by different standards. And that difference in standards should, yes, exist.

        (can I get unmoderated access again? What did I say?)


    • It’s not hypocritical to say that things that are bad for society might be good for the individual. That’s the whole point of free riders and the tragedy of the commons.


    • David Petraeus episode shows a lot about slutty women. The woman was married with some beta but gave blowjob to alfa CIA director who was though old still had status. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2230947/Sex-Under-Desk-David-Petraeus-resigns-head-CIA.html
      The snap with her husband shows it all…the way he smiles when being snapped.


  2. I prefer to date girls that aren’t sluts just for the lower health risk they pose. That and I don’t like to share. It does take more effort, though.


    • Unfortunately, you have no way of knowing what she has or hasn’t contracted or how many partners she actually had. You just assume based on certain tells. Some girls are very forthright regarding their indiscretions, others not so much. And at what point does a girl cross the ‘slut’ barrier? 5 partners? 10 partners? 50 partners?

      PS. Your greatest health risk is yourself. If you stay in shape and eat (relatively) clean, you won’t be too worried about this.


      • Actually, you’re assuming. Many girls I’ve dated I’ve asked for STD tests (and shown them my results). Many consider this completely impractical, but I value my health pretty highly, so I’d rather have the uncomfortable conversation up front. Have I been perfect in this? No. You’re right, the greatest risk is myself.

        As for when a girl crosses the slut barrier, I define a slut by having very low or no standards for whom she fucks. I prefer girls who make good decisions overall, regarding their appearance/health, their finances, their partners, etc… They tend to be less dramatic. If I was going for one night stands and the risk of STDs/pregnancy was non-existent, I’d probably be less picky in some areas.

        Some people define a slut by number of partners, and by that metric many would call me a slut, even though I don’t touch the counts of most guys with game. I consider it a little more involved than a specific number.


      • There is the term “man-whore”, and I’ve seen it applied to this one guy I knew who would screw any woman who crossed his path, no matter how fat, old, and nasty she looked. Guys like CH don’t really qualify, as they have standards.


      • That’s true. When women use the term “man-whore” they are usually just jealous that the guy can seduce lots of girls yet won’t attempt to seduce them. On the rare occasion I’ve been called it I need to remember to take it as a compliment. I’d much prefer “ladies man” myself.


      • That’s true. When women use the term “man-whore” they are usually just jealous that the guy can seduce lots of girls yet won’t attempt to seduce them. On the rare occasion I’ve been called it I need to remember to take it as a compliment. I’d much prefer “ladies man” myself.


      • When I’ve heard the term used (I refuse to use it in conversation about someone myself because I’m not walking in those men’s shoes and have no right to judge) it’s applied to guys who have low standards and low character in the nastiness department. A guy who has different tastes just has different tastes, and women wouldn’t usually call that a man whore.

        A man whore is someone who does women who are known hard drug users, carrying STD’s and the like. I haven’t seen it applied to a guy who *didn’t* hit on a woman. Usually it’s a guy who did or does hit on that woman, and this is the reason they give for refusing.

        Through the lense of a CH reader, I kind of see it as a guy who chats up a lot of women and would be alpha if only his selection process excluded IV drug users and supposedly former prostitutes.

        Or maybe I just hang around women who are less petty than average.


  3. Learning about the true nature of female sexuality has put me off from even interacting with women on a casual basis. I can’t get past the idea of inherent female bisexuality, hypergamy, and the instrumental view of sex prevalent in our society. I’ve been able to raise my status to something of a higher beta, nerdy but aloof and ‘charming’, but have lost all interest in women…I don’t like casual sex but given that I can’t love a woman all I’m left with is a form of nihilistic bemused detached emotional sadism from fucking girls and breaking their hearts. How can I “win” when all I want is a deep romantic relationship?


    • Easy. CH will explain you the details 😉


      • Great post, YaReally.

        There are times when I come close to the Acceptance phase but it mostly manifests in me indulging in emotional sadism against women I’m in a relationship in (coldly broke up with my ex- because she was bisexual) and cheap, unfulfilling hook-ups. I’m just incapable of emotionally bonding with a bisexual woman and it is an inherent facet of their sexuality. It’s an almost visceral reaction where I find them completely undesirable. If I were keen on casual sex then it wouldn’t be a problem but I’m not.


      • There’s a big, but largely invisible difference, between girls who like fucking other girls, and actual bisexuals, where the attraction has nothing to do with kink and everything in do with inborn factors that can’t be helped. Nobody in the LGBT community likes to talk about it, but the label, especially in the case of “bisexuality”, is too often a convenient excuse for underlying perversions or problems. I know self-indentified bisexuals who are everything from nymphomaniacs to victims of serious childhood abuse.

        The first kind of girl, yes, I’d worry about. That’s probably what your ex was, and I’d say that’s what the vast majority of bisexual women in this country actually are. The second type will be as loyal as straight women if they love you.

        Don’t fall into the trap of becoming sarcastic and bitter over heartbreak, though. I know far, far too many geeky/nerdy guys who fall into that trap, and it keeps the decent girls away. It’s hard to chip through that to find the worthwhile man underneath.


      • My ex was definitely in the first category and could be considered a facebook bisexual/attention whore (never actually been with a woman, thinks vagina are gross). She also had a masculinized brain, no father growing up, pain from intercourse, abandonment issues, etc etc.

        But I still don’t really believe there is anything such as a straight woman. Female sexuality has been shown to be extremely malleable and with bisexual chic + feminism, I’d say most, if not all, girls can be considered bisexual to some extent, regardless of how they got there.


      • on November 12, 2012 at 12:08 pm anonymous does not forgive

        I don’t understand how in the hell bisexuality in chicks can be a turnoff. Don’t you WANT the members of your harem to enjoy each other? Doesn’t the idea of pounding one of your bitches from behind while she eats out another of your bitches turn you on? WTF is wrong with you?


      • I guess I’m a faggy romantic that wants a one-and-only soulmate deal. For me bisexual women are instantly relegated to a position of instrumental sexual use, which I don’t really enjoy all that much. They are not good “wife” (i.e. ltr, kids, committed partner, w/o marriage — I’m not that dumb) material. The idea of a harem isn’t very appealing to me unless I become completely disillusioned with the possibility of romantic love existing. I can use game to improve getting women but my soul is still that of a beta male. You know, the guys who bonded with individual women and overthrew the primitive alpha-harem societies and founded civilization and such.


      • You tend to get the blondes’ names mixed up and that gets them jealous.


    • Well you could always accept women for who they are and give your heart to Jesus.


      • @taterearl Hahaha, how funny, for a “Christian” ignorant of his own Bible. I hope your comment is sarcastic.

        @Demiurge, I frankly cannot say much, I am basically on the same boat just resignated to a fate of Short term relationships, but it’s not always so bad. You have more time to look after yourself.


    • You’re essentially saying that your happiness lies in a woman. That’s a losing strategy, son. You’re wishing that you were stuck in a fairy tale fantasy.


  4. Sluts only exist in your mind.

    If you feel that your madonna-whore syndrome serves you then so be it but spouting nonsense about anti-civilization is laughable.

    Slut shaming only existed during the sex 2.0 era (roughly the last 10,000 years) which is less than 5% of human history.

    It’s nothing more than a modern invention which acts a cuckhold defence mechanism so you know you are passing your property down your own blood-line.

    It does not and never has served any other purpose and (one of) the side-effects of it in countries that practice it to an extreme measure is the sexual starvation of the males.


    • This. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: madonnas and sluts are the same girl. It all comes down to her external circumstances and the seductive skill of the men around her.

      “But some girl’s are different and would resist all that!!!”

      Okay, what would you think of a guy who was invited to the Playboy mansion and had gorgeous 10s throwing themselves at him dying to fuck him and he refused to touch any of them, let alone have sex with them and when he got a boner he ran away into the bathroom to take a cold shower and felt ashamed of himself for being turned on by these smokin’ hot beauties? You’d think he was gay, low self-esteem, or at the very least has some kind of fucked up mental issues regarding sex and sexuality.

      And yet you want to marry the female equivalent of that? Sounds like fun to me lol

      But hey, keep on keepin’ on. You don’t really need to get rid of the Madonna/whore complex. It’s fine to chase unicorns, just make sure you have other shit going on in your life and other goals to chase because you’re not going to be saddling up anytime soon lol


      • Somebody’s gotta hold down the side and have some kids. Female sexuality is hypergamous, sure. That’s why when I get married I’m keeping my wife the fuck away from temptation. Not that hard, they were pretty good at it 50 years ago.


      • do you count her parents instilling her with values that might lead her to forego quick sex with an unreliable alpha who will pumpndump her as an “external circumstance”? would you decry such a girl as being frigid and having “disney fairy tale views on sex” for not wanting to take in semen of an unreliable man, an act which could have very real consequences for her, regardless of how satisfying it might be?

        do you completely discount biological factors? For instance, orgasmic ability is highly variable, some girls get off as soon as you slide it in and keep cumming, others couldn’t get off with a vibrator made by NASA, and there’s everything in between. Don’t you think girls who are more orgasmic might more likely to be willing to have sex aka “be sluttier”? Or do you claim any difference in orgasmic ability is just the result of sexual skill or lack thereof, of her previous sexual partners?


      • You question is based on a fallacy.

        Instilling her with values that might lead her to forego quick sex with an unreliable alpha?

        There is nothing alpha about being unreliable or pumping and dumping. Both alphas and betas can have madonna / whore syndromes as was highlighted in the case of the strangely titled “reformed beta” post the other day.

        There is nothing alpha at all about having a madonna / whore syndrome and there is noting beta about not having one.

        As for your last question. There is no “sliding scale” of slutiness except in your head.

        Sluts do not exist.

        They are your invention (or at least the invention of society) that has been passed down to you in the sex 2.0 era.

        The concept serves no purpose anymore.


      • Madonna-whore complex blablabla, madonna-whore complex this, blablablabla madonna-whore complex that and even more blablablabla, for all the fallacies you spout, you would be better writing for a feminist rag. Normally these kind of blogs (PUA, seduction and guides for young men in sex related matters) are on behalf of MALE interests, which normally end up being good for everyone.

        We as males want to maximize our success with females and we lie and all that but we (at least me and fellows I interact with) ARE NOT SO STUPID to ignore the fact that for anything longer than a few weeks sluts are useless and yes they exist, they are as real as sexes and beta and alpha males.

        By the way J.J. Roberts, in the primitive societies, normally the main cause of death amongst males was murder for the usual reasons (territory and unwillingness to SHARE WOMEN), http://www.amazon.com/War-Before-Civilization-Peaceful-Savage/dp/0195119126


      • “As for your last question. There is no “sliding scale” of slutiness except in your head.”

        If you define “sluttiness” as promiscuosity, then yes there definetily is. And if you are implying that sluttiness does not have a biological element, then you are just plain wrong.


      • Promiscuity and slutiness are not the same thing. Promiscuity by most definitions of the word means that you have no quality control filter and you will have sex with basically anyone that offers.

        Slut simply means you are having more sex (or more parters) than I approve of even if that number is 1 (in the more judgemental regions of the world) or 0 (if you are dressed in a way that is thought to advertise you sexuality).


      • “There’s nothing alpha about being unreliable or pumping and dumping”

        Alphas do both of these things often because they can.


      • While alphas have more opportunity to do so, beta males dump women for reasons of perceived slutiness too. The post here a few days ago “reformed beta of the month” was an example of a clear beta (who still is a beta btw) doing exactly that.

        Slut shaming is far more a beta male trait than an alpha male trait.


      • getting cuckolded by sluts is far more a beta male trait than an alpha male trait


      • The yareally model of being nonjudgmental is: there are no madonnas, therefore fuck them freely but don’t get married.

        But being deemed as not marriageworthy due to her nature IS judgemental to a girl. Possibly the most judgemental thing she could hear. She’s not worried about being judged by her promiscuity by future sex partners she’s worried about being judged by future marriage/longterm partners. They don’t give a fuck about “I’m not judgemental, I’ll still fuck you”, they want. “I’m not judgemental, here’s a diamond”

        To a girl, being non judgemental means: there are no madonnas
        therefore even girls who have had tons of sex partners deserve marriage!

        By disqualifying marriage and long term commitment, you are judging the entire gender not just “sluts”. And I’m not saying you’re wrong.
        I’m just saying you judge.


      • Good insight.


      • American women disprove your nonsense.


      • wipe the rogaine off your fingers and tell me where I’m wrong.

        Remember: I’m not saying women are marriageworthy. I’m saying that by claiming they aren’t, you ARE judging them.

        And there’s nothing wrong with that.

        But there is a hypocrisy when certain guys make a big deal out being “non-judgmental” towards women, while judging them in the way they fear the most.


      • on November 13, 2012 at 11:49 am Obstinance Works

        Hypergamy doesn’t give a fuck about your little opinion. I hate women, btw.


      • bitterness is beta


      • I’m legitimately impressed by your massive logic twist there lol that was awesome.

        But no, it’s not the women I judge it’s marriage as a legal concept that I judge.

        I avoid monogamy because I like variety, has nothing to do with the girl. And I avoid marriage because I don’t like ridiculous one-sided contracts that basically rape men, again has nothing to do with the girl.

        Are there seriously guys still reading Manosphere blogs who WANT to willingly enter the legal contract that is marriage as it exists today? My mind is blown at that. It’s like wanting to start smoking.


      • “Okay, what would you think of a guy who was invited to the Playboy mansion and had gorgeous 10s throwing themselves at him dying to fuck him and he refused to touch any of them, let alone have sex with them and when he got a boner he ran away into the bathroom to take a cold shower and felt ashamed of himself for being turned on by these smokin’ hot beauties?”

        I would admire him for his confidence to protect his SMV and refuse sex with prostitutes.

        Gorgeous 10s throwing at you and dying to fuck you … sounds too good to be true, don’t you think? Maybe if you are a super alpha … But even then it doesn’t look like that.


    • It doesn’t matter that the modern era is only 5% of human history. The point that CH and others routinely make in the context if HBD is that white westerners are genetically adapted to this era.

      Modern invention? Sort of, if you consider farming and animal husbandry to be recent inventions.

      See: The 10,000 Year Explosion


  5. on November 9, 2012 at 6:47 pm The Man Who Was . . .

    I find it the most ridiculous thing in the world to say that girls don’t differ in their propensity to have sleep around. Women differ. People differ.

    I’d also say that a woman holding out for sex in a committed relationship does not mean she’ll be cold fish in bed.

    If the women-are-all-alike brigade merely stuck to saying that most women like sex with alpha males and will give it up to them once their (often fairly substantial) comfort threshold has been met then I could respect that. While no woman has insurmountable defenses, in practical terms there aren’t enough alphas willing to put in the time needed to get with these less promiscuous girls.


    • Agreed in everything save the assumption that Alphas won’t put in the effort. Obesity, third world immigration (their women are lumpen-dumpy), etc. puts simple female attractiveness at a premium. A man constantly be better than the next available Alpha which requires 365 commitment to the sexy. Which is exhausting. Brad Pitt need merely be himself, Joe Average can’t. Thus monogamy dies.


      • on November 9, 2012 at 9:06 pm The Man Who Was . . .

        Most alphas will lose out with very conservative girls by doing one of two things. Often they will try to escalate too quickly and frighten the girl off. (Escalating quickly is the correct strategy for most girls.) Second, an alpha isn’t usually going to put in the 3 months or so of slow burn game it may take to get some of these girls, especially if they’re only in the 6-8 range. He could get the bang if he did things right, even, I believe, with the most genuine, staunch, committed religious girl, but mostly he won’t.


      • This is dead on. We’re not all comfortable with the thought – or expectation – of instant sex in a relationship. I’ve had this happen to me. It can be scary. Fast escalation isn’t the way to go with every woman.


      • Agreed. There are few simple correlations or absolutes. The whole truth is probably more like: Multiple different zones of Freakonomics.

        Several girls have tried to escalate quickly with me and I felt uncomfortable and rushed.
        I feel more right in an LTR after a few months of sorting through several girls to see who’s a good match.


  6. I guess its wise to keep your thoughts, well in your thoughts. If you are especially nonjudgemental (on the outside) she will confess EVERYTHING as she thinks it alright and then you can see if she is LTR material, if not then pump and dump.

    My father, who I hated when I was in my teens was a womanizer of sorts. He taught me that you shall never get mad at a girl or call out a girl for say, talking to/about other guys just take a mental note that now, you know she is not to be taken seriously. Matter if fact, if she cheats, keep her on rotation but write her off for long-term/serious stuff and now you have the perfect excuse for banging other girls. Girls dont like judgement, and complainers/whiners.

    Then when doing road work for boxing, he will tell me not to puff heavily, and instead “suffer in silence”

    If only I listened before.


    • Your old man man is/was a wise man. Such a thing in the West is not so common anymore.


      • on November 10, 2012 at 4:31 am blackbird.young

        This right here is what I was raised to learn to teach.

        If only my father had been like yours, anonymous, then he’d probably be my grandfather, and I wouldn’t be my father’s son. But that’s how it works. Sometimes genetics skip a generation.


  7. I don’t get it. Is this one of those anti-advice columns? Is the purpose here to toy with men looking for dating advice, by giving them advice that will almost certainly guarantee they never have a happy successful relationship?


    • If I wanted useless dating advice then I’d read Slate or Gawker. Heartiste, didn’t you have an article a few years ago about an Australian model doing this? In her column she wrote about the ideal man being chivalrous, paying for dates, opening doors, talking about feelings etc. then you found out IRL that her ex was a violent ex-con biker who stole her money and vanished.


    • The post’s purpose was to clarify his stance on sluts. He stated that in the very beginning. That’s just basic reading comprehension.


    • Hey, look, some whore wandered into our cave looking for happy relationships.


    • happy relationship. makes no sense


  8. Hope you enjoy your sexless LTR free of overrated “respect” with a chick who lies as much as you do. That’s how real life works too.


    • on November 10, 2012 at 4:32 am blackbird.young

      And this is not real life.


      • Have you started to see a shrink yet?


      • on November 10, 2012 at 7:53 pm blackbird.young

        At the tail-end of a ‘trip’ of sorts. It’s almost all out of my system.

        I’d warn any & all to not listen to what doctor’s prescribe you concerning medications that stimulate the opioid receptors. As tolerance is taught to now be ‘maintained’ rather than absolved.

        But, I am only speaking for myself, and that’s one of many who seem to adopt this title.


  9. I don’t agree with practically anything you say in this post.

    [heartiste: my heart will go on.]

    Perhaps, as you say, that in the current environment of societal slut shaming then the PUA can manipulate that by appealing with your “me and you against the world, baby”.

    [what is your take on male jealousy? societal programming, or evolved emotional state intended to maximize reproductive fitness?]

    I think your attitude is entirely anachronistic and entirely “so last era”. And entirely detrimental bullshit to the new paradigm that men men should acquire.

    [anachronistic is not a simile for untrue.]

    The essence of all male/female dynamics in all eras prior to the PostModern era of which we ACTUALLY we live in (and not any era that you might wish to romanticize or pretend is still occurring) is that ANY LTR is a BAIT AND SWITCH tactic where the woman dangles sex in front of the man to trick him into a slavery where he trades his surplus labor in return for a diminishing amount of sex and sexual attention from the lying manipulating materialistic hypergamistic fucking FEMALE beast. Duh???

    [this essence is timeless and is just as much a part of the current era as eras past. the difference now, if there is one, is in how the sexes choose to navigate this ingrained human sexual dynamic.]

    Any, and I fucking say, ANY LTR is a social manipulation to subvert of the true biological nature of men, that he should FUCK as many as possible.

    [men have alos evolved a desire to secure their paternity and improve the genetic stock of their posterity, which means more than just fucking a ton of women: it means assisting the procreative efforts of high quality women.]

    Men have been manipulated throughout history by women and by that woman’s religion, Christianism to subsume his true nature and submit to the chains of Marriage and LTR.

    [LTRs are nice in and of themselves, with or without the importunings of religion.]

    Those things that are part and characteristic of the true nature of men are reviled, outlawed, branded immoral, labeled as pejorative in order to suit the goals and control of the Feminine Imperative.

    [no argument there, except i’d reword that to the feminist imperative. truly feminine women don’t loathe male desire.]

    The very nature of Societal Slut Shaming is to coerce women that would cheapen the whole fundamental trade that cunts wish to (and do) impose on men, that any woman that would subvert the whole Scarcity Model to force men into slavery, that would dare to break the very Cartel of the Pussy, the OPEC of bitches (Organization of Pussy Exhorting Cunts). It exists as a powerful construct of the Female Social Matrix to remind her never to get out of line and actually give that pussy away without the pecuniary rewards that women wish to extract from men. Rule number 1 of the Female Social Matrix “Why would he buy cow if he gets the milk for free?”

    [as i have written, slut shaming is detrimental to men’s goals of fucking a lot of women, but beneficial to men’s goals of paternity assurance. men vary in this ratio by race, but the universal nature of the ratio is indisputable.]

    Yes, I concur with all the detriment that a woman that is not faithful and has no control over her sexual urges can do the damage the very model of the LTR and Marriage as measure of social organization, to the idea that beta men need to chain those women down into the LTR, the need of men to know that those children that their resources are used to raise are actually their progeny.

    But any accordance that men might have with slut shaming is a chicken or the egg byproduct. If a man is going to forced to trade labor for sex then he better damn well be certain that those little brats had better be his little brats and he is less sure of that if he has a know slut on his hands.

    But if you totally reject the LTR and any reader of any of these blogs should get it through his fucking head that is the NEW RULE NUMBER ONE FOR MEN. NO FUCKING LTRS. PUMP THEM. DUMP THEM. NEXT THEM. Hmmm” Divorce at 50%??? Divorce Rape??? Frivolous Divorce??? Hypergamy????

    [three of those four negative outcomes can be sidestepped simply by avoiding the wedding dais. female hypergamy is operative at all times, so there is no avoiding it, only controlling its expression, which can be done within or without an LTR.]

    Men have to get the fuck out of the Modern era and their your ass into the PostModern, now. NOW. Question everything. Revolt. Do not worry about what is good for Civilization or Society. Worry what works for you and NO LTRs works for you. You are going to get fucked over if you enter into an LTR.

    [the problem occurs when the player who plunders loses the society within which he operates. a prosperous surrounding society is necessary for the good life of the poolsider. LTRs are not the evil that holds men down. an LTR with a loving woman is quite a wonderful thing, one of the few real joys of life.]

    If you accept the premise that the LTR is bullshit and the true PostModern man should recognize the LTR as a limitation on how he might live, on how free he possibly could be without the chains of marriage and children. and if he rejects the LTR as a goal in his life and accepts that women are best treated as a form of recreation and not as the goal, the cornerstone, the centerpiece of his life, then the true PostModern man would then hope that ALL women truly act as slutty as they possibly could act.

    [i don’t accept the premise that the LTR is bullshit. i’ve been in enough good ones to know otherwise.]

    The one thing you can say about a slut is that she will fuck you. And she will do so without all the bullshit games that other women wish to play so they can lie to themselves that they are not sluts.

    [sluts play head games just as much as chaste girls. do you think sluts don’t discriminate in which men they choose to lavish with their slutty wares?]

    I happen to like sluts.. And women that play games to trick me into trading labor for sex, or force me to jump through hoops piss me the fuck off. And a slut if a far better sexual partner than some bullshit coy fake ass virgin who has little or no sexual skills.

    [if you know women well, you can avoid getting played by golddiggers and cockteases. those same game skills which endear a man to sluts also endear him to women interested in LTRs.]

    If the LTR is trap to trade sex for surplus labor, then if all women act as sluts because they no longer need to make that trade, then the sexual requirements and desires of the true PostModern man are more readily and easily met without all the bullshit that the Modern Era man had to put up with.

    [the modern era beta male is still not getting any from a society of unconstrained sluts. but the alphas will clean up like never before.]

    You won’t be forced to fall for the lie and the hype of the LTR myth if you can get the milk for free without buying that fucking lying manipulate shrew bitch cow.

    [some women have a greater propensity for lying manipulating shrewish bitchiness than other women, though we may argue all day about the exact proportions within the female population. a man who wishes to avoid such women would be wise to understand their nature, and screen out women who fit the profile before he is too embroiled. a man may also neutralize the LMSBing of women by displaying in his actions and attitude the characteristics that women desire in men, and to whom women readily defer in submissive eagerness. if your woman loves you, she is not going to jeopardize a relationship with you so cavalierly. her id monster will be grateful it has found a man who knows how to stroke its fur with the grain.]

    Sluts will set you free, buddy.

    [love will set you free.]

    your place in the pantheon of male thinkers is assured and your observations on the nature of women is astute and valuable. Your advice on Game is priceless. You deserve your place in the Mount Rushmore of male thinkers.

    But when you veer off into your nazi bullshit

    [sieg harlot!]

    and this moralizing about the way things ought to be,

    [correction: “the way things work out in the end”]

    and your favorite little rant on Eugenics,

    [do genes matter, or do they not?]

    you are not seeing where things are going and giving the best advice on how best to deal with what is coming. Things are not ever going to be as they were and are going to be what they are going to be.

    [things can change in a heartbeat.]

    Men have enough bullshit crap that deludes them into actions that are against their immediate self-interest.

    [an LTR is not against my interest. i love waking up next to a woman who needs my love so badly her body aches with bliss.]

    Don’t you be adding to heap of shit that belongs on the trash pile of history.

    [trash piles have a way of growing too large and suffocating those who live in their shadow.]

    And that is deliberate intellectual reference that I think you understand.

    [i understand that primal forces never yield to paradigm shifts. paradigm shifts yield to primal forces.]


  10. Just found this: http://thisisnthappiness.com/post/35548621541/john-tottenham
    Well phrased wisdom that could have come directly from the chateu


  11. Such a meaningless word. How a man uses it tells more about him.


  12. […] The Man Who Was… comments: It’s hard for men to hold two contradictory attitudes towards sluttiness at once, so PUA advice to just be non-judgmental is better if your only goal is getting laid. Some readers are under the mistaken impression that my posts about slutty women and the deleterious effects they have on society and marital/LTR stability must mean that I conduct my dating life with a stern judgmental attitude toward women and with the goal of flushing out sluts from my pool of prospects. Nothing could be further from the truth. I will conceal my true feelings when concealing them is Source: Chateau Heartiste   […]


  13. Sorry to say it guys but i’m the best man ever. For various reasons. At the least i think i am, as every Alpha should.

    I look DOWN on other men, and so should my woman….a virgin may not be a realistic or even ideal expectation….but it’s not for me to know that a woman whos slept with drug addicts, the unintelligent, the mentally unstable, inferior/unattractive races etc deserves to turn out very well with a very good man like me, its not for me to know that she can even be proud enough of me and see me as the very good man that i am….if she has been what i feel is “too” proud of men that i KNOW are inferior to me….If i can see that a womans idea of a good man is not good enough….i can know she cannot possibly be proud of those men that are really good.

    call it some kind of ruthless reverse eugenics to practice on a woman….but i’m backing it for MYSELF, and the world that i live in, a world in which i am the best man ever….and a woman better know it, and know what world she is living in, or i double dare her to live in the world she thinks she lives in and not mine. Not one penny, Not one kilojoule, not one second for those that are not proud enough of the best man.

    A lot is made of the whole insecurity schtick and the whole madonna/whore schtick….the true problem as i see it is man’s own narcissism, to believe he is special and that a woman should know it, and thus not be willing to mate with other men but him. But the pride in me is too strong….i really am the best man ever, so i’ll only ever bet big on a woman who’s betting big me….and i don’t consider a woman whos already bet big on 20 other guys that aren’t better than me to be betting big on me…a slutty woman asking you to overlook her past is basically asking you to accept that other men are good enough, and well its not for me to think or know that, not for me to look up to other men….it’s only for me to know that a woman is being a good woman when shes with me. The Best Man.


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  16. American men are so weird about women and sex.