Yet Another Study Validates Game

The effectiveness of kino — the act of casually (and calculatingly) touching a woman during a pickup to establish your sexual interest, to make her comfortable with the idea of sex with you, and to guide her away from putting you in the friend zone — is confirmed by a scientific study.

Previous research has shown that light tactile contact increases compliance to a wide variety of requests. However, the effect of touch on compliance to a courtship request has never been studied. In this paper, three experiments were conducted in a courtship context. In the first experiment, a young male confederate in a nightclub asked young women to dance with him during the period when slow songs were played. When formulating his request, the confederate touched (or not) the young woman on her forearm for 1 or 2 seconds. In the second experiment, a 20-year-old confederate approached a young woman in the street and asked her for her phone number. The request was again accompanied by a light touch (or not) on the young woman’s forearm. In both experiments, it was found that touch increased compliance to the man’s request. A replication of the second experiment accompanied with a survey administered to the female showed that high score of dominance was associated with tactile contact. The link between touch and the dominant position of the male was used to explain these results theoretically.

Kino and compliance are two integral parts of seduction.* There are plenty of posts in the Chateau archives covering these two important topics. If you are not touching a woman early on in a pickup, chances are you will fail to get her number, let alone a lay. Don’t listen to indignant feminists when they claim that men should keep their hands to themselves until they are invited to touch; the truth is, as it often is when feminists and their distorted beliefs are the subject, the complete opposite: men who touch early and without permission are the ones who win girls’ hearts.

Why do women respond so positively to kino from men, to the point of complying with the men’s requests for a slow dance or a phone number? The answer is in the survey results of the study: kino is associated with male dominance. And women LOVE LOVE LOVE male dominance. If you need a reminder:

Chicks dig power.
Men dig beauty.

Salesmen have known the secret of kino for ages, which is why the best salesmen, if you’re paying attention, will find a way to lightly put their hand on your elbow when they’re guiding you to their product. Kino is a little trickier in male-on-male interactions, though, because the same dominance display that works to sexually arouse women will cause another man to bristle like a porcupine.

Women also emphasize touch more than men do. If you go shopping with a woman, you’ll notice how often she caresses linens or traces a finger along furniture and vases. A woman lives in the world of touch, exquisite touch, and a man who can create that bond of touch early in a pickup will leave a bigger impression on her than a man who keeps his hands firmly by his side.

Kino leads to small acts of compliance, which eventually lead to the big act of compliance for sex. Nonverbal kino — hand on upper arm, then forearm, then thigh — isn’t the only way to escalate a seduction through its stages. Creating an emotional connection with graduated verbal compliance — asking a series of increasingly personal and sexual questions — is like the conversational form of kino. The two together — nonverbal and verbal compliance — combine to create a powerful arousal in women.

*Works on sluts and non-sluts, proles and SWPLs alike!


  1. Noticed this a lot with black guys and foreign men especially touching women they don’t know. They seem to do well for themselves.


  2. Unsurprisingly, I think NPR would disagree with you:

    If a woman likes you, she’ll let you do what Gomez kept doing to his wife’s arm in the Adam’s Family.


    • Arwyn Daemyir writes a blog called Raising My Boychick. She describes herself as “a walking contradiction: knitting feminist fulltime parent, Wiccan science-minded woowoo massage therapist, queer-identified male-partnered monogamist, body-loving healthy-eating fat chick, unmedicated mostly-stable bipolar.”

      I just vomited. Bring back sexual inequality, please.


      • From the article – “Daemyir lives in Portland, Ore”

        Yeah, I figured as much.

        Also, what is it with libtards and their tendency to introduce themselves in terms of a paragraph-long stream of adjectives and adverbs?


  3. I went out with some of my guy friends last night and scolded one of them (an acknowledged beta) over not getting a cute gal’s number. One thing I noticed most about him is how frigid he gets around women who approach HIM (he’s tall), and he doesn’t get aloof distance from them, he actually backs off of them.

    The ladies I talked to (and number closed even on one in a friends group of 4 women) were all either up in my face (KINO capable) or I backed off and found a new target.

    It’s science, not magic.


  4. I’m guessing you don’t begin kino until after you’ve received an IOI?


    • Not necessarily, Lazy.

      If she hasn’t offered a visible IOI, you stay in playful mode. The key is to push-pull with her and keep that strong frame going. The strength in kino early on, even without obvious IOIs, is you’re testing HER. If she melts like butter, you’re in. If she freezes like dry ice, she’s got some issues going on, or she doesn’t dig you at all. This is a reverse shit-test, to see if she’s a sexually available woman or if she’s a flaky pre-teen.

      I have to admit, I fail at introducing KINO way too often, but when I do bring it up early, I always get the number and eventually get her to come visit. It’s my one definitive feminist-born trait I still have yet to shake.


    • No…you initiate kino while talking. Brush her elbow with your hand to make a point. DONT draw attention to it…she’ll be surprised, but that rush is a gina-tingle.

      Watch for IOI’s from there.

      I met a girl online last year. She was adamant that she was a “nice girl” etc etc.

      I immediately kept a laid back pose, but initiated kino immediately. First touching her arm.

      When she didn’t pull away and begain displaying IOI’s I amped it up.

      I banged her hard that night.

      I continued doing so each time we met up until she moved away.


  5. “Guys go for looks. Girls go for status.” – Craig Finn

    Always think of that song whenever this comes up.


  6. This absolutely does work. Anyone who has used it knows it.

    If you are really an alpha, you should lightly touch every attractive woman you have the opportunity to come into literal contact with and talk to. They all want it, and it really does make them do your bidding and establishes who you are at the outset. Don’t be afraid – even if you are a 7 and she a 10 – the fear shows. If you want it, touch it, just like you might touch a thing in a store as you consider buying it. You are showing your self-confidence, interest and boldness. You will know it is working when she starts touching you back if this is a girl you work with, or are talking to for sometime in a social setting. Its uncontrollable for her, because your touching her is setting off her desires for you, so when you stop touching, she tries to pull you back to not let you get away.

    Do not touch women who are beneath you. You should recoil from them in horror, because they are like a form of toxic contamination and pollution. You are bringing yourself down by showing interest in them. And do not touch high status women if you are a fat loser schlub (lets say a 5 and down) – those are the men who get the sexual harrassment lawsuits. Even normal girls do not want your attention if you are a sweaty 5′-7″ and 250 lbs.


    • What would you recommend for those of us fat loser schlubs? Stick to hookers?


      • Lose weight and improve your image.

        There is no excuse for a BMI over 25.0, and when you start hitting the 30.0 range, you are going to find very few women interested in your advances.

        If you are 5′-7″, you need to be under 160 lbs. If you are over 190 lbs at that weight, girls will turn in disgust.

        Similarly, if you are 6′-3″, you can’t be over 200 lbs. If you are at 240 lbs, it means there is a huge tub of lard around your gut and ass and on your legs and arms, and you probably have some nice moobs developing. God in heaven! What attractive female is looking for that?


      • ” if you are 6′-3″, you can’t be over 200 lbs”


        I’m 6’0” weighing 215 and 100% in-shape. My BMI is high because I have: muscle. Most who try to guesstimate my weight say I’m 180-190.

        Muscle weighs more.

        Most girls tell me I’m built perfectly – I’m muscular, but not overly muscular, like the steroid freak-shows at the gym.


      • Muscle turns into fat quickly when you stop all the weight lifting, and eventually every man does. That is how men get furniture problems, where their chest falls into their drawers.

        If it isn’t natural muscle, it will atrophy because you won’t be using it, so your body will consume it and you will be depositing your new food intake as some lovely layers of flab as the body feasts on the excess muscle tissue you developed in the gym. I would imagine you are not a professional football player and are not a piano mover, so what in the world do you need that much muscle for?


      • “Muscle turns into fat quickly when you stop all the weight lifting”

        That is a bunch of horse shit, muscle cells and fat cells are entirely different.


      • Montzilla:

        When you are done lifting weights, and it happens to everyone eventually, your body consumes the excess muscle to produce energy. At the same time, you are still eating, and the extra calories you are eating get stored as fat.

        I know what I said is simplistic, but it is most certainly what really happens.


      • Andrew: “Muscle turns into fat quickly when you stop all the weight lifting”

        that’s when you do hypertrophy all the time and eat a six meals a day high carb diet. If you aim for strength and not size + don’t eat too much carbs you’ll stay muscular and lean.

        Andrew: “extra calories you are eating get stored as fat.”

        that’s not how it works, the surplus of carbs/sugars is quickly stored as fat but the surplus of protein and fat isn’t if your insulin is working like it should. A high protein diet might cause some surplus fat accumulation but a moderate protein high fat diet won’t do that. I have even lost weight overeating fat.


      • 6′-0″, 215 lbs is nearly borderline obese on the BMI scale.

        Midrange BMI at 6′-0″ is 160 lbs. Its hard to believe you have added 55 lbs of muscle, which would be ONE THIRD of your total previous weight.

        Your numbers imply you are have more extra muscle mass than Terrell Owens (6′-3″, 224 lbs.). Really? You are better built than a hall of fame level professional football wide receiver?

        Michael Vick is 6′-0″ and 215 lbs. Are you seriously saying you are as in-shape? If true, WTF are you doing here instead of playing in the NFL?

        These type of guys “work” mostly consists of exercising all day long in the training room and on the field and then laying girls like tile every night. What do you do for a living that gives you time to match up with them?


      • on June 24, 2011 at 5:12 pm White Devil

        “I would imagine you are not a professional football player and are not a piano mover, so what in the world do you need that much muscle for”

        I’ve accumulated it over the past 15 years, naturally, working-out on and off – the rest is genetics. I’m not freak show big by any means; my biceps are 16 1/4 inches.

        Again, genetics plays a huge part – my brothers are as in shape as I am. However, my cousin has been working-out for many years and he is shaped like a pear.

        “Michael Vick is 6′-0″ and 215 lbs. Are you seriously saying you are as in-shape? ”

        Yes. But his endurance exceeds mine by a long-shot.

        “If true, WTF are you doing here instead of playing in the NFL?”

        I use my brain to make money. The most common question girls ask me, though, is: do you play football or baseball?

        And, yes, I have fibbed to get the vagina in one night stand situations.


      • Vick is not in the NFL because he is “in shape”:the ghetto is full of guys with rock hard muscles,selling drugs,raping your granny,and banging hood rats!! Vick is in the NFL because he has TALENT!! Boatloads of it. (Its funny,Coach Ditka had a slightly bizarre expresssion for guys like that,who are ultra-buff but cant really play.He said they were guys who “look good in the shower”. I know,its a bit akwardly phrased,but ya get the idea!)


      • wait you do realise that mike vick is a quarterback, and terrel owens a wide reciever?

        Which means 50 + per cent of the guys on their own team and every team is going to be bigger than them.

        Vick is good at throwing a ball, but clearly is not the finest physical specimen in the nfl, as with most quarterbacks.

        Sure if he was claiming to be built like ray lewis or brian dawkins i’d be a bit suspect, but vick and terrell aren’t that big tbh


      • yh im an eagles fan

        But Everyone should aim for this guys physique and pure aggression. Now go bash weights listening to requiem imagining you can hit that hard.


      • heard his BMI was infinite too


      • I’m just over six feet, and if I weighed 160 lbs I’d be fuckin Auschwitz. You are an idiot.


      • Sorry, I like food too much.


      • Food or girls, dude. You can’t have them both.


      • But I want both. I want it all. I demand it all. I’m entitled to it all. MY KINGDOM COME. MY WILL BE DONE.


      • Try the diet in the Four Hour Body. It’s basically paleo, but you get to cheat one day per week. And you can cheat like crazy on that one day. I eat massive quantities of pizza, pancakes, doughnuts and ice cream from sunup to midnight.

        It’s done wonders for me. I have a six-pack and yet only work out twice per week.

        Another upside for me is that I have a lot more energy. Carbs make me sleepy, especially after lunch.


      • “Carbs make me sleepy…” Are you sure its the carbs? Maybe you’re a Mexican…


      • Anonymous, it’s carbs all right. Am not a Mexican (nordic type, born in Yurop) and concur with the experience.


      • — I was a fat loser schlub for a few years myself (205# at 5’8″). Now I’m 145# and growing muscle at a brisk pace. Diet, not exercise, will remove all fat from your body.


      • on June 24, 2011 at 11:54 am Hippopotimus

        Incidentily A.B Daba, I think I saw you post on Free The Animal. I’ve been following MDA since he first started among other like Wolf and et al


      • I probably comment on over 1200 blogs regularly. I have too much time sitting in shitty airports or waiting for planes to try to make their take-off time. Plus I wake up way too early for my own good and no one in Chicago seems to be mentally capable until 7am.

        Mark S. is a personal hero. I think he’s an anarchist, and I have a strong feeling his wife is OK with him having ladies on the side. No proof, but I feel it pretty strongly that he’s an alpha in every way.


      • on June 24, 2011 at 2:44 pm sarcasticuss

        The truth.


      • on June 24, 2011 at 6:27 pm Original JB

        The Harvard Pyramid diet, obviously. Cut out potatoes and refined grains.


  7. on June 24, 2011 at 9:58 am White Devil

    Here are two articles The Chateau will enjoy, if, of course, the Chateau has not already enjoyed them:

    Rotating Polyandry—& its Enforcers, Part 1


    Rotating Polyandry—& its Enforcers, Part 2

    The Chateau’s thoughts on the above would be appreciated.


    • The book details what most men, except for the most omega, already know.

      Marriage, an institution created by men for men, is worthless in the age of feminism and general decline of society.


  8. on June 24, 2011 at 10:17 am The Man Who Was . . .

    Touch also sexualizes the encounter or at least introduced the possibility of sexualizing the encounter, even without considering things like compliance and dominance.


  9. I think it works in reverse too. I’ve had alot of women casually touch me, or “accidentally” bump into me. With the latter it’s usually a hip or ass bump. Boosts your ego, it does.


  10. From the NPR link ‘The End of Gender’:

    “To chronicle her adventures in gender-neutral parenting, Arwyn Daemyir writes a blog called Raising My Boychick. She describes herself as “a walking contradiction: knitting feminist fulltime parent, Wiccan science-minded woowoo massage therapist, queer-identified male-partnered monogamist, body-loving healthy-eating fat chick, unmedicated mostly-stable bipolar.”

    Her husband must be quite the alpha, eh?

    Just disgusting that people like this have been validated enough in this culture to be publicized in a context devoid of mockery and antagonism.


  11. Andrew, yes. I forgot that one. Especially the big ones. Or they just have to give you an “innocent” hug for some reason; birthday, greeting etc. They like to press ’em hard against you and hold the position for an extra second or four.


  12. on June 24, 2011 at 10:47 am Ari Hinkelberger

    Call me crazy, but i have actually found the opposite on first dates. If i go out with a chick, don’t touch her, end the date on my terms she is left wondering if I want to bang her. Which is the position all men want to be in.

    Then on the second date, it’s like taking candy from a baby man, she is wanting to fuck once i get a few drinks in her. I’ve tried all of this. In fact that dude who writes the Doc Love column for preaches this. “Don’t touch her.” The problem with Kino now a days is that every dude out there is putting his hands all over women. They touch and paw at women constantly. So it makes you stand out when you aren’t pawing at them trying to fuck them right away.

    I understand later on in a pickup situation like a bar it might be useful to add kino to build on the existing courtship, but if there is any trick i could pass off to others it’s that on a first date, do not touch her. She will be wondering why you didn’t touch her.

    Good things come to those who stay patient and wait. I’m telling you that if you lay off her, get her wondering if you actually want to fuck her, she will be rubbing your cock under the table on date #2. Over the long haul ive found this strategy to be more economical and more efficient.

    First date: equals short drinks no touching, you end it early and on your terms.

    Second date: More drinks, longer date, after she has had a minimum of two drinks, put your hands on her, she will want to fuck.

    It’s full proof, Try it.


    • I read Doc Love’s book (surprisingly, it’s available at my local coffee shop and women seem drawn to it). I tend to agree about not touching much on a first date, but I think you need a KINO opener nonetheless.

      For me, historically speaking, opening KINO after she does is always a winner, but if she doesn’t (shy, unsure, not confident), a quick hand on the shoulder or arm and withdraw seems to get her much closer, much quicker.

      The issue with Doc Love is that he’s still stuck in 1995. He’s got strong explanation skills, but he hasn’t kept up with the times.


    • Doc Love? Hmm,I am curious. Think I’ll heh heh heh “Buy” one of his books….


  13. Touch once was a benefit of human evolution; one more small pleasure to enjoy in life before the sabre-tooth tiger ate you.

    Disgusting, how religion and feminism distorted even the mildest forms.
    Strange how feminism resembles religion.


  14. What coffee shop is that Mr. Dada?


    • Rain Dog, although if you go at the wrong times, it’s primarily a black coffee shop. Find the right moments, and there’s plenty of coeds coming in to study and just begging to be talked to.


  15. on June 24, 2011 at 11:32 am WaggingFinger

    This study is suspect in its methodology (as in, what is it?). There could be a number of confounding variables the main one being the confederate man’s attitude (more dominant) in touching phase, when interacting with the subjects.

    I agree with the conclusion though.

    On the point of feminist objection– I think they only shudder at the touch of a dweeb. So, when writing about it, that’s the situation they are describing. Obviously, touching is natural, and when done naturally, women probably don’t consciously notice it.


  16. This was one of the first things I practiced and learned when I began exploring and understanding game.

    It starts with a simple brush of the elbow, the escalates.

    It’s amazing how women also love holding hands and being gripped around the waist as you escalate kino.

    The other aspect of kino (pull) is the push. If you drop a woman’s hand, if you push a woman away even playfully, it amps up her attraction.


  17. And never forget the best KINO advice, when you touch her, try to avoid looking at where you touch her. If you touch her forearm while looking her in the eyes, it will come across as smooth and natural. If you look at her forearm and then touch it, it will come across as stilted and slightly creepy.


    • Yes…this is a vital component. It has to appear natural, even accidental or spontaneous. If you stare, apologize, or in any way draw attention to it, you’ve sabotaged her arousal state.


    • Yep look into her eyes as you grab that boob. Definitely not “weird”.


  18. on June 24, 2011 at 12:57 pm (R)Evolutionary

    One of my good bros, a Master of the game if there ever was one, practices what he calls his “creepy finger rub,” tongue-in-cheek of course. When introducing himself to women, or exchanging currency or receipts in a store transaction, he will often stroke a woman’s hand lightly, or rub her palm with his middle finger during the handshake. This is ballsy, but somehow rarely backfires.

    He estimates an 80% success rate with it. Most women blush and smile at the very overt yet coy sexualization of the interaction. I’ve seen it in action, it’s impressive.


    • on June 24, 2011 at 1:02 pm WaggingFinger

      I heard that if you do this to a Mexican man, you get an automatic punch in the face.


    • Touching cashiers hands when getting change or receipts is a great way to practice getting use to using this approach. They are also a capitve audiance for quick small talk and possible pickups.

      So when you are buying groceries, always look at all the lines and choose the one with the prettiest girl. Its time well spent, even if the line is a bit longer.


  19. How does this correlate with the fact that even the ugliest chicks react with rejection and aggression to any attempts to touch or even just standsit next to them?


    • dunno….i prefer not to touch or stand near ugly chicks.


      • Projection is a possible cause NOW, but what about all all those rejections that happened when I went in with my confidence still intact? Right now I have to admit that yes, I am afraid of women and it’s definitely a contributing factor in the constant rejections and ostracism, but this factor appeared as a result of them. Three years ago I read up on game and started implementing it little by little. It worked like a charm first – I managed to get my life on track, become fitter, broaden my interests and just have more fun living. Women kept rejecting me, but it didn’t bother me much. I read more books and articles, consulted with more experienced people and went in again. After about a year of constant rejection my confidence began to waver. After two years it was utterly destroyed. I haven’t had any interest from women whatsoever – I was rejected, slapped, had boyfriends sicced on me, publicly humiliated for my ugly looks, everything. Why didn’t game help me? If it works for everyone, why didn’t it at least improve my chances? I’m honestly pissed that I had to spend so much time and money on it.


      • There are many reasons for this, but one thing you didn’t mention is WHERE are you meeting this women?

        In each city, I’ll meet women in vastly different places. Book stores work in Chicago, grocery stores in NYC, liquor stores in Miami, on the beach off of Houston, at church in Savannah.

        Location can mean everything. If women are shooting you down, you NEED a solid alpha wingman to monitor what you’re doing wrong.

        I charge $50/hour + drink tab in Chicago to help guys overcome their confidence issues. The criticisms I give are always the standards: your breath reeks, you were slouching, you didn’t make eye contact, you were too serious, your hands were in your pockets, etc. Every guy can fix 90% of their problems.


      • How do I get in touch with you?


      • Uhh, click my gravatar and email or call me?


      • I live in Saint Petersburg. Not the Florida one. I’ve tried meeting women in all kinds of places. Bookstores, bars, summer cafes, university (when I was still a student), festivals etc. It’s always the same.
        As for wingmen, I’ve had wingmen. They weren’t game gurus or anything like that, just guys who were very popular with women and who volunteered to monitor my progress and look for mistakes. They helped me fix some posture mistakes like the aforementioned slouching and hands in pockets, but for the most part all of them concluded that every woman I approach seems to cut me off completely from the start. Which would sound unrealistic, I know, but I really am quite ugly in both face and body, which gets pointed out relatively often, and generally, I haven’t seen any successful game gurus who are ugly.


      • I spent a few months over 2 summers in Leningrad — the women there are fiendishly cold. It’s a VERY difficult town to date in, period.

        Because it’s a University town, it has a high amount of great looking young women. This leaves plenty of 30+ year olds who are still is decent shape, but are ignored due to the high number of younger Russian vixen.

        Since it’s also an international town, there’s a large number of foreign men with money. It’s hard to compete on that level unless you have equal money, or preferably, higher status. Work on the status. Befriend everyone in 2 or 3 bars that attract foreigners. Slip the door guy 200 rubles whenever you talk to him. Take care of the bartenders (the guys) and befriend the bar backs. When you walk into the place, they should cheer — but don’t go too often to become a regular. Once in awhile and rotate bars regularly.

        The University aspect means it attracts the top women from the poorest villages. Learn the surrounding communities. Meet a gal from Novoye Devyatkino who worked at the mall, and you have higher status already. Avoid Pargolovo dames, but show good hand with those from Bugry. Lots of options, but be careful about why they came to Leningrad — some just want wealthy husbands, others want education.

        If you’re poor, focus on saving money for the nights you do go out. Don’t spend money on women, spend it on yourself only. Let them imagine whatever it is they want to imagine, but a strong and powerful man surely doesn’t cater to their needs — he’s thinking of his own.

        If you’re looking for a long term relationship, avoid the college gals. There’s too much competition for their time, and if you aren’t at the top of the pack, you’re going to get shit on. If you have a car, drive over to Murino or Pesochny and hit up the pubs there — those women don’t have the money or status to live and work and study in Leningrad.

        You have tons of options. Women in your town are gorgeous and many want a wealthy man, but sliding outside of your usual zone will find you better options for where your confidence is at. Work those options, and then build up and escalate with the better women.


      • Tell them you’re KGB.


      • You sound like you really know your way around the city. Your experiences with different locales are more or less comparable to mine, so I’ll be sure to follow your advice. Thanks a lot.

        Just one thing. Where exactly did you find pubs in Murino? I mean, I went there once just to take a look at the local church (it’s somewhat unique for someone who has an interest in church architecture) and cemetary. It’s a small village, there aren’t any pubs there.

        Also, another question. Where in and around the city have you had the best experiences? I mean actual bars and cafes. I live in the Central district, so my main areas of interest would be the Central and Admiralteyskyi districts as well as Vasilyevsky island.


  20. Kino is perfect for the nice guy but if you already have enough social proof (you’re already known as the guy who banged half the girls in the bar) – it comes off as displaying interest too early.


  21. That BMI thing is dumb. It obviously doesnt calculate muscle vs fat weight. Said i was overweight at 6’0 and 185


  22. WTF confederate? Did they make this study during Civil War?


  23. O/T, but I just wanted to say wow.

    Phyllis from the Office used to be an NFL cheerleader.

    Apparently this was her:


  24. on June 24, 2011 at 5:19 pm Emma the Emo

    Guy I’m not attracted to touching me = kinda creepy. Especially if I tell him to stop and he doesn’t.


    • Game is all about calibration. If the guy touched you without noticing attraction from your side (IOI), then he’s just another clueless creepy chump.
      But if you’re already attracted to him, and he doesn’t touch you, chances are you’re never gonna take it to the next level.


      • on June 25, 2011 at 1:36 pm Emma the Emo

        True. I think this shows that touching alone won’t make a girl more attracted, it might even spoil it. Speaking from my own personal experience.


  25. on June 24, 2011 at 5:35 pm Emma the Emo

    Actually, even a relatively cute guy can become creepy once he continues unwanted physical contact after he’s been told to stop. But that’s usually when I’m alone in a room with him and have no fast way to get out. In public, it’s not as creepy and can be okay.


  26. You better be sure I’m into you before you touch me, otherwise…’re finished! hehe!!


  27. I’m not surprised. I can count on one hand the number of times in my memory that I was hugged by another person before I graduated high school…and I’ve always had a hard time with ze girls.

    If a majority of communication is body language, then, in my opinion, that also means that our communication should be structured around our body language and physical gestures first before actual words. An interesting thing to think about for public speakers.


  28. If you are not touching a woman early on in a pickup, chances are you will fail to get her number, let alone a lay

    There’s no need for fearmongering. If you have solid confidence you’lll get the number in both cases. And even if u don’t the difference between touch and not touch is minuscule.

    You failed to share the numbers from the study.


    • I found the numbers. As I expected, the dweeb in this experiment was a fuck up. He only got 19% of numbers even when touching the chickies, and he got 10% when not touching them.

      Obviously kino was not the major issue if the food got just 20% with it. I get 70% without touch and I believe janka doesn’t touch either and he gets like 80-90%

      So what this study says is “if you suck, touching will increase compliance”. In other words, if you’re a nervous submissive wreck, touching will save you a little.

      I’d theorize that if everything else is right with you (the internals), touch shouldn’t make a difference.


      • Touching doubled his effectiveness, I’d say that’s pretty good.


      • You totally missed the point. He went from super duper ultra sucky to only mega sucky.

        IF you suck, kino doubles your results from pathetic up to mediocre.

        If you’re otherwise confident the difference should be non-existant. You can’t double 90% for example and nobody gets 100%.

        Conclusion – kino only makes a difference if you suck otherwise.

        [Editor: Not what I’ve observed happening in the real world. Confident alpha guys can lose the girl with frigid body language. Not touching a girl at all during the initial interaction is not how most alpha males operate.]


  29. The BMI thing doesn’t take into account body type. Some of us are very wide for our height. I can’t wear off the shelf dress shirts because anything large enough to fit my chest, shoulders, and neck has sleeves that are way too long and fits like a dress (drapes too far past my hips).

    Also, some of us have the unattractive trait of having short legs and long torsos. A given length of body weighs a lot more than leg.

    The thing that’s enraging is that this body type is almost always associated with easily getting fat. I wish I knew why, since your skeleton, which defines your basic body shape, is not part of your metabolic system.


  30. One problem with this study is that it did not control for what the guy looks like. For example, does touching do anything at all for a male 4? Does it do more for a 7 than a 10 (like Matt Bomer), who likely needs it less?


  31. I personally find that kino, like so many other things in pick up, must be used like pepper, very sparingly. I made the mistake a few years ago of going overboard with kino on a girl I was trying to rebound from a break up with. She went home with my friend that night. The most important lesson I learned? NEVER be too “grabby” and as far as touch goes, less is more. I also learned that kino is best when used strategically and subtly- a guiding hand on the back, a forearm grab to take her somewhere, a playful punch, or light tap to get a point across in a conversation all work beautifully


  32. Yes, this does work. However, I don’t like male ‘dominance’, I like confidence and aggression. Yes, power is attractive but because it makes me respect them more as a person. As far as ‘relationships’ go I’m a completely amoral self-centered polyamorous Ice Princess, and any man who is LESS than that may as well be a faggot for my purposes.


  33. I’m not saying you’re wrong about other women, though. Maybe some of them do like being dominated. But I am down with the Nietzsche – if you’re not the cream of the crop you’re dead to me.


  34. word to the wise – start with a few quick taps the area between the middle of the upper arm and the middle of the lower arm, with the elbow in the center, making sure you gently use the BACK of your hand, and not your palm. It makes a HUGE difference, especially for beginners.


  35. I’ve had cases where I had to initiate kino (touch escalation) without IOI (indicators of sexual interest).

    In one instance a girl was on the bed, watching TV with me. She was scooched over as far away from me as possible – nearly falling off the bed. She had coccooned herself in protective blanket, staring studiously at the TV.

    Suddenly I deemed the time right. I scooched over and lay right next to her, leaving her not one inch more to move. Put my hand on her hand. Ten minutes later she was naked.

    That girl had given no IOIs. Some would say negative IOIs. And yet all she was doing was avoiding the sexual tension that she did feel.

    Someone had to burst her bubble of resistance. It was as a simple as a decision to do so.


    • So laying on a bed next to you is no IOI? WTF man


      • When the bed is the only furniture that faces the TV, and when she is being as far away and as covered up and protected as possible, and when she is not interacting with me in any way – then yes, it’s not an IOI.

        Unless you are talking about her presence in my apartment at all. But that’s not how we usually use the term – indicator of interest. IOI usually refers to flirtatious body actions.


      • I would argue for a broader interpretation of that. Clearly showing up in your apartment is big sign there is SOME sort of interest – it may be of the LJBF variety but I would argue usually you would be fair to assume there is more


  36. In another instance, many years ago I had a girl in my bed, and as I received no IOIs from her, didn’t begin groping her until the next morning.

    Later she asked me why. All night long she had been waiting for me to start.


    • Probably the most important thing any young man can learn from this blog is what you just said – that a woman can be in the same bedroom with you and on the same bed but tense up so much and lean away in such a manner that any and all betas will end up scared to make a move. The male might think he’s getting a negative IOI.

      What’s really tough is that, of all mistakes you can make with a woman, often the biggest is not coming through when faced with such a final shiite test. In many cases, the relationship is over if the man fails to overcome this test after being on a bed with the woman. Women see it as inexcusable, even though they were the ones who had presented the cold shoulder vibe.

      And what’s worse: men raised with feminism, the idea that men and women are equal and can think alike, are the least prepared to deal with the cold shoulder vibe in the bedroom watching TV or a DVD with a female. They are like Bamby in the forest fire. They don’t know which way to jump so they just freeze and watch the TV or DVD or go to sleep and miss what any man who knows feminism is bunk would be getting.

      Here’s the latest news report on Swedish feminists trying to raise boys to think girls will think the exact same way they do:

      These Swedish boys are in for a rude surprise when they grow up.


  37. “Later she asked me why. All night long she had been waiting for me to start.”

    That’s one of the things I find seriously aggravating about women. They claim to be superior communicators while taking no responsibility for actually communicating what they want.


  38. on June 24, 2011 at 10:34 pm Corporal Hicks

    Physical touch sets off actual chemical processes in the person who is touched.

    This is straight, outright biology.


  39. @ Xsplat:

    lol, women are silly creatures aren’t they?

    I had a similar experience, only I passed out drunk in the girl’s bed, and started playing with her the next morning EXTREMELY hungover =)


  40. We don’t need to see your identification.
    …These aren’t the droids you are looking for


  41. Xsplat, that girl on the edge of your bed was shit testing you, combined with a hard-to-get twist.I’d say that a girl on/in your bed is a major IOI.


    • Ya, you can look at it through that lense if you want. Or you could just say that she was a frightened and horny little virgin.

      She wasn’t my current girl, by the way. Just coincidentally some other virgin that I had naked in my bed the night before my first date with my current flame.

      The point of my tale is that IOIs are not always needed before you begin escalation.


  42. This works with Indonesian police too – don’t just touch their arm, put your arm right over their shoulders as you walk with them, works wonders


  43. In unrelated news, I just confirmed that it was precisely after I left my girl alone for a night crying and crying and temporarily kicked her out from living with me that she started to come during sex.

    That has many implications, most of which I know. Basically the more you make a woman give up, plus the more you show her you can show her the door if she doesn’t comply, the more she will open her heart and soul and pussy to you.

    Women want to be dominated, and if you do that successfully, that causes orgasms.

    I used to call this girl a hopeless frigid asexual freak. She started with next to no sexual response, and had outright aversion. It took a while, and she’s still improving, but it’s heartening to know that an old virgin can regain use of an atrophied sexuality.

    Men – know that dominance is sex. If she realizes that you have caught her, and you force the decision onto her, she’ll give up parts of herself she never knew she was keeping to herself – never knew she had.


  44. I would think the more relevant study is the one where women who view the world as violent prefer Alpha males and women who see their world as relatively poor prefer greater-Beta males. Hence “game” is about wittling the female herd until you are down to the timid types and offer them your dominating personality (if only for the sake that if you are well off you only need to flash some cash and the money-seekers will surrond you like pirahnas).


  45. I’d revise it: Chicks dig leadership.

    Alpha = leader of the pack.

    Put simply, females are attracted to leadership because leadership signals desirable genes. Being a leader is the best way to demonstrate that a man doesn’t possess bad genes.

    All leaders can dominate, but not all dominant men can lead.

    [Editor: No, the first formulation is more accurate. Dominant but leaderless men do quite well with women.]


    • Also, many leaders are effective precisely because they do not dominate – high caliber followers would not take it (they are ok with someone taking they lead if that person proves to be worthy direction wise. nevertheless, they wont take any shit). They would not be if they did.


    • And, remember, it’s only necessary to have the style and appearance of dominance ’cause perception is reality (i.e., ‘gina tingle) with women.

      He could actually be a no-account frickin’ coward but if he looks like a badass, she’ll just rationalize that, well, HE doesn’t want to be brave and do what he should ’cause he’s so MANLY.


  46. game advice :

    i have been seeing a german exchange student, 23, neuroscience grad student. we have been out on 2 dates and there has been lots of comfort, deep rapport, and every time i try and sexualize the relationship she remains neutral. i am a very flirty guy, lots of kino etc. i invited her up to my apt to leave her bike while we got dinner, she declined. i do know she’s attracted to me because i feel that energy, but i can tell she is very cautious and upbuttoned. context : we met at a Buddhist monastery and have connected on the reasons that brought us there.

    this morning she texts me: “what would you say if i asked you to come on a week long trip with me” ? wtf. i have not had sex with this woman, like i said i’ve been thrown off by her very reserved sexual vibe. i text her back that in theory i would say yes, but i cant due to school and work. i propose that i can get away for 3 days max. she texts ” i understand i have school too, etc, she then proposes that we take a weekend trip to the beach next weekend or the next weekend after that.

    i texted her back within 15 minutes: ” why wait ? i know a great place in point reyes by the beach we can stay at this weekend. it will be sunny and its a natl park”. she had mentioned to me before how she wanted to visit a natl park. i texted her this last night and she hasnt responded.

    my question is this. was i too eager in proposing this weekend for the getaway ? i dont think ive ruined or in any way endangered the interaction but i am not sure whether she saw my willingness to be spontaneous as overeagerness. when she texts me back and she will, unless its a text to say ” lets go” i am waiting a couple days to respond.


    • on June 25, 2011 at 5:30 pm Sociopathic Narcissist


      As a higher beta who is sometimes (lower) alpha, I have observed that often the only difference between success and failure with high status (i.e., hot) girls is their perception of how I perceive them. In other words, if a girl thinks I’m into her (which something like an immediate text response clearly indicates), then she will lose interest; but if, on the other hand, she thinks I’m not interested (which, to women, can be conveyed through something as simple as long delays between responses in addition to frequent outright non-responsiveness), then she will be all over me.

      Remember, what matters is not what you actually feel–because, despite what women and feminist fags claim, they are in fact completely clueless when it comes to genuine intuition concerning others’ feelings–it’s what she *perceives* that you feel. I’ve known girls whom I’ve been absolutely uninterested in (and who were therefore interested in me) who grew cold because I did something as trivial (at least from a male perspective) as responding quickly to a text or immediately returning a phone call. And, conversely, I’ve known girls with whom I’ve been completely obsessed (a particularly humiliating case of one-itis comes to mind), who were seduced with something as simple as calculated indifference.

      Your eager response, as you guessed, was your downfall. Up to that point, I would characterize your behavior as higher beta/lower alpha; but, after that, you became just another beta loser who desperately jumps at the chance for alone time with a pretty face. The primary thing that my life experience thus far has taught me is that women are absolutely clueless and irrational. Period. Don’t ever be yourself, because your natural self is beta. Even the most alpha guy I know, a true leader of men type, has a completely different personality with men than with women. You can let your guard down with men; but, with women, any inclination for plain-dealing and sincerity over sociopathic calculation will lead to your ruin. AWALT.


    • on June 25, 2011 at 5:45 pm Sociopathic Narcissist

      I would add this simple aphorism (I say aphorism instead of maxim because he is not so much advising this behavior as he is simply stating an observed truth) of Oscar Wilde’s, which I believe is critical for all aspiring alphas (or, at the very least, higher betas) to internalize:

      “In all unimportant matters, style, not sincerity, is the essential.
      In all important matters, style, not sincerity, is the essential.”


    • Expect Germans to be more reserved, on average. The trip was a very big sign, though. And I agree, responding too eagerly certainly did not help.


  47. game update:

    instincts were correct. there was no damage incurred and i was just overthinking this.
    she just texted me and told me she is out sailing with her exchange student girlfriend who is leaving. she proposed a weekend getaway for next week.

    this is the first time a woman i haven’t had sex with is already proposing weekend getaways with costs split down the middle. i wonder what the key element is with this one. i can only chalk it up to deep rapport as she feels very comfortable telling me very personal stuff. there has also been tons of dhv’s falling into my lap whenever we hang out but still it’s a first for me.


  48. Kino works. For a lot of dames, the forearm is an erogenous zone. And you can go there without getting tasered.


  49. on June 25, 2011 at 10:49 pm Butinsidedoesmatter

    Seems like the commenters here, especially the first 100, have been getting overly worked up on the theory and taking too much of an objective standpoint.

    Girls are hot – you are alpha – therefore you should touch girls because it makes YOU feel good. Thats the only reason you need. I start ALL approaches with a touch on the shoulder/tricep.


  50. Got two questions for the readers of Chateau.

    What’s the most powerful way to convey high value in the shortest possible time? For example, you walk by two chicks and they insta shit test you by asking for cigs, clearly assuming you’re a beta schlub.

    And then, do girls IOI their boyfriends?


    • Dude, this is a case where the governor needs to intervene or a private bill in the state legislature needs to go through. This is just wrong.


  51. Love ur observations. Im a musician and I constantly see this in the club. The beta sees this as aggressive behavior but the betas better wise up if they hope to get layed by a 24 yr old like my 32 yr old as did this post sore weekend…


  52. Recovering Beta-holic here, need some advice. Met up with a buddy and we chatted up with two women at the bar, both 23 y/o. (one a nerdy 4-5, the other a solid 7-8 blonde, IMHO). We all head to another outside bar and the 4 of us chat up for a couple hours, I tried to use the 3:2 ratio while remaining aloof and made a point to use subtle kino but remaining assertive too with the blonde. I number close with both of them, and get a text back from the blonde this morning saying
    “hey thanks for chillin with us last night, had a great time!”

    My usual beta response in the past would be to text first with ” hope you got home safe” or something of the like. Now i wait until they text or call first….

    1.) I”m not a proponent of texting b/c there is no way to read emotions as well, but i see how guys here have used it to advantage. what is a good waiting period to text or call back based on above text?

    2.) The 4-5 snaggletooth is out of town, how should i transition to a one-on-one setting from a group setting without seeming overzealous but not timid?



    • on June 27, 2011 at 8:19 am republicofcinema

      1. Same day evening or next morning is a good guideline. It suggests a busy and organized man who deals with texts as a part of his routine. Also, by having clearly defined text periods (say, before 9:30 AM and after 10:00 PM), you relieve the stress of having to think about this kind of thing.

      That said, a response within an hour of the above text would not really be too bad. It’s meaningless, really. Just a simple courtesy.

      “right back at ya kiddo” or “more where that came from” would be fine.

      2. The way not to seem overzealous is to not BE overzealous. (Don’t put too much stock in this particular girl or get hung up over a particular time-frame for the close) Also, you really shouldn’t give a shit about whether her friend is in town or not. You’re allowed to be interested in just her, for god’s sake.

      The obstacle is obviously trying to stoke attraction so that she accepts your offer of a re-meet. Ideally, you would have a solid timebridge in place or use callback humor to try to keep the ball rolling with this girl. This is still very difficult and iffy. Also, if you’ve been talking about how much you both like jazz and you invite her out to this great jazz bar and she declines, then what? I don’t like just “throwing out” a meet on text without sufficient momentum.

      My “method” is more like a fisherman: toss out occasional mass-text wisecracks until a girl shows interest. Then reel her in. (disadvantage: might not be the girl I was hoping for)

      Here’s the kind of stuff I randomly text girls I’m trying to re-initiate (no more than once every 2-3 weeks):

      “it’s raining on good-looking people” sent as the rain starts to come down

      “just slept 12 hours. what’s going on in the world?”

      “if u going to church, pray for me” sent Sat night or Sun morning

      “going drinking. if ur not with us ur against us”

      If you remain detached, funny and seem interesting, she will eventually respond very HOT to your bait (like ask “what you’ve been up to”) or initiate text on her own with something like “I’m bored” or “let’s get together” or “big plans this weekend?” That’s the signal to reel her in. Go strong. Phrase it so you’re not asking but just confirming.

      “drinks it is! Thursday 8 ok?”

      “i’ll be @ XXX. don’t forget to shave ur legs~”

      Hope this helps.


  53. any advice on how to get some action on the side with a chick who knows you have a girlfriend and has brought it up in conversation?


    • Start with: Ok, you know I’ve got a girlfriend, so you have to stop trying to get some from me. I know it’s hard.

      go from there.


  54. @Marmaduke

    When you get two numbers from two friends, the less good looking one does not take it personally when you choose her friend. She’ll remain glad you were polite enough to exchange numbers all around (it says you’re all friends that you all have each other’s numbers). No need to think of that matter another half second.


    Most of the hotter younger women actually feel more comfortable dealing with a guy who is known to be dating and close with other women. As long as they’re not old enough to be insecure about a man’s “commitment issues” (women over 27), consider it a DHV and proceed accordingly like it’s just one more reason for her to want you.


  55. Openers that don’t seem canned (also how to roll your own):
    Practice these on guys to get over your anxiety.


  56. So in the animal world, hybrids often don’t reproduce not just because of genetic sterility, but because of sexual selection. There are unique factors of attraction that each species is looking for, and so the mutant hybrid in the middle is a freakish abomination to both sides of the family. Thus even though the hybrid might be genetically compatible with both species, he will never have a chance to reproduce, and is thus functionally sterile. As far as sexual selection goes for WM/AF mutants, Asian & white females who are total bitches and enjoy emasculating Asian men, would just write Eurasian men off as another gook, and non-brainwashed fighting white and Asian females would recognize what a monstrosity WM/AF is, see it as the violent attack on both Asianness and Womanhood that it is, and would never date the offspring of such an abomination over a pureblooded Asian man. An asian woman with pride, and a progressive white woman would never choose a Hapa over an Asian male. So evil women wouldn’t want hapa males for evil reasons, and good women wouldn’t want hapa males for good reasons.


    • Oh boy, what we have here…

      1, Humans are on species. It may come to be that at some point there may be some divergence, but that time isn’t there yet. In the past, even subspecies as divergent as Neanderthal an Cro-Magnon mated. The proof is not in the pudding but in the European DNA.

      2. The differences between human subgroups are mainly cultural. There are some difference in distribution of certain traits between subgroups, naturally. But they are minor adaptations, still within the range of human genetic code base. You can’t refer to the offspring of members of different subgroups of the same species as mutants. It is technically incorrect.
      (Just for the fun, identical twins are referred in med literature as binary monsters. It was fun to find out who I actually am when I first perused human pathology textbook. I’ve been called a monster a few times, and it was my pleasure to inform the utterer that indeed, I am a monster according to medical science.)

      3. People will mix as they please. It was always the case, it is the case, and it will be always the case. For instance, Amerindians have an admixture of European haplogroups. That is, these are present even in isolated tribes of Amazonia, so there has been some mixing going on in remote past. In Vankong, the mixing goes apace and to tell you the truth, caucasoid-asian females are a delight. They seem to be able to avoid more angular caucasiod traits and usually are very feminine and often stunning. Males of the same provenience are sometimes unusual looking, especially if they take on blue eyes and blond hair.Just FYI, the blue/blond trait is not recessive in this mixed group.

      It is likely that you’d be called racist. I think this word has been abused so much that it lost its meaning. In my view, you’re simply misinformed.


  57. Salesmen have known the secret of kino for ages, which is why the best salesmen, if you’re paying attention, will find a way to lightly put their hand on your elbow when they’re guiding you to their product. Kino is a little trickier in male-on-male interactions, though, because the same dominance display that works to sexually arouse women will cause another man to bristle like a porcupine.

    this is the truth. I do not like for salesmen to touch me at all. In fact if they do it to me, I do it back doubly to them while talking about a lower price or better deal. They don’t seem to like it either.


  58. Years ago I was out with a gal who was way over the other side of the living room from where I was sitting. She had invited me into her apartment, was friendly but not touchy. We had been playing around for several dates and I had already decided that this was it. She had a reputation as an ice princess at and tended to be stand offish and somewhat aloof. There was this moment where I just stopped talking (we were filling in uncomfortable silences with inconsequential small talk.)

    I just got up from where I was sitting, walked over to where she was, sat down right next to her and kissed her. I figured if she rejected me, I would just get up and leave.

    I knew I had to chance rejection. Not care about it. I was either going to be in bed with her or on the street getting into my car.

    She gasped and suddenly kissed me back wrapping her arms around me. A few minutes later we were in bed with our clothes off having wild sex. I ended up spending the night.


  59. Months after Michael Bay fired Megan Fox from Transformers 3, she sends him a text.

    Megan: I hope you’re doing well.

    Bay texted back: Who is this?


    Megan: Megan, you dork!

    Bay: Oh, well, thank you..



  60. IOI or Shit-test?

    Related to kino…there were a number of girls in my social circle I gamed but never closed. Perhaps it was because it was the social circle game that made it hard or for whatever reason, it didn’t pan out. I still game them.

    But now that I’m with someone they all know…I’m getting these “comments” from those same girls.

    They make little references to the girl I’m seeing: “Oh, she won’t like it if she sees your talking to me….”

    Me: “She’s used to it…

    Others include just references…they mention her or say “your girl”…

    I always either ignore or come back with something….

    To the “Your girl…..blah blah blah”

    Me: They’re alllllllll my girls….

    But the frequent mentions: freq-mens….are too pointed to ignore.

    Hamsters are spinning. But in what direction? Are these IOI’s or shit-tests?

    Why do women who you’ve previously gamed and moved on from because you tried but it didn’t pan out….suddenly feel a need to reference the new girl to me?


  61. walawala, one may say that a shit test is a sublimated form of IOI. No interest–no need for shit tests.

    Why do women who you’ve previously gamed and moved on from because you tried but it didn’t pan out….suddenly feel a need to reference the new girl to me?

    You have supplied now the social proof and their hamsters are being fed.


  62. @Catnerd….right, pre-selection. Overlooked that.

    But since previously I had been unable to close, would this mean that they would be the ones making the effort?

    In one case, one of the girls went on holiday. I asked her to buy me something specific (compliance test) she agreed…and suggested rather than me paying her back, we’d go to dinner.

    We did. I took her to someplace proportional to the thing she bought me.

    But…it was clear she was lapping up everything I was saying. We never touched on my personal situation…ever.

    This was by definition “hanging out” in the pua sense of the word…a “date” in the AFC definition.

    But I was negging and gaming the whole time. This girl was loving it.


  63. In fact men in the comment section of the new Wall Street Journal article are openly saying that feminists want to promote the “science” that older men have bad sperm and shouldn’t be mated with by younger women.

    There is a commenter called “James” who is clearly a bitter old woman who continually pushes the “don’t mate with older men because that’s tantamount to creating defective kids and that’s cruel” meme. Real male commenters are on to “James” being an older female sockpuppet.

    We can expect to see a major media explosion of the “new findings” that “older men produce defective kids”.

    The older alphas like the former chairman of CBS who used to control media are now dead, Rupert Murdoch is clearly sexually impotent or not interested in females, Corporations control the media by feminist committee now. So we can expect to see the above story plastered across every news outlet so every English speaking young woman has been “warned” not to mate with older men.


  64. Here is a comment from “Will Jones” on the misandric Wall Street Journal article slamming older men’s sperm:

    Will Jones wrote:

    This is a classic example of FEMALE PROJECTION. Women routinely PROJECT their issues onto men.

    Why do they do this? Well! Men have a number of natural advantages over women. Certain women, namely the feminists, resent this FACT. This FACT speaks to women’s inferiority. So, these women drum up “research” and write articles like this one.

    It’s well known FACT that woman is “at war” with her body over most of her lifetime. Examples: That nasty little visitor that appears once a month.PMS, i.e. cramps, migraines, psychotic mood swings, etc.
    The ticking clock.
    Pregnancy and child-bearing.
    Postpartum depression.
    The guilt-ridden strife of the motherhood-career continuum.
    The necessary hormone treatments. (Lest she completely lose her mind.)
    Aging. (The “fair sex”, as it’s referred, only worsens with age. Woman blossoms early and her zenith is short-lived. A fine wine, she is not.)

    There are other, more serious issues as well, e.g. breast cancer. It’s little wonder that entire hospitals are dedicated exclusively to women’s health. It’s little wonder the overwhelming majority of healthcare funding is directed to women.

    I say we ban ibuprofen for one month and observe what happens to the workplace.

    “Women are equal to men in every way!!!” This tired argument is blasted endlessly across the breadth of Anglosphere. The very mind of the English-speaking man is effectively numbed by its sheer volume and consistency.

    Back on point. Men simply don’t have these issues. This frees us to focus, pursue, achieve. Men are far better equipped than women to deal with the outside world. Feminists, of course, resent this FACT to the very core of their misandric little beings. (It’s awful, really. The Medusa-like rage, I mean. Very ugly.) The man-haters can’t change reality. But they CAN attack men and devalue masculinity. PROJECTING female issues onto the male is one way of doing this.

    Speaking to my life, I have a dozen or so buddies in their late-30s/early-40s. None of these guys are fathers. We never talk about babies. Ever. Not even once, to my recollection. In my group, there are no “ticking clocks.” To be sure, sex with women is an imperative. But not fatherhood per se.

    ATTENTION MEN. (This excludes woman-worshipping d–chebags like James Carter, above.) Attention men. I advise you exercise a prima facie distrust of all feminist “research”. Why? Because it’s not research. It’s merely assertion, grounded in DESIRED OUTCOMES. As such, it’s baseless. At best, it’s cherry-picked poppycock. No feminist work has withstood scientific scrutiny. Moreover, these days, political correctness immunizes such work from such scrutiny. In effect, this garbage is beyond reproach, which is the only reason it hasn’t been eliminated from public discourse. Feminist writing is LITERATURE, nothing more. Keep this mind when reading articles such as this one.

    It’s a cute article, but the author’s objectives and methods are oh-so-typical and commonplace. Boring.

    Finally, a note to the editors of the WSJ. Misandry SELLS, does it not? Don’t think we aren’t aware of what you’re doing. We very much are. Women will buy ANYTHING that enhances their self esteem. Yes, it’s a fool-proof formula. Enjoy the revenues while they last. Your credibility is crumbling. I’m curious, is a WSJ-Ms. Magazine merger on the horizon?


  65. interesting story i thought i’d share with the Chateau –