Open This Set

Imagine you are at a club and you are confronted by this three set:








. (nsfw ascii bread crumbs added to fool wandering eyes)









Let’s examine what we have here. I’ll wait while you finish up fapping your comatose seed into oblivion.

Ok, the specs.

  • Three girls, from left to right: a 7.5, a 6 and a 4.5.

Readers’ rankings may vary 0.5 to 1 point in either direction. Don’t make a production out of it. The rankings are reflective of general consensus among the male population.

  • Odds of sluttiness, from left to right: 65%, 25% and 75%

I know, some of you are asking how the third girl can have a higher chance of being a superslipperyfun slut than the first girl. Gentlemen, don’t confuse sluttery with exhibitionism. While there is a correlation, exhibitionists are often decepticon sluts who want to make you think they are DTF, but in reality just get off on provoking male attention and public displays of horniness (PDH) from desperate no-game-having men.

HBhellovagina! on the left is clearly an exhibitionist (please, no contrarian insistence that she might not know her panties are showing; she knows.) Most likely, she is displaying her pantied genitalia for the cameraman (and her friends) alone, because most of the men in the background have their backs turned to her. This suggests her panty flash was likely a spontaneous action with zero forethought or preparedness to maximize the amount of attention she could receive. She hasn’t prepped the crowd, in other words. A lack of preparation boosts her slut score, since sluts act on impulse. Thus, her 65% chance to put out same night.

HBwhitedress has demure body language, a soft smile, a long hemline and tallness. She is the mother hen. You will not pull a same night lay with her, but you will pull a number and a date.

HBminiskirt has many of the signs of true sluttiness — prominent chest and buttocks thrust, sleepy demonic eyes, knowing smirk, oversized purse, gaudy accessories and, most importantly, she is the least attractive of her friends, but not so unattractive that she can’t hook a few douchebag horndogs for a night or two of sweaty delirium. She is the kind of girl who uses the easy availability of her sex to steal the spotlight from her more attractive friends. Also, check out her digit ratio: masculine! That’s almost all the proof you need that she’s DTF. If her face were illuminated with a black light, rivulets of ancient cum shots would shine brightly, resembling a Martian landscape.

  • Potential cockblock, from left to right: very high, moderate, low.

Exhibitionists are second only to fat chicks for their compulsion to cockblock and their talent at doing so. HBhellovagina! won’t take kindly to the spotlight being off her for even a second. HBwhitedress may move in if she sees one of her charges succumbing to your charms. HBminiskirt has the cartoonishly sexy posture of a woman who would sooner steal you for a messy fuck than cockblock you.

  • All three girls are close friends.

Girls who are close friends don’t mind when their boobs nestle against each other. They may even like it. They *do* mind when one of their friends makes a spectacle of herself, which makes me wonder if HBhellovagina! caught them unawares with her standing split.

Now that you have the preliminary analysis you need based on a quick visual inspection, I want you to describe how you would approach and open this set, either alone or with a wingman. Which girl would you choose as your primary target? Who would you address first? What opener would you use? If going in alone, how do you extract your target?

Keep in mind that three scenarios are probable here, and will determine your approach. HBhellovagina! is:

1. flaunting her goods for a lone cameraman (with maybe his buddy in tow), or

2. flaunting her goods for another girl friend(s), or

3. flaunting her goods for you because she has seen you walking toward her group (with camera in hand).

Choose from one of the three probable scenarios above and describe your opening game in detail. You confident bastards may want to describe how you would game these chicks under all three scenarios. This is just an exercise in opening game, so no need to go into panegyrics about venue bouncing or bedroom tips. Stick to the approach and extraction.

Those of you with good game will get to experience the thrill of commenters patting you on the back. Merry f’in Christmas!


  1. I think they’re all really frightening.


    • Seconded. The one at the left makes me think of Danny DeVito. The one in the middle I’d want to check for an Adam’s apple. As for the one on the right I don’t like blondes and she looks like she should be out kickboxing or something. I’d smirk and keep walking.


      • The one on the left is acting rather strange, as is her choice of undies from the little girls’ section. A sexual girl would be wearing something frilly instead of a techni-color tighty whitey. Though her flexibility would normally arouse the wood, her strangeness is a turn-off.

        The one on the right looks like an albino baboon, but baboons like to fuck and her sluttiness stiffens the wood like a homing missle.

        The middle is the most “normal” looking one, and therefore the most attractive when compared to the other two.

        However I’d probably have to fantasize about her strange friend & her slutty baboon friend in order to get off while doing her missionary style.


      • Kudos to all three of you. If I had to choose one of these three or a monkish life of celibacy, I’d have to think about it for a while. In that case, someone less desperate than me would have opened them, and I’d be off to look for pastures with real grass


  2. My reaction to HBhellovagina is odd, I’m disgusted, but at the same time…


  3. on December 28, 2011 at 4:30 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM)


    da chick on da right is da fatty fatty who DOES NOT WANT you to hook up with either uof his friendzz lzlzlzlzlo

    so i would have fire power or fire starter the beta poster here jump on da fatty grenade y saying to to him, “i got jibs on da hottest on on the right!” lzozozzo and after he tries to steal her from the GBFM and wanders off to da dance floor, da GBFM says to da one on the left

    hey can you do your BALLET t6rick again lzozlzl

    somehow if you get a girl to think she is doing BALLET she will do ANYTHING and get down on her knees and bendz over like a DOGG lzozlzlzozo doddgdyd

    then i say to the one in teh middle, after her firend does the trick, “can you do this?” and she shakes her head zlzlozozzo

    so den i say, “well, when you figure it out, come dance iwth us,” and i grab da ballet controionist and take her two steps towards the dance floor.

    then i suddnly stop.

    and i turn around and grab the nimjillddle girlz hand

    and i says,

    “just kidding come dance and da GBFM will TEACH you HOW Ito do its!! ” zlzoozlloz OMG yah lzozlzozozoz

    so that is how i get da hotties hout on a dance floor gridnin on da GBFM denim cock while fire power is making out with the chunky chunky fattie police tstae womenz who can no longer intervene as a homelabnd securitiy officer to preven thd da GBRM for going down on one a da hotties while da other hootiiee go domwn on my lotssas cokass zlozlzzozo

    CAVEAT !!!

    i am a professional.

    do not try this on your own uness u are a profesisonal as injury may reuslsts zlozozlzlzozo


  4. I disagree on your cockblock rating. The one on the right has huge cockblock potential because she probably gets jealous of her friends attention. I would guarantee if she doesn’t like you, she will nag her friend and cockblock you. The one on the left is an attention whore and a cockblock risk, but she is capable of pulling off the phantom cockblock where the set ends literally out of nowhere leaving you hanging wondering what just happened.


  5. if you’d fuck any of these three, you’re obviously not alpha

    [heartiste: alert. internet nerd with ‘pointy elbows’ syndrome.]


    • Oh nuts… I knew it. I’m a lowly omega. oh well.

      I’d go in alone, I’d introduce and after some lines about the limberness of splitgurl and how I once knew a gymnast who could do something similar, I’d start to play semi-ignore to HBhellovagina! the show off splitgurl even though she was flaunting her goods for me because she had seen me walking toward the group… this will hopefully get her riled and showing interest; while at the same time I’ll be directing a slightly disproportionate amount of interest to HBminiskirt.
      even though I will be initially showing HBminiskirt the most interest by a slight %, my target would be HBwhitedress, and she’ll know this by the more mature jokes and offhand negs I toss at the other two, and hopefully some lines that only she will understand since she is likely the most intelligent and grounded member of this threesome. I’ll keep showing HBminiskirt the most interest (by an ever so slight %) just to keep her from wandering off, so I can play them off eachother, otherwise, she’d probably stray. After a few minutes of this, my interest % will shift toward HBwhitedress and when I get her alone evetually, I’ll rationalize this to her by saying something like “at first I actually wanted to hit on your friend, but after talking to you, I really wanted to know more about you”. I’m not sure how I’d isolate HBwhitedress, mostly because of HBhellovagina!… maybe I could direct her to another group of guys or dare her to do some nonsense that leads her away from me and whitedress. I guess thats about it.

      For the record, I’d be shooting for the same night with HBwhitedress just to prove to myself that I could get it despite CH’s declarations otherwise.


  6. Confidently walk up the middle, smirk at the girl on the right, ask the girl on the left to hold my drink and introduce myself politely to the mother hen.


  7. 1. Go up to said cameraman and offer to take his picture with the gals. Pull out my cell phone before I take their photo together, and then ask him to do the same for me, but with flexigal standing on both feet because my sister reads my Facebook. Now I’m in the circle with the gals, preferably standing behind/next to mother hen.

    I use the sister reference to segue a whisper to her that it’s good news that she’s able to keep her younger sisters out of danger (neg), and bat down her “They’re not my younger sisters!” response playfully. Key element is to get the mother hen to see that you’re not a creep, hopefully helping to neutralize her anti-slut defenses or cockblock desires.

    Since I’d likely prefer the number of the hen (she’s the hottest, in my opinion), but we’re talking about SNL with one of the gals, I’d definitely go after the blonde fatty, who dislikes flexigal’s outward displays of sluttiness. Exhibitionists are typically no-gos unless they’re drunk. Neg the chunky blonde with “What tricks do you have to show off?”, then stop her from saying/trying anything with “No, no, don’t show me, I still respect you” and immediately go into one of my own cockamamie bar tricks.

    If I’m not flying solo, partially isolate the blonde with a story opener like “I once did this back flip for free shots at a bar, but my friend over there tells the story better.” Grab her hand, head for my friends — who already know the story and do tell it better — and then dump my friends for full isolation.

    2. If it’s another girlfriend taking the photo, try to start off with the same tactics as above, including getting my photo taken with flexigirl in the upright position instead, but a lot depends on how attractive the photo-taker is. If she’s equal or better to a 6.5, I’d probably go after her because the photo-takers tend to be less bitchy in my opinion.

    Let’s say the photo-taker is off limits — the partial isolation should still work, but it requires even faster decision-making. 3 women backing up a 4th is tough business, and I would probably avoid the decision unless one of the gals was already giving me the “bang me” eyes. My only skill with large groups of women where none have invited me over with her look is having an opener like the “Let me take your photo together” line, otherwise, ASD and cockblock defenses are stronger and stronger (unless the group is so huge that one side can’t hear the other).

    3. If I’m taking the photo, obviously my answer is to go up to the hottest one, tell her I framed the photo so she’d look the best in it over the others, and tell her she owes me a drink/shot for using my amazing photographer skills to her advantage. “We’ll be back” to her friends when she agrees. If she asks what photographer background I have, it’s always the same line: “Well, I took a photo for (famous person) once when we were both at the Eiffel Tower. Let’s you get me that drink and I’ll tell you about it.” Isolate and never return to the other broads.

    The 3rd is the one I’d be happiest with, because they’re already initiating some interest of some kind by inviting you to take the photo and someone is showing off their talents. I would definitely not go after flexigal unless she was giving strong IOIs towards me specifically and not every other douchebag in the room.

    Still, I’d rather get mother hen’s # and skip the SNL — I love me some tall brunettes with a little slouch in photos.


    • are you writing an essay? wow, entirely too much thought put into this


      • I put zero thought into it. That was extemporaneous.

        I can’t imagine it taking more than 30 seconds to make a decision with this 3 set, possible 4 set. You look, you make your decision, you move in, you kill or walk away and kill elsewhere.

        It’s all fairly simple. CH has archives here that explain it all fairly well for those who can’t write a few simple paragraphs in 3 minutes or less.


      • a few simple paragraphs? you wrote about 10. rogaine will work wonders for you. seriously man, i try to read the comments and you write a novel on here. get over yourself


  8. HBHelloVagina a 7.5??? Fucking generous aren’t we?

    [heartiste: another PES victim.]


  9. I would say “fuck you” to all three… and talk to the tall brunette in the background to the right.

    On my way past them, I would say to the tall one: “you are kinda cute for a big girl.”


  10. Me: “Damn, how’d she get to be so flexible?” (To group)

    HBMotherHen: “She used to be a gymnast.”

    Me: “Really? I bet she’d make a good dancer with balance like that.” (To HBHelloVagina)

    She either says one of three things:

    HBHelloVagina: “I don’t know anything about dancing!” (she’s never danced, or doesn’t like it)


    “I’m not very good at dancing…” (which implies she’s danced some)


    “I love dancing, I’ve learned dance x, dance y, I’ve danced professionally since age 7 blah blah blah” (She basically says something to effect that she’s good at dancing)

    Me: (if she’s never danced or danced some) “Oh, don’t be so hard on yourself. I bet you can dance just fine.” Take her hand and lead her to the dance floor.


    (If she’s good or expert at dancing) “You’re pretty confident… let’s go see what you can do.” Take her hand and lead her to the dance floor.

    Crazy impulsive slutty girls love to dance. Should have a good chance of extraction as long as she finds me mildly attractive. Once on the dance floor, I proceed to swoop according to the rest of the gameplan:


  11. I’d open HelloVagina by making fun of her underwear. Sounds weak, but I’ve had luck w such in the past. Can’t really plot it out more than that, I’m definitely a play it by ear type.


  12. The chick in the middle has a fringe. That is always a sign of that a woman is hiding something – covering up (metaphorically), so I’d make a play for her – as she seems the most interesting; and although she is smiling her teeth are closed – usually a sign of aggression behind the smile. I agree the one on the left would actually be hard work and the one on the right easier, but not quite good looking enough, and she looks the youngest too. I’d probably say something to the one in the middle such as ‘Can your friend suck her toes ?[getting things round to sucking quickly] or [but she might be a bit too shy for this] Can you do that too?


  13. “You’re gonna have to open wider if you want it to fit.”

    Address the two on the right. Don’t have a line ready though, probably commenting on how she must require constant supervision.

    Maybe “This must be that promising ballerina you were telling me about.” The transparently fake familiarity tack – as with the “Did you get my text” to a girl with her phone out.

    I’d go for the tall girl. My game is too low energy to keep the attention of a girl like that, on the left, in a crowded loud bar. At a house party or coffee shop, it wouldn’t be as problematic. Plus the net chance of ultimately banging her is way lower, IMO.

    Attention whores always seem like easy pickings, until they suddenly vamoose to their next mark.


  14. I like the mother hen best. I bet she looks way cuter in person. Unfortunately she looks like the scary Mr. Rogers doll in this pic.


  15. I would approach the middle one and tell her that she looked very pretty and that I would like to take her to a nice restaurant and pay for her meal.

    Did I win the prize?


    • first, offer to hold her drink.


    • then marry her and have consensual sex with her in the missionary position for the sole purpose of reproduction.


    • After the marriage fizzles, then let her shack up with the gardener in your house and use that marital bed as their boning altar while you go rent a squalid studio apartment.


    • And when she divorces you, don’t contest the size and scope of her alimony payments or her custody of the kids.


    • Promptly apologize for all your faults. Say sorry for all the mistakes you made in the past, take credit for all of them. She will then feel sorry for you, which will get you laid.

      Take it from the master.

      [heartiste: i don’t mind creative or humorous trolls. this one fits the bill.]


  16. I just disagree with their rank, I found them 6, 5 and 4 respectively, but then, I live in Brasil. The showgirl may be “demographically” better than average.


  17. Ok. Gonna take a crack at this. Mostly because I know my night game needs work and have only had a chance to work on day game since taking the red pill, I’ll also try my first instinct on this to see how my immediate reaction hold up under scrutiny.

    I’d neg HBhellovagina about having a choice in panties I’d expect in a 13 year old match her stature, with body language open and friendly to her two friends. Intent to demonstrate high standards and prevent a cock block from the one on the right. I’d try to use any reaction to have Hellovagina and Miniskirt in a push-pull trying to prove one of them has a higher value. Comments like asking miniskirt if she’s as flexible as hellovagina, questioning miniskirts taste in an outfit, but then offering whitedress a taste of my drink instead of either of the others.

    If I had a chance I’d honestly find a way to isolate whitedress to push for the number, make out, and later sex. I know, less chance for same night – but I personally find whitedress more attractive than HBhellovagina.

    If it came down to it I’d take hellovagina for a ONS, I’d say no to HBminiskirt because I don’t find her attractive at all and want to demonstrate higher value to the other two. Only reason I’d game miniskirt at all is to try and up the stakes for the other two and keep them off balance. If miniskirt found a reason to bail halfway through and left me with the other two I’d probably consider it a success for less risk of cockblock.


  18. That’s a nice prosthetic leg. Some people can do amazing things with wood.


  19. Hbminiskirt is ugly, scares me, I might be PESnerd but I may avoid group. But, I’ll take challenge, fumble on in, knowing that target=HBVag is also cockblocking attention whore, I’ll be ignoring her while I open HBwhitedress with a false time constraint and quickly try to disqual her so she doesn’t freeze me out (actually, if I see an IOI of her, I may do a pretty girl takeaway (“oh you remind me of Malin Akerman…no nevermind, it’s just the hair…”) on her to make her work for it to start girl competition). HBmini, being ugly and slutty, is a weird chick who may either glom on to me uncomfortably or reject me outright to boost ego, so she gets shut out as well. Wait for either one of shut out HB’s to attention whore and then play “let’s you and her fight” against each other while hopefully not boring HBwhitedress until I leave group, hopefully making HBvag the winner of the girl fight as I attempt isolation (but have to determine if HBvag is slutty exhibitionist or simply throwing out beta-bait with attention whoring) But I have to know when to cut bait, so that HBfug doesn’t get any ideas about being naked friends with me.


  20. Dude, none of those girls is attractive.

    [heartiste: PES dispenser. have you taken a trip to walmart lately?]

    The one on the left is like 3 feet tall.

    [shortness has zero to very little impact on a girl’s attractiveness.]

    The one on the right is downright ugly.

    [no. rosie odonnell is downright ugly.]

    They would all be in the bottom third of most decent clubs.

    [you need perspective. in the general female population, pantygirl would rank well into the attractiveness tail of the female bell curve.]


    • “[shortness has zero to very little impact on a girl’s attractiveness.]”

      Disagree maestro.

      Short women produce more ejaculate in a man’s sack because they inspire a feeling of dominance. There’s a study proving this. If there isn’t, wait a few days — there will be.

      [heartiste: there is a post in the archives about men finding shorter women more sexually attractive than taller women. so you can take “little impact” to mean a positive change to a woman’s attractiveness.]


      • as another aside, I noticed that bendy girls seem to assume the sale, that being bendy is inherently sexy and adds some points to their cumulative looks score. Oh, I get it, legs behind the head, etc., not that big of a deal. HBvag may be making the same fem-logic conclusion. Therefore, any comment on her flexibility in the form of a compliment is pretty much bad form. I’d probably go with, “most short girls love to wear high heels, I guess balance and flexibility don’t go hand in hand.”


    • Agreed. All nasty I wouldn’t even bother, nor would I notice them in a club.


    • Heartiste: Heh… I have taken a trip to the world of the Walmartians… Scary.

      As for Odonnell being downright ugly…she’s more the stuff of nightmares…


  21. “My grandma has those same panties, and she sucks a mean dick. I bet you’re a good little cocksucker. Show me.” Immediately extract my penis and start helicoptering to the beat whilst maintaining eye contact and a straight face.

    I’m dead fucking serious.


  22. How to approach HelloVagina:
    (ignoring her ugly friends)

    PUA: looking at you, I just had an insight about my past relationships. (enthusiasm)
    Vagina: what?
    PUA: now I see why they failed! (eureka tone)
    Vagina: why?
    PUA: lack of flexibility.

    I can’t predict exactly what Vagina will answer. The idea is to tell her that the PUA’s ex-girlfriends (and most girls) haven’t enough flexibility to match the his sexual creativity.

    PUA: You know, sex is the base of a relationship. And there is “sex and… sex”. And I particularly prefer the second kind. (cocky smirk)

    Try to make her talk about her flexibility qualifications and elegantly relate it to her sexual life.

    Go on talking about various subjects but always bringing back the flex sex in a cocky funny way.

    To try a fuck close:
    PUA: I’m so curious of what you can do if there wasn’t all this people watching. I bet I would be surprised.
    (Possible sexual escalation.)


    • a) Immediate open with the white dress girl? Totally ignore the leg move.
      b) Let me guess. Used to take gymnastic lessons before you became a drunken club girl? The glory days are over. (What’s a better way to phrase this general vibe?)


  23. Oh and I would target the mother hen. This would not be a quick pickup I would imagine. Lots of time required.

    I think approaching the other 2 first would work best to throw her off the scent. I’d make a make a comment to the on one the right “You need to remind your friend she’s not at gymnastics class. She might give off the wrong impression that she might be looking to attract men.” Hopefully the one on the left will talk about the one on the right and then I’ll engage with those two deliberately leaving out mother hen. I’ll have fun and lightly tease them. Then do a cold read about who would be who in the group telling mother hen, last, that she is the responsible one. Probably the friends would agree and make a little fun of her and then mother hen starts qualifying herself. Somehow segue this into getting her to dance via comfort. Go back and banter with the friends again to further prevent cockblocking and do a venue change with the mother hen and then the SNL.


  24. primary target: white dress girl

    i’d open the flexible girl with something like, “impressive. was there some sort of traumatic childhood injury you went through that made you that flexible?”

    “no!” (she starts an animated attempt to explain. i interrupt her.)

    “then are you a thief or something, that uses their flexibility to avoid lasers and steal cool stuff?

    “no! no, i’m a dancer.”

    “just a dancer? that’s it?”


    i would then turn to blue shorts girl. “you buy this nonsense? she just went through excruciating pain to be a dancer? there has to be a better story than that.”

    at this point it’s hard to know which direction I’d go, but at some point i’d try to compare the flexible girl to a 12-year-old chinese girl, while teasing white dress girl that she was too stiff and inflexible and tightly-wound to pull off anything like that split.

    getting dancer girl qualifying herself to me as much as possible will probably prevent her from cockblocking me with white dress, and i’m not concerned about blue shorts getting in the way of isolation. i mean, really, white dress seems like the girl the other two dragged out to party. odds are low that they would cockblock her, and if the opening goes well, pretty good odds i’ll get a one-on-one conversation with white dress girl at which point it’s game over.


    • Bringing up childhood trauma? A no go, man. bad play. Doubly, considering the sluttage on two of them—one of them got fucked up bad by Daddy/Daddy substiute.


  25. Hellovagina is an obvious attention whore – if you give her the attention she’s seeking she’ll use you for the temporary ego boost and then discard you like a used tampon as soon as a new guy enters her field of vision.

    The mongoloid bitch is to be avoided as well. Since she probably gets cocked up by drunk douche bags multiple times a weekend – it would be tough to approach her without alarming the mother hen’s protective instincts. The best approach is to open the mother hen.

    As i’m opening mother hen, i avoid acknowleging any of the hellovagina’s antics…which would be sure to escalate when she realizes she’s not the focus of your interest. I would give hellovagina a casual look, as if i’m viewing something banal and then focus on mother hen and make some kind of observational statement/question. Laughing off hellovagina’s exhibitionism, i would ask her if she’s (mother hen) the introvert of the group. From there, find out how the group knows each other and work it from there. Gradually, I would bring mongoloid into the conversation.

    The key to the whole situation is avoiding hellovagina’s plea for attention. I might even back turn her as i’m talking to the other two. Or perhaps neg her awful taste in underwear – seriously, wtf is she wearing? looks like underoos. Get hellovagina scrambling for your attention hard and only then give it to her in small doses. Stay focused on mother hen, disarm her, get her approval and you should have access to all three. Actually, scratch that, the mongoloid should not be mated with under any circumstan…she’s a butt-a-face if there ever was one. Serious morning after regrets with that one.


  26. 1) Addressing the whole group:

    “Does anyone here smell fish?”


  27. Girls who do gymnastics for male attention are annoying. The only one I’d be happy if my son brought home, is the girl in the middle.


  28. I would call Alek Novy over and let him anti-game the trio for me. Then the five of us would run to the nearest motel and have five-way together. Easy peasy.


  29. Approach the group, say hello while making direct eye contact with Whitedress, and ask if she’s being paid to babysit or just volunteering.
    The strongest neg is towards Exhibitionist, while the bottom-rung slut wonders if that was a dig at her or if she was ignored completely.

    If Whitedress responds positively, keep the attention somewhat focused on her. Even if she doesn’t put out that night, when she finds herself saying “I’ve never done that before,” in a week or so, she may well be telling the truth.

    If not, then both the Exhibitionist and the Express Pussy will look to regain center stage.

    But it should be noted that the only way the easy one is worth the time is if she can be nailed on premises (which is a good possibility) for sport value.


  30. To the left: I see you’ve been training for the floor olympics for london 2012. You got any other moves you can show here that are a little easier on the eyes?

    Depending on how well the group takes that, I could ask if the one on the right has a scandinavian heritage. She says no and I go on to explain that she has that look (pale, blue eyes bullshit) that I was over there a couple of weeks back bla bla.

    Then turn the middle one and tell the other two while i’m looking into her eyes that she’s awfully shy all this time i’ve been addressing the group and ask whether she’s had enough to drink to loosen up tonight e.t.c. Make a quick remark of how much of a giant she is compared to me (I’m 5.8). Hopefully defences will be down by that point and I’ll tell her I’m off to the bar to grab a drink and it’s on her (risky but I don’t give a shit by this point).

    In real life, I would probably hesitate for a minute and ruin the fucking moment because of approach anxiety.


    • “In real life, I would probably hesitate for a minute and ruin the fucking moment because of approach anxiety.”

      I hear you, but just do it. You only the subtleties of approaching correctly by doing it. So, you mess up a few, who cares? Think of what you’ll win if you get this stuff right.


    • I have approach anxiety issues too, but honestly I think you’re just overthinking this a little. I’ve seen a friend of mine open sets of HB8+ simply by noticing that one girl is displaying some sassy body language (like a hand on the hip); he just walks up and does a mocking imitation of her posture until she notices him. Then he just starts talking.

      In a scenario like this, the exhibitionist has already broken the ice, anxiety should be much less than a completely cold approach. I think the greater challenge here is avoiding beta reactions to the girl’s exposed crotch.


      • “I think the greater challenge here is avoiding beta reactions to the girl’s exposed crotch.”

        I suppose there are dudes famished enough for the gash that it would be enticing.

        Reminds me of an episode from my life years and years ago. Virginia Beach, on the boardwalk. Nude, obese black woman on a high floor of a hotel giving niggas down below a show. Predictable hootin’ n hollerin’ of the ilk. But one self-possessed sort turns to the crowd and says, “Y’all ac’ like you ain’t neva seen a naked lady befo’!”, then walks away.


      • on December 28, 2011 at 10:12 pm John Norman Howard

        See? Everyone had their good Negro.


      • Most white nationalists, at least in private, will say that blacks’ unrefined behavior is sometimes refreshing. No weird internalized self-policing, strong alpha inclination.


      • on December 29, 2011 at 1:48 pm John Norman Howard

        Amusing at times, perhaps… never “refreshing”.

        The “alphaness” of baboons is sometimes of interest… in the wild… and from a distance.

        Nigger shamelessness/arrogance/lack of impulse control is not my idea of manly behavior… leastwise, not for an alleged member of the species homo sapiens.

        There’s a difference between being a “man among men” and some vainglorious peacock whose mind and body are nothing more than a life-support system for a penis.


      • Oh yea?



        I’ve come around to insisting on a subspecial classification. It isn’t Linnaean taxonomy that fails human biodiversity, of course, but the thought-police who set the limits of discourse and enforce white altruism protocols. Mentioning subspecies is useless in “polite” (anti-white genocidalist) society; in their heads it is instantly muddled with species, and the narrative has supplied the crimestop: “We share most of our DNA … ”

        And our best friends, the eternal victims of irrational white anti-Semitism and resentment at their success which isn’t success, go: Lolzozlzozlzlzlz.


  31. Can someone quickly summarize the digit ratio? What indicates horny female/Alpha?


    • compare length of ring finger to index finger. the more the ring finger is longer than the index finger = more exposure to prenatal testosterone. if the index finger is longer = less exposure. works in guys too.


  32. While I agree with the vast majority of the content up here the girl on the left.. a hb? come on now.. she has nicely shaped legs, but you can hardly see her upper body because of the loose clothing. and the crucial part.. her face: just look at her manjaw and manly chin and awkward smile. imo based on the pic she’s good, but not beyond 7 and def not a HB.

    [heartiste: just do the test and stop whining about whether she’s a 7, 7.5 or 8. jesus, people, focus!]


  33. Go to the photographer right away and start talking about the picture. Point at the picture and smirk. The girls will want to know what you were talking about.

    Tell the set the blue polo guy got away easily, because he made weird faces behind them while they weren’t looking. He tried to goofily copy the gymnast by throwing his leg up also.

    Set is open.


  34. I disagree with the rating for the chubby one on the right. She’s still doable, which by definition should put her at 5.5 or better. I would rate them 7, 7, and 6 (maybe 5.5; depends on how she pulls it off).


  35. Like others, middle girl would be my target. So, I’d open the split girl with key “careful, when I did that to my sister’s barbie, the legs stayed pinned behind her ears for hours.”


  36. Here’s how my imaginary alpha alter-ego would open this for #2 and #3:

    2. flaunting her goods for another girl friend(s)

    Give her some attention but hold the frame of her = ridiculous.

    For example look her in the eyes and see how she reacts. If she closes up quickly and looks guilty maybe tease her a little. If she’s defiant hold the gaze and maybe make a comment but avoid rewarding the behavior too much.

    After that, open HBwhitedress, maybe with something about bangs being totally in style right now.

    3. flaunting her goods for you because she has seen you walking toward her group (with camera in hand).

    Ignore her, storing the incident to bring up later. Open HBwhitedress.


    • > but avoid rewarding the behavior too much

      To clarify, avoid rewarding HBhellovagina!. It’s fine to reward her friends.


  37. on December 28, 2011 at 6:33 pm RickJamesCrackPipe

    -“I forgot my wide angle lens.” (Girl on left: laughs hysterically and goes on “look at me, look at me” tirade, girl on right smiles with glazed over “fuck me eyes.” Middle girl realizes what is going on, smiles and steps back mentally.

    -I tell a few cocky/funny impromptu jokes to the sluts and give periodical glances at the lady in (waiting) white as she returns my lustful gazes with coyful gestures.

    -I do my thing just long enough until the whores need more attention and go off and find it through different displays of acrobatics and pelvic contortions.

    -Immediately I then approach “Heidi” and say nothing more than “hello” (no gimmicks or over gaming necessary). Talk to her normally and progress conversation to peak her interest and number close and disappear within 15-20 minutes leaving her wanting more.

    (I suggest this because they are at a club and it is loud and she is the mother hen and needs to take care of her chicks. Although, if she looks annoyed or is not having a good time, pull her away to a new location or secluded venue with a promise to meet up with her sibling sluts later)

    -Call her two days later and set a drink date, normal conversation and eyebrow raising blah blah blah.

    -Because of her slutty brood/enablers she will most certainly allow a meat injection by date #2

    Btw the middle girl is the hottest: Outside of her fringe, her hair is flawless with nice color/sheen. Dress attire is classy, yet accessible ()()=======))) and her skin color/makeup looks more desirable than the other two. She is a solid 7-7.5


  38. Toooo easy….


  39. Ask the girl on the right if her friend ran out of thongs


  40. Although I do find them mostly repulsive, or simply not my types, I wonder if it would be possible to game HBwhitedress more coolly.

    For example, if you are already in their company, and that weirdo executes her useless little move, keep your face immobile while making an obviously unimpressed and cursory inspection, then turn calmly to whitedress and say: “I really like that dress. Where’d you find it?”

    Note that the consensus seems to be go for whitedress, not HBminiskirt. She is that ugly.


  41. 3. flaunting her goods for you because she has seen you walking toward her group (with camera in hand).

    Whip out erect cock, dive right into the one on the left.


  42. Wit would be totally wasted on those tarts. Middle looks European, would miss nuance. Left is a git. Right might understand, but sfw?


  43. [approach vagina from the left]
    Can you do that again?/How long can you do it for?
    [ignore response and approach white via back of vagina]


  44. I would go for the slut. For some reason, she passes the boner test. Maybe my preference for busty chicks.
    Plus, the most rewarding and guilt-free pump & dumps are with sluts.

    Whatever the scenario 1,2,3, I would make sure that she knows that hellovag flaunted her vagina, show her the picture if necessary and I would go like:

    “I bet you can’t do what HBhellovag just did”

    1) “No…” I would interrupt her and address HBhv:

    “You’re like a role model for your group of friends. Where did you learn that move?”

    “blabla bla”

    Me: “That’s cool”. Immediately addressing target: “If you buy me a drink, you may get a pass because you’re wearing a tight skirt”

    2) “Yes…”

    “With a skirt high up like this, it would not look as sexy”

    Change the subject with the other girls and get back to her a little later with a nicer remark, even maybe a compliment.


  45. I would ask vagina girl why her crotch looks so dirty.

    [heartiste: heh. hopefully for her sake that’s just bad lighting or razor stubble.]


  46. Look at panties-girl and say with hint of mock-prudery “for chrissakes cover yourself.”

    To the middle girl, say with a genuine smile “you’re the wild one here?”

    TitsGirl on the right will interject. Cut her off at once with a sharp, loud rebuke — Transylvania-accented aristocratic growl “you wait your turn.”

    Turn back to middle girl, take it from there.

    (if the accents and mock-voices sound weird here, remember that its a slightly drunk party atmosphere)


    • This comment was well written, PA, although I’d only use that “So you’re the wild one” line early in a set (before moving on to the woman in the background out of the set).

      Without wishing to start an unnecessary flame war, however, there is something that I still don’t understand about what you’re trying to do here.

      These girls look 17, which in Germany would be perfectly legal (I agree with Tyrone that this looks like Fasching).

      You just stated how you would open them.

      But, over at Inmalafide, you’re pushing for raising the age of consent to 18 everywhere in the world.

      Also, you’re in your late thirties and you’ve been more than strenuously pushing the idea that, for a man your age or older, sex or an LTR with women this much younger, even if she’s 18+, is dead wrong, to the point where the fathers of these girls have a moral right to castrate you because of the age difference.

      You very strongly believe that women in their late teens are the province of men their own age; that men their age deserve them more than men your age and more (although you’re proud of marrying a woman 10-12 years younger, but what you did seems to be your limit of what is acceptable in others).

      You’ve even written here “One of the most beautiful sights in the world is an 18 year old female walking hand in hand with an 18 year old male” and you said this in the context of telling older men that they should butt out, that they shouldn’t be trying to interfere in that “natural way of things.”

      So what’s with your above attempt at figuring out how to open these teenagers? Why are you trying to fit in at a forum like this?

      You do realize that a set of 38 year old women would be a different game.

      So, if you were divorced next year at age 40 or whatever, I’m given to understand that you would not actually make any of those openers on the above set?

      You would leave them all to younger men, no matter how beta those men were and no matter how much the PUA knowledge you gained here would give you an advantage over the men their own age at the club?

      Note I have not personally insulted you in this thread by asking you what’s going on.

      I’m just curious.

      Can you answer, without animosity and condescension, what you’ve been doing here for 5 years, what you’re doing with comments on other blogs about the need to raise the age of consent to 18 everywhere and what will you really want to do with what age range of women if, God forbid, the relationship with your wife ends in the next 10 years.

      Again, no need to toss insults because these are valid questions.


      • Hey Jerry, you inadvertently misrepresent my position on a couple of those major issues. Maybe at another time I can clarify them better. Our last flamewar at IMF wasn’t really about any particular issue. It was just a trash-talking. Bygones, eh.


      • The key here, as Jerry knows, is to obtain their cell phone numbers and track them down to physical locations subsequent to their ignoring your texts. The opener then becomes, “Can I top up your minutes?” Hope then that you can recess back to a dorm room setting where you will not be mocked for your age difference. Also: if you work out, there’s no need to even open; just show them your tris.


      • We have an Asperger’s Syndrome victim here and I think Jason is the same insecure PUA wannabe who misunderstood a short argument I had with AB Dada last spring and assumed the misunderstanding hadn’t been cleared up in minutes.

        Insecure wannabees think it’s OK to “pile on” when they mistakenly think there is a pile on.

        One can look up Asperger’s (which is separate from but related to insecurity) in Wikipedia. It’s when a person thinks a set of rules exist for which no exceptions can be made. Napoleon was the most famous victim of this. He was right about his military tactics but he wouldn’t listen when everyone tried to tell him they wouldn’t work when supply lines were long.

        If one writes “Here’s an exception to the rule” on a PUA forum, an Asperger’s victim thinks the anecdote that follows is someone else’s standard modus operandi instead of an exception. As Napoleon listened to good advice about how to properly invade Russia, he said “No, you have it all wrong because I have first hand experience that says otherwise” and drove into defeat using the rules that worked in only in west Europe where supply lines were short.

        It used to be that, on a PUA forum, guys older than 25 couldn’t write about any exceptions to basic rules because kids would launch an attack along the lines of “That’s not what we learned – you must be a beta”. They’d say this to others even if a field report was one of a success. An aspie worries too much about the process someone else used instead of results.

        Heartiste often remarks that young aspies trying to learn game, can dumb down the conversation in the comment section of this blog by failing to see nuance. But it’s not so bad now as it was years ago when the commentariat here was a circular firing squad of kids trying to one up each other.

        For new readers, the exceptional incident in question was something that happened last April that resulted in an LTR: The local foreign culture where I was was one where every young woman has a prepaid phone and they’re running out of minutes all the time, often having to borrow or wait until they get a salary payment before they can talk on their phones again. While the best thing to do normally is let girls struggle to buy their own minutes to get back to you even if that delays things a day or two, if they work in a shop you pass all the time, you’d be Gamma, not Beta, to just walk past the shop out of fear that you’d look less than Alpha if you walked in to say hi to someone who clearly liked you. In fact, you’re getting into mangina territory if you’re a male who’s so sensitive that a certain girl is “flaking” on you that you sacrifice actually getting the date and moving on from there.

        Regarding how to deal with Flakes, recently bolder PUAs (like @Ripp) have started winning debates against the fearful types who are too sensitive about what defines a “flaking incident.” Timid guys believe, in cases where they happen to be frightened cowards and not alphas, that, if a woman seems to be flaking, he must write her off and never try to contact her again in all cases. Note I just said that the timid guys adopt this stance “in all cases”. I don’t think @DiamondEyes, who debated @Ripp, counts as one of the timid ones because he’d know when exceptions were to be made.

        Anyway, I got a great LTR out of correctly assuming I wasn’t being flaked on last April. The beach scene wouldn’t have been the same without her over the summer. I simply wasn’t a coward who would walk past the ground floor shop where she worked every day for fear she didn’t want contact. I had walked in and got the date (and ensuing LTR) and all her coworkers thought I was great. I would have been a Gamma to have followed an Aspergy notion of PUA rules.

        A gamma, brainwashed by American feminists, would assume that, even in a culture where women were constantly running out of minutes on their phones and the entire concept of “stalking” didn’t exist, if he walked into the shop in question, everyone would feel awkward and the girl would roll her eyes, etc. An alpha wouldn’t assume that, especially if he knew the girl knew he lived nearby and walked by on the sidewalk every day.

        Plus, every anti-feminist knows that the American concept of stalking is too broadly defined by the feminists (and thus the North American culture that would-be PUAs come from) and, rather than promote these feminist ideas by promoting aspie notions PUAs need to oppose new feminist laws that broadly define it as well as feminist social rules that define when a man can and cannot do this or do that.

        Regarding the 3 teenagers in the above photograph: On second thought, they are more attractive to me than the woman in the background of the picture, but because they’re 7’s I’d want to make sure they really were the best looking and smartest women in the club.

        What I’d most want from them would be access to 8+ friends of theirs.

        The tried and true opener: “Can you translate this text for me” (note the lack of a question mark because you shouldn’t assume they might refuse)

        That trademark opener of mine got a featured post here a month ago (most of the comments I make here are “Anonymous” because WordPress retains any handle you try to use on someone else’s computer).

        I don’t see why I wouldn’t use what I know works in the above scenario.

        Once in the set, I’d probably tell panties girl that the pattern seemed like something out of a famous American fashion house and let me see it more closely to confirm. 😉 If said in an authoritarian but nonchalant manner, compliance like that is easier to get than most guys realize.

        But my main angle in talking with them would be to figure out what other, possibly hotter, girls they know, such as those who might be arriving soon to join them.


      • Also, Jason, as I remember you were very bitter last spring about the idea that older men would abandon women their age and date much younger women. That reminded me how, two years ago, PUA forum comment sections were filled with bitter young males who were furious that their boss slept with a hot coworker and logged onto the Internet where they could get other bitter young men to agree that the boss was “beta” and that the hot coworker didn’t really “respect” the boss.

        You tried to say that 99% of men over 45 don’t get laid with women under 25 as if that had something to do with the price of tea in China. But:

        1) Game is what makes what “almost never happens” happen. Also, don’t be ridiculing the weight room.

        2) In non-feminist countries, at least 5-10% of men over 45 are dating or married to women twenty years or more younger.

        Advice for all American/Canadian men who don’t want to marry: On your 40th birthday, get the Hell out of Dodge. Head for the non-feminist world. You can still do well in the US until well into your fifties (mainly because some white immigrants are hotter than local feminists), but you’re likely to enjoy the non-feminist world more. At least be out of the US more than half your time.

        Inside the feminist matrix, the hatred is strong toward men that might abandon women their own age. Look at Maria Shriver and Sinead O’Connor (newer threads) and you’ll understand whose interest the feminist movement is trying to reengineer society for.

        In vain.


    • I like this one, but sans transylvanian accent.


      • Yeah, “transylvsnian” isn’t really what I meant when I was picturing it in my head. I should have better described it as French/euro-aristocratic type of accent.


  47. Simple. Walk up to all three, flip them all the double bird, then one by one, left to right — kick to the stomach to Stunner. The DJ breaks some glass and the bartender throw you two Coors Lights, you double fist chug them over the girls, spilling at least half the beer on their twitching bodies. Too easy.


  48. Here’s what I’d do, but what do I know?

    I’d look at the attention whore on the left like I was looking at a blade of grass or a twig, say “uh huh”, and turn my back to her, never to so much as glance at her again..

    Then I’d give an amused look to the girl in the middle.

    Then I’d imitate the pose of attention whore #2 on the right and say something like “How’s this look? Did I do it right? Or did I stick my butt out too far?”

    Then I’d look at the one I wanted, the one in the middle, and say sympathetically “You sure have your hands full tonight. You deserve the night off.Let’s go _________________”, and start walking. if she follows, she follows. If she doesn’t, she doesn’t.


  49. Number 2 is very pretty- I’d approach her first.

    “You must be the wild one”

    No.1 and 3 are seeking attention – make them earn it. No. 1 is pretty, No. 3 is presentable.

    Suspect half the comments will be from frustrated keyboard jockies telling us how the girls are “plain” or “ugly”. Nothing more pity-inducing than a man trying to impress a bunch of internet commenters.


  50. “Three girls, from left to right: a 7.5, a 6 and a 4.5.
    Readers’ rankings may vary 0.5 to 1 point in either direction. Don’t make a production out of it.”

    Too late. 7.5 on the left? More like a 4. Scary.


  51. >be at the club
    >see deeze dere bitches
    >I walk up to them with my shades on
    >I rip my shirt off and flex my biceps
    >I start dancing and fistpumping
    >say “you bitches ‘mirin?”
    >”you bitches mad?”
    >dance and fistpump more
    >entire club is staring
    >bitches be creaming their pants
    >dance with HBhellovagina and fist her in the cunt
    >alpha as fuck


  52. Approach group, comment on flexy’s child-like taste in panties and ask whitedress why she brought her little sister out with some light kino on the arm. With a positive response, I’d then box flexy out of the group and include miniskirt in the conversation by asking her if flexy is always like this while gesturing in her general direction. I’d then gradually open up my body language so flexy can enter the conversation and say something along the lines of “c’mere kiddo” (probably get a light slug on the shoulder from her if my vibe is good). Do a little more light, playful chatting then invite them to wherever I was headed (their location suggests they are en route somewhere) and if the response is positive, stick out both of my arms for them to latch onto and stroll with them. On arrival, run standard isolation on either whitedress or flexy depending on their responses. If no, make good eye contact with whitedress and exchange numbers, tell her to come where I am if where they end up is lame and walk away. (I try to go for the mother hen’s number in groups, she’s usually the most reliable to get ahold of and since she may not be used to getting attention it can be easy to build enough rapport to persuade them to go.)


  53. Just go in, say something stupid and random, get a fun, seductive vibe going where we all “get to know each other”, figure out which one likes me, then leave the set on a high note.

    Later on, find the one who liked me when she’s by herself. Frame it off the fact that we now “know” each other, (“hey, you’re cindy, bla bla”) and hit on her HARD and mercilessly, standing very close, with VERY direct eye contact, and TONS of kino, such as running my hand down the length of her arm, to hold hands and interlock fingers, or holding her small of her back, pulling her in, seeing if she complies. Invite her home.


  54. Honestly, on any given night, I would get with either one of those girls. However, the girl on the left is the only one cute enough worth putting any real effort into on an average night.

    I’d approach the girl on the right and on the way over, glance over my shoulder and say “Nice vagina” to the exhibitionist. This would instantly create a sexual vibe and probably get all 3 laughing. It would also draw the girl on the left into the conversation, making it easier to talk to all 3.

    By talking to her obviously less attractive friend, it would drive the exhibitionist crazy. I would say to the girl on the right “You let your friend pose for a picture like that?” I would then keep the conversation going and try to gauge if I was getting a stronger vibe from the slut on the left or right.

    If I felt like the exhibitionist was feeling it, I would separate her from the group by inviting her to the dance floor, probably with a comment like “let’s see how that flexibility translates on the dance floor.” Before leaving, I would ask the slut on the right to hold my drink. Since the girl is an exhibitionist, I wouldn’t read too much into anything she does on the dance floor, but if I could get a kiss, I would be in. If not, I would return to the group. If the slut on the right was still holding my drink, she would be my target for the night.


  55. I agree with most of the others: focus on the middle girl in white. Disregard the slut entirely; don’t want to wake up next to that in the morning. The exhibitionist will be acting out more and more to get your attention, which means you can at least get her number and maybe close the deal if you can string them along for a while. Your back should be toward crotch girl as much as possible.

    Middle girl: focus on her and DON’T talk about her friend’s crotch. I like the photo maneuver suggestions, or just bring up something out of the blue: “Are you from Scandinavia? I went backpacking in Norway and I noticed a lot of the women had dresses like yours.” You could expand on this by asking if she speaks English, complimenting on her English, and asking her to repeat things because of her Scandinavian accent. (Only if she isn’t foreign, of course.) Hell, go for a little Swedish Chef number.

    Point is, keep her talking and focused on you, ignore crotch girl and skank, and let their own competitiveness do the rest.


  56. 2l + f / 3
    l= looks
    f= femininity

    I prefer this for rating women. Let’s say the one in the middle is 6 looks and 9 femininity (guessing). So, 2(6) + 9 / 3 = a rating of 7

    The one on the right: 5 looks, 4 femininity = ~4.5 rating


  57. on December 28, 2011 at 8:29 pm crashedupderby

    I would open the group with, ” I didnt know they made wonder woman underoos for adults?” then ask the tall middle one if she was the dd for her two drunk friends.
    I wouldnt even acknowledge the 4.5 on the right except maybe with brief eye contact.
    kino/neg/go flirt with other girls


  58. ignore the exhibitionist on the left

    to the two on the right: “bless you for putting up with that (pointing to the exhibitionist)”


  59. All you fags writing paragraphs and makin up the chicks responses and using your fag jargon are so nerdy that I can almost smell your virginity.

    Walk up to mid + right. Say: you two look like nice girls, why u hangin with this psycho.



    • Besides the gratuitous insults, not too much different from my Plan A opener below.

      This is a place of learning.


    • I know, right? I get that feeling whenever I read, “knowing smirk,” (the fuck with all this smirks?) “lazer eye contact” or whatever . Yeah right. I can imagine most real world events go like this: opener, “what?” “no.” “we’ll be right back.” Starting off with neg leads to real world “fuck you.” How bout “I walk in wearing my peacocking 6inch tall high rise boots, pimp jacket, hat with goggles, and manscara and pull out my prepared piece of lint and show it to HBmiddle, and offer to do a magic trick. all while standing aloof and DHVing.” Any delivery that includes a 30 word, 2 paragraph windup is doomed to “what??? I can’t hear you” or one word answer fail.

      [heartiste: it’s true that long deliveries are the kiss of beta death in club settings. keep it brief, keep it cutting, fellas.]


      • Roosh covered the nightclub “grind on a stranger’s ass” game for clubs. I wonder if talk is overrated in loud dance club. Care to further elaborate for the readership, host? When is best time to ditch talk and rub your stiffy on dat ass?


  60. How to open?

    Approach from the side, make eye contact with the one in the white.

    When she smiles back, which she will in a second…approach, eye the other two, then ignore and open the mumsy one with:

    “Charlie’s Angels….you’re wearing white…you look kind of innocent anyway..especially with these two…”

    When she starts laughing and makes some qualifying remark about her embarrassing friends….turn to the one on the right, the one you call the 4.5 with her tits out and say…

    “Charlie’s Angels?…which one are you?”

    When she starts blabbing the slutty one will invariably insist on getting your attention, then you turn around and say…

    “I’m disappointed, I took you for a Victoria’s Secret girl….”

    Take it from there…


    • Approach from side. +1.

      Cold reads are excellent openers. +1.

      After initial response from opening target, move to next one, cold read and open. +1

      walawala, you’re one of the very few on this blog who actually go out. Nice work.


  61. FADE IN:


    A young man: 357, late 20s early 30s, armed with CAMERA in hand, hustles his way through the local slutteratii – they hiss and scratch, begging for the erect end of his NIKON phallus.
    In a frustrated hurry, late to his next venue, he pays no mind to the chorus of clamoring vaginas. Before the exit grants his release, he notices three vixens anxiously leering his way.

    (under his breath)

    The ladies huddle, HBHELLOVAGINA, 6.0 at best, gesticulates, barking the play, unapologetically. They break.

    357 changes course.

    HBhellovagina cordons the escape – in a seemless moment of pure sluttery, she’s goes from biped to monoped – her mauve lady parts displayed with a peacock’s vanity.

    357 reluctantly raises his camera, taking a mercy shot to end the sordid display. HBMINISKIRT, another 6.0, charges the camera …

    Lemee seeee!



    Don’t touch.

    HBWHITEDRESS, solid 6.5, eyes the dirty floor, her shy demeanor commands 357’s attention.

    357 (CONT’D)
    Looking for your friend’s panties? … Never mind. .. You seem sweet, do you cook, clean?

    Why do you ask?

    (looking past her)
    I’m curious.

    (groping at HBwhitedress)
    Let’s go …

    (at HBwhitedress)
    Don’t give me your name, give me your number and I . . might call you this week.

    Pftttt. Seriously, let’s go.

    INT. CAR, 12:58 AM, NIGHT

    I can’t believe you gave that weirdo your number.

    Really, what were you thinking.

    What? … he seemed so nice.

    THE END.


  62. Omg I’m laughing so hard at this post!!! loll! You are crazy heartiste I’m not even kidding. Lmao


  63. on December 28, 2011 at 9:11 pm Born Again Alpha

    With a big cheese eating grin and a laugh: “hey. Nice panties”.
    To the tall girl: “are you going to show yours too?”
    Wait for her response maintaining eye contact and a dominant look.
    “you’re not wearing any are you?”
    Wait for response maintaining look.
    “hey no need to protest. I know what you hippie chicks are like. That’s cool”
    I would likely put my hands on panty girl and tall girl, smile at them and leave at that point unless there was a clear stick around signal. and then go off and have fun.

    Regardless of their reaction it would demonstrate alpha vibes to them and any observers. And I would enjoy doing it.

    Regardless of their response


    • Really strong frame and game. Very Alpha. I like. But I don’t think most guys could pull it off, myself included. It’s bold.


  64. I’d just start talking to the one in the middle, ask her if she was having a good time, “elderly” talk. Ignore the other two but mentally prepare for at least one of them to try to get my attention away.

    If this doesn’t happen soon, ask the mother hen to dance. This should really piss off the bendy one, I expect her to steal me on the dance floor. Escalate from the physical contact of dancing.

    Ignore the one on the right; she probably is the sluttiest, but probably demands more assholery than I am currently capable of. She will end up with some inebriated bro who probably won’t even see her face until after he’s fucked her.


  65. Order your girl to go over to them and criticize beaver for wearing flats to a nightclub.

    now they will come look for you plus you are preselected


  66. on December 28, 2011 at 10:22 pm John Norman Howard

    Well, I have a weakness for blonde hair and big breasts, so I would just go up to the one on the right, take her firmly by the upper arm and say: “You’d better come dance with me… Elastigirl and her mom aren’t helping your cause any.”


  67. on December 28, 2011 at 10:36 pm John Norman Howard

    Is that Bozo on her drawers, mid-pudenda?

    If so, one would be sorely tempted to pull the classic Constanza:

    “So this Bozo… what was he… like, a clown?”


  68. Have to chime in here. Contrary to your assertion, these three are almost definitely not “close friends.” Their relationship is cordial, at best. How do we know? When girls go out in groups, they typically coordinate their outfits.

    [heartiste: holy moly you couldn’t be more wrong. maybe in grade school that sort of phone job shit goes on, but once chicks hit their 20s they go *out of their way* to dress differently than their close friends. a chick will often call her bff before a party just to make sure she’s not wearing something similar.]

    Close friends will go so far as to adopt one another’s hairstyles, etc. Anyway, for the purpose of this exercise it’s expedient to assume that the middle girl acts as “mother hen.” In actuality, though, she isn’t invested in either of the slutty gals’ reputations and is therefore happy to put up with their antics for a change of pace.


  69. to mother hen: are you in charge of this group (slight grimace at her lack of leadership and indicating the entire group)? the girl on your right, my left, is showing her vajeen to half the club and is going to get taken to prison for indecent exposure and your friend on your left, my right, is giving the most seductive looks i’ve ever seen. i’m pretty sure she just eye raped that guy behind me twice during this sentence. girls, this looks like a tight group, are you guys tight? ok then, repeat after me, hands in the middle, “i will not go to jail tonight, i will not go home with some random guy tonight, i will not pass out in the bathroom, i will not stumble off to get pizza alone. I WILL GO HOME WITH MY SISTAHS TONIGHT” -cheer- wait, did i just pledge to go home with my sistahs tonight?…. continue witty banter with mother hen, be respectful but not a doormat. must have rapport with hen. let uggo hit on you some once rapport is gained and give “oh shit, she’s into me, a little help?” looks at vajeen girl.

    penny question, nickel answer


  70. Agree to disagree. For the record, I’m a former sorority girl in my 20s, so I’m pretty well versed in the topic.

    [heartiste: and i’ve fucked former and current sorority girls in their 20s, so i too am well versed in the topic. and the fact is, girls who aren’t dummies or childlishly immature don’t try to coordinate their outfits with close friends like they were 12 year olds at a slumber party.]

    Seriously, though, if you check out groups of girls at bars you’ll rarely see the striking contrast in dress/hairstyles/demeanor seen here.

    [you sound like you need to get out more.]


    • Seriously, though, if you check out groups of girls at bars you’ll rarely see the striking contrast in dress/hairstyles/demeanor seen here.

      Because sorority girls are the shlubs of the femisphere. Wearing university sweaters and pajama bottoms with ” P I N K ” on the backside is not coordination, it is tasteless laziness. Are you “kick-ass at beer pong”?

      [heartiste: if she’s in her 20s and coordinating outfits with friends so everyone matches, then that’s evidence she is seriously psychologically and emotionally stunted. she probably went to a low ranked state school and joined the skankiest education major sorority she could find. something like that screams small town red state material. in the sophisticated coastal cities and big cities of the midwest girls stop coordinating outfits once they pass prepubescence.]


  71. My guess is these girls are German. They all look it and the one on the left, does a Fasching (Carnival) dance style called Gardetanzen. There are several women and men dressed in 18th century costumes and they do dance routines on stage and they women dance around with one leg in the air exactly the way she does. They also do high kicks, and kick lines in these routines. Fasching is a fun season and this dancing is a big part of the tradition.


  72. You’re right, these girls are the epitome of maturity. Thanks for setting me straight.

    [heartiste: most cute girls like to go to clubs and flirt. did you grow up in a cave?]


  73. My initial thought was to make a crack about seeing those panties on sale at baby gap, but I like other commenters ideas of starting with a neg directed at the outer two by asking the middle one if she is the baby sitter.

    More posts like this please.


  74. Listen, there’s no need to take everything so personally.

    [heartiste: projection, it’s what’s for dinner!
    ps you can stop replying any time, miss impersonality.]

    No one’s questioning these girls’ proclivity for going out and “flirting.”

    [nice goalpost move. you claimed these girls were immature. (using your snarky words: “the epitome of maturity” is what you called them.) i countered by rightfully pointing out that club-going and flirting are not necessarily signs of immaturity.
    their *proclivity* to go out and flirt was never the issue.]

    I’m just debunking your rationale re: the correlation between their maturity and respective outfit choices.

    [no you’re not. you’re not comprehending what i’m saying, or you’re being a lying shit. (most haters on this board fall into the latter category, so don’t feel bad. you’re not alone.) let’s revisit your assertion.
    you claimed that girls who are close friends coordinate their outfits, and thus the girls in the photo could not be good friends.
    i replied to you that girls who aren’t preteens or ridiculously immature (as in, child-like slumber party patrons) do exactly the opposite in reality: they go out of their way to avoid wearing the same or similar outfits as their good friends when they go out together. (if you’ve been out with girls at all you would know it is a social faux pas to be caught wearing something the same as, or too similar to, a bff.) thus, the girls in the photo could very well be close friends, and likely are based on their body language.
    you now claim you are debunking my “rationale”, yet you give no indication of understanding my rationale. you just sputter and hope your proof by assertion imbues you with scientific gravitas.]

    You yourself

    [and i!]

    questioned the logic behind their reactions to hv’s exhibitionism.

    [have friends never been suddenly caught off guard by another friend’s impromptu action? is this not possible in your universe?
    you’re flailing.]

    So, either they’re bffs and this is completely out of character, or they just don’t know each other that well.

    [or, most likely, they know their friend is an exhibitionist but they couldn’t predict that she would swing her leg over her head right at that moment and flash her underooed crotch to the crowd.

    are you sperglord? jes wonderin.]


    • I have noticed that sometimes a small group of friends may appear to be dressed similarly in a subconscious, conformist, we’re-all-from-the-same-social-class manner. But that’s indirectly related to friendship, at best.


    • on December 29, 2011 at 9:29 am crashedupderby

      can anyone else hear her hamster spinning? or is that just me….


    • relax.

      [heartiste: you first.]

      Projection? You’re the one launching into an ad hominem attack,

      [projection doesn’t mean what you think it means.]

      whereas I was merely stating my perspective.

      [right. you merely state your perspective, while those who disagree with you are enraged tyrants.
      another unbiased third party heard from, folks!]

      Hater? Hardly.

      [you are now.]

      In fact, I’m a fan of the blog and agree with many of your points.

      [“some of my best friends are…”]

      All I’m saying is that women (young women, in particular) typically have a pathological need to belong.

      [a pathological need to belong is not the same as a burning desire to dress alike and look like a tool when seen out together. after a certain age — usually late teens — women tend to go *out of their way* to look different than their close girl friends. i date girls in their 20s who specifically call their bffs before parties or going out to make sure they don’t wear the same thing. the outfit coordinating impulse you speak of is mostly a preteen and young teen thing among women.
      unless, that is, you are emotionally stunted and grew up with very immature girls as friends. sorority membership is a leading indicaotr of stunted emotional development.]

      It’s a biological imperative to demonstrate that one is part of a group – not a random loner who just showed up uninvited.

      [hyperbole. i doubt very much that girls will confuse a close friend for a random loner because she showed up wearing a skirt when everyone else was in dresses.]

      Thus, close friends will often broadcast their membership in a group via subtle signals (this may even happen on a subconscious level) like shoes, accessories, etc.

      [women can still dress very differently while accessorizing with those subtle cues that indicate group and class membership. in fact, walking that fine line between nonconformist peacocking and group cohesion is standard operating procedure for hot chicks with a lick of class, good breeding and intelligence. what you are forgetting is that there are two, contradictory, urges that motivate how women dress. you focus solely on their need to fit in with other women while conveniently leaving out their need to impress and attract men. three women dressed alike will have a harder time outcompeting each other for men’s attention than three women who have dressed in a way that makes them individually more noticeable to men.]

      Let’s examine their body language. The girl in the middle has her arms at her sides, rather than around either friend. She’s actively leaning away from the blonde – another sign that they’re not close.

      [wrong. i don’t know what you’re looking at, but the middle girl is leaning *into* the blonde, not away from her. she’s actively pressing her breasts into her, which is a much bigger tell of closeness than putting an arm around her.]

      Interestingly, her lower half appears to be turning away from the exhibitionist, indicating that she’s in the process of choosing the lesser of two evils.

      [or, most probably, vaginagirl pushed into her during her standing split, causing her to lean to the side.]

      My guess would be that these girls are freshmen in college who were recently thrown together and are hanging out until each girl finds her own niche.

      [more likely they are just out of college (i’d guess they are around 21-23) and they hang out a lot together at clubs like these, but maybe not so much at museums or the opera.]


      • I noticed you removed a few sentences from my response.

        [heartiste: eliminating redundancy.]

        Someone’s flailing here, and it’s not me.

        [yes. yes, i’m afraid it is.]

        You lose.

        [“i shall take my ball, go home and declare victory. good day to you, sir!”]


      • Dressing all the same…mmm? you mean like the glory days of the mid-90’s where it was fashionable for every girl to bare midriff. Or the early aughts where every girl had to wear yoga shorts with shit written across the ass? Maybe anonymous is thinking of haloween or the army?


      • You know wot, peckerwood?

        Wait nevermind. I was just at Fresh Market and saw a tiny blond with a perfect tan body wearing XS Soffe shorts.

        It crossed my mind to say something lewd. Maybe like: “You are so hawt I’d lick your asshole. Lolzozlzlzozlzz!”

        Have done it before. The look is priceless.


  75. I probably would aim for whitedress as she looks most feminine, is likely low energy and probably looks better in real life than in this photo.

    Thus I would open with a neg on flexigirl about her posture or panties, then have a simple smalltalk with no specific tricks with uglygirl. She will most likely be receptive to it as knowing her lowest SMV will want to keep attention. So I juggle a convo between flexigirl and uglygirl, heavy negs with first, moderate game with letter. Whitedress shouldn’t cockblock while she hasn’t decided whom i am after. At some point she feels neglected and starts working for my attention then I close with her.

    If whitedress remains cold, then I start working on threesome with flexi and ugly. This is the rare situation it has a reasonable chance to succeed and somehow i feel it would even be easier then working on flexigirl alone. If not then not a big deal since they wouldn’t interest me as single lays to much. If the uglygirl is really ugly in real life I could drop her somewhere on the way and proceed to bang the flexigirl only.


    • I dunno about the 3some angle. Cockblockers don’t like sharing.


      • Whom do you mean by saying cockblocker? Whitedress wouldn’t be a part of threesome attempt. Flexi and ugly one would.

        Of course the chance to fail with a thresome is larger than a chance to succeed anyways. But I would just give it a shot if the rather sure close of whitedress would still fail.

        The logic is that Flexigirl is here to just have some fun WITH HER GIRLFIENDS (the borderilne of how far the fun goes is determined by her peer attitude) and is not serious about sex or meeting someone, probably is going to flake out if left to her own devices. The ugly girl is the opposite – surely she minds serious fucking busyness and would probably fuck under any bizzare circumsatnces, probably the kinkier the better. So it would be easier to get the Flexigirl into this adventure with the support of the uglygirl who might be diched afterwards than without it.


      • Heartsie made the point that Fantastic Gymnastic would be a cockblocker to anyone getting laid besides her if she wasn’t getting any—as an attention whore. Unknown if she could also stand sharinga man with a gf, unless the other gf were clearly the just second best to her in your eyes.


      • Flexigirl might want to cockblock, but I wouldn’t be intimidated by that. She doesn’t look like having enough brains to do that.


  76. HBhellovagina and HBminiskirt are both attention whores. HBhellovagina is, as pointed out, at least one standard deviation above her on the attractiveness scale. And while HBwd has an interesting look, she would make for a better pivot in this situation. HBhv is my target. I choose Scenario 3, with me as the photographer.

    I use the fact that there are two attention whores to my advantage. My three-pronged strategy is to engage the three as follows:

    HBminiskirt- give her shit
    HBwhitedress- respect
    HBhellovagina- ignore, eventually neg

    After I take the picture, I go straight over to HBmsand tease her about her handbag. Negs/teasing is not the strategy to pick up a 4.5 (which is the point; she’s not my target). “My god, look at the size of your bag, you trying to sneak in a bowling ball?” I then look to HBwd as the exemplary female. “The key to fashion is… subtlety,” I tell HBms as I reach for HBwd’s blue flower in her hair. “This is more like it,” I say as I smile at my pivot, whilst shooting annoyed looks toward HBms. I engage these two for a moment, while ignoring HBhv (with the exception of shooting a disapproving glance or two), whose hamster will begin spinning away, wondering why I didn’t make a show of her showy split. Eventually I make a comment to HBwd to the effect of “How do you make it through these nights babysitting Flashy McHandbag and Gumby over here? I’d want to pull my hair out,” This is my first comment directed toward HBhv specifically. As she tries to defend herself (which she will), I keep going with the theme of: HBwd has it right and the other two are way over the top. Eventually, I say, “OK, I’m taking another picture, but you [HBms] lose the potato sack and you [HBhv] stand like a lady. Do you know how much digital film costs?”


  77. Ok just have to put this in here because my rating for the girl on the right is off yours by 1.5 points. I’d put her at a 6, at least, assuming natural blonde.


  78. Two different battle plans:

    PLAN A

    1. Ignore leg raiser (seems obvious).

    2. Turn to other two, but slightly more towards the girl on the far right (and thus slightly blocking out Fantastic Gymnastic) and say:
    a. “So, do you guys always get embarrassed by your friend’s antics?”
    or b. With mocking eyeroll: “Ok, who brought their kid sister?” (classic line, plus the girl on the far left looks young)
    or c. “Somebody needs attention.” (Dangerous if they’re close friends, as it might be something they’re protective of her about, but usually ok).


    PLAN B:

    Completely ignore the entire leg raise—it gave you all the information you needed about her, and mentioning it only means she’s setting the frame and shit testing you. Instead, use a typical opener on the Blue Dressed Slut, such as “Nice dress! Did your mom make it for you?” and then segue into getting Mother Hen into the convo so she doesn’t get protective.

    Since Fantastic Gymnastic is already an attention-whore slut, she will most likely hurriedly butt right in, confused at why you ignored her gratuitous crotch-showing and her prettiness (I need attention!). Gently neg her, especially if she brings it up (“Oh, you had your leg up? Sorry, I sipping my drink. Good for you, being so bold.”). Continue down this road, paying less attention to her and more to Blue Dressed Slut (esp.) and Mother Hen, but not blocking Fantastic Gymnastic out completely. About 5-10 minutes in, Fantastic Gymnastic will make a strong attempt to monopolize your attention (since she didn’t get it before), and you can go for her then if you think she’s DTF that night.

    If Fantastic Gymnastic is not DTF that night (or you don’t want her for some f’ed up reason), you can get Mother Hen to help you out by saying, “Is she always like this? Must be hard going out with someone who makes normal conversation difficult. Has she been drinking too much?” this should set off Mother Hen’s protective alarms, shifting her focus to her friend, leaving you Blue Dressed Slut while the other two are preoccupied. Isolate and conquer.

    Alternatively, if you want Mother Hen’s phone number, just ignore Fantastic Gymnastic and tell Mother Hen she must have quite her hands full with a friend acting child-like. Tell her you came there for maturity, not kids antics. She prides herself on being responsible, remember.


    • P.S. Note Fantastic Gymnastic’s shoes: she is wearing flats, not heels. She’s clearly not out dressed to kill—i.e. to get laid—so she’s acting out merely for acting out’s sake. She’s still same night bangable, but she’s gonna have to be warmed up to it.

      Then again, if she did this in high heels, she’d deserve a round of applause.


  79. Wow this is hilariously pathetic, that you think any of these girls is above a 5. Seems to be the consensus, but go ahead and diagnose everyone with pes.

    [heartiste: ok. you’re a pes dispenser.]

    I wouldn’t ‘open’ this set, let alone notice them. If one of them grabbed my attention, I would converse with them out of courtesy.

    [fyi, sluttiness is not the same as physical attractiveness.]


    • isn’t it “pez dispenser”?
      I am drunk and agree with everything else you say otherwise.
      go forth and conquer.

      [heartiste: it’s a play on pez dispenser. pes = “pointy elbow syndrome”. pes dispenser means an internet nerd who “dispenses” with a hot chick because of some trivial flaw.
      it’s my contribution to the cultural lexicon.]


  80. white dress is the cutest…


  81. They’re all 6.5 from my POV: Flexigirl’s face is almost hot but she loses a point for vulgarity, Whitedress is only okay-looking but gets half a point for friendliness and maturity; Blondie’s hot body compensates for her plain face. I’d ignore Flexigirl and say to Whitedress “which is better, physical flexibility or mental flexibility?” Whatever she answers, say “cool. I want to dance with Blondie now but you can show me later.” then I’d take Blondie’s hand, pull her towards the dance floor, and say “does Flexigirl always hog attention like that?”


  82. 1. flaunting her goods for a lone cameraman (with maybe his buddy in tow)

    Definitely approach the modest-looking middle one. This will annoy/attract the two attention-seekers: the exhibitionist and the slut. And it will split them up so you can easily add one to the conversation while you ignore the other.

    Open the middle one with: “Something tells me you’re the designated driver tonight.” or “You look like the responsible one in the group.”– with a grin that says the other two are acting up. Given her modesty, she’ll probably be embarrassed by her friend’s acrobatics, and laugh once and be like, “yeah, kinda.” you can then ask her why she’s baby-sitting, did her friend win a gymnastics tournament? The flexible one will like the conversation being about her, even as you socially isolate her from her friends by making the other two embarrassed. “And to think, I almost wore my leotard tonight.” And you continue to totally block out the slut, the target.

    Eventually, you can turn to the slut and say: “You don’t look flexible at all.” No matter how she answers, you can say, “I don’t believe you, let’s go dance.” Then you can isolate her from her friends.


  83. on December 29, 2011 at 4:05 am Big Game Hunter

    Damn. I’m not going to argue about ratings with the Goddamn Batman… I mean, Heartiste himself, but if any of those three girls is a 7+, then I’ve been boinking 8’s and 9’s and 10’s all my sexual life, and I’m pretty much beta. Maybe it’s the USA vs Scandinavia difference here, but seriously…

    [heartiste: i believe a commenter who has studied the jpeg info has determined the girls are probably german or russian. now granted they aren’t the hottest girls in the club, but if you walk outside any major western city or suburb or through any strip mall, there’s little controversy that the girl on the far left, and to a lesser extent the middle girl, are more attractive than the average girl in the 20-35 age range. this pes dispenser urge that many men have on the internet is easily and quickly corrected to a more realistic perspective with a quick trip to your nearest walmart to see what the majority of women actually look like.
    it ain’t pretty.]

    if I’m out hunting here, there’s going to be tons of far more attractive girls around that I’d rather chase. Because if I’m going to try to get laid, I might as well try to get laid with someone I’ll remember.

    As another aside, shorter girls are hotter, ceteris paribus, in my experience, more likely to be feminine instead of ball-busting strongwoman. Plus, it makes things easier. Even a beta like me can pretty easily feel (at least much more) alpha to a 5’2″ to 5’5″ girl who’s like a foot shorter than me.

    But, to the actual task at hand. If I had to go for that set, I’d prefer the Mother Hen girl in spite of her being the tallest… She looks like she’d be the most intelligent and least likely to be so dumb I’d die of boredom around her – none of these girls are so hot that their hotness would make their lacking mental faculties irrelevant or so hot that I’d just want to kidnap them to the nearest available sex location. That, and she’s the best looking out of the three in my view, considering the clothing as well as natural attributes.

    So, in scenario 1 which is the Exhibitionist girl showing her goods to some cameraman and is the most likely scenario, I wouldn’t even try anything too fancy. Just walk right to the Mother Hen girl, ignoring everyone else, offer my hand (not in the handshaking gesture, though, rather the grab-you-by-the-arm gesture) and with steady eye contact and a bit of a smile: “I’m going to abduct you to the bar now, before there’s more photography of the sort you, flowers and all, wouldn’t want to be in. Trust me, it looks different from over there.” Last sentence delivered with a nod towards where I came from, near the cameraman.

    All things considered, I’d give this simplistic attack a 5 to 40 % chance of success, depending on how much the Mother Hen dislikes her friend flashing panties all over the place and how much she likes tall (pretending to be) audacious men. If she refuses, I won’t stick around long to strike up any conversation. I’ll just go: “Brave of you to stay. Well, have a fun night, and for even more of a contrast, put that flower in your hair.” Smile, walk away, ignoring the other two girls and going to fetch me a good whisky. Simple, quick, no effort required. And if it doesn’t work? Then I didn’t secure the attention of some girls who aren’t anywhere near the hottest in the environment (I hope to christ). No loss. If it works, I’ll walk the Mother Hen to the bar, and with a slight smile: “Now, order yourself a drink. Without any flowers.” Obviously I’m not paying, and if she actually came along, she probably won’t even assume that, at least not around this country. Things may proceed from there. If I get a fun conversation out of her, that’s nice, and at least the hotter girls around will see me as preselected. Those Mother Hen types can surprise in bed, though, and it might be worth trying to get a date the next day or so, and seeing how much time it’ll take for her to jump in the sack. Low energy approach, not much game, but that’s all those girls are gonna get, pointy elbows and all.


  84. they all look underaged, wtf is wrong with PUA

    [heartiste: i suppose to a 70 year old crone like yourself chicks in their 20s would look “underage”.
    ps shoot yourself in the labia.]


  85. Sorry nigga, but its 6, 7,5 and 4,5 respectively

    You’re letting the exposed camel toe cloud your judgement. Imho, the middle chick is clearly more desirable, even though I’d never miss a rogering with the left one.

    The right hand bitch can hold my drink


  86. I’m going after HBhellovagina! She’s the fun chick and responds well to high energy fucking around for the sake of fucking around in a night club. A lot of fun can be had with her. If it’s exciting she’s up for it and she’ll do her best to convince her friends to join you and have fun or she’ll ditch them without much hesitation.

    1. flaunting her goods for a lone cameraman (with maybe his buddy in tow)

    Approach to the side of HBhellovagina! very energetically, posing aggressively for the camera alongside her, point to her crotch and shout “Woooooooo/Yeaaaahhhhh! Jailbait panties for the Win!” Kino the girl in congratulatory high five or hug, macho victory type behavior. Carry on with bits similar to the subsequent scenarios.

    2. flaunting her goods for another girl friend(s)

    Walk up to them laughing and pose next to panties girl: “Lol, Leg up in the AIIIRRR! I like the style! But, Oh! My! God! Those GOOFY fucking panties…Lololol!!” Then I would wrap one of my arms on HBhellovagina! and point my other index finger towards the camera girl:

    “Hey! Hey! You weren’t gonna tell her, huh, weren’t cha? lol” Now turning attention back to HBhellovagina! “See how much your friends like you? Lol, I wouldn’t tell you either. This makes for a great Kodak moment!”

    Turning towards camera girl and the other friends “Well done! It’s always such a ball going out with your one goofy friend. How can that one person (nod head towards HBhellovagina!) produce all these great moments?” Keep going from there, having good fun at HBhellovagina!’s expense until you can get cute with her later.

    3. flaunting her goods for you because she has seen you walking toward her group (with camera in hand).

    “Oh! My! God! Lololol What are these!” Point to the goofy panties! “Lol, Look at that! Look at that! I can’t believe you’re wearing these! This is such a priceless Kodak moment. You’re gonna be famous!” Turning to her friends. “This is why you should always verify what sort of underoos you girlfriend is wearing BEFORE you leave!” Steer the conversation towards making fun of HBhellovagina!, getting the other girls to talk about/show their panties or complimenting the friends for having better underwear sense. “Who’s wearing sexy lingerie tonight?” Once things calm down a bit tell HBhellovagina! something along the lines of: “You didn’t know you were going to be flashing your panties tonight, eh? You should always, always prepare! This might be the one picture of yours that gains fame on the internet and you look like a little clown in it.”


  87. Heartiste.

    Ultimately you must make an impression on the mother hen. If you can seduce the mother hen, the other two will be seduced as well. So my question is this : How does one identify the mother hen in a set of girls ? Make this your next post if possible.


    • Hey Marellus!

      The “mother hen” is usually and always the quiet laid back one in the group. She may even be dressed a bit more conservativley than the group.

      But even then sometimes that isn’t the case. Sometimes Momma hen is the “undercover” freaky one 😛

      Its a safe bet that the former is more accurate in most cases….

      [heartiste: that’s been my impression. conservatively dressed girls who play the chaperone role and are introverted compared to their friends are more often exactly as they advertise themselves. sometimes they are secret freaks, but not usually. the biggest freaks i have dated were easy to peg as freaks from the get-go.]


      • the biggest freaks i have dated were easy to peg as freaks from the get-go.

        You mean like, “HBHellovagina!”?


        [heartiste: a girl throwing her leg over her head and exposing her cartoon undies for the whole room to see is what is known in the industry as a “tell”.]


      • yes, that tell, the carefully observed subtle behavior combined with years of empathetic observance. Like Sherlock Holmes, one can deduce certain personality traits from a carefully exposed snooch.

        But there’s a spectrum, you go out, you’re in a bar, you see one chick hopping on the bar dancing, that’s an attention whore. You go to another bar, it’s the kind of place where bitches are invited to dance on the bar, 20 girls in a row jamming up high, that’s just having fun. Other dance clubs have raised platforms where girls go to dance, that’s normal; the chick flashing her pasties covered hooters is attention whore. Your goal is to avoid the girl who goes out to provoke male attention and public displays of horniness (PDH) from desperate no-game-having men. My experience with them is similar to High-T girls, they’ll let you know who they want to blow.


      • … my thanks to both of you …


  88. Wow these comments are disturbingly hilarious! I’d pick miniskirt! Tall one seems to conserved and panty museum is down right questionable

    She (miniskirt) looks down to seperate from the other two AND more of a exhibitionist. (legs showing, big bra, big butt / ponytail)

    Say Hi and ask which one is the naughtiest..
    (all agree its miniskirt)
    Tell her AND her friends they look amazing and whisper in miniskirts ear something sexy like: “I bet you taste the best though, am I right?” She responds w a yes! Fuck yeah, i say then tell her I wanna borrow her soon, then Walk away..
    Return later (15 minutes) and invite(all 3) to my table for drinking games and dancing..
    proceed accordingly…


  89. hbhellovagina! is my target. my guess is, that they did more pictures like this and they all know what hbhellovagina! did. so i am considering that in my approach. it doesnt madder which scenario it is, i would use the same approach.

    after the stunt i go in and adress all girls with a “what-the-fuck-is-going-on” face and say:

    “does it smell like fish in here?”

    i continue right away, while they think “what did that guy just say?” with some opinion opener adressed to both girls on the right and exclude hbhellovagina!:

    “anyway. check this out. i was talking to my friend and the question came up: how much money fits in a woman’s purse?”

    then take some piece of the answer and transition to another topic but i focus on hbhellovagina!. we speak. i tease her. she smiles. we continue to talk and when i go for the extraction i say something like:

    “girls always go together to the bathroom, right? ok, let’s go!”

    and take hbhellovagina! with me.


  90. eeniie…





  91. open the two inflexible girls

    can you guys do that?

    then say statement

    ive never seen a girl do that for the camera

    then go off what they say hopefully a neg to the flexible girl

    then say to the flexible girl

    let me guess… you are a dancer or something


  92. The one on the right is ugly…..but the other two I think score higher than Heartiste gave them.

    Anyways, target is the middle.

    To the girl on the left: “Is that red spot part of the underwear design?”
    To the other two girls: “Show me your talents.”


  93. I’d rate these 7,5; 6 and 5 from left to right. HBLegUp is very obviously the prettiest one facially minus the broad jaw. She seems to have a nice body from what I can tell. Whitedress has a little weird looking face but not actually ugly. Blueskirt is borderline ugly. Not so good facial bone structure. Her eyes are relatively close to one another and small. Her nose is longish relative to her face. The non-existence of her eyebrows makes her face look worse. Blueskirt is, however, at her best age and has flawless skin. Her body is slightly chubby but kind of ok. When she ages and gets fatter she will be ugly.


  94. Comment to HBhellovagina, “enough with the skid-mark”, then turn to her friends, she needs to do some laundary.


  95. Of this set, I wouldn’t want to risk a procreative accident with any of them. The one on the riight is the most likely to perform a bj within an hour of opening, so if I were to approach these three, that would be the motivation. These are the steps I would take:

    1. Approach the mother hen, ignoring the two on her wings. Before speaking, smirk at the one on the left, and then say to the hen “Wow, you can’t take her anywhere, can you?’

    2. As underwear girl begins to respond, say “Whatever, I remember my first beer……” and turn your back, bringing bj girl into the frame. Continue to game the hen, without making any eye contact with the one on the right.

    3. Underwear girl responds to my move by engaging the mother hen in classic cock block. At that point I turn more toward the bj girl, implying that I have saved the best for last.

    4. At this point, i rotate while in conversation to the left of the bj girl, so that in time (less than a minute), her and mother hen are back to back, and underwear girl can’t really see what’s going on. Hopefully her attention whoring has attracted some slob and she has forgotten to cock block me with the easy bj gril, who is now out of her field of vision.

    5. Move bj girl so that other people are between her and her friends. When they are heavily in their lastest flirtation,, play the “this place sucks” card and get her in the parking lot. Play the “passionate” card next and try to find a place to escalate it and get that blowjob.


  96. I’d say go after tall girl, but put all three into a competition for your approval.

    Looking from left to right I’d say, “YOU’RE ovbiously the most flexible. YOU’RE obviously the best dressed. And YOU’RE obviously the wild one. But, which one of you gives the best hugs? Everythng I need to know about a woman I can find out through a hug.”

    Start with tall girl and afterward tell her she showed the most promise, but could improve. Neg the girl on the right by saying she hugs like your grandmother. Do the flexible girl last to nullify her attention whoring. Neg her by telling her she’s flexible but hugs like your little sister.(Make up some outcome lines as you would the Strawberry Story)

    I’m no alpha, but I sat next to two girls at a sushi bar, talked to them for a bit, then as they went to leave from the bar and offered the customary “nice-to-meet-you” handshakes, I pulled the hug line out of nowhere. I wasn’t even trying to get laid. It worked like cat nip though. They both gave it their best and I could tell gina tingles were in the air.


  97. I wouldn’t spend much time on this group, but HB middles’ smile belies some uncomfortableness. I’d open the group with this and target her

    Walk up directly to the group and say with some disgust “Congratulations you have my attention”

    HBs: “Pervert” or “what”

    Me: (to group)- You misunderstand, but I’m not surprised…

    Me: (direct to the the girl in the middle and maintaining eye contact with only her, lean in close so she can hear you, wrap arm around front, without touching the front of her so you’re reaching over and touching the opposite shoulder of the ear you’re speaking into…as in ever so subtle pulling her closer) “You have this certain something that I’d like to get to know better, I’ll be over there (head nod to whatever section your in, VIP, regular table or the bar) catch up with me when its not so loud so we can talk.”

    Then go back to your friends and continue partying.

    HB with leg up will be pissed that her show of exhibitionism was called out

    HB5 will be wondering what the hell happened

    HB target will think….maybe this is a guy worth pursuing. If she does you’re locked in.


  98. I’d go after the middle girl but I’d make all three qualify themselves for my approval.

    I’d approach and say, “Excuse me(Roosh V full commitment to the pickup)…If I were looking at the picture you guys just posed for and trying to figure you girls out, I’d say(looking at the girl on left and moving right)… YOU’RE obviously the most flexible, YOU’RE obviously the best dressed, and YOU’RE obviously the wild one. But what I really want to know is, which one of you gives the best (they’re thinking bjs at this split-second) hugs? Hugs are the only way to truly tell what type of girls a man’s dealing with. Let’s see. Hug the middle girl first, the girl on the right second, and the attention whore on the left last. Tell the middle girl she showed the most promise, but could still improve under your guidance. Tell the girl on the right that she hugs like your grandmother. Tell the attention whore she hugs like your little sister. (Have some palm-reading-type responses in advance too)

    I’ no 100% alpha (35% beta, 65% alpha mix), but I tried this line and it worked like a charm. I’d love your input on it, Heartiste.

    [heartiste: i’d say this was more a routine than a line. anyhow, i like it. very engaging, and full of juicy good negs. the problem i foresee is that it is long-winded and the girls will have to follow your bouncing ball for a while. in a club atmosphere, that could be difficult to pull off. in what context did you use it where it worked so well for you?]


  99. Confidently walks up To HelloVagina at an angle and in an uncaring tone: Nice legs, do they usually open like that? (smirk)


  100. I totally ignore Miss Exhibitionist.

    I step to the slut on the right and tell her, “If you had on panties, the picture could have been symmetrical.” smirk and go in for the kill.

    Most likely though, I would approach Mother Hen and proceed to bullshit her with the you have a tough job keeping these two in line. I would make her think that I am the sensitive type who helps old ladies cross the street and with a few gentle negs and some positive reinforcement, she becomes a steady lay.


  101. To me, the white dress is the cutest, so that’s my target. I trust her 2 friends can go entertain themselves on their own after whitey and I get involved.

    I walk up to the group, standing opposite white dress, but look to the one on the left:

    ”So you’re a dancer… What type of dance do you do?”

    Odds are she has at some point done some kind of dance, she is flexible, so she says:

    ”OMG howdidyouKNOOOOW? I did balh blah blah…”

    Maybe she asks me if I dance, maybe she doesn’t, either way I say, still focusing on girl on the left, but standing in front of whitey:

    ”Yeah, learning salsa I was always partnered with short girls like you.”

    I take her hands and salsa spin her, ending up with my arm around her.

    ”But I really need a taller partner.’

    *Put out hand for white dress, spin her and end up with arm around her*

    ”See, we fit. Though you don’t seem like much of a dancer…”’

    She says yes or no.

    Either way, talking about dancing salsa, talking about travelling, talking about learning new things, engaging her imagination over these topics, it flows and the two friends go and take more slutty pics somewhere else while white dress gets to know me.

    Already having danced with the one, I will still be on good terms with her, so I could keep charming the whole group if cockblocking instincts kicked in, trading off spinning around the whole group to keep them happy.


  102. The one on the right is downright hideous. She’s a 2 and I’m being generous.


    • I agree, she’s pretty hideous. Not sure she’s as low as a 2, but no way is she a five or above. I would probably give her a 4. She’s angled to the camera so you can’t get a full assesment of the body, but, she might have a huge ass. In which case, i’d give her a 3.5.

      flexigirl is cute 6.5, or 7.
      White dress is 6 or 6.5


  103. Has anyone else noted that these girls appear to be foreign? I’m guessing Eastern or Northern European. That could mean a different kind of come on…


  104. Sorry. I left two comments. something was wrong with your site for a bit. Here’s what I mentioned in my 1st comment:

    I sat next to two girls at a sushi bar, talked to them for a bit, then as they went to leave from the bar and offered the customary “nice-to-meet-you” handshakes, I pulled the hug line out of nowhere. I wasn’t even trying to get laid. It worked like cat nip though. They both gave it their best and I could tell gina tingles were in the air.

    [heartiste: i replied above. i like the hugs routine, “guess the type of girl” opener. i can see it working at a sushi bar, where noise and distractions and attention whoring are muted compared to a nightclub. i think it would be difficult to pull off in a loud club, especially for men who don’t have a strong asshole vibe that can keep a flighty girl’s attention.]


    • Thanks… And another open I found effective is one you can use in any food joint where you order and wait for your food. (I did it once not even trying to use a line, but was surprised at the positive response.)

      If you see a hot girl in front of you waiting for her food, say, “Excuse me. Have you ordered yet? She’ll say yes. Respond with, “At least someone knows what they want; I can’t decide which food fits my mood right now.” They appear unable to resist the obvious follow up, “What mood?” Go from there.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Classy, dude. I will always — even at my most miserable — perk up for queue game. It’s a chance to be as random, forward and fun with girls as you can, free of built-up context and personal cost. I believe the fact that they know it will be temporary means they will be at ease and receptive to your game. No pressure, just a funny “and kinda hot” guy in line flirting with them. If it seems really propitious, escalate to number, but for me it’s purely a scratching post for wit. Plus I hate the sight of morose white people standing silently in line like the self-absorbed dipshit consumer-folk they are. Break that ice. Épater la bourgeoisie.


  105. Even commenters at HuffPo are starting to get it. Our elites are traitors to their country.

    I wish. The “i dont care, obama is awesome” crowd will never stop. The obamaites see the world like this, there are 60 million “wrong” kind of voters in this country and 6 billion potential “right” kinds of voters everywhere else. Just a fraction of those 6 billion will make things right. American history, western civ mean nothing. They’re just a more civilized version of Pol Pot, erase it* all, just give me power. (*=”it” being things that don’t give me power).


    • peckerwoooood,

      Whilst I agree with your assessment of the obamaites — the word is warranted despite his late plummet in polls: round two will see him rise again just as rapidly as the blue beasties come out to cockblock the implicitly (and uselessly) white party — we ought not to lose sight of the fact that except for lesbians, and the race-that-is-not-a-race-that-does-and-doesn’t-control-the-media-but-so-what-if-they-do-but-they-don’t (/anti-semitism!!!), and some white female homebodies or cougars committed to vote-by-tingle politics, every demographic could be swayed by a competent Republican nominee. Blacks would have swarmed for Cain (dey cockblocked mah nigga big time). Mexicans love their race-traitor Perry. If Paul could make it through the smear campaign, he would clean up among whites. Romney’s only visible weakness is his religion. People genuinely are directed by their elites. Portland voters do not decide elections. But this is of course why the aforementioned influence-that-isn’t-an-influence pour so much money into ensuring favorable outcomes.


  106. First I would make sure that the cameraman wasn’t Roosh taking Latvian club photos of horselike women to use in his next installment of Bang : Latvia,…


    • Easy, boss: Latvian horselike women in club
      happen to be Golden Ideal
      to persh immigrants from
      village of Ghotzhbzadzeh


  107. Some of the guys on here don’t seem to understand that a neg is meant to be gentle teasing, not a crude insult.

    [heartiste: generally true, and an accurate assessment of how men new to the social savviness game tend to screw it up. but very hot, young girls (but i repeat myself), or exhibitionists, sometimes need borderline insulting negs to grab their loving attention.]


  108. Straight up boys: I’ve not even read the post nor read any comments… I’d treat them from whence they came: Google The Sunday Wanker. No comment. Honest. This is not even fucking game, this puts game to shit. Just MHO.


  109. OT: Obamacare is not socialism, it is a huge protection and expansion of the Medical Business.


    especially in combination w/ this:


  110. Re-read what I said and THINK.


  111. The one in the middle would be my eventual target. I’d open the one on the far right and ask how long she has trained Mary Lou Retten with little girl panties.

    or if I was 10 beers deep and looking for only pure amusement I’d open the set by saying to the leg raiser that if she is going to show off her undies in public they need to be free of brown residue and have an over/under wager with my buddy on how long it takes her to recheck.


  112. Anyway, screw these foreign whores. Their grandmas probably blew the German invaders during the occupation. What’s the game plan for NYE? Is it better to go solo or bring sand to this beach? Go big venue, house party, or dive bar?


  113. Hmm, I more of an old school Sharp Knees kind of guy, but I like the Pointy Elbows line. The girl on the left is seriously cute if an attention seeker.

    Really like Samseau’s response. BD’s is fun too but just sounds like a nightmare to pull of in a dance club.


  114. I see you Three are fetching for my attention, you have it for now [with a easy smile on my face]


  115. OK, Firepower contributes to OTS…as it has been absent such a long, long time…

    “Uh, what are you guys ‘Olympians’, like, in ‘The Olympics’?”

    (get ’em to qualify)

    They: yes! (bust their balls mercilessly for lying)

    Too bad, my ex-qualified for Beijing and a friend almost make it for London 2012.
    (relate non-dirty stories of Nasty Liukin)

    Hey, FP likes teen female gymnasts; I’m nerdy that way…


  116. 1. Target: HB7.5

    CS [Address everyone including guy(s) holding camera, look at posing girls ambivalently]: Looks good but try this pose…

    [walk over to girls in original pose and direct HB4.5 to put her left hand on HB6’s right shoulder, HB7.5 to put her right arm around HB4.5’s waist and then move HB4.5 and 6’s heads together to kiss – this will get a laugh and cause them to recoil]

    CS [to group]: What’s wrong? I’m a photography enthusiast and this is purely for the sake of art.

    Girls: blah blah, perhaps some remark about buying them drinks before they pose like that

    CS [To camera guy]: I hope they’re paying you for taking this pic. We in the photography guild don’t work for free [This is meant to challenge dude who must either draw attention to his Beta favor or come up with a witty rejoinder on the spot to upstage me]

    CS [To girls]: Is this a random facebook pic or is there actually something significant to commemorate? I would guess its your [to HB6] birthday.

    One of the girls: Why do you think it’s her (my) birthday?

    CS: Accoutrement like your flower and frills on your dress as well as standing in the middle usually mean a special occasion (or some other BS)

    Girls: blah blah, well smarty pants it’s not her birthday, blah blah blah

    CS: Well I like your (HB6’s) style then. Usually I can read people like the back of my hand.

    Girls: Really? Blah, blah, some sort of question to test my assertion…

    CS: I don’t have time to run through all my amazing psychic predictions now, its my turn to buy a round so I gotta run. [to HB 7.5] Tell you what, you come to the bar with me and we’ll play a little “guess your personality” game while we wait in line. Loser has to buy twiggy here a birthday drink

    [she’ll have a hunch that you like her friend; take her to bar, run some cube-type routine on her made into a game where you predict things about her, frame the interaction as though you weren’t sure about her but she’s earning your affection after your qualification, etc. etc.]

    Heartiste, would love your feedback


  117. This is a great thread, but I do have to say that when you assume that a woman’s looks are something OBJECTIVE that we are all going to agree on, you’re wrong. I rate them 7, 6, 7.5. I know you think that all men prefer boyish, bone rack figures but that is simply not the case. Get ten EXPERIENCED men in a room and you will find NO CONSENSUS on which woman in the room is the hottest. NONE.

    [heartiste: bullshit. you certainly will find consensus. maybe not consensus on THE HOTTEST ONE, but definitely consensus on the hottest three or four chicks in any venue.
    sorry charlie, but beauty is mostly objective and measurable.
    if it weren’t, photoshop editors would be out of a job.]

    Other than that, I agree with what you said about their level of sluttiness. In fact, we don’t know enough about the exhibitionist except that she is very bold, and female boldness is going to set up scenarios where all but the most alpha of men are INTIMIDATED by her, and won’t handle her correctly. As you said, she likes to have guys fawn over her, more than she likes to fuck, whereas the one on the right loves to fuck. I would not underestimate the girl in the middle, however. I have seen many women dress like this who were absolute freaks behind closed doors.

    All in all a good post… JWS approves 🙂


    • where all but the most alpha of men are INTIMIDATED by her, and won’t handle her correctly

      yea, well, whatever maestro sez, most agree that the stunt is far more laughable than intimidating, and is useful only as a lead for opening the other two.

      as always he is unfair to all girls not found at nightclubs. as though these girls never tumble out of their beds and shuffle off to wal-mart in their UGGs for a box of cereal.

      and what about target, maestro? you gonna tell me the hotter girls aren’t going to the SWPL wal-mart? i will go to the target in north miami and take pics. then we’ll see who is wiping his mortal seed off the floor.


  118. for scenario (ii) i would go with the low prob snl, the middle girl. i’m not sure of what my opener might be but it would be directed towards the middle and right girl, and bring the camera girl into it FTS included… maybe vice versa, though, by asking camera girl what the deal with her friend is then bring in middle and right girl. my chill and aloof demeanor plus good looks and style would get me in either way. from there the key is to ignore and basically play off hellofavag. vag will no doubt become increasingly jealous and try to butt in more frequently. proceed by turning to middle girl and asking what’s wrong with her friend, is she always like that etc. she’ll be impressed that you’re unmoved by vag and try to hold back the giggles let out at her attention whore friend’s expense. by this point middle girl is very attracted to me… proceed with VA model accordingly, emphasis on qualifying, kino, teasing, dhv no longer necessary


  119. can’t help myself: i’d rate them 6, 7, 4.5 respectively. otherwise, i agree with all the conclusions you draw from the picture.

    anyways, i’d do what i always do with this sort of 3 set: go for the middle one and just say “hi”. conversation would flow from there. completely ignore the beast on the right. work the gymnast into the conversation at earliest convenience, but not game her at all (boring chat). get middle’s number and exit.


  120. This will get buried, but I’d tell the girl on the left, “yo, that’s was dope, but it’s like minus 5 for not having not having the toe pointed.”

    From there, I guess, just be sure to periodically make eye contact with everybody in the group when you’re talking, don’t give any one of them too much attention at first, and if you have the skills, the dancer can be won on the dance floor.


  121. This will get buried, but I’d tell the girl on the left, “yo, that’s was dope, but it’s like minus 5 for not having not having the toe pointed.”

    From there, I guess, just be sure to periodically make eye contact with everybody in the group when you’re talking, don’t give any one of them too much attention at first, and if you have the skills, the dancer can be won on the dance floor.


  122. Address them in the following order: HBhello, minislut, whitedress.


    “Let me guess – you’re the bookish one, you’re the cute one, and you’re the one that’s good in bed…”


  123. I’d aim straight for the Virgin Mary.

    If Miss Underoos tried to cockblock:

    “You need to wipe your nose”. Treat her like the nerdy gummi-bear girl at the end of Ferris Bueller.

    IF she becomes belligerent, start calling her “snooki’s smart cousin”.

    Let the Slutron 2000 DHV you by trying to break into the mix. Indulge her, and let her slowly win you over. Look at her like she is a statuesque beauty, and feign surprise at her amazingness.

    Alternate opener, if you walked in on the vertical splitz:

    “Yeah, it is kind of hot in here…”


  124. These girls are definitely German. The middle one looks like a twin female version of me


  125. haha alternately, as i walk by the threesome, stop for a moment and over my shoulder and to the middle and right girls say, ‘ur friend seems cool but she kinda smells.’


  126. While directly facing the exhibitionist, “I used to hookup with a girl who could do that” (the fact that it’s true would show, helping it seem less like qualifying yourself to her). Don’t wait for a response, turn your body away from her.

    To the middle girl, “It did tend to elicit a certain response though…” Key here would be to soften your expression (eyes and smirk) when talking to this girl. I’m banking on her being the type that still manages to be embarrassed by skanky shit her close friend does in public. Wait for middle girl’s response. Calibrate with the point of creating the type of conversation that feels private, even in a public setting (like she’s the only one who gets what you are really saying). Very important to never sound like a judging stick in the mud, but more pleasantly amused at the foibles of the young and immature.

    Ignore the girl on the right. If her friend in the middle responds positively, and you seem to now be ignoring the exhibitionist, girl on the right will force her way into the conversation.

    More of a sketch than anything concrete. It’s best not to be too hide-bound in these situations. Also I’m tired from work.


  127. Ignore the ballet dancing attention whore, game the other two until the one doing the standing splits hamster explodes from sheer jealousy and then neg her to the point u get her home and see if she can do the same move with BOTH legs


  128. obviously an opinion opener:

    “who do you think raises their right leg more: the average male pomeranian, or your friend?”

    [heartiste: lol. doublepluswin.]


  129. I’m still learning, so I’ll try. (any feedback will be appreciated)

    I’ll start by negging the one on the left about her panties and ask if they all have the same kinds of panties, because they’re really cute for 12 year old girls. By this time I think the one in the middle will have lost interest, so I’ll basically continue talking to the one on the left (she’ll probably have some witty comeback) but try to involve the one on the right (oh can you do the same pose she [girl on the left] did?).

    The way I see it, the most likely outcome would be BJ/same night sex from the one on the right or number and date from the one in the middle, but the date thing is even less likely to happen, so going for the one on the right probably has the highest chance of success.


  130. At raves/shows there are often photographers that float around with really nice cameras to take pictures of people for their website, and from the watermark in the corner I would guess that this is the case. So this girl likely knew that this pic would be broadcasted public on the internet for all to see before it was taken. Not a huge piece of the puzzle but it does make her more of an attention whore, since it was likely not a friend and more likely a complete stranger.


  131. “interesting trio” then from right to left “The Enchantress (neutral), Mother Hen (slight neg) and… I have seen you in a comic book. Spaghetti legs? (moderate neg)”

    get the two whores on the flanks dancing with each other (shouldn’t be hard) and move in on the only one worth pursuing – “are they always like this?”



  132. I think it would be so much more rewarding to be walking up from behind with a nice underhand slap to her parted pussy plateau and walk off with a gigantic smile on my face as I disappear into the crowd.


  133. why be prepared for this, why not have in your head what works and what doesnt and just let it flow? If you are too conscious in these type of sistuations it will just look wooden. Allthough i do like the ‘does anyone here smell fish?’ line would probably kill.


  134. allthough i do think the left girl should be mostly ignored, probably best to focus most at girl on the right at first. Giving left girl attention isnt exactly good reframing. Anything more then a general oneliner to the other girls will come off as needy and continuing in her frame. Gotta be carefull to not insult the middle girl too hard too. I think its probably best to make a subtle comment about the left one to the other two, focus on the right one and then go from there.

    Also thoughts on this, if you go for a funny oneliner chat for a minute with them and then just leave em alone to catch one of em alone later? Seems best to catch interest now and get the payoff later. Forcing anything now seems hard, and if you look around in the club there are probably easier similar looking targets?


  135. @Heartiste

    Have you seen the news interviews with a former Girl Scout who recently quit because the organization is now into heavy left wing propaganda of American girls?

    I guess it’s not just about the cookies anymore.


  136. I’ll pass giving my approach. My game isn’t tight enough to try. I’m still in the learning process o_0

    That aside, I don’t believe these gals are all too hot. If I was ultra horny, I would fuck the slut. She’s got the best tits, and may have some BJ experience due to her slut factor. Still no dating though, just pump and dump.

    I certainly would avoid them altogether on a normal basis. See, if I saw these chicks in a club, even drunk I would pass em’, simply because none of them pass the Boner Test. I wouldn’t even try to squeeze free drinks out of them, ’cause they would be a mess of cockblocking bitches. Just sayin’.

    If I were to pin the cockblockiest ho there, it would be Vagina Girl. I believe I would have trouble getting her to ease up, maybe because she’s used to the attention? Just a gut feeling. I would have to pull an ignore/neg such as “She always like this?” to the other two (read: small smile while saying it, let her know you’re joking. Trying to TEASE her. Not insult.). Vag gal may seem kind of slutty, but like many have said, she’s probably just doing that leg trick with people she’s comfortable with; probably didn’t even think about it. I doubt she would even think of trying that in front any “guy friends”.

    The mother hen would be a trouble as well. I believe I would have to loosen her way up, some stuff like “You’re wound so tight! You should learn to loosen up, like these two girls.” Some thing less direct: “You look like the ‘stay home and read’ kind of girl. That’s neat!” This will cause her to doubt herself, aka bring on the insecurity. That’s the theory, anyway. It’s difficult to picture this scenario. I don’t tend to fuck and tell. I should start a blog.

    Whatya know, I gave my input anyways. Comments welcome.


  137. What tags do you allow here, CH? I’m attempting to quote some text, doesn’t seem to work.


  138. Same opener I always use on groups, “What’s good hoes?”


  139. “Looks like you forgot to take of your panties.”
    “You remind me of my pet camel”


  140. If I was pissed drunk, I’m bury my face in that one on the right’s puzzy and mow at it right there, like a dog with his face in a bowl of alpo.


  141. Why do my comments never show up anymore? Let me guess this one will show up immediately, but the other one, never. Oh well.


  142. I wouldn’t approach either, because I don’t waste money in nightclubs, but I want to leave something:

    The girl on the left (the smallest one of the bunch) has to compensate her height being the lowest of the three, hence the vagina flash.



  143. Her mother must be so proud.
    Looks like all that money she spent investing into her daughter’s gymnastics finally came to good use…


  144. Listening to you break it down is like listening to a real life Sherlock Holmes (the Robert Downey version).


  145. “The circus called, it’s time to return your friend.”


  146. I want to fuck the one on the right, not interested in the others at all. What do?