The Pedophile Libel

A 51 year old actor married a 16 year old woman and the comments section exploded in accusations of pedophile. Here is a pic of the newlyweds:

His posture is a bit beta, but can you blame the guy? He hit the jackpot. He even got her parents’ approval.

Whenever an older man hooks up with a much younger woman, there is a chorus of haters from almost every demographic smearing the guy with the pedophile label. It’s a malicious slander. These dimwits quick to hurl the pedo insult need to be educated on some basic facts about human biology.

Pedophilia is sexual attraction for biological children. Note I used the qualifier “biological”. Technically, in many jurisdictions, a 17 year old is legally defined as a child, but most 17 year olds have already developed adult bodies. True pedophiles are attracted to pre-pubescent children who have not yet developed secondary sex characteristics. Real pedophiles have a brain malfunction and need to be kept as far away from kids as possible, because their disease is incurable.

To make the point clearer for the idiots, malcontents and misandrists who can’t stand to see an older man dating a younger woman: Sexual attraction for a woman who has gone through puberty and has a sexually developed adult woman’s body is not pedophilia.

It is not pedophilia for an older man to be sexually attracted to a 16 year old girl who has breasts, wide hips, a round and full ass, and a feminine face. Anyone who claims otherwise is either an ignoramus or is engaging in propaganda war, truth be damned. The older women who love to throw around the pedo libel whenever a man their age chooses a younger woman are known as… oh, great Odin’s raven, what’s the word I’m looking for? Oh yes… cunts.






But hags and spinsters aren’t the only ones who freely fling the pedo accusation. Plenty of white knighters and sour married men do it, too. The reasons why they do it are obvious. Older women dread the younger competition and use shame to influence men’s behavior more to their liking. Men who aren’t dating young, fresh flowers shame those who do out of red-hot envy. Feminists do it because they loathe male desire. And so we have an alliance of nearly every demographic against the minority of men who have the skill to land significantly younger lovers. With such a stacked deck, it’s a small miracle that love is able to overcome a malicious mass lie.

It’s all part and parcel of the last fifty years of feminized Western culture pathologizing normal, natural male sexual desire. A sure sign of cultural decay if ever there was one is the demonization of maleness. Feminists and the whole of the liberal media have done their job codifying the currently reigning zeitgeist that male sexual desire is aberrant and uncivilized while female sexual desire is the very pinnacle of saintliness.

Well, this armed outpost of blogdom is here to set the record straight. To expose the lords of lies for what they are, to grind their shitfuck faces in their falsehoods, and to taste the unfathomable sadness of their bitter tears.

Mmm… tastes so sweet, like illimitable pain.

So to help bring balance to the force, I propose an equivalent lie to demonize natural female sexual desire. We don’t really see enough of this, so let’s start with female hypergamy, the powerful primal force that compels women to date higher status men than themselves, and preferably to date the highest status man possible. Let’s call it by the DSM IV term it deserves:

Strataphilia, -noun, 1. a deviant sexual attraction predicated on the social and economic stratum that a man occupies.

FYI: A true pedophile is not the 51 year old in that photo. Far from it. A true pedophile thinks more like this:


  1. I call BS on the fact she is 16.


    • I thought the same thing—no way she is 16. I’m thinking maybe 20-21, and he is early 40’s maybe.

      And he’s an IDIOT for marrying her. Get an LTR, knock her up and raise the kid together. No need to get the gov’t involved.


      • Cant do that with a 16yo in many states. Statutory rape if not married. cant travel across state lines with her either if not married.


    • He doesn’t look 51 either, not in a ;million years – more like 31.
      That has to be a photoshopped version of him.


  2. on June 22, 2011 at 10:48 am Fernando Tobasco

    That bear is cute…I’m only interested though if its underage.


  3. There’s another reason for men to oppose other men fooling around with 16 year old girls – that these men are fathers who don’t want their daughter’s “SMV” spoiled before she’s had the time to mature and meet a mate they consider worthy (who may or may not be much older than her).


    • This is true and makes perfect sense, but that’s not what Roissy is talking about, the demonization and pathologizing of normal male sexuality by women who are endlessly pissed that men naturally prefer youthful females and full of shit men who are either afraid to admit that or white knights showing women how “non-pedophile” they are.

      If you’re a man of any age and don’t feel any physical sexual attraction to a hot 16 year old, then there’s probably something wrong with YOU. (I don’t mean you IHTG)


    • You accurately point out the biological imperative against young women sleeping around – but in the present legal climate it is young BOYS who are most at risk by sex.

      Fifty years ago, a girl’s maidenhead was precious, and if the travelling saleman seduced her then her future was ruined. Nowadays teenage dalliances are common, if not expected, and ultimately it’s the girl with the choice on post-conception birth control.

      The young lad, on the other hand? His entire future could be ruined through child-support payments, incarceration if he doesn’t pay. There’s one notable case of a minor boy paying child support to his rapist school teacher; let alone the dangers if a 17 year old male is dating a 15 year old female…

      As things stand, boys are the ones who ought to be protected – the girls can get away with murder.


      • >>There’s one notable case of a minor boy paying
        >>child support to his rapist school teacher

        Google around a bit, this has happened more than once before–the only difference now is that more men are tired of the pedestalization women and speaking out about it.


  4. Yeah, maybe it’s just a bad pic, but I also have a hard time believing he’s 51. He looks like he could be anywhere from 20-35. She looks more like 24-35.


    • If you watch any episode he is in of Lost you will see he is 40s-50s. He did do a good job of grooming himself for that pic and he dressed sharp. I believe she is 17 but yeah…early bloomer.


      • I didn’t get a well-dressed/groomed vibe from it, more like geeky early 20s guy. Meanwhile she looks like a Real Housewives candidate.


  5. on June 22, 2011 at 10:58 am Polichinello

    Really, it’s her parents who need their heads examined. They’re not looking out for their daughter’s best interests. Even if the guy is loaded–and he’s a relatively minor actor, so we’re not looking at millions here–the age difference is going to weigh down on her soon. Even if if they stay married until death does them part, she’ll be well into her thirties–possibly with a kid or two–and far less likely to find a mate to see her into old age.

    Him, I don’t blame. Them, fucking criminal neglect.


    • You are an idiot.

      How do you know what they feel for each other? And who do you think you are fooling when you imply you care? You don’t give a shit about these people you preachy asshole.

      Here’s a clue: the average 16 year old hottie has a pretty full sex life, and not with an established man who will make her happy either. In case you missed it, he MARRIED her, in the current legal climate that’s the equivalent of giving a woman permission to douse you with gasoline and light you on fire if she gets tired of the marriage. Ask poor Tom Ball.

      I have no respect for you Pollinch, or for any of the miserable bullshit you just threw out here.


    • While it’s probably not a good idea for the male to get married at all (and insane to marry an American who would expect American child support amounts in the event of a divorce) and not the best idea to tie the knot so soon in this case (I have to assume he’s a beta who’s scared of losing her), the fact that she’s likely to hit the wall nine years from now makes it probably a wash for both of them in terms of who’s getting the better deal. Much will depend on who loses their looks first and at what rate.

      She seems to be aging faster.

      Although my main girlfriend is 26 and true marriage material that I should be grateful to have found, I sleep with 3 others with a similar to the above age difference of over 30 years and it’s all because that’s how old 9s and 10s usually are. When young women care about age, they care about what age the man looks like and what age he said he was (look up the Chateau posts on how old a man should say he is to a woman before the first date). To look young enough for her, as the guy in the photo does, a man better not have smoked a lot or spent too many summers in the sun.

      In their late teens, women are often mainly out to have fun, fun, fun and want a guy who can make that happen (get to them to the mountain resorts and the beach, etc). They are out of their childhood and want a leg up on all the fun they were expecting to have when they became an adult.

      If they fall in love, and women that age can fall hard and fast in love, they seem to be programmed to care mainly about the next 20 years at most or they’re subconsciously thinking of mainly getting a baby, after which the older father will surely live the next 20 years to see the kids into adulthood and then the woman can get a beta provider to see her into old age, also with the money the main love of her life might have left her. I think a lot of women are subconsciously OK with the idea that they might be widowed at age 65 to the husband that just died at age 95.

      To women, it’s romantic to have had a man love her and then die while she’s still beautiful to him.

      To men, a great thing is someone who might never lose her basic attractiveness before he dies (it still might be better for him to initially choose an older woman who’s already proven that her beauty is long-lasting because I’ve seen 17 year old 10s turn into 18 year old 5s in less than a year via weight gain).

      There’s also the fact that women are programmed to desire 5 minutes (years) of a guy they can fall in love with over a lifetime of a guy who doesn’t do it for them.

      Fathers generally don’t want to know a guy is older than them but, with the exception of wedding plans, most fathers don’t grill their daughters on the identities of the men they’re dating until long after the girl is in love (caveat emptor to the man because the father can still get pissed). If the older guy isn’t thinking of getting her pregnant and abandoning her to the market as a single mom, he ought to be a good influence on her. If she isn’t left with a baby or a disease, she could actually be improved on the marriage market as a result of the relationship just like Henry Higgins greatly improved “My Fair Lady.”

      If he’s got genes that kept him good looking enough for her into his fifties, then those genes are definitely desirable in her family tree going forward.

      Note: Her genes are not necessarily worth much unless she’s brilliant and both the mother and father look great. From the above picture, I’d say his genes are valuable because he looks so young at 51 but her genes are not because she looks older than 18 already. I’d have to see her parents and know their relative IQs to judge better who’s getting the better deal there. If I were her father, I’d want her to have kids that will age slowly and still look great like he did. But I’d be adamant that he was taking care of himself and wouldn’t die fast on her or abandon her.


      • on June 22, 2011 at 1:41 pm Polichinello

        I have no respect for you Pollinch

        As if I could give a fuck for your respect.


      • on June 22, 2011 at 1:48 pm Polichinello

        I think a lot of women are subconsciously OK with the idea that they might be widowed at age 65 to the husband that just died at age 95.

        She’ll be lucky to get that stage, and ten of those years will probably be nursing home years. More likely, he’ll kick off in her thirties or forties, and then she’ll stuck, long past the time when she hit the wall, and probably without a lot of money. As a parent, I would have wanted my daughter to have used to her prime years to find someone who’d last a bit longer. More likely, of course, she’ll get tired of him, hit the eject button and take some cash along with her in the deal–though, after the lawyers get through collecting her cut, she’ll probably wonder why she even bothered.

        The parents should have made her wait until adulthood. If that’s what she still wants, fine, it’s her life, at least she’s shown some commitment.


      • “As if I could give a fuck about your respect”

        Then don’t take the time to reply fuckface.

        The point of marriage is to interject responsibility and some social control for the larger benefit of society in what os an ID driven process; that will hopefully result in a family.

        As for her being alone in 20 years; well that’s also artificial. We live in a society that promotes monogamous relationships; a Greek/Roman construct that actually isn’t the biological norm. A polygamous society would have every woman over 35 married pretty quick.

        While a woman of 45 might not be a looker, she brings other assets to the table that would make her worthwhile in a polygamous marriage.

        My point: I think you’re premises are flawed, leading to flawed conclusions


    • Her parents are saints for not stopping her. Is it better for her to get knocked up by the unemployed 21 bad boy then married to a successful actor.


  6. I’ve been waiting for this post for a long time. There are 19-20 year old men being classified for life as “sexual offenders” for having relationships with girls 14-16 years of age. Some may think, “well, maybe its technically statutory rape, but the police and prosecutors wouldn’t pursue those cases…”. Wrong. They are. Lives are being ruined.

    I understand that there is an inherent line-drawing problem when it comes to the age of consent. But 17 or 18 is too high. Sure, there are some late bloomers that are not developed by 16 years of age. But they are the minority. In fact, several recent studies have shown that girls are developing earlier and menstrating at a younger age than in years past.

    But most importantly, 19-20 year old men have been marrying 14-16 year old women (often virgins) for hundreds if not thousands of years, across almost all human cultures. Excellent post.


    • It is that bad…and even worse. The laws are so badly written in some states that a 16 year old girl who snaps a nude photo of herself and sends it can be prosecuted for child pornography.


  7. on June 22, 2011 at 11:02 am (R)Evolutionary

    “Strataphilia.” Excellent. Needs a theme song. I suggest Kanye’s “Gold-digger.”


  8. If that chick is a 16-year-old girl then so am I.


  9. on June 22, 2011 at 11:05 am A. Nonny.mous

    Dr. Grzlickson would call us all racist pedophiles and complain their should be laws banning men from looking at women with more than a 2 year difference in age from them. And then demand all our money to enforce them.


  10. Wait, is this the girl?

    I honestly do not believe she is 16. Maybe 26?


  11. I agree that this is not pedophelia. Is it a law that a woman needs to sleep with 10 men like a typical 20 something girl to be “ready” for marriage? Does she need to have an airport full of emotional baggage? One LTR prior to marriage for a girl is damage enough. Better to get them as teens.

    The problem (studiously avoided) with the 35 year old age difference is… YOU DIE ON THEM AND LEAVE THEM WIDOWS. In 25 years she’s a nice cougar but he’s in diapers and barely mobile. This is why such marriages are solely the province of unrepentant narcissists.

    In an odd turn of fate, dating-and-dumping teenage girls is actually more ethical than marrying them and dooming them to widowhood. I could EASILY marry a woman 21 years my junior… but doing so leaves her doomed. I’ve seen the mental collapse first hand of a woman 50 years old and hubby at 75 (particularly if he’s not sprightly). So my limit is 16 years and I spend all day countering the ravages of aging.

    Ergo… you are left with only one logical conclusion. if the best ladies psychologically and physically are sub 20, then you need to have one locked up by 35 and call a premature end to your gaming days unless you wish to risk getting busted by your young bride.


  12. She’s hot. I think Doug did well for himself. But not 16. Cannot be…

    She’s definitely a babe though. I don’t know if she’s marriage material…kinda looks like a sport fuck.


  13. I’m 37. One of the gals I’m dating is 19. The other women I see (ranging between 24 and 35) have no issue with it at all — in fact, they’re MORE turned on by the fact that I can and do attract young women who have plenty of options in the dating market.

    On the other hand, the women I shun detest it and use all sorts of disparaging comments like “How’s the high schooler?” and “Rob the cradle this weekend?” Here’s where Game comes in handy: I know by default that the woman’s outer brain is lying, that she’s projecting what her inner brain is battling to say. Of course they love it, of course they’re jealous and envious, and of course it makes them wish they didn’t run the cock carousel when they were 19.

    I used to call women out on it, but now I don’t. When they ask what my problem is, I tell them “I guess my problem is that not only do I love women with responsible behaviors, but also with fantastic bodies.”

    Once the negative comments starting coming in (around the end of January), I kept track of them in a Google Docs Spreadsheet. The heavier or older a gal is that I know, the more the disparaging comments come out. The younger or healthier a gal is, the more she gets excited to hear about what I actually do with the gal — social proof can come from true stories of what I do to entertain the little devils.


  14. She’s the Danny Almonte of poontang.


  15. strange. looking at the picture, i first thought the man was the 16 year old.


  16. Hear! Hear! I’m sick and tired of young women in their teens referred to as kids. The only thing that man should catch flak for is being stupid enough to marry any women and the woman’s age.

    Besides PedoBear only likes the lolis and lolis aren’t old enough to have breasts.


  17. Beta pose!


  18. My last girlfriend called me a pedophile. I told her that was a pretty big word for a 12-year-old.


  19. Cross out and the women’s age. I should have previewed before posting.


  20. Most news outlets, feminist blogs, etc. don’t seem to be jarred by the fact that he could be sexually interested in her. (At the least, she looks a lot older than 16.) I think they seem to have contention with the fact that he wants to marry her: it’s one thing to date/fuck around with someone much younger, but marrying a 16 year old usually means marrying a doubly self-involved adolescent (on the count of also being a woman), who doesn’t really know much about running a household, assuming responsibility, or anything other than being catered to.

    Because development is so drastic within a couple of years during teenagehood, if he had married her at 18 or 19, I suspect the reaction would have been different. For example, the reception to 20 year old supermarket heiress and 30 year old politician Chris Cox seems largely accepted, even though they met at her high school when she was still 17…


  21. It’s probably going to get worse as a large portion of the dumb as stump sex called men have bought into it and regularly join the chorus of demonization out of fear and to impress the nearby women.

    And I don’t mean they only do it as a father because they wouldn’t want their teen daughters dating an older man (or any man yet), which is perfectly rational and understandable. No I mean they’re also using words like “creepy”, that female word that has caught on with men and is being used these days for almost any expression of male sexuality that isn’t absolutely perfect, even if done by an Alpha.


  22. Like they said on Seinfeld, cleavage is cleavage.

    I get really tired of this form of shaming. A woman who is sexually mature is sexually attractive.

    The law has to draw the line somewhere, and I suppose 18 makes sense in the USA today since most girls that age are not emotionally mature. (But then, are they ever?)

    Besides, it works both ways. I’ve had more than a few teenage girls attracted to me while in my 30s. And I’ve known plenty more women who admitted to attraction to older guys while in high school. Of course there’s no shaming term for them….they’re just “discovering their sexuality.”


  23. “Strataphilia”

    Genius. Makes every woman in the world a strataphile.


  24. on June 22, 2011 at 11:44 am Rollo Tomassi

    So, this guy is a pedo, but Mary Kay Letourneau and a growing number of older female teachers hooking up with their 15 y.o. male students is, what again?


    • Excellent point, although Letourneau was prosecuted. It is a sign of how upside-down it is when men get put in jail for doing what they’ve been doing for thousands of years (trying to have sex with young, sexually mature girls 14-17 years old), but a truly unnatural fetish such as the 30 year old female teacher pursuing her 15 year old male student, is somehow seen as less perverse.


    • on June 22, 2011 at 2:37 pm namae nanka

      horny young males preying on love-deprived single moms


  25. Someone here said yesterday this situation causes more public furor than if two guys were getting married.

    That sums up the current state.

    The bigger problem is, this example causes even more furor amongst “feminists” than a female elementary teacher seducing her male 7th grade students. Or, even female students.

    At the conclusion, this is still a Hollywood Couple living a life detached from most realities and likely, each drumming up publicity to feed a monstrous ego lounging on monstrous debt. So the end result is wgaf. Until some 51 year-old hasbeen actor marries an autistic kid.


  26. this is the girl singing. my boyfriend just commented, “anytime the dog is dyed pink you’re not dealing with a woman you can …deal with.”


    • Pink dog, eesh.
      This song is like another vanity Rebecca Black thing.
      Actually, I guess it’s no worse than anything I’ve heard from L.Gaga.
      Yeah, she may be lying about her age, or she’s had some hard living, or she’s trying really really hard to look older, so it’s not pedophilia, there’s no mistaking her for a youth. Legally, in some societies, she’s jailbait while in others, she’s ready to be married off (and God forbid, in some places, she’s an old maid). So, good for him, it’s legal where they live, she must be into him. It reminds me of how Brian A. Green got Megan Fox. Maybe he was just around her orbit in the right time in her life when being a person of modest professional talent/success is something that becomes crushworthy and if you’re that person of modest professional talent/success, you may as well jump in it.


    • that dog actually is dyed pink.


    • so fia

      my boyfriend just commented, “anytime the dog is dyed pink you’re not dealing with a woman you can …deal with.”

      you 2 have gravitas; that’s pretty deep for a kid of 17. its like i’m reading a Kiwiian Nietzsche


  27. First, that photo explains everything – even if she really is 16 years old, she looks MUCH more mature than most 18 year olds in my class.

    Second, whats going on with all the advice-dog memes up in this blog? I know the concept is funny and all, but this is not 4chan here.

    Third. “So to help bring balance to the force, I propose an equivalent lie to demonize natural female sexual desire” – I’m not sure how serious were you when you wrote that, but there is no point blatantly going head-to-head against the other 99 percent of the world. The end of the feminazi terror can only be brought by proper education endorsing critical thinking, not by “hurr durr lets confront liars in a battlefield of lies because they did it first”.

    Other than that the article is to the point, well written and relevant to my interests.


    • In your last comment post you said that you were 12 years old.


      • Cant tell if serious.jpg

        I’ll explain anyway – “I’m 12 and what is this” is a popular internet meme which I shamelessly abused in the last thread to enhance the fact that I am not a father and therefore do not relate to the subject. I think it would be pretty weird if 12 year old boys were browsing this site, it’s not what you would call family-oriented. Also requires some high order thinking.


      • yeah, cause dry “humor” that is actually no more than an obscure internet reference disguised as a legitimate statement goes over well in text, especially in threads that are 100 comments in and focused deeply on matters that guys are pretty passionate about. Especially when no follow up comment is made. Your amusing yourself, and taking up comment space, at the expense of guys who give a shit. The intent is subtle but its there. But I understand that non-sequiters are still pretty novel to 18 year olds, and therefore clever and funny, and so carry on.

        There are a lot of bright 12 year olds out there that I’m sure stumble onto this site. Not that they can relate, hence the lack of obviousness that you weren’t serious.

        You’re wrong about “education” being the way to confront liars on men’s issues. Quiet reason will get you absolutely nowhere. The powers that be are too much against you. You need to yell, scream, and make a scene and encourage other to do the same. That is the only possibility that anyone has at creating real awareness. “confronting liars on the battlefield” is precisely how it will get done. You can’t win a war from an ivory tower, at least not initially, although it may end there.


    • Deutsch

      …whats going on with all the advice-dog memes up in this blog? I know the concept is funny and all, but this is not 4chan here.

      Give it time. The Canadians are coming.


  28. on June 22, 2011 at 12:03 pm Dr. Grzlickson

    Wow, I have a hater now for some reason. Not sure why, as I agree with everything Roissy said.


  29. HAHAHA i saw this in the headlines and immediately came to this site.


  30. Huh. He looks pretty damn good for 51.

    Time for me to actually put some effort into working out.


  31. Damn you internet! Now I have to somehow wash the image of this chick from my consciousness.

    And her voice!!! AHHHHHH!!!


  32. on June 22, 2011 at 12:29 pm (R)Evolutionary

    “I’d hit that so hard, if you pulled me out, you’d be the King of England.”
    ~Comment on the article linked by the Chateau.


  33. Assuming that she’s actually 16, I guess I would have to be concerned that … old was she during the courtship? Did they start “dating” when she was 14?


  34. Point of the post is correct.

    She’s not 16. It’s a publicity stunt that worked.


  35. I can’t believe you’re posting 4chan memes. Using terms like “butthurt” was kind of cutting it close but damn. This?

    I think our host is screwing a 13-year-old /b/tard.

    I’m not against 4chan on any other grounds that it’s old to me. I stopped going there in high school. I stopped using their memes in everyday speech my freshman year.


  36. on June 22, 2011 at 12:57 pm TremendousHeh

    George Clooney, realizing he had just been out-alpha’d, has now quickly dumped his girlfriend. Expect upcoming announcement of a wedding to uber hot 15 year old triplets.,,20504498,00.html


  37. Ok back in college I knew this loser beta male who was 23 (he’s still single.) He had plenty of opportunity to date women at college (18-22) but he obsessed about teenage 16 year old girls…or younger…..

    Pedophile: A man who chooses to pursue 16 year old girls while ignoring all other girls thus staying single forever and never getting laid.


  38. Are you guys blind? Pig nose, man jaw, she looks AGED. Next!


  39. Feminism = Misandry. Fuck dat shite.


  40. Pose is kind of beta??

    he might as well be licking her feet.


  41. on June 22, 2011 at 1:58 pm A. Nonny.mous

    I’ll believe she’s only 16 when I believe LeBron was only 18 when he declared for the draft.


  42. on June 22, 2011 at 1:59 pm A. Nonny.mous

    Grass on the playing field, boys. Game on!


  43. All true. Were cavemen waiting for females to reach some defined age of consent in 10,000 BC?

    This is the oldest looking 16 year old I’ve ever seen though, at first I wondered if the post was going to develop into the opposite, that she was 51 and he 16.


  44. Thank heaven the The “Don’t Put It On Me” video has her hot bod in it, because it looks like the budget was zip (a rented $3k camera, a 20-foot boat, a few outfits, done).

    Ahh, jailbait. Here’s Penelope Cruz at fifteen

    After dating Tom Cruise and Matthew McConaughey, she’s now married to the (fellow Spaniard) bruiser who played the villain in No Country for Old Men


  45. in the aftermath of the world collapsing, i will be sure to take a desperate teenager as my wife. I will keep her busy with babies and cooking as I string along other women unable to feed themselves.


  46. “I think they seem to have contention with the fact that he wants to marry her: it’s one thing to date/fuck around with someone much younger, but marrying a 16 year old usually means marrying a doubly self-involved adolescent (on the count of also being a woman), who doesn’t really know much about running a household, assuming responsibility, or anything other than being catered to.”

    Last time I checked, most of today’s women of *any* age really don’t know much about running a household, assuming responsibility, or anything other than being catered to.

    Besides, I thought feminism was thoroughly allergic to both “assuming responsibility” and “running households”.


  47. And this “16 y/o chick” looks pretty gross too. If she’s actually 16, then she’s really done a number on herself. The Sylvester Stallone jawline isn’t helping things either.


  48. gay


  49. Good to see
    she likes just regular guys

    My point was that when all was said and done, she went with the non-rich guy who is physically imposing. He’s in this scene in this Woody Allen film


    • yeah, well, spanish guy may not be as rich as Tom Cruise, but he’s like Spain’s biggest movie star IIRC. not-non-rich in any measure.


  50. BTW, good pickup technique, no?

    “Does your friend always over-analyze everything like that?”


  51. Are you people dumb? Why are you concerned about the guy dying? So he dies and leaves her all his shit as well as some new found freedom…..?

    The way i see it hes still taking a much bigger risk than her. any guy, getting married at any age is taking a bigger risk than her. “Worst” case scenario for her he dies soon and leaves her averything……
    Worst case scenario for him. She divorces him in a few years, takes everything, leaves him to die old, alone a lot poorer and possibly without his children…

    Nope not in the slightest concerned for her.


  52. Shaming language is also used against any man who marries a non-Western woman, especially when she is hotter than what he could have snagged in his own feminized country. I have heard the “mail order bride” libel used against men who met wives through normal contacts while working or studying abroad.


  53. on June 22, 2011 at 2:59 pm namae nanka

    “Feminists and the whole of the liberal media have done their job codifying the currently reigning zeitgeist that male sexual desire is aberrant and uncivilized while female sexual desire is the very pinnacle of saintliness.”

    male sexual desire can be aberrant, but anything that gets aroused by bonobo sex loses any sort of credibility to tell others on what’s normal.


  54. “Men who aren’t dating young, fresh flowers shame those who do out of red-hot envy”

    Dead spot on. The lucky sob. LOL


  55. Not sure how to embed videos, let’s try again;


  56. on June 22, 2011 at 3:30 pm Means of Production

    61-26 is OK.

    51-16 is not, regardless of breast size.


  57. yeah – she doesn’t look 16 and he doesn’t look 51. He could pass for someone in his 20s.

    When he’s 81 she’ll be 46 years old. If he’s a father figure she’ll leave him when she grows up. But he looks young — maybe he’ll be energetic enough for her.


  58. The Department of Education Office of Civil Rights (OCR) has just released new guidelines for the prosecution of men on college campuses that receive federal funding. This puts the NOW in effective control of how all campus sexual harassment charges are dealt with if they don’t want to have federal funds withheld:

    The Protect Act of 2003, passed by the US Congress, defines as criminal a commercial sex act which is any sex act, on account of which anything of value is given to or received by a person under the age of 18. Thus, giving your 17 year old girlfriend, who is legal in your state, your old car as a graduation present, would fall under federal law as a felony.

    So there actually is a federal age of consent law in the US now and, if it were enforced more, it is now effectively 18.

    While Berlusconi is being prosecuted for a similar law in Italy, this law also assumes the US govt has a mandate over its citizens even when not in the country. This is an unprecedented grab at extraterritorial jurisdiction. Even for murder neither the US govt nor any govt claims jurisdiction for such a crime committed outside the country, nor has any other country besides Libya ever dared to tell its citizens that they answer to the federal government even when not in the country (the US started down this road after the 9-11 attacks).


    • Swedens laws against prostitution (it is legal to sell sex but illegal to buy) are in effect outside of Sweden. So a Swedish man going to Thailand for the brothels can be charged with buying sex and get a prison term when he gets home…


  59. Hot or Not: Why Women Shouldn’t Pick Attractive Husbands:

    But she refers to Congressman Weiner as an example of attractive.


  60. She looks mannish. She will be coyote ugly in 20 years, maybe even 15.


  61. AB Dada

    Once the negative comments starting coming in (around the end of January), I kept track of them in a Google Docs Spreadsheet. The heavier or older a gal is that I know, the more the disparaging comments come out. The younger or healthier a gal is, the more she gets excited to hear about what I actually do with the gals

    This is exactly my experience. The more matronly the woman, the more stabby their eyes, while the more young and vivacious, the faster they warm to my cute girlfriend and want to become part of her inner circle.

    A super hottie will attract other super hotties around her in the dancefloor. And just as surely will attract vicious hateful stares from Matrons.


  62. “Raoul and Tommy stop by for a few minutes on the way back from the beach. They come onto the porch with their girlfriends, one of whom looks eighteen. Raoul is close to forty, worn, with gray hair. He hasn’t shaved
    but somehow seems stylish. It’s probably worry-he owns two restaurants,
    the pressure is always there. Tommy works in one of them. He’s younger
    and Raoul is like a father to him.

    The girls are wearing sandals with heels and slight bikinis tight as string.
    The sexual flux on the porch has violently changed, as with a powerful magnet, but they act unconcerned. In-ess, one says her name is, the one who looks eighteen. She has a slight accent, South America, Rome? In
    any case to the other women she could be Kali, the goddess of destruction,
    wearing a garland of skulls. Women fear girls in a way that men do not
    react to boys. Ines stands there indifferently, nearly naked, her skin smooth
    and blemishless. the dog, inquisitively, is sniffing her feet. At last she seems to have found something of interest. ‘Oh,’ she says reaching down to pat him,
    ‘he’s so sweet.’

    Raoul slips a shirt on over his pale, skinny chest. He refuses a drink. He says something to Ines who nods. They’re going to the American Hotel for dinner. One can picture them there, not talking much but on display. The two men are talking. They order a good wine-Raoul knows these things. This is all later, the last light lingering, the pleasant weariness from the sea, the food, the crowd. What happens afterword, one is forced to imagine. Raoul has never married though he has the ease of a married man. Tommy is separated from his wife.

    When they have driven off there is a dampened spirit in the house. The women are somehow annoyed; a bruise, a tender spot, has been irritated. Their dignity has been injured in some way, or at least their feeling of confidence. Their husbands’ thoughts have gone to where they should not be….”

    So begins an article on younger women/older men.

    –Esquire magazine 1992


  63. Excellent post. I find it difficult to understand why more of society isn’t accepting of an older man dating a much younger woman in general. Biologically it makes sense; older man hunting/gathering and protecting the woman. Why more woman can’t admit that it’s a huge turn-on is besides me. If anything, it’s the idea of “cougars” and a reversal of roles that bothers me. That’s what I find a little on the disturbing side – it goes into mother and son territory (an older woman nurturing a younger boy).


  64. Even the dictionary agrees this isn’t pedophilia.


  65. That girl may have been 16 … twenty years ago!

    At any rate, one odd thing in Harry Potter. The age of 17 was defined as “adult” for the society of Wizards. Its a major plot point — Harry no longer has the protection of his home because he literally is not a child any more, but an adult, and has to act like it. His parents had him at age 20. And that was written by a woman. See also 17 year old Bella Swan in Twilight getting “married” to her glittery gay vampire Alpha.

    Women don’t have a problem with female desire written by women and late teens acting on sexual impulses. As noted only male desire for younger/hotter over older/uglier provokes that visceral response. That being said, I’m all in favor of a “sandbox” approach for teens under 18 … relationships with no sex, so girls can learn Bad Boys might excite them but also leave them in the lurch. Two words: Bristol Palin.


  66. I too am over 50 – lots over. Like most middle aged folks I believe that I look younger than my age but I sure as hell don’t look as young as this guy. I am leaving on a summer vacation in a couple of days – out of the country. My “traveling companion” is 23, slim and attractive.

    My friends began to ask me in person and on FB whether I was going to blog about my trip, as I have in the past. I’m a writer so my blogs tend to be entertaining. I hesitated, but finally put up a blog with a couple of initial posts, including references to my 23 year old girl.

    I have already gotten one “creepy” response. Everyone else seems to find it humorous and entertaining.

    For some reason older men and younger women has become the last major taboo – at least in the West. You can fvck a farm animal, a 300 lb. fatty, or an anatomically correct doll and no one cares. But 58 and 23 and you’re creepy.

    Shame is the major tactic and I have to remind myself not to allow myself to be shamed. Envied – yes; shamed- no.


  67. on June 22, 2011 at 5:46 pm From the can

    let’s get one thing straight, you don’t go after hot16 year olds if you can fuck hot 18 year olds. 16 YO girls do things like marry betas just because they’re famous and dye their dogs pink… which i’m about to go do because that chihuahua is prolly the world’s biggest snatch magnet.

    [Editor: True dat. In fact, I’d go so far to say that most girls are better looking at 18 than they are at 16. But not at 30. Heh.]


  68. A man should never marry until he has a life where even if she took half of all he has, he can still live the life he loves. That will, for most men, be well into their thirties, or older.

    I doubt the guy in the photo is going to turn her into a slaving housewife, at least until she has finished school.

    I remember Jerry Seinfeld was dating a 14 year old. No one even mentions that any more. They’ve been married for over a decade. They have kids. Life is good.

    Still, I doubt that anyone who isn’t already convinced will be convinced, no matter how many good relationships come from it, even though this was normal, not too long ago.


  69. With the exception of the West and the last two centuries…

    Most females world wide marry and mate at the age of 16 and always have.

    Shakespeare famously had three daughters… and no sons…

    So his plays constantly reverted to the predicament.

    In particular, that of Kate — a 19 year old not yet wedded and bedded — a real shrew!

    Shakespeare hammers her with an Alpha and the family tension is removed.

    In Romeo & Juliet the father arranges a marriage to Paris — a man a full generation older than Juliet. The 14 year old fool follows her heart and marries a mere lad. Promptly thereafter they’re both dead. 16th Century audiences got the morality tale: daddy is always right — especially about whom a girl should marry.

    Do note that when Juliet rebels against her father he puts her on a starvation diet!!!

    After which her mother berates her further — and then locks her in!


  70. She looks a lot older than 16 and he looks a hell of a lot younger than 51.

    In a few years, he many have to trade her in for another girl b/c her looks will start to fade (peaked early). LOL!!!!!!!!!!


  71. Although Stodden’s father is four years younger than his new son-in-law, he approves of his daughter’s decision.

    “Every father can only pray to have such a man behind their daughter,” Alex Stodden, 47, told


    Again … “Every father can only pray to have such a man behind their daughter,”


  72. The ‘Cougar’ existed in Neolithic times.

    Such a cat was certain to be a widow. Clansmen suitable for such an older gal could well be in such short supply that she’d be vectored over to a younger stud of promise… becoming his first wife — a harem starter.

    Humanity evolved entirely as a male-centered social structure.

    The seed of any family is a winning male of whom fertile women can orbit.

    The relative size / mass between men and women strongly indicates that 2^2 four women were married to one male through most of time, going back millions of years.

    Most boys were lost facing the forces of nature — a battle that was joined from age seven.

    Bar mitzvah — at age 13 — is a legacy of just how early Neolithic man was thrust into the world.

    Such attitudes re-appear when society is torn apart: the Confederacy at the end and Nazi Germany at the end both ‘went young.’


  73. @editor
    “Feminists do it because they loathe male desire. ”

    Actually, no they don’t. They just want it confined to rich alphas
    who desire THEM.

    On another subject:
    Alimony laws these days are usually genderless on the surface. Somebody
    should argue “disparate impact” on men and claim – correctly in this case,
    and obviously so – that it is a law discriminating against men.

    And, oh, they are Hugin and Munin, mind and memory, in case you
    didn’t know.



  74. As for her age…

    I’ve seen 13 year old babes that were so developed that you’d swear that they were 19 — until they opened their mouths!

    One aspect of the Black Race is early puberty. I’ve never seen any that bloomed late.

    This is but one reason why Blacks dominate professional athletics. They’ve got a tremendous jump on developing an adult sized playing technique.

    In my family, it’s the reverse. My brother bitterly complains to this day that his abilities came too late to receive any recognition. He looked like a shrimp even at 18 — now he’s 6’1″ — too late. The flip side is that everyone seems to live up to one hundred years. It’s as if the whole body clock runs slow.

    Such a range in aging is seen in the Orientals. The Asian women hold their looks rather well — and then, wham, they age overnight.

    As for women lying about their age: timeless.


  75. […] via The Pedophile Libel « Citizen Renegade. […]


  76. In CA you can get married, with a judge’s consent, at 14.

    Anyone over 18 having sex with someone under 18 is committing statutory rape however.

    No, this doesn’t make any sense to me either.


  77. on June 22, 2011 at 7:33 pm factchecker

    senseiern I remember Jerry Seinfeld was dating a 14 year old. No one even mentions that any more. They’ve been married for over a decade. They have kids. Life is good.

    You remember wrong. He was dating a 17 year old but he dumped her for a married woman who then left her husband for him. That is who he has been married to and has kids with.
    She’s still quite younger than him though so fair play.


  78. By the way, where do the high school girls hang out around here?


  79. In Australia we have an old saying on the street.

    “Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed”

    ; )


  80. on June 22, 2011 at 8:25 pm factchecker

    Mr C were you convicts for sex with kids then not sheep?
    btw old enough to bleed is not old enough to breed, girls start bleeding from ages as young as 8 but even in their mid to late teens many are aren’t developed enough to be ovulating properly even if they are bleeding.

    If they do breed then there can be all sorts of issues “A baby born to a teenage mother is at higher risk than a baby born to an older mother for premature birth, low birthweight, other serious health problems and death. Babies of teenage mothers are more likely to die in the first year of life than babies of women in their twenties and thirties.”

    but hey let’s face it breeding isn’t top of mind.

    Fair play to this guy but you wouldn’t want to be his kid. Or have him as your son in law to your teenage daughter. Unless there was a lot of moolah.


  81. @Mr. C

    In Australia we have an old saying on the street.

    “Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed”

    ; )”

    I heard it was, “Old enough to bleed, old enough to butcher.”


  82. Factchecker, you are taking it all too literally.

    There are risks related to ALL pregnancies.
    What about the risks involved with a woman that is 40+ having a baby?
    If she manages to get pregnant that is.



    Here’s an article by a woman from 2003 arguing in favor of lowering the age of consent to 12


  84. @old guy

    “In CA ….anyone over 18 having sex with someone under 18 is committing statutory rape…”

    If the age difference is < 2 years, it is OK. Not sure if this is part of the law,
    but in any case not prosecuted.


    Both "low birth weight" and "tennage pregnancy" are fairly innocuous
    by themselves. It is just that both correlate with mother being
    a dumbshit and/or poor and/or having a terrible lifestyle.

    Those thing cause both the LBW and the teenage pregnancy,
    but what causes the problems is mostly the underlying factors.

    My sister and I weighed in at about 5 lbs 9oz, and we did fine,
    our mother did not have the other markers, here body was just
    not built for a 9 month gestation.



  85. I remember back in the day when I was a student watching some girls dating old guys. It was a little frustrating: not only do we have to take all the random crap from older generations, but they also get to take out our girls? Recognizing this bias, I bring the next points:
    1) If men from all ages are allowed to hit on the current blossoming girls, the result is a shortened supply where the biggest losers are the young men with a still developing game. What are the young men supposed to do if they don’t get to have relationships with girls of their age? Take a chance with mom’s single friends? It’s repulsive to just think about it.
    2) It’s safe to assume that an old man hanging around with a 17 year old girl is after one single thing: her pussy, quickly delivered and on discount. Based on experience, these “mature” (not in the PUA = immature sense that feminism tend to bring, but in the sense that these girls’ hamsters love to rationalize) boyfriends were often married men cheating on their wives and sometimes players. Result? First pumped and dumped sluts with a sudden zero appealing for a LTR among students and sometimes single moms deprived of future social life.
    3) This question aimed to the guys praising these marriages and yielding the “old guy won’t walk away as wife ages”: What do you think these old grooms have been doing all these years before they found the women of their dreams among their friends’ daughters? They weren’t certainly locked in a monastery recurring only to the hand on moments of lust. Other than divorce after decades of marriage (which would be the only half decent argument), these guys either left a trail of spoiled women in the way or they made conspicuous use of whores or sluts, in which case proponents of old grooms should praise those women rather than shame them for the vital service they play to society. Celebrating these kind of unions ultimately undermines marriage as a whole for the whole backstory they have.

    My conclusion is that, even if the pedophile label is wrong, the shaming of these men is as useful as the one aimed at sluts for the purposes of marriage. Of course, I don’t have a problem with it if we are willing to kill marriage once and for all and let the competition run wild. It’s just that the idea of a marriage with more than a 10 year gap looks a oxymoron to me.


    • Javert, just fuck older women. It’s what I did at your age. When the lights are out and with your youthful libido, you’ll not be disgusted.

      Or you can try your strategy. Good luck with that.


    • 1) You’re kidding, right? Even if we take for granted that the older man may have the experience and game, that still is at least leveled out by the young man’s youth and good looks. And this presumes that lots of young women want to go out with us oldsters. They are definitely out there but the percentage is not high. But thanks for the confidence boost!
      2) “It’s safe to assume that an old man hanging around with a 17 year old girl is after one single thing: her pussy, quickly delivered and on discount.” And young guys aren’t? In that case, things have really changed since I was young.
      3) While I’m sure that there are older players who have spent their entire dating life going from girl to girl, in many cases (mine certainly) these are guys who have done the marriage and kids and are at the age where they are looking for fun and adventure, not the next ex-wife.

      Often the attraction of the older guy is the very fact that he is not marriage material for the young girl, nor she for him. I often find myself advising younger women friends (with bennies) on how to deal with men, as they would like to marry – and know that they ain’t marrying me!

      My last comment is that shaming men isn’t good for anyone. Certainly not good for the older guy who has a right to have fun, nor is it helpful for the younger guy who is essentially saying “I can’t keep up with your experience, money or power” so I’ll just shame you. Kind of pathetic. Instead the young guy should build his game, have his fun, knowing that the techniques he learns can be used at any age he wishes to use them.


  86. “I heard it was, “Old enough to bleed, old enough to butcher.” ”

    Maybe in Tasmania.


  87. “Strataphilia is worse, if you ask me.”

    In a more honest, brutal world; the aggrieved husband should have the right to demand a duel at forty paces.



      “Only gentlemen were considered to have honour, and duels were reserved for social equals. Commoners might duel one another occasionally, but if a gentleman’s honour was offended by a person of lower class, he would not duel him, but would simply beat him with a whip or have his servants do so”

      LOL !


  88. Some women seem to forget:

    -They go through puberty sooner then men do. A 16 year old girl is not the equivalent of a 16 year old boy.
    -Women now, are going through puberty as early as 9, which is why you see 14 year old girls that look 18, and 16 year old girls that look 24.

    When women can get pregnant, I’m pretty sure that’s nature’s way of saying “you may fuck now.”


  89. “Real pedophiles have a brain malfunction and need to be kept as far away from kids as possible, because their disease is incurable.”

    No no no, it’s not a disease, herpes is a disease, molesting children is not a ‘disease’, there’s no ‘cure’, you don’t need a doctor. By calling it a disease you allow for the defence ‘it wasn’t my fault, I’ve got a disease, I can’t help it’. Don’t medicalise behaviour, emphasise personal responsibility. And read Thomas Szasz.


  90. It is not a good idea, medically, for girls younger than 17 to get pregnant. Many issues involved including fistulas, lifetime incontinence, etc. It just is not a good idea at all.

    And you have to watch girls that age. They’re shameless. I knew casually one girl, who I assumed was 22. She was only 16, and had a fairly large sexual experience and nasty drug habit. At that age, they go together. Her parents let her run wild and as a result she was a mess. A hot one but still a mess.


    • Throughout history, there have been times the average life expectancy was only 25. Girls have been married as young as 12. I’ve seen 16 year old girls that were pregnant without complications. I don’t think they should get pregnant that early or even married, but I’m skeptical on the the medical complications.


  91. Abe
    I disagree. Pedos do have a mis-wired brain. Their brain tells them that all their lust should be directed at pre-pubesent girls. Even if they get lucky by various means (buying or stealing access to 9 year olds, etc) what do they get out of it except confirmation that their dick is too small. Such an act is no more in alignment with productive gene making than gay sex and carries 10 times the danger of a backyard castration being inflicted if caught.
    I am a tolerant guy towards many human failings. I merely reserve the right to choose those failings that receive – or not – a blessing from me.
    Here is my ruling: She must have something to shave and she will smile when she shes what she is “in for” .and not grimace and try to get away.


  92. When women’s average lifespan was 30+ years (basically all of human history until the current era) having children was essential at an early age. Women matured earlier and were prepared for their matriarchal duties by the societies that raised them.

    This is not the case today. She is a victim of her upbringing (or lackthereof) and her children (if they have any…which I seriously doubt) will be the victims of theirs. My comfort is, they aren’t getting married to breed…little comfort b/c I don’t really see the point in it but…yeah….woo hoo! she’s hot and he’s old, go them for being so modern and open-minded! Obviously the point of all this is, I hate them because, paleolithically speaking, I’m on the verge of death.


  93. After watching that PSA she did, I can only say she must be really tedious to be around. I hope she likes to screw a lot. A lot. You’d have to shut her up somehow. She’s beyond solipsistic.


  94. @Thor

    @old guy

    “In CA ….anyone over 18 having sex with someone under 18 is committing statutory rape…”

    If the age difference is < 2 years, it is OK. Not sure if this is part of the law,
    but in any case not prosecuted. "

    True. Also if you have a reasonably decent lawyer all you have to do is keep filing delaying motions and if she's over 16 she'll be 18 by the time it comes to trial and juries almost never convict on those so GENERALLY they don't prosecute those either. That does NOT mean they can't. If they want you for something else … and they can't get you for it … or if they just like seeing their name in the paper …


  95. TOO OLD


  96. Just for an example, I once saw an Opera interview (my wife
    liked this stuff, but was asleep when I watched a recording rolling
    by,and re-watched some scenes).

    A 15 y o girl was interviewed, she had been seduced by her
    softball coach or something at age 13. Opera was egging
    her on about how terrible a deed this was, and how she
    was exploited.

    The girl looked appropriately horrified at first, but within seconds
    as she told her story, she started beaming and swallowing
    saliva – and, I think, heavy breathing.

    Conclusion: She loved it and would do it again. Especially for a slot
    on nationwide TV.



  97. This chick is from my small town, had a tit job by the age of 15


  98. “What are the young men supposed to do if they don’t get to have relationships with girls of their age?”

    They are supposed to recognize that girls’ time in the sun is young and brief, mens’ later and loooong. Count your (long-term) blessings, gain the experience/knowledge/skills that will help you in your thirties and beyond while you collect pretty pictures on your hard drive and bide your time. Multiple accounts in countries other than your country of citizenship/residence, out of reach of lawyers. If you’re not international, you’re vulnerable and a putz. Eat paleo, exercise, don’t smoke, easy on the alcohol. Marry a 22 year-old when you’re a well-preserved 40 or 45 (after playing the field for five or ten years). Girls have a 15-year window, yours is 30 minimum. As a male you can use money and game to manuever yourself into position, no hurry. Girls have their fleeting looks and little else, poor things. Thank your deity of choice that you were born male, quit whining, and get to work.


  99. here is another link with pictures of both Todden and Doug Hutchison:

    she does not look 16 to me no matter how i look at her. but those tits are amazing!


  100. “she does not look 16 to me no matter how i look at her. but those tits are amazing!”

    Her titts will never look better than they are now nor will they ever be as firm, supple or perky. She is 16.
    Her titts are at their absolute natural zenith.


  101. Referring to the FBI capture of former mob boss Whitey Bulger, why do all the news reports say that the FBI aired a “Wanted” commercial on TV programs that attracted women his age? Are we supposed to think they’re clever for that hunting tactic?

    The guy was 81. The girlfriend they caught him with in Santa Monica was 60. He was at the top of the FBI Most Wanted List, so one might presume he had some alpha traits.

    Did some female at the FBI prolong the >10 year hunt for this guy based on the premise that he was horn dogging women his own age?


  102. Or did the FBI just assume that 60 year old women were practically the same age as an 81 year old guy and that was what the FBI meant when they said that commercials were aired in Southern California “targeting women his age”?


  103. While white women try to force white men to mate only with the older and less attractive of the race, under penalty of jail, it is announced today that the percentage of white babies being born in the US has fallen below 50% for the first time:

    Note that only 0.5% of US households are gay couples. Compare that to the power these people have not only over the Democrat Party and western media but the wasted lip service of Republican Party politicians.

    Gays are less than 1% of households. Yet nobody has a problem with them having sex with each other.

    Heterosexual men who would do a 17 year old female if they could are probably in 95% of households. Yet the comment section in the original post above is 95% shaming remarks, including many from Republican Party voting males who would never be so crass as to condemn gay sex online anymore.


  104. Also, it’s very bizarre to see the men on this site championing the feminist philosophies of Simone de Beauvoir and Judith Levine. This ‘marraige’ and the encouragement it receives on this site is further evidence of the manipulative, destructive tendencies inherent in feminist philosophy, that even those who recognize the evils in feminism can be manipulated (through sexuality) to champion it. :/


  105. The remark above that a guy who can do a 16 year old probably doesn’t have the ability (social skills) to do an 18 year old is about the most twisted logic of any comment. The haters rely on this “logic” to lock men up, saying that a guy who would do a 16 year old probably doesn’t have the skills to do a “real woman” his own age (25, 35, 45) and is thus a social misfit.

    While the curve has bumps and an 18 year old in some cultures might be harder to get than a 16 year old in that same culture, especially after she’s taken her first women’s studies course, the general rule is that the younger the female the more difficult it is to game her. That’s common sense as well as reality.


    • Article “To Justify Our Moral Judgements We Invent Victims Even If There Are None”

      The article points out that people also invents “reasons”, such as “only social misfits can attract 16 year olds while true alphas attract 18 year olds,” that don’t make a lick of sense.


    • I’ve found the opposite. The older I get, the more young chicks throw themselves at me.

      I find it easier to get 18 year olds, mostly because they’re not screwed up and fucked up yet by baggage. The moment you say hi they light up like a Christmas three, happy that a guy is talking to them. Heck, they make most of the moves and the work like asking for your number.

      I think the easiest groups to get are the really young and the really old. Like milfs are easy because they’re desperate. Teens are easy because they don’t hate or resent men yet. 25 year olds are the worst.


  106. She has the musical talent of a housebrick but great titts.


  107. on June 23, 2011 at 10:49 am ganjaninjaXD

    If her parents are okay with it, I’m okay with it. Hell, when I was in high school I was friends with a fifteen-year-old guy who was married to and lived with a thirty-year-old woman. His parents were enthusiastic about their relationship from the get-go, and were thrilled when the couple decided to marry.


  108. those tits are almost certainly implants. she likely has had some work done to her nose as well.

    you’d be surprised (or not) at how many young teenage girls in the u.s. get cosmetic surgery as birthday presents.

    so of course her parents would be supportive of her marrying this guy, they’ve designed her for just that purpose! i just wonder if they’ve spent even half the time working on her wife core logic as they did on her gui.


  109. on June 23, 2011 at 11:38 am A. Nonny.mous

    Women enact age-of-consent laws so that they don’t have to compete with women at their hottest for the wealthy, attractive established older males. Since older women don’t like young males, they leave them to hump the 16 year olds.

    Women would enact age-of-consent laws up till the age of 30 if they could get away with it. But since young women can vote at 18, they would join with every man alive to vote it down


    • Breeders and moral reformers called for the increase in age of consent laws to protect the offspring of their offspring because feminists want to attack and corrupt potential breeders and have always championed wanton, destructive sexuality (as shown above)…Simone de Beauvoir was an well-known, unapologetic, lesbian, ehebephile.


  110. Not wild about those giant fake boobs. She doesn’t look like she’d look too hot without makeup. And for fuck’s sake, keep your women out of the sun and out of the tanning booth.

    If I were going to marry a 16-year-old, she’d have to have a lot more natural beauty than this chick. I don’t see this girl aging well at all. She’ll look 45 by the time she’s 25.


  111. Speaking of getting married….

    (not sure how to embed vids)


  112. The girls a horrible singer, at best a fuck buddy but she looks like a bad case of dumb blonde.


  113. on June 23, 2011 at 1:18 pm Emma the Emo

    She is very skinny and wears a ton of makeup in all the pictures, which can make a young girl look older. She could be 16.


  114. Another common reaction is what I take to be the male reaction, minimizing or otherwise downplaying the guy in the relationship. That is, he’s not famous enough, or good looking, or his acting roles were creepy. I don’t know if this is because of jealousy that he scored an ostensibly hot girl, jealousy that she’s really really young, or if there’s a male aversion to this spectrum of may-december romance.


  115. I actually have met a 16,5 year old who looked just like her in some dance classes. She came to the class with the rest of her classmates, who did look their age… And she confirmed her age with an ID.

    I often saw her at clubs, I guess bouncers never even asked for her ID. So yes, it is possible to look that way at 16.

    Oh and this particular chick I knew, had a deep seductive voice like she was working at a sex hotline, like actually resonant, female-deep voice. So yes, oddities like that do exist.


  116. I suppose this is a good place to mention that a second cousin of mine was arrested and is in therapy for getting a little dirty with an officer posing as a 17 year old on the Internet. He also can go nowhere near anyplace there are children being the “pedophile” that he is. That means schools, parks, play grounds, family picnics or wherever children are present. Watch out for this shit.


  117. askjoe

    Another common reaction is what I take to be the male reaction, minimizing or otherwise downplaying the guy in the relationship. That is, he’s not famous enough, or good looking, or his acting roles were creepy. I don’t know if this is because of jealousy that he scored an ostensibly hot girl, jealousy that she’s really really young, or if there’s a male aversion to this spectrum of may-december romance.

    I’ll take a stab at it.

    There exists a sexual strategy for males that is to be in alliance with the sexual strategies of females, and especially of matrons. This is the lifetime monogamy strategy, which seeks to enforce lifetime monogamy as a social regulation. Such people need to stick their nose into others peoples business just to regulate their own supply. They need to create and enforce a social contract.

    That contract includes growing old with your mate. It includes keeping a tight reign on your lust towards strangers and new youthful fresh pussy as you grow older. It values pair bonds and family over new conquests.

    Any youth injected into any old mans life is dangerous to the endevour, as other old men will get jealous and consider the advantages of such forbidden fruit.

    Matrons weild huge political power to make it a thought crime to even consider youth and beauty. It’s all about family, children, and ongoing support for the aging wife.


  118. I should add that men who take this strategy are often unaware that women have a dual mating strategy.

    The reason women push for socialism is that they consider alpha seed to be superior. Regardless of how the nerdy engineers and underwear heroes view themselves as compared to “alpha thugs”, girls consider alpha seed superior. Women know that alphas make unreliable providers, and so require socialism to raise alpha kids securely.

    At the SAME time, they will push men with an opposite agenda – to not fuck youth and beauty, and to commit to marriage.

    The beta matron supporters never see the divorce coming. They get hit upside the head and all they can say is “huh?”.


    • X,
      Just had a little inspiration. I’ve seen the visceral reaction of conservative girls to attractive female candidates like Palin or Bachman. There’s definitely a hatred for ostensibly hot chicks (P or B being hot for the post 40 world of women).
      I think that the one true to way to get past all this is to see how a women reacts to the beauty of the girl her son marries.
      That is, older and/or ugly women will be threatened by hawt younger chicks unless that beauty is invested towards their own good, as someone that validates their own son’s high SMV.
      So, if the alleged 51 year old’s mom is still kicking, I wonder what she has to say about the alleged 16 year old bride?


  119. […] Honestly.  Look me in the eye, and tell me that with 100% complete honesty.  C’mon.  As Roissy already talked about over at his blog, it’s not the age of the woman, it’s whether or not she has a […]


  120. Fox News commenters are 90% old hags and WKs including one named ArmyAviation who thinks the prospective groom needs to be murdered:


    And we have to consider voting with these freaks against Obama next year.

    It’s the surplus of this type on the right that makes it actually believable that the likes of Romney are leading in the polls over guys like Ron Paul. One might otherwise believe the polls are just being manipulated.


  121. I have a 19 year old woman in my life. I also have a 26 year old one. And a 35 year old. And a 42 year old.

    The body of the 19 year old is amazing. She’s flexible and perky and her skin is soft as cream. It’s a pleasure to be with such a prime display of femininity. Also, she has no baggage brought out of failed long term relationships. That, also, is a pleasure.

    Yet the 26 year old has some life skills that I actually do admire. She works hard, and saves hard, and she looks to me to help her play hard. She’s a powerful woman in her market, yet she still is demure and attentive like the 19 year old.

    The 35 year old is a big name in Chicago in a social scene. She’s powerful, an alpha female who rarely can find men more alpha than her. I know of all of her past and current guys and her complaints about their betaness. She’s so strong, she easily bowls over even the top alphas in her scene, but she knows I’m more determined about getting my needs met. She knows I don’t take her crap that female minds just spew relentlessly.

    The 42 year old has been around the block, many times over. Her body isn’t so great, her face is wrinkled and her movements come with pause. Sexually she’s aggressive with me, but she cares for me in ways the other women can’t. It’s not motherly or matronly at all, it 100% respect for a man she knows can fulfill that need in her to be with someone who is powerful and demanding and sets high standards.

    If I’m 51 and an 18 year old sends me an IOI, I will talk to her. if she shows the demureness I expect, even demand, of women, she can enter The Rotation® and take her place at my bidding.

    Can a woman in her 30s attract strong, powerful men? Yes. But I have many peers and colleagues who appear strong and powerful, but when it comes to women, they become schlubs, buying them expensive trinkets and expensive trips and expensive cars. That’s not strong or powerful. I see it all the time, from rock stars to ball players to renowned authors.

    The key to strength and power is the ability to use it wisely, and to not let go of it because something shiny comes into your life.

    If I had to choose a woman over all of them, I have no doubt that the lightness and silkiness and passion of the 19 year old would keep her in the top or second position. The possible baggage and drama that older women bring with them is an instant turn-off, so it’s important for me to test women more, the older they are, to see if that damage comes to surface.


  122. wrong.


  123. […] – “An Alpha Male and His Women“, “A Father’s Question“, “The Pedophile Libel“, “Is Female Careerism a Form of Infidelity?“, “Girl Admits She Loathes […]


  124. That’s because you’re talking about “men that age” who felt they were in no position to lie about their age. They looked their age or old for their age so they told you they were over 45 but were probably 55 or older.

    In general, you are correct. The massive majority of men are betas and gammas and they will invariably stop working out by age 22 and, thus, look like blobs or flabs 10-25 years later.

    But plenty of men who are really late 40’s, and not just saying they are when they are really early 60’s, who never smoked or drank too much or stood in the sun too much, look younger and say they’re younger. There is no tea bag effect on their face yet.

    As for a sagging body, no alpha player under 60 will have been avoiding the gym. At that age, the body has to be fitter than guys in their twenties in order to compete with guys in their twenties. That’s a given. Any older guy who sags is beta.

    If a woman has gotten far enough to see the balls of a lot of much older men while being turned off by them, she could only be speaking from experience as a whore. Just sayin 😉


  125. Also, this Viagra myth is just that.

    If a woman is young and attractive enough, these older guys would not need chemical help. The young women are the Viagra.

    Betas in their fifties who take Viagra do so because they tend to deal with women their own age.

    The advertisements for that drug are pathetic, at least in the US. The women featured in them are so horribly amorphous, that any reasonable man would rather do his pillow than her. So who would buy the drug in order to do her?


  126. the word itself simply means “friend of (biological) children” and is not to do with sex. the word pederast is actually proper. i dunno why people still say pedophile.

    ped is from pedi (kid, child) erast is from eros, erotic, erastia, erasti (sexual lover of)


  127. A pedophile is a man with a sexual fixation on prepubertal children; a man who lusts after girls or boys of 7 or 9 the way a normal man lusts after biological women of 16 or 26 or 36. It’s debatable if a woman can even be a pedophile under the APA definition. Pedophilia is a fetish, and it’s debatable if women can even be fetishists in the male sense.

    Defining a man as a “pedophile” for having sex with a girl of 15 or 16 is empirically false and thus absurd. But to vilify women as “pedophiles” for having sex with biological man under age 18 is even more execrable and ludicrous. Yes, a woman is a “pedophile” for engaging in coitus or sexual contact with a young man of 16 or 17 who might be 6′,4″ with a ten-inch penis and outweigh her by 50-150 lbs. And to vilify women as “rapists” for allowing biological man under age 18 to penetrate them in consensual relationships is “sex equality dogma taken to lunatic extremes,” to quote John Derbyshire.

    Incidentally, thank to MRAs and those they’ve brainwashed, Mary Letourneau was demonized as a “rapist” and “pedophile” more often than millions of adult men who’ve had sex with underage adolescent girls over the last half century.


  128. I have yet to meet a guy 45+ who hasn’t been subjected to the insidious, creeping, teabag effect upon his visage. You can’t escape.

    Also, it has nothing to do with how much you drink and work out (I’ll admit smoking has some effect)- you still look like a fucking teabag. It’s gross, seriously. I am talking from gut reaction here: revulsion. Not hamster-rationalisation, just revulsion, and my female friends can testify. I don’t give a shit how muscley he is, if his features are starting to droop like melted wax due to collagen loss, I’m not interested.

    As for viagra- ageing fucks up your cock n balls no matter how hot the chick is. Guys over 45 are starting to suffer from Mr Grim Reaper knocking at the door, clogging their arteries and screwing the boner…NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE THAT. AS YOU AGE, SO DOES YOUR DICK. So, along with the sagging face, I know he’s got a sagging cock too; that his balls are probably lacking in pertness; in


    • You’re just making shit up.

      How many over 45 guys have you fucked, that you are an expert on the staying power of old dudes?

      Plenty of old guys have strong cardiovascular systems.



    Somali man aged 112 marries girl of 17

    He is old enough to be her great-great-grandfather. But Ahmed Muhamed Dhore, a Somalian who claims he is 112 years old, said he had realised a “dream” by marrying a 17-year-old bride.

    Dhore – who says he was born in 1897, the year that Queen Victoria celebrated her diamond jubilee – already has 13 children by five wives, but said he would like more with his newest, Safiya Abdulle.

    Hundreds of people attended the extraordinary ceremony this week in Guriceel, in the region of Galguduud. “Today God helped me realise my dream,” Dore said. He and his new wife, who is almost a century his junior, are from the same village in Somalia, he said, adding that he had waited for her to grow up to propose. He says his children and two other wives agreed to the marriage, as did Abdulle’s parents.

    “I didn’t force her, but USED MY EXPERIENCE TO CONVINCE HER, and then we agreed to marry,” the groom said. The bride’s family said she was “happy with her new husband”. Somali adolescent girls are often married off to older men.

    Dhore has 114 children and grandchildren. His oldest son is 80 and three of his wives have died. This was his first marriage for three quarters of a century.