Scientific Proof That Women Love Drama

YET ANOTHER ♥♥♥♥♥♥ scientific study confirms gender stereotypes and validates core game concepts.

Research finds women feel happy when their husband or partner is upset.

The detailed study found that wives or girlfriends were pleased when their partner showed emotion because they believed it demonstrated a healthy relationship.

The survey, carried out by Harvard Medical School, also found that when men realised their wife was angry, the women reported being happier, although the men were not.

It revealed women most likely enjoyed spotting when their partner was dissatisfied because it showed his strong “engagement” or “investment” in their time together.

In short, women love to instigate relationship drama, and to wallow in drama, because it reignites the romantic spark. A stoic, self-satisfied, dutiful, honorable, provider beta male is BORING to women because he doesn’t show enough tingle-generating emotion or “connection” that makes women swoon. This explains why guys like Chris Brown can repeatedly nail hot strumpets like Rihanna.

Rightly or wrongly, women interpret men’s lower emotion and drama baseline as evidence of their withdrawing love and, potentially, withdrawn resources. Those female readers who say this is just evidence that people in general appreciate signs of commitment miss the appropriate sex comparison: it’s only women who feel happier when drama reassures them that they are loved. Men do not need drama to feel loved. Men need access to your pussies to feel loved. In fact, men feel worse when a relationship is going through a dramatic stage.

Many game principles and tactics — e.g., freeze-outs, backturns, negs, push-pull, dread inducement — operate under the premise that women crave drama and are particularly attracted to the men who can provide it. A woman’s need for drama as a sign of relationship health and empathic understanding can be co-opted and redeployed by players to increase women’s sexual desire for them. This study and the accompanying lessons are a great example of how the modern science of seduction and its applied game theory succeeds by harnessing women’s innate, natural, biological sexual and romantic predispositions for the benefit of satisfying men’s desires.

And, ultimately, for the benefit of women’s desires as well.


  1. You just confirmed what I already thought…now it all makes sense as I look back in retrospect.


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        Hey GBFM, this is one of your best replies ever. I especially love the end. Keep speaking truth to pussy. And give my regards to the uspeirnetdenient.


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      • GBFM(TM) your writings are the greatest. They are both profound and creak me up at the same time. I always look for your writings on this site. Thanks


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    • yeah… looking back on things… a lot of girls I know thrive in drama


  2. So in other words, Julien of RSD Game?


  3. Very true. I saw many relationships end because the men would not get angry with his girlfriend. Always kept being nice and understanding. Very very annoying.


    • I figured out that this is the exact way for a guy to get rid of a girl he doesn’t want. Remaining cool and hitting on other girls, without showing a trace of concern if other guys hit on her, will make any girl who catches feelings for you turn off eventually.

      The annoying thing, is that CH is right. Girls all want to see their man get pissed off. They get a huge charge out of it. And from personal experience, this can make it extremely difficult for, say, a guy to find a different girlfriend (at least in a small town) if he had blown his top at a girl who just left him. This happened to me three years ago when I had a bad case of oneitis. The object of my emotions sent out a PSA through the female gossip chain. Her best friends became my best friends, and other girls who had previously been interested soon shut me down. One girl that I didn’t want and would never have dated, but who had a huge crush on me, even picked up a beta within a week of my blowing up and married him within the year. If a guy blows up at a girl, the whole network is soon informed that this is the girl he really is “in love with”, and they arrange things accordingly.

      Thank God I found this blog eight months ago. My former oneitis AFAIK is still living out-of-state and has blocked my Facebook, so I definitely came off as a needy beta in this experience, and therefore I can’t imagine her girlfriends like me out of anything more than pity. It’s strange.


      • Small town life, for better and worse, is a whole different kettle of fish.


      • No, not really.


      • So in short, show some anger towards your gf when needed, but don’t lose control of it.

        I felt like I hit a rock reading your entire post


      • I hope it was instructional.

        Oneitis is terrible, but as with other diseases like smallpox or the chicken pox, the best way to get immunity to it is to actually get it. It’s of course best to get it in one’s teenage years, but I was a late bloomer. It can even be dangerous. Not long ago I heard about one young man whose postgraduate studies were actually wrecked by it. In my own case, I hadn’t figured out what I wanted to do yet as a career, so it just set me back a little.


    • “The detailed study found that wives or girlfriends were pleased when their partner showed emotion”

      Beware what the hamster says vs. what the hamster does.

      Rationally, they could be “pleased” because they feel they can manipulate and control their man’s emotions. Irrationally, their hamster may not be pleased.


      • on August 7, 2012 at 6:43 pm Oldest member

        Agree 100%. You should always be aware of the difference between what the hamster says and the actual hamster droppings. Some female scientist (pardon the expression) quoted here some time ago said she was shocked by the discrepancy between what a woman says and what is really happening in her big grey organ, the cunt.


    • This was one major mistake I made…before learning anything about game…with a 19yo. What confused me at the time, and makes me laugh today, is that there was a night when she was obviously, purposely trying to piss me off. I asked why she was being a bitch. (May sound Alpha, but my voice and body language was beta appeasing.) She actually told me point blank “Sometimes you need to get angry at your woman and put her in her place.”

      She was literally fishing for a fight and to be “put in her place” for no reason other than to feel drama and feel that I was “invested” and in control. Probably the best thing I could have done that night was kick her out of the house. I probably would have had some of the best sex of the relationship an hour later.

      Bitches be crazy.


      • Usually its a shit test they create because they’re ovulating and want you to screw them. Its a big catch me fuck me game.


      • They’re trying to get you to dominate them.


      • Its important to realize most women do these things unconciously and are oblivious to why they are doing them. Detach behavior from person and you’ll have a lot more tolerance.


  4. on August 7, 2012 at 3:08 pm ThatNorwegianGuy

    Oh God, the bold-faced rationalization that it’s a demonstration of a “healthy relationship” is hilarious!


  5. I had many relationships go bad because I refused to get angry and would always want to discuss things rationally. I just thought that that particular girl was crazy for wanting to fight and wanting me to yell, but when girlfriend after girlfriend is the same way, you begin to realize all women are like that. Another game concept is “feeding her an emotional experience” which exploits this.


    • on August 7, 2012 at 4:02 pm Libertardian

      I’m in the middle of a lesbian romance novel right now (don’t worry, it’s for prurient reasons only) and there is indeed drama on every page. The two heroines *constantly* find ways to misunderstand each other, make bad decisions out of anger or even pique, and accidentally say thoughtless things that cause a relationship fracture and consequent opportunity for emotional reconciliation (and make-up sex). Just like in real life, “happily ever after” in fact means the exact opposite – the end of the story.


    • I’m pretty sure my last relationship ended because of this, and because I didn’t treat her rough enough during sex. Outside of the bedroom, she put on a show of “being love”, and would always try to make me feel special, which made it feel weird for me when she wanted me to choke her during sex.

      After we broke up, she went on to fuck six guys in about a month and having a string of threesomes and foursomes.

      Needless to say, I learned this lesson the hard way.


  6. Anecdote that women love drama even when they don’t understand it:

    I happen to live in a country where the national language isn’t spoken by the vast majority of the people. All the TV programming is in the national language. Nevertheless, every day, ALL of the women gather around the TV to watch soap operas in a language they don’t understand. The soap opera stars are idolized, people sit around and chat about what they think is going on, and elaborate story lines are invented in each household.

    All you need to do to excite a woman, it seems, is get some dramatic camera swoops, some openly emotionally manipulative music, and some extremely emotive Indian or Brazilian actors. The women will fill in all the rest of the blanks for you!


  7. You once wrote: “You are an oak tree” (16 comms of poon)


  8. Also showing emotions in any way is always been more beta than alpha, getting crazy at your gf is super beta what the fuck


    • I think its okay to show anger and emotion after youre fucking her and are connected to her. this is why abusive and jerk ex boyfriends might as well live in a girls vag.


    • So you fuck with the lights off… a straight face…and in silence?


    • Controlled but visible emotions, especially anger/rage are . . . intense. The fright/uneasiness that a woman will experience makes one wake up right now.


    • No. This is a big misconception in the community.

      Getting pissy and possessive is beta. Blowing up at your girl when she deserves it feeds the relationship vital nutrients. Same goes for telling your girl that her ass belongs to you and doing “date things” with guy friends is unacceptable.

      Last year my gf had an annoying habit of being late repeatedly. I explained to her calmly that this wasted my time and was not ok. She was late again the next night and I let her have it. She was utterly submissive after that. It was good for the relationship.

      A woman has a deep need to respect her man. Not tolerating bs behavior with some emotion is a big part of that.


    • I go off unpredictably every now and again. Women need it. Less is better than more and after a while a look will suffice. Silent brooding is good with a sudden grenade burst. They are like kittens to milk with this stuff.


  9. I’m intersted to see a response to what nemesis wrote, though. Though I think that you are supposed to provide emotions/drama for the girl, not the girl stir emotions/ drama in YOU.

    I.e. you are doing it tongue in cheek


  10. this seems to contradict the bulk of what ive heard you say..amongst other manospere posts. which is that being a rock, and refusing to get swept up in her drama…instills higher value in you…there must be context here that im not grasping.


    • The context is:
      A beta will apologize and supplicate, try to make her happy.
      An alpha will be unaffected until he needs to call her on her shit and tell her what is or is not acceptable (the voracity of the outburst directly proportional to his level of insecurity).
      As women incessantly shit test, consider it just another tool in their shit test toolbox. Pass=alpha. Fail=beta.
      Relationship health=does she want to fuck someone else or not.


  11. In my experiences with my current gf, it’s enough for me to just be upset, or even for her to imagine that I’m upset. She got angry with me at end of a camping trip this past weekend for almost no reason at all. She sulked and turned silent on the drive home. When we finally were on the main highway again (after an hour or more of silence), I turned to her and asked: “Why did you do that? Why did you have to spoil a perfect weekend?” She caved and apologized. But what was interesting was that she admitted that she was angry over nothing at all. She even admitted that she was plotting ways to get back at me (isn’t that reassuring?). It’s like she NEEDS to do this every once in awhile, if only to spice up our relationship.

    I don’t yell. I don’t even display many outward signs of emotion. Again, if you’re quiet and you stick to your guns (e.g. don’t cave), she’ll fill in the blanks for you.


    • I’ve been in that SAME situation. Beautiful camping trip ruined by psycho girlfriend instigating an endless fight.

      Mine’s long gone — replaced by hotter, younger, blonde wife who laughs at other women’s ludicrous drama.


  12. @nemesis Actually this is exactly the dilemma I’m facing. Do I nonchalantly get up and leave or do I verbally explode and flip the coffee table? Both of these have now been advised… what is the consensus?


    • When in doubt; ridicule, agree and amplify, etc….


    • I think the point is, if you really can’t stand it anymore and want to explode in anger then you must be willing to tell her to fuck off (leave the house, go perma NC) and leave her in the doubt that you are gone forever. It happened to me before, I had some serious drama moments with a girl with real mortal kombat fighting involved (I really couldn’t keep my hand still, and it felt good and I saw her getting horny on it too). Then I went no contact, and inevitably she came back all the time after max 2 days. I always greeted her with aloofness / nothing happened / I was having a coffee, do you want some, and then banged the sh1t out of her within minutes.


    • Do both, switch it up. That’s the problem with guys.They have a mindset of picking one or the other. Mix the shit up. Become unpredictable. Make it like a soap opera. Many times, I’m breaking dishes, flipping chairs, throwing glasses as the wall then other times I walk out silently, dont answer calls , go ghost. Make your life like a movie.


  13. If anyone was interested in the tweet “Are Western businessmen more greedy now than in the medieval past, or are they just less afraid of reprisal?” you could also check out:

    ‘Why Nations Fail’: Can elites choke American prosperity?

    (It nicely ties in by comparing medieval Venice with America today.)


  14. Re: d-bag with muscles at the pool. Might as well walk around with a gold cane tossing dollar bills in the air for as much “try hard” vibe as the guy is giving off. Even being a huge juice head can’t overcame horrendous anti-game. I think VK had a post where he was a vegas swim pool where he was approached while being ripped and cool, not ripped and douchey.


  15. Maybe I’m not getting the anger thing? I personally wouldn’t yell or turn into the incredible hulk and start smashing things. But would I change the tone in my voice and have some testicular fortitude…you bet.

    If your lady needs you to get angry enough that cops get involved to get her fix of emotional drama maybe it’s time to find a new one.

    Another theory I’ve heard is to be really humorous to the max. When she’s on the war path come back at her with outrageous responses. It shows she can’t get to you and you aren’t scare about her emotions.


  16. on August 7, 2012 at 5:02 pm immoralgables

    The spergs and noobs can’t understand how to do this and be that “rock” at the same time.

    But, but but it contradicts! (head exploding)

    [heartiste: the supposed contradiction in game philosophy that confused commenters are referring to is this:

    XV. Maintain your state control

    You are an oak tree. You will not be manipulated by crying, yelling, lying, head games, sexual withdrawal, jealousy ploys, pity plays, shit tests, hot/cold/hot/cold, disappearing acts, or guilt trips. She will rain and thunder all around you and you will shelter her until her storm passes. She will not drag you into her chaos or uproot you. When you have mastery over yourself, you will have mastery over her.

    The distinction to keep in mind is that women will MAKE UP THE DRAMA if necessary to fuel their desire, and to test their men for Signs of Alpha™. That’s the purpose of shit tests, for example. This doesn’t mean men should go about being histrionic or pointlessly dramatic to please their women. (Although doing that is still better than being a boring niceguy.) It means that as a man, you have to be prepared for female drama, and know how to parry it. Think of the Poon Commandments as life strategy maxims, and specific game techniques as tools to help you abide those maxims. There is no contradiction in applying specific game tactics like push-pull and hot-cold-hot-cold to drive women wild with desire, and also being a generally strong, self-possessed man who avoids the beta trap of getting sucked into women’s drama plays and emotional outbursts ON THEIR TERMS.]


    • Makes sense. I do have the impression that women have a sixth sense for telling when she has pissed you off anyway, so maintaining state control while she sees your little flash of anger would, I imagine, cover it.


    • The oak tree analogy is dead on, H.

      But it’s hard to be such a force of nature. It takes incredible self-control, especially around certain borderline personality women, not to get uprooted or blown over.

      I’ve mostly been the oak, but occasionally I’ve lost frame control and tried to fight the hurricane on its insane terms. Big mistake.

      Good advice.


  17. Allow me to translate:
    “Research finds women feel happy when their husband or partner is upset.”

    Happy that they’ve made them angry or that they have gotten a response that is in their language (emotion) that they can understand, process, and relate to?

    “The detailed study found that wives or girlfriends were pleased when their partner showed emotion because they believed it demonstrated a healthy relationship.”

    Understandable in that most women are obsessed with others talking about their feelings and showing emotion. Most women don’t consider that men are simply different and do not “feel” the same way women do.

    “The survey, carried out by Harvard Medical School, also found that when men realised their wife was angry, the women reported being happier, although the men were not.”

    Happy, perhaps, because they feel they have gotten through to the man while he, now having the burden of the emotion, is not.

    “It revealed women most likely enjoyed spotting when their partner was dissatisfied because it showed his strong “engagement” or “investment” in their time together.”

    Children will act out to get attention. The underlying issue is probably a communication one. And the communication here is that if someone is unhappy- and that is a change- it means they were happy before. Surely there are more positive and constructive ways to convey that.


    • “Happy, perhaps, because they feel they have gotten through to the man while he, now having the burden of the emotion, is not.”

      Great point.


  18. But I do find it funny when the ladies who have the most drama in their lives they create are always saying “I’m tired of all this drama.”

    It’s one of my favorite female lies to crack them on.


    • They also have a knack for associating themselves with people who also have drama and can’t help but to get sucked into it.


  19. “And, ultimately, for the benefit of women’s desires as well.”

    I disagree. It could easily become a poisonous and sadistic cycle. Relationships really shouldn’t be combat zones of the mind or body.


  20. Dilating pupil/female bisexuality tweet:

    Yes, female sexuality is more fluid than male sexuality. This began to dawn me at a very early age when my first girlfriend (she and I were around 12 years old) and her same aged female cousin appeared to be attracted to each other, even though I highly doubt they were lesbians. They would take showers together and frolic physically a bit tooo much (did that just arouse you?) Then I noticed this with other girls over the years. There was something different about the way girls interacted and boys/men interacted.

    It’s pretty simple. Female sexuality is powerful, powerful enough that even girls can’t help being attracted to it.


    • Agreed, but I think it’s more than just being “fluid” — as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to the conclusion that all women are bisexual. ALL of them, whether they admit/know it or not.

      Betas, myself included, need to be aware that your woman, at any moment, can cheat on you with another woman, not just the pool guy, yoga instructor, DJ, etc, etc.


      • So true! To a woman, EVERY supposed “lesbian” I’ve ever met has bent to game, or the sexual influence of a strong desirable man in their presence.

        It seems to be a matter of what degree of (so called) alphaness is necessary for her to sway and a combination of rock solid, indirect game.

        Hilariously, I’ve also observed that the more femine and attractive the “lesbian” the more likely she is to sway…or is it that she’s just teased more often by high quality dick…?


      • I might forgive the cheating with another woman.
        It wouldn’t make me that angry, assuming the relationship is doing fine. Although I wouldn’t trust her like before, and I would start looking for an exit because cheating in itself says a lot about the woman.
        But no hard feelings. When there is no other man’s dick involved, it makes things easier.

        The world would be a better place if women only cheated with other women. Imagine the threesome possibilities.


  21. Seeing an emotional reaction? Yes, it makes us realize we’re getting through. You’re doing the same if you use push-pull on us – not to mention that it’s primarily a domain of coquettes.
    And this is what this study showed – that reception of an emotional reaction is positive, even if the reaction itself is negative.

    Causing mental pain, distress, quarreling for the sake of quarreling?

    The answer is a correlation between the level of self-awareness and development of emotional, social and mental control. For a woman who is not able to face her feelings, take her time to calmly listen to her self-talk it might be the only way to express herself. The only way she knows, if she’s socially inept. Mentally she might be challenged, being burdened by low self-esteem, depression or other such conditions.
    For healthy individuals by default it takes a narcissistic personality, or a fondness of BDSM to cause others pain without remorse.

    So, not that obvious and not true in healthy, non-narcissistic and fairly self-conscious women.

    ps. with push-pull which is basically all about countering the expectations of the other party and getting an emotional reaction, the push, though an essential element, is harder to learn. here is a good example, even if male one:


  22. It’s a shame women aren’t expected to act like adults anymore, because that need for drama can be channeled in healthy ways like flirting. Instead, they expect the right to act like the equivalent of their husbands leering in front of them at every pretty girl that they see.


    • I think you’re mixing something up and it reminds me of a situation I noticed the other day. I won’t get into all the details as it’s a long winded story, but it ended with someone saying “we’re all adults”. You said: “It’s a shame women aren’t expected to act like adults anymore”. Well, they are acting like adults, adult FEMALES. The underlying assumption of personality equality between the two genders once all parties involved have reached sexual maturity is simply ludicrous, albeit one that is promoted in our current societal arrangement. However, the “adult” status that I think you’re trying to get at in your statement seems to only manifest itself in a women’s personality as a result of either a.) motherhood, or b.) old age, although neither of these factors is a guarantee.

      On a side yet related note, it would be worthwhile to look up Camille Paglia, she’s a “feminist” but is very critical of the feminist movement. Here’s a quote from her:

      “If civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts. “


  23. Been a while since I’ve been with a girl long enough to have drama, but this last week I went to a GF’s for a booty call and she started bitching at me because I was too vague in my texts. I think she wanted me to apologize or get mad or something, but I couldn’t take it seriously and I laughed and made fun of her. Five minutes later we were naked in the pool. “Relationship Health” I completely understand because although I don’t want to lose access to this chick, I would drop her in a second if she was giving me headaches.


    • Yes, have fun with the maiden by all means, but don’t let her lead you down an unknown path; for woe to him who’s present as the bitch emerges with the full-moon. and captive in her bitch’s lair.


  24. Maybe that explains how and why women stay with highly charged abusive men. It’s the emotional buzz. I suppose it is better than cutting………….


  25. And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.


    • It means between the reproductive capacity of the female and Satan who was probably just a member of the expedition on earth who along with his men were shagging the rather simple minded earth females(just like astronauts landing on some inhabited planet would do today)and had produced children who looked like themselves (made in our image) but not quite as intelligent. That junbled story in Genesis was taken from other writings which were based on oral histories. There was no snake and no fruit trees. Commander Satan got into this big dispute with Capt. Lord because he wanted to continue improving the new hybrids and increase their intelligence to a level as high as themselves and in fact he did. Capt. Lord was pretty pissed off about this because although he knew they were shagging the earthgirls who were really just dumb sexbot like creatures, he had orders not to interfere with the flora and fauna on earth and already things had gone too far.The aliens were not immortal but they certainly lived a very long time both from their genetic makeup and the life extending drugs they took, So the Lord to stop all of this put robot guards at their lab with lasers to protect their supply of drugs and threws the hybrids out into the wilderness. He likely killed Commander Satan or perhaps Satan just escaped. What happened to the many hybrids?Well, they just mated with each other and since they had the genes oif the aliens they lived a long time. But after thousands of years their longevity declined from mating with the ordinary earth humans until it decreased to about 120 years max. as it says in Genesis and no one has lived beyond that age since.
      So why would Eve defy Lord? Because she knew Satan and knew he was just some sort of man and had in fact been shagging him and got knocked up by him and knew Lord was just another man too and knew they were not God. So when Satan wanted to continue his experiments with the intelligence enhancing drugs she just took it. It’s actually just a simple story but for some reason people invented all sorts of religions around it.


  26. So this is why women almost universally take things in the worst possible light. I thought that it was simple insanity before, yet now I realize that it was to fuel that hamster. Hmmmm!

    I remember once taking my temper out on a couch cushion for a half-hour or so, my girl reckoned that it scared the shit out of her. The sex that night was gooood.


  27. My wife knows when she is occasionally hormonally bitchy. I withdraw emotionalingly and sexually from her. She also knows I have a long standing policy of not having female friends . Because when I used to most of the time they were hitting on me.. I am a Christian. So I try like hell to avoid easy pickings. She is a smart Lady who knows it’s in her best interest to constrain being a bitch.


  28. Unless she can really piss’s me off during PMS, I refuse to rise against her drama. I have more important things to deal with. Her Mom was wise to pick her best option early. Guys don’t want drama. We make modern society able to exists.


  29. I’m now gaming several women. In various contexts all of them have said words to the effect that they want a man to act like a “man”—and some have used words like “teach me” “control me” etc.

    I have a better relationship with my ex since we broke up and i’ve blown up at her a number of times. She’s constantly doing things for me and seeking my approval. This was something she didn’t always do when we were going out and I was more mindful of her “feelings”….

    The idea of blowing up for no reason is scary. The concept here is that if/when provoked you don’t back down. Getting angry because she didn’t put the cap back on the toothpaste is nuts.


    • “The concept here is that if/when provoked you don’t back down.”

      The health of a marriage or LTR depends on this. You back down on a single key issue — it’s possible to FEEL when the relationship reaches such a crisis point — and she loses respect. Do it twice, three times, and you’re beta.

      It’s the LTR equivalent of a shit test.

      Don’t back down. Women love intentionality, and they (quietly) despise those without it.


    • I was talking to a female friend of mine recently. She told me she just broke up with her boyfriend, then got together again after a week or two.

      When I asked her why she broke up in the first place, she said “he’s too nice. He needs to put me in my place when I’m out of line.”

      So I asked why she decided to go back, she said “I’m a woman. I can’t make up my mind.”

      So there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth.

      Mind you, this chick is 22 years old, graduated from a very expensive private school, she’s tall, blonde, and very slender, probably an 8 by most guys’ standards (although she is a little too thin for my taste). Basically, she’s got the looks and the age right now were guys literally throw themselves at her. Her boyfriend (now ex, I recently saw her with another guy) is a cool dude, but a terribly nice guy and just getting by on his looks.


  30. Uh huh. In many cultures, modern and ancient, men were expected to show their emotions because remaining straight-faced and stoic meant were you were hiding something and therefore can’t be trusted. Heck, I would find any guy who takes crap from a woman straight-faced and does nothing is a Beta. Any Alpha has no problems expressing his dominant emotions over women and putting them in their place.


  31. on August 7, 2012 at 11:57 pm hiphopanonamous

    Kanye’s “Perfect Bitch” is about Kim.

    “The song has NOT been officially released yet — but a source told the Daily News, the lyrics are “about his search for the perfect woman and how he has now found the ‘perfect bitch.'”

    I give it 6 months before Kim pulls some Kristen Stewart shit.


    • Except that will just turn him on a little bit more.
      I suspect he’s a cuckold fetishist. Kim is at least a 9 with make-up, any straight guy would hit that. But anyone who gets lovey dovey with her is either a cuckold or has some serious beta issues.


  32. STELLA!!!


  33. […] Woman love drama. Once again science shows what we already know. […]


  34. I wish I’d have known this 20 years ago. It sure answers a lot of questions I had back then.

    What can I do to put this knowledge into the mainstream? It really needs to be there. A lot of men and women can really benefit from these advancements in human knowledge.


  35. lol’ed at the Tweet with the muscle dude forever alone in the pool. Esp with the skinny asiany looking guy behind him making 3 chicks laugh.

    You can see the same thing play out pretty much any night out in any bar that has beefed up dudes in it. They don’t approach, they don’t get approached, and they get into fights outside the bar because they’re frustrated wondering why their muscled physique isn’t getting them pussy like society told them it would…maybe they need to cut another 2% body-fat, ya, that’s the ticket, back to the gym and the protein shakes!!! No seriously dude, I TOTALLY notice a difference when my body-fat is between 0.5% and 3% lower!!!11

    (replace muscles with money, clothes, a car, a swank condo, etc. etc. in the above paragraph)

    On relationship drama: It comes back to a woman wanting to feel //// instead of ———. If the relationship is too boring or too perfect (which are both basically too predictible) it’s a ——– so they get worked up about something that doesn’t even make sense just to get a rise out of you and get to feel ////

    This is also consistent with the principles behind the “Sex God Method”. It’s also why I like to escalate sex to kinky shit as fast as possible (preferably on the first bang, like the girl I’ve lined up to choke and slap around this weekend lol). Since I can’t be bothered to get worked up about silly girl drama in a relationship in general (because I know I can go out and find new girls easily), I can’t provide the //// as a boyfriend/date…but in the bedroom I can push the kink and she gets her //// fix because I run her through a shitload of emotions 50 Shades of Grey style.


    • (replace muscles with money, clothes, a car, a swank condo, etc. etc. in the above paragraph)

      Except that money DOES get you hot chicks. I saw 2 dudes last night with 2 babes that looked like their adopted daughters. 1 chick was asianlicious and the other a brunette with only a sun dress covering.

      You generally write good shit then fuck it up by going off the reservation. Tone it down and you’ll get the gold rather than a bronze.


  36. […] Scientific Proof That Women Love Drama « Chateau Heartiste […]


  37. “Women love drama”

    Here is the scenario:

    Have been using eye contact game on this cute 25 year old, on one occasion she was squirming in front of me in public centerfold style.

    I am married and had last minute cold feet, as a result she feels rejected and probably suspects my internal beta reality.

    Previously she would walk past my desk and give a delicious smile, well, just recently it’s all gone south, and yesterday her face was like the hammer of Thor.

    Is this scenario recoverable?

    PS, she is 25 I am 51, I would so love to bone her.

    One or two other women have shown an interest too.

    PPS, This web site has recently become PIG SLOW in firefox derivative Iceweasel. Any one else notice this?


    • You didn’t do anything with the attention she gave you. Why would she give it to you again?

      (not saying you should cheat on your wife by shitting where you eat with a co-worker (that’d be a shit-show) but this is what her subconscious is thinking)


    • You smoked her out as someone who will use that to her advantage. If she is interested, she’ll drop another signal. Hope you have some cash saved.


  38. Here is a technique that works for me. Take her by the bicep with your dominant hand, firmly, but don’t hurt her. If there is a wall or door have her back against it. Eye contact and say, “fight or fuck.” She does not get to make the decision. Move the hand to her breast. She will kiss most of the time. If yes, you are fucking. If no, the oak tree leaves for a day or so. If it is not strong shit testing, just bitchy annoying, delete the verbal above and do the rest.

    If you are in a public place, elegantly close business with the bar or waiter, whatever and take her arm and say, “let’s go.” Do the above when alone out of the view of those that will see the emotional investment. She wants others to see the exchange to PSA the world that you are invested. You show her the investment on your terms.

    This helps with new relationships if you like direct game. Get her a little bored and beginning to get bitchy, do the above. Never had a negative experience from it. Occasionally no kiss but, yes, the hand to breast shift shows interest and usually leads to something in the future. Never be afraid to touch a female. If you can master this, you are more than halfway there.


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  40. Women like danger and drama… One of the reasons that I like taking groups of women to the pistol range – mixes them up and gets their juices flowing with no real effort on your part. Keep your eyes open – look for the women turned on, and show her a proper stance and let her squeeze off a few rounds from a Desert Eagle – then ignore her, and she’s ready to jump your bones in the nearest bathroom…

    This is why women like to try to cause trouble – fights, etc… So the easiest thing to do is to keep the drama on her end – flirt with the waitress so she has things to tell the other girls about how “horrible he was, flirting with other girls” – or any of a dozen other things. She wants, likes, and craves that stuff… The key is to push and pull – so you flirt with the waitress, but then pay attention to what she says, and surprise her by asking about something she talked about before – this is why I take notes as part of the preparation. I don’t keep all of her crap in memory – what man could really care? But since it often is why she’ll be at my place tonight, I review my notes. Her cat is named, X. Her cousin is graduating from Y. Bring that stuff up and they are like putty in your hands – after you have pissed them off… 🙂

    Women want to complain about you. They want to have a reason for their girl-friends to say, “oh that’s horrible”, but then they tell them something else and make them say, “well he’s really into you”. They want and need that chick-stuff – I call it “chick-crack”…. If you keep it on your terms you are a LOT better off… If you don’t, she’ll find a way to manufacture it – usually to your detriment. So stay in control, and you can use it as advertizing…

    Remember men will say, “I want a girl just like X.” Women will think to themselves, “I want X” when they hear about all of the things you’ve done. I tend to use women I’m seeing as feeders into the pipeline for future candidates… At some point, all of the other women want into the group of women you’ve bedded, just to see what everyone is talking about…

    As with any hunter, you have to understand your prey. Know their habits, and behaviors. Women are like any other prey-animal… The hunt is what makes it interesting…


  41. Scientific proof that girls tattoo = slut


  42. […] vetenskapliga rön från Harvard Medical School som diskuteras i [denna artikel] så blir kvinnor glada när deras män blir upprörda, eftersom kvinnorna anser att det är ett […]


  43. […] En shit test är när en kvinna testar dig, för att se om du är skit eller inte. Detta kan göras på många olika sätt. En variant är att be dig göra något ovärdigt. Gör du det så är du uppenbarligen ovärdig. A girl shit-testing you is the equivalent of you checking her rack.[källa] […]


  44. On the topic of supposed contradictions, here’s one I’m puzzled about and would love to hear the Chateau’s verdict on: one of the early writers, the Dark Lord whose name begins with R, said that many of his ex lovers remain his cherished loves. In another post, an author wrote that staying in touch with ex lovers is a big no-go; it’s a red flag if any woman does it. I’m about to break up with a girl owing to geography. Do I let her go completely…or not.


  45. “The sexes deceive themselves about each other — because at bottom they honor and love only themselves (or their own ideal, to put it more pleasantly). Thus man likes woman peaceful — but woman is essentially unpeaceful, like a cat, however well she may have trained herself to seem peaceable.”


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