The Middle Class Quiet Riot

When this blog links to an outside source, you know by the rarity of the act that it’s something worth reading. This post is one of those must-reads, if for no other reason than that it spotlights, in the starkest terms possible, just exactly how a middle class revolution will foment, and what it means for the future of America. Stories like the one described in the link may be the tip of an iceberg about to slice an irreparable gash in the hull of the USS Proposition Nation.

Brian and Ilsa are such anarchists—grey-haired, well-dressed, golf-loving, well-to-do, exceedingly polite anarchists: But anarchists nevertheless. They are not important, or powerful, or influential: They are average—that’s why they’re so deadly: Their numbers are millions. And they are slowly, painfully coming to the conclusion that it’s just not worth it anymore.

Once enough of these J. Crew Anarchists decide they no longer give a fuck, it’s over for America—because they are America.

When middle class, law-abiding, generally good-natured and good-willed white Americans start dropping out and shirking the rules, the jig is up. Finito. Stick a fork in it. Sayonara. Goodbye to all that. The writing is on the wall. D’oh! Only in the end will you understand.

I predicted this would happen. The twin evils — the two Great Lies of our age — feminism and equalism, sustained by disconnection, distrust, debt-propped decadency and last-gasp status whoring and status hoarding, are carving out bits of America’s soul, piece by piece, and soon nothing but the enraged id will be left, uncaged, vengeful, stripped of moral compunction and ready to watch it all burn to the ground.

At this point, I don’t think there is any saving America from decline and obsolescence. We are on a trajectory eerily similar to that of past empires which have risen and fallen. It’s almost as if there’s an immutable, unchanging, universal human nature at work that has been the guiding force in world matters since we left the jungle upright.

I will say this: if there is any hope of salvation, any way out of the death spiral we’re slipping down, the Lords of Lies must be defeated, by pen or by post. It matters not how the job is done; they simply must be ousted from power and deprived of influence, or, more generously, convinced of the error of their ways and reformed to the side of Light, if America is to have a chance at redemption. The mediocre masses and the vulgarians will not abandon their memetic medication and hypocritical self-aggrandizement until they see a glimmer of new leadership, new voices, that permit them the courage to think clearly and say so with strength of conviction.

The first step begins now:

Men and women are radically different along many important psychological and physical dimensions.

Not all men are created equal.

Some men really are worth more than others.

Some cultures really are better than others.

Some people can handle the task of building and maintaining prosperous civilization better than other people.

Trust is a perishable quantity vital to an orderly, wealth-generating society. It does not grow with persuasion, coercion, sloganeering, or after-school specials. It is organically emergent and intimately tied to relatedness: cultural, moral and, yes, biological.

There is no such thing as a proposition nation, only propositions that can be affirmed or refuted.

High-minded ideals must fall when they are proven unworkable, or millions will die, soul or body, in service to their continued justification.

The gradual feminization of the culture, the workplace, academia, government, media outlets and even family life has not been an unalloyed good. Quite the opposite; the observed evidence better fits the theory that elevating the female disposition and particular talents to sainthood in all facets of life has taken us down a dystopian road, as we can see in the rise of single momhood, sky-high safety net deficit spending, limp-wristed SWPLs, male cocooning and dropping out, and stagnating technological innovation.

Privilege is a good thing. Men build nations so that they may codify their privilege and enjoy it, and pass it on to their posterity. Those who rail against this privilege should be shunned and invited to leave and build their own nations more suited to their tastes.

God may be dead, but his copybook headings hold illimitable dominion over all.

The ego is the greatest enemy man has ever faced.

These truths I’ve outlined, currently buried in a mile-deep bunker by custodians of the Temple of Lies, aren’t just idle musings. They have policy implications. Deny them at your peril.


  1. If you believe there should be a counter-current against what you call the “Lord of Lies” why do you encourage male readers to internalise sociopathic behaviour to get better game instead of encouraging them to build strong families where the ideals of the counter-current can be preserved? That’s cognitive dissonance right there. I’m not the first to think this, similar stuff was being said on comments on Rollo Tomassi’s blog a few weeks ago.


    • Feminists don’t have strong families. They are as anti family as one can get and still…


      • on July 24, 2012 at 4:05 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

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        As why would you want to be the guy
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        After a woman passes 25, whence she has generally been buttcocked numerous times and desouled, her courtship value is negative. It is the woman, who is now wired fiat bernanke cash and allowed to excel in fiat bernanke programs that drug up and dumb down boyz while deocntsructing da GREAT BOOKS 4 MENZ and creating far more debt than wealth while bankruping the West morally amnd moneetarily, who must pay the man so as to court him.

        For a 25 year old multi-buttocked, desouled, bernankifed woman represents a huge risk to a man’s livelihood, his time, his conscience, his soul, his future earnings, and his general well-being. And the man must be compensated justly so as to have to court a woman over 25 who has been buttcocked and deousled and converted by the cenrta; bankerz into a vehicle of welath transfer lzozlz so dey could convert their masisve fiat debt into physical property by leveraging a woman’s sexuality for prviate profit gains while placing all teh risksz on good menz zlozzllz.



      • Very true. I have even written a book, dare I say great book, on this subject. It is titled. “Your feminist wife had her tongue up my ass”, but I cannot find a publisher.


      • [from GBFMmadeus, a screenplay by Jane Frigging Austen]

        Emperor: And of course, our illustrious Court Money Composer, Maestro Bernanke.

        Bernanke: At last! Such immense joy, delecto strawddeneirwehoohowdoIspellItalianlollz-

        GBFM(TM): Yes, I know your work well Signore. Funny little policy but it taught me what not to do.

        [Bernanke FROWNS]

        Emperor: And now Maestro Bernanke has returned the favor and composed this little monetary ditty in honor of you.

        GBFM(TM): Oh, oh, lollzlzozloz!

        Emperor: And now, gentlemen, did we settle at last for the fiat currency or the gold standard?

        Kapellmeister Rubin: Actually, sire, if you recall, we did finally incline to the FIAT currency.

        Chamberlain Chesterton (skeptical): DID we?

        Baron Von Mises: I don’t think it was really decided, Your Highness.

        GBFM(TM): Oh, gold! Gold! Please, let it be the gold standard!!

        Emperor: Really? why?

        GBFM(TM): Because it’s proven to be the most wonderful policy!

        Kapellmeister Rubin (sneering): Oh! Have I seen it?

        GBFM(TM): I don’t think you have. I mean, it’s quite old! And you never read any Classical Political Economy.

        Emperor: Well, tell us, GBFM. What’s your policy?

        GBFM(TM): Well the whole thing is premised, it’s premised, you see, on the discovery that the whole of modern society is like a, like a– a– lolzlolzzlzllzolozlllozlzz!!!

        Emperor: Yes. What?

        GBFM(TM): Like a harem, your Majesty. A hypergamous seraglio.

        Kapellmeister Rubin: You mean like the Age of Iron(y)?

        GBFM(TM): Yes!

        Kapellmeister Rubin: Then why especially do you require the Gold Standard?

        GBFM(TM): Well, hypothetically it could be bimetallism. But at least there should be a standard, best a GOLD Standard, based on solid Great Virtues.

        Bernanke (sarcastic): I’m sorrow Majesty, but, what do you suppose these Great Virtues could be? (officious) Being an economist, I would love to learn!

        Emperor: Well, tell him, tell him GBFM. Name for us a Great Virtue.

        GBFM(TM): Love, sire.

        Bernanke: Oh, love, love! Being a financier, I know nothing about love!

        [sneering laughter of approval from the other financial wizards]

        GBFM(TM): No, Herr Chairman, I don’t think you do. I mean, reading The Economist magazine. Open borders, fiat printing, no-fault divorce, that’s not love, it’s–it’s, just BUTTHEXING!

        [Doktor Summers bellows with uneasy laughter, then stops himself]

        GBFM(TM): Sire, you must decide. Give me the gold standard, and it will be my task to help usher in the most just and harmonious society any monarch has ever presided over.

        Emperor: Well then, let it be the gold standard. Oh and here, Kapellmeister Bernanke’s little ditty is for you.

        GBFM(TM): Keep it if you want, Majesty. It’s already here in my head.

        Emperor: Really? from one hearing only?

        GBFM(TM): It’s not like I don’t hear it everyday from the Wall Street Journal editorial page.

        Emperor: (skeptical) Show us.

        GBFM(TM) moves to the clavichord, pops knuckles. Begins:

        GBFM(TM): “First we tax, and we spend, and we borrow some

        Then we tax, and we spend, and we print fiat coin

        Then we tax and we spend and we print some

        Then we all starve to death in a ditch


        Then we tax and we spend and we print some

        And we’ll all starve to death in a ditch–


        Then the illegal immigrants come and bury us,

        Then the illegal immigrants come and bury us,–”

        That doesn’t really work, does it?

        [cut to BERNANKE, furious]

        GBFM(TM): Should we try a bit more:

        “Then we cut taxes and we spend and we print some–”

        Or this:

        “We cut taxes and reform spending and end divorce court–”


        “And we won’t have to die in a ditch,

        No, we can live well and be reasonably rich.”


        “If we teach women to respect the marriage bed

        And flush Deconstruction from their heads

        Then they’ll raise children right and not go insane

        And their husbands can put to use all their brains.


        Education will consist of the Great Books

        Instead of the sneers of Marxist kooks,

        Boys can learn some math and engineering too

        But above all, they’ll respect the Great Virtues.

        Heroic deeds require more than Finance,

        Or swinging the cocka that’s in your pants–


        And the highest deed you could ever do

        Is discover Truth, create Beauty, follow Virtue.

        If America you would reform,

        You must readopt ancient norms,

        Truths Dr. Johnson knew of old,

        Then your wives will ne’er be desouled!–

        No, your daughters will ne’er be desouled!–

        And we’ll restore the Age of Gold!!!

        [GBFM(TM) pauses for dramatic effect, then reitertes:]

        Age of Gold!!!



      • on July 24, 2012 at 8:23 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

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        dalrocka lotsa dalrockacocka writes, “There are many ways the feminist dream can turn into a nightmare. Most of them involve flawed assumptions that men won’t ever adjust to women changing the rules. TheTelegraph has a new article out describing one way this is happening: Love in the time of austerity.”

        hey dlarock lzozozo dalrocks!!

        pretty much every 30+ women’z article of consternation and confusion can be summed up with two questions:

        1) where have all da good menz gone?
        2) why is my butt sore?

        so i have made a thong for all of dem to wear on datez:



      • I like to think of GBFM as a modern day Thoreau.


    • Betas are trying to get into relationships, but are unable to get a woman that is hot enough and has a decent personality. I think many readers want to know how to get that kind of woman, and to make sure they wont be fucked over in divorce court or end up taking care of someone elses kids.


    • on July 24, 2012 at 3:30 pm ThatNorwegianGuy

      Because it’s a futile struggle. Instead of trying to fight the impossible, why not just say “fuck it!” and try to make the best of the shitty situation? Sure, Heartiste is more of an opportunist than an idealist, and you could say that he is encouraging such behavior when — among other things — he’s advising other men to stay away from the gynocentric assfuckery of modern marriage. But what influence could he really have, even if he encouraged the opposite? Would a “man up” kind of sentiment from some alt-right blogger really save Western Civilization?


      • Do you share your nation’s general condemnation of Anders Breivik?


      • Why would Anders Breivik condemn Anders Breivik?


      • on July 25, 2012 at 4:44 am ThatNorwegianGuy

        Well, he was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic.


      • Hey! Pussy!!

        Are you in Norway or in America, motherfucker?

        I actually talked to Breivik on line. Are you him?


      • on July 25, 2012 at 9:40 am ThatNorwegianGuy

        Afonso, I don’t get your comment. Yes, I’m in Norway. No, I’m certainly not Breivik.


      • I have a grudge against Danish.
        So now I pick on ramdom scandinavians. But I won’t pick on you any longer. You seem okay. However… watch yourself.

        Well I talked to Breivik and I told him his views were shit. We was all about religion (against muslims) and didn’t understand what Nationalism is really about: The enemy ain’t the other but ourselves, or those of us who support some destructive ideas.

        Well, although I don’t support his actions, I can’t say I feel sad for what he did. I mean, it was in time of my life in wihich I was not thinking okay but still. What he did was to eliminate the left wing elite’s children. Who were old enough to be accountable for their ideas.

        I don’t mean that they diserved it. No, not at all. It was indeed a tragedy, but to me, it was way too far away and it was a mean for the left to start fearing some of the right which will probabily, in the long term impose limits on the left.

        Unfortunateley is unjustifiable actions were a terrorist attack against the left. The second most spectacular terrorist attack since 9/11 and it achieved its goals. I don’t accept what he did as righteous not one bit. But in the big picture and from a neutral point of view in which the lifes of those people were… well, statistics as Stalin put it. -. . it was kind of brilliant.


      • on July 25, 2012 at 4:38 am ThatNorwegianGuy

        I absolutely condemn his actions, no doubt about that. My dislike of feminism, skepticism about the long-term sustainability of multiculturalism and general lack of love for the establishment notwithstanding, I’m not going to defend the guy for a second. We may never know if he just was someone who figured that infamy was better than no fame at all and used his political views as a mere rationalization to take action, or if he was fundamentally motivated by his political views, but regardless, his actions were far over the line.

        Not only did he kill the people he did, which is certainly a condemnable act in and of itself, but his actions may very well be destructive to the country’s future, even – and especially – in the eyes of someone who could be identified as alt-right. Killing teenagers and young adults is hardly a very efficient way of winning hearts and minds; indeed he has probably been more efficient in furthering left-wing ideology in Norway than Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg could ever be. Not only will right-wing sentiments in the future that don’t fall into the categories of acceptable and conventional talking points be hyperbolically and ridiculously compared to the NSDAP (and despite the fact that you might call me an “alt-rightist”, I harbor absolutely no love for National Socialism), it will also be compared to the most hated individual Norwegian in modern history.


      • I think we’re similar in our political thinking. You’re more in the mold of Ernst Juenger and a patrician Junker’s perspective I believe. It was actually the best way to govern and in general well done in most of Northern Europe until WWII killed it for good.


      • on July 25, 2012 at 9:49 am ThatNorwegianGuy

        Apparently, my other response to this was never posted for some reason. But yes, I undoubtably condemn Breivik’s actions. Even though I dislike feminism, am skeptical of the sustainability of multiculturalism and don’t like the Powers that Be all that much, I absolutely condemn his actions. Whether he genuinely was idelogolically motivated, or just someone who figured that infamy was better than no fame at all, and used ideology as a rationalization, his actions are indefensible in my opinion. Just to make that clear.


    • A fair point… the chateau often appears to be situated on the corner of South Park and Sunset Boulevard.


      • We got into this mess via public indoctrination and institutionalized feminism. If you wanna reverse the tide family is not the answer.


      • on July 24, 2012 at 4:01 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        family is the samsner answer you fucktard
        family is the fundamental building block of liberty
        so said GK CHESTERONTEON
        my good firend
        and dat is why da central banker ebebrankes
        must sdetsroyeth the family
        by desouling your wife
        thourgh it butthole
        in sectriev tapingz of butthext by tucker max whyems iwth goldman sax

        umm ben bernanke hand delivers bucetloads bucketlodes of fiat dollarz to womenz
        while his partners seize a man’s assettss via the taxes inflation taxes diviorce lawyrrs alimonies child supports
        seizing a man’s assetts after having buttckciokced his future wife’s ass
        and taped it sectrely
        in a sectiev taping
        of buttehxt whence she was
        deousled and ebenrnakified.
        so why should a man pay twice for that which he already paoid for via da inflation taxex zlzozozo



      • Destruction of family is symptom not cause. You disappoint.


      • on July 24, 2012 at 4:10 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        hey fucktard u obvioulsy haven’t beeen paying attaention while occupied with trying to find your tiny tiny cockas:

        and yes i do disappoint. i disappointd your mom by refusing to put my lotsass cockas in her butthollioo lzozlzozozoozlzo


      • on July 24, 2012 at 4:11 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)



      • “And the woman said, The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.” The fall of family is the middle domino, not the cause. You hack.


      • on July 24, 2012 at 4:01 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


        The very foundation of civilization was the sexual loyalty of a woman
        to a man.

        Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey are bookended with a woman’s sexuality.

        By deserting her husband and running off with Paris, Helen causes the Trojan War, whence the Iliad opens.

        By remaining faithful to her husband during his twenty year absence fighting the Trojan War, Penelope preserves Odysseus’s home and Kingdom, as their love conquers all.

        This is why the Bernankifierz deocnstructed the Great Books and Classics, and no longer teach these beautiful lessons to women, as they profit not from peace and the home and family, but from war.


      • Your drivel wastes my time. Here is the answer.

        It is mastery over women’s nature that causes paradise to be lost or preserved. When women are ruled by the serpent (s) we see the result. Family is but a product of mastery.


      • The “serpent” is symbolism for temptation, most likely the temptation to cheat. I’ve always assumed that the story of Adam and Eve was about the wife being unfaithful to the husband, where the fruit represents the carnal pleasures that she craves so much.


      • Family is the best way to counter the teachings of a wayward state.


      • Nope. Thee best way to counter the teachings of a wayward state is via massive private sector anti-feminist indoctrination.


      • How will you create the necessary political will without a source of education for your point of view from people you can trust because you are being subversive in the first place and risking all because of that subversion? The private sector has sold itself out to the female market potential. Women buy all their stuff. Why would they want to stop that? That can only come from within a family in a hostile environment such as is being created today.


      • Young males are a huge untapped voter powerblock. They are constantly abused, and are chomping at the bit to have their say. A slight push is generally all they need to get to the booths and they are easy to convert. I just don’t have Bill Gates money or I would have already turned some purple states into red ones.


      • on July 24, 2012 at 3:57 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        “ar10308 says:
        July 24, 2012 at 12:39 pm

        He’s like South Park; simultaneously brilliant and disgusting.”

        Actually I am the exact opposite of Southpark.

        southpark mocks christianity while hiding the fiat butthxting of the fed.

        i exalt christianity while shining a light on the fed and its desouling of our women

        why does southpark mock eveyrtng?

        but for da cenrtal bankerz who create money from thin air
        and rob the common man
        via te inflation tax?

        what does southpark have
        the coommonz manz?

        why does southpark never stand up for

        da great books 4 menz
        d abible and bibdlical truthesz
        and da common manz
        who is robbed by the dfed fed?


      • I fucking love you, man. The family saved millions in the Communist east. The family, the tribe, and committed, religious women (they neeeeeeed to believe in hell for it to work) are the only way out of this.

        Single, disaffected men will just smoke pot and jack off like they are doing now.


      • on July 24, 2012 at 7:47 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        yah i agree with you dat tucker max rhyemes with goldman sax secrteive tapings of butthext and ebenrnake printing moneyz to fund da butthex and destructin of da fmailes porolly won’t be our salvaatuonz lzozoz


    • on July 24, 2012 at 3:48 pm Steve Johnson

      Politically the system is anarcho-tyranny.

      Complete anarchy for those outside the law – no go areas in cities due to semi-organized racial militias, people who have no living relatives who have ever held a job, complete absence of penalties for crimes committed by financial institutions, no foreclosure for years if you had no intention of paying the mortgage and no intention to pay if you had any money, no penalty for drunk driving until you kill someone, etc and tyranny for those who live within the law – 84 dollar fees for failure to pay, immediate foreclosure for failure to pay, onerous regulations on businesses, draconian penalties for drunk driving like seizing your car, etc.

      The sexual marketplace now works the same way. Nice guy chumps get to jerk off and cads get laid. The rules are enforced against the SMP law abiding nice guys (workplace sexual harassment, rape accusations, etc.) while rule ignoring cads have no rules (fuck girls without dating, fuck her friends, have her pay for everything).

      How are you going to build an old school relationship in that environment. It’s impossible (exaggeration). Why? Because women are destructive and the rules need to be enforced by society to keep them in check. If you’re a cad with nothing to lose you can just beat her and that will both turn her on and keep her in line. If you’re a middle class chump there’s nothing you can do legally to keep a woman in line (except game her).

      Good luck raising a strong patriarchal family if your wife can leave at any time and seize the common assets including the children. The only way to stop that is to make her not want to do so and the only way to do that is to act like the cad she naturally prefers.

      The rules have changed and only chumps fulfill their half of a bargain when the other party is in breech.


      • A vastness of laws created, interpreted, and enforced, but not with justice. Truly a grand creation.


    • on July 24, 2012 at 3:54 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

      if the women of a generation are buttcocking and being buttcocked
      and a man states
      “the women of my generation are buttcocking and being buttcocked”
      is the man
      in the eyes of the church
      by using the word
      while the women are innocent
      as they buttcock
      in (relative) silence?



      • on July 24, 2012 at 3:54 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        the sad thing is that many women don’t realize they’ve been bernankified until too late

        teh feminist marxist berannkifiers are students of the bible, an dthey leverage genisis so as to profit from it.

        in it, eve succumbs to the temptation of the seprhephnt and then corrupts adam.

        so the debrebankfiersz saw that if they could tempt eve with lostas cockas spehpents, they could desoul her and get her to destory adam’s family, sezie his children and assets, or at least condemn her to spinsterhood and cats while she voted for their biggr bernanke cogovenrmemtz and maxrxist cuases

        women are not endowed withthe long-term, exalted moral conscience and moral vision which have makred all teh rgeater menz who sought peace ad prosperoty honor truth and justsicezzz lzlzzzz

        and so the bankers preyed on da womenz of our generation, often setctrely taping butthext without them knowing like tucker max rhymes with godlman sax does did en route to gettinghundredz of thousands of bernanke dollarz thrown at him, while the consevertive consertvative weekly standard exalte dhim as a six foot tall butthextual hero, repating his own lies about his heiagt height.

        “womenz womenz everywhere, and not a drop of a future wife to drink lzozlzozozooz” –the rhime of teh anciencent marinerz


      • This post seems really to have jazzed you up, GBFM. Your recent posts have all of the pathos of the book of Isaiah with none of the optimism of ultimate deliverance.

        “As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths” — Isaiah 3:12

        As for Bernanke, Goldman Sachs, and the societal mayhem which they have wrought; they would do well to reflect upon this passage:

        “Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten.

        Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.

        Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth: and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of sabaoth.

        Ye have lived in pleasure on the earth, and been wanton; ye have nourished your hearts, as in a day of slaughter. Ye have condemned and killed the just; and he doth not resist you.

        — James 5:1-6


      • on July 24, 2012 at 7:46 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        lzozozzozol you’re preaching to the quire zlzozozoz

        ude–my very name expresses my supreme optimimism GREAT BOOKS 4 MENZ!!! which you quote, as if yu discoverd d abible zlzozoozlz


    • on July 24, 2012 at 4:03 pm Laconophile

      Because we don’t get brides arranged for us anymore and the sexual marketplace (which is our only option) favors sociopathic behavior.


    • Look, this isn’t hard to figure out.

      It’s obvious, and related to the foregoing post (re men’s compromising nature), that most men would prefer the traditional mode of life.

      Which technology, urbanization, i.e. prosperity and all its consequences have rendered obsolete or dangerous for men.

      Which means we can either try to become monks in the streets of Sodom, or not deny our nature and at least get laid sometimes.

      If a man decides he is not so disgusted by the times that he can dispense with getting laid, or cannot properly isolate himself from society, he will need a conceptual toolkit to unlock, gerrymander, or bludgeon his way into the holy of holes.

      Again, there is no motherfucking contradiction. We don’t want to BE cavemen. We would LIKE to be civilized. But civilization has overreached morality, human tradition itself, and now requires us to behave differently.

      This is not cognitive dissonance. It is merely uncomfortable. A symptom of “repressive tolerance”, which that great pioneer of game, Simon Sheppard, discovered as he wandered and squatted around ultra-permissive Amsterdam, where he couldn’t get laid without strenuous effort.

      It isn’t we who asked for this state of affairs. A bunch of wily Jewish shrews imposed it on us in television, movies, books, newspapers, fashions, word of mouth.

      All you can do is adapt.


      • Adapt by getting rid of your TV, and don’t watch that shit on your computer, either.


      • I don’t agree with your either-or choice, it sounds like you’re rationalising. Civilization as it is now is not monolithic. There are lots of different types of girls out there. Some people still have succesful marriages if that is what your ideal would be, with cute white gentile girls too if that is your thing. Rollo Tomassi and Athol Kay claim to be in succesful marriages by the way.


    • Uh oh. We have a trad-con white-knight pussy-worshipper over here. You can’t build a family with a cunt. But you’ll find that out the hard way.


      • I’ll help you out, Don. Rather than criticizing CH’s advice to males, perhaps you should advice your female overlords to stop raping males in family court.


      • Jack you have no clue what my political beliefs are so stop projecting shit on me. I was just pointing out the logical inconsistency in this blog’s mission.

        As for your gem “You can’t build a family with a cunt” I thought you can’t build a family without one, maybe you are arguing in favor of gay couple adoption?

        But seriously the logical conclusion of the line of thought in this post would be to hunt for, find, seduce and then keep one of the few women who are good wife material and have kids with her. Those that claim that these women don’t exist anywhere are just rationalising away their own low value.


      • on July 26, 2012 at 8:12 am Dear Socon wanker

        So that’s, “Man up you dickless virgin basement dweller” then?



  2. And this “worth” of a human depends on, what, according to you? Physical appearance? Intelligence?


  3. on July 24, 2012 at 3:06 pm NoQuarterForCatLadies

    “The empire long divided, must unite; long united, must divide.”

    -Romance of the Three Kingdoms


  4. it ends not with a bang but with a whimper of spoilt welfare working classes who’ve never worked, psychopathic financial elites, single mom and their thug and/or half-caste mewling brat offspring, with women EVERYWHERE, doing nothing but talking shit, drinking, ‘grazing’, and generally dissolving civilisation in yeasty irrelevance.


  5. I notice that you always refer to the “Lord of Lies” in the capitalized form. Is there an actual “Lord of Lies” that you have in mind when using the term?

    (Temple of Lies, I’m sure, refers to Academia and its MSM/Non-profit propaganda offshots)


    • Scots-Irish. Where the fuck have you been?


    • on August 8, 2012 at 3:19 am Konkvistador

      I understand the Temple of Lies to basically be the Cathedral described by the reactionary writer Mencius Moldbug who blogs at Unqualified Reservations. To give a third party summary of what the Cathedral is (

      “The Presidency and Congress are mainly ceremonial. The US is governed mainly by the permanent civil service bureaucracy although the real decisions are made at elite universities and then spread by the media and by non-governmental organizations. The universities, media and NGOs are all essential elements of the de facto government, which is referred to as the Polygon or the Cathedral. There is no conspiracy involved – the system is self-organized and self-perpetuating with no need for central leadership.”

      I heartily recommend him to politically minded readers. For blue pill people the Open Letter To Open Minded Progressives is a good place to start


  6. “The ego is the greatest enemy man has ever faced.”

    You denounce the cultural destruction wrought by collectivism, yet you maintain its most crucial (and insidious) fundamental justification. Collectivism flourishes precisely because men have been taught to renounce the ego–that is, to renounce the self–and thus to seek safety and solace in the middle of a faceless herd, in the comfort of an egalitarian collective, in a pile of bodies. Such has been the result of every nation where the “selfish ego” was most viciously rejected in favor of collectivism and nationalism–a big pile of “selfless” bodies (i.e. the USSR and Nazi Germany, etc.)

    The problem destroying the West is not ego–it is LACK of ego. It is everybody turning to everyone else–and thus to the state–instead of looking within themselves, to their own motive power and SELFISH individual identity. But human existence pertains only to the individual, and no one else can live your life for you. The ego is not man’s evil, his source of destruction–it is his only salvation.

    Freud was completely full of shit. There was nothing new about his claims–the notion of man as a dissected being of mind vs. body goes all the way back to Plato; Freud merely dumped a bucket of intellectual sewage on Plato’s ideas. Philosophically, Plato is firmly back in the driver’s seat of Western civilization; his ideas are the base of both religious “conservatism” and the secular collectivism of the left. But the true father of America is both history’s greatest thinker AND the forgotten man of philosophy–Aristotle. The West cannot and will not save itself until Aristotle is back behind the wheel.


    • See heartiste’s comments on trust.


    • Fucking libtard.

      Fuck the Greeks! Long live the Romans!


    • Plato’s ideas about virtue and goodness are decadent and mark a decline in Greek civilization. They are proto-Christian and therefore purely effeminate. There is a reason why he is promoted. Same goes for Socrates, who was indeed a ‘corrupter of youth’.

      The picture in the linked to the ‘anarchists’ article is beta as fuck. Looks like Granddad got himself after Martini-hour nagged into a mega-stupid, old wife inspired, realestate deal. Mofo should have dumped wifey years ago, or at least put her in her place (in the shed?).


  7. 80’s late night tv ads: cheap Japanese cars
    90’s: re-fi no money down
    2000’s: what’s in your wallet?
    2010’s: do you owe money to the IRS?


  8. Unfortunately those not suited for building civilizations were dragged kicking and screaming by those capable of it, only just a few centuries ago.

    To that extent “some cultures are better than other” is faulty, at best.

    “some men are better than others” – outstandingly true.

    Also, the ego is the greatest enemy *modern* WOman has ever faced. Male hubris is one thing, entitled, male-killing, female ego is a whole ‘nother beast.


    • Cyrus, I don’t know if I am better than you.

      But I am damn sure that my culture is better than yours.

      Unless you were an american of an old age that won’t comeback, I am damn sure my culture is way better that yours.


  9. Another point: make sure your kids, your family and friends kids turn out white. Pay attention to how whiteness translates into privilege in Latin America. It’s coming here. That’s how third-world shitholes operate. The equalistas do not realize how fast the guilt dries up when faced with increasing “vibrancy” across the nation combined with diminishing financial status. Criollos we will become. That’s the best outcome out of a million shitty endings to this American story. Teach your sons to fight ruthlessly to maintain it and save as much money (and buy as much land) as you can. Welcome to the New Nobility.

    Stay white. Stay right. Unite.


    • I think this is generally good advice. White nationalism is becoming a necessity based upon the country’s changing demographics. Blacks, hispanics, jews are all looking out for their own and playing for keeps. Whites need to stop dividing themselves over conservative/liberal, democrat/republican, religious/secularist classifications and start standing up for their own interests. Some liberal notions are irreconcilable with white nationalism (open borders, feminism, “diversity” propoganda), but while culture can tolerate general political discourse over a wide range of issues and perspectives. As long as you aren’t complicit in the destruction of the people and culture, you have a right to be heard. Socialists, liberals, athiests, and democrats should be welcomed as part of white culture so long as they are loyal to their people. We must overlook the petty differences and unite to preserve our existence. The liberal/conservative debate will become pretty irrelevant in 100 years given our reproduction rates anyway.


      • Why isn’t Feminism reconcilable with White Nationalism? White Nationalists are huge pussy worshipers. And they also hate most men, which is perfect for Feminism.


      • You are a fucking joke you american degenerate.

        What do you know about “white culture”?

        American culture is not exactly “white culture” per se… although for some great part “white culture” was greatly indebted to the achievments of the people of the United States.

        But if you think that sucking it up for the jews, Mtv, miscegenation, greed and financial scheems that suffocate society, feminism, effemination of men, cowardice of men, bombing people for no reason, and that bigger is simply better is white culture,

        than you don’t know shit about “white culture” you fucktard.

        Communism/Liberalism up to the French revolution has succeeded in denegrating and erradicating “white culture”.
        You don’t know shit about “white culture”, bitch.


    • Excellent comment. If Equalistas had brains, they wouldn’t be Equalistas in the first place.


    • I first recognized this trend when country music became bigger than rock ‘n roll.

      Contemporary country music is essentially white American tribal music. Music can unite a population into a shared ethnicity.

      Of course, “Red Solo Cup” might not be a contribution to that trend.


      • I’m not so sure country music has been truly white since before Garth Brooks… most of the mainstream stuff I’ve heard over the past two decades has been PC-imbued and/or slutted up.


      • on July 24, 2012 at 10:01 pm retrophoebia

        Another interesting take on the pc-fication of music might be looking at trends of song lyric subject matter coming from women. There’s been an awful lot on independent GRRRL-power female heartbreak over the last few years (Single Ladies to Stronger and everything in-between). I submit that’s a direct reflection of the cognitive dissonance women enjoy when a guy says Adios after she drives him off. Her lack of any sort of feminine merit is the culprit, but she patches up the mistake with delusional ego.

        Carly Rae Jepsen would be an anomaly I can’t explain.


      • Country Music has become feminist trash. Check out “before he cheats.”


    • In South America all countries are run by Caucasians except perhaps Venezuela with Chavez(he’s a negro-Indian) and perhaps another place run by a white-Indian. All others are Caucasian run and there are a large % of Caucasians in S America and I mean real European ancestry and just living in another place, not mestizos that are mixed to varying degrees.


      • I believe Brazil is also run by mixed race politicians.


      • It’s a female

        Of course Brazil is just south of the west Indies and negro slaves were broght there but it seems to me that not many blacks are in the government.
        Even ib Cuba where there were a lot of slaves whites run the government and owned all of the factories etc


      • I’m brazilian, a white one. Brazil always was runned by a white elite (a portuguese descent elite), first by nobles and later by the capitalist bourgeois which included the new white immigrants sons and grandsons of the italians and germans. In the last 20 years the mestizos begun to pour into our midst by strong marxist incentive by our traitor government.


      • “Aquela aquarela mudou”…indeed.


      • É verdade que o centro produtivo do Brasil tem sofrido uma grande pressão de Nordestinos mestiços, que, coadjuvado com uma maior natalidade dos mais escurinhos, tem resultado num enorme decréscimo da população europeia?

        Tipo, dos anos 60 para hoje:

        Minas Gerais – 65% Euro pa 40%
        Espírito Santo de 80% euro pa 40%?
        São Paulo de 90$ pa 65%?
        Tendo o Rio se mantido igual?

        E que o Brasil era dois terços branco nos anos 60 e hoje é para aí 45%?


        Is it true that the productive core of Brazil, with the greatest population, has suffered a great pression with the immigration of non white Brazilians from the Northeast, which, coupled with a greater natural natality rate of the darkies, has resulted in an enormous decrease of the white population?

        Like, from the 60s to nowadaus:

        Minas Gerais – 65% Euro to 40%
        Espírito Santo from 80% euro to 40%?
        São Paulo from 90% to 65%?
        And Rio has always been half white half black during the XX century?

        Is it true that Brazil was two thirds white in the 60s and nowadays is like 45% white only?


      • Hey, little grandad!

        Yes, the upper class in Latin America is white. The same in the U.S., right?

        Uruguay – white country
        Argentina – white country
        Brazil – half white country but whites rule the place
        Chile – half white country but whites rule the place

        All other countries only have a tiny minority of whites who form an upper class. Their power depends: In Colombia they rule it all, in Venezuela they don’t.
        It’s a very fragile situation and if you don’t make it to the top, your descendents will not be white, and be poor forever.


      • Also,

        all across latin America that left is implicitly anti-white. And there is always the risk that the left gets to power and the whiteocracy falls down.
        See Cuba.


    • Why the fuck do you people continue to hold to the idea that the U.S. is somewhat different than Latin America?

      Because you, grandchildren of civilised men who lived in an European Nation to the West of Europe, because you have a way higher GDP per capita?

      It’s eroding bitches, and, it doesn’t matter how rich you are now. You can onlyu buy artificial shit with no vallue like I I pods and ugly american cars that can’t turn properly.

      What (poor?) Americans of the 40s had, you can’t have anymore: A great country and perhaps a good family and what not. You get what I’m saying.

      Well, why are you different than Latin America? I can only see two answers:

      1) Anglo Saxon code of law instead of Roman.
      2) More blonde people per square mile.

      I don’t see many Americans in American Cities. At least São Paulo is full of great neighbourhoods where upper and upper middle class people who have real power who descend from the Portuguese and Italians who colonised and created that fucking city still retain power and influence. I don’t see the same in New York, Los Angeles or Miami.

      You’re not whiter nor better than a significant part of Latin America. Your children will know this.


      • 1) Anglo Saxon code of law instead of Roman.
        2) More blonde people per square mile.

        A great deal of the Law is in Latin. And let’s not forget that there were 500 years of Roman law in Britain.Anglo Saxons also had only a very tiny impacct racially on Britain.
        English should probably be considered a Latinic language because at least 50% of words have Latin roots while only 25% are Anglo Saxon

        I’m not sure that those blondes are natural 🙂


  10. It would be easier to take your jeremiad seriously if you had any inclination to confront your own dark nature. You indulge in your ID just as equalists and feminists do – you simply decide to play the game a different way.

    Please note that I’m not making a prudential argument here; I’m aware that equalists and feminists probably pose a greater threat to the republic than PUAs like you, although you certainly add fuel to the fire. What I don’t get is your self-righteous moralism – you yourself (or at least your colleagues) have admited that you really don’t care how your actions impact society. Why should it arouse your ire so much then that others feel the same way?


    • Both him and his enemies inflict damage, but the point is that his underlying ideology is closer to the Truth.


      • Yeah, I get all that Anon, but at some point if one has any moral sense then one tries to also get one’s own moral house it order and not just constantly throw stones from a glass house.


  11. Everyone wants to be MLK now, a righteous rebel. If they’re “lawful”, they want to be FDR. The anarchy hasn’t even come close to its peak, and it only ends when women lose the franchise. They’ll probably lose it for good, when it happens.


  12. This is pure gold. If only more people understood this…. You need to have a sufficient amount of illumination beyond just the “red pill” to understand how the denial of these principles have caused pain, suffering and even death to millions.

    These wrongs are done in the name of “change for the better”. However, when they have failed, and they always have, instead of rolling back, the perpetrators of these lies have claimed the reason they failed was because we need MORE for success. Just like feminisits think that more feminism and the 100% elimination of the patriarchy will finaly show how good feminism is and they point the blame finger outwards for their own creations. Socialists try to resolve the issues created by socialism by advocating more socialist measures…

    I’ve reached a point where I see socialsim and feminism as one and only evil. Sadly, I believe that only the total failure of a society that accepts such experiments at the base level (total collapse i.e. war) can rebalance when such a sickness gets hold. I don’t believe there is any other way to break the vicious cycle.


  13. The faster the diversity complex crumbles, the better. I’m sick of Negro hero worship, I’m sick of NAMs in general, and their dysfunctional values. The vast majority of these vibrant peoples simply cannot contribute to, or, maintain, what Whites have created.

    Sam Francis said it best:

    “The civilization that we as whites created in Europe and America could not have developed apart from the genetic endowments of the creating people, nor is there any reason to believe that the civilization can be successfully transmitted to a different people.”


    • A fine way to show gratitude to the Tuskegee Airman for saving us from having to speak German!


      • You mean by flying in airplanes developed by white men?


      • on July 25, 2012 at 2:29 am I am Anders Breivik

        Considering our descendants will probably end up speaking Spanish, the threat of speaking German is starting to sound a little hollow. Maybe we should have taken the opportunity when we had it.


      • Just apreciate the irony that many of those Mexicans actually have inherited names of German origin.

        Next time you here an Hernandez or a Rodriguez, know that those names derive from the original Visigothic Firthi Nand or Roderic. (the ez meaning descendent of)


      • Greg Eliot has been swallowing sperm again, I see.


      • Either you’re too stupid to take note of irony, or I’ve offended your racial/political sensibilities, hence you’re just (yet) another butthurt useful idiot fifth-columnist projecting his gay tendencies onto others.

        Avaunt, fool.


      • Maybe you’de be better speaking German.

        I am no Nazi, but nowadays I can’t truly say that the good guys won WWII.


      • The Greatest Generation… saved us from speaking German and Japanese and made the world safe for ebonics and pidgin Spanish… while their own granddaughters don’t dare walk down the streets of their own cities.


      • Here here!


    • There is every reason to believe that, since it was the ideas of Aristotle via the Arabs that got Western going.


      • There is every reason to believe that, since it was the ideas of Aristotle via the Arabs that got Western Civilization going.


      • You’re assuming that Arabs existed 3k years ago.
        10k years ago the entire world’s population was only about 1m and they were all Caucasians spread out in Europe, W Asia and N Africa and the Middle East areas. There was only a handful of people in the Far East and on the isolated W coast of Africa. It took 1000’s of years before the pop. increased in WAfrica and they migrated to the East. There were no Negroes in Egypt and Arabia until 1K BC. The Semites (Arabs) are the white-negros from the Arabian peninular. There’s also a great deal of variation depending on the area and class but the White gods are always on top.


      • What about China and India?


      • This faith in Aristotle and “Classical Literature” is as touchingly simplistic as the Muslim’s absolute trust in the Koran. It strikes one almost as a refuge for the priestly impulse: to extrapolate an entire people’s historical career from a book, completely irrespective of natural history.

        So Western …. civilization, I assume, is not the big, complex result of thousands of years of development along multiple lines — no; ’twas Aristotle transmitted by Arabs.

        Only. No white man ever had a thought but for some Arab transcribers. No white man conducted an experiment, had an idea, became inspired, posed a problem, solved a problem, built something alone or with his fellows; it was all — Arab-filtered Aristotle!

        It wasn’t breeding populations subjected to various selective pressures eventually building their way up to the skies and deep into the earth. It wasn’t subtle genetic mutations or harsh continental weather. It wasn’t the hunt, nor the old gods, neither phalanx nor Vehmgericht, neither aqueduct nor Schweinemord, which compelled peoples along the path of civilization …. no man ever put hammer to nail, lowered net into sea, without first reading his Averroes at least ….

        NO. ‘Twas Ari-fucking-stotle, two Arabs, and a Jew who provided the groundwork, the elan vital of Western Civilization, capitals yes!


      • And begrudging props to that ‘zero’ thing.


      • I am talking about Western Civilization: Reason, Science, Individual Rights, Capitalism.

        Not about civilization per se. Evidently, the Greeks and other cultures did all right before Aristotle.


      • I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not.

        I’ve studied WAY more Aristotle than I care to admit. Please know that the man’s natural science was a complete joke. He believed that women had something like fifty-seven teeth in their heads. The establishment of the Royal Society, and the Scientific Reviolution, should’ve come a lot sooner than the 17th century. We needed to elbow his idiotic ideas about the natural world out of the Catholic Church, and Europe in general.

        That said, his moral philosophy is of course excellent. And his Poetics is the ultimate. No one’s been able to improve upon that, not in two thousand years.

        But the foundation of all of Western Civ? He may be the oldest, but IMHO not the most influential to our twenty-first-century lives. On that score, if I had to pick just one, I’d go with Newton (calculus AND gravity, what an overachiever).


      • on July 27, 2012 at 9:48 am I am Anders Breivik

        You may find this worthwhile reading. He largely agreed with you about the Greeks.


      • But Newton was a devout Christian and an Astrologer. How can you abide by such superstition?

        No one claims Aristotle did anything but get the ball rolling in regard to natural history and it was always acknowledged that his natural science study was flawed. He’s remembered for his Ethics and Politics. I think you’ve been a little hard on the man. He’s in the top 3 of great thinkers of all time and was no doubt a genius of the highest order. Only Plato has more influence and even that is debatable. Aristotle himself would even agree with you regarding the establishment of an academy devoted to science and welcome the opportunity to be set right on his errors. Thinkers of his order were always looking to establish such an academy and it wasn’t done until Ptolemy established the library at Alexandria. Your critique of the lack of scientific knowledge in history is exactly why barbarians need to be carefull managed in civilized societies. They hold them back otherwise.


      • Aristotle was never lost to Byzantium or Venice by extension. None of the Classical philosophers were lost to the West per se, just to the Frankish West. This is a modern day myth actually. The Renaissance began with the fall of Byzantium in 1453 because it created a diaspora of intellectuals and engineers, artisans, and inventors wo were able to tap into the growing interest in the Classics in Spain, France, and especially Italy.


      • This.

        It’s increadibly how so many people are so ignorant of History that they swallow every cock-history-tale without thinking twice. Sad.


  14. Heartiste is dead on. When the middle class fully adopts the morals of the lower class, it’s over. Deservedly, women and minorities will be hardest hit.


    • Or the upper class. The working class and upper class for some reason have always had similar attitudes about life. The middle class bourgeois have always been a joke and their quaint little attitudes about life laughable. It’s the dopey brainwashed middle clases who are always pushing for more government control whether it’s banning smoking or how big a soft drink you can buy.


    • Arnold Toynbee said as much. In ascending cultures, the lower classes imitate the habits of the upper. In descending cultures, the upper classes imitate the habits of the lower.


      • Excellent point.


      • This idea is a central theme in Amneus’ Garbage Generation.


      • He’s wrong. It’s the newly prosperous middle classes who ape what they think is upper class.


      • But there IS very little prosperous middle class left. It’s been eaten away by rightie economic policiies.


      • Explain that comment please. I hear it often and it’s really nothing but code for creating more public union jobs. Democrats call anything that isn’t a public union job somehow not middle class and its a bit silly. Kind of like when you don’t enthusiastically support every paranoid delusion and sense of entitlement created by blacks, you’re a racist. It is my contention that Democrats have combined the lower classes with the upper classes against the middle classes in order to eliminate the future competition and permanently entrench themselves as an artistocracy using the lower classes as a permanent threat against the middle classes and as a base of support for staying in power..


      • Tyrone, get your head out of your Tea Party ass, please. Middle class does NOT mean public union jobs. Got it? Put down the ancient civ, Nazi history, etc, … and learn about what’s happening all around us, right now.

        In just three years, 2007 to 2010, median family income in America fell by nearly four thousand dollars. It’s been falling, albeit more gently, for about the last thirty years.

        A three-second Google search yielded this page:

        The guy’s got an axe to grind, but he uses real numbers. This isn’t about politics, spin, or ideology. It’s about reality. Educate yourself.


      • ^^ THIS ^^

        Bush did it, right? Zzzzz. Boring.

        What we have now is the return to feudalism via Marxist/Leninist tactics. The Vanguard is leading the Useful Idiots (of which the majority of women are a major cohort) down the Road to Serfdom, with the middle class being frog-marched out in front of the mob at spearpoint. Somebody has to pay for all of this/do the hard work, after all.

        Fascism, Socialism, Communism … tomayto, tomahto. They are all totalitarian creeds. I find it sad when people get so wrapped around the axle on the differences. There are no differences other than whether the individual is allowed to own private property (Fascism = yes-but-you’ll-wish-you-didn’t, Socialism = yes, but you’ll be harassed nearly as much as those living in Fascism and much of the property is State-owned, Communism = no, all property belongs to “The People”). These systems are all the same at bottom, differing only on tactics and by degree.

        The only two distinct approaches to governance are based upon totalitarianism (Fascism, Socialism, Communism, Feminism, etc.), and individual liberty/rights (volunteer citizens banding together to work for mutual gain and backed by natural rights recognized [not granted], coupled with a solid punishment system/the Rule of Law). We had the latter in the US, for a time (certainly before Woodrow Wilson’s time in office). We’re in the process of implementing the former now. It will be different this time, right? 100 million dead from Communism/Socialism and throw in another 20-40 Million dead from Fascism, but I’m sure somehow we’ll figure out how to get to Candyland. Sure. And along the way, would you like to buy my risk-free collateralized debt instruments based upon GB4M’s Bernankified Dollars? If so, PM me.

        In the USSR (Feudalism masquerading as Communism), those who were in Lenin’s Vanguard had a very high standard of living, relative to the Proletariat. The only issue for them was that the pesky West and its success and relative opulence caused the Proletariat to question the system.

        But the Vanguard think they have that licked now. The current plan appears to be to essentially implement the USSR globally (in a death-of-a-thousand-paper-cuts fashion). Provided that succeeds, there will eventually be nothing with which to compare our future existence, and this will solidify the Vanguard’s position at the top of the feudal system.


      • The best fascism is social conservatism mixed with economic liberalism.
        Socialist fascists are called nazis.


  15. The front lines are in the courts. As long as women are the default winners of any and all litigation wrt to marriage, children, and sexual matters we will slowly erode.


    • While its a long way from equal, the undeniable trend now is towards fathers’ rights and the elimination of alimony. I live in a very liberal “progressive” jurisdiction and our courts are well-known for favoring 50/50 custody and awarding alimony only in the most extreme cases (stay at home wife/mother divorced after 20 years). The more conservative and republican jurisdictions continue to operate with an unspoken maternal preference, awarding alimony based on how rich the husband is. I don’t understand the politics of it, but for whatever reason, conservative jurisdictions continue applying anti-male feminist family law, whereas the more liberal courts are tending towards “co-parenting” and making alimony a rarity.


  16. make hay while the sun shines.

    its all coming down, folks.


  17. on July 24, 2012 at 4:27 pm Nine Furies

    Fuck yea. I really hope and encourage just a small percentage of middle class white america to drop the fuck out. It is happening too. As the women get govt sponsorship to be feral hypergamous whores, men should…

    Completely stop doing anything productive for society.
    Get very aquainted with the use of violence for any means neccesary.
    Form gangs
    Impose your will on other males who willingly or unwillingly contribute to this society by offering them support, brotherhood and purpose to join and give them every reason to fear(physical violence on themselves and or loved ones) not joining.
    Beat women up that get out of line.
    Steal/vandalize/destroy all the entities and organizations that belong to this monstrosity.


  18. The ego is the greatest enemy man has ever faced.


    Care to explain?


    • What’s to explain? It’s balls-ass obvious that it all began with the ego of Satan, the original and still-the-greatest enemy of Man.

      From which then came the corruption of Eve and Adam… “you will be like God”.

      In short, it’s the well-worn attitude of “Don’t tell ME what to do, I can figure things out for myself… and I’LL be the judge of what right or wrong for ME!”


      • And, besides the usual catholic BS, someone with intelligent reply?


      • You do indeed sound like a true arbiter of intelligence.


      • Catholic? That crap is all primitive hebrew cult BS


      • Yeah, you’re both right… crap… yessiree… people don’t evince those attitudes at all… not back then… and most-assuredly not in this day and age.


      • Yeah, reason is an attribute of the individual.


      • Ahh … ancient nighty-night stories cloaking life’s complexity in a simple white-hat-black-hat narrative. Such religulosity isn’t a surprise, really, given your simpleminded and cruel racial views.

        I imagine you’ve probably looked for John Milton’s Paradise Lost in the non-fiction section.

        Drop the religion, Greg Eliot; its tradition of Manichaean dualism has warped your brain.


      • When I want to hear from an asshole, I’ll fart.


      • Jason, you’re more credulous than any religious man I’ve ever known. Atheists make me laugh. Do you even know who Mani was?


      • Tyrone, you don’t know me. Let’s just say Christianity is quite familiar to me (a severe understatement), and I have little use for it. (I went to verrrrrrry religious schools for ten years, if it matters.)

        Other than Matt King, I might be the only person here who’s actually read my Augustine, a man often — and controversially — viewed as the entry point into Christianity for the simplistic good v evil meme. My point to Greg Eliot: it’s a reductive and pernicious worldview, since nobody is purely good or evil.


      • I don’t think Christianity truly portrays it as such either. If so, you were misled. I think Christ saw it as an eternal struggle, as did Augustine. Christ knew not everyone was as capable of piety as he was and he didn’t hold it against them either, as long as they tried sincerely. I think we no longer truly relate to such ascetic minds. I’m willing to see it in a sympathetic light perhaps. I’m not especially religious. I sympathize with Christianity, but my religion is actually astrology. However, that alone has taught me how much major religions overlap and most importantly that there is a God and that life is a combination of fate and what we do with that fate. This is heresy for Catholics, I know, but hey, no one is hanging me from a strapado for it, so I can forgive the church for its sins too. We are now experiencing the friction from the passing of the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. We are headed to a world war with Islam and it will be almost by accident when it happens. We won’t be able to prevent it either.


  19. Turn on, tune in, and drop out 🙂

    If there is any hope it is with the Boomers. The older a person becomes the less likely they are to believe or tolerate bullshit. Even the biggest idiot liberal usually comes to her senses after years of experience and facing the real world.


    • on July 24, 2012 at 7:50 pm sydney carton

      experience and facing the real world?

      No, just hitting the wall.


      • That’s facing the real world. When her skin is wrinkled, hair grey, pusy as dry as the Mojave desert and she becomes invisible to men.


  20. Straight-white-male society/Western Civilization has always had the upper hand from a resource standpoint. The only conflicts that have been lost have been due to a will power or social pressure standpoint like the Haitian revolution, Vietnam, and the civil rights movement. Straight-white-male society could have won all of those conflicts if they had exerted enough of it’s resources, but covert socialists-feminists were able to persuade Western Civilization that the desired outcome wasn’t worth the effort. The only power Western Civilization has lost is the power it has voluntarily given away or allowed to be destroyed. This can go only so far, because where Western Civ loses power naturally becomes either a communist or Islamic run state. Ironically, women have even less power and influence in those societies. It is actually in women’s best interest to support a traditional Western Civilization; but women inherently don’t know what’s best for themselves. If we can convince enough straight-white-men to bring things back to a more normal state of affairs, it will happen. We don’t have to convince the Communists, Muslims, GLBT or non-whites. Straight-white-males simply need to support their own best interests.


    • When a civilization progresses to the point where the lack of pussy is feared more than the lack of food or lebensraum, you get what we today call The West.


  21. The late Roman Empire was in a similar state. The normal folk were continually harrassed by the tax farmers, all to feed the state, its bureaucracy, and it army.

    At some point, the subjects of the Empire welcomed the barbarian invaders, being indifferent to the choice of living under the Romans or under the Huns.

    In the long run, it did matter, as population, trade, and security declined to even lower levels. The Dark Ages came, as they will again.


    • They had a nearly free government when the Senators ran things. Senators bore the cost of their offices themselves. We are headed the way of Constantinople/Byzantium. Distrust of the Senate by the Emperor, created their replacement with bureacracies. This created a huge increase in the empire’s system of patronage and no orderly sstem for the transfer of power when an emperor died created incessant civil war, especially in the 3rd Century AD. They had over 50 emperors in the 3rd Century AD. This coupled with several crippling plagues, where an esitmated 30 to 50% of soome regions were decimated, caused huge depopulation in the Western Empire, especially in Gaul and Germania. This is why they experimented with settling Goths, Bergundians, Lombards, etc. on their vacant land, so they could be taxed and incorporated into the empire. Money was severely debased during this period as well. Diocletion is the man who put things in order, but he then created a command economy, which caused revenues to drop. This all ended up in huge bureacracies mentioned above. Read Procopius’ Secret Histories to learn first hand about Justinian, who created this situation ultimately to pay for his reconquest of Italy. Too much government patronage, and that is ultimately what all of it is about, in a society corrupts it and its downhill from there.


      • Good riff off my terse comment. Thanks.


      • This is my favorite subject. Glad to help.


      • Keep wielding the history rapier, Tyrone. We need more of this. So much unhinged conjecture, so little grounding from pipsqueaks who think they know something.

        History is … is … genetic! Morality is a construct, Sperm Wars told me so! Didja ever think we’re all just like, like, hairless animals, dude? Whoa.

        What a decent grammar school education would have done for them, if not in knowledge, at least in the life-long humility of knowing what they don’t know.



  22. Straight white male conciousness isn’t allowed. The whole of society in every western country is organised to demonise and crush any sign of such conciousness. So for us to even think of pursuing our own best intersts is basically a thought crime.


  23. “It’s almost as if there’s an immutable, unchanging, universal human nature at work that has been the guiding force in world matters since we left the jungle upright.”

    There is’nt. It is just the power of fundamental ideas. If you accept scepticism and subjectivism in epistemology – ie, irrationalism – you’re going to get a gradually more irrational culture in a self-reinforcing downward loop.

    Since irrationalism is what American universities has been teaching since the late 1800s, you are where you are.

    So what’s the solution? Readopt the r a t i o n a l ideas of the Enligtenment that gave the world the American Revolution.

    I recommend “The Ominous Parallels” by Leonard Peikoff for more details.



    • Fellow Objectivist here. I never bought into the biological mysticism and epistemological intrinsicism of Freud, but I had to look long and hard before I discovered Rand.

      The problem IS our government school propaganda system and our subsidized ivory towers of irrationalism.


      • Yes, it’s about basic ideas – not about any alleged intrinsical evil of a women, blacks, mexicans, gays.


      • Because ARISTOTELSTAN could function with all of those fully enfranchised.



      • Exactly… if it makes the nervous nellies feel better, let’s not call it intrinsic evil… let’s just say they lack certain tools.


      • It’s much, much better – and truer – to say that they lack certain ideas.


      • Yes, as America functioned before the anti-Enlightenment ideas flooded your country’s universities.

        Fundamental ideas are the prime movers of history.


  24. Voting=waste of time


  25. Remember the documentary “A Day Without Mexicans” and how horrible it would be not having adult busboys and cut-rate lawn care? This won’t be like that.


    • Hmm and who do you think performed these jons before the invasion? Cut benefits and put the underclass to work doing these shitty jobs.


  26. Another good post from Gonzalo Lira. How he was falsely accused of sexual harassment


  27. on July 24, 2012 at 6:45 pm Kendomaster

    Question: how do you white guys feel about Asians? I’m a 27 y/o Asian ex-PUA and I’m engaged to a 22 y/o white HB9 barely out of college (no debt; she’s a bartender at a popular college bar and her parents paid for most of her tuition). We’ve been dating for almost 3 years now.

    I’m not trolling, I swear. Just wanted to see how you conservative white guys feel about a lowly Asian bagging your woman.


    • How do you feel about white guys bagging your women. In my experience, they don’t like it much. Its the same for us. However, Asians in general, are at least civilized and capable of advanced culture, so its less annoying than when negroes do it.


    • Just wanted to see how you conservative white guys feel about a lowly Asian bagging your woman.

      Actually, she’s your woman, Charlie Chan… and you can keep the race-traitor skank.


    • If she’s a barmaid, scrubwoman, waitress etc she’s a whore Probably fat too to settle for a Paki 🙂


    • Just wanted to see how you conservative white guys feel about a lowly Asian bagging your woman.

      I “feel” that something is wrong with her.

      I’ll assume from your handle “Kendo” that by “Asian” you mean Oriental (Japanese?), and not Sub-Continent. I actively ignore the latest updates in the taxonomy, so I don’t know what distinctions I’m supposed to infer from “Asian.” (Is it a swearword yet?)

      Of all the race-mixing, oriental-white is best for girl offspring. They retain the delicate features of the Far East without completely negating the superior beauty of caucasians, rounding out the eyes and flat-faces that gives you all the look of human sand dollars (mother and child).

      Old Japanese culture is cool as fuck. You are a proper civilization, not the hateable and worthless tribal conglomerates of the swarthy races. What’s more, martial arts exhibits a kind of ideal manliness in its disciplined power. So we can hang, but you’d have to pimp your Maria Ozawa-looking daughters out to me.

      The bottom line is, I harbor no resentment for successful scavengers of “our” “women.” We live in a Mad Max SMP, and may the best man win. If our culture has indeed strained all of the instinctive disgust towards miscegenation out of its women, we deserve the mongrel mongoloids in our midst. But don’t mistake our fierce admiration and protectiveness of white beauty for some Ku Klux Kode of provincial beta enviousness. White women are, objectively, the most beautiful specimens the human race has: indeed, objective enough that it snared you into marriage with one of them. You should yourself be on-board with the preservation of white purity amid beauty’s concomitant gene-recessiveness.

      If white girls uglify themselves through their choices and racial shame, and if they thereby dissipate our vulnerable genes, the problem precedes their entry into the sexual market place. Once that defenseless and unprepared vanguard-pussy of the left is brought to market, have at them. My daughters will be warier than the typical student curator of a Rainbow Cock Collection like your fiancée, who was raised in white guilt and multiculti propaganda.

      We can only hope that will be enough, because actively prohibiting race mixing would give non-whites the tingle-making capacity of forbidden fruit apart from their relative ugliness, which is dangerous in a hypergamous context. I would prefer we treat unrestrained hypergamy as the pandemic it is and simply recover the Yuk Factor to do the work for us, a factor which existed in all cultures and all ages before whites became too clever and self-hating for their own preservation.



  28. The Roman Empire dis-integrated, rather suddenly, when its financial foundation fell apart after the loss of artificially easy to obtain resources from N. Africa. Not enough soldiers could not be paid to guard the vital roads and far too few inhabitants of the Empire felt enough deeply rooted loyalty to turn that around.
    Fiat money=cheap N. African grain and taxes.


  29. Small state fascism is the only way.
    Hitler had it right, if he didn’t fuck it up by killing everybody, provoking bigger powers, and being a socialist.

    Republicans and worshippers of the US constitution are too weak to enforce anything. They let the lefties, hippies and femtards taking over. That’s like letting kids in the driver’s seat. They’re as weak if not weaker than their so-called enemies. Fuck ’em all.

    If war is all it takes to put the country back in track, then there will be blood.


    • Boom. Pow. Bang. Badass comment.

      I actively encourage all of you to interiorize the Spartan ethic of fascism; what is best for white males is what is best for western civilization. Do everything in your power to empower your friends and family members to think along the same lines. Lie, fake it in public, run for office, then start fucking shit up. The West is our creation. Solo. Be an underground Spartan, and when it all comes crashing down…and people freak out looking for answers….guess who’s got em.

      The fucking Spartans who have been waiting.


    • The record of small-state fascists is poor: Franco led to … current Spain. The Colonels to … current Greece. Somoza to … the Sandinistas AGAIN in power. Peron to Kirchner, the fat femme version of Castro. Somoza to Fidel, come to think of it. Meanwhile the Swiss experience of limited federalism and armed militias is quite good.


      • But there is Chile!


      • Which had a significant middle and upper-middle class willing to do whatever it took to keep the country from being taken over by a KGB paid agent.

        Yes. Allende was paid by the KGB. The KGB and Cubans abandoned him when he chickened out after a simple majority of the Chilean parliament voted for his ouster. Funny what they don’t tell you in school.


      • Whiskey’s a kiss-ass shabbos goy, but he’s right about the Swiss model. Alex Linder is also a long-time defender thereof. I’ve been to Switzerland and found it far more congenial than Germany and Austria, though Austria is much like it.

        Unfortunately, it seems to have arisen from geography (mountains), sustenance (dairying), and population (Alpine whites), which cannot be replicated.

        Still, small white republics with citizens’ militas are not inconceivable … oh wait … those used to be the States.


      • And you’re a pretend Nazi. You wouldn’t have lasted five minutes in the Wehrmacht with that existentialist clap trap you spew.


    • Only because they share basic ideas with left. The Founding Fathers didn’t share those ideas.



    Don’t worry. The Leader will come in a couple decades and sort everything out.


  31. Editor:
    “…more generously, convinced of the error of their ways and reformed to the side…

    This will NOT happen to any significant extent. People who have spent a lifetime – and usually a career – as statehuggers are to heaviky vested, psychologically and financially – to let go.

    “Privilege is a good thing. Men build nations so that they may codify their privilege and enjoy it, and pass it on to their posterity. Those who rail against this privilege should be shunned and invited to leave and build their own nations more suited to their taste”

    Not exactly. “Privilege” (i.e. private law) is neither necessary nor – I believe – desirable. However, letting builders keep what they earn (whether bricklayers or captains of industry) will do the job. Also, a change in society where employers in general are considered good guys to be admired, if not necessarily revered would be helpful.


    Yup, Atlas is shrugging, slowly. The middle class are increasingly opting out. The rich (corporations and individuals) are no longer investing in the U.S., nor in most other Western countries.

    Support the movies!



  32. Poolside, that’s where it’s at.


  33. i was working on a writing project called condoms are not romantic: how one man’s effort to get out of paying child support made him a lot of money. one of the key lines is by a social justice advocate (someone who was able to achieve privilege by denouncing it) – it turns out that paying women who have an iq of 65 to fornicate in a public library bathroom at taxpayers expense shouldnt be included in the gross domestic product – who knew!
    im just fearful of death threats, how should i publish if i finish it?


    • on July 24, 2012 at 9:51 pm retrophoebia

      Publish for Kindle. Go to and check out the guide to writing for it. then use a pseudonym.


  34. The main problem is female beauty. It is basically restricted to white women, so white preservation can be described as the fight for female beauty


  35. This is the first, and may wind up to be the only, post or article on an Internet website that I have ever bothered to click the Like button for.


  36. interesting how some commentors seem to take Heartiste’s word as god’s honest truth. I agree with some of the ethos. [i’m not going to read all the idiotic posts] a lot of what i read seems like snooty right wing haughty garbage. truth is, it doesn’t matter what the fuck is going on as long as your on top. translation=most of you are sissys


  37. Are you saying the value of a nation is based upon its imperial powers? Why not hard work and honest economic trade? I think honest work/trade is win-win, but this situation is win-lose.


  38. Education is wasted on the stupid and undeserving… Forgive me for the grammar and punctuation IDGAF right now. I’m all for it. Fuck the way things are. Mirroring the grandioseness in which the garbage was spewed forth: What was is lost now; it wasn’t great to begin with. The whites don’t deserve some kind of ridiculous overhyped credit either. It’s time they understand this. We’re getting away from it anyways. I thrive in chaos. When everyone around me is miserable I am truly at my happiest and most aware. Excuse me for violating the fine sensibilities of every educated man, here on this site. I can’t wait until the raping and pillaging start. Protect your buttholes girly boys. And ladies, you’ve no chance-ever see meat on a stick? Of course I’ll still be on the side of “right” and getting mine. Heartiste writes a lot of things that remind me of class-control elitist, republican, racist-like haughty garbage, IMO.


  39. […] The Middle Class Quiet Riot « Chateau Heartiste. This entry was posted in General. Bookmark the permalink. ← NYC Mayor Bloomberg Suggests […]


  40. A large part of the problem with the United States is that it is a essentially a Pseudodemocratic Cryptofascist Kleptocracy.

    Pseudodemocratic – the best denmocracy money can buy.
    Cryptofacist alluding to the merger of corporate and state.
    Kleptocracy, all the wealth gets funnelled to the top few percent.


    • Democracy is an illusion, fascism a necessity, and without industrial leaders hoarding most of the resources, the masses would wallow in dirt poverty and there would be no thriving middle class, which is the backbone of a civilization.

      You’re still in some kind of socialist matrix, but there’s not really a CH equivalent to unplug you.


  41. on July 24, 2012 at 11:21 pm Mohammed the purple

    I wonder who Brian and ilsa voted for? Frickin liberals! Boo hoo we bought a house at the height of the market now we’re going to get everyone else to pay for our mistake through taxpayer funded HAMP. They deserved to be run around like lab rats, as it should be when you decide to try and get someone else to shoulder the burden of your decisions.


  42. “Some cultures really are better than others.”
    Agreed. Anyone who thinks a German culture is equal to an African culture in scientific achievement is simply deluding themselves. And anyone who thinks merely moving an African population past an imaginary line into German territory will magically make them productive scientists, is again, deluding themselves.


    • You’re absolutely right. Here in south Brazil when the germans came (along with a lot of italians and some portuguese, spanish, swiss, polish and russian) they were so poor they initially lived in the old houses were the portuguese landlords contained the negroes in the old old days – the senzalas. Today, the south is the most socially developed region in Brazil, and the second more richest (the southeast, witch is about 50% white portuguese-italian is the 1st and is the 2nd whiter region). The south and southeast carry all Brazil in their backs.
      I have some black friends, but this don’t blind me for reality like a lot of guys, I know, it’s hard to accept nature is hierarchical.


      • The thing is, the multicultural immigration idea is exactly ass backwards. They argue that moving to Brazil magically changed the German immigrants into productive Brazilians. As you can see, it was the German immigrants who changed Brazil. I mean hell, Frida Kahlo’s father was German. They still consider her quintessentially “Mexican.”


      • Continuing with the standard pattern, her husband the famous Mexican artist Diego Rivera was descended from European nobility on his father’s side, and Converso (a Jew that converted to Catholicism) on his Mother’s. I believe the genetic pattern for achievement in Mexico is beginning to reveal itself.


      • I fully agree with you (it was exactly my point). The europeans brought Europa to America.


      • The Portuguese practiced more inter-breeding than the Spanish did (relatively), so this muddles the issue a bit, but I fully agree with you MacCool that the European (and to some extent the Japanese in São Paulo, Perú, and a few other places) waves of immigrants that came to Brasil in the 1800s and 1900s brought their cultures with them, and the prosperity they’ve seen in Brasil is due to their industriousness, the value they place on education, etc. And yes, today these cohorts carry the rest of Brasil on their backs. O Brasil é o país do futuro, e sempre vai ser.

        Brasil is not unique in this regard, in Latin America. Latin America is ruled by Spanish (especially from the West of Spain – Basques, Catalános, and those from Aragón), Portuguese, German, Dutch, Italian, English/Scottish/irish, Jews (Banco Safra, etc.), and Lebanese (Carlos Slim, etc.). This is perhaps most notable in México, Perú, Chile and Argentina. Caucasians and Semites run the show.

        MacCool, que legal em ver um brasileiro neste lugar. Abs.


      • i’m from minas gerais, and second what you said.


  43. The ego is the greatest enemy man has ever faced.
    I believe that true geniuses come along every now and then. The rarest of them are geniuses of religion.
    Francesco Bernadorne may or may not have been clinically insane; but by the time of his early death he was Saint Francis of Assisi and head of the largest monastic order in the world.
    What he gave his life to create, of course, could not last. Neither for that matter can anything we might create last forever. Or not.


  44. My name is Ozymandius… gaze upon my works, ye mighty, and despair!


  45. This writer is pretty out of touch if they use J Crew to describe the middle class. These days, JC Penney is more like it.


  46. Oh, and, while not all men may be created equal, they need to have the same right. Otherwise, it sets a bad precedent, and, wham, you’re in a feudal society.


    • Exactly. Biology gives us different gifts, and sometimes none whatsoever, but we should all have — gasp, nasty word coming next — EQUAL protection before the law and EQUAL shots at socioeconomic advancement, should we want to aim to better ourselves. After that, let the chips fall where they may.

      But neo-feudalism, as promoted by more than a few guys here, would be a massive ball-and-chain on the ankle of innovation.


      • on July 25, 2012 at 4:16 am Laconophile

        Socioeconomic advancement and innovation are not unalloyed goods for society.


      • Innovation, like “progress” and “growth”, is not an absolute good. Your cult has failed. Prosperity is the problem. Fuck off now, and don’t ever address me again.


      • EQUAL protection before the law and EQUAL shots at socioeconomic

        You do have that. But I’m afraid that it’s just human nature that some people are more equal than others.Just being smarter or having more money means a lot.
        Do you think that OJ would have got off for murder if he didn’t have some money? If he was just some guy from the “hood he would have got convicted or would have been forced into a plea bargain and had to plead guilty. He’d have a public defender and wouldn’t have been able to call all of those expert witnesses to confuse the jury.
        You’re going to have to face reality and stop wishing about how things should be because it will never happen.There’s no justice or fairness in life and people just get whatever they’re able to get.


      • Then why does your party insist on going one step further and skewing the playing field for their special interest groups? This only creates greater and more vehement problems.


      • Agreed, Tyrone. Dems have a lot of problems. But I’d rather take their problems than the problems that the Repug want to continue saddling us with. It’s the lesser of two evils.

        Whammer: Realism and idealism are not mutually exclusive; that’s a false dichotomy.

        But thanks for all the comments (except for yours, “uh”).


      • Third world style giovernment is the lesser of two evils? I think you need a reality check. America’s problems are all the direct result of misguided socialist inspired policies.


      • “Our enemies are a traditionless and a homeless race; from the time of Cromwell to the present moment they have been disturbers of the peace of the world. Gathered together by Cromwell from the bogs and fens of the North of Ireland and of England, they commenced by disturbing the peace of their own country; they disturbed Holland, to which they fled, and they disturbed England on their return. They persecuted Catholics in England, and they hung Quakers and witches in America.” Jefferson Davis



    Seriously, if you have the time, it’s worth checking out.


  48. The most interesting thing about this site is the way the white racists always try to shift the focus onto black people, it matters not the topic.

    Black people don’t run anything, cept maybe their mouths.

    Even the current president is just an invention of white people, “installed” by white people to keep the fraud going a little bit longer by fooling all the nonwhite people into thinking “things done changed…”

    Listen up white man, your problem is other white people; niggers are NOT in charge.


    Because they are niggers!

    Duh… hello, hello? is this thing on?

    Here is a quote from a week before the shooting in Colorado. Disapointment is the mother of rebellion, and white males have a lot more disapointment to get through before this is over.

    Im not your mom and you aren’t your fucking khaki’s. Stop being a pussy like this shooter in Colorado

    Get over it.

    I did
    Its going to be interesting to watch the decent of young white males into “niggerism” as this economy crashes and white males get stripped of everything but their penis like they did to blk males.

    You will adopt all those nigger postures and behaviors you hate so much when you are reduced to being one.

    Or being white and male, you will just kill yourself (or kill a bunch of your class mates at school)

    *once upon a time, dreesed so fine, threw the bums a dime, in your prime… didn’t you?*


    • Well, at least I don’t blame the blacks – they have been manipulated just as white common people by two groups – the white elites who didn’t direct manipulated anyone, but permited the manipulation (which is treason) and the jews.
      The jews created and acomplished communism in eastern Europe, the jews founded the Communist Party U.S.A., the jews pushed since 1880 till the 1965 immigration act to unrestrict immigration in America and still do, the jews created the NAACP and the civil rights movement, the jews created feminism, multirracialism and multiculturalism. Of course there are good willed jews, but they represent a minority, at least in power positions.
      At the same time I have to say black and white people are too diferent, not just culturally, but genetically to live under the same government, but these two peoples deserve countries of their own.


    • Dear kaffir,

      Your kind is a problem, not the enemy. You are not advanced enough for that.


  49. I just want to point out that something doesn’t add up about this story. HAMP is not for people who are on time on their mortgage, HARP is. To qualify for HAMP you have to be 90 days past due. But they probably didn’t want HARP (a refinance), they wanted HAMP (a modification: their balance and interest rate reduced at someone else’s expense).

    I think they are lying about qualifying for HAMP under special rules. I think they decided to stop paying their mortgage in order to qualify for HAMP, found out they still didn’t qualify for other reasons (these programs are narrowly tailored), and could no longer qualify for HARP because they ruined their credit trying to qualify for HAMP. I suspect their credit report would show this, but the reporter just writes down what people say, not what is.

    Also, upstanding middle class people who never do anything wrong aren’t deadbeats. You can’t be both. You’re one or the other.


  50. […] was reading The Middle Class Quiet Riot and came across one of the most insightful quotes I’ve encountered […]


  51. I don’t quite think I agree with the premise. These are not middle class drop outs speculating on their bleak future. These people were simply fucked by the system. When a majority gets fucked by the system ,then you have an old fashion slave like revolt . Thing is, its just petty rentiers getting soaked by big boy rentiers because this couple would gladly sell a house bloated in price to a college debt saturated sucker. Its that system that itself that is to blame. Our bright future will have already sold his entire future at a discount only to subsist for today to live for the future of a subsistence for tomorrow.

    The premise that paying the bank make you a good citizen is most wrong of all.


  52. […] the truth will out Posted on July 25, 2012 10:24 am by drach Reinforcement of a common theme here on DP. Follow all the links and read it all, it is worth the time it will take. The Middle Class Quiet Riot […]


  53. For a rather more insightful look at he middle class problem.

    Don’t care how rich one person becomes selling their house. The higher the price, the more likely the buyer will have less equity ownership which in the end means a nation of tenets, so called owners who merely rent money from banks. The one little detail people miss is the money does not come from any where. It comes from nowhere with just a promissory note and the asset as collateral. The “money” now nothing but a government obligation which just recirculate back into the banking system to be loaned out again. That will make us all tenets as we bid against each other with fiat finance. lolloozzzz


    • you sound like the couple, rationalizing being a deadbeat. I’m getting really sick of people acting like they got fucked around by borrowing money and not paying it back.

      you could prove me wrong though by lending me money that I won’t pay back. if after that you agree that I was the one fucked around and you came out ahead by not getting paid back, I will change my position.


      • I am getting rather sick of people who think banks lend money( they create credit from thin air), not to mention the abject ignorance of the American population who no nothing about economics or the thieving profession banking may become. The agreement was for the banks to take the house if they cannot pay. Yet, when the banks were glad to bloat housing taking all the profits, they turned over all the losses to us.

        See if you can understand the nature of credit. Credit under the model of Says laws would assume product is paid with product. In other words it product that is credit, not the proxy of money as in barter. Credit manipulation where wages are suppressed while housing prices are bloated distorted the actual goods for the product. So the amount of “money” that is owed is a distortion of the credit markets the banksters created. See what happens if you bid a buck for something the day before the banks conspire to cut your wages in half through the control of the supply in credit , you know just like they did in the 20s. You just bid twice what you wanted. Will you bean counters ever get that or do you think a nickel is the all knowing oracle of value and honest exchange all the while banks bloat and collect bonuses until it all comes tumbling down.

        No one gave that couple a fucking bank charter which leaves the power to lend with the banksters. And I suppose you have nothing to say about the appraisal of the value of the house which was obviously a lie.


      • you are exactly what CH is talking about in this post. when a critical mass adopts your point of view, America is over. and what’s worse is, you know it’s all bullshit.

        the appraisal was a lie? based on what? more populist crap you heard?

        have you considered the couple was lying about almost everything they said? what kind of solid middle class couple who did everything right has a home with no equity in retirement? sounds like they fucked up regularly.

        you have adopted the minority frame of sticking it to the man. congratulations.


      • Oh its Suze Orman then….”The populist crap” I read largely began from reading the founding thinkers of the Western world that I read myself from my grandmother’s library when I was still rather young. You know, like Adam Smith and John Locke. I actually read the book , along with Tacitus Herodotus etc etc. So I don’t usually take too kindly to uneducated dumb fucks who don’t know their way around a Dostoevsky novel telling me that I have populist ideas. Got that dumb fucker?

        Perhaps you would like to see how banks arrive at honesty by studying Scottish free banking, the non populist brain trust that you are. In a word , competition. Now we have none.

        I don’t care about the couple which is nothing but an anecdote. A “bailout” is theft. I know how banking works, and I would be rather curious to see how you think it does. Perhaps you may even tell me what a dollar is. I’d like to see that.


      • you don’t even know how an appraisal works. (hint: if a property has lost value in the 7 years since it was appraised, it’s not obvious that the appraisal was a lie) I’m not in favor of bank bailouts or the big banks. I’m also not in favor of deadbeats who think they don’t have to keep their promises because of envy. and why would banks need bailouts if they can create credit out of thin air?

        >>>>>Perhaps you may even tell me what a dollar is. I’d like to see that.

        loan me 100,000 of them and I’ll show you how your logic on who fucked who works.


      • I don’t know how appraisal works my ass. Do you have any idea how much time I am wasting when it is already apparent your basic knowledge of economics is lacking? It is one thing to argue over Monetarism vs Keynesian stimulus, but you don’t know how a bank works?OK so be it, what is a bit more waste? If reverse repo sounds like Emilio Estevez took pity on you then you need to drop it, and spend some time on it. Banks create (credit)money out of thin air. So you wonder how this differers from counterfeiting?

        When banks create money they put a liability on the books being the loan while also putting on the asset of the borrower’s promise to pay. Thus credit is essentially created on the spot, especially since it usually takes the form of a deposit.

        They need to see that it is a performing loan which is generally tracked by the ability to make payments according to the schedule. They are held responsible to make sure it is a performing loan and to eventually retire the principle in the process. If they do not have enough assets to cover all their loans, then they are essentially acting as counterfeiters which violates bank accounting rules. If the government says its OK and they are bailed out, they are counterfeiters.

        Now considering all this spewing cash jacked up housing prices, and now lending standards have tightened, I’d like to know how it is that the cost of housing was accurately reflected. How about I have some homeless piece of shit make a bid on everything you buy even thought I dam well know they are all liar loans? The banks knew it very well since they encouraged the lies. They held the public trust not to act like a counterfeiter. The principle owed on many of these houses are jacked up bullshit from trillions of dollars of bank credit.

        So don’t give me all this shit about how the public, who does not know shit, made this mess. And if you do work in finance I have a very special FUCK YOU for ya, you fucking pieces of pimp shit.


      • Creating credit from thin air is not bad per se. If banks were only lending money that they do have, we would still be a shithole. There’s simply not enough fiduciary money to cover all the needs in scriptural money. If we still had a gold standard, there’d be the same problem because there’s not enough gold to cover all the needs in fiduciary money.

        The latest Basel ratios seem reasonable, as a bank can safely lend 8 to10 times the money it has. If the basel rules are correctly enforced, they could eradicate the possibility of a system risk, the ultimate risk being out of control Tier-1 caps like during the pre-subprime era.
        However, there would still be the issue of universal banks and the dangerous mix of investment banking and retail banking. Ron Paul could’ve had my vote if he insisted on that instead of his gbfm obsession with the fed.


      • Of course its not bad per se but, the idea of their collection of interest on their fiat currency is to monetize operations that produce products like industrial capital. Since all they do is lend money for ponzi schemes like real estate their capital placement is a joke. Tell me how much more land is produced when giving credit for it? Tha barn is never worth the land under it yet it is financed all the same. Its the old term called “ground rents”. Then when they bloat it beyond measure they call uncle Sam in to bail them out. They provide no value in the placement of credit. Junk bonds do far more than they ever did. These people are not worth billions when an honest days work from them is really that of a good book keeper.

        Ron Paul does not get my vote because Austrians don’t seem to think commodity monopolies are a threat either. All they will do is enrich an Athenian who has mining rights in Amphipolis. Free banking can have no legal tender laws. At least Hayek of his Austrian ilk understood this unlike the gold bugs of their kind. And still what does Paul say about fractional reserves? Again, give me the Rothbard of their kind.


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  55. Fantastic , Fantastic, Fantastic. Men have truth hard wired into their hearts. Thats why God is masculine and the Catholic Church only allows men in her ranks. As far as I can see it is the only institution searching for Truth. Take away the old time religion and its still there. We need to reignite this passion and bring back truth – beauty and goodness will follow.
    Best post ever.


    • on July 27, 2012 at 1:28 am Renaissance Knight

      The history of the Catholic Church is great, when it essentialy ruled half the world. There is still truth within the Catholic Church, but most people are exposed to Bishops who want illegal aliens to get the same in-state tuition as legal residents and want to prevent deportation, and house illegal aliens in their church facilities. The Catholic Church used to be ethnically based, Italian Catholic, German Catholic, Dutch Catholic, Irish Catholic, various Eastern Catholic, etc. With Vatican II, most of thes were wiped out and all ethnicities encouraged to blend together. Somehow The Catholic Bishops are allowing Central Americans and Phillipinos to still retain their pro-ethnic religious celebration, tradition, and institutions. Meanwhile White American Catholics are encouraged to donate money for Catholic Institutions in Africa, Asia, and Central America with no concerted effort to reviving the church in France, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, etc

      The real revival of the Catholic Church will happen in the Midwest with various ultra-Orthodox Groups that have a large, young contingent. But even they are against “racism” and obviously do not approve of young men engaging in sexuality before marriage. .


      • The Catholic Church has been massively outpaced by societal change in the West. There is virtually nothing it can do to attract NEW young Westerners. It’s antique.

        By the way, your Eurocentric view of Catholicism forgets that it was founded in the Middle East by Jews. Your view also conveniently ignores the etymology of the word “catholic”: it means “universal”.

        But that’s irrelevant. The bigger story is the fact that all mainstream Christian denominations have been experiencing decreasing church attendance in the West for well-nigh forty years now. The splinter groups, the lay piety basement groups, get all the newbies now.

        Religion may be an advertising campaign, but only if the people want what you’re selling. And right now, the only continent that really wants that particular spiritual product is Africa.


    • Really? There’s so much wrong here it’s painful even to laugh at it.


    • on July 28, 2012 at 3:56 pm Laconophile

      The Catholic Church was only good insofar as they didn’t practice Christianity.


  56. You’re just now getting to this? You may be a professional womanizer, but at best your an amateur “end of the worlder”. Here is the deal. It’s all coming down. You can have discussions about solutions, but there is only one solution. The only thing that can right the ship of humanity is the collapse itself. Only a collapse is going to administer the clarity that is required. So, It is all coming down, but not today.

    I read some time ago that we are past solutions, and now it’s time for contingency plans, and that is more eloquent than I could have said it. I’d advice buying precious metals. You can try to buy the dip, but at this point I think it might be better to just buy if you miss the current dip. Work on your preparations. Focus on food, shelter, and security. Good luck.


    • “When Money Dies” + “The Vampire Economy” + Ludwig von Mises’ Crack-Up Boom + The Minsky Moment.

      Chavista America, here we come. ¡Òrale!

      Turning and turning in the widening gyre
      The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
      Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
      Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world…

      But this time it’ll be different. Right?


  57. Great Kipling reference! Great prose is truly timeless.


  58. It is terrible advice, and a complete lie, to tell men that it is a result of their individual actions that they can’t get the hottest girls ever to fuck them mercilessly on a regular basis.

    Men and women are not fundamentally different. Put them in the same situations, they’ll act just alike. Ex. put an alpha male in a bar full of fatties trying to hit on him…and he’ll act just like a hot chick in a bar full of losers trying to bang her (act repulsed or politely decline– hopefully the latter). No amount of “game” on the part of these women will attract this particular man, just like no amount of game on the part of an either poor or unattractive male will attract a hot woman. Just like the man will go to some other bar with hotter women, the hot chick will leave too.

    But on the bright side, now the remaining beta men have a whole bar full of beta women they can now choose from now that Magic Mike has left the building. Hooray! Pussy for all.

    What’s that you say? Oh, you don’t want the beta twat, you want the hot pussy? TOO BAD. Take what you can actually get.

    What? You say that you want the hot pussy, and you’re willing to work for it, i.e., spend years of your life reading PUA and game blogs so that you’re equipped to talk to hot women, and get the hottest potential pussy for the dick you undoubtedly feel self conscious about.

    Cool. Go for it. If you want to know the truth, you’re the one getting gamed. Want to know how to get pussy? Instead of reading about how to pick up women on random websites, try watching CNBC or getting yourself an e*trade account. Then the women will come to you. Or better yet, get interested in politics. You know there was a time when men made living wages and could support a family by working in a factory. This was a time when marriage rates soared, men felt like men, could provide for their families, and all this silly shit about how to pick up women was irrelevant. The reason men have reached such an all time low is because of corporate greed. This corporate greed denies hardworking men the living wages they need to attract women and support families while their CEOs get $9 million dollar bonuses each quarter.

    And this, my friends, is how you’ve been gamed. You’ve bought into a system that says “it is my fault for [insert problem here].” You blame yourselves for not working hard enough, not making enough money, not having cool friends, or not getting the hot girl, when all the while nothing was in your control to begin with.

    We basically live an anarchy already, but only for those who can afford it. There is no sense of camaraderie in broad society anymore, no noblesse oblige, and it’s so sad that brotherly love has been banished to a dark corner of the interweb, usually bound together by a common sense of betrayal from the wrong enemy (ahem women/feminists).

    I used to think of women as helpless, passive receptacles– like an egg in an uterus drenched by a tsunami of hot vicious semen. This site has changed my mind. Now I realize that men are the helpless ones– in the quest to be an alpha male, men forget about other men. Life for you will always mimic millions of sperm hopelessly seeking entry into an egg, watching the stronger, faster one succeed while you wither up and die. Wondering, why oh why couldn’t it have been you to be the one out of a million that fertilized the egg? Because you make the individual choice to glorify the individual rather than the group. Because you’re brain in still functioning at the level of a single cell organism.

    Your problem is not with feminist, not even femnazis, your problem is with other men (mostly, but some women too), capitalist ones that don’t give a fuck if you live or die as long as they can (figuratively) bum fuck you in the ass until they reach it to the top where they can hog all the hot pussy for themselves and throw you the leftovers (if you’re lucky).


    • Go away, socialist faggot.


      • You’ve dazzled me with your stunning intellect, proved your worth as a man, and shown me the error of my logical reasoning. I now support whatever you say.


      • p.s. I’m sorry your dad is an asshole, and your best friend fucked your girlfriend. But hey, at least your a young, white, middle class male living in the United States, right?


    • You gave yourself away at *try watching CNBC”. Had you said, said try reading zerohedge, and i might even consider reading the rest of your ignorant drivel.


      • I don’t think the point was to give actual financial advice


      • I know….it is a tell – it shows a person who uncritically accepts mainstream media narrative.


      • A “tell”… too right.

        Does anyone believe that getting one’s nooz from Jeffrey Immelt (CNBC) is a good idea? If so, I am not sure what we can do for you, other than pronounce you a lost cause. The tits on display on the channel are nice though.

        Good tip on the Zero Hedge – it’s a staple of the inquiring mind. I also recommend Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, Nouriel Roubini, John Mauldin, Mish Shedlock, and Grant Williams (“Things That Make You Go Hmm” newsletter) as well.

        The truth will set you free. Well, that and a bunch of know-how, precious metals and ammunition.


    • on July 28, 2012 at 5:37 pm Laconophile

      It was you egalitarian shitheads that gave us capitalism in the first place. Now you’re doubling down on your errors and replacing the capitalism with something even more monstrous.


    • Largely a good post.

      Seconded on economic effects. I know that game theory says that money doesn’t matter — and it doesn’t, for some women — but a greater majority will look right past you if you don’t make at least an average amount of bank.

      Because the truth is, for every PUA trying to score loose pussy, there’s five more golddigging women trying to score loose wallets. They play us even better.


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  60. Being that this is the 281st comment, it probably won’t get read. But I must say that this post was brilliant. Equality is a lie that we in America take as religion – meaning that we are brainwashed from a young age to never ever doubt it. I don’t believe in racism, but I believe that there are definitely some people who are better than others, who work harder than others, who are born naturally stronger and smarter than the rest. These people are held back from their true potential so they can bask in the mediocrity of equality.