Chivalrous Dork Vs Showboating Badboy

If I had to condense three years of this blog into one video, this would be it. (Video link courtesy of Rant Casey – Brazil.)

Notice how the air is completely let out of the videotaping girls’ polite admiration for Prince Valiant after their attention — and fired-up tingles — are redirected to the street surfer. Even the beta chump knows his moment of glory is robbed from him, as he stands forlornly on the sidewalk, shoulders slumped, realizing he has one more girl to carry over the water. Of course, he can’t leave her stranded when he’s already helped her friend across. That would be tantamount to a declaration that his strategy of chivalry had ulterior motives. So he proceeds to complete his chore mission with perfunctory listlessness. Poor beta.

The alpha beta disparity is truly an international phenomenon.

What we’ve learned from this video:

Bravo! = warm hug plus three pats on the back.

Whoooa! = horny for love.

Who do you think the rescued girls chatted about afterward with a glow in their loins? The galoot who helped them probably received an “awww, he was nice” coupled with a flurry of condescending giggles which was code for “what a dork”. The alpha interloper probably got a “did you see that?!” and a flurry of nervous giggles involuntarily spasmed to release the boiling pressure buildup in their crotches.

The girls recording the event are speaking Russian. The studio audience would be obliged if someone could translate what they’re saying.

At the end, the videotaping girls are pretty much like, “Ok, go away beta. You and your sensible car bore us.”


  1. This is one of the few cases where a beta could’ve gotten the chick a lot wetter by fumbling.


  2. The problem wasn’t the act, but in how he did it. Pick them up like a lumberjack would a log, throw her over your shoulder and walk through the water with swagger. He’s going to get wet either way, so pretend he doesn’t even notice such trivial things. Instead the guy walks across like he is afraid or something.

    For extra points, if he really wanted some tingles he could have kissed the first girl once he put her down or told the second one “For the pretty one I need a kiss first”. If either refused/slapped him he could then drive off with a smile leaving them both waiting for white knight #2.


  3. “Of course, he can’t leave her stranded when he’s already helped her friend across. ”

    Of course he can, that’d have been sweet.


  4. From the practical side, he could have pulled up to the curb and had them sit on his hood and then drive them slowly across to the other side. Asshole game: hitting his brakes in the middle of the street.


  5. on July 9, 2010 at 12:55 pm Backdoor Man

    Even with your steady, long-term woman, it’s important not to be too chivalrous. Often, I’ll meet my woman after work at a metro station that is convenient for both of us and we’ll walk the four miles home together. She will have her gym bag, lots of work materials, perhaps even a laptop. She will try to hand me one of the bags, and I’ll shake her off, telling her that she needs the exercise or that she should have thought ahead, and that I’m traveling light precisely because I don’t want to carry stuff. If her bag is truly heavy, I might carry it halfway or more, but I never, ever, let her assume that I will carry her stuff. If I do it, it is a favor, and never an obligation. And she seems genuinely appreciative as a result.


  6. Is it possible to develop a mentality to come up with innovative ideas during bad situations….


  7. Even better would have been if he’d returned to his car only to find he’d locked himself out.


  8. It was kind of hot when the girls started taking off their shoes and looking all helpless


  9. Russian my ass, that’s portuguese.


  10. Brilliant video.


  11. V then translate, if you know ur shit.

    Sounds like Russian to me with “dah” meaning “Yes.”


  12. Would it be beta or alpha if the guy who carried those two women was the father? I guess being a father is beta right?


  13. Well, my Russian is not perfect but still, here comes the summary of the chat between the observers:
    1. When the guy picks up the first girl, the amused observer says: That guy gets 10 points, bla bla bla, that’s the REAL man, bla bla bla, perfect effect on girls and then – BRAVO;
    2. After the first girl is on the ground, the observers: look the other one is waiting, i wonder if he picks her as well;
    3. When the surfer appears: you can find all pleasures of life in here;
    4. When the second girl is in the hands of the guy: thats the great man;
    5. And finally, they were wondering if they need a TV if you are able to see the action ‘live’.

    Hope you’ve got the context 🙂


  14. The galoot who helped them probably received an “awww, he was nice” coupled with a flurry of condescending giggles which was code for “what a dork”. Ha Ha I fuckin luv this guy!


  15. on July 9, 2010 at 1:47 pm almost 40 year old virgin

    Ah, and of course the eternal Roisyism is: “Become the surfer asshole”?

    IE meaning, make a fool of yourself so chicks will dig you?

    How about, don´t stop for the dumb girls afraid of the icky water?
    Maybe I even would´ve sped up a little so the chicks would get a little pre-spalsh of what awaits them.

    Though honestly, nowadays I can´t be bothered anymore with stupid female idiosyncrasies. Ignoring them and leaving them prey to the local badboi “gamers” is what they worked so hard to deserve. And you can have them, gladly.


  16. dude probably injured his back too. heavy is the burden of the beta.


  17. Why couldn’t these girls walk?


  18. on July 9, 2010 at 1:55 pm Dr. Grzlickson

    “This is one of the few cases where a beta could’ve gotten the chick a lot wetter by fumbling.”

    I see what you did there.


  19. on July 9, 2010 at 1:55 pm Vincent Ignatius

    They’re speaking in Russian, but whoever put the clip on Youtube speaks Portuguese.

    I would have just kept driving. Girls have feet.


  20. Prove me wrong, but i bet none of the men behind the comments have applied ‘game’ theory on Russian or Eastern Europe girls


  21. anyone (male or female) would take their eyes off the chivalrous dude to check out the street surfer. it’s spectacle in an otherwise mundane day.


  22. Need some help.

    Opened a girl in a public space, chatted for a while, Her Name is Jen.
    This was in a group setting with some very nice, but very old women (the girl I like, isn’t the 50 year old) I never had a chance to isolate Jen.

    Here is the thing:
    I opened an entire set of old women to get to Jen.
    The old ladies loved me! They couldn’t stop talking to me. They were DHVing me through the roof- It’s probably because i genuinely like old people.

    the old ladies wouldn’t stop talking to me, and I tried to talk to Jen without being rude and ignoring the rest, it was all totally fine and fun. The problem is, I didn’t get a moment alone with Jen, and, as all the other women were listening intently to my every word I didn’t go for the number.

    Bad GIB, Bad GIB- I know, I know. I really liked this girl, and I will never see her again. Sad face…
    or, so i thought.

    Here is where I need help:
    She told me her first name- where she worked, and her job title.
    I googled her company name, and they had an about me section with pictures, last names and titles. And, there she was on the first page of the company directory.
    Now I have her first and last name- I google that, and it leads me to her blog.
    Her work blog has direct links to her facebook and gmail.

    This took me 5 minutes flat.
    I am going to write her- so don’t tell me not to.

    The question is:
    What do I write- to not seem like a stalker.
    Do I tell her it only took me 5 minutes to find her?
    Do I facebook friend her with a message?
    Do I just email her?
    Will she think what I did was stalkerish?
    I always ask for the number- I just didn’t want to do it in front of a group of old ladies.


  23. Watch Cop Land with Sylvester Stallone – its a dramatic depiction of a white knight in almost the same situation as shown in this vid. In the movie Stallone saves a girl (Annabella Sciorra) from drowning and she tugs one of his ears in the process rendering him deaf in that ear. This disability costs him his chance to become a New York City cop and the girl later marries another guy (who is a NYC cop) despite Stallone’s white knighting and saving her life. Her marriage is bad and Stallone never marries. Her husband is killed as a result of corruption and Stallone makes a move and is slammed so mercilessly by her even though she knows her husband was a douche and Stallone’s character was the prototypical “nice guy”. The scene where she slams him after her husband dies is cruel!


  24. on July 9, 2010 at 2:18 pm gunslingergregi

    In the morning when I occasionally drive down a river road there are groups of up to ten woman each washing clothes in the river. None of them seem to need a man to make sure they don’t get wet he he he

    Although I am pretty sure there is male clothing in what they are washing by hand.

    Sense of community is what they have and I guess they just grow up tougher and able to do more with less.

    Although hey when I was at a hotel I did carry the wife across a muddy area so she wouldn’t get wet and muddy but that is ok I am getting some from her. Plus she doesn’t mind when I wake her up in the middle of the night to get me something to drink or cook a meal or whatever. Hey got to give em something.

    Woman are there to take care of all the mundane bullshit of life guys job is to carry them across muddy water or beat the shit out of someone in my book and do what is needed to inure they have money. Not too bad a deal.


  25. Game_IN_BK –

    I’d send her a message via facebook. That makes it obvious how you found her whereas email is a bit too personal. When you message her don’t mention the method of finding her. Open with a neg related to the situation.

    So do you have any friends your age, or just hang out with older women?

    Good luck!


  26. @ BK–adding her on facebook would be a safe bet, but that’s just me just because everyone I know adds everyone on facebook around here.


  27. utmost vaginal slavery.


  28. on July 9, 2010 at 2:23 pm Black Rebel

    Wack. Speed on if you aren’t going to be making a big man move, stopping in the street game is the domain where the big man move originated.

    Street wakeboarding fool has the right idea.

    My big man move? I would grab both of the girls at the same time and carry them across, and assuming they weigh less combined than 240 (these are russian women not americans so let’s say they do) I could easily. Drop them, grab both of their hands, walk them to the curb, tell them to wait while I move my shit and bounce them for drinks.

    ‘If I could lift both of you girls at the same time, just imagine what I could do to just one of you…or both of you, let’s get some drinks…skazhi chto lyubishmenya *wink*’


  29. Slightly off-topic, an interesting article via Robin Hanson:

    The author acknowledges the alpha/beta dichotomy, but breaks down alphas into two subsets: virile masculine guys and peacocking artsy types. This could have implications for game, as guys should tailor their approaches to fit one of the two strategies.

    A meathead would concentrate on being brusque, aloof and assertive. A peacock would use more routines, chick crack, and rapport. Roissy seems more of the peacock type, which could explain his penchant for metro clothing and palm reading. Thoughts?


  30. GIB: hell yeah, contact her without apology. You don’t care what she thinks…adopt that mindset. Facepage friend her if your facephotos are alpha and you’re living an exciting life. Don’t even think about writing a message to her for a week or two, assuming she accepts your invite. Don’t answer her for several days if she messages you. You have to be really aloof so that stalker stink wears off. Yes, ‘stalker’ will be on her mind but it’ll turn in to intrigue when you say nothing to her for 7-10 days. After that waiting period is over, proceed with a simple “what up”. No punctuation. Run normal game from there.


  31. The end of Cop Land is a beta wish fulfillment where Stallone shoots all the corrupt NYC cops/alpha bad boys who live in his bedroom community in Jersey. He doesn’t get the chick though.


  32. BK,

    Since she told you where she worked I’d be inclined to shoot her a short email at her work address.

    Say you have some business near there in a few days and that the two of you should meet up for drinks or coffee or whatever. Make it short and sweet.


  33. And like Hardcore said, give it a few days so the stalker stink fades.


  34. The title of the video is in portuguese.

    But the people in the video os not speaking portuguese (I do speak portuguese, thats how I know it).

    Its likely Russian.


  35. If i facebook her, i need to write a message. I doubt she will recognize who i am, and she doesn’t seem the type to accept random facebook requests.

    a little more info- she is a creative.


  36. on July 9, 2010 at 2:42 pm Backdoor Man

    Let’s say you and your lady are standing at the curb, waiting to cross the street, just as the two girls in the video are. You really have three options.

    1. Walk across normally and you both get your feet wet. You may hold her hand as you cross (and a proper, feminine lady will ask for your hand).

    2. Carry her. She stays dry and you get your feet wet. Either make this seem effortless or make a big production out of it, as if she weighs a ton.

    3. Splash her, challenge her to a race, and have fun crossing the road. Make sure you win.

    Unless she is high-falutin’ girl or she is wearing nice clothes, your best option is normally #3.


  37. Game_in_BK–

    Others have suggested Facebook friending her. I do see how you could have found her on facebook from just her first name, company she worked for, and job title. Unless her company has a detailed Facebook presence w/employee info.

    Myself I’d just email her. Say you meant to ask for her number but the group kept pulling you way from talking to just her.

    That’s all. If she emails back wondering how you found her email then but only then say just what you have here. No simple straight honesty isn’t always best esp. to begin, but it would be here. She did after all give you quite a bit of info about her.

    People aren’t really bothered by email as a stalker thing that much I don’t think. It’s easy for girls to ignore an emailer they don’t want to pay attention to, more so than texting or phoning to voicemail.

    What to say beyond intro? I wouldn’t say much more than that in your first email to her.

    Well in many ways you haven’t even had a pickup interaction w/her. However all the interest in you by the 50s I take it women was still some DHV of you to her, and social proof. Not like a group of young hot girls, or one, no, but something. Also you sound like you were socially adept with them, so that will look good to target girl too.

    So what you need to invite her to do is something that will seem low commitment to her. Unless you’re getting strong interest vibes from her. Then it can be more of a first date meet up. If she’s more neutral, the key to getting her to not flake is to make it something she can walk away from fairly quickly. A drink together after work sort of thing. In her neighborhood. Then treat it as a new pickup more or less, to get her into you.

    Seems to me.


  38. *don’t see how you could have found her on Facebook …


  39. What I like more about this video is the “turnaround” in the plot.

    I do think the chivalrous did it in a virile fasion. He didnt ask permission: he grabbed the girl on his shoulder, and simply carried. Mascluine in the stoic sense of the word.

    I’m sure it cause some mild atraction, as he played the “goodnatured viking”. I supose that is what pickup artists call “beta game”.

    If the video ended in this moment, we would likely regard him as a greater beta on his own right: still a beta, but the most interesting of the sort.

    And then the contrast: the badboy ruins his show.


  40. Rant Casey–



  41. @Game in BK

    “”The question is:
    What do I write- to not seem like a stalker.
    Do I tell her it only took me 5 minutes to find her?
    Do I facebook friend her with a message?
    Do I just email her?
    Will she think what I did was stalkerish?
    I always ask for the number- I just didn’t want to do it in front of a group of old ladies.””

    Number closing in front of people is a problem for me too. Before I understood game, I would card the girl with my business card. After I learned game, I stopped doing that.

    But I made one exception a few weeks ago when I met a cute young girl at a dance party. She smiled, I walked over and said “you look like you want to dance”.

    She said “Yeah but I don’t know how…”

    I used all the game techniques: “It’s not so SCARY…sometimes the things that SCARE US also ATTRACT US. So many surprises in dancing, you know know WHO YOU’LL MEET…

    It worked. When we finished up, we were standing there, she said “Do you have FB….I have a complicated name. So I gave her my card. She added me an hour later.

    On FB chat, I gamed her. Got her number, met up with her again on two other occasions and have been gaming ever since.

    My suggestion:

    1) add her as a friend, see if she accepts, chances are she will

    2) if she accepts, wait until she’s on FB chat, drop he a line, “hey”—this always seems to be a great opener.

    3) alternately, if she doesn’t accept, send her a FB message: “hey, wasn’t WHATEVER EVENT YOU MET AT hilarious/whatever thingy you want to say. Just wanted to say “hi”.

    This sounds beta. But in all my experiences because it’s Facebook, it doesn’t matter.

    If she responds. Then you start gaming.

    If she doesn’t…good try.

    I can hear now the naturals will slam me.

    But I live in Hong Kong where everyone has iPhone and younger chicks especially love being gamed by text and FB.

    This one I met. I started 3 word text. She loves it.

    She’s quite shy, but this is longer term game.

    She responds all the time within 2-90 minutes.

    When we meet, she talks, dances, has a beer, hangs with me.

    It’s like the non-date. I can hang with other chicks, DHV her by being with other chicks and still build more attraction.

    The giving of my card was a last resort move that worked.

    One other experience to share.

    I met really cute HB8 at one of my dance parties. I think she was in Hong Kong for summer holidays and mentioned something about Boston….school, MBA.

    When I met her I gamed her hard. She responded. I neve number closed, figured it was social circle game so I’d see her again.

    I did… Again, gamed her hard. She was all into it…kino, hug, no number close.

    Nothing for 2 weeks. I tracked her down by Facebook and sent her a message, simple:

    NICKNAME caiprinhas, you’re buying the first round.

    She replied 2 days later. Not a great sign.

    “howd you find me…”

    I suggested we meet up. She never replied and never came out again.

    So…Facebook game is low risk, higher reward.

    But if you don’t get an immediate reply, forget it.


  42. @Game in B_K

    send her a message via Facebook email and add her as a friend;

    DATE OF MEETING…thought you were cool. Drinks.”

    I’ve started this non-sentence minimalist sentence.

    It has had mixed results.

    Dependson when they check their emails.

    The majority of chicks I game thru FB respond. Two did not.

    Keep it short, vague and in that minimalist email style you’ve seen advocated.


  43. You really can’t be too harsh on women in these situations because we don’t know what the motivation of the guy rendering aid is. If the guy is only rendering assistance to manipulate the women when they slam him in favor of the peacocking surfer dude he’s kinda getting what he deserves. We need more facts to criticize female behavior than what is evident in this vid. Ultimately these situations come down to the choice between a man like Colonel Brandon or a douche like Willoughby depicted in Sense and Sensibility. If a woman chooses a douche like Willougbhy over Colonel Brandon (as many women are want to do) they are worthy of contempt.

    Many believe that women who choose Willoughby types are foolish. I give some women more credit than that. If a woman chose a Colonel Brandon type she used to know that society would back him up if she started to misbehave. Also, since Colonel Brandon would follow societal norms certain behaviors would simply be beyond negotiation since a Colonel Brandon type wouldn’t even talk about them, never mind be manipulated about/negotiated for the behaviors. A douche like Willoughby would not be in a position to complain about his wife’s misbehaviors if he himself is out chasing skirt. Thus, a woman who chooses a douche like Willoughby over Colonel Brandon may be doing so because she knows she can get away with more and that much more would be up for negotiation. In other words, a woman might choose Willoughby over Colonel Brandon for wicked reasons, not foolish reasons.


  44. Super awkward beta/omega/herb/Apatow-ian/whatthefuckamiwatching wedding on Jay Leno


  45. embed code didn’t work

    here it is:


  46. Myself I think it’s likely to seem a bit lame to an American girl to game her a lot on Facebook or email when you’ve met in person. I mean to spend a lot of time going back and forth through either medium when there’s no reason you can’t meet up.

    it’s different obviously when some online interaction is how you met her to begin with, and you’re trying to game her into accepting a first date.

    the “hey” opener for anything online or text is good though. I use it often. Sends the message that you aren’t trying too hard. Sorta sends her the hind brain message that you’re making yourself available to her to chase. To say more to you at first than you have to her.


  47. beta is driving a station wagon…


  48. Answer the question, Raymond.



  49. This is another case where the alpha/beta distinction is not in the deed itself but in the man, mostly his non-verbal characteristics. A man with alpha qualities could confidently take charge of the situation, do the chivalrous good deed, and make a good imperssion on those women. It would be his alphaness, not the deed itself, that would create the success with the women. Think Clint Eastwood.

    The show-boater is a non-issue. In fact, if the white knight was more alpha, he would contrast well with the immaturity of the wave-boarder.

    I don’t think it can be emphasized enough how important inner game and the non-verbal are in establishing your status with women. The worst thing this white knight had going for him was his car and his overall posture and demeanor. It wasn’t his good deed that sunk his ship.


  50. on July 9, 2010 at 3:28 pm Steve Johnson

    almost 40 year old virgin

    Ah, and of course the eternal Roisyism is: “Become the surfer asshole”?

    IE meaning, make a fool of yourself so chicks will dig you?

    How about, don´t stop for the dumb girls afraid of the icky water?

    You missed the point.

    If you don’t give a fuck about getting laid; go ahead and drive past.

    If you do want to get laid you really need to understand what gets women wet. The guy who stopped and carried the women across obviously didn’t do it because he was so concerned for others; he did it to get laid. The guy who water skied up the block may just be enjoying life but thrill seeking guys really like chicks.

    Want to get more tail? Act like the second guy.

    Don’t give a fuck about it? Drive past.

    Want to be used and thrown away by women and get nothing in return? Act like the first guy.



    They were going to walk. Watch the vid. They were starting to deliciously undress. The shoes came off. And look at their jeans: tapered legs. Can’t pull up their calves. So the jeans were about to come off too, and they were gonna wade across the street in their panties and coats.

    And then the guy interrupted the show by carrying them across.


  52. Hey, his first mistake was dutifully carrying the women across without teasing them – he should have made one attempt at least to tease them by almost accidentally dropping them to gauge their reaction. If they started giggling and laughing he would be half way home by acknowledging his duty to perform the “priceless” role of entertaining them. Once he had their attention they wouldn’t even be paying attention to see the peacocking dude.


  53. The White Knight could have been an Alpha helping them out, but he was a Beta chump.

    He needed more of the Mad Max attitude: Yeah, I’ll help you out, because you seem to be retarded.


  54. Notice how the air is completely let out of the videotaping girls’ polite admiration for Prince Valiant after their attention — and fired-up tingles — are redirected to the street surfer.

    At the end, the videotaping girls are pretty much like, “Ok, go away beta. You and your sensible car bore us.”

    There is some serious extrapolation going on here, in the category of ‘constructing what I want to see’.

    Whether or not he’s a beta chump, there isn’t much basis here for assuming: he’s sad that his chivalry isn’t going to lead to an immediate blow job; that they girls thought the surfer was sexy and hot; or that the surfer is alpha simply because he is cruising the floodroad. Further, whether the car or act of aiding was beta, the way in which he went about it seemed pretty dominant. *walk up, pick up, carry, drop off, move away*


  55. @ BK let it go there is plenty of hot poon walking around. Googling her and facebook stalking her is not cool! If you happen to run into her again then proceed accordingly but judging how your so eager to get this girl your gonna fuck it up! No girl should throw you off your game like this! You wasted all of your time gaming old poon! You were never gonna be able to isolate her you should have just asked her out in front of the old ladies after all she can say is no! Your fear of what she might think or the old ladies might think stopped you from doing that! Dont be afraid to be BOLD!


  56. Welcome to Russia where the men are alpha, and betas don’t get laid.


  57. I think he could at least added some style (cavemen style) by laying them on his shoulder and carrying them like a dead moose.

    At least that would exortate some “Big bad hunter” vibe.

    Done this way, at least in my homeland, is a sucessful move. Girls here cant help but love ogrish men.


  58. BTW, I will say one thing, game is highly, highly culture dependent.

    I’m Russian and also lived in Brazil for a while. Game in these countries, while being similar to each other, is very different than the US game this blog advocates.


  59. Whiteknighting ain’t attracive guys. Next time…make it a wing man.

    This is the post of the week, a great Friday indeed.



  60. on July 9, 2010 at 4:12 pm The Anti Game

    It is Russian.

    I suck at translating but this is what I caught.

    0:07-0:10—At most, it was a reminder to remember your favorite song……Alright (page flip in video)

    0:21-0:24—For me (some verb that’s not in my dictionary) then closer, yes?

    0:30—-I’m intimidated

    0:34—-кстати has a bunch of meanings but my guess is besides words or by the way of words

    0:44-0:51—He’s carrying the children to the other side. Bring a Chair.

    0:53-0:56—-Listen that and Techno were also nothing.


    1:01-1:04—- (noun) standing waiting.

    1:09—Careful (something unintelligible)

    1:10-1:12—-If we were closer we would chose to be carried. (the tense is probably not correct based on the grammar, but the words/phrasing indicate to me that this is what she meant)

    1:29-1:36—-He’s rationing all of his life. A Volvo…

    1:37-1:41—-well done for all. Girls we give to (noun) (kisses).

    It’s a VERY loose translation. I only lived in Russia for 6 months and haven’t returned in two years.


  61. Did he even say anything to them? Looks like he just picked them up just like that like it’s his duty. What a dickhead.


  62. you guys are weird

    the guy came off as a purposeful, strong, silent type… with rubber boots on… probably a family man.

    And everyone got a kick out of the kook on the board, big deal.


  63. he didn’t look that bad to me either. What killed it tho was that he returned to his car and didn’t spit game


  64. but then again like anise said he was probably a family man.


  65. Why the hell couldn’t these girls walk.

    Women can be so pathetic.


  66. Rant Casey-

    “I think he could at least added some style (cavemen style) by laying them on his shoulder and carrying them like a dead moose.”



    “I’m Russian and also lived in Brazil for a while. Game in these countries, while being similar to each other, is very different than the US game this blog advocates.”

    –another valid point. There is a fine line between machoism and assholery. Macho men dwell in other parts of the world, assholes populate the States heavily. They lack the old world culture that is necessary to keep them deeply rooted in masculine machoism naturally so they walk with a lazy-man’s alpha limp. I would get tingles for a guy throwing me over his shoulder “rescuing” me and for the water boarder/skier. Woe is me…too many choices. The guy doing the rescuing was only beta in how he executed his task and by the fact he drove a station wagon.


  67. on July 9, 2010 at 4:52 pm Original JB

    The only part I got clearly was when one of the girls said “obaldenno” when the surfer went by, which roughly translates “awesome!”


  68. “Why the hell couldn’t these girls walk.

    Women can be so pathetic.”

    –Gorby! You know damn well they intended to. They had nothing to do with it.


  69. Game in BK-

    “a little more info- she is a creative.”

    –Facebook? As much as I hate what it has become, I would ask for an add with a message referencing any work she may have up on her account. Say you are interested in seeing her stuff. Treat the facebook add request as somewhat ‘business like’ and she may read it as such.


  70. postertag “SR” above has translated correctly. The girls go woohooo at the surfer, but then finish with “that’s a real man” about the helper guy. There is nothing in the video to implicate preference to the kewl surfah in any way.

    I’m usually down with this blog, but the video actually does not prove any point and cuts off too early to give us a hint of any post-carry interaction. Also resolution is too low to see if guy is young or old etc…


  71. Judging from the comments that video got it looks like everyone’s calling this guy a “mat to women”. My favorite comment was this:

    “It’s cool, bro wets the pants to help the ladies, who wins the most gasps of orgasm? the playboy surfer.”


  72. @ Gorbachev,
    Women are parasites.


  73. I think it’s funny that GiBK got cock blocked by a couple of old ladies.


  74. thank you all for the advice.

    my issue isn’t rejection nor is it contacting her.
    i should have asked for the number- i know i fucked up.

    with just her first name, company name, and a job title i was able to find her facebook in 5 minutes.
    she gave me all of that info- i remembered it.

    my issue is:
    what to write without making it seem like i am creepy stalker.
    i don’t need to lie and say i randomly found her profile- nor do i need to complement on her art.

    the way i see it- i am stalking- so i somehow need to negate that, at least a little bit, or cushion the blow.


  75. and:

    if i do not tell her how easily i found her profile on my first facebook email- i worry that she will think that i scoured the internet trying to find her.

    she might think i called her company to find her- or paid for one of those background checks.

    funny enough.
    once i was at a work event with a friend of mine. he met a girl that night- they kissed, but he lost her number.

    she knew what company we worked for and she remembered his first name.

    she just happened to take someone else’s card that night that worked at our company. She emailed the address on the random card asking for my friends email. Even though that person worked in another department he gave her my friends email address.

    she knew his first name and the name of the company so that was enough to track my friend down and she emailed him.

    he was very happy to hear from her and they went out for a few months. when a girl does it- she really REALLY likes a guy.
    when a guy does it- ehh. watch out.


  76. @Game_IN_BK
    Maybe you’re overthinking this…

    Is she friends with any people you’re friends with?
    the older ladies? If she comments on any of their stuff, then that’s an in to approach her.

    If she’s not, can you ask one of them for her email address? That way, even if you’ve already worked our her contact details, then it’s a lot less stalkerish.


  77. on July 9, 2010 at 6:06 pm Steve Johnson


    “There is a fine line between machoism and assholery. Macho men dwell in other parts of the world, assholes populate the States heavily. They lack the old world culture that is necessary to keep them deeply rooted in masculine machoism naturally so they walk with a lazy-man’s alpha limp.”

    Or your pussy tingles for the exotic so you frame the same exact thing in more favorable terms when it comes from a foreign man.

    Women are so clueless.,11552/


  78. on July 9, 2010 at 6:12 pm Stud Dynamite

    mavtraveler – care to elabote? What is different and how recent is your experience?
    I am Russian too, I grew up there in the 90’s, up til my early 20’s and gamed chicks then. I still regularly game russian chicks here in the states and over there when I visit. Fundamentally there’s no difference at all, whatsoever.
    That goes to all your ‘EE princess are nothing like american skanks” dreamers too.


  79. on July 9, 2010 at 6:36 pm Chris from Dublin

    Terrific! Think of your earlier post, “Uhh, sorry?” regarding Corey Worthington from Melbourne, ‘Stralia – as you say, the douchebag tool showoff with pumped arms, 76 piercings, industrial facial hair and Marlboro breath to melt an icecap always wets the gash a century quicker than the beta dork – with his sensible car!!



  80. bk. the fact that you are thinking about this so much I say don’t even go for it. If she likes you as much as you seem to like her she will find you exactly like your boy. Currentlyi falls ether stalkerish or developing one-itis


  81. on July 9, 2010 at 6:55 pm Stud Dynamite

    Chris from Dublin:

    always wets the gash a century quicker than the beta dork – with his sensible car!!

    and this is bad because? You want to be a beta dork?
    The problem is a lot of women, perhaps because they don’t themselves understand the underlying betaization of a relationship/marriage (don’t have game, hehe), refuse to at some point grow up and drop out of that shit and deal with adult married life. Don’t understand that for a normal cool guy it sucks ass too, but he deals with it because of money, kids, etc. And since he deals with it – he’s beta. Oh well, fuck’em.


  82. roissy great fan here but i call bullshit on this post.


  83. Anouk, I am falling for you…


  84. game in bk, just preface your comment with “no stalk,”


  85. Gorby: get down bitch!


  86. Men should only hold doors and perform masculine chores for 1) their mothers and women in their family
    2)the handicapped
    3) children
    4)old ladies (I emphasize “lady”, not old whore)
    5)women they are presently fucking

    All others should be on their own. Those two broads could have taken off their leather shoes if they were worried about them getting wet. If those shoes were that important, they shouldn’t have worn them on a rainy day. Men don’t owe it to women to help them move, install refrigerators, change out hot water heaters, or any of that shit. They have jobs, they can hire a man to do it.


  87. “Gorby: get down bitch!”

    –once again, this is not me. Someone else posting under my name. God I hate identity theft.


  88. on July 9, 2010 at 7:09 pm Prophet Jeremiah your Daddy

    If I had to condense three years of this blog into one video, this would be it

    This video does not worth 3 years of Roissy in DC.


  89. on July 9, 2010 at 7:15 pm Original JB

    I haven’t been to Russia in awhile, so things may have changed (I doubt it), but traditionally Russian men have treated women like crap, so don’t let one white knighting outlier skew your perception.


  90. Beta guy is fixated on getting the girls across the street safely and without a drip of water. This is what any average human being would do, and that is ok.

    Wakeboard guy passes by and reminds everyone that outside of “average every-day” life, there are guys like him who don’t care about getting wet. Just the mere act of him passing through their lives made them completely forget about the water or chivalrous beta guy.


  91. Gorb-

    A heart! I do declare! Is their anything sexier in a man than brawn and heart? No. There isn’t. 🙂


    I love my American men as well. What you say is some weird stereotypical labeling on me by you. I interact with/am friends with men from across the cultural and country divides…they all have their pluses and minuses. I play no favorites other than my soft spot for Italians, Turks, and Germans. What I’m trying to say above is that men from other countries can play more beta–or what would be considered beta in these extreme parts, but they can afford it because they reek of masculinity in other ways. See? That’s all. Besides…what does it matter? You all hate American women so our going abroad for our men shouldn’t be an issue.


  92. Anouk,

    Not only is someone posting as you, they also probably made the post from “Gorby” (not “Gorbachev”) which has the default gravatar.

    Unfortunately they have in some way figured out how to get your gravatar too. Time for our host to step in and investigate, this cannot be allowed to go on, someone’s IP address needs to be banned.

    It is OK to parody-post if you don’t use someone’s real name, so “Gorby” with the default gravatar is OK, but they should pretend to be something like “anookie” and use the default gravatar, not actually impersonate you.


  93. Copland, excellent reference!



  94. on July 9, 2010 at 8:15 pm Cannon's Canon

    escarondito and justin,

    game in bk is a cold-hearted pimp. don’t worry about some theoretical one-itis. it’s just a logistical question…

    to which my own answer would be: send a cock pic to her work email


  95. I need some advice-

    I met one of my boy’s cousins a couple of weeks, she’s cute, and she was attracted to me. I end up finding out she’s a virgin and a strong Christian, only 18yrs old and I’m 22, so I just keep acting aloof as if I don’t care if anything happens.

    A couple nights ago we’re drinking at my boy’s house, her and I start making out and fooling around in the pool talking. Nothing serious. I later end up finding out I’m only the 3rd guys shes kissed. I really have the bad boy angle, she knows a little about the trouble if have gotten in with the law, and some other criminal activities.

    Anyway my boy isn’t to happy about this and goes onto tell her that I don’t treat girls with respect, I have a lot of girls I keep on the side, I’m not the 1 for her, he doesn’t want us around each other and all I’m after is money. He tells me he says this and her friend told me.

    Now, he says shes done with me and she doesn’t like my style. I don’t necessarily believe this. He says I screwed myself for letting her find out about everything, not anything he said. But, forget him. Thats another element to why I want to bang her.

    So how should I approach it with her?


  96. Chill, His hate probably only helps her like you even more because really good girls secretly want to explore there bad side! ! Next time you meet her ignore her and see what her response is if she does anything to get your attention and tries to talk you aside from any social greeting or general politeness then most likely she’s interested. She may not show alot of interest in front of the “hater” cuz she is afraid of social shaming so beware of that and prepare accordingly! Keep in mind game is based on context and since I wasnt there and able to read the signs for myself I cant tell you exactly what to do! Hopefully I have armed you with a lil ammo and I’m rooting for you cuz your homie is a hater and that shit aint cool! If I didnt want you to fuck my cousin I would of told you dont touch my cousin or I will beat your ass not run and go say some hater shit to her!


  97. @chill also he used logic and reason to hate on you with her but we all know that attraction has nothing to do with logic and reason and since you kissed her already she most likely already has some sort of feelings for you! When you get around her turn up the cocky funny and ignite those feelings she already has for you!


  98. I realize I previously said ignore her and i’m still advocating that you do that but at the sametime turn up the cocky funny when your talkin to whoever else is there!


  99. on July 9, 2010 at 10:11 pm paultheking

    great video Roissy!

    this really shows the power of the pussy .. the betas can’t handle the pressure.. Lol @ the guy water skiing


  100. The whole time I was waiting for somebody to either drive by and splash them all, or push them in the water.


  101. CC brilliant.

    Went out with a semi regular tonight. Went to dinner split the bill- then I try to go to a bar with her, she says no.

    She tells me she has beer at her place, then 5 minutes later she tells me she isn’t feeling well. She asks if I would be angry if I don’t go back to her place.

    A little backsory.
    She has never done this before. She is on anti depression meds- which she has forgotten to take for a few days. We have had great sex for a while now. Last time we hooked up we had a great time, tons of fun while we were out and awesome sex etc.

    She isn’t my girlfriend. But I always expect sex when we hangout. I told her she should have told me earlier that she wasn’t feeling well.

    She says it just hit her.
    I take the “I have a headache line very seriously.” but I don’t know if that, is what this was. I told her to feel better and that I wasn’t angry. Then i went straight home.

    She apologized again. Not sure if I played this right. I was expecting a text later on, which I didn’t get.



  102. this video condenses this blog alright. interpret all events such that they fit neatly into the theory.


  103. Chill
    Give her lots of booze and drugs of various kinds until she learns what she likes the most.
    The next step should be very short and easy.


  104. on July 10, 2010 at 3:13 am Original JB

    Chill: Bring one of yo bitches around to make her jealous…(I love ghetto drama…)


  105. Wow, seeing this happen in video form really puts things in perspective and drives the point home.

    It got me thinking, if MRAs, Gamers and whathaveyou made or found videos to make their point there would be more progress.


  106. on July 10, 2010 at 5:21 am Robert Seymour

    To me, Iglesias’ use of his eyes in this video — the periodic intense but cool and in control gaze — constitute serious game to be used once you have the girl’s attention.

    Roissy, opinion?


  107. game_in_bk,

    Since she has been good before, she was probably feeling sick for real. She might have been too sick to text you. You did the right thing, this once.

    Since you is sexing you even though “not your GF”, she doesn’t expect much niceness or beta behavior from you, which means that you can afford to be nice once in a while. Wait until she has had enough time for a night’s sleep. Send her a text later this morning “are you feeling ok now?”. If she replies with some kind of yes, say something like “great, see you around”. If she actually invites you over, up to you, you can either make her appreciate the consequences of flaking by saying no, or go and get extra-specially grateful sex. If she replies that she is still not well, say “sorry about that, don’t forget your meds, feel better soon.”


  108. Typo, should have read “since SHE is sexing you” etc….


  109. A girl’s guide to tricking people as to how good-looking one can be:

    [editor: i didn’t see a huge improvement. she’s not that good looking with the makeup.]


  110. If he’d pulled up close to the curb and splashed them first, that would have been the “neg opener”.

    After that, if he got out and carried them to his car would have been alpha.


  111. >Roissy
    If I had to condense three years of this blog into one video, this would be it <



  112. @bk The fact that she is on anti-depression meds and hasnt been taking them may mean that she felt a bout of depression coming on suddenly and broke it off to go take her meds! She may have not wanted to verbalize that cuz people like to appear like there ok. Even though you know about the depression its still a touchy subject. Especially if she is off her meds cuz she may not want to deal with the whole are you alright are you ok what can i do to help she may falsely assume that she already knows how to fix the problem by taking her meds. In reality meds dont fix the problem they mask it but that is another story. Most likely she is struggling psychologically because she doesnt want to have to take meds to feel normal but without them she gets depressed hence the struggle and I am sure she is stressed out about it and looking for answers. You dont have those answers and so she wont look to you for help so dont try just give her space and time and when she is ready she will reinitiate contact!


  113. @BK

    DHV from yentas? No.

    If she asks, how did you find me? Say, “I googled slut.”


  114. “interpret all events such that they fit neatly into the theory.”

    We’d hope so! If the events *didn’t* fit the theory, then the theory would be false.

    The reality is: watching grown men self-abasing themselves like this for women ought to make any person cringe. If we’re hitting on women, do it the right way; otherwise let them fend for themselves.

    In fairness, White Knighters are still men in ways that caring, sensitive, nurturing Herbs are not. White Knighters have protective, possessive instincts that express a warlike character. But they’re oblivious to the social context, our corpora-socialist consumer-based society of gender equality. They come off as if they have no reverence for themselves– generic, lacking an individual brand– and hence, rightfully become an object of mockery.


  115. @bk if you do check on her dont ask her if she is “alright” or “ok” cuz psychologically she is not instead ask her if she “feels” better! Dont try to fix her problems and dont try and get her to open up about them anymore cuz you dont understand certain things and most likely you will unknowingly trigger her depression which you may have done when she was out with you! She might have even realized that you made her depressed and will try to avoid you or whatever! Its complicated I know but its what you have to deal with when messing with her! Truthfully speaking you probably shouldnt be messing with her, you should let her go and hopefully her and her therapist will fix her problems but I’m not here to judge you have free will and can make your own decisions!


  116. on July 10, 2010 at 12:07 pm Chris from Dublin

    Best post of the week, Roissy at his best.

    Chicks like tools not dorks.

    (and I’m a fag, by the way, and even I know that! Chicks go INSANE over toolish alpha fags! Talk about forbidden fruit?!?!?)


  117. @Cauthon

    Props for linking to the Gene Expression article. It almost seems to epitomise my thoughts on the alpha/beta dichotomy, in outlining the different types of alpha. The exciting/drab dichotomy far more accurately explains my observations, whilst still being broadly consistent with the notion of alpha (i.e. measure of number and quality of mates). Also, alphas can straddle the middle point between macho man and peacocking artiste, Axl Rose or Tommy Lee being fine examples. Best of both worlds, no matter they got laid so much, even for rockstars. But I digress. As much as assertive behaviour is beta, too many guys try the tough-guy thing without working to their strengths. Some natural tough guys are actually playing the pretty boy card instead. Playing down machismo like that indicates confidence, apparently.

    The article also explains my current predicament. I’m a musician stuck back in my hometown (devoted dads and macho men), after 3 years at university in a vibrant city (pretty boys/artistes and macho men). There’s little chance to hone my game in an area with such a poor pussy pool and low demand for artiste sorts. This is no place for an aspiring musician who currently lacks a compensatory rockstar card, so I’m planning to move back to a city again, preferably one with a university where females with good genes are in abundance.


  118. Hey Ironrails- notice where the bald eagle went in Wonder Woman’s new costume?


  119. the chix are winning:

    Women also outearn men when they work full time, in NYC and Dallas.

    I don’t think it will be long until women are outearning us on average. Not because they’re better, but because they whine about it.

    This will be bad for the economy. You can’t pay people for nothing forever. This will also be terrible for gender relations.


  120. El Chief

    This will be bad for the economy. You can’t pay people for nothing forever. This will also be terrible for gender relations.

    First off, don’t understimate the intelligence of employers. They don’t throw money away for nothing. If you were an employer, would you?

    Secondly, in Bali, the women do most of the work while the men loaf about.

    Having women be the productive class is great.


  121. on July 10, 2010 at 1:44 pm gunslingergregi

    Well yea pussy power on top of hiring preference on top of not caring about profits is not gonna bode well for men who need jobs when they are limited.

    ”””’You can’t pay people for nothing forever. This will also be terrible for gender relations.””””’
    Well ya can if your military can whipe out the whole world at moment without much trouble. Now if that changes might be a problem. I guess why it is the last bastion of non multiculturalism in the ranks of the people who fight. No one wants to fuck up that gravy train it might have real consequences.


  122. on July 10, 2010 at 1:51 pm gunslingergregi

    El Chief

    This will be bad for the economy. You can’t pay people for nothing forever. This will also be terrible for gender relations.

    First off, don’t understimate the intelligence of employers. They don’t throw money away for nothing. If you were an employer, would you?

    Secondly, in Bali, the women do most of the work while the men loaf about.

    Having women be the productive class is great.

    I kind of thought that way but as I am really in the shit now it seems the men better dam well go out and work somewhere and bring back the bacon or they don’t get married in the first place. They may loaf at some point after getting some shit going but not a contant thing or the woman moves on. But yea the woman just washing laundry by hand every day is some work intensive shit where I live and then they also work jobs but it seems like men and woman mostly not working the mad hours unless they go oversees or are working for pizza hut where they work every day sometimes over 12 hours for a 150 a month.


  123. on July 10, 2010 at 1:53 pm gunslingergregi

    My shit gets washed and ironed by hand every day like it is a religion and we have a washing machine lol


  124. Ya, Gunner, I was just making a counter point for the hell of it. I prefer to be the breadwinner, myself.

    Unless the woman is older. Then I’m the toy boy, and I get taken care of.

    Whoever owns the youth and beauty gets paid for it. That’s only fair.

    I’m told that the Hindu culture in Bali is very different from the majority Muslim culture in the rest of Indonesia. The women traditionally do most of the rice planting and harvesting, which is the major economic activity in rural areas. The men are said to hang out playing music, and whatnot. It’s a very laid back lifestyle. Mind you, I see both men and women in the fields there. It’s all very communal. I think even land plots are often communally owned. (I’m embarassed not to know for sure.)

    My counterpoint was that men can adapt. If women want to work, let em work. They will lose out for it, by being resentful of their mates not fitting their hypergamous ideal. They will either learn, or they won’t. If they don’t, so what? What are they going to do about it? Whine?

    Let her whine. If I’m spending my wifes money and lazing about and she’s upset about it, fuck her if she can’t take a joke. What’s she going to do about it? Get a richer guy? Ha ha ha ha. Richer guys like followers, not leaders.


  125. on July 10, 2010 at 2:12 pm betondo fuchatuch

    Well I’ll be damned.


  126. on July 10, 2010 at 2:50 pm gunslingergregi

    lol xsplat bali is where the indonesians go to vacation. I am in the sticks. Ain’t a tourist for a 100 miles he he he

    I was driving my motor by myself coming back from getting visa from singapore. Was in a taxi which is big no no for not getting stopped by police. I transferred to my motor scooter and continued on. The police pulled me over first time getting pulled over but I guess a lone white boy in my area riding down the road at night is an anomoly. Not my local cops. So yea they escorted me home and are like how much longer I am like some more how much longer some more. “truse, truse”
    I am hearing john rambo in there conversation. The sticks for real lol
    You know about marriage visa right cheapest one to get but you can’t work which worked according to my plan of just chilling very well.
    The guys who work build a house. The rice fields are definetly owned by individual people. Then buy rice fields then they can chill just have to be able to save money as in any situation that is always the key. Then yea they can laze about for the rest of their lives working relatively few hours after having a “single” virgin wife. When they talk about single woman they mean virgin. Which was confusing at first. But yea majority of young woman stay single till married and there is a new crop of guys and gals coming back from working oversees or in major cities all the time getting married. This seems to be a preferred place to stay. They go to the city to work but come back home to live as there are strong family ties and people next door are relatives and they seem to like it that way. I think it will be ok I don’t work though as there is a memory still of that I am the one who provided the loot in the first place for us both to semi chill. Will probably have to go back to work to up standard of living to my level. the problem is gonna maybe come in the form of tv. They get around 12 channels or so and have there own shows but yea constant bombardment of adds and such that you need this and that to be happy might have a negative impact along with internet or whatever not sure. Although families are probably tight as well because there is no safety net at all for men or woman except there family so that is pretty good incentive to be a strong one.


  127. El Chief,
    Again this proves that women are parasites.


  128. on July 10, 2010 at 2:57 pm gunslingergregi

    ””’My counterpoint was that men can adapt. If women want to work, let em work. They will lose out for it, by being resentful of their mates not fitting their hypergamous ideal. ”””

    Well I think it is life like it is if people can make their own mistakes to an extent. I think the lack of government sponsored shit for either sex is what creates no artificial shit anywhere it is real as it gets I suppose with woman having the advantage of additional choices as too how fast they can accumulate wealth.


  129. Like buying ’em a drink… only if you’ll get a blowjob for it.


  130. on July 10, 2010 at 3:09 pm gunslingergregi

    One thing they don’t seem to worry about is having kids. Kids are seen as a joy not a burden. They don’t act like they have to be rich first to have one kid. I guess it will be great if planned parenthood can get involved and turn the kid filled landscape into a barren wasteland of old people but not yet.


  131. on July 10, 2010 at 3:20 pm gunslingergregi

    On working though who do you think does the jobs that matter just like I guess everywhere. Like the jobs that if not done the economy just stops.

    Electricians people who build fix or repair shit to keep it running are men jut like in us. No amount of bullshit is gonna change that. So to be able to survive in any economy a man just needs a trade and he should be able to pick up a decent looking woman plus no competition from woman in a trade. In iraq those guys are not replaced by woman because they can’t be. Only in the offices and chill work and shit that you could get rid of are woman able to take over.

    Now in indo yea woman are working the rice fields he he he

    But no female electricians or mechanics in site just like in the states.


  132. on July 10, 2010 at 3:25 pm gunslingergregi

    So you know what you should encourage your son to do in future economy to not have competition from either minorities or females. Skilled jobs where the skill matters. Anyone can fill in blocks on a spreadsheet with a couple days training. Send the men to trade schools starting in high school. To many people with college degrees that when the shit hits fan don’t mean shit or when they get older don’t mean shit. Or when hiring preferences come into play don’t mean shit.


  133. on July 10, 2010 at 4:57 pm White Woman

    Game_IN_BK Just email her at the company address…scouring for her facebook ID is too “try hard” and stalky…unless you think you really made an impression.

    I’m not sure what you should say in the email-“hey” may not be enough if she won’t remember your name.


  134. Chris from Dublin,

    So do you have any good stories about chicks wanting to or even fucking you because you are that forbidden fruit? Apparently girls like to fuck their fag friends every now and then. Or so I have heard. How true is this?


  135. To the dumbshit who was too pussy to close the deal with the hottie surrounded by grannies: Don’t go and do something stupid like contacting her now through the fucking internet you retard. Seeing an email from you now would dry her pussy up as she placed you in the creeper file.

    Instead, let this burned memory motivate you to actually improve your game so you don’t let chances like this slip in the future. Hell, you’ll probably cross paths with her again anyways.

    Jesus, why don’t you just have a friend give her a note reading “do you like me?” “yes/no/maybe”


  136. on July 10, 2010 at 9:12 pm Chris from Dublin

    @Racer X


    too fuckin’ many! I’ve never fucked a woman but I’ve had so many crack onto me, it’s crazy! Very few fags fuck faghags – pussy just doesn’t bring wood, it’s a waste of time. Mind you lots of fags love the ego-trip of the hottest chicks cracking onto us (this fag included!)

    Fags tend to take care of themselves – we work out, we groom, we dress better – all the shit that chicks lurve.

    Roissy in DC has a huge gay following if only because of the very sharp wit. Fags are natural libertarians, most of us hate political correctness and there’s no better group to tell chicks to shut the fuck up and REALLY mean it! Put it this way – I’ll never be pussywhipped!!

    [editor: my butt cheeks just clenched.
    btw, i’ve never personally understood straight male animus toward gays. my perfect world is one where every other man except maybe a couple of buddies (gotta talk to someone about the hookups) are gay, and i get all the wimmins to myself. visualize a happy man swan diving into a teetering mountain of quivering labia.


  137. on July 11, 2010 at 12:10 am Chris from Dublin


    This has to be the funniest Roissy post so far.

    As I posted here yesterday, I am thinking of your earlier post, “Uhh, sorry?” regarding Corey Worthington from Melbourne, ‘Stralia – as you say, the douchebag tool showoff with pumped arms, 76 piercings, industrial facial hair and Marlboro breath to melt an icecap always wets the gash a century quicker than the beta dork – with his sensible car!!

    Besides, the biggest douchebags are gay – the gym is full of ass-bandits.


  138. on July 11, 2010 at 7:24 am Original JB

    “Send the men to trade schools starting in high school.”

    You’re going to see things going in that direction once the higher ed bubble bursts in the next year or three…


  139. on July 11, 2010 at 7:53 am gunslingergregi

    ”””””Original JB
    “Send the men to trade schools starting in high school.”

    You’re going to see things going in that direction once the higher ed bubble bursts in the next year or three…

    It allready should be burst. A mechanic can walk into an office job and do it well. An office person/female will not walk into a mechanic job and do it well. I have seen this on mass scale so am not talking shit. Large Companies do not care about profit they care about making sure the right minorities have jobs so layer after layer of uneeded jobs created by government rules to insure it is so.


  140. on July 11, 2010 at 8:00 am gunslingergregi

    Of course maybe the good that will come from mancession is guys realizing they can save money during the good times and chill after having been broken out of there comfort zone. Or trying some some new shit out and not worrying about it. It was only after my body refused to wake up to go to work for a paltry paycheck that I got the highest paying job I have had.


  141. [btw, i’ve never personally understood straight male animus toward gays.]

    If I’m to understand your logic, you must really hate lesbians.


  142. It is only F-U-C-K-I-N-G water for chrissakes.

    I see this dynamic at play here in rain-deprived L.A. every time we get a good soaking. Women (and men) acting like a bunch of over-civilized pussies.

    All the affectations of this bullshit pampered society, hair, clothes, make-up that remove us from nature.


  143. @BK – if you met a girl at the bar or wherever and just got some personal information, FB stalking her is kinda creepy. Plenty of women out there to not FB stalk and to meet

    While it would seem cool for a chick to find me on FB that I just met, why is she going outta her way to find me…it would be smash and dash and never see her again…although shes crazy so the sex probably would be good – the crux of seeing crazy chicks

    I would be highly surprised if she added a guy who found her on FB, she just met the other day and just spoke with about WORK….

    @ anise – wtf???

    @ Chris – faghags are just trying to convert you to being straight, its another “project” for them to try and “complete”

    @ Roissy – I wonder how he felt after dropping off both women and then realizing he was only getting a pat on the back….. head down, look at water, and wet pants – you just failed


  144. Large Companies do not care about profit they care about making sure the right minorities have jobs so layer after layer of uneeded jobs created by government rules to insure it is so.

    As a young 23-year old black man myself, I’m really tired of hearing this argument as it’s simply not true. Since the age of 15, I’ve asked numerous people time and time again to point me to the magic beanstalk in the sky where all the well-paying affirmative action generated-jobs are and I’ll STFU and hop on the bandwagon. 8.5 years later, I still have yet to receive a credible answer. If you can post something credible that proves your point, I’d be more than happy to read about it. And yes, I have a job in the Air Force repairing jet bombers so I’m set on my end in case you’re wondering about it.


  145. on July 11, 2010 at 1:11 pm Gunslngergregi

    And how did you get that job?

    The air force does not guarrantee jobs correct?

    Why were you selected for that job?

    Yes go to a government contractor that is the magic beanstalk for minorities or any government job.


  146. on July 11, 2010 at 1:21 pm Gunslngergregi

    Credible how bout being the only white boy left he he he

    But seriously the only white boy left.

    But really when I left iraq the only people in office jobs including camp manager were minority for my last big camp. The camp before that also more minority. Every job I left they replaced with at least three minorities or more the job I had. So yea saw it in real time happen. Be a minority have one thing to do was the battlecry I was hearing. While the last camp I was at was a shithole. they let white people run that camp at a deficet in personal of 10 to one of the minority camp. So ie the whites where ratioed out responsible for ten times the equal number of people in the minority camp were responsible for. So yea not about money about giving minorities jobs. I brought this up to my superiors and ceo. That is when I was finally removed from iraq he he he
    My massive stomach pain was not enough to do so. Speaking the truth was.


  147. on July 11, 2010 at 1:31 pm Gunslngergregi

    Oh yea the shithole camp was in the middle of an iraqi town so yea where they sent white people to quit or die he he he
    I guess why all white eh
    Funny shit.
    See through.
    Hey it worked I don’t work there anymore although I could of handled it if I would have been a healthy white male but I had dehabilitating pain from a gall bladder that would last about 4 or 5 hours every few days got it removed and I am good.
    Ready to go back and outwork the minorities some more one of these days. Just don’t know if I would still get a job he he he
    if all they hire are non white.


  148. on July 11, 2010 at 1:34 pm Badger Nation


    I will only speak for myself. What I’ve seen in my working years is not preferential hiring or manufactured AA jobs, but eggshell-walking management. Most women/minorities do a fine job, are respected for their work and get equitable promotion opportunities etc etc.

    Then there is some incompetent person who everyone knows will use their race/gender card if they’re so much as criticized, let alone fired. These are people will cry harassment, try to use the pu**y pass, start rumors around the boss’ back, whatever. They’re almost always incompetent, or they wouldn’t be getting criticized in the first place, and being incompetent, they’ve built a narcissistic wall of Dunning Kruger (and possibly recruited deputies to their ego) to protect themselves from the psychological-damaging truth.

    From whence comes the aphorism of management – “never hire someone you can’t fire.”

    “We want to up the diversity, so instead of finding qualified people we’re going to hire this unqualified nutjob, who if we fire them will say we’re racist, and poison the well for everyone else in the office who will come to think that certain people are diversity hires, which encourages further provincialism within the office, making minorities feel less welcome, so we have to have another diversity hiring initiative…”

    And it all goes in a vicious cycle, people start to give a wide berth to ALL members of the alleged protected class, so they miss out on the constructive criticism and rough-and-tumble that helps people be part of the office and improve as employees.

    Now, I work in a field where we do real work. In a field where everyone is doing makework paper-pushing, maybe they do have made-up jobs to meet some SWPL-mandated quotas – they have the luxury of making more pointless positions because nobody’s doing anything productive in the first place.


  149. on July 11, 2010 at 1:37 pm Gunslngergregi

    I will admit that I cried when they sent me by helicopter to the army medical unit and the army doc was asking me questions. The doctor was like so you felt like a failure even though you were doing three jobs and you had this pain. I am like yea I guess so. They marked it massive sleep depravation and I slept like three days straight lol was definetly toasted.


  150. on July 11, 2010 at 1:40 pm Cannon's Canon

    did they tell you to “GEET TO THA CHOPPAHHH”?


  151. on July 11, 2010 at 1:45 pm Gunslngergregi

    I wanted to complete mission my body couldn’t sucked no amount of willing it to happen worked.


  152. on July 11, 2010 at 1:48 pm Gunslngergregi

    yea lol

    yea def fucks with your head when ya give your all. Then ya see what the fuck white males worth. Nobody has to worry about treating them like shit. I mean they wouldn’t send me on medical with the stomach thing. wtf
    They couldn’t let me go because they were short handed. Bitches went on medical for the 5 years I was there all the fucking time for 6 month periods and would come back. Moral to story don’t be a white male.


  153. Is there a lot of straight male animus towards gay men? Most men seem to be fairly laid back about it.


  154. on July 11, 2010 at 2:07 pm Gunslngergregi

    Although the letter sent in my final throes probably did end up changing conditions for the white men in my last camp. Maybe they got some help. I mean really I sent it to the email list of every manager in the theater of operations with ratios of work to personel. he he he


  155. on July 11, 2010 at 2:11 pm Gunslngergregi

    Funny thing is where was the female hr in all that or the minorities in hr to uncover that?

    Nowhere to be found. That is where.


  156. on July 11, 2010 at 2:33 pm Obstinance Works

    I know darlock. He could have so milked it if he had the balls.


  157. on July 11, 2010 at 2:37 pm Obstinance Works

    Gunslinger. My friend is an Army Ranger. Most of them are white and hate Obama. Of course all of the blacks have Obama posters and such (tools).


  158. on July 11, 2010 at 2:40 pm Obstinance Works

    Fags try to turn staight men out. That’s why most straight men end up hating queers, not just because they are a scourge to our race otherwise.


  159. on July 11, 2010 at 3:26 pm Gunslngergregi

    ”””””’67 year old wheelchair-bound combat disabled veteran Joseph Dziubak was thrown in jail, as was disabled Viet-Nam veteran Charlie Wayne Rose, a triple amputee, blind in one eye, and who requires constant care, suffered the same fate, and jailed briefly. As described, VA council John Thompson explained the difference, and the law. Dziubak, having no dependent children, is unlike Rose v. Rose, which was a child support case. But as Judges do, as in Dziubak, they don’t care if you are disabled veteran that has rights.
    barbara wright
    Portland, OR
    Reply »
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    Jun 3, 2010 This is a travesty that has to stop immediately. USC title 38~5301 specifically states that VA disability can not be garnished, leveed against or otherwise attached. The IRS states that Disability payments are not considered income therefore Mr.Dziubak should not have to pay alimoney to his ex wife out of his disability income. Mr. Dziubak has to use an electric wheel chair and a walker to get around. Giving him an ankle bracelet and letting him reside in his own home would save the county in excess of 40,000 dollars. Are you that rich that you can afford to throw $40,000 + down the drain?
    Veteran Jerry Bohr
    Decorah, IA
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    Jun 3, 2010 What an Honorable thing to do. What a coward the judge must have been. Only in America….what a lawless country. I guess that made the Judge feel real powerful. Keep waving your flag and saying that the country supports our men and women in combat. Tomorrow it may be your son’s and daughters……..or your mom or dad. Where is the Honor in this country anymore?

    And what the 37000 or so wounded vets have to look forward to. Yay america land of the free.


  160. on July 11, 2010 at 3:34 pm Gunslngergregi

    And the typical response of a female to a guy with only one limb left and one eye.

    ””””Makevetspaytheir support

    Since: Jul 10


    Location hidden
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    Tuesday Jul 6 I am so sick of hearing all these sob stories about VETS and all the pitty for these VETS. Hello, its what they signed up for! DEABDEAT VETS dont deserve special treatment and their VA compensation should be garnished when the VET has the ability to pay his children support and refuses to. That folks is a DEADBEAT and there are laws and an obligation and responsibility for these VETS to support their children. They DO NOT deserve to get off scott free while their kids go without. How selfish are you people. None of you deserve children if that is how you think a parent should do their child. ITS TIME THE VA GARNISH THEIR COMP! GO JUDGE GO! THAT WAS THE RIGHT CALL!…YOU DONT PAY YOUR CHILD SUPPORT THAN JAIL IS WHERE YOU DESERVE TO BE! ””””””’

    Dam take away the female privelage. Let em know they are people who need to take care of their responsabilities nobody else needs to do it for them. If they can’t raise kids give em up for adoption if that is what is needed or make some friends with family.


  161. on July 11, 2010 at 3:42 pm Gunslngergregi

    Must read for folks in army thinking of getting married to us woman. Show your buddy obstinance.

    Throw a dude with one fucking limb and one fucking eye in jail. Jesus Christ.


  162. Laura-

    “Is there a lot of straight male animus towards gay men? Most men seem to be fairly laid back about it.”

    –most of the men I know (straight men that is) are anywhere from mildly to majorly homo-phobe. They force themselves to not gag when around flammingly gay men. Only the herbiest of herb men are ‘cool’ with it.


  163. Roissy, if you need more proof that five minutes of alpha is worth five years of beta–literally five years in this case (quote from a book just put out under Neil Strauss’ imprint):

    ‘There was a blond girl showing her tits to Tracii and Jeremy. “Fuck off, I’m with the band,” her T-shirt blared. She came to the show with her boyfriend, a wretched-looking bloke who stood outside the room looking on as she straddled Tracii. She got up and walked over to him calmly. “I think I’m gonna stay with the band at their hotel tonight,” she told him matter-of-factly.
    ‘”What do you mean?” her boyfriend demanded. “What about me? Are you not going to come home with me tonight?”
    ‘”I wanna stay with Tracii tonight. You can go home.”
    ‘I had to feel sorry for the poor guy. He looked devastated. “What about us?” he said. “Is this it? After five years, this is it for you?”
    ‘”I really wanna stay with the band tonight,” she replied. As he walked off, she turned to me and said, “Didn’t really like him anyway.”‘


  164. anoukange:

    –most of the men I know (straight men that is) are anywhere from mildly to majorly homo-phobe. They force themselves to not gag when around flammingly gay men.

    Right but that’s not being a “homophobe.” That’s just a bullshit word the liberals made up to demonize otherwise normal men. Many straight men have a natural, biological repulsion to the thought or sight of two men together. When I see two men kissing I cringe, but not because I have a socially constructed fear. It’s just normal.

    I don’t hate gay men – at all. And even if I did that wouldn’t be homophobic either. It’s hate, not fear.


  165. on July 11, 2010 at 7:25 pm Badger Nation

    Homophobia is a true psychological phobia – the fear that one might have homosexual impulses, which leads to various compensation methods like anti-gay activism and anxiety.

    This has all been turned around by psychologists and activists such that if someone is disgusted by gay sex they must be victims of a latent homosexual desire.

    And there is the grenade- (salad-?)tossing of “homophobia” not as a psychological marker at people who are simply grossed out by what is, in truth, a deviant form of sexuality, or who are bigoted against gay people, which is different than a phobia.


  166. uh, thanks sharpcool. I was aware. That’s why I wrote what I did. I think it’s perfectly natural as a straight man to be highly uncomfortable with the idea of gay men. I get it.


  167. badgar nation Homophobia is a true psychological phobia – the fear that one might have homosexual impulses, which leads to various compensation methods like anti-gay activism and anxiety.

    100% co-sign. those rabid folks like the mother who protests at the funerals of American soliders is sick sick sick.


  168. on July 11, 2010 at 8:43 pm Chris from Dublin

    As a gay man I think it’s perfectly natural for straight men to be repulsed by the prospect of two fellas fucking and I don’t accuse them of homophobia. Living in a free society (in my case Ireland) means, not just being allowed to dislike, deplore or disagree with something but also being allowed to express that dislike publicly. I hate lefties (our term for liberals), the manhating milquetoasts that they really are. Lefties always let you agree with them but, step outside the cosy consensus … ??

    Ah, the poor maligned douchebag with his permatan, his Chinese lettering, his sculpted face-fuzz and his diamond earrings, innocently lifting his leg to release a blowy fart on
    whoever happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time …

    There are two types of fag, the herb and the tool. The herb is the screamer, the one who turns off the str8 men and ends up getting the shite kicked out of him for the greater good of society. The tool is the fag douchebag and you couldn’t want a better, more loyal and loving friend. An über man, like a lipstick lesbian, a heightened version of masculinity.

    Most of my closest friends are str8 and, as roissy says, real men are comfortable among each other, gay or straight.

    @ Obstinance Works:

    1: I have rarely met str8 men who hate fags, they just hate those flamboyant, OTT ones (well, Jesus, I hate those ones two);

    2: I don’t know any fag who’s trying to bend a straight guy – there’s enough good ass in a gay bar.


  169. on July 11, 2010 at 8:52 pm Chris from Dublin

    Generally douchebags are nice fellas, they just don’t let themselves be pussywhipped the way herbs do, and they take care of their appearance the way betas don’t.

    The douchebag is unassuming, game for a laugh, unsnobbish, honest and careful about his car/appearance/beer etc. He isn’t afraid of a fight but he doesn’t pick one. He always has his bro’s back covered. He is honest about and with his friends.
    However they refuse to play the liberal / Eve Ensler man-hating game and, most importantly, they aren’t afraid or ashamed of their own penises. That is, they’re a remaining icon of masculinity which the Ensler brigade despises.


  170. on July 11, 2010 at 9:07 pm Chris from Dublin

    Eve Ensler is a ghastly woman, a total narcissist.


  171. “Beta” dude gets his hands all over two chicks and probably got a number.

    “Alpha” dude skis on down the block and never talks with them.

    Exactly who’s more likely to close, here?


  172. on July 12, 2010 at 4:04 am Chris from Dublin

    “Alpha dude” wasn’t hitting on those two chicks.


  173. […] During the floods in Brazil that kept Lula from the G20 (h/t Roissy, who looks at the betaness of it all, I think the guy carrying the girls would have carried the day […]


  174. Tragic how everyone seems to be missing the point of this illustration. Many of these posts have gone off analyzing the game of the White Night.

    In fact none of how the first guy was gaming, or even his motivations at all really, were the meat of this post. The point being made by this accidental live video experiment was that women attract and follow alpha behavior when it appears, and abandon beta, even while the beta action may be initially captivating.

    Presumably, this snippet of reality plays out in the larger real world of men and women – and that’s the point. Being charming and nice are cute, but eyes and everything else follow the reckless and daring.

    There’s no “theory” here to analyze. One poster in these comments mocks Roissey for throwing out the suggestion that women prefer jerks. But there isn’t a “suggestion” being thrown out. Rather, a fact of behavior has been captured pure and simple.


  175. […] has given Beta Bus Boy a second look. The whole thing is a real-life and much tamer version of this video that Roissy posted a while […]


  176. on August 26, 2010 at 1:11 pm Gunslingergregi

    thanks beta bus boy for showing me this again so I actually saw video.

    Holy Shit even I got a chub (no homo) when the surfing dude went past that was fucking awesome!!!!!!!!


  177. on August 26, 2010 at 1:16 pm Gunslingergregi

    Where was the room to debate on this one?

    I mean really dude who carried might have got a number but if surfer dude would have come back he could have fucked one of em right there on the sidewalk.


  178. Best article so far. Excitement wins out over sweetness every time, at least for young women.


  179. The street surfer is really just a sideshow. Showboating like that is effective but he exited the scene right away so he would be quickly forgotten. The physical act of picking up a girl is actually quite dominating. There would be much more gina tingles since it was a direct interaction rather than the surfer who was at a distance.


  180. driftwood said: “There would be much more gina tingles since it was a direct interaction rather than the surfer who was at a distance.”

    You’d think. However… The surfer is all sizzle and memorable (for later when he says “Hey, babe, whazzup?!”) and the dude who picked her up is just “creepy” because he didn’t get anybody else to pull him around… girls who think about it will rationalize the surfer was more efficient at being “manly” and thereby “hotter” for their ‘gina tingle.


  181. Any idea if we can find the video since it’s been taken down.