Chicks Dig Jerks: Prison Tryst Edition

If you’ve been in a comfortable relationship for a while, or your game is so tight that you can steal girls from jerks, or you and your wife share Hallmarkian duties raising your children, you might forget the true nature of women and the crass biomechanical processes that motivate their loinlust. Which is why a helpful reminder every so often is just what you need to keep your mind focused.

Okla. warden’s wife convicted of aiding escapee

The wife of a former Oklahoma prison warden who disappeared with a convicted murderer only to be found living with him in Texas nearly 11 years later was found guilty Wednesday of helping him escape.

Jurors visited the prison grounds where Bobbi Parker, 49, had lived with her husband, then returned to the Greer County Courthouse and determined she left willingly with Randolph Franklin Dial in 1994. Parker did not testify but after being found living with Dial in 2005 insisted he had kidnapped her and threatened to harm her two daughters if she tried to escape.

Yep, women can’t get enough of that asshole vibe. So much so, that they’ll even leave a man whose occupation — prison warden — suggests authentic asshole, to be with an even bigger asshole — a convicted murderer. Talk about hypergamy. Maybe a new term should be coined for women whose hypergamous instinct for assholes causes them to go downmarket for the thuggish dregs of manhood: Masochamy.

Of course, in the evolved, frontal lobes of their brains, women know that society frowns upon their unquenchable attraction for assholes and douchebags, so when they are caught out in the act of fulfilling their fantasies they revert to stand-by female moral expedience by doing what they do best — laying the blame with the man. In this case, Bobbi Parker claimed her killboy lover had kidnapped her and threatened her two kids if she left his erotic embrace. Naturally, it’s a lie, which is exposed rather humorously in the article.

Dial died in 2007 at age 62, but until his death he backed Bobbi Parker’s version of events: that he drugged and kidnapped her, then kept her from calling police or her family by threatening to harm her family — even after he suffered a heart attack and was hospitalized.

Yeah, real hard to get away from a man laid up in a hospital bed with an ailing ticker. Funny how women have none of these troubles leaving betas who cease turning them on.

The real victim in all this is the jilted prison warden hubby who, through no fault of his own, found himself on the receiving end of a woman’s runaway lust for badboys. I guess managing a prison filled with some of the world’s worst alpha scumbags wasn’t enough to sate her vagina’s yearning. A woman’s cross to bear, ya know?

Unlike the specious claims made by feminists and their beta suck-ups, you will very rarely see the gender opposite happen in real life — it’s a black swan event indeed when a man leaves his hot wife for a female convicted murderer to help her escape prison and live with her for ten years. Men simply aren’t wired like women; for men, it’s looks over everything. For women, it’s attitude over everything.

Nor are feminists correct when they say that women are really attracted to the fame of high profile murderers, and not the embodied asshole attitude. Sure, that contention may be true for a select few cases like Ted Bundy and Richard Ramirez, but most cases of women seeking the meaty intrusion of jailbirds are like this one where the convict is not famous, but just another filthy turd trapped in the bowels of the prison system.

As any person involved in the legal system will tell you, the stereotype of women loving inmates is so common that hardly anyone notices anymore. Well, this blog will make sure the noticing never stops.

Now, not every women will swoon for a swindler or murderer, but all women possess an irredeemable attraction for men who are at least a little more asshole than the men within their social milieu. Bobbie Parkers spread for inmates, while Hillary Clintons spread for narcissistic manipulators. It’s a difference of degree, not kind.

Just a little helpful reminder should the swoon of romance ever take your eye off the ball.


Here is a photo of the two lovebirds. Sez it all.


  1. Fake prison tats. Enough said.


  2. I guess managing a prison filled with some of the world’s worst alpha scumbags wasn’t enough to sate her vagina’s yearning.

    I wonder about this. I wonder how many inmates in a typical prison are alpha male bad boys and sociopaths and how many of them are just stupid. I imagine that the composition of the average prison is a few legit predators, a few straight up punks and a whole lot of meh.

    Anyone out there have actual experience with prison?

    [Heartiste: No matter how stupid a man, he still has to have a healthy dash of alpha in him to break the law.]


    • Heartiste: “No matter how stupid a man, he still has to have a healthy dash of alpha in him to break the law.”

      That’s probably why I get really aggravated when Hollywood movies show complete beta idiots breaking the law in a major way. See: Office Space. Those dorks would NEVER have even taken the first step to stealing the micropennies.

      I know dork criminals, and they’re rare alphas among total betas/omegas.


      • Sadly, I have a stepson in prison (thus the earlier crack about prison tats – he has a BUNCH of really bad ones). He and his gang are collectively as dumb as a bag of rocks and the crack whores they attract (when they’re out) make mud turtles look cute. There may be alphas in prison, but the ones I see are total losers.


    • I’m in the medical marijuana business here in California. For whatever it’s worth, those in the top tier of this game are pretty fucking alpha.


    • “I imagine that the composition of the average prison is a few legit predators, a few straight up punks and a whole lot of meh.” A Marine Corps buddy of mine was inside for a while. He said that much more than the violence (which he said was usually spectacular when it happened, but actually pretty rare) the thing that he remembers most is how unbelievably stupid most of his fellow inmates were.


    • The term “criminal mastermind” has been proven time and time again to be an oxymoron.


      • Are criminals stupid, or is it just that the stupid criminals are the ones that get caught?


      • Crime is a high risk/high reward career. That means even if you’re really good at being a criminal, you’re going to get caught at some point. It’s like professional gamblers. There’s no such thing as a professional gambler who only wins.


      • on September 28, 2011 at 11:34 pm Obstinance Works

        Most crimes can be attributed to drugs/alcohol.


    • I dunno, I was a prosecutor for a while, and found the actual sociopathic “rules don’t apply to me” guys to be rarer than hen’s teeth (the ones I met were either estonian/russian organised crime or major drug dealers). Most of the perps were obsessively following a rule system, it was just the one created by the subculture. They’d try to project “alpha” really hard when with their buddies, but separated, they were total pussies and not terribly smart about the whole thing.


  3. The part that worries me is if this attraction to thugs is applicable to all chicks or only the fucked up ones. I pray that the ones who grew up in stable households with loving parents aren’t susceptible to finding criminals attractive, this has been my limited personal experience.

    There are way too many fucked up adults who have grown up in dysfunctional households. No wonder quarter of the population is on depression medication.


    • I’d say it’s not so much thugs they are attracted to but the high testosterone that comes with it. Being a thug signals to women you probably have high testosterone. So it’s not so much that the women likes that thug because he stabbed 5 people, more like the fact he has the balls to stab 5 people means he most likely has high testosterone, and all women like high testosterone.


    • There’s a high probability given that its Oklahoma and the woman was a prison warden’s wife, that she grew up in a good Christian home with two parents and lots of strict parental guidance. When she ran off, she probably decided that now was the time to break this mold and really live!


    • “The part that worries me is if this attraction to thugs is applicable to all chicks or only the fucked up ones.”

      Mainly just the fucked up ones.

      [Heartiste: Why are women fucked up in the direction of desiring assholes and not in the direction of desiring betas?]


      • On the asshole vs beta bit: that’s why I argue that women should use their huge brains to overcome their ancient evolutionary past, and avidly seek beta sperm. To be clear: the only way a female brain can be productively used is to wilfully pursue sex with UNattractive men.

        Naturally, I’m not holding my breath for that to happen …


      • Are you asking women to desire betas, or just pursue sex with them even though they are unattractive to them?


      • All I am saying is that hypergamy is a hugely destructive force. Women needed to destroy men (that is women’s biological duty) during the evolutionary era, this is not only no longer necessary, but is counterproductive.

        Be careful of what you wish for, because you will get it. Dont underestimate what reason can do. The very rise of Game (most of this board’s readers are former betas, including our host himself) shows what can and will happen.

        Women do NOT have a right to an attractive man. Common sense dicatates that most women will be stuck with men who will be, to various degrees, UNattractive. It behooves both sexes to make the best of such a situation, and seek some form of contentment in the context.

        In the rich world we live in, women in the last decade or two have gone on a huge hypergamous spin – to the great benefit of the alphas and the betas have lost out. Game is merely the first of many consequences of hypergamy. Dark game (as practiced and advocated by our host and Roosh) is another. More innovations are inevitably on the way. Some of them will cause a lot of misery to a lot of women.

        Be careful of what you wish for.


      • Yeah, I gotta say hypergamy is not very useful nowadays… How do you convince women to give it up though? I think just knowing about that part of yourself will help, as you can’t get rid of a flaw you are unaware of. Scare tactics might work. Tell’em all they will end up aging sluts and alone if they ride the alpha cock carousel or if they walk out on their reliable husbands. Maybe I should do that.


      • This is an interesting idea. From these message boards you often see those who see themselves as beta providers argue that their sexual strategy and life strategy is best for the woman, and best for society.

        Needless to say (or is it?), this is a hugely biased position to take.

        How much can we trust that this biased position is realistic and true?

        Women choose the high T guys, yet the low T guys keep saying again and again that women are doing it wrong.

        First of all – women do what they do. Men can only adjust and adapt our sexual strategies to get what we want. We can’t stop women doing what they do. Really – we can’t – as much as many would like to. It can’t happen. Women follow opportunity, and you can’t change opportunity without changing technology.

        Secondly, with much effort and practice, men can raise their T. Even geeky nerds can ramp up enough T to become attractive in the way women really want. Not in a way that they should want, but in a way that their actions show is reality.

        Thirdly, when a guy learns to push attractiveness triggers, he genuinely is a superior man to when he was not able to do so. And men who can not learn this are genuinely inferior. Why should women fuck inferior guys? The drive to fuck is a genetic positive, and geeky boys who are compelled to become more than geeky boys in order to fuck are better than geeky boys who would prefer society to do their work for them in compelling marriage from all women.

        Fourthly, if we remove the bias as to who is the superior man and best choice, we can see that it isn’t only thugs girls fuck preferentially. Leaders of business, leaders of society, entrepreneurs, and all sorts of socially productive men get fucked preferentially. If the social good is such an issue, then be a socially good alpha. It’s been done before.


      • Agreed with your first point above – women do what they do. However, times are a-changing, and techonology is driving unprecedented change. Once we have portable fmri machines which can literally read women’s brains to them in real time in everyone’s hands (in an iphone-like device), dont sell women’s reason completely down the river yet. Women have the same power of reason men do, if for no other reason than that they bear intelligent sons. Hypergamy continues to short circuit their brains – but if we men can learn to diet – perhaps one day women will learn to overcome hypergamy.


      • The standard yeoman’s goad would solve that evolutionary dilemma.

        If we had the freedom to apply it.


      • There probably ARE women who are “unusually” attracted to betas. We just don’t notice them, because they are happily married and completely normative.

        If I had to wager a guess, I’d say these women:

        1) Have strong relationships with their fathers and other male relatives
        2) Are soft and feminine, yet not very sexual

        [Heartiste: I’d add “Have passed their peak beauty years”.]

        These are the traits a greater/provider beta should seek out.


      • [Heartiste: I’d add “Have passed their peak beauty years”.]

        Well, sure, but that’s not very interesting. You’ve written before about cute young chicks who date herbs. I don’t believe there’s ever been a post here about what makes these chicks tick.


      • I knew a 16 year old blond, perfect body and very sharp, who would meet fat older men online, usually Jews, then arrange for her parents to bring her to a certain movie at a certain time where the man would be waiting; she’d then find a way to sit next to them to deliver covert handjobs, or if parents weren’t present, would go bobbing for dick.

        Keyword: “sharp”.

        Overcerebration leadeth to pro-beta behavior, not normal family life. Cf. “Emma” here. You do not want more of this type in the world.


    • I’d say that attraction to the outsider is applicable to most all chicks. Most often these are thugs because that kind of outsider status (raising hell, beating up others weaker than themselves) is most easily visible. This pattern may also explain the attraction of Castro and Arafat to college going women with intellectual aspirations (of whom I was one, I am ashamed to say). But then I used to believe what I read in the papers :))

      My one small hope lies in the possibility that this same mechanism may cause chicks to be attracted to men who defend conservative ideas with passion and courage among staunch articulate liberals. I have fond memories of when my erstwhile boyfriend (now husband) would go head to head with my liberal friends regarding public schools and the intrusiveness of government. In my eyes he always won because he reduced them to calling his ideas “fascist” with a look of utter disgust but with no real comeback. His presentation was raw but his heart was in the right place.

      These days he keeps the romance alive by arguing for some of the ideas expressed on this blog and upsetting my girlfriends:))


      • aaand the evidence just keeps piling up that women should not be allowed to vote. They will vote for an “outsider” or a good-looking guy long before they will crack open a news source and actually learn about all the candidates and the issues. Exhibit A: Obama.


      • This may be the only sensible and truly pro-man comment from a woman I’ve seen on this blog. However,

        This pattern may also explain the attraction of Castro and Arafat to college going women with intellectual aspirations

        It is rather their image as “revolutionaries” acting in the name of the oppressed, provoked by leftist professors, that gained the support of female students. If it were mere libidinal attraction to the “strong man”, we would see girls wearing Assad t-shirts with Hitler posters in their dorm rooms.

        And a fine world that would be.


    • I think it’s more about smart vs. dumb women. Smarter, more pragmatic ones might feel some desire for the thugs, but they know they can’t give them anything, and don’t go for them.
      And it’s possible to have such a bad father that he’ll turn you off thugs for the rest of your life, too.


    • on September 28, 2011 at 11:39 pm Obstinance Works

      Good girls *usually* won’t.


  4. on September 27, 2011 at 2:15 pm Proud-to-be-an-Omega-Male

    Asshole game is what keeps ’em coming. When it comes to women, I’m the biggest asshole there is. Laughing at a woman’s physical appearance is the only way to get their attention, since they’re all concerned about their bodies being the shallow, materialistic creatures they all are. Say she’s fat, ugly, got bumps on her face and she’ll come purring back for more like a kitten. It’s also the best way to generate female dependency, which is why I love reverse psychology. Just make sure you’re ripped and got a swift right hook when doing it, in case some fat ass mangina tries to step to you.


    • Amen.


    • Say she’s fat, ugly, got bumps on her face and she’ll come purring back for more like a kitten.


      *This must work wonders for lowering her ‘bitch shield’…. lol.


      • Tearing people down works. The more used to narcissistic reinforcement they are, the more cognitive dissonance is generated by not providing such reinforcement, and one strategy to overcome this anxiety would be to act desperately to gain the approval of the rejecting male. You can see this at work in clinical psychology; a subject in profound denial of some ugly truth of their character or past will act extremely viciously until the psychiatrist, ideally not paid to humor people, cuts through the delusion to deliver some hard truth, whereupon the subject may seek to lessen the blow of confronting reality by libidinal projection, i.e. seeking to gain the now “alpha” psychiatrist’s approval by submissive attitudes.

        Of course it must all be offset, as the Omega Man says, by real alpha trim and appropriate circumstance. You don’t just walk up to a girl and shout YOU’RE FAT AND HAVE BUMPS ON YOUR FACE, just as a psychiatrist wouldn’t shout YOU WERE MOLESTED, RESENT MEN AND CAN’T ADMIT IT TO YOURSELF the moment their patient walks through the door.


      • Think of it this way.

        The essence of the neg is a deliberate interruption of her self-concept, unwittingly cultivated by a lifetime of pandering by parents, classmates, friends, betas, media, mirrors, social technology, and the strength of her own inner hamster. The goal is to induce a traumatic event in this mental trajectory — tripping the hamster and setting him off in the other direction.

        The trick is to so situate oneself and the subject that her only recourse to recover her shattered self-concept will be one’s dick. There is an exact analogy with Stockholm Syndrome; one must be both the agent of trauma and yet agreeable enough so that the victim can transfer their affect to one’s cause. [I would have to do some research, but I believe a few cases of Communist terror in the 60’s-70’s, in particular those carried out by the Rote Armee Fraktion, actually found that their hostages were sympathetic to their cause.]

        One is basically cornering a human animal here. Remember, the male strategy is fight or flee, while the female strategy is fight or compromise. Usually they will choose compromise, if not by submitting to the traumatic agent, then by eating, drinking, screwing someone else, or easy make-up reinforcement from friends. If conditions are right, she will act in parsimony by taking the easiest way out of the mental trauma of being told she isn’t perfect — submitting to the strange free agent who induced it, seeking its approval.

        It’s just like a dog. The evolutionary premise of C. familiaris is reliance upon handouts and submission to human (i.e. male) authority. This is exactly parallel the evolution of the modern white female. The more you whip a dog, the more it cringes for your approval. But it must have already recognized you as an authority or it will fight back or simply run away.

        “Roissy” is a certain kind of man, “Omega” another. Roissy is witty, very subtle, preferring “elfen” emo chicks of more refined sensibility at whom he can coo & purr once he’s seduced them. Fortunately, for we less-witty dudes, the human species is well-supplied with perfectly witless broads who respond to cruder tactics, and in fact are the great majority. So Omega’s brutal approach has real value — if conditions are right.


  5. Betas aren’t much better than outright assholes. They are assholes deep down they just keep it hidden. All you have to do is look at the white knight who will throw you right under the bus if he thinks it means it will get him some pussy. Dont get me wrong, this guy is a murderer, but personality wise betas arent much better, they are just playing to their strength and being nice because they feel like they have to.

    Of course women are repulsed by their lack of character and go for the thug who has strength of character and stands for something, no matter how much of a scumbag he is.

    In reality, this man should have already been executed. Seems like in the old days all the men let their asshole flaunt and killed thugs without remorse. Women have a hard time loving thugs who are dead.


    • This is ridiculous. Are you seriously going to compare someone who has trouble with women to someone who kills people?

      If killing someone was going to get me all the women in the world, I still wouldn’t do it. The editor of this blog and many members of the seduction community have this aura that all that matters in life is success with women.

      I believe that there are other things that are important as well, like treating others with respect and not taking advantage of them. Oh, and not killing people.

      [Heartiste: Hey man, it’s not like I’m advocating murder to get chicks. Don’t conflate is with ought.]


      • Dude, you talk like a woman. I get that shit that you’re saying. Just don’t say it that fucking way.
        You’ve been lurking around here for a while. If you still don’t get that assholery, criminal behavior, and all the other dark triad traits provoke gina tingles, it probably means that you don’t have what it takes to handle the nasty truths of this blog. Go read Jezebel.


      • It’s not so much about actually killing people as being able to.

        A man should have to be able to kill someone or face death with courage to be called a man in a society. Others should leave society and become monks. I respect either path, but I only want to shag a man who is at least as much man as me.

        People, especially women, don’t respect a person who doesn’t have any fight in them. For women, respect is the seed of love. If a woman doesn’t respect you, she can’t love you.

        So if you’re a pacifist, at least be in the front lines for the teargas…something. Not killing people because you’re brave and putting your life on the line aware that you’re not going to effectively fight a more violent force with violence is one thing. Being a pussy who talks peace from the safety of his suburban sofa is quite another.

        Emmanuel Jal is a peacenik and a real man. He actually went through some messed up stuff to earn his stripes. So now he faces assassination and getting caught in all manner of crossfire to fight on the stage with his voice instead of guns. That’s alpha. Women love his skinny ass.

        Whatever choice you make, nut up…or be rightfully viewed as not viable. That’s Nature, and not a bad aspect of it.


      • Hypergamy is very much a bad aspect of nature (in that it is incompatible with modern civilization). And women’s desire that men “nut up” is hypergamy – they want the nuttiest man available.

        Women cannot imagine themselves without hypergamy. Well guess what – that will reliably produce a world full of killers.


      • Imagine the opposite.

        Your peaceful society will get over run by mongols.


      • What happened once in history is not doomed to be repeated again. By the way, I am neither a peacenik nor a pacifist. Also bear in mind that most in the US military are betas.


      • Yep, just like when Africa colonized Europe and enslaved the natives.

        Oh wait, guess beta traits make for better war making.


      • It would be interesting to have a discussion with you about this, Samson and Steve, however the moderation system now severely disrupts the conversational flow. This thread already seems to old to talk on.

        I don’t understand the idea behind slowing down the commenting. It might raise the signal to noise ratio, but it also lowers the amplitude of the signal.


      • ….and a woman ought to be attractive, feminine, and in shape in order to be called a woman in society. Others should leave society and go on Slutwalks. I respect either path, but I only want to shag a woman who meets the definition of “woman” to the same extent that I meet the definition of “man.”

        Whatever choice you make, ladies, nut up….or be rightfully viewed as the fat, unappealing land whales you are. That’s Nature, and not a bad aspect of it.

        You just have to love Nicole for emphasizing, in the starkest way possible, the total hypocrisy of modern day women. Yes, they all love Grrlll power, and want to become firefighters, policemen, prison guards, soldiers, marines and whatnot — but they only respect, and want to fuck, someone who’s more masculine than they are.


      • @sisyphus:
        Well put!

        Isn’t it astounding that women like nicole have the impression that they are proposing mere common sense while in reality they espouse pure filth! This is why the women who lurk here should refrain from posting. If they are sure that they possess a brain, let’s see them use it to negate their hypergamy. The day a woman here says she will sleep with a man she finds UNattractive is the day we have to welcome the ascent of woman into reason.

        Until then: fuck ’em silly then forget ’em!


      • (Takes bow)

        Of course, one benefit of women like Nicole posting here is that we get to see the pure, unvarnished essence of the female mind — and adjust our opinions accordingly.

        Wasn’t it Aristotle who said that intellectually, women are somewhere between a child and an adult……?


      • What is your contention with what Nicole wrote?

        It’s okay for men to seek who they find attractive, but it isn’t okay for women to seek who they find attractive? That’s nonsense. Asking women to desire effeminate nerds who they don’t find attractive is the same as asking men to fuck fat bitches and negate their very natural inclination to sleep with attractive women. I find these two natural inclinations very legitimate and our survival as a species is very contingent on it. So do spare me the hypocrisy, mate.


      • For the men who have not taken the red pill (and those men who find the red pill too hard to swallow), I offer Aniya here as Exhibit A in evidence that the good lord above has not given women any brains whatsoever.

        It’s okay for men to seek who they find attractive, but it isn’t okay for women to seek who they find attractive? That’s nonsense. Asking women to desire effeminate nerds who they don’t find attractive is the same as asking men to fuck fat bitches and negate their very natural inclination to sleep with attractive women.

        Yes, its okay for men to seek who they find attractive because men are not hypergamous, and men’s desire for variety does not put society at risk. All of agricultural civilization is founded on the principle of thwarting female hypergamy to give betas a stake in society. Everything after the invention of agriculture is NOT possible in a society of alphas (aka a society where women can be hypergamous). Religion (including all the four major religions) was the principal invention designed to beat female hypergamy into submission. Unfortunately, as the genetic record shows, women were far too crafty to be fooled by religion, they found ways to get plenty of action on the side, and the betas were fooled.

        I find these two natural inclinations very legitimate and our survival as a species is very contingent on it. So do spare me the hypocrisy, mate.

        There is nothing legitimate whatsoever about women’s natural inclinations – female hypergamy destroys all the achievements of post-agricultural civilization. Our survival as a species was extremely contingent upon female hypergamy in the hunter-gatherer period. Female hypergamy is the primary means of robbing, enslaving and killing betas, all of which were critical to human survival when we roamed the African plains. In the agricultural era, female hypergamy is an anachronism and must be suppressed if civilization is to survive. Men’s sexual preferences are not socially destructive, women’s are. That’s why women have no right whatsoever to attractive mates.

        Women had better learn to live with UNattractive effeminate nerds – for if they dont, they will be made to. Game is itself an equalizer for betas to use on women, and the results of dark game are already around us – women are being pumped and dumped in their early 20s, and that is leading to increasing numbers of women who are unable to have any satisfactory relationships in their 30s. There is still an effect of time – those pumped and dumped have to reach into their late 30s before reality catches up, and game has been around only around a decade and a half. Wait for another decade or so, and the effects will be all around us.

        And dont forget – technology is on the march – cheap and portable FMRI machines will eventually reveal to women what monsters lie within their brains – game is merely the first of the modern equalizers against hypergamy, the newer ones will be far less kind to women than game is.


      • I learned new word. CONFLATE. transitive verb. 1. a : to bring together


      • Stay away from it. Only fucking liberals use it because they think it makes them sound smart.


    • I couldn’t agree more with that last paragraph. The problem is our ruling elite have instituted laws and the enforcement of laws to destroy otherwise good would have been percieved as law abiding men like Jaimie Ersland of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA for mastabatory fun. they have convinced a significant percentage of the population that it is good to do so. Ersland, a retired Pharmacist lietenant colonel of the U.S. Air Force and disabled veteran, was convicted of unlawful homicide. Two thugs with long criminal histories showed up in ski masks and one was armed into Ersland’s pharmacy. Ersland shot the unarmed one and chased the armed one out of the store shooting and sadly missing him. He returned and killed the unarmed one lying on the floor saying he twitched and thought he was armed too. The mother cried and sobbed and the jury committed a travesty of justice by convicting Ersland. Ersland should have never been charged, never prosecuted and never convicted.


  6. It makes one wondering why there are so many non-assholes among men in civilized countries.
    Previous generations had to spend enormous amounts of energy putting women into submission, or monogamy.


    • Very little energy is required to keep women in line if (a) there is no birth control, and (b) there is no no-fault divorce, and (c) if there is a divorce, the man gets everything including the kids.

      That’s how it was for previous generations of men, the lucky dogs!


  7. women are whores, and shold be treated as such.


    • exactly.

      It is amazing that the women who post here never question their own hypergamy. They believe they have a god-given right to an attractive man. That way lies the destruction of civilization.

      There is no reason whatever for a man to treat a hypergamous creature with respect. In other words – if a woman wants a manly man then she asks to be treated like a whore.


  8. Timely post. I wanted to mention the two episodes of Dateline NBC I happened to watch over the weekend.

    On Friday it was “Ransom”. This had all the ingredients of a eviscerating Chateau musing on the nature of women.

    The condensed version: An average looking American chick with alcohol problems and bi-polar disorder, gets a handsome multi-millionaire to marry her. They live together (unhappily) in his $4 million Florida mansion by the beach. He provides her with the good life.

    She gets bored. One day at a gas station, a Bosnian immigrant mechanic with a bit of game chats her up. She ends up going with him to a motel to fuck him. They hatch a plot to pretend she is being kidnapped by him, and they call her husband to demand ransom. They plan to use the money to run away together so he can start a business. She lays around in the motel for three days fucking him and watching TV, while he fumbles with an absurdly Lebowski-esque ransom pickup scheme.

    The kicker is that he secretly recorded his conversations with the woman to prove she was in on the whole thing and enjoying the sex. She later claims she was raped by him repeatedly, and too scared to leave the motel, even when he was gone for hours at a time.

    He gets arrested and eventually busts out the tape. She is then arrested. She claims stockholme syndrome. Her mom vociferously defends her as being under the manipulation of a sociopath. She throws the guy under the bus.

    The beta of the year husband stands by his lying whore of a wife all the way, saying he doesn’t believe she had anything to do with it. Eventually he listens to the tape of her fucking the Bosnian dude, moaning and laughing. He divorces her. She gets off scott free on “time served” even though she was caught red-handed in an extortion case, false rape accusation, and other felonies. Oh and she had like three children that she dragged through this whole mess too. I’m sure she walked away with millions from the divorce settlement as well.


  9. I also wonder how much of this has to do with the savior complex—so many women think they can save a badboy, change him. That only they see the good in him and their love can is just the thing to bring it out.

    Totally delusional, but I’m willing to bet it was a factor here—and in similar cases.

    [Heartiste: Funny how women never only see the sexy in betas and work to bring it out in them..]


    • [Heartiste: Funny how women never only see the sexy in betas and work to bring it out in them..]

      I actually had a female friend recently tell me that she wanted me to help her get her beta boyfriend to be more alpha.


    • to save a badboy takes emotion – which women have buckets of. To bring out the sexy in a beta takes brains – however the good lord above has ensured that a woman’s brain is dysfunctional.


    • To Dragnet and Heartiste
      Yes, Yes and Yes!


    • “Funny how women never only see the sexy in betas and work to bring it out in them..”

      Funny how men never see the beauty in overweight/slutty/sarcastic … women and work to bring it out in them..

      [Heartiste: I didn’t say I disagreed with the premise. Duh.]


      • Don’t ask me why, but I’m glad you’re still here. 😉


      • Slutty & sarcastic we can deal with, but warpigs, no sank you. Put down the chalupa. Skip desserts. No more carbs.
        Instead, put your hair in a ponytail, buy a racerback bra, & go jogging.
        Problem solved. I’ve just brought out the hottie in you, kiddo.


      • No, no. I understand that. Actually, if I was a man I’d have kids with a healthy woman, I wouldn’t try to force myself to be attracted to disease (we know that obesity is not just a cosmetic problem). I just thought that H was suggesting again that women should settle for guys they are not attracted to but seems that he didn’t mean that. I don’t know.


  10. Then another episode on Sunday called “Dangerous Liasons”. Long and short of that one is two has-been single mother cougars fighting over a black ex football player. He is gaming both of them and rotating them in his harem. One of them goes apeshit with jealousy, and with the help of her disgusting obese friend, she murders the rival woman. She is caught but not convicted even though the evidence is mountainous. These episodes, and several more detailing the diabolical schemes of women, can be viewed on the NBC Dateline site.

    It becomes clear that women routinely hatch schemes to murder men for their money, even when they are getting everything they could ever ask for. That is not enough – they want to take the hubby’s money and run away with the scumbag alpha criminal. Men almost never murder women for money – I would wager that 90% of the time it happens only because he caught her cheating, making it a crime of passion. Women are stone cold blooded killers, yo. They also kill their own children, born and unborn, by the millions.


    • Men do murder for money. Plenty of stories of men murdering women to prevent the eventual divorce. I doubt many of the husband on wife murders are a result of the woman cheating. Most of the time it’s probably because of divorce, or the guy is cheating on her.


    • Oh believe me men kill plenty for money. That’s often the case. It’s just a question of random street crime (mugging) that turns deadly, or hitmen, or enforcing for money. Heck lots of men will kill just to kill. For the purpose of killing.

      When women kill, it is really rare. Women very rarely kill people because they lack the physicality to be good at it. Men do it often just for “fun.”


    • Often they either let or encourage another man to do it. I remember when I was a soldier in Afghanisatan. a divorced soldier lost his daughter in the divorce which is typical to his wife. He was supposed to return home for rest and relaxation leave for his daughter’s third birthday. The divorced wife invited Mr.Thug-Life Man into her life who proceeded to abuse the daughter. One day Mr. Thug-Life killed the daughter. This soldier returned home a week early on emergency leave for his only child’s funeral. He returned to Afghanistan even though the company commander,a Captain and his First Sergeant said he could stay at home. The soldier found mortar rounds exploding around him to be more soothing than staying at home and visiting his daughter’s grave. The divorced wife will most likely be convicted of something, but not as much as Mr. Thug-Life. This true story reeks of plausible deniability for the divorced wife(woman) and also of our society’s desire to let women have their PUSSY PASS too..


      • Yes, in many of the cases detailed on Dateline, the woman plans the murder, but manipulates an evil white knight (black knight?) into carrying it out for her.

        The general M.O. is to simply claim abuse, emotional or otherwise. “He is controlling”. This really gets the white knight pissed off enough to commit murder. How dare he tell her she can’t go whore around town with her slut girlfriends on Saturday night!!!


      • Yes, it’s true. When will people learn that the Gina tingle is the most powerful dark emotion in a woman especially when she is young. It is often more powerful than the motherly emotion.


  11. Personally I wouldn’t tingle for a chick knowing she had murdered somebody and left the corpse in a tub full of sand, but then I was born sans-vag


  12. Off topic, but check this out

    Fembots push men out of academia and the few remaining males are allowed free reign pumpin and dumping.

    What’s hilarious is that some feminist prof slut has the audacity to still cry “women are being victimized by men!”


    “On college campuses where there are far more women than men, men have all the power to control the intensity of sexual and romantic relationships”

    “Women on gender-imbalanced campuses are paying a social price for success and, to a degree, are being victimized by men precisely because they have outperformed them, Professor Campbell said”

    Victimized? are you fucking serious? Pathetic.


    • I find it a bit odd as well; what does that even mean? So men are taking advantage of sex-skewed campuses all the while thinking ‘this is what you get for bringing about soul-crushing, purposeless, feminized curricula!’



    • Karma is a bitch. It’s always funny how *everything bad* that happens to women is somehow a man’s fault. They are totally incapable of accepting responsibility for once and thus should not be given any.


    • This article deserves its own topic.


  13. Oh wow, a convicted murderer got to snag a 39 yr old woman! How alpha.

    [Heartiste: He was considerably older than her.]


    • Touche. I did the research. He was somewhere around 52-54 when he seduced her and used her to escape prison.

      [Heartiste: “Used” her? Oh, I don’t think she felt like she was being used. Now, her hubby otoh….]


  14. How can I mimic the criminal’s attractive traits without breaking the law?

    [Heartiste: Dark triad. Do a search for it on this blog.]


  15. Many PUAs advocate the “treat a lady like a whore, and a whore like a lady” concept. Sounds like bullcrap to me, and it doesn’t fit with my personal experience.
    I’m sticking with “all women possess an irredeeemable attraction for men who are at least a little more asshole than the men within their social milieu”.


    • Similar to the novicely carried notion that being alpha is being an asshole all of the time, to everyone.


    • There may be some truth to that, but not for the reason they expect. A whore is likely to be surrounded by men who treat her as such and any other behavior stands out. This is especially so if its more about him than her. Politeness in a sea of violence can be remarkably imposing if there is implied force behind it since he can afford to be so blithe. Same goes for the “lady” when she is treated comparatively worse. He establishes his own frame. Its all about the defiance of the social strata to which she is accustomed.


  16. Most (meh, ALL) prison bureaucrats who rise to ‘the top’ are omegas unable to dominate without the crutch of State Power.

    Their wives, sniffing Alpha for the first time, are susceptible to an inmate with nothing to do but eat free State Meals and pump iron.


  17. Huma Abedin is a narcissistic manipulator of Hilary? Poor Wiener never had a chance.


  18. Very common scenario, indeed in my time as a lawyer I have observed divorced women throwing themselves at convicted murderers, at least they would if they could get past the guards. Guys, really bad ones, when banged up are irressistable to women because they (the women) are safe, however occasionally as in this case…

    …and when it all goes wrong they claim (an ex of mine) that he threatened to kill her unless etc etc.


  19. This is a little imprecise. There are about a hundred pieces of literature/movies with the same plot… she brings the bad boy to heel. In sex and the city, mr. big gets takes her to paris and wants to marry her. The dread pirate roberts goes straight. So the “bad boy” is half the fantasy, the second half is making him docile to serve her whim. To tame the wild stallion. Women like controlling men and turning them to their ends. I don’t know which is worse… their constant hypergamy or the constant manipulations. They will never be satisfied with you and that’s the take home lesson.


  20. More evidence of women loving jerks:

    You’ll have to shift through some non-applicable ones but you’ll find plenty of examples of:

    -Women getting shitted on by their alpha boyfriends and loving it
    -Beta boys getting tooled hard by their girlfriends


  21. Life imitates a Mel Gibson movie:


  22. I wonder how all those Sensitive New Age Guys out there are assimilating this? Think they will learn their lesson about womyn, or will they continue fluttering around in beta-male wannabe mode, hoping to get some lubricant sprayed in their direction?


  23. Given that access to survival based resources are given to all men, what causes men to commit crimes of violence?


    When society recognizes and holds women responsible for their role in creating a violent society, we may see a change.

    Until then, women will use men as their proxy for entertainment as the Romans did with their slaves, and for their own need for violence.


    • on September 28, 2011 at 5:18 am Charlesz Martel

      Ever wonder why there’s a baby boom after a war?

      A little poem I wrote years ago explains:

      “When you’re back from the war,
      And you’re covered in gore,
      They’ll jump on your dick!”


  24. I’m an attorney (fuck you too) and this impulse is even more pronounced among the alpha lawyer cunts. Frequently female attorneys are caught sexing their scumbag clients.

    It starts early. HRC has inmate letter writing campaigns and tons of female law students attend spending their 130+ IQs writing to 75 IQ scumbags. It is beyond fucking hilarious.


  25. @Butthexer

    Just wanted to say this. I live in (and am a senior at UNC) Chapel Hill, where that NYT piece is set. Undergrad ratio has been 60/40 F/M for years, and everyone assumes that if you are a guy here with two brain cells to rub together you are swimming in grade A tail.

    I really want to slap the shit out of these people. I’m in decent shape and don’t look half bad, but these girls can tell I’m a beta at fifty paces. They don’t give me a second look, no matter how desperate they are. Clueless betas often fantasize what life would be like if there were hot women running around everywhere and few men to compete for them. We already have that situation at UNC and–surprise!–women still do not want you.

    I think it was witnessing this dynamic that is starting me on the path away from Betadom. That and this: my girlfriend of many years recently left me for a bigger asshole. Dude abuses her regularly and raped her. She’ll be marrying him soon. She ‘loves’ him. She was ‘not attracted’ to me, and apparently loathed having sex with me.


    • That’s why the patriarchy was correct in forcing women to sleep exclusively with their unattractive beta husbands – modern civilization is the consequence of enslaving hypergamy in monogamy.

      Unfortunately, as the genes of each and everyone who reads this show: women still found ways to regularly cuckold their husbands.

      To think that even one woman who reads this is not a whore is folly. Give ’em the sex they (and you) deserve and then dump their sorry asses!


      • If there existed societies in which all women were not hypergamous whores, those societies would be over run by the stronger societies where alpha genes remained.

        Evolution is not stupid.


      • @xsplat:

        Firstly, nothing personal – I checked out your blog and all I can say is: way to go, bro! May peace follow you in your chosen path – I dont have any beef with your lifestyle.

        Secondly, in response to your comment immediately above: there are three different environments with different evolutionary pressures, and your comment confuses among them.

        The first period was the long hunter-gatherer stage where mother nature, aka evolution ruled supreme. Your point would be absolutely correct during this period – alphas reigned supreme.

        The second period was the several thousand years long agricultural stage where mother nature was tempered by human inventions, particularly religion, which held hypergamy in check to some degree. Your point would still hold, albeit with somewhat less force, since there were extended periods where beta societies flourished. (Also, the forces of evolution would have limited effect within so short a time period.)

        The third period is scarcely a century old, the scientific/technological era where everything mother nature has done from infections to chronic diseases, etc is subject to varying degrees of human intervention. The true era of reason is just dawning. Your point would be flat out wrong in this period – since human reason is intervening massively in several areas of life where it was hitherto completely absent, and betas could very well be selected for in this era – it depends – it is too early to say, and anything is possible in the age of reason. One clear example is in genetic testing which would conclusively establish paternity – this would have the effect in less than the next 100 years of doing away with one of the most powerful weapons in the woman’s arsenal – cuckoldry. Just as men can rise above their own (feebler) emotions, so also, I argue that women can rise above their own (much stronger) emotions, in the fullness of time. All hope is not lost for the betas. Women do have brains, they just have to learn how to prevent their brains from being short-circuited by their emotions – they have to rise above their hypergamy. Just as men can learn to watch their diet, it is not impossible to imagine a brighter future in gender relations.

        While I write somewhat speculatively above, there is already enough evidence in the scientific era to establish that your point cannot categorically hold today – its still possible, but mine is too. There is insufficient evidence to conclude either way at this time – it is too early yet.


      • Can’t increased technology and civilization make up for that?


      • Evolution is not stupid, but it’s neither a rational, controlled process. Evolution itself is random.


    • Ace — hang in there, man. Sorry to hear your girlfriend ditched you for an asshole: it’s happened to a lot of folks here. In a few years she’ll be calling you and wanting to get back together. When she does (and she will), remember what you’ve learned on this site.


      • She tried to drop an FRA on me, too. It wasn’t a public go-to-the-police thing, it was just a private justification to herself. Somehow her hamster had convinced her that I raped her. As in: “sure, my current boyfriend raped me. But you did too.” I challenged her and she immediately folded and became immensely apologetic. I was repulsed and confused by her behavior: the accusation, the tolerance (love!) of a dumb guy and his shitty behavior. It was completely alien coming from a woman I loved so much.

        The search for answers finally brought me here. Fortunately I’m no longer tortured by all of this, thanks to what I know now. A lot of betas might have seized on this as an excuse for a lifetime of ignorance fueled misogyny, but thankfully with Game we don’t have to hate women for their caprice. We can understand it, and give them what they want. Everyone wins. Except for civilization and children.


    • “Out of that 40 percent, there are maybe 20 percent that we would consider, and out of those 20, 10 have girlfriends, so all the girls are fighting over that other 10 percent,”

      Yeah.. Even with market inflation its still a shit world for betas..

      I wonder why betas are so prevalent among males if they (myself included) are so disadvantaged with women.. Is the alpha/beta dichotomy simply the way humans work (leader of the tribe and his hunters, etc), or has technology/monogamy allowed betas to survive in todays world when they did not in the past?

      Anyways, good luck on your path and happy pillaging!


      • Evolution has chosen for those who fit in to the social group. These people are termed betas. People who choose to fit in and follow are betas.

        Betas don’t get their heads chopped off by the king or the courts.

        Women prefer kings and tyrants and outlaws for fucking. And sneaky fuckers and cads.

        So we have these two (or three) competing sexual strategies.

        Nowadays men realize they must overcome their beta predispositions in order to get laid in this new marketplace. It is new technologies that have created this new marketplace.


      • @arwin:

        Too much evolutionary math to go thru here, but here is the answer in part:

        Beta and Alpha are BOTH evolutionarily successful strategies – it is simply an issue of ratio. In our distant past – tens of thousands and more years ago, the playing field was tilted toward the alpha. In the religious period – aka the agricultural period, the last few thousand years, the playing field was tilted toward the beta. Today, with hypergamy run riot again, the playing field is tilting toward the alpha again.

        There is much more to say, but in essence, our host has the fundamentals right. Check out Ricky Raw, Master Dogen and 11 minutes (all who used to comment here earlier) for more.


      • Think about that ratio breakdown for a minute. At a selective college, the women thnk only 50% of the twenty year old men are worth CONSIDERING as sex partners. Those men are in their physical prime, among the top single-digit percentages of the overall general population in terms of IQ, ambition, future prospects, etc., and yet those gals deem maybe half of them worthy of sex.

        Now further consider that those college women are selected *solely* for their intelligence/studiousness. Therefore, it is quite likely the women are a near-random distribution set for their looks. In other words, you have here a randomly-selected population of women in terms of looks, interacting with a pre-selected population of smart, ambitious men (i.e., better situated for mating prospects as against average looking women). Yet the women are still trying to snag the upper echelons within that pre-selected population of men.

        The mismatch is obvious: the guys face an entirely average pool, whereas the women are facing a pool that contains higher SMV males. Except the women don’t understand that. But it gets worse, guys!

        Those gals are further following their programming by only wanting to date the higher status males WITHIN that already pre-selected higher SMV pool at the college. Just like all the groupies want to get with the lead singer in a rock group, these gals all want the highest status college men at their school.

        The overall absurdity of this is stark. Some average looking college chick is turning her nose up at guys who are likely ABOVE her market value, because she wrongly thinks she cannot date the bottom half of a higher SMV market she artifically finds herself in due to college selection methods.

        Guys, if you ever had any lingering doubts about what you read her, please think on those statistics. They are a great illustration of what you will see once you remove the blinders.


      • out of those 20, 10 have girlfriends, so all the girls are fighting over that other 10 percent,

        i like how she implicitly stated that women would never fight each other over men who already had girlfriends.


  26. Biomechanics isn’t the right term for this. The term is biochemical.


  27. “[…] in the evolved, frontal lobes of their brains, women […]”

    “Evolved” – speaking about involuntary humour.


  28. I don’t it applies to all women, only women of a certain suite of genetically influenced traits. Life-History Theory (LHT) postulates that organisms possess sets of predispositions which aid them for reproductive success in specific environments; hence, in certain environments it is clearly beneficial not to prefer anti-social personalities (which is what criminals tend to possess).

    I’d be willing to bet that most ‘adult’ (adolescent behavior isn’t always telling) women who are attracted to thugs possess certain genetically influenced traits in common, traits which can be traced back to differential success in particular environments…


  29. Seriously, the more I learn, the more I read and see, the more I wonder to myself; Why do I want to have anything to do with women?


    • because they have fun parts


    • they are good for fucking …


    • Try and think about women as being mostly clay with just a bit of shit in them. As long as everything hardens right, its not too bad with only a little shit now and then.

      Beyond that pithy advice, think of women as something starving for alpha. If they don’t get it, they will steal bread like a starving wretch. When they are not starved of what they are conditioned to think they literally need to carry on the species, they can be very decent on a full stomach, not even stealing a crumb. Make them what they are.


    • “Why do I want to have anything to do with women? Anyone?” Hmmm, uhhh, howzabout … pussy?


      • There you go my friend.; how exactly are you not putting the pussy on the pedestal?

        Couple years back a woman at work was passing the hat for some guy who was losing his house, I gave $5 thinking he lost his job. Turned out his wife left him and his kids for some jerk hence the money problems. My attitude was: Why should I subsidize this guy because he can’t keep his women in line? Which didn’t go over too well with the fat broads at work who for the moment weren’t behaving like pigs for the electrician.

        An inability to control one’s sexual function means you are no different than a woman.

        Practice discipline.
        Keep your woman in line and if she won’t fall in line, kick her to the curb.
        Never pass up an opportunity to call a guy who sleeps with a taken woman an asshole, which he is.
        Don’t bother trying to emulate assholes.


      • “Keep your woman in line”. When she has the clout of the State to fuck you up, there’s very little you can do to “keep her in line”.

        Nice trolling by the way.


    • The depression that comes from seeing women as they are is defeated through learning a new way to deal with women. After you see them as they are, you learn new skill sets to deal with that new entity of woman. The new skill sets lead to new types of relationships, which can be satisfying. Then you have acceptance.


      • @xsplat:

        I agree. Taking the red pill is an enlightening, liberating, energizing experience. More pussy is GOOD!

        I urge all men here to take the red pill!


    • Because you are biologically hardwired to want to.


    • the choice of whether or not to deal with women is yours to make.

      but if you’re sure you don’t want to deal with women, then surely there are better things to do than reading a blog about seducing women.


    • Rationally-wise, no sane man would want anything to do with women. But biology is a powerful force that compels our actions, and there’s very few men who can get past it. And those men usually become spiritual leaders or scientific prodigies.


  30. I think the alphaness of inmates really depends on race. Black inmates tend to be drug dealers and gangbangers and, thus, more likely to exhibit alpha male characteristics than the average black male. White inmates, on the other hand, tend to be perverts and low-life methheads who are actually much more pathetic and beta than the average white male. Of course, there are exceptions.


    • Most of those drug dealers and gangbangers are not really alpha in a “leader of the pack” sense. Most low level drug dealers are losers, there are a lot of crack dealers who live with their mothers and make less than minimum wage, hoping to not get shot and advance in the organization.


  31. I’m curious as to how the affair went down… Like how did she stay in contact with him to help him escape.

    No doubt the hubby’s possible complaints about his unruly behavior may have contributed to her giny tingles.

    Besides, name a more forbidden fantasy than cheating on your husband and helping his arch enemy at the same time (who also happens to be a murderer in jail for life).

    For most, this would stay a fantasy. Its shocking how far people will push the boundaries of acceptable societal behavior based on evolutionary and biological sexual attraction that makes very little logical sense.


  32. Reading this, cannot help but thinking of this

    unreconstructed beta


  33. Confirming once again that a photo *is* worth a thousand words.


  34. A prosecutor friend once broke it down for me as follows: roughly 15% of prison inmates are irredeemable sociopaths. About 15% are good men who made a mistake, usually alcohol or drug-related. The middle 70% are low-intelligence losers who drift into trouble.


  35. Dial died in 2007 at age 62, but until his death he backed Bobbi Parker’s version of events: that he drugged and kidnapped her, then kept her from calling police or her family by threatening to harm her family — even after he suffered a heart attack and was hospitalized



  36. Years ago I worked alongside an ex-convict (armed robbery) married to a plain-looking 10-years-older woman who met him through a save-a-prisoner correspondence thingy. She got her “alpha” badboy and promptlly emasculated him. He couldn’t go anywhere without her permission. If he called saying he was working late, she would immediately call back to make sure he was at the office. Then she would ask to speak to one of the other employees to make sure her lapdog hubby really was working late. Paper alpha, easily neutered. Poor schmuck.

    On the other hand, I had an uncle who was a genuine alpha criminal (armed robbery again). After he got out of prison early by snowing a bunch of intellectuals into testifying at his parole hearing that he was some kind of unrecognized literary genius, he was non-stop banging lots of hot young hippie chicks who grooved to his badboy “tormented artist” schtick (he was friends with Jack Kerouac and Lawrence Ferlinghetti and wrote a lot of bad poetry) and spent the rest of his life being supported by a string of devoted, good-looking, much-younger wives while he drank and smoked and bullshitted to his heart’s content. He had women pretty well figured out.


  37. The end of the article was actually the most important point. Girls falling for murderers is actually an exeption rather than an example. Only psycho girls would fall for psycho men. Falling for a murderer is actually counterproductive genetically – your offspring, should they exhibit the same behavior, are likely to get incarcerated or lynched!
    Falling for a tough-guy type who keeps to himself but will break bones should he be caught in a bar-fight, now that makes much more evolutionary sense. Even in the animal kingdom alpha-fights are rarely to the death, only to see who is strongest.


    • @primealpha:

      You are wrong.

      Falling for a murderer is NOT counterproductive genetically. Neither Iicarceration nor lynching would befall a murderer in our evolutionary past – instead he would get the pussy. That’s why ALL girls go for the murderer – that’s the essence of hypergamy. In other words all girls are psychos.


    • “Falling for a tough-guy type who keeps to himself but will break bones should he be caught in a bar-fight, now that makes much more evolutionary sense. Even in the animal kingdom alpha-fights are rarely to the death, only to see who is strongest.”

      Not necessarily. Imagine you live in an environment like this:

      It is definitely a dead end of mankind. They only destroy. And women crave for such men. I do not know why, maybe some anthropologist could explain it. But, very probably, you can trace this behaviour back to primates.


  38. What works for me is my family. I’m Mr. Professional, working away in Big Business. Nice gig, good perks, high status. Got a lot to lose so pretty well-behaved but self-confident and one manipulative SOB when I feel like it. I call it “leadership.”

    My family, on the other hand, is Alpha Gold. One brother is still a fugitive from the law for manslaughter. The other, the deceased one, died from a bad liver but carried scars from 4 gunshot wounds and 6 knife cuts. Freaking idiots both. My niece when she was 14 announced that her life’s ambition was to be a pole dancer. She’s now in county jail for meth production and distribution.

    So I get to drop a few legitimate references to the family’s predilection to violence when meeting a new prospect. They pick up on the incongruities between the visible and the genetics as I stare hard into their eyes.

    Ever notice how one can watch the tingles through a girl’s eyes?


    • Hmm my father is a convicted murderer, maybe I should use that to my advantage.


      • Art,

        That’s a great reference, if used right. Don’t be shameful about but spare her the details – more mystery and intrige that way. Imply that it was fully justified and a man’s duty sometimes. Like that old Texas precept of justice and justification for murder – “He needed killing.”

        Look her in the eye and tell her that you’ve been able to keep it under control…so far. That also gives you room to walk away from threats since, hey, you might just cut loose and murder the guy, typically an over-reaction.


  39. Why don’t I do PUA type stuff? This video illustrates why. (Fast forward to 2:28.) In it, you can see the following occur: Mystery is opened by a woman. She’s decent, but not great. All he needs to do is not fuck it up with her, and he’ll bang her. Or he can use her to trade up to another girl.

    Indeed, later (at 6:05), an more attractive woman hits on him. All he needs to do is not fuck it up.

    Yet he rambles on, focusing on PUA tactics than actually meeting women. I’ve long said that much of Myster’s success is due to his height, good looks, and overall magician’s look. This video doesn’t disprove my view (although the comments superimposed on the film are hateful and were no doubt added by a loser):


  40. I’m talking up Charles Willeford these days because he’s one of the most badass men and writers who’s ever lived.

    Now, since you ingrates won’t even click over to amazon to buy his unforgettable books, I want you to watch the following movie asafuckingp:

    “Miami Blues.” Alec Baldwin’s greatest performance and the most hilarious bits of Dark Triad business I’ve ever seen.

    The book is even better.

    *Charles Willeford.* Enjoy.


  41. Well Tanya “Little Feather” Smith was a HOT looking broad before she took meth, I mean she was really pretty.
    The gals with the brothers of either ABT or AC are better looking than most of the women I see with the yuppies or whatever the males are with the BMWs and all that.
    As far as Nathan, hey Nathan are you Jewish? You say that the blacks are the real deal and Whites are nothing? Well I figured that would be your view.


  42. The hero of this blog post was not just an armed-robber type; getting his way with mere threats. No. The hero-who-got-the-skank was a proven corpse-maker. He who would beat down on it until its heart stopped is the only type worthy of Nuclear Love.
    In the world of criminals, the difference between those who have killed and those who have not is the difference between her orgasming instantly or only after lots of work.
    I sent a woman to jail once. She knew she deserved it. Actually, she deserved a lot worse. But the Police were already there so my hands were tied.
    Did she hold it against me? Are you fucking kidding me? I did not even make her bond or give her a ride but she was like a volcano afterwards.


  43. Not sure if it’s been mentioned already, but a 22 year-old beauty queen is the third or fourth wife of Mexico’s biggest drug lord. She made the news recently because she came back to California to give birth to twin girls.

    A guy working on a Ph.D at Harvard worked patrol for Baltimore PD as part of a program. He came from the experience with a handy rule of thumb: the drug-dealer always gets laid.


  44. Prime Alpha

    Since all females are psychotic (until proven otherwise) it looks like the psycho-guys are doomed to swim in young pussy juice until they are completely worn out from such exertions.
    That may or may not mean that you are about to get lucky with the surviving girls. But if you are even semi nice you can expect to be charged with 3rd degree, compound rape as soon as she sobers up.


  45. There’s a line in the series “Rome” where the stupid soldier says “Violence – women say they hate it but it makes them wetter than October.”

    Yep, true dat.


  46. That Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik is getting love letters in jail now, after killing over 70 people, most of which are teens. Psychologists theorize that women want to save/heal him somehow. If they wanted to save and provide emotional help, they could instead write letters to the victims who survived. There is no point in saving a murderer like that, it’s too late, and just gives men more reason to become murderers.


  47. Maybe the convict was reading game theory and used it as a concious means of escape.

    Reminds me of the popular TV series “Prision-break” where the main hero altrough with big plans of escape could complete them only because he made the hospitalsdoctor fall in love with him so she left the doors to medical office unlocked.

    Conclusion: In a completely feminist regimen, where every mans sits in prision for being a male, the natural balance would soon return because female guards would easily fall in temptation to surrender to their prisoners. Its manginas and white knights (who imprison real men for being real men) who are our true enemies.


  48. To all men who’se take away message from this post is that chicks are doing it wrong:

    Nut up and face reality squarely. There is no right or wrong. There is only what you do.

    What are you going to DO?

    Wait until society circles around back to some golden age that probably never existed?

    Chicks aren’t doing it wrong. They aren’t going to circle back to some previous way of doing things.

    The system is what the system is. Game the current system that exists now.



    • I agree that you have to deal with reality as you find it. Men MUST learn game and use it in their personal lives, and NOW!

      However, that does not mean sticking our heads in the sand pretending that the future will not come. Some things may be beyond our lifetimes, but many things are sure to come true much before we die – the future is not what it used to be.


    • No point fighting the system, adapt to it the best you can and work it to your advantage.


  49. First of all, I don’t think that an example of a dumbass broad who would even consider dating a prison warden could be externally valid/ generalizable to the population of ‘women’. That being said, I think that men that possess the ‘asshole’ characteristics are often times ones who also possess personality traits like motivation, self-confidence, and sometimes a propensity for emotional manipulation. Given that women are more easily subjected to emotional manipulation, it makes sense that the asshole types have greater success in drawing women to them and illiciting attention from them. Combined with the fact that assholes usually lack a sense of remorse (aka breaking up a marriage) their targets are endless; no one is exempt from consideration. From there it’s a numbers game- humans are naturally drawn to those who are deemed desirable by others, regardless of the level of social acceptance (convict) or logical reasoning. Many women are driven by an innate maternal force to nurture those who are seen as broken (asshole- “I can make him nice”) and the need for romantic validation, they chase after this poorly chosen subject in an attempt to prove to themselves that they are right and that eventually their efforts will be fruitful. This all ties back to the psychology of seduction, wherein lies the theory that seductive power is most powerful when the seducee can’t ‘figure them out’… The premise here is that mystery is the source of intrigue. I’m not referring to mystery shrouding what a person is all about or what they do with their life; mystery regarding the motivations and drives behind these manifestations. That’s what the asshole capitalizes on, whether he is smart enough to know it or not.


  50. In relation to women, modern men are over civilized.

    In order to keep a woman attracted and tamed and doing your bidding, you must let loose your inner caveman. You must be able to show violent anger. You must stop being civilized each and every moment.

    Men over moderate their emotions.

    You can be in perfect control while being passionate and extreme.

    Men need to learn the art of riding huge crests of emotion. Consider surfing a huge wave. Just because the wave is huge enough to kill you, doesn’t mean you have no control or art.

    To tame women, you must embody your inner caveman. Let him out – but not just out to run wild. Let him out and join with him. Unify your mind with your body. Unify your emotions with your intellect. Be a wild man. Don’t fear your wildest passions. Ride your wave. Bring our your wave.


  51. on September 28, 2011 at 5:14 am Proud-to-be-an-Omega-Male

    This study is a gift for Heartiste:

    The findings indicate that nice guys are likely to have fewer sexual partners but are more desired for committed relationships.

    And this one too:

    Results supported the nice guy stereotype. Lower levels of agreeableness predicted more less-committed, casual, sexual relationships.

    Maybe he should incorporate these studies into his writings, both of which are just more science supporting what Heartiste has stated countless times on this blog.


  52. I give the Arabs credit for keeping their women under control. They have the wisdom that our European forefathers had and that we’ve lost. Saudi Arabia is making a big mistake in letting women vote though.


  53. Haha, No wonder she fled with an alpha sociopath, her hubby was another delusional beta:

    “She’s still married to her husband, Randy Parker, who testified during the trial that he loves his wife”


    [Heartiste: Interesting. Proof that alpha and beta are not labels necessarily derived from one’s occupation. They are character traits.]


  54. Nothing is more evidence of hypergamy than beauty queen Emma Coronel Aispuro marrying and having the children of a Mexican drug lord.

    Yes, you read that correctly.


  55. To our host @heartiste:

    Yes, the photo in the update does say it all. And thanks for keeping this critical dimension of hypergamy front and center.


  56. I used to visit someone in a county jail and I remember being surprised at how cute some of the prisoners’ girlfriends were.


  57. on September 28, 2011 at 11:12 am greatbooksformen GBFM

    i love my wiffdffeeeee

    i looove my wiiiiffffeeeee

    who got asscocked assoccked asscocockekdkdkd by a murdereder!!! i loves her! wahahah whahaha whahaha!



  58. At last, Massachusetts has passed a law outlawing lifetime alimony. This means the feminist judges can no longer arbitrarily screw men there on this.


  59. The attraction of women to strong men over ‘good’ men, reminds me a bit of Nietzsche’s complaint against ‘slave morality’; Nietzsche lamented the glorification of Chrisitan virtues such as humility, patience, sentimentality, etc. over barbarian manly virtues such as strength, courage, independence, etc. That’s almost the definition of beta vs. alpha male.

    Nietzsche’s onto something concerning weakness. Weakness is never a virtue, it is something to be resisted; courage is to be commended, not discouraged. Many beta males feel safe within their own overregulated world of boredom and predictability — full of security, personal wealth, societal rules, agreements, pension plans, college funds,… They are always in fear, because they feel they have so much to lose. They could not walk away from imposed obligations even if they wanted to. All these material things limit their lives. The fear of losing and the following refusal of never trying to be master of your own faith signals a weakness. It is no wonder that some women lose attraction in their spouses if they choose to be good over manly — from a nice guy PoV all that would be irrational.


  60. Right, just like when the African nations divided up Europe and colonized it.


  61. Wimmen r trash.


  62. Don’t confuse ‘is’ with ‘ought’ you say. But you’re exposing lies, so it doesn’t matter for shit whether you say ‘is’ or ‘ought.’ Maybe this isn’t a pretty, self-serving lie so much as it is one of the necessary conservative lies that stop everything falling apart.

    If a guy gets fucked over by women repeatedly, spirals into a lonely but furious depression and goes on a mad killing spree – Raoul Moat springs to mind – he’s going to resolve his loneliness problem. Raoul wasn’t a reader of your blog. He must have believed that the right wing press narrative was a universal reaction- that he would be perceived as some kind of inhuman bestial ‘other’ who no-one, not just women, would ever, ever be able to relate to – he assumed that after committing his crimes there would be no reason to go on living and plugged himself when cornered by police. But he should have handed himself in and waited for the marriage proposals to come rolling in. He could have taken his pick. While boning his solicitior on the side. And then have become the world’s first serial killer PUA guru. Why spend years picking up a skillset when you can just buy a gun and become irresistible to women in a matter of minutes?


  63. Just yesterday my friend was telling me about some girl at work who wouldn’t stop talking about her boyfriend in jail.

    It’s a sad truth, but it makes sense.


  64. That NYT article was incredible, just heaving with hypocrisy. So, they’ve run us out of the house and are now jealously guarding it, because access to it is y’know all about raw talent. Though it’s all still our fault of course and they are being victimized. It all seems very aggrieving.

    Here’s my favorite though:

    “If a guy is not getting what he wants, he can quickly and abruptly go to the next one, because there are so many of us,” said Katie Deray, a senior at the University of Georgia, who said that it is common to see six provocatively clad women hovering around one or two guys at a party or a bar.

    Since that is not her style, Ms. Deray said, she has still not had a long-term relationship in college. As a fashion merchandising major, she said, she can only hope the odds improve when she graduates and moves to New York.

    Bon voyage! Perhaps the hairy arms of Glengarry shall receive you.


  65. on October 2, 2011 at 2:42 pm Charlesz Martel

    Was talking to a friend the other day, and had to add my .02. A friend of mine was telling me about his brother, who went to jail for transporting stolen money. (Bank Job) Never ratted out the Mob, and used pull to do easy time. His father disowned him, etc. When my friend visited his brother, he was playing tennis in jail and was his usual charming con-man self. After he gets out, his brother visited him in Hawaii. Where he was living in a penthouse with a Rolls-Royce ( Mob supplied) and his girlfriend, who became his wife. How’d they meet? She was the prison psychologist! My friend said he couldn’t believe it when he found out.

    My friend did say that his brother’s wife was nuts. Any bets on whether she was also hot?

    His Brother died of cancer before he was 50, some years ago. Undoubtedly enjoyed the ride, though.


  66. I don’t disagree with any of the concepts espoused here, but I wanted to caution against taking these news stories at face value.

    People don’t “escape” from maximum security prison. They are, however, quietly let out the front gate from time to time, which is usually accompanied by a rise in the warden’s economic status.

    When you read that an “escapee” is involved with the warden’s wife, the explanation is likely to have less to do with human sexual behavior than with corruption, infiltration, subornation and other crimes of the well-placed.