Seducing Women Is A Children’s Game

Here’s a little secret: some of the “routines” that pickup artists use to attract women are actually reformulations of children’s games. The games that you used to do as a child to annoy your little brother or sister, or the pig-tailed girl on the playground, are those same games that spark an attraction in adult women. Why? Because children’s games are essentially LONG FORM NEGS.

Following are examples of children’s games that you should play with women you intend to bang.

The Repeating Game

This is a classic. You repeat everything she says or does back to her. The quicker you copy her, the funnier it is. When you are repeating her words almost at the same moment as she says them (this requires a bit of prescience and luck) the hilarity will cause her BJ lips to flutter with giggles.

Almost no woman can resist the fun of the repeating game. You’ll know she’s really into it when she tries to pull a reverse psychology repeat by starting a sentence with “I”, as in “I’m a big doofus”, in which case you will have to repeat “I’m a big doofus” back to her. Just be careful not to overdo it. Wait for her to get seriously annoyed (her tone will give it away), then do it once more.


As the both of you are walking to a new venue, hit her on the shoulder or ass and yell “Tag, you’re it!”, then run away. If she chases you, she’s DTF. If she doesn’t, walk back with a look of disappointment and accuse her of lameness. Or use her non-participation as an excuse to escape, and keep running.

Stop Touching Me

Put her hand on yourself, then reprimand her by saying “Stop touching me” while pushing her hand off. Do this a few times, each time increasing the fake annoyance in your voice. “Seriously, stop touching me!” “Stop touching me or I’ll tell mom.” “Stop touching me pervy mcpervster!” “Wow, you just can’t get enough of this man goodness, can you?”

Simon Says

Girl: Will you buy me a drink?

You: You didn’t say ‘simon says’.

Girl: Simon says, buy me a drink.

You: No.

Sidewalk Cracks

This game is really fun when you are walking her back to your place for the F close. Announce “Don’t step on the cracks or you’ll break your mother’s back” and start hopping from one sidewalk square to another. If she joins you in the silliness, she’s DTF. The ridiculous fun factor goes up to 11 if you are walking with her on a cobblestone street.

Thumb Wrestling

Self-explanatory. Any situation will work. “We have to thumb wrestle for it.” You can trick her with the ‘snake in the grass’. This is where you cheat by using your index finger to pin down her thumb. If she punches you after losing, she’s DTF.

Some of you may be wondering when to play these games with women. Well, pretty much whenever you sense an opportunity. They can be played during the attraction stage as a way to tease a girl and disqualify yourself. Or you can play them while sitting with her on a couch and getting comfortable. They’re great mood lifters and routine breakers in LTRs. A woman would have to have a heart of stone not to get into the spirit of a fun, goofy game.

Children’s games work because children know how to tease. The art of teasing is lost as the years pile up and adult responsibilities deaden the soul. Teasing is extremely attractive to women because it signals you aren’t automatically impressed by them. Women love to feel like they have to earn the attraction of a man they are talking to, just as a man has to earn a woman’s attraction.

Another benefit of playing children’s games with women: they are probably the simplest way to demonstrate amused mastery.


  1. I don’t miss an opportunity to talk to children in daily life. It’s a good game training.


  2. Endorsing these strategies is really no different than women endorsing “nice guys” the endorsement is only true for men who are “already within her erotic purview.” A beta male, an unattractive man, a nerd, etc. – who tries any of these childlike games will appear to be hideously immature and socially ignorant. An already-sexy man who tries these games will find that they allow him escalate kino and attraction faster. Sexy men can get away with murder (sometimes literally!).

    As such, I think that these games don’t really help unattractive men in any fundamental way…

    [Heartiste: Sure they do, as long as the beta has the confidence to pull them off. Now please go troll another blog. Your kind has ‘been here, done that’, and your objections have been answered many times before. That you refuse to engage those objections in good faith suggests you are a troll of the nth degree.]


  3. The more I practice, the more I’m convinced that good game is 90% body language, and the rest is fluff in comparison.

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    • Language has only been around for an evolutionary blink of the eye. It makes sense that non-verbal forms of communication (like posture, body language, or facial expressions) would be more arousing to the animal nature of woman.


  4. Good stuff.
    It reminds me of one of my favorite openers (I think Mystery came up with it):

    “Remember when we were kids and you could just make new friends whenever you wanted… and you said ‘want to be my friend?’ Do you want to by my new friend?”

    Childhood stuff is great. But I’d be careful not to overdo it with the lawyercunt types.


  5. Another one is that stupid ass game where you make a circle with your thumb and index finger and put it on your thigh and say “Hey” and look down at it. They’re supposed to look down because you did. When they see it they know they fucked up.


  6. One of my favourites is – should you get up to refill your drink – grab her leg and start dragging her off the couch for no reason. A mix of pointless fun, and subtle dominance.

    “What are you doing?”

    “Nothing,” rakish grin.

    “No – no – no – no – no!” Giggle/gina tingle.


    • Instead of saying “nothing” you should say “Me Tarzan, you Jane!” You’re a caveman dragging her off to your “cave” for a little fun….


  7. I use “stop hitting yourself”.


    • Lock eyes, in a serious tone “give me your hand”. Tension builds as she puts her hand in yours. Procede with “stop hitting yourself”.


  8. That’s really cute! ❤ Does it work on guys as well?

    [Heartiste: We’ve been through this before, troll. You know the answer already. Tits, ass and face work on guys. Teasing a guy will hardly have any impact on how attractive he finds you, except as a signal that his game is working on you.]


  9. Thumb wrestling is such a go-to move for me. You don’t even need a pretext, just stick out your hand. If she looks confused, look at her like she’s an idiot and grab her hand.


  10. I like ignoring them like I do children. Not completely, just enough.

    All those games though, be careful playing them with those 27-29 year olds. DTF turns into sperm stealing whores in no time at all.

    Here, even journalists for large publications admit to entrapping you:


  11. Possibly a bit off topic, but what exactly is the difference between negs, shit tests, and banter?

    I’ve always thought as banter as playful teasing as largely described in the post. When I’ve found a girl who was good at it, it was an absolute pleasure. Obviously, there are things w/her that are even greater pleasures, but banter is something I thoroughly enjoy and seek out in a woman.

    I thought negs were for when she is just being mean using a shit-test and were meant as a way to tell her that I’m not going to tolerate your behavior while keeping your cool.

    I realize that I may be wrong. I’m just looking for clarification.


    • on November 8, 2011 at 8:50 pm The Chrome Microphone

      Negs are subtle insults or backhanded compliments to lower her value

      Shit tests are things she does or says to ascertain your value as a man

      Banter is light-hearted back and forth and isn’t necessarily specific to game or male-female interaction


      • like telling a 40 yr old woman if she bought her grandchildren if the gift she is holding is for her grandkids, and saying how nice she is.

        diabolical…. 😉


  12. Playing Mercy is better than all of these. Tell her to wrap both her hands around your non-dominant hand, and then make her scream mercy. Chicks love it, and it’s much more dominant than thumb war.

    You can transition into it by shaking her hand and commenting on her strength, preferably facetiously.


  13. Holy shit i’m getting married just to avoid this boring crap.


    • Flirting is so boring! I’d rather be engaged in something serious and worthy of my pretensions… where are you guys all going?

      [Heartiste: heh.]


      • Hey, I’m not arguing with the facts. Its very possible that childish crap such as this is necessary to score some pussy.

        I happen to think that’s sad. We all should. Men used to be able to score pussy without playing simon says.

        [Heartiste: What is it with you anti-gamera and haters that false premises are the only coin of the realm you trade in? It’s not *necessary* to play these games to score pussy. But it does help. It’s just another tool in the game toolbox. Use at your discretion.
        Jesus Christ it’s like I’m reprimanding a class of autistics.]


      • Hey no offense intended, you have done much good for this world.

        But its you who are marketing the blog to autistics when you make it a catalogue of lame game techniques.

        [Heartiste: There’s always someone who will find any one particular game technique to be lame. That doesn’t discredit the technique.]

        The level of the game talked about here used to be higher.

        [I bet you could go all the way back into the archives and find at least one commenter per post saying the same thing you are saying here.]

        Too high it convinced me to get out of the market, as a matter of fact.

        Its a pity the left half of the bell curve always finds a way of ruining everything.

        [If you seriously think these kinds of goofy games aren’t excellent flirting techniques and LTR management tactics then you obviously haven’t tried them. Hint: Not too many younger women like sticks in the mud.]


      • Flirting is boring? Duude.

        Flirting is one of the main things about seduction…it really, really is.


    • Boring crap beats stupid crap, like marriage. You should start hiding your money now. Though usually poor folk are the ones suckered into marriage, so maybe that won’t be much of an issue for you below the poverty line.


      • I’ll second the boring beats stupid remarks. I wouldn’t say that the poor folk are the only one suckered into marriage as it is these days- seems there’s a lot of money to be made assraping men as a divorce attorney these days.


    • The point is that it’s not boring if you enjoy pure fun with a woman that is sexually attractive to you. If you doubt yourself in something this simple it’s probably because you take yourself too seriously. I bookmarked this post because it’s a nice reminder that the best ways to have fun with a girl are the easiest


  14. on November 8, 2011 at 2:24 pm mavala (wife & mother)

    My husband will bite my finger, and when I complain that it hurts, bite stronger and stronger, making signs with his hands that he wants to hear me to scream “stop! it hurts!” louder. Only when I can not bear it no more will he release my finger and laugh.


    • on November 8, 2011 at 6:10 pm Rant Casey - BR

      I bite the ass of my girlfriend often. And then give it a rub like when you take an injection and they sub cotton + alcohol.

      She screams “nooooo! alcoholllll nooooooo!”

      She’s good game.


      • on November 8, 2011 at 6:13 pm Rant Casey - BR

        Errata: read “rub” instead of “sub”.

        I was just reading about bondage and commited a freudian slip. lol


  15. I also take them to playgrounds for dates.


  16. That sounds like some fun to me. Better having fun than being bored.


  17. “Take her to the zoo!” (Pauly Game?)


  18. In parts of Sweden there is the yellow car game where you lightly hit the other person as soon as you see a yellow car (might not work if your taxi cars are yellow since it would happen too often). This game can be done every day over the course of a few years.


    • We call it “punch buggy” in the U.S. You hit them when you see a VW Beetle—not a hugely common car, but with enough older models and newer wannabes to make it interesting.

      Be sure you tell her she hits like a girl.


      • Actually, it works wonders with the LTR I’ve got going right at the moment- in spades actually. (And there’s quite a few where I’m at and it pisses her off to no end when I drive by a dealership… >:-D)

        If you’re not going to have silly fun with it every once and a while, you’re probably doing it wrong. I’m in it to live life to the fullest and have as much friggin fun as I can have while doing it. After 15 years of beta HELL with two fucking BPD women, I’ve had it with trying to be serious all the time.

        To those that think this is retarded, you probably ought to give it a bit of an honest try of it. It works better than you’d think and you might actually have a bit of fun other than just nailing broads.


  19. Five minutes of Alpha: how Steve McQueen got a hot model / biggest female movie star in the world to give up her career and be his subservient housewife—while he openly cheated on her:

    Money quotes:

    “No way was he going to allow his young wife to resume her career, even if she was the hottest female star in Hollywood.As far as Steve McQueen was concerned, Ali was better off barefoot and pregnant, serving him up meat and potatoes at 6pm precisely, which he’d devour alone in front of the TV.”
    —old school alpha. And she loved every minute of it.

    “Even the gossip columnists knew he was cheating on Ali — by renting a suite at the Beverly Wilshire in LA for quickies, though no one quite dared put it that way in print.”
    —openly cheating, but even gossip columnists wouldn’t dare mention it. Absolute control.

    “sometimes only chose to communicate in grunts”
    —-caveman, but from a small, scrawny man. How much frame did he control?

    “Hard to believe now that he was widely viewed as the most attractive alpha male of his time.”
    —only someone poisoned by feminism would think or say this.

    “‘I was obsessed with Steve from the moment he stepped into my world, and there was never enough air for me to breathe to change that feeling. He was very taken with me, too, although I wasn’t necessarily his dream lady physically.”
    —Wow. Just wow. She admits her alpha obsession with him, and how alpha presence alone physically messed with her. And check her insecurity about her looks—a former model and red-hot movie star!—– he’s still negging her, from beyond the grave.

    And the final coda to this ultimate alpha story?

    After their divorce, she never remarried. She’s still obsessed with him.

    Ultimate Alpha: Steve McQueen.


    • Impressive.

      But still, he got cuckolded (funny how the fembot writer wonders why he doesn’t trust women, right after referring to his first wife’s infidelity).

      It means that being too alpha can backfire. 90-95% alpha, 5-10% beta. That’s the dosage of a LTR.

      That is, if one cares enough to keep a woman around.


    • Illustrating the differences between male and female attraction, when both were asked how they first met, gentlemen I give you Ali McGraw and Steve McQueen:
      Ali: “He walked into my life as Mr. Humble, no ego, one of the guys. Steve was this very original, principled guy who didn’t seem to be part of the system, and I loved that. He was clever, demure, exciting and had all the answers. I bought that act in the first second. We had this electrifying, obsession attraction.”

      Steve: “She had the nicest ass I’ve ever seen on a woman.”

      from “Steve McQueen: Portrait of an American Rebel” by Marshall Terrill

      [Heartiste: hilarious! I knew there was a reason I like ol steverino.]


    • No way was Ali MacGraw the hottest Hollywood actress of her day. She’s an 8.


      • Doug1 wrote: “No way was Ali MacGraw the hottest Hollywood actress of her day.”

        Who else you got? Sure she was. If not she was right up there. Jane Fonda or Julie Christie, maybe? Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, Britt Ekland? De gustibus.


    • MY favorite quote of his,” I live for myself and I answer to noone.”

      words to live by.


  20. Truth. I worked as a substitute teacher and as a 1-on-1 guitar teacher for a spell, and that time around kids has helped me tap into an “I’m in total control, but I’ll keep it light,” “benevolent king” frame of mind around women.

    I think the evolutionary psychology takeaway here is not “women are children,” but “women are would-be mothers.” A guy who can operate on this childish level is, incidentally, indicating that he’d be alright at raising kids.


    • I like the way CH referred to this frame of mind (I’m not sure if he coined the term): amused mastery.

      The disinterestedness of the ‘amused master’ signals that he has options and that he is comfortably off (not necessarily materially). I don’t think it has to do with how well he gets along with kids.


    • I was told that in college already for that very reason. Still no kids though. I can’t imagine that Texas judge who beat his daughter being too playful around the house.


    • There’s a lot of truth in that. Even if you don’t like playing the kids games with the dames, hinting that you do can get the hamster going and make her think you’ll be good with kids.

      I have some body damage that women ask me about — a missing tooth, some pretty rough facial scars and body scars, etc.

      If a woman asks me how I lost my tooth or got a scar, my answer is always childish and light.

      Her: “Wow, that looks painful, when did that happen?”

      Me: “I was playing Duck Duck Goose and I had an accident.”

      Her: “What?? When you were little?”

      Me: “Nah, two years back.”

      Works like a charm, every time.


    • Listener wrote: “I think the evolutionary psychology takeaway here is not ‘women are children,’ but ‘women are would-be mothers.’ A guy who can operate on this childish level is, incidentally, indicating that he’d be alright at raising kids.”

      Women are both children and “would-be mothers.” That schizophrenia forms a tension to be exploited, a contradiction you keep them bouncing between, from extreme to extreme, to generate whiplash energy. You are her father-figure or her partner-mate, stable-protector or adventurer-lover, depending on circumstance and need. Too much of the former and she is infantalized, too much of the latter and she starts having destructive fantasies of equality (which lead to a nameless loathing and loss of her sexual identity).

      “Benevolent king” is a good approach/attitude.

      The “all right at raising kids” angle, as some say above, is fine insofar as it plays to a woman’s conscious understanding of her attraction. But we all know that her check list is faulty at best, diametrically opposed to what truly seduces her at worst. She is not attracted to kid-friendly skills for her own future kids so much as for the permanent child inside every woman (the premise of Heartiste’s post above). The supplication/obsequiousness that accompanies a typical “good with kids” character — beyond the teasing playfulness — will give off beta vibes, those tingle killers which women insist attract them but in reality do no such thing.

      Gamers confuse this balance. Sometimes they honor the need for benevolence by insisting on deliberate beta game. But because they automatically characterize all such fatherly affections like protectiveness and generosity to be white knighting born of weakness, they will insist that any deployment of those traits be a disingenuous means to an end. In truth, charity is the yin against which the darker yang is defined and made effective, the necessary bright background that allows contrast for the PUA methods we all know and love by throwing them into high relief.

      But men today are shell-shocked and war-weary from the battle of the sexes into which we were born. We want out of the trenches and into covert activity, where women in their postmodern pomposity are more vulnerable than ever to the sneak-attack. PTSD veterans that we are, we aren’t inclined to see the gentle treatment of the opposition as anything other than an expression of unjustifiable sympathy with the enemy.


  21. “Scaring” them with ghost stories and/or trips to cemeteries at night work this way too.


  22. Play Hot Hands or a Wet Willie in the opposite ear.


  23. “If it worked when you were in kindergarten, it works now.”

    Don’t become a dancing monkey with it though. Remember that it’s not the game that’s building attraction it’s what the game demonstrates about you that does (showing you aren’t trying to impress her, instigating touch, teasing, self-amusement, etc). With the wrong frame shit will come off weird (like Horse Girl).


  24. I have had great success with incorporating a “pinky swear” into one of the earlier dates. Though… I would recommend keeping the “oath” lighthearted.


  25. OT: Ciao, Silvio. You remain an inspiration to red-blooded men everywhere.


  26. I get good reactions from picking her up and carrying her over my shoulder. It feels scary to them and they love it.


  27. “Women love to feel like they have to earn the attraction of a man they are talking to, just as a man has to earn a woman’s attraction.”

    Sentences like these make me want to fall in love with you. What an amusing change.


  28. Wrestling is another simple, easy one. Letting her win a little then effortlessly pinning her down will make her totally ready for what comes next. You can see it in their eyes. Physical domination is insta-lube.


    • Ya know, this is true, especially nowadays, with the laughable “grrl-power” movement and vastness of the beta pool.

      I’ve challenged or been challenged a few new girls to arm wrestling. I tell them to start, then jokingly keep asking them when they will start before easily pinning them.

      Given that beta men 1) shy away from physically dominating women; 2) are physically weak; and 3) will deliberately “lose” to a girl to make them “feel better”, the move is a great DHV. Many girls get a weird wet shine in their eyes afterwards I only now recognize to be instinctual attraction to a man proud to exhibit physical and social dominance.

      But still, its no Steve McQueen.


    • Totally agree. Just picking them up and whirling them around a bit gets them going.

      They will scream “Stop, you’ll hurt yourself!” A shit test response to which you toss them up an inch or two and tell them to STFU.

      Minor wrestling moves help. That was my sport in school and the one with the best application in real, adult life.

      This technique is good reason 1) not to date a real fatty and 2) keep lifting the weights.




  30. on November 8, 2011 at 4:40 pm John Norman Howard

    “I know you are, but what am I?”

    /gots nuthin’


  31. Principle is sound–but all these are silly and would need modification to work in an adult setting, except for thumb wrestling, which has kino along with the game/teasing.

    [Heartiste: The repeating game works really well on chicks, and especially on gfs. Of course, context matters. There are situations when these kinds of goofy teasing games will feel clumsy and forced. You get a feel for when the timing is right.]


  32. on November 8, 2011 at 5:20 pm Corporal Hicks

    A man who doesn’t care what others think of him is irresistible to women. Period.

    Just. don’t. give. a. fuck. and women will LOVE you.


  33. on November 8, 2011 at 5:22 pm Corporal Hicks

    Betas have taken the blue bill and thus are unable to see the women for what they really are (hypergamous, amoral, promiscuous, dangerous fireballs of estrogen)


  34. Damn straight.

    Well,maybe not the last. Eastwood is still around.


  35. “Are you ticklish?”

    “Only in certain places…”

    “Like here?”

    “Haha no!”

    “What about here…” etc

    In a LTR it can get to the point where a “ghost” tickle will cause her to burst into fits of laughter from 4 feet away. Just wiggle your fingers while walking towards her and she’ll ball up defensively and start giggling.


    • nice one. soooooo true. women love aggressive men, and tickling is by nature aggressive because women can’t stop you


  36. women come to resent guys who take them seriously, so treat women as children – they’ll love you for it.

    of course, some situations require some seriousness. just remember, if you can give her five minutes of alpha, she’ll let you get away with five seconds of beta.

    when in doubt, go the non-serious route.

    i do a slight variation of the repeating game:

    on the third or fourth repetition, do a rapid-fire repetition like a broken record.

    ‘i’m a big doofus….click….i’m a big doofus….click….i’m a big doofus….’ with a subtle but sharp jerk of the head on the clicks.


  37. I just make playful sexual gestures throughout the day and use this as a form of extended foreplay. I joke around a lot and will enact a playful demeanor. Works great. I also make up humorous songs and will sing them around the house to make a point or neg her or whatever. Unsnapping bras unexpectedly also works well. If a woman is bitchy do it 2-3 times in a row. If she’s still bitchy,do the repeat her words game on her and unsnap her bra some more. As a minimum, you can get her to wrestle you and then its a short trip to the bedroom. I’ll call my wife mean several times a day and she never is. CG Jung also commented on the childlike sense of euphoria one feels when one is in love. This is all an expression of those games and are intrinsic to courtship. Extending that feeling indefinitely works wonders in an LTR.


  38. I also like to pull on my wife’s ears and call her silly names.


  39. Teasing is beaten out of kids by pc it doesn’t just disappear


  40. Tickling, brushing of hair, grabbing her nose..touching your face—all the kinds of things you’d do with a small child or baby seem to work for me.

    This kind of small kino if done with negs, push-pull works tremendously.

    I tried this with a “back turn” the other day with a girl I was gaming who was giving me IOI’s.

    After chatting, kinoing, teasing her….I just suddenly turned around and walked away as if distracted.

    Two seconds later she was sidling up beside me trying to make conversation.

    The things mentioned in this post seem to trigger some kind of surprise or strong attaction.


  41. Heartiste, why do I get the feeling you’d be a lot of fun on a date?

    [Heartiste: Trust your instinct.]


  42. Women Orgasm More For Wealthy Men
    A British researcher finds that women come more often in the arms of wealthy men.

    “Women’s orgasm frequency increases with the income of their partner,” said Dr Thomas Pollet, the Newcastle University psychologist
    behind the research.

    He believes the phenomenon is an “evolutionary adaptation” that is hard-wired into women, driving them to select men on the basis of their perceived quality.
    The study is certain to prove controversial, suggesting that women are inherently programmed to be gold-diggers.

    Women are turned on by wealthy men. It really is true. But the idea that stereotypes are true of course is evil crimethink. We are encouraged to respond to such thoughts by engaging in what Orwell called CrimeStop. But the mental
    technique of CrimeStop is protective stupidity.
    I do not feel more safe as a result of the promotion of this mental technique.

    The desire of women for a wealthy man seems an obvious product of evolution. That people behave in ways that are a product of our evolutionary history seems obvious to me. Of course ignorant people come up with all sorts of alternative explanations for why we behave as well do.

    Cassie is unrepentant about dating rich men. “Of course it is much better to sleep with men with lots of money,” said the 27-year-old lawyer from London. “Any girl who tells you different is lying. Rich men are powerful and successful and confident and charismatic. They know what they want, and they go out and get it. That translates to being fantastic in bed.”

    Women do pick up on the confidence of a successful alpha male and most are attracted to it. So pick-up artists like Roisy advocate a strategy of adopting alpha male behaviors as pick-up techniques. While some (though not all) of his female readers object to the efficacy of these techniques I think he’s right overall. But if you can create wealth then you’ll do even better. Alpha behavior techniques plus wealth work
    better than just wealth or just the techniques. So it still helps to get rich.

    We are the products of our evolutionary history Denying this does not change us. The denial just leads us into rationalizations to explain why we engage in behaviors that are evolutionary strategies.


    • on November 9, 2011 at 3:33 am Too Smart To Fail

      Heartiste, be honest with me, I’ve read these posts for over a year and I’m aware of the context, it is nothing new to me, I have assimilated the info, I’ve applied the game, I’ve done the whole 9 yards.
      You guys are going to crown me Omega of the Year, but I’m cool with that because nothing seems to work.
      I am 32, multi-millionaire, 6’2″ 180lbs., multiple college degree’s, men’s fitness cover model physique, world traveled, speak multiple languages, you name it or want it, I got it!
      All the things you think would be impressive, attractive, and what woman desire, but not so in reality. What you guys think is attractive to woman is only intimidating to them because they are sooo insecure. They are not these self-entiltled anal princessess you think they are. That is their front towards you!!
      You mention that I should only be shooting for 9’s and 10’s, yet I keep getting the ‘you’re too good for me bs’. Yes, woman go from attracted and intrigued, to what’s the point, this guy’s a fucking stuck up asshole!!
      I know I can’t get any better looking, more money is not going to help, applying the game only makes woman feel more inferior and me more unattainable. Seriously, I need some advice! I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, the only thing I hear is ‘You’ll find the one’. Fuck that!
      I asked my female friends, who coincidentally, think I’m just too picky and my standards are impossible to meet (womanese for ‘I’m too insecure with all the girls eyeing you’). What happened to having reasonable standards? Heartiste, I’m not desperate for woman, I can get laid whenever I want, but I’m never attracted to woman who have the courage to approach, chat, dance, whatever. The DHV is real, not fake.
      The majority of inhabitants on this planet don’t live like me, have the freedom I have, or the experiences, knowledge, or power.
      Honestly, I think woman are jealous of me instead of attracted, however that works. How the fuck can life be so great for me, and no woman?
      Do woman look at guy like guys look at woman and think, ‘He would never go for me’?
      Heartiste, if you joined me for one evening out, I know you could pin-point the problem I am faced with, but I can’t see it nor can anyone else. I’m not trolling, but it’s getting to the point that my parents can’t figure out what is going on, how can you have everything going on, and no girls?? I’m am straight as an arrow, no question.
      Can you help a brother out?


      • Go to Kiev. Hang out in cafes near the opera house and ask women if they speak English. You will be meeting women from Chevchenko University, the top university in Ukraine, and will meet more sexy, high caliber, marriageable women than you ever thought possible.


      • on November 9, 2011 at 2:59 pm Too Smart To Fail

        I didn’t make it to Ukraine or eastern europe on my last european trip, I’ve got my serbian/bulgarian language skills on point. Still working on my russian.
        I will definitely visit Chevchenko on my way to Hungary next year! Thanks!


      • I’m not desperate for woman, I can get laid whenever I want

        then what’s the problem?


      • Yes – do you mean by no woman no woman who meets your criteria that has accepted your desire for a serious relationship? I’d guess that’s it.

        I can only sit cross legged in front of you and listen to what to me are fantastic tales – cause your world is so distant from mine. I’ve got to work with very different tools than you do – especially in terms of looks.

        But I’m very curious about your situation and how it gets resolved.

        I’m going to guess displays of humbleness will be recommended. Perhaps styling yourself in a pink or pastel shirt – generally toning down your masculinity and playing up the vulnerability.


      • on November 9, 2011 at 3:21 pm Too Smart To Fail

        Xsplat, I know you live outside the US, is it malaysia, thialand, or phillipines?
        I share your view on american woman, however, I never indicate I’m looking for a serious relationship, but yes, very, very few woman meet my criteria. That is only because 9’s and 10’s (inside and out) are rare.
        I do the qualifying. I do play the alpha sprinkled with beta. I am very humble because life was not easy for me growing up and eventhough I share the dark triad of traits, I do sympathize with those who struggle and in many ways are at a disadvantage in life. Working out and working in a highly competitve business keeps the masculine side strong, but a strong leader encourages and helps those around him strive to do better. That is as far as I’m letting my vulnerable surface. Thanks Xsplat, your advice is well-recieved.


      • on November 9, 2011 at 3:08 pm Too Smart To Fail

        Itsme, if you have female acquaintances that are up for a romp, but you know they don’t fuck guys 3-4 points higher than them, and if you are a 9-10 male, it is not very appealing or enticing. For me, it’s the quality, not the quantity. As Heartiste mentioned, I should only be shooting for 9’s and 10’s.


      • Yes, woman go from attracted and intrigued, to what’s the point, this guy’s a fucking stuck up asshole!!
        I know I can’t get any better looking, more money is not going to help, applying the game only makes woman feel more inferior and me more unattainable.

        then turn down your game a bit. don’t dress too flashy, drive a nice but not outrageous car, don’t flash too much cash, etc. try to come across as well off, not filthy rich.

        also, in your post you come across sounding like an entitled whiney little bitch. if girls get even a slight whiff of that, their pussies will dry up.

        I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, the only thing I hear is ‘You’ll find the one’.

        there’s no such thing as an ideal woman, they’re all a set of compromises.

        I asked my female friends



      • on November 9, 2011 at 5:10 pm Too Smart To Fail

        Itsme, I do like to keep a bit of mystery about myself, no need to give the candy store away. I do dress nice, almost to a dandy, but I never flaunt the cash, park the ride up front, brag about my house, or boast about my accomplishments. These things, I reveal gradually after she has earned my attention. Consequently, woman view me as LT potential and modify their behavior accordingly, the one-night stand they want every night!
        Try-hard to impress is different than having those things impressive that requires talent, hard work and/or brains.The thing with people who have money is that they think they are entitled just because they have money. They forget that there is always someone who has more. This is a poor strategy to employ initially. However, that is not to say that the power that comes from having money is not attractive to woman either.

        The getting laid part.. Quality trumps quantity. I’m not interesting in banging woman below an 8, for practice or sport. Or woman that fuck 3-4-5-6-7 men, not that I don’t want those guy getting laid, I just prefer woman who can fuck guys like me. Absent from many american woman today, I am highly attracted to woman with integrity and character. Beauty is a difficult judge of character, an the idea of a great mother for my children is highly arousing..
        And of course, but not least..
        As GBFM would say, “I have the Full-Hazmat containment suit, with kevlar re-enforced goggles and snorkel-lens for when you go down on her tuna salad!

        Very Romantic!


      • Assuming you’re not a troll, I don’t get it. You have it all, you attract women, you get laid, and then they dump you because you’re too perfect?

        Something is missing.

        On one of Tyler Durden’s videos (Yareally posted similar videos in the last post or so, I think it’s in there), he refers to a typical problem encountered by rich dudes. The chick follows him and then, when they get in his fancy car, or in his mega-mansion, she starts to play games, like “I’m not that type of girl”, “You’re too perfect for me”, “I want to know you better”….

        They just want to play coy, to prove that they’re not slutty and to ensure that you’re gonna commit…

        Either it’s that, in which case the only solution is to game them harder and ignore their coyness or the problem is with your expectations.
        You’re looking for a hard 9 with a perfect feminine personality. I guess it’s hard to find, most of the beautiful chicks I ever encountered are either too slutty or too entitled.
        The perfect marriage material feminine specimens are in the 7-8 range.

        It’s hard to be a pair-bonder in this day and age. My advice would be to keep playing the field, hard. It’s not written in the stars that you’re gonna find a perfect match.
        Or explain your problem better, because honestly, I don’t understand exactly what the fuck you’re complaining about.


      • on November 10, 2011 at 2:49 pm Too Smart To Fail

        Matador, I like your thesis that a 35 year-old man should aim to marry a 25 year-old woman. I’m not a rich dude, I’ve come a long way, I live comfortably, and my life continues to improve.
        Your synopsis of what transpires is accurate, they play coy, hide the overt sexual whore’s they want to be, and try to get me to re-frame them as investment material. The car says a lot without saying a word, but the car is as far as it gets. The house can be a double-edged sword, I might mention something she might be interested in seeing, to build her interest and intrique in wanting to see where I live, then I postpone that curiosity into the future.
        You are addressing my complaint, how do I get around this by gaming harder without saying your an anal princess who used to give it up for free, and you want me to pay for it?


      • on November 12, 2011 at 4:53 pm So, Do the Zonk

        “The perfect marriage material feminine specimens are in the 7-8 range.”

        Spot on. Beautiful girls are all psycho. Their beauty is a thing apart from themselves that has a drug-like effect on people, that is at once a free ticket to everything and a curse. And then they start to hit the wall and get treated like normal human beings for the first time, and it is a shock, and they go even more psycho. A girl who is sweet and slim and 7 at 25 will be pretty much the same at 40. A 9 at 25 will be a miserable 40 since she used to be queen of the world, and she thought that was the order of nature.


      • my first impression is that you sound like a total narcissist. im not trying to slight you; its an honest opinion since i know many have-it-all types who don’t have the issues you do. i know the perfect guy types, w $, looks, body, education etc. it is true that many girls are intimidated by them, which is why they have to make themselves approachable in other ways.

        the fact you emphasize all that you have speaks volumes to me. it does not matter one lick (for the goal you seek, although it certainly doesn’t hurt). the whole point of this blog is that *everything* is about internal frame. i know people much wealthier than you that are the happiest ppl on earth as well as those who are the most miserable ppl on earth. whats the difference? some like negative drama and are all wrapped in their heads, and others love everything and attract good things and vibes as a result. you want to find a quality girl? get out a lot, take up hobbies where you interact with lots of new people. smile! don’t be on the prowl for a girl that’s “worthy of mr perfect”. enjoy the good life with the resources you have, and youll be alright. fwiw, my best looking guy friends often don’t physically date up. 10s can get really tiring when they live off looks (which is usually the case). consider dating who you are attracted to, not who you think you “worthy” of you.


      • on November 10, 2011 at 3:24 pm Too Smart To Fail

        I like your attitude and your advice. At times, I have difficulty interpreting a woman’s level of interest, I confuse her nervousness with either being unconfident or highly attracted, but uncomfortable with her feelings. I can assume the attraction from every girl I encounter, but the interaction moves forward with finess when she is at ease with herself. So, what I am gathering here is ‘turn your game down a little if she is intimidated’, and ‘turn your game up, when she is playing coy’.
        10’s with brains never get boring! I’m very hypergamous, and a 10 that keeps my interest, keeps me keen and committed. I find dating multiple woman time consuming and less productive. I find my ambition increases, my drive accelerates, and the desire to pursue a higher quality of life increases when a prospect worthy of commitment enters the picture. I feel satisfied I can achieve greatness with her by myside, instead of being pre-occupied with always looking for something better. So yeah, Alpha’s commit, but you had better be one hell of woman!


      • cool. i didnt mean to allege you were actually a narcissist; you would not have humbly asked for advice if you were. just saying you seemed to emphasize the physical, which is one of the main symptoms. but you are obviously smart enough to see past it.

        10s or close w solid inner beauty + intel exist, they aren’t even that rare. you might not get a victorias secret type, but certainly something close to that scale of physical attractiveness. what is rare is finding them at the right time; single, no emotional drama, in a situation where you can have an in. but if all you say about yourself is true and your frame is right, you just might find yourself a holy grail; but they usually pop up when you least expect it. so don’t stress the search too much.

        the one thing i would suggest is going out with a female friend(s). you will be much more approachable and they usually make the best wingppl. the girl does not even need to be beautiful either. its the best form of social proof in my experience.


      • Question.

        Do you want to be attracted to the ones that have the courage to approach,chat, dance etc?

        If so, straight out tell them that you like it better when you approach, chat, dance, whatever. And you will when and if your ready.

        Maybe that will start your own hamster whirring, you like a challenge don’t ya.


      • on November 10, 2011 at 3:46 pm Too Smart To Fail

        Can you handle the intense anxiety of feeling insecure that your man is desirable to the most attractive woman? Do you crave the feeling of intense sexual attraction for him because he is desired, while finding it highly arousing that he only longs for you?
        If you find such a man, will you be truly comfortable falling into extreme sexual bliss, allowing yourself to become immersed in the throws of passionate ectacy???? or is your self-perception of inadequacy going sabotage your pursuit of enduring multiple body-quivering orgasms?

        Yes, I love when woman approach. I game them harder, turn them on more, and leave them wetter than before. I am a cooch-tease in that regard. Yeah, you got it.


      • “You see, I sit across from a man. I see his face. I see his eyes. Now, does it matter if he wants a hundred dollars of paper or a hundred million dollars of deep sea drilling equipment. Don’t be a fool. He wants respect. He wants love. He wants to be younger. He wants to be attractive. There is no such thing as a product. Don’t ever think there is. There is only sex. Everything is sex. Do you understand that what I am telling you is a universal truth?”

        — Robert California – The Office


      • Too Smart To Fail wrote: “I’ve read these posts for over a year and I’m aware of the context, it is nothing new to me, I have assimilated the info, I’ve applied the game, I’ve done the whole 9 yards. … nothing seems to work.”

        Student comes closest to pinpointing the problem. You are too self-conscious about technique and analysis and incidentals and not enough into the the vibe and the way of life.

        The traits you claim of yourself are hindrances more than assets because you are fixated on them as delivery vehicles rather than the subordinate complementary factors to your core swagger. If you were starting with less raw material, you’d be more in tune with your fundamental deficiencies.

        Technique and deception will only get you so far. All of this game trickery is designed for creating a temporary diversion to go in, grab what you want (sex), and leave before the truth catches up with you.

        If you are indeed a multimillionaire, I find it incredible that I have to ask you this, but: What precisely is your goal? As many 10’s as possible in the next ten years? A harem? A long-term relationship? Once you decide on the end-point, you can work backwards to where you are now, using game at every step along the way. One flaw is your lack of focus.

        If you can’t game women who think you’re too good for them, or women “jealous” of your success, you must be willfully sabotaging yourself at some point or utterly misreading the advice from game sources. It simply does not compute, and you are withholding some key information about your situation. Women are not envious of success, they are primordially attracted to the smallest sign of it.

        I suppose there could be some A+ unapproachability about you, like a famous actor or supermodel in a room full of much less intimidating B+’s, but that is easily disarmed through self-deprecation. Your inability to make women relax in your presence has less to do with them than it does to do with you and your by-the-numbers approach.

        Your best practical move is to befriend an alpha mentor (somewhere other than the internet). That you don’t already have a number of candidates in your circle of acquaintances — to whom this peculiar plea for advice should have been addressed — makes me suspect much of your self-assessment is either exaggerated or flat-out false.

        You have somehow figured out a way to make the accoutrements of power and success stymie your pussy hunt? How do you fuck that up? Seriously, give us more because you are currently making little sense. That rarefied air of freedom you claim as your environment is the alpha’s domain, and, even if you haven’t stumbled your way into alpha yourself, you should have plenty of examples among your acquaintance. Or else I call bullshit.


    • on November 9, 2011 at 3:34 am Too Smart To Fail

      I see.


  43. on November 8, 2011 at 9:57 pm DoesNotMatter

    motherfucking gold this post is. Better than the posts on the MRM issues


  44. on November 8, 2011 at 11:16 pm gbfm lzozolzlz

    lzoozozozozoz a peite asian college hootiie left her shirt in my car after hanging out

    she came back to get it but i was gone

    she texted me about it

    i texted back, “can i wear it out a few days first?”



  45. hilarious that this post came up

    Just this past week I have been playing the repeating game like crazy. I love acting like a complete jackass, knowing i’m acting like a jackass, and her knowing i’m acting like a jackass.

    bitches love it for sure


  46. This actually the first good post in a LONG time. I have a daughter and I LOVE LOVE LOVE teasing her. I constantly repeat her, cheat when horse playing, and so on.

    She always laughs, tries to “get even”, and she always tries to “one up” me.

    Just this morning I was playing the repeat game with a girl over text messaging. Before I played the game the texting was kind of boring, she wasn’t playing and I was taking care of homework. So, I just threw in some repeats to have fun and then she wanted to know about what I was doing, when I wanted to meet up, etc.

    Act like a big fucking kid and chicks will love ya.

    Side story. I was on an airline coming back from my dad’s funeral in chicago to San Diego. We all got our drinks in those little cups and I was having fun talking to the girl next to me. The stewardess starts coming through collecting cups. The people in aisle seats were putting their cups in her trashbag, but she was grabbing middle seat and window seat cups.

    In a split second I thought of being a jackass. When she got to my seat, she reached for my cup and I went to hand it to her. Just as she was about to grab my cup, i took it away from her and laughed. Both the stewardess and the girl next to me laughed as I did it. Chicks love silly stupid games


  47. interesting. Similar to McQueen most alpha-males i know personally are bastard children.

    [Heartiste: Not been my observation. But it has been my observation that most rejects, criminals and drug addicts are bastard spawn.]


    • Some of the strongest Alpha males I’ve met have terrible relationships with their fathers. They rebelled against the rules their fathers set down – preferring to be on their own than to submit to another man. In some cases, they also disliked their mothers, but only where their mothers took their father’s side or favored an older/younger sibling over them.

      Bottom line, many (not all) Alpha males have poor or non-existent relationships with their parents.


  48. Have you ever been to Prague?


  49. What if her reaction is something along the lines of “Wow, you’re so mature”


  50. Whack-a-mole at arcades.


  51. Long before I’d ever been aware of formal Game I’d been doing the ‘kid’s play’ route with women. One thing that worked like fucking magic was a variation of the “stop touching me” game. As I was driving us to wherever we were going (usually to bang) I would causally wait for her to look away for a moment and then poke her like kids do in the car to annoy each other. Then quickly pretend like it wasn’t me who poked her, and I’m the only other person in the car.

    It’s funnier than hell the first time you do this, because it kind of shocks her back into the ‘bratty sister’ frame of mind. It conveys that you’re fun, but it also kind of reminds them not to take themselves too seriously, and in a very nuanced way it playfully serves as a Neg that tells them “I see through all your high heels and make up and I know you’re really that girl I used to tease on the playground, you’re not fooling me.”


    • Good line:

      “I see through all your high heels and make up and I know you’re really that girl I used to tease on the playground, you’re not fooling me.”


    • on November 9, 2011 at 7:30 pm (r)Evoluzione

      Yeah, I do this too, especially when I’m driving us somewhere. Goose her knee, tell her that it means she’s boy-crazy. (old-school game). The poking thing, just general physical teasing, tickling, then when she retaliates with her own goosing & tickling, I say: “No harassing the driver!” Then keep doing it.


  52. on November 9, 2011 at 9:37 am John Norman Howard

    The best childhood game to play with a bitchy woman is Kick The Can.


  53. It’s either “a child’s game” or it’s “a game for children”.
    I’m surprised a site with such good writing made such an obvious error in grammar.
    Anyway, hats off to this site for all the value it offers to so many men.


  54. This article brings back childhood memories… Damn you, now I’m feeling old.


  55. As I remember from childhood, teasing was a good way to create interest and relation, but after this, seduction was not always an easy game. Maybe their moms taught them not to let anybody touch them or kiss them.


  56. when she does or says something retarded (this will be often), slap her ass hard.

    when walking next to her, randomly bump her into a street lamp.

    trip her.


  57. References to Steve McQueen reminds me of the Hong Kong movie “Days of
    Being Wild”, whose Chinese title is identical to the Chinese title of “Rebel
    without a Cause”. Released in 1990, it has become a HoF grade classic in the
    Chinese-speaking world, and many people of my generation remember many
    lines by heart.

    Upon reading this post, I went to Youtube to take a look at it again (the first
    time since I discovered game), believing that I’d be viewing scenes that I was
    very familiar with. WRONG! The first half-hour alone is a concentrated
    demonstration of how game (and the lack of it) works, something I never noticed before learning game!

    Here are some links:

    Trailer with English subtitles (2:27)

    Part 1 of 11 (9:39)

    Leslie Cheung – The heart-throb alpha
    Maggie Cheung – Nice girl
    Carina Lau – Bitch (a shit-test professional – see how she does it in the movie)
    Jackie Cheung – Beta car mechanic who falls for the bitch
    Andy Lau – Cop who later becomes a sailor
    Rebecca Pan – The alpha’s foster-mother who falls for a younger man


    • Leslie Cheung an alpha!? He threw himself off a building what a twat ….and have you not seen happy together where Tony Leung bangs him in the arse? Can’t see Steve McQueen doing that. Andy Lau seems somewhat alpha.


  58. You said ‘They can be played during the attraction stage as a way to tease a girl and disqualify yourself.’ Disqualify yourself from… getting into her pants? That seems counterproductive.

    [Heartiste: Disqualification is a tactic that involves making a girl think you aren’t actively hitting on her, usually by referencing some obstacle that keeps you from fully appreciating her charms.]


  59. on November 9, 2011 at 7:34 pm (r)Evoluzione

    This only works on girls who like to be spanked hard, and otherwise like to be dominated in the bedroom, which is to say most girls, after dominance and frame have been established:

    The towel-snap to the asscheek. Get good at delivering a variety of styles of the towel snap. Deliver it gently with a beach towel, or with speed and welt-raising snap with a wet dishtowel. Then rub it after, as if to assuage the pain, while you kiss her ear.


  60. on November 9, 2011 at 9:31 pm yetanothertroll

    Are modern women:
    1) impressed with your alpha cred when you thumb wrestle because of coding into some ancient DNA? Thumb wrestling clearly exhibiting status, as the dogma on this site.

    [Heartiste: Yes.]


    2) hopelessly immature.

    [Grown-ups suck.]

    Modern birth control exacerbating the fecklessness and delayed marriage dragging out adolescence even more. Spoiling feminized fathers harboring crushes on their hottie daughters doesn’t help matters. Lack of seriousness regarding sex, marriage, childbirth.. means that the hopelessly vapid and superficial modern female mind gets turned on by seeing men cater to their infantalism. Actions of kindness, honor and long term vision, far from appealing to the woman-child, disgust it. In this state, sex is just another amusement and the lucky cads who cater to the ADD bratty western female mind aren’t really alphas, but glorified clowns.

    [I dunno, I don’t feel like I’m catering to anyone when I’m getting muh-dik sucked.]

    I am not arguing with the effectiveness of your methods, just the underlying cause for why they work and the hopeless self-delusion of “alpha” womanizers.

    [If alpha womanizers are using effective methods then how are they hopelessly deluded?]

    There is a reason why womankind has never run any major country or produced anything of significance for time immoral: they are flawed.

    [Or men are more willing to take risks for access to quality poon.]


  61. What does “DTF” stand for?


  62. Also mercy game, is incredible.


  63. check out this huge mangina and ‘male feminist’ Hugo Schwyzer writing an article on Jezebel about why men ‘really want to date younger women.’

    He tells aging harpies what they want to hear.


  64. Slightly off topic for this particular post, but spot on for the Chateau take home message :

    “Consciously or not, men cloak their short-term sexual interests in the appearance of long-term attachment. As Mr. Wright puts it, “natural selection may favor males that are good at deceiving females about their future devotion and favor females that are good at spotting deception.”

    From :



  65. on November 10, 2011 at 1:47 pm bygoditsatroll!

    I am not arguing with the effectiveness of your methods, just the underlying cause for why they work and the hopeless self-delusion of “alpha” womanizers.

    [Heartiste: Again, you do realize you’re contradicting yourself? Maybe not. You write like an autistic tard.]

    [If alpha womanizers are using effective methods then how are they hopelessly deluded?]

    Because anyone who calls themselves “alpha” (?) suggesting genetic superiority because they play thumb games… is engaging in hopeless conceit.

    [Genetic superiority are your words, not mine. And conceit is not the same as self-delusion.]

    Yes, you can shoot lots of blanks into emotionally troubled and infantile women through mind manipulation.

    [There’s shooting blanks because you want to, and because you have no choice . Which category do you think the use of condoms falls under?
    And, btw, all women love game. Are men who fall for slender babes in makeup and sexy clothes emotionally troubled and infantile? Rhetorical.]

    Even filet mignon gets tiring and so does sex with another borderline disorder late 20 something who wishes she were married.

    [Filet mignon takes a lot longer to get tiring than pigs’ hooves or vegetarianism.]

    Sex is an ATM transaction in 2011, your conquests are of little meaning or value.

    [Which is why so many betas bitterly complain of not getting enough sex.]

    When women say that single men are losers or players, this is an admission of their low value


    because decent men quickly tire of the drama and get out of the singles scene promptly.

    [Or they give up all hope and settle for the nearest frump who will have them.]

    So the “alpha” male is just an undercompensated gigilo with a high tolerance for drama and patience for female idiocy..

    [If you’re truly alpha with your women, you won’t be experiencing much drama or idiocy from them.]

    who never has kids (because most of his lays know he’s not fit)

    [which is why they so eagerly jump in the sack with them. *rolls eyes*]

    a decent wife and while away their lives figuring out how to prey on the frailties of modern women.

    [If women are so frail and susceptible to alpha charms then why can’t alphas convince them to have kids?]

    The site should focus more on finding decent ladies to get out of this lifestyle.

    [How’s your hunt for a decent lady going?
    ps chicks don’t dig celibate martyrs.]


    • >filet mignon
      >late 20 something

      Pick one.

      Late 20 something is the equivalent of chopped up cube steak that needs A1 sauce to be edible.

      Filet mignon is more like a nice fresh 19 year old.


  66. Boyfriend does this all the time.
    It’s simultaneously cute and hot.


  67. Go somewhere out in public together and scream out as loud as you can “NO I WILL NOT HAVE SEX WITH YOU LADY!”

    Good times.


  68. Wimmin *are* children with tits and hips.


  69. Thanks for this post. A few days after reading it, I decided to try some games out on my wife who is very intelligent and tends to have a serious demeanor. She jumped on them all like a cat on a ball of string. Thumb wrestling | rock, paper, scissors | even arm wrestling which she knows she’s going to lose!

    I was pleasantly surprised. I forgot how competitive she is. Gotta find more games and teases…


  70. Ran into a problem with the repeating game: “I love you.”
    i just replied to the original question


  71. […] interaction, but notice all of the re-frames, all of the teasing, at one point he even does some childish grade-school teasing (“That was a double negative” – “You’re a double negative!”). […]


  72. […] (someone told me it was an ‘immature high school move’ – seeming to forget that girls of all ages love childish teasing).  You see, regardless of what a woman may think of a man and his chances with the opposite sex, […]


  73. […] an ‘immature high school move’ – seeming to forget that girls of all ages love childish teasing).  You see, regardless of […]