Another Cougar Bites The Dust

Nearly two years ago, the original Chateau host predicted that Ashton Kutcher was cheating on his cougar love, Demi:

instead of sleeping their way to the top, men commit their way to the top.

anyhow, give it time. most of these older female celebrity-younger male B lister couples are inherently unstable. i bet within five years ashton has fully severed himself from demi and hooks up with a young hottie. as opposed to hooking up with young mistresses on the sly as he is doing now.
heh heh.

It was also predicted by this very blog’s überhost that once Ashton’s cheating was discovered, Demi would put up with it in humiliating fashion because her rapidly declining sexual market value severely limited her options to get an equally high status man.

Right on cue, a chorus of cougars growled that yer humble host was wrong; that Ashton LURVED LURVED LURVED Demi and would never betray her. And just look how hot Demi is! Ashton could hardly do better. The virtual Ashton harem of aging broads reveled in bringing him up on this blog as some sort of retarded feminist proof that the older woman-younger man couple was the exception that broke the rule.

Well, the celebrity rags are reporting that Ashton Kutcher has been stepping out on Demi with a very cute and very young blonde mistress. (She’s only twenty-ooooooone….) And muckrakers are reporting that Ashton and Demi are putting up a “united front”.


You have meddled with the primal forces of nature, Miss Moore, and YOU… WILL… ATONE.

You can practically hear the nation’s leading cougar pundits expire in the cold, snowy mountain crags. Maureen Dowd was found with her yellowed claws embedded in a fallen tree that resembled a Bill Clinton dildo.

If the prediction was off, it was only in overestimating the number of years it would take for Ashton to stray. Ashton couldn’t hang on for more than a couple years before his cock homed in on young, fresh, tight inelastic pussy like a divining rod.

Here is a new prediction: Demi Moore’s next lover will be lower status than Ashton Kutcher. And she will begin tweeting nude photos of herself in a desperate bid for sexual relevancy. Bruce Willis will continue banging hot young babes.


  1. ” the original Chateau host”


    …or at least tell us who writes the blog now…does roissy have to at least approve the shit that gets on here?


  2. This relationship never made any fucking sense anyways. You can call him a douchebag loser or whatever, but the fact is, the guy is filthy rich, a celebrity and could pretty much fuck any girl he wants to. That is simply the truth.

    If he was cheating with tons of hot young girls throughout his marriage that was idiotic. But, there is a 99% certainty he was cheating the whole time. He would be a moron not to exploit what his lifestyle could afford him. Any guy in his position would.


  3. on September 27, 2010 at 7:47 pm greatbooksformen GBFM


    omg now when i walk aorund da city every girl i see is a future cat hoarding spinster lzozzozl already at 25 the fate is wirrten on tehir forehead by te pens penises of the cokr riding caorulsel lzozlzlzzozoozo

    i see all the womenz as working for ben bernake trying to get my moneys and asetts tehir entitlement the sfita shcools taught them teachedthem lzozlzlzlz butthexing with douchebgas and then ocmin up with legsislation in their law shcools bernakifed law shcools to persecute mane me and trnasfer asettss olzozlzz buttehx !!!


  4. Demi is still pretty hot. Most of us would bone her with relish. She has maintained her looks Its not like he’s chained to some fat, sexless cow and dreams of the few times he got half assed decent sex with her when she was still kinda hot. He’s having his cake and eating it too. I have to give Ashton a hats off in this case.


  5. In the early 2000’s when Ashton was around 21, he was a guest on a NBC late night talk show hosted by a female in her early to mid thirties. Ashton was flirting with the older hostess until she finally said something about him being too young for her. If she had only know! Ashton seems to have had an attraction to older ladies even before he met Demi Moore. If Ashton was really smart, he would have never married Demi. Just dated her.


  6. This article in a UK newspaper might interest you and the readers.. It seems that illegal sperm banks are big business in the UK.

    I am not sure if the article is comic or tragic.

    “Women desperate to have children are turning to unregulated websites to find sperm donors. Now the sites stand accused of being unethical and a health risk. Olga Craig and Michael Howie report.”

    “Its decision comes in the wake of the trial of Nigel Woodforth and Ricky Gage, who netted £250,000 for illegally acting as “bagmen” via an online fertility operation they ran from a basement. Convicted at Southwark Crown Court last week, they are awaiting sentencing – the first to be found guilty of procuring sperm without a licence from the HFEA, contravening legislation that came into effect two years ago.”


  7. on September 27, 2010 at 8:11 pm Timothy Webster


    What happened to your blog? Is there any way to communicate with you besides public blog postings?


  8. Why any male celebrity would be in a monogamous marriage is beyond me and I think guys like Clooney and Leo have finally figured it out. Clooney often states publicly that he’s done with marriage, which makes sense since the guy is likely drowning in pussy.


  9. TG, there are multiple writter here. Can’t you tell with the different writing styles.

    phil, usher has a thing for older women too.


  10. Yet again, the words of the dark lord ring true.


  11. Demi’s best bet is the foreign multi-millionaire market. Janet Jackson is dating a guy 15 years her junior. But he’s a billionaire…


  12. Aging means losing elasticity in the skin, including in the vaginal canal. It doesn’t seem intuitive, but think about it, it needs to bounce back to not become a cavernous saggy…

    I have never heard of ‘tight’ being characterised as gross before.

    [Editor: I leave women more cavernously saggy than i found them.]


  13. I’m simplifying, to head off sticklers at the pass.


  14. I think you mean “elastic”…

    Anyway, I always thought there was something really perverse about that union…I mean, I thought maybe he was secretly gay or something.

    Notice how none of us feel anything but sneering contempt for these old, worn-out post-feminist whores once they get old. That’s dark, my friends.


  15. Tyrone,

    She may have “maintained her looks” in a purely relative sense, but the bitch is over FORTY years old. She does not compare to herself at 21, period. Stop enabling that delusion, for fucks sake.


  16. Demi’s looks are fading fast.

    She will put up with Ashton’s cheating ways, for a while.

    Then she will come to the sad realization that every aging cougar must deal with: her days are numbered.

    In a way, it is the ultimate revenge on a hot bitch.

    Evey hot bitch will one day be some old hag nobody would bang without a bag over her head and bottle of whiskey drunk beforehand.


  17. Are there really multiple writers here? All the posts are written in a similar, rather distinct style and the sense of humor is the same. What are some examples posts supposedly written by different people?


  18. I always thought the new name was merely Roissy’s change in name once the fascists took the government over and illegally shoved programs down our throat.

    In other news, good call Roissy. I thought Ashton hooked up with her for one additional reason: he had no talent, while she is a successful producer (she produced the original Austin Powers, which was a huge moneymaker out of nowhere). He was the 4th banana on a 3rd rate sitcom whose only notable feature was that a gay sex columnist (Dan Savage) had a crush on him. Demi got him that awful “punk’d” show on MTV and his awful movie roles (one box office failure after another) as well as passing out the money so he could produce schlock like “Beauty and the Geek.”

    Basically, he realized his talentlessness and pretty-face-only nature, latched onto a power player, and rode the ride. The fact that she was a former sex fantasy turned older, wrinklier, but still bangable was a bonus—his goal was the same as ever self-aware, talentless bimbo in Hollywood: to marry a producer to secure his fame.

    Go Roissy!


  19. [Editor: I leave women more cavernously saggy than i found them.]

    Spulunk all over that cavern? Heh.


  20. ***Bruce Willis will continue banging hot young babes.***

    and yea, it is good for guys who stay in shape! fame helps, natch.


  21. on September 27, 2010 at 9:48 pm Vincent Ignatius

    These cougars need to jump in front of a train.

    Maureen Dowd was found with her yellowed claws embedded in a fallen tree that resembled a Bill Clinton dildo.

    Truly high comedy.


  22. Roissy, on a completely unrelated note:

    I’ve just hit 30, and am looking for a more “mature” drink for my age. My great love is whiskey, neat (usually Irish, sometimes Jack). However, I’ve heard through vague pronouncements that a man should have a cocktail of his own, besides merely whiskey straight or on the rocks. Not that you abandon the old, but you embrace the new for sitting back and relaxing.

    The second to latest James Bond hammers this home: at the beginning, as a young untested agent without a license to kill, he orders a neat whiskey. By the end, having matured into full Bond form, he orders his trademark martini, shaken, not stirred. And no man tops Bond in manliness.

    I’ve tried an Old Fashioned and liked the taste, but the color, pink, turned me off. I was thinking a Rusty Nail, but that seems like its trying too hard. So I ask you (and your readers) for advice: what’s a good, manly cocktail to order, that doesn’t require you to explain it to a bartender and doesn’t look fruity? I leave it to you, Obi-Wan.


  23. Are there really multiple writers here? All the posts are written in a similar, rather distinct style

    Just like The Economist, but about ass.


  24. As to cocktails, you can’t go wrong with the Sazerac, possibly the original cocktail. It’s cognac (or rye) with bitters and absinthe, and sugar. If you want to be full-on macho, make sure it’s genuine absinthe with wormwood, not the imitation stuff. It’s a lot sweeter than what modern drinkers are used to, especially when made with cognac, but it’s complex and doesn’t get sickly-tasting.


  25. @whorefinder

    Rob Roy in the winter. Gin and Tonic in the summer.

    A proper Rob Roy is 2 parts scotch, 1 part sweet vermouth, dash of bitters. Don’t pay attention to any of the retarded recipes on the internet.


  26. 1. The only thing interesting in this post was the talk of the original and new “host.” Cut the crap and go back to Roissy.

    2. Whorefinder, why not just whiskey rocks? I honestly find it a bit effaminate if a man needs a mixer. If you’re not up for the hard stuff do you really need to be drinking?


  27. Are there any successful young man and older woman couples among the beautiful people?

    After trying both types, the older woman (>32) really just can’t compete physically, like, it is not even close. So, if is just about sex, the older woman just has to admit defeat.

    The older woman, I think, has to offer something beyond raw physical attraction. This is where emotional intelligence and experience come into play. But, there are also plenty of younger women who have a lot to offer both in and out of bed.

    So, to a self assured guy with options, an older woman seems like a ridiculous choice.

    BTW, these well preserved older women get repulsive at some point. Just a great paint job, some surgery, good lighting, and a personal trainer. Think about it.


  28. Madras, did you pay attention? I love the whiskey. I’m just thinking a man should have a cocktail of his own as he ages. Perhaps I’m wrong—I’ve just heard from a couple of unrelated sources it might be a good plan for man. Would you consider Bond’s drink effiminate?

    Cauthon, thanks.


  29. whorefinder, here are some ideas:


  30. A young Hollywood movie star who could fuck a different girl every day of his life. And, not just any pussy, but hotter chicks every single day than 99% of guys could ever dream of fucking once in their lives. What does he do? He married some old ass bitch who wasn’t even hot 25 years ago in her prime. What a fucking moron.

    He was cheating on her the whole time. Girls throw themselves at guys like him. How the hell could you turn that down. No guy who doesn’t like cock can turn down all that pussy being thrown at you.


  31. schfifty five

    She may have “maintained her looks” in a purely relative sense, but the bitch is over FORTY years old. She does not compare to herself at 21, period. Stop enabling that delusion, for fucks sake.

    What’s to enable? I call them as I see them. She’s a good looking woman and I’d have no trouble sleeping with her. I remember her from when she was in her 20s. I think she is her late 40s to be exact. I think she’s the same age as me. She looks almost as good today. I like women of all ages. Reality hits them all in the face eventually. I’m 48 and married to a much younger woman. Should I find her sexually unattractive when she’s over 40? What if I still think she’s hot anyway? Can I do that? Ashton seems to have been married to Demi and still had a lot of girl friends on the side.


    I’ve simultaneously slept with women in their 20s and in their late 40s. There was not a huge difference in the feel of their vaginas. Elasticity hadn’t changed that much. Both had nice vaginas. People make too much of this.


  32. on September 27, 2010 at 11:04 pm bring back monarchy

    psy ops against his own readers…


  33. It is quite tragic for cougars to realize that their demand is over and Demi seemed to defy that only to fail ultimately. Her wrinkled face shows that there must be very sad state of affair in her pussy which no lad would like to visit. Dildo is the only alternative for cougars.


  34. Seriously, this talk of “tight pussy” vs the opposite is mostly dumb. I mean, even a stupendously gifted guy pounding away for hours cannot do anything, stretching pussy-wise, compared to the effect of passing even the smallest fetus during birth. And any guy who has fucked a mother can testify as to the (likely) tightness of vag. Unless, of course, every vag feels loose to them, for reasons too tragic to delve into.


  35. Whorefinder – There’s also the bourbon/TN straight/rye version of the Rob Roy – the Manhattan. Order without a cherry. You could try a Presbyterian which is whiskey and equal parts club soda and ginger ale. I do add caution with that one though. Saying, “Tonight I’ll have a Presbyterian” sounds better than the HFCS laden crap that most places serve in lieu of real ginger ale. If it’s summer and you want something lighter that contributes to drinking stamina, you could order a whiskey and soda. The club soda lightens up the whiskey.

    If you’re ever in a bar that serves drinks made with real fresh squeezed juice sample some classics like Collins and sours. Those are way less sugary and sickly when made to the original specifications. They’re also not nuclear green. They’ll never be standbys, but they are a way to add a little variety to your drinking.


  36. on September 28, 2010 at 12:02 am Rant Casey - Brazil

    You have meddled with the primal forces of nature, Miss Moore, and YOU… WILL… ATONE.

    Awesome reference.


    I’m laughing my ass off.


  37. Demi needs to give up the backdoor and start being more exciting.

    Bondage, watersports, wax play.

    Get the man back in the saddle, Demi!


  38. on September 28, 2010 at 12:41 am Leslie D. Martin

    You might want to kill that link. I went to check it out and a fraction of a second after the page opened, my browser was redirected to a page that tried to download a fake virus scan program.


  39. Randall g, you really are a 21 year old frat boy, aren’t you?


  40. Ulysses, thanks. I would order the Manhattan, but the SATC whores made it too girly. Damn those bitches.


  41. I once shared an intimate bed with Demi Moore’s half-brother. It was lovely. He has a severe case of ADD and lovely brown eyes. Now he continuously pokes me on Facebook.



  42. The keystone of the Cougar movement has been removed. Awww, too bad.


  43. @whorefinder:

    An Old Fashioned is an orange-brown color, dude. What were you putting in yours?


  44. Also, we should all heed the sage advice from Mad Men a few weeks ago:

    “You need three ingredients for a cocktail. Vodka and Mountain Dew is an emergency.”


  45. whorefinder – Hey, I thought it was funny. Did you click my link?


  46. And OH, what I wouldn’t give to be a 21 year old frat boy!


  47. I have had sex with the same woman for twenty-five years. She is still as tight as ever, after three children.

    Some men like young women only. Some, like me, don’t mind a bit of age. I am 55 and there are plenty of women in their forties whom I would be happy to fuck.

    You know, you blokes, if you ever marry and have a family, you and your wife WILL get older. You are better off if you can enjoy sex with a woman who does not have to look like your daughter’s friends.


  48. An Old Fashioned is the Don Draper of Cocktails. That said, nothing wrong with neat whiskey- that’s as old school as it gets.

    Try Jameson or Glenlivet.


  49. Kinda fitting that Roissy is a fan of Network.


  50. whorefinder, if the bartender is good (and your wallet will allow for it), try Papa Hemingway’s favorite–a Death In The Afternoon: 1 1/2 ounces absinthe, 4 ounces Brut champagne, served in a champagne flute.


  51. on September 28, 2010 at 5:25 am roissy or chateau?

    So just to clarify, as you will forever be asked this question chateau but who are you?

    1. Is Roissy another person?
    2. Is Roissy gone?
    3.If he’s gone will he come back?
    3. Is Chateau a disciple of Roissy’s?
    4. Is Chateau in fact Roissy?
    5.Are Chateau and Roissy like Cain and Abel?
    6. Are there multiple writers?
    you know, if you answer these questions once in a post you’ll never have to again

    thanks again,
    and please fucking reply


  52. Few months ago, I was having a chat with this late 20 -early 30’s girl with voluptuous breasts, and a well preserved body and face.

    After some banter about age, George Clooney looking good in his age etc, she told me,

    “For example there is Demi and Ashton”
    “You fucking kidding?”
    “You men have no idea”
    “’bout what?”
    “That they are the ideal match”
    “Now dont you say”
    “Yes. Ashton is in his sexual peak, and Demi is in his sexual peak”
    (I am thinking to myself, who the fuck cares if a forty year old is in her sexual peak or not… I get my peak with twenty year olds. that is what counts.)
    “Ashton may be in his peak, but Demi is way past her peak”
    “F.U. You dont know shit”
    “I know men, and I know the only reason Ashton is married to thaqt woman is either money, or business.”
    “Demi is good looking”
    “She also has brats from the Willis seed. She is sexually useless to any sane man”
    “Ideal match”

    I’d take any 20 year old hot waitress over that old hag anytime, if I was not in it for the money.

    If kutcher was not banging a hot new girl every two three days, he should be awarded the stupid beta of the century award.

    No, banging the aging mother of Bruce Willis’s ball juices does not make you alpha.


  53. It’s amazing to me that he ever married that fake tittied haggard looking woman.

    Now early-mid 80’s Demi Moore..very nice. Very young and cute.


  54. Rum and Tyrone, maybe both of you have selection bias due to high overall standards.

    In attraction and flirtation, a lot of nonverbal information gets transmitted. The vagina does lose elasticity with the rest of the skin, and at that point, it’s the woman’s PC muscles that can pick up the slack.

    If you tend to go for fit (not by the media definition, but nature’s) women who are energetic and active, then of course you’re not going to see much difference. When you go older, you go for older women who are taking good care of themselves.

    Most western women though, are eating crap, stressed out, and don’t get much exercise. To stay slim, they have to starve and struggle, which screws their bodies’ tissues, inside and out.


  55. Hi, Nicole
    So all you want to convey is that vag does not become cavernous in due course of time vis-a-vis physical intercourse. But, here everyone, I guess is of opinion that it is the outcome persistent multi-cock fucking which makes a women become Bermuda Triangle.


  56. on September 28, 2010 at 7:53 am Anonymouses Anonymous

    Another soon-to-be-cougar is getting dumped. Justin Timberlake dumped Jessica Biel:

    “Justin had to leave dinner once because Jessica was calling him incessantly. They got into a huge screaming match over the phone about how she’s always ‘checking up’ on him,” said the source. “She’s extremely needy and is always keeping tabs on him.”

    The insider wasn’t the only one who thought the actress was a bother.

    “All his friends think she’s really annoying,” added the source. “She’s always trying to be one of the guys. She and Justin have no chemistry.”

    Now that Timberlake has finally cut the cord on the couple’s ill-fated romance, Us reports that Biel is in “severe denial and won’t accept” the split.

    The wall is hitting her fast: (Taken at V-Day)


  57. @whorefinder

    “Ulysses, thanks. I would order the Manhattan, but the SATC whores made it too girly. Damn those bitches.”

    Manhattan is my pick for poison.

    A good drink for a man ( according to David A Embury)

    * It should be made from good-quality, high-proof liquors.

    * It should whet rather than dull the appetite. Thus, it should never be sweet or syrupy, or contain too much fruit juice, egg or cream.

    * It should be dry, with sufficient alcoholic flavor, yet smooth and pleasing to the palate.

    * It should be pleasing to the eye.

    * It should be well-iced.

    Manhattan is all that.


  58. “Science and Mother Nature are in a marriage where Science is always surprised to come home and find Mother Nature blowing the neighbor.” – Shit My Dad Says


  59. Decent aged medium rum with lime, rocks.

    Demi was pretty cute in ‘About Last Night’ and at least acted feminine in that role, if a bit flakey. Downhill after that.


  60. […] Another Cougar Bites The Dust « Citizen Renegade Posted on September 28, 2010 by The LP 999 Another Cougar Bites The Dust « Citizen Renegade. […]


  61. on September 28, 2010 at 12:12 pm MarcTheEngineer

    It’s Rye Whiskey on rocks for me most of the time but if I’m in the mood for a lighter drink – White Russians really hit the spot.

    I’d fuck Demi… Given Ashton’s status I’d also fuck around on her


  62. on September 28, 2010 at 12:15 pm gunslingergregi

    As you can see will make you stand out plus chicks like to share it with you.


  63. Women cheat all of the time too. Demi has probably had a plethora of handy pool-boys at her disposal.

    So what?

    Do you think “Hef’s” girls stayed loyal to his old, sagging ass? Hardly. Most of his exes have come out and said they strayed the millionaire lay.

    Aging men and women are boner/clit killers if they are not in top notch condition.

    That’s just logic.


  64. Lulz Keeper

    Do you think “Hef’s” girls stayed loyal to his old, sagging ass? Hardly. Most of his exes have come out and said they strayed the millionaire lay.

    hef must be senile. Keeping around that nasally Holly and that infected kendra? blech – who knew she had Kim Kardashian’s Disease.

    I can see blowing a few dozen dusty loads in their faces, but with Hef’s bullpen, that guy mustn’t give a rat’s ass about quality pussy any longer.

    verdict: pump n’ dump poon triplets


  65. Whorefinder, I’ve become quite fond of “The Godfather.” It’s equal parts bourbon and amaretto. Simple for the bartender, good manly name, excellent taste (if the whiskey is good). Can also substitute out scotch whiskey for bourbon (I think that’s technically a “Godmother”). I’m a fan of the Knob Creek whiskey, personally.


  66. […] Sep Just weighing in on the Demi Moore/Ashton Kutcher cheating thing.  Yesterday Roissy was gloating that, as he had predicted, Ashton Kutcher cheated on his significantly older wif….  (According to Wikipedia, Kutcher is 32 and Moore is 47.)  Roissy’s assertion was that […]


  67. My experience with the women above was long term and I’m still involved with younger one of them. In older women, you will get less elastic skin, more wrinkles, flatter butts, and droopy breasts. If I like them enough, such flaws give a woman character in my eyes if the rest of her body has generally held up well. Vaginas do not lubricate as well as young women. Older women generally have better hygiene than younger women too, especially really young girls.

    I have always liked older women, only now that I’m older, they’re my age or younger. I like young women too. I just love women in general and find most to be at least moderately attractive. That percentage drops in the US, considerably however.

    Both of these women were European and both took good care of themselves and were both highly attractive, albeit, adjusted for age. Both were childless, and that is usually what does the most damage to a woman’s vagina. However, it is not irreparable and the younger the women at childbirth, the better and quicker the vagina bounces back naturally. However, there are numerous exercises a woman can do to restore tightness.

    Americans do eat a lot of bad food, I’m afraid, but there is lots of high quality food here too. You just have to prefer it to the processed junk, which not enough people do. I still see a reasonable number of nice looking women here in Alabama, where I live now, that are in their 30s and 40s.


  68. Kutcher is not an idiot. His ‘love’ for Demi has kept him on the cover of tabloids for years, I wouldn’t doubt it if his agent was best man at the wedding. Demi doesn’t ‘love’ anything. This game with Ashton was only a shit-test to fuck with her former alpha husband. A man she has either fucked consistently over the course of the marriage or will soon fuck again. Trust me, Bruce Willis is going to start appearing in the tabloids soon.


  69. Citizen Renegade,

    A few pictures and footage of the young Demi Moore ), reveal that in her prime, she blew away Ashton Kutcher.

    That is footage from Demi in 1983, on a soap opera, in roughly her prime (a couple of minutes in the video). She’s extremely attractive at this point, and could have had just about any man.

    Demi was an authentic 9 in her day. Kutcher is not as attractive in his prime as she was in hers, and he almost surely will not age as well. Her young face is better than his, and her body is better than his, and her hair is better than his. But he is in his prime, and she is past her prime…..and this overwhelms all in terms of pure animal lust.

    My point is that Demi made a real mistake by not marrying a man of equal attractiveness in her prime. She was too good-looking for the merely OK-looking Bruce Willis. She got bored with him, and wanted the young hot romance that she inevitably felt like she “missed”. The thing is, she threw away her peak years with Willis. I wish more young pretty women could understand the ugly fact that the “intoxicating years” of their beauty really dont last that long, and even if they are still quite fuckable at 32, they still aren’t what they were at 23. I wish it became a folkaway for women to “panic” at 25 instead of 29. Women ought to set out in life to marry the right guy at about 22-23, when their beauty can truly intoxicate him and cast a spell that he will not want to forget.

    So there Demi is, in her forties with a man in his late 20s-to-early 30s. She was once one of the hottest babes around, and in her age group, she’s definitely in the top 2%, but compared to her early-twenties self……………..she’s no higher than a 7 compared to a 9.25.

    Marry early ladies, when your value is highest.


  70. on September 28, 2010 at 6:59 pm Professor Woland

    I could never figure out why Kutcher would want to play second fiddle to Bruce Willis. Demi and Willis had a clutch of children already. Why step into that drama. Kutcher was also walking into a 4:1 family ratio. He was always doomed to be the outsider in that marriage no matter what. Better to just go for fresh meat.


  71. Try a Biscayne Manhattan. Fresh Orange Juice, a jigger of Whiskey, a pony of Sweet Red Vermouth, Angostura Bitters, Maraschino Cherry, Ice. Nice for hot days.

    Yeah great call on Kutcher. Who’d want Moore over a tight young hottie?


  72. You should see the guy in the movie “Spread”.


  73. @Z

    Demi legitimately tried to keep the Alpha Bruce Willis but failed when a 19 year old nanny seduced him and she couldn’t take that. She should have. Instead she got all feminist and ended the marriage because he wanted the discrete harem he felt he deserved.

    Bruce Willis, even in his early 50s, was the main sex symbol of teenage females in Europe and Russia. He shared the status with Steven Segall who was the same age (30 years older than the women who were turned on by them). Only in the USA do you get teenage females longing for skinny, gay kids like Justin Bieber.

    Willis was the best Moore could have achieved, the problem being that she couldn’t expect to have him exclusively.

    Her behavior since then has been tragic.


  74. Dear Jerry, is it true that May December love between an old chap and nubile lasts longer than a cougar and a lad.

    I feel it is a fact that men have a persistent crave for nubile girls and as soon as their female sex partner starts showing wrinkles everywhere they leave them. So, in case of Mel leaving Moor my understanding seems correct.


  75. @Lawyerjourno

    You mean Bruce leaving Demi? To tell the truth, I’m not positive about who decided to end the marriage and would appreciate good non-pc links to the real story of how it ended.

    But my assumption was that she simply wasn’t going to accept his having affairs now that she was getting older while he would have been fine with maintaining the family structure. I do know she’s psychotically unhinged about men dating younger women.

    Because of this, I’ve long felt that the inevitable end of this Ashton charade will be a massive slam against the feminist worldview. That photo she tweeted yesterday of her and Ashton in bed together was pathetically obvious in its intent.

    As for the opposite (older man/younger woman) dynamic? Here’s an anecdote:

    I’ve woken to my 4th day of a massive bout of food poisoning, experienced when I took a trip to potentially cheat on a girlfriend 23 years younger than I am with someone 29 years younger.

    On Monday night, back home and writing in pain as my intestines were on fire, my local girlfriend, aged 25 and university educated with a great job, comes over to my place and completely cleans the whole place including changing the sheets (which I’d kept clean but I still needed them changed). With us both freshly showered, she fed me chicken soup and then we spooned until it was time for her to go home to her parents.

    On Tuesday night I wasn’t much better off but had gone to work. I was still throwing up a lot last night (in the toilet or sink – I’m considerate when I’m sick).

    But she, half my age, wanted nothing more than to be in bed with me with no clothes on, although I was too sick to do anything but spoon.

    This fits evolutionary psychology. She’d already decided she wants my DNA and protection of the kids. She’s emotionally invested in this, which isn’t at all like us males getting temporarily “invested” in tapping that cute 19 year old at the grocery store.


  76. What I make from your narration is that the girl of 19 was not mature enough to understand your state. However, the girl bit old has lot more understanding, but, she has been your girlfriend for quite sometime so that is obvious.

    Mao Tse Tung used to sleep with 16-18 years old girls when he was in 60s. In either ways whether it is men of old age who have attraction for nubile or nubile have attraction for old males, the fact remains same i.e. men would always be in demand!


  77. Census Report unsurprising – Wall Street Journal article from today about how marriage is at its lowest point ever:

    No mention in the article about any feminist laws and a Divorce Industry that men are avoiding…the chump who wrote the article just implies that men are feeling the pinch of the financial crisis and don’t feel they can afford to marry (also no analysis of the costs of marriage to a man).


  78. Well, the 19 year old never learned that I got sick on the way back from her country.

    But, true, her ability to be as selfless as a 25 year old would probably not be there. The youngster is a proud religious virgin who centers things upon herself.


  79. So you have not yet banged her! that may be a reason she is yearning for physical intimacy so earnestly. Anyways, I wish you will recuperate soon to fulfill her wish, actually she is in dire need of sound fuck…think from her point of view.

    Once she will taste your cum I guess she would be as understanding as understanding is your local girl.


  80. Not getting some of the acrimony and debate over this Demi Moore thing. It think it’s pretty obvious that:

    A) Demi Moore was a very attractive women. Very nicely structured face, long luxurious hair, and from what I remember in her earlier roles, a decent shape. Depending on whether you felt she was feminine enough would put her at 8 or 9.

    B) Getting older, whether it was from good genes, taking care of herself, or really working out, she managed to maintain a lot of desirability; ie, I can see a younger guy getting wood over her as she made her way through her 30’s, maybe hitting 40. Granted, she is extremely atypical in that regard. If she still screwed like a minx, and had her own life (did not micromanage his that would certainly be all the better and keep interest.

    C) As this blog often points out, this eventually all comes to naught when nature takes its course. There are always cuter women in general, and the allure of youth cannot be substituted with anything else quite like it. Age is kinder to some women that others, but its a cynical kindness.

    Bottom line, I think it’s likely that both Kutcher and Moore found each other sexually fulfilling for a while considering the above AND used each other for career purposes at the same time. I think Hollywood runs on t hat shit.

    Having an established big name actress and producer as your main squeeze could NOT have done anything but help Kutcher career wise.

    Having a young hot stud as your steady bo also helped Moore keep her name in the press, and to maintain this idea of sexually viable even as she approached 40, helping her film career. No mother roles for her!

    The thing is, I would not put it past both of them to have been fully aware of what the OTHER was in the relationship for, and going with it as mutually beneficial. I think Hollywood is second only to DC for a cynical self-interest.


  81. Yes, but on a macro level an entire generation of feminists took the relationship to mean that “modern women who took care of themselves” could maintain high SMV as long as men do.

    This was and is a huge ideological “pretty lie”.

    I wouldn’t have cared less if their attitude only manifested itself in the wishful thinking of aging ideologues.

    But they specifically use the example of this couple to teach young women to go ahead and waste their twenties building a career and not to bother dating older men.

    So on a macro level, it would be important to see this pretty lie laid to waste.

    On a micro level, I’m not exactly cheering for Demi since last year when she tried to destroy Perez Hilton because he published a photo of her 15 year old daughter drunk in a night club where she wasn’t supposed to be. I could see a parent getting upset, but she called him a sex offender for doing that and recruited that woman who played the boss on Cheers to back her up on the name calling. A woman’s insecurity becomes serious when it turns into anti-male hyperbolic rhetoric.


  82. With every passing year I find myself ever more attracted to young, sweet girls. I feel a genuine, natural, sexual desire for them. I simply don’t experience this with relatively older gals.


  83. Watching Season 3 Episode 7 of SATC now – I’ve rarely watched the regular season episodes but this stuff is seriously delusional.

    The men in this program are all capable of dating in the 18-22 range and the actors would be doing so in real life.

    This Aden dude would have nothing to do with Carrie in real life (he could pass for 25 while clearly she’s 35), but the entire show carries the premise that “of course he would” and Aden’s the boyfriend who’s jealous that “Big” is back in town.

    This kind of fantasy hurts everyone because it builds entitlement that doesn’t match evolutionary psychology.


    Not related: they’re stopping trucks in the USA looking for a terror nuke right now? Possibly near Atlanta? WTF?


  84. Season 4 Episode 7 Classic Line from Miranda:

    “Just because you cheated on him doesn’t mean he’s gonna cheat on you”


  85. Regarding Demi Moore, I am intrigued to note that her biggest hit (Ghost) was when she played a soft, sweet character. As I recall, she seemed much more FEMININE in that role than she has in all of her subsequent movies.

    After that success, she made the big mistake many movie stars make (in the last 35 years or so), choosing roles & stories which expressed some personal feeling she had, but which left audiences cold.
    In Demi Moore’s case, that meant she often played tough, fierce, ass-kicking women. Cold & hard. Masculine. Angry.
    Apparently these stories/characters did not appeal to a big audience nearly as much as Ghost did.
    Wasn’t her biggest success after Ghost when she was in Indecent Proposal, playing a sweet, soft, feminine (fairly traditional) wife?

    Funny thing is, one might say Patrick Swayze’s career followed a similar path.
    His biggest hits were Dirty Dancing & Ghost, in which his character was a sexy/romantic fantasy figure for women.
    But despite that success, it seemed he was determined to show his versatility and his ‘impressive’ range as a ‘serious’ actor, and also to present himself as a macho badass.
    None of those films came clost to the popularity of Dirty Dancing & Ghost.
    The success of Point Break was based on elements other than Patrick Swayze’s performance (IMO).

    Like I said, many movie stars hurt their careers when their success allows them to choose projects which deviate from the elements which gave them their biggest success.
    In Demi Moore’s case, I see a direct correspondence between warm, sweet femininity and audience appreciation.


  86. Take the new film “The Tourist”.

    Angelina Jolie should be playing someone’s mother.

    Instead she’s the femme fatale whom Johnnie Depp’s character can’t get enough of.

    This stuff gets released word-wide (pirated world-wide anyway) and would have to imprint the minds of young women everywhere that “wow…I will be able to get such hot guys when I’m in my late 30s”.


  87. New movie “You Again” features Jamie Lee Curtis as the mom instead of the grandmother. She has a great looking 40 something husband. Dream on.



    Someone needs to figure out how to analyze this blog via stylometry.


  89. Jerry

    Take the new film “The Tourist”.

    Angelina Jolie should be playing someone’s mother.

    a foolproof Manliness Indicator of the man in her life is the amount of black eyes jolie is photographed with


  90. Selling of Yoga classes shows women are crazy about their ageing and wrinkles..but Yoga is no cure for something which is natural. Only men like Sylvio have all privilege to remain young even after 70.


  91. […] – “Another Cougar Bites the Dust“, “Gaming Asian Girls“, “Five Minutes of Alpha“, “Attention […]


  92. Its all over the Internets today that Ashton and Demi have an “open marriage”:

    She has to be involved and present with every girl Ashton takes.

    This makes sense. Read the comments: most Americans believe this explanation about their marriage.

    I’d like to see another Chateau post on this new development.


  93. wow… as a 25 year old woman, this makes me want to end my life now as I apparently will have no value at age 30, according to the opinions of most men who have commented on this subject.


  94. @Candy

    You would only be planning to proverbially “jump in front of a bus” if the objects of your desire are men who now look like they’re under 35. They are the most likely to use you and forget about you as millions of new women turn 18 every month around the world.

    You can see now why feminists including female church-goers want to make sure that the age of consent is raised to 18 everywhere possible in a pathetic attempt to block the waves of competition that are turning 16 and 17 every month as well.

    If there’s at least a 10 year difference, you can hold on to a good looking man, assuming you can cook, do the dishes, sew and keep house, smell clean and fresh all the time and are interesting and read a lot but also hit the gym, etc.

    What feminism and cougarism do is try to teach young women like you that what I just said is not necessary, and that I’ve just been crude, sexist, neanderthal, controversial and inflammatory.

    In that they are very wrong, dead wrong.

    The advice you can get from this thread is, for instance, if a 40 year old businessman gives you his business card in an airport, consider actually contacting him and not behaving like the young woman did with George Clooney’s character in the film Up in the Air (“You’re too old for me”). Connect with him on Facebook or another social network at the very least. Don’t be thinking that any good looking guy was “too old for you”. Because when you’re 30, if you haven’t established yourself as his soulmate, he and hundreds of millions of other men are likely to consider you too old for them at that point.

    Read Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen, which discusses this. We’re not bizarre on this forum. Women in society agreed with us 200 years ago (actually, Jane didn’t take her own advice and pined after a guy her own age – the real life Willoughby of the above book – until she died at age 39).