Hitting The Leftoids Where It Hurts

The Undiscovered Jew leaves a comment at Lion of the Blogosphere’s humbly titled blog that draws attention to Utah Senator Mike Lee and his idea for hitting the leftoid Cathedral memeplex right where it hurts — in their wallets.

OT, finally a smart Republican.

Utah Senator Mike Lee will introduce higher education legislation that will break the extreme left’s monopoly power over academic credentialing. His bill makes it easier for online classes to be taken for credit, expand the use of competency based testing and let businesses establish their own vocational certificates and training courses.

Lee even even wants pro-natal tax cuts that will stimulate the white birth rate.

This is how to defeat the left: cripple them through defunding. Mass layoffs of tenured faculty will open the door to sane national policies like eugenics, whites only immigration, and more.

I hereby nominate Mike Lee for president to succeed where his co-religionist Romney failed.

The two best and smartest national Republicans from an HBD perspective (admittedly imperfectly) are Mormons: Defund the left and stimulate white birth rates. We even get more federal regulatory support for flex time as a bonus!

Sen. Mike Lee on “What’s Next for Conservatives”


And so, in the coming days, I will be introducing the Higher Education Reform and Opportunity Act. Under this legislation, the existing accreditation system would remain unchanged. Current colleges and universities could continue to use the system they know.

But my plan would give states a new option to enter into agreements with the Department of Education to create their own, alternative accreditation systems to open up new options for students qualifying for federal aid.

Today, only degree-issuing academic institutions are even allowed to be accredited. Under the new, optional state systems that my bill would authorize, accreditation could also be available to specialized programs, individual courses, apprenticeships, professional credentialing, and even competency-based tests. States could accredit online courses, or hybrid models with elements on- and off-campus.

These systems would open up opportunities for non-traditional students – like single parents working double shifts – whose life responsibilities might make it impossible to take more than one class at a time.

They would also enable traditional students to tailor a degree that better reflects the knowledge and skills valued by employers.

Innovations in vocational education and training would open new opportunities in growing fields that are hiring right now.

Qualified unions, businesses, and trade groups could start to accredit courses and programs tailored to their evolving needs. Churches and charities could enlist qualified volunteers to offer accredited classes and training for next to nothing. States could use innovative systems to attract new opportunities and businesses, investing in their own future by investing in the human capital of their citizens.

Imagine having access to credit and student aid and for:

* a program in computer science accredited by Apple or in music accredited by the New York Philharmonic;
* college-level history classes on-site at Mount Vernon or Gettysburg;
* medical-technician training developed by the Mayo Clinic;
* taking massive, open, online courses offered by the best teachers in the world… from your living room or the public library.

Brick-and-ivy institutions will always be the backbone of our higher-education system, but they shouldn’t be the only option.

If these new models were to succeed, they would create a virtuous cycle. Traditional colleges would be impelled to cut waste, refocus on their students, and embrace innovation and experimentation as part of their campus cultures.

Chateau guests come for the dark, but stay for the illumination. A positive, uplifting post like this one steels hearts and nourishes hope. The Cathedral can be defeated before events conspire ultimately to end it and sweep everything else in its annihilationist wake.

Defund the leftoids and power down their propaganda machine. Mock them viciously as they slide into irrelevancy and degeneracy, the inescapable failure of the twisted bastard issue of their diseased mental loins belying their every word and shivving their writhing egos.

That’s how you win. Remember to smirk at the moment of final victory. #Alpha’ed


  1. on November 3, 2013 at 9:30 am Hilary Clinton

    Mike Lee for President.


    • > “The Undiscovered Jew… Defund the leftoids…”

      Will this include defunding all of TUJ’s kissing cousins up there in NYC?

      Who have looted the heritage of several generations of as-yet-unborn American children via the Jekyll Island conspiracy?


  2. I often feel depressed when thinking about the state of the world and the seemingly hopeless situation then a post like this reminds me that the bad guys simply have to be defeated. As they always have. And leftoid scum are particularly weak.

    Getting trapped in a depressing loop of internal dialogueing and panic is debilitating. This is true in all walks of life and must be avoided. Pickup, your job, what’s for dinner, everything. We must live.in the world, not in our heads.


    • What does that mean in any sort of pragmatic sense? I don’t really care for pro-white necessarily, just anti-idiocracy legislation, as evnena 100% white/Asian/Jew modern world would slide into idiots as they would also reproduce more.


      • Asian immigration to this nation has been an ABJECT DISASTER.

        Anyone who had ever bothered to read the Gospels would have known about the YKWs and the pure, unadulterated evil which rots away at the heart of their souls.

        But the Asians – all of the people whom we [NAIVELY GULLIBLY STUPIDLY IDIOTICALLY] offered freedom from Communism – the Chinese and the Koreans and the Vietnamese and the Filipinos – have simply brought all of their corrupt venal nihilistic pathologies with them and they now vote 80% or more for the Left.

        And the Hindus?

        They wrote slavery DIRECTLY into their damned religion.

        It’s in their blood.

        All of these upper-crust Brahmin types at our universities want nothing more than to enslave traditional Americans and turn them into their new class of Untouchable slaves.


        They are all utterly corrupt.


      • All ancient people used slavery. It’s basically the sign of successful pre-industrial empires and their ability to subject others. The cultures which didn’t use slavery couldn’t muster up the economies and military to fight against those that did use it.

        Are you saying Asians want to enslave white people? What?


      • The cultures which didn’t use slavery couldn’t muster up the economies and military to fight against those that did use it.

        It seems to me that Spain and Portugal were actually declining when they relied on slavery. And the South completely kicked the North’s butt in the Civil War.


      • Ancient, I wouldn’t really call any of those even middle aged. Any of those are post-Renaissance. And I’d say any culture that begins to use slavery does also begin to decline, it’s just the slavery itself is a good indicator of the past successes of the culture. Romans are the best ancient example of this, as Western culture today is degrading because of the ease of how modern creature comforts deadens its current spirit (like, say, fossil fuels as the slaves in this instance).


      • > “All ancient people used slavery. It’s basically the sign of successful pre-industrial empires and their ability to subject others.”

        And yet what were the YKWs and Teddy “Goyische Window Dressing” Kennedy doing for all of those years, until Bush and Rove arrived on the scene and trIed to 1-up them at their own game?


        Mayans & Aztecs & Incas.

        Somalis and Ethiopians and Sudanese and Nigerians and every manner of Muslim.

        Ashkenazim and Sephardim and Mizrahim.

        Brahmin Enslaver-Caste Hindus.

        Han and Hanguk and Hong Bang.




        All of them want either to be the slave-masters, or to be the slaves whose bellies are kept full by their masters.


      • Then don’t give them free money or allow them in. You need to calm down and realize I don’t exactly disagree with you.


      • Yes. Damn the “racism”, bring back the Asiatic Barred Zone.


      • Zombie is a good description of you – zero brains and a rotten core.
        Put on your tinfoil hat and go back to hiding in your cardboard box – you wouldn’t want to catch yellow fever.


      • Prosecutors say Malaysian businessman used prostitutes, Lady Gaga tickets to bribe Navy commander

        Nicknamed “Fat Leonard,” the gregarious Malaysian businessman is well known by U.S. Navy commanders in the Pacific, where his company has serviced warships for 25 years.

        But prosecutors in court papers say Leonard Francis worked his connections to obtain military secrets by lining up hookers, Lady Gaga tickets and other bribes for a U.S. commander, in a scandal reverberating across the Navy.

        The accusations unfolding in a federal court case in San Diego signal serious national security breaches and corruption, setting off high-level meetings at the Pentagon with the threat that more people, including those of higher ranks, could be swept up as the investigation continues. A hearing Nov. 8 could set a trial date.

        Navy commander Michael Vannak Khem Misiewicz passed confidential information on ship routes to Francis’ Singapore-based company, Glenn Defense Marine Asia Ltd., or GDMA, according to the court documents.

        Misiewicz and Francis moved Navy vessels like chess pieces, diverting aircraft carriers, destroyers and other ships to Asian ports with lax oversight where Francis could inflate costs, according to the criminal complaint. The firm overcharged the Navy millions for fuel, food and other services it provided, and invented tariffs by using phony port authorities, the prosecution alleges…


        Vannak Khem Misiewicz


        I’m guessing that his father is probably a YKW-ish submarine guy, named Raymond Misiewicz:

        Ray Misiewicz

        Raymond J Misiewicz Jr


      • The asians in our universities are just very solid academically. I didn’t say brilliant, I still think whites have a large IQ dispersion, but the asians are very solid and capable.

        Is that because asians generally are math geniuses? No, it’s because the top 0.1% from India and China come to our country. You can get a really warped view of those countries using their top 0.1% as your sample.

        They’re nice, smart people. But they do take a lot of slots. It is possible to reduce that. One obvious way is at the student visa level. Every one of those students had to lie and say they had no immigration intention, to get their student visa. Statistically it can be shown that a very large percentage lied, because we can see from the data that most all of them applied for H1B visas after graduation and then tried to immigrate.

        These institutions are rare in the world and give an advantage to those who attend. That advantage should go to more US students and less foreigners. At the same time US students should knuckle down and learn math.


      • on November 4, 2013 at 3:52 am Carlos Danger

        YKW takes up some 35% of Ivy League slots now that they control it.


      • on November 6, 2013 at 9:01 am Eliezer Ben-Yehuda

        Only 35%? I guess that’s because the Ivy’s still need to cater to White Trash donors that prefer to watch knee-grows running around with a football, than solve differential equations. Ho hum.


      • thanks for teaching me how retard logick works!
        Step 1: Find some scumbags of certain race/ethnicity/hair colour/etc.
        Step 2: Assume that ALL people are like this
        Step 3: ???
        Step 4: Profit!

        I do hope that your country engages in eugenics, because you are in desperate need of sterilization!

        [CH: proportionality matters. people who can’t handle certain hatestats specifically hate the concept of proportionality.]


      • “All of these upper-crust Brahmin types at our universities want nothing more than to enslave traditional Americans and turn them into their new class of Untouchable slaves.”

        mmmm. I’m picturing a slave that looks like Amanda Seyfried. But I’m thinking more of a touchable slave than an untouchable slave with that one.

        mmm hmmm. It’s good to be Brahmin.


      • Why haven’t you gotten knocked up yet?

        Lazy Brahmin bitch.

        Whaddaya think you’re gonna do – hire some port fat stupid Nahuatl girl to be artificially inseminated with your designer baby and carry it to term?

        That’ll deprive you of experiencing the most exquisite pain of natural childbirth.



    • > “the bad guys simply have to be defeated”

      Mike Lee’s ideas might have worked back circa 1980-1995.

      MAYBE in 2001 if Dubya hadn’t hailed from a family which has done everything in its power to try to destroy this country.

      But we’re pretty much at the tipping point as regards one-man/one-vote: The YKWs and their allies have flooded this nation with so many takers that there simply are not enough makers left to prevail at the one-man/one-vote ballot box.

      Which is to say: Yes, the bad guys simply have to be defeated.

      But no, the window of opportunity for defeating them peacefully has almost certainly now closed on us forever.

      Soap Box.
      Ballot Box.
      Jury Box.
      Ammo Box.

      Soap & Ballot are pretty much hopeless at this point.

      The Jury Box still works occasionally [e.g. in the case of a guy like George Zimmerman].

      But don’t kid yourself – if you aren’t prepping your own personal Ammo Box, then when the EBT system collapses, you’d better be prepared for the ferals to eat you for dinner.

      And the Soap Box, which we need to be preparing, is the one which announces to our fellow Americans*, in no uncertain terms, “Give me Liberty, or give me Death.”

      *Not to be confused with the YKWs and the ferals and their ilk who infest this country – unitardians, jesuitical liberation theologists, reconquistadors, somalis & other muslims, etc etc etc.


      • i truly want to avoid the ammo box ending, but who knows. in a slightly less awful likelihood, and honestly as distasteful as it all sounds, when hyperinflation does come– do not feed the leftoids. family or not, i don’t care. they do not learn, they do not understand what their ideology breeds. they are truly locusts leaving massachusetts and california in their wake and moving on to greener pastures without a moments thought what they caused in the last place. they need to die screaming for government succor.


      • Massachusetts is actually doing quite well–one of the richest states in the union, what with all the nerds at MIT and MGH making new technology and medicines.

        California’s problem is all the NAMs, and Hollywood continues to sell mass-produced crap to the world, being one of our few remaining exports.

        Liberalism and socialism work if you can keep your country white. Look at the Scandinavians. Toss a few NAMs in, and you get L.A. Toss a few more in, and you get Detroit.


      • on November 4, 2013 at 3:51 am Carlos Danger

        We are #2 behind China, which has $2 Trillion versus our 1.56 Trillion. Germany is #3 with 1.46 Trillion.



      • If a society keeps getting told it cannot preserve itself and determine its own future, it really is a question of when it comes to blows. Assuming they’ll just get replaced quietly is a dangerous game.


      • A 3000-mile wide Yugoslavia awaits.


      • haha, good luck with that ammo box. You do know that protesters and terrorists only exist inasmuch as they are permitted by the government, right?

        For example, a bunch of White anti-White terrorists beat up a bunch of White people in a restaurant in Chicago a while ago. Did the media tell you about it? Of course not.

        The Cathedral approves of the existence of gangs, as evidenced by their continued existence. It continually denounces the smallest hint of pro-White terrorism. Terrorism will get you nowhere.

        Soap box used to be completely controlled by the leftoids, they have the mainstream media and a few explicitly communist newspapers to push the Overton window, but there’s no such thing as an explicitly racist or sexist newspaper, and if there was people would get fired for reading it. But now we have blogs. That’s why so many people have abandoned feminism.


      • > “haha, good luck with that ammo box. ”

        Ha ha, good luck FINDING any ammo:


        Guess who’s buying it all up?

        > ” But now we have blogs. That’s why so many people have abandoned feminism.”

        You’re talking about LITERATE people. [Oh, and BTW, Romney won a massive landslide over Obama amongst college edumakated whites.]

        But the vast majority of DEM voters can’t even walk and chew gum at the same time – they have IQs down in the 80s and 70s and 60s and 50s – where even the most rudimentary literacy is way above their pay grade.

        Yet in one-man/one-vote, the vote of an IQ-70 gimmedat on welfare, who has never worked an honest day in her entire life, counts every bit as much as the vote from one of you 6-years-of-post-baccalaureate studies IQ-130 engineers and accountants and MBAs and surgeons and whatnot.

        And, truth be told, under one-man/one-vote, if she already has four or five chilluns, while you’re still single and not even thinking about settling down and starting a family yet, then her vote counts effectively VASTLY MORE than does yours.

        Freedom in the presence of one-man/one-vote can only persist if the people doing the voting are moral, industrious, sober, and restrained in their passions.

        But if you flood the country with ancient tribal bloodthirsty vendetta-seeking savages, then one-man/one-vote is a recipe for Hutus -vs- Tutsis.

        Or YKWs -vs- Ukrainians [in the case of the Holodomor].


      • Scott Walker is using many of these same policies in WI. He has completely defunded WEAC and removed the stranglehold it had on WI politics, and is now completing a process to excise UW Madison from the rest of the UW system. The shitlib who used to run the UW system was just sent packing to Massachusetts, the education unions are in shambles. Scott Walker is pro-life, but his first act as Governor wasn’t an anti-abortion bill, it was Act 10 which in one fell swoop cut off the democrat-goverment revenue feedback mechanism. Scott Walker is likely one of smartest men and politicians in American politics today. He’s also a college dropout, and it drives the overeducated Madison liberals nuts in this state, the way he’s beat them at their own game.


      • All great ideas.

        And I wish him the best of luck.

        Yet even Paul Ryan couldn’t deliver the state for Romney.

        It takes years or even DECADES for these kinds of initiatives to take hold and to tip the balance of power back in the direction of decency and sanity and prudence.

        But we don’t have decades – the era for having enacted these policies, so that they might do us any good now, in 2013, would have been no later than about the Reagan II or the GHWB-41 administrations.

        As Donald Rumsfeld said [and Rumsfeld is the only figure in public life during my entire lifetime who has displayed any evidence whatsoever of having an IQ larger than a walnut]: “You go to war with the army you have.”

        And in one-man/one-vote, we may have already passed the point at which their army is larger than ours.


        BTW, what has Walker done to put an end to the feral flash mobs at the Wisconsin State Fair?

        Has he actually deported any of the ferals to, say, NYC, or SF?


      • I love the four boxes. Very clever. (Almost Jéw-clever!)

        But don’t kid yourself – if you aren’t prepping your own personal Ammo Box, then when the EBT system collapses, you’d better be prepared for the ferals to eat you for dinner.

        You have to dial down the Henny Penny apocalyptica.

        If the problem were imminent tyranny, that would be fine: Men from the heartland still have enough testicular fortitude to push back against immediate threats.

        But when these exaggerated threats fail to materialize so starkly as you warn, you will have ruined your credibility about the real, gradual, almost undetectable subversion. We have never bowed once to hard tyranny, rather we have made a sport out of confronting it in the last hundred years. And yet, despite our sturdy carapaces, our innards are gooey and rotten. We are the perfect dupes for soft despotism.

        I seek to trace the novel features under which despotism may appear in the world. The first thing that strikes the observation is an innumerable multitude of men, all equal and alike, incessantly endeavoring to procure the petty and paltry pleasures with which they glut their lives. Each of them, living apart, is as a stranger to the fate of all the rest; his children and his private friends constitute to him the whole of mankind. As for the rest of his fellow citizens, he is close to them, but he does not see them; he touches them, but he does not feel them; he exists only in himself and for himself alone; and if his kindred still remain to him, he may be said at any rate to have lost his country.

        Above this race of men stands an immense and tutelary power, which takes upon itself alone to secure their gratifications and to watch over their fate. That power is absolute, minute, regular, provident, and mild. It would be like the authority of a parent if, like that authority, its object was to prepare men for manhood; but it seeks, on the contrary, to keep them in perpetual childhood: it is well content that the people should rejoice, provided they think of nothing but rejoicing. For their happiness such a government willingly labors, but it chooses to be the sole agent and the only arbiter of that happiness; it provides for their security, foresees and supplies their necessities, facilitates their pleasures, manages their principal concerns, directs their industry, regulates the descent of property, and subdivides their inheritances: what remains, but to spare them all the care of thinking and all the trouble of living?

        — Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America, Volume II, Part Four, ch. 6


      • > “You have to dial down the Henny Penny apocalyptica.”

        Have you seen what Obama & Ezekiel Emanuel are doing to our nation’s healthcare system?

        Roughly 16 MILLION Americans are going to lose their health insurance and their doctors by December 31st of this year.

        Which means that thousands – if not tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of them – are facing imminent DEATH as a result:


        And next year, when the big business exemption expires, roughly 75 MILLION more Americans will lose their insurance plans and their doctors.

        We have not seen societal carnage like this in the USA since Abraham Lincoln was sworn into office and decided to turn the US Constitution into his own personal toilet paper.

        Do not kid yourself – YKWs like Ezekiel Emanuel and Cass Sunstein and Doug Shulman are every bit as evil as the YKWs who seized control of Russia in 1917 and set in motion the events which resulted in 75 million Soviet citizens being murdered during the 20th Century.


      • Zombie Shane
        Roughly 16 MILLION Americans are going to lose their health insurance and their doctors by December 31st of this year.

        Maybe you should add a 5th box?

        The pine box.


      • on November 4, 2013 at 10:25 pm coloradoconfederate

        Good insights, as always, King X.

        Will The Cathedral continue to push the envelope of soft tyranny, as it has worked so diabolically well for them in the past?

        Will they execute Order 66 on a specific date, either because of their own impatience or they feel the time is right?

        Will they push their agenda in ever more intolerable ways until (they hope) someone, somewhere, does something rash; giving them the pretext for slamming down the iron fist?

        Who can say?


    • Yeah, I had this weird dream where I was forced to give up my house because of Osama/RobertsCare. I woke up in a foul mood. But I’m resolved now: I’m going Galt, in my own way. I’m going to work not quite enough to cover my bills, thus eliminating my tax burden, and I’m going to apply for every welfare program available to cover the rest of my bills. And even so, I’m going to vote Repuke. You like acorns? How do ya like them acorns, Democrapic Party?


  3. To further illustrate this fact I will leave you with this anecdote from the Hagakure, the Way of the Samurai: When in doggy, don’t hesitate to sneakily remove the condom. Just do it and shove it in. Too much hesitation leads her to look back and wonder what youre doing, leaving you looking like a nervous Nelly. When the opportunity presents.itself it I best to.jump in head strong.


  4. Here’s Mike Lee’s mentor in destroying the Cathedral via Disruptive Innovation:


  5. The current model is failing. They are towers of sinecure. The model described is a more laissez-faire version of what already exists in German speaking Europe. I think its excellent and with more freedom would allow people to specialize and pick and choose hard skill credentials. Our universities have been Judaicized in certain fields- liberal arts and social sciences and they have been ruined as a result by preaching often unsubstantiated and grossly biased research that goes unchallenged because the unspoken point is to promote Marxism. In most schools those fields have become communist cesspools. Anything to root out the slime is positive. We fail the bottom 50% of our nation miserably this way and these offer the chance to make decent money far sooner in life, with much less debt.


  6. “Brick-and-ivy institutions will always be the backbone of our higher-education system, but they shouldn’t be the only option.”


    The future is online


    • Not likely. The trend has been for greater stratification through geographical concentration, not less.


      • > “The trend has been for greater stratification through geographical concentration, not less.”

        This is a point which Steve Sailer has been hitting hard lately.

        The Internet should have freed us up to live pretty m-uch anywhere we wanted to live.

        But instead what we see is small town and rural America being decimated.

        What is says to me is that our society is becoming so corrupt that we are transitioning from a “WHAT do you know?” society to a “WHOM do you know?” society.

        So that if you haven’t bribed somebody to

        1) Get an EPA waiver, or to

        2) Get an import restriction placed on your foreign slave-labor competition, or to

        3) Keep your Union Local fully employed [via something like an Obamacare waiver],

        then you can just kiss your little small-town “mill” [manufacturing facility] or mine or shipping depot the hell goodbye.

        BTW, the Daily Mail has a fascinating new set of maps showing how rural and small-town American manufacturing capability has been simply decimated in the last 50 years:

        Deserted America: The maps that show how 60 years of white flight and brain drain have sucked the population from the Midwest
        Nov 2, 2013


      • We’ve been a “who you know” society for a very long time.


      • Most societies are, including Europe throughout most of its history.

        Heck, if anyone tried to promote intelligence, it was Imperial China with their examination system (which the British ripped off for their civil service). Of course, people being people, it got gamed. It’s why women are so obsessed with figuring out your social skills and sensitive to stuff like social proof–that’s how you get ahead and get resources, so why wouldn’t they?

        In most cases, it makes a lot of sense to engage in groupthink and be a herd animal. Thinking for yourself only makes sense if you realize something new instead of just going down a dead end, and have the social and economic capital to take advantage of it.


      • > “for a very long time”

        15 years?

        20 years max.

        But it didn’t used to be like this.

        Folks used to make a living in the small towns.

        At fun, purposeful, productive, innovative jobs.

        Without needing all sorts of connections and palm-greasing and bribes to crooked politicians.

        That stuff was completely foreign to the traditional American economic landscape.


      • “Brick-and-ivy institutions will always be the backbone of our higher-education system, but they shouldn’t be the only option.”

        If you like your plan, you can keep it. Only Mike Lee isn’t promising, he’s just predicting. Badly.


  7. Smart men don’t get mad…they get even.


  8. Right now, it is virtually impossible for anyone outside of the Cathedral to become a professor in the humanities. The social sciences are only slightly more open than the humanities.

    You can only get a PhD if you say things that please the leftist coterie that runs higher ed. Once you have a PhD, you will compete with graduates from the most leftist PhDs from ivies for professorships and those form ivies are favored. Once you are a professor, you gain tenure by publishing in peer reviewed journals. Peer reviewed means that the only opinions that matter are those of the Cathedral that run the peer review process.

    It will help to have fewer people within the university education system, however, note that the US has one of the world’s highest rates of college degree attainment. Many European countries which are far more leftist than US actually have significantly lower college degree attainment. Hence, merely keeping people out of college probably can’t do enough to lessen the deathgrip that leftist intellectuals keep on western intellectual life.


    • When the gate-keepers of education get to decide what the next generation of professors is and is not allowed to think, it’s no wonder we’re in the mess that we’re in.

      And I agree. We need less college attendance, not more.


    • Online learning offers the potential to learn from the dissidents. If you enroll at a bricks-and-mortar school then almost all your profs will be firmly on the Left. But if you can choose between many profs to listen to online you can seek out the dissidents.

      Also, online education with tests for competence in specific skills will enable you to show employers you understand, say, an engineering discipline. That would allow someone to skip all the general education (leftist indoctrination) courses.


    • That’s because Europe has higher standards. Only the top 10% or so grade levels ever even get to *smell* the inside of a University, there are no state colleges and there are no basketball scholarships.


    • on November 6, 2013 at 9:08 am Eliezer Ben-Yehuda

      Social “science” and “humanities” professors are COMPLETELY dependent upon students deciding to take those courses.

      Run with that ball. If you’ve got balls.


  9. And to think Mike Lee is the straw that made Alan Greenspan declare our democracy broken . . . .



  10. More good news:

    “SPLC, Tennessee Anti-Racist Network, & Mainstream Media Try To Intimidate State Sen. Frank Niceley, Fail Miserably”



    • “They delegated a little power to central government. When that fails, we go back to being independent nations,” he said. “We could team up with New Jersey and Oregon if we wanted to.”

      Wait… what? NJ and OR are full of leftoids.


      • He probably meant they could cut deals with each state independently. I’m sure New England would like to be an independent nation after the South left, if only to avoid having the rump USA dominated by their old enemy to the south.


      • The empire long united, must divide. Long divided, must unite. Thus it has ever been.

        The central government could devolve powers and keep America united, or America will splinter into several/many nations who will then seek to unify for commercial and security reasons. And the cycle will begin anew.


  11. Most giants will show their feet of clay if you just hold your steely gaze and tell ’em to f!ck off.


  12. ” Under this legislation, the existing accreditation system would remain unchanged. Current colleges and universities could continue to use the system they know. / But my plan would give states a new option to enter…”

    Heh, I see what you did there.


    • How far we have fallen …


    • It’s not a wedding; it’s make believe. Weddings occur between a man and a woman.

      How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it a leg. —Abraham Lincoln


    • It’s not a wedding; it’s make believe. Weddings occur between a man and a woman.

      How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it a leg.
      —Abraham Lincoln


  13. This sounds good, and in a world where there were substantial consequences (reputational and otherwise) for actors entering the market peddling garbage

    This will increase, not reduce, the corruption in the academic market, there will be more opportunity, not less for the University of Phoenix/Kaplan/Oberlin/Bob Jones University type organizations to take people’s money in exchange for worthless degrees. Considering the association of Utah with a lot of the scummy ‘Troubled Teen’ industry and religious pseudo-academia, I am very skeptical of Sen. Lee’s motives.

    Would the Church of Scientology be able to accredit the Sea Org?


    • Of all the universities they list, maybe they’re all diploma mills now, but 30 years ago Oberlin used to be a respected liberal arts school that was somewhat hard to get into.

      The rest were jokes from Day 1.

      Students are flocking to business and (if they can do it) STEM fields. There was a recent story in the NY Times about how universities are having trouble getting paying customers for their liberal arts fields, yet they must still pay those faculty.


      • > “30 years ago Oberlin used to be a respected liberal arts school”

        No kidding.

        Some pretty hawt artsy-craftsy chicks used to go to that school.

        I guess the big question was – while they were there – whether they were taught to go to bat for the other team.


  14. CH, does this mean you’ll be offering courses for credit?


    • Where’s GBFM when you need him? I really want to see 101: lzlzlzolzolz, 301: secretive tapings of butthex, and 501: advanced seminars in bernankification.


      • on November 3, 2013 at 9:36 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        hey da GBFM will be teahcing a class on modern eocnomicz at HARVARD NEXT SEMESTERZZ!!!!

        I hope dat da MIT Eocnomists all drop in to my lectures erudite schoalrly lecturezzz!!!!

        today da professor GBFM would like to lecture on INFLATION lzozozz and eocnomizz INCENTIVEZ lzozlzlz

        once upon a times $50,000 would buy yo u a nice house a nice wife two cars and three kids who you could play baseballs with and raise to be nice girls and nice boyz zlzoozoz

        today $1,000,000 will buys you an cassocked assockccoked, embittered, doused, deosueld and bernanenkied butthexed dfeminsistasz who will take %70 70% of oyiry assets in divroce court as ada dirvroce industries forces men to pay for past use oif a pussiezzes which is why da enoeteconths hate prostiutuitions as it does not make man pay for past pussy uyse but only present pussy use and da neococonths hatchet comepetitzzinonszz lzozlzlzoz, and dat $1,000,000 will be used to pay your wives dirvocre attorney and fund her future as socking sesisosns dat day got her hooked on in college during da prrima noctae asosckingszz seeisosnsnsns lzozlzozozo and den da $1,000,000 will be whittled down furthers buying presscirtption drugs for your dumbed down drugged up kids who you never get to see because ebernenekifiers seized den as poker chips in da fed’s wealth transfer games zlzozlzl

        so now you see da definition of butthex, wealth-rttrannsfeeringz INFLATION lzozozlzlzoz


        da fed hides inflation in many, many ways

        frist of all, da government always lies about the true inflation lozozozl but you see it at the gas pump as day pump and dump your future wife in college deosuling and ebenrnkaifiying her

        A LOT OF INFLATION is hidden in your future wife’s buttonhole lzozlzoz

        with all da extra dolzlrz zlzozo day print dollars and fund feminism and sassockcing lessons as socking seminars assockcing instructions on da college campus where day can butthext and deosul your future wife and make her loyal first and foremost to da bottom line lzozozl da BOTTOM line lzozozoz da BOTTOM UTTHOLE line lzozozlzl programming her to seize your assets to tempt you into marriage, seize your assets and spy on you, and then forward all your emails to da FED alongside all of your assettsts ASS tests ASSsetts zlzozzzlz BOOTOTOM LINE BOTTOM LINE ASSests zlzozozllzozoz

        once upon a time a man couple support a family and a wife and kids and rise them proper moral decent lzozllzoz

        but now, due to da FED’s massive inflation which they hide in your wife’s buttonhole during secretive tucker max rheyme with godlmans sax secretly taped buttehxting sessions, she will be more loyal to da shopping channels and her sista’s and the CIA’s cosmo magazine zlozozzllzzol and unloyal not loyal to family, god , man, religion, and thus she will insatiate initiate over 80% of divorce as the FED whispers to her that she will get her uhusdbansds assetsts to fund future as socking as socking buttonhole cockas sessions that they addickecter adduced adDICKted her to in college lzoolzlzozo

        and da fed gets a gut

        as they must convert

        worthless less than zero fiat debt

        into physical assetttss

        by seizing property and lifer and liberty form da betas

        operating through their wive’s buttholios

        where they dhid allda inflation zlozozozlz

        DANTE and MILTON noted the same thing, so if you do not believe da GBFM, take it up with DANTE and MILTON asslcocen zlzzzl assclowns zlzozlzlzo


        wonce upon a time mens wents 2 church 2 find a good wownenez lzozlzlzloz to be a wife and mother and faithful honor cherish lzozlzzozlolzozlz

        today woemnz go 2 churrhc 2 find a beta or gammamale to pay for their three children forrm three fatehrs who pumped dand dudmped theier zazzez afetr asszzcockcing them lzozlzlzlzo


        once uppoineez a time da dollars was backed by gold

        today it is backed by porn as emerikaz went off the gold/god standtdthedth and went onto da iron porn standadtdth lkzozozzlz


        Upper-Level Feminist Business 401: During the semester we will learn how to optimize Alpha Fucks and Beta Bucks, as we are buttcoked by “alphas” and then go forth into the corporate-state to buttcock betas out of their assettsts (buttcocking their asstettss so to speak lzozlzoz) buttcoki dem outta der assettts in divorce curt, entitle progapms, corproate sexual harrassment suits, and guilting betas and gelding them with the “pay gap” myth, all the while complaining about the glass ceieling even as we rise to very top of the fiat debt empire while da menz are unemployed and crusedhesd and enslaved bwloe zlozlzlzozozl. We will transfer teh assetts to the central banks and bernankifiers for teh centyral banks can only create debt-based fiat dollarz which are worth less than nothing, and thus need d awomenz movement to go forth and buttcock and guilt betas into working working working for a hope to lick our std-addled, strecthed-out bungholes lzozlzololzozo. We will examine why betas do not like this setup, and how we can shame them into marriage and slaving away in corproate jobs while we cock hold the alphas and cukhold da betas zlzololzlzlozozololzlzolz. homework will consist of getting buttcocked by a buttccker while mainitaing a roster of at least 20 beta oribters to reguallry buy one meals so that they will be well fed for the buttcocking later that evening. this will prepare tda womenz for bigger game, whnce they get betas to buy them homes and cars, and then dun future buttcockings with aplphas via alimony and child support lzzllzzlzozozozozo. sample exam questions will be, “what does tucker butthexter max wheym with? klzozolzolzolzo

        once GBFM univeristy is up and urnningz runningz, dalrock will recieve a Ph.D. in lzozlzlzlzzzlzlzzlzozlzozology!

        the MIT economics professor is ignoring the elephant in the room–the bernanke bernkifier class that has profited immensely in the short term by deconstructing the soul and classical religions, and objectifying both men and women–men as mere ATMs and women as mere harlots consuming oprah and victoria secret underwear for her never-ending carouseling.

        by deconstructng classical, biblical law, and sending forth bernankee’s best tucker max rhyemes iwth gdlamn sax to butthext women and tape it secretly as they deousl future wives, the beranke class has created entire new industires that see people not as spiritual beings, but as mere wards of the state, whose income nand labor they can seize and transsferz. as they profit from war, they created the family law legal proferssion, large pharmama (from where i get my manadaotry rtiaalaizn which makes me go zlzllzozozozoozoozlzozozozozo), and the corproate-state apparatus apparatati apparauststues which seize children and property from men.

        it puzzles me that MIT Economics proferrosos nnever talk about money (like duh money is important to eomccininz!!!), and its creation these days, and how those who create teh worthless debt-based money also created the feminists industry to convert the owrthless fiat dollarz into physical wealth and propertiez:


        lzozoozozzl the MIT Economist reminds me
        of the thirty-yearl old woman who wakes up one morning
        and asks
        two questions
        1. where have all the good men gone?
        2. why is my butt sore?

        Michael Greenstone, M.I.T. economics professor, “I think the greatest, most astonishing fact that I am aware of in social science right now is that women have been able to hear the labor market screaming out ‘You need more education’ and have been able to respond to that, and men have not, and it’s very, very scary for economists because people should be responding to price signals. And men are not. It’s a fact in need of an explanation.”

        Michael Greenstone, M.I.T. economics professor, “I think the greatest, most astonishing fact that I am aware of in social science right now is that women have been able to hear the labor market screaming out ‘You need more education’ and have been able to respond to that, and men have not, and it’s very, very scary for economists because people should be responding to price signals. And men are not. It’s a fact in need of an explanation.”

        Women entering the workforce has coincided with the largest creation of debt ever known to mankind–the suffocating, soul-killing, butthexting debt created by the expert economists and foisted on the people to fund their wars, debaucheries, and desecrationz zlzozozoz.

        while women respond to mere fiat dollzrzlzozzlzo, real men, like Achilles and Jesus, work not for mere debt-based, worthless, fiat butthextual dollarz, for for HONOR.

        What greenstone will never realize is that by deocnstructing the GRETA BOOSK FOR MEN and HONOR he has removed the incentive for WEstern Civilization, which has ever been honor.

        Did Jesus work for mere money? Did Copernicus work for mere money? Did Achilles battefor mere money? Did Scorates work for mere money? No, as they all lived and died for that higher currency which doesn’t even show up as a blip on the cenetral banker butethting economsists radar–HONOR.



      • Whew. Yeah, man.


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    Yes, the colleges and the academia…


  16. Utah #1!

    My spiritual homeland; sadly I’m being called to other parts of the country but I’ll always feel like a I belong in Utah to some extent. Based Mike Lee. Based Utah.


  17. Sorry, but I think this idea really misses the mark. I agree that higher education in this country has some MAJOR problems, but first I think we need to have a discussion about 1) what should be the purpose of higher education, and 2) how did higher education get to the state it is in today.

    THE greatest weapon We The People have against the forces of those who would suppress us is own ability to think critically and objectively.

    Universities (and individual professors) have long defended their right
    to “academic freedom” to be able to say whatever they believed without fear of punishment. If we look at “academia” in its pure theoretical sense—seeking truth for the sake of truth regardless of the results uncovered—then it’s a necessary requirement that the institution operate as an independent body free from any external corporation or government. In theory, this is the reason why we give these institutions accrediting power—it enforces separation of powers over the forces which govern the future of our society.

    Let’s be clear- the purpose of higher education should NOT solely be to learn how to do a task. That’s what trade schools are for. Hell, most things you can learn off wikipedia or through a series of google searches if you’re dedicated enough. The purpose of higher education should be to teach its pupils how to think critically and objectively—and by extension, ethically. A lot of conservatives (Mike Lee included, looks like) seem to think that all higher education is is just a dissemination of a bunch of knowledge and facts (and the more efficient, the better!)

    Yes, conservatives love to laugh (rightfully so) at liberal arts majors for not knowing how to actually do anything employable, but on the other hand, I think it’s also dangerous to view higher education as simply an infusion of facts and skills.

    For example, medical professionals: each profession has its own accrediting body (and lobbying organization) which advocates for the autonomy of the profession to the benefit of both the individual provider as well as, most importantly, the patient. If a healthcare company wants to staff its hospital with doctors, there’s only one place to get them: you’ve gotta go through the accrediting body. How would you like to have your doctor accredited through a MD program by Pfizer?

    There are ways companies have tried to weasel some control over the process, but the supply of doctors is still exclusively in the hands of the academic institution.

    It’s a miracle that we even have what we have today. From a purely economic standpoint, mass critical thinking and objectivity are the enemy of the profit machine. Someone so enlightened will be less likely to fall for advertising tricks, engage in impulse purchasing, or part with their money in general. They’ll also be able to negotiate more from their employers and will be less willing to put up with being treated like a slave. In fact, the only way the libertarian fantasy works is if everyone thinks rationally. It’s much more profitable (both in cash and cooch) to make them think with feeeeeelings instead of logic.

    So, if that’s how academia is supposed to work, how did it get so screwed up?

    In short, money corrupts. More specifically, government funding corrupts.

    I’ll come out and say it: The federal government should not be involved in paying for higher education.

    Evidence being the skyrocketing cost of tuition vastly outpacing inflation. Schools are admitting more people as a percentage of the population than ever before in history, and student loan debt is now greater than credit card debt. You want to defund the liberal bullshit machine? Cut it off at the jugular—the government loans that pay for it. What creditor (being fully accountable for their losses) in their right mind would lend 100k+ for someone to get a women’s studies degree? Or even worse, any one of those for-profit colleges who lie to single mothers to max their loans on the false pretense of an actual job after graduation? Yes, the stupidity of someone who would fall for that is laughable, but the greater implications are not so funny.

    It’s the chasing after this sweet, sweet government cash which causes colleges to lower their standards and whore out their halls to students who could give a shit less about their development as an independent thinker.

    So who is going to stand up against this?
    Not the corporations- they love their cheap and abundant labor.
    Not the government- it loves to demonstrate its ability to give out free things to get re-elected.
    Not the student- have you seen how nice student housing is these days?

    So in short, don’t buy into this guy’s bullshit. It’s just another insidious attempt to undermine any semblance of true academia we still have left. The greatest weapon We The People have against the forces of those who would suppress us is our ability to think critically and objectively. Lulled by promises of a better, fairer society, we tried to take shortcuts.. and the integrity of the academic institution took a damaging hit with a toxic injection of massive government money. The poison caused it to swell into a grotesque, ballooning mass of waste, inefficiency, and ignorance. Now, indebted and jobless, the children of the institution will be agitated just enough.. so that when the knife is handed to them, they can be the ones who make the killing blow.

    Additional resources:

    [1] I HIGHLY recommend checking out a book called Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses by Richard Arum and Josipa Roksa (2011). If you google hard enough, you can probably find a PDF floating out there somewhere.

    [2] Feminism and the problem with modern academia – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=so-SG2TjaEk


    • The greatest weapon We The People have against the forces of those who would suppress us is our ability to think critically and objectively.

      We are truly screwed.


    • In the end, the only thing that matters is: which side’s men has the bigger balls and guns.


      • Mostly guns. There’s not a doubt in my mind the Germans and the Japanese were the best fighters of WW2. But the USA had the industrial production, and the USSR had tens of millions of miserable Russians to throw in the way of German bullets.


      • Don’t know much about history…

        You have an argument when it comes to Germany. But in Operation Iceberg, we killed about 10 Japanese for every one they killed. And we were outnumbered most of the time.


      • I stand corrected! Wow, we have gone downhill.


      • Obama’s Brown Shirt Army (aka DHS) has MUCH bigger guns. So that analysis doesn’t bode well for us.


    • Unfortunately brainwashing takes away the ability to think critically and objectively.

      and what is going on now is the left is brainwashing students from pre-school to university level.

      Getting out of this leftist hell will not be easy. It is an uphill battle that will take decades


    • American could close 2/3rds of the universities and it would suffer zero loss of intellectual output. Economic growth would increase and even general intelligence would increase because millions of students would avoid 4 years in brainwashing sessions.


      • Think of your average libtard college graduate at an OWS protest. Now imagine that same idiot libtard has spend 4 years in a working apprenticeship paying high taxes, learning about business and dealing with government red tape.


    • What is this “critical thinking” you talk about, that one supposedly gets from spending a few years “on campus”? I’ve spend more than a few years there, got a BSEE, and I think real critical thinking is taught by technical disciplines where political correctness doesn’t help at all.

      I doubt that liberal arts is a reliable screen that one can count on to certify critical thinking skill.


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    Devil’s in the details. The best solution would deprive the existing system of funding with a two-pronged attack: financial assistance would be by deduction from income not by grants or federally-financed loans. Such would reward those who work, and deprive con-men access to public funds.


  19. Professional Diversicrats and Paycheck Progressives are a luxury we can no longer afford.


  20. Hi dream CH but…

    One does not simply walk into the Cathedral. Its rainbow gates are guarded by more than just femcunts and manboobs. There is evil there that does not sleep. And the great MSM eye is ever watchful. It is a barren wasteland for the freethinking swm…riddled with swpl illogic, hamster rationalization, and egalitarianism. The very air you breathe is a poisonous fume of estrogen. Not with ten thousand alpha male cads can you do this. It is folly.

    “But ive got a range rover..”
    “Ok, i’ll bring the kids”


  21. This post is just wishful thinking. The left has won. We can only hope for collapse. No reform is possible. The Cathedral will always get its money.


    • on November 3, 2013 at 2:25 pm Reservoir Tip

      At the moment things are grim, but I think the future is bright.

      Another story from my sociology class…
      My teacher (gender studies grad student, lesbian, feminist) uses the class to sell Obamacare to us the other day. She gave us the whole talk on how it’s going to be so great for the nation, and how we can all keep our current plans if we like them!

      So me and one other white kid speak up about how the standards the bill sets are so high that many basic plans essentially disappear, and blah blah. Of course, she totally dismisses us and continues her thing. Not too bright, right?

      Well there’s an upside.

      As I’ve said before, I’m often the only person who questions any of the propaganda that that class throws at us. My class only has a handful of white kids in it though, so it’s almost in vain. But I’ve had most of the white kids in the class approach me afterwards to tell me they know she’s railroading me and that they support me.

      People are looking for leaders to stick up for them, and make them feel secure in standing up for themselves. The kids in my class are examples. They know I’m “looking out for them” and as a result, they are slowly speaking up more and more.


    • mark power

      This post is just wishful thinking. The left has won. We can only hope for collapse.

      You lost the war when you allowed yourself to be distracted. Instead of riding to the sound of the guns you dismount to beat up midgets, faggots and retards.

      Now you floppin around on your belly talkin bout “we lost”

      (((shakin my head)))


  22. on November 3, 2013 at 3:55 pm Eliezer Ben-Yehuda

    So-called “white nationalism” doesn’t scare me. But I think it’s sub-optimal. On should never judge by “skin color”, not because it’s baaaadddd, but because it’s unreliable. There ==is= a correlation between skin-color and civilizability, and it’s even a fairly strong correlation – but we can do better. Plenty of countries who need or want immigrants, have found very rational screening techniques to ensure that they only receive the highest-caliber arrivals.


    • It’s too late for color-blind conservatism.


      • The real threat is the white liberal.


      • Agreed. The people who go looking for joooz under the bed are missing the point entirely. This has always been a conflict between white elites, and the lineup has been the same since the 17th century: statist centralizers on one side, anti-statist decentralizers on the other. They trade official titles and ideologies from time to time, but the conflict is always the same.


      • No one ever lost a job decrying how the “white elites” dominate the MSM (and congressional lobbies, for that matter), using said media to push their own agenda(s) at the expense of the host country.

        While I agree it’s foolish to find an ooJ under every bed, it’s equally foolish (or in the case of you pooh-bahs attempting to make Cyberia safe for the whims and wiles of the Tribe, downright disingenuous) to NOT notice the invariable ooJ behind the curtain of damn near every “liberal white” device.


      • True, but my distant relatives seem really, really fond of being statist centralizers for some reason. Probably has to do with living in cities for so long, and terror of anything that vaguely resembles Nazi Germany. Which is quite understandable, really, but not Good For The West. They’ll keep diversifying the country until the NAMs slit their throats.


      • I’d actually go the other way and try to co-opt the Asians and paler Hispanics. Hispanics in particular have this idea of white=good that carries over from Latin American prejudices, and this could be put to some use by encouraging them to ‘act white’, etc.


      • SFG

        I’d actually go the other way and try to co-opt the Asians and paler Hispanics

        Do you trust a man who beats his dog?

        Well then why do you expect them to?


      • Cubans are not like Mexicans or Puerto Ricans. Cubans vote Republican.

        In Cuba color matters a lot, and it seems the ones who made it across from Cuba are pretty white.

        Cubans, asians and Europeans (whites). That’s a natural bloc.


      • Are you Cuban?


    • We cannot rely on immigration. Within the next few decades, the only sources left will be Muslims and Africans. And their civilizability has repeatedly been shown to be questionable, to say the least.

      The Israeli method of encouraging a high native birth rate is the only way to go.


    • The biggest issue is that multi-ethnicism itself has many negative effects on society. Robert Putnam has published a few studies on this phenomenon:

      “In recent years, Putnam has been engaged in a comprehensive study of the relationship between trust within communities and their ethnic diversity. His conclusion based on over 40 cases and 30 000 people within the United States is that, other things being equal, more diversity in a community is associated with less trust both between and within ethnic groups. Although limited to American data, it puts into question both the contact hypothesis and conflict theory in inter-ethnic relations. According to conflict theory, distrust between the ethnic groups will rise with diversity, but not within a group. In contrast, contact theory proposes that distrust will decline as members of different ethnic groups get to know and interact with each other. Putnam describes people of all races, sex, socioeconomic statuses, and ages as “hunkering down,” avoiding engagement with their local community—both among different ethnic groups and within their own ethnic group. Even when controlling for income inequality and crime rates, two factors which conflict theory states should be the prime causal factors in declining inter-ethnic group trust, more diversity is still associated with less communal trust.

      Lowered trust in areas with high diversity is also associated with:

      Lower confidence in local government, local leaders and the local news media.
      Lower political efficacy – that is, confidence in one’s own influence.
      Lower frequency of registering to vote, but more interest and knowledge about politics and more participation in protest marches and social reform groups.
      Higher political advocacy, but lower expectations that it will bring about a desirable result.
      Less expectation that others will cooperate to solve dilemmas of collective action (e.g., voluntary conservation to ease a water or energy shortage).
      Less likelihood of working on a community project.
      Less likelihood of giving to charity or volunteering.
      Fewer close friends and confidants.
      Less happiness and lower perceived quality of life.
      More time spent watching television and more agreement that “television is my most important form of entertainment”.

      There is also the fact that immigration, even when you only take in the best, takes away job opportunities from the natives and drives down wages.


      • on November 4, 2013 at 9:13 am Reservoir Tip

        Believe it or not, we read one of Putnam’s studies back in my high school government class.

        I brought this study up afterwards and was met with scoffs.

        The SWPLs in training and “holier-than-thou” student liberals of Birmingham, Alabama just couldn’t wrap their heads around it. After all, the class had two black people in it and everything was fine!


    • Agreed on all points. However, even minor behavior aberrations, strongly correlated to skin color, can have a wide and deep effect on how the overall society eventually functions.I’m not even talking about the obvious behaviors like violent tendencies. I’m speaking of aspects such as even small degrees of difference in co-operative impulse.

      The Tribe accomplishes it by making it extremely difficult to effect a socially and politically meaningful conversion, as you know. Essentially, making it impossible to “immigrate” into Jewish society.

      What do you suggest?


      • on November 6, 2013 at 9:17 am Eliezer Ben-Yehuda

        >> Essentially, making it impossible to “immigrate” into Jewish society.

        Show us people who’ve been refused? Name 3? Name 1?


  23. The fact that Lee proposes working through the Department of Miseducation tells me what I need to know about the future of his project.


    • Agree. Implementing these measures, laudable though they may be from the alt-right perspective, via tax regs, accreditation protocols, government edict, etc etc, rather than allowing free market dynamics to determine what people and employers want, is just another manisfestation of statism and its attendant inefficiencies such as central planning, social engineering, misallocation of resources, and wealth confiscation and transfer.

      As with religion, government should be forced to stay the f*ck out of the education industry altogether, most especially the institutional rearing of our children.

      Of all the races, Aryan men ( at least those in America who have retained some kernel of their manhood) are the most individualistic and innovative. Many of our ancestral geniuses – Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Spooner, Edison come to mind – learned on their own and in their own way.

      We do not want special tax breaks; we just want our property rights respected – that is to say, not subject to theft at gun point via income and other forms of property taxation. We do not need to be formally “accredited, “certified,” “credentialed” or otherwise approved – whether for traditional or alternative academic and vocational training – by bloated coercive government bureaucracies staffed by useless clueless tax-feeders.

      White European-American men just need their freedom. Left alone, they can organize and collaborate as they voluntarily see fit, innovate and produce whatever they we want for whomever they want, take their losses when they fail, and keep their profits when they succeed. White men are most likely to dominate and to propser in a liassez faire setting. Collectivism is our nemesis IMHO.

      Anyway, this is how I have chosen to live, even if surreptitiously at times.


    • You know how DC works. If the bureaucrats are given a job to expand accredited programs, the risk isn’t that they’ll kill the project, it’s that they’ll expand it too much.

      I don’t see how this would work except through DC because the universities will refuse to accept these plans and the states all have their own rules and may refuse them.


  24. Bravo to Mike Lee! “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.” – Alinsky’s Rule #8.

    I expect that every fossilized leftist professor will temporarily come out of their weed-induced haze and screech to their libtard representatives about this, though. There is no way that the Left will allow their monopoly on academic indoctrination to be undermined without a fight.


  25. http://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2013/11/03/fake-femme-fatale-dupes-it-guys-at-us-government-agency/
    Conclusive proof that “Sexism” favors women:
    Here’s how popular Emily Williams proved within just 24 hours of her birth:

    She had 60 Facebook connections.
    She garnered 55 LinkedIn connections with employees from the targeted organization and its contractors.
    She had three job offers from other companies.

    As time went on, Emily Williams received LinkedIn endorsements for skills, while male staffers at the agency offered to help her out with short-cuts around the normal channels set up for new hires that would net her a work laptop and network access (which the penetration testing team obtained but did not use).


  26. “The real threat is the white liberal”


    The real threat is “the white”….

    Or the genetic recessive Neanderthal hybrid


    • Well, soil my lace handkerchief, it sounds like we have us a racist in the chateau…

      Or perhaps merely an Ethiopian in the fuel supply?


    • on November 3, 2013 at 9:16 pm Col Nicholson

      “Where ‘d all the genetic recessive Neanderthal hybrid women at?”


    • You show your intelligence when you use that tired black insult that dominant means “good” and recessive means “bad” in genetics.

      I guess people with Huntington’s disease are superior to people without it.

      And I’m glad to have some Neanderthal DNA, since all successful peoples seem to have a drop of it, and blacks have none, so go figure.


  27. I bet you can get a pretty good education just from the absolutely free stuff at these two sites and a few others like them:



    Why not work hard for a year or two on courses like this, then place out of a bunch of stuff. I really don’t know how long brick and mortar schools will be the backbone of education. It costs more and more and it’s less and less necessary. And it’s here already, you don’t need Mike Lee for this, but he is getting on the correct bandwagon early at least.


  28. on November 3, 2013 at 7:55 pm Hammer of Love

    On-line courses are the biggest Liberal heap of shite idea in a long time. They would have worked during the Renaissance, but not in these days of self- excusing denial and indignant righteousness.


  29. […] The Undiscovered Jew leaves a comment at Lion of the Blogosphere’s humbly titled blog that draws attention to Utah Senator Mike Lee and his idea for hitting the leftoid Cathedral memeplex right where it hurts — in their wallets.  […]


  30. All well and good, except that Mr. Lee is Mormon, and will therefore be no more electable in 2016 than Mr. Romney was in 2012.
    Historically, Americans tend not to vote someone from the same party into the White House more than twice in a row, so the Reps do stand a very good chance based on that alone, BUT could still shoot themselves in the foot in a rather major way by nominating yet ‘nuddah’ old, out of touch multi-billionaire golf course patrician no woman under 50, no person under 40, no Hispanic, very few Asians could bring themselves to vote for. Votes he will need to win, be it by electoral college, by popular vote or by hanging chad.
    They can forget the Black vote, since only about 2-3% of American Blacks will ever vote Republican, no matter how many times you tell them that Abe Lincoln was an Elephant.
    This is multi-everything Rainbow Good Morning America, stay tuned, follow us on Twitter and have your VISA or MasterCard ready.They need someone young(ish) with a lot of hair who is tall, good looking and can pop culture talk the pants off a shark. Who pulls his strings is irrelevant, the American public didn’t care that Mr. Obama is basically just a puppet of the Chicago Union Mafia, either.


    • ” … They can forget the Black vote, since only about 2-3% of American Blacks will ever vote Republican, no matter how many times you tell them that Abe Lincoln was an Elephant…. ”

      And no matter how many times we tell them that the KKK was created by Democrats and that almost every member was a Democrat, and that those are historical facts that even left leaning information sources such as PBS do not even deny.


      • Those democrats who created the KKK were white southerners – white southerners are almost all republicans now. The founders of the KKK would be republicans if they were alive today, and the segregationists of the 60s who lived long enough to see the realignment mostly became Republicans (Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms).

        Also the KKK were the good guys.


      • And the Communists would be Nazis, and Mormons would be giraffes…Your 20/20 ‘what-if’ revisionism is devoid of a logic and weight.


  31. This is good legislation. It’s obviously not going to singlehandedly change the course of things, but it’s a great start.

    It wouldn’t require many young men & women to succeed professionally on the back of two year degrees from accredited industry-apprenticeships to undermine the entire gender-studies – English Lit – sociology military-femdustrial complex.

    “If you like your college you can keep your college!” should be the slogan.

    – another alt-right Jew


  32. on November 4, 2013 at 7:26 am RappaccinisDaughter

    “Lee even even wants pro-natal tax cuts that will stimulate the white birth rate.”

    Precisely how is this different from the current taxation system?

    Between the Earned Income Tax Credit, the ability to claim dependents, access to WIC and EBT and subsidized housing and fuck knows what else, the system currently PAYS people to breed. Wait, let me amend that: The system demands money out of my childfree wallet, at gunpoint, to pay people to breed.

    The government payout to a single mother of three, when you add in all the free goodies and direct disbursements, is roughly equivalent to $38,000 a year. Which comes out of my goddamn paycheck. I’d have to pay for her kids’ education, too, if it weren’t for the fact that I refuse to buy a house…for that reason, by the way.

    You breeders get more than enough already.


    • You breeders get more than enough already.
      Your small titted swimmer’s body DNA shall die with you. A pity, that…


      • on November 4, 2013 at 4:43 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        Well, my DNA will certainly die with me, but I don’t have a swimmer’s body. Swimmers tend to get those bulky shoulders and big lats; I don’t have that. Not that any of that is relevant to my comment, anyway: My point about pro-natal tax cuts stands.


  33. # , Alpha’ed


  34. In other news, Kanye West does an epic fail of the Jumbotron Test:


  35. the phrase “tortured logic” doesn’t even begin to do this article justice: http://jezebel.com/if-women-are-catty-bitches-its-not-about-gender-its-1456972379. god, i love jezebel.


  36. Lefty urban centers are dying. There is a contradiction between operating to Post-Christian NAM worship and having a place like NYC, center of publishing, a major movie/tv center, theater district, media HQ, and the like. No one can really live in the place when it moves to Escape from New York or Judge Dredd dystopia rapidly with de Blasio.

    Even places like Seattle are now discovering the joys of diversity.


  37. “The Cathedral” is a propagandist tool phrase not to illuminate but to confuse. Maybe we should see what a Cathedral really is. According to wiki,
    “…Although the word “cathedral” is sometimes loosely applied, churches with the function of “cathedral” occur specifically and only in those denominations with an episcopal hierarchy, such as the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox, and some Lutheran and Methodist churches…”
    So Roman Catholics and Anglicans run Harvard? So Roman Catholics and Anglicans run the news media? So Roman Catholics and Anglicans run the government of the USA? I don’t think so. The last time a fellow in robes strolled through a college the whole place was closed down with a Klan alert. I know people are fond of new (neo) terms so I now “Christen” it (two can play at this) the #Neo-Synagogue. I, as part of the diverse White community, am sick of the #Neo-Synagogue perching it’s philosophy and works upon the tired creaking edifice of the Christian Cathedral. To continue to call the works of the #Neo-Synagogue the Cathedral is irrational, nonsensical and a farcical twisting of logic unsuitable for any Man of reason. If you’re going to be Men of reason be reasonable. If not then I suggest you get a bullhorn and practice screeching “Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad” at the top of your lungs.


    • It’s a little self-serving on Moldbug’s part, but I think he may have been influenced by the book ‘The Cathedral and the Bazaar’, about software engineering (Moldbug is a techie after all).

      Technically Jews don’t proselytize, so that analogy falls apart as well. You could always go with ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Cambridge (MA)’.


    • Get caught up on nomenclatura, PLEASE, decide if its a cathedral, a hivemind, a YHWish cabal, a SWPLBastion, etc. Please do this!! Because the name is the most important thing to describe the destruction of European Men.

      It is MOST important to debate this for, at least a decade, until the synagogue, the cathedral, the hivemind, are all the same.

      Sam— You are either a soft faggot (most likely), or a YHW shill (not as likely), and the outcome is the same either way.

      We will, ultimately, kill you. Really, not kidding at all about this. It is terrifying for “men” like you because you aren’t really a man at all then, are you?


  38. […] the left where it hurts. Related: Punch back twice as hard. Don’t support the […]


  39. It’s important to remember the elite Jews are not ‘white’ and they do not have your best interests in mind. Take the Protocols of the Elders of Zion or the Talmud for the reason you are being enslaved.


  40. You had me at hello. You lost me at stop reproducing, blackie.