The Types Of Men Who Befriend Girls Easily

Friendships across the sexes appeal to different kinds of men, and among those men who pursue them only a paucity are any good at it. Most men are bros; they don’t have close friendships with women they aren’t banging. They have, at best, acquaintances of the opposite sex, beyond their girlfriends or wives.

What kind of man has lots of real female friends? Usually, the kind of man who has trouble making real male friends, or who has little desire to hang out with men. A select group of men do have real friendships with women, but these men, by virtue (or vice) of their talents with the ladies have difficulty building solid friendships with other men.

Men who are good at befriending women and bad at (or otherwise uninterested in) befriending other men fall into three identifiable categories.

1. The Latent Lover

The classic sneaky fucker, minus the malevolence. This guy is charming, challenging, and a pro at making women feel sexually alive. His MO is to flirt with every woman who passes the threshold of bangability. He loves the company of women because he genuinely loves the peculiar qualities of femaleness. Married, single, feminist, feminine… he seduces them all, though he may not necessarily have sex as a goal in mind. He loves the lip-licking, hair-tossing, heel-dangling, cheek-blushing, pupil-dilating, mannerism-mirroring reactions of women who delight in his dispensations.

As you can guess, the Latent Lover engenders envy and defensiveness in other men, particularly men whose women happily partake of the LL’s deftness at handling their hamsters. He may mean no harm, (although he sometimes does), but women’s submission to his graces threatens their watchmen. This dislike between mate guarders and smooth charmers is a two-way street; the Latent Lover is indifferent and often bored by the company of men, especially after 5pm. He prefers a life of adventure, and what’s more adventurous than navigating the alien terrain of women’s minds?

2. The Fun Chum

This guy is funny, upbeat and expert at syncing with women’s predilection for unseriousness. When things get tense, he’s the man that blows it open with a well-timed quip. What the fun chum lacks in a sexy vibe, he makes up with a commitment to social levity. He won’t generate any tingles, but women love to be around him because he takes their minds off of the constant intrasex backbiting that characterizes most female friendship rings.

The flaw in the Fun Chum is how quickly he annoys the shit out of other men. They think he acts like a fool. Or, worse, like a dancing monkey. He’s not romantically threatening, but he is unmanly in his quickness to resort to histrionics. He’s a man who takes more pleasure is making women laugh than in making other men comfortable with his presence. In small doses, he’s liked by everyone and a welcome spice to any party. In doses large enough to vault him to the center of attention, his accumulation of male enemies rapidly multiplies.

3. The Beta Supplicator

We all know this archetype. He’s got a lot of female friends for one reason only: he has trained their egos to be dependent on his incessant flattery and awesome ability to sympathize, sometimes to the point of tears. Some women — really cool bitches, usually — see through his act, but most enjoy their own little lickspittle to lavish them with the “you go grrl!” nostrums that they need to survive the endless judgment of a ruthless sexual market. And the Beta Supplicator is happy to indulge, because without his facility at vomiting a steady stream of nauseating unctuousness he would get no female attention at all, asexual or otherwise.

Naturally, the BS man is despised by other men, including BSers. His worst sin is not that he sucks up to women, as bad as that is, but that his suck-uppery is so blatantly ineffective and his motivations so transparent to men, if not to women. He’s a eunuch in practice, an anhedonic lump of indeterminate doughiness. A worm. A lapdog. A nasally herbschling. He has few real male friends who can stand his schtick. So why is his kind so numerous? Why do other men tolerate him? One, he’s no romantic threat, so most men find the effort to dislodge him from their women’s lives a bother not worth tackling. Two, the Beta Supplicator can occasionally serve a useful purpose as an emotional sponge who absorbs all the boring relationship talk that those women would otherwise dump on their jerky boyfriends. The BS boy is like the harem guard, except instead of guarding them from sexual predators they guard the harem king from dealing with the bitching and moaning of his concubines.


As archetypes, it should go without saying that plenty of exceptions exist. For instance, the company of socially savvy, “leader of men” alpha males is sought and enjoyed in nearly equal measure by other men and by women. And plenty of Latent Lovers and Fun Chums are socially adept enough to know where the romantic line is drawn and to know how to speak the language of men. The above archetypes are simply examples of men who are unusually good at befriending women while being noticeably less good at befriending men.


  1. Now how many commenters are going to claim to be a ‘latent lover’. Let’s get the counter goin


    • Well as a recovering beta provider type I had just recently decided to up my game a bit and put Commandment XIII to the test, and the strategy I am adopting is somewhat LL. Starting with escalate friendship hugs into a little ear nibbling and whispering of sweet nothings (“you look hot today”) and see what (ahem) comes of that.


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    • lol he might as well have just titled that one “1. The Matthew King”.

      in b4 King’s 10-page comparison of how I am an insufferable little swine because I’m not trying to fuck the girls in his eHarem here lol


      • Haha good one.

        Although Matt King has a special sort of game: he gets to know women online, corresponds with them, posts windy and often gushing comments on their blogs — and hopes that he’ll get lucky with one of them. Think GeishaKate, RD, PetiteOlive — and of course, FeministX (or “Littlespoon” or whatever the hell she calls herself now).

        Call it — Religious Orbiter Game?


      • Matt King *does* have a special sort of game. You see, some of us are playing an entirely different game. And the goal is not in ” hopes that he’ll get lucky with one of them.” That is why he can afford to be overgenerous in his praise and encouragement.


      • Honey, I don’t even believe what I preach. You are actually stupid enough to believe I have game? Well listen up then. Jesus loves you okay and thats why you should give me your credit card number right now. Wow people really are suckers for compliments and self esteem building talks.



      • Look, we’re all on different planes. I used to hate being told by others that I couldn’t understand something now but that I would later: being told to just trust that things would work out if I kept seeking. I was like, you just don’t get it! But it turned out, I was the one who didn’t get it. And I have learned and seen the rewards of never giving up. So, my point is, it is often the people we rail against the hardest that have the most to teach us.

        I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving planned. If you’re in need of any pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin soup, pumpkin seeds, or pumpkin bread, I can ship some out. Its like a pumpkin factory here! Virtual food = no calories 🙂


      • Jesus loves you.


      • YaReally, you impious swine.

        You may think you are hot stuff actually fucking women, but I actually have the long-run privilege of following the Bible and being Chief Save-a-Ho for women like Amy and RD that permeate the Chateau halls.

        What do you think you have? Do you actually think that your life is more enjoyable than mine, where I white-knight slutty women here in the small off-chance that they feel better and can build better relationships with men? I know that they are both old spinsters now, but, I am telling you – they will, eventually, find a guy whose SMV is so low that he is willing to commit to a girl who had ridden the cock carousel of thugs and felons her entire life.

        You also don’t know the Bible as well I do. We both know how CH thinks about religion. The next time you go to a club, you will just embarrass yourself because you have neither my obsolete vocabulary nor my arcane impractical knowledge of garbage.



      • woah. Dude, you are studied on every last detail of internets commenters.

        Can you parody me?


      • on November 26, 2013 at 10:40 pm Modern Primitive

        “You may think you are hot stuff actually fucking women, but I actually have the long-run privilege of following the Bible”

        Loled hard, thanks for that.

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      • Actually, you can have sex and have the good book and not lie to anyone about it. Life without love is as empty as life without religion.


      • on November 27, 2013 at 5:03 am Hugh G. Rection

        Really? Most interpretations of your good book seem to differ.


      • The Old Testament is full of sex – with multiple wives, with their freely-given handmaidens, with concubines, with prostitutes, with captured slaves, with other men’s wives, and even with your own daughter-in-law who’s pretending to be a temple prostitute.


      • on November 27, 2013 at 12:43 am Randy the Random

        As it was written, so shall it be done.


      • Pathetic how SWPL’s are always looking for explanations… and interviewing a bunch of feral boons asking their opinion about what it all means.


      • “Mr. Jamaaal, can you please explain what discrimination has led to the recent need for young African Americans to defend themselves against the intolerance against their right to self expression through their brilliantly creative cultural meme deemed offensively “the knock out game” by tiny weinered old white rich men?”


      • on November 29, 2013 at 8:09 pm haunted trilobite

        Watch the tourists come flocking. The monkeys have really overtaken the zoo it seems


      • Question from someone who doesn’t have a couple of hours a day to read through posts: Matthew King is doing a parody, right?


      • parody requires elements of truth and irony which is non-existent in his ramblings. the correct classification for his work would be tragedy.


      • It’s a sock puppy who often goes by the name of Stilcho or some shit like that… thought it would be obvious.

        Seems like our boy has been driven over the edge… far beyond mere envy of Matt’s intellect…

        I have to believe it’s a madness rooted in the Satanic hate of anyone or any situation in which Christ is mentioned.


      • It’s a sock puppy who usually goes by the name of Stilcho or some shit like that… thought it would be obvious.

        But our boy seems to have gone off the deep end… far beyond mere envy of Matt’s intellect.

        I can only attribute it to the madness often seen rooted in Satanic hate of anyone who, or any situation wherein, mentions the name of Christ.


      • I’m not trying to fuck the girls in his eHarem here lol

        It’s not so much an “eHarem” as it is an eFritzlDungeon.


      • on November 27, 2013 at 2:27 pm Matt. King of Misdirection and Fairytales

        (cont. from a previous thread because pussy Matt is scared to respond to me)

        Oh Matt, you write so beautifully. It is a dear shame that I’ll have to pick apart the profound fallacies.

        In fact – the syntax and prose, in your post that is otherwise devoid of any sort of evidence, facts, or basic common sense – is the only drop of virtue you have in a black sea of lies. But I was always a fan of the baroque.

        In any case, of course I don’t expect you to keep track of my various “noms de plume.” In fact, I hadn’t even posted here much prior to when you last accused me of persecuting you, and never even having had the pleasure of speaking to you.

        But what I do expect is for you to keep your mouth shut and your evidence available before laying false accusation on people.

        But then again, what do religious people know about summoning evidence before accusing others of things, or believing in nebulous things anyway? Any evidence yet for that flying spaghetti monster of yours?

        But I will educate you and make amends. The Bible – something that you aren’t as familiar with you as claim to be – asks me to forgive you for your ignorance. And I do.

        Of course, none of this even mentions the actual subject matter in which I schooled Amy about the implications and lore of the Dark Triad – a topic I noticed you skipped over entirely. I wonder why? I don’t need Dr. Freud to tell me why you white-knight a dumb bimbo that got told by CH himself, or why you are avoiding the topic of the Dark Triad.

        She must not understand much about the Chateau to have been so confused, and CH himself had to educate her. But if these ‘commentators’ are the ones you value, Matt, and the ones – like me – who instruct her and correct her are the ones that you are contemptuous toward, what does that tell us about you here, Matt? Are you sure this is the right place for you? is that-a-way —->

        I won’t even begin to tear apart the whole ‘intense contempt = infatuation’ theory that you present. Last I heard such juvenile stupidity was in the 2nd grade. I guess, by your understanding, I like mosquitos and paying taxes, and CH likes SWPL, fat chicks, leftoids, proles, cheap chalupas, purple saguaros, betas, and Obama. Great logic you have!

        But it’s okay Matt- I will assume that you think that it is the end of days, as Revelations had written. Cats and dogs play with each other, and shitposting commentators like Amy get white-knighting accolades, and “mean” people like men who don’t whitewash reality and correct its deniers get persecuted by the very people they defended in the past. What do religious people know about hypocrisy, anyway?

        Matt. King of Misdirection and Fairytales

        P.S. Retard Amy, would you like to be my Sugar Plum fairy? It comes in size XXXL, so no worries.

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      • You’re a menace to society…

        You’re a menace to me…

        And you’re a stupid head.


    • I can think of a few regulars here who are probably #1s.

      2 and 3 seem pretty similar.


    • Well duh, it’s the only option which isn’t some class of annoying twit.

      I would class myself as #1 except I don’t have any problems making bros (and minus the flirting with married women. That’s not fun to me), and I’m not at all sneaky – my opening gambit is pretty much ‘so… got a boyfriend?’ *gunshot move*, usually in the middle of crowded room. Or taking my shirt off in the time it takes a girl to get in my car (giving her a lift somewhere).

      In other words, I’m just a functional male, uninhibited by any great intelligence.


    • I aspire to be an LL.


  2. > “The above archetypes are simply examples of men who are unusually good at befriending women while being noticeably less good at befriending men.”

    But the pertinent question would be whether they are any good at BEDDING women.

    Classic Sneaky Fucker Game FTW?!?


  3. Quick Question for the Male Minds:

    A guy came on very strong to me at a party. All was well but then he said to the table of guys we were sitting at “She won’t kiss me until I marry her!” which kinda turned me off, and I saw in the corner of the room the guy I had come to the party with (we are just friends!) looking around for me (I was on my way to the restroom before I was intercepted)…So I excused myself and then the guy in a very butthurt manner whined about me leaving to go to the other guy…and I said to him ‘find me on facebook and we’ll talk’…Speed up to the end of the party when I was leaving the guy came up to me and got my info. Well the next day I actually got a very angry phonecall from another person saying I was unable to be found on facebook because of my uber-tough privacy settings. I fixed that but I didn’t hear from the guy. So after 3 days of searching I found the guy and friend requested him myself.

    But now…he will not say anything to me. So my question is…what should I do? He added me almost instantaneously as a friend, but won’t message me. GRRR…What’s the psychology here?


  4. Latent Lover = Bill Clinton?


  5. Interesting. I have always had a few good lady friends, and I don’t think I fit into any of the above three categories (especially as I have an equally-fine circle of male friends). Mostly, my lady friends are super-smart and high achievers — I’m not threatened by any of that stuff — so I can enjoy their company with excellent conversation. Some are former lovers, some are former workmates, and a couple are former wives of friends — there’s no common thread among them, other than the high IQ thing. Yes, I flirt with them a little, but that’s because I’m an inveterate flirt with every woman I’m with, and we always have good times together.
    So you may want to add a fourth category, Monsieur. CH: a man who makes friends with equal facility, with both women and men.


  6. The beautiful thing about the latent lover is that he can befriend women without ever being put in the friend zone. He’s always flirting and creating sexual tension, and at the same time calling the shots.

    Flirtation is done at his whim, not ever stooping to the level of beta supplication.

    Nice analysis, CH. The latent lover feeds off of the effect HE has on women. The beta supplicator feeds off of the effect SHE has on him, even despite the fact that he’s really getting nothing in return.


    • Which is very much Sigma/Indifferent game, the one thing is the Sigma has inherent qualities that makes for attraction however rarely acts on them (L1)

      Until a Sigma decides “it’s time to get laid” or the situation is manufactured and the Sigma goes along with it.

      Krauser’s definition of Sigma, the way I understand it, is the guy who threatens Alphas or befriends them at the Alpha’s behest, which is partially true

      Sigmas have a L1 field of women they can game on that their Alpha wannabe benefactors know nothing about.

      For me, that separates the Sigma from the Beta, Sigmas do not need the Alpha’s blessing to get pussy.

      Cannot be a lone wolf w/o options, that is delusions, granted a given Alpha shows up, the Sigma has problems, as attention turns, however the Sigma knows what options are and can leave or compete, the Alpha HAS to compete in a given market for pussy.

      Well done Monsieur Heartiste, settled a niggling idea bouncing around my head, L1’s can create instant attraction, sealing the deal is a different thing..b/c the balance between “good with women, not getting laid” and “good with women and getting laid” is just a matter of venue, intent, and tingles.


  7. Mostly, my lady friends are super-smart and high achievers — I’m not threatened by any of that stuff — so I can enjoy their company with excellent conversation.

    Kim, with all due respect, that’s a high-functioning #3. The mere fact that you even think in terms of not being threatened and how super-dupery smart the little women are is sufficient indication of that.

    Not that I’m not suggesting you are not, personally, awesome. You are. But your personal awesomeness doesn’t change the fact of how you happen to be wired. You just happen to have surmounted it for one reason or another.


    • “The mere fact that you even think in terms of not being threatened and how super-dupery smart the little women are is sufficient indication of that.”

      I don’t think that’s correct. Pretty much all my male friends are super-smart and high achievers as well, and I’m not competitive or threatened by that, either. Maybe young Skunk (see above) is correct, and I’m just bisexual.

      But I believe you may have misunderstood my comment. Certainly, I’ve never had a problem with either seducing women or having them as friends. Sometimes they’re the same women, sometimes they’re different. I know that I’ve “friend-zoned” more women than have tried to do that to me (when they’ve tried, a gentle “goodbye” always followed–it hasn’t happened often). Women seem to know when friendzoning isn’t going to work, I think.

      Maybe ten years in a rock band (in the 1970s) cured me early on of the need for compulsive (and dare I say desperate) seduction of women. That might also explain why my Game (by modern standards) absolutely sucks, and yet my number (“notch-count” in Game parlance) is quite respectable.


      • It’s pretty obvious that you don’t know game because you are qualifying yourself to keyboard jockeys.


      • So you’re old and you got laid by playing guitar and not having game.

        You’re “high-acheiving” female friends: college professors with fake degrees, “activists,” and chicks who can’t play their instruments.

        lol. Thank you for confirming all stereotypes about the shallowness of pop tart wanna bes.


      • Actually, I don’t know any college professors socially, activists make my nuts ache, and my only musician female friend is a concert pianist. And FYI: I’ve always had “game”, only we never bothered with all the silly acronyms and catchphrases, back in the day.

        Once again, WhoreF, you don’t know anything about me, and it just makes your comments appear foolish. Now run along and play with Savrola and the other little boys.


      • I’ve always had “game”, only we never bothered with all the silly acronyms and catchphrases, back in the day.</I.
        –And yet, 5 seconds before, you were claiming no game. Weird. Almost like you're lying now.

        you don’t know anything about me,
        –The Maury Povich approach don’t work well here, poseur.

        Rape Kim’s mother!

        Now back in the hole with warpig, Sambo thwack, Sweetheart Jason, and the rest of your dickless ilk, son.


      • Yup, no game. And yet, somehow I still managed to score, pretty much as often as I wished. How could that be?

        And I’m sorry, but I don’t know who Maury Povich is, nor any of the other people you named.

        Actually, I’d take you more seriously if you used your real name to post (as I do), rather than some dark fantasy invention (much beloved of adolescent wannabe-Lotharios).

        Who’s the “poseur”, again?. Fish in a barrel. Son.


      • Oh come on: “my lady friends are super-smart and high achievers.”


        Like most, I know very few men who are “super-smart” (and how ’bout some !!!s for good measure!) and virtually no “lady friends” (how gallant, my dear sir!) who are “high achievers.”

        Who really has achieved much since, say, Chopin, Dirac, Alain and Zappa? (I am admittedly warped, but as a musician, if not physicist, you should understand.)

        Kim, like Vox, I have read and respected you for quite a while, and I mean that sincerely…but don’t BS us with this faux “respect” for babes you simply want to bang.

        “High-functioning #3” is, unfortunately, spot on.


      • Exactly. Where do these magic women exist? Women are too solipsistic and even when they’re smart, they still care more about gossip and celebrity news. Most are interchangeable and their greatest asset is their looks. No matter what they achieve.


      • What, no professors in the Carnival of Cordite??


      • It’s all in the wiring. I think you’d probably agree that I have no shortage of highly intelligent friends as well, and yet none of them have female friends in the sense you describe despite the fact that we are acquainted with women who literally have their own Wikipedia pages and are employed at think tanks and so forth.

        None are misogynists. We’re all married. Two high SMV, the others not so much. Most have daughters. But none of us are able to take the women very seriously in an intellectual sense. No matter how smart the woman, she always has considerably more interest in Who and What rather than How and Why.

        A high-functioning type 3 wouldn’t mind putting up with that. Some even enjoy it. Many men simply can’t stand it and won’t put up with it unless social etiquette demands it.

        My MIT postgrad father once returned home from a charity gala looking like he’d just come back from Nam. Ashen-faced. It turned out he’d been seated between the two worst gossips in the local elite.

        His summary: “Now I know what Hell is like.”


      • If you’re not threaten by thier “intelligence” why the hell would you even mention it? If you think in those terms you are made insecure by thier qualities.

        Example: I have black friends, I’m not afriad they’re going to come in my house at night and rape and kill my family.


  8. I laugh whenever I hear a woman claim “All of my close friends are guys because there’s less drama,” because she herself will eventually manufacture the drama.


  9. I’m a guy with feminine finger ratios and I attract broken women like light attracts flies. Especially abused women, single mothers, and women without fathers. Some of these women have been good looking and find me very naturally trustworthy even though I am a big liar. They are also naturally sympathetic towards me, even when I do wrong.


  10. on November 26, 2013 at 4:34 pm Lucky White Male

    Re: Clooney as an example of “Super Chosen”, 0.1 who can basically bang any girl on demand

    Is Clooney gay? I honestly can’t figure it out. It’s interesting, when asked he says, So what if I was? Does not deny

    He seems to have a new girlfriend every 2 yrs. Many including Rock Hudson and Cruise played this card for years

    Per this post: Clooney appears to be a man’s man. The profiles I’ve read talk about his good group of guy friends for decades before his star exploded.

    Krauser talks about how, to him, the goal of a man’s social life is to earn the respect of other high value men, and create your own rat pack. Note: not necessarily to care what any particular female may think of you. presumably to enjoy them as accessories to your “epic life”, not the main event. Presumably, if you marry, the wife should be the good wife and mother, again not exactly a “life partner soulmate” as the Cathedral wants men to believe

    It’s interesting about Clooney : there’s an interview where he talks about an incident before “ER” when he was still a floundering B-list actor

    He says he was hung up on a girl who was breaking up with him. One night he was driving around in circles in the parking lot of her apartment complex. He was sure there was another guy in there, but wasn’t sure

    He said in the interview years later: ‘Now looking back, I can’t imagine why I was so angry over some girl. I cant relate to that guy I was years ago.”

    If he is straight, it’s a guy talking about a transformation from Beta to Alpha. Clooney always got chicks probably if only off his looks. But like we talk about here, the transformation to Alpha is ultimately internal – inner game.


  11. i find it’s difficult to find male friends who appreciate the study of game. often, they misunderstand it and think i’m being manipulative. i have a good gay male friend who understands because gay relationships are so blatantly competitive – it’s a pure sexual marketplace with zero veneer. i have a couple friends i can talk to about it, but i find more and more it’s best to keep this part of my life to myself. since it’s a large part of my life it limits my friend choices.

    i do often enjoy the company of female friends, some of whom i’ve fucked. the description of the latent lover resonates with me to an extent. i’m on 14 lays this year so i don’t think i’m being unrealistic.


    • i have a good gay male friend who understands because gay relationships are so blatantly competitive – it’s a pure sexual marketplace with zero veneer.

      That’s why they join the homosexual subculture, to get easy sex. As a large study showed, most of the members of the subculture only stay there for a while. Many have hundreds of sex partners who they don’t even know the names of, and when they leave the culture they thought would be an easy party, they are crawling with disease and mental issues, as well as life-long problems with drug abuse and alcoholism. No wonder many of them commit suicide. Of course, many of them have mental illnesses or were junkies going in, which is another reason why they couldn’t make it in normal society.

      If the homosexual is a “good gay male friend” of yours, maybe you should sit him down and have a talk about what he wants his life to be – and remember, he only gets one. Which road or rod to take? Getting smacked around by a mentally unstable alcoholic live-in partner, as is the case for so many of them, or actually having a real family with real children and grandchildren in his old age?

      You can either have a bookshelf full of porcelain dildos or of pictures of the grandchildren, better choose while you’re still young.


  12. I’m trying to figure out where my old friend Larry fits in here. Something of both the latent lover and fun chum. Too funny to be taken seriously, too sexual to be considered harmless, I have witnessed the guy making cute girls squirm with sexual tension on several occasions. Happily married to a 65 year old woman 10 years his senior, he’s all about playing with his food and eats none of it. I’m not entirely sure why.

    For the first time in my life, I have more male friends than female, so I’m not sure where I fit in this continuum now. Traditionally, all my friends were females who were almost bangable, but not quite. I never managed to get that close to the bangable ones, which is a mixed blessing. The bright side is I avoided the trap of adding more fuel to the already blazing fire of their ego, but the dark side is I definitely didn’t feel like I was good enough for them.

    In practice, I have to admit, with some shame, that I haven’t really gotten over this at all. The truly bangable girls I’ve encountered over the last year of game, I haven’t done one thing to step outside the lines and behave as anything other than the strict respectful nice guy with his hands in his pockets. I’m not even supplicating them, I’m just too intimidated by them to interact with them in any way that doesn’t have a strict social distance enforced. They’re untouchable, my social superiors, out of my league and out of my caste. The closer I’ve gotten to achieving that, the less bangable the chick has been. It’s all bullshit too. Some gas station chick who happens to be pretty is out of my social caste? Even if you look at it in beta terms, I make five times as much money as she does, and that’s without my wife’s contribution doubling the relative fortune I command.

    If nothing else, I ought to be worth leeching off of, and setting myself up for a failed marriage as a beta. I’m not even a beta. I’m an omega.

    I just have to remember how interchangeable they are, and this is truly so. The things I actually like about my wife are all behaviors exhibited by any woman who is attracted to her husband. Essentially, she enjoys doing things to please me. That’s not supposed to be hard to find at all, and if I found a similar set of behaviors in a woman who wasn’t a formless blob with stank rotten fish pussy and horrible rotten teeth, it would be easier to have a higher opinion of myself.

    I settle for this disgusting lump.

    If I seem schizo to the readership of this blog, this is me writing after two days in her company, with all my soul and hope sucked out of me. After a couple of days alone at work, I will have a much better outlook, and big plans for the days off to come. Until they get here, and I go right back to hell.

    I’m almost convinced it’s worth the price of getting raped.


  13. “Thanksgiving is perfect time to use the “I’m a breast/leg/dark meat man. Whoa, that’s not what I meant!” line on a girl. #YourDailyGame 3 hours ago”

    Thanksgiving game: its not for turkeys! 🙂


  14. You forgot number (4), CH: The guy who has little to no interest in videogames or professional sports. For almost all Amerikan men, these are the only subjects they’re interested in besides women. I don’t want to sit around talking about which pack of steroid-puffed Sons of Obama will beat which other pack of steroid-puffed Sons of Obama. Also, I stopped playing videogames when I was 19 because I was bored of them. Because of this, I much prefer friendships with women because women aren’t not so monotonous and uni-dimensional as your typical man.


    • Agree with you there. I have managed to figure out how to exert a modicum of enthusiasm for pro football, baseball, and hockey, but not basketball. And it’s still a challenge. It would certainly explain why I’m quicker to make friends with foreign men than American men.

      Video games? Very few of the more alpha guys talk about video games. That seems to be more of a lesser beta or omega trait.


      • Actually I think everybody plays video games now.

        Some of the coolest guys I know that effortlessly pull girls play video games.

        I think the distinction are men that use it as an escape and make it a central part of their lives. Stuff like WOW and fantasy crap are the realm of the losers but Call of Duty, Battlefield or Forza, those are pretty much universally loved by most men.

        I have never ever understood the appeal of WOW or it’s clones. It’s paying for the joy of having a second job. If a game becomes work what’s the point. Spending valuable time leveling up a virtual being for the sake of exerting power and gaining prestige in a virtual world is the height of stupidity.

        I like games that are like movies or have some competitive fun to it. COD is basically virtual paintball and stuff like Halo are simply exciting sci fi flicks with amazing special effects.

        Also people that watch and read about sports all the time are some of the biggest losers there are. You would think that having an obsession with physical feats would inspire them yet they simply live vicariously through them.


      • As far as MMORPGs like WoW being “work”, it depends on your definition. There are people who get great satisfaction out of activities that some see as work. Games like WoW can be very competitive and skill based as well.

        Work vs play is a very philosophical discussion. Some of the people you label “losers” are probably the same individuals who develop innovative technologies that we take for granted. The world would be quite boring if everyone had the same tastes.

        Probably the reason I’m so intrigued by foreign cultures, instead of the watered down, everyone’s equal, melting pot we call the United States.


      • on November 29, 2013 at 8:28 pm haunted trilobite



      • If most men love sports, women love gossip and celebrity news, which is gossip sold in the media. I’ve looked far and wide and I can have interesting conversations with them for short periods of time, but never have met a woman who could hang with me mentally in the long run. Mostly I seek emotional compatibility for an LTR after looks. That’s about the best you can do.


      • Sluts are usually a bit more educated than your average girl. Masculine brain maybe, I don’t know.


      • If sluts are usually more educated than your average girl, why do we see so many STDs and bastard babies in the ghetto/barrio/trailer park?

        I used to work at an elite East Coast university. I guarantee you, most of the girls had between 0-2 sex partners throughout their entire undergraduate years there.

        Men of the manosphere really need to get over their delusions. The most slutty women are the ones who end up on the welfare rolls with STDs and bastard babies from multiple fathers. The average slut is closer to Honey Boo Boo’s mother or Rachel Jeantel than some Harvard/MIT /girl who barely gets out of her dorm room.


    • You prefer the company of a multi-dimensional anti-patriarchical, liberated woman who fights for equal rights for ALL, all while running a foodie blog on the side with emphasis on the differences between name-brand and ripoff Twinkies.

      Women are certainly uni-dimensional, only in a dimension or two that isn’t videogames or sports.


      • False. Some women blog about photography not twinkles. 90% of all women think they are a photographer because they have a canon with a big lens. 90% of those 90% have a photog website prior to learning they can’t earn a dime as a photog because everybody already has their own camera. Lol


    • …and they have vaginas.


    • +1 Yes!
      In my teens and 20s most of my close friends were men. Now that I’m almost 40, most of my close friends are women and gays, by default. The interesting guys got married and had kids and don’t have spare time, and most straight guys I meet have little to say beyond discussing pro sports. This leaves women, as even being friendzoned by a hottie is more fun than having to endure a conversation with a boring man. At least the hottie is nice to look at, even if she has nothing to say.

      Another good reason to befriend great looking women is so you can show up with them at social events. Preselection etc. I have a few of these I dominate parties with. The best kind of female friend you can have is a megababe who is fun to chill with but you have no interest in dating (high maintenance, wrong religion or politics, immaturity, some other annoying thing). I mean yeah you can just shag a woman like that and dispose of them but it’s also useful to show no interest in shagging them and keep them around for self-interested purposes.


    • “Amerika” with a k to show your disdain by equating the current Marxist-culturized mass-immigration state with nationalist, conservative Germany? Fail.


  15. Two questions for the Mâitre d’Chateau:
    – Where do male homosexuals fit into those three categories? Beta Supplicator? They befriend women all the time, obviously with no sexual interest. Hint: befriending a fag can give access to lots of hot chicks.
    – Where do people like me fit? Short description: Asperger traits, keeps function-oriented relationships towards both sexes: females for fucking, males for work because women have a pussy-centric view of the world as in “me,my pussy and how I can fill’er” and become boring cuz of this, males are mostly too uneducated or faggotized to speak of anything worthwhile and have no idea of game.

    Thanks for clarification.


    • – Where do male homosexuals fit into those three categories? Beta Supplicator? They befriend women all the time, obviously with no sexual interest.

      We’re talking about heterosexual men here. Homo males are pretty much chicks with dicks in that regard.

      Hint: befriending a fag can give access to lots of hot chicks.

      Which gender of fag? Just about every male homo I’ve run into annoys the shit out of me, plus a lot eventually try to hit on me. In addition, many of their male traits are very omega. I won’t have anything to do with them any more. Female homos are better for meeting hot chicks, IMO, with the caveat that they have to be young, attractive ones that don’t hate men.

      – Where do people like me fit? Short description: Asperger traits, keeps function-oriented relationships towards both sexes: females for fucking, males for work because women have a pussy-centric view of the world as in “me,my pussy and how I can fill’er” and become boring cuz of this, males are mostly too uneducated or faggotized to speak of anything worthwhile and have no idea of game.

      IOW, people who don’t readily make friends with either sex? That’s slightly different. The term “sigma male” (or “renegade alpha”) would seem to be more accurate here. I only use “sigma” because it succinctly describes a certain kind of alpha that doesn’t “fit in” and doesn’t have a lot of friends.


      • Thanks for clarification. It wasn’t completely clear from the formulation that it was just straight males.

        I meant of course male fags (fags is a term for male homosexuals, not the female ones). I’ve had acquaintances with both fags and dykes. I had a fag neighbor who would often get beaten up when I was young – where I grew up, fags were associated with fucking children – I mention this b/c when reading early homosexualist literature (e.g. Ulrichs, Germany, 1860s), the main preoccupation of those people was to dis-associate male homosexuality from pederasty in order to make themselves more palatable to society at large, and in Russian literature (Grigori Klimov, 1940s and later), they are called ‘pederastov’ – pederasts – kinda funny if one follows sees their political preoccupations in our days namely exactly the same. I had a work colleague p’haps 15 years ago, but never really clicked with the guy – they are psychologically alien to me. I also had a she work colleague who digged poosy. Thru her I met some gorgeous lesbos, sad to see such beautiful women out of reach. Lesbos come across to me as more rational in regards to their sexuality, fags only as a syndrome, a giant knot of complexes and character deficiencies and co-morbid axis-2 diagnoses.

        As for Sigma, dunno. My personal history would predispose me to such but I don’t compatibilize well with hierarchies, which for the most part means having some fucktard know-nothing imparting idiotic orders and I don’t like being regarded as that fucktard. As a partial Aspie I’d be more of a delta though as I have some talent for scaring women away if I don’t reign in my instincts 🙂

        Anyway, sorry for going off-topic and hijacking the thread. Was fun.


      • Do such lesbians really exist? I have too much bad blood towards lesbians to ever want to be on friendly terms with them. They are the backbone of feminism and have stolen our civil rights. They will pay for that one day. I don’t get this about you, an otherwise sensible Catholic man.


      • The one I’m friends with is quite young and hot, has taken a liking to me for whatever reason, and could perhaps be turned. But yeah, if they’re the typical older, uglier, more bitter specimen, certainly I agree with you.


      • That’s a product of her environment. More decay from the Sanhedrin.


    • Q: where do male homos fit in
      A: who cares
      Corvinus was dead right on this one.

      “Where does GOOpho fit?”

      If you really have aspergers then you’re probably not going to fit any of these three archetypes. Ever. That being said, I am a professional armchair psychologist and I can spot a lazy self-diagnosis from thirty paces. Lazy diagnoses are common when one is looking for a convenient excuse for behavior that one does not understand. ADHD is a big example.

      These 3 types of men that CH outlined are good at befriending women. You’re not going to be friends with women if you think they’re boring, so you’re not on this scale at all.

      Since you asked the gay question it would seem you’re new here. Therefore you may need to read up on Alpha / Beta / Omega qualities. You mentioned game but didn’t hint at any proficiency with it and since your friends are chumps then you are probably a chump in the process of waking up (humans associate with humans like themselves). You pedestalize education. You hint at contempt for sex. Even your social hangups hint at contempt. Only you know for sure. It will take a significant effort at true introspection to find out. If you persist with learning game then it won’t matter because you will either crash and burn and hate everyone or you will succeed and your triumph will enlighten your outlook.

      Corvinus mentioned ‘sigma’, but a sigma would know where he stood. An alpha would know where he stood. A beta or omega would not. A man who has not had many successes with making friends would decide that there is something wrong with him and conclude that he has a medical problem. I call this lazy because it takes all the power away from you to control your fate and you have something to fall back on if you fail again.

      If you want to continue your red-pill awakening I would recommend finding a mentor or at least someone to talk to in person. And if you weren’t professionally diagnosed as being on the Autism spectrum, then stop describing yourself as such. It’s just holding you back.


      • And if you weren’t professionally diagnosed as being on the Autism spectrum, then stop describing yourself as such. It’s just holding you back.

        “Asperger’s” (spergitude) is largely social maladjustment. When I was a lesser beta I thought I had it, and one girl I epically failed with even told our mutual acquaintances I had it. But I was never diagnosed, and my parents hotly denied I had it — and lo and behold, after learning game, I score “neurotypical” on any and all el cheapo online Asperger’s test out there.


      • No, more like color blindness, where you lack the circuitry to sense what others easily sense.

        You can to some extent compensate for it, but not learn missing circuitry.


      • Pulsotic your insightful reply is almost correct, and “professional armchair psychologist” is the coolness 🙂

        Yes I am new here, and I am also new tho the whole theme of /mens issues/, if you will, of which I wasn’t even aware until a short while ago. I started reading pickup material about July and from there I’ve found my way to the ‘manosphere’, websites about /mens issues/ like this one. It is all very much fun to read and eye-opening material. As I see it, a bunch of pussy hounds has over the year put together, a body of founded and practical psychological knowledge which allows for self-insight and demonstrates how different male and female psyches are, what traditional psychology mostly fails to account for. This is completely different from the mind-numbing literature put out be jewish charlatans such as Adler, Freud or Fromm being taught in academy and which, if not anything else, _precludes_ anybody from gaining self-insight, what is what psychology should be about. It has to be added here that the psychology pseudo-knowledge propagated by jews is by all appearances ideology founded on the motivation of dominance over the masses and effecting compliance as opposed to more wholesome motivations like hounding for pussy or gaining insight into self. Even Reich (orgone), who managed to get himself offed by the establishment, indulges in thought-killing marxist jargon in his original writings in German.

        What you call “red pill awakening” is to me the realization that many of my failings and failures of the past, socially, with women, with relations and the resultant depressions and guilt trips were only in part my fault, and in probably greater part due to rearing and a society structured around a world view which defines men with apodictic certainty as never having problems, as always smart and tough and resourceful and locking men into that image while at the same time exerting social pressure on men to take on female and homosexual behaviors. The great turd on top of that pile excrement is that, as a man, you’re supposed to thrive in an ambient imposing those contradictions on you and you’re defined as a failure and beyond the pale for failing to be a woman with a dick or a manly fag.

        The Aspie thing is not self-diagnose. I’ve been very shy, introverted and socially awkward since childhood and I had an IQ in the top 0,4 percentile diagnosed in my teens, and I am a firm Myers-Briggs INTP. The Asperger thing comes from having taken two tests during the past 2 or so years: one at (which incidentally belongs to a Swedish Aspie who has been fucked badly by their female-friendly court system) and in which I come out as neurotypical while having a strong preference for Aspie compulsivities, talents and social behavior. The other test was this one: where I score 33 points of 50, Aspie being 32 and above. I don’t see it as defining or excuse but a (partial) explanation of some traits.

        Now, men being uneducated was perhaps the wrong way to say it. If you look at the typical working drone who has gone through the educational system and learned to work in some profession and absorbed all the ideology, these people on average work hard to pay off debts, seldom realize the antlers they have courtesy of the skanks they are married to, regurgitate ideology in private settings, fail to acquire wisdom even from major failures and hate your guts if you talk about non-PC stuff, such as insinuating that women might be wrong in some occasions. An extreme example for such people is a 53-y/o maths-teacher i know: still virgin, a walking disaster (messy and such), appears to be seriously considering the openings made on him by 13-y/o jailbait, in case that says something.

        I owe a great deal of gratitude to the whole ‘manosphere’ for the great work put out by you all. It is heartening to know that there are people around making sense of the mess and, as somebody who comes from a less than ideal familial background, I greatly appreciate having been shown a viable role model and important insights into myself and people around me, especially women.


      • I agree with you on the psychology thing. I think that’s one of the reasons women like that profession.

        “Uneducated” as you describe it would be blue-pillers. It’s funny how they react when you say something blasphemous. I continue to be amazed at the denial and aggression I see.

        Given Corvinus’ last comment above, I’d be curious to know how you score on the test in a year or two. Good luck with it all.


    • males are mostly too uneducated

      Where the heck do you meet men? A man invented the light bulb, don’t you know. Another invented the diaphragm. And so on.


  16. I am all 3 fuck how do I turn this around??! A year in the wilderness. Boxing? Any ideas seriously


    • If you’ve been in the wilderness, you’re not “all 3”, you’re the beta supplicator.


    • With particular women, once you’ve been friendzoned, there’s no easy way to turn it around. If you don’t want to be that guy going forward with new acquaintences, start practicing game. Flirt. Be dangerous. Neg. Assert yourself. Don’t put up with bullshit. Don’t supplicate as a rule. Be judicious in dispensing your favors. Have fun, and make women earn the pleasure of your company.

      This last point requires a strong inner frame. You have to know that you’re fun to be with, and you have to be willing to disqualify women, even cuties.

      I’ve had mixed experience, but I’ve been happiest when I’ve regarded every woman friend as a potential lay. The worst thing that might happen–barring jealous husbands–is some woman will think you’re an asshole. Most women though will want to agree with you. They’re dying to be seduced.


      • I’m mostly a 1, rarely a 3 b/c ain’t no woman worth all that gonad removal.

        This is why Game matters to me, the thing with the 1’s is they do not realize this is what they are doing when chatting with completely bangable women, it’s not the Beta “you are so hot” it’s not “Dance Monkey Dance!!!”.

        It’s more a question of seeing signs of attraction/ioi’s and not really grasping “she is DTF”…so much so, hot young women can say “I’m down (to fuck)” and it just passes over the 1’s heads as women rarely just come out say “fuck me now”, they are not wired that way. At best, they’ll have a friend approach and “so and so thinks such and such about you”

        Suspect it boils down to a intention and a instinct to seal the deal.

        For 1’s it’s more the hamster wheel spinning and the rest of it is enough until she literally pulls off her clothes etc

        For myself at least, it is more the negatives that can come from just random sex STD’s, Unknown Pregnancies..and fellas..condoms tear easily.


      • lol there’s no such thing as an accidental 1, my dude.


      • Not so, an accidental 1 would be the guy who married guys or in relationship guys, or females who were fmrly interested would announce things to.

        Everything from “Stay away from Wife! To I consider myself married to her! From the female pov: “this is my new boyfriend!”

        When all the while the 1 thinks they are being polite in each and every situation.

        L1’s are seen as natural threats

        When a female’s friend opens her friend for you, that is Level 1, and best believe, they’ve chatted and decided one was attractive.


      • lol no.
        What makes the latent lover sexy is that he knows what is going on. Now, maybe he personally has no intention of following through on the attraction he inspires, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Just because some chucklehead laughs and says ‘what, me? huh? I had no idea….oh sorry….blah blah blah’ doesn’t mean that, on the inside, he isn’t laughing. Women also know this, and they play along.

        L1’s are natural threats.

        L1’s are also a very small % of the population. A lot of 2’s think they are 1’s. And even more 3’s think they are 2’s.


  17. on November 26, 2013 at 5:45 pm Mitch Cumstein

    I used to want this female friend of mine SOOO bad. She just got out of a relationship and our mutual friends (also girls) started lobbying for me. I was beta at the time and had no idea that I was doing the wrong things. I wasn’t aloof enough, placated a little too much, and was operating out of a scarcity mentality. I also didn’t realize she was getting more than enough validation by flirting with bartenders, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. When I finally did make a move, her LMR was so strong that I backed off.

    That’s when I found this website and others like it, read up on game and started implementing it. I started hitting the gym. Self-improvement was the goal. Getting laid wasn’t so difficult anymore. My phone would blow up when I was hanging around these girls and the girl I once crushed on was at attention.

    Last Christmas, she caught wind I was seeing someone and it’s a little more than casual. She was house-sitting for a friend, and all her girl friends were spending the night. She invited me inside of her room and things started to escalate. “Don’t you have a girlfriend?” she asked between kisses. “You could say that.” This time, when she put up her LMR wall, I was ready for it. “I know you want it. But after tonight, I can’t ever offer it again.”

    We ended up fucking that night and all her friends could hear it from their rooms. I’ve never felt as much like Steve McQueen as when I woke up, walked out in my boxers, strutted past our mutual friends, made myself a cup of coffee, got dressed, and got it to go.


  18. A bit OT but the latest Kanye video gets parodied by Franco and the other guy.


  19. “Beta males are rarely in a position to witness the worst of women.”
    -CH 03/30/2012


  20. on November 26, 2013 at 6:44 pm the latent sadist

    For the record i have no relation to The Latent Lover. From the start, I’m an up-front bonerboy. Doling out sadism suppressed from beta-days gone by, to balance the lopsided karma of female self righteousness. Only you can prevent ego fires.


  21. A bit off-topic, but VERY IMPORTANT, nonetheless. As many men as possible have to try to shut down this travesty of an app/website meant to slander men. It is being praised in the liberal MSM press (of course), and must be stopped. If there are any attorneys here who want to start a class action, that would be appreciated as well.

    Offensive app: lulu app (see

    Why it is bad (if not obvious):

    (See this as well:)

    Petition to have it stopped:

    Guys–now is the time to band together.


    • Dear Lulu,
      I was dating this really cute girl but she smelled bad out of her muff. She reeked like really, really gross. I tried to get passed it, but I couldn’t as I had to retch each time she splayed her legs cuz of her rancid aroma, so I stopped seeing her. I really considered telling here the reason but I chickened out.
      Is there a way to tell a girl that her cunt reeks? It’s a fixable problem, right?


  22. CH– it would be great if you could bring this terrible app (lulu noted above) to the attention of all who read this site. Many here are already being slandered and don’t even know it!


  23. I would like to comment that I’m a man who can’t do male friends because actually in Brazil, at the places that I live they all are in majority Betas in many aspects.

    I know corporal language, I know human psychology, and I can’t stand being friend of someone who stand their voice to call female attention, I don’t do this and I don’t want to be friend of someone who does.

    Second, the majority of man aren’t worth for friendship for a man like me (alpha mode on), they can’t provide me money (because I already have it), they can’t provide me feels (I’m considered psycho by psychologists as I dont feel nothing), and they dont bring more female, they just fucking do minus.

    Male normal beta friend = less girls, less social respect, less adventures, less chances to know other alphas and the bad things keep going on.

    The truth is that for alpha males the normal “bro” friendship doesn’t benefits him in nothing, and as I’m a alpha one I don’t see any reason to be friend of another fag who can’t aproach a girl by himself.

    I know how to get respected by males, and I do this talking just to females and to the other betas plus, nothing more nothing less.

    If you realize that you dont need to spread what you think because this is really right you will see that man who do friendship with other mans are at real really fucked betas.

    Learn to make woman work for you and do what you want, and they will use man at your favor.


    • Fora, you need to find that one man who makes a high-quality friend. Even if he is one in a thousand. It is more important to find that one man than to find that one woman. As Rudyard Kipling put it:

      The Thousandth Man

      ONE man in a thousand, Solomon says.
      Will stick more close than a brother.
      And it’s worth while seeking him half your days
      If you find him before the other.

      Nine hundred and ninety-nine depend
      On what the world sees in you,
      But the Thousandth Man will stand your friend
      With the whole round world agin you.

      ‘Tis neither promise nor prayer nor show
      Will settle the finding for ‘ee.
      Nine hundred and ninety-nine of ’em go
      By your looks, or your acts, or your glory.

      But if he finds you and you find him,
      The rest of the world don’t matter;
      For the Thousandth Man will sink or swim
      With you in any water.

      You can use his purse with no more talk
      Than he uses yours for his spendings,
      And laugh and meet in your daily walk
      As though there had been no lendings.

      Nine hundred and ninety-nine of ’em call
      For silver and gold in their dealings;
      But the Thousandth Man he’s worth ’em all
      Because you can show him your feelings.

      His wrong’s your wrong, and his right’s your right,
      In season or out of season.
      Stand up and back it in all men’s sight
      With that for your only reason!

      Nine hundred and ninety-nine can’t bide
      The shame or mocking or laughter,
      But the Thousandth Man will stand by your side
      To the gallows-foot – and after!


      • I’m thankfull to your answer and I really apreciate it.
        I’ve a really good friend, he know me when I was an social omega and he was an alpha at beauty at this moment, and even with this we were loyal to each other.
        I can still talking to him because he is a good person, but he is not developed as me or even developed at all (he is just like the majority of people are).

        And I’m not talking this for suply my ego, but because I’m in this road since I was 10, plus the fact that the emotional side of my brain doesn’t work.

        I can do friendship easily with man or woman, but as my brain work in an win/lose way I just like to relacionate with woman (increase my social value, give me respect of other “pseudo alfas” and etc).

        I’ll continue tryng to find a “bro” like me, but I think if I found one we will kill each other for the sake of the power, or if not things will get really bad for the rest of the world.


  24. Had a full blown emergency break out this week with my law practice. 9 out of 10 level crisis perpetuated by near reckless risk taking on my part. Lesson learned.

    During this week long flare up pussy dropped to the last thing on my mind. Interestingly enough I noticed more women looking at me. I guess the “I don’t give a fuck vibe” radiated like flares as I truly did not give a shit about anything else other than getting the crisis under control.



    • I hate that feeling of crisis. Well, you probably learned something about how to behave around women. Every storm cloud has a silver lining.


  25. @Mission.
    Word. I’ve found the same thing interesting as well. I’ll be @ work (hospitality) totally into my work, and pull a girl just by having a “gtfo” here / annoyed look on my face.
    One girl even ask me to smile more. I refused in amusement. Later that nite she called and asked for company in the jacuzzi… Chicks man, chicks..

    Never give an inch.


  26. And fuck that I aint befriended no homos… ! Fuck is wrong w you guys!


  27. The women I’m friends with are women I’ve fucked and would fuck again, but I feel I can do better hitting the bars.

    Every other woman who thinks they are my friend are a professional acquaintance/colleague; family member; or else some fattie I don’t give a fuck about.

    Reality: show some to a lefty today.



  28. “The BS boy is like the harem guard, except instead of guarding them from sexual predators they guard the harem king from dealing with the bitching and moaning of his concubines.”

    That is funny


  29. Any woman who has guy friends—especially only guy friends–is a big ol’ warning sign of danger. The problem is that they’re very manipulative, especially of the beta set, since they thrive on beta orbiters. As a former beta myself, I still have that innate betaness that these bitches can smell from miles away—like negroes on welfare checks and down lo sex with their cousins.

    Luckily, thanks to game–especially our dark lord and master–I’ve learned to wriggle away from their oh-so-tantalizing-beta-bait.

    Saved me recently, as I’ve gone through some tough times. A foreign chick piqued my interest who was in my orbit—young (23), great legs, laughed at all my jokes. Then she started to say things like “I hate girls, all my friends are guys” and “my old boyfriend used to get really angry because he thought all my guy friends were hitting on me” and “on my 21st birthday, my ex got so mad because I got 21 kisses at a bar from 21 people!”

    BUT—the other thing about the guy-friend-girl is she’s a drama queen—she loves making a beta feel like he emotionally “saves” her. She’ll pull this drama card the first time she tries to yank you in–some kind of big drama that she needs to cry on your shoulder about. “abusive” ex boyfriend, professor meanie hating on her, distant-but-close relative dies, she’s just sad, etc. The point is that you (the beta) get to feel like the big hero cheering her up—all the while shes lapping up your attention without giving you so much as a hand job.

    When this foreign chick tried to pull the whole “woe-is-me” card on some bullshit madeup drama, complete with sad, pouty, cute girl face, I caught myself and laughed.

    “Toughen up, bitchie!” I said. When she asked to “talk” when I had a free moment, I was suddenly very busy.

    Thank you dark lord! A very happy Rapes-giving to you, sir!


  30. The funny thing is tricky. I’m probably in that mode often with everyone. Don’t think I annoy guys, as I have a decent number of guy friends but am mostly chasing the puss. That said, I’ve tried to maintain frame more and mix it up with some assholish behavior–giving orders, being moody–and it helps leaven things out.

    You got to be yourself and maximize your strenghts, but not become the class clown.


  31. What are the B.S. losers so common? Because humans are naturally polygynous (proof of this is the sexual dimorphism exhibiting by humans). When the Alpha males cordon off the females (presumably the Greater Betas have to make do with the females the Alphas don’t want) the Betas are left single and as such make good workers and soldiers whose job is to either work for the Sultans or die fighting for them in pointless wars. Naturally Beta males would be better off as soldiers as they risk actually cleaning up with the spoils of war.


  32. I fart a lot if I eat frijoles with too much peppersauce. American Bison is best served up medium rare. Females are mostly the same.
    I am going to take tomorrow off.


  33. What about a post on how the the latent lover or the fun chum can overcome his weakness? There’s been plenty of posts dedicated to the third category.


    • I don’t see being a latent lover as a weakness in the least.


    • Put more effort into making friends with men, or at least engaging in male oriented activities. Stop fancying yourself as a ladies man and constantly seeking female approval. Those types of men get annoying after a while, even to women. It isn’t easy to make friends, after a certain age, so be patient.


  34. Off topic, but LOLZ.



  35. Eh, I kinda fall into category 1, except that I am ideologically a mysoginist. But I do enjoy flirting and I do enjoy the company of women, even if not for sex. And quite often I loathe other men, simply because men usually wanna talk about sportball, sportball and more sportball. Or video games. Women at least TRY to talk about things that are actually interesting, even if it is over their head. Guys will try to shame you if you sound like you’re not a retard.

    I also have some aspects of the fun chum. I’m fairly good at using humor to alleviate tension, but even apart from humor I’ve been told that I have a “relaxing personality”. But I despise clowning, or being the center of attention.

    Not a supplicator tho, and no one would accuse me of that. Men and women both know that they can’t walk all over me, and I am often accused of being intimidating. Yes, both intimidating and relaxing. Not really sure if I fit into any of these categories.


  36. on November 27, 2013 at 4:55 am The Burninator

    “He prefers a life of adventure, and what’s more adventurous than navigating the alien terrain of women’s minds?”

    What’s adventurous about navigating something about as challenging as the kiddie coaster (3 feet or under, kids!) at the local amusement park precisely? I guess to this type it’s all that and a bag of chips, but inane chatter about basically nothing tends to get on my nerves after a while. It’s tolerable if you’re goal is sex with her, but doing it “just because” without necessarily shooting for sex seems a bit like intentional exposure to torture for the sake of sating a masochistic impulse.

    Before anybody snaps and snarls at me, consider that Game itself is teaching you all of the not so difficult to do routines which navigate these minds. Once you understand these things, how challenging is it really, right?

    “What kind of man has lots of real female friends? Usually, the kind of man who has trouble making real male friends, or who has little desire to hang out with men. ”

    That pretty much explains everything in a nutshell. To cut it down to two words “Effeminate men”.


    • “What’s adventurous about navigating something about as challenging as the kiddie coaster (3 feet or under, kids!) at the local amusement park precisely?”

      That’s beta thinking. Alphas or ll’s will never discuss these things, but will flirt with new acquaintances with lines like: “I’m trying to figure out how to flirt with you. Do you have the confidence to go straight to flirting about exotic sex, or do you need romantic flirting first because you’re a little bit inhibited?” You get it all out on the table: implicit instigation, an implied neg if there’s resistance, and plausible deniability (it’s only flirting after all).


    • on November 27, 2013 at 6:57 am The Burninator

      “That’s beta thinking. ”

      False. I explained it in the part of the quote you left off. If you’re NOT trying to pick the girl up (which the article states may be actually happening), then it seems like an act of intentional masochism. If you’re “practicing” or probing her for a pickup then that makes sense, but given the blurb in the original article it doesn’t seem like the motivation is practice or pickup so much as he “enjoys” these kinds of interactions as a value unto themselves. To navigate easy waters simply to enjoy navigating easy waters seems to me to be unchallenging and a waste of time if no end goal is in sight (practice/pickup).


      • Flirting is fun and sexually charged. Why wouldn’t you want to do it. Sometimes it’s behind the back of her spouse or boyfriend (sneaky fucker) and pulling for a lay is impossible. But it’s still fun.


  37. Question for us novices: what’s the type of woman who has trouble making female friends and mostly befriends men?


    • on November 27, 2013 at 5:28 am The Burninator

      Most women. Most women will usually state “I prefer to have men for friends, women can just be catty/bitchy/drama/whatever”. It’s almost like a rehearsed refrain, and it seems to be a siren call for beta orbiters to respond to more than anything. Dunno man.


    • Women who are not bi. I love ladies. All of my friends are girls irl except for one gay guy.


      • Spoon

        Are your friends the uggos kept around to boost your appearance. ..or do they keep you around to boost their appearance?


    • Its really hard to say. I guess women who have trouble being friends with other women fall into two categories. In a positive light, I’m inclined to say its the women who don’t want to go along with the herd: the free thinkers. If you don’t want to be infected with womanthought, you have to avoid them. I have learned time and time again its best to keep female friendships superficial. Controlling women will try to turn even other women into beta orbiters.

      In a negative light, I’d say its the insecure women who feel they are in constant competition with others. It can depend on family structure too. I have an older sister, so I learned to wait my turn for parental attention due to another female. Women without sisters, and especially women who have been cheated on, fall into a high category of competitiveness with other women making a true friendship difficult, if not impossible.


    • a while back h3artsie did a post on the different female archetypes. ‘normal’ socially adjusted females will have more female than male friends. a female who has mostly ‘guy friends’ and very few female friends has issues. also, it’s a slut tell.


      • Not so, itsme. There are women who are tired of the status competition and meaningless conversation they have found in their social circle, and who enjoy the simplicity in a man’s social circle. That kind of woman will delight in spending time with her boyfriend and his friends. That is usually a conservative-minded woman who is nice to be with.


      • on November 27, 2013 at 5:07 pm Mitch Cumstein

        I’m with itsme on this one. Before you date one, you’re an idealist and hope for the best. Date one and you find out they will never be satisfied with only one man’s validation.


      • I have dated one. So yeah. I think you and I are thinking of completely different types of women. There are different reasons for why a woman would prefer male friends. On the one hand there are kind of butch women. On the other hand there are intelligent women who are tired of the status games and who want more intelligent company.


      • There are women who are tired of the status competition and meaningless conversation they have found in their social circle, and who enjoy the simplicity in a man’s social circle. That kind of woman will delight in spending time with her boyfriend and his friends. That is usually a conservative-minded woman who is nice to be with.

        Bullshit. Women NEVER tire of the competitiveness.
        Quit believing what they say and watch what they do. As she ages she will swap her freinds out to account for her changing looks and or status… and feed you a line of bullshit about how she’s not like the others.


    • There are Tomboys, @SFG . I have known a few of ’em. Some of em are basically guys in female skins. There’s one in my neighborhood right now. Looks like a chick, keeps her hair long with a ponytail, but dresses in tees or flannel shirts & basketball shorts, just like a guy. She lives and breathes basketball, even though she’s out of school, and shoots hoops and plays pickup with the local guys. She won’t play with the girls at all. When you talk to her, it’s like you’re talking to a female guy, she really does think like a boy. She’s heterosexual too, don’t know how easy it is for her to get boys, it would take some serious beer goggles for me to be able hook up with her.


  38. I have never had many women friends, and pretty much all of them were female accessories to male friends.

    One exception: I’ve had one very long-term relationship in which my female partner became my friend in addition to being my lover, but she’s the only one. (And, thinking about it, that’s probably why that relationship lasted so long.)

    The problem is mainly that since about the age of five I’ve never found the conversation of women interesting. Since puberty I learned to pretend interest for the sake of getting my dick inside, but if that’s not an option why should I bother? Most women are just too damned boring.


    • on November 27, 2013 at 7:56 am Cad and Bounder

      Women tend to boring because they don’t need to be interesting, well-educated, practical, pragmatic, funny, or in the slightest bit entertaining.

      And its getting worse. These days all they need do is set up a Facebook account or an online dating profile (with a few old pics) and instant validation ensues. Suddenly they become ‘interesting’ people again.


  39. I don’t generally find friendship with men to be very fulfilling. Women can be difficult, but we often have common interests. The only worthwhile friendships with men, would be one where we shared a common interest, family, job, etc. The conversation quickly fizzles out, otherwise.
    I had a few male friends, who I felt used me as an emotional crutch. Sometimes they were fun to talk to, but their selfishness annoyed me after a while.


  40. Well, this thread went into the gutter fast and hard.

    Burninator, the rich man doesn’t hear the poor man, not the satied the hungry. shaming is a bitch move. Are you a bitch?


  41. What about men who befriend both but end up with more female friends by chance?

    Introverted, Experienced, Aggressive, “Gets it”, a source of advice for females who recognize his abilities.

    Likes the same things about Women capital W as the “latent lover” you described, but not always interested in the seduction part.

    Sometimes would strangely rather enjoy the company of illogical, changing-topics-a-mile-a-minute women than men.

    And at night, he bangs a friend of hers and shares stories about it with her afterwards.

    I’m my own breed. half latent half dancing monkey. but it’s all enjoyment in dealings with the opposite sex


    • when most guys get a shit test, they either cower in fear, fight back, or respond appropriately

      I’m none of the above. I think it’s cute.


    • on November 27, 2013 at 9:52 am The Burninator

      “Sometimes would strangely rather enjoy the company of illogical, changing-topics-a-mile-a-minute women than men.”

      Can you explain this please? I’m not being snarky, I genuinely don’t understand where you’re coming from. Personally that kind of thing gives me a headache after a while if it’s not being endured in the pursuit of seduction.


      • people generally hate that which they don’t understand.

        I didn’t pull any snarkiness from your comment.

        I meant exactly what I said. I’m very polarizing with men. Many hate me. despise me even. much less so with women.


      • Actually, you’re better off being liked by other men, and despised by women. That makes it that much harder to take you down when we want to.


      • Not a single woman who has tried to take me down has succeeded.

        I’ll keep doing me, and you keep doing you. I completely disagree with that take.


      • When I argue or fight with a woman, it’s the faggot MEN who, out of context of the argument, rush to her defense.

        Not the women.

        Women, in my past, have rushed to my defense much more than men.


      • Women, often rush to the defense of a man, whether he deserves it or not. Men are usually much more judicious in doing so. Of course, a lot of it depends on the quality of men you hang out with.


      • I’m the type of person to speak up when someone says something I disagree with.

        Men despise this. Men even hate me for it.
        Women tend to be more open to changing their viewpoint.

        This is an aspect I disagree with on the manosphere based on MY life experience, where most other things I agree with within this sphere.

        Another thing is Semantics. When the words you say carry the INTENDED meaning, but you mispronounced a word or something. Men fucking always correct me on semantics, as if they were trying to one-up me. Women tend to come to my defense, “I know what he means”

        I also have a “broken” aspect to myself many women find a turn-on. They like to nurture that’s for sure.


      • I don’t hate what I don’t understand, I simply find constant 100 mph chatter and constant fluttery subject changes annoying in a headache inducing way. I understand women’s capacity to do it perfectly, but I do not prefer to be around it for any length of time if I can help it, unless I have a goal in mind such as seduction. I was hoping to get some insight into what you get out of it specifically, that’s all. It just doesn’t click with me at a fundamental level, I don’t grok it, ya’ know?

        Lara is spot on with her observation about women taking you down harder if you’re more aligned with them. Indifference and aloofness at a fundamental level is a shield that few women can batter down if it’s part of a man’s integral frame with women. Emotionally sympathizing and preferring their frame makes you an easy target, should they ever decide to castrate you in front of the world for fun.


      • I’m not aligned with women at all though. In fact I prefer the solitary lifestyle to the monogamous one.

        I WANT to hate women. I really do. Their behavior is much more disgusting than that of men. But that being said, maybe I’m just different. I’m actually not aligned at all with women, they just happen to rush to my defense.

        I can’t hate them at all.

        I’ll give you an example. I was eating lunch by myself and four girls (acquaintances) sat down near me and went into their innane chatter. One of the girls, a very skinny tall blonde, and the most attractive of the group, started talking about how great her hips were.

        I just couldn’t stomach that. I put my spoon down and said, “Honey, WHAT hips?”

        One of her friends, a tiny girl with a butch dyke haircut, immediately speaks up attacking me.

        And most men would expect a chorus of hatred from all 4 women.

        But that’s not what happened. One of the other girls took my side and said “youre skinny, you CANT have hips!” the fourth one also chimed in on my defense. Eventually, even the blonde conceded to my point and it was really only the butch dyke looking chick who continued to glare at me for the rest of the meal.

        This little anecdote has unfortunately(?) been my life experience. When I speak up, articulate my viewpoints, I notice growing resentment in men, not so much women.


      • the blond ended up becoming one of my good friends, and I fucked a few of hers.


      • To explain the 100mph chatter.

        I’m a very weird guy. I like to think I’m “unique” but really its just me being weird. Different.

        i THINK at 100mph, and tend to bounce around ideas at the same rate.

        Not to worship Myers-Briggs or anything (there are flaws in MBTI personalty type), but I’m an “INTU” – I tend to never complete a project, only start something and then lose interest in it very soon afterwards.

        I talk in the same manner with women.

        When you look at my “career”, its very similar. Mainly contract work, some side ventures, side hustles, investment dabbling, and making up my fixed costs in playing as a solo-act-musician


      • Weird. Nobody hates women that understands their natural hypergamy, we simply deal with it as a natural artifact of women qua women. There are nearly universal qualities that you can find annoying or endearing though, I was just curious about preferring mindless chatter over talking to men.

        I think the men you’re speaking of are what are called here “white knights”. Most here either wouldn’t fall into that category or are learning not to do it any more, as a work in progress. In that same situation I would have sat and watched silently, rather amused more than anything.

        In any event, still not sure how you can prefer constant mindless chatter, guess I never will. But if it works for you, well, good for you then.


      • I’m actually envious that you can deal with that fact about women as a natural artifact.

        I can’t. I find it repulsive. I really wish I could “accept” hypergamy, but I can’t, and for that reason I will never have a long term healthy relationship with a woman.

        Its why I tend to avoid women in general. But they don’t avoid me. Try as I might to be MGTOW, keep them out of my life, they always weasel their way in. Its much like the raccoons rummaging your garbage on Sunday night.

        The way I see it, its constant mindFULL chatter. Maybe thats why girls like talking to me. I speak at their same rate, but with much more DEPTH. I don’t tend to spend more than a minute talking about one topic, because if I do so with a man, it tends to lead to argument and later resentment and later HATRED.

        Only my best friends can argue with me and not hate me with a passion afterwards.

        I also tend to avoid “beta males” even moreso than I avoid women. My friends are either like me, avoidant of women, or they are in committed relationships with beautiful women, where *they* are in charge.

        But that being said, I can’t avoid the beta male in real life. For example, I approached and chatted with some girl from a rival college on the bus, I was making fun of her how my school is so superior to hers, and some faggot WK who doesn’t even GO TO EITHER OF OUR SCHOOLS rushes to her defense.

        I’ve also been in fistfights with men who have rushed to the defense of a woman I’ve argued with in public, WHO LATER HOOK UP WITH ME!

        I WANT to hate women. But the WhiteKnightery(TM) of men I encounter in real life, and the Racism of men I encounter online is just so much more salient to me.


      • I can’t. I find it repulsive. I really wish I could “accept” hypergamy, but I can’t, and for that reason I will never have a long term healthy relationship with a woman.

        If you are using “hypergamy” as an excuse you have more issues than hypergamy.


      • women are people. They’re just fucking normal human beings. Certain traits, they tend to exhibit on the right side of the bell curve. Same as men. Accept it, move on.

        Hypergamy is the same as ‘men like to fuck everything that moves because evolution.’ It’s an evolutionary drive. NOW TRY TO IMAGINE HOW THIS DRIVE VARIES AMONG THE MALE POPULATION.

        Some men will never settle down in an LTR —- EVER. Some men prefer monogamy. All the men on the continuum between that feel the same evolutionary urges — different in quality and quantity. But some are honestly kept in check by counter-emotions; maybe a love of security. Maybe a fear of loss. Etc. etc. etc.

        Just bring that knowledge with you when viewing women. Some women are so hypergamous that ya, they will fuck any and every ‘better’ guy. Others will settle —early, even — with a nice beta guy and be fine (YA WHOA IT DOES HAPPEN SOMETIMES). The ‘average’ woman is somewhere between those two extremes.

        Plus, let’s say you have these three attractive traits In order — 1) independence/strong-frame/confidence 2) social dominance 3) ability to lead. Here’s the great secret — it’s almost impossible to have these 3 in EVERY SETTING. For example, a guy who is good at hitting up chicks in bars will derive state control and confidence from that identity. When he meets a woman who places no value in stupid shit that happens in bars, 1 will be tested. And so on, and so on, and so on….

        It’s really nothing to worry about, and it’s not the end of the world. Keep it in perspective.


      • Well said, Scray. The kind of insight that is hard to find on the internets.

        From what I gather, the original use for the word hypergamy, as popularized in manosphere blogs, was a counter to the polygamy accusation leveled at men. Men have the instinct to have sex with different women, yes. This is because those who had this instinct in the past had more children, and therefore spread their behavior genes more. But rather than defend this in a scientific manner, we turn to a “no, YOU!” tit-for-tat strategy. “But women are hypergamous!” Both are supposed to be bad. So if men are bad because of polygamy, women are bad because of hypergamy. It is a sort of mutual moral destruction.

        “Hypergamy” when you come down to it, simply means that a woman chooses the best available partner. Just like men do. But this is dressed up in the worst possible way. The implication is that women don’t feel love and loyalty, that when they are with a boyfriend or husband their cold, calculating brains are only using him for money temporarily, always looking for someone better. That when she is out walking in the street with her husband she is glancing at every man walking by, wondering if he would be a better choice and if so, how soon she can get him.

        I have even seen statements from the perpetually bitter, the losers that have a lot of time on their hands for typing away, that “women are not worthy of respect”, “women don’t feel love like men do” and “women don’t have a sense of honor and loyalty like men do”. (The last one is a truth paving way for a falsehood; women do have a lot less interest in honor. Their horizons are shorter, so to speak, and they care less about abstract values that don’t benefit them, their family and friends. But to translate that into a disinterest for loyalty in a relationship is dishonest rhetoric at its best.)

        The fact is that both women and men do feel love. It is not something magical, though, like some fiction would have it. It is a chemical reaction when you see and think of the person you love. It is a happiness that releases endorphines, and it leads to strong loyalty. It has a great evolutionary advantage, as parents who love each other will stay together, and thereby give their children protection, food and training. Love gave a better start in life and so those who possessed this behavior gene would spread their genes more.

        This might seem at odds with men’s “spray and pray” instinct of having many children with different women, but the fact is that we have both of these instincts, conflicting with each other. You will also note that the more intelligent the species in the animal kingdom, the longer do the parents stay together, and the longer time do they spent raising their children. Rats leave their offspring almost immediately, while elephants and gorillas take care of them a longer time. The more intelligent species need longer time for their more complicated brains to form before they can survive on their own. And especially in cold climates like northern Europe and northern Asia have parents always needed to stick together, because their offspring would not survive a “spray and pray” strategy. Instead you would have fewer children and give them the best possible start in life. The odds heavily favored Quality instead of Quantity and behavior developed accordingly. Note how much stronger monogamy has always been in northern Europe than in Africa.


      • Well the red pill really isn’t much, when you think about it. ‘HOLY SHIT LOVE ISN’T UNCONDITIONAL?! SAY WAT?!’ Like ya, you may have to actually have value to attract and keep a woman. No wai. U mean hot grrls don’t just suck your dick for no reason? Whoa.

        The next step is just ‘ya….you can either have the security of someone else always being the one to put himself out there and you can sit back and relax….or you can get in there, believe in yourself, and take chances, and develop the kind of character women find sexy.’ Women like fighters. People who go after what they want when they want it. They like people who skilfully do this the best, but the former will do fine as well.

        You can either have a life filled with love, but also with strife — just how it goes, I’ve found, more drama, more conflict, more risk — or a life without love but great security. Human existence is just one balancing act or another.


      • @Arbiter

        I have even seen statements from the perpetually bitter, the losers that have a lot of time on their hands for typing away, that “women are not worthy of respect”, “women don’t feel love like men do” and “women don’t have a sense of honor and loyalty like men do”.

        1. respect must be earned.
        2. women feel love.
        3. women don’t have a sense of honor and loyalty as deeply felt as men have.]

        Bitterness aside, women can be worthy of respect but I’d argue the latter two statements are true.


    • You are not a man. You’re blathering on like an idiot. Me. Me. Me. I. I. I. And I thought women suffered from solipsism.
      Laconic, dude. Laconic.


      • I thought I was the only one who noticed how much he talks about himself. Solipsism, self described mgtow, snarky snappy attitude issues, AND a seething emotional hatred for racism…no wonder guys in real life wanna rip your head off… Men tolerate bitches with tits…
        Bitches without tits are an entirely different story, bro.


  42. This guy is amazing:

    Thanks for sharing all those months ago, YaReally.

    I’ve been going out daily for about 3 weeks (Daygame and Nightgame) but I’m nowhere near as solid as this guy. Even through all my approaches, I’ve been using the same 3 lines (Hey I think you’re cute, Hey we should get married, Hey let’s go on a date). Sometimes they work (in terms of being direct and communicating man-to-woman), but then I’m still struggling to “say the right thing” which is what I don’t want. I also need to work on my body language I feel, I feel like I tilt my head forward whenever I talk to the girl. I’m still too reactive… maybe I’m too supplicative/high energy/clownish and I should be more laconic like this guy.

    This guy makes the game seem so much more fun than “trying to get the girl.” Just makes me realize how much time I’m wasting approaching if I’m not having fun doing it.

    This past weekend wasn’t much to talk about. Did some cold reads, kino, got a kiss, fucked up some more sets. I’m gonna start using names of songs to move through conversations to get me out of my “gotta say the right thing” mindset.

    None of the things I’m saying come off in the same way as the guy up above. It comes off as try hard and as an annoying schtick.

    Daygame (well it was at night, but low energy street environment) FR:

    HB8 comes out of fitness center. BAM, I approach before we reach the stoplight without thinking.

    Me: Hey, I thought you were cute had to say hi.
    HB8: Oh, hi 🙂
    Me: (trying to cold read smh) Let me guess, you’re a… um…. a psychiatrist? (I’m gonna be honest, I had weak eye contact here. Need to approach more hotties, basically, but I’m holding her hand at this point).
    HB8: Haha no (stoplight changes) I’m on my way to the train so… (car comes) Woah, watch out (grabs onto my hand tighter).
    Me: Ha you saved my life?
    HB8: I don’t even know why you’re holding my hand. I’m not even holding onto you.
    Me: Really? (I look at our hands) Well, I’ll just uh… (try to lace fingers)
    HB8: Haha (pulls her hand away)
    Me: Alright so, you’re a secretary (still walking together at this point)
    HB8: Haha no, I’m a nutritionist.
    Me: Oh really? See I work out. This wouldn’t work. We’d be too healthy together.
    HB8: Yeah, I don’t think my boyfriend would appreciate that…
    Me: Oh sweet! He can bake us cookies while we go on adventures.
    HB8: Lol
    Me: Let’s see where should we go…
    HB8: I dunno.
    Me: Let’s go to France lol and go to Paris, go on a picnic lol (way too much laughter here, goddamn it)
    HB8: Well I’m on my way home to have a talk with my boyfriend.
    Me: Well… hopefully it’s a fun talk ’cause I like having fun.
    HB8: I don’t think I have time for fun. I’m busy working on my master’s.
    Me: Oh, you’re like 22 right?
    HB8: Yeah.
    Me: I graduated a year ago from (top college). Filled with nerds.
    HB8: Lol
    Me: I’m not a nerd though. Where’d you go?
    HB8: I went to college in (insert state here).
    Me: Lol why would you want to come to (current city)?
    HB8: It’s like the same but with larger buildings.
    Me: I’ve never been. See my family’s from Nigeria.
    HB8: Really? I have family there.
    Me: Really? What are you? (she looked Italian/Spanish/White)
    HB8: Half Lebanese and Australasian.
    (We come to the train)
    Me: We should totally hang out later (I grab her hand)
    HB8: I don’t give out my number. Loyalty and all that…
    Me: We can hangout as friends. (??)
    HB8: I don’t give out my number. You can come visit me at the gym.
    Me: Well… see ya.

    SO yeah, sucky set with fake IOIs all around. I was trying to go to attraction and then comfort, but yeah she wasn’t asking any questions and I tried building a connection, but she was hot and had a boyfriend and was in a rush. I wasn’t high enough value for her to miss her train.

    Gonna focus on being less reactive and having more fun in set. I really haven’t tested out being laconic so I’ll give that a try as well.


  43. FR in mod, basically talking about how I’m way too reactive and that I should try out laconic game. And other things.


  44. zlololozlozlozozozozozozooz


  45. How is it even possible to befriend a woman?

    You simply approach the target, run game, and if you fail you move on.

    Approach—> Engage— if yes —> Fuck
    if no—>

    If you’re hanging around women and not fucking them you’re simply a faggot, not a “friend”.


    • Actually, sometimes attractive women can do beneficial things for you besides fuck you–cooking brownies, teaching you stuff, etc. I have one in my own orbit. And maybe, just maybe, you’ve taken vows and aren’t an honorless scumbag, so you don’t want to fuck them. So eject Cryo for being a dumbass.


    • What can I say, cryo. When you have an active social life and a large social circle you get into all sorts of crazy situations, even the one where you are talking to a woman without trying to sleep with her.


  46. My latest girlfriend is an epic slut, and she’s surrounded with male friends– many of whom have thrown a fuck into her at one point. I picked her up at a nightclub and banged her on the first night, easily. A couple of her lad friends drunkenly came in just before I shoved it in and they started joking around with us, pulling at the blankets. “They do that *every* time” she said.

    Anyway, bit of a dilemma. She’s 24, good body (though slightly narrow hips), tomboyish face, overall a 6.5/10. She openly admitted to being a “a total whorebag” in college and in high school; About 4 months into banging her I asked her what her killcount was, and she said “not sure…I could round it off for you though….about 25”. But when you include blowjobs and handjobs, “eh, about 30”. She is very cavalier about casual sex and seems genuinely oblivious to how damaging it is to her market value.

    As I said I’ve been with her 4 months, so it’s gotten to the point where her nasty past leaves a bad taste in my mouth and just makes me sad. I was just beginning to develop some stronger affection for her. My ego hates that our social circle is full of men who’ve fucked her–I don’t want them seeing us together and smugly reminiscing how they flooded her holes with jizz. That’s what I do when I see a lad dating my sloppy seconds anyway 😀

    But she’s such a good fuck. Man o man. Blowjobs all the time, assfucking all the time, public sex, my balls are constantly drained, nothing is off limits. My pimp hand is strong and she often looks at me with intense adoration in her eyes, I know she loves me and is (for now) loyal to me, despite clearly being used and discarded so many times in the past–and cheating on boyfriends in the past. Her friends are “surprised I’m still with her”, she said one night while drunk.

    It’s her birthday coming up on Xmas day. I’m thinking of dumping her before then. We have a night away booked for the middle of the month…and she got me a very thoughtful gift for Christmas. I got her nothing. Should I relegate her to f-buddy status while actively pursuing fresh meat? or just sit her down and tell her we’ve reached the end? Wait til after xmas/her birthday? She’s trying to do girlfriend-boyfriend stuff with me (e.g. handholding in public), and it makes me wince a little; if I’m going to be with a whorebag then she’s my dirty whorebag and not my girlfriend. Wish I could switch off my developing feelings for her


    • on November 29, 2013 at 7:00 am Hugh G. Rection

      Wish I could switch off my developing feelings for her

      Pick the douchiest of her friends and imagine her sucking him off. That should help.


      • Oh I’ve done that a few times. Works a charm. But then I’m with her again and I somehow lose that disgust, it comes and goes…fuck


    • . Should I relegate her to f-buddy status while actively pursuing fresh meat?

      DING DING DING, winner winner, chicken dinner…


      • Alright I’m on the hunt… Part of me is worried that she’ll whoops-a-cock-slid-into-me cheat and get the drop on me by breaking up with me before i break up with her. Immature bullshit, yeah, but I have too much pride.


    • Her nasty past leaves a bad taste in your mouth… am I the only one who read that?


  47. CRYO

    you are right Sir !!!!!!

    real men don’t have female friends.

    female are for fucking, producing babies, and making sandwiches……nothing more.


  48. There is nearly no man with many female friends who knows what it is like to have a close male friend.


  49. I know I post a lot of OT stuff, but I read a lot of random sites.

    Is this guy an aloof, Sneaky Fucker Alpha, with substantially more game than his wannabe surferbro facade and awkward I-can’t-believe-I-pulled-this-shit-off facial expressions betray?

    Or is he a Cuckold in denial, forced to share the girls he dates with tatted badboys (as well as keep them clothed, fed and well-allowanced), if he wants some cuddles and an occasional piece of side action?


    On the one hand, for a polygamist couple, the women are very attractive. Not the usual low SMV chubsters, lying to themselves about enjoying sharing a man.

    But the women also have other men, they are free to ride the carousel as an expression of their feminist womynpower. They are openminded, Tantric, yoga types and this man may be a closet Sensitive New Age Ponytailed Man who indulges the women in hours of platonic hug therapy.

    Just so that it’s not totally OT, I’ll posit that this guy’s a Latent Lover Beta Supplicator. Or mabye a Latent Supplicator Beta Lover. An Alpha Cuckold?

    What exactly is the scientific genus of this sexual species?


  50. […] We all know this archetype. He’s got a lot of female friends for one reason only: he has trained t… […]


  51. I came to know a girl through my gf, now my ex-gf. Very intelligent, and high intelligence is hard to find (especially in women, who gather closer around their average than men do in every mental trait). Well-educated in the natural sciences. So I see her for coffee about once every three or four weeks.

    Of course I would have sex with her if she would like to, but it’s all right not to. I get sex anyway. Having this girl as a friend gives me perspective, and it doesn’t take up a lot of time.

    Plus, I have sometimes made sure take her to a hobby of mine or take her to see my workplace before we say goodbye. Being seen with a woman is pre-selection. She probably knows that’s what I’m doing, and she doesn’t mind.

    I have also had her meet my male friends. I haven’t taken her to the activities I do with them, but for example, you say goodbye to one while meeting up with the other. It serves to improve your status among men too – when the woman is attractive. From certain comments I get the impression they think that we are “friends with benefits”, though I’ve never said anything to that effect.

    “Friendship” with a woman is never going to be the same as friendship with another guy, and that’s where most people make a mistake. Those who say “You can’t be friends with a woman” are right, and those who say you can are also right, because they are thinking of different things. Except for those who think of friendship with a woman as the same as with a guy.


  52. I’m not even kidding, but the majority of you ALWAYS polarize in something.

    Friend of woman = beta
    Likes to talk to more woman than man = efeminate
    True friendship with womam = lie

    I made friendship with a arquitecture teacher and she gave me her books, let me watch her classes for free and always give me tips and free tickets for museuns.

    I made friendship with a 10/10 who told me a lot of great stories about her travels, who gives me presents when she travel somewhere, who buy me things and I really see she likes to talk to me (also she give me social mega boost, she ignores all the other mans).

    I made friendship with a group of girls who always boost my social status talking things like “Oh, You are so hot today hmm…(dirty girl face)”.

    And I’ve done friendship with a emo girl that is 9/10 who tries to kill herself that always call me “Three Leg”, and with her “support” all the other girls of the class want to hang out with me.

    Why I prefer to being friend of woman?

    Say to the normal beta fag that he needs to change, say for him that he look like a manlet efeminate who doesn’t know how to dress or even talk, say for him how he not ressonant voice suck, listen for his stories that are 100% unisteresing.

    This 9/10 emo girl in the start of this year was all depressed and wanting to kill herself, problems with family and drugs, couldn’t get a long relationship and the fuck keep going on.

    I was her friend and made her change, now she is a more conservative girl, stopped with drugs, can have long relationship with normal betas workers, stopped to try to kill herself and now study hard for medicine.

    And this is the reason I like to talk with woman, they dont fucking polarize, and even when they does if totally predictable.

    They are not like “failure” man, who think they know something and can’t understand that if you are out the “Platão Cave” you can go back to help the others.

    Datbro, I know how you think.


    • “Datbro, i know exactly how you think.”

      Because you think exactly like datbro…like a faggot.

      If a woman is contributing to your life in any way beyond sex and socially accepted slavery, I.e. fetus incubation, food preparation, cleaning…you are not complete as a man.


      • I’m 17 years old sir, finished high school with 16.

        I would like to tell you that I’m a man but I’m not (my father supports me as I study 16 hours daily ).

        As I said, the brain part that control emotions doesn’t work on me, so my logic works on the win/lose way , and with that woman can give more contributions than the average man for mine life.

        The time that I interact socially is the breakfast/dinner/luch time and with this time I get many benefits.

        I will repeat again, I’m into hard study since I was 10, I’ve a deep knowledge of nutrition, human interactions, human psychology, weapons creation, variable knowledge about many things and the list goes on.

        I’m diagnosticated as a sociopat, psycho, asperger and the list keeps going.

        My ego is almost dead, I really don’t fell nothing.

        I’ve to agree with you that I can’t support myself as a complete man should, but I think these kind of preocupations are so “ridiculous” that I dont mind in manipule some woman for do that for me.

        PS: There is no joke or faking.


      • PS2: Before call me a faggot I need to tell that I lift and do paleo diet since I was 12.

        The doctors said I woull be at max 5’9 because my father and mother are small, but with my diet, correct training and John Pataday method I’m actually 6’0.

        I don’t have acne and I’ve beard, that is almost full.

        My body is like a othermode going to ripped.

        I’m not efeminate, and this is one of the reason that people think I’m like 19 years old.


      • Do your shorter than average parents know you’re using the interwebz unsupervised?
        I retract my statement. You are not a fag.
        You’re a child. Concentrate on highschool, come back when you’re 18.


      • It’s ok, Patriarch. He mentions an “arquitecture teacher”. They may do things different in Latino-america… we have to be culturally sensitive, y’know.


      • First it was women and liberals and queers, oh my.
        Now the Chateau is being invaded by Brazilian arquedecteers kids.


      • Fora

        Dear Patriarch, I’ve to warn you again that the Brazilian laws are different than U.S laws, I can acess this site normally as I’m considered as almost an adult by brazilian laws.

        I already finished highschool, the majority end it by 18 +/- , I finished with 16.

        I’m into a “specific school” for get into medicine university, 68 hours week of study.

        In this “specific school” I’ve known an arquitecture teacher (that give classes to other guys).

        I’m not doing anything illegal according to brazilian laws.

        I suppose you think that I need to have 18 to continue a conversation, but I don’t really see any advantage in it, since I could start to lie and fake have this age ( we are on internet).

        There is no need for lie or fake, I wouldn’t win nothing with that.


      • And as I already said I read many things since I was 10, I visit this website since the start of this year but I never liked to comment because of things like this now.

        If you need that I fake that I’m a “self made man” I can do without any problem, but as I said I dont really see any advantage in it since I’m not moved by feelings (even ego massage).


      • Hatriarch for the Unfeeling Macho Man of the day. As long as you keep making people feel small, Hatie, you are the biggest!


  53. Dear Patriarch, I’ve to warn you again that the Brazilian laws are different than U.S laws, I can acess this site normally as I’m considered as almost an adult by brazilian laws.

    I already finished highschool, the majority end it by 18 +/- , I finished with 16.

    I’m into a “specific school” for get into medicine university, 68 hours week of study.

    In this “specific school” I’ve known an arquitecture teacher (that give classes to other guys).

    I’m not doing anything illegal according to brazilian laws.

    I suppose you think that I need to have 18 to continue a conversation, but I don’t really see any advantage in it, since I could start to lie and fake have this age ( we are on internet).

    There is no need for lie or fake, I wouldn’t win nothing with that.


  54. In a long life with a large social circle you will have many varied experiences. For example, you will have a pleasant conversation with someone who by all accounts should be your enemy. You will be invited to a party by someone you have only known for a couple of hours. You will find a hobby you never thought you’d appreciate. Heck, over the decades you will even come in contact with a woman or two who you enjoy talking to.

    So you tell people about that in real life, and they say, “Hey, that’s interesting”. You tell someone on the internet and you get “beetaaa!”

    To the guy who has no social circle and little experience of the things we are supposed to discuss here, the beta accusation comes quickly. Everything becomes black and white. Fundamentalist adherence to theory becomes a badge of honor, even though a closer look at the theory, which is written by people who are more intelligent than most of their followers, shows a lot more nuance than most will understand.

    Those with a more active social life are more relaxed.


    • Remember that society in the real world is full of subtle niceties that some mistake for genuine interest.
      Not everyone on Facebook is a friend.
      The internet is an anonymous safe haven for honesty.


  55. on November 27, 2013 at 10:52 pm Full-Fledged Fiasco

    This woman has *two* tattoos of herself on her body. That’s all.


  56. on November 28, 2013 at 9:03 am TheBestManEver

    made the mistake of befriending a work colleague female one time, being friend zoned is no place for me. These bishes think they can tool you big time.

    walking to lunch one time a little conversation with her, it was understood we were both in relationships at the time, and can honestly say genuinely wasn’t hittin on her. Maybe i made a little mistake in this conversation, maybe she was right, but hey i sometimes have to make other people for my mistakes.

    Her: Yeah i go gym everyday now, not in my twenties anymore…

    Me: WHAT? not in your twenties how old you are?

    HER: ohh we haven’t had this conversation have we, i’m 31…

    Me: wow, you’re old, your life’s over, look good tho…and your sister is she older?(i worked with her sister at the same place also)

    HER: Yeh it’s because we’re asian!!

    Me:wow, well give me 8 years and we’ll see how i’m doing

    HER: HUH!! You’re so Young!!!

    Me: Why, how old did you think i was?

    HER: Late 20ies at least, but you’re so young!! wow you’re so young

    Me: haha what are you dissapointed??

    HER: why would i be dissapointed??

    Me: makes us less good together

    HER: yh but what about your gf

    Me: haha everyones hoping

    HER: errr no, i actually go for what i want, i can actually just get it

    Me: yehyeh

    *at this point she breaks into a song and dance*

    Her: I’m ACTUALLY good at getting what i want.

    Her: i know it because i ACTUALLY GET IT. i can always just get what i want.

    Her: i don’t think i think i get what i want. I actually do just get it

    Her: I actually know im good at getting what i want

    *end song and dance*

    Me: OK OK

    Her: Theres a way i know i can actually get what i want.

    Her: I’m seeing this guy, he’s 26, lives in france AND….he’s not even asian!!

    Me: Awwww…..bit sad though isn’t it

    HER: errr nooo

    Me: Well whats wrong with HIM? why’s he going out with an old lady in another country?…it’s just a bit sad:-)


  57. on November 28, 2013 at 9:40 am TheBestManEver

    enraged stare ensued as she tried gauge me, her expression seemed as if to demand an apology, to demand submission but it was too late, her mouth was agape and she was aghast, she slumped, hunched her shoulders and looked to the floor, she looked back up to me as if to plead this time for the apology, then looked back to her shoes….all the song and dance, she thought i didn’t get it…..

    The context was communicated subtley..and without any further words——

    Your man knows he’s better than me? Your man ACTUALLY get its? well not anymore…..

    i won’t be thinking bout you tonight when i’m fucking my gf thats hotter and younger than you, i won’t even be thinking bout your man and how he’s not even fucking you. I just know your mans not better than me, and it’s got nothing to do with how i get it from you. in fact you’re right i don’t have to go for it, don’t have to get it, come to think of it why on earth does your young man in france? I can just not get it and still be sure i’m better than your man, And sure i’m getting what i want right now.

    Well if your man is better than me in some way, its certainly not the woman he knows he should actually get. I don’t look up to your man, i don’t know hes better than me, not better at getting what he wants:-)

    Your man could be the best looking, tallest, richest guy comes down in a helicopter to take you to five star luxury where he makes love to you with the largest hardest penis in all the best positions, but if it was all for you, he forgot to know that he’s better than me, and you forgot to look better than my woman. But Don’t Worry I’m making sure it’s known right now Dickhead. By the world and all who matter, it was known. And i’m letting you know it girl. It’s known by your man that i’m better than your man, it’s known

    Your man is better than me, but he forget his better thing, he forgot to actually get it.

    Theres nothing good about a man that he doesn’t already know helps him get what he wants.

    ——–All summed in one cold hard verbal blow.

    Suffice to say I know i get what i want and i actually do. After the colleague in question spied my facebook and saw my gf online and in person. She must have been overwhelmed at the sheer force of my knowing that i was better at getting what i want than her man. My Gf really was a stunner at that point as well. From that moment forward i strictly applied my unique brand of asshole game to this one and turned her out completely work party after work party, little indian broad was ALLOVER it.

    By staying calm and unnaffected under pressure, through the method of teaching a woman to love another woman, and all the things i can want and can get that i know are better than her, i turned her into my little slut. There are multiple points where a lesser man or a man who didn’t really know he gets what wants would have caved under the pressure and apologized, but i led with the most asshole of game after she thought she could reject me. Just goes to show, a woman who thought i was a beta and couldn’t just get what was turned into my slut, a woman who thought she was above my station, realising second by second, minute by minute, week by week that SHES NOT.

    I never did ACTUALLY go for her in the end. She used to stare me out at work and i’d mean talk her now and again until one night out with some workmates she basically threw herself at me. Game Over.


  58. i’m gon get in ur face and feel like i’m better than your man one way or another… i can know you know i know i’m better than your man.

    i want to know you know i know you know i’m better than your man. one way or another.

    Even if i don’t get it. I want to have maximum pride. For myself alone. This is why i am the best man ever.